More Sold Out Products, 2013-P ATB 5 oz Silver Mintage Limit

setThe recent price reductions for certain silver numismatic products have been followed by prompt sell outs for the two 2012-dated products.

On May 3, the 2012 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set sold out. This product contains uncirculated examples of the four 2012 Presidential Dollars, the 2012 Native American Dollar, and the 2012-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle. As of last week, the set had recorded sales of 27,324. An updated figure should be available later today.

With this set sold out, the 2012-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle is no longer available from the US Mint in any format. The individual offering for the coin had sold out about two months ago with last reported sales of 202,504. Across the two options, the coin should represent a new mintage low for an uncirculated coin of the series with the “W” mint mark.

The collectible uncirculated Silver Eagle with “W” mint mark was introduced in 2006 when a combined total of 466,573 coins were sold across all product options. Overall sales were higher in 2007 and 2008, before the product was canceled for the following two years. The 2011-W Unc Silver Eagle had individual sales of 309,927 with an additional 100,000 coins included in the 25th Anniversary Set.

On May 6, the 2012-P Chaco Culture Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin sold out. Last reported sales were 16,291. Once again, an updated figure should be available later today.

This product had a significant price reduction of $50 per coin, which may have spurred some heavy sales leading to the sell out.

The other 2012-dated Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins had sold out at various dates over the past four months. This began with the unexpected sell out of the Hawaii Volcanoes design in mid-January. This coin had sold out after less than four months of availability and with final sales of just 14,863 out of the indicated 25,000 maximum mintage. Secondary market prices for the coin immediately rose and remain elevated.

The Acadia and Denali designs also sold out around the 15,000 level. The El Yunque design sold out around 17,500, which may be where the Chaco Culture design ends up.

Update: The weekly sales report is now available on Coin Update. The 2012 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Set shows cumulative sales of 28,368, and the 2012-P Chaco shows sales of 17,146.

2013-P Uncirculated 5 oz ATB Mintage Limit

White Mountain SilverThe US Mint recently posted the preliminary product page for the upcoming 2013-P White Mountains Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin, which contains an indication of a mintage limit of 25,000. Although still unconfirmed, it seems likely that the same number would be used for all of the 2013-dated numismatic releases. The initial production limits for the bullion versions still have not been provided.

The numismatic mintage limit is the same amount used for the 2012-dated releases, although actual production was lower.

It seems probable that production and orders may be higher for the 2013-dated releases. Following unexpected sell outs and secondary market appreciation, the next coins in the series tend to see a boost in demand from some collectors who missed out. Also, the significantly lower pricing of $179.95 per coin and the recent renewed interest in silver should bolster sales.

Higher sales for the 2013 designs would help to solidify the low mintage status of the 2012 designs.

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  1. Frankie says

    Thanks for the article. The 5oz ATB P coin price is actually $179.95 not $189.95.
    Everyone assumes the Mint will mint (close to) 25k of the ATB collectors’ coins, but no one knows how many they actually will or already have… I’d prefer the Mint being a bit more open and honest about maximum mintages rather than declaring one and then stopping sales once some 65% of the max. mintage has been sold.

  2. Fosnock says

    @Frankie – They are honest its the maximum mintage not the minimum mintage. Should they fire up the presses and make some more if they run out, maybe but technically anyone who wanted the coin had ample time to get one, and they would have had to revamp production for a 2012 coin in 2013, which I do not think they can do.

  3. Fosnock says

    Any word on when the bullion 5 oz will be available I have a itchy trigger finger at these prices.

  4. Fosnock says

    @Samuel – I don’t think so they have to compete with the P versions, and the reason for the increase in premiums is that they will not sell current inventory for a loss and they are having difficulty acquiring new inventory at current prices.As these are new coins they should be acquired from the mint at $10 above spot price or about $130 so they should be sold for about $140 each

  5. thePhelps says

    I sure would like to get the old ones for $140 each! Ok… found a couple at that price over the last 30 days or so – but that is about it.

  6. Fosnock says

    @Samuel – of course that would depend on the mintage and demand, we all know what they attempted to do with the 2010 bullion ATBs.

