2014 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set

Tomorrow, January 7, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2014 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set. This product marks the first appearance of this year’s five new quarter designs.

2014 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set

The five America the Beautiful Quarters for this year feature:

  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee
  • Shenandoah National Park in Virginia
  • Arches National Park in Utah
  • Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado
  • Everglades National Park in Florida

Larger images of the reverse designs for each of these coins can be found in this post. The obverse of each coin contains the 1932 portrait of George Washington designed by John Flanagan.

The 2014 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set features the five coins struck in the standard composition used for circulation consisting of 91.67% copper and 8.33% nickel. The coins are produced at the San Francisco Mint and carry the “S” mint mark.

Standard pricing for the set is $14.95 each, plus applicable shipping and handling. This price is unchanged from the prior year. Sets purchased through the US Mint’s online subscription program are priced at a 10% discount or $13.45 per set. The offer of discounted pricing for certain subscription products is new for this year.

This product carries no stated product limit and has no maximum mintage. There are no household ordering limits.

The five coins included in the set will also be available in the full annual 2014 Proof Set, scheduled for release on March 25, 2014 and priced at $31.95.

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  1. fmtransmitter says

    Just tried calling US mint direct. Message said due to extreme weather conditions they were unable to answer my phone call. FYI. Stay safe and warm everyone.

  2. AkBob says

    FM – you’re probably right. I wish I could pick up a few more but I’ve already gone over my budget. The wife isn’t too happy right now. She says I have to sell some coins before I can get anymore. Any of my fellow collector’s have the same thing going on with them. LOL Rules, Rules and more Rules!! LOL

  3. AkBob says

    The 2014 Atb’s all look GREAT except for the Sand Dunes. There is just something about the people in it that just doesn’t look good to me. All the others though are fantastic. Maybe some of the nicest to date. Can’t wait for the 5 ozer’s to start coming out. I better get the wife primed for them, again. As I said before, I purchase the bullion version by the rolls. Those monster boxes sure look nice. Never thought I’d ever have an empty monster box let alone 2 of them with one full and the other half full. I messed up and sold my 10 sets of 2010’s. I had 4 graded and 6 raw sets. I thought the interest in these had faded so I figured I’d cut my loses. I sure regret that decision now. I just hate to sell anything but sometimes you just have to.

  4. thePhelps says

    AkBob…agreed the weak coin in the batch is the Dunes. Not sure why they decided a day at the beach made great sense for the coin. Someone mentioned that building sand castles is a popular event there – but still…

    I have to quit hanging out with fm… he helps me spend too much money.

  5. AkBob says

    thePhelps – Yes, FM cost me a little over $100 yesterday. I just couldn’t help myself on that Australian Silver Eagle. My all time favorite reverse is the Walking Liberty half dollar and this reverse reminds me of it somewhat. I just couldn’t resist.

    I still can’t figure out why they would choose the Sand Dune’s design.

    Has anyone really heard of problems with the 5 oz Atb’s? I wonder which one will be the BIG winner this year. Any predictions out there?

  6. thePhelps says

    I am inclined to agree Matt… altho I think the Everglades will give it a run for the winner. I also think Shenandoah is going to do well… the Arches is ok and then the Dunes.

    Ak…I’ve heard/read nothing in regards to issues with the ATB’s.

  7. Eddie says

    I just ordered the Australian Silver Eagle had no problems. This is one beautiful hunk of silver. Why can’t our mint come up with something like this. That is a beautiful eagle on it

    @AkBob thanks for your help earlier. That is pretty much what I was going with and nothing but a Dansco album.

    I agree with yall about the Sand Dunes coin maybe the 5ozer will look better in hand.

