2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set

Tomorrow, May 9, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2013 American Eagle West Point Two-Coin Silver Set. There has been a great deal of collector anticipation for the set which will contain the first ever “enhanced uncirculated” Silver Eagle.

West Point Silver Eagle Set

The special set is being issued to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the edifice that houses the United States Mint facility at West Point. Prior to the official announcement, there had been indications that the set would be issued to mark the 25th anniversary of the West Point Mint gaining full mint status. The product page describes the set as following the US Mint’s tradition of offering special American Eagle coin sets, rather than mentioning a specific anniversary.

Each set will contain two American Silver Eagles, which are both struck at the West Point Mint and carry the “W” mint mark.

The first coin will feature a reverse proof finish. Background fields of the coin appear frosted and the design elements and inscriptions appear mirrored, which is the opposite of the traditional cameo proof finish.

The US Mint previously offered reverse proof Silver Eagles in 2006, 2011, and 2012.

Enhanced Uncirculated Silver Eagle

The second coin included in the set will feature an enhanced uncirculated finish. On the obverse, the mountains, red stripes and blue field of the American flag, Liberty’s sandals, and the date carry an uncirculated finish. The remaining design elements and inscriptions carry a heavily frosted finish. On the reverse,the ribbon in the eagle’s beak, arrows, olive branch, and the alternating stripes and border of the shield carry an uncirculated finish. The remaining design elements and inscriptions carry a heavily frosted finish. The fields of both the obverse and reverse feature a new light frosted finish. Together, the three different finishes create a new impression of the well known design.

This will be the first time that the enhanced uncirculated finish has been used on the American Silver Eagle.

Both coins are placed in capsules and packaged within a single highly polished, blue lacquered hardwood presentation case with a certificate of authenticity. The packaging appears to match last year’s packaging for the San Francisco Silver Eagle Set.

The US Mint has explicitly stated that both of these coins will only be available in the special set. Last year many collectors were unpleasantly surprised when one of the coins included in the San Francisco Silver Eagle Set was later offered in the Making American History Coin and Currency Set.

The 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set is priced at $139.95 per set. Originally, the set carried a preliminary price of $149.95, however this was reduced following a decline in the market price of silver.

The sets will be offered for sale only during a four week ordering window that extends from May 9, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET until June 6, 2013 at 5:00 PM. There is no stated product limit, and no household ordering limits will be imposed. Customer demand will determine the number of sets to be produced. Shipping is expected to begin in mid to late June.

Last year the San Francisco Set had also been offered for sale during a four week ordering window and produced based on customer demand. A sales odometer was included on the product page and adjusted daily. It is not clear whether a similar odometer will be used for this year’s product. At the very least, the weekly figures should be reported in the numismatic sales reports released each Tuesday.

The sales numbers for the West Point Set will be closely watched by many collectors to see how they compare to other special Silver Eagle set offerings. For those tracking sales over the coming weeks, here are some reference numbers to consider.

  • The 20th Anniversary Set, which contained uncirculated, proof and reverse proof coins, had a final audited mintage of 248,875.
  • The 25th Anniversary Set, which contained uncirculated (S & W mint marks), proof, reverse proof, and bullion coins, sold out of the product limit of 100,000.
  • The 2012 San Francisco Set, which contained proof and reverse proof coins with the S mint mark, had final unaudited sales of 224,981.

Update: At 3:35 PM ET, the United States Mint released the following statement:

Our online catalog has not stopped working. However, because of the large number of customers attempting to place orders for the American Eagle West Point Two-Coin Silver Set, you may experience delays. This product will be on sale through June 6 and there is no mintage limit, so try later when the site is not experiencing so much traffic. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

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  1. Don says

    Your dealer friend gave you some good insights. When you go to sell the WP set(s) to a coin shop several years from now, the proprieter won’t give a hoot as to what type of grading labels are on the coins. He might even offer the same price for a set in OGP, as these become more desirable as their population decreases over the years. It is very easy for him to establish a grading opinion by examining the coins under a high resolution magnifier.

  2. VaBeachEd says

    “The 2012 W burnished American Silver Eagle has to be the sleeper coin of the year!! The final mintage on this coin will be around 230000 to 240000 making it the fifth lowest silver eagle with a mint mark.”

