2013 White Mountain Quarter Bags and Rolls

Today, January 28, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales for the 2013 White Mountain National Forest Quarter bags and rolls. This represents the first availability of circulating quality coins for the sixteenth release of the America the Beautiful Quarters Program.

White Mountain National Forest Quarter

The White Mountain National Forest Quarter features a view of Mt. Chocorua, the easternmost peak of the Sandwich Ridge, framed by birth trees. Inscriptions in the surrounding border read “White Mountain”, “New Hampshire”, “E Pluribus Unum”, and “2013”. The obverse of the 1932 portrait of George Washington designed by John Flanagan with inscriptions “United States of America”, “Liberty”, “In God We Trust”, and “Quarter Dollar”.

The US Mint is offering an array of different products containing circulating quality versions of the coin struck at the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mints, bearing the “P”, “D”. and “S” mint marks, respectively. The Mint has offered bags and rolls of coins bearing the standard “P” and “D” mint marks going back to the original 50 State Quarters Program. Products with the “S” mint mark were introduced last year. The circulating quality quarters with the “S” mint mark are not released for circulation, but only available within numismatic products.

Products available today include the following:

  • Two Roll Sets priced at $32.95, containing one 40-coin roll each with “P” and “D” mint marked coins
  • 100-Coin Bags priced at $34.95 each, available with either “P”, “D”, or “S” mint marked coins
  • Single 40-Coin Rolls priced at $18.95, containing “S” mint marked coins
  • Three Roll Sets priced at $46.95, containing one 40-coin roll each with “P”, “D”, and “S” mint marked coins

The final product is new for this year and provides a cheaper alternative ($4.95 less) than purchasing the “P&D” Two Roll Set and “S” Single Roll.

Product pages contain new guidance with regards to the period of availability for the bags and rolls. A statement indicates “These products will be available for one year from the initial on-sale date or until inventory is depleted prior to the one-year time frame.”

Last year, the product pages for the “S” mint mark products had flatly stated a one-year availability period. Every product had ended up selling out ahead of time. After the quick sell outs and higher secondary market prices, we may see higher demand for these products this year.

There may also be some attrition for the Two Roll Sets, which have typically been the strongest sellers, as collectors opt for the new Three Roll Sets.

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  1. Brad says

    When I buy the 2013 S quarters, it will probably be in the form of the single rolls. I’ve never had any real interest in the P & D roll sets, and would rather continue to focus on the “collector only” issue of S rolls. I’ll need some to go along with the “circulating” quarter sets I’ll buy later, since they don’t really feel complete without the S coins. However, I probably won’t buy very many since mintage of the S quarters this year could be quite a bit higher than the 2012’s. After all, the Mint has a much longer time frame to work with when it comes to striking them since they weren’t basically an “afterthought” item this year. Heck, they’d already started striking them before 2012 was even over! I figure there’s no way we’ll see a paltry 1.4 million mintage this time.

    At least we have weekly sales reports to base our purchase decisions on. That’s a big help.

  2. Frankie says

    Michael, has the mint released a statement about the intended mintage for the S quarters this year?

  3. Dan in Fla says

    Why did they pull the 5 ounce coins from the list? The way they had them scheduled would have been perfect. My guess they will cram them in at the end of the year. I will save my money for the AGE in April.

  4. says

    White Mountain is definitely my favorite of the 2013 designs. I am looking forward to the new five ounce AtB, and will probably scoop up the quarters rolls along with the new AtB when it becomes available. Too bad it’s been pushed back to TBD.

    There may also be some attrition for the Two Roll Sets, which have typically been the strongest sellers, as collectors opt for the new Three Roll Sets.

    To be honest, I feel the three roll sets have made the two roll sets pretty much obsolete. Were I the Mint, I’d probably just do away with the two roll sets entirely. I can’t see many people buying the two roll set at the expense of the three roll set.

    Also, I think today is when silver eagles are supposed to be made available again. It will be interesting to see if another stampede and sellout results.

