2014 Arches National Park Quarter Bags and Rolls

Today, June 9, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for bags and rolls containing 2014 Arches National Park Quarters. This represents the third release of the year and the twenty-third release overall for the America the Beautiful Quarters Program.

Arches National Park Quarter

The reverse design of the coin features a depiction of Delicate Arch, a 65-foot freestanding natural arch, with the La Sal Mountains appearing in the background. Delicate Arch is the most famous arch within Arches National Park and a widely recognized landmark in Utah, which is depicted on Utah license plates and have been featured on a USPS postage stamp celebrating Utah’s centennial of statehood.

The reverse of the coin was designed by Donna Weaver and engraved by Charles L. Vickers. In the design review phase, this was the candidate recommended by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. The Commission of Fine Arts had recommended an alternative design depicting a different arch.

The obverse of the coin features the restored 1932 portrait of George Washington designed by John Flanagan. This design has been used in common throughout the program.

The United States Mint is offering six different product options for the Arches National Park Quarter bags and rolls. Each option includes circulating quality coins struck at either the Philadelphia, Denver, or San Francisco Mint facilities bearing the “P”, “D”, or “S” mint marks. The circulating quality coins bearing the “S” mint mark are not released for general circulation or included in the annual coin sets but only available within the numismatic bags and rolls. The coins bearing the “P” and “D” mint marks are released for general circulation.

Product options include 40-coin rolls containing coins with the “S” mint mark priced at $18.95 each, two roll sets containing “P” and “D” mint marked coins priced at $32.95, and three-roll sets of “P”, “D”, and “S” mint marked coins priced at $46.95 each. Also available are 100-coin bags containing coins with either of the three mint marks, priced at $34.95 each.

All products come in special US Mint branded numismatic packaging that incorporates the name of the park, the state abbreviation, the mint mark, and face value of the contents.

There are no stated mintage limits or household ordering limits. The US Mint indicates that these products will remain available for sale for one year from the initial on-sale date or until inventory is depleted at an earlier date.

Later this week on June 12, the US Mint will begin sales for the 2014-P Arches National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins. The bullion version of the five ounce silver coin went on sale to authorized purchasers today.

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  1. Hidalgo says

    I just placed my order for one of the 40-coin San Francisco rolls. I have at least one roll of each design since the very first one (El Yunque) was introduced. These will make a great addition to my collection.

  2. oldfolkie says

    Lately it seems most of the quarters I’ve gotten in change are brand new, fresh from the roll Smokies or Shenandoah. Is the tide finally changing?

  3. Pittsburgh P says

    This is one if if not my favorite design…. I love its simplicity. It also has the least lettering along the rim. I just love it! Ordered the bullion version already. Anyone had their card dinged for subs yet? This is my first subscription for these and I didn’t know what they usually do. Hit it early or on the release date?

  4. Ray says

    Still waiting for a ping on my AtB subscription. I canceled my subscription after GSM, and resubscribed. BHoF’s took up all my funds and I thought the Shedanadoah design was boring. Still not sure if I’ll be going back to order one. I probably wont.

  5. says

    I’ve had a subscription for the S quarters since the 10% discount was offered, and I have not been charged for the order yet, in stock and reserved with the cancel box still up.
    BTW, as soon as these are released the Great Basin series quarters will be pulled from the Mint line up.
    The clad Great Basin quarters mintage is only at 1,313,160 which is one of the lowest of the series to date.
    Of course the mintage will move up slightly, but to me it’s a good number.

  6. says

    A great design with an unencombered, simple background. The arch really pops in the foreground. I give this ATB my vote for the best one yet.

  7. GoldFishin says

    @ABC – go to the NGC website and look at the pics of that coins. I am studying it now, the coin NGC has pictured does not look cleaned at all. I am trying to identify similar marks on both coins to verify they are the same coin. I found one mark on the reverse near the tip of the of the last wing feather halfway between the feather and the rim. It looks like the same mark. Some marks on the obverse which should be in both photos seem to not be shown but I am still looking at it. I think the ebay listing might be a scan which shows everything is ugly detail, a scan also tend to give that pink hue. Ask the seller if it is a scanned photo.

  8. GoldFishin says

    ABC – I have identified at least 6 matching marks from NGC. I believe it is the coin on ebay. You have 14 day returns if you purchase it and decide it has been cleaned, but I don’t think so.

