2014 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set

Tomorrow, January 21, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2014 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set. Each set includes this year’s five different quarter designs struck in a composition of 90% silver.

2014 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set

The reverse designs for the quarters feature images or scenes representative of Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee, Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, Arches National Park in Utah, Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado, and Everglades National Park in Florida. The obverse for each coin contains the 1932 portrait of George Washington designed by John Flanagan.

Each coin within the set is struck in “coin silver”, which consists of 90% silver and 10% copper. The weight of each coin is 6.250 grams with a diameter of 0.955 inches.

Together the five coins yield silver content of 0.9042 troy ounces. Based on the current market price of silver, each set contains silver valued at $18.41.

The 2014 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set is priced at $31.95 per set plus applicable shipping and handling. There is no stated product limit or household ordering limit in place.

A reduced price is available for sets purchased through the US Mint’s online subscription program. These subscription orders are eligible for a 10% discount, reducing the price level to $28.75 per set plus shipping and handling. The discount offer is new for this year and the Mint previously indicated it is available on a “trial basis.”

Last year, the 2013 ATB Quarters Silver Proof Set was initially priced at $41.95, but eventually reduced to $31.95 following a decline in the market price of silver. As of the most recent sales report, the 2013-dated set has reached sales of 127,728 units and still remains available for sale at the Mint.

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  1. HIdalgo says

    I perplexes me why collectors would want to buy the 2014 ATB Quarters Silver Proof Set, especially when it will be included in the 2014 Silver Proof Set. Perhaps some folks only collect the silver quarters? Who knows.

    The 2014 American Eagle One Ounce Silver Proof Coin will be available for purchase on Thursday. I’m sure there will be plenty of interest in this particular coin….!

  2. stephen m says

    Hidalgo, Is the 2014 ase proof suppose to be extra special this year compared to other years? I got back on the ASE pf subscription @47.65 each.

  3. HIdalgo says

    @Stephen. Nope, the proof 2014 ASE is not special. It’s just that there is huge demand for the ASE — whether it’s for collectors (proof or uncirculated finishes) or investors/speculators (bullion).

  4. Samuel says

    Hldalgo, i only collect coins with different designs and with precious metal, thats why i only buy silver quarter sets, but not the “proof set”.

  5. Dan in Fla says

    I buy the silver quarters set and the silver proof set just to cover everything.
    Now the regular clad proof set and quarters set I would never buy.

  6. VA Bob says

    Samuel, the only bad thing about that is you miss out on the silver half and dime, which are the real low mintage pieces of the coin silver issues. I do see your point about the clad, but I believe it is worth it just for those two extra coins. They are all way over-priced.

  7. Don says


    I share the same sentiments as a couple other commenters. The silver ATB set is a nice stand-alone item, containing all 90 % silver coins, in contrast to the regular silver proof set. As for myself, I like obtaining both proof sets, as the full silver proof set has three additional silver coins, as well as the dollar coins. I do not buy the presidential dollars proof set separately.

  8. Louis says

    I will get one because I like the new designs and am eager to see them and don’t want to wait until the silver proof set is released. And there is no harm in having the stand-alone set too as a gift or whatever. If there were no compelling reasons for getting it, the Mint would sell so many of these sets year after year.

  9. VARich says

    Next Wednesday the Great Smoky Mountains quarter launch occurs.., perhaps we’ll see some activity this week on the anxiously awaited ‘P’ puck!

  10. Larry says

    I have always felt the ATB silver quarter set is a good bang for the buck. I have also always felt the “silver proof set” should be renamed the kind of silver proof set. If your going to name something the silver proof set, it should be all silver.

  11. Don says


    You mention to Samuel that he is missing out on the proof silver dime and half by not buying the full silver proof set. In actuality, Samuel has the option of buying the silver dime and half through EBay, or through any number of dealers. It’s not difficult to obtain these two coins separately through other methods.

  12. says

    For those who only want silver quarters and nothing else, here’s what I do. Buy the Silver Proof Set. Next, I break up the set, selling the 1c, 5c, Silver Dime, Silver Kennedy, Native American Dollar & the Pres. Dollars all separately. Even after eBay fees the quarters cost next to nothing! And with 10% off for the new subscriptions, this year my silver quarters might be free with a few $$ profit! The only down side is you don’t have the correct box or COA, but I collect coins on boxes.

