2014 America the Beautiful 5 oz Silver Coin Availability

atbThe United States Mint has recently provided information on the availability of the 2014 America the Beautiful 5 oz Silver Coins. The first bullion coin is scheduled to go on sale next week, and release dates have been provided for the five numismatic releases.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park 5 oz Silver Bullion Coins will go on sale to authorized purchasers on Monday, March 17, 2014. As with other bullion products, the authorized purchasers will be able to purchase the coins in bulk quantities based on the market price of silver plus a mark up. In turn, the authorized purchasers will distribute the coins more broadly to other bullion dealers, coin dealers, and the public.

The US Mint has indicated that they anticipate having sufficient inventories to meet demand. Information was not provided on any specific production quantity.

Subsequent bullion coins will feature Shenandoah National Park, Arches National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park, and Everglades National Park. These will be released in order, although the release dates have not yet been specified. The designs for these coins can be seen in this post.

On the numismatic front, the US Mint has scheduled the release dates for the 2014 America the Beautiful 5 oz Silver Uncirculated Coins. These coins feature an uncirculated finish created through a vapor blasting technique and carry the “P” mint mark. The coins are individually packaged and sold as numismatic products directly to the public.

The release dates for the various designs have been provided as follows:

Great Smoky Mountains National Park April 7, 2014
Shenandoah National Park May 15, 2014
Arches National Park June 12, 2014
Great Sand Dunes National Park August 2014
Everglades National Park November 2014

Pricing for the coins is currently indicated as $154.95. The coins are also available at the discounted price of $139.45 for orders fulfilled through the US Mint’s subscription program. These prices may be subject to change based on the market price of silver.

During the course of the numismatic series, prices have varied widely following movements in the price of silver. The first release of the series from back on April 28, 2011 was priced at $279.95 when the market price of silver was more than $46 per ounce. Subsequent price points have included $229.95, $204.95, $179.95, and $154.95. The discounted price of $139.45 will be the lowest available to date.

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  1. Sith says

    I doubled my ATB subscription, as the price point between the ‘P” version and the bullion is about $15 but as I started my collection with the bullion I will still need to buy them, and I don’t trust the mint’s assurance they will have enough to meet demand, they have not meet ASE demand for over a year.

  2. Zaz says

    I got a email reminder yesterday about the ATB 5oz subscription that says it will be processed in two weeks…

  3. Sith says

    Mintages should be uneven as I imagine they will not go back and produce a coin after its run. As such I suspect one or more will have a low mintage, and depending on the availability of the blanks one might be a series low, which one is anyone’s guess. Again this is pure speculation, for all I know the mint may have already produced the same mintages as last year and is simply staggering their release dates or the mint has finally gotten its supply situation in order so they don’t have to wait until around the end of the year to see how many blanks they have to allocate to each design to make them more or less equatable.

  4. says

    It seems like the Mint sent out a mass email to everyone who was subscribed a little bit after midnight alerting everyone that the first AtB-P coin would be coming in two weeks.

    I think they might have done this because I know some people here were concerned about bugs in the website messing up their subscriptions. It sounds like they might have gotten a lot of phone calls about the matter.


    I can’t speak to the bullion because I don’t collect it, but I am expecting this year’s AtBs to do well due to the combination of good art and nice subscription discounts. If the price of silver starts rising rapidly, you might even get a “stampede” effect to pick the five ouncers up. It will be very interesting to see how well Great Smoky Mountains does after the rapid Mt. Rushmore sellout from last year.

  5. Sith says

    I agree with you which is why I doubled down on the “P” version, but their can be no stampede on at least the Great Smoky Mountains, the e-mail went out as such it is my understanding that they would not get the current coin.

    “The US Mint has indicated that they anticipate having sufficient inventories to meet demand. Information was not provided on any specific production quantity.” Your guess is as good as anyones

  6. VARich says

    Sith – I placed an order for another subscription this morning post-email. Anyone know when the lock out date for a sub is, prior to product shipping?

    Might be of interest here, APMEX price for the BU puck (check order) was ~130.25 earlier this morning, closing the gap to within $9

  7. says


    I don’t know the exact lockout time, but I can say that there’s a guy in my group who does the ordering for me and my friends when we decided to order something as a group in order to save on shipping, and he subscribed for our proof silver eagles about a week before release.

  8. Sith says


    I though the preliminary e-mail was the lockout, but as they will send out another E-mail once they are about to ship and charge your credit card it per CO, it looks like that E-mail is the one that serves as the lockout. I would take the order number and call the mint.

