2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coins

Today, August 5, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coin. This will represent the second of three special numismatic products issued to mark the 50th anniversary of the series.

The Kennedy Half Dollar was launched in 1964 to memorialize President John F. Kennedy following his assassination. The pieces were quickly hoarded by the public who were eager to obtain a memento of the late President. This early hoarding behavior served to diminish the appearance of the denomination within circulation. Mintages for the half dollar had fallen to minimal levels by the 1980’s and 1990’s, and from 2002 onwards the coins have only been struck to fulfill demand from collectors.

Over the course of the series, there have been modifications to the design resulting in recent issues carrying a much different appearance than the original. For the 50th anniversary products, the United States Mint restored the original obverse portrait design.

Gold Kennedy Half Dollar

The obverse of the gold proof half dollar features the original portrait of President Kennedy designed by United States Mint Chief Engraver Gilroy Roberts based on the presidential medal he had previously prepared. The inscriptions include “Liberty”, “In God We Trust”, and the dual date of “1964-2014”. The gold half dollar is the only Kennedy product this year to carry the dual date.


The reverse design was created by United States Mint Sculptor-Engraver Frank Gasparro based on the Presidential Seal. A heraldic eagle appears at center with a shield on its breast and talons clasping an olive branch and bundle of arrows. The eagle’s beak holds a scroll reading “E Pluribus Unum”. A ring of 50 stars surrounds the eagle representing the 50 states. Additional inscriptions include “United States of America”, “Half Dollar”, and the precious metal weight and purity in small lettering beneath the eagle. The “W” mint mark for West Point appears in the original location next to the stem of the olive branch.

Each coin is struck in 3/4 of a troy ounce of .9999 fine gold to proof quality. The coins have a diameter of 1.205 inches (30.61 mm) and thickness of 0.085 inch (2.16 mm). This is the same diameter and thickness as the standard half dollar.


Packaging for the coins consists of a custom designed, brown mahogany hardwood presentation case with a removable coin well. Each coin is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

The 2014 Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coin carries an initial price of $1,240 per coin. During the course of the offering, the price will remain subject to change based on a grid which uses the average weekly market price of gold. The initial price is based on an average gold price within the $1,250 to $1,299.99 range.

There is no stated mintage limit for the offering, however the Mint has indicated that an initial inventory of 40,000 coins has been produced and will be made available for sale through various sales channels. The Mint will evaluate sales activity during the first week of availability and make adjustments to its production schedule accordingly.

An initial ordering limit of five coins per household will apply to web and phone orders. An ordering limit of one coin per person will apply to over the counter sales. This reduced limit was announced late last week.

For website sales, the Mint will be using their online waiting room to help deal with the expected influx of traffic. The waiting room will be deployed at 11:45 AM ET ahead of the release.

There will be four retail locations carrying the gold Kennedy Half Dollars. A total quantity of 2,500 of the coins will be available at the Chicago World’s Fair of Money held in Rosemont, Illinois from August 5-9, 2014. These will be offered at a rate of 500 coins per day. The ANA had previously announced public safety procedures for those seeking to purchase the coins.

The remaining retail locations will include the gift shops at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint and the sales counter at US Mint headquarters in Washington, DC. Each of these locations will have an initial quantity of 500 coins available. There will be an additional 100 units per day made available at each location for the first three days after the product launch.

History and Considerations

Anticipation for this year’s special 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar products has been building for some time. Late last year, a survey distributed to customers raised the possibility of a range of products with different combinations or mint marks, finishes, and compositions. In February of this year, the Mint provided the CCAC and CFA with mockup images of a potential 24 karat gold version. Some changes to the final product appear to have been made in response to feedback provided by the CCAC, including the use of the dual date, moving the mint mark location to the reverse, and adding an inscription of the precious metal weight and purity.

The final 50th anniversary products were announced in June, and included clad, silver, and gold coins. This covered a spectrum of prices from the affordable clad set to the mid-priced silver set to the high-end gold coin.

The 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half dollar Uncirculated Coin Set was released on July 24 and included uncirculated clad coins from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. The two coins were struck with the original portrait design, making them distinct and separate issues from the previously released 2014 half dollars. Despite an ordering limit of five sets per household, initial sales far exceeded the Mint’s initial production level of 37,000 sets. After the first day, sales had reached 68,974 units. As of the latest sales report, sales have reached 84,593 units.

After today’s release of the 24 karat gold coin, the Mint will release the silver coin collection, which includes four 90% silver half dollars struck at different mint facilities with different finishes. The coins will include a proof from Philadelphia, an enhanced uncirculated coin from San Francisco, an uncirculated coin from Denver, and a reverse proof from West Point. The set is expected to be released in the fall.


The 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coin seems poised for an extremely strong opening. Over the past few weeks, there has been a high level of buzz and anticipation surrounding today’s launch. Arguably, more than any other current coin series, the Kennedy Half Dollar holds a personal connection and significance to Americans. This may very well translate into a larger audience for the 50th anniversary products than traditional coin collectors.

As a few points of reference from previous special gold products, the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Gold Coins had sold out of the combined 50,000 maximum mintage for proof and uncirculated versions in less than 24 hours. There was an ordering limit of 50 coins for each version. The 2013 Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo, which were offered without an ordering limit during a four week window, had opening day sales of 21,009 and eventually reached final sales of 47,836 units. The 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin had opening day sales of 18,173 units despite an ordering limit of one per household. By the end of the year, total sales reached 115,178.

Finally, there has been a previous special Kennedy product, although it was released more than a decade ago. The 1998 Kennedy Collectors Set, which included a special matte finish silver half dollar, was offered during a four week ordering window. Final sales reached approximately 62,000 units.

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  1. mgm says

    mgm says

    August 5, 2014 at 8:41 am

    My brother went down to the Denver mint. He texted me this:

    They had a pre-sign up list and check in list. I did not know anything about it. I got down there at 5 and there was no way. Went home.

    I’m going home and ordering on-line.

    There was some type of number draing from the list. Well over 500 people down there by 5

  2. bg35765 says

    I am in line at the ANA. Got rear ended two blocks away by a woman hired to stand in line by a dealer. I’m not sure how many spots that cost me but I guess I am about in spot 620.

    I’m standing with a couple flippers, one dealer, and one guy hired by a dealer.

    Most of the people in line are local temps or were bussed in. There were people with dreadlocks doing yoga in the grass.

    I don’t think I have a chance unless the mint sells more than 500 today.

  3. Larry says

    Getting ready to go to the show! Just going to view the Kennedy, hope they have the silver anniversary set on display. Will write more when I get back.

  4. VA Rich says

    In Philadelphia, Ladies and gentlemen, every where I look… soldiers are fighting sailors, sailors are fighting Marines! Directly in front of me, I see a flying blond floozy! Everywhere I look… everywhere, pure pandemonium… pandemonium! Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

    Anyone out there in Philly? What’s going on?

    Thanks guys for the updates, best of luck to you gentlemen, wish I was there.

  5. VA Bob says

    I can’t help but feel a little sick about what this has become… hiring people to stand in line. Well I guess where ever a buck can be made greed will kick in.

  6. Larry says

    Looks like the mint has come up with the formula to sell a special coin at the ANA show. As long as they do this we will probably see this madness. Or until enough folks get burned. Don’t think that will happen with this coin though.

  7. Blair J Tobler says

    OT – for anyone interested, Mint site now shows Annual Unc Dollar Set scheduled for 09/08/14.

  8. says

    Unfortunately, I expect to see more of what’s happening at the ANA going forward. This stuff generates wild enthusiasm for certain “big” releases and is guaranteed to help increase sales on the website as people stampede to buy.

  9. stephen m says

    Steve, the 40,000 made, boxed and ready to ship will go fast. Those will bring a premium until the mint has more ready but will that be a long or short duration? As you know the Mint does pull a surprise out of the bag now and then. Happy flipping.

  10. VA Rich says

    Thanks much cag – that set will pop a 100k today! Whooahh!

    Perhaps we’ll see those BHoF Silver cancellation notices by this time next week, and a culling of the herd on fleabay.

  11. GMS says

    Looks like the are taking people in the convention center about 50 at a time for some reason.

  12. Sith says

    This is like people waiting days to be the first in line for Star Wars…you can always see the second show. At least the madness on Black Friday makes sense as once something is gone its gone.

  13. Louis says

    I think the lines will be just as, if not more, crazy in subsequent days at the show.

    As far as the waiting room, I think it is best to enter closer to noon. Is that right?

  14. Chris Mc says

    I wonder if the mint will be putting your $1,240.00 coin in a .99 reusable tote bag from china if you but at Chicago show? Great way to advertise “I have gold….follow me home”!!

  15. GMS says

    Looks like 500 are sold here at Chicago. We are being told to disperse and come back tomorrow.

  16. Clark says

    Removing these 50th anniv clads from cards is a sticky, gluey challenge. Be sure your exacto blades are sharp. This makes for good waiting room activity, unless yoga suits you. I’d love to see pics of collectors in dreadlocks and yoga poses waiting in line to buy coins. Just look how far our hobby has come to bring people of different backgrounds together! JFK would be pleased.

  17. says


    I hadn’t heard that about the waiting room. I would recommend getting in right at 11:45.

    What I would recommend avoiding is logging in, since the Mint autologs everyone out from what I can tell.

  18. A&L Futures says

    Although I don’t expect there to be any (i.e. Gold Kennedy’s) available, the numbers to each of the U.S. Mint gift shops are listed below:

    The U.S. Mint gift shop in Denver is: 1 (303) 572-9500

    The U.S. Mint gift shop in Philadelphia is: 1 (215) 408-0230

  19. Ikaika says

    @ Captain

    The mint posted on their website that it will shut down at 11:45 for the launch at 12:00. I am not sure one can access the site at that time. You may get disconnected if you are logged in before that too.

  20. Louis says

    Take a look at the NN blog: It says the owner of Silvertowne “made a deal” and paid $20K for the first 4 coins plus 4 others to be given to the first 4 people in line, but hey it’s a level playing field!! WTF!! See why people lined up last night?

  21. says

    I wasn’t around during the release of the 2009 UHR Eagle. How difficult was it to buy an aftermarket coin during the time and what was the like for them?

  22. A&L Futures says

    @ CaptainOverkill,

    I don’t recall there being this kind of feeding frenzy at the Baltimore show.

  23. thePhelps says

    The frenzy has kicked up because of the label buying public. It now appears the label is being sought more than the actual coin.

  24. VA Bob says

    Dusty there were plenty of UHR’s after the slow initial release. Of course the best deal (price wise) was at the Mint, unless you wanted a graded one.

  25. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    That is probably a marketing strategy. I do not think Silvertowne can recoupe its money selling the first 4 coins, regardless of what label it has.

    As a collector, I always question how many are truly interested in the coin.

  26. says

    The website choked massively just from all the people trying to cram into the waiting room. The waiting room itself took almost 30 seconds just to load for me.

    I cannot wait to see what the wait times are going to be like when 12:00 rolls around.

  27. Sith says

    @Dustyroads – The initial aftermarket cost was to expensive, I simply waited the 4 months to get the coin from the mint, but they were easily available for a premium.

  28. VABEACHBUM says

    @ VA Rich – Outstanding, well-timed movie reference!! Fortunately, that spewed coffee didn’t reach my key board or monitor!!!

    @ Louis – WRT waiting room and based on my last two experiences, you can log into the site prior to 1145 to open your account, then refresh after 1145 to establish your initial position in the queue for the 1200 start. You are not logged out, so much as disabled from any additional activity until 1200. You are issued your unique WR Cookie identifier as soon as you refresh after 1145. At 1200, the site automatically pulled me back in with the WR Timer.

    Where you have to be careful is having your account Time-Out after 30 minutes of inactivity “from the initial log on, say, at 1144 AM.” This happen to me during my second trip into the WR. However, after being told to log back in, I still had cleared the queue and was allowed to shop.

    For today, I’m alread in the WR and already have my Queue ID. I’m loving the updates from the “Field Reporters.” Have fun everybody!!

  29. Clark says

    Interesting that cookies (bottom of the screen) were assigned as soon as the waiting room screen appeared. This could be very good or not.

  30. says

    VA Bob,

    The connection I’m currently on is cable.

    The mint’s site initially loaded fine for me when I opened it at 11:30. When I reloaded around 11:44, the website was very draggy (in line with what used to happen in the good old days before the waiting room) and it took some time for the initial “do you want to go to the waiting room?” question to appear.

    After that, everything ran just fine. Probably anyone who entered past 11:46 wouldn’t have gotten any lag.

  31. VA Bob says

    Whatever you do, DO NOT close your browser. Especially if it’s set to clear cookies upon closing.

  32. art says

    How can this coin be the exact same diameter and thickness as a regular half dollar and be exactly 3/4 ounce in a totally different metal? That doesn’t make sense.

  33. VABEACHBUM says

    @ cagcrisp – I can’t speak to the Mint’s system time, but my timer is w/in 10 seconds of landing at 1200 EDT.

  34. VaBeachEd says

    It sent me to the Kennedy Gold for $1,240.00, but will not let me order. It skipped the waiting room.

  35. Jon in CT says

    art wrote on August 5, 2014 Aat 11:54 AM:

    How can this coin be the exact same diameter and thickness as a regular half dollar and be exactly 3/4 ounce in a totally different metal? That doesn’t make sense.

    What makes you think this gold coin has the same “thickness” as the normal half-dollar?

  36. Louis says

    The sooneryou logged in, the longer, not shorter your wait time is. On the ones where I logged in at 11:45 wait time is 14 min. and 50 min, but I just went in with a different browser and time is 7 min!! Better to wait until 12 noon to enter.

  37. says

    Mine seems to have settled solidly at 41 minutes. A little better than expected.

    I’m envious of those who have only 10-20 minute waits. I wish I knew what they were doing differently!

  38. Skidtrek says

    After the waiting room. I was at 13 minutes. Then it went to 8 minutes. Now I am at 14 minutes!?

  39. VABEACHBUM says

    Within the first 3 minutes I bounced from 30 to 22 and now up to 39!!! E-ticket Ride, Baby.

  40. silverhawk357 says

    After the big party today comes the hangover. I see some buyer’s remorse after the price drop to follow next week and farther on. Sure, they’ll be on backorder, but will you remember that in 2016 or will you remember that you paid too much? Why would the Mint change the “mint to demand” promise now? I say, they will be available till the end of the year. I’m waiting for at least a two tier drop in price. No advantage to get them now unless you plan to get the fancy label, IMO.

