2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Silver Dollars Sold Out

silver-dollarThe United States Mint has received orders to account for the entire maximum authorized mintage of the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Silver Dollars. This marks a quick sell out for the “curved coins” featuring a depiction of a glove and baseball, which went on sale less than two weeks ago.

Around 4:00 PM today, the US Mint posted a “waiting list notice” on the product pages for the proof and uncirculated silver dollars. The notice indicates that orders have been received to meet the maximum limit for the coins. Collectors may still place orders for placement on a waiting list which will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis in the event of an order cancellation.

The sell out of the silver dollars, follows the earlier sell out of the proof and uncirculated $5 gold coins. Now only the clad half dollars remain available for sale.

Sales figures provided at the start of the week indicated a fast approaching sell out for the silver dollars. As of April 7, sales had reached 238,636 proofs and 127,704 uncirculated coins for a total of 366,340 from the 400,000 maximum authorized mintage.

This morning, updated figures were provided showing that as of April 9, sales had risen to 257,183 proofs and 133,696 uncirculated coins for a total of 390,879. Presumably, during the course of the day day orders were received for the final 9,121 coins remaining within the maximum authorized mintage.

The 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Silver Dollar seems to have achieved the fastest sell out for any modern commemorative silver dollar, having been available for sale from March 27 to April 9, 2014, or 13 days.

The popular 2001 American Buffalo Silver Dollar had reached a sell out of the 500,000 maximum mintage from the period of June 7 to June 21, 2001, or 14 days.

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  1. Sith says

    Off Topic (which is rare for this topic)

    Web Site & Call Center Outage: Due to scheduled maintenance, the United States Mint’s online catalog and customer service call center will be unavailable from Friday, April 11 at 10 p.m. ET until Saturday, April 12 at 8 a.m. ET. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

  2. DCDave says

    So the UNC has a lot fewer minted, but the proof has way more eye appeal.
    Not sure the UNC will end up with the eventual premium that other UNCs have had success v. proof due to much lower mintage. Seems that collectors put a premium on look these days.

  3. Sith says

    IMHO it depends on public demand…if enough Joe public wants the proofs over the UNC. Only collectors care about mintages.

  4. Dustyroads says

    Happy, happy, happy I got my last order in for the proof silver a day before yesterday!

    I can see these holding their value as well as the 2001 Smithsonian Buffalo’s did. 🙂

  5. stephen m says

    My wait for gold and silver proofs is over. Came today, shipped separately. Very nice and unique. Order completed at 12:23 opening day.

  6. Samuel says

    i dont like the new UHR eagle. IMO, the strength of the eagle is from the body, not only the head. still love the the other HR eagle.

  7. Broooster says

    So my HOF coins came today. They look great. But, as usual they it is hard as hell to get the capsule out of the holder, except for the Half Dollar. It has the fancy little ribbon under the coin to tug on and the capsule comes right up. Why doesn’t the mint do that for the silver and gold coins?
    I also received my UHR Kookaburra today. It amazes me how much nicer the capsules fit in the holders from the Perth Mint. If only the US Mint could get that fixed.

  8. Steve says

    So, the real question is, what kind of premiums will the gold and silver BHOF coins hold in raw form? Is $100 for the silver reasonable and the gold staying in the $700-$800 range?

  9. MarkInFlorida says

    Do I understand correctly that the half dollar has less of a curve than the other coins? If so, it’s probably because that is what they were having trouble with due to the clad. My 4/3 ship dates for silver just changed to 4/16.

  10. txm says

    My Silver HOF just went from 4/3/2014 to 6/21/2014. I ordered them at 2:07PM on 3/27. I called the Mint and Jane just told me none of the silvers were shipped. From reading this board, she was obviously lying as people are received the silver proofs. How did it go from 4/3 to 6/21 in a day is what I like to know?

    I received my reusable bag today from UPS that I had to signed for. No coin in the box just a bag.

  11. CasualCollector says

    Yes that is true — the half dollar has less of a curve than the others. Still looks cool though 🙂

  12. Clark says

    It will be interesting to monitor international demand for silver HoFs this year and beyond. Now that they are sold out, I can generally predict “ball park” pricing and demand in the US, but the wildcard is overseas demand. I’ve never seen the mint report sales on a domestic:international basis, but I’m guessing most international buying would happen in secondary markets after domestic sales peak.

    Curved and uniquely shaped coins aren’t new overseas, but baseball is, well, baseball. One thing is certain, gold and silver HoFs will never sell at melt value.

  13. GoldGuru says

    Gold in hand! Posted my comments on previous thread. Didn’t know this thread was here until now. Been admiring the coi

  14. Clark says

    Wait to see what ModernCoinMart does with ebay pricing in a few days. MCM will probably come in under the average private party sales we’ve seen since 3/27 (excluding Baltimore show coins, of course).

  15. HIdalgo says

    Based on the pre-waiting list numbers, the US Mint sold 65.8% of the proof silver BHOF coins and 34.2% of the uncirculated version. The final post-waiting list numbers will likely be in the same ballpark (sorry for the pun!).

    With that being said, I am wondering which of the two versions will perform on the secondary market. Will the proof version command higher values because of the beauty of the finish? Or will the uncirculated version command higher values because of its scarcity?

    Time will tell….

  16. Natatack says

    Now the countdown till the clads sell out. Wonder if that will set any records.

  17. Clark says

    It’s a great relief to have these, GG. Here’s wishing everyone gets theirs fast.

  18. HIdalgo says

    I read Michael’s article about the rapid sell-out of the silver BHOF coin. Michael writes:

    The 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Silver Dollar seems to have achieved the fastest sell out for any modern commemorative silver dollar, having been available for sale from March 27 to April 9, 2014, or 13 days.

    It’s clear that demand for the 2001 silver Buffalo coin was much higher than the 2014 silver BHOF coin. The 2001 silver Buffalo sold 500,000 pieces in 14 days. The 2014 silver BHOF sold 400,000 (100,000 fewer) in 13 days.