    And yes I saw that spread but put in the order with APMEX anyway first time I regretted collecting the bullion over the “P” version, I’m sure this spread will not last one way or another but until it does I’m a “P” version fan. Also remember the “real” value is still at $154 so the spreads are still over $20., and I think the mint is still calculating the “P” versions at that price.

  9. VARich says

    CO/Sith – thanks guys! The excitement is definitely back after the long lull we’re had. Just hope the discount holds through Shenandoah!

  10. JagFan says

    **Quick Note – for those that are just simply adding another subscription to the ATB 5oz, they will be shipped individually and you will incur two S&H charges…

    If you want them shipped together, you must cancel your prior subscription and then add in the new one with the higher quantities…

    $5 bucks is $5 bucks!

  11. Boz says

    Good to have the schedule for planning. Seems we should get the price at least as long as silver stays below $25. There is around $100 worth of PM so everything above that is gravy for the mint and the authorized purchasers. We get something that a pawn shop would not give $75 for, but what the heck we collectors must satisfy our hoarding urges.

    Now if only the mint will come up with a schedule for first spouse instead of cramming them all in at Christmas.

  12. Boz says

    There is an order number posted today for my original ATB subscription. My subsequent subscription for another sub did not post.

    I have been burned before with huge last minute silver price jumps, causing a big surprise once the coins shipped. So this time I was scared to order very many. So this time it looks like I will have to eat the additional $15 per coin on the subsequent orders. Ya just can’t win.

  13. Sith says

    I’m new to these subscriptions but I got the following from the mint.

    Due to the high volatility in the market price of silver, this price may be subject to change. We will notify you of a price change before processing your credit card. You may cancel your order at any time prior to processing.

    The following subscription has been canceled at your request or as a result of maintenance by the United States Mint on your subscription. As part of this maintenance we are consolidating multiple subscriptions so that shipping
    and handling charges to the customer are minimized when subscriptions are fulfilled.

  14. says


    Reducing the shipping charge like that seems like a nice thing to do. I hadn’t really thought about what would happen to people who set up multiple subscriptions like that.

  15. Samuel says

    i would HOPE the mint can do what some retailers are doing — u can add/delete items from an existing order after u placed it and before it is sealed in the box.

  16. thePhelps says

    Unless they have change the policies and practices in the system…

    From past experiences – if you add another subscription it would add a NEW subscription and not combine it with existing ones and both get charged shipping. If you have multiple subscriptions being filled in the same week – each one will be charged shipping. IE: if you have a subscription to the ATB and the silver proof set – both get shipped separately and both are charged shipping…. some of the features of the mint.

  17. Louis says

    Maybe this is just for subs of the same type, not orders for different coins.

    Anyone have any idea why CoinWorld keeps asking for my physical location (presumably that means IP address)? Have they teamed up with the NSA?

  18. Louis says

    Prelim product pages for BHOF coins seem to have a major error- the gold and silver coins have the same mintage (50K). I think it should be 350K for the dollars.

  19. gary says

    I dumped my 2010 ATB bullion set PCGSMS69, 68 mix that I got at discount from a well known national dealer. Sold it on Ebay & Luckily just broke even. Put that money into buying the 2010,11,12 ATB P-Mints in OGP and so glad I did!
    Got 2010-11 at less than issue price and the 2012’s last summer when they sold for hundreds less than today. The 2013 were a no brainer to complete straight from the mint with free shipping. I’m eagerly awaiting the 2014’s & the great designs. No doubt this year’s group will have much higher sales than 2013’s had.

  20. Dustyroads says

    Ok guys, here’s my take on last nights e-mail from the US Mint.
    The Mint clearly has expectations of a price hike coming soon and wants it’s subscribers to be aware so they can have time to contemplate their next move. The Mint’s doing the right thing by letting us know early, and I believe they feel by doing so they will have fewer cancellations of subscriptions.
    I wouldn’t think a price hike would be much to worry about, but I have been reading some chatter among investors and they seem to be poised for much higher prices for metals. Any of you watching copper lately, not a good sign for Chinese economy.

  21. Louis says

    Except silver is not moving like gold is, it is lagging in performance. Gold is responding to increased uncertainty; the other metals are more for industrial use and do well when the economy is cranking along. I think that is why gold is outperforming now. Besides as others mentioned silver would probably need to hit $25 or more for a price increase.
    The e-mails were just like the ones we got for the proof silver eagle sub. It’s just a heads up, which they do with all subs. No much to interpret there in my view. Just SOP.