  41. thePhelps says

    Mine started at 57 minutes – dropped to 44 minutes and is now up to 1 hour and 15 minutes…

    I also got to the site early and went into the wait room at 11:45…

  42. Jon in CT says

    Ordered and checked out. Received by eMail confirmation from the Minta at 12:03.
    Order number 43703xxx

  43. Tinto says

    From reading the messages about the line at the ANA it seems the dealers have won the first round at the. Wonder how many were hired by the HSN guy (I also see him on a CSN show).

    I’m glad I opted to buy only 2 or 3 silver JFK sets. Saving up for the 2014 Platinum to complete the series and the 2015 Marshals and maybe the UHR …..

  44. gatortreke says

    I must have been one of the first in and out, order # 43703XXX. I was entered into the website at 12:01, ordered, checked to make sure the order appeared and then logged out. Good luck to all!

  45. Sith says

    Good for you Jon in CT! Thank you for posting your order number I hope to do the same in about 38 minutes

  46. George says

    I was able to order five today on US Mint site – Order number 4370XXXX. It went very smooth.

  47. SLinNJ says

    Had two computers going…entered wait room at 11:45 on both. One had 2 Minute wait…other is still at 36 minutes…just luck I guess.

  48. simon says

    The last chapter IV on Civil Rights is posted on the Mint Website under the “Kennedy Program.”

  49. says

    So I got bounced up to an hour or thirty minutes for my wait time.

    However, my buddy who was also ordering got in at 12:05 and he graciously picked up one for me. So it seems like I’m near the front of the line for once, this time. 🙂

  50. Levi says

    This was my first experience with the waiting room. I’m impressed that they gave me an 11 minute estimated time initially, and actually got me in in 11 minutes.
    I think I prefer the old dogfight of getting by fighting traffic! LOL

  51. VA Bob says

    Everyone that get’s in during the first hour will probably be good for the 40k initial run.

  52. says


    I kind of miss the old “flood the zone” purchasing too. I always tended to do well there because I knew right when to get in and could generally fight my way through crashes and lag to get in in 10-15 minutes.

    For here, I feel like it’s a lottery. My friend entered the waiting room two minutes later than me and got in almost immediately, whereas the wait time on my desktop is is still about an hour.

  53. Steve says

    Checked out around 12:13 and confirmed. The 40,000 will be gone quickly if the current wait times are any indication.

  54. Louis says

    Placed order at 12:15 but for a few minutes no e-mail or order in tracking section, but now it’s there.

  55. thePhelps says

    I am going to drop my wait and hope it bounces someone to the front – since I was just looking to see the wait times anyway.

  56. Chris Mc says

    2 orders placed 6 minutes apart and order numbers indicate 872 orders placed in 6 minutes.

  57. Sith says

    I liked the old dog fight but only because my dog would win. It is a lot more relaxing to wait your turn then having the click feast. The wait time bounces around but at least mine is getting steadier to zero…15 min now

  58. VABEACHBUM says

    @ VA Bob – OT, but something you and I have discussed previously. Have heard from a Black Shoe friend of mine that the next, USS America will not be a carrier. Supposedly, already determined to be an LSD or LST. I’m still trying to find the specifics.

  59. says

    Incidentally, if anyone’s interested, my order number (or rather my friend’s) is #43703XXX. Per the mint’s system-generated email, the order was completed at 12:05.

  60. art says

    @Jon in CT
    Paragraph 6 in the above article states this:

    Each coin is struck in 3/4 of a troy ounce of .9999 fine gold to proof quality. The coins have a diameter of 1.205 inches (30.61 mm) and thickness of 0.085 inch (2.16 mm). This is the same diameter and thickness as the standard half dollar.

    Do those mm numbers match a standard half dollar? If so, how could the weight of this coin be exactly 3/4 ounce? No way.

  61. MN says

    Refresh your screen if you get the “proxy” message…worked for me. My 12:25 order says “suspended”. I got in the wait room right at start and the 21 minute wait time was accurate.

  62. HiCal says

    Well this sucks logged in at around 12, got a wait time of 45 minutes. It when up to 1 hour and 52 minutes a few minutes later. Since then wait time keep bouncing up and down, still 43 minutes wait. I guess I won’t be getting my gold Kennedy until 2015. 😉 How you guys do it?

  63. Mark Rex says

    2 orders of 1x each. 12:14 order is 4370442X and second at 12:17 is 4370474X. You don’t really need to hide your order numbers fully – maybe the last one or two digits – as someone couldn’t do anything with knowing your order number and last name except to view it. You have to log in to cancel. I predicted the US Mint sells all 40k today which will make the 500/day at the in person shops all the hotter – gonna have people start to get in line for tomorrow’s now – lol. I also think the US Mint will not have enough blanks to meet demand and sales end around 60-75k only due to production issues. Now I need to find a way to get money into my PayPal so my orders go thru. Good luck all.

  64. VABEACHBUM says

    As an FYi, I did get timed out, again, for 30 minutes of inactivity. But, upon logging back in, my Queue ID held and I was immediately directed into the Mint Store.

  65. Sith says

    I had to log back into the site as I had exceeded the 30 minute timeout…order# 43708XXX time was approximately 12:36

  66. jy says

    @ silverhawk – i’m with you on this. i love this coin too, but why not love it for less? besides, barring a nuclear strike from Iran, we’re basically guaranteed the $1240 price for the next 8 days…so even if i had to buy it immediately, i’d rather buy it in peace a few days from now.

  67. Pittsburgh P says

    Glad yinz got yours so quickly… I was givin a wait time of 20 mins then 50 then 2 hrs and 20 mins now 48 mins… Oh well I may just wait til the secondary market for one & hope its cheaper!

  68. Chibi says

    1235 out. Order screen shows suspended. Receipt shows backordered. Out of the 40,000 already?

  69. Frank says

    If the US Mint later decides to increase the mintage beyond 40,000, this first batch we are ordering now may actually give First Strike/Early Release label some real meaning for the one time. LOL.

  70. thePhelps says

    art – they adjusted the weight of the coin to 3/4 an ounce… it has been hashed out – they were considering a 1 ounce coin an opted to do the same size and shape and offer it at 3/4 an ounce.

  71. joseph says

    If the first 40k is gone in first hour, the final mintage could reach 150k. LOL
    I will wait till 2016, or maybe 2017 to get it with much lower price. Just got a 2013 AE silver set for $135 WITH FREE SHIPPING(issue price $150).

  72. thePhelps says

    @Frank – yeah…ummm first strike will mean first 40,000 coins…gee isn’t that a rather deep pool to be in anyway.

  73. gatortreke says

    A buddy of mine just finished his order (12:38) and the difference between my order and his was just over 5000 meaning a maximum of 27,500 could have been purchased between the two. It looks like the 1-1.5 hour time frame will consume the 40,000 initial supply.

  74. Steve says

    There’s idiots already listing the Kennedy gold on Ebay for $1,600. After 13% in fees and shipping costs, how is this worth flipping? Market will be too satured and prices may drop next week. Glad I only bought 2.

  75. says

    My Guess is that they only have about 30,000 to sell to regular people. 35,100 after the Mints distribution channels we know. Then you have to think the West Point employee can get 1 each and then you have Senators, Representative, Treasury employees, etc..

  76. SKM says

    Spent 44 minutes in waitroom starting at 11:45. Website kick me out placed order at 12:31 (backordered) 43709xxx

  77. Louis says

    Are others noticing how the e-mail conf. takes a while and the order does not show up for a while in your acct.?

  78. Brad says


    I guess they just want to move ’em out quick and take a modest profit per coin between $100-$120. Still not too shabby I guess. Values will probably climb some more before they fall. It will all depend on how soon the coin goes to an extended backorder status and there will be no more available that will qualify for the stupid “First Strike” or “Early Releases” grading designations.

  79. joseph says

    Steve says
    AUGUST 5, 2014 AT 12:35 PM

    Ebay is already flooded with presales. This is going to be a flippers nightmare IMO.


  80. JohnT58 says

    Finally got past the waiting room and into the website. I was immediately timed out because I had more then 30 minutes of inactivity. Thankfully when I logged back in, it put me right through. Order #43710xxx.

  81. Louis says

    @CC- They absolutely do not give any kind of first dibs to any of those people. I spent 20 years on Capitol Hill. But some coins like the Library of Congress $10 bi-metal coin was launched at the LOC, where anyone could get in line to buy in person.

  82. says


    My email showed up almost immediately.

    However, during stampedes in the past there has been a “lag time” between when the product was sold and when the mint’s system generates an email. I am guessing the mint’s site is slowly being overwhelmed giving the errors you’ve been experiencing. If memory serves, as the day went on this problem also occurred during the sales of the BHoFs.

  83. gary says

    Got in the wait room @ 11:49
    Wait time 25 min @ Noon
    Counted down to 13 min, then jumped back up to 25 min!
    Got in @12:21 placed order but had problem when logging in to my account.
    Had to go back and try to log in again. Finally got logged into account & purchase
    Received order confirmation from Mint @12:31

  84. Samuel says

    this time, both these 2 items are pretty fast, emails received several minutes later, status changed several minutes later as well.

  85. Louis says

    It’s weird how you can’t just log on or check your acct with out entering the room. They should be separate. I saw that right from the start.

  86. MN says

    My “suspended” order said “held” when I looked before deleting cookies. My 12:25 order is #4370666##. I got a conf. email from the mint so all is good. I decided to get two Clad sets in on the shipping since I ordered the Youth set and will get the Silver (2 grandkids). Over a 2 hour wait time now.

  87. Samuel says

    they actually should only have the waiting room for the new release. their IT dept is just lazy.

  88. Dan in Fla says

    I signed on at 1145am on the dot and waited the 15 minutes to see where my place in line would be. It worked last time but this time I had an hour and a minute to wait from the start. I started dialing the Mints 1800 number and just got through and placed my order for four Kennedys. It only took 45 minutes of dialing to get lucky with an operator.

  89. VaBeachEd says

    I never went into the waiting room. I placed and finished my first order for 1 Gold at 12:02 order number 437030XX, then went back to place another order for 1 Gold at 12:08 order number 437037XX, then went back to order another and this time it took me to the waiting room with wait time of 2 hours and 18 minutes. Both of my orders are back order today 8/5/2014 ??? Well I got two anyway, now I will wait and see what a PCGS FS PR70 goes for. If the price jumps up for this first batch, I will sell one and use that money towards the PCGS FS PR70. I do not know how I lucked out but good luck to the rest of you today. Wait time now is 1 hour 57 minutes, but I think I am done. I will not wait for another batch in two months from today.

  90. VA Bob says

    It appears the waiting room isn’t a first come first served affair. It will be interesting what the Mint says about it. It appears sales are slowing just a bit.

  91. Ikaika says

    Was able to purchase at 12:35 pm. Emailed received at 12:46 pm. Shipping date 8/5 on website. Order 43708xxx.

  92. Tinto says

    @VA Bob
    “It appears the waiting room isn’t a first come first served affair.”

    Wouldn’t be surprised if their favorite customers are shunted over to the express lane when needed.

  93. Jon in CT says

    VA Bob wrote on August 5, 2014 at 1:00 PM: <blockquote?It appears the waiting room isn’t a first come first served affair. It will be interesting what the Mint says about it. I think you are correct about random wait times but I doubt the Mint will have anything to say about the waiting room in the future because this is the last time it will ever be used.

  94. A&L Futures says

    I decided to re-enter the waiting room after I placed my order. The wait (for ***ts and giggles) is now 2 hours and 23 minutes.

    I’m glad I got in when I did.

  95. Steve says

    I take it the random wait times are supposed to be a deterrent to flippers? What about people being paid to wait in line?

  96. VA Rich says

    Wow! That was a rush.., that timer was all over the place! Must have been Gov’t time!

    In the first 25 minutes – approximately 4,300 orders had been placed.

    Extrapolating from the 12:35 order number above, appx. 6,100 orders had been placed by 12:35.

    So probably somewhere between 18,000 and 30,000 sold at the moment.

  97. VA Rich says

    cag – those first 40,000 are probably gone within the next 15 minutes, if not already.

  98. VA Bob says

    Jon you are probably right about a Mint response. It will be interesting to see what the new site will offer.

  99. Pittsburgh P says

    Finally placed my order… From cags to mine there were about 10,900 orders but how many people bought the limit & how many bought 1??? I wonder if I got in the first 40,000?

  100. says

    @VA Rich, you would have to think that. I would guess 2.5 coins per order? The Mint website had some issues and that slowed down some orders from being placed. I know some people got kicked out (just like what happened 03/27)

  101. Louis says

    @PP- I think one has to think in terms of an average, maybe 3 per order or so when you consider all the dealers with 5 per order and others with 1-2.

  102. Mike says

    Two of us entered the waiting room within a second of each other. My waiting time was 1+ HOURS, hers was 10+ MINUTES.

  103. AlD says

    I entered the waiting room at 11:45 and had a 41 min wait when the site opened for sales. I think that everything went as I expected, no problems. Can’t wait to see my coins. I’m thinking the 40,000 will be gone in two days and will be very interested in how many more will be minted and what the price will be.

  104. Eagle One says

    Entered the waiting room at 11:50 AM Pacific Time. Wait times advanced 35 min, 50 min, 1hr 5 minutes, then counted down. Directed to order page at 12:47 PM Pacific Time. Then the “Page Can Not Be Displayed” screen showed. Clicked Refresh Button and K15 order page displayed. Ordered one coin. Order accepted.


    Backordered 08/05/14

  105. VaBeachEd says

    “Chris Mc says

    August 5, 2014 at 12:20 pm

    2 orders placed 6 minutes apart and order numbers indicate 872 orders placed in 6 minutes.”


    I placed 1 order at 12:02 and another at 12:08 (6 minutes apart) and my two orders were 662 apart.

    I never got into the waiting room until after my second order, then went back to place another order and it took me to the waiting room. Go Figure !!!!! If I want anything else I still have 1 hour and 24 minutes in the waiting room. I wanted 5 different orders so each would be in unopened box, but I am glad I got the two after seeing what happened. I am sure they will spike up on ebay for the first batch and for grading, but do not see alot after first batch is gone. I should have ordered 5, but happy I went straight in and ordered two different orders, before being sent to the waiting room and getting the last 3 in a second or third batch.
    Another way to look at it is my CC gets a break. Wait time just went to 38 minutes. That is still after 2:00 P.M.
    My glass it half full, so I am happy.