  19. says

    Just wanted to say I finally received my coins (and free bag) in the mail today. The gold and silver coins were really tightly sealed in the packaging and it was something of a struggle to get them all out, especially the silver proof.

    Overall, the coins were just as amazing as they looked in the videos. In particular, the silver proof seems to excel over all the others in terms of raw eye appeal. The golds are a bit too small and the halves do not look as good. They also aren’t as curved as the silver and gold coins are. Another thing I noticed was that the quality of the uncirculated pieces (at least the gold and the half) was very impressive. They looked almost as good as their proofs. I wonder what methods were used to strike the pieces.

    The silver uncirculated did not ship with this group and was still on backorder. Mine’s set to come 4/16.

    With the silver pieces sold out, it will be interesting to see what this does to eBay premiums. I’m also interested to see if we’ll see a sales surge for the half dollars with the gold and silver now both gone. Congrats to the mint on a very successful commemorative release. And now, onto the JFK gold half dollar! 🙂

  20. GoldGuru says

    Talked with a cs @ NGC before they closed, 3O day window for ER starts tomorrow. It will be posted on the website soon.

  21. Clark says

    True that, but the silver buffs weren’t competing with expensive gold and cheap clad versions.

  22. GoldGuru says

    I agree about the gold uncs. IMO,They seem to have a stronger strike. I posted my comments on the last thread before I noticed this thread. Both look great!

  23. Dan in Fla says

    I received my BHOF silver proof and unc coins yesterday. These things are really hard to get out of box to examine. I am still awaiting the gold coins and UPS late shipment.

  24. thePhelps says

    Natatack… I posted before these went on sale – pondering the same question. The clad coins are kind of the odd duck of the commemoratives. I figured the gold and silver sellouts was easily forseen… the thing about the clad coins is they might actually draw in more baseball fans. Primarily because they will be available and are the cheapest that has been for sale. They are either going to take off through the summer or die off – it is really kind of hard to predict with them and $20 for a 50 cent piece is a hard pill to swallow for many non-collectors.

  25. Jon in CT says

    My subscription order for one Great Smoky Mtn 5oz silver coin also shipped today and FedEx tracking shows it is now at Indianapolis as of 5PM EDT. Mine shipped via FedEx SmartPost, which means it will be delivered to my mailbox by USPS and could mean a Saturday delivery. The box size, 6x6x6 inches, is unusual.

  26. Louis says

    Not true about UNC having low eye appeal when you see them. Just got ’em and the finish is very similar on both.
    they did a terrific job on the uncs.

  27. GoldGuru says

    I’m in North Florida, my UPS guy brought mine earlier. You should get your gold soon.

  28. GoldGuru says

    They will make nice inexpensive gifts. I wasn’t going to order them, but since I have a lot of gifts to get for Xmas, etc, , it might be the way to go.

  29. Alex says

    Displayed together silver proof coin (glove up) and gold proof coin (baseball up) look spectacular. Design simple-genius , shape innovative but round, material still old good gold and silver, technology used the best that exist. I take my hat off to the United States Mint.

  30. VA Rich says

    2001 Buffalo – The pre-issue price for the single uncirculated coin was $30. The regular-issue price for the mint state coin was $32. The pre-issue price for the Single Proof was $33, and $37 at the regular-issue price. vs $51.

  31. Hedge says

    Guru, does ngc accept the mint sealed box after the 30 day ER window like pcgs does for fs? Many thanks.

  32. Pittsburgh P says

    They definetly will and I wanted the six coin set but they were the least amount purchased by by me and looks like everyone else for sure.

  33. Hawkster says

    Yeah, the clad HOF coins are ideal as gifts to younger kids. Because they are inexpensive, this is the type of thing that you can give to your 5 year old immediately without worrying that they he or she will soil the packaging, etc. In other words, let them show if off to their friends. When the 5 year old turns 18, then give him or her the silver version.

  34. Dan in Fla says

    These gold coins are beautiful at first glance. Someone wanted to know how valuable these BHOF coins are going to be. I purchased a couple of extra gold and silver coins with intentions of selling. Now I will hang on to them forever.

  35. larry says

    Anyone want to take a guess at potential value of hof gold pf70 pcgs first strike special? Already got in on an early pre sale, but also wanted another one slabbed that I could potentially trade for some older pieces….

  36. Steve says

    I am new to coin grading and have a question. If I send in coins to NGC or PCGS, is it better to ask for the coins back raw if they don’t grade 70? Are 69s worth more than raw?

  37. Wes says

    I don’t think I will be sending NGC my unopened box of 25th anniversary ASE sets to them now.

  38. says

    You have to specify a minimum 69 grade…you can’t request that if it is not a 70, don’t slab it. But 68 and below will not be slabbed if you request a minimun of 69. In general, OGP should sell for a little more than a 69 (the OGP could grade a 70).

  39. SmallPotatos says

    My UNC $5 went from 7/27 to 4/24 and the UNC $1 went from 4/14 to 6/21. Weird.

  40. UK JIM says

    what is meaning of hold and now it says in process also the cancel box is now gone ship date of 7/07/14

  41. SilverFan says

    I think that means you will likely get it. When it says, in stock and reserved, that means you will definitely get it.

  42. UK JIM says

    thats what gold says now but as i read what you guys posted my silver has bee pushed back? gold was ordered the 28th

  43. Wes says

    Some have said the cancel box disappears when they send out part of the order then may come back. My order is in process but the cancel box is still there.

  44. VA Bob says

    I have t agree with you Louis. This UNC is not bad at all. It has a very fine, yet even, matte finish. Very attractive.

  45. says

    NGC/PCGS…I’m going to send some coins to both. With NGC I will request the HoF label in the $30 tier as it has the official HoF logo. However, with PCGS, their Baseball “quarterly special” label costs $39….but their regular “First Strike” label would cost $34. I think the NGC label is worth the added cost, but think I’ll just get the regular PCGS First Srike labels as I don’t think their”special labels” look all that great. What are your opinions?