  22. Dave says

    Received 2 LESPS today. Has anyone else noticed this – the quarters are reverse up and the others are obverse up on the labelled side of both sets AND THE LABELLED SIDE OF ALL COINS ARE MIRRORED FIELDS but………..
    This is really weird to me.
    Also included in with the COA is a 2×2 inch paper which states

    “Thank you for purchasing the 2013 United States Mint Limited Edition Silver Proof Set tm. Should the packaging for your set show smudges on the sleeve or box, it can be wiped clean easily with a soft dry cloth or tissue. This is not a defect, and the product does not need to be returned for replacement for this condition.”

    I have no box or sleeve smudges, but what gives with the fields appearing so differently on either side? My regular Silver Proof Sets do not display this variance. Anyone else experience this?
    HELP! Any idea why it appears this way?
    I do not want to break the packaging to see if it is due to the plastic case.

  23. Louis says

    My pleasure- DR. Of course no one really knows on metals but that is how it seems to me now. Let’s hope I am right for a while so se can get those pucks for $140!

  24. fmtransmitter says

    If you ordered multiple subs after the bag deal, you would be able to answer everyone’s questions because you would have received more than one bag. How ever many bags were shipped is how many time you paid for shipping. Most here had their orders in way before I suspect, I did too, then cancelled because I had to have that bag. Well my cancel box is gone and cc pre authorized. I have my PF70 ER 1st Edition bad and will try and see if I can “flip” it on the bay.

  25. fmtransmitter says

    Glad to see folks excited about the pucks again. I am a fan as well now. The Rushmore is one of coolest looking coins the Mint has ever made IMHO and I look at it often. If silver stays at a low rate I will pick one of each up but I do not collect this series. I have my ATB quarters I am ranked number 1 in the collectors society and stay with those no matter what else I do.

  26. fmtransmitter says

    Dave, I hope you have some error coins there buddy! Let us know and I hope everyone get them as well. You could also be a plant by the mint to spur sales to finish the sell off of 50,000 max mintage. Who knows, this hobby has shown me more shady things going on every day more and more year after year and if it keeps up I will be going back to bullion and focus on selective classics. Bittersweet symphony…I now know a ton more than when I started and it has cost me lots like Tony Beets says, the goal is make it cost lots less going forward. I think I have done pretty good. My most proud accomplishment is understanding the Dealer cost vs. retail.

  27. Dave says

    Follow up to LESPS
    This is the first US Mint package I have ever received through the US Postal Service. It is labeled :

    “Carrier leave if no response”

    If you live where your mail may be stolen, BEWARE! Stay on the lookout for your mail person or leave a note for your carrier to deliver to a trusted neighbor. I did not have to sign for the package!

  28. Doug says

    Dave, I also received my LESPS yesterday and to follow up on your questions and comments I really don’t see a difference in the heads and tails sides in mirror or satin finish. My foreground is satin/burnished look and the background is mirror like on all coins on both sides. (I have two sets). Did you pull back the plastic sheets? My plastic had a bit of dull look which may have made your coins look more satin rather than mirrored.

    I have two issues though.

    1) In one set my Mt. Rushmore is at a 45 degree angle. Can they be opened and turned or does this affect the value if it remains in this position?
    2) Both my ASE and Kennedy Half (in both of my two sets I got) have some smudge like marks and one even almost looks like a piece of tape about 2 mm-3 mm in size along the side of the coin. Is this just vapor that is on the plastic?? I’ve never seen this in any coins from the mint before. Again wondering about opening up the case and checking it out or do I need to send back. I’m assuming since I got two sets the same way (although not in the same positions) others must be seeing the same thing.

    Thanks for your help!

  29. Doug says

    I guess one other comment about the packaging and notice received. When I opened the LESPS box I did notice that it looked like the box was really scuffed and I was already mad opening the box up and thinking I needed to ship it back (typically I’m not that picky about things). Once I read the little paper with the notice I swiped my hand along the box and it all came off.

    Isn’t it interesting that the mint knew this was a problem. I give them kudos for the little slip of paper and instructions but also why didn’t they just fix it and swipe all the boxes with a cloth themselves?

  30. Blackbeard says

    Everglades national park is the only one I’m really excited for. I can’t wait for the american gold eagle certainly one of my favorites. The platinum eagle so I can finish up preamble set. Then finally the gold buffalo to finish up the year.

  31. says


    I’m anticipating a cost of about $1000-$1050.


    For lower cost packages, they send through USPS and the standard rule is to leave it on your doorstep without requiring a signature. I believe they do this with purchases up to $300.

    For purchases over $300, they send via UPS and give you expedited shipping. I actually really dislike dealing with UPS because the mint apparently asked them not to deliver the package unless the recipient is there, in person at the home address, to deliver it. You are not allowed to pick it up from a UPS center – the mint specifically picked an option that tells UPS not to allow this. I have actually had to take days off from work just to pick up these packages.