  8. AkBob says

    @Matt – I have to agree with you as well. The Smoky Mtn and the Everglades next. These are going to look gorgeous in hand. Seems the longer this program continues the better the coins are looking. OBTW, I heard that there was a MS70 5 oz Atb (bullion version) graded maybe in the last month or so. I believe it was a 2013 coin and it was graded by NGC or PCGS, I think I heard it was NGC. Has anyone else heard this? I also heard that it may go for as much as $20,000.00!!!!!! You could purchase a lot of 5 oz Atb’s with that muchmoney!!! LOL

  9. ClevelandRocks says

    So the Caroline Harrison gold proof is the lowest proof of any proof (of any composition) in modern coinage (for now). New sales report from Mint today.

  10. ClevelandRocks says

    I predict the Edith Wilson proof and possibly all the ’13s may come in even lower…

  11. Eddie says

    If the Mint would use their “Enhancing process” on the 5 ozers how fantastic they would like.

  12. Jerry Diekmann says

    On the subject of the Sand Dunes, is that supposed to be Pikes Peak in the background? The mountain has a rounded dome, not a flat top.

  13. fmtransmitter says

    Sand Dunes National Park Quarter
    Designer and Engraver: Don Everhart
    The reverse features a depiction of a father and son playing in the sand next to the creek bed. This is a rare instance where the official design selection was not recommended by the CFA or CCAC. The CFA had recommended an alternate design with a broad landscape without any people present. The CCAC had offered no recommendation and instead made a motion to request new designs seeking more balance between negative space and objects and less fine detail.

    Not sure Jerry…

  14. charles says

    I don’t really have a problem with the sand dunes…look forward to it as well as all the others.

  15. fmtransmitter says

    Originally, the Great Sand Dunes National Park of Colorado was founded as a national monument in 1932 and was only a fraction of the size it is today. In 2000, another large portion of land was purchased to increase the size of the monument. Finally, in 2004, Great Sand Dunes was designated a national park.
    The Great Sand Dunes National Park is not a dry area. In fact, the dunes maintain a certain amount of stability due to moist sand underneath a dry top layer. There are rivers that flow around the dunes that also erode away at the sand. However, when the rivers dry up, the wind blows that sand back up into the dunes, replenishing them.
    There is more to this national park than just sand dunes. There are several alpine lakes, forests, and wetlands. This diverse array of landscapes means that tourists should prepare for multiple climates. Those who do visit will find that hiking within the park can be a very rewarding experience.

  16. VA Rich says

    Sales of the 2013 $1 Unc set passing through 27,467 – guess we can surmise whether we’re going to blow through a mintage of 28k here within the next day or two if the ‘sold out’ is a no show.., or have this sucker wrapped up in record time. Total sales of less than 30k would be nice.

  17. VA Rich says

    Wish that 5* Unc $1 sold about 5k less units, then the 5* Generals Profile set would really be something.., containing not one, but two new lows of an Unc coin set – wonder if that’s ever happened before.

    And if only 10.9 Profiles sold, it would get really interesting to see how it would respond on the secondary market and it is quite well done. Maybe next time!

  18. KEITHSTER says

    Say I got My last chance 2012 silver proof quarters yesterday looks like the mintage ended up at 607,891 is that a new low for modern siler proof quarters?Good Luck All Year All 😉

  19. Hidalgo says

    @Keithster – don’t forget to add the 2012 silver proof quarters from the other types of packaged sets…..

  20. Sith says

    @Hidalgo – That should be all of them including the LESPS.I get 606,205 but I only did a quick lookup

  21. Addielise says

    The order I placed for the Proof Buff as soon as it went to backorder just got canceled. Oh well…….

  22. Samuel says

    in the latest sale report, nothing new.
    -proof buffalo, half dollar unc all time low, confirmed.
    -probably more unc $ sets coming, unc ASE new low?

  23. ABC says

    Do you remember how long it was between the time the proof buffalo went on back-order and the time you placed your order? Was it just a few minutes?

  24. JagFan says

    I wonder at what point in time they are going to cut off the “S” mint quarter rolls? The first one is about due…

  25. Addielise says

    @ABC, not sure exactly how long it was from the time it went to backorder to the time I placed my order, but I don’t think it was that long, probably less than a day. I just checked the website and my order was placed on 12/6 at 10am.