  5. Zaz says

    @Dan: I am guessing the reason the 5oz pucks have been pulled from the schedule has nothing to with the silver “shortage,” but rather with the remaining supply of the 2011 bullion pucks, which the Mint is now rather desperate to get rid of. I’ve been tracking the sales of the bullion coins and what happened last year was the 2011s essentially stopped selling except for the ocassional monster box after mid-May when the 1st of the 2012s became available for purchase. In every case in 2012, the bullion release was timed two weeks before the collector vapor-blasted coin. The Mint is giving a small discount to the APs on each coin sold, and its reasonable to suppose they will hold the 2013s back until the 2011s are largely depleted, so they do not have a repeat of last year. Gettysburg and Glacier was minted to the max of 126,700 coins and sold out in about 2 weeks in May 2011. Then the market for 5oz nosedived after that, and the two releases following may also have been minted to the max, whereas in 2012 no bullion release is greater than 25,400. It seems they are just moving the inventory along, what’s stamped on the face is irrelevant as it’s still 5oz of physical silver and merely a bullion coin.

  6. Fosnock says

    @Zaz – You may be correct with the dysfunction that is the US Mint but if what you say is the case and it is the mints plan the sell older coins before the newer ones become available they would have never scheduled the 5oz coins to begin with, I think they are short on silver blanks

  7. says


    Putting aside the issue of whether the bullion sales are affecting the numismatic sales, I have to say that if you’re correct about oversupply of AtB bullion, it’s actually very good news for collectors looking to stack silver at a discount.

  8. Zaz says

    Here is a annotated portion of a Coin World article that appeared today on CW’s website by Paul Gilkes pertaining to the 2013 ATB 5oz coins:

    “The Mint also removed tentative release dates on its website at http://www.usmint.gov for Uncirculated 2013-P America the Beautiful 5-ounce silver quarter dollars. Mint officials said they removed the dates while they work to solidify specific release dates and establish mintage levels.

    America the Beautiful program

    White said the U.S. Mint has experienced no production problems or planchet delays involving the America the Beautiful 5-ounce silver coins.

    Production has already begun for the 2013 bullion and 2013-P Uncirculated collector versions of the White Mountain National Forest (N.H.) and Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial (Ohio) 5-ounce silver coins, White said.

    Mintage levels for the bullion and Uncirculated numismatic versions still have to be determined, White said.

    The early release by the U.S. Mint of its 2013 product schedule in December “was part of a continued effort to give our customers as much information as possible to make their purchasing decisions throughout the year,” White said.

    White noted the December announcement also advised customers and potential customers that the schedule could change without notice, and would be also updated when release dates for products to be offered later are established.

    “In releasing the product schedule as well in advance as possible, we knew that pricing and date changes for some products would inevitably occur, as the dates did regarding the 2013 America the Beautiful Five-Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins,” White said. “We look forward to announcing the revised dates on the product schedule as soon as possible once they are determined.

    “We regret any inconvenience this date change may cause our valued customers who purchase America the Beautiful Silver Uncirculated Coins,” White said.

    The 5-ounce bullion coins are struck on a dedicated press at the Philadelphia Mint using 3-inch planchets as received from the Mint’s outside supplier. The blanks have been upset on the rim, annealed (softened through heat treatment) and sonically cleaned.

    The ultrasonic cleaning to the planchets helps eliminate buildup of debris on the coinage dies that would require a halt in production for cleaning or replacement of dies.

    The Uncirculated collector versions, struck on the same planchets as the bullion versions, are subjected to a post-strike process. The Uncirculated numismatic versions undergo a “vapor blasting” technique after striking, resulting in a finish replicating that used on 3-inch bronze Mint medals.

    The bullion version of the 5-ounce coin bears no Mint mark. The Uncirculated strikes bear the P Mint mark. “

  9. Louis says

    As far as bullion ASE’s, the 1/28 date was just a rough estimate. The issue is when they have built up enough inventory, which could still be a while. 1/28 was simply the earliest estimate.

    The CW article is interesting, but it does not actually address the reason for the delay other than to decide mintage levels.

  10. Fosnock says

    I agree with Louis, something is fishy with that announcement they need to decide a mintage limit and release date for coins that they claim they have already or are currently producing. Oh well we will get a release date soon enough

  11. HistoryStudent says

    @louis and Zaz

    Thank you. Both well said above.

    I do keep weekly track of mintages in all the big ATBs and both spouses.

    The ATBs, like the article above mentioned, are really going downward for whatever reasons.

    The spouses were very similar. IF ONLY – the two biggest words in the English language after-the-fact.

