2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set

Today, November 20, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales for the 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set. The set provides a “distinctive pairing” of the 2014 Native American Dollar and a 2013 $1 Federal Reserve Note.

2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set

The set is created around the theme from the 2014 Native American Dollar, which commemorates how native hospitality helped to ensure the success of the Lewis and Clark expedition. The reverse design of the coin includes a portrayal of a Native American man offering a pipe while his wife offers provisions of fish, corn, roots, and gourds. The background contains a stylized image of the face of William Clark’s compass highlight the “NW” direction where the expedition occurred.

The $1 coin and note are placed within a tri-fold presentation folder containing related images and historical information about the Lewis and Clark expedition. A certificate of authenticity is printed on the package.

Based on the information provided by the US Mint, the press release, and the product description, there seem to be no special or distinctive qualities about the $1 coin and $1 note included in the set. Previously issued Coin and Currency Sets have sometimes included coins with a special finish or notes with a special serial number. In this case, the $1 coin is described as “uncirculated finish” with the “D” mint mark. The $1 note is described as 2013 series.

Each 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set is priced at $13.95. There is a product limit of 50,000 units with no household ordering limit imposed.


Update: Some readers have noticed that the product image identifies the coin as “2014 Native American $1 Enhanced Uncirculated Coin”. This is different than the press release which indicates an “uncirculated finish” (the identification used for coins in the annual Uncirculated Coin Set). I have reached out to the Mint to clarify whether the coin included in the set is actually different or unique in any way from those previously issued.

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  1. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    cag – sorry, it’s an aviation term, like in engaging, though Sac does look pretty hot now with a make over, now that she has a little sparkle to her smile 😉

    Jim – I guess so, I guess if you get the first set and the last set now that it appears the S/N is is sequential order that would be BIG

  2. albumaccumulator says

    You’re welcome! I’m also pretty happy with this little surprise. Looks like a nice coin for the price.

  3. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On……Ok. What’s the upside here? I’ve got 6 little ones that I buy for. IF I buy 5 sealed boxes for each + shipping that’s approximately $448.20. Never Open them and let the mothers Flip ’em. I’m out $448.20, what are you looking at Realistically for Upside? TALK to me!!!

  4. John D. Moore says

    The only connection to the dollar is the Kansas Federal Reserve according to the district. Look up map of Lewis and Clark expedition. The enhanced dollars look very nice. Can’t wait to get my order tomorrow.

  5. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Several thoughts – (which trust me, are probably just unique to me and risk up accordingly) –

    1) The enhancement does look REALLY good, & the set has past C&C success history going for it. $20-$25/set(?)

    2) First Enhanced D set at 50k brings perceived unique value to collectors – long shot here but it’s like no one else around here has a crystal ball. $25-$30/set(?)

    3) It’s the D mint, they’re bound to screw up a few, & why I’m in on lots of 5 spread out – a mint error set, $200+?

    Keep in mind, the NA series ends in 2016 (I believe), so we’re close to being done with it and moving on.

  6. mark says

    The mint finally threw us bone…sneaky one at that. Thanks to whoever first spotted it. Just ordered another 22.

  7. coachmike says

    There is a Black Friday special at the Mint. No idea what but there is a picture of a BAG in the email…… oh no.

  8. Tinto says


    Yup, that was a good one from the Mint … no hype … nothing … just a little stealth marketing. ….. IMO …. at least it wasn’t a turkey …

  9. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Good catch Coach!

    BLACK FRIDAY: Special Event
    Don’t forget to check your email inbox on Friday, November 28th for an exclusive offer from the United States Mint.

  10. Dave SW FL says

    Black Friday prediction – free shipping on orders. That would be a real boon to you all who like to order multiple single products!

  11. Hawkster says

    After seeing the actual photos I was pleasantly surprised. I popped for a few. I don’t think, given the modest price, one can go wrong.

  12. Brad says

    Yeah, after seeing those photos I placed an order for 22 sets as well. That way I should be able to avoid having it shipped FedEx DumbPost.

    I wanted to be able to make an informed decision about buying any of these or not, and the photos definitely helped with that. Ideally, I would have liked to wait until the sales numbers for last week are known, but just in case there was a surge before then I figured I’d better not wait any longer. Maybe these things will be a nice way to recoup some of the money I lost when I bought some real U.S. Mint turkeys in the past! Or, I could end up adding these to that pile of turkeys. 🙂

  13. Dustyroads says

    high low silver, Supposedly not, there will be something unique about it.
    You have been quiet lately. Ever find that good attorney, hope it worked out.

  14. Hawkster says


    Just read your comment in which you thought the Sac series will be ending in 2016. Where did you get that information, as I had not heard anything in that regard?
    Black Friday Mint special of $124.95 for the P puck? Keep dreaming.

  15. Gary says

    A friend of mine at the Mint told me that on black Friday with every $150 order placed, a FREE roll of 2014 Native American Enhanced Uncirculated Coins will be added to your bag . Dang….so much for the 50k mintage…I thought we had something special here.

  16. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Yeah, this is the last of the legacy NA designs, the next two will be of a Industrial design, and THEN we have ALL NEW $1 coins as the NA and Dead Pres will be off to greener pastures…. 🙂

  17. cagcrisp says

    @coachmike, I don’t see where you are seeing a bag in the email? the email I got is “2014 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE

    Give a gift they will treasure this holiday season and beyond. ”

    Is that the one you are referring too?

