2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Products

The United States Mint has released some preliminary details on the special numismatic products to be offered this year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Half Dollar. The expected gold proof version of the coin will be joined by a four coin set of half dollars struck in silver and a two coin set struck in copper nickel clad composition. All of these coins will feature the original high relief portrait sculpt executed by Gilroy Roberts.

Collectors have been tantalized with the prospect of special issues for the series since last year when a survey distributed to customers mentioned a range of potential products, which included various combinations of mint marks, finishes, and compositions. Earlier this year, images of two different versions of the half dollar struck in 24 karat gold were provided to the Commission of Fine Arts and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee for discussion, adding a more upscale offering to the array.

With the announced products, the US Mint is covering all the bases, with what will likely be a low priced clad offering, a multi-coin set silver offering, and a higher end gold coin offering.

Gold Kennedy Half Dollar

The announced products include the following:

Four Coin Silver Set – This product will contain four half dollars struck in 90% silver with the higher relief sculpt obverse portrait. The coins will include a proof version struck at the Philadelphia Mint, a reverse proof version struck at the West Point Mint, an enhanced uncirculated version struck at the San Francisco Mint, and an uncirculated version struck at the Denver Mint. The coins will carry the 2014 date and bear the P, W, S, and D mint marks.

Two Coin Clad Set – This product will contain two half dollars struck in their standard copper-nickel clad composition. As opposed to the circulating quality and uncirculated Kennedy Half Dollars already released, these coins will feature the higher relief sculpt obverse portrait. The coins will be struck at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, bearing the 2014 date, and P and D mint marks.

Individual Gold Proof – A special dual dated 1964-2014 Kennedy Half Dollar will be struck in a composition of 24 karat gold, containing roughly three-quarters of an ounce of gold. This coin will feature the higher relief obverse sculpt and carry the W mint mark.

A release date of July 24, 2014 has been provided for the two coin clad set. Release dates for the other products have not yet been provided, however the US Mint has indicated that the two coin set and individual gold proof will be offered at the Mint’s booth at the ANA World’s Fair of Money held in Rosemont, Illinois from August 5-9, 2014.

The US Mint has not provided maximum mintage levels or pricing information on the offerings. In recent years, the US Mint has moved away from maximum mintage levels for these types of special offerings and used a four week ordering window with the mintage determined by orders placed during the eligible period.

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  1. Pittsburgh P says

    I didn’t say that NGC was publicly traded just that is their private company ticker symbol. Sorry I didn’t clarify that…

  2. S. Knight says

    Amazing set that should be rather popular just like President Lincoln who passed away via assassination.

    The silver and gold set looks promising LONG TERM.

    Thanks MINT NEWS BLOG for the information…

    the KNIGHT of the Roundtable.

  3. DaveB` says

    Goldfishin – I’d rather have the first strike off the last die(ineligible for ER/FS) than the last strike off the first die.

  4. Erik H says

    I wouldn’t say that you had to be alive in the sixties to appreciate the Kennedy Half. I collected halves out of circulation as a teen in the late 80’s working at a fast food joint (even then people used them, just not that often).

    I started roll searching halves in 2009 and have found hundreds of 90% & 40% halves, many were GEM uncirculated, maybe that why I like them so much?

  5. Louis says

    Of course those who are over 50 and were alive when JFK was alive may have tend to have a stronger appreciation of him, but polls and many aspects of our culture (like the obsession with his family members) show how well known and liked he remains. He remains the most popular modern president for most Americans. Just read the comments on the Mint’s FB page about the coins.

  6. says

    While the Mint is in the process of a gold Kennedy Half Dollar….what I would really like is the original Walking Liberty Half Dollar issued in gold.

    And to also change things up….do the current Saint Gaudens gold design in silver.

  7. says

    As for me, I’m looking forward to to Kennedy’s. I was a few months old the year he was assassinated, so growing up I would handle the halve from time to time. They were the largest coins in circulation and they felt good in the hand.
    Being that I have memories of them is only half the allure to me as the Mint gets ready to release these. I find it rather funny that no one seems very interest that they are being produced in the original design of higher relief. The higher relief is what is going to make these coins look nice.