  46. UK JIM says

    thought that saw some where that a case was going to be made out of a bat? or might have been a idea to make 1 out of a bat?

  47. VA Bob says

    Broooster, what I do is take the whole ‘velvet like’ piece that holds the coin in place out of the case. Then it is easy to push slightly from the bottom without risking opening the capsule. Works well for everything these BHOF’s, ASE’s, and even the 5oz ATB’s.

  48. Bob A says

    If they are sold out, why are they not showing wait list and the shipping dates are april? Am I missing something?

  49. VA Bob says

    Concur what the others said, and I’ll add that the size was a factor as well. The deeper the curve the smaller the diameter. It just wouldn’t look right, as a half dollar, with a deep cup. BTW the clads look pretty nice if I must say, too bad they didn’t use silver to get that mirror finish pop, but not bad.

  50. VA Bob says

    I wouldn’t worry too much. These dates will probably change again a few times before it’s all over. I believe you will get them sooner rather than later.

  51. says

    re: PCGS…just a heads up…if you do want their “quarterly special” you can not submit your order online. You have to use a PDF format and print it out. Instead of selecting a service, you click on “other” and type in “Quarterly Special…label #107”. On the outside of the shipping box you send to PCGS, you need to write “quarterly special”. I think NGC has similar guidelines.

  52. Joe says

    The mint shipped my complimentary reusable bag. Really?

    Silver are supposed to arrive 4/16 and Gold on 6/14.


  53. Samuel says

    just got an shipping notice email, a bag for my last order on 3/27, previous order are still in stock. strange thing is, while they say the bag is shipped, the cancel box still exist for other coins. for my other orders, after the bag is shipped, cancel boxes are all gone no matter when the backorder date is.

  54. VA Bob says

    Depends on the potential buyer. Personally I won’t pay a dime more for a FS/ER gimmick label over a plain label. You’d have to find someone that doesn’t realize it does nothing for the coin.

  55. says

    Bob A, you have to click on the blue line to get the Wait List Notice. I have complained before on the Mint’s numerous surveys that I get that you can still order WITHOUT seeing the Wait List Notice. The notice should be right next to the Add to Cart, but it is not…

  56. says

    yes…but you can’t see the edges of the coin…I wish NGX offered these in a edgeview holder. But we all have to decide what we prefer…there is no right or wrong answer.

  57. VA Bob says

    You might be on to something Jim. Take a wooden bat, cut it in half down the middle, and drill out 6 holes the size of the capsules. Maybe a brass plate on the handle area. That would look pretty sharp.

  58. AkBob says

    I just got a shipping order for a bag on a gold coin I ordered on the 28th at 2:20 P.M.! I figured that order would not be completed as it was the next day after the initial release and in the afternoon! Does anyone actually think I will get it? Oh, the cancel boxes are still there too! As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  59. r says

    Don’t forget you need a CAC sticker! These TPG jokers just market grade anyway. And compete to get their tag on true rarities by changing grades. If they are so professional how do so many “discovery” coins go from AU to UNC just by trading services?

    Never forget the old adage – collect what you like. If you sell at profit it’s a bonus, if not you still have something you wanted at a price you deemed fair at the time of purchase.

    IMHO coin collecting is dying anyway. There are no new collectors entering the market basically because as they grew up there were no circulating coins worth collecting/ no precious metal/ no good designs/ nothing but low relief junk or over sold mint products they couldn’t afford anyway.

    Sorry to say but as a lifetime collector/trader, I believe this is true. I may grab a super contrived (stolen) rarity like a 1913 nickel or 74 aluminum cent on its way down before I die just to say I owned one or maybe a (don’t say it)” cleaned” (it’s OK when “they” do it) shipwrecked ’54 double eagle coin, etc… etc… It is the price we pay for being involved in a un-regulated market – which may be the upside of things. At least there’s no government regulation of our hobby!

    Yes I know it’s doom and gloom – but it’s only my opinion, but I’m starting to ditch my collection while it still has some value and boomers are still collecting – just wish I had done it while the bullion market was hot. I think my ASE set will stay with me till my end however. Love those things!

  60. GoldGuru says

    I believe “Collectors” are going to want one of each! In other words, A Set!! No wear near the 18K possible gold sets will be out there. Same will be true for the silvers. Only as many sets as there are uncs, and we don’t know the final breakdown, all u know is a lot less uncs.

  61. Bob A says

    Wow. That’s confusing as heck. I now see the clip about waiting list. A follow up question I have is I placed an order last Sat, and for the dollars it’s showing 6/21 ship date, yet I placed one last night, same order it is showing a 4/24 ship date. Something is screwy. I’ve never ordered direct from the mint, but is that standard protocol for a govt run institution. LOL.

  62. GoldGuru says

    Should read. ..”Nowhere”above…..sorry. This whole thing has wore me down. ….that said, well worth the hassle!

  63. Pittsburgh P says

    Id say no… but you never know. Id call the mint and make sure they refund the 4.95$ shipping on the bag too when you get the cancelation notice.

  64. GoldGuru says

    I have 2 collector friends in Europe, they asked me to get them a set of the Silver HOF’S, because they can’t order from the mint, & don’t like eBay. I said I would& I will. They’re as much of a baseball fan as anyone. They foll

  65. says

    Bob A, it USUALLY does NOT work like this, however, this whole HOF things has been kind of screwy. Dates will change and you really do not know until you receive a tracking number. TODAY many of the dates were pushed back and some orders that were placed after earlier orders now have a ship date before. You really don’t know and you can’t get a good answer from CS at the Mint. Selling 50k Gold and 400k silver in 2 weeks and they are just overwhelmed…

  66. GoldGuru says

    They follow the games too. They said a lot of people over there are very excited about these coins too. So I’m sure there will be a large international demand. Just glad they didn’t ask for GOLD! !!

