2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set

Today, November 20, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales for the 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set. The set provides a “distinctive pairing” of the 2014 Native American Dollar and a 2013 $1 Federal Reserve Note.

2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set

The set is created around the theme from the 2014 Native American Dollar, which commemorates how native hospitality helped to ensure the success of the Lewis and Clark expedition. The reverse design of the coin includes a portrayal of a Native American man offering a pipe while his wife offers provisions of fish, corn, roots, and gourds. The background contains a stylized image of the face of William Clark’s compass highlight the “NW” direction where the expedition occurred.

The $1 coin and note are placed within a tri-fold presentation folder containing related images and historical information about the Lewis and Clark expedition. A certificate of authenticity is printed on the package.

Based on the information provided by the US Mint, the press release, and the product description, there seem to be no special or distinctive qualities about the $1 coin and $1 note included in the set. Previously issued Coin and Currency Sets have sometimes included coins with a special finish or notes with a special serial number. In this case, the $1 coin is described as “uncirculated finish” with the “D” mint mark. The $1 note is described as 2013 series.

Each 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set is priced at $13.95. There is a product limit of 50,000 units with no household ordering limit imposed.


Update: Some readers have noticed that the product image identifies the coin as “2014 Native American $1 Enhanced Uncirculated Coin”. This is different than the press release which indicates an “uncirculated finish” (the identification used for coins in the annual Uncirculated Coin Set). I have reached out to the Mint to clarify whether the coin included in the set is actually different or unique in any way from those previously issued.

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  1. Samuel says

    on the booklet, it states “enhanced unc”, is this special? never paid attention to this coin before.

  2. NC_Stacker says

    “enhanced unc”??

    Does this include finger prints and/or machine oil “accents”. We are talking Denver Mint here.

  3. says

    Samual has a good point, the enhanced uncirculated description isn’t used anywhere else. They are either circulation quality, unciculated, or proof. The Mint has either decided to use a description it simply hasn’t attached to the product but feels it could have all along, or it’s a new product.

  4. J. Allen says

    Hawkster: Re frozen coins & moisture damage

    I live in Minnesota, and all winter long, and this year in the fall, my coins arrive “frozen!” When my coins are brought inside, condensation does form on the capsule. If I can get the capsule open, and often times I can’t, in either case I let it warm up, and the moisture evaporates. I have been collecting coins for a number of years and thus far have not noted any moisture damage to my “winter” coins.

    J. Allen

  5. says

    @ $13.95 with a sale out, the Mint will bring in a total revenue of $697,500., not to mention the additional sales to other products if the Mint adds a unique coin. Without a unique coin, sells could be lackluster. The question is will the Mint invest or play it safe.

  6. Mint News Blog says

    Added an update. Checking on the “enhanced uncirculated” description used on the packaging.

  7. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    Well… of course….

    Simple misrepresentation of the English language.

    The coin is “enhanced” with a dollar bill note. How charming!

    Where else can you find such a deal of “$2 for $14”? I’m really intrigued by the cardboard backer!

  8. says

    Mint News Blog says

    November 20, 2014 at 11:32 am

    Added an update. Checking on the “enhanced uncirculated” description used on the packaging.

    Thank you

  9. Hawkster says

    Yeah, those “swipe marks”, as you describe them, are part of the minting process for the Kennedy enhanced uncirculated coin. As Louis pointed out, they were thoroughly discussed on the MNB. Many commenters used the term “zebra stripes”. Or, if you’re a Dolly Parton fan, “Z bra” stripes.

  10. cagcrisp says

    I don’t Think the coin is any different than the regular D mint Native American coin, HOWEVER, looking at the Specifications there is some OMITED words on the “American $1 Coin and Currency Set”.

    American $1 Coin and Currency Set Composition: 6% Zinc, 3.5% Manganese, 2% Nickel

    The OTHER 3 D mint mark Native American coins: Composition: 6% Zinc, 3.5% Manganese, 2% Nickel, Balance Copper

    SO………..I Assume Someone just left off the “Balance Copper” on the American $1 Coin and Currency Set

  11. NC_Stacker says

    On the Mint site you can zoom in on the composition and it does list ” Balance Copper”

  12. Blair J Tobler says

    In case anyone’s interested, the Federal Register will be posting the price for the Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles at $57.95.

  13. cagcrisp says

    @NC_Stacker, Word for Word on the Specification tab on the Mints website:

    Denomination: Native American $1 Coin
    Composition: 6% Zinc, 3.5% Manganese, 2% Nickel
    Weight: 8.100 grams
    Diameter: 1.043 inches (26.49 mm)
    Edge: Lettering
    Mint and Mint Mark: Denver – D

    SO……Clearly what is printed on the Website and what is printed on the tri-fold are Not the same…

  14. MLA says

    Off topic:
    I thought that the ATB quarter Mt Rushmore was expose to end when the Everglades was issued.
    I called the Mint and was told that they would be for sale till sold out per a floor supervisor.
    Had cs person request answer from higher up, there should answer with in 72 hours!

  15. Gary says

    It would be so funny if this $1 coin with a mintage of 50k would be the biggest winner of the year. With all the Kennedy hype and then this Enhanced Uncirculated dollar coin trumps them all. I better get a couple ordered, I have wasted $15 on worse things!!

  16. says

    MLA, Thanks for asking cs, I have been wondering why the Mint conveniently abandoned the one year rule. It’s been said here before, there’s just no rhyme nor reason for their actions sometimes. This however is what a business runs like when it’s covered in bureaucratic red tape. We need someone with a lot more passion directing the Mint…people are taking note of what they see.

  17. Mr. Kairu says

    Good, I am glad others noticed this because I have been wondering this all day. Can’t wait to hear what is going on with the “enhanced unc.” Possibly (but probably not) the third EU coin ever then?

  18. A Bob says

    The enhanced uncirculated kennedy half was nothing special. Very disappointed in the outcome of that one alone. Unlike the EU American eagle which has a unique look and was well done.

  19. jj says

    here is my chat with “Joe” from US mint customer support:

    [Joe] Hi, how can I assist you today?
    [Visitor] yes, it mentions the native american coin as “enhanced” uncirculated
    [Visitor] is this then the 3rd enhanced uncirculated coin ever produced?
    [Visitor] joe?
    [Joe] I will be happy to help you with that!
    [Visitor] 🙂
    [Joe] I’m not quite sure if there have only been 3, but only 3 come to mind in recent memory. There is an enhanced coin in the 4 coin Kennedy Silver set, and also the 2013 American Eagle Silver enahnced uncirculated coin.
    [Visitor] those are the only 2 i know of
    [Visitor] so this is the 3rd one?
    [Joe] The third that I am aware of.
    [Visitor] wow, this is unexpected news – so what is different about this coin?
    [Visitor] special “frosting”?
    [Joe] Now although I am aware of the 2 other enhanced uncirculating finished coins, I do not see that as a feature in this release.
    [Visitor] on the card containing the coin it says “Enhanced Uncirculated Coin”
    [Visitor] you see that?
    [Joe] I see…I do see that on the card, just not on the product description on the site. My apologies.
    [Visitor] so this coin is different then?
    [Joe] That is correct
    [Visitor] ok thanks!
    [Joe] It’s my pleasure! Anything else I can do for you today?
    [Visitor] no that is all, have a good day
    [Joe] Thanks for shopping with the United States Mint. We’re happy to assist you today and in the future.

  20. J JONAH JAMESON says


    It sounds like the scene from Star Wars; “These aren’t the droids you are looking for”.

    [visitor] The dollar is 24kt gold, right?
    [Joe] Yes, it is gold, isn’t it?

    Honestly, I did think the pic on the mint site looked like it had a frostier finish also. Kind of “P” ATB puck like.

  21. Alan says

    Beware, the 2000 Millennium Set was a sleeper with a West Point (no mint mark) Silver $1 and a burnished Sacagawea $1. Look what the market has done with these!

  22. fmtransmitter says

    @jj: ha ha, I could hear the music playing in the background from star wars when luke meets han in that bar. That bar music playing, it always come to mind when I read stuff like this…

    Yea, that stiping, straking, whatever you want to call it, was in the die, I posted a pic of it. I get it, doesn’t make it right because there are other ones that were properly polished and minted out there and they don’t have it so of course NGC has created the PL and DMPL desig. for those WITHOUT the streaks. Another die was used and IMO , that one was properly polished BEFORE striking, thereby removing those stripes. It shouldn’t take away from the grade because the coin is graded based on the strike of said die.

  23. fmtransmitter says

  24. NC_Stacker says

    fmtransmitter can’t wait to see the user created scenes that make up the entire Star Wars movie.

  25. jj says

    @fm – nice! fyi, i was curious so tried CS again – “stacy” says it is in fact a special enhanced uncirculated coin. “The obverse in the areas of the effigy (portrait), lettering, and border will all receive a heavy laser frosting treatment. ”

    whatever, i want to watch star wars now though…

  26. fmtransmitter says

    Hey bloggers, I wanted to give a shout out to AkBob and ask to say a prayer for him. He has been in the hospital in Seattle but is now back in the great state of Ak and on the mend…Prayers appreciated! He reached out to me today. Thanks!

  27. jj says

    now hungry for those heavily frosted sugar cookies they sell at walmart, you know right past the front doors, usually pink or yellow frosting with little sprinkles on top. omg

  28. Boz says

    So is the dollar bill frosted as well? Sounds like my original comments about a worthless coin that no merchant would accept and the $1 bill being sold for $14 plus postage were off base. Now it looks like the frosted coin with the $300 secondary market value is a bargain at $25.

    Whoopee, a flippers bonanza and a mint Christmas gift to the dealers as well!

  29. Ends in Error says

    Ah the United States Mint – dont you just love em! A Special set of a $1 Coin and a $1 Bill , what a special opportunity.

    I look forward to the day when the Mint stops producing the one cent coin for general consumption. When they only produce them for Collectors at $9.95 a roll how many do you suppose they will sell? Limit them to 50,000 rolls and watch them go fast.

  30. Hawkster says

    J. Allen,
    Living in Minnesota, your coins probably come to you frozen about half the year. I’m glad to know that once you get the moisture off the coins there are no adverse effects.
    Perhaps in the future, the labeling companies (notice I call them labeling companies, not grading companies) will come out with a seasonal labels, such as “Winter Wonderland”, “Spring Blush”, and “Autumn Harvest”.