  8. Mike says

    I’m definitely interested in acquiring one each of the Kennedy’s but I don’t find this issue as exciting as the BHoF’s. The potential high mintages are a big concern in terms of price appreciation.

    OT – In terms of the gold BHoF’s, I received 2 unc’s 2 weeks ago ordered on 3/27 at 2:39 PM. 1 proof ordered on 3/27 at 5:54 PM shipped today and 1 proof ordered at 8:52 PM is in Stock and Reserved with no cancellation box. I have an order for one each of the unc and proof ordered on 3/30 at 11:42 AM that appear as back ordered and expected to ship on 6/30. I’m pretty sure those will be cancelled.

  9. karl meyer says

    In my opinion the clads should have a limited mintage of 100,000, the silver set should be minted for three months with a limit of one per credit card for the first month,and the gold should have come out at the first of the year with a end of year minting with six months of one per credit card. I would also like to see the mint advertise on tv and print but we know none of this will happen

  10. VA Rich says

    $5 UNCs are shipping – down to 7 pm now for the gold Unc. – if I recall correctly, we’re post-7:30 for the $5 PRFs.

  11. Bob R says

    I have 8pm proof & unc $5 shipped today…I canceled some that night after reading this blog that they sold out at 6:30 . I was mad so I canceled 3ea proof and unc thinking I was not going to receive any…oh well at least I did not cancel them all.

  12. Bob R says

    @Ray, well we need to learn never to cancel anything and just wait it out. I bought 2012 silver proof sets and decided I spent too much so returned them to the mint, 2 days later they sold out. I ordered 2012 limited silver proofs sets, changed my mind and returned them. I have been buying all the ATB times 2 since inception but waited on Volcanoes and Acadia, they sold out before I bought. Guess I should be called “Bad luck Bob”.

  13. says

    The representative pic of the Kennedy half above is not able to show the higher relief that the special issue Kennedy’s will have., too much photo shopping involved. Expect a bolder looking strike with an obverse field that gently rises to meet the edge, that’s why it’s being called a higher relief coin. The obverse will not be as flat as the 1964 obverse.

  14. VA Rich says

    $5 BHoFs Golds – hey guys, I think we’re a day or two of figuring out on our own where the cut off date/time is for the $5 coins.

    If you have a $5 order placed on 3/28 that goes ‘In Stock & Reserved’ – would you PLEASE post that it did and the TIME of the order.

    We’ve essentially gone 2:00 pm orders to 8:00 pm orders in two and half weeks – if it goes dead quiet now with IS&R chatting, then we can assume 3/28 orders are dead ducks, let’s hope not.

  15. VaBeachSteve says

    I’m still sweating my order of $5 BHOF order I put in at 10:30 pm on the 27th. I’m still showing Backordered. To be sooooooo close and not know if I’ll get them.

  16. GoldFishin says

    My Arches pucks expected ship date moved up to 6-24 from 7-3 fwiw. Still backorder status.

  17. fmtransmitter says

    Erik H says
    JUNE 17, 2014 AT 6:40 PM

    I wouldn’t say that you had to be alive in the sixties to appreciate the Kennedy Half. I collected halves out of circulation as a teen in the late 80′s working at a fast food joint (even then people used them, just not that often).

    I started roll searching halves in 2009 and have found hundreds of 90% & 40% halves, many were GEM uncirculated, maybe that why I like them so much?

    Good stuff Erik H!

  18. stephen m says

    I may latch on to a Kennedy gold depending how it’s offered by the mint. I was in 7th grade when he was assassinated but would buy for the gold and possible future value, not because I was living at that time. I do have and always will have memories of that tragic day. The proof silver BHOF coins delivered yesterday look stunning.

  19. maddogdday says


    Thanks for the heads up on the 2014 Libertad Proof sets. At only 250 sets (down from 1000 sets max last year I believe) these will be a keeper.

  20. Hidalgo says

    I missed something…. Does anyone have a link to the high relief version of the proposed Kennedy half dollar coins?

    I have seen several “high relief” pictures, but am uncertain which one is being referenced.

  21. Ray says

    Where did the July release date for the special Kennedy clad set come from? I can’t find it anywhere except in this article.