  106. Pittsburgh P says

    Thx guys… I’d think along the lines of 2.5 & 3 too. Hope I did though.

    Whoa, dark font- everyone happy now 🙂

  107. VA Rich says

    I’m absolutely amazed that the 35,000 will go in about an 1/8th of the time it took the BHoFs (assuming 12 hours for the BHoFs more or less).

    cag – can I revise my guesstimate? haha

  108. Louis says

    Anything ordered from now will be delivered months from now.
    I can’t even access anything within the site.

  109. VA Rich says

    SLinNJ – you running cable, or FIOS? If I may ask what search engine was the quicker of the two? Thanks and congrats!

  110. Louis says

    Well, they fixed it and the waiting purgatory is back! Even just to check your shipping date.

  111. Skidtrek says

    The waiting room is less than 10 minutes now. I’m thinking they will be sold out shortly

  112. Sith says

    They fixed the cookie bug that allowed you to back in immediately once you made it through the wait room ..45 Minutes wait time

  113. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    At this end I am able to surf the mint website and even order another coin without waiting room. I got 1 coin an hour ago and if wanted could order more with ease. Is the stampede over?

  114. gbotz says

    I entered the waiting room at 1:10 pm to a waiting time of 33 minutes. I entered website at 1:24 pm and placed order at 1:25 pm.
    Backordered. Expected to ship on 08/20/2014.

  115. Louis says

    @Ikaika- Yes, you seem to get in, but try checking your order status and it puts you in the room with a 25 min wait for me.

  116. Louis says

    On FB people in line said they had to deal with folks cutting in, and no one from the Mint would help. Great system. You need to bring your own bodyguard.

  117. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    This is not what I am seeing. I just checked my order status and seems fine. Maybe the mint website doesn’t like well known collectors/writers LOL 😉

  118. Hidalgo says

    I had the most interesting experience. After waiting for about 20 minutes to enter waiting, I was able to see the order page for the gold Kennedy half dollar. However, I was unable to add the coin to my shopping cart. Later, I was booted out completely.

    I logged back into USMint.com and my waiting time is just 30 minutes. I plan to order one coin. I may not even want the single coin. My preference is to own a graded PF70 coin in the weeks ahead.

    One good thing is that gold prices are on a downward trend. With some luck, the US Mint will lower its retail price for the gold Kennedy.

  119. Pittsburgh P says

    If its saying the exp ship date is 8/20 now I’d say that the 40,000 is gone! I know these dates mean nothing but everyone was getting backorder ESD 8/5 before… I did on my 1:11 order.

    Agree – disagree?

  120. Ikaika says

    @ Hidalgo

    I have a strong feeling your thoughts regarding the prices going forward are correct. Even after buying 1 coin I am still wondering.

  121. Pittsburgh P says

    Louis won’t let me in either. If I try to log in or track order it kicks me to the waiting room – says its 20 mins now

  122. Blair J Tobler says

    You gotta love the Mint’s website – I can’t even look at the product schedule – throws me to the waiting room.

  123. VA Rich says

    Pitt – I’d say so. When Ibex posted the 13k of orders ~1:30 that probably nailed the coffin shut on the first 35k. At 2.5 coins/order = 32.500; at an average of 3 = 39,000.

    For kicks, 4/order = 52,000; & 5 = 65,000.

  124. joseph says

    Overall experience today on mint website, not as crazy as BHOF. the enthusiasm will fade soon. too many flippers and wanna be flippers from what I can see here. will see how much you can get from flipping. LOL

  125. joe says

    I am trying to cancel one of my two orders and the system won’t let me. It has the check box, but just keeps going in a loop. Frustrating!

  126. Ibex says

    43719xxx at 2pm makes it 16000 orders in two hours. I’d say this first allotment online is gone or almost.

  127. joe says

    Very weird! I went round and round trying to cancel one of my two orders (each for a single coin), and the system wouldn’t let me do it. I started calling CS, but couldn’t get through. Eventually, I was able to cancel it. Has anyone else had that problem???

  128. Hidalgo says

    @Joe – give the US Mint time to display and update its website. Buyers had a similar experience when the Baseball Hall of Fame coins were sold earlier this year.

  129. Hidalgo says

    It seems that the US Mint has eliminated the Waiting Room. When I visited the USMint.gov, I was able to immediately see the ordering page for the gold Kennedy half dollar.

    If I recall correctly, the Waiting Room was in place for a longer time for the Baseball Hall of Fame coins.

    I am wondering if this is a sign of demand for the coin….?

  130. mark says

    Do the dealers at these shows like these new US mint coin releases. Brings in lots of traffic< but most money spent on the new release.

  131. Blair J Tobler says

    Hidalgo – BHOF was different. Silvers and clads were also available that day. Many like me who can’t afford the gold coins weren’t in on this one, but were in for the BHOF

  132. HiCal says

    @ Pittsburgh P, my order placed at 1:17 PM has a backorder date of 8/05/14 so hopefully we both got in on the first 40,000.

  133. joe says

    Well, I canceled an order made in the first 15 minutes, so lucky person got moved up in the queue.

  134. thePhelps says

    Waiting room is still active… waits aren’t that long though. My last 1 was 6 minutes.

  135. jeff says

    So I log into the mints web page @2:31 My estimated wait 4 minutes @ 2:34 I’m in . So I guess the frenzy is over nothing like the bhof ordeal. Oh no gold for my but the silver’s better look out..

  136. Hidalgo says

    @Blair – yes, you have a legitimate point.

    I believe that initial demand for the silver Kennedy half set will be stronger than the gold Kennedy coin.

    The rewards of buying the gold coin may be greater, but so are the risks. With silver coins, the rewards may be smaller, but the risks tend to be lower.

    The average collector (vis-a-vis flipper or dealer) will not buy multiples of the Kennedy half. At $1,240 per coin (about three times more than the gold BHOF coin), I ‘m sure that collectors would rather spend their money on other necessities.

  137. jeff says

    If my memory serves me the bhof waiting room lasted into the late evening these fizzled just like a sparkler …

  138. Skidtrek says

    The only GOLD Kennedy half-dollar. These will be highly sought after and maintain their appeal I believe. I’d hardly say selling 40,000 in a couple hours is a fizzle!

  139. Hidalgo says

    @Jeff – see Blair’s comment. When the US Mint offered the BHOF coins, it offered the more affordable silver and clad versions along with the gold. Many buyers cannot afford the gold coins.

    Since the US Mint did not offer the silver Kennedy half set today, that is a good reason why the Waiting Room disappeared within a few hours after 12 noon (EDT).

  140. mark says

    @louis… maybe one day the dealers will start pushing their weight around and stop it. If the mint wants to sell their coins, fine. But do it somewhere else.

  141. jeff says

    Hilalgo I will agree many different varieties across the bhof offering as opposed to one gold Kenney offering. I know many are just trying to gauge how many have been sold . My true feeling is that many only want to flip that’s what I’m gauging so far which is fine with me I have no horse in this race. I wish all the best for everyone but it’s a different feeling I mean the bhof there was a contest then there was the voting for your best choices then narrowed again to a winner seemed more like we were participating in the final product .

  142. VA Rich says

    Those that received a backorder to 8/20 for your JFK gold this afternoon, its a coincidence that the clad set is backordered to 8/20. Wouldn’t read too much into those dates.

    20,000 orders in two hours across a 5 household limit bodes well for the prospects of this one! Now mint, just make another 10k and let’s call it quits, shall we? 🙂

  143. Juarez says

    Placed order at 12:45, checked status and says (back ordered, expected ship date 9-3-14!!). Really?!

  144. Sith says

    Well no need to fight when the coin can be bought later and the initial batch sold out around 1:25 PM per the posts I read here. The BHOF had a mintage limit. Anyway based on the ship dates the demand for the Kennedys outweighed the BHOF…I gave it 30 hours to sellout the initial batch, even with a household limit of 5 it took less than 90 minutes.

  145. VABEACHBUM says

    As the dust settles and we figure out who gets to be a part of the 40K and who gets back-ordered, the other Mint concern that looms on the horizon is the pending transition to the new Ordering & Inventory Management System that is some 8-10 weeks away. Data transfers, conversions from one data files system to another. What could possibly go wrong??

    Print your Mint Receipt and archive your email notification. Us back-order folks might need them down the road.

  146. says

    Here is some Guesses from some posts that I have read:
    Order # 43714xxx ship date 08/05
    Order #43715xxx ship date 08/20
    Let’s use 43715000 for an average of when the ship date changed. That would be approx 1:27pm EDT
    First order I have seen was 437031xx. Thus between First order and Maybe Initial Sell Out is 11,900 orders. ASSUMING 35,100 were offered that would be an average of 2.94 coins per order UP unto the Maybe Initial Sell Out

  147. Hidalgo says

    @VABEACHBUM – I really don’t understand the rush to buy any US Mint product unless one wants to flip the coins or have them certified by a TPG (to get the “First Strike” designation).

    Whether you bought the gold Kennedy half dollar today or whether you buy it on the day sales end, you’ll still be able to own the coin. In fact, if you’re buying a coin to add it to your collection, you may be better off waiting. Gold prices seem to be on a downward trend right now.

  148. Boz says

    So if thegold pricing tier changes tomorrow, does that affect the Kennedy pricing for orders after noon? If so, could be 40,000 orders cancelledfrom today.

    The problem is not the website it is in the fulfillment. It should not take 4 months to fill an order placed 2 hours after the opening bell.

    I agree tht the crush also seems to be worse when there is a stated mintage amount that everyone knows will be reached on the first day.

  149. thePhelps says

    I see a lot of people guessing they sold out of the initial coins… I don’t think we’ll know until the dust settles. Too many variables in the system to know what has taken place so far. I saw a lot of collectors indicating they purchased a single coin, and others who purchased 2 or 3… lest we not forget the mint also is selling other products at the same time.

    I still hold on to my 75k after a week and 125k total. I still have my $1240 in the bank anyways… 🙂

  150. Sith says

    @Hidalgo – True, but its a pain to wait months for your coin, and if you order early and the quality on the coin is not all that it is suppose to be you can get a replacement. Besides a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

  151. Sith says

    Boz – For the tier to change the average spot price for gold needs to be at or below $1,250…we got the tier change for below $1,300 last week.

  152. Boz says

    Thanks Sith. So pricing could change up or down after noon tomorrow.

    I see the ship date now has changed to September 10 on the mint main page.

  153. jeff says

    Everyone that wants a Kennedy Half Dollar can get one either gold, silver, or clad you could not say that about the bhof offering.

  154. says


    You’re absolutely right.

    However, my concern is if I don’t buy it now I’ll be waiting for months to see a gold Kennedy of my own given how a late-order BHoF uncirculated silver finally came yesterday to me (and when I say late order, I mean put in a couple hours before the BHoF silver coins were sold out).

    Also, I have to admit I kind of enjoy being part of the crush/excitement and following along with others’ experiences.

    On another note, I’ve been browsing the media coverage (thanks for all the links guys) It’s a little disheartening to hear from the various articles, though, how the people that lined up were mostly just proxies for dealers and not hardcore fans. Makes me feel cynical.

  155. thePhelps says

    Jon…and anyone else reading here…those dates are useless. They probably have a system in place to insert a new date once a threshold has been hit. It actually means very little based on past mint sales. With these already boxed and ready to ship – the biggest hold up again will be getting these into shipping packages. I suspect that will happen quickly for a change…

  156. Sith says


    Most people work for a living, and I would agree if their was a mintage limit. On the other hand it looks good that dealers are willing to pay up to $600 for someone to stand in line. It means if i flip my first coin fast I can make about a 50% profit before fees

  157. gary says

    Well, I got an early order in and confirmed by the Mint in a 12:31 email.
    Status is: HELD (whatever the hell that means! lol)
    My account says that the item is Backordered but then says Item will ship on Aug. 5 today.
    Oh really? I’ll believe when I see that it is shipped! I seriously doubt it’ll ship today or any day soon. The Mint will just keep added a day to the shipping date every day this week.

    Shipping date now 09/10 for new orders? Any orders with a ship date like that makes those gold kennedies just bullion items. I wonder if all the available Kennedies will all ship on the same date? Who knows!!!

  158. says


    You already canceled one of your two single-coin Kennedy orders. Wow, that was fast. Was it a case of buyer’s remorse?

  159. Sith says

    @thePhelps – The actual ship dates might be useless but it shows that demand is tripping those thresholds.

  160. says

    What happens to Demand IF one of the major networks shows footage of the lines to get these today? Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. If The new anchorman says “You Don’t have to stand in line to get yours, you can go to …………………… and buy a total of 5 today”

  161. says


    It’s true the dates are mostly useless, however, they serve as a good barometer as to where in the ordering process we currently are. Certainly, it’s a good indicator that the initial 40K are gone.

  162. thePhelps says

    Sith – yes – but what value is it really? Normal thresholds perhaps – but when they have 40,000 on hand – it pretty much makes the dates useless. The only way we’ll know what dates are valid is when people start to get shipping notices. until the dates mean next to nothing.

  163. Louis says

    So dealers paid $20 to homeless folks to buy. If you were in their shoes, wouldn’t you just disappear with a valuable gold coin than stand for hours for $20?

  164. says


    I don’t really have a problem with flippers or people making money. What’s disheartening is that the lines were comprised almost entirely of them. I’d have expected a lot more hardcore fans to be in line.

  165. Sith says

    @Louis – Yes but the per witnesses their were a lot of muscle bound men escorting these people to hotel rooms to get paid.

    @thePhelps – I disagree anything with the 08/05/2014 ship date is with the initial batch with is ready to go, anything with the 8/20/2014 ship date is a secondary batch, and once that threshold was reached the 9/10/2014 ship date indicates yet a third batch.

    We have no idea what the second or third batch looks like the mint may be buying coins in 10K increments, or they may represent another 40K of coins. But we do know the mint had about 40K of coins in hand and ready to ship they are now all gone. Their is no way the mint is going to have a ship date of 9/10/14 on their website and in their ordering system when the coin is in hand and will ship out within 72 hours, that would be a new low for the mint

  166. says


    From other things I’ve read, they had to hand over driver’s licenses to dealers, and based on the linked comment earlier in the thread, some appear to have had “escorts,” presumably to keep them from dashing off with the coin.