  18. Ralph says

    Just ordered 50 of the coin & currency set’s on the hope the coin is different.
    @Gary = I can’t see the Mint giving a $25 roll of dollars for every $150 spent. I’ll have to see that one for myself!

  19. mark says

    @Ralph…it has been marked limited since day one…what you want to see is backordered or sold out. Limited means limited to 50000 sets.

  20. coachmike says

    I ordered my C and C at 3:02 with order number 27335xx. Anyone else have an order number for
    anything today?

  21. Ralph says

    Thanks Mark, I didn’t catch that one. Thought they just had posted it.

    Hawkster: LMAO / My single wide is getting full. Maybe I’ll put a linen on top of the box and use it for a table!

  22. Larry says

    It is amusing that the pictures on the mint’s website don’t look anything like the actual coin. And it surly is amusing that the mint did not advertise this in anyway. I can’t help but wonder why there was so much hype for the BHOF’s and the Kennedys, yet nothing for this coin. You would think if they did advertise it with a 50K mintage it would have been quick sell out, especially at 14 bucks and no household limit.

  23. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Coach – assuming your order is 3550, there was ~ 430 orders placed within the 40 minutes from 2:20 to your 3:02.

  24. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Larry – let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth, they threw the small guy a bone during this week of Thanksgiving..

    Thank ya Mint!

  25. Hawkster says

    The only thing that I can think as the reason the Mint didn’t hype these sets is to reward us loyal followers of their website with a secret offering. What, you don’t think that is a plausible explanation?

  26. A&L Futures says

    I placed two (rather large) orders for the C&C set. The first order was placed on November 22, 2014 @ 2223 (EDT). Todays order was placed at 1629 (EDT). The difference in the two orders was 10,344.

  27. Hidalgo says

    During the weekend, I posted that the U.S. Mint had confirmed that the 2014 Native American dollar in the set had an Enhanced Uncirculated finish.

    There are other surprises that the U.S. Mint will offer in the future. I have been collecting U.S. Mint products and coins for years. You’ll see the surprises in future offerings.

  28. TimTom says

    Ordered one set, couldn’t risk it selling out before they potentially do a free shipping promo. And wow these are nice coins that really POP. I, however, loathe paying $5 shipping on a $14 product 😉

  29. Hawkster says

    Judging by many of the comments which have been posted, it seems the C&Cset is a hoarder’s delight. The sellout should happen very soon.

  30. mark says

    Tim Tom… I see your not a flipper… But these are easy flips, how much profit , we will soon see. One ebay listing…with how many you have for sale…easy. Packed in padded envelope….easy and cheap. Lost in mail…no big loss… remorseful ebay buyer…tell them to return it for full refund …easy. The kind of things i like flipping on ebay..no stress or worries, compared to so of the high dollar cost coins i have shipped out.

  31. Hidalgo says

    I believe the 2014 Native American Coin and Currency sets are sold out. I believe other products on the U.S. Mint’s ordering site that are shown as “Out of Stock” (vs. “backordered”) are no longer for sale.

    I am glad that I purchased my sets the day after the U.S. Mint placed the sets on sale.

  32. Ralph says

    The C & C set is marked “out of stock”. This does not mean it’s sold out. I got the following from the Mint’s site:

    What does Back Order, Out of Stock and Sold Out mean?
    Back Order: When products are in “Back Order” status, this means that the product is available for sale, however there is no inventory in stock and a future ship date is displayed on our website. Products in this status can still be ordered online or through the customer contact center.

    Out Of Stock: When products are in an “Out of Stock” status, this means we do not have inventory of the product and we do not have an anticipated in stock date. Products in this status cannot be ordered online or through our customer contact center, but you can request to be reminded when the product will be returning to sale (through the “Remind Me” function on the product detail page.)

    Sold Out: Products in a “Sold Out” status are no longer in stock in our warehouses and are no longer available for sale. Products in this status will be removed from the website shortly after they have sold out.

    If you have any questions – please reach out to our Customer Contact Center. Their contact information can be found on our customer service page.

  33. jeff says

    Unless we find out the initial quanity that was struck . It’s just now count them down next will be sold out I beleive they struck all 50 k

  34. cagcrisp says

    I don’t know of Any product that the Mint has Struck ALL that they were going to strike at one time. They are Indeed Out of Stock, however, we have No Idea how many were Struck? The numbers posted tomorrow will be for Sales up to midnight last Night. Today is when the Frenzie Really got going. The More people see the Out of Stock Listing, the more publications print about the Out of Stock,the more the Blogs Post about the Out of Stock just adds to the Feeding. Once the Mint opens Sales back up…….THEN……things get interesting…

  35. cagcrisp says

    I would think that the FS coins are Probably All struck at one time. Mintage is so low I bet they just strike them all and that is it…

  36. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin, 4,800….hmmm…I remember that Number from Somewhere…Just can’t put my finger on it….

  37. GoldFishin says

    @cagcrisp- that was the contest..right? how many the US mint had in stock? of course I am joking!!

  38. M says

    Yeah its sold out and fast too….so quick the mint hasn’t had time to adjust their homepage banner ads. If it were just on backorder…it would say that and allow you to still order. Good thing I ordered 5 more last night and they shipped.

  39. M says

    How does one read comments that are older than the ones shown? I check this everyday and have been missing comments because they vanish from the main view.

  40. M says

    I just think “Out of Stock” is something the NEW website does automatically when the item is sold out. Once the mint audits the sales I assume they will mark it “Sold Out.”

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