  31. fmtransmitter says

    Dustyroads says
    NOVEMBER 20, 2014 AT 3:58 PM

    fmt, Thanks, I’ve been looking for something unique to put on the center caps of the wheels for my new black Maserati.
    Hey, anytime, bet they will look nice!

  32. Larry says

    I wonder if the mint has to buy the dollar bill from the Fed or do they get it at cost, which is almost nothing. I bet they get it for cost, which would probably make the packaging for this set cost more than what is in it.

  33. CasualCollector says

    Woohoo! I Just got back my order history on the US Mint site. I don’t know if it was the call I placed to ask them to restore my history, or they figured out what was wrong with “paging” and just updated the website “paging” logic. Either way, I’m glad to have my Order History back 🙂

  34. Ray says

    Interesting that I can only cart 99 of this product on usmint.com. Theres no order nor household limit, yet I’m restricted to buying 99 online.

  35. NC_Stacker says

    Ray are you trying to buy them all?

    I’ve tried to see what can be done to get passed the 99 count. Won’t let me. The best way is maybe to call in for an order for more that 99

  36. Hawkster says

    Living in Minnesota, J. Allen receives frosted coins all winter. He will probably tell you that frosted coins are no big deal.

  37. cagcrisp says

    @Ray, you can have my 99. Nothing I see here that I am interested in. I don’t Buy the Enhanced. The only “distinctive pairing” I see is two dollars (losers) being Sold for $13.95 by the Mint (winner)…

  38. Brad says


    The Mint has always had a cart limit of 99 for any specific product number online. If you want to buy more than 99 of anything online, you have to place separate orders.

  39. NC_Stacker says

    @fmtransmitter “Not ONE of these does NOT have the striations…”

    It’s just bad lighting. 😉

  40. fmtransmitter says

    I doubt it, otherwise he would be overnighting them to NGC to jump on the $100 per letter D P L…Hmmm, what else could those letters mean?

  41. Larry says

    So I went to see what everyone is talking about regarding this being “Enhanced Uncirculated” and the packaging on the mint’s website does indeed say Enhanced Uncirculated. So either the mint is lying, which I find hard to believe, or there is something special about this coin. With only 50K mintage, if Michael does find out this is something special, you know there is going to be an insane stampede to get this. Decisions, decisions.

  42. Chris Howard says

    The US Mint has updated the product specs for the SAC to say “Enhanced Uncirculated”. It’s official!

  43. NC_Stacker says

    Larry I bet the Cherry Pickers will buy a bunch of sets of then and if it’s not what they think it will be, will be returning all but one of them.

  44. J JONAH JAMESON says

    Mint has updated the desctiption.

    Distinctive pairing of an enhanced uncirculated 2014 Native American $1 Coin and 2013 series $1 Note

  45. Hawkster says

    The guys on the TV coin shows are going to be all over this coin and currency set if it does, indeed, feature an enhanced Sac dollar.
    Just what we need: Another set honoring Lewis and Clark. Anyone remember the Lewis& Clark coin and pouch set from several years ago? Probably the worst purchase I ever made from the Mint.

  46. Jerry Diekmann says

    $10.00 for $2.00? At this rate our national debt will soon be erased! Sell them to China or Russia or Nigeria!

  47. NC_Stacker says

    GoldFishin yes I did, but I bet a few might make a showing on Gift Week. But the way they are talking up the sales of these, they don’t know how many they will have so I think it will be in under 60 DPL’s But it would be nice to have some insight to the census numbers.

  48. Jerry Diekmann says

    Sorry – they’re $14.00! I nthought they were $10.00. My earlier point is even more valid. Why would anybody want to buy these things?

  49. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    “They called them Flipper, Flipper…”

    Ceh Ceh Ceh…. CehCehCehCehCeh! …said the dolphin.

  50. GoldFishin says

    @NC STACKER- I am doing some work on Pop numbers…..takes a while, but I am looking at each submission one coin at a time. I just looked at one submission and out of 17 coins submitted all were graded SP70, about half were PL and a few of the other. This seller must have had some kind of deal with the grader to not holder anything below 70 or…..it was a big seller. Bottom line, there will be a lot of PL’s before it is all said and done and after looking at many photos I am convinced that mine are PL in my personal sets. Shhhh!
    Also I guess you saw that a several of those PL sets are finding their way to the bay. I think they will lose money on them.

  51. Jon in CT says

    Alfred E. Numismatic wrote on November 20, 2014 at 8:41 PM

    “They called them Flipper, Flipper…”

    Ceh Ceh Ceh…. CehCehCehCehCeh! …said the dolphin.

    Good allusion, but II think the full refrain is:

    They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning,
    no-one you see, is smarter than he,
    and we know Flipper, lives in a world full of wonder,
    flying there-under, under the sea!


  52. NC_Stacker says

    GoldFishin I am seeing more DPL’s on the bay. And the prices are higher then the first one that was sold.

  53. GoldFishin says

    The prices are too high, there will be more of them. There is a large audience on this site. If you wish to get one at a decent price I would keep that in mind.

  54. GoldFishin says

    @AKBOB- You are in my prayers and we hope to hear from you as soon as you are able. Godspeed with your recovery. Thank you FM for letting us know.

  55. Alfred E. Numismatic says


    Come to think of it, the two fish in the platter with the proportionately oversized hands holding them does remind one of the animated Don Knots film.

  56. cagcrisp says

    New and Improved Specification Listed Currently:

    Denomination: Dollar
    Quality: Enhanced Uncirculated
    Composition: 6% Zinc, 3.5% Manganese, 2% Nickel
    Weight: 8.100 grams
    Diameter: 1.043 inches (26.49 mm)
    Thickness: 2.00 mm
    Edge: Lettering

    The Old and Not Improved Specification Listed this Morning:

    Denomination: Native American $1 Coin
    Composition: 6% Zinc, 3.5% Manganese, 2% Nickel
    Weight: 8.100 grams
    Diameter: 1.043 inches (26.49 mm)
    Edge: Lettering
    Mint and Mint Mark: Denver – D
    Mint and Mint Mark: Denver – D

  57. fmtransmitter says

    Hawkster says
    NOVEMBER 20, 2014 AT 8:11 PM

    The guys on the TV coin shows are going to be all over this coin and currency set if it does, indeed, feature an enhanced Sac dollar.
    Just what we need: Another set honoring Lewis and Clark. Anyone remember the Lewis& Clark coin and pouch set from several years ago? Probably the worst purchase I ever made from the Mint.
    not if you got a certain pouch from a tribe that was kicked out. those go for big bucks. some scandal.

  58. fmtransmitter says

    NC_Stacker says
    NOVEMBER 20, 2014 AT 7:20 PM

    @ fmtransmitter

    DPL= Deceptive Plundering Language
    deep pockets lined

  59. MN says

    Does anyone else’s shipment tracking number/s disappear from your US Mint Order History given time or is it only mine that has? Also, when an order ships in two packages (like when a PM coin is in on the order), is only one tracking number given on your online account or did this just happen to me due to the order mix-up with the new web site launch/shipping service’s error? My order was to be shipped to our business PO Box via UPS which is impossible to do, so UPS got our street address and left the first part of the order here. Since only one tracking number was given and the packing slip said ‘1 of 1″, I phoned CS asking where the K15 was…the rep said IF the other package was in transit, it would be returned to sender (too high of a dollar amount to a PO Box?). Due to the mix-up, I mailed back the first part of the order and received credit for that part of the order but I have not been credited for the Gold “returned to sender” coin. My online account information changed from “PART RETURN” to “RETURNED” but our Visa has not been credited yet. To make matters worse this order was paid for using a Visa debit card…I searched online today about credit card charge-backs and read that by law, no credit card charge-back action is possible when using a debit card (said you have to wait for a credit). Phoning and e-mailing Customer Service over the past weeks has not helped so I requested a “non-receipt” form from CS and mailed that in a few days ago. I contacted UPS yesterday and asked for information on all UPS deliveries to our home address during the time in question and they said a second tracking number applied to the package they attempted delivered to our street address then sent back to the Mint (again, only one tracking number had showed for a short time on my account). Today I emailed CS who verified the two tracking numbers I gave them did indeed apply to this order BUT they could not tell me what payment form was used to pay for the order (two separate charges had been withdrawn). I am concerned about not getting my money back but you would think the US Mint/US Treasury would be honest if the matter gets to the right department. The UPS tracking number I got yesterday from UPS shows the “attempted delivery/returned to sender” K15 was received back and signed for at the correct fulfillment center on 10/10/14. From what I’ve seen, the new web site has no cancel box, has not given more than one tracking # for multiple shipments on any one placed order and tracking information disappears. Online Customer Service gives differing information and the TX address is also CS addressed so maybe I won’t get my refund if this never gets to the bookkeeping department. Sorry for the drama but any information/help would be appreciated.

  60. McLovin says

    Well for what’s it worth, I have a subscription for the 5oz. pucks. I have a PO box and never had a problem before, but today I had a notice UPS couldn’t deliver, so I had to drive to the UPS office to pick it up. I don’t know if I’ll be able to receive PO box shipments in future or if this was just a fluke.

  61. says

    MN, You should expect a slow return to the Mint, then you can expect at least 7 to 10 days for processing, and because you used your debit card your bank has to then process the deposit. This all could take 3 or 4 weeks. You could also call the Mint and give them the card # that you want the purchase credited to just to be on the safe side. Sounds like your a little panicked over it, you won’t lose your money. Be patient and hang in there.

  62. MN says

    @ Dustyroads November 21, 2014 at 12:47 am

    The K15 item was returned to the US Mint fulfillment center 10/10/14, which was 6 weeks ago. The return situation is different, being I did not see the package or return it myself. UPS tracking states the package could not be delivered to a PO Box so it was returned to sender. Customer Service Center reps have no authority to look into the payment and I get placed on hold while they speak to a “supervisor” and each comes back with a different answer. I can only hope the non-receipt form mailed in will get through to the right people.

    Does anyone else’s tracking information disappear from their Order History or is just happening on my account?

  63. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    MN – K15 requires an Adult Signature, my post office will sign for anything and about two days later the slip shows in my PO Box for pick up, you may want to confirm with yours that they will sign for UPS Sig Required packages. Also, UPS will only deliver to a STREET ADDRESS and your USPS office can provide that to you, it’s like their address plus #XYZ for your PO Box.

    Now on to your situation – if it’s been 6-8 weeks, you should be treating this a lost package claim, or a CLAIM of some kind. Don’t EVER, EVER go by what the UPS tracking info states, trust, UPS couldn’t find their way out of wet paper bag!