  167. VA Rich says

    CO – I don’t want this to come across wrong or sound insensitive/mean, but one look of the bottom photograph of the Denver mint line in the Denver article above and I could see why many a coin collector would be turned off by the whole thing. After reading the articles above, frankly I’m disgusted by it – paying the homeless to stand in line, good grief. Yeah, they make money but it’s the low class means of the dealers that just low.

  168. Ikaika says

    @ Captain

    That is what I have been saying all along. This whole frenzy is caused mainly by dealers and flippers that could care less about what coin it is. The buying and selling IMHO is also happening between dealers and flippers. I have a feeling the people like us collectors are only buying a fraction of the coins sold.

  169. Sith says


    Again most us work…had this been a a weekend I might agree, but taking off work to stand in line to get a coin that you can order online that evening without a hassle after dinner. Only the die hard label chasers, would stand in line and even then why would they when they could order online. Their is no special label for buying the coin at the Mint instead of buying it online. Let me put it this way the fact that the entire first allotment was sold out in about 90 minutes means the die hard collectors were simply smart and ordered online.

  170. Ikaika says

    BTW, according to the news report from CBS Denver, the dealers paying the homeless to buy the coins are doing this to help the community. I am certain they have the best of intentions………..

  171. Sith says

    @Ikaika – If you are right then a lot of collectors will be getting a good deal in a few weeks\months. As awful as it sounds the dealers know the market they will not be in business long if they constantly misjudge demand, and so far they figure these coins are at least worth $300 above the mint price (average paid to people to stand in line per one article)

  172. Ibex says

    Sith. I’m guessing the bulk of these Mint store dealer buys are going right to ANA. If its true PCGS is not vetting ANA submissions with receipts there is going to be a boatload of these coins. It would be really funny if the ANA pop counts come out HIGHER then the number of coins the Mint released there. I hope this isn’t the new normal going forward.

  173. VA Bob says

    If they are paying proxies $300 -$600 you can bet these will be selling for a sky high premium. I hope the Mint can get the orders out quickly and dispense a little “karma” to those IMO that abuse the hobby. I’m all for appreciation of a coin, and don’t mind the average Joe making a buck, but the drastic rise (and usually fall) in the price of a newly minted coin, can’t be good for the long term health of the hobby. Surely the buyers at those prices realize their artificially inflated collections will, perhaps with some exceptions, be sold for much less. At the very least it increase the time to break even.

    Hildago – There is also a possibility that coins might not receive the same TLC (i.e. extend the die pairs use) as the first batch (which may or may not be true) in the rush to move on to the next product.

  174. Ikaika says

    @ Sith

    Yes. Take a look at the 2013 or 2012 ASE anniversary sets. You can buy one below mint price. The 2013 RP gold buffalo even in 70 grade is not that much from the mint price ($1640).

  175. EvilFlipper says

    Is it my understanding that this is the only 3/4 oz. gold type U.S. Coin? Are there any others?

  176. GMS says

    Just let me say it has been a wild and crazy day at the ANA show in Chicago. Too many rumors and half truths on here to even start to address, but it has been an experience! One day down 4 to go!

  177. TMMSR0127 says

    Was at the Philadelphia mint, it was a circus – absolutely horrible planning on the US mints part. There were probably 2k, maybe 2500 people. The mint made us line up across the street from the mint building. Then there were two “free-for-all’s” people became spooked and ran like cattle to the doors, on both of these occasions, the mint guards pushed the crowd off mint property and back on the side walk (on the opposite side of the street). Finally the mint announced that the crowd could make their way to the entrance for tickets. They tols the crowd to act “orderly,” but it was a virtual stampede, it was awful, some people slept out and did not get a ticket. It was NOT first come first serve, it was a stampede upon the announcement, I did not see any off the crowd get injured, but I am sure there may have been injuries.

    And get this, there were two “big” buyers at the mint, I do not know who they were, but they both hired HUNDREDS, and I do mean HUNDREDS of people to stand in line to purchase the coins. I talked to many who were hired most were college students, but there was also a fair number of unemployed people. 80% or more of the crowd was from the Philly area. So there were basically three groups of people at the event, the two groups hired by the “big” buyers, and a group of “independents,” as I and others who were buying the coins for ourselves were referred. Anyway, the two big buyers branded their people with either a green bracelet OR a stamp. When the three groups slowly arrived at the entrance to get our tickets, the mint equally divided the tickets – 1 green bracelet/ 1 stamped hand/ 1 independent. Thus the big buyers were able to purchase TWO THIRDS of the Kennedy coins, the true numismatist were ONLY able to get ONE THIRD of the available coins. IT was very VERY unfair, and there were many MANY disappointed people. After we received the tickets, which was completed between 8 and 8:30 am, we had to wait until noontime for the actual purchase. We were again grouped into green bracelets/ stamp hands/ independents, and the two big guy groups were allowed to the front of the line. Well several guys begin yelling out that the Mint was favoring the big guys, and others chimed in, then the Mint opened 2 separate lines just for independents. The lines moved very slow, we were all literally standing arm to arm, and we were all sweating, it STUNK. The mint only allowed 10 people to enter the building at a time, and as we entered we had to go through a metal detector to insure we did not have a gun. Anyway, this is the way it was at the Philly mint.

    I did get a ticket, as did two of the people that I traveled to Philly with, but it was an awful ordeal. Having said that the coins are SPECTACULAR, BEAUTIFUL! They are definitely worth the purchasing!

    PS. Michael, I have several pictures of the people waiting at the mint to get their coins, if you are interested, please let me know and I will send them to you.

  178. VA Bob says

    Evil – not to my recollection, which is why this is a collectors coin. “First of’s” are always good to have. This gold content was my main reason for my numbers in Cag’s guess the mintage poll.

  179. Ray says

    I just spoke to someone at the US Mint call center and they said they’ve been selling an average of 15,000 units per HOUR today. Yeah, those 40,000 are sold (and I got one ;o)

  180. Vet nut says

    Wow! I was at the ANA this morning, made my stomach turn watching a bunch of slobs make a buck. Turned around and left. Never again!

  181. says


    I’m reasonably sure this one is unique in terms of the weight.

    VA Rich,

    I’m not offended at all. I’d have probably been scared off from that line too.


    I do understand. Heck, I am a big fan and I would not have stood in line.

  182. AkBob says

    Sure wish the mint was using the counter this time but I don’t think they used it for the BHOF release either. I believe if memory serves me correctly, the last time they did was on the RP Buffalo last year, correct me if I’m wrong.

  183. VA Bob says

    AK Bob – probably best they didn’t use the counter. Otherwise people would have stayed logged in to the site, slowing it down for others waiting.

  184. Sith says

    @Ibex – I had not thought of that, I imagine they will show up at the ANA show tomorrow for grading and the special label.

    @EvilFlipper – This is the first ever 50 cent gold piece so I would say this is their first 3/4 ounce gold coin

  185. AkBob says

    @ VA Bob – Great point as I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks:)) I still would have liked to have seen a counter but not at the risk of others holding up the wait time for the waiting room though.

  186. Louis says

    No, you have to have a receipt from the Mint at the ANA for the show release labels. Read the instructions!

  187. Samuel says

    “the mint equally divided the tickets – 1 green bracelet/ 1 stamped hand/ 1 independent. “

  188. Chris Lehr says

    So question about firststrike with PCGS.. If i ordered 5 coins, and I only want one graded – how does that work? I’d need to ship all 5 to them so they can inspect the USmint sealed box with postage date to call it first strike?

  189. AkBob says

    Why “SHOULD” there be 3 different lines???? If it were fair there would have been ONE line. So, was it really fair? Did the BIG boys win again? Shouldn’t everyone be the same? Why do the BIG boys get “their” own line?

  190. Sith says

    @Boz – I hope so too, but its would be a good idea to put on a Nigerian soccer (football) jersey get in line and then start coughing, or put an Alka-Seltzer in your mouth…

  191. says

    CaptainOverkill, You brought up the fact that the Kennedy gold half is unique, taking into consideration that the US Mint has been able to keep the important size of the coin, and still be able to change the composition to much more dense gold. My question to you is this..do you think the higher relief design or deeper recesses is where the metal is thinned and therefor able to meet the correct proportions of the half dollar? I don’t think it would have anything to do with the 600 metric tonnes to press the coins. Where else can one make gold fit the size?

  192. VA Bob says

    Chris – If you get your coins before the 30 day cut off, you could just send in the one you want graded. If you want to keep all the coins FS eligible, you might as well send them all in for grading, because once the box is open that’s it for the other coins.

  193. VaBeachEd says

    Website from mint now says, Product will be available for shipping 09/10/2014

    The order I had at 12:02 and the one at 12:08 both say shipping date today, but we all know the only one to go out today will be HSN !!!

  194. Tinto says

    3 different lines …. wow … I guess we found the one area the Mint excels in; making sure they appease their masters, the big dealers, anyway they can

  195. fmtransmitter says

    Chris Lehr says

    August 5, 2014 at 5:32 pm

    So question about firststrike with PCGS.. If i ordered 5 coins, and I only want one graded – how does that work? I’d need to ship all 5 to them so they can inspect the USmint sealed box with postage date to call it first strike?
    5 coin minimum to grade coins! Good Luck!

  196. VA Bob says

    Dusty – I think it’s a case of less of a concern what the clad weight (11.230 grams) was verses the gold weight would be. It wasn’t hard for the Mint to figure the density of the gold (23.328 grams) as compared to the cuppernickel. Probably why they didn’t use 1 oz. because the 3/4 matched up so well with the coins size. There might be a gram or two in the high relief fields to make up any small difference.

  197. fmtransmitter says

    That sounds horrible but hey, everyone ie BIG BOYS HAD to do this and I LIKE that they had to do this, I don’t think different lines was fair though. What a joke, I’ll buy a PF 70 FS in 3 years for melt!

  198. fmtransmitter says

    IF you order from HSN, you will be waiting too! Not as long but you will be waiting, he has to overnight to Colorado, get them graded blah blah blah…ANA releases, different story

  199. says

    Hey everyone……just wondering. If the first mintage of these are 40,000 units, how many would actually be considered “First Strikes”? Does it depend strictly on the timing of getting them to the graders? Say within the first 30 days?

  200. Clark says

    Today’s behavior by commercial retailers embodies the outrage people feel about those who go to any extreme to prevent collectors from getting a highly desirable coin. By conducting themselves this way, they have virtually guaranteed that the Mint will no longer offer coins at gift shops when they are released. If they do, it will be by lottery assignment of “gold” tickets, but even that could become a free for all. Limits are imposed to help ensure that coins are distributed more widely, not to give greedy commercial retailers an avenue to defeat the Mint’s policy.

    All this makes the more antiseptic online waiting room seem fair by comparison. Shame shame shame on the evil retailers for debasing the hobby like this and shame on the Mint for allowing them to operate like this.

  201. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Hidalgo – my previous comment had nothing to do with getting the coin as quickly as possible, labels and the like. I’m an OGP collector; always have been. I am content in the knowledge that my coin will arrive eventually.

    I was revisiting the pending (8-10 weeks out) change in the Mint’s contracted support services, to include the total redesign, build and implementation of their new Order / Inventory Management System. A new KTR accepting new orders while also managing the transfers, manipulations and reconfigurations of existing data that represents the order histories and back-orders, in place and managed by the previous KTR at the time of the transition. While I hope that this system cut-over will be problem free and seamless, I also would want to be prepared to deal with the worst-case scenario by holding on to printed receipts and archived confirmation emails until that order is fulfilled.

  202. Louis says

    @Clark- I highly doubt this will result in the Mint ending gift shop sales. Those are big money makers. At best it might result in some changes to show releases, or preferably an end to them, but from the Mint’s perspective it was a big success. What would help is if enough people contact the Mint and complain about the multiple lines, the line cutting, etc.

    For anyone who was at the ANA- I heard from one person that tickets were not even given out. Is that true?

  203. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Clark – Well said, Sir!! I’ve always been content with my OGP, and after reading some of these newest accounts of the lengths some of these retailers and re-sellers are going in an effort to support these FS / ER / FR , special label addictions and make a buck, I’m even less likely to consider any slabbed coins from any TPG. Sadly, there must be a buyer in order to complete the sale.

  204. Mark Rex says

    My orders placed within 30 mins still say on hold. Anyone with a 8/5 ship date order status different yet?

  205. Clark says

    I’m not so sure, Louis…that Mint spokeswoman the local CBS affiliate interviewed in Denver looked and sounded pretty rattled when confronted about the free-for-all this policy caused. I’m merely saying that first day of issue sales could be in jeopardy, not gift shop sales in general. You are certainly correct that complaints to the Mint may help redirect its practices. If the stampede in Philly did not, as was reported, cause any injuries, the Mint is darn lucky. If there were injuries, its legal liability for this policy becomes an issue.

  206. VA Bob says

    Mark Rex – Your status will be “Hold” until the Mint pings your CC and verifies your order meets the household limit. It could take a while.

  207. VaBeachEd says

    “Chris Lehr says

    August 5, 2014 at 5:32 pm

    So question about firststrike with PCGS.. If i ordered 5 coins, and I only want one graded – how does that work? I’d need to ship all 5 to them so they can inspect the USmint sealed box with postage date to call it first strike?”


    Yes and no, if you take it out of the Mint sealed box and send it in yourself to PCGS, they have to receive it within the first 30 days of the mints start of shipping, but PCGS will let you send it in for First Strike in 5 years from now, if it remains unoppened in the Mint sealed box. I think NGC is just the first 30 days and does not care about the box.

    Hope that helps.

  208. Clark says

    Thanks VABeachB. I’m all fired up! Must be all that adrenalin from the thrill of this morning’s chase.

  209. longarm says

    I’d bet the BHOF gold will be at melt in 3 yrs. Like almost all the 1/4 oz commemoratives .

  210. Louis says

    Clark- I agree. I misunderstood your point. I mean if this circus does not get them to stop or make some big changes to show/in-person sales, I don’t know what would. That story about the bands and stamps being manipulated really stinks.

  211. VA Bob says

    longarm – in your case let’s hope melt is $2000 (or more) an oz. three years from now.

