2014 50th Anniversary Silver Kennedy Half Dollar Coin Images

The United States Mint has just provided individual coin images for the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Silver Coin Collection. The set includes four 90% silver half dollars struck at different mint facilities and featuring different finishes. All coins carry the original 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar portrait designed by Gilroy Roberts.

The collection is scheduled for release on October 28, 2014 and will represent the first high volume new product release following the launch of the Mint’s new retail website and order management system on October 1.

Details of the release have been provided previously. The four coin collection will be priced at $99.95 and complete the trio of products issued to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Half Dollar. As with the prior two products, an initial ordering limit of five units per household will be imposed.

2014-W Reverse Proof Silver Kennedy Half Dollar

The first silver half dollar included in the collection is struck at the West Point Mint and carries a reverse proof finish. The raised design elements and inscriptions appear mirrored against a frosted background, providing the opposite appearance of the traditional proof.

The US Mint has previously used the reverse proof finish on American Gold, Silver, and Platinum Eagles issued within special sets.

2014-P Proof Silver Kennedy Half Dollar

The second silver half dollar in the collection is struck at the Philadelphia Mint and carries a traditional proof finish. Raised design elements and inscriptions appear frosted against a mirrored background.

This coin provides an interesting bookend to the series since the first proof coin of the series dated 1964 was struck in 90% silver at the Philadelphia Mint. Until now, all subsequent proof issues of the series had been struck at the San Francisco Mint.

2014-S Enhanced Uncirculated Silver Kennedy Half Dollar

The third silver half dollar in the collection is struck at the San Francisco Mint and carries an enhanced uncirculated finish. On the obverse, the portrait, lettering, and border will receive a heavy laser frosting treatment. On the reverse, the lettering and border will receive a heavy laser frosting treatment. The eagle will receive a moderate laser frosting treatment, and the stars will receive a laser polish technique to accentuate them against the field.

This will be only the second time that the Mint has used such a finish, following the first use within the 2013 West Point  Silver Eagle Set.

2014-D Uncirculated Silver Kennedy Half Dollar

The fourth and final silver half dollar included in the collection is struck at the Denver Mint and carries an uncirculated finish. The coin is struck in 90% silver, making it a different issue than the uncirculated copper-nickel clad 2014-D Kennedy Half Dollar included in the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set.

Packaging for the collection will consist of a a rich embossed faux leather folder with an image of John F. Kennedy from the half dollar and patriotic flag imagery. The US Mint logo appears on the front of the folder with the Department of Treasury seal on the back. A certificate of authenticity and booklet on the development and design of the Kennedy Half Dollar are also included.

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  1. gary says

    Going to pass on these. I still have the 2 proof sets I bought in 1964 when I was 12. I enjoy having the real deal instead these.

  2. MarkH says

    I’m definitely buying a set of these Kennedys. It’ll be interesting to compare the silver D half dollar to the clad one I bought some weeks back in that $9.95 set.

    As for the comment on the few graded clad sets….I will not ever bother to pay a big premium for higher-graded moderns, period. We have seen evidence of possible fraud in the grading process as documented by several posters here, I still can’t tell the difference between 69s and 70s with the unaided eye, and if someone else wants to have that special holder with its 70 then they can. I think the best place for TPGs is in the business of authenticating true rarities-not trying to create new ones on the basis of their own grading. Geez, that’s the very definition of conflict of interest, is it not?

    And I just pulled the trigger on a monster box of ASEs today…got it from APMEX for under 10K. I figure at these prices I can’t go wrong.


  3. Eagle One says

    In another month, I believe the Certified PCGS FS Kennedy Clad UNC sets in matching higher grades will disappear from the market place. Only 5 P&D Sets exist in PCGS SP-69 FS. Only 88 P&D sets exist in PCGS SP-68 FS and 299 P&D sets exist in PCGS SP-67 FS. Very few coins have been graded since the FS window closed last month. To make things more interesting; a lot of the D Mint coins are heavily milk spotted. Any matched SP-67 thru SP-69 FS P&D UNC Set without milk spots should be the cat’s meow.

  4. Hawkster says

    Gotta agree with you. Nothing beats Kennedy’s 1964 “rookie” proof coin. Simply put, it will always remain the first of the series. I hope you kept yours in the OGP cello pack.

  5. jeff says

    Eagle One says

    Hey Eagle One really pushing your agenda How many do you have?

    September 30, 2014 at 3:53 pm

    In another month, the Certified PCGS FS Kennedy Clad UNC sets will disappear from the market place. Only 5 P&D Sets exist in PCGS SP-69 FS. Only 88 P&D sets exist in PCGS SP-68 FS and 299 P&D sets exist in PCGS SP-67 FS. Very few coins have been graded since the FS window closed last month. To make things more interesting; a lot of these coins are heavily spotted. Any SP-67 thru SP-69 FS P&D UNC Set without spots should be the cat’s meow.

  6. gary says

    @Hawkster… Yes, have both 1964 proof sets in original cellophane packaging and the original mailing envelopes. If I recall correctly, the proof sets cost $2.92 each, postpaid.

  7. Wes says

    What about if one coin grades a SP70 and the other a SP67 wouldn’t the 70 still be more valuable alone than a SP69 set?

  8. jeff says

    Silver sub <$17 looks like $15 just around the corner. I think its over done on the down side, however I'm a buyer of bullion at these levels. Cagcrisp bhof are turning positive must of found extra in the closets, I'll wait for the yearly audit report..

  9. Eagle One says

    Five 8s, six 7s, and two 6s.

    I would think so; since the increase would be exponential. However, no SP-70s exist yet. Judging from the population data; I estimate that an SP70 FS will never happen. The UNC Set series, for the most part, has been struck slightly off center and this will most likely prevent any possible 70s. This has been true for every UNC HR Kennedy I’ve seen. The neat part about the UNC Set series has been the wide range of grades and the lack of any 70s. Additionally, trying to put together a matched grade set gets difficult in the high grades.

  10. Wes says

    Okay I will have to check that centering out. Didn’t see any other defects.. So SP69 is probably best I can get with the centering. being off or would that make it a 68? I don’t care about FS or ER. designation.


  11. Eagle One says


    SP-69 is the holy grail for the UNC Set Series but they are way out of my price league. I’m personally going after the SP-68s. The D mints will be the toughest to get without spots. Trying to put together a matched P&D set of the same grade is what collectors tend to do. An SP-68 P&D matched pair without spots is a good goal.