    Side note: this year I kept the Silver Kennedy which looks like it will be a Silver Kennedy Mintage Low????

  13. says

    I’m personally interested to see how these coins look, because I recall hearing the US Mint would be applying the laser technology to the proof quarters going forward. I have high hopes since the 2014 AtBs have a great selection of designs.


    There’s a fair number of people out there who only want the silver quarters as opposed to the full proof set – I have a friend who buys exactly for this reason. He is not interest in the clad proofs and the silver dime and Kennedy don’t get him excited like the quarters do. AtB silver quarter sets also make good gift items, as they’re cheaper than the full proof set.

    I agree with your comments on the 2014 proof silver eagle. I think the subscription discount might give sales a shot in the arm and get people excited for the product.

  14. Wes says

    Maybe they should start changing the reverse design on the Kennedy half. They have already done it to the penny Nickel, and Quarters.

  15. Two Cents says

    Wes, maybe that’s what they have in store for the 2014 Kennedy Half — a redesign of the reverse. The US Mint could then include the 2013 Kennedy Half in the forthcoming Anniversary set as an example of the “old” half, and that would explain the extra mintage of the 2013 halves.

  16. VA Rich says

    Back on the previous thread, there was some postings as to the possible popularity of the HOF baseball coin. A side note to that topic, a couple of major broadcasters ran articles on their sport page regarding the 1st ever curved coin back in December and have it rotating in high definition. This Commem has already receive exposure unlike any other I’m sure.., so yeah, it’ll have a nice run!

    The release date was stated as “early 2014.”

  17. Don says

    Two Cents,
    How do you know that the extra Kennedy half mintage in 2013 is, indeed, 2013 dated coins? I still believe that the Mint got the early jump at the end of ’13 and produced 2014’s that will be available for sale in a few weeks.

  18. Don says

    VA Rich,

    The broadcasters that you alluded to in your comment are really on the “ball”. I guess that they are “fielding” a lot of questions from their listeners. The Mint is really throwing us a “curve” by making this commem. It should “walk” away with top honors as the best selling modern commemorative. Have you seen any images of early test “strikes” of the coin? I wonder if any of the coins (possibly a half dollar) will be made in a “base” metal. I’m sure the big time TV dealers will “pitch” the heck out of this commem, as they try to unload the “mound” of coins they will surely get before you or I from the Mint.

  19. VA Bob says

    Don, that’s true, one could buy the silver half and dime elsewhere. Seems like a lot of work to avoid a getting a cent, a nickle, and an NA Dollar (which have looked consistently nice since their debut IMO). especially in proof). As Erik said, one could sell the presidents lens, or just give them as a gift to kids or grand kids.

    With the silver quarter sets sold alone and in the silver proof set and president sets (sold in both clad, silver, and individual sets), it’s simple math as to what silver coins will have the lowest numbers struck.

    That’s cool if someone only wants the quarters, just saying since they are availabile separately, it will always mean there will be less silver halfs and dimes out there. I do believe we all want our coins to increase in value, as one day either we or our heirs will be selling them, hopefully for a profit.

  20. VA Bob says

    Let’s just hope their not weak ‘strikes’. Otherwise it won’t be a collector ‘base hit’.

  21. Dave says

    See my post on Friday’s comments regarding your level 7 penny identifier. Posted at 11 pm on Jan 20

  22. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    About the first spouse gold. Why aren’t they selling at a premium despite the fact many have low mintages in the 2,000s and 3,000s? When you have a room full of beautiful women, none feel special. But if you have a room full of people with only one beautiful woman, she feels special.

    oh i forgot, scrooge would rather count his change than talk to women.

  23. HIdalgo says

    Have any of you looked at recently “sold” auctions on eBay for the 2012 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set? I was quite surprised that the sets have generally sold in the $250 – $280 range. A pretty high mark up from the U.S. Mint’s original sales price…!

    The huge premium for the set (and the coins can be found elsewhere) might be due to the fact this is the very first limited edition silver proof set of its kind. If so, I would not be surprised if the 2013 set has a smaller mark up on the secondary market….