  9. posterhunter says

    The Hall Of Fame baseball coin prices sure have taken a tumble in the last week. Gold down to $750 already.

  10. Jafmidtx says

    Speaking of HOF gold coin – Looking at Mint’s sales numbers, they had total gold of 50,000 from dates 5/4 to 6/1. Then on 6/8 they show 38,902 PR and 21,890 unc which corresponds with numbers tossed around by others on this board. Do you think there’s any chance, since they were still pressing coins, that they decided to go ahead and make enough for all orders ?? Maybe that’s the reason they show “Sales” above the stated mintage. You know they could have initiated a “Mint Executive Order”.

  11. says

    In regard to the Arches ATB quarter, it depicts a natural setting as opposed to a man made one. Yes, I’ll admit to being partial to the ATB’s which depict nature–such as Grand Canyon, White Mountains, Shenandoah and Everglades.

  12. Pittsburgh P says

    Jaf the rss feed at the mint has the numbers at 32,026 proof and 17,974 unc. on the most recent one and the last time it was different was on April 7 th when it was 32,000/18,000… The numbers you had, I think, are from the excel page from the mint and have been about unchanged only dropping a few each new release and haven’t been exactly 50,000 since they came out(to my knowledge). They are many others more qualified on this blog who know for sure. Imo there is zero chance they initiated a mint executive order and are minting more gold BHoF coins…

  13. Government Drone says

    Be a little leery of the sales & mintage figures for a while. Till they’re fully “audited”, they’re not final. There’s going to be some settling of them over time. There could also be a typo in the ones you see posted.
    Unless the legislation has some sort of option in it for the Mint to coin extra (& the last time around required approval from the Treasury Secretary), it would be illegal for them to make & sell more than what is authorized in the law. And if the Treasury Secretary (or whoever) does authorize additional coins, I’m pretty sure we would’ve heard of it by now.

  14. Jafmidtx says

    @Pittsburgh P @ Government Drone
    Thanks for the info. It just seemed strange to me (maybe not to more experienced mint watchers) that for weeks they show the numbers Pittsburgh P refers to. Then dated 6/8 they all of a sudden seem to include the “wait list” orders to get to a total of 60,792. Guess the audited numbers will eventually be after these 10,792 cancellations. Guess we will find out in a couple of months, then we can begin conjecturing about what’s going on with the Kennedy coins !

  15. says

    @ Jafmidtx , Agree with Pittsburgh P that there is zero chance of a Mint Executive Order. The excel spreadsheet shows sales that were made. Until all the credit cards are hit the Mint does not know how many of each proof or uncirculated will be sold. It will not be far from the current estimates of 32,026/17,974. there were 12 proofs and 10 uncirculated Golds canceled since last weeks excel file. That is not many….

  16. says

    @ Jafmidtx, Actually the excel spreadsheet has shown the higher numbers every week. The highest numbers shown were on 03/30 when it showed 37,831 proofs and 21,380 uncirculated

  17. says

    CORRECTION to my previous post. The highest numbers were 04/06 when it showed 39,269 proofs and 22,015 uncirculated…

  18. GoldFishin says

    My Shenandoah’s that I returned have been shipped back and I should receive them no later than Friday, which would be two weeks from when they received them. Not to bad, just in case someone was interested in the return time.

  19. Jafmidtx says

    @cagcrisp Thanks for explaining that to me. I appreciate your taking the time to help me understand. I just got confused when I downloaded the file and it showed 6/8 date with higher numbers but it only went back to 5/4. Maybe they put the wrong numbers in the 6/8 as Government Drone suggested, a typo.

  20. says

    @Jafmidtx, There is a HARD copy that comes out tomorrow. For the MAJORITY of coins the excel file and the hard copy are the same, however, most of the time when there is a “sellout” on an item the excel file will not be accurate. (i.e. the 5oz ATB for GSM will not have the same number on the excel file as the hard copy tomorrow. )

  21. bg35765 says

    Regarding shiny new quarters in circulation: I work for a medium-sized bank in the midwest and recently played golf with the guy who runs our cash vault. Part of his job is ordering coins/currency in different denominations, returning damaged bills, etc.

    He told me that a couple months ago he received our first box of brand new quarters since 2008.