  26. thePhelps says

    Looks like the Unc 5* Half Dollar will be the new low after all… now to find those extra 5 I have of them around here….

  27. thePhelps says

    Thanks VA Rich… too bad they still don’t have the subscription to the ATB’s working yet.

  28. billrod says

    Off Topic – First Spouse

    According to the Mint Sales Report today all 2012 First Spouse (FS) issues are code “N” – no longer available. A check of the Mint website indicates they are all “sold out”. Cleveland #2 unc appears to be the low mintage at 2,425.

  29. ClevelandRocks says

    @billrod: Lucy Hayes UNC has the lowest mintage for UNCs (not Cleveland #2) and Caroline Harrison has lowest mintage for any proof ever offered.

  30. billrod says

    Thanks Cleve for the correction. Lucy Hayes at 2,263 is the lowest unc FS and MS 70’s command good premiums.

  31. KEITHSTER says

    Ya lowest for the year got 2 just because of it don’t buy doubles or proofs but did get the Hayes and Garfield proof and would have gotten the Harrison proof had I had the money at the time:( Did get a bunch of our Coty nominee though they are quite the site to see:) Good luck &have fun all:>

  32. Zeeman says

    I donot know why some of you have problems with 5 oz subs, i just went back to us mint and check under my account and click my subs and 5 oz appers there fine and says at discounted price of $139.95.

  33. Jesus323 says

    My order for the proof buffalo was canceled too… I placed the order 16 hrs after in went backorder

  34. KEITHSTER says

    The sell out of the Kennedy bags should help settle the coinspiracy of the extra 6 million coins they were sold to another county or are 2014’s! The NA. boxes are all gone to only the rolls left now so if you want or don’t have the 13’s get them while their there? Good luck all:>

  35. Brad says

    VA Rich,

    I’m afraid the 2013 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I still think the reason the Mint declared the individual option of the 2013 W ASE “sold out” was to re-direct that remaining inventory to allow for the production of additional AUDC Sets. Based on the reported sales before and after the “backorder” notice appeared for the set, it appears that the initial batch was around 25,000 units. It took several months to sell that many of the 2012 sets, so the Mint probably thought that amount would last for a while. But, since the 2013 sets were selling much faster (probably due to the excellent secondary market performance of the 2012 set), the Mint realized that the initial run of sets for 2013 was not going to be enough. This backorder is likely due to delays in the manufacture of additional set packaging and assembly. If it was really close to sellout on 12/26 when it went to backorder, it most certainly would have been taken off-sale by now.

    So now the question is, how many of the 2013 W ASE’s were left to allocate to AUDC sets?

  36. Dustyroads says

    It’s too bad about the US Mints refusal to pay the Girl Scouts Organization their commission on the sell of the GS commemorative coins. In an article I just read elsewhere, it stated the Mint failed for the first time in history to sell enough coins to fulfill the law, and pay commissions. This just may be their sign!

  37. Louis says

    Dusty- It is a shame, but the reason is the law says the organizations can not receive any money from the surcharge built in to the price of the coin until after all costs are first met- that is production, marketing, etc. It is not a refusal by the Mint, they are just doing what Congress asked them to do.
    Some people argue the GSA did not push the coins hard enough. I think the bottom line is the coins were a little pricey for girl scouts and too many coin collectors did not like them. I personally thought the design was pretty decent and got one of each and also gave one to a young relative who is also a GS, and her thank you note makes it clear she got a kick out it. But she had not heard about them.

  38. thePhelps says

    Dusty I also don’t have a problem with the mint not paying the surcharge. The criteria is to make the production costs first then pay the surcharge.

    I on the other hand thought the coin was crippled by design from day one, much like the current CR coin, and wasn’t worth the money. I bought only the uncirculated coin and have no real interest in buying the proof. If they want to sell more coins they need to start choosing the better designs to sale, or can expect poor sells to continue.

  39. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    2014 quarters have some great designs, but I think I’ll pass for awhile and buy my woman a nice dinner.