  67. matt says

    Do you think I’ll get my coin?

    It been on hold until now and now it shows:

    Order Date: 03/28/2014 at 08:21 AM

    Order Status: Your order request is in process.

    2014 BASEBALL HOF GOLD UNC 1 $419.75 $419.75 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 04/24/2014.
    UNITED STATES MINT REUSABLE BAG 1 $0.00 $0.00 In stock and reserved

  68. matt says

    I’m six hours ahead of you and the way I read it I might get my gold BHF.

  69. VABEACHBUM says

    In a couple of previous threads, I had referenced the idea of a wooden bat packaging to accommodate a 3-coin set. The Silver Dollar in the barrel end, the clad in the center and the gold in the neck end. I’m still pondering the possibility of doing it on my own.

  70. says

    I strongly disagree with the assertion that coin collecting is dying. In fact, I think the hobby is actually growing. I think there have been a lot of new coin collectors that were created in the huge runup of gold and silver prices over the last few years. I know that I am one of them – I started stacking bullion in 2009 and began seriously collecting in 2010. I’ve also created several new collectors like myself. I got six other people at my workplace involved and we now regularly coordinate US mint and Perth purchases whenever possible to save on shipping.

    The best thing collectors can do to grow the hobby is evangelize and show of their nicer pieces to people who are interested to try to get them into collecting.

  71. Louis says

    I will send some to NGC and keep others in OGP. Not sure on PCGS. I was really turned off by the CS rep at a show who tried to get me to open capsules on valuable gold coins and I looked at her like she was crazy, as she obviously was, and then she starts coughing all over the place! Great way to make a nice impression. And I have a pcgs gold coin that changed colors, and that has not as far as I know happened with NGC.

  72. Pittsburgh P says

    Thats tight to be honest… Thats 14 hours after the wait list went up and probably several hours after it actually sold out. If there were a lot of cancelations you may get one. The in progress id probably for your bag imo and if you don’t Id make sure you get a refund for the shipping. Good luck though…

  73. Pittsburgh P says

    No its for the coin… An order i placed on 3/27 has a est. date for 6/1/14 and one I put in three days ago states 4/24/14… I canceled the bag.

  74. Louis says

    I like the clad halves, way better quality than other clad halves, esp. the proofs. These will sell well if they hawk ’em at games. Non-collectors have no idea what a half dollar collector coin should cost.

  75. says

    My coin sets all arrived this morning. I just finished going through them all with a 20x loupe. All the gold proofs are perfect. Two of the gold UNC have bright spots in exactly the same spot to the left of the word “OF” but I cannot see them with the naked eye.

    The silver proofs all look fantastic with a tiny bit of shine on the laces above the “NI” in United. One of the silver UNC has a deep gash in it and it will go back but the others are fine.

    All of the clads have tiny, random bright spots on both sides and some very light scratches except for one of the UNC clads which is quite stunning in every way. The overall finish on this particular coin is noticeably better than all the rest. I’m not sure if this is the result of an early strike on a new die or what but it’s a real beauty.

    Quality control at the mint seems to be improving. Out of 12 sets only one silver UNC is going back for a replacement. Not bad.

    Since I have 50 silver PRF and 50 silver UNC coins coming I might just swap out the one bad one received today with those coming in July and flip them at the ballpark this summer.

    The Roosevelt sets are quite nice as well. I would have preferred a different image of Roosevelt but no one consulted me about it.

    I think the mint really made a mistake by not polishing the laces on the silver and clad proof coins. That would have really set those coins off nicely.

    Still no activity on my credit card. It’s a good thing I’m an honest guy.

  76. AkBob says

    I have the same as you but I made the order at 2:20 in the afternoon, you were ahead of me by several hours. This is very weird!!! Your order is in process is what mine says. We’ll see. As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  77. Sith says

    Well considering it look about two day for the mint to sell the final 9K silver coins and we know the mint had 9K of coins on the 28th at midnight so I would say it would at least take 1/2 a day to sell 9K. Then we also know that they over sold by 9K and reached the sellout on Monday so if we break the orders in half, the 9K would have been reached on late Friday or early Saturday. This is all speculation but IMHO based on that you have a good shot at a coin.

  78. Samuel says

    info from other source indicated that when the waiting list was up, it was not sold out yet! the mint just want to put up the waiting list notice early, before they leave office for home.

  79. Joseph says

    I think the mint’s ordering system screwed up big time. one order for UNC gold BHOFI placed around 1:30pm 3/27 is showing expected ship date of 7/17. another order I placed around 9:30pm the same day, the same item is showing expected ship date of 4/24. I called mint’s CS and they said that could happen. I can’t believe this. I can get the coin early with the order placed late? what a joke!

  80. Sith says

    I take it back it took about 16 hours to sell the 9K of silver coins not two days, but still 18 hours but the sellout at about 4:00 PM just like the silver coins.

  81. GoldGuru says

    You can bet your cc company has approved the mint request for your order, so they shipped. It just hasn’t shown up on your end. The money is in stock / reserved! LOL

  82. says

    During the 25th anniversary set, it took the mint almost a month to charge my credit card… AFTER they’d shipped me the product. Sometimes it seems like they run into some problems charging peoples’ credit cards during big stampede situations like this.

  83. Sith says

    Boy I need to proof read…basically IMHO anyone who bought before 4:00 PM on Friday has a good shot, anyone who bought after that time is on the “real” wait list. Again this is all speculation

  84. GoldGuru says

    Don’t forget your local little league park too! I posted that days ago, & will offer them to the little guys. My grandson plays ball there, he’s as excited as everyone. Very Cool! Good job US MINT!

  85. AkBob says

    That’s a great and interesting question!!! Hmmmmmm
    Would like to know the answer….. for no real good reason, other than just curious.