    Get on the horn with UPS and have them send you .PDF copies of the tracking information they’re able to pull. And if you end up speaking to that piece of crap call center in India, ask to speak to their supervisor and don’t take no for an answer. Pull bank statements and put them in .PDF and any other support documents. Excuse me for a moment – Jeff, I don’t know where you went wrong on life but you need for your inner purpose or find peace with something, or just go away for a 4th time and stay away. Ok, so have all the artifacts handing and then call mint CS and ask to speak to claims rep or someone that works specific in the Returns department.

    I’ve experience a similar deal with UPS and mint returns and could easily see this happening during the October period, again, I dare say you need to start treating this a claim and be prepared to substantiate it – good luck!

    Oh, and for my PO Box address with the Mint, I have my Post Office/PO Box STREET ADDRESS and PO Box listed and haven’t had any problems yet, so it looks like this –

    1234 Stud Way # (you PO Box #)
    PO box #
    Richville, VA …….

  64. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    MN – when you get this resolved, would come back and post what department at the mint resolved the issue and their explanation for the gap in the return and the credit to your account please

  65. Hawkster says

    In my comment last night (11/20 @10:15), the last three sentences were not posted by me. How is it possible that someone else’s comments got tacked onto mine?

  66. cagcrisp says

    @MN, I have Everything shipped to a PO Box. The Mint does Not have any Other address for me. I have gotten 3 different shipments of the K15 from the New Mint’s shipping out of Memphis and I’ve never had any problems.

    “Does anyone else’s tracking information disappear from their Order History or is just happening on my account?”
    In the last CY I have had 42 Separate Orders. Of those 42, 4 are listed as “Part Shipped”. The Part Shipped do NOT have a tracking number. ALL the Other orders HAVE a tracking number.

    SO……If you don’t have a tracking number check and see if it says it is “Part Shipped”

  67. Hawkster says

    On further review, I realized that FM repeated my earlier comment. Ordinarily, the original poster’s comment is put in quotations–not the case here.

  68. Boz says

    No problem with PO Box shipments here. Lightning fast so far. If you watch TV, thieves following uPS trucks are all the latest rage.

  69. says

    MN, As with cagcrisp tracking #’s, my part ship orders with the Mint do not have a visible tracking number any longer, nor do the whole return orders, only do all the fully completed orders have tracking #’s, and those date back to the beginning of my history of buying from the Mint.

  70. A Bob says

    Does anyone out there know what this set will include? Price was quoted earlier in thread.

    12/2014 2014 Coin and Chronicles Set – Franklin D. Roosevelt –

  71. says

    Keep Calm $ Stack On, Once I had a shipment from Amazon sent back because I only had a PO address on the package. When I talked to the postmaster he said I should have had both address’s on the box. I know now that they were playing it safe. I have talked to the postmasters and they are familiar with me and I no longer have problems, but when my daughter ordered something several months ago and only used a PO, it was returned because it had her name on it. In conclusion, both address’s is best.

  72. Larry says

    I dunno. I looked at the zoomed images of the so called “enhanced” coin, and the regular unc coin on the mint’s website and I can’t see any big difference. The only thing that maybe is there, is the background on the enhanced coin seems to be slightly frostier looking. The other two enhanced coins, the ASE and Kennedy half, you can instantly see the difference.

  73. says

    Larry, I’m not using their images as true representatives of their so-called enhanced coins, but if you read back over this thread, some of the commenters here have talked to customer service reps at the Mint who have described the coin as having the letters and rim enhanced. I think as soon as these are in the hands of purchasers, everyone here will get an idea of what to expect. I did order a couple so I’ll be sure and chime in when I get mine if no one else does. If you like these as a collector, you should go ahead and get yours.

  74. MN says

    I asked for a non-receipt form, received it via email and sent it in a few days ago (goes to a TX address / ATTN: customer service). The UPS tracking number is on the packing slip for first part of the PO Box shipped order so I have that UPS tracking history printed off and when UPS gave me the second PO Box tracking number for the second package, I went online and printed that tracking information off as well (gives cannot deliver to a PO Box / returned to sender information) and an employee signed for the returned package on 10/10 at the fulfillment center. UPS was very helpful in finding tracking numbers for the two PO addressed packages delivered in the time frame I asked for…no second tracking number for the K15 had ever appeared on my US Mint account. UPS did attain our street address for the PO Box addressed packages. We live in a small town and my husband’s name associated with our business was used on the PO Box address so all was okay there, it’s just that the package was returned to sender due to a signature issue. Two additional orders on this PO box including ordering another K15 were sent USPS without a problem. The new shipping service just sent the first order using the wrong service (UPS). I have bank statements showing the two separate Visa debit card charges and one credit appears for the first package of the order I sent back myself. I have saved customer service emails from the Mint, for whatever they are worth. The stories given by CS reps have been everything from twice saying that I would be getting a call within 48 hours from the credit department (does not happen), it sometimes takes 90 days for a credit to appear, a credit was attempted and that someone would be calling to verify my card number (didn’t happen), many times the rep had to hold and talk to a supervisor, CS was able to verify the two tracking numbers I gave them are indeed associated with this order but they cannot see the two amounts or payment source I was seeking verification for at this time, that I had ordered another K15 coin on 10/21/14 so they would not be issuing me a credit for the previous order that contained a K15 BUT that has a different order number and was charged to our alternate card on file for this account (Discover) and I returned that one to so that order has a RETURNED status. One time I was on the phone for a long time and the CSR said they did not show any information for that order number…after a half an hour she asked if we had a second account which we do (she admitted she was looking at the wrong account all the while). US Mint online order status shows RETURNED for the two items so both have been marked as returned; the problem is I do not have the $1,202.50/$4.95 credit. I don’t want to incur court/attorney fees (not a small claim) so I will wait to see if I hear back on the non-receipt form. I will post if I hear anymore from the Mint. Thanks for allowing me to vent.

  75. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Larry – if you go to the HiDef photo of the Obverse – you’ll see Enhancements on her tunic (look closely at the vertical strips), on the letter and perhaps on the hair.

    I’m thinking the enhancement is ONLY on the Obverse as it is not evident in the hi def photo of the Reverse.
    I’m terrible for saying this though it’s Friday and my mind is in the gutter, they’re really needs to be a some other ‘enhancements’ on the reverse besides those enlarged hands of hers!

    Dusty – the way things are going, I think we ALL better get use to more black choppers, UAVs, and cameras, sadly enough.., so much for ownership, accountability, and stepping up for the overall team effort.

  76. Larry says

    Keep Calm – I still dunno. I have the enhanced ASE and Kennedy, and there is no doubt they are different than the regular unc. The enhanced coins have a proof like background. The frosted highlights are easy to see. I looked at the pics, and if there is any special enhancement, it seems very slight. Seems we should at least see a frosted face and proof like background on the native $1 coin. If it’s in the pics, I don’t see it.

  77. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Larry – I guess at the end of the day, one must ask themselves, “Is $14 with a little glitter worth $2?

    – Good luck, & let me know what you find out!

  78. NC_Stacker says

    Larry you cannot go by the photos on the mints website. On the photos of the Silver Kennedy 4 coin set, they only placed normal Kennedy coins in the holder. The reverse proof coin looks like a normal Kennedy half.

    Look at the photo they have on their website for the 50th Anniversary Kennedy 2014 Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection.

    The far left coin sure is a nice Reverse Proof coin 😉


  79. cagcrisp says

    For me I am a Dismayed with the release of a “Enhanced Uncirculated” Clad from Denver. I wrote before that the Mint was Starting to Loss me and this is Prime example. Seems like they are going down the same road as the RCM or Perth. Same road. Many Bought the Silver Kennedy Because you had 2 firsts. First RP Kennedy and First Enhanced Kennedy. Only one previous Enhanced. Now with the Clad we have 3 enhanced. The Mint just Diluted the uniqueness of the first two Enchanced. And for What? I remember the days when we j had uncirculated and proofs. That’s it. Look at what we have now. Within a few years they will have a Colored coin. The Mint just keeps chasing dollars and People keep biting on these “Firsts” and all it does in my opinion is dilute the same Customer base. Exactly How Many additions “Customers” or “Collectors” will you bring to the Hobby by Offering an Enhanced Native American Clad Dollar? How many? Seems to me you are just taking a given pie and dividing it into smaller and smaller pieces.
    The BHOF coins and the Gold Kennedy Brought New People into the Hobby. Both did. The 5oz Turkey Silver Puck next year will Bring new people into the Hobby. But I am Sorry, I don’t see an Enhanced Uncirculated Clad from the Denver Mint doing ANYTHING for the Hobby. Just Flippers and TV hucksters…

  80. J. Allen says

    Yeah, it’s tough up here on coins and humans alike.
    Thanks for the humorous responses, they made me laugh, helping to thaw out my “frosted” face.

  81. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Brad –
    APMEX -2014 5 oz Silver ATB Arches National Park, UT – Sold Out at the Mint!
    Now available $192! Good golly Miss Molly!

  82. Hawkster says

    In regard to the enlarged hands on the native American woman: Maybe the artist was attempting to bring attention to Marfan Syndrome which, among other symptoms, manifests itself with long fingers. Some historians believe that Abe Lincoln had Marfan’s. The condition affects the body’s connective tissue.

  83. gary says

    @Cagcrisp…I agree completely with your 11:59 AM post. If “Enhanced” finishes are going to be used on just about any new issue then it’s specialness gets very diluted as more issues are made using the technique. It only provides for new jib-jab descriptions for the flipper/hucksters to spin and apply in their marketing efforts, not to mention the third party grading slab companies. To the newcomers to coin collecting, and especially to collectors who might continue on with the hobby, it creates a huge bewildering array of uncirculated and proof & reverse-proof finishes, strikes, enhancements, etc.
    The U.S. Mint seems content now to take any coin design, current circulating, bullion and commemorative (a home-run design or a turd) and create a cheap and easy variation of it with their selective lasering process.
    Now add in an assortment of mint marks and presto! Yet another new special set everyone “must” have!
    Enough already!

  84. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Hawkster – while that may be, and you’re mostly like right, let’s not loose sight of the fact that it’s always good to know your target audience! While Lewis & Clark may have been thrilled with a provision of fish, corn, roots, and gourds, ..can you image the reaction and friendship that would have been gained through the distinctive pairing had she shown with a platter of cold beer, melons and some glimmer of a smile…., oh sorry, it subsequently took 200 years for the evolution of Hooters! 😉 I know, bad – it’s Friday!

    cag – is there a extra seat in your boat? I still haven’t figure out this set, .., the who, what, why????