  40. Sith says

    Opening a can of worms here but maybe if they did not include a girl on the boy scout coin, they may have sold more Girl Scout coins. IMHO it shows that more girls associate scouting with the Venture program than with the Girl Scouts

  41. Brian says

    Sith – the boy scout coin sold well despite there being a girl on it, not because of it.

    I think there were two problems with the girl scout coin:

    1. There is little intersection between the typical coin collector base and the organization featured on the coin.

    2. The reverse design was OK, and I think would look pretty neat as a proof. But I didn’t care for the obverse. I tend to not like coins with people on them. It seems to be difficult to capture the facial features without them looking weird.

    This year’s civil rights coin is shaping up to be a similar situation. It had extremely poor sales on the first sales report. The design is similar in some ways to the girl scout coin.

    But the main thing is that again there is not a lot of intersection between the targeted group for this coin and the traditional coin collector base (white males).

  42. Samuel says

    theP, Zeeman, i placed the order for 5oz on 1/3, today is 1/8. so far, item “shipped” in my account, nothing in the “sub” sections, other subs worked fine.
    i just dont understand, from computer point of view, 5oz is no different than quarter sets, it is just a name or a word. the mint’s IT department really not good. it has been so many days, since day 1, right?

  43. ClevelandRocks says

    The girl on the Boy Scout 100 year commem turned a lot of folks off from the scouting coins in general. The small Venture program was from the 1990s, the coin was supposed to represent the 100 year celebration of Boy Scouts. As a former Scout and parent of a Scout, zero interest in any PC Mint Scouting coins…

    Mint really makes too much “stuff” these days anyhow.

  44. fmtransmitter says

    So I was able to secure a silver wedge tale Mercanti last night. It actually paid off working late and dealing with the Aussie time zone.
    I remember we were chatting about the 100 years for the GS Coin. That coin was NOT 100 years of service looking. I did Cub, Boy Scouts as a child. Was a good experience and I was proud to earn and wear my badges. Still business is business. Baseball Comm won’t have that issue. Everyone will want that coin for so many reasons IMHO. Have a great day and stay warm.

  45. fmtransmitter says

    Subscription: Make sure after you click the button for the 5 OZ, nothing will happen. Go up to your cart and click view cart and it will be in there, continue check out and you will enter your CC and get your confirmation number. I just did it, no problem.

  46. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis, Dusty, Phelps and others… Samuel and I had left very similar comments on Michael’s “CoinUpdate” for 06 JAN, where I first found the link to the CoinWorld article.

    I definitely thought the article on the failed GSA coins was worth reading. Within 3 months of the on-sale date and with slightly more than 50% of the authorized mintage being struck, the Mint accepted that “substantial sales” were not going to materialize and ceased additional production. Based on the initial production and final sales, approx 84K unsold coins will be destroyed!!

    While I never have been impressed with the Mint’s minimal efforts to market their products, this same article seems to indicate that the GSA went to great lengths to make current members and alums aware of the coin program through their own websites and email lists, yet Louis’ comment, above, would indicate that the message did not get the wide broadcasts to which the GSA has alluded.

    I would like to know if anyone has data on the sales distribution of these GSA commemorative coins to current Mint customers, bulk re-sellers of Mint Products, and GSA members / alums. Might be an interesting analysis.

    Finally, I also agree that the 2014 CRA coin program will suffer a similar fate. I know I am going to pass. Granted, the first round of sales data represents a truncated sales period, but I don’t expect the trend to improve over time. Just my opinion, but as long as the CFA, CCAC, and the Mint continue to condone literal interpretations with average artwork, interest in US Commemorative coin programs will continue to wane. Bottom line: gotta like it before I buy it.

  47. fmtransmitter says

    I agree VBB on the CR. I so WANTED to buy this but when I saw obverse I passed. If I find it close to spot later I may scoop but cmon. The reverse is stunning. There’s two sides to every coin and some are one sided, those are the trick coins used for magic acts and to scam people.