    But, if they would have kept up the IDEA on the LIBERTY SUB-SET and put 40 different fronts (OBS) on the coins from classic past issues; and the gals on the back (REV) – they would have had something way beyond the sad train wreck in sales they created.

    REV. Flowers, kids, egg rolls, painting, horse riding and sitting at a desk just don’t CUT IT for the past CLASSICS we coulda woulda shoulda had the powers thought it out.

    Sadly, we coulda woulda shoulda had each one of those 40 past CLASSICS in both PROOF and MINT STATE.

  12. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    I’m thinking that the Mint holding off to evaluate mintage limits makes perfect sense considering that they have ongoing financial challenges. While true that they could have already started producing 5oz pucks, if they are still well below original mintage intentions, there is room to reconsider. I find this whole business of holding off on dates for the ABTs pretty logical given that the product overall is not selling that well. I hope they come back with a much lower total mintage for the 2013 ABTs (say 10K). Whatever they do, it needs to address the situation whereby they can minimize still selling (4) 2012 ABT products into 2013.

  13. Brad says

    The 2012-P ATB 5 oz silver quarters will probably sell out before too long, with the possible exceptions of El Yunque and Chaco Culture. I would think it’s very safe to say that Denali will sell out at around 15,000 like Hawaii Volcanoes did, and possibly Acadia will as well. Being closest to the mark, Acadia will give us the answer on that in the very near future most likely. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see it go to “backorder” status any day now.

    If it does sell out at 15,000, Denali may have the “Lucretia Garfield Unc” effect and have sales above and beyond the remaining inventory in one week.

    It’s harder to guess how many of El Yunque and Chaco Culture were struck. Possibly 20,000 at first, unless the Mint was optimistic enough to strike the full 25,000 limit before reality set in. I really doubt that, though.

    Whatever the case, definitely don’t wait too much longer for your Acadia and Denali if you need them for your collection!

  14. says


    I don’t think it will go as low as 10K. If there is a mintage argument going on it’s probably between 12,500 and 15,000. I can’t imagine they’d drop it to 10,000 when sales figures show higher mintages are viable.

  15. Samuel says

    why do you think Denali is around 15000, and Chaco hard to guess? Why cant Chaco be around 15000?

  16. HistoryStudent says

    Remember Chickasaw P died at 16,827 unaudited

    Remember Hawaii P died at 14,863 unaudited

    Chaco, Arcadia, and Denali are ON the LITERAL chopping BLOCK now.

    The fun thing will be the 2013s Ps,

    Since the 2010 UNC Ps averaged

    Less than 27,000 mintage; 27K

    The 2011 UNC Ps averaged

    Less than 19,900 mintage; 19.9K

    The 2012 UNC Ps should average

    Less than 16,000 mintage. 16K

    And 2013-2014 should be really tough years economically.
    Happy collecting: BUY early, because they might be gone
    because the US Mint only REALLY has to make the BULLION
    ones in the BIG HOCKEY PUCK size.

  17. VA Bob says

    This will be a great addition to the “mountains” ATB subset. I was hoping for an “animal in the foreground of the mountain”. Maybe when the next mountain ATB is released.

  18. Dustyroads says

    APMEX sells Australian coins with extremely low mintage’s for what looks like great prices. Many of the Perth Mint coins have mintage’s far below what US Mints are. I am wondering if buying some of these would bring a little more bang for my buck. I love the US Mints products, but what’s up with Perth’s low mintage’s?

  19. Samuel says

    Dustyroads, most likely, those coins have been cherry-picked, if u see they sell same coin in slab at the same time.

  20. plmark says

    The mint, however, did decide on a price for the AtB five ounce coins. The White Mountain coin with the P mintmark is shown on their subscription page at a price of $229.95 …

  21. Brad says


    I just checked those sets this morning, and there was no sign of a backorder. What a dirty trick. I KNEW I should have gambled on a couple of those sets. Watch them rocket to $75+ now!

  22. Brad says


    The Chaco Culture 5 oz P coin could have mintage around 15,000 as well. The reason I figure it’s hard to guess is because I don’t know at what point the Mint determined that only 15,000 would likely sell in the time frame they wanted to offer these coins. Since El Yunque obviously had more than 15,000 minted, Chaco might also. Even Acadia could have some number in between. But, it’s probably getting pretty close to the 15K mark, so we might have an answer on that soon.

