US Mint To Lower Silver Numismatic Product Prices

2013 Silver EagleThe United States Mint will soon reduce the prices for many silver numismatic products according to a document scheduled to be published in the Federal Register tomorrow.

Two weeks ago after the market price of silver dropped below the $20 per ounce level, I had raised the possibility of a price decrease for silver numismatic products. Shortly thereafter, the US Mint had confirmed that a price adjustment was being considered. At the time I had suggested that collectors might want to hold off on purchasing the products which would most likely be impacted.

According to the publication, price decreases will take place for virtually all silver numismatic products, including those containing American Silver Eagles, the America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins, and annual sets containing 90% silver coins. The only silver products which will not see a decrease are the 2013 silver commemorative coins.

The table below shows the current prices, the new prices, and the change. The changes basically reflect a reduction in price of $5 for each ounce of silver content and will become effective on July 11, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET.

Old Price New Price Change
2013 Silver Proof Set 60.95 53.95 -7.00
2012 & 2013 ATB Quarter Silver Proof Sets 36.95 31.95 -5.00
2013 Annual Unc Dollar Coin Set 49.95 44.95 -5.00
2012 Making American History Set 72.95 67.95 -5.00
2013 Congratulations Set 59.95 54.95 -5.00
2013 Proof Silver Eagle 57.95 52.95 -5.00
2013 Uncirculated Silver Eagle 48.95 43.95 -5.00
2013 ATB Uncirculated Coins 179.95 154.95 -25.00

The new price of $52.95 for the individual Proof Silver Eagle will represent the lowest price for the popular offering since late since late 2010 when the coins were offered at $45.95 each. The highest price for the offering was $68.95, which was briefly in place in September 2011.

The America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Coins will be available for their lowest price in the history of the offering. When the first coins of the series were released in 2011, they were priced at $279.95 each. Other prices effective since that time have included $229.95, $204.95, and $179.95.

At $52.95, the full annual Silver Proof Set is reduced to its lowest price level since 2009. That year, the 18-coin set had been offered at $52.95. The highest price for the offering was $67.95, which actually remained effective until May 2013.

While the latest price adjustment was being considered, the US Mint delayed the release of the Great Basin Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins. However, the Mint has continued to accept orders for the remaining products which will soon see their prices decreased.

When the US Mint lowered the prices for numismatic Silver Eagles and ATB Five Ounce Silver Coins in April, they had suspended sales while the price change was being implemented. A separate price decrease for annual sets containing silver coins which took place in May was not preceded by a sales suspension.

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  1. stephen m says

    It looks as if the continuing lower price of silver will most likely decrease the sales numbers of mint silver products. Buying silver mint products that i like was a much easier decision when silver was on a steady rise. I may hold off on purchasing silver offerings from the mint for now. I favor some of the ASE’s so this may be a good point to ease any future purchasing for the time being.

  2. mookem says

    Stephen m,
    A lot of people BUY when the price of something they desire is decreased. If, for no other reason, but to average their cost on products purchased at higher prices. My 2 cents.

  3. thePhelps says

    I am 1 of the people who wasn’t buying when silver was going up in price… I am now 1 of the people who is quite happy to buy it when it is going down.

    The 5 ounce ATB’s at $154.95 is a good place to start!

  4. DCDave says

    Glad I’m not a dummy Mint loyalist with subscriptions. You guys got ripped off from the Mint! Silver proof set selling around 20% less than you suckers paid!

  5. rb says

    I buy because I enjoy collecting and I love the coins. I also believe that over the next 20 years (when i retire), prices will be much higher than they are now. For those reasons, I really don’t pay attention, nor do I really care, what the PM prices are. That said, big drops like this are a great time to buy duplicate coins and hope for better quality….my Perry 5oz had marks all over it, I may buy another one and hope for better luck.

  6. Jack says

    Only one month till the rp gold buffalo. Hopin gold takes even more so we can have it under $1500 but I kinda doubt that.

  7. Dan in Fla says

    Thanks Michael for keeping up with the Mint and making them lower the prices again. I’m so glad that I held off of the silver purchases as you suggested.

  8. Larry says

    This is good news! Hopefully the prices will remain until the Mount Rushmore 5OZ ATB comes out, as that is the only one I want this year.

  9. EvilFlipper says

    I love lower prices….. But a 20$+ margin is still huge on the proofs and burnished. And 10$ on the ATB’s is a bit better…. I’ll keep my peeled eyes out for any more price drops!