    To add to Louis’ comments, I don’t anticipate a price increase for the Great Smoky Mountains, but I think any AtB after that is fair game if we see current trajectories continue.

  32. fmtransmitter says

    You can open your set to readjust the coins, just wear cotton cloth gloves, standard in numismatics when handling the coins. You don’t want any oils from your fingers on them or fingerprints.

  33. Larry says

    CaptainOverkill – I agree with the you on the mints UPS shipping policy. I had to take a day off work to be home to sign for my RP Buff. It did not used to be that way. I used to be able to pick it up at the local UPS place. If anyone from the mint is reading this, please change it back. Some of us have real jobs and are not home all day to wait for the UPS truck.

  34. Addielise says

    Captain and Larry, I agree completely about the UPS situation. It’s not their fault, it’s the way the Mint has designated the delivery option. I’ve had several amusing conversations with UPS, telling them I’m trying to save their driver the hassle of attempting to deliver when I know I won’t be home, but there’s nothing they can do until after the first delivery attempt. After that, I’m able to have them hold it at a location for pick up.

  35. MarkInFlorida says

    I have all my Mint products come to my PO Box so they use USPS priority mail for the expensive stuff too. Not worth staying home for the “free expedited shipping.” I had enough trouble with FedEx and UPS with the 2010 pucks from the various APs.

  36. Larry says

    Addielise – I don’t know how you got UPS to hold it at their location. I called them after a first delivery try and they said hell no, I had to be home and sign for it. There was no way around it. Like I said, it used to be that way. I did that many times in the past. But I had to be home and personally sign for my RP Buff. That is just plain stupid.
    The bad thing is you never know what the mint is going to do. My 2009 UHR was just left at my door!

  37. Louis says

    Just got my 2013 LESPS. Need to study it more closely but first reaction is very positive. The packaging does make a difference plus at this point all the coins are sold out individually and these should do okay. I may start getting one each year for the set.

  38. Dave says

    Hey gang,
    Yes, I did pull back the Saran Wrap type covering ( a very nice touch to prevent scratches on the case ) and the field is still mirror on one side and ” satin proof ” look on the other side. I will take them to the LCS on Monday and have their coin grading expert check them out. As soon as I get an answer I will post on the most current blog topic.
    They did a much better job packing this year. My 2012 set looked like someone tried to remove the Kennedy half – it was rotated and partially out of its hole.

  39. Zaz says

    Re: the UPS shipping situation. It bears repeating, I have never found it prudent to ship coin purchases of any value to the house. The PBGS boxes are pretty unique and a savvy neighbor or delivery van driver could figure out the contents and might reason that the residence might contain additional PMs and rare coins and plan an after hours visit.

    I’ve had a PO box for 14 years and never once missed a PBGS delivery. They use FedEx and priority mail. No UPS ever.

  40. Dave says

    My wife claims I am a technophobe, so I cannot promise that it will be pretty or that we will be able to figure out how to post a link to pictures. I will try. I will pull out my SPS & LESPS next to each other to try to capture the difference.
    I will also go to the LCS when they open on Monday for an opinion.

    Anybody think that a wipe down of the case with Windex Electronic Wipes would cause damage or cause the coins to have problems down the road?

  41. Michael in Bama says

    The coins in the LESPS ARE different!!!!!!!!!!! The obverse side of the quarters have a polished orange peel look, with frosted devices to the background instead of the mirror polished finish, the reverse side is mirror polished with frosted devices like normal proof coins. Just the opposite for the silver eagle, the half, and the dime. I opened the plastic holder to make sure it wasn’t an optical illusion. The coins in these sets are different than any other coin produced in 2013.

  42. Art says

    You should not have to take any time out of work for a UPS delivery. All you need to do is wait for UPS to fail on three delivery attempts. Then you can pick up the package in person at the UPS facility while the package is held for seven days. Ridiculous that the Mint does not allow in-person pickup right away? Absolutely. The Mint must have had a lot of delivery problems to come up with a delivery policy this dumb.

  43. Michael in Bama says

    Only 50K of these sets, these sets will stand up to their name!
    ASE 2013 LESPS @ 50K, what will be the value?
    I don’t feel so bad about the price now, not gonna brag too much about that till the ATB’s ship at current prices. I don’t think they should increase the price of them unless Ag approaches $25.

    I just ordered 2 more LESPS!

  44. Dave says

    That is an excellent description of the non-mirrored side of the set. Interesting how they did not do ALL obverses in the same finish! Thank you for being brave enough to crack the cover to confirm what I was seeing – kinda thought people might think I was loosing it!
    This IS a unique set. I wonder why the Mint did not describe the special treatment of these coins in the literature or press releases.??
    I will join you in ordering additional sets as I believe they will rank up there with the Botanical set nickel (unless they screw us again by making other sets with the new double finish.)
    Anyone else get sets like Michael and me?
    Any ideas on naming the new treatment??