  86. thor says

    Help please, I ordered 2 gold proof coins on 3-27 @12:37pm order still says on hold and coins say in Stock and reserved. I got bag today but order still on
    hold. This is my first mint order and I have talked to CS and they say this is normal for a gold order and being my first mint order and they need to verify my info. Is this normal I know my CC is all good does it usually take this long I am afraid I won’t get coins even though I ordered early on first day any thoughts can i call a diffrent department i can’t handle much more suspense . Thanks

  87. AkBob says

    Well, I ordered a total of 12 gold coins on Friday afternoon (3 separate orders) at approx. 2:20. I didn’t think they would be filled but I went ahead and ordered anyway. I have serious doubts s to these being filled but would sure welcome it, LOL, to say the least. I sure hope some of you are correct at your speculating and indeed, Matt, I really hope you get yours as I already had ordered on Thursday and I’m getting those, these would be extra’s for me. I am crossing my toes GG, LOL. As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  88. Louis says

    The new proof sets seem to have gotten lost in the BHOF shuffle. For those who have yet to see the new quarters, they are stunning, and I don’t often say that about quarters. The 5 ozers are going to be big hits esp. the collector version, no lows, but a nice shot in the arm for interest in the series.

  89. GoldGuru says

    Great question! !!! Never thought of that. Plz do some research, I’m curious now! Maybe call them and ask if they have any for sale. What if they have some Gold ones, & don’t know what they’re going for. LMK

  90. Bob A says

    Yes Pittsburgh Pete me too! Shows coins shipping. Crazy weird, but I’ll take it. Although, I wasn’t disappointed about waiting for a later date, since I was saving extra pennies…oh well. Looks like I’ll have finagle some funds from somewhere to now meet the earlier ship date.

  91. GoldGuru says

    I would think anybody visiting the HOF, would buy a coin as a momento of their visit. Especially an NGC with the Logo!

  92. Mark Rex says

    2 of my 5 subscription orders for the ATB 5 overs shipped today.

    My 3/27 12:07p order for the UNC $5 gold still has not shipped. Got my gold proof coin order prior to that order yesterday as well as my silver and clads placed after. Still unopened but very tempting!

  93. Dan says

    Coins are stunning! Only getting them out of the holders were tight, even the back plastic bent a small bit, does that even matter in the collecting?

  94. fmtransmitter says

    OT: survived surgery recovery mode now. Coins sent but no one home to sign. Will post thoughts when i see them in hand. Take care all. Had a great surgeon and looking forward to a new life after dealing with this for 24 years! Dr. Said i was one bad arse having put up with what he saw once he got in there . Was a first for him to see it so.bad for so long. Glad most seem happy with quality and of course a quick sell out…cmon clad! Thanks to all who wished me well.

  95. Zaz says

    The Arches and Everglades are going to be stunning in bullion especially if they are the clean deep watery mirrors type. The P-versions should be spectacular as well.

    Re: silver HOF dollars, my late 3/27 now has ETA ship dates of 7/07 proof and 6/21 unc. Ironically my extra silver dollars orders on 4/04 and 4/07 all have the ETA of 4/24… I’ve noticed that backorders with rolling forward dates are usually 2 weeks out, I suspect the Mint has to get the last 50K silvers onto Philly’s production schedule. More than likely the real dates are going to be in July and August. Gonna be a long baseball season… LOL.

  96. Ibex66 says

    I believe only bulk rate orders of 100 or more can make these stipulations. Mostly this is dealers with large quantities getting a sweetheart deal from the TPGs. More scummry

  97. GoldGuru says

    FYI. ………..Per NGC : Coins held in NGC approved depositories must be submitted for ER certification no later than 5 YEARS after the cut-off date. ER’s will be identified in the NGC CENSUS.

  98. Zaz says

    Now you can’t touch either of the Buffalo dollars for less than $125.00, a nice 400% markup. Been at that level for years. The BBHOF silver dollars will do just as well long term, it’s a classic design, popular theme outside the collecting fraternity, people will want the set if they can afford it, which keep the golds high maybe $800-$900.

  99. VARich says

    I’ll help research the bats & offset the cost. I think I have every saw except for the one needed for that job

  100. GoldGuru says

    Off the Subject: Anyone looking to buy Easter gifts for their loved ones, you might consider an offering from APMEX. They have a “Jesus on the Cross” silver 1oz .999 ingot that comes in a capsule & gift box. The reverse has a place to engrave a name, date, message, etc. I received some yesterday. They are very nice. They are listed under Unique silver bars for under $27. Just thought I’d share that.

  101. GoldGuru says

    I received my gold PF’s & Uncs in separate boxes today and my order time was 12:28. I did order by phone, maybe that’s the difference. Or maybe it’s because AMY placed my order. She did say phone orders DO go into the system faster! Several online orders got out of sequence.

  102. GoldGuru says

    IMO, give into temptation, open it. Your coins might have blemishes, why take the chance? Replacements are available now, that might not be the case in the future.

  103. GoldGuru says

    IMO……After 27 years of the current design, there are literally 100’s of millions out there. As always there will be a high demand for the new design at first, but millions will be minted for years. So I don’t believe prices for the original design will go up much if at all. Only time will tell, & we’ll probably all be gone before it is known.

  104. GoldGuru says

    Louis, IMO, the expert is wrong. Of course the TV guys & Mega Dealers will try to make people believe that. Remember, Hundreds of millions will be minted. Just saying.

  105. BearMetal says

    It appears that the mint has righted the ship. My BHOF order placed on 4/27/2014 @ 1402 hrs. EDT had the Silver Proofs expected ship date changed from 04/03/2014 to 06/21/2014. It has now changed from 06/21/2014 to 04/16/2014. My later Silver Proof orders have now changed to 04/16/2014, 06/21/2014 and 07/07/2014 respectively. The mint seemingly has the shipment situation under control at this time.

  106. says

    My credit card is issued by a local credit union and there has been no activity like test charges or the like. Ever since PBGS became the mint fulfillment contractor there has never been a charge or test charge on my credit card for any order until after I receive the coins. I’ve informed mint cs about it multiple times but it never changes.