    On topic: I think they did pretty well with this design. I like the negative space and I bet the proof and the 5 oz bullion will look really sharp.

  22. says

    While a lot has been discussed about the BHOF gold mintage split…..it’s pretty well established at close to 32,000/18,000….

    IMO, more focus should be on what the gold coins are selling for…and they are around where Louis & I sold our first gold BHOF coins @ $750. It is amazinng how quick both ogp & graded coins went up so fast, and now have gone down so fast.
    It takes about 12-24 hours to see “sold sales” show up on ebay…but I’ve had several in my watch list that ended today that show the lower prices. NGC PF70 have fallen from $1500 to around $1225-$1250.

    I think these prices have pretty much bottomed out, and I expect them to stay near where they are.

    Let’s be honest with ourselves….we all (including myself) have said that once more fans are aware of these BHOF coins, then they will maintain their prices of $1100 ogp/$1500 PF/MS70.
    However, the trend is following what most hot Mint items do. imo…the peak has been reached and the only question is where will the prices stabilize….and I think close to where recent sales have been.

    We’ve all said, (again including myself) that once more people find out about these coins, demand for them will skyrocket and prices may increase again…but I have my doubts. I’m going to play”devils advocate” here and want you to give your opinions.

    Now…the current baseball season is well over %25 completed. There are no promotions for these coins at ballparks or from the US Mint…so why do we keep kidding ourselves by saying…”well, once people become aware of the BHOF coins, it will be a madhouse.” I hate to say it, but I think that the vast majority of people that will ever be aware of these coins are already aware of them. If you disagree, what event or promotion do you think will increase fan/customer awareness of these coins and cause demand to increae?

    Let’s face it…the gold coins sold out in 6-7 hours and the silver in around 2 1/2 weeks…..and we all know that this was done by coin collectors (who are also baseball fans). The average joe knew nothing about these coins and still doesn’t and probably never will.

    I think that a good barometer for the future value of these (gold, silver) coins lies in the sells of the clad half dollar. If, as we think, people just aren’t aware of these coins, then if fans do become aware of them then they would say “oh shit, that is cool, I want one of them”. And then a few of those might also be interested in the gold or silver coins. So if any promotion does take place this year and people become aware of these coins, then the half-dollars will sell out easily. But if the half-dollar coin does not sell out, then I think it reflects on the fact that mostly only coin collectors are interested in actually “buying” these coins.

    The Baseball HOF coins reminds me so much of my optimistic view of the ATB 5 oz coins. I keep telling myself, well, these are low mintage (generally under 25,000) coins that once people become aware of them, then they will really be hot. Well, we are in the 5th year of the program and hardly anyone is aware of them….and just like I said with the BHOF coins, unfortunately, the vast majority of people that will ever be aware of these coins, already are….and thats a shame!

  23. Jerry Diekmann says

    Tie for the ugliest ATB coins – Hot Springs and Perry’s Victory. Great Smoky Mountains is probably the best, at least so far. The Arches coin is good, but seems to be needlessly off-center.

  24. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Yellowstone is the best, a classic, then too many I like, a tie of Yosemite, Perry’s Victory, Vicksburg, Gettysburg, Great Smoky Mtns., Arches, Wt. Mtn., anf Ft. McHenry.

    Volcanoes is the worst along with Hot Springs.

  25. SilverFan says

    @Steve “Now…the current baseball season is well over %25 completed. There are no promotions for these coins at ballparks or from the US Mint…so why do we keep kidding ourselves by saying…”well, once people become aware of the BHOF coins, it will be a madhouse.” I hate to say it, but I think that the vast majority of people that will ever be aware of these coins are already aware of them. If you disagree, what event or promotion do you think will increase fan/customer awareness of these coins and cause demand to increase?”

    The 2014 HOF induction is coming up in July:


    Also, the All Star Game and World Series are also major events. Still lots of baseball to be played.