    Arches – can’t say you didn’t see it coming, thanks my fellow AtB collectors!

  85. Hawkster says

    There is little doubt that the TV hucksters and other mega dealers will buy large quantities of this latest coin and currency set because of the enhanced Sac. They will then have the coin slabbed, keep the dollar bill, and throw away the cardboard.
    And, finally, they will tout the rarity or “limited edition” of the Sac and encourage you to spend $49.99 before quantities run out.

  86. says

    Here are some examples of clad coins to compare:

    1972 $1. Type 2 —50,000 coins/ in the $150.00 to 250.00 range

    1970-S .01 cent small date—2,500,000 coins/ around $20.00

    1970-D .50 cent half dollar—2,150,000 coins/ around $20.00

    2007 Washington $1. missing edge lettering—believed to be 50,000/ around $30.00 (I sold one for $50.00)

    1979-P $1. Susan B Anthony Wide Rim—360,222,000/ not big sellers

    1981-S $1. SBA type 2—around 50,000/ $100.00 plus…highest bid at auction has been over $5,000.00

  87. Hawkster says

    Unfortunately, there’s no hint of a Hooter’s style cleavage on that Native American girl. By the way, those fish on the platter look a little bug eyed.

  88. Larry says

    Well I was holding off buying the 5 OZ Everglades P puck, so I figured I would buy it today and throw in the American Coin and Currency Set. I have wasted 14 bucks on dumber things. This one just has my curiosity going. At least this way the $4.95 in shipping is much easier to live with. So hopefully this “enhanced” stuff actually means something. If it doesn’t turn out to be anything, I can always use it as a gift. I just find it amusing that even today the mint can try to sneak something by without saying anything about it. Seems they do it on purpose for amusement! I am glad there are some sharp eyed folks on this blog!

  89. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    BU Bro

    cag – after a little research, I could see a big run on these sets to have the “$1 EN BU design that no one paid any attention to until now” GRADED. This has the potential to turn into the grading spectacle and run up on the JFK 50th Ann set whereby the SP69s went for exorbitant prices…, I will gladly take my seat on the sidelines and laugh as this evolves…, others will laugh all the way to the bank… and many more won’t laugh at all!

  90. NC_Stacker says

    Thanks for the link, very good read.

    I’ll have to wait to see what Santa shows up with the Mr Limpet coins.

    Humm First Strike / Early Release EN UC DPL or PL… stop the madness.

  91. Hawkster says

    When the labeling companies get ahold of these enhanced Sacs, will there be an “enlarged hands” designation?

  92. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, I pretty much Agree with everything you said Except the Grading. IF you can get a 70 out of the Denver Mint Good Luck! I feel pretty much the same way on HOW it will play out. I just don’t think it is good for the Hobby. I think the Mint is going down the Wrong road. Short term, yep, there could be some Flippers and Hucksters making good money.

    Just TODAY on FB, I saw where the RCM is Promoting Various Christmas coinage: mintage 7,500; mintage 7,000; mintage 8,000; mintage 6,000 and another mintage 6,000.

    Just TODAY on FB, I saw where the Perth Mint is Promoting “Struck by the Perth MintStruck by The Perth Mint from 1/2oz of pure silver and issued by New Zealand Mint as legal tender of Niue, no more than 10,000 of these amazing Disney Season’s Greetings coins will be released”

    This is the road the US Mint seems to be traveling. More and More issues and More and More Dilution to the pool…

  93. cagcrisp says

    @Dustyroads, Were ANY of the coins you listed Numismatic coins OR were all of the coins found in circulation? I know some are listed as type coins OR error coins…

  94. cagcrisp says

    @gary, Now that they have done the First laser Enhanced at the Denver Mint, they you have to Assume that it will not be the last.

  95. NC_Stacker says

    cagcrisp for the 2007 Washington $1. missing edge lettering they were circulated coins.

    Most of these coins were discovered /received at banks in the Jacksonville Florida area.

  96. Hawkster says

    Well, at least I hope they are female hands reaching into the deep recesses of my pockets.

  97. says

    cagcrisp, The `70 S small date cent
    and `79 SBA $1. (wide rim) were made for circulation.
    the 2007 Washington $1. with missing edge lettering was
    also minted for circulation and created a lot of buzz when first found.

    the `81 S SBA $1. is a proof from the set with a rare replaced mint mark
    towards the end of the run because of a broken dye.

    the others from my list are considered numismatic

  98. Hidalgo says

    I believe we’re going to see many more enhanced uncirculated “collector coins” in the future. And why not? The U.S. Mint now has a special finish it can use to attract the attention of collectors, flippers, and dealers.

    The U.S. Mint has created the following finishes on its recent coins: proof, satin finish, matte finish, and enhanced uncirculated. You can even throw in the “brilliant uncirculated” finish found in the annual mint sets and the finish found in the 1965 – 1967 “Special Mint Sets.”

    With 5 different finishes, three different metals (the most common being gold, silver, and clad), and four different mint marks (i.e., P, D, S, W), the number of variations for each coin could possibly be (although unlikely) be in the millions.

  99. thePhelps says

    I have to say… if the enhanced feature turns out more coins like the Kennedy half… I think they will be going backwards in sales. I for one found the zebra enhanced Kennedy to be a major distraction – and wouldn’t see myself buying more coins like that in the future.

    That said – I also broke down today and purchased a single Everglades ATB and a couple of the $1 sets. As someone else mentioned earlier – I’ve spent $14 on dumber stuff and if I am unimpressed – I’ll give them as gifts.

  100. Hawkster says

    No matter how many enhanced uncirculated specimens the Mint pumps out in the future, it will be hard pressed (no pun intended) to top the very first one–the enhanced uncirculated silver eagle. That one set the standard.

  101. Hawkster says

    Dusty Roads,
    I think the point you are attempting to make is that the low mintage type (variety) or error coins found in circulation will ultimately have more long term value than the low mintage coins made for collectors. Correct?

  102. gary says

    @Cagcrisp… For sure we are only just beginning to see what in future years will be a WATERFALL of all kinds of Laser Enhanced “boutique” type of coins. They are cheap and easy to produce because the enhancements can be done on coins & bullion of any strike type.

  103. mark says

    My order of 10 just shipped, i can always return them . Plus i wonder how many they have ready to ship. My guess not many.

  104. mark says

    The coin and currency set has been limited since day one. Thats why iam thinking not many ready to go.

  105. Bob R says

    Just received 3 Everglades pucks from the mint today, all 3 are going back, very poor quality, one even had what appears to be “stat dust” sprinkled on old Washington.

  106. says

    Hawkster, No, not at all. I’m just saying that clad can at times stand it’s ground and hold it’s value. It seems that cagcrisp, bless his heart…jk, is really strong on precious metals, my point is that coins like the EU sac dollar could possibly maintain some life after dark, so to speak.

  107. thePhelps says

    Dusty… wasn’t this one a 40% – that was only included in the mint set… which makes it a bit more unique than a clad coin?

    1970-D .50 cent half dollar—2,150,000 coins/ around $20.00

  108. fmtransmitter says

    MN says
    NOVEMBER 21, 2014 AT 11:05 AM
    Thank Michael because I didn’t allow you to vent…Good golly miss molly..j/k

  109. fmtransmitter says

    Hawkster says
    NOVEMBER 21, 2014 AT 8:15 AM

    On further review, I realized that FM repeated my earlier comment. Ordinarily, the original poster’s comment is put in quotations–not the case here.

    “Sorry, was laying down and being lazy with the keyboard.”

  110. cagcrisp says

    Anyone want to put out any Guesstimates how many of the 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Sets will be Sold when the Numbers come out Either Monday or Tuesday?

  111. Jsm says

    While I like everyone else could have cared less about this set initially, I did purchase 10 after reading about the new finish. I would expect these to sell out on Monday when the big boys get back to work and find out about this. Given the price point and potential collect ability , I could see a number of com

  112. thePhelps says

    cag…I think this one is going to be tough. Little was known about the set, and even less was known about the finish until it was released. With the 50k number – I think it might be slow start… so I’ll go with 13,500.

  113. cagcrisp says

    @thePhelps, Agreed..Tough Call

    @mark, I have Allowed more than one guess on those things that we’ve guessed weeks out. This in just 2 days..

  114. cagcrisp says

    Guesstimates on Initial Reported Sales of 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set:
    • Jsm, sell out on Monday
    • thePhelps 13,500
    • mark 5,689
    • cagcrisp 17,777

  115. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Cag – thePhephs took my #, so I’ll go with 11,750

    BHoF- things are beginning to shape up! 🙂

  116. mark says

    Friend of mine just placed an order for 3 C&C sets. His order number is 6061 higher than my Thursday order.

  117. cagcrisp says

    Guesstimates on Initial Reported Sales of 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set:

    • Jsm, sell out on Monday
    • thePhelps 13,500
    • mark 5,689
    • cagcrisp 17,777
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 11,750
    • jeff 5,400
    • NC_Stacker 2,500 to 3,500

  118. cagcrisp says

    Wow.. High: Sell out on Monday (Kool Aid)
    Low: 2,500 (No Kool Aid)

    (I Don’t believe in the Kool Aid, Didn’t drink any of the Kool Aid, But I do Believe there are a LOT that Will drink the Kool Aid)

  119. thePhelps says

    Alfred E. Numismatic says
    November 22, 2014 at 10:39 am

    “Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid tastes great! Wish I had some -can’t wait!”

    Thanks for the early morning chuckle…

  120. Larry says

    The big boys may stay away from this. The Sac is not a popular coin, and they would have to sell a lot of these to make any money. I am just curious to see what the heck these look like. I bought the clad 2 piece Kennedy because folks said they looked really nice, and I must admit for clads they definitely were worth the 10 bucks. You can’t tell from pictures how nice these look. So maybe this will be worth it too. Gotta pay the price to be in the game! But look at it this way, if they really do only make 50K (or less), and the coin really is something special to look at, at 14 bucks, how can you loose? Just hard to get that 50K figure out of my head. I missed out on the 1998 S Matte Kennedy, the Matte Proof Jeffersons, and the 1996-W dime. Those have all done, in the words of Larry David, pretty, pretty, pretty good. Never again!