  45. Michael in Bama says

    Will they call it unpolished dies, or “micro” hammered finish? I have a new USB microscope / camera that I can try to get some photos, where can I post them so everyone can see?
    I haven’t been this excited since I got my ASE 25th Ann. sets (that are still sealed)!!!

  46. Eddie says

    I am going to be getting mine Monday. I hope everyone gets these that ordered. This could be the reason it took so long to get the LESPS. If that is the reason I won’t complain about the Mint taking so long. You know the Mint will have a sellout now.

  47. samuel says

    Dave, Michael, i think i see the same thing as you guys. i put a proof set side by side with this one to compare. two sides of the coins have different finish.

  48. samuel says

    Eddie, u just need to compare the field around Washington to the field on the other side of the coin.

  49. Ray says

    VEry eciting news and I’m really interested in seeing what you saying. MichaelInBama, I hope youre able to take some pics. I’d love ot see em

  50. Hidalgo says

    1. I read the above comments about the different finishes on the America the Beautiful quarters in the 2013 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set. There are in hand pictures on eBay that show the different finishes on the quarters.

    2. The different finishes remind me of reports of different finishes found on the 2010 P America the Beautiful 5 ounce coins. Check out the article below:


    3. It’s too hard to determine right now if there will be demand for this variety. If demand is strong, secondary market values will increase. However, if demand is weak or if there is no demand, then the different finish will have little or no impact on values.

  51. thePhelps says

    I just looked at my set – and compared it to the silver proof set quarters and I don’t see a difference.

  52. Hidalgo says

    @thePhelps –

    1. There’s one eBay auction that has pictures of what appears to be what the bloggers above are referencing.


    2. Nearly all of the photos I have seen on eBay are not clear. However, it appears that some, not all of the 2013 silver proof America the Beautiful quarters have the “frosted” observe finish.

    3. I’m unsure if this is “variety” will generate much demand. I guess time will tell.

  53. thePhelps says

    The set Steve posted looks like mine. The set Hidalgo posted could be something different – but the way the pictures are taken it also could just be the lighting – hard to tell if they are frosted or just not reflecting.

    I will say after doing the side by side comparison – my silver proof set has better coins in it. The Washington side of the coin has more clarity and it is a crisper image.

  54. fmtransmitter says

    Wow, I hope you are right but I don’t count on it. They look the same to me. Again, the Mint said they were using a different cover to hold them in place better and it looks like the plastic used will be an issue because of the orange color it gives off. Let us know what coin shop says.

  55. Samuel says

    i just double checked my set under the bright morning sun, still two finishes. if u only look at the ebay pictures, it is very difficult to tell, because it still shows the black/white effect. if i dont look into the detail, i can see either. the washington side just like Michael said, it is kind of “orange peel” look, not that flat, smooth and mirror look. but the other side field is very smooth.

    guys who have in hand, please check carefully.

    i dont think it is an error. u can make mistake on 1 coin, but can’t on all 9 of them. and the eagle is from west point, others form SF.

    i suggest get one when it is still available, just in case the mint announces that they will do the same finishes form 2013 on.

  56. Dave says

    Michael in Bama cracked his out, as you will recall. I would not classify these as error coins, but rather strikes done on special planchets made specifically for this set. Maybe this is why the set is so expensive compared to the regular SMS

  57. thePhelps says

    Well Samuel – I went back and took these into sunlight. I do see something different – but without taking the coins out of the packaging – it is tough to say it is the packaging or the coins. When I look at the Eagle I see there is what looks like a texture effect over the surface – but if you look over to the right of that on the flag field – I see a similar texture. I am leaning toward the plastic having some imperfections or texture.

    My 2012 set – the coins are the same as the proof sets – I don’t suspect they changed it for this set.

  58. Samuel says

    theP, i believe the pastic case probably has some impact. but, Michael in Bama opened the case. please see post at 10:29PM.

  59. GMS says

    Be nice to know what’s going on with the LESPS in time to grab more. Also makes me wonder if I should open mine or just wait. Would also be interesting to know how many dealers and collectors sent them in to be graded without even inspecting them considering the price some of last years went for graded. Just more questions and no answers.