  22. says

    Hidalgo, No one is saying high relief. The sculpt of the proposed Kennedy medal as seen on the US Mint home page is done in a higher relief design, but was altered to be put into production as the half currency when Kennedy was assassinated. I have read that the new Kennedy coin release will be done in the original medal higher relief. If I have this all wrong, please, anyone call it.

  23. Louis says

    Dusty is correct. It will not be a high relief coin like the ones from perth but will be done in a higher relief than existing JFK halves and will be based on the original design prepared for a medal that was modified to expedite production of the 1964 coins.

    The July 24 date is on the Mint’s FB page and was in a press release sent to the media.

  24. Natatack says

    Just got a second batch of proof silver HOF coins and they are much better than first batch, no grease, scuffs,pits,black spots like the first group I received . I think the long delay was worth it. Hopefully my unc’s that are coming in on Friday will be in similar condition.

  25. TMMSR says

    I am planning on atteneding the ANA show and purchasing a gold Kennedy. However, I have never attended a coin trade show. Does anyone know what time I will need to be in line to insure I am able to buy a Kennedy before they are sold out? More specifically, what time do the lines in front of the US Mint booth start forming for purchases such as the Kennedy coin?

  26. says

    @TMMSR, here is the problem that I have with these show releases. Everyone that reads numerous coin blogs knows how successful the ‘standing in line/grade coin/get special label’ play has been recently. I’ve read where others are planning on flying/driving to Chicago for the Kennedy release. Just what do you think will happen if 5000 people show up in Chicago and only 2000 Gold Kennedy’s coins are for sale? What if everyone is thinking the same thing and all decide to get there early? It may not happen in Chicago but sooner or later in some city there are going to be more people show up to purchase a coin than there is coins available.

  27. GoldFishin says

    @Cag – I agree with you about the Chicago ANA show…also apparently the Silver Set will not be at the show unless they change what they have already said, which they very well could. Also, the 2 coin clad set will be released before the show so then all you will be talking about is a special label. What if they limit the Gold coin to only 1 per person which it seems I read somewhere that they might do. I don’t know about going to a show hoping to get 1,2, or 3 coins just to pay for the trip I took. Maybe it will work out for everybody, I hope it does, but I think it will be a madhouse. If I lived much closer than I do, Iike within driving distance, I would like to go, but I believe I would lower my expectations so I wouldn’t set myself up for disappointment. That way if everything worked out great, it would really be a bonus.

    Also Cag thanks for all your insightful posts. You really put a lot of research and thought into your posts and I appreciate reading them.

  28. Clark says

    I’ve been collecting Kennedy halves (proofs, uncirculated and all other varieties) for years in Dansco albums and I’ve heard the words “high relief” applied to the early 1964 Kennedy half proof with accented or incused hair over the president’s left ear. It took me a long time to finally be able to spot and buy incused hair coins because it is such a subtle variety and was only produced on proofs minted from the first obverse die in 1964. I’m wondering if the new Kennedy coins will reproduce these “high relief” accents?

    Below is a link comparing the 1964 accented hair half compared with the normal 1964 Kennedy half.

  29. Pittsburgh P says

    Cag didn’t that already happen in Baltimore? 🙂

    If they didn’t put a 1 per person limit on these coins no one would get one exept maybe 1 or 2 people and a dealer or 2!!! The silver may be there but no release date for any except the clad. Really we have about zero info on these coins yet. If you want to take a shot go early but don’t go just for the coin! There is a great show goin on, it’s not just a release party… I was planning on going regardless, will I wait in line for a coin? Depends, but no special labels for me.

    Louis another great article, thx

  30. Erik H says

    Yes Joseph, lots & lots of rolls. If your bank is nice you can order boxes of $500.

    The oldest half I found was a 1902 Barber as well as over 80 walkers (oldest date 1917). I’ve even found Silver & Clad Kennedy Proofs in one roll (I’m guessing that maybe a collector died and their spouse just gave them to the bank at face value).

    2009-2011 yielded a higher percentage of 90% silver, now it’s a rare find but I keep searching (the Barber was found last year).