  12. Eagle One says


    Maybe I misinterpreted what you are trying to do. Sounds like you already have some raw UNC sets from the mint. My best advice for determining the grades of your coins…put them in a flat bed scanner using a piece of flat black paper as a background. Take scans of the obverse and reverse, then compare them to the scans of the same certified coins on eBay. Pay close attention to the fields and look for scratches or digs on the devices (especially, the obverse cheek, reverse shield). Mirror like fields are the key. I hope this helps. I always visually screen and dip my modern coins in Lindner Coin Cleaner before sending them off to a grader. Oil and grime are always left behind from the minting process.

  13. VA Bob says

    I have to agree with Bob R. One would believe these coins are a rarity, their not. They are still being sold by the Mint, there will be more. Who pays these prices? The price paid for grading, slabbing, and shipping was probably more than this still warm from the press coin is worth IMO. 20 or 30 bucks will probably be its value in 50 more years, if the owner is lucky.

  14. Clark says

    Nice article, but old news, except for the images. News from the Mint is likely to be slow for the rest of October, then pick up on the 28th. After that, news about the silver Kennedy anniversary set and the Mint’s website may have to carry us through the rest of 2014 and into 2015. It’s been a busy year. We deserve the respite.

  15. Eagle One says

    We will see. Only time will tell. Personally, I feel that the coin is unique in a number of ways.

  16. VA Bob says

    Eagle One – If it’s your coin on ebay, I hope you get the sale, but as far as unique goes, I beg to differ. Not arguing the grade so much (that’s subjective and it is a photo of a coin in a holder) but the price. But then, CV had all six 2009 US Territories and DC quarters in NGC Ultra High Cameo PF70 on yesterday for $100, and I thought that was too much. IMO that’s why the counterfeiting business is so lucrative. People drive up the “value” of these, IMO, low value coins and the counterfeiters go to work that much sooner on coins they wouldn’t have even entertained to bother with. They know they can get $$$ from the unsuspecting or uniformed.

    The JFK silvers are truly going to be a collectors coin. Why? because as soon as the Mint gets it to your door and the 7 day return passes, the value of the set, my guess, goes to almost half the issue price. Of course their will be the flurry of label gimmicks to make people feel good about the coin and sell for a profit. Those label buyers will have a long wait for their coins to break even (barring a huge spike in silver prices). Those in for the long haul will be lucky they are in for the long haul be cause that what it’s going to take. The coins do look great though.

  17. Doug says

    Sorry if someone has alreasy mentioned this, but if not, the Mints’ website is now open. It seemed harder to me to find info faster. Under enrollments it says the 2014 enrollment price for the 5 oz america the beautiful is $139.45. I therefor do not know if the original subscription discount ever changed. Only time will tell I guess.

  18. Eagle One says

    eBay has uses other that buying and selling. When the photography is good; you can get a window into the grading standards.

  19. thePhelps says

    Kind of disappointed to see my order history goes back 2 years and ends on the new website. I liked my history going back to 2000 (1) as it had in the past.

    I am looking forward to the silver Kennedy offering. The reverse proof and enhanced half look particularly good in these photos. The way the Eagle is defined is going to look very good in hand.

    That said – the striations shown on the Obverse of the Enhanced coin are a little worrisome. They remind me of the silver proof set I purchased this year.

  20. VA Rich says

    Doug – if you go to Shop > Product Enrollements, if shows “2014 enrollment price is $154.95 per unit”

  21. Frankie says

    I haven’t been able to find items no longer available on the new US Mint website. Can anyone point me in that direction?

  22. fmtransmitter says

    Feast or Famine, under$17 today? Will the Mint lower it’s product pricing on silver offerings?

  23. Sith says

    Arches ATB bullion sold out at 22K,. As a FYI the P version sold just under 27K. Who was it that called me a flipper for switching back to the bullion versions?

  24. Sith says

    FMT – They will not, it takes days or weeks days to raise the price, but months to lower them.

  25. fmtransmitter says

    Childhood dream was to be a Coast Guard rescue Helicopter Pilot. Never happened but collect all things Coast Guard, good friend is retired CG, neighbor is too. Well the BEP Intaglio just came and it is a stunner! Already sold out! Just did an un boxing video. So glad I got mine to add to the collection. Vid post soon! If you like or collect paper currency, these are really beautiful…

  26. Blair J Tobler says

    I was looking at the full product schedule and it shows “2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set” schedules for 11/20/2014. Does anyone know anything about this set? They don’t have a price listed for it.

  27. thePhelps says

    The last price drop in silver took place around $19… the price of silver has gone up to $25 or so with no price increase… I expect it is going to have to hit $15 and stay before we get a price reduction.

  28. Doug says

    Interesting the enrollment price has changed since I first looked at it at 1:25 a.m. from $139.45 to this mornings price of $154.95. Must still be working out system glitches.

  29. stephen m says

    It would be nice if we knew where the bottom is for the metals? I have an instinct that’s telling me silver is going a lot lower, maybe $7.80-$8.80 range. Some say that’s not possible with higher mining cost these days but the big players have to put the little man out of business and lower price will be how they do it. Same principal with most things.

  30. Louis says

    Apologies if this was already covered, but what is the deal with our accounts on the new Mint site? When I try to log on, it asks me to reset my password. Is that what other people are getting? Thanks.

  31. Brad says

    It told me the same thing, Louis.

    Regarding the silver price, I thought the Mint last took action around $23. So, I figured that if the price got below $18 and stayed there for very long, another $5 per ounce drop might occur. I haven’t seen any signs of that as yet, though.

  32. Blair J Tobler says

    Louis – yeah, I had the same thing – I was overdue to change mine anyway.
    One thing I liked was that the new site let me change my credit card info – the old system would never accept my attempts to change account info.

  33. Sith says

    @stephen m – I don’t think we will get that low, but anything is possible. Fundamentals, rules, laws, don’t matter…”These Guys Can Do Whatever The Hell They Want. “

  34. cagcrisp says

    Yeah. I had to reset my password as well. For those keeping score, I exited a large portion of my stock portfolio this morning. I do Not like the trading patterns…

  35. VA Bob says

    Louis – I had to reset mine as well. It was quite odd. It had a drop down with security questions, but apparently it didn’t default to the question I selected so long ago, I had to answer most of them until it got an answer it liked. I couldn’t remember which it was from decades ago. One would believe it would default to the question it had on file for the customer.