  10. Brian says

    I still don’t get the pricing on the Uncirculated Dollar Set.

    Larger packaging + $5 in clad coins = $1 more?

  11. says

    I am in agreement with EvilFlipper here. I think we could still go even lower. I am going to take a wait and see attitude for further AtB purchases in the hopes of lower prices. I had thought it was impossible we would go below $180, and boy was I wrong. I was a little too quick to grab Perry’s Victory.

    I also finally received my West Point set today. The coins are absolutely outstanding. Hopefully the mint will do more of these “enhanced” products in the future.

  12. ClevelandRocks says

    May need Michael’s input on this:
    Alice Paul proof back in stock after being on backorder for a while.
    How can this be?
    They are not allowed to make any more….

  13. john says

    I wan10.00 buck on my 2013 two west point set.I think the comm.will be very low there way over price.

  14. Fosnock says

    @ClevelandRocks – It probably means they either “found” stock, some orders were canceled, product was returned, or a combination of all three. Back order is not the same as sold out.

  15. thePhelps says

    CO the prices might go lower… but I am guessing it will take another big drop for it.

    john – good luck with your refund. I would like to get some of the money I’ve spent this year back on several product offerings – that are now cheaper as well. You do realize these WP sets are selling well above the issue price all over the net and on TV?

  16. thePhelps says

    Fosnock it could also be they are missing some other part of the product – boxes – CTA or what have ya… doesn’t just have to be the coin itself.

  17. fmtransmitter says

    I agree with holding back until we start to see an uptrend but be smart and take advantage of what is good deal and what is not. Now, the question is, “What is a good deal”? IMHO it is a low mintage coin that has potential to increase in value and has beauty that allows one to be proud to showcase and talk about their collection with friends and family…

  18. VARich says

    @ FMxmtr – “IMHO it is a low mintage coin that” – Agree, though while there may have been 3-4 possible low mintages this year flying under the radar …., you can kiss ‘low mintage’ good-bye for 2013.

    I can think of 4 possible mechanisms leading to a low mintage, perhaps there are more…
    1. Mint imposed mintage limit – like in ’11, ain’t gonna happen again
    2. Household limit (or time set duration) – for the life of me, can’t figure why the mint won’t support this…, guess it comes down to the almighty $buck
    3. A boring offering – ya know it when ya see it!
    4. High PM prices – I’m all for good value, though the higher the price point, they’re seems to be a drastically reduced number of flippers…, don’t think the RP Buff won’t be over sold?

    Regarding the ebay WP ASE postings – I think they’re get’n, while the get’ns good! A LOT sets to ship…, from CO posting, we’re still on Day 1 orders of what, 139k?

  19. thePhelps says

    VARich – my first day 2:45pm order is still showing a ship date of 7/19

    I think the resellers are making out like bandits. (I don’t plan on selling mine so that impacts me little).

  20. VARich says

    Don – You Rock!

    Just for kicks, I called Philly. Number is actually 215-408-0230, obtw.

    Young Jeremy was a polite as he could be and answered a few questions I had.., seems Aramark placed a mint order during the 4 weeks order period and rec’d their sets for distro at the mint store location. So to heck with Aug/Sept., I was happy to take one off his hands, should ship tonight via FEDEX. Appreciate you passing that along – you’re good man!

    He has more than 4 sets left…

  21. im just a bill says

    Yes, Don Rocks! and so do you VARich!

    Should have my WP set by the weekend. 🙂

    Now to cancel my order of 2 WP sets, which will increase the value of all of your sets, and mine, by 2 sets.

  22. RB says

    VARich and Don are spot on. I just called the number VARich posted and ordered two sets for $139 each. The kicker is they will be here in three business days, as opposed to late September my mint order says.

    They have a couple sets left she said. If they look really good, I will keep them and sell my mint set when it comes.

  23. fmtransmitter says

    @VARich: Thanks for sharing that information. Very interesting, even more interesting we have not heard of the D Mint doing this or S Mint. Do they both have gift stores? Would be good if your a flipper to get them NOW before market is flooded. The premiums, i noticed, are for graded sets, but the OGP’s are selling for a bit more than original purchase price as well.

  24. says

    Hi guys …off topic, I just got my grades of the West Point set from NGC. They are much better than the SF set last year. 4 of 8 of the reverse proofs are 70’s and 6 of 8 of the enhanced unc are 70’s.