    FYI Provident has its ATBs selling for $142 (what is left of them), and APMEX is selling theirs from $145 to $150. These were sold out a while back so we can safely assume they were bought when the silver price was much higher so the 2013s should be no higher.

  7. Boz says

    Fosnock, dont’ know where you get your info but Apmex has nothing lower on their website than $163 for the bullion Chaco.

  8. Boz says

    The olympic and chickasaw bullions are down to $138 and change if you are wealthy enough to buy 100 or more. That looks to be the best price if you want to go back to 2011. These probably came in from pawn shops though, so not collector coins.

  9. VABEACHBUM says

    For the readers who had previously bought the 2012 Annual UNC Dollar Coin Set from the US Mint, did your set(s) arrive new from US Mint WITHOUT any clear plastic packaging on the exterior sleeve??

    I picked up two sets some 5 months ago, and was surprised – and somewhat concerned that they were not sealed, per se. I carefully inspected each set, and found no indications of flaws within or damages to either set. So, I don’t think they are returns. I’m just curious as to what others might have received, as this is the first time I can recall a “sleeved” US Mint product being shipped without being sealed.

  10. Fosnock says

    @Boz Click on the 2011 ATB link

    From APMEX –

    2011 5 oz Silver ATB (Random Park) – Scruffy – $140 (Any Qty)

    2011 5 oz Silver ATB – Gettysburg National Military Park, PA – $148 (Qty 1-9)

    2011 5 oz Silver ATB – Olympic National Park, WA – $146.65 (Qty 1-9)

    2012 5 oz Silver ATB – Acadia – Scruffy – $153.35 (Any Qty)

  11. Boz says

    I see the chaco now has bumped upto 165.

    Yeah i did see the scruffys at 153 but personally cant imagine anyonr buying non-collector quality.

  12. CW says

    I bought a scruffy Chaco at $138 at the recent bottom from the big A. It was actually a pretty nice coin with some weird toning just like their picture shows and a coupole minor hairlines. For a bullion play I am very happy with it. It will complement my Chaco-P nicely.

  13. Fosnock says


    These are bullion coins…I picked up a Random scruffy (turned out to be Chaco) for $147. I bought it right before the blood bath while silver was at about $26 per ounce as I thought the jump in price would jump go up not down. Besides the fact that if I would have waited a few days it would have gotten it cheaper I’m happy with it. In as “bad” as shape as this coin is it will appreciate more (if any) than the 18 million and counting bullion 2013 ASEs…then if it is in really bad shape I could always go for a low-ball grade, never understood that but then I don’t agree with most modern coin grading much less grading bullion

  14. george glazener says

    All of mine came with the artistic sleeve wrapper,which slides off to reveal the encapsulated card inside. But no clear shrink wrap of any kind.

  15. thePhelps says

    I am going to go look a little closer at APMEX and see what they are selling. I agree – they may be bullion – but since there are only 2 types of these and neither is minted in the millions…

    The thing about the bullion ASE – is they are just bullion ASE. To me until you have an uncirculated or proof – you have a run of the mill bullion grade coin. As noted 1 of several million and counting.

  16. Dan in Fla says

    No ASE bullion for me this year. I’m spending all my money at the mint.

    VABEACHBUM Mine arrived straight from the Mint without cellophane.

  17. Fosnock says


    I agree with you on the bullion but look around people have bullion graded all the time. I’m sure someone will chew me out for saying this as I know people do care, but why should I care if a coin minted in the millions is MS-70 or made in San Francisco, it is bullion and it is not special. Bullion ATB’s on the other hand in my IMHO have a shot at something due to the low numbers, but until then they are also are just bullion with a varying if not nicer design.

  18. Samuel says

    2 chacos ordered after “backordered” in stock and reserved now with no cancel box.

  19. John says

    I knew Chaco “P” would quickly sellout with the new price. I got an extra one with a few Silver Proof sets (combined shipping). Now I’m just waiting for the mint to send them out.