  26. says

    @Steve, you have millions of young kids every year that just start playing T-ball, little league baseball and softball. Every year a new group starts and every year potential gifts are to be given. I have said all along that the BHOF coins only have legs because they are baseball coins and they are going to be bought by baseball fans. New baseball/softball fans throughout the world will continue to be born each and every year for as long as we can imagine.
    Compare the baseball coins to the Kennedy coins that will be coming out. Each and every year millions of Americans die that knew about John Kennedy and every year millions of Americans are born that to them John Kennedy is just another dead president. Take the 5 star General coins form last year. How many 1st graders have any idea who General Douglas McCarthy was? Take the same group of 1st graders and ask them what is depicted on the BHOF coin and see what the answer is.
    Currently I have 6 grandchildren under the age of 5 and at some point each and everyone will play baseball or softball. When they grow up I will give BHOF coins to each and every one of these children. The same pattern for me will continue for years and years.
    Keep in mind that my bullishness is for the Golds. There can ONLY be 18,000 sets of something that will touch the lives of millions and millions of people throughout the world.

  27. bg35765 says

    I’m with cagcrisp on this one. The great thing about the baseball coins is that the design is timeless. 50 or 100 years from now a baseball will look exactly the same and a baseball glove will have only evolved slightly from what is on the coin.

    Think of it this way, if you were a new coin collector and decided to buy one modern commemorative, which ones would be on your short list? The concave/convex design alone is going to put this one on the list for most people, and the subject matter is a bonus.

    I think the existence of the clad coins will hurt the value of the silver, but increase the value of the gold.

    For someone who wants a silver coin, the clad is a cheap substitute product. But it isn’t really a substitute for the gold because it looks so different. So think of the clad as hundreds of thousands of mini advertisements that these coins exist. Some people who end up with the clad one way or another will eventually want to put together a set of all six, which will be great long term for the value of the gold uncirculated.

  28. Pool Shark says


    I can’t disagree with any of your logic with regards to the BHOF coins.
    However, I’m not sure that same logic carries over to the Atb’s for at least a couple of reasons.

    First, nobody will ever receive a BHOF in their change.

    Second, the BHOF was a ‘one-off’ coin.

    I am increasingly finding Atb quarters in my change; they now account for nearly a quarter (no pun intended) of the quarters I receive when making cash purchases. An increasing number of colleagues are also just noticing the Atb quarters and are starting to become aware of the program. Some are even beginning collections for their kids, just like they did for the State Quarter program.

    We are not even half-way through the Atb program, and already premiums for the lower mintage 5-ouncers are rising significantly as collectors scramble to backfill their sets. This is occurring even as the price of silver has plummeted since the program’s inception.
    While I don’t expect there to be a wild, speculative explosion in the prices of all Atb 5-oz. coins, I do see a sustained and growing interest in the program. I believe that at some point, complete collections of raw bullion in BU condition will command substantial premiums over melt; Certainly more so than comparable ASE’s.

  29. Clark says

    I too am bullish on the long term high value of gold BHoFs, not so much for its silver counterparts, although silvers will always be worth more than we paid for them on March 27, 2014.

    As always, supply will drive prices when the mint finally releases all 400,000 silver BHoF coins and there will be plenty to go around. Because they are unique and sold out, unless silver prices soar above current levels, I think they will always yield a respectable premium over their original sale prices of $47.95 & $51.95 for uncirculated & proof versions, respectively. Those graded 70 and Early Releases/First Strikes will command higher prices, but new collectors will have no trouble finding them at reasonable prices, which was probably the original intent of Congress when it authorized the series.

    I would be interested in others’ future price projections, but just for fun, my guess is that silver BHoFs in OGP will stabilize at around $75, which is still a nice increase for those who bought directly from the mint this year. 70 grades will stabilize around $115 to $130.

    My guesses place silver BHoFs much higher than 2009 Lincoln silver dollars, although there are similarities: Lincoln silver dollars had a 500,000 mintage limit across all varieties and 100 per household ordering limits. Original sales prices were $31.95 & $37.95for unc & prf versions respectively. Today they are readily available online for $50 in OGP and $70 in grade 70. Time will tell.


  30. says

    This was posted on the Mint’s FB page: Baseball season is in full swing and our employees at our facility in West Point are working diligently to manufacture the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame $5 Gold Coin. For customers who are awaiting the fulfillment of their orders, we want to extend a special thank you for your continued patience.

    A comment said “Silver dollars coming soon?” and the Mint’s reply was “We’ll be posting information about manufacturing our silver coins soon. Stay tuned!”

  31. SoapyJD says

    (Sigh of relief) My BHOF $5 UNC ordered at 7:29 pm 3/27 just went to “in stock and reserved.”