  212. Pittsburgh P says

    Longarm where did that come from? I respectfully disagree with you though since it is not like most other commems & for points already discussed ad nauseum at this blog.

    Vabeach & clark I am a OGP collector also but I guess am not as patient as you guys & would rather get a few of the first batch of coins. They may or may not be better but why take a chance.

  213. Louis says

    After the 4-month wait most people endured for the BHOF, it is not hard to understand why there was a frenzy today.

    But, hey, no waiting now! Buy all you want- up to 5- no smelly, bused-in non-collectors, or muscle men to contend with, but it may be Christmas til you see your coins.

    By the way, not everyone sees things the same way. The editor of CoinWorld thinks things went smoothly, everyone was polite, etc., which is not at all what most people in line said.

  214. Chris Lehr says

    Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, I only got two, so it sounds like I should open, inspect and ship the better looking one ASAP for grading, or both if I choose to?

  215. Clark says

    PittsP–You give me too much credit…I actually got my order in at 12:13 today…and I’m hopeful that anyone here who wanted one got one too. Despite all the antics at Mint locations today, those who read MNB and follow these discussions knew what to do and should have a bite of the first batch. Knowledge is power in this hobby.

    I guess that’s why these no good SOB low lifes (HSN) who take advantage of people who don’t know about coins, but who want to buy a nice gift for a collector friend or family member, drive me nuts. I have a suitcase filled with gifts well-meaning family members have bought me because some TV loser said they were collectible and worth the money: colorized presidential dollars, gold plated statehood quarters, Reagan silver dollars (a film over a bullion ASE), and on and on. I’ve been fortunate in life, but my family doesn’t have much money so seeing them get ripped off really hits home. Sorry for the rant.

  216. Pittsburgh P says

    Clark rant on! That is one topic we see eye to eye on! There are people who prey on the uniformed and it’s disgusting-especially when it’s someone close to us.

  217. Bob R says

    Just put an order in with the mint, 437302XX 6:30 CDT, looks like the have had appx 27K orders in 7.5 hours…that’s a lot of coins.

  218. longarm says

    I have no interest at all in buying a bhof even at spot, I don’t usually buy what I think of as novelty coins. But to each their own and I hope all of ya’ll that bought them do really well. It just ain’t for me.

  219. Louis says

    The main reason I want t get to the summer ANA ones of these years is the awards for coin writing are also given out during the convention during the big Numismatic Literary Guild bash event with a gala dinner, skits, etc. It’s like the academy awards for coin writing. But fortunately you don’t have to be there to win! Hah! Hah! Wish me luck.

  220. Jon in CT says

    Louis wrote on August 5, 2014 at 7:22 PM:

    By the way, not everyone sees things the same way. The editor of CoinWorld thinks things went smoothly, everyone was polite, etc., which is not at all what most people in line said.

    Apparently, the CoinWorld editor has been drinking the Kool-Aid poured out by the Mint’s deputy director of corporate communications, Adam Stump — “smooth” appears to be one of his favorite words.

  221. VA Rich says

    longarm – just out of curiosity, any chance you have roots dating back to Cleveland?

  222. VA Bob says

    Sith – they had a lot of clads on hand for “immediate” shipping too, and it still took them a week to start sending them out. None will ship this week, based on past performance.

  223. Pittsburgh P says

    What!!!! That article said the first party of four were given 20,000$ AND four gold JFKs bought later by the dealers for the first four they bought!!! Damn that’s a deal!

  224. Louis says

    Jon, you are right. He even uses the s word. Man, if that is smooth, I’d hate to see what rough is!

  225. gbotz says

    Chris Lehr says

    August 5, 2014 at 7:23 pm

    Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, I only got two, so it sounds like I should open, inspect and ship the better looking one ASAP for grading, or both if I choose to?

    There is a annual membership fee ( from $50.00 – $300.00 ) to be eligible for submission privileges via PCGS ( http://www.pcgs.com ).

  226. Louis says

    I think I figured out why the dealer paid so much. The guy who owns Silvertowne is going on HSN to promote/sell the coins for even more! Saw something about this earlier, but can’t remember where now.

  227. Bob R says

    longarm – IMO the gold HOF will always be great, it opened a whole new group of potential buyers in the years ahead, there sure are a lot more baseball fans (potential buyers) then there are coin collectors. Also there will never be more than 50k gold produced. The mint today probably sold more than 50K JFK ‘s in 8 hours, and may still be selling them come upon the new year.

  228. says

    It’s been interesting reading today’s numerous comments, especially accounts of the feeding frenzy that took place at the ANA show and the Mint sales locations. The sleazy elements of the coin hobby had another chance to show their colors. So, I guess thousands more “first strike” Kennedys will soon flood the market.
    I assume a similar frenzy will occur when the four coin Kennedy silver sets become available forom the Mint in the Fall. Hopefully, the Mint will learn from today’s events, especially in regard to selling the sets on the first day at the Mint gift shops. I can only imagine the exhaustion that was experienced by the staff at the Mint outlets.
    I think the much more affordable 4 coin sets are the ones to get. Packaged together, they are going to be a great looking set. It’s either four special coins for $100. or one special coin for $1,240. Ì

  229. Ikaika says

    I feel the $20K for the party of four was a marketing strategy. It sure got the attention of many and made the news. As mentioned, I cannot see someone paying $5K for each of the four coins regardless of label or whatever is on the holder.

  230. GoldFishin says

    @Chris Lehr – If you want to have your coin(s) graded at PCGS and your goal is to get one coin to grade 70 you should first screen your coins and choose at least 2 of your best coins, maybe a 3rd wouldn’t hurt. PCGS and NGC generally starts the First Strike Cutoff date after they receive their first submitted coin for whatever issue. Their First Strike Cutoff date will be posted at this link eventually. You can keep checking for it to be updated:


  231. Coinboy says

    I concur with what was said by TMMSR0127 on his comment about sales at the Philadelphia Mint…..Tomorrow those who witnessed this situation with dealers controlling 2/3 of the available coins in plain view of US Mint should call the US Mint Public affairs office. These guys are so brazen they actually stood at the registers and as their folks approached, they paid. This has been documented on a few news articles as well.
    Very unfair for the general public seeking to buy 1 coin. Rules should be changed and enforcement tightened. Its simple – One per person. You pay for it. No Cash. Check or CC with ID.

  232. GoldFishin says

    @anyone – I have order number 43707xxx. Does everyone here have the message “your order request is on hold” or is it just some of us? If I remember correctly, this is how the HOF coin orders started out as well. Does anyone have a “In Process” message?

  233. longarm says

    Well, since all I normally buy are the ATB and the AGE proofs from the mint, the Kennedy gold is a real treat for me. I was entertain though by watching all the hoopla concerning the bhofs.

  234. VA Bob says

    Louis is spot on. Those four coins will be on the air at HSN so the masses will believe they are “in hand” and spark sales. The slabs have all ready been labeled and ready to snap together with the coins inside.

  235. VA Bob says

    Gold Fishin – It’s quite normal and will probably be there awhile, until they hit your CC (In process). Sit back and enjoy the ride, probably a week or maybe two until they ship.

  236. Pittsburgh P says

    GF mine says on hold-if its like the BHoF golds it should change by tommorrow at the latest.

  237. Louis says

    Doubt you will see in process until they check orders for cc’s, people trying to order more than the limit, etc. I am with CO, nothing ships for about a week.

  238. Pittsburgh P says

    VaBob I really believe they’ll start shipping well before then but regardless my orders always move to the in process stage before they ship… Sometimes days but its been months like for some of the BHoF orders.

  239. Ikaika says

    @ VA Bob

    Can we guess what will be printed on the label? 1 of 4 (1st minted )? The $20,000 JFK?

  240. GoldFishin says

    @Cagcrisp- So in your estimation how many did we sell today?….I have tried to read through all these posts buy must admit I had to skim through them because you people have been busy today. It really was an exciting day it seems. Most of the good, the bad, and the ugly was very predictable. We have one early sale of “In Hand” JFK proof sold for $1549 buy it now. Thanks.

  241. hw says

    Don’t know if this has already been posted. Too many at the moment. Coin Update has an article on the first 6 coins graded by PCGS in Chicago today. First four coins were graded PCGS PR70 DCAM. Next two coins were graded PCGS PR69, DCAM.


  242. Louis says

    Anyone who wants the 3rd domed Aussie star coin for Orion – APMEX has an amazing price, but only a couple left. $100 instead of $130-150 elsewhere.

  243. Louis says

    Well that is very interesting. Those first coins graded are more than likely the same that went for $20K and PCGS did mark them first sold if you look at the label. There is even a pic on another site of the guy who bought the first having it graded.

  244. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    Is it a surprise that those $20,000.00 coins graded a perfect 70? I think not.

  245. says

    Do you think the possibility exists that PCGS was under pressure to hand out 70’s to the first four Kennedys? These coins were bought for $20,000 from the first four buyers on line from a Big Boy Dealer.

  246. Frank says

    The game of number has been played out around the world for long time. In the Chinese numerical society, any coin with its certificate number ending with 8 (which has the similar pronunciations as “rich”) can be sold 5-10% more. Yet anything with a number ending with 4 or 7 (both of which have the similar pronunciation as “death”) is sold 5-10% less. The first coin, last coin, coins with double-digit, triple-digit number certificates can be sold in 10x-100x more. And not limited to coins, people do such number games to other stuff like car plate, home address. I hope PCSG/NGC will not go for such number games any time sooner.

  247. Louis says

    Sure seems coincidental. Just saying.

    Also, and this is imp., to me anyway!, did anyone who ordered today with other, in-stock items notice the charge was under “direct response” instead of USM? I got a 2014 unc set and JFK bronze medal and with shipping the amount is exactly what the pending charge is, but it says Direct response, which is kind of weird.

  248. Louis says

    I once got a good price for the last coin based on COA, not great but more than I paid.

  249. gatortreke says


    Anyone who wants the 3rd domed Aussie star coin for Orion – APMEX has an amazing price, but only a couple left. $100 instead of $130-150 elsewhere.

    DRAT, I was too late and missed that opportunity. They are listed for $130 at rsmint.com. Thanks anyway for the heads up.

  250. Hidalgo says

    I am amazed that folks would pay $100s, even $1000s for a Third Party Grading (TPG) company’s label.

    Assuming that the quality of all PF/MS70 coins, graded by the same TPG, are the same, then it’s clear that the difference in secondary market values of a PF/MS70 coin is the label.

  251. VA Rich says

    GF – it seems more customary on the high dollar items for the Hold to appear and remain for up to week. As VA Bob commented, it’s a CC verification like an electronic handshake between the mint billing system and your CC vendor. You would think that once you’re CC has been verified once, you’d be good to go though that’ not the case, guess credit limit may need to verified as well.

    If today was a prelude to the Silver JFK roll out, then boys, we ain’t seen nothing yet!

  252. says

    It’s probably more than coincidental that those first four Kennedys got 70’s. I wonder if the recipient of the 70’s gets to have his “special” label customized. Yes, there is little doubt in my mind that the TPG’s are in bed with their large customers.

  253. VA Rich says

    Did we ever get resolution on the timing of when you enter the waiting room?

    Hopefully we’ll never have to endure that archaic system again, though if so, does timing matter? Early or later sign in better? I’m thinking your search engine has more of an influence, though wanted to check.

  254. Erik H says

    Slightly of topic,

    For those of you that ordered the 2 coin Kennedy Clad Sets and want to check out the coins without breaking the seal, all you need to do is flip the outer sleeve upside down. The inner card will slide out allowing you to view the coins while keeping the packaging sealed.

  255. Louis says

    Erik- good tip.

    Gatortrke- sorry you missed it. I have no idea why they marked them that low. These have global demand and will go up after they are sold out everywhere. I originally got 2 from Downies but I cancelled that with my VIP contact (yes, I put my pants on one leg at a time!), and ordered from APMEX when I stumbled on the deal.

    VA Rich- Signing in around noon got me in much faster than doing so at 11:45. That is how I laced my order at 12:15pm.

  256. Erik H says

    Clarification, Did the first four Gold Kennedy coins sell for $20K each or $5K each for a total of $20K. The article is kinda misleading or I just didn’t read it right???

  257. Louis says

    Darn, I just sent some edits on a magazine article saying the gold BHOF’s were fulfilled by now, yet some have still not shipped. Well, I was close enough. The vast majority are out by now as far as I can tell.

  258. AkBob says

    Louis – I still have BHOF coins that have NOT shipped yet! Some are ISR and some aren’t even at that stage yet:((

  259. Louis says

    So those kids (I am over 50) that waited in line more than 12 hrs to be first- what happened when they needed to pee? That’s a long time to hold it esp. if you are not 25!! Just wondering since they said no one could save a spot. Were there port a potties?

  260. AkBob says

    BTW, I just received 50 Unc’s $1 BHOF (7 different shipping containers) today, FINALLY!!!

  261. says

    Hey gents, love this blog. Michael is great for doing this. He posted a photo in a recent blog showing those pallets of Kennedy’s packed up for shipping and distribution. It really struck a nerve as to the whole First Strike topic. It made me think what does it really mean, a First Strike coin. If you think about it, it all comes down to when a coin is shipped, not made, not first struck. I worked in manufacturing for over 30 years. Unless you’re making a product that is perishable, the whole idea of first in and first out just does not happen.
    Those pallets of coins are the perfect example. When you have dozens of people assembling these units, nothing is numbered or serialized. They just accumulate from different points all into one location. For example, the first pallet ends up in the corner and other pallets build up around that one. Whether that first pallet in the corner are the actual First Strikes, who knows. Probably not.
    Then as other pallets accumulate, the first ones made get buried. When the units are needed, the closest pallet(last one made) will be drawn from first.
    So as those ship out and get graded, in 30 days I guess, they are called the First Strikes……..really?
    Even the coins being shipped out to the shows and mint stores……..they could in theory be the last of the 40,000 that were run so far.
    If I’m ranting or sound crazy forgive me. Just my imagination running away with me.
    Got my gold today also. I hit the waiting room at 11:58. Only waited 5 minutes, had my order by 12:10. It worked great.

  262. Pittsburgh P says

    GF thanks… Just checked my 4/6 BHoF proof order & it has shipoed also. Finally finished just in time to wait for the JFK gold

  263. VA Bob says

    No rant wacpac83, now if 2 -3 million other collectors come to realize it, the better off the hobby will be.