  31. Scott says

    Has anybody else had a problem getting their items from UPS? I missed a delivery and UPS tells me the mint won’t even allow me to pick up my item at the local UPS facility. One lousy BOHF silver dollar and the mint requires a signature at my residence, I can’t even go pick up a $55 dollar package with a photo I.D. Is this stupid or what?

  32. GoldFishin says

    @Scott – Here where I live in a medium sized city UPS will automatically retry the package the next delivery day. If you call the number that they provide, you can arrange a delivery day that you will be at home. If that doesn’t work for you….it is really a problem. They also will not allow pickups at the facility here where I live. I sometimes have my neighbor sign for my packages when they come. He has an at home business and knows the driver very well. But this issue is another reason I got a PO Box. I got my first delivery to it today and it worked out great.

  33. Scott says

    @GoldFishin Thanks. I’ve never had this problem before, but my old UPS driver retired and he usually delivered my area later in the day. I’ve also picked up items @ UPS in the past with no problem, so I’m wondering if it’s UPS or the Mint that’s driving this “No Pick-up” policy.

  34. says

    @Pittsburgh P, If I lived close enough I would go. I just wished the Mint would be more forthcoming with these offerings. You know those at the Mint know exactly how many Golds will be offered in Chicago. Instead of sharing that with a few why not share it with all and then all can plan accordingly? Give everyone the same information. If they are going to offer 200 or 2000, whatever, just share that information and not let a select few know what is going to happen.
    I can see a few people living in Chicago tell a ‘select’ few friends and then those friends telling friend and so on and so on. Day of the show and you sell 100 people you know and they are all in front of you and then they run out with the guy directly in front of you…

  35. VA Rich says

    Cag – well said, & yes, it’ll happen in Chicago on this go around, no question about it…imo. And thus, setting low expectations here…, though would like to experience it once and if I get one, that’s ok too! And perhaps meet some of you fine gentlemen out here on MNB over a cold one.., and see some fellow clowns from the circus! ;7

  36. GoldFishin says

    OT – not a plug here for Ebay, but if you have had your eye on a high dollar purchase over $150 you get 4X ebay bucks for the rest of the day. I purchased a couple of things today and sort of stumbled into it, but it really is a nice bonus. I got enough to make another substantial purchase with it next month.

  37. Ray says

    What was the in person limit for the baseball hall of fame coins? Was there a limit on all offerings in person? Wouldnt people just loop through the line relentlessly until the had the quantity the wanted? I hope they offer the silver set. That’s what I’m most excited for. And I wont have to wait months for the mint to fulfill me order.

  38. says

    No problem . You won’t have to wait months for your Kennedy silvers. Just call the Philly gift shop shortly after after the ordering period begins and they will have them available to ship to you.

  39. thePhelps says

    Scott…not sure what issues you are having…but none of my regular less than $300 mint shipments are being delivered UPS. I think you might not be telling the entire story here and your single coin is part of a larger shipment?

    It has been well documented here – that UPS will not leave the coin for local pickup – per the mints policies…

  40. sharks2th says

    @Scott – You can call the mint and get them to change the delivery to “hold for pick up” at the UPS facility. I had to do this for the bhof I picked up today because I was out of town Monday when they were scheduled for delivery. I HATE this mint policy of having to call them to have a package held for pickup. It was more convenient when you could call or log on to the UPS website to hold the order. I don’t want my order riding around on the truck for 3 days. The mint has put this restriction on the packages, not UPS.

    All of the gold proofs I received had a die flaw to the lower right of the 4 in the date but I plan to keep them. The gold uncs look like 1-69 and 3-70s. The unc silver dollars have some questionable spots and all 3 are probably 69s. The proof silvers I received a month ago had one with rub marks near the rim all the way around on the obverse. The other 3 silver proofs look like 70s.

  41. Erik H says

    I couldn’t believe my eyes! The bank branch was only 6-12 months old and I had never been to it before. I really didn’t expect to find anything but walked away with a few 90% along with the Barber.

    Has anybody had luck with roll searching in Florida? Every time I travel there I try 10 or more banks in various towns and have never found thing, too many collectors I guess.

  42. Dave says

    The Florida “silver half market” has dried up over the past year. I had great success as did others pre-2012. Then someone began a promotional add on talk radio. The “secret” thing to say to your bank teller went viral and …….wallah, silver halves gone!