    As mentioned, a lot of the history is now gone. Mine now goes back to Jan 2008 (used to go back to 2002, and even into the 90’s before an earlier change ). It was a useful tool, sorry to see that information gone. Not sure how much I like the new pages. Might just be a matter of getting use to it, but from an appearance standpoint, I currently don’t feel it’s an improvement over the old layout. Hopefully performance will be better.

  36. stephen m says

    @Sith or anyone, Any thoughts as to how low silver will go. Lower metal prices wold be welcomed by all here I would think. A big dip will present many buying opportunities for us. I think double the low price of 1989-1990, around $4.50 an ounce ?, is possible. Maybe cagcrisp could perhaps chart our predictions for all if he is willing to accept the duty.

  37. VA Bob says

    Anyone that has a CC set on the Mint site for quick checkout or subscriptions, might want to have a look on the new site to ensure it’s still there. I check mine and no CC was listed on file.

  38. VA Bob says

    Stephen M – IMO silver will not get down to >$5. Besides Cag just sold his stock portfolio, so PM will be going up. 😀

  39. stephen m says

    VA Bob, The mint site won’t let me sign in. Since this is the first day of the new site and I’ve not any purchases to make I’ll give it some time and see what happens. Thanks.

  40. VA Bob says

    FM – Not sure why the UNC Civil Rights coin is on back order. Hard to imagine these flying of the shelves at $50 a pop. Maybe the Mint is trying to generate some interest to move this turkey out of inventory.

  41. stephen m says

    VA Bob, I was meaning double the price of 1989-1990 low which would be $9.00 an ounce for the new bottom for silver. Cag will just buy the stock portfolio back after the crash and make “mo money”.

  42. VA Bob says

    Stephen M – It wouldn’t let me in until I changed my password. First I had to guess which security question I gave the Mint so many years ago (it will reject it if you select the incorrect question. Say if you put your first car make in years ago and try now to enter your mothers maiden name). Once you select the right question/answer combo, the Mint will send an email to you with a link on it to change your password. You should be in after that. Good luck.

  43. Sith says

    @stephen m – They are forcing a password reset, read the posts above.

    I noticed the new ships rates, it will be interesting to see if standard shipping will work when the big boys will be ordering next day on massive quantities, or will you be forced to pay for next day shipping to get your coins in time? Just curious as I never paid attention to the old systems, but will the type of shipping you choose have more of an impact on when your coins ship than the order number?

  44. VA Bob says

    Silver did hit $8.XX briefly in 2009. It would be great if it happened. Not sure if the powers that be in the PM industry will allow that to happen. As far as Cag goes, I’m still trying to figure out how to get on his Christmas list, I like the presents he gives. 😉

  45. VA Bob says

    Sith – They say No, but I have my doubts. They have a given number of people filling orders, expedited (or whatever they call it now) is going to take priority. The old method is now the budget method. Use to be no shipping costs. I don’t mind pay for shipping, but it should be harder now for the Mint to justify these huge premiums. It isn’t. I can understand “no cost” to the public, that shouldn’t automatically mean gouge the collector. Do they expect us to single handedly reduce the national debt?

  46. cagcrisp says

    @VA Bob, Thanks for pointing out that the cc information was missing. Mine was gone also. For some reason when I reset my cc information today it still would Not let me check out until I put in the “security code” on the cc.

    I dummied up three separate sales and it Never would let me Checkout until I Added the security code. So maybe the security code will Have to be added with every sale…

    The old system did Not do that…

  47. VA Bob says

    Lol with the Mint’s effort to modernize its website and make it into a modern shopping experience, there is one glaring omission that comparable sites have… a “Contact Us” feature. They want the web sales experience but they still don’t want the customer feedback (positive or negative) where they are asked to provide a response. That expenditure on service would help justify the high premiums.

  48. Sith says

    @VA Bob – I remember that price, as far as the PM industry I always say they are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Then add that the PM industry is one of the few that will actually pay someone (WGC) to go out of their way to bad mouth their own product.

  49. cagcrisp says

    I just went and flipped the Inactive switch on My Product Enrollments. Without a discount I don’t see Any advantages of enrollments unless you fall asleep when new products are introduced…

  50. VA Bob says

    Cag – Yeah, that’s interesting. I don’t even recall the Mint using the CC security number at all before. I’m all for the added security, but it kind of puts a damper on quick orders (unless one memorizes the security number). I do get concerned when any part of the government has all the pieces of my financial instruments, so maybe it’s a good thing, especially if the Mint’s records ever get hacked.

  51. Eddie says

    I have to sign in everytime I go to a different place on the website and I can’t even check on my orders I have ordered. WTF is going on?

  52. VA Bob says

    Sith – I missed that, dang. I retract my previous comment on the subject. But, I am still curious how well it will work and if it will solve issues effectively. I would love to see customer comments displayed there on each product. I’d love to comment about the milk spot issue on the clad JFK halfs.

  53. Jon in CT says

    The K14 Kennedy clad half-dollar uncirculated two-coin set has an unusual status of “Not Currently Available” and you cannot add it to your “bag” (i.e. shopping cart) and you cannot add it to your “wishlist.” Instead, there is only a “Remind Me” button and no hint of when the product might become available again, if ever. ???

    The NR3 Arches 5 oz silver AtB coin has a status of “Back Order” with no indication of when the product will become available for shipping again. However, hitting the “Back Order” button on its product page will place it in your “bag” and you can then go and examine your bag’s contents and find an estimated Ship Date there. What a kludge.

    And I already miss the “No Longer Available” category which used to be found under “Product Schedule.” 🙁

  54. VA Bob says

    Eddie – Make sure you allow the Mints cookie on your computer. Are you signed in? Not sure if anyone was able to get in without a password change. The site will display your first name at the top when you are signed in.

  55. VA Bob says

    LOL the Mint is still trying to push the “bag” on us. Now it’s there in place of the shopping cart.

  56. Louis says

    Sith or someone else said yesterday that Arches bullion was sold out. Where did you hear that?

  57. cagcrisp says

    They sure got some bugs to work out.
    Let’s say I am Brand New to the Site. Open up a New Account and I want to buy the “Most Popular” Gold Coin. I’m just excited to get the Most Popular Gold Coin that the United States Mint is selling. Oh Boy!!

    Guess which Gold Coin is the “Most Popular” Gold Coin?

    Dang I sure would NOT have Guessed that “Ellen Wilson 2013 First Spouse Series One-Half Ounce Gold Uncirculated Coin” was the Answer…

    All this time I thought that the First Spouse series was Not popular. Dang. Look at what Popular coins I have been Missing…

  58. Ikaika says

    After reading the comments here, went to the US Mint website. Had to reset PW. Also have my old ATB subscription still active. It is saying the next shipment will be Jan 1st 2015. No more playing around. Will wait until they sort out the bugs to go back in.