  107. G says

    I mean- just look at the growth of Michael’s Bog- both of his blogs, plus the rise of Mexican coins and all the international mints. I think a lot of people who jumped into bullion just recently discovered coins.

  108. G says

    2011 25th anniversary silver eagle set… 2009 UHR… 2014 Baseball coin… 2013 Superman gold coin…

    It’s early, but will we remember where we were when the HOF coin sold out? Hope everybody got at least one, because the mint did an awesome job with this: just the right amount of mintage (as evidenced by the fast sell-out + few complaints for people wanting a chance at one + high premiums). This is the way to get people into coin collecting, especially young collectors. I can see this being a centerpiece of many young numismatist collections. Or, considering the odd shape, at least a left field piece.

  109. thePhelps says

    If you just ordered in the past few days – you won’t be seeing a coin before June or July at the earliest – regardless of the date showing in your order. I ordered a few more silvers on the 31st of March and they show a June 21st ship date. This week the ship date listed on the mints web site had been July 7th. You got a default ship date – which is the standard interval for coins that are in stock – the system will catch up and move it out to July in all likelihood.

  110. thePhelps says

    2:20pm… you’ll get a bag – but the odds on getting the coin are slim – but possible. I think this free bag is messing with a lot of people – since the mints process is to ship the items it has in stock – and the free bags are being shipped to a lot of people – that might end up with the bag and no coins.

  111. Steve says

    Looks like silver prices are creeping up on a Ebay. Recent sold auctions have people buying now at $80 to $100 for raw in hand coins.

  112. high low silver says

    My bag from order placed on 4/7 shipped yesterday, but coins won’t ship till July ?

  113. VA Rich says

    VABB – here’s an 18″ bat that may have a diameter large enough to support the silver dollar, I’ve also found a 24″ as well, will need to confirm the diameter later today. If you think you may go that route, I’ll cover the cost of 4 if you can prep two for me. I simply don’t have time with work and don’t have a power saw small enough to make the precision cut required. Or if you or anyone preps a bat to hold the 3 coins, I’m in for a couple if posted to the bay. I make it down to VAB frequently for work, so it’ll be cash in hand. Thanks!


  114. VA Rich says

    Steve / Clark – you guys seeing an disparity beginning to form between the $5 PRF & UNC yet? Thanks much!

  115. bigguy says

    these coins are great but when all these dealers get all these coins,the prices will never hold up.There is going to be so many of these coins for sale everywhere,look at what a ms 70 first release 5 star general gold sells for now,and the mintage is on the baseball gold is 3 times that at 18,000.I know that these coins are more popular than the 5 star ,but there is way to many for them to hold any real vaule in the months ahead , I will say by this time next year you will see a big difference in price and not for the good.I hope they hold the value forever ,I have some of them,but buy the coin for what it is and not the value of what it might be

  116. VaBeachSteve says

    Valid point but with one big exception. The 5 star General is more of a coin collector’s coin whereas the HOF coin appeals to a much larger crowd. The Baseball fans that are purchasing these coins probably outnumber the coin collectors 2 to 1 if not much more.

  117. thePhelps says

    Well… it could be said the 5* Generals coin was on sale for several months and sold 18,000 coins because…it just wasn’t that great of a coin. Then to add to that – the after market demand never materialized…because it just wasn’t that great of a coin.

    This coin sold out in a matter of days – the initial demand was there – and lets face it – it has a far larger base to draw from for resell. It is a first of it’s kind coin – with a unique style.

    I think your estimates of it not having a draw don’t reflect int he reality of the massive purchases that just passed in the last 2 weeks. Those purchases were even more striking when you consider the limits imposed and the fact that many did end up with collectors. Granted some large resellers will have a bunch – but not like the past few offerings the mint has made. These will do just fine…

  118. Larry says

    The firs shipping I got for my silver BHOF was 7/14. Then it was 4/12. Now it’s 6/21. The mint is goofy.

  119. GoldGuru says

    As predicted. ……Precious Metals on the move!! Thank you Czar Putin !! Hope you order your AGE proofs before next Wednesday. Going back to bed now.

  120. Clark says

    VA_R–I’ve not seen a big difference yet, although I fully expect one once the set collectors engage. And, as I’ve posted, the price stabilization will likely happen once ModernCoinMart, APMEX, et al, floods the ebay and other online sales channels with raw and graded gold and silver HoF commems.

  121. says

    Mintage alone does not determine value. The appeal of the design, the theme of the coin, and how well known and desired the coin is also factor in. Stampedes and rapid sellouts are also a major contributing factor.

    I don’t think these crazy $4000 prices are going to hold, but I think the silver pieces will command a decent premium down the road.

  122. says

    Possibly uneven value increases. I’m expecting the common bullion coins released post-2008 when demand began going crazy to continue to have low premiums.

    Older releases might get a spike though.

  123. stephen m says

    If purchasing to flip a year is a long time to have an increased value on these coins in order for a flipper to make a profit. If purchased to collect and hold you have made one heck of a good deal and investment.

  124. Dave says

    Just received a call from Philly mint Aramark store. Ordered 15 proof +15 UNC ( max limit) HOF Silver Dollars. They took names last week and just got them in today.
    If you are close to Philadelphia, you might be able to go to the store and pick some up. I would call first, as they may also sell out before you can get there. You might also call Denver Aramark after noon EDT to see if they have any.
    NO GOLD!
    Shipping for my 30 coin order was $19.95.
    Ships TOMORROW.

    GOOD LUCK to you who missed out or are worried your order will not get filled or do not want to wait until July.

  125. stephen m says

    After many, many years of back pain and now lower degenerative disc disease I know what you have suffered through. A small percentage improve after surgery I hope you are one of them. Good luck to you and keep us informed of your progress.