  264. fmtransmitter says

    VA Bob says
    AUGUST 5, 2014 AT 6:21 PM

    FM for your sake I hope melt isn’t $2000 in three years. 😉
    yep, time will tell…i posted my first un boxing today…2012 double taku..u tube

  265. AkBob says

    Louis – I still have 7- $5 BHOF Proof Gold’s that I ordered on 3/28 at 2:20 P.M. with a ship date of 8/10. Still not too sure I’ll get them but the mint still has them coming but I won’t be surprised if they re cancelled.

  266. Philboy says

    I am still waiting for one Baseball Hall of Fame Unc gold. The order is in process, and says it is expected to ship on 8/10/14 now. It was ordered on 3/28/14 at 12:44 pm.

  267. gatortreke says


    I originally got 2 [Orion] from Downies but I cancelled that with my VIP contact .

    Do you think the Orion domed coins will be more popular than 2013’s Southern Sky Pavo (Peacock)? Provident has the Pavo coins for sale at $104.95.

  268. Ips_stuff says


    I am still in back order status on 1gold unc bhof
    And 3 proof gold bhof

    Since early 3/28

  269. Larry says

    Just got back from the ANA show. I got there about 11:00, too late to see the feeding frenzy. So I calmly walked over to the mint’s area, to take a look at the Kennedy gold, which is part of what I went to the show for. Unfortunately, the only ones you could see were right in back of folks in line waiting to purchase the coin. So I had to ask if I could sneak a peak. In my opinion, it is a nice coin, but not worth all this insanity. Now I am not sure if I even want one. Hard decision.
    Then I walked over to the display with the four piece silver Kennedy set. The enhanced unc is interesting, it almost looked proof, but the details in the coin were different than the proof. The uncirculated coin looked like a silver unc Kennedy. Then there is the reverse proof. WOW!!!!! This coin is absolutely beautiful! I can’t say enough about this coin. This is the coin worth waiting in line for. I can’t wait until this goes on sale!
    I really came to find a 2006 reverse proof gold eagle. I saw four coins, two were sold just before I saw them, and the other two were in 2006 three piece sets, which the owners would not separate. One was $5500, the other $8000. Too much for me.
    So many nice coins, hard to concentrate on the gold Kennedy.
    Like to know the opinion of other that actually saw the gold Kennedy and the for coin silver Kennedy set at the show.

  270. Tinto says


    Wasn’t there a lawsuit or something similar about this TPG designation of First Strike? Guess it wasn’t successful since PCGS still has FS designation labels. I wonder how many different labels these TPGs have nowadays tens, dozens ?? Labelmania is thriving and the TPGs are making a bundle out of it.

  271. Louis says

    Thanks for the info., guys.

    Gatortreke- I do think this one will do better than Pavo but not quite as much as the first coin. Somewhere around $200 or more within say a year, maybe more later. There will never be another, the series is over, and the colors are more striking.

  272. Sith says

    @VA Bob – I did not know that about the clads…

    @Jon in CT – Finally a critique comment that I can agree with…

  273. A Bob says

    Just placed an order for 1 gold Kennedy. Took 15 minutes to get through to customer service at 7pm PST. The agents voice was a little hoarse.

  274. Erik H says

    I always see Direct Response when the charge is pending and U.S. Mint when charge has posted. Yes it’s weird.

  275. jeff says

    Thanks to all who have posted a lot of informative information out there. Have a question we know these are mint to demand, anyone have a feeling how long that window will be open . I believe typically it’s 30 days anyone think it will be less like maybe the mint has a production limit just not advertised .

  276. Louis says

    Jeff- The Mint has not said, so who knows?

    Erik- Thanks, I never saw that and am RELIEVED! Hard to imagine a more shady-sounding name than “Direct response” esp. after I read on another site about someone who thinks they were hacked after ordering from the Mint. Drinks on me!

  277. Steve says

    I’m very curios to see the first day sales numbers and what time the 40,000 initial run cutoff was. Any guesses?

  278. VA Bob says

    Jeff – Considering the Mint probably procured a certain number of 3/4 oz. planchets (which it has no other use for) we can rest assured that the Mint knows what the top end will be. If they order more at all it would be in small batches so they aren’t stuck with them when the sales slow.

  279. Bob R says

    Steve, my guess is 2 hours into sales….that really surprised me how fast they sold, better than the HOF golds.

  280. GoldFishin says

    I expect once it has been realized that the first 40,000 of the JFK mintage has been surpassed sales will slow rather quickly after a couple more days of follow through plays itself out. Maybe wrong about that, but I believe the big retailers know that unless coins are eligible for FS/ER they are wasting their time and money purchasing more. They will push these coins out the door and ready themselves for the “mother of all JFK releases”….the 4 coin silver set. 😉

  281. jeff says

    So I’m sitting here late on a Tuesday night trying to figure what offering this year will have staying power. What I’m about to provide is inconclusive but it’s a starting point, I went back to march 19th and I compiled the number of comments for both the bhof and the Kennedy offering here goes I did not make it up 3,546 comment for the bhof. In just two of those days over 1,300 post between 3/26 – 3/27 so far for the Kennedy 1,976 comments so in my estimation it’s the bhof offering that will have staying power and not the Kennedy, hope this does not ruin the party .

  282. VA Bob says

    Steve – I believe the hour and a half mark is pretty close for the 34,100. We know the coins at the shows and mint shops went quicker than that. As for the days sales, that’s the $100k question. It’s going to matter to a lot of flippers that might bail and cancel orders. We’ll see if strong collector demand prevails or not. What will really be telling is numbers for the first week, then the second. Everyone should know that the FS gig is up on any orders fulfilled in Sept. and beyond, so the orders here on out are collectors (maybe a few PF70 seekers if the numbers are low).

  283. VA Bob says

    jeff – while I see your point, it may be a little premature. The BHoF’s are in the spotlight mainly because of the delays in people getting their coins. The JFK wave is just beginning, and due to its staggered release (clad, gold, and finally silver) they will have long legs too. Popularity is relative to personal interest. I recall when 5oz. ATB’s dominated every thread, related or not. Now even popular ATB’s don’t receive much chat outside of their specific topic thread.

  284. says

    Sometime tomorrow Today’s numbers will be published with a cutoff at Midnight tonight. One question I have is will All the ANA coins and the Mint coins that are already earmarked be included in Today’s sales. Technically they have not Sold. I could make an argument either way…

  285. VA Bob says

    Good point Cag. The Mint is selling over a few days at the ANA. That would be disappointing if they replenished the Mint shops before shipping to online orders.

  286. Bob R says

    I will be buying these JFK golds FS PCGS70’s this time next year for $1300 if gold prices remain steady, and be selling HOF FS PCGS70’s for $2000 plus…just my thoughts.

  287. drjoe says

    In for 2 @ 945 pm CST with #437323##. Status is held. Just like my breath. Maybe by Christmas. But I fear the 4 piece silver will be worse. Thanks to all who post as this is a daily read-much to my wife’s nightly chagrin. Probably should move it up earlier in the evening. Good luck to all who chose to brave the lines in the am. Oh yeah. They probably don’t follow this blog, or any other coin blog.

  288. Louis says

    My theory is buying show label coins is like the game, pass the hot potato. Sell it before you get burned! Pass it off to some unsuspecting person before you regret it. A year later ANA RP Buff 70’s are only going for about $400 over non-ANA coins, as I predicted would happen!!

  289. Brad says

    Yes, Louis is right. Always strike while the iron is hot, definitely. Trying to wait for something to be worth more later almost NEVER works out.

  290. Hidalgo says

    @Brad and @Louis – I concur with both of you. Sell your coins before you get burned. The secondary market is far too unpredictable. It is too hard trying to predict consumer demand.

    By the way, in case anyone is interested:

    I purchased two 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Uncirculated Coin Sets, available on July 24h, at 5:20 PM. The sets are in stock and reserved. I guess if I wanted, I could have them graded with a First Strike designation.

    Also, I was able to purchase the gold Kennedy half at 2:12 PM (EDT) yesterday. Much to my surprise, my purchase is backordered to August 20th — just 2 weeks after I placed my order. I still am uncertain if I will keep my order. I only need one of these coins for my Kennedy half collection. And I would like for it to be certified,First Strike.

  291. thePhelps says

    A couple of things I noticed from the sidelines during the Kennedy offering.

    1. It appeared that the mints site didn’t allow people to be logged on and able to order right at noon. I think it was Steve who mentioned he never encountered the waiting room for the BHoF offering – he was logged in early and went straight to ordering that time.

    2. It appeared the mint resolved many of the cookies issues encountered during the BHoF offering. I read more people were getting timed out after idle – but were able to re-enter quickly and finish ordering their coins. It also appeared that fewer people were holding spots in the queue after they ordered coins – since the mints site was logging people out automatically. With the BHoF – I recalled people going back in after a long disconnect and still able to order more coins. Many were suggesting that people weren’t using the exit (logoff) button during the BHoF sale and it was adding to the wait times…

    3. It seemed that people found that not all browsers are created equal. I read many who were using IE report they had substantially longer wait times in the waiting room. Those same people then launched Chrome or FireFox and wait times were instantly shortened.

    4. The mints site held up pretty well this go around. While it wasn’t perfect – I read fewer crashes from people who were in and ordering. I was one during the BHoF offering that had my session crash early on in that sale, and I had to completely drop my browser and restart to get back in.

    Finally – the wait room is a drastic improvement to the previous incarnation of the mints website. BUT – it also has a major flaw apparently. Being queued up and waiting in the waiting room – didn’t appear to have any rhyme or reason – and first come first served definitely wasn’t happening. While I didn’t order a coin this time around – I had queued up into the waiting room at 11:45am. I went to 57 minutes hold time at noon and then to an hour and 15 minutes shortly after noon. I’ve read numerous accounts of people logging in at or near noon and going almost instantly into the ordering process. I am glad this system is going away before the next major release… or is it? The silver Kennedy’s are just around the corner…

  292. Steve says

    All my orders now have Backordered Aug 5 on them.. First order was 12:15 and last order was 1:42.

  293. says

    For those that keep up with the 2013 Unc $ set the excel spreadsheet showed 43,126 and the hard copy showed 43,043. This is the first time this year that the two do not match. Getting close…

  294. VA Rich says

    Fleabay is loading up with these; yesterday did a search on “2014 Gold Kennedy Half-Dollar Coin” and 37 came up, now up to 91 and there doesn’t seem to be much interest. A few have sold and there appears to be little auction activity. I have to question the rationale of the flipper anyway at this point listing an item $300 over what’s currently available from the mint. Someone yesterday said this could be a flipper’s nightmare, it’s starting off looking like that.

  295. VA Rich says

    133 listing if you search “2014 Gold Kennedy Half-Dollar” & then you get the pre-sale slabs.

  296. Steve says

    @VA Rich- Wait until the credit card bills come due for the flippers, then they will really be panicking. Take a loss on the coin after fees, or pay interest charges?

  297. VA Rich says

    I hear ya Steve, I’m counting 8 sales totally 13 coins up through yesterday, anyhoo, this isn’t about the sales or immediate appreciation, though the dynamics of these new releases gets addictive to watch play out.

  298. thePhelps says

    You have to wonder how long the resellers can make a profit selling a coin on eBay that is just now available at the mints website. I would think eventually people will finally wake up to the fact they can actually buy the coin straight from the mint and you would hope eventually the buyers will start to dry up.

    People are apparently gullible and naive and determined to waste money.

  299. VA Rich says

    Steve – we may even see a lot of cancellations if a secondary market doesn’t materialize over the course of this week. I’m no expert and shouldn’t even be wasting the space here to speculate, none-the-less, $1240 is a lot of tie up if the reward isn’t there.

    I’ll go out on a limb and say they conclude gold sales the first week of September, and roll out the silver 4-coin set in Longbeach on 4 Sept.

  300. VA Rich says

    It probably won’t be Baltimore ’cause it’s not until 30 October, and you know what a shipping foray that will be. Mint will have to have 60-80,000 silver sets ready to for that launch to make a dent in the initial sales of over 100k+

  301. thePhelps says

    VA Rich…it could actually get fun to watch if the mint pulls out all stops to correct the recent long delays in shipping. It would be fun to seem them quickly change the IS&R status to shipped and credit cards charged in the next few days. Since they have 40k on hand it theoretically could actually happen and leave a lot of flippers in dire straits…

  302. Pittsburgh P says

    VaRich you’re not taking up or wasting space… I love the speculation… It’s what makes this fun. I’m going to say they will wait till the Baltimore show to roll out the silver sets. More because that’s what I hope will happen since I will be there. I’ll still place my order online since I’m not waiting in line from 9 p.m. the prior day!

  303. Pittsburgh P says

    VaRich you’re not taking up or wasting space… I love the speculation… It’s what makes this fun. I’m going to say they will wait till the Baltimore show to roll out the silver sets. More because that’s what I hope will happen since I will be there. I’ll still place my order online since I’m not waiting in line from 9 p.m. the prior day!

  304. VA Rich says

    thePhelps – great point, I’m actually expecting to awake Friday morning to see an IS&R with cancel box gone. I suspect the box won’t hang around along, mint surely wants to minimize their risk and lock in sales.

    Good capture of the waiting list issues, one other I may add – if you’re in, you can log out and log into someone else’s account and place their order. I had a friend freak’n out because they logged in at 11:40 (same as me) on their cell phone at work and had an 1+15 hour wait when I got in at 12:05. They couldn’t commit to that long wait so we tried it and got their single order in at 12:15. The system is messed up! I think the dealers have figured this out and that’s how they are able to obtain so many sets, they do it through several computers and many accounts and hop from one to the next.

  305. VA Rich says

    Pitt – yeah, I’ll be there too.., but no sleeping bag for me! Though if I could rake in 20 grand, perhaps its time to start recruiting some UMB studs to form up for a grand each, Lord knows I was dirt poor in college, and sleeping out and hang overs didn’t hurt so much then! haha

  306. gary says

    It would be VERY interesting to see just how many Gold Kennedy coins sell today at the ANA show, but more importantly, just how many people are STILL being hired by the Big Boys & perhaps how much they are paying them for their warm body. I am thinking that days 2,3, and 4 in Chicago will MAYBE see fewer dealers and their “colleagues” and maybe more collectors in line. I don’t know. If FleaBbay sales are any indicator, there are not all that many sales for pre-sells or Chicago labels, YET! Hmmmmmm!