  59. A different Jeff says

    I noticed the K14 has the ‘Out of Stock’ as well, so went exploring and found BOTH Presidential dollar 4-coin uncirculated sets have been similarly tagged. If you click on either the P or D mint the link, it takes you to that item page and shows ‘You might also like’ items at the bottom, which includes the other mint’s set and allows you to add to the bag, so maybe it is an error. Will check with Live Chat to see how that feature works.

  60. A different Jeff says

    Checked with ‘Live Chat’. Please wait… then No operator available. Try Again Later.

  61. Brad says

    Something else I noticed yesterday that reinforces the Arches 5 oz. bullion coin sellout was that it was the only one of the 2014 designs where the number sold did not grow a little bit in the last Mint update.

    It’s weird that it was cut off at only 22,000. It seems to be a pretty well-received design. At current silver prices, the coin is a real bargain. I bought one of those APMEX “Mint Direct” sealed tubes before the sellout. If I had the cash available, I’d buy some more singles. It could end up sporting a pretty hefty premium like some of the 2012’s, even if silver spot stays low.

  62. jy says

    $99.95 at current silver prices? should get adjusted down… but by october 28th, silver might be $25+/oz again… either way, i’ll buy a set. enhanced uncirculated frosting, yum…

  63. Louis says

    Until the Mint says Arches is sold out I don’t buy it. Last time the number was a round 20K I asked the Mint and they said no they are still taking orders. While I like both companies mentioned, I often find misleading info. from various dealers about coins being sold out. Whether that is an error or is designed to drum up sales, I can’t say, but until the Mint announces it, any claims from dealers mean nothing to me. There is, for ex., a dealer who does a lot of business in world coins who routinely says sold out on pre-order and often that is not the case.

  64. Eddie says

    It is telling me now they don’t have my email. This isn’t right everything should have gone over to the new system shouldn’t it have?

  65. Louis says

    This must be password reset day as the RCM also required everyone to do that. Anyone else? Perth perhaps?

  66. Sith says

    @Louis – APMEX and Provident Metals have it listed it as sold out at the mint. I trust both sources, and APMEX is a AP, as such they generally know when something is sold out before anyone else.

  67. cagcrisp says

    Concerning the Arches 5oz Silver bullion sales:

    August sales 1,200
    w/e 09/21/14 sales 300
    w/e 09/28/14 sales 0
    Sept sales through 09/28/14 800
    Total YTD Sales 22,000

  68. jy says

    @cagcrisp – yea, probably won’t happen – but would help justify $100 for this set. doesn’t really matter anyway. once we bomb Iran and Hillary Clinton wins president, silver will be well over $25 🙂 i wonder what the reverse design for the Bill Clinton first spouse coin will feature? haha…

  69. thePhelps says

    @Brad – the last mint price reduction was in July 2013 and silver was hovering @ less than $19.25 an ounce. Silver has gone back up to $25 or so and is now down around $17… I’d guess it will have to sit around $15 before I’d get to excited about a price change.


    @Louis – I also got the password reset 1st before I went into the new Mint website. I see plenty of the Arches bullions still on eBay as well… but I already got mine anyway. 🙂

  70. Sith says

    @Louis – These are bullion items, and I have yet to see APMEX call a sellout and it not be sold out. However until the mint declares a sellout the mintage numbers can still go up. IE APMEX could have emptied them out of the last batch but considering the mintage, it was worth my while to pick a few more up.

    @stephen m – I have no idea on the sliver price, I would say we are at the bottom, I don’t see silver going below the current price, and I do see a rapid regain back to the $19-$20 level but then I was blindsided with it hitting below $17. Even the most adamant hater would admit that PMs do better in times of crisis, we currently have Ebola, a possible bond crisis (Pimco resumptions in a empty market), civil unrest in Hong Kong, ISIS, crisis with Russia, and major fluctuations in the stock market, but silver just tanked hard, so I have no clue

  71. says

    Anyone else having problem with scripts on the Mint’s webpage causing Firefox to crash? I’ve had to go back to using *spit* Internet Explorer in order to browse.

    I’ll add my voice to the chorus of those who had to reset their passwords. Also, my stored credit card information was not rolled over. It might have been nice if the mint had told us we would need to re-add this information ahead of time instead of leaving users to browse. I’m debating on whether to try ordering something today.

    As for the actual topic of the post, the mint really needs to get better stock photos. The photo Michael put of the reverse proof Kennedy on the blog a few weeks ago is FAR more attractive than these terrible stock photos. Perth Mint has the same problem too.

  72. gary says

    @CaptnO… I use Safari and got onto Mint website no problem and had to update password just as everyone has. I was surprised as you that the credit card info did not carry forward & had to renter it.
    As to the images, I agree with you about better Mint stock photos, except I have reason to believe that the photos are actually very nice digital representations and not actual photos or else they are photos airbrushed in PhotoShop and give a kind of phony looking uniform appearance.

  73. Louis says

    For the maple leaf lovers out there there is a nice incused fractional set and a glow-in-the-dark one too coming next week!

  74. Eagle One says

    I can confirm “The Other Jeff’s” comment. The Kennedy Clad UNC Sets are listed as “Out of Stock.”

  75. A&L Futures says

    @ Eagle One

    I just saw the same thing – 50th Anniversary Kennedy 2014 Half-Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set (Out of Stock)

  76. says

    I also want to mention additional items of interest since I went ahead and ordered something, partially just to test the site out.

    The first is that there’s now a box for “Promo Codes” at checkout, which indicates the Mint may implement discount codes in the future (perhaps occasional free shipping codes?). That would be a nice feature depending on how it got used. I hope it does get used.

    The second thing is that the “one click ordering” of the old Quick Checkout of the past is gone. You need to input your CC’s security code, and then it runs a script which causes a box to pop up where you have to click a checkmark to tell the mint you understand the terms of service. THEN you get to click “order.”

    The third thing is that the mint no longer sends you a proper receipt until some time after your order has been input. When you do an order, you are sent a confirmation email with your order number, which says “We are currently processing your recent catalog.usmint.gov order. You should receive a confirmation E-mail in the next 24 hours with more details.” The actual email showing your order summary does not show up until later.

