2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Silver Dollars Sold Out

silver-dollarThe United States Mint has received orders to account for the entire maximum authorized mintage of the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Silver Dollars. This marks a quick sell out for the “curved coins” featuring a depiction of a glove and baseball, which went on sale less than two weeks ago.

Around 4:00 PM today, the US Mint posted a “waiting list notice” on the product pages for the proof and uncirculated silver dollars. The notice indicates that orders have been received to meet the maximum limit for the coins. Collectors may still place orders for placement on a waiting list which will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis in the event of an order cancellation.

The sell out of the silver dollars, follows the earlier sell out of the proof and uncirculated $5 gold coins. Now only the clad half dollars remain available for sale.

Sales figures provided at the start of the week indicated a fast approaching sell out for the silver dollars. As of April 7, sales had reached 238,636 proofs and 127,704 uncirculated coins for a total of 366,340 from the 400,000 maximum authorized mintage.

This morning, updated figures were provided showing that as of April 9, sales had risen to 257,183 proofs and 133,696 uncirculated coins for a total of 390,879. Presumably, during the course of the day day orders were received for the final 9,121 coins remaining within the maximum authorized mintage.

The 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Silver Dollar seems to have achieved the fastest sell out for any modern commemorative silver dollar, having been available for sale from March 27 to April 9, 2014, or 13 days.

The popular 2001 American Buffalo Silver Dollar had reached a sell out of the 500,000 maximum mintage from the period of June 7 to June 21, 2001, or 14 days.

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  1. whitelightning says

    Awsome received 2 proof and. 2 unc gold from the mint wed this week all in the same box and the dumb bag on mon. Had 7 min wait time the first. Day.

  2. Sith says

    @IndenturedServant – Fort Knox is a US Mint facility, as such they can get gold out of it for coinage.

  3. IndenturedServant says

    Sith I know that but some of the Congressional Law regarding the minting of coins specifically says they must be made from “newly mined, domestic sources”. I’m not sure if this applies to all precious metal coinage or only certain issues.

  4. GoldGuru says

    In response to using newly mined precious metals. ….All Gold & Silver coins only must me minted from US mines. It does not have to be newly mined, but must come from the US. The gov has a Stockpile to use. It’s the law. Clad composition coins can be used from any source. Hope that helps you. BTW – I noticed the reply option is gone. If I’m the cause, I apologize to ya’ll & Michael. I’m just one who tries to set the record straight, in hopes of helping others!

  5. Durf says

    On the “must you sign?” topic – you may find this amusing:
    My bag (woo hoo ) from my $5 HOFs order is schuduled to be delivered by UPS sometime today (it shows “out for delivery”); the coins are backordered for a staggered July shipment. So there won’t be any gold in the box (unless someone at the mint, a la Monopoly, made a huge error in my favor) – BUT a “signature is required”!!

    How curious it would be to sign for the bag, which according to eBay is currently worth $299.01 less than $300. Maybe I should send it in to PCGS for FS designation…

  6. Zaz says

    I’m told that bags are shipped according to order type (under/over $300), even if all coins are backordered. It’s the way the orders are entered into the processing queue, the system is not smart enough to have programmed multiple shipments with different shipping speeds, although you would think its a no brainer… That’s why it’s been sent priority with sig conf., because you have backordered gold in your order.

  7. Durf says

    Yeah, I figured; posted to provide add’l info to an earlier poster Steve who was asking when one had to sign for shipments. Blog’s consensus was “only for gold”, but the thought was that he might be in my situation, so would have to sign for just a bag (woo…… hoo……. ).

    You & I would agree that if the original order had any gold in it, then all parts shipped require siggys. Incidentally, there is solid reasoning behind the Mint’s shipping protocol: it’s actually cheaper to manage orders this way because it cuts way down on the front-end customer-service load. E.g., they fulfill my order in parts so it’s checked off the list even if it does result in a minor additional shipping expenses. Frees up those CS folks to chat w/ GG.

  8. MK says

    Those that have gotten coins, how long on average did it take for the mint to ship your bhof coins once they went from a backorder to an in stock and reserved status? And please don’t bite my head off… I appreciate all that I’ve learned from this blog…

  9. IndenturedServant says

    GG, A quick search turned up this in reference to bullion silver eagles:
    “By law, the United States Mint’s American Eagle silver bullion coins must meet exacting specifications and must be composed of” newly mined” silver acquired from domestic sources. The United States Mint will continue to make every effort to increase its acquisition of silver bullion blanks that meet these specifications and requirements to address continuing high demand in the silver bullion coin market.”

    And this in reference to the 1985 gold bullion act:
    “One requirement is that all gold used in minting the coins would be from “newly mined domestic sources”.”

    I’m quite certain I have read the same thing in reference to gold buffalo and first spouse coins and quite possibly others.

    Again, I’m not sure if this applies to all pm coins in the US but I’m sure it does as this is an act of political/capitalistic cronyism.