  307. VA Bob says

    VA Rich – seems the Mint needs to tie the session to the IP… one order per IP address then flush the cookie.

  308. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Just bought my 5. Now I cannot travel or take a girl out for the next 20 years.

  309. Pittsburgh P says

    VaRich yeah for 20k I’d reconsider the wait… Only thing is how do you guarantee you’ll be first. Hope I see you there!

  310. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    just kidding! It’s buy the gold or fly this month to see my family. The family wins.

  311. VA Bob says

    Jon – looks like that article was written in the mid 90’s, but I’d say it’s still relevant. Of course were the article sites the SBA (Susan B Anthony) that definitely has blown over to include the golden dollars. I do have my 1999 SBA proof though, while it was back for it’s short comeback.

  312. kaybo says

    just pulled the trigger for four. Good luck to everyone, decided to wait tell today. I didn’t know how many i wanted.

  313. VA Rich says

    Pitt – for another $500, could probably get some meat-heads from the local Golds gym to hang out to ensure first in line privileges given what the mint allowed yesterday! lol

    Yeah, it would be good to finally tag up for the MNB regulars cold one!

  314. JOE #2 says

    Gold just passed the $1,300 mark.. ( for now anyway )…

    Buy the coin….Not the label… ( for collectors )…

  315. Boz says

    I have hired 100 thugs and we are already lined up at the Baltimore bourse. Will some of you bring s some pizza?

  316. says

    I know most of you’ll saw the post about listing on the bay and If no sale, then sending back to Mint for refund. So as long as the Mint has a “Changed my mind” and get a refund policy you are just inviting flippers to do their trade. What do they have to lose? The Mint should look at some kind of policy when they just say “Hey, we are deleting your account because we just can not please you”.

  317. VA Rich says

    Boz – if you’ve got the thugs covered, least I can do is bring the pizza and cold beer. Anyone have access to astronaut briefs?

  318. says

    I agree with VA Rich I think the Mint will pull the plug on this puppy within 30 days. The exact wording on the Mint’s FB page was “To ensure fair and equitable distribution of the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Gold Proof Coin, the product will be sold based on consumer demand.”

    Consumer demand for me means that “I will give the consumer sufficient time to get a Gold Kennedy IF they want a Gold Kennedy”
    That does not say “I will give the consumer sufficient time to look on the bay and decide whether or not I can flip the coin and make a profit Nor does it say I will give the consumer sufficient time to see if the price of Gold drops below $1,250.00 to see if they can save $37.50”

    I think the Mint could pull the plug anytime after a week actually. If you want a Gold Kennedy and you cant find a computer or a telephone in a week time then you REALLY did not want one.

  319. JOE #2 says

    I can’t for the life of me ( Being into coins for about 45 years or so ), Understand why a “grade”, 69 or 70, proof or mint state, ( which most wouldn’t even know the difference anyway), As well as the coin(s) being straight from the mint, As well as having the C.O.A., such a big deal in having graded??? I guess most folks here and elsewhere are making these grading companies pockets rich with the bucks.. I can understand in having a “rare coin ” graded as far as for authenticity, But having a coin straight from the mint with the C.O.A. graded is ridiculous.. (imo).. I guess most are flippers here.. If you’re a true collector, Folks would understand what the Kennedy coin means. This 24k Kennedy to me, Is an icon coin, One of the best the Mint has ever produced. I guess it’s the “new” generation.. People will pay thousands more for the “sticker ” and/or for the fs/er “thing”

  320. Jon in CT says

    My Kennedy gold coins ordered online yesterday at 12:03 EDT are now marked “In stock and reserved.”

  321. Sith says

    @JOE #2 – Your preaching to the choir here, go back to the old threads you will see most of the board but not all is on your side as they prefer OGP.

    My coin is also “In stock and reserved” it still has a cancel box. Anyone still think it will be next week when they start to ship.

  322. JOE #2 says

    Sith, Just putting in my 2 cents………. I read all the comments here for several days. Most here are sticker collectors, I understand… I’m old school…:)

  323. thePhelps says

    cag… you and Rich might be right, but I seriously doubt it. I think the mint will have the coin available for a couple of months minimum. If they were going to do the 30 day run they would have done a 30 day run – there hasn’t been any real backlash to the mint for doing the pre-announced 30 day windows – that I’ve been aware of.

  324. Sith says

    @JOE #2 – ” If you’re a true collector”…you really need to go back to the old threads that argument has been done Ad nauseam on this blog’s comment section. In the last argument one of the statements was a “true collector” of Kennedy halves would not buy the gold coin, as the gold Kennedy was not a true Kennedy half dollar. Some other Kennedy collector did not agree…IMHO before you stereotype members of a chat board maybe you should read some of the comments first,…again IMHO.

  325. Brad says


    No price increase today. The average for the week is in the same tier currently in use, so the Wednesday pm fix is irrelevant.

    If the $1,300+ current price holds for next week’s average, AND the price for next Wednesday’s pm fix is not back below $1,300, then the price may increase next Wednesday.

  326. JOE #2 says

    Sith… Stereotype? Didn’t think i did that, Just gave my opinion.. Everybody does what they like pal.

    Gold did pass the $1,300 mark…:)

  327. Sith says

    @JOE #2 That most of the people here are sticker collectors is your view point. I say they are the most vocal, and those that you call “sticker collectors” are flippers selling to suckers. Can you blame them? If I can sell a coin for a 50% markup to someone who needs it to get a “first strike” label or a PF70 coin, why would you call them a sticker collector, flipper yes but sticker collector…but again this is an old argument on the blog, and I will hand out the same advice some others have done…don’t read the comment section if you don’t consider them up to par with your idea of what constitutes a “true collector.” Just my 2 cents…

  328. longarm says

    My guess as far as what happened in Philly, armbands (pcgs)/ stamped (ngc) with special labels of course. That’s why( in case any one from pcgs/ngc is listening) I DON’T BUY GRADED COINS….

  329. says

    @thePhelps, Here is my reasoning on the 30 day deal. The Mint is mandated by Congress to do the Commemorative coins. It is legislation. It is Not a Mint deal. They do what the legislation dictates. If it fails (Civil Rights) or it succeeds (BHOF) it in Not On the Mint. The Gold Kennedy IS a Mint deal. If the Gold Kennedy fails they have No one to blame but themselves. The 2015 UHR coin is a Mint deal also. For these “Mint deals” to work, there Has to be secondary market considerations. If these coins are not worth more in the secondary market then you greatly diminish demand. Not just now but Years to come. The Mint will pull these Gold Kennedy’s so there will be at least Some secondary market appreciation so they can do Mint Deals in the future.
    You may be right but that is the main reason I decided to go all in on the Gold Kennedy. Once I saw that the Mint was doing the 2015 UHR I thought the Mint HAS to have a successful launch of the Gold Kennedy…It looks like the Mint Wants to go in a New directions and if they do, success Early is critical. The Gold Kennedy is the first step in success. Secondary market and sale follow through is how I measure demand vs. a one day demand showing…

  330. thePhelps says

    @JOE #2 – I think Sith is right. Most here have been pretty vocal against the labels.

  331. says

    @thePhelps, To continue my point. As long as there is “strong consumer demand” I think the Mint will keep minting the Golds but once demand drops off (like the Kennedy clads) then the Mint will stop minting and thus create a secondary market demand.

    Always leave the customer wanting more…

  332. JOE #2 says

    @ the Phelps says…. That’s what i like about chat.. Everyone has there own opinions. If we all agreed on the same issues, It would be boring… I’m new here… I didn’t mean mean to be repetitive from previous remarks in the past…

  333. says

    Thanks for the heads-up guys, our order is also listed as in stock and reserved. Can’t wait to get one of these in hand! 🙂

    Joe #2,

    I’ve been reading this blog a long time, and strongly disagree that most of the blog readers are flippers (or primarily flippers). Most either are straight-up coin collectors or some mix of the two. There are very few people who are here just to flip.

  334. thePhelps says

    cag – good points! Although – I have to say I don’t agree with the secondary market theory – it does seem like a possibilty. If that is the mints direction to capture new markets…more power to them…and the new market ventures. I’ll pass on the RCM mint direction they are headed and go back to collecting old coins.

    I also think the mint should be held accountable for the success or failures of the coins they design – and the Civil Rights failure squarely is on them and the selection process.

  335. says


    That’s a very interesting line of thinking.

    To expand on it a bit, I feel like the Mint might be heading more in a direction like the Perth Mint, UK Royal Mint, and Royal Canadian Mint with better product packaging and a greatly expanded product portfolio. The packaging for the Kennedy clads, for example, reminded me a lot of some offerings from Perth/RCM/UK Royal Mint. I suppose this will be controversial with more than a few, but if that is the plan I think it’s a good direction for the mint to head to.

    Hopefully, though, we won’t see them implement Royal Mint prices! 🙂

  336. VA Rich says

    Trying to find the yesterday’s sales!!! Anyway, ran across this –

    Brian August 6, 2014 at 6:01 am

    I talked to someone at the Mint yesterday and he said they sold the initial 40K that they had for inventory in 3 hours. Orders after that I’m sure are going to have to wait at least 2 months to see their coins. I just got home from trying to get a Gold Kennedy in Chicago for the 2nd morning in a row, and there have to be at least 1000 people waiting outside to try and get one. I got there at 5:15 this morning and turned around.

  337. MarkH says

    I couldn’t agree with you more. When I look at two coins, one MS69, one MS70,, side-by-side, I can not for the life of me tell the difference between them. And how many of us really want to pay x10 for a coin, the difference in grade of which can only be seen through a microscope? As to FS designations, who cares? Let those who want to chase labels do so. In 10 years they won’t be worth whatever it is they’re printed on. I suppose then there’ll be a newer industry-grading the labels according to the dies used to mark them or something ridiculous. Then folks will start removing labels from coins and selling them as distinct objects. It sounds absurd, but then the whole label thing is absurd to me.

  338. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    “My theory is buying show label coins is like the game, pass the hot potato. Sell it before you get burned! Pass it off to some unsuspecting person before you regret it. A year later ANA RP Buff 70′s are only going for about $400 over non-ANA coins, as I predicted would happen!!”

    You got that one right :). I wonder what the “Porsche Guy” is now saying. He was supposed to be choosing the color and model with the whole bunch of ANA coins he invested in.

  339. zeeman says

    VaRich@ same thing happened to me yesterday, i did not even try today, maybe i should go there with my sleeping bag, at 12:00 am, maybe i will have a shot then 🙂

  340. longarm says

    @ Jon in CT thanks for that video. I especially liked the part where they said ” A whopping $1240″.

  341. Ikaika says

    Ordered at 12:35pm. In stock and reserved. Let’s see how long will it take for the actual shipment to leave the mint. Have yet to receive my clad set.

  342. VA Rich says

    zeeman – if I can find the time, I’m half tempted to print out all of the news articles and personal accounts of WHAT REALLY TRANSPIRED yesterday and send them signature guaranteed to the mint POA office. Smooth operation my @&$!

    Most of the articles and comments are well captured above, may just be a good $6 investment to stem these roll outs in the future, or force a more CIVILIZED process that is “fair and equitable”

  343. Sith says

    @JOE #2 – I personally don’t mind the repetitiveness, its the “true collector” garbage that get me going. IMHO It really comes across as pretentious. Then again if you were not privy to those older conversation how would you know that…which was one of my points,

  344. Clark says

    I’ve read comments on when the Mint will stop production of Kennedy gold half dollars and thereby establish a mintage limit with great interest. With deep respect for others’ viewpoints here, I think the Mint will overproduce the coins beyond forecasts during 2014, and then sell, sell and not stop until well into 2015. I base my view on the fact that the Mint’s main objective for its numismatic program, as stated in last year’s annual report, is to increase its customer base and foster sales. (p.17)

    In other words, the Mint MUST measure its performance based on: 1) increasing sales; and 2) reaching non-traditional buyers. The JFK golden anniversary series is its flagship vehicle to accomplish these goals because it broadly appeals not only to collectors, but also and especially to over 76 million Baby Boomers, many of whom still view Kennedy with reverence and honor, but don’t normally buy coins.

    Commercial retailers have unabashedly signaled early and heavily capitalized efforts to market and sell gold JFK half dollars and will follow suit with silver versions. As crass as they were yesterday, these big box coin players understand the timeless mass market appeal of the Kennedy legacy and they will stockpile years of inventory at today’s wholesale prices because they know people will buy them for decades. They have mapped out multi-year sales life cycles across all imaginable channels for these products and won’t be caught short. Like them or not, they know what sells and will gladly accept high single digit margins over time.

    For the Mint’s part, the “no mintage limits” policy was a carefully calculated decision to prolong sales in perpetuity with its primary objective in mind and all options open. Because it will not have another iconic product like this for a long time, its well-documented purpose is to sell as many JFK anniversary coins as it can to meet the highest demand possible. If the Mint stops production short of the highest demand in can reasonably forecast, it will directly contradict its two most important goals. Let’s see what happens.

  345. VA Rich says

    As much $$$ the mint pumps into these “surveys,” it probably wouldn’t cost much for the mint to hire a marketing firm to provide a lottery service that pays for itself. Here’s how it works –

    1. You pay $10 for a chance to be drawn for one of 500 tickets to buy a coin. You may enter 4 times (or $40) for DC, Philly, Denver, & ANA.

    2. You can register for each site for up to 4 days straight.

    3. Tickets are drawn 30 days in advance.

    4. You get picked, print out your ticket, make travel plans, show up at the mint both anytime during the day, collect your coin, or sell your ticket to a grease ball dealer.

  346. simon says

    JOE #2 says : If you’re a true collector, Folks would understand what the Kennedy coin means. This 24k Kennedy to me, Is an icon coin, One of the best the Mint has ever produced.

    I totally agree ! The USMint has never issued a circulating coin in Au prior to the Kennedy, and additionally in this aspect it is indeed “the best,” ranking perhaps with the 1804 Dollar, but this one is minted for the masses ! JFK would love it ! It is a perfectly fitting tribute IMHO to the greatest President in the same pantheon as Washington and Lincoln, who together formed this country and its culture in very fundamental ways. Challenge us (the US) and we will accomplish at all costs !