  60. Jeff says

    I thought all on this thread collected coins whats with the the error texture fever lol Buy what you like not some speculation of others, relax if you really want sleepers 2012/2013 Annual Uncirculater Dollar Set is the way to go under 50K sets

  61. Louis says

    I would tend to agree with Jeff. Mine does not seem to have any texture issues. There was a difference a couple years ago with the quarters where the laser etching was resulting in less detail esp. on the obverse, but now they are laser frosting, and the detail is better and my surfaces all seem the same.

    However, after waiting 3 mos. I can’t believe they would send a set with 2 coins that have visible flaws that I don’t think are on the plastic case. Lots of world mints issue fancy limited proof sets that cost about the same amount, but they don’t send them out with major flaws.

  62. Dave says

    Does anyone on the site have a connection at the Mint who could comment on this?
    I have been disappointed with proof quality in the past to the point I always order multiple sets because of spotting, rubs, and even scratches. I send back those of less than exceptional quality. Therefore, I am Hoping this is not a striking quality issue but rather a new finish concept.
    For the purists out there, I, too, buy what I like, but at the premium the Mint charges, I expect to get exceptional coins which are well struck and packaged with care and quality so the product can be proudly displayed.

  63. Hidalgo says

    Off topic: Does anyone know what the US Mint does with its unsold rolls of coins that are intended for collectors (in other words, those that are not intended for general circulation)?

    Do collectors base “mintages” on the number of rolls sold for say, the 2013 Kennedy halves, Lincoln dollar rolls, etc. or on the number of coins actually minted?

  64. high low silver says

    You guys should be chasing those Brittannia mules…. Good luck with those LESP sets!!!

  65. Jeff says

    @Hidalgo ‘Im not sure either and would like to know as well however the atb San Francisco uncirculated quarters were minted to demand..

  66. VA Rich says

    Hey Jeff – you sold an eagle from annual uncir dollar coin set MS70 at 375 a couple of weeks back, though now offer at $259.., why such drop? Thanks!

  67. Jeff says

    @VA Rick that was PCGS MS70. The one I’m selling NGC MS70 I bought under $180 on the bay looking for quick $80 profit have room to work though. People are catching on so the mintage is starting to climb except for the 2012 they in my opinion are the sleepers these have a mintage of 27,300 sets just revised by the mint, less than 1995 W less than any other labelled coins so the price will be through the roof, Just seen a 2012 PCGS MS70 limited edition proof sell for $3995 just last week lol.

  68. Dave says

    I have LESPS vs SMS pictures for “orange peel ” comparisons but have no way to post a link. The blog rules must not allow posting email addresses (I tried and the post did not appear) so you can’t email me to have me send them to you.

    sooner or later someone with tech & camera skills will be able to “get ‘er done.”

    Sorry – I tried

  69. says

    Well, people can be stupid and spend their money as they please. But to compare the ~30,000 mintage (which is exclusive) to the 2012 Annual unc dollat set of 27,300…well that is stupid too. What makes a coin worth a lot like they 1995-W, is their are only 30,000, period. There are sooo many more of the coins included in the 2012 Annual unc sets that are/were available to much, MUCH higher numbers…that these labels don’t mean a thing to me.
    If you take a graded 1995-W 69 or 70 coin out of it’s holder and put it back in it’s OGP, it is still worth thousands.
    If you take these 2012 Annual unc set coins out of their “exclusive label” holders that are selling for hundreds or thoudands of dollars and put them back in their OGP…they sell for $100.


    But, whatever floats your boat.

  70. says

    Of course, I should add one more thing…perception IS someone’s reality…so if someone perceives these 2012 Annual unc set graded coins to be worth a lot, then that is reality to them. I just happen to have a different perception of reality on these values. so that is reality to me.

    Obviously though, those that have paid a high price for those coins perceive they have made a great and sound decision…and I respect them for that. It all goes back to what we always say…buy what you like and enjoy. And I in no way mean to show any disrespect to anyone just because their purchasing decisions may differ from mine. Just be happy with what you buy.

  71. Jeff says

    Steve you are right on from a collecting stand point but when the feeding frenzy begins all bets are off to what someone is willing to pay . It’s no different than stocks there are sellers there are buyers. Some stocks are over valued some coins are over valued, supply and demand and the TPG…

  72. says

    Jeff…what you say is true…but after the feeding frenzy ends, most buyers will be stuck with coins that they will never be able to sell for what they paid for them.

    I know, I got caught up in the “buying frenzy” of tech stocks in the late 1990’s and early 2000…mostly with Nasdaq stocks….once the Nasdaq hit 5000, experts saw no reason it wouldn’t reach 6000…but it never did and went all the way back to 1500.

    But…blah, blah, blah…enough of my misfortunes!! !lol

  73. Dave says

    I sent the pictures of the LESPS vs SPS finishes to Coin World for an opinion. Will go to coin shop for opinion and post tomorrow.