  32. oldfolkie says

    Here’s my reason for optimism regarding both the ATBs and the BHOF coins. Baseball will continue to be a big part of many peoples lives, and National Park visits are often special life long, family, and memorable events. They will always be special collectibles that appeal to a far greater group than just coin collectors. For people that love the game and love the parks these will always be very special items. Sad but true, most people don’t even know about them yet. The biggies like Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Smokies, and Shenandoah will always be very special to many people. I expect a leveling of BHOF prices for awhile and then a sustained value, but a slow and steady growth for the ATBs, especially the well known Parks.

  33. DOUG says

    I just checked the status of my uncirculated gold BHOF which was ordered at 8:08 PM on the 27th, and it now shows in stock and reserved. The important thing to note, is that this was shortly after the wait list was put out.

  34. mgm says

    Like the actor Jim Carrey said “and there is a chance”. My order for the gold BHOF was: Date: 03/28/2014 at 08:21 AM. I’m still hoping.

    DOUG says

    June 10, 2014 at 12:48 pm

    I just checked the status of my uncirculated gold BHOF which was ordered at 8:08 PM on the 27th, and it now shows in stock and reserved. The important thing to note, is that this was shortly after the wait list was put out.

  35. Zaz says

    The silver BHOF coins aren’t manufactured at West Point, but at high capacity Philly. What’s with the hold up?

  36. Clark says

    Zaz–Because the mint is staying silent about the causes of BHoF production delays, it’s anyone’s guess as to why we are still waiting for $1 silver orders placed on day one. Applying logic and what little we do know suggests that the mint is taking a linear approach to BHoF production. It sounds like they have limited BHoF production expertise and are applying it first to make gold $5 coins at West Point, after which they will move resources to Philly for silver production, and finally to the clad production facilities in Denver and SFran. The fact that my early clad orders are also stalled may also support this theory.

    It would be nice if they just told us and broke the silence.

  37. Hidalgo says

    I previously posted that I had placed a “test” order for a 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame gold coin after the US Mint posted its waiting list notice on line. I placed the test order on March 27, 2014 at 6:34 PM. Based on the comments above, I decided to check out the status of the order. To my surprise, the coin is “In stock and reserved” and the “Cancel” box is gone. I guess I’ll have to decide if I really want this coin since I already have one.

    Also, for those of you who are interested… I placed an order for one 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame proof silver coin on March 27, 2014 at 06:58 PM. The status of the order is “In stock and reserved” and there is no “Cancel” box next to it.

  38. says


    I’ts refreshing that you referred to the commemoratives as”baseball coins” and the timeless images depicted on them. Sure, officially, they celebrate the 75th anniversary of the supposedly non-profit Baseball HOF–but the HOF is not lettered on the coins, which I think is a good thing. The only way one knows that it is a HOF commemorative is through the Mint packaging.

  39. VA Rich says

    Hildago – I’ll drive to Old Town with $600 cash to meet over tea whereby you can tell me all about the outcome of the next Presidential election for that coin. How’s Sunday, 29 June?

  40. says


    Now that you have come to find out that your “test order” will be filled, shouldn’t it be a no-brainier for you to want the coin based on how well they have done on the after market?

  41. Bob R says

    My 5 gold BHOF UNC ordered after 7:30pm in stock and reserved, the 5 gold BHOF proof’s also ordered after 7:30pm are still backordered.

  42. says

    Though I haven’t obtained any of the 5 oz pucks thus far, I am seriously considering doing so with the Arches. Can anybody who has purchased these let me know if you prefer the bullion or collector version. Obviously the bullion version is less expensive, but does it have quality of the collector version? It seems that most collectors buy the bullion version from either MCM or Provident . Anyone have any preference with one or the other? Do they send the coin in a capsule, or does that need to be purchased separately?

    Where can one buy the 3D frames that display both sides of the coin?