  347. gary says

    @JOE #2 – you are spot on! A difference that makes no difference is no difference! I collect OGP only. The Mint’s quality is such that they routinely make 70 quality material. That said, unless you use an electron microscope to check every atom of the coin, it makes no difference much in “eye appeal” between OGP, 70 or 69 grades. It’s all about the label hype and the flip for most stuff. I mean really, do the third party graders spend ANY time on authentication? Why would they, with a Mint COA??? TPG has it’s place and VALUE on older coins, especially for AUTHENTICATION!

  348. says

    I pulled this from somewhere else : I was awoken at about 2:20 am while a sleep in my hotel room by the sound of sirens and police on a bullhorn … there currently are several hundred people in line outside the convention center, along with at least 8 police cars with lights flashing . A few minutes ago people were running in the street with the police making announcements with a bullhorn for people to get out of the street … They now seem to have the crowd under control. Police cars with lights flashing continue to block some lanes of traffic

    I would think the Mint will Not do this next year and they May even Halt sales after Today and just tell people when they arrive that sales have Stopped…

  349. Sith says

    @Clark – I agree but their is no way the mint will produce these in 2015…I don’t think the legislation they use will allow that, at least the it was not done for the UHR.

  350. Clark says

    Sith-I think we are in agreement because my premise is that the Mint over produces in 2014 so it may continue selling in 2015. On a related note, were you able to find enabling legislation specific to the half-dollar 50th anniversary? My cursory search did not…I’m assuming the Mint is just using its general statutory authority.

  351. Sith says

    Let me get this straight a dealer bought the first person in lines coin for $6.24K, and the TPG slapped a 1st coin sold label on it. This has got to be a new low. When the fool who buys that label tries to sell in a few years.

  352. thePhelps says

    Clark – for the gold I think the law that enables them to make coins like the UHR is what they used. For the silvers etc… I believe they have free reign to do what they did based on existing laws as well. I thought one of the online magazines had written about that at the beginning of the year.

  353. joe says

    The 2009 UHR Gold Eagle was MUCH harder to produce than the gold Kennedy, and they made roughly 115K of those puppies.

    And to be perfectly honest, Kennedy is/was the “god” of the democrat party…and they currently hold the white house. The director of the Mint ultimately reports to the POTUS, who gets to interpret the law (and apparently any other law) the way he wants. I expect that the sky’s the limit for this particular coin and any other associated with celebrating a Kennedy.

  354. thePhelps says

    Sith…yep – that about sums it up. Plus to add to the irony – the 1st 4 coins bought and graded… were 70’s – any bets who had those 4 coins?

  355. longarm says

    Idk, I think that the mint after its initial run of 40k will produce another 20k and then another 10k for a total of 70k.

  356. zeeman says

    VaRich@ that was a mess yesterday, one thing missing for sure was the word”ORGANIZATION”.
    They let 800 people to stand in line for hrs,before somone told them, they dodnot need to stand in line cause only 500 will get the ticket, ANA said on there website that no registration after 15 July for the show but i heard that on AUG 04 , they were selling the ANA membership,i seen dealers with hand full of ANA membership badges. people were given numbers, early in morning, like 2:00 am, they are clueless, no one seemed to know whats going on.

    Insult to the injury was watching how the mint was giving those gold coin, here how it worked.
    they will bring in 15 to 20 people in line, with security guard at the start and end of the line, and a cop on the site, and if for any reason they find u in there way, u got treated like a dog.

    I think on P&D Kennedy, it was 5 per person at show, well that got changes to 2 per person also, they make rules as they go, you just can not trust the mint with anything they say.

  357. simon says

    JOE #2 says & Gary : it makes no difference much in “eye appeal” between OGP, 70 or 69 grades. It’s all about the label hype and the flip for most stuff.

    The ULTIMATE PCGS SCAM, and I mean ultimate, is the coincidental and suspiciously convenient assigning of the 70 grade to the “First Four” coins. This is really a bold-bald-bare-beardless faced lie custom designed for the hype they have created in the numismatic market. There seems to be this duality in the stinking rich who make such dubious purchases – they have the brains to make oodles of money and then unwisely throw it away in large quantities on the purchase of plain noodles.

    my 2c : If I were to give the Yadgarov family advice it would be – have the coins tagged and simply keep them. I have no doubts that these four will be marketed for 20K for the first and 15 k for the remaining three.

  358. Sith says

    @Clark – You are correct the mint is using its ‘general statutory authority.” I did a double check their is no time limit

  359. Larry says

    I would like more opinions of those that have actually seen the coin. I have, and while nice, I would not go so far as to say iconic. I would also like the opinions of those that saw the four piece silver set on display at the ANA show. To me, the reverse proof IS iconic. If you see it, you will want one. I am putting my money into that set. I think a year from now, you will be able to get the gold Kennedy close to melt. But I think the silver set may be a winner, it is just a set folks will want and much more affordable than the gold.
    The only three recent “iconic” gold coins that come to mind are the 2006 RP Gold Eagle, the 2009 UHR, and the BOHF. Is the Kennedy really iconic? I don’t know. It still looks like a half dollar, just gold. I suppose just because it is the only gold version of a circulating coin that could make it iconic, but not to me. Seems some folks are saying it is iconic, I’m just not there yet. I guess time will tell.

  360. Sith says

    @longarm – Its mint to demand right now…if their are 100K orders in they system by the end of the week they might not get the coins until 2016, but the mint will honor the orders. Once this week is up and the mint see the demand they can rev it down…announce a time frame to end mintages or an outright mintage limit.

    @simon – what are the odds of the coins grading a PF70 if the f the Yadgarov family keep the coins. I say none, they made the smart choice It was a win win situation, as long as some poor fool buys the label for the 20K.

  361. Sith says

    @Larry – Go back on the thread an earlier poster say exactly what you describe…with only the reverse proof silver been spectacular.

  362. Howard says

    If the Mnt stopped making the half Kennedy, what would that do to
    annual sets? Would there be a need to replace the half with ??

  363. VA Rich says

    I have never seen so many auctions with 0 bids before.., probably running about 85% with 0.

    One auction has surpassed $1,405…, wow, show me the money! geez…

  364. says

    @Sith says, Are you a “true collector”? If so, have you seen anything on the market to store all 13 of the JFK varieties being released this year? If you’re not a true collector or if you just don’t collect JFK’s maybe one of the other collectors on this blog knows something? Thanks all!

  365. longarm says

    BHOF gold auctions on fleabay keep dropping, better sell now if you want to see a profit.

  366. joseph says

    I have never seen so many auctions with 0 bids before.., probably running about 85% with 0.

    One auction has surpassed $1,405…, wow, show me the money! geez…

    Just wait till those gold coins being shipped out and you will see massive dumping on ebay/amazon and massive cancelling of mint orders. like I said, it will be a nightmare for flippers. I was amazed that some ppl just placed couple thousand dollars order because someone told them quick bucks could be made on this. they THINK they will make some quick bucks before their credit card’s bills are due. well, almost every flipper think the same thing, and the door is already jammed. LOL . let’s wait and see… there will be lots of fun…

  367. gatortreke says

    I’ll be interested to watch the mintage of these coins. If the cagcrisp and Captain Overkill theory holds true, then it is likely the Mint will limit the mintage just as the RCM and Perth Mint do with their releases. Sometimes maximum $$$ isn’t the best goal and limiting mintage to create strong after market demand would not hurt the Mint’s image, in fact it probably builds excitement for future non-Congress designated programs.

    The theory makes sense to me, only time will tell if it plays out this way.

    There’s something else to consider about the Kennedy’s that I haven’t heard anyone discuss and that may or not be relevant because of the huge price difference between these coins. I bought 5 of the clad anniversary sets on July 24 with the intent to keep one, give one away to a friend and to sell the remainder for whatever I could get…a bet they’d sell higher but not a huge one. I’ve sold each of the three for more than 2x the purchase price. Clearly there are people out there willing to spend much more than they need to just to get the coin immediately. Yes, I know the numbers who can afford the clad vs. the gold is significantly different. I readily admit I don’t know how this will play out with the gold but interest is definitely there for the clad.

  368. Pittsburgh P says

    Geez I don’t read MBN for a few hours & I missed a ton… Yes boz I’ll bring pizza & VaRich we definitly need to get together for a drink in Baltimore. We can have the thugs surround us so we’re like VIPs.

    Jon thanks for the article… Don’t mind people making a little cash but that sickens ne. The girl’s quote at the end sums it up- people with money paying people without money to get more money…. & imo it hurts coin collecting as a whole.

    Joe#2 I did feel you were stereotyping people in this blog but that may not have been your intent. I see where Sith was coming from but don’t mind hearing your opinions either. Welcome.

    Finally my 1:11pm order is IS&R & in process! Yes, I knew it’d be this week but didn’t think it’d be today. Good chance shipping will begin by end of week… Happy I got in the first 40,000!

  369. ABC says

    A while ago, someone here asked whether it was known who got the actual first strikes of this coin. I believe the mint would probably keep the first one. The ones that were minted right after the first would probably be presented to the Kennedy family.

  370. longarm says

    I hope they have these out for awhile because the gold Kennedy brings out the stacker in me, I bet I could have 3 or 4 more by the end of the year.

  371. Blair J Tobler says

    I respectfully disagree with cagcrisp’s theory – if they wanted to limit it they could have put a four week window on it like they did with the San Fran and West Point ASE sets. And if they really were concerned with secondary market value, they could have limited it to 50,000 or less, and stirred up a feeding frenzy that way. I think it’s more likely they will monitor the orders, and cut it when the number of new orders gets to a level where it’s not worth it to crank up the presses again, and end it at that time. JMHO

  372. JOE #2 says

    JFK Gold Coins Score First-Day Sales of 56,694; Hitting $70.3M

    Straight from coinnews.net

  373. Pittsburgh P says

    Correction my order is IS&R but still on hold… Anyone have their card pinged yet or status changed to in process?

  374. says

    @Pittsburgh P, I assume you would probably agree that the BHOF coin has to be the most difficult coin the mint has produced to date across all varieties, yes? Based on your response to my question as to how would anyone know how my JFK clads would grade before I even received them, you said not to expect 70’s because of the metal makeup. Do you have any insight then as to how we have so many thousands of PF and MS 70’s of the clad 1/2 BHOF coins available in the market? I’m just trying to tap in to your wealth of knowledge on the subject.

  375. JOE #2 says

    Got a question …. Whomever wants to answer….

    Would it be wise to have either 2 o.g.p. gold Kennedy’s, Or 1 pcgs graded pf70 first strike as far as investment and or collector wise??? In other words would 1 graded pcgs be more valuable down the line than 2 o.g.p. ones??

  376. SactoMike says

    I agree wholeheartedly with Clark’s 11:06a.m. post. The Mint will keep the presses pumping on this one from here to Christmas! I predict a mintage of somewhere around 150,000 by the time its all said and done. At that level, the coin – while an absolute stunner steeped in Kennedy tradition — will be worth no more than slightly above or below melt.

  377. Pittsburgh P says

    @cents I replied earlier but it seemed to get lost in virtual purgatory… let’s try again.

    Yes I agree that the BHoF coins are the hardest for the mint to produce across all their options due to the domed shape. If you have done any research about the topic of striking coins you will know that the metal composition of clad is the hardest to strike. The softer the metal the easier it is to get a perfect strike/coin if there is such a thing. Pure silver is a good metal while 24k gold is one of the best since it is extremely soft. The clad coins the US mint uses are less than 10% nickel and 90%+ copper making it one of the hardest metals the Mint uses to strike. This is why you don’t get a consistently deep strike with flawless details. It hasn’t help the matter since the mint has flattened the relief on their coin the past decade. Using your example of the BHoF coins if you search the pop reports released by the TPGs I am sure you will find that there is a large discrepancy between the amount of MS/PF70s given in relation to submissions compared to the silver and especially gold. Also, you know that there has been almost as many clads sold as silver and gold BHoF coins so there are more chances for 70’s. Most people feel that it is much harder for clad coins in general to receive higher grades than more pliable metals such as gold. Again I don’t look too much into grades myself but in general when I look at coins I receive the clad versions are usually not as detailed and the strikes not as crisp. I am sure many clads have gotten 70 grades that I personally would not agree with too(but that goes for all modern graded coins).
    I am by no means an expert or have a wealth of knowledge as you so sarcastically stated but do try to do my research.

  378. says

    Pittsburgh P, All I can say is, WOW! Your response is what I meant by your wealth of knowledge. NO sarcasm intended. Thank you. But there are 4 top TPG’s out there and dozens of places to buy 1/2 BHOF’s and if you add them all up there have been thousands graded 70. And they are still shipping from the mint. The point I was trying to make was 2 fold, 1. The mint has deals with the big dealers and different rules for them than they do with us. And 2. The TPG’s have special deals with the big dealers that we cannot and I think this makes an unfair playing field and needs a re-set. Thanks again!

  379. Pittsburgh P says

    No problem 2cents and I agree the TPGs have their backroom deals goin with the big boys… That is why I believe many coins that are not 70 worthy get pushed through to make them happy. Doubt we’ll ever see a reset but it’d be nice.
    Do you know there’s a new article with a new thread? Just haven’t seen your comments there…

  380. says

    Pittsburgh P, Thanks again. Maybe we as a community can force some accountability with the TPG’s. Here is an example, 69 grade instead of 70? List on the label why, etc. Yeah I see the new one now. Take care.

  381. Jerry Diekmann says

    So very unfortunate for this wonderful hobby that the big dealers and TPGs have done their worst to ruin it. I doubt that whatever label is printed on a slab that it will add anything to the value of the coin itself in a few years’ time, after this mania has run its course. Coin collectors are interested in coins; label collectors are interested in labels.

  382. Small time collector says

    My order status changed from “on hold” to “in process” today (11th). Maybe it will get here before the end of month.
    re the mintage, to hard to tell, with no planned date or quantity and a pending release of the ag set I think the au will run to the end of year and ag should go on sale by first part of oct.

  383. AK Coin says

    My order status changed today (12th) to ‘In Process’. The Mint say’s I should be automatically upgraded to expedited shipping. Maybe in two weeks??

  384. Curt Lindner says


  385. AK Coin says

    Just checked, Gold prices have been over 1,300 / oz., Price has now increased $37.50. Was $1,240 and now is $1,277.50.

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