    Steve & Jeff
    I find some of the TPG label stuff the coin equivalent of the brokerage ratings at the millenium – value based on concepts pulled out of the air ( # online hits rather than earnings & revenue, etc)

  74. VA Rich says

    Thanks Jeff – I appreciate your candor! I got bit by the coin bug in ’06 at the age of 33 & have been collecting everything I have been able to afford since. I’ve never sold a coin in my life yet, though you’ve found a way to finance future coin purchases, so I applaud that.

    As far as what people are willing to pay, I’ve had the fortune of flying 2rds of the seven seas and it’s amazing the wealth out and what others are willing to pay for convenience… good luck to you!

  75. VA Rich says

    Steve – get off your high horse, and who are you to past just judgement on how others finance future coin purchases that they plan to collect? If “And I in no way mean to show any disrespect to anyone just because their purchasing decisions may differ from mine” – is accurate, then shut the F up and read this blog daily so you understand the personalities and constraints that are articulated often out here so you’ll be in line with who you plan to direct those comments to.

    Dusty – I’m disappointed, I expected better, you’re pacifist position is getting old.

  76. says

    Va Rich….did you actually READ my post?. I did said to each their own, and if our opinions differs, so be it.
    Everyone can express their opinions, but for YOU to use the F word shows you have no respect for others…you need to get off your high-horse…I no longer respect you at all. If my exprssing things as I see it if offends you, I’m sorry, but I don’t understand why you are being so rude.
    And I’ve read this blog and collected coins much longer than you…but that doesn’t really mean anything, as this blog is for newbies as well as oldies.
    If you have a different opinion from me, then just express your opinion instead of getting all personal.

  77. GMS says

    Michael needs to open a chat room here too so those who have a desire to explore alternate discussions can go wear each other out.

  78. SilverFan says

    FWIW…Back in 2011 someone found a strike/finish difference between bullion ASEs minted in SF versus West Point. The TPGs started designating “Struck in SF” that year. If you examine an ASE minted in SF versus WP that year, you can actually see the difference with the naked eye. Many fewer bullion ASEs were minted in SF than WP so this had value potential. There was initially some excitement. However, people did not care about it and prices decreased. Personally, I find these variations interesting especially if you can match it to a mint or a specific offering. The problem is that for most people interest in these fades as time goes on and unfortunately so does value.

  79. thePhelps says

    SilverFan… I never find much interest in graded or labeled ASE bullion. When the mint is producing millions of the pieces a year, the variations and mint location doesn’t mean a lot to me. To see people chasing these things and paying extra for them is kind of ridiculous. The graders are trying to get people to believe they are worth more than bullion price – and nothing else is happening with them

  80. RSF says

    simon – the Baseball images are interesting. Can’t wait to have them in hand. The clad halves appear to be much less concave than the other products.
    I’m sure it’s a typo, but they show the silver dollars’ mintage limit at 50,000.
    If that were true, the opening minutes would be wild and truely test the new sales software!

  81. Hidalgo says

    The latest edition of Coin World reports that the CCAC will be meeting on April 8th to consider a change in design on the reverse side of the American Silver Eagle.

    Personally, I am in favor of it. I have not been a fan of the reverse design. It would be awesome if the reverse design of the original Walking Liberty half dollar were used. Or perhaps, any other design as beautiful…

  82. fmtransmitter says

    So we know these silver coins are already made for the LESPS. They are a way for the Mint to “move” out inventory and make some extra cash and move on the next product. IMO, if you are seeing a difference, it is because you are buying what others sent back ie big dealers for not grading out at 69 or 70. Dealers send in thousands upon thousands of sets for grading each year. They buy thousands of proof silver sets and how many do you see graded 68? NONE! Because they get sent back. If the TPG looks at a set and see’s ONE 68, that set will be sent back to dealer, who will return it to the mint, valla, 2013 LESPS.

  83. ABC says

    I looked at the auction. I can’t say whether the coin is real or not. But, if it is legitimate, NGC really fell off the wagon with this one. I know NGC has looser standards than PCGS, but why give a coin a grade of 70 if there’s a huge chip on the rim above the second “E” in “ELIZABETH” ? Also, on the side with the eagle, there appears to be some type of scratch above the third “A” in “AUSTRALIAN”.

  84. VABEACHBUM says

    OFF TOPIC to those who ordered the T.R. C&C – Anybody seeing any movement on their orders?? My last Mint email said expecting to ship on 03/18 (tomorrow). As of this AM, my order has yet to change from “back ordered” to “in stock and reserved.” Just wondering if any other readers have received additional information??