    I input my order at 2:29 and the second email with the actual order summary arrived at 2:54. I’m sure this additional waiting period is going to cause anxiety attacks during high traffic/hot release days.

    I also really hope they fix the buggy script. The site is nearly impossible to access with Firefox (tried from multiple computers), and not all the features seem to work properly with Internet Explorer. It’s a real pain right now, and if it’s still like this when the silver Kennedies are released, ordering them is going to be very painful, especially if the website is overloaded.


    I do understand these are “digitized” photos. To me, however, they do a bad job of representing what the product looks like and “selling” the product to a customer. Nearly every time I’ve ordered something from the mint, it always looks better on hand than in their stock photo. Good pictures like Michael’s also frankly do more to sell these to me than the stock photos.

  77. Eagle One says


    Let’s hope it stays that way. They’ve blown it with the spotted Ds. They should quit while they are ahead. Besides, the FS window is closed and the party is over.

  78. A&L Futures says

    FYSA – PCGS has updated its POP Report for the 50th Anniversary Kennedy 2014 Half-Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set

    The “P” version now has a (FS) POP of 29
    The “D” version now has a (FS) POP of 19

    What’s alarming (to this blogger) is that the Chicago ANA (FS) “P” version, which had a POP of 1 has since jumped to 3 and the “D” version, which had NO SP69s now has a POP of 1. I thought they were done grading show coins? WTF

  79. Eagle One says

    I think the numbers were just updated today. It’s October 1st. The first day of the last quarter.

  80. Eddie says

    Do you actually have to change the password?
    It asks for e-mail or user name then password do I wput in a different one than the one I have been using?

  81. says

    Hi Eddie,

    To change your password, you have to input your login information as normal. You will then get a message telling you your password has expired. You will then be presented with the security questions you made when you originally set up your account. You will need to choose the “main” one (mine was my mother’s maiden name) and type in the correct answer.

    Once you’ve provided an answer, the mint will send an automated message to your email address with a link you click to reset your password. Your new password can be identical to your old one… provided it is at least eight characters long. My old one was just six and so I had to change it.

  82. Sith says

    For those that were asking it looks like the mint updated bullion numbers today, and it looks like Arches will stay with a mintage of 22K. As a FYI the mint sold 750K of ASEs yesterday and 1.15 million ASEs today. I suspect the will institute the ASE allocation soon.

  83. Hawkster says

    Captain O,

    I had the same experience as you, in that “incorrect information” came up for the security question until I finally got to the “main” one, which, in my case was city where I was born. I was then able to reset a password.
    I also noticed that, although my address information remained on my account, the credit card information did not. I had to enter that information.

  84. David says

    It’s probably time to retire this series. After this collection would be the appropriate time. Seems senseless producing a coin strictly for collectors if the coins aren’t going to be circulated. Nobody uses these anyways like those dreaded chuckie cheese tokens called dollar coins.

  85. drjoe says

    Getting caught up on my mint reading tonight. I also bailed out of majority of stocks this am when S&P down 10 pts. Agree with cagcrisp. Trading patterns very concerning. Not sure about where silver is headed. Lots of good comments on here tho. Pretty sure NOT down at the mint regardless. Thanks for the update on the Zombucks Ikaika. Always pick up some for kids and grandkids as they get a kick out giving the copper ones to friends at school. Guess have to head to mint site and suck it up and reconfigure my account. Only seems fair. The office just put in a new EMR system last month that killed production by 50% while we are learning it and today in the ER they have updated the ‘old’ EMR and I think my patients have seen the IT guys more than me due to the crashes. Not what I signed up for 35 years ago I promise.
    Thanks to all who give me a welcome respite almost on a daily basis even tho I rarely comment. You all are certainly appreciated. Evenly the dysfunctional ones. And you know who you are! LOL

  86. Jon in CT says

    For reference, PFSweb’s press release about today’s Mint catalog website “Go Live” can be found here.

    BTW, I also sold some stock today. A few days ago, on the one year anniversary of my purchase of PFSW shares, I submitted a Good-Til-Cancelled order to sell half my PFSW shares with a limit price exactly twice my original purchase price, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the order was actually executed early this afternoon. Cha-ching!

  87. Eagle One says



    The math does not agree on the 2014-P UNC SP69 Column (3+25+4+29= 61). They show 88 Total?

    The math does not agree on the 2014-D UNC SP-69 Column (1+19=20). They show 52 Total?

    Am I doing something wrong? Something doesn’t look right here. Is something missing? Can someone with population analysis experience take a look at the totals. There appears to be mystery coins included in the sum total header that are not included in the sub columns. Expand 530183. Someone with experience please advise. I checked a number of other population reports and the sub columns equal the sum total header.

  88. Eddie says

    CO I did it but I can’t find out about the one I am already enrolled into. So I can change the amounts I have ordered.

  89. VA Rich says


    Where is the tab or subcategory that shows all Annual Coin Sets available for purchase???

    Not sets just under “Other Coins” or “Annual Sets just for THIS year” or sets eligible for “Enrollment”…, but where can I find ALL the Annual Set being offered currently.

    Hint.., you’re Enrollment page shows a picture of a 2013 set and offer enrollment for a 2015 product.., so where did the 2013’s go?

    1 – You need a tab that will show ALL Annual Sets for sale

    2 – Bring back the No Longer Available tab – let’s guess the guesswork out of it please –

  90. VA Rich says

    “take” the guess work out of it –

    Someone see something about a Coin & Currency set??? Where did you find that?

    Oh, and where’s the products that have yet to be assigned a release date on the Product Schedule?

    US Mint – LESPS 2014?

  91. VA Rich says

    What does Back Order, Out of Stock and Sold Out mean?

    Back Order: When products are in “Back Order” status, this means that the product is available for sale, however there is no inventory in stock and a future ship date is displayed on our website. Products in this status can still be ordered online or through the customer contact center.

    Out Of Stock: When products are in an “Out of Stock” status, this means we do not have inventory of the product and we do not have an anticipated in stock date. Products in this status cannot be ordered online or through our customer contact center, but you can request to be reminded when the product will be returning to sale (through the “Remind Me” function on the product detail page.)

    Sold Out: Products in “Sold Out” status are no longer in stock in our warehouses, and will they will no longer be available for sale online or through the customer contact center in the future. Products in this status will be removed from the website in the near future. You may not order these products now or in the future.

    If you have any questions – please reach out to our Customer Contact Center. Their contact information can be found on our customer service page.