  23. Samuel says

    Brad, thanks for the clarification. i agree with you that Denali is probably at 15K level since it was minted right after Hawaii.

  24. Brad says

    Regarding the now sold out 2012 U.S. Mint Uncirculated Coin Set, below is a link to an auction where you can get some at a price that probably won’t last much longer. I bought five of them myself a few minutes ago, even though it cost me a total of $60 more than it would have from the Mint this morning! But, maybe it’s not too late to make SOMETHING on those sets even at $39.95. I can’t believe they sold out with such a low production number.


  25. Brad says

    Yeah, I know. Sorry. I just figured if I waited until the post about the 2012 Uncirculated set selling out, that auction for sets at a halfway decent price might be sold out as well. This will probably end in pretty much a repeat of what happened with the clad Proof Set. Unless, since I bought some the value tanks!

  26. im just a bill says

    Im going to wait until May to save on shipping and get expedited shipping as well.

    Any chance they sell out before then?

  27. Ikaika says

    Why do people keep waiting for sellouts to purchase coins in the secondary market if one had time to buy it from the mint at a lower cost? Pure speculation I guess. Something like the 25th Anniversary ASE is understandable, but not most of the mint products.

  28. Brad says


    Yeah, it’s a gamble. I normally don’t buy this stuff after the Mint sells out, but based on the nature of this selllout I thought this set probably still has some room for further appreciation. It seems the Mint decided to skip the day or two of “backorder” status and just declare it sold out without any warning (other than the general trend for 2012 products it seems).

    Based on last week’s sales report, it looks like sales for the set might come in just under 400K.

  29. Ikaika says

    @ Brad

    The mint seems to be cleaning the house for the 2013 products. I guess anything 2012 or older can be gone in 60 sec 😉

  30. jim says

    Maybe someone can help me out. I had 2 coins graded by NGC (GSA CC 1881 VAM-2 & 1885 VAN-4) one came back ms-63 and the other came back ms-65. I thought the ms-63 was the better of the two coins. I also thought these 2 coins could have been PL coins. How can the 2 coins look almost the same but yet be so far off each other? Is it me or do other people think NGC is a waste of money. Thanks Jim

  31. hi ho silver says

    Jim : I have PL,DMPL,DPL, Morgans too. I only have one thing to say…..Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  32. im just a bill says

    “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

    all mine are MS70’s but i never have them graded 😉
    saves me a lot of money that way

  33. Louis says

    HHS: Where did you get a proof Buffalo 2012 for 6% over?

    Brad, Thanks, I grabbed an extra one. 2 is enough for me.

  34. Louis says

    There are some places that have ’em for $35 but by the time you pay shipping, it’s around the same, and on e-Bay you get a rebate.

  35. ABC says

    Correct me if I’m wrong. But, there is no difference between the coins that are in the 2012 Uncirculated Set and the business strike coins. Right?

  36. Hidalgo says

    @Cleveland – it may be the lowest in 50 years, but who knows? Maybe 2013 will be even lower….!

    @ABC – I believe the coins are considered to be “Brilliant Uncirculated.” They are not circulation-quality coins.

  37. ClevelandRocks says

    @Hidalgo – True, unless 2013 is not lower since everyone starts buying , wanting a new low and the ’12s end up keeping the position. I’d get a few sets now (if you missed out) since there is not much premium and they are inexpensive still, and certainly will, at minimum, hold value.

  38. hi ho silver says

    Louis: I got this buff before the last sales report came out last week. It never hurts to ask.

  39. HistoryStudent says

    The US MINT is making a LOT of different coins. ONE (set) of each is in the many thousands $ of dollars per year.

    Many places in the marketplace are tapped out. 2013 will be a great year for many LOW record mintages.

    BUY PM coins early for two big reasons:
    bullion prices should rise this year per the cycle;
    and the US mint is killing a lot of coins early in their runs.

    That way you don’t have to chase every TOM, DICK, and HARRY, at twice the price you did not pay earlier.

  40. Kraw says

    At the risk of straying on topic…haha; I like these white mountain coins. For some reason I like the tree designs on coins. VT and CT coins are some of my favorites from the state series, and that upcoming great basin coin looks great as well!