  48. gary says

    Just got my subscription for the ATB 5 oz. P-Mint placed on the Mint website. The discount price is a no-brainer for me. I expect silver will go up in 2014 at some point and the 139.95 price will be adjusted upward accordingly on the later issue coins. Still quite a bargain to keep my set current. It will be interesting to see what the authorized mintage limit will be for this year’s spectacular designs and how fast they might possibly sell out.

  49. thePhelps says

    @fmtransmitter – I went through the process and ordered the 5 ounce ATB subscription at the same time I ordered all the others. I got the confirmation email for all the items I subscribed to and yet when I look at my subscriptions – the 5 ounce ATB does not show up.

    @VBB – I don’t think the mint actually lacked in pushing the GS coin. I got multiple emails – and flyers on it. I also think it is more incumbent on the sponsoring party to make a full out push to get these sold – and not the mint.

    For my part – I didn’t like the design . They had a lot of really nice options to choose from and they went with a poor choice. I was put off by the BS coin for similar reasons as others have mentioned – it was supposed to honor the Scouts of the past 100 years – and when I was in Scouts it was boys. I see the trend continues with the CR coin – instead of making a marketable coin to the masses – they went with the one least likely to draw collectors. If you alienate them – good luck making your target sales numbers.

  50. gary says

    The Girl Scout coin obverse looks great. To me the root of the problem with some commemoratives is with the original legislative bills that include many design dictates and probably too much design input direction from the organization benefitting from the sale of the coins. The use of an organization’s logo as a main device lacks originality and spirit. A logo serves as a branding identity element for advertising purposes but should not appear on a coin, in my opinion. Most logos are/were designed as 2D elements and when used on a coin that has relief, look quite dull.

  51. Eddie says

    Does the Mint not use a test group of some sort? With the CRA the obverse is kinda right up in your face coin. The Liberty design got the point across without being up in your face and it would have been a very nice looking coin.

    I hope the Mint doesn’t do like they did last year with the 5 ozers.They should release them the same time they do the others.

    I really like the “S” quarters. It is something a little different to collect. I just wished the Mint would start putting them in the mint sets or add one individual one in the set like they did with the 1996W dime.

  52. Louis says

    Eddie- The Mint surveys customers but otherwise the decisions are made by the CCAC and CFA and Treasury Sec. Right now the Mint is soliciting comments on how it surveys customers, so this is your chance to tell them what you think. There are articles about it, or go to the Federal register’s section on the Mint.

  53. Arizona bill says

    Maybe the mint should offer a box of girl scout cookies with each coin…

    I like the mint cookies best. I get several boxes each year from the girl scouts dressed in their uniforms in front of the supermarket.

    Arizona dream.

  54. simon says

    An interesting paradox is the 1995-96 Olympics dollar coins. The designs were all correct and non-political. We all love sports ! Yet there were few buyers for the dollar series, and mintage for these silver coins were half of the GS$s. Just look at 25k for track , 16k for tennis , etc. I presume we can blame it on the Denver mint who struck these units !

  55. gary says

    A great idea Arizona! Except it comes a day late & a dollar short. If that logo absolutely had to appear on the coin, how interesting & fun it would have been to see it impressed upon a single large cookie! Maybe the GS can aftermarket some coins by including one in every other 100th box of cookies this year?

  56. ABC says

    @fmtransmitter or anyone else who knows about the Perth mint wedge coins,
    When I go to their site to look at the wedge coins, the search returns with no results. Where do I go if I was interested in checking out or buying these coins? Thanks.

  57. thePhelps says

    @simon… that also was what triggered the new laws – which are directly responsible for the GS not getting the surcharge fees. There were too many coins for the buyers to take them all. Throw in all the clad halves as well and that series of coins is still quite pricey on the secondary market. I don’t have any of Silver Dollars in uncirculated – I did find the clad halves set a coupe of years ago I could afford.