  126. VABEACHBUM says

    VARich – Thanks for providing the link. I’ll take a look. I was actually thinking about starting from scratch; ending up with a semi-scale case in the shape of a bat that ends up being approx 12″ long. The Mint site has the dimensional information for the coins, and I have used that to sketch out some very rudimentary design drawings. Like you, though, I’m chocker-blocked – with several TAD’s on the immediate horizon. I’ll definitely continue to pursue this in the “spare” time I have.

  127. Durf says

    As ‘thePhelps’ explained to me yesterday, put the dates in a blender for all they’re good for; mine lurch wildly around the calendar daily, often more than once.

    I have hunch that anytime ‘4/24’ shows up as a shipping date on ‘backordered’ items in my late ‘in process’ orders, it’s an indication that the overwhelmed mint database is unsure whether they’ll be filled. When they switch to a late date (‘7/7’ or later) I actually feel better as they appear far more realistic.

    My orders — $5: 3/28 12:05am #4296—-; $1: yesterday just before the wait-list notice appeared.

  128. GoldGuru says

    ????? Are you referring to the Comex spot price? ??? If so…….Mint sales never effects spot price. Please clarify question. Thx

  129. Clark says

    On Third Party Graders, I’m not convinced that serious collectors over the long term will pay a high premium for first strike/early release/opening day labels. NGC & PCGS settled court actions challenging FS designations because they could not prove that the coins were struck from a new pair of dies.

    That said, I am a big believer that TPGs have reduced fraud by providing neutral grading and almost tamper proof capsules that preserve condition and value. It wasn’t that long ago when the same grumpy guy who sold you a coin graded it himself in a dusty strip mall coin shop. His coins were “protected” by flimsy cardboard holders he stapled together and on which he wrote “MS70” in ballpoint ink. Heaven help you if you challenged his expert grade, but forget about bringing him a coin you graded. Coin collecting has come a long way since those days because of TPGs.

    I’ve invested over $150K in coins, many in NGC or PCGS holders, because as a collector I like the physical protection the slabs provide and the fact that the markets also seem to respect TPG grades.

    If you stumbled upon a Saddle Ridge collection this afternoon, would you sell them raw or get them graded at the local dealer? I love my local coin shop, but I’d send the armored car straight to NGC.

  130. Pittsburgh P says

    VA rich… I’ve already started on mine. I just used an old 36 ounce wooden bat then I’ve had for a while. I’m making on the hold 6 coins too so it had to be a little larger… I wanted to be careful and save the peice that I cut out of the bat to use as a lid but I destroyed it cuttin it out. I didn’t cut it in half like you were saying I left 6 inches at the bottom and cut out a rectangle about 12 inches long that went 1 inch deep.

  131. GoldGuru says

    $19.95 s/ h??? I’ve never seen that before. My order for 40 silvers is $4.95. I ordered 48 2012SF sets, only $4.95. Same with the 2013WP sets, 24 sets, $4.95 also. Why $19.95? ?? That’s a new one on me.

  132. Howard says

    How do you know a TPG co. will grade your coin not get sloppy and send
    you somebody else’s coin by mistake?

  133. GoldGuru says

    No !!! Butif the weekly London Fix. Average is over $1300, which it is right now, a higher mint pricing tier will go into effect next Wednesday @ the mint. The website will close around noon next Wednesday and when reopened the new higher price will be posted. That is why in my post earlier, I recommended people order the AGE PROOFS by next Tuesday evening before the possible increase. It will jump $50/per oz.

  134. Pittsburgh P says

    GG its not from the mint you’ve dealt with but a gift shop(Aramark) at one of the mints

  135. Clark says

    If they did that, it’s unlikely they would stay in business as long as they have. Both NGC & PCGS report fairly sophisticated intake and processing systems and, more important, I’ve never had problems like that in 10+ years. Their submission rules are often a pain, but I don’t mind them being picky and strict as long as they are with everyone else.

  136. BG says

    Don’t forget that the Buffalo’s had a combined mintage of 500,000 for the silver dollar the BHOF has only 400,000 combined mintage. This should help to hold value as well.

  137. Pittsburgh P says

    OT- At least my ASE Unc. Is in stock and reserved at 39.55$… CS at the mint told me it was canceled and I wouldn’t get it & would have to pay full price. Looks as if they we’re wrong…AGAIN. It was only 5$ but it’s the point that Ive had the subscription for years.

  138. Durf says

    You don’t! By the same token, you don’t know if that’s your newborn in the nursery, or if your surgeon is operating on you once the anesthesia takes hold, or if your fettuccine hasn’t been spit upon. And by that token, it’s worth their *entire business* to ensure that it doesn’t happen – it’s not just collectors who value the service, it’s their resellers and dealers whose trade relies on their dependability and authenticity.

    That said, there are many experienced collectors who prefer raw coins and will crack them out of the slabs. If you don’t trust the TPGs, don’t use them. I do trust them, but my HOFs will stay as the Mint sends them.

    Or course, if I had the opportunity to garner one of those apparently-sought-after ER designated slabs, I’d jump on it and flip it immediately. I mean, holy crap:

  139. thePhelps says

    Clark – many don’t mind graded coins. I have nothing against graded coins at all. The actual idea that everyone has to have every coin graded or they are worthless – is TPG view point not mine. That is how they make money after all.

    On the label thing – they will sort themselves out in the long run. I find them a joke and of no added value. Again – the graders love them because it is a reason for a buyer to quickly send their coins in for grading after purchase. It is again TPG that wins when they make it out to be a value added thing – because the coins in that process are no different than the coins shipped 3 months after that 30 day window closes. The buyer in return gets a label indicating they bought the coins and played the game. It is a naive buyers market to believe it actually means something – but many defend them to the end – because they are paying for the label either up front or second hand. To me the grade is what the graders were giving – to others it is the label.

  140. Sith says

    Question to the board I placed a Hail Mary order on Friday I did not expect to get. That order is showing:

    Order Status: Your order request is in process.