  121. cagcrisp says

    Guesstimates on Initial Reported Sales of 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set:

    • Jsm, sell out on Monday
    • thePhelps 13,500
    • mark 5,689
    • cagcrisp 17,777
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 11,750
    • jeff 5,400
    • NC_Stacker 2,500 to 3,500
    • A Bob 17,666
    • Zeeman 9,786

  122. says

    cagcrisp, Ok, I’m in with an estimate of 60% gone by reporting time, or 30,000, then the set sells out around Dec, 7th.
    The only reason I’m giving the higher numbers here is because it’s still relatively cheap for a new limited coin and I believe the Mint has a strong enough, and broad enough consumer base for this.
    Have you seen what people are paying for complete sets of circulation quality Native American dollars on Ebay? There’s no question that these coins have a strong enough following to bring about a quick sellout.

  123. cagcrisp says

    Guesstimates on Initial Reported Sales of 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set:

    • Jsm, sell out on Monday
    • thePhelps 13,500
    • mark 5,689
    • cagcrisp 17,777
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 11,750
    • jeff 5,400
    • NC_Stacker 2,500 to 3,500
    • A Bob 17,666
    • Zeeman 9,786
    • Tinto 10,000
    • Dustyroads 30,000

  124. cagcrisp says

    @Dustyroads, No. I have Not kept up with Native American coinage. I gave Away 6 boxes of the 2013 100 coin bags but Only because it had a Turkey on the Reverse. You know me, I’m “really strong” on precious metals…

  125. NC_Stacker says

    If and a big “IF” is this is truly a sleeper coin and when people start to write their reviews i, then I bet a sellout by the End of November

  126. Gary says

    These may not sell out super fast. But when the word gets out that its a limited coin then sells will pick up and we will have a sell out. Probably be a $50 coin. So a decent profit. IMHO

  127. cagcrisp says

    HERE WE GO AGAIN : 2014 Coin and Chronicles set for $57.95 (FR9); Available for Sale Noon 12/22

    • Limited to 20,000 sets, no HH limits
    • Proof 2014-S Roosevelt Presidential $1 coin
    • Proof copper-nickel clad 2014-S Roosevelt dime
    • A bronze Roosevelt Presidential medal
    • A silver Roosevelt Presidential medal.
    • The set also contains postage stamps

    Did I say the Mint is Going down the Same (Wrong) Road as the RCM or the Perth Mint??

  128. thePhelps says

    cag – I picked up the Teddy C&C and was quite happy with it. I’ll buy one of these based on that alone. I’d like to see what the chronicles contain – this could be an ok offering. You had to know once the mint got the pass to do silver presidential medals… they are going to find ways to do them, but I’d have preferred they included a silver dime…

  129. cagcrisp says

    @thePhelps, Last year when the Teddy C&C was Announced, Silver was just a little over $20. With current price of $16.45 I would have Thought for the Same $57.95 you would have gotten a Silver dime. Agreed…

  130. cagcrisp says

    Guesstimates on Initial Reported Sales of 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set:

    • Jsm, sell out on Monday
    • thePhelps 13,500
    • mark 5,689
    • cagcrisp 17,777
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 11,750
    • jeff 5,400
    • NC_Stacker 2,500 to 3,500
    • A Bob 17,666
    • Zeeman 9,786
    • Tinto 10,000
    • Dustyroads 30,000
    • Alfred E. Numismatic 14,377
    • Bob R 14,550
    • A&L Futures 4,118

  131. M says

    Did I miss something? I thought a Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles set was already released? Where is the JFK Coin and Chronicles Set?

    In the Mint photo it looks like the Sacajawea Dollar has a matte frosted finish. Does Enhanced now refer to a simple blasted surface finish…whereas previously it meant enhanced by laser frosting? Either way it could be a rare coin…too bad its one of the uglier $1 designs.

  132. GoldFishin says

    @Cagcrisp- I am with Larry on this one…..I don’t see this UniSacEn being a money maker for the big boys. Some of them will buy a few and try to hype them graded, but there is not enough collector base for it to be a huge winner. There may be a few that grade higher than others, like the JFK 2 coin set, so it may be worth a gamble to buy a few sets if you feel lucky. I wasted more money than this taking wrongs turn on the highway.
    Having said all that, I scarely collect anything that doesn’t have PM content, so I really know nothing about these things, just the money side. If they did grade in a similar fashion as the JFK unc set, it would be worth submitting a few and just specify a minimum grade of 68 or 69, only your best examples. If they all grade as 69’s and 70’s, it is a money loser.
    My inexperienced guess is 4800 sets and only that high because you folks talked me into it. 😉

  133. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin, ” I scarely collect anything that doesn’t have PM content, so I really know nothing about these things, just the money side.” Yep…That’s pretty much me…

  134. thePhelps says

    I got s couple more of the Everglades bullion ATB’s today. Both still have a little glazing around the Everglades on the coin – very light on these. (I got these from Provident). For bullion coins these are still some of the better ones I have gotten.

  135. GoldFishin says

    @Alfred- don’t hold back…tell us what you really think. I feel your pain! 🙂

    PMS= Precious Metals Syndrome I am sure this is what you meant, right Alfred?

  136. Hawkster says

    Alfred E.,

    Do you write a coin column for Mad magazine?

    I was also thinking Precious Metals Syndrome.

  137. Bob R says

    A.E.N. Just asked my wife what PMS meant to her, reply “plus man size”. I re-framed any more questions.

  138. says

    On the Mint’s site the bullet that describes the “enhanced uncirculated Native American $1 Coin”, also behind that same bullet it says $1 Note. Would really, really be sweet if that $1 Note is also “enhanced”!!! There must be something about the Note in order for it to “Honors Native American hospitality that ensured the success of the Lewis and Clark Expedition”.?

  139. Hawkster says

    Bob R,
    Did you actually mean that you refrained from asking your wife any further questions after that unexpected answer on her part?

  140. Larry says

    The mint has updated the description of the American Coin and Currency Set to “Distinctive pairing of an enhanced uncirculated 2014 Native American $1 Coin and 2013 series $1 Note”. If that doesn’t spell it out nothing will. Maybe it’s all just a game made up at the mint. Leave a few hidden clues to see what happens, and then when the fish bite come out with the big advertisements. Sure seems that way. Or maybe the HSN guy went to work for the mint.

  141. Mark Rex says

    My guess for opening sales for the $1 C&C Set is 18,505 counting the 5 I will be ordering today. It’s a pretty cheap gift for those you know that are into coins. If they are promoted I would guess a lot higher. Depending on the actual “enhancements” on the $1 coin I will buy more myself and I think many others will as well. I was talking about the set to my wife who knows very little about coins and she wants one lol. If these are in fact EU coins then I expect a sellout by the end of the week. If they are not EU then I’ll be returning 4 of my 5 allowing the wife to keep hers. If truly EU this coin could easily be the biggest sleeper of the year and have the highest secondary value over cost percentage wise of the year. Could easily see, again only if it’s a true EU, becoming a top 100 modern coin. But if it’s just little things done that shouldn’t amount it to being called EU then I expect this to be a loss for the USM with all the returns. 50k even for a NA coin is a very low mintage and even though 75% may buy to flip or hold a good portion right away will be in collectors hands that won’t be sold. Value will go up as soon as the NA $1 EU labels come out then that will die down but after a year or two if the USM doesn’t keep doing such things the value will keep rising and we will all be wishing we bought more. But even if the USM does keep doing more EUs this will always be the first clad EU and that is something good.

    My order on 11/13 for 1x Everglades NP and 5x K13 Kennedy Clad Set is still ON HOLD. I’ve called a few times and there just stupid, sorry but yeah. I knew this order would have issues since the K13s exceeded the HH limits at the time. My CC dropped the pending charge a couple days ago. I tried to cancel the order the other day so I could just place a new one for the puck but the guy kept telling me this is normal and all my orders would do this although it has never happened before. I went ahead and placed an order for another ENP coin now so when I call today I can be like “see!” lol. Need to order 1 more ENP to complete my set of 5 that I have for each release this year. I’m thinking of ordering more with the slow sales but then I’m thinking they already produced 22-25k and they will have them for sale for 6+ months. I just want to at least get my 5 within the First Strike deadline. Earlier this month I got my lowered amount of 3 packages of 1x ATB 5 oz subscription orders (dropped from 5 to 3). I wish all my P pucks came in boxes like those did since I keep my boxes sealed. They were very compact and looks to take up only the space needed to fit the box in. The GSD P came in boxes that were overly huge and a major waste of space. The boxes that GSM and ANP were the normal size boxes that the old Indy fulfillment center sent out. I hope in the future I get the compact boxes.

  142. cagcrisp says

    Guesstimates on Initial Reported Sales of 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set:

    • Jsm, sell out on Monday
    • thePhelps 13,500
    • mark 5,689
    • cagcrisp 17,777
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 11,750
    • jeff 5,400
    • NC_Stacker 2,500 to 3,500
    • A Bob 17,666
    • Zeeman 9,786
    • Tinto 10,000
    • Dustyroads 30,000
    • Alfred E. Numismatic 14,377
    • Bob R 14,550
    • A&L Futures 4,118
    • GoldFishin 4,800

  143. mark says

    Still dont think they have many ready to ship. They only had 37000 Kennedy clad sets ready to go. Because they didnt think the demand would be that great.

  144. Hidalgo says

    @Mark Rex – interesting comments. My order for:

    * Everglades National Park 2014, 5 ounce silver P coin was placed on 11/14 and shipped on 11/19.
    * The 50th Anniversary Kennedy 2014 Half-Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set, was placed on 11/17 and shipped on 11/21.

    I ordered the American $1 Coin and Currency yesterday. My order is currently showing as “On Hold.” I am uncertain why, but I suspect that orders have exceeded what the US Mint initially had available. The US Mint does not currently show that the set is “backordered.” We should know more about the availability of the set tomorrow (Monday).

  145. Hidalgo says

    If one looks at the U.S. Mint’s order page for the American $1 Coin and Currency Set and clicks on the “Specifications” tab (under the $13.95 price), one will see the following information abou the finish on the 2014 D Native American dollar:

    Quality: Enhanced Uncirculated

    It is unequivocally clear that the U.S. Mint has created a Native American dollar with a special finish for this particular set.

  146. mark says

    2. ‘distinctive’ You use distinctive to describe things which have a special quality that makes them easy to recognize.

  147. mark says

    So my guess is the dollar bill is special also. See how they covered up 3/4 of the dollar bill. Especially the serial numbers. If i wanted to sell something i would not hide 3/4 of it.

  148. mark says

    @Hidalgo…Your right ..late yesterday i placed another or for 22 of them. To get above $300 for free upgrade to expiditied shipping. All day yesterday it was in PROCESSING…now its ON HOLD. So i think we are done with these for a while.