  24. thePhelps says

    @Don in regards to the 2013 Kennedy half. I don’t believe they can mint 2014 coins and include them in the 2013 totals. If an accountant were to review that in someones book keeping it would be shown to be an illegal entry. If they made 2014 coins they have to be inventoried as 2014 coins – and these were inventoried as 2013 coins.

    On the other hand – nice use of baseball analogies…

  25. Blair J Tobler says

    thePhelps – the figures are mintage numbers, not inventory numbers. All they tell us is how many coins were minted at what time – not what year is on them. They could very easily be 2014s.

    To those hoping for a new reverse to the 2014 Kennedy half, remember it would take an act of Congress to get that done, and that ain’t happenin’ any time soon.

  26. thePhelps says

    Blair – I believe that is completely wrong. They are the same number. You can’t say we minted this many 2013 Kennedy halves and have that number include 2014 halves. Those are the base numbers everyone uses for reference – it isn’t legitimately feasible for the mint to have made 2014 coins in 2013 and the mint to inventory them as 2013 coins. And they are inventoried as such by the publishing of the numbers as 2013 coins.

    The only way that even makes sense would have been for the mint to publish in January of 2014 a stock supply of 2014 Kennedy halves, and never to have even published the totals for 2013 that contained the 2014 coins. They have to be one or the other – the mint either has this many 2013 or not. They are 2013 coins- it is that simple.

  27. Eddie says

    I hope the Mint surprises us with a great Kennedy Set. You the Mint just might surprise us with a totally awesome set. I am hoping so.

  28. high low silver says

    I think the Mint is funding the Casinos with these Kennedys as another poster stated. They had these coins hoarded since 2002 and they never sold out of them.

  29. Blair J Tobler says

    thePhelps – unfortunately, the wording on the mint’s page (“2013 Circulating Coin Production”) can be interpreted 2 different ways: one way is production of 2013 circulating coins; the other is production of circulating coins in 2013. They mean two completely different things. Perhaps someone out there could clear it up for us? Happy collecting!

  30. high low silver says

    Blair : The Kennedys were always minted in Nov and Dec the previous year as to have a release date of late Jan early Feb, no one on this site can change that, I was there…..I would wait until the last hour of the deadline (Dec 31) to order. Again , look at 2012 rolls vs 2013 rolls of the half. The 2012 has no end date and the 2013 ends this June. I think these are either hoarded or furnished to casinos as so they keep the tax ledger on the up and up. JMO…. I see no other use these.

  31. Don says

    I completely agree with you. By posting its updated mintage figures on the web page, the Mint is merely stating the production totals for 2013. It does not indicate, in this case, that they are all 2013 dated Kennedys.
    There have been other instances, as Michael can attest, where the Mint has produced coins in one calendar year which were dated for the following calendar year.

  32. VARich says

    Two Cents says: maybe that’s what they have in store for the 2014 Kennedy Half — a redesign of the reverse. The US Mint could then include the 2013 Kennedy Half in the forthcoming Anniversary set as an example of the “old” half, and that would explain the extra mintage of the 2013 halves.

    That’s a great thought – now that would sell some sets!

  33. thePhelps says

    Blair – actually it is only here I see speculation that the mint was producing coins for 2014 in 2013.

    I see no reason for the numbers to be confusing at all other than they are unusually large – it doesn’t strike me as any reason to believe they took the odd production timeout to produce 2014 coins in the fall of 2013 and then publish the production numbers as 2013 Kennedy halves.

    Like I said – you either produced that many 2013 halves or you didn’t – that is the published production number for 2013. I think it is a higher probability that they produced extras for the casinos than they produced 2014 coins and counted them as 2013 coins.

  34. Don says

    high low silver,

    Thanks. You have backed up my speculation that the extra 6 million Kennedys minted at the end of 2013 are ’14 dated ones.

  35. high low silver says

    Don: I believe this ties in with that law not to release NA and Presidental dollars to the Banks around the country and not sending fresh quarter rolls out. The Kennedy was the beginning in 2002, and all other coins mentioned were all limited minted for collectors. That 6m figure must be for 2014 halfs.

  36. Blair J Tobler says

    thePhelps – I’m sorry, but I don’t see why you believe they are publishing the production numbers as 2013 Kennedy halves. All I see is total production numbers, with no indication of whether they are 2013 or 2014 or 1988!