  58. Sith says

    @Brian –

    IMHO the Boy Scout coin cannibalized sales from the Girl Scout Coin. After all most people on this blog hated it and did not buy it and if that was reflective of the general attitude towards the coin then who actually bought it?

    All I’m suggesting is that maybe if they did not become all PC and include the Venture program (which by all accounts is a highly successful program) with the Boy Scouts coin maybe the females in that program would have associated themselves with the Girl Scouts rather than the Venture program.

  59. Don says

    Arizona Bill,
    In your comment at 11:02 am, you stated that you “like the mint cookies the best”. Since when did the Mint start making cookies? Do you have any graded examples?

    Ah, just have to keep things light one in awhile!

  60. VARich says

    Arizona – try a sleeve of thin mints after sitting in the freezer…, and dipped in soft vanilla ice cream…, ooohhhhhhhh mmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Heaven! 🙂

    Brad – appreciate the analysis, I see where you’re coming from. I can’t help but think that their system has a “back-order tripwire” whereby when a product is selling at an exponential to its anticipated sales rate or sales approach within a certain threshold, that the “back order” status appears to ‘slow things down’ and que up orders. A few folks above are just getting Buffalo cancellations and its been gone for a few weeks, that’s where I think this back order status comes into play and allows the mint and shipping contractor to assess final inventory state. The Unc $ set has been selling at a rapid pace and I suspect when it broached 19k in what, 2-3 weeks that inventory needed to be staged and readied for shipping. Guess we’ll have our answer around noon on Monday ;7

  61. KEITHSTER says

    I see they want to another extra set for the Civil Rights coin! Anyone know which coin they will use? I think it will be the unc because of the slow sales the reason they are doing it but not the reasoning good way to ruin a pefectly good low mintage:) O well they do it all the more lately! No comments on the no backorder sellout of the kennedy bags? Gooder Lucks All’;>

  62. Jerry Diekmann says

    @frmtransmitter – thank you for the excellent information on the Great Sand Dunes. However, I still don’t know why the Mint picked this park over two others that were created much earlier – Mesa Verde Nat’l Park in 1906 and Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park in 1915, long before GSD was established as a park in 1932. I thought the rules the Mint was supposed to follow were to pick the earliest park or historic monument created in each state. As picturesque as Great Sand Dunes might be, the coin shows Pikes peak with a flat summit, not a rounded summit, which defines the mountain, and it in no way compares with the historical significance of Mesa Verde Nat’l Park or the alpine beauty of Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park. Why does the Mint have so much trouble getting anything right?

  63. thePhelps says

    Jerry – if you read the law that created the ATB coins…

    “Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner selected the list of sites to be honored after consulting with the governor or other chief executive of each host jurisdiction and Secretary of the Interior Kenneth Salazar, in accordance with authorizing legislation and the site selection process.”

    Reading further into the selction process – the sites were given to the mint through the selection process – they didn’t decide which ones to put on the coins.

  64. AkBob says

    Does anyone know when the mint will start releasing the 5 oz Atb’s 5 oz BULLION version? I can’t wait to see those large beauties in hand one roll at a time, maybe even 2 rolls if I really like the coin.

    OT – I have a fairly nice collection but I don’t display even one coin. I’m afraid of them either disappearing or eventually being broke into. I have 3 safety deposit boxes, (very large ones). The sad thing is, I really don’t get to enjoy them like I would really like too. It’s too bad that we have to worry about such things. What do my fellow collector’s do and what are your feelings about this. Could I get some feedback/help/ideas? Thanks in advance

  65. VA Rich says

    Keithster – you saw where another Comm set is going to be made with the CR coin? If so, where did you see it please?

  66. VA Rich says

    AkBob –

    1) Rotate a set or two that you want to enjoy over the bar or showcase from a bolted down, hidden safe.

    2) Buy a DropCam Pro – it has motion detection, night vision, & live video feed/alerts to your cell phone or tablet, or buy two and link coverage.

    3) Have 1911A1 on stand by 🙂

  67. Don says

    Blair J. Tobler,

    It’s good that you can’t sit in your freezer. I know of one guy who tried and it “rectum” for life.