  10. IndenturedServant says

    I wonder how this affects prices when the cost of mining exceeds the market price of bullion? I would imagine that is the point where cronyism bites the miners and collectors in the ass!

  11. Pittsburgh P says

    MK… from the ones I have received it usually was sent the day after it went to “In stock and reserved”. So if it happened today like one of my silver orders just did probably on Monday… I am still hoping it goes out tonight but I am not holding my breathe. Hope that helps.

  12. mark says

    My second 1:04 ET order… gold proof shipped today with a bag . Both have seperate tracking numbers. That order also had one silver proof dollar. Which still shows a 04/24/2014 expected ship date.

  13. Sky says

    GoldGuru, I got your message, thanks for checking with the mint, of course I am about to make a call to the Mint, seems they are telling different things to different people…

  14. Jeffrey says

    My original order of 3/27/14 @12:40 that had a Silver UNC BHOF is till on backorder. All other coins and bag on that order have been received.

    Expected ship date show 4/16.
    Not sure if it will go out then.

  15. Pittsburgh P says

    Jeffery my 2nd order was place after yours @ 1:37 and now shows all my silver as in stock and reserved. You may want to check back now to see if it has changed.

  16. Sky says

    So, I called, talked to Tiffany, she said if I send it back ASAP, I should be able to get it replaced. No guarantees but there is a good chance, so I am off the the UPS counter. GG, you are right, they do have a limited inventory for replacements, I wasn’t told any of this this morning, pays off to read this blog. Hopefully I will get a new one. BTW. my clad just came in, a scratch on it as well, larger scratch but not as noticeable since it is a silver coin …. Going back as well….

  17. Zaz says

    Got 4 of the 6 coins from my 3-27 12:52 order today. Still awaiting the unc gold/unc silver. The gold proof is exquisite, the glove design is perfect for so small a coin, and the proof stitching really makes the ball reverse zing. This a clear “bases loaded home run” commem program for the MInt and the BBHOF after 4 years of indifferent sales since the BSA coins. It will really catch the imaginative fire of the non-collecting public, unlike the specialty ASE sets of the last two years, which saturated the market, there’s not enough to go around of the gold and silver, so hang on to whatever extra coins you bought. Interestingly of the unc half, it has a semi-glossy finish unlike any of the unc coins in the past. Now I understand the B roll video were unc silver dollars and not a hybrid!

  18. Jeffrey says

    Pittsburgh P,

    Thanks for the heads up.
    I just checked the site and shows “In stock and reserved” also.

    No ping on cc yet.

  19. Sith says

    @GoldGuru – You were not the cause too many people were complaining about the new format. Check the newer thread Michael highlights one of the complaints.

  20. Sith says

    @IndenturedServant – The only time I have seen “newly mined, domestic sources” was the proposed palladium coin, but it could still be out there.

  21. Sith says

    @Durf – For the record the gold coin is worth more than $300, the only time an order that is under $300 dollars will require a signature is if it is the gold 1/10 oz coin, but you are correct anything else shipped with that coin even though the order is under $300 will also require a signature. If the price of gold drops enough that that the 1/4 oz (or if the mint makes a gold coin for less than $300) gold coin sells below $300 it would fall into the same boat.

  22. Sith says

    Checked my reply, and I was not clear the only time you would currently sign for an order under $300 is if it contained the 1/10 oz gold coin. The gold coin would be shipped separately, any secondary package would require a signature. Sorry for not being clear the first time.

  23. Zaz says

    @MK: Generally, on orders you place directly through the web or phone that goes to “in stock and reserved” will be shipped with 2 business days if All the items are in stock. It also means that your method of payment, debit or cc, will be pinged for the full amount within 10 minutes of placing the order. On backorders, any item in stock takes about 3 business days to get out the door, as there is a an additional step to charge a fractional amount of the original order. On subs, however, it seems to be as long as 5 business days once the order goes to in stock. Any times in excess of these, you should customer service to see what the hold up is, as the CSR can see notes on the order and why it’s been stalled. Usually it’s a declined card or the expiration date has passed on a sub.

  24. matt says

    Just got this from provident metals:

    Dear Matt,

    Thank you for your inquiry and interest in Provident Metals. We appreciate every opportunity to serve you.

    Due to the issues that were seen on some of the previous releases we were only going to be offering the 2014 Great Smoky Mountains National Park 5 oz Silver ATB coins in mint sealed monster boxes. To ensure our customers received quality products at great prices, we were not going to offer these individually, because they carry no guarantee of quality from the mint. However due to the overwhelming number of requests we received we have decided to offer these to our customers. We stand by our concerns with previously experienced quality issues, but we want to give our customers what they ask for. You should see this product become available soon.

    I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me with other questions or concerns.