  149. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    Ok. My wife just asked me to list 2 things I want for Christmas. So I showed her the link to the CC and said, “if you buy two, you’ll only pay one shipping charge. But you’d better order by tomorrow, as one guy predicted a sellout by Monday”. Boy that’ll get the ball rollin’.
    See, “cheap, and built to stay that way”.

  150. Hidalgo says

    @mark – the US Mint website does not show that the American $1 Coin and Currency Set is backordered at this time. But that can be because the US Mint has not had a chance to confirm that the available stock has been purchased and/or has not had time to update the site.

  151. CasualCollector says

    I’m not certain what the “ON HOLD” status means. However, before jumping to conclusions, I will say I had an order for the Kennedy Unc Clad 2-Coin Sets go to a status of “ON HOLD” on Friday morning. Then around 6:30pm the order changed to SHIPPED (and I received an email indicating it had shipped). I don’t know if there were any other status changes between “ON HOLD” and “SHIPPED”

  152. mark says

    Hidalgo… I agree…No reason for my order to be on hold. Have been ordering from the mint since 1999. And never had a credit card or payment concern. At least i have 10 sets that will be here this Saturday.

  153. Hidalgo says

    @Mark – I can say that an order I placed on 11/21 for the American $1 Coin and Currency Set is currently processing. The order I placed on 11/22 is On Hold.

  154. Hidalgo says

    The U.S. Mint, on its order page for the American $1 Coin and Currency Set has confirmed the 2014 Native American dollar has an Enhanced Uncirculated finish.

    Special finishes in certain U.S. Mint coin sets is not unprecedented. Here are examples:

    * The 1994 Thomas Jefferson Coinage and Currency Set contains a “matte finish” Jefferson nickel. The nickel has a mintage of 167,703 (the number of sets sold).

    * The 1997 Botanic Garden Coinage & Currency Set also contains a “matte finish” Jefferson nickel. The nickel has a mintage of 25,000.

    * The 1998 Kennedy Collector’s Set contains a “matte finish” Kennedy half dollar. The half dollar has a mintage of approximately 62,000.

    All three “special finish” coins sell at a premium on the secondary market. The 2014 Native American dollar with the Enhanced Uncirculated finish is limited to 50,000 pieces. Time will only tell if the coin will sell at a premium on the secondary market and by how much.

    Note: I suspect that the Enhanced Uncirculated 2014 Native American dollar will sell out quickly and will command a significant premium on the secondary market.

    For more information about the 1994 and 1997 “matte finish” Jefferson nickel, check out Michael’s article here: http://news.coinupdate.com/category/coin-events/

  155. fmtransmitter says

    No one has seen that die through crack on the Kennedy eh? I found for sale for $400+. I suggest checking the back of your coins for this crack. Could have an error coin but only if you pop it out and look at the back for the crack. That is rare in modern numismatics…

  156. Hawkster says

    Although the Mint’s specification page for the C&C set clearly mentions an enhanced finish for the Sac dollar, there is no mention of the dollar bill. Any uniqueness to the bill is purely speculative at this point and will remain that way until one of our posters has a set in hand and can comment (hopefully tomorrow).

  157. John D. Moore says

    I have two cc sets coming. Should see them Tuesday as they have shipped. I did notice the wording on the packing Wednesday night. The dollar is from Kansas Federal Reserve. Hoping there is a unique serial number.

  158. Chuck says

    My order for the 2014 C&C placed on 20 Nov has Shipped. Order placed 21 Nov is in Process. Order placed 22 Nov is on Hold.

    @ Hidalgo: Fascinating stuff. Thanx!

  159. Hidalgo says

    @Hawkster – do you think that if the dollar bill is “unique” (e.g., it has a certain serial number), would it make a difference to a coin collector? I am not so sure.

  160. CasualCollector says

    So what would be the guesses here to make this a “distinctive” pairing? Will the dollar bills have serial numbers that start with 2014 followed by a series of 00001 through 50000?

  161. NC_Stacker says


    If true that would be a very nice set.

    Then to Cagcrisp, my numbers would change to “that’s how many sets I wish I bought ”

  162. cagcrisp says

    Guesstimates on Initial Reported Sales of 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set:

    • Jsm, sell out on Monday
    • thePhelps 13,500
    • mark 5,689
    • cagcrisp 17,777
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 11,750
    • jeff 5,400
    • NC_Stacker 2,500 to 3,500
    • A Bob 17,666
    • Zeeman 9,786
    • Tinto 10,000
    • Dustyroads 30,000
    • Alfred E. Numismatic 14,377
    • Bob R 14,550
    • A&L Futures 4,118
    • GoldFishin 4,800
    • Mark Rex 18,505
    • Steve 11,555

  163. Chuck says

    My C&C order that shipped has an expected delivery date of 29 Nov. Looking forward to hearing from those receive them sooner.

  164. cagcrisp says

    Anyone Else want to see if they can Box me in Any Better?

    • A Bob 17,666
    • cagcrisp 17,777
    • Mark Rex 18,505

    No One in for 17,776 or 17,778?

  165. GoldFishin says

    @Cagcrisp- Hildago’s post about the aftermarket performance of special Matte finish coins got me to order a couple of these things. I checked the finished auctions and it definitely is worth gambling on this set. Also I didn’t take any wrong turns on the highway this week, so I guess I can afford a couple of them. Honestly, the prospect of there possibly being a unique dollar in this set has me more intrigued. I can’t see why the Mint’s graphics department would cover up most of the dollar bill in the display, unless to cause such speculation or maybe something is indeed unique to the bill. I suppose it is also possible that some folks may start an “enhanced coin” collection as it seems many more of these will be on the way with the Mint’s new laser toy.
    Oh, and my new guesstimate is 17,888. I will leave you a little breathing room….just kidding of course.

  166. Dave SW FL says

    Got an “updated” product announcement from the mint with no mention of enhancement.
    The product shown says enhanced, so
    If the coin in the set is not enhanced, simply return the sets with the complaint “FALSE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION” as the reason

  167. thePhelps says

    @CC… looking at the serial numbers on a dollar bill… that would only partly work. There appear to be 8 digits in the serial – so 2014XXXX would only go so far. I was thinking the 1804XXXXX would have been nice myself.

    So far I have no idea why this set actually exists, other than to give the mint another chance to sell coins.

    There appears to be no real link between the dollar bill and Lewis and Clark – other than to be the denomination the coin was supposed to supplant – there is no link between the dollar and the coin either.

    That said – I took the $14 gamble on the set being unique.

    Cag… that is what you get for entering the competition early!

  168. GoldFishin says

    @cagcrisp- I am already having buyer’s remorse as I have NOT one single modern non PM coin in my collection. I have bought some from time to time buy always end up selling them off. I feel like I made a mistake, we will see. I think some of the folks on this site are secretly practicing for their new job at HSN or CV. 😉

  169. mark says

    I change my guess to 10000…Reason they only had 37000 sets of the Kennedy clad sets ready to go, because they did not expect a big demand…. So 37000 out of 200000 is 18.5%….And 18.5% of 50000 C/C sets is 9250.

  170. Larry says

    I now firmly believe there is a method to the mint’s madness. First, someone noticed the “enhanced” wording on the picture of the packaging. Then the mint updated the specifications page to say “enhanced”. Now the wording on the product page has been changed to say “enhanced”. So, what I think is that this has been planned as a way to have a sellout of this package. How many would the mint sell if this were just an everyday Sac coin? Now it may be a sellout. At least there is a much better chance. Also, this has to be a very profitable set for the mint. One question for Michael, can you find out how much it costs the mint for the dollar bill? If they get it at cost, this would be a very profitable set indeed!
    On another note, what a great year to be a collector! First the BHOF’s, some great 5 OZ pucks, the Kennedy sets, and now this. And we still have the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set. I wonder if there will be any surprises with that set.

  171. cagcrisp says

    I’m a Gambler. I’ll Bet about on anything given the proper odds. I’ll bet on two birds setting on a wire on which will fly off first and I let you bet first. I just can’t pull the trigger on $2 for $13.95. Maybe I need a bigger truck…

  172. GoldFishin says

    @Larry- I think they are still bumbling and stumbling through the transition from the old website and fulfillment center to the new one. By incorrectly advertising this set, the US Mint may have created some buzz on MNB, but many collectors have no idea about the “enhanced coin” and therefore in my opinion would hurt early sales, not help them. I calculated the intrinsic cost of the set last night….being as you basically have a multi-vitamin for a coin and a napkin for a $1 bill, even with the packaging included I came up with a cost of about 25 cents(being generous), excluding manufacturing and labor costs. The intrinsic costs of the $1 coin and $1 bill are less than a penny.


  173. mark says

    All together these six different Coinage and Currency Sets provide collectors with an interesting showcase of the products of both the United States Mint and Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The special limited mintage coins included in some of the sets will continue to entice collectors for years to come.

  174. Larry says

    @Goldfishin – still, do you know if the mint gets the dollar bill at cost? The mint is not The Bureau of Engraving and Printing or the Fed. I would think they don’t pay a buck, but I would like to know for sure.

  175. GoldFishin says

    @Larry- I found this statement interesting. Since the relationship is symbiotic between the federal reserve banking system, the dept. of treasury and the US Mint, I guess you could infer that the US Mint may pay face value for the dollar bill or they just pay the cost of production. I am not sure. Where is Jon in CT when you need him?

    “Reserve Banks purchase coin at face value from the Mint. Further details about coins can be found on the Mint’s website.”

    I wonder what the definition of “coin” is? Does this include precious metal coins? Surely not.


  176. Tinto says

    I ordered two C&C on Nov 20th along with some other items … it still shows “Processing” maybe I should have ordered the C&C by themselves … I looked at my order history today for that order and no change … in the past the US Mint would at least indicate an “in stock and reserved” against line items which are in stock .. now nothing … and the Mint paid how much for this supposed upgrade ???

    I had to place another order today for the 2014 silver proof set (thought I ordered those long ago … memory’s going) and decided to take a look at the two order numbers .. maybe I am comparing apples and oranges in trying to make a veryrough estimate of orders placed in between the two date/time. ….


    Order Nov 20 after 8pm EST … # 27234XX

    Order just placed today Nov 23 just before 1pm # 27303XX

  177. Jim L. says

    Just a thought… but I wonder if the mint slow walked into the Enhanced hype until they were absolutely sure how that version of the SAC would turn out quality-wise. If they came out bad then the mint may have shrewdly planned on shoving a regular uncirculated into the sets in case with no mention of Enhanced. Nobody would have known and they’d only have 50M sets
    to move.