  37. Nick says

    Thank you fr the link. Unfortunately no small dates. I did find a 1994 extra columns. Not sure what it would grade? Ms63 maybe?? This hard work is paying off. I’ve been at it for days though haha

  38. HIdalgo says

    I’ve been reading posts about the high number of Kennedy halves minted during 2013. Can someone tell me why it matters? I seriously doubt that it will impact the value of the 2013 halves.

  39. high low silver says

    I just question the Mints figures on the weekly report, the 2013 Kennedy is worth 50 cents at a Casino.

  40. KEITHSTER says

    I think the mint was looking to bump up the seiniorage #’s as they were up nicely last year. And as there fisical year ends in september maybe they worry about this years #’s if they’re planing their metal switch the seiniorage might go down in the turn over? As for them going to casino’s they ain’t going to pay for premo halves they use the old one’s.As for me I took a gamble and placed a bet that the 2013’s will be gone soon they came last week:) So my geuss still is 2014’s or that one of the other 8 country’s that use the american dollars needed them for change? So Good Luck & get over it:>:>:>

  41. VARich says

    On the AtB subscription, my Cancel Box is not present, can anyone confirm that it was never there or would this be a recent change? Thanks, I just noticed that the box is not an option now.

  42. Ray says

    Subscriptions are canceled in your subscription page, not your order history. There is a cancel subscription link, not a check box.

  43. VARich says

    Thanks Ray, just found it! Also just saw this…, 2013-01-16 Germany Recalls Gold from NY Fed & Paris ‘In Case Of A Currency Crisis’ Hmmm…

  44. Jon in CT says

    The Mint seems to have lost track of what the year stamped on each coin is supposed to indicate.

  45. Don says

    Some commenters have speculated that the spike in 2013 Kennedy half production might have resulted from casinos ordering large numbers. Wouldn’t this be, in effect, screwing the customers who ordered these as collectibles? To the best of my knowledge, isn’t it the understanding that these circulating quality Kennedys are not intended for circulation, and are only available as collectibles in either 200 coin bags or P & D roll sets?

  46. fmtransmitter says

    Yes Don, you are right. Casinos have long since not used Metal coinage and won’t. I lived in Vegas. Chips and paper for the slots, period. They are 2014 coins, wanna bet on it? lol

  47. fmtransmitter says

    Yes Don, you are right. Casinos have long since not used Metal coinage and won’t. I lived in Vegas. Chips and paper for the slots, period. They are 2014 coins, for the special set. Wanna bet on it? lol

  48. Don says


    You can bet the house that they are 2014’s. On second thought, just bet the outdoor shed.

  49. high low silver says

    I used an Ike on a cruise ship one armed bandit 3 years ago that was programed for chips, got a spin but didn’t win lol

  50. HIdalgo says

    For anyone interested…. I received my one and only 2014 American Silver Eagle bullion coin from APMEX today. I bought it when APMEX offered free shipping.

    Several dealers have the coin in stock right now. The proof version of the coin will be available from the US Mint on Thursday.

  51. high low silver says

    Don: The casino didn’t like my money , but the islanders loved my Ikes, Euros,Kennedys and $2 bills when I got my Cuban cigars.

  52. Don says

    It’s snowing so hard here on L.I., that I might request that the Mint make a 2014 snowflake commemorative.

  53. high low silver says

    I’m stuck here in southeastern Pa. Don…..”I feel your pain”! I’m gonna go out and clear the snow…… again !!

  54. fmtransmitter says

    Why anyone still lives up there is beyond me. I headed out years ago. Done with the snow, plus everyone pays to visit me now…Good luck all. My co worker received his wedge tail and it is PROOF w a mintage of 5,000. His wife sent him a video of it. Stunning coin.

  55. Wes says

    Four seasons are nicer than 70 degrees and palm trees all the time. But I don’t miss long winters. Enjoy the visitors spending all their money into our local economy.

  56. fmtransmitter says

    I grew up in Detroit hls so a 15 minute trip over to Canada and I grew up smoking the best cubans on Earth…

  57. fmtransmitter says

    Mom says she enjoys the TWo seasons in Michigan, winter and July…I’ll pass…Each to his own…

  58. Zeeman says

    I just shoveled the snow, right here in good old Iowa, tired of shoveling snow, i was in Dubai, 2 months ago, ahhh beach and 90F, i donot know why i came back to this mess.