  68. AkBob says

    VARich – thank you for your suggestions. I like the idea of rotating coins and a secured way to fasten them in a way that it couldn’t be removed easily makes a lot of sense. The motion camera is even better and hooked to your phone. ALL Great ideas and I am going to take some steps and make it happen. I was a Maintenance Mechanic at a hospital (retired now) and I had to hang art work up everywhere and they had to be secured as otherwise believe it or not they would judt walk off and some (most) were/are very expensice.

    Anyone else have more ideas? Come on collector’s, I know I’m not the only that has this problem. What are YOU doing????

  69. KEITHSTER says

    VA it came in the mail yesterday from the mint in the mailer was an order fourm for the coins.Also included was a nice pamphlet with the bus and the Rosea Parks stuff and MLK jr. and a lot of the Civil Rights stuff on it.On it it also stated to keep an eye on the website for an up comming set with a spot in it to write your memorys of that time to pass on your where abouts in the movement. I remember it well a scared little boy watching it all unfold on tv.But my saving grace was having Fr.Groppie a priest at St, Vincient’s in Millwaukee teach us in sunday school. He was a great white man who walked hand in hand on many a march with the people and made sure that we had not a prududice bone in body and still don’t:) Know a man by what he does not by the color of his skin:> Good Luck To Us All:>

  70. Jerry Diekmann says

    @thephelps – thanks for the info. Geithner and Salazar (both of them long gone now) sure missed the ball on this selection. And Salazar was a Colorado Senator and Secretary of the Interior! Mind boggling the decisions being made in DC, and coinage is just a very minor part of what goes on in our dysfunctional capital nowadays. I am not being political, but our government can’t seem to get anything right any more.

  71. Jerry Diekmann says

    @ AkBob – the safe deposit box(es) be the best, safest, and most cost effective protection for you if your bank is close enough that you can visit the coins whenever you have to make a trip to the bank for other business. I know it’s a pain, but good people have to pay to protect themselves from bad people. Think of how much better we would all be if we didn’t have to pay for wars, courts, and jails. Declaring the coins on your homeowners insurance would require a rider that would be prohibitively expensive. Your best bet, I think, is to minimize your expenses and inconvenience of what you worked hard to accumulate in your life. Also, I’m not sure that any insurance company could be trusted to keep your coin information confidential – there are a lot of lowlifes in the insurance business, you should know.

  72. Jerry Diekmann says

    Regarding the GS coin that many of you have been talking about. Probably the ugliest coin to come out from the Mint (and there have been others) in many years. The Korea and USO coins of 1991 run a close second, IMO. The ironic thing about all this is that the coin may become a collector’s have-to-have in the future because of its low mintage. Same thing happened with the 1996 Atlanta Olympics coins, but in that case there was just too many coins being minted for collectors to buy.

  73. AkBob says

    FM – Here’s one on the bay you might enjoy. Item # 331097033513 Now this looks to be worth what is being asked for and it’s a very nice coin to boot.

  74. AkBob says

    JD – Thanks for the advise. That is definitely the safest way and that’s what I currently do. I just would like to display something and VARich had some very good ideas as well. Thanks.

  75. Don says

    Jerry Diekmann,

    Low mintage aside, would you want the GS coin(s) as part of your collection? Again, demand is the main ingredient that drives up a coin’s value, not low mintage. The FS gold series is a prime example.

  76. CW says

    Again Pike Peaks is not within sight of the Great Sand Dunes. Please consult a map before getting upset the mountain is ‘wrong’.

  77. AkBob says

    I contacted Provident Metals to see if they had any idea when they would be releasing the BULLION version of the 5 oz Atb’s and they said they didn’t know at this time but to keep watching for their upcoming releases, etc. Actually, I kinda wish they would wait for one more month so I can save a little more silver money but by then maybe silver would be higher so I guess I’ll take them as soon as they are available. I can’t wait to see that Smoky Mtn. It may well be a winner as well.

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