  43. Saucexx says

    HOF Gold Proof $5 ordered on the 3-29 still on BO for 6-30. All gold and silver I ordered on 3-27 has now shipped. Lesson to all never cancel, let the mint do it instead.

  44. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    I was -14 years old in 1963. But the Kennedy half dollars are one of my favorites. He represents hope and a dream and that anything is possible with hard work and persistance. USA ALL the WAY

  45. Micro says

    Scott and ThePhelps,

    If the “complete” order is over $299, then it ships 2-day UPS. So if the order is split up and sent in multiple shipments all are sent 2-day UPS with a signature required. On my mixed BHOF order, each category was sent this way. Even the mint bag was sent individually 2-day UPS and I had to sign for it!

  46. Arizona Billy says

    I was attending high school when President Kennedy was shot.

    Walking down a school hallway, I found a teacher crying uncontrollably. It was late in the day. She kept crying out, ” They shot our President, Kennedy is dead.”

    I tried to help her. We walked together, back to the home room. Everyone was in shock…
    My high school released all the students early. The bus ride home was a very somber affair.

  47. Ray says

    Kennedy died 15-20 years before I was born, but being raised an Irish/Catholic pretty much guaranteed that I’d like him. My uncle had coffee tins full of halfs. Every summer my parents would bring me and my sister to my uncle’s pool, and he’s throw 10-20 Kennedy halfs into the pool and we’d try to find them all underwater in one breath. After that fun was had, we’d take those Kennedy halfs and use them to play an old slot machine. I have a special link to the coin from these memories, and I bet many others have similaar unique experiences. The silver Kennedy offering will be the most popular by far, but all 3 will be a success as far as sales. WHile a fan of the coin, I also would like to see them retire it with class and make this year the final year.

  48. Blair J Tobler says

    I don’t think they’ll be retiring the Kennedy half anytime soon, without having a replacement for the income. The Mint makes money selling them as numismatic offerings, and isn’t likely to stop selling them as long as people keep buying them. As far as replacements are concerned, I don’t think that’s too likely as it would require congressional action to authorize it, and the lawmakers aren’t going to want to create something new that won’t circulate. Just my humble opinion.

  49. Erik H says


    If you liked that story, I have another good one.

    A few years back after asking a teller for some halves, I asked if she had any “odd” coins (something that I don’t normally do). She said, “just this one, it’s kinda ugly”. I could already see it was as silver eagle! I quickly said I’ll take it and gave her my $1. Other than some dark toning on half of the coin it was in petty good shape, 1988 ASE for only a dollar, silver was in the mid-thirties at the time. I plan on keeping it just because of the way I found it.

  50. Scott says

    O.K. Today was round 2 with UPS and here’s what happened. All day long my one lousy BHOF Silver dollar showed to be “out for delivery.” Yes, this coin was part of an order that also included one proof gold coin. At 6:50 local time I checked the UPS website and it showed that nobody was here when they attempted delivery at 5:22, even though I was home half an hour before the supposed attempted delivery. Once again I called UPS and was told the mint dictated that my item had to be signed for at the address of delivery. Absolutely no local pick-up allowed, even with a photo ID showing the correct delivery address. BTW UPS left no delivery notice on my door either today or yesterday. What the heck good is a two day express delivery when your item sits in a truck for two or three days across town waiting to be delivered?

  51. Eagle One says

    The Kennedy Half should be retired with class at the 50 year mark. I would not mind seeing Neil Armstrong on the half in the future. The First Man on the Moon (July 20th 1969) was the greatest and most recognized American Achievement in U.S. History. Bringing back the Franklin would be too boring. Regan is another good candidate. However, design wise, a lot could be done with an Armstrong Half Dollar. It could speak volumes of American Achievement. Additionally, the U.S. Space Program is Kennedy’s legacy.

  52. fmtransmitter says

    Rather see Buzz with that right upper cut to that guy trying to call him a coward and liar about landing on the moon…

  53. fmtransmitter says

    Must of worked out a deal on the 14 coin Saddle Ridge Hoard, listed as unavailable on Amazon..

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