    I am glad you caught that, that is the reason I have been trying to pick up what I can, before everyone knows it. I guess everyone will know about it now!!!

  3. dave says


    order number was 41503xxx

    and im also one of those collectors who can care less about those useless lables (FS etc) im a collector and im happy getting my OGP set

  4. bigdawg says

    Hi low silver did not mention pcgs just thought if anyone new anything about coin collecting you would know it was ngc

  5. rpw says

    Tried to order on the web but like everyone – it was dead. Order over the Phone was completed at 12:11pm. Order Number 41479XXX.
    Sure hope this mintage is lower then the 75th San Fran Set but seriously doubt it given the “Enhanced” version. What’s up with the “NEW” Ship date listed on the Mint Web Page? It now shows a shipping of July 25th.

  6. bigdawg says

    I asked my dealer if there was any dealer sheet for early or different labels , he said no just prices for ngc and pcgs ms and proof grades , but nothing for labels, so if there is a dealer that will pay more for a er label than a reg ms 70 , please let me know cause i have a bridge i would like to sell him. I have been to hundreds of shows, they only pay me for ms70 or proof 70 and that is it i agree people will pay more on ebay ,and they are not going to get anymore for them unless they resell on ebay, and that is not for sure

  7. high low silver says

    Or ANACS ? The. Black holder didn’t become popular untill 2011……..

  8. Don says

    Do any of you have any knowledge of, or have observed, the coin grading process? What type of gloves go the graders wear? Do they take the gloves off before eating a tuna sandwich or wiping their nose? Do they wear any type of face mask so their respiratory vapor or sneeze droplets don’t find their way onto a coin? Are the working surfaces and floors padded to prevent damage to dropped coins? Are the premises kept dust-free to prevent unwanted air particles from landing on the exposed coin? Do the graders wear any type of hat to prevent dandruff from getting on a coin? Are long sleeved shirts required so dead arm skin doesn’t flake off onto the coin? Etc., etc.

    OGP works for me.

  9. bigdawg says

    Don you are right i have seen pcgs and ngc ms 70 coin that look like someone sneezed on them

  10. bigdawg says

    High low silver what are you resting your case about get on ebay and look at them

  11. rpw says


    I agree with your assessment 100%. The FS/ER designations do matter (even though we may not like it).
    I’ve argued this point before — you can ALWAYS take the coin back out of the slab and put it back into OGP if you want to but you cannot do the opposite – and get an ER designation so — why not just get the designation. I hate the idea of paying for it but in the end – it will be worth it. Not to mention – it protects the coin better! In reality – the fewer people that get the designations – the better for those who did. Once a coin has the PF70 MS 70 designation – it’s unlikely to grade less where as if you wait — the more that get graded as 70’s – the less chance yours will also get graded a 70 (in my opinion) even if it really is a 70. Reason: They ALL CAN’T BE PERFECT. In the end – it’s a personal choice and since it’s not going to go away – may as well join ’em!

  12. Samuel says

    Don, i like OGP as you do, i dont like slabed. but thats reality. there is a video at ngc website that shows how graders work. basically bare hands hold the rim. i recently bought a 70 coin with proof-like rim, i actually can see the finger prints all over the rim.

    the following is the link:
    “Your Coin’s Journey Through NGC”

  13. simon says

    Don :

    I have substantial evidence (photo micrographs) that PCGS processes include coating coins with lacquer, harsh etching to remove lacquer, dropping coins on the floor, leaving abrasive marks, ultrasonic cleaning (a big no-no), and then denying it all. And, YES they do use their fingers to handle your coins because it is safer that way ! And Finally – ” OUR GRADE IS GUARANTEED ! ” 😉

  14. TheCoinKeeper says

    kinda off topic; how much did the 2006 silver eagle anniversary set sell for originally?

  15. VaBeachEd says


    I think we see it the same way, but others do not. The best way to make the case is to refer people to Coin Shows (tv) or eBay.

  16. Patrick says

    Almost 38000 orders from the time I placed my first order and six hours later when I placed my second.

  17. Don says

    The price of the ’06 set was $100. The three coins came encased in an acrylic lens, similar to the way proof coins are packaged. If I recall, it took over two weeks before the 250,000 order limit was reached. I regret that I only purchased one set, as they have increased significantly in value over the initial issue price.