  41. hi ho silver says

    I also like the depth of the WM quarter……HS: you remind me of a person I know that plays a $10 state lottery ticket every day of the week and boasts “I won $100” once a month,then when I suggest she can treat me to lunch she leaves LOL!!

  42. Dan in Fla says

    Anything Goes. I was looking at my gold buffalo and the plastic holder is cracked. When I called the Mint they told me there are none available. Whats the deal with that? Surely they have one extra holder. They referred me to ebay of all places. Almost $2000 for a coin and they can’t help me.

  43. Dan in Fla says

    Thanks Simon . I must have been sleeping because the UNC PD set is gone now. Looks like all the 2012 products are on a get them while you can scenario.

  44. hi ho silver says

    Dan: I called the Mint up a month ago and was offered a plastic holder or a refund. I don’t know who you were talking to.The customer service has ALWAYS been helpful with ALL my concerns.

  45. hi ho silver says

    Let me guess Dan…… Your Buff was dated 2006? Lol If it took you over 7 days to find out you got a cracked holder,you might consider collecting seashells.

  46. Dan in Fla says

    No No No its a 2012 w Buffalo proof and I just bought it in January before the sell out. It was the U S Mint customer service. First they asked whether it was a top or bottom and then they put in an order for both. The next day I got an order form for AE $5 top. When I called them back they told me the Buffalo capsules were not available and that I should go to ebay. I know OGP world is available. I don’t believe it is necessary to slab and grade everything so I will wait until a suitable capsule comes along. I was not given the opportunity to return it and would not anyway.

  47. Louis says

    I had the same problem with a Spouse coin in damaged capsule. I called, and they sounded helpful, but I am still waiting several months later for the replacement capsule!

  48. Samuel says

    the S quarter roll numbers are out. the El Yunque has the biggest number, but the most expensive at bay.

  49. hi ho silver says

    Dan: Just tell them to note your account, that way if you have to call back it is dated within your account and will be honored.I may be calling tomorrow after the sales report comes out today.

  50. EvilFlipper says

    Looks like those AGE eagle proofs might be goin on back order soon. I thought 9k+\- so if my prediction holds it should be this week or next.

  51. Louis says

    Sorry to be off topic, but has anyone who ordered a $5 gold from the RCM’s old hoard back in Nov. received their coins? I tried calling the mint, but the wait time was crazy. It still says processing, so I guess it will arrive some day.

  52. Saucexx says


    I was going to ask the same thing. I haven’t received anything and my order still shows processing.

    What’s interesting is they bumped me to Master’s Club from the purchase. Not that it’s done anything for me though. Aren’t they supposed to send an email or notify me somehow for pre-sales?

  53. Jason Balter says

    I sent an email to rcm and got a response that they are still processing my order. It looked like an automated response but at least I know they still have my order.

  54. silverbrite says

    Where do you find the Mint productions figures for the “S” quarters? Going to order White Mts. anyway. Was shocked the Denali “S” were sold out. Can’t get any answer whether they mint to a number, according to demand or pull the product when the next quarter comes out. I couldn’t even find Denalis in circulation. thanks.

  55. John says

    Dan in Fla,

    I had a damaged capsule before and customer service was helpful. The problem I had was the fulfiment center kept shipping the wrong capsule. First they sent the top when I needed the bottom. Next they sent the wrong size. I had several delays getting them so I just gave up.

    For all the flippers buying on the secondary market to then resell, what happened to buy low, sell high? Or at least buy wholesale, sell retail?

  56. Hidalgo says

    @Samuel – it’s all in the packaging. You’ll see that the El Yunque S rolls packaged by the US Mint are selling for a much, much higher price than those rolled by coin dealers. In fact, you can buy some of the S rolls on eBay at prices between $25 – $30.

    Again, it’s all in the packaging… 🙂

  57. Michael in Bama says

    If they have been wrapped by coin dealers, they have been cherry-picked!
    If I were looking for high quality coins (not that there are any) I would only buy mint wrapped rolls or mint sewn bags.

  58. TomP. says

    Someone somewhere has listened to my whining. I’ve bought 2 S mint rolls of each quarter since they came out. For the first time ever I have 2 rolls with both a heads and a tails at each end. They also shipped the 2 rolls in just one impossible to open box.

    Life is good.

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