  25. says


    You are basically correct. I have a feeling we may have at least one more big downswing in prices waiting in the wings. If we start moving back upwards in a steady fashion, I’d obviously reconsider.

    I agree with folks we should be buying deals where we can find them but I think this is more true with US mint gold products, which is doing a better job tracking along with the current gold prices, than with their numismatic silver pieces. Needless to say I think bullion, especially silver bullion, is a steal at these prices.

    For those tracking West Point sets, my order was made at 12:15, but it seems like people who ordered later than me had their sets sent out a few days before they finally shipped mine. It seems like they still have not completed the day 1 orders. I think there are going to be supply problems for quite some time, at least another month.

  26. Zaz says

    OT: picked up my pair of Great Basin bullion. The pre-strike wire brushed planchets of Perry’s Vic was not in evidence on the GBs. They rival the earlier White Mountain bullion, clean deep mirror fields. Now looking forward to picking up the trio of P pucks @ $155! Later this month is the “horrible” Anerica with the gears pt proof. Expensive month!

  27. thePhelps says

    @Steve – that seems to track – maybe a tad lower than the numbers we’ve been seeing for this set – but right in the ballpark!

    I imagine that makes for a tantalizing resell – considering some of these are selling right at $400 for the pair graded at 70.

  28. djohn422 says

    Hello All there seems to be a lot of thanks floating around. So I would like to thank Ferdie who posted on June 29th about walking into the mint and purchasing 5 of the WP sets, but there were the doubters and I confirmed his post on July 3rd. I am really surprised that there are any sets left because WAWA america had a huge concert on Independence Mall where the gift store is located on the 4th of July and the gift shop was open on that day. So @ Ferdie Thanks. We all Know that knowledge is power. Anything that helps with a more even playing field helps.

  29. stephen m says

    mookem, that’s what i mean. The ASE’s i desire, other than receiving my WP sets, have already been purchased and are in hand. Silver may ride even lower between now and the next offering i desire.

  30. Wes says

    Seems there will be a large abundance of the West Point sets that grade MS70 /RP70. Modern Coin Mart yesterday had many sets not early release for 259. GoldMart was out of stock. Now Goldmart has the sets not early release for 269. I check Modern Coin Mart and they have raised the price to match Goldmart. The early release sets at Goldmart are 299. Excuse me but thirty dollars more just for a label that says early release. I don’t think so but I am sure there are buyers out there like the ones that buy coins from HSN that will purchase them.

  31. fmtransmitter says

    @Wes: Yup…Maybe can all spread the word about how the TPG’s are beginning to lose their credibility and REASON FOR BEING, for the all mighty $…It is sad and I am all for Private Enterprise and I am also aware that as an educated buyer I do not have to PAY for those labels and I also understand if I goto sell, I am happy to accept a higher premium for them. So…Don’t pay extra for them, get them if you can for the same as non AND if you need to sell, play it up to get the most return on investment. IMHO

  32. Jon in CT says

    Hopefully the Great Basin 5 oz uncirculated will go on sale on July 11 at noon, when the new silver numismatic product prices become effective.

  33. fmtransmitter says

    right hi low? I mean with the % of profit built in, and all you can shove in a priority box and weight not an issue, why not offer FREE SHIPPING???

  34. Wes says

    Although not wrong the Goldmart coins I mentioned above for 299 are PCGS early release. The other coins at Modern Coin Mart are NGC SP/70 RP/70 for 269 not early release. But Goldmart has the NGC 70 sets Early release for 269. There are still plenty of sets as I have been monitoring them and few have sold. I didn’t notice the PCGS labels at first I was only looking at the prices.

  35. simon says

    The shipping charge is PBGS decision and the bottom line is important to them.

  36. thePhelps says

    hls – when I first started buying coins from the mint in the 80’s – it was always free shipping. I think once UPS started losing money they started charging for shipping.

  37. Gary says

    Nobody got ripped off from the mint! Silver prices will rebound and then some! Keep stacking!!

  38. Don says


    Thanks for the compliment. And thanks for correcting the mistake I made with the Philly Gift Shop phone number, which as you stated is actually 215 408 0230. I had it as 0203, which was a typo on my part. I’m glad it worked out for you. I also spoke to Jeremy, who was very pleasant over the phone.

  39. Samuel says

    i am afraid that i can’t get a decent 5oz WM. bought 2, many water stains, returned/exchanged, even worse, returned again. and, sales now >15K. so i suspect, all the remaining ones are returns.