  59. Zeeman says

    Sorry HLS , i got no interest in clad stuff, by the way mint just shipped my order of 10 1$ uncirculated dollar sets, i guess i am stuck with them.

  60. Sith says


    To your original question…they are cheap so you can break them up and place them in collections (I use airtight capsules) without regret, and you don’t have to sell the extras on E-bay to get some of your money back. If you want to store them in OGP they are small, and they are the best bang for your buck (cost vs PM content) that the mint offers.

  61. Micro says

    Does anyone have experience with the subscriptions? I have a subscription for two of the silver quarter sets, but I have not received any sort of confirmation. Do you typically receive an email confirmation when they ship, or is there a new order created in the “Order Tacking” at some point? I still have not received any indication that my subscription is going to be filled.

  62. Ray says

    62 and sunny with blue skys here in Denver. I dont miss the East Coast weather and full 4 seasons one bit. Denver has a huge false conception of bad/cold weather. We get over 300 sunny days a year and its gotten into the 60-70s every year i have been here during every month of the winter.

  63. thePhelps says

    Micro – when you subscribed you should have seen the item added to your cart. You needed to checkout at that point to have the subscription filled. If you don’t see the order in your order history and haven’t gotten any notices from the mint – I am afraid it sounds like you missed the subscription window.

    On another note – I got my Wedgie from GovMint today – very nice coin.

  64. Brad says


    Don’t worry about the Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Sets you bought. They’ll be good sets to have in 2-3 months time I would think. I’ll bet the Mint only made 20,000 additional sets with the unsold 2013-W ASE coins, so they will be gone before too long. I let my order for 10 sets go through also, even after I knew they wouldn’t be selling out just yet after all.

  65. KEITHSTER says

    Our casino still use the half dollar but only on the blackjack tables and only for the insurance bet as they have no 50 cent chips.I have to go to a teller by a small vault to get rolls and they give you the look and they ain’t new one’s.Have not gotten any in a long time since they kicked me out of the main vault for buying too many nickels Yep seems it cost them a liite bit extra to get wrapped coinage and my hard earned tip money wasn’t worth the trouble and costing them to much and don’t come back now here:>So it lookslike the mint is amping up for a copper coated zinc nickel? what are they smoking over there zinc itself ? O well might have to start up on the nickels again and I’m sure even the tellers at the regular banks will give me the look:) here’s to it:>:>:> And good Luck all:>:<:

  66. Don says

    Besides the snow, it’s so cold on L.I. that I can’t even think about coins. I just passed two local politicians who were talking on the street corner. And their hand were in their OWN pockets!

  67. Micro says

    thePhelps, I have the active subscription. I just expected some sort of notice that it was filled. Maybe I’m just being too anxious!

  68. HIdalgo says

    I have read several posts on Mint News Blog about the low mintages and potential value of the uncirculated 2013 W American Silver Eagle. I remember reading similar comments about the 2012 W American Silver Eagle.

    I have all of the US Mint’s annual uncirculated dollar sets. I am happy with my two 2013 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Sets. And I look forward to adding the 2014 Annual Uncirculated Dollar set to my collection. Who knows, it may contain an even lower mintage uncirculated 2014 W American Silver Eagle!

    Moral: Today’s rarities may be tomorrow’s commons.

  69. Two Cents says

    I think I have to go along with those who think the uptick in the Kennedy half production is for 2014 dated coins, rather than 2013. SmallPotatos brought up a good point that the federal fiscal year ends in Sept., and the high production figure appeared after that.

    Since this year is the 50th anniversary of the coin, the US Mint might do a publicity promotion by releasing the 2014 coins into circulation, maybe with help from major retailers.

    I can remember that when the Sacagewea dollars came out, the Mint went all out to make the public aware of them. They partnered with Walmart to release the coins early, and partnered with Cheerios to insert the coins in cereal boxes.

    The Mint might want to recreate the excitement that the orginal Kennedy halves had back in 1964, and give the “common man” a chance to get a popular coin at face value (or free).