  18. Gary says

    The 2006 Silver Anniversary 3 coin set was priced at $100 and had a 10 per household limit. Still an awesome set to this day!

  19. rpw says


    I hate TPG but if even ONE person does it and their coin suddenly becomes worth more – that changes it for everyone – regardless of what anyone else says. The fact in every case is simply this: It’s only worth what someone else will pay for it – in a slab or not. I learned my lesson last year and now don’t take any chances. If others don’t want to get TPG – Honestly — All the better for me.

    I do like the fact that I can inspect/photograph my coins BEFORE I send them to NGC this time. That is not always the case and I have a real problem with that.

  20. JEFF in TX. says

    @TheCoinKeeper. The 2006 3 coin set case was $100.00 to buy from the mint site.

  21. Don says

    rpw and others,
    I understand your assessment that these bogus FS/ER labels are a necessary evil for those wishing to sell the coins at the highest possible price.
    But it sure doesn’t do the coin hobby any good to have these meaningless labels affixed to the slabbed coins. Again, the uninformed TV buyers are easily persuaded by professional sellers that it is to one’s great advantage to own such a labeled coin. Evidently there are also enough ebay buyers to jump on these labeled coin at a premium price. And rpw, you’re right: these designations are not destined to go away any time soon.

    A second call to HiHoSilver: Are you still out there or are you taking a hiatus?

  22. Addielise says

    Has anyone confirmed if they’ll have the sales counter again this year? Either they didn’t make as many sets in advance, or they sold twice as many on the first day compared to last year’s SF set.

  23. rpw says

    Looks like it’s gonna be an EXPENSIVE year buying coins!
    Next on the radar is the 5oz ATB next week.
    Then the ASE Uncirculated
    Then the Gold Buffalo
    Then “Hopefully” the Reverse Proof Buffalo
    And all other 2013 5oz ATB’s .

    Man — This hobby is expensive!!!!!!!!

  24. says

    When all is said and done, for the WP set, my collection will include one set in OGP, one NGC Early Release 70 set and one PCGS 70 First Strike set.

    And beyond that I will have several sets graded, sell them and end up with all for sets for free.

  25. Don says

    Good luck with your plan/strategy for selling the WP sets. Nothing is certain, and the secondary market demand for these sets is yet to play out. It does seem like alot of effort and energy that will be expended on your part for your plan to reach fruition. But, heh, who knows? If you are willing to take the risk, the more power to you.

  26. says

    Really, I don’t know how these coins will grade or how things will play out.
    For the 25th annv sets I had eight sets graded and 80% came back 70’s and I did very well.

    Last year for the SF sets I submitted 10 sets and did way below average…only about 20% 70’s…I would of lost money had I not bought some PCGS 70 sets early on for a good price.

    So yes, it’s a crap shoot, I just enjoy the game. But bottom line, I love collecting these coins, and if I can sell some and make some money, then great.

  27. says

    ot…as Louis mentioned earlier, the White Mountain bullion coins are selling very fast….APMEX is down to 53 available right now…of course, this is just the first wave and there should be amply supply down the road…the main question is…is silver at or near a bottom and should I buy now?

  28. Don says

    The Mint’s quality control on the 2012 SF sets left a lot to be desired. I recall from reading the postings that many buyers had to return damaged or defective sets. I was one of these buyers. It’s really a bummer to have to go through the process of returning a set(s) to the Mint and hope that the replacement set will be problem-free.

    I hope this WP set does not have the quality control issues of last year’s SF set, and the majority grade out 70 for those who get them graded.

  29. says

    What is funny, i I had to send the 25th annv sets to NGC site unseen. So I lucked out.

    I had the advantage of inspecting the SF coins before I sent them in…guess that goes to show I didn’t do a good job..lol

  30. John says

    IMO, I think this set will sell less than the SF set. The main reason is the price of silver. Some see the price as being too much above spot & are not taking into consideration that this will have a unique coin. Those of us that buy World Mint coins are used to paying higher premiums so it still seems like a bargain to us.

    Next, the lack luster secondary market on the SF set will also dampen sales (I think). Last year I bought 12 sets 8 on first day and 4 on last day. Once I saw the premiums drop I cancelled my 4 that had not shipped. The same thing will happen this time unless the mint doesn’t report weekly sales that Michael will post on coinupdate.com (I’ll be watching carefully). This year I’ve only ordered 6 but plan to get some MS/PR70’s if the price is right.