  40. Brad says

    I’ve been around long enough to remember when the Mint did NOT charge a s/h fee for orders placed online. The charge for phone or catalog orders was $3.95.

    Even now, $4.95 is a mere token fee considering that you can order a ton of coins or sets for that same flat fee. It’s annoying to be sure, because I try to divide it up among whatever items I ordered to get a total per unit cost for each (which seldom ever comes out even), but I can live with it.

  41. Dustyroads says

    Samuel~I placed an order for one when the “will be available on” tag appeared next to it thinking it may sell out, needless to say it has not sold out as of today. I wish I knew if the US Mint was selling rejects, because frankly, who wants them! I wish you could get one like the one that the Mint sent me, it was perfect. Everything about the coin was great, keep trying or maybe you should try the aftermarket.

  42. fmtransmitter says

    Exciting times, I hope, for the US Mint attempts at catching up with the rest of the Mint World. I posted on Michael’s World Blog site information regarding the US Mint working with Perth to produce US Mint FIRST EVER concave/convex coins. Go take a gander if you get a chance on the World Blog for more info…

  43. Samuel says

    Dustyroads, did u check the washington side of the coin? i noticed that, all the water stains are on that side, the mountain side is perfect.

  44. Wdg5 says

    Taking the discussion off to the upcoming 5 star general profile set, this seems so dumb that the set contains 2 of the 3 coins from the previous set ( which can still be ordered individually) and the 3rd coin being a bronze medal instead of the gold coin. Seriously, who gives these people such lovely ideas? Reminds me of that 2012 limited edition set. Next thing you know they will repackage all the 2013 coins into another big box and sell it as a “2013 limited edition set”

  45. fmtransmitter says

    Ha, I bet they do…That set is selling for a premium now though, so at least you know you own 1 of only 50,000 (packaging) if you own it…But I agree…Trying to pay off the debt with the Mint is even funnier! Just ONE jet plane not made could pay for every single man woman and child to go to College!!

  46. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Looks like the early ATBs 2010, 2011 will still hold their prices as shown on eBay. People will not want to sell for much less than they bought, that’s good to know. Mintages may increase now but my question is, Where do they find so much silver?

  47. Micro says

    Wdg5, according to that article the Profiles set will contain the uncirculated silver coins. The previous set had proofs.

  48. Micro says

    Above of course should have been “uncirculated silver/clad coins.” This will probably move those coins out of the low mintage category.

  49. VARich says

    @ Wdg5 – this is disappointing indeed, I had hopes of a surprise with this set!

    I MISS the creativity of the coin and currency/stamp sets of the 2000’s (specifically, ’01 Buff, ’09 Lincoln, ’93 TJ, ’05 USMC, and others). But I should stop complaining, there’s the ’12 MAH set still out that I can now buy cheaper than what I originally paid too much for.., several times over! So, when we gonna know the final count of the SF’12 proof…, ’14 anybody?

    OT: Just FYI – Provident is running a sale on AtB BU at $113.69

  50. Blair J. Tobler says

    As far as the generals profile set goes, it’s a nice alternative for those of us who, unfortunately, cannot afford the gold coins.

  51. Brad says


    Since the 2012 Making American History Set with the 2012-S Proof Eagle has a limit of 100,0000, at least we know it won’t go any higher than that. A mintage of around 325,000 units for the 2012-S is still quite a bit lower than the 1994-P Proof, so that’s a little bit of comfort.

    It will be interesting to see the adjusted mintage figure for the 2013-W set. Maybe it will actually come in lower than the 2012 when all the smoke clears. Probably not, but these shipping delays are ticking off a lot of would-be buyers!

  52. VARich says

    @ Brad – good point!

    I was wondering the same on the WP set. I wasn’t much of a follower of the SF set, anyone recall at what point the final SF mintage data was released by the mint, e.g., ‘X weeks’ following the last set to ship? I suspect maybe early October we would have the mintage #’s? Thanks

  53. Micro says

    VARich, the final revision on the SF set was published on 12/7/12, so about 5 months after sales concluded. So maybe in October or November.

  54. Sam says


    I’ve had the same experience. Have ordered two 5 oz WM atb coins from the mint and both had defects. Returned the first one and the replacement was worse so returned that also. The coins I was sent had scratches near the rim and water stains or milk spots on the washington side. I too am wondering now if I’ll ever get a good one. Why can’t the mint have better QC?