  70. Wes says

    Uncirculated dollar sets are still selling. I think the mint is harder to predict than the stock market. I won’t ever forget how they went out of their way to produce more years of SAE anniversary sets just because some people missed a chance to order the 25th anniversary set. Sure they are nice sets especially the 2013 west Point Set but they were overproduced. 100,000 was a good number if people didn’t get one there is always the secondary market.

  71. VA Rich says

    Jerry Diekmann – going back to your posting on January 16, 2014 at 12:59 am – I thought it was outstanding and have come back to it several times.

    If you have any other thoughts on building a classic collection on the Au side for us Classic newbies, feel free to pipe away…, there’s such huge range to choose from to capture the essence the classics, it’s a little overwhelming, & I haven’t found it captured in a book quite yet. Thanks.

  72. high low silver says

    Don: I’m sitting here snowed in looking at my 50+ silver bullion coins and my 1 24k gold coin…..makes ya wonder….

  73. Don says

    high low: I’m sitting here thinking about having to go outside tomorrow morning in the 10 degree temperature and walking behind the Toro snowblower to clear the 15 inches of snow off my 220 foot gravel road and driveway.
    And forget the Cheerios. It will definitely be a hot oatmeal, toast, and coffee breakfast.

  74. VA Rich says

    FM – you suck! Off to clear the drive for a 3rd time.., a solid 8″ of the white stuff with ice here at Dulles! Palm trees are are over-rated anyway, unless they’re surrounded by bikinis…. ;7 You get your Wedge-tail Bro?

    Zeeeman – I’m off to Dubai in 2 weeks, any chance I can I find any of those stunning Mercanti eagles of there???

  75. Zeeman says

    VA Rich@ i donot know if u will find them in Dubai, if u do let me know, i got a lot of contacts there, anyway is that your first time to Dubai?

  76. fmtransmitter says

    This IS the hobby of King’s, I am sure if you can ask a King if he can help locate you one, your wish shall be granted. If not, he will just buy Perth Mint and make you one. VA R, nope! 🙁 Still waiting on HR Wedge. Hopefully tomm.

  77. fmtransmitter says

    The way it got shipped doesn’t provide updates. Only thing I got was it hit LA on the 16th. Snail mail I suppose. I know I have to sign for it so I made the USPS lady aware I was expecting just in case.

  78. VARich says

    Zeeman – nah, but more contacts are always good to have! If you find yourself in Singapore or Southern Taiwan, let me know, there’s a couple of day markets you may want to peruse. The downside side of the internet being so accessible now it that these guys are figuring out what they really have in their coin trays.

  79. gary says

    It’s a Wed. and platinum is up to the point of a POSSIBLE price increase today Jan. 22nd, if anyone is interested.

  80. Sith says

    Not sure about anyone else but my subscription’s order was automatically placed on Jan 16 and my silver ATBs sets are “In Stock and Reserved”

  81. VARich says

    Ok, so I called the mint to better understand why my subscription isn’t showing on the Sub Page – short answer is –

    Subscriptions show for some, though not for others. They don’t know why but are working to figure it out. They’re thinking it may be web browser issue. If you receive an order confirmation email for the Sub, then you know you’re good regardless – just FYI

  82. Eddie says

    Has anyone heard when the 5 ozer’s are going to be issued or Minted? I hope they don’t wait like they did last year.They need to keep them spread out like they do the regular quarters.

  83. Two Cents says

    Has anyone heard about the maximum mintage of the 2014 P-mint ATB 5-ozers? It would seem to me that the max mintages would be much higher than previous years because so many people are putting their orders in via subscription.

    Will the US Mint use the subscription total as a base amount, then add on several thousand (for individual sales) to come up with a max mintage?

  84. Eddie says

    Have you heard anything else about the Mint using the laser enhancement on the 2014 silver proof quarters yet. I know the Deputy Mint Director Peterson said it would be used in 2014 or 2015.I am hoping it will be 2014 because of the Kennedy anniversary set. it would be an added bonus for the Kennedy collectors.

  85. sharks2th says

    I received the silver quarters and silvers proof eagles from my subscriptions today. All look great. The Virginia Shenandoah quarter has 3 finishes on it, mirror, frosted and textured for what appears to be water or a shadow.

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