    Does anybody know if the Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo will be issued on the same day as the regular proof?

    I wish they would bring back fractional Gold Buffalos & Platinum Eagles. The 1oz are way too expensive right now!

  20. Kevin says

    Watch Out for the 2012 W Burnished American Silver Eagle now the 5th lowest American Silver Eagle with a mint mark. Great news hear and prices should go up on the great news of the Annual coin set sell out.

  21. Dan in Fla says

    I think the Mint has started using photos of the coins instead of the old black mirrors and cameo we see this.

  22. Dan in Fla says

    There will be no reverse proof buffalo to my knowledge. Since the Mint has not mentioned it Would it could it be no way.

  23. A&L Futures says

    @ John –

    The U.S. Mint has not provided a release date for the RP Buffalo. However, I agree with Dan that it will not be released with the May 23rd offering.

    According to J. Marc Landry, the Mint’s acting associate director of sales and marketing, “the U.S. Mint will produce and issue a Reverse Proof 2013-W American Buffalo goold $50 coin later this year.”

  24. Ray says

    “Collectors can expect the U.S. Mint to produce and issue later this year a Reverse Proof 2013-W American Buffalo gold $50 coin”

    I read that to mean later in the year, as in after the summer. But that’s just my interpretation.

  25. John says

    Thanks for the input on the Buffalos. I hope it’s not part of a two coin set because I can’t afford it.

  26. someone says

    I asked this in another article, but has anyone who ordered 2013 silver annual sets received shipping notification emails yet?

  27. T1 browserman says

    OK…….nice going …..3 of the 5 5oz P offerings up for sale in less than 2 months not to mention the WP set. Ramen noodles ……here I come. IN GOD WE TRUST; the mint’s marketing dept. on the other hand gets a C minus with respect to its collector base’s wallets.

  28. icsopris says


    Mine Silver Proof set shipped on 5/3. I have a subscription for annual proof sets and believe they ship those first.

  29. thePhelps says

    I also have the subscription and on the 2nd I got a notice indicating my set would ship on the 15th.

    I wish they would combine all subscription shipping – roll it up to a multi-set price for the shipping or something, because if you subscribe and order something else there is little you can do to merge the cost of shipping. In the old days you never got charged for shipping at all…

  30. Shutter says


    I don’t mind mountains. It’s just that in the first 3 years of ATB we got 4 coins that could all be described as: Some random ruminant in the foreground and some non-descript mountain in the background.

  31. Dan in Fla says

    If the Mint does a two Buffalo coin set later on this year I won’t be able to afford it either. I plan on getting my two Buffaloes just like every year. But if they come with that set I will deal with that then.

  32. Mark in Florida says

    The question is, should we get the proof buffalo when it is released, or wait until we know if it is also included in a two-coin set? I’d hate to have to buy a second normal proof just to get the reverse. But making it a two-coin set would limit the sales and make it more likely to go up.

  33. oldfolkie says

    I think it is neat that so many people seem to have totally different artistic, or historic, or aesthetic tastes for the ATBs. I see people knock the ones I like and love the ones I think are less than worthy. To each his own, happy collecting!

  34. Hidalgo says

    It means that at the present time, APMEX will buy the 2013 silver bullion ATBs at the current market price for silver.

    The buy price will fluctuate with time. And so will APMEX’s buy price….

  35. fosnock says


    Yes I know what it means, what I should have said is looks like they will be made available soon and they are (see above). My question should have been How can APMEX buy a coin that is not available?

  36. Frankie says

    …or in other words, $4.99/oz over spot (1-9 coins).
    These should be available for a smaller premium from other AD of the Mint such as ProvidentMetal or Fidelity.

  37. Doug says

    How do you buy ATB from Fidelity? I bought the original 2010 from them but never found out how to buy new ATB’s since then. Do they have a website? Very interested as Provident requires $1000 or I have to pay Texas Sales Tax (Hopefully that will change soon). I try to collect both the P and Bullion versions for my collection and am afraid this time that the Bullion may go fast so I don’t want to wait until all of the 2013’s are released before buying as I have done in the past.