  178. Teach says

    I’m guessing 8,920 sold. I just don’t think many people know about this set or about the EU coin. Once word is out on this set I think it sell fast.

  179. Hawkster says

    I’m not a big fan of these contrived coin and currency sets, in which the Mint makes awkward attempts to marry a coin with a bill. I would have preferred if the Sac dollar was offered as a separate entity, encapsulated in a small box.
    I guess we can all agree on at least one aspect that is enhanced on the Sac: THE HANDS.

    Yeah, they really boxed you in on the guesstimate. It reminds me of the game show, “The Price is Right”, where the contestant who gives the first price gets hemmed in by the other contestants.

  180. fmtransmitter says

    I wonder what the definition of “coin” is? Does this include precious metal coins? Surely not.
    No, it means “circulating coinage only”…

  181. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Well, someone is buying something today at a fair clip, earlier this afternoon I placed 2 orders that were 4 minutes apart – 10 orders had been placed over that 4 minutes, not bad for a Sunday afternoon for the mint.

    Confirmation order already received and C&C order ‘Processing’

  182. Hidalgo says

    @mark – I am happy to hear that your order for 22 sets is processing. My order, placed on 11/22 is still on hold.

  183. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- I have a feeling that there has been a notable portion of JFK silver set and Everglades pucks, as well as the remaining PM coins, purchased over the last several days, in addition to the C&C set. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the JFK gold tick up also.

    My C&C set ordered this a.m. is processing, confirmed, and CC pinged.

  184. says

    Alfred E. Numismatic says

    November 23, 2014 at 8:47 am
    See, “cheap, and built to stay that way”.

    I now know what you mean by this. I think you deserve to treat yourself to something nice.

  185. says

    fmt, I noticed what looked like a split or rip at the bottom of the coin you mentioned above. I don’t how a silver coin can have a lamination error unless it’s a scratch on the silver sheet before the planchets are cut out. I have a lot of the copper cents with lamination errors, all of which are struck through. Have a nice Sunday.

  186. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    GF – appears we’re all nibbling a bit on the Sacabuck – As the the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat.., or at least $14!

    I know better than to trust the mint’s high resolution photos when they start playing with the new toy, though I do see a difference on the Obverse, though not so much on the Reverse but hey, lucky for us, we all like surprises (And I plan on being surprised)! The mint is getting a little sneaky – I like that.

    WRT the JFKs, I’m really anxious to see this week’s #s (more so than most weekly #s). I had expected another Back Order or Out of Stock to pop, that didn’t happen, Mon/Tues #’s will be very foretelling whether the Big Boys engaged, & if not, well you know the rest of the story there.

    For the coming week, I’d like to get a true assessment of what’s going on with this DPL/PL thing. let’s pull our resources across NGC & PCGS and see if we can figure out the specifics as to how these are grading and such. I want to buy a graded set though I’m uncertain as to whether I want my enhanced to look mine in OGP, zebra stripped, DPL, PCGS, or whatever new reveals itself next week! :S I’m in for 1, not 4!

  187. fmtransmitter says

    If that coin is any different than the proof version, I have a bridge to sell you…it is in Lake Havasu, AZ

  188. says

    I can’t seem to get over why the Mint would use a 2013 bill in the set. The only answer to that I can think of is that the Mint has found bills with interest serial numbers. That is what they did in 2000 apparently, and we know the Mint kept it a secret. Anyway, I’m not expecting anything from the bill, but if they do give us something unique, cool.

  189. thePhelps says

    @Dusty … that was my same thought on the coin. If it is a 90% silver coin and not a laminate – what is the lamination error? I can see it as a defective planchet but there is no lamination involved in a 90% silver coin.

  190. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    In my post above, when I say “let’s pull our resources” – I mean all of us collectively. NC, A&L (and this list goes on), we all work our magic and perhaps we can spot some prelim trends and help sort out which ones may be the keepers’ and which ones to throw back! I was thinking Zebra Jack may be neat to have, though that was super-ceded by PL Jack, so this is very much evolving….

  191. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Dusty – at $7 for $1, Sacabuck’s pricing ratio is about in line for a convenient store.., & just like a Sheetz sandwich – what’cha gonna get will be a surprise too!

  192. Hidalgo says

    @Dustyroads – you are wondering why the U.S. Mint would use a 2013 one dollar bill in the set. I am wondering why the U.S. Mint would even issue a 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set (other than to raise its revenues). The folder states that it is related to the Lewis and Clark expedition, but that appears to be a lame reason, as the U.S. Mint previously introduced coins commemorating the event a few years ago.

    Regardless of the reason, I really enjoy these special sets from the U.S. Mint. And I definitely plan to buy the upcoming FDR collector set next month.

  193. cagcrisp says

    Guesstimates on Initial Reported Sales of 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set:

    • Jsm, sell out on Monday
    • thePhelps 13,500
    • mark 5,689
    • cagcrisp 17,777
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 11,750
    • jeff 5,400
    • NC_Stacker 2,500 to 3,500
    • A Bob 17,666
    • Zeeman 9,786
    • Tinto 10,000
    • Dustyroads 30,000
    • Alfred E. Numismatic 14,377
    • Bob R 14,550
    • A&L Futures 4,118
    • GoldFishin 4,800
    • Mark Rex 18,505
    • Steve 11,555
    • Teach 8,920
    • Don 20,500

  194. TimTom says

    @fm and Dustyroads – The lamination error is below the date. Lamination errors aren’t unique to clad coins, but the occur more frequently in them because of the “sandwiching” of the clad layers. This error looks like something broke off the planchet. Just my opinion.

    @cag – I might be in for one C&C IRL, but for the guesstimate I’m certainly in – 7,117


    Earlier tried to post some comments on the type 2 Ike, I’ll try to resubmit them below:

    @cagcrisp and Dustyroads – The 1972 Type 2 Eisenhower Dollar is a circulation variety. It is listed in the Cherrypickers guide and is known as the “King of the Ikes” (a la the 1895 Proof in the Morgan series). Here is some extra info if you’re interested:


    Look at that price jump in Gem condition!!

  195. bg35765 says

    On the 2013 note, I believe it is because the year on the note is the year the note was last redesigned.

    So in 2009 they redesigned the $100 bill and made series 2009 through 2013. In 2013 they made adjustments they call series 2009A. (I thought the changes were dramatic and it should have been series 2013, but nobody from the BEP called to ask my opinion.)

    I’m not sure if any of the bills were redesigned in 2014, so the $1 made as much sense as as any of them for this set.

  196. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    “Distinctive Pairing”…
    Let’s see… on the “high res” photo, the only thing they haven’t unveiled is the obverse pic of George and the reverse of the note. We could have a contest as to “what’s behind the curtain?”
    My guess is that it’s George taking a draw off the ol’ piece pipe on the obverse, and on the reverse the “eye” on the great seal is winking. Any others?

  197. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    “Distinctive Pairing”…
    Let’s see… on the “high res” photo, the only thing they haven’t unveiled is the obverse pic of George and the reverse of the note. We could have a contest as to “what’s behind the curtain?”
    My guess is that it’s George taking a draw off the ol’ piece pipe on the obverse, and on the reverse the “eye” on the great seal is winking… as if the mint is saying “Gotcha!” Any others?

  198. says

    thePhelps, There are many examples of 90% silver errors to the planchet designated as lamination errors. In the ones that I’ve seen, it appears that impurities are playing a role in the way the metal is impacted on the planchet in that there “appears to be” lamination.

  199. says

    It’s funny how many ways this C & C set can be analyzed, so I thought I would bring up one additional stipulation of the set…mintage limit.

    Would someone with much more knowledge please explain why there is no mintage limit.

  200. mark says

    Product limit means only 50000 of the coin and currency sets will be produced. Mintage limit means they could produce another offering which would include this coin. But being almost at years end I dont see that happening.

  201. Mark Rex says

    I called earlier and canceled my 11/13 order containing a NR5 (Everglades NP 5 oz ATB) that remained on hold. Today about an hour apart I placed orders for 1x NR5 each using two different previously used credit cards. The first one went to on hold right away. The second one went to processing for a bit but is now on hold. I called the USM to see what’s up and they told me I needed to talk to the credit department but there not in on Sundays. I paid for Budget shipping for all 3 orders (the one I canceled from 11/13 and the two today) and I’m wanting to get them in time to meet the FS deadline. Anyone know why there putting my orders on hold all a sudden? Do you think I could talk them into a shipping upgrade because of the delays they have caused? Also I opened an older ATB last week and the capsule is cracked badly. I opened it many months past the return timeline. Do you think I could get them to send me a replacement for the capsule?

  202. fmtransmitter says

    Just fwd thru coin vault show-PCGS Pete Rose authentic signature HOF dollars and halves…Too funny!

  203. fmtransmitter says

    A fool and his money are soon parted. I like the comment that this stuff goes for so much because the paper dollar has been devalued so much. lol

  204. cagcrisp says

    Guesstimates on Initial Reported Sales of 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set:

    • Jsm, sell out on Monday
    • thePhelps 13,500
    • mark 5,689
    • cagcrisp 17,777
    • Keep Calm & Stack On 11,750
    • jeff 5,400
    • NC_Stacker 2,500 to 3,500
    • A Bob 17,666
    • Zeeman 9,786
    • Tinto 10,000
    • Dustyroads 30,000
    • Alfred E. Numismatic 14,377
    • Bob R 14,550
    • A&L Futures 4,118
    • GoldFishin 4,800
    • Mark Rex 18,505
    • Steve 11,555
    • Teach 8,920
    • Don 20,500
    • TimTom 7,117

  205. Hawkster says


    You would think that the ebay seller who is pricing his Kennedy that high would have the actual coin photo in the auction listing rather than a “representative” photo. I would never buy an ebay item that doesn’t have the actual photo of any item.

    I guess today we’ll begin to get reports from posters who have received their C&C sets. I am holding out on purchasing until these reports come in.

  206. Hawkster says

    I am proposing a new guesstimate contest in which we make guesses as to how much the HSN TV guy will charge for “70” examples of the enhanced Sac. My guess is $59.99.

  207. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Hawkster – smart play! I’ll be on a hair trigger should the initial reports come back very favorable.

    Cag – Where are those #’s!!! Don’t want to wait till 2morw!