    Kindest Regards,
    Chris Hogan
    Phone: 800-313-3315 ext. 7113
    Fax: 469-212-8977
    Web: http://www.providentmetals.com

  25. Durf says

    Hey, Sith, thanks for the precise clarification.
    Just as I was departing for an afternoon bike ride, saw the UPS truck down the block. Signed for a package containing… my bag (no coins) wrapped in a Genuine US Mint Rubber Band! Like Jack (in Sideways) “I kinda like it…” It’ll be A Useful Thing for putting other Useful Things in, like culls.

  26. hank meyer says

    wow got my UNC BHOF half dollars today and could not wait to bust one out and put it in my hand naked. what an amazing tactile feel this coin has. You can feel the laces you can feel the thumb and fingers in the glove. Everybody that touches it comments on the feel of this coin, it excites people. These are people that yesterday didn’t give a rats ass about the proof version in it’s OGP. This may be the first coin in a long time that could get people who dont even use coins any more to think about collecting coins as a hobby or for profit. Can hardly wait for the silver dollar that is coming out of its OGP when I get it to show to friends and family.

  27. GoldGuru says

    Indentured Servant. ……thx for the research. I’ve always assumed it didn’t matter if it was newly mined. What is the time frame they consider newly, I wonder. That’s a broad time frame, could mean within the last 50-100 years or maybe it must be gold never used before “new” instead of recycled gold. They would have to be buying nearly all the gold mined today in the US to keep up. 40 million ASE’s last year + all the other coins, ATB’s etc. They’ve left it open for interpretation. They do have a “Strategic Stockpiles” @SF & other locations. IMO. Thx.

  28. IndenturedServant says

    GG, Yeah it would be interesting to know what the criteria are for “newly mined”. This requirement is mostly a sweetheart deal pushed by congresscritters from Idaho, Nevada and other PM mining states that basically guarantees business for the mining industries in those states. I would assume the time frame for “newly mined” is about a year or two at most to give them time to recover, process and purify the ore and finished product.

    Where does one find the written law for each coin series? I’m nearly positive that ALL bullion issues must meet the newly mined, domestic criteria. For numismatic and commemorative coins and medals it could vary. I’m sure I saw such verbiage in the laws that created the collectible Buffalo, First Spouse and Eagles. I’m sure that the congresscritters/lobbyists from PM heavy states stay acutely aware of legislation involving precious metals and they slip that little clause into every such bill. Otherwise they would not be good little criminals……..I mean upstanding citizens.

  29. IndenturedServant says

    I’d really be curious to know if we shipped newly mined, domestic gold to Australia to have blanks made for the UHR and then shipped the blanks all the way back to West Point to strike the coins. It was hard to believe that a US firm could not be found to make those blanks.

  30. Natatack says

    Just saw the PCGS quarterly special that someone mentioned earlier that extends the deadline for first strike label till June 30th. A good 7 weeks longer than NGC’s deadline which means if you get late shipments on your HOF coins you won’t be out of luck. It’s a brilliant move on PCGS in that it will bring in a lot more business .

  31. thePhelps says

    “NGC slabs should bring more money because of the 30 day window”

    Oh boy – too bad TPG have such limited scope and vision. They could have done 3 – 30 day windows and had a 1st strike – then 30 days and a 2nd strike and 30 more days and done a 3rd strike.

    I so love these labels…

  32. Natatack says

    In general I think the early/first release, first strike labels are gimmicky at best. NGC doesn’t publish statistics on these early labels so you don’t know how many are out there. I doubt most people will remember that PCGS extended their deadline 10 years down the road, except maybe Michael, he’s a statistical numismatic god send ( Thank you Michael!). There is no reference on Gray Sheet prices on early/first strike/ special first day releases, it will be interesting to see how prices hold up in the future. Ten years down the road, will that opening day label bring 3x-4x the price that it does now?

  33. Eddie says

    You think the TPGers have a think tank to come up with next year’s labels and figure out just how much can be made off of them?

  34. jim says

    These HOF coins are a home run. I got 8 yesterday and I like that they come from all four Mint. P,W,S, & D what a set, price will only go up over time.

  35. Natatack says

    No doubt, it has become a billion dollar industry. I have not seen what the NGC signed (copies) of Hall of famers labels are going to go for, and who can forget the signed Mercanti labels from PCGS. I hear of ones coming out from the artist also. No telling what other labels will be coming from PCGS. I have noticed that some of the prices have weakened since the opening of the gold AE and silver unc AE and 5 oz pucks .

  36. Wes says

    It’s craziness. I won’t pay for a designer label. Grades are another thing that says something about the coin.

  37. says

    Looked my two over and the “W” shows nice and clear! Wish I had also ordered the uncirculated one! Good luck to the person that thinks his mint mark is missing!

  38. natatack says

    Anyone ever track the price trends of the 2001 silver buffalo dollar from after the sell out till now. Don’t know if the HOF silver will follow that one for the next 13 years or be forgotten about like some of the other silver commemoratives from the recent past. Some people are betting that the prices will bottom out later when all the raw and graded coins get dumped onto the market and buy at lower prices.

  39. Natatack says

    I stand corrected the PCGS cut off date for first strike is May 8th not the end of June.

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