  38. Samuel says

    Steve, i only buy at most 2 of each atbs. a tube is just too much. but i do buy some 1oz in tubes.

  39. JohnT58 says

    Seems like less work for APMEX to sell the unopened tubes that they get directly from the mint but yet they charge extra for the those coins. Makes one wonder.

  40. says

    Samual, I’m the same way. I bought a 2011 Silver Eagle roll from APMEX via the “Mint Direct” program.

    For those of you unfamilar with what APMEX’s “Mint Direct” offering are, here is their discription:

    To ensure our customers receive only coins that have remained unopened from the United States Mint, APMEX has created a process to guarantee these coins come directly from the U.S. Mint to you. This process is called MintDirect® and it is your symbol of guarantee that these coins remain packaged in tubes taken directly from the sealed green “Monster Boxes,” as they were delivered.

    APMEX uses a special machine for the sealing process to ensure the products you receive are sealed completely once they are removed directly from the mint boxes. The mint tubes are placed on the conveyor leading into the machine and the sealing process seals both ends of each tube with tamper-evident packaging. If this tube has been opened in any way, you will know it. After the process is completed, the tube is removed from the machine and then checked to ensure the quality of the packaging meets our exacting standards. You now have a finished tube of MintDirect® Silver American Eagle 1 oz coins.

    Once completed, the MintDirect® tubes are stored in the vault until they are ordered by our customers. By using this process, APMEX can guarantee the coins you receive are in exactly the same condition and packaging as they were when they left the U.S. Mint.

    They offer “Mint Direct” for Silver Eagle and ATB 5 oz bullion.

  41. says

    John, yes, the Mint Direct rolls are $10 more. However, I would think that as many rolls that large sellers like APMEX sell, most likely any roll you buy is probably not opened.

  42. Doug says

    All the ATB bullion I’ve received from APMEX has had at least one scratch or ding. I don’t know much about grading but definitely not good compared to everything I’ve ordered from any other source like Provident.

  43. vaughnster says

    @Doug– When you bought the 2010 ATB’s from Fidelity you had to open an account first with them. All you have to do is call and they’ll pull up your account and then you’ll be able to order anything you want. I’ve had real good luck with them with the 5 oz. ATB’s. I know they don’t cherry pick through them as they are not coin dealers.

  44. Doug says

    Vaughnster thanks for the info, I will definitely give it a try. Do they charge a lot for shipping. The first batch was weird as you had to contract the shipping to another company for around $60 for the set of five. I really am only wanting two of each bullion.

  45. vaughnster says

    Doug– I believe it was $20-$25 for a set of the 2012’s. Unless you’re going to order several, it’s actually cheaper to order from Provident if you can catch a free shipping special. They are very nice and helpful at Fidelity. Good luck.

  46. Frankie says

    Yes, unfortunately, they charge a lot for shipping ($25 plus $0.30 per ounce if my memory is correct), but their premiums are the lowest of them all. Hence, if you only order a couple you’re better off with Provident, but if you buy in bulk, go with Fidelity. Bear in mind though that they ship them in flips (qty.<9).

  47. Dustyroads says

    Funny, I’ve read story after story about APMEX sending scuffed AtB’s to it’s customers…..well here’s one more, how on earth does a coin get scuffed while it’s inside it’s plastic holder? Last year after receiving my brand new 2012 AtB from APMEX, right across the obverse was what looked like a scuff made with an abrasive cloth! Who does that?, the Mint, APMEX, or a third party? I’ve not purchased from provident, but I haven’t heard a bad story about them from anyone.

  48. JagNut says

    Man, talk about free advertising for these Hockey Puck distributors! Based on the comments over the past few weeks one would think that the Hockey Puck was the one coin that every collector had to have, NOT!

    I haven’t seen any comments about the awesome coin being released tomorrow? Do we have any takers on the first day or is everyone waiting towards the end of the on sale period?

  49. JohnT58 says

    I’ll wait til next week and order a set or 2 along with the White Mtn 5 oz and a roll of the Perry “S” quarters.

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