  43. AkBob says

    @Hawkster – Here’s a few on the bay. Item # 181250562190, 181245901939 & 181250377182:) You can also check with the seller(s) to see if they have other models. Hope this helps:))))

  44. gary says

    I think that one of the greatest attributes of the ATB is that there are many ways to collect subsets that may appeal to different collectors: animals, landscapes, mountains & natural formations, monuments, etc. They would also be great souvenirs of places visited. @Hawkster… I prefer the ATB P-mint uncirculated in OGP and have a current up-to-date set. The bullion versions are nice when you can get a good clean specimen that does not have nicks, scratched or stains. They can still be found very inexpensively without resorting to buying them slabbed. In my opinion, if you are looking to buy multiples of any given date, inspect them all in person.

  45. KEITHSTER says

    They’re gone Dustyroads and the excel #’s don’t show much of a jump? I ordered some more this morning and kept checking to see them go:) These regular ones have been a favorite of mine since getting the rolls of D’s from the bank because the tree on it in the sun light has a prizm effect that turns the needles many colors? And I’ve never seen this on a coin before which leads me to think they used the lazer’s on the dies for this one. Have not done it with the S’s yet but it should work even though they seem to be a stronger strike? Well thanks for the heads up or would have missed them funny thing was after placing the order good I double checked as I had ordered the Arches by mistake and had to cancell So Good Luck All :>:>:>

  46. says


    I went on the website that you posted but their 3D frame has an inside dimension of only 2 3/4 inches, which is too small for the pucks. I found another website which has theses frames with an inside dimension of 4 inches–which is perfect for the pucks. It is http://www.sfdisplay.com. The price is $19.95.

  47. Louis says

    Just when I had decided there is no point to even checking order status anymore, I saw my gold BHOF has also moved to in stock and reserved! However, cancel box is not gone, and none of my silver orders are doing anything.

  48. Louis says

    By the way, with prices moving down I was able to get a PF69 BHOF dollar with a real (not facsimile) sig of the artist who designed the coin for $112 delivered. And PCGS 1st strike. Same coin sells for $180 at dealers. Normally I would not go for a signed coin, but given I paid no premium for it and it is a real signature, it seemed like a good deal.

  49. Pittsburgh P says

    Hawkster thanks… I use the 7 in frame(6 in inside) and they work well. I got 4 off Amazon from key supplies since they were cheaper but shipping was 12$ so I got 4 to spread the cost… I used them for the 2013 ASE set, BHoF set and the Rushmore puck… Gonna use the last for the arches puck. Make sure you use capsules(no that you don’t already) cause the coins slide around without em.

  50. Don says


    Thanks, and also thanks to VaRich (I somehow missed your Sunday post). Does MCM and Provident ship the pucks in capsules or, if not, are they available to buy from these dealers?

  51. Don says


    I forgot to mention: thanks also for your advice on keeping the coins in the capsules if using the #D gel-filled frames. I actually did assume that the bare, non-encapsulated coin could go in these frames, thinking the gel would act as sort of a capsule. I’m glad that you mentioned that they tend to shift around without a capsule.

  52. Pittsburgh P says

    Don no prob. Glad I could help. MCM – no capsule, Provident – with capsule… Ampex sells em in capsules too & just the capsules

  53. Don says

    Here is another idea for displaying the 5 oz pucks: instead of investing in the 3D frames, the small easels or tabletop display stands that are usually used to hold small frames, would be ideal to hold and display an encapsulated 5 oz ATB quarter. Michael’s carries these for around $5.00.

  54. Clark says

    Louis–I think you got a heckuva deal @$112. That’s not bad for BHoF first strike and the original sig ensures that you did well. Congrats/

  55. Louis says

    Thanks, Clark

    FYI- If someone wants to get a bunch of ATB capsules, they are less than $1.50 each from Wizard when buying 10 or more and around $2 otherwise, much cheaper than most places.

  56. Junior says

    Off Topic

    My 3/27/14 BHOF order @ 8:55 PM is “In Stock and Reserved” for the Unc. Gold. CC is pending for the proper amount. BHOF Proof Gold is still backordered to 6/30/14. Cancel Boxes are not available.

    My 3/27/14 BHOF order @ 5:11 PM has delivered both Clad coins and the Silver Proof is “In Stock and Reserved” CC is pending for the proper amount. The Silver Unc is backordered to 6/19/2014. Cancel Boxes are not available.

    I originally ordered the Gold BHOF coins with the earlier order and cancelled them. My error. I tried to call the Mint but got a constant busy signal. Panicked, I placed my Gold order @ 8:55 PM.

    I’ll feel better when I have them in hand.

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