    WRT the actual topic of 2014 ATB Pucks – Cannot wait to get this year started with both, the BU and SP finished versions!! Two years of great designs, then comes a very sad 2015. For the BU collectors who are looking for presentation options, air-tites has been offering some really nice, five-coin binders that are built around their Z5 capsules. At the moment, though, they’re currently out of stock.

    @ FMTx – Interesting find. Based on everything the listing has pictured, I have not doubt the coin is authentic, as that would be a whole lot of effort to reproduce the packaging to that level of detail. Every aspect of the NGC slab looks authentic, too, down to the holographic security strips on the front and back. Given the seller’s location, I have to assume this coin was graded at the new NGC offices in China, so I’m thinking there might be a short-term disconnect between the respective databases. NGC has a separate website for their China offices, so it might be interesting to do a Cert Search through that portal. Unfortunately, my office’s network security and firewall settings will not let me attempt to check it out from here.

  85. Louis says

    @VAB- My TR order is exactly the same. I don’t put much stock in what the site says.

    As far as the LESPS’s having returned coins, that is possible, but most likely they do no include grading rejects because of the 10-day return policy. I don’t see how you could have a coin graded, get it back, and return it to the Mint before the grace period ends.

  86. Dustyroads says

    VA Rich, Where did that come from? The only thing I think jeff did wrong was to compare the LESPS to the 1995-W ASE on two separate occasions. It’s my opinion that he either thinks it’s a good comparison or he wants others to. Whatever, I just don’t know what you got jacked up on. BTW, I’m a pacifist because I treat others the way I want to be treated, it’s called respect!

  87. MarkInFlorida says

    Where are you guys seeing the baseball coins? My search of the Mint’s site can’t find them…

  88. fmtransmitter says

    It’s real, forget it, I emailed NGC. They said it was graded at a show in China a cpl weeks ago. They need to update their system. It is a REAL grade they said.

  89. fmtransmitter says

    I did try the China site search before and it wouldn’t authenticate before I emailed NGC. She said it will be updated within 2 weeks on their site.

  90. fmtransmitter says

    NGC doesn’t grade rims, they are part of the planchet and not the strike. We have covered this before.

  91. JagFan says


    *Vabeachbum – this is what I found late last year and I use it for my 5oz bullions ATB’s… It holds five coins so if you are a collector of the series, it is an awesome album to hold each year in….

    They also have them for the State Quarters & ATB Quarters… If you collect the Silver Series, they look great in this album plus they don’t take up that much space…

    I’m a fan of them… Just passing

  92. VABEACHBUM says

    @ JagFan – Thanks for the info. I haven’t purchased anything yet, so I’m still willing to consider any and all options. I also have been thinking about transferring all of my “P” coins to the Z5 capsules so that I can display them, too. Definitely would keep all the OGP & Mint capsules. At one time, I had info on another supplier who was offering a very nice, cherry wood style 5-drawer storage / display chest. A little pricey, though. Also needed a 6th drawer for the extra coins in the ATB series.

    @ FMTx – Thanks for the update. Makes sense, as everything about that slabbed coin looked very authentic.

  93. ABC says

    Well, NGC may not grade rims, but they should. And it’s hypocritical for them not to since they document those coins that have rims filed and ones that have rim damage. And what about those coins that have had their rims altered/doctored to give the appearance of a less-worn coin?

  94. Eddie says

    I received my LESPS today and there was nothing different about it. So I won’t be ordering another set of the 2013’s.

  95. fmtransmitter says

    I can them documenting rim damage on a MS coin. We are talking Proofs here. There is a big difference in circulating coinage and the grading process, and newer Proofs.

  96. DaveB says

    Steve – I agree with you 100 percent regarding the Unc dollar set. Paying a huge premium for the ASE from that set versus stand alone is ludicrous. Outside the package it is indistinguishable from the other burnished ASE’s. And I have 10 of the ’12 Unc dollar sets unopened. If the craziness continues, or gets worse, i may have to send them in for grading. Some people need to lighten up when they disagree with an opinion expressed on this or any site.

  97. simon says

    Eddie : I received my LESPS today and there was nothing different about it. So I won’t be ordering another set of the 2013′s

    You are correct. The texture is actually the plastic tray in which the coins are placed. Nothing special.

  98. Michael in Bama says

    Did you get a reply from Coin World on the LESPS? There must be 2 different set finishes, or some of these people are the ones that have never received a bad ATB P. I see sets with what looks like regular proof finishes on both sides and some that look like the 2 sets I received.

  99. Dave says

    No reply from Coin World yet. The editor may be at a coin show or on vacation. Every time I have contacted them in the past, there has been a reply. However, this is the first time I have contacted the editor.

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