  92. CasualCollector says

    @Eagle One

    I’m new to the PCGS Population Report (so this is just my opinion). I was going under the “assumption” that the differences are coins that are NOT designated “First Strike” or “Chicago” etc… They are just “regular” label graded SP69… That’s how I was reading the report…

  93. VA Rich says

    US MINT – please provide a selection for a Product Schedule for all products and their respective release date, not just the immediate offerings with a know date. Just like the past view that was available.

  94. VA Rich says

    US MINT – please import over all Order History transaction beyond January 2008, it really is useful information that I reference to often.

  95. VA Rich says

    Thanks cag

    2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set – this must be the Discovery Set for $24.95?

  96. VA Rich says

    Shenandoah National Park 2014 Uncirculated Five Ounce Silver Coin
    Philadelphia (P)

    The expected in-stock date is Fri Sep 26 2014.

  97. VA Rich says

    Just FYI – AtB BU – GSD went up 500 today from 12,000 very early this a.m. to 12,500 now. No movement on the others

  98. cagcrisp says

    The 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set does not have a price showing..
    According to the Federal Register the Discovery Set is $24.95. If they were the same I would think it would be listed as such.

  99. Jon in CT says

    Getting back to the original blog entry here, what’s the least expensive strategy to acquire all FIVE silver 2014 Kennedy half-dollar coins issued this year?

  100. jeff says

    I’m seriously doubting the US Mints ability come later this month on the release of the 4 silver Kennedy’s if they can’t get their Web site working properly what would make anyone think that a debacle is evident. If they can’t fix the little things I can only assume when the big day comes all hell will break loose ,the only good is I will be watching this catastrophy on the sidelines I’ll order 5 days after the release I’m presuming the better coins are on the bottom.

  101. Louis says

    The Mint sold over a million ASE’s yesterday, so demand for silver is very strong at these levels. Instead of bottom fishing, if you have the funds buy some bullion at these levels. You will be glad you did later.

  102. Jon in CT says

    jeff, I sense you have a deep understanding of how large-scale interactive software products are developed, integrated, tested, and deployed. NOT!

    Maybe you should just have another belt and remained quiet?

  103. Louis says

    There will be more than enough silver JFK’s to go around. Unless you are chomping at the bit for first strike labels, I’d wait a couple days and get what you want with no hassles. And even if you want graded coins by now it should be quite clear you are better off buying them from dealers who have them graded rather than sending ’em in, which is a sucker’s game.

  104. jeff says

    Well Johnny I suppose that’s the way they do things inferior product equals inferior service sort of what you spout with every word on this blog.

  105. Hawkster says

    My 9/18 order for the Shenandoah 5 oz showed “in stock and reserved” and “in process” before the old website shut down. I checked my order status again today after the new website was launched. It showed “back ordered”. How the hell does an order go from “in stock and reserved” to “back ordered”?

  106. Dave says

    @jeff say, October 1, 2014 at 9:18 pm:
    “Well Johnny I suppose that’s the way they do things inferior product equals inferior service sort of what you spout with every word on this blog.”

    As I have previously stated– this this guy has issues.

  107. jeff says

    Hey Dave that’s the best you can come up with seriously . Dave says “you can’t take his serious” classic comment .

  108. jeff says

    Dreadful exhibition of playoff baseball in Pittsburgh by the home team it’s the sixth inning and the fans are filing out. The joint is empty, I bet most of the patrons are hanging out around the beer stands . 8 love for the visitors if interested. The BUCS have their scrubs in pitching.

  109. KEITHSTER says

    Oh Oh please close your eyes Wtf is going on can’t gain entry to my own account at the mint been at it all day. Way worse then the 5pac. and didn’t even get any of those!! Whose bright idea was this new site and were did they find these gulocks? My computer warns me not to do it but can’t anyway someone needs a sharp burning stick were it should not go!! Were are my instock and reserved BHOF unc$ & Kennedy halves ordered in the first min. sounds like they will be gone with the wind like the last company with which I was ok with. Wonder how much this is going cost in lost sales watch the #’s next week ouch?? Might be done Myself if they don’t get this and their sticks back on track and put out!! Good Luck Mint Your going to need more than that And So Are We:>:>:>

  110. sharks2th says

    First orders are now shipping. My 8/12 order for the clad Kennedy set is going out tonight with delivery before 10:30 tomorrow. It looks like this old order kept the free delivery upgrade. These were coming with the 2 day service and now this is next day air. The Mint website kept changing the shipping tracking number this evening, but the confirmation email had a trackable number on the UPS website.

    Maybe some of the items are showing out of stock because they haven’t finished restocking all of the items in the new warehouse.

  111. jeff says

    KEITHSTER As Aaron Rodgers said R E L A X The mint or this 3rd party vendor has been working hard on this site for the last 10-11 months they roll out $ hit and we’re to accept it for now. JON from CT gives the mint a pass it’s time he goes and hibernates in the north country.

  112. GoldFishin says

    Don’t worry about the website on opening day for JFK silver….nothing will happen that another 200 million won’t fix. Oh, never mind….that was another website I was thinking about. I am completely sure this website will be ready to go come crunch time, since it was contracted out to the private sector. Wait a minute…. that other one was also, and pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. Just make sure you can remember at least one of five security questions so you can reset your password. 🙂 And don’t forget your CC security code to make it easier for the Russian hackers to wipe out your credit balance. 🙁

  113. Dave says

    @jeff says, October 1, 2014 at 10:43 pm:
    “Hey Dave that’s the best you can come up with seriously . Dave says “you can’t take his serious” classic comment .”

    I’m referring to “Jon,” now you’ve done it — made me say his name.Yeah, can’t take him serious — seriously. It is classic isn’t it — LOL.

  114. Dave says

    @Jeff — by the way — no, it is not the best I can come up with; however, I just do not want to get him started.

  115. VA Rich says

    Hawster – the one big improvement I was hoping to see was accurate back order dates of product availability and expected shipping updates. Having seen many items last night that should be IS&R as their in stock dates are reported as last week, it appears we’re not there yet.

    I am going to take a cue from Ikaika and check in in a week or two to see what’s been fixed. I hope behind the scenes, this sucker processes orders real quick .., otherwise it’s much ado about nothing.

  116. VA Rich says

    Expedited Shipping – You will be charged $17.95 for the United States Mint’s Expedited Shipping option.

    – Orders with Merchandise valued at $300 or more with a standard delivery option chosen will receive a complimentary upgrade to Expedited Shipping.