    As for the FS/ER label, I only buy them if it doesn’t cost me more. I go by the grade presented and even then I’ve seen MS70 / PR70 that don’t meet my naked eye approval! However since I sell coins to pay for my collecting hobby I buy the coins with the highest margin and the FS/ER label do the trick a lot of the time.

  31. someone says

    ” Samuel says:
    May 9, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    Don, i like OGP as you do, i dont like slabed. but thats reality. there is a video at ngc website that shows how graders work. basically bare hands hold the rim. i recently bought a 70 coin with proof-like rim, i actually can see the finger prints all over the rim.”

    This information disappoints me. I suppose if I ever send off anything to be graded (unlikely, after what I’ve seen from those videos), it will be clad coins only.

  32. Shutter says

    you can ALWAYS take the coin back out of the slab and put it back into OGP if you want to but you cannot do the opposite – and get an ER designation so — why not just get the designation. I hate the idea of paying for it

    If you are getting “West Point Eagle Set” designation from NGC, there will be no additional premium for ER.

  33. John says

    Here’s a coin where FS / ER might bring an “extra large” premium one day. The 2008 ASE with reverse of ’07. The fact that it was found early might appeal to some.

    I can’t believe that the prices are still as low as they are… a real sleeper considering that a 1995-W sold for over $86K recently and this coin’s mintage number isn’t much higher.

  34. Mark in Florida says

    How do you tell how many APMEX has left? I don’t see it on the item page.

  35. fosnock says

    @Mark- I always put 999 in as the purchase quantity if their are less than 999 units it will throw a pop up and tell you how many are left for purchase.

  36. im just a bill says

    John says:
    May 9, 2013 at 3:32 pm

    Blair J. Tobler,

    Your credit card will not be charged until the product ships, that’s one nice thing about the mint vs. pre-orders on eBay or other dealers. Bad thing is, if your C.C. expires you could loose your order.

    Im glad you guys mentioned this, my cc expires in july. So Thank You!!

    I had a 7/27 ship date, but I canceled that one. I paid with a diff cc and now its 8/8.


  37. Rich D says

    If your credit card is going to expire before they ship your order. Just call customer service and gave them your order number,and your new C.C. info. (FIRST) Then go on line and change your billing method on your profile..

  38. Don says

    Thanks for letting us know that there is a video entitled “Your Coin’s Journey Through NGC”, in which the graders work with ungloved hands. How would you like your coin graded by a worker who just lunched on a greasy burger and fries and resumed work without washing his hands? No charge for the extra grease on the coins. How about a worker who returns to the grading table after going to the bathroom and not washing his hands? Permanently encapsulated E-Coli anyone? What about a worker who picks his nose while grading a coin? No thanks.
    I’ll stay with OGP, thank you.

  39. Don says

    Another word or two on those bogus ER/FS grading designations. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate and truthful to use EG (early grading) or FB (first batch) labels for coins sent to the TPG companies within a specified time limit? Some people just have a need for superfluous labels and designations.

  40. John says

    Don, you’re correct!

    At least “Early Release” is less misleading. There can only be one coin that is a “First Strike”. I think that the Perth Mint makes a big deal about this and people line up on New Year’s Eve for a chance to strike & receive an authenticated “First Strike” coin. As for TPG… all BS, but give the people what they want, the illusion of FS / ER.

  41. Dan in AZ says

    Each time the die(s) are changed with the old removed and a new in place, those first few coins that are struck are “First Strike”, but there is no way to capture that information. Now if the Mint wanted to mess with the TPG’s, they could set aside the first 10 or 20 in some sort of serialized tray that made it all the way to the packaging with the S/N on the package and offer those sets up each time they did a die change. Then the TPG’s would have to create a special “real” First Strike label

  42. Blair J. Tobler says

    I’m Just a Bill:

    When I ordered the SF ASE set last year, my card had expired when they tried to ship. They put the order on hold, and then sent me an email saying I had to call them to give new CC info within 10 days or it would be cancelled. So don’t panic if your expiration gets close, they will give you a chance to fix it before cancelling the order.

  43. Brad says


    GREAT comment @ 3:43 am! I seldom use these silly abbreviations, but that one did make me ROTFLMAO. 🙂

    Everything you said about the TPG could be very true. The same thing applies when we go out to eat at a restaurant. We don’t know what kind of horrors our food has gone through, we just eat it and hope for the best!