  208. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Appears they’ll be no Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or Fall Savings promo being offered this year, & certainly no free bag lunch at these prices with Ag sitting at $16+…, oh well, another swing & a miss! 🙂

  209. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, You know the Pattern. If it is not here in the next Hour, It Most Likely will be Tomorrow…

  210. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Thanks much albumaccumulator!

    So what’s up with the dollar bill? I don’t get it or see a connection

  211. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Hawkster – Fire, Fire, Away!

    I’m in Hot now…, the EU is FAR MORE pronounced than originally perceived….

  212. Larry says

    So now there is no doubt this is really enhanced unc! Glad I bought one, looks like a neat coin. The pictures on the mint’s website look nothing like these pics. Sure looks like a good 14 dollar investment now.

  213. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    So, if you get the last one, you have –

    J 05750000 A – Does that mean anything on a bill?

  214. Jim says


    I guess the connection with the bill is the large ‘J’ for Jefferson. May just be a coincidence.

  215. Tinto says


    Thanks for the link! Glad I bought some .. too bad they didn’t have consecutive serial numbering on the dollar bills …. maybe the BEP should have been a little bit generous and supplied a $2 bill or even a $5 (yeah, right … they are just fulfilling the bare minimum required)

  216. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    cag – sorry, it’s an aviation term, like in engaging, though Sac does look pretty hot now with a make over, now that she has a little sparkle to her smile 😉

    Jim – I guess so, I guess if you get the first set and the last set now that it appears the S/N is is sequential order that would be BIG

  217. albumaccumulator says

    You’re welcome! I’m also pretty happy with this little surprise. Looks like a nice coin for the price.

  218. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On……Ok. What’s the upside here? I’ve got 6 little ones that I buy for. IF I buy 5 sealed boxes for each + shipping that’s approximately $448.20. Never Open them and let the mothers Flip ’em. I’m out $448.20, what are you looking at Realistically for Upside? TALK to me!!!

  219. John D. Moore says

    The only connection to the dollar is the Kansas Federal Reserve according to the district. Look up map of Lewis and Clark expedition. The enhanced dollars look very nice. Can’t wait to get my order tomorrow.

  220. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Several thoughts – (which trust me, are probably just unique to me and risk up accordingly) –

    1) The enhancement does look REALLY good, & the set has past C&C success history going for it. $20-$25/set(?)

    2) First Enhanced D set at 50k brings perceived unique value to collectors – long shot here but it’s like no one else around here has a crystal ball. $25-$30/set(?)

    3) It’s the D mint, they’re bound to screw up a few, & why I’m in on lots of 5 spread out – a mint error set, $200+?

    Keep in mind, the NA series ends in 2016 (I believe), so we’re close to being done with it and moving on.

  221. mark says

    The mint finally threw us bone…sneaky one at that. Thanks to whoever first spotted it. Just ordered another 22.

  222. coachmike says

    There is a Black Friday special at the Mint. No idea what but there is a picture of a BAG in the email…… oh no.

  223. Tinto says


    Yup, that was a good one from the Mint … no hype … nothing … just a little stealth marketing. ….. IMO …. at least it wasn’t a turkey …

  224. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Good catch Coach!

    BLACK FRIDAY: Special Event
    Don’t forget to check your email inbox on Friday, November 28th for an exclusive offer from the United States Mint.

  225. Dave SW FL says

    Black Friday prediction – free shipping on orders. That would be a real boon to you all who like to order multiple single products!

  226. Hawkster says

    After seeing the actual photos I was pleasantly surprised. I popped for a few. I don’t think, given the modest price, one can go wrong.

  227. Brad says

    Yeah, after seeing those photos I placed an order for 22 sets as well. That way I should be able to avoid having it shipped FedEx DumbPost.

    I wanted to be able to make an informed decision about buying any of these or not, and the photos definitely helped with that. Ideally, I would have liked to wait until the sales numbers for last week are known, but just in case there was a surge before then I figured I’d better not wait any longer. Maybe these things will be a nice way to recoup some of the money I lost when I bought some real U.S. Mint turkeys in the past! Or, I could end up adding these to that pile of turkeys. 🙂

  228. Dustyroads says

    high low silver, Supposedly not, there will be something unique about it.
    You have been quiet lately. Ever find that good attorney, hope it worked out.

  229. Hawkster says


    Just read your comment in which you thought the Sac series will be ending in 2016. Where did you get that information, as I had not heard anything in that regard?
    Black Friday Mint special of $124.95 for the P puck? Keep dreaming.

  230. Gary says

    A friend of mine at the Mint told me that on black Friday with every $150 order placed, a FREE roll of 2014 Native American Enhanced Uncirculated Coins will be added to your bag . Dang….so much for the 50k mintage…I thought we had something special here.

  231. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Yeah, this is the last of the legacy NA designs, the next two will be of a Industrial design, and THEN we have ALL NEW $1 coins as the NA and Dead Pres will be off to greener pastures…. 🙂

  232. cagcrisp says

    @coachmike, I don’t see where you are seeing a bag in the email? the email I got is “2014 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE

    Give a gift they will treasure this holiday season and beyond. ”

    Is that the one you are referring too?

  233. Ralph says

    Just ordered 50 of the coin & currency set’s on the hope the coin is different.
    @Gary = I can’t see the Mint giving a $25 roll of dollars for every $150 spent. I’ll have to see that one for myself!

  234. mark says

    @Ralph…it has been marked limited since day one…what you want to see is backordered or sold out. Limited means limited to 50000 sets.

  235. coachmike says

    I ordered my C and C at 3:02 with order number 27335xx. Anyone else have an order number for
    anything today?

  236. Ralph says

    Thanks Mark, I didn’t catch that one. Thought they just had posted it.

    Hawkster: LMAO / My single wide is getting full. Maybe I’ll put a linen on top of the box and use it for a table!

  237. Larry says

    It is amusing that the pictures on the mint’s website don’t look anything like the actual coin. And it surly is amusing that the mint did not advertise this in anyway. I can’t help but wonder why there was so much hype for the BHOF’s and the Kennedys, yet nothing for this coin. You would think if they did advertise it with a 50K mintage it would have been quick sell out, especially at 14 bucks and no household limit.

  238. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Coach – assuming your order is 3550, there was ~ 430 orders placed within the 40 minutes from 2:20 to your 3:02.

  239. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Larry – let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth, they threw the small guy a bone during this week of Thanksgiving..

    Thank ya Mint!

  240. Hawkster says

    The only thing that I can think as the reason the Mint didn’t hype these sets is to reward us loyal followers of their website with a secret offering. What, you don’t think that is a plausible explanation?

  241. A&L Futures says

    I placed two (rather large) orders for the C&C set. The first order was placed on November 22, 2014 @ 2223 (EDT). Todays order was placed at 1629 (EDT). The difference in the two orders was 10,344.

  242. Hidalgo says

    During the weekend, I posted that the U.S. Mint had confirmed that the 2014 Native American dollar in the set had an Enhanced Uncirculated finish.

    There are other surprises that the U.S. Mint will offer in the future. I have been collecting U.S. Mint products and coins for years. You’ll see the surprises in future offerings.

  243. TimTom says

    Ordered one set, couldn’t risk it selling out before they potentially do a free shipping promo. And wow these are nice coins that really POP. I, however, loathe paying $5 shipping on a $14 product 😉

  244. Hawkster says

    Judging by many of the comments which have been posted, it seems the C&Cset is a hoarder’s delight. The sellout should happen very soon.

  245. mark says

    Tim Tom… I see your not a flipper… But these are easy flips, how much profit , we will soon see. One ebay listing…with how many you have for sale…easy. Packed in padded envelope….easy and cheap. Lost in mail…no big loss… remorseful ebay buyer…tell them to return it for full refund …easy. The kind of things i like flipping on ebay..no stress or worries, compared to so of the high dollar cost coins i have shipped out.

  246. Hidalgo says

    I believe the 2014 Native American Coin and Currency sets are sold out. I believe other products on the U.S. Mint’s ordering site that are shown as “Out of Stock” (vs. “backordered”) are no longer for sale.

    I am glad that I purchased my sets the day after the U.S. Mint placed the sets on sale.

  247. Ralph says

    The C & C set is marked “out of stock”. This does not mean it’s sold out. I got the following from the Mint’s site:

    What does Back Order, Out of Stock and Sold Out mean?
    Back Order: When products are in “Back Order” status, this means that the product is available for sale, however there is no inventory in stock and a future ship date is displayed on our website. Products in this status can still be ordered online or through the customer contact center.

    Out Of Stock: When products are in an “Out of Stock” status, this means we do not have inventory of the product and we do not have an anticipated in stock date. Products in this status cannot be ordered online or through our customer contact center, but you can request to be reminded when the product will be returning to sale (through the “Remind Me” function on the product detail page.)

    Sold Out: Products in a “Sold Out” status are no longer in stock in our warehouses and are no longer available for sale. Products in this status will be removed from the website shortly after they have sold out.

    If you have any questions – please reach out to our Customer Contact Center. Their contact information can be found on our customer service page.

  248. jeff says

    Unless we find out the initial quanity that was struck . It’s just now count them down next will be sold out I beleive they struck all 50 k

  249. cagcrisp says

    I don’t know of Any product that the Mint has Struck ALL that they were going to strike at one time. They are Indeed Out of Stock, however, we have No Idea how many were Struck? The numbers posted tomorrow will be for Sales up to midnight last Night. Today is when the Frenzie Really got going. The More people see the Out of Stock Listing, the more publications print about the Out of Stock,the more the Blogs Post about the Out of Stock just adds to the Feeding. Once the Mint opens Sales back up…….THEN……things get interesting…

  250. cagcrisp says

    I would think that the FS coins are Probably All struck at one time. Mintage is so low I bet they just strike them all and that is it…

  251. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin, 4,800….hmmm…I remember that Number from Somewhere…Just can’t put my finger on it….

  252. GoldFishin says

    @cagcrisp- that was the contest..right? how many the US mint had in stock? of course I am joking!!

  253. M says

    Yeah its sold out and fast too….so quick the mint hasn’t had time to adjust their homepage banner ads. If it were just on backorder…it would say that and allow you to still order. Good thing I ordered 5 more last night and they shipped.

  254. M says

    How does one read comments that are older than the ones shown? I check this everyday and have been missing comments because they vanish from the main view.

  255. M says

    I just think “Out of Stock” is something the NEW website does automatically when the item is sold out. Once the mint audits the sales I assume they will mark it “Sold Out.”

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