    – Shipments containing any gold or platinum United States Mint collectibles with a standard delivery option chosen will receive a complimentary upgrade to Expedited Shipping. If you choose expedited shipping you will be charged a fee of $12.95 regardless of if your shipment contains any gold or platinum United States Mint collectibles.

    Interesting that I could buy a gold Kennedy and have it shipped Budget, so who is at risk if not delivered?
    Is a signature required to sign for it?

  117. VA Rich says

    Next Day Shipping

    You will be charged $20.95 for the United States Mint’s Next Day Shipping option.
    Packages shipped using the United States Mint’s Next Day Shipping option typically arrive the following business day IF the order is received BY NOON ET.

    The mint’s new releases are AT NOON – so you’re really at 2 days for receipt of a new release item, if it falls within the criteria of Expedited for a PM product, that you can get for $12.95?

  118. ClevelandRocks says

    Can’t log into my account. No intuitive tabs. Hope my 15 year purchase history is still there.

  119. VA Rich says

    Here it is – Orders with merchandise valued at $300 or more or, orders containing any precious metals will require an auto signature upon delivery.

  120. VA Rich says

    I got to the Check Out button with a gold JFK, a Buff, and an UNC AGE and the budget shipping option remained, I’m surprised to see that. I was expecting it to require shipping of a higher lever. just fyi

  121. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Nice set. I wonder if the 2015 halves will bear the restored portrait. Or will the remainder of the 2014 regular proof sets change the portraits to the new making the old rare.

    Also will the clad halves have a mintage less than 200,000? This will probably drive down the price of the “king” silver 2012 half mintage 444,000 from $100 to $50 or less.

  122. fmtransmitter says

    David says
    OCTOBER 1, 2014 AT 5:29 PM

    It’s probably time to retire this series. After this collection would be the appropriate time.
    Now is the time….

  123. says

    I just logged in to the Mint’s new site. My ATB 5oz subs are still there…however, it looks like they combined my 2 ATB subs into 1….(I was getting 2 in one shipment and 1 in the other as I like to keep one set in the unopened Mint shipping box).

    Looked at my History, or lack thereof….I had NONE.

    Also, like others, I had to add back my credit card(s).

  124. Hawkster says

    I had to wait unusually long times for a customer representative both times that I called the Mint yesterday to determine the status of an order. When I questioned the second representative as to the unusually long wait times, she said they were swamped with calls from customers who could not re-set their password to get on the new website.

  125. Hawkster says

    It’s been a rough several days for you in regard to your hometown sports teams. I hope you’ve come back off the porch after last night’s stinger. Geez, besides the pro teams’ losses, even the U. of Pittsburgh dropped their game on Saturday.

  126. Louis says

    @jhawk- They will be released next week by the RCM and dealers like Gatewest and Talisman.
    Right now they are only available for ordering to Master’s Club members.

  127. KEITHSTER says

    Man thats one morning meeting I would have liked to be at.Well yes we think the new site is going well small glitch though we did loose all your customers but some are fighting their way back and the rest well someday maybe and then a loud bang? Now I know I’m about as computer savy as a box of rocks!Oh by the way my agate rock collections are looking better all the time now.Had to call the bank line to find a pending $54.70 on sept. 30th am thinking it’s for the 5 Kennedy sets ordered in the first min. of the first day as they went on hold then instock and reserved till now so now if the pending charge goes off we still won’t know the rest of the story yet? Hope they are the new pressing and not the junk returns or that they even make it here? Had no problems spending all the money I could with the old system and now can’t spend a dime with the new good work boys!! If it ain’t broke we’ll fixit don’t worry be happy. So Good Luck All And Happy Thoughts All:>:>:>

  128. Hawkster says


    Call 1 800 USA MINT, wait about 20 minutes to get a customer service representative, and let him or her know that you can’t re-set your password. The rep will help you re-set it.

  129. Zaz says

    Gotta love the US Mint. The old site was easy to navigate, the new clunker takes 10x as long to find a specific item if it’s not featured or at the top. Conspiciously cumbersome and inelegant. Leave it a government entity to fix and overhaul the entire apparatus, when only the back end ops needed servicing. Probably the back end is perfect now while the front end is totally compromised. Let’s make the problems with this entity visible to our core customer base, shall we? While were at at it, let’s discard the information of most of our loyal customers. Nice going, PSFWeb & U.S. Mint! Are you listening? Your numismatic division is accountable to NO ONE, so you can do whatever you like, whenever you like. Is it any wonder your customers love to hate on you as you’re the only game in tome to fresh releases? Bravo! Congratulations on a job poorly executed!

  130. Blair J Tobler says

    Zaz – agreed about navigating the new site. You used to be able to go into, for example, the ATB quarters section and there would be sub-categories (3-coin sets, annual sets, etc.) and within those, all the 2014 products would be listed together, then the 2013, 2012 and so on. Now all the ATB products are lumped together and in random order. It’s frustrating trying to find what you’re looking for.

  131. Hawkster says

    Agreed. The only way I was able to bring up the 5 oz ATB’s was to go under silver coins. As you stated in your example, I would think there would be a ATB quarters category where one could find the various offerings (as the old site had). This new site needs additional work to meets its supposed goal of being easier to navigate.

  132. cagcrisp says

    US Mint:
    EVERY time I go to the site I get ‘script errors’ Multiple times. Stop script and then move on and then it freezes and.. then the same process over and over and over…Repeat…Repeat…Repeat

    I use Firefox

  133. Tinto says


    “…I am completely sure this website will be ready to go come crunch time, since it was contracted out to the private sector. Wait a minute…. that other one was also, ….”

    If the Mint is like any other govt agency … it’s probably the same people at the Mint overseeing the “development” and roll out of this new website.

    I’m sure the Chinese will be giving the Russians a run for their money in terms of the hacking ….

  134. says

    VA RIch,

    If you’re still reading this thread, could you do me a favor and let us know how your order fulfilment goes? As far as I know you’re the first reader who has spoken up about buying a high-value gold item from the mint since the changeover.

    I am particularly interested in knowing:

    1. Whether your shipping is upgraded
    -If yes, does the mint charge you more?
    2. Which carrier actually brings the package to your door – USPS, UPS, FedEx, someone else.

  135. VA Rich says

    CO – sorry for the misunderstanding, I just took my gold bag to the last step of “Complete Order” and there was no adjustments made, hence why it seemed apparent that it would go through upon clicking the final button with the Bargain shipping. Nah, I’m totally out of coin bongos for the year as the money tree as been drained dry.., but I’ll be glad to pipe back in when the UHR is released! 🙂

    With the increase in shipping, I’ll like limit next year’s buys to a consolidated purchase each quarter, unless I really, really have to have overnight, which isn’t likely.