  44. Shutter says

    They put the order on hold, and then sent me an email saying I had to call them to give new CC info within 10 days or it would be cancelled.

    They don’t always send an email and there could be other problems. So, if your order is on hold and the items are “In stock and reserved”, give them a call too. You may also need to call the credit card company to make sure they approve the charge.

  45. Shutter says

    For all those complaining about the misleading nature of ER/FS designation, please answer this question. If the Mint decided to collude in this scam and actually collude with TPG and dealers and set aside a certain number of coins struck first, would that make any difference to you. For example, the Perth mint does this several times a year and you end up with something like <a href="http://www.paradisemint.com/2013-Australia-1oz-Silver-High-Relief-Kookaburra-NGC-PF70-UC-One-of-first-500-Struck-Flag-Label_p_3505.html"this. Does “One of first 500 Struck” mean anything more to you, even if it is more “honest”.

  46. stephen m says

    I’m sure the TV people harp heavy on the label but, dang, how many people buy off of a TV show? It must be a lot of folks if the TV shows account for the sales of E.R. & F.S. labels.That ms 2006w 20th anniversary black label is selling, the last time i followed one, somewhere around 700.00 but only brings such a high price in the black label and not other labels. So it looks as though some labels do bring more money. Why?, i don’t know. Anyone have any ideas why that coin brings more money in that black label? The 2008 w/the 2007 reverse should do well in the future, graded or not, and that’s another coin i ask myself why it’s not bringing more now? I have my 2 wp sets on order and look foward to the enhanced version of the ase coin.

  47. Dan in AZ says


    If I were interested in buying a slabbed (graded) coin and the highest grade that can be obtained is 70, it should not matter whether it’s ER/FS, etc … I’m just saying that just because a coin is shipped on the 1st day vs. one that is shipped on the 60th day it should not be the criteria for ER/FS, since the best coins will always be those that were amongst the first that a particular die was used. It’s common sense (the more times a die is used the the more it wears – that’s the reason that they replace them as often as they do).

    If the mint had a way to serial the coins on a per die basis, that would be a more accurate measure of FS than merely submitting them as close as possible to the first day of release.

    I agree with others that the TPG’s use this and other labels as a marketing means and that many people “buy” into this (defies logic). It’s as if they are “buying the label more than they are buying the coin”.

  48. thePhelps says

    “It’s as if they are “buying the label more than they are buying the coin”.”

    It isn’t as if – it is exactly what they are doing.


    It may be a matter of collusion, but if the Mint and TPG did do that – at least it would be more realistic than putting a label that says the coin is shipped in the 1st 30 days – and convincing buyers that it means “something”. When in reality it means absolutely nothing.

    To me what is almost as bad as them doing it – is experienced coin buyers accepting it and not being insulted that TPG and 2nd party resellers are hyping this BS. If you are selling these as anything other than the grading on them, you are being just as deceptive as they are. (IMO)

  49. Shutter says

    It may be a matter of collusion, but if the Mint and TPG did do that – at least it would be more realistic than putting a label that says the coin is shipped in the 1st 30 days – and convincing buyers that it means “something”.

    Other than this need to enforce honesty, would you really care if it could be proved that the coin minted was #1000 or #100000.

  50. Dan in AZ says

    If they both graded the same, I would not care. I suspect over time one would know that up to #5000 or some number would grade 70, then the next #### would likely grade 69, etc …

  51. says

    Watch the TPG’s change their rules. Presently they state that Early/First releases will only be given to coins received within 30 days of the first order taking date. If shipping starts in mid June, no one will get those labels (except for the big buyers. Bet, we see a change.

  52. rpw says

    @Dan in AZ:

    I’ve contemplated the Mint Serial Numbering coins as a way around TPG’s/dealers cheating people —in many ways —including “swapping” coins.
    In the thought process – I determined that if serial numbering were to happen – the only way it should happen if if the Serial Numbers are RANDOM — not in order they are minted. If they were numbered sequentially – the possibility would still exist that “dealers” or “mass buyers” could/would get the first dibs before the retail collector/investor. I have no doubt it can be done using a random generator and numbering the coins on the edge – no different than current edge lettering – just not sure how that is accomplished currently.

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