  55. VABEACHBUM says

    Definitely plan to enjoy the benefits of the price reductions when the GB ATB is released! Also would like to see these current levels hold until 08 AUG. Come on RPF Buffalo!!!

    @ Brad & VARich – Michael published the revised sales numbers for the 2012 SF sets on 07 DEC 2012. Details can be found here:
    It’s possible that the timeline for the 2013 WP set might be the same, although the last day sales still are showing ship dates between 17 & 30 SEP 2013. Not sure how that might impact either an interim or a final audit.

    Like CO and others, my Day 1, 1st Hour order “scanned” in on 01 July, shipped on the 3rd and arrive yesterday. Siding with the majority so far, pictures simply do not do these coins any justice. AWESOME!!!

    While secondary market sales for the 2013 WP sets currently are burgeoning, with outrageous numbers going towards the TPG ER & FS issues, I fully expect those sales to decline and those prices to fall as this product system reaches an equilibrium, but especially when that ER / FS window starts to close some time in the next two weeks. I am so glad that I don’t care about the labeling hype.

    As a side-bar, I have not seen info, nor heard chirp one about the 2013 First Spouse Gold Coins. No revised schedules, no “metal flow” problems. Nothing. Since these coins are supposed to be struck in the same year as the respective $1 Coin, I’d be very curious to know what the total populations by spouse and type (PR, UNC) are going to be.

  56. VARich says

    Thanks micro; call me paranoid though I can’t help but to think there’s an ulterior motive by the mint to delay the small batch shipments. From the mint’s perspective, their goal is to maximize sales and minimize waste, and I wonder what impact the SF returns had on the mint and what came of all those sets and the total waste cost.., we know what came of the packaging. Would love to know the % of returns from those WP sets delivered thus far. Ok, sorry, back to topic.

  57. William says

    Mintage numbers aren’t everything…

    In 2012 when the mint sold 100,000 Eagles with a five set limit it is possible that most of the sets are in fewer hands. Remember, 100,000 divided by 5 equals 20,000 collectors. I bought four sets and still have them.

    The number of collectors eventually will determine the resale market price.

    Four lovely eagles at my Arizona ranch.

  58. Fosnock says

    im just a bill, Don and VARich you all rock!.

    I just got off the phone with Jeremy and Caprica from the Philadelphiai mint. They seem to be limiting orders but still allowed me to purchase two sets, once I get them I will add my mint orders to the trash heap…last time I looked both orders were scheduled for 9/17

  59. IPS_STUFF says

    Okay so I ordered 5 sets of the West Point 2 coin silver eagle set, 1st thing this morning, from the Philadelphia mint. (Thanks to those who posted the phone number). So about 1 hour later I get confirmation from my credit card company that both my orders that I placed on 5/9 have been charged to my card and now these orders show in stock and reserve. Just thought it was funny the timing of these events. Anyway I should have some sets soon.

  60. Fosnock says

    im just a bill, Don and VARich you all rock!.

    I just got off the phone with Jeremy and Caprica from the Philadelphia mint. They seem to be limiting orders but still allowed me to purchase two sets, once I get them I will add my mint orders to the trash heap…last time I looked both my mint orders were scheduled to ship on 9/17.

  61. Fosnock says

    @IPS_STUFF – You scared me so I just went ahead and canceled my earliest set placed on 5/12

  62. Dustyroads says

    Samuel~Sorry you’re having trouble with that. My WM P had no problems on either side, in fact it’s extraordinarily nice. I’ve heard so many stories, so I was really surprised when I didn’t have to send it back! What you’re dealing with is the exact reason I bought some of my coins last year on the secondary market.

  63. Brad says


    The potential gold price drop tomorrow is not dead yet. While the gold spot price is currently hovering around the $1,250 mark, the average for the week including the Wednesday am fix will most certainly be in the $1,200.00-$1,249.99 tier. So, chances are the only thing that will block the decrease is if the Wednesday pm fix is $1,250 or above. Remember last week how it was EXACTLY $1,250.00? It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the decrease is blocked that way again this week.

  64. Eddie says

    Does anyone know when the BS 5 ozer will be for sale?
    The WP enhanced coin is the best ASE I have seen in a long while. The more you look at it the better it seems to look. As far as the RP I have not really been that big of a fan of them. The West Point Mint really know what they are doing when it comes to minting ASE they beat any of the other mints hands down.