  136. Art says

    The Order History is definitely screwed up. On one of my orders there are 17 items. When I click I only can see 5 and there’s no scroll bar. Plus the 2008 backwards limit.

  137. jeff says

    I guess it’s true the lowest bidder is not the best choice most of the time. It’s unfortunate that the site is screwed up but we need to be diligent with voicing our concerns that’s the only way the mint will make changes.

  138. billb says

    I agree,the new website is a disaster. I also get scirpt errors every step of the way (using IE browser). Cleared cookies, tried different computer. Unable to reset password though I’ve tried several times. Ridiculous.

  139. billb says

    E-commerce is not new, and not this difficult. Why is this so hard? If a private company did this, they would be destroyed by their competitors. Imagine ebay or amazon operating this way!

  140. gary says

    I tried out using Firefox to get into the Mint’s new website. It seemed to work fine and I went all the way through placing a test order and it worked O.K.
    I always use Safari when I get into the Mint website. It is quite stable on a Mac.
    By the way, back in the day when I used to make graphics for E-commerce web sites, the site was always tested at regular intervals in all of the most popular Internet browsers in the course of building the site. I hope that is what the Mint did in building this new site.

  141. Wes says

    I have read on here that the mint plans a reverse proof set in 2015 or 2016. That would kinda take some of the sparkle off this set. Being the reverse proof is the one that seems to have sparked the most interest in this set. Still it is the first reverse proof half.

  142. billb says

    Gary, someone above you said he tried firefox and also had problems. Glad you were able to proceed. I also used Chrome on another computer and had the same issues.

  143. Louis says

    @jhawk- Not sure how the already are selling them but Silvertowne has the new glow in the dark maples and for a decent price too.

  144. A different Jeff says

    Talked to a CSR supervisor this morning after about a 15 minute wait. Found a few errors on the site: K14 was out of stock and not orederable but now at 3PM PDT it is backordered but can be ordered, DE8 and DE9 having been available for 2 weeks only are still out of stock and can’t be ordered, CR2 (Civil Rights uncirc) was showing backordered but now in stock.
    SIze of the call center is more than 100 but less than 200 reps; she wasn’t sure how many total. Most, if not all, are new to this location, so on top of the new web site and its glitches, they don’t know what was on the old site, they can only get whatever information we can see (supes can get more).
    The answering system has been modified to give direct access to a group of CSRs handling nothing but password resets. The new system evidently won’t rely on the security question, but will let you reset your password or request a link for a forgotten password as many other sites do. The Security question looks like it is there to pickup the legacy users and it evidently did not work as well as expected.
    For the most part, the layout seems reasonable, except when the number of items is excessive, like the presidential first day covers. There are curious omissions in groupings as others have mentioned – I would expect the K14 set to show up under Coins -> Other Coins, but not anywhere to be found. Bags and rolls show up under Coin Programs -> appropriate program but not under Coins -> Other Coins. These are relatively easy tweaks that can be made to the data set so to me they are just an annoyance.
    As with any major change, there will be a period of settling in. The biggest issues are 1) will orders be processed more efficiently and 2) will the new site stand up to high volumes of orders. Time will tell and we have 4 weeks to the big test. No amount of off-line or simulated testing can ever predict what happens in the real world. Trust me!

  145. A different Jeff says

    @billb –
    I have found that going through your cookies and tossing those that are left behind by advertising sites, especially those that are adding plug-ins or using cache or local storage, can often improve your browser’s performance. As I am not familiar with IE of firefox, I have to assume editing/removing cookies can be done in your browser. Presumably you apply all security patches; if you don’t you may find that helps. Also, try re-applying the ,most recent security patch.

  146. jhawk92 says

    Louis – thanks for the heads up on Silvertowne. I checked the RCM site and they don’t mention either the glow in the dark coin or the fractional set, I’ll have to look at the glow coin more to see if it it worth getting. I am very interested in the fractional set so I will have to watch the web for that one.

  147. Jerry Diekmann says

    Zaz, Blair, Hawkster and others – I feel your pain about the Mint’s new website but I am going to follow Ikaika’s advice and wait a couple of weeks before trying to log on. Maybe by that time a lot of the problems you have experienced will have been taken care of. That being said, I think this new website and its problems is endemic in the IT industry, for two reasons: 1) the IT people think they have all the answers and they don’t need any information, advice, or suggestions from the people who are actually going to use the system in the future: and 2) and this applies to new versions of Windows and computer programs in general – changes are made just to have changes and to justify more $ for the IT work – in most cases, they are not improvements at all. Many times the new features are more complicated and mor difficult to use than what the earlier features were. Also, there seems to be nothing intuitive in what the IT people do – there is no logical way to figure out how they think and how they have made the “improvements” to whatever computer system there are, whether it’s the Mint’s system or any other computer software. Change for change sake is NOT improvement! Underlying these two issues is the arrogance that seems to pervade the software writers, who believe they know what is good for the best of us and with their superior intellects anjd skills they are the ones to dictate best to us how we are to use what they create. Think of it this way – oftentimesw these “new and improved” technical marvels amount to the same thing as forcing us users to learn an entirely new language. It’s almost as if you understand and can read and speak English fluently, and all of a sudden all the English is gone and everything is in Spanish or French or German, or even worse, in Russian or Chinese. To me it is just sheer arrogance and a lot of makework and a lot of money being paid for new systems which aren’t all that better, and sometimes worse, than earlier systems (Windows Vista or Winows 8, for example). That seems to be the way the world works today – the 1% dictate to the 99%. They could be the rich, or they could be the IT folks.

  148. Black Ops says


    You need to have a better policy of how comments are moderated. You have one poster who has insulted just about everyone who has posted on this site. When others make comments back at this poster they are not always permitted by the moderator. I have been reading items on this site for years, but the one poster who annoys everyone is allowed to continue to harass and make condescending comments to the other posters. You are losing viewers who might otherwise participate in these useful discussions. This annoying poster has provided useful information on occasion, but the continued acting like a teenager and personal insults are unacceptable to all who read this blog. I’m sure if you took a poll, an overwhelming majority of posters and readers would like to see this annoying person blocked from making comments on this site. Please provide some consistency in removing comments which do not treat other posters with respect. A vast majority of the posters and readers enjoy this site and don’t need to be subjected to the taunts of this disrespectful individual.

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