  65. says

    I just got off the phone with the people at the Philadelphia Mint and I ordered TWO sets of the WP. They should be sent to me via Fed Ex in the next 3 to 4 days. The only problem you must either walk in the door to order or phone the order in like I did. They did not tell me there was an order limit but then I was only going to order one set until I found out the shipping for two or more was the same price $9.95. Now in one of those many surveys I have filled out for the Mint in the past one of the questions asked was—am I willing to pay more for shipping? So maybe this is a test to see how many people actually would pay more for shipping????? This has been some very interesting test of patience and lack of understanding and just plain craziness! Have to see what happens now. Off to check on my status with my checking account. Order as it stand with the Mint still moved back to 8/9 and I ordered the first day.

    On the other side of things I am glad the price for the Great Basin 5 ozer will be less $$$. I will order my one as usual. Hoping for a decrease in GOLD! Yes, an expensive month—-platinum and all coming up. Buffalo coin coming soon too! I think the mint should just charge what they paid for the gold at the time they bought and made the coin and no more ups and downs in prices. It is what it is until SOLD OUT Then if a price change takes place so be it!

    Thanks Don for the information! I am anxious to see this coin! If I end up with seven sets instead of the five I wanted well then there will be an extra surprise in two stockings this Christmas.

  66. says

    I just noticed it says that I posted the above comment at 2:00 pm and it is 11 am here Pacific Time and maybe that is another reason those of us on the West coast get “lost in the shipping department”. Dates and numbers are confusing some place along the line. East Coast is in the ordering process at noon and we are ordering at 9 am yet our order numbers are higher than the ones those on the East Coast get. I even get this blog a day or two later. Just noticing!

  67. VARich says

    @ Fosnock – glad it worked out for ya. It’s great to see all the enthusiasm for getting these sets ‘early.’ I need to get up to Philly and take a tour as it’s long over due.., besides, the crew at the store was so helpful and it’s so hard to get good customer service anymore, that I’m going to buy their lunch or something when I do. Great little resource there.

  68. Eddie says

    The regular GB quarters look great in person I bet the 5 ozer will look even better. As far as the PV the 5 ozer shows so much more detail. You have the plants around the column and the water surrounding all that and Perry standing on the bank. At first I really didn’t care to much for it but the more you look at it the better it looks……IMHO.

  69. nick says

    not sure whether to buy at $154 or wait…. its going to go lower before they sell out

  70. Ray says

    @nick, if you think silver will go below $15, then I’d wait. the last 2 price drops happened around $25 and $20. thats a long way away from where it is. i’m glad i had returned my white mountain. it was damaged like a lot of other people’s. at 180, i was only going to buy rushmore and mchenry. i love the fireworks on the maryland one, and rushmore is just classic and a must have for me. i might have to order 2 and hedge against one of them being damaged. but now at 155, i’m going to have to buy all 5. i’m not ordering anything until i get my rp buffalo order in tho. only 4 weeks away!!

  71. JEFF IN TX. says

    Just looking at the drop in silver @ gold. The price for Mint items that people can’t get their money back. Anyone that bought the WP set that has a later shipping date may cancel. The big coin dealers that the Mint shipped to first making a lot of us wait for our WP set to arrive. Those dealers are going to drive the price down on graded coins , there will be to many. Since they know there is more money in selling coins graded. This is only true when you can sell these coins you put extra money in. Just wonder how many people will cancel their WP set order , because silver is dipping and stay below $20 for sometime.

  72. stephen m says

    Jeff in tex, The WP enhanced coin is so unusual, compared to any other ASE’s, i doubt if there will be a hugh amount of cancellations. I hope i’m wrong.

  73. thePhelps says

    Jeff… the price of this set really is loosely related to the silver price. I don’t think a collector is going to run away from the set because of the price of silver going down. It is kind of like the price of classic coins – they are selling based on the coins – not the PM content they contain.

    I agree though that many are bailing on the Mint and going in other directions to procure the coins. I expect a large number of cancels… for that reason alone.

  74. nick says

    Yea I do think that silver is going to go below 15$. I would estimate around 11$ an ounce by the end of this year. stocks go up PM go down. I hear you on the Maryland one with fireworks. That plus the flag makes it my favorite. ill wait until the end of this year to order tho.

  75. JEFF IN TX. says

    Lets just hope for this set kicks butt. The ASE series needs a shot in the arm. It needs a coin that collectors @ dealers want and need.

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