    The expected ship date is still 7/7, and I canceled the bag so should not the order status be

    Order Status: Hold

  141. Sith says

    What you say is all true but for modern coins all you have to do is buy coins that have their certificate of authenticity from the mint, or buy directly from the mint.

  142. GoldGuru says

    I second that!! Guidelines are in place to assure you get the correct coins back. It’s always a good idea to send them raw pre-1933 gold due to all the counterfeiting going on. Luckily, I’ve only had one come back in a “body bag”, saying counterfeit.

  143. Clark says

    I’m with you on paying for the grade and not the label. I also think labels with logos, CAC stickers, etc. are silly gimmicks.

    I don’t buy coins as investments, but someday if I or my heirs need to sell, we can recoup more because of a TPG grade is widely accepted. So it’s in my financial interest to have the TPG grade.

    This Baltimore show & First Pitch nonsense really irks me from a numismatic standpoint. Nothing about the Baltimore coin or minting process differs from the coins I just received yesterday.

    I prefer NGC to PCGS, but I think it’s worth noting that PCGS is a publicly traded company that must avoid fraudulent practices or face severe federal penalties.

  144. Pittsburgh P says

    You would think Sith but Ive given up on what should or shouldn’t happen with the mint… I really hope you got it. That would be great!

  145. Clark says

    I agree with you about buying directly from the mint, but once others try to sell me coins in mint OGP, there’s more risk of fraud.

    Sadly, you can now buy US Mint certificates of authenticity & OGP on ebay for almost any coin or set produced in recent years.

  146. Hawkster says

    VA Bob,
    Do you then take the next step of laying a piece of ribbon across the round coin slot before replacing the coin?

  147. Durf says

    Best guess: “Hold” -> wait list; “In Process” (with late date) -> to be fulfilled but in line for minting.

  148. GoldGuru says

    FYI: The official cut off date@ NGC for ER/FS for both the gold & silver HOF coins is MAY 8th. It is posted on the website!

  149. VABEACHBUM says

    That was one of my fundamental debates – half the “bat” through the entire length, or notch out the lid section and leave the better part of the neck in tact. Seems you had to deal with what I expected to be the biggest concern.

  150. Clark says

    Sith–one of my orders posted Friday 3/28 @ 2:34 PM. Showing “in process” and “backordered. Expected to ship on 07/17/2014.”

    You are a lot more likely to strike pay dirt than I am!

  151. GoldGuru says

    Thx. PittP. I misunderstood. My bad!! BTW thanks for not bashing me on my unforced error. LOL

  152. Clark says

    Thanks Guru. Despite my harsh words for FS/ER labels, I’m still sending all the HoFs I have received before the deadline. Even if I won’t, buyers still pay more for them if I ever sell, so why not?

  153. simon says

    I’ve read several of the TPG “comments” here and since yours truly is solidly on the side of the USMint, let me state emphatically that there is nothing more GENUINE and desirable than mint issued OGP with the COA and the original invoice. What better evidence is there for a collector that the coin purchased is a USMint original?

    The TPG camp will chose grading because it is an indoctrination rooted in prevarication by commercial forces, and the actual grade is highly subjective and debatable. If “First Strike” floats ones boat so be it – go for it – sensible folk know it is a LIE. That PCGS should be blindly trusted because they are a “publicly traded” company is a real head (and body part) scratcher. Let’s remember that Enron, Lehman, British Petroleum, Washington Mutual, etc. were/are all solid corporations, publicly traded, and very significantly larger than minor and petty PCGS, and all of them experienced major failures.

    Case in point : be particularly careful of sending precious gold coins to PCGS. Their encapsulation process is questionable and you may get your coins back with a thick coating of lacquer.

  154. VABEACHBUM says

    I wish the Mint and their new Merchandise Distribution Team could come up with a way to manage and combine customer shipments from the same and/or multiple orders. Between BHOF multiple shipments, the new ATB-P, the 2014 UNC ASE, the latest Presidential $1 Rolls, and those dumb bags, I’ve got to keep track of 7 different boxes being delivered by 3 different service providers, with the PITA aspect of not being at home for UPS and waiting out the mandatory 3 delivery attempts. THAT is the one thing that definitely needs to change. Used to be able to schedule that facility hold after the 1st Attempt!!

    And, BTW, just think of the cost savings associated w/ reduced shipping costs.

  155. GoldGuru says

    Point well made! But if the ER/FS SHEEP want a label saying that, & are willing to pay a premium, I’ll be more than happy to assist them. BTW, I always keep OGP’s in my personal stash. Never do I send all of an offering to be graded. I have plenty of customers that only buy OGP’s.

  156. GoldGuru says

    They’re not in the business of saving money. They just print more as needed. But I do agree with you.

  157. achmed says

    Yes that is it. UPS is not a service. They always come when I am not at home. And sometimes 3 times with the result that I have to go there although I have paid for being delivered at MY home, not their home. I call that disgusting and waste of time and money. And air pollution. BUT 4 sure not SERVICE.

  158. VA Rich says

    Good thoughts Pitt – you really have me thinking now. I like you’re idea of a partial cut out for all six coins.., use a light or clear stain to create a contrast for the $5’s and walla. I figure it wouldn’t be that difficult to find some wood bore drill bits of close enough dimension and then just line with blue felt. A compound mitre saw would probably be sufficient for a sectional cut, and bats are cheap, so one can afford to practice a bit. What saw did you use?

  159. Clark says

    Simon–I buy both TPG and genuine US Mint originals. Touche on my publicly traded company point. I was simply saying that grading has come a long way since we bought coins in cardboard holders with handwritten grades entered by sellers themselves.

    I will also say, regrettably, that of the 100s of NGC & PCGS slabs I own, I’ve seen that odd red toning develop on a .9999 gold coin in a PCGS slab. This has not happened to any of my NGC slabbed .9999 gold. Some people don’t mind the toning, but I’ve only witnessed it in PCGS.

  160. says


    If you’re still reading this thread, maybe you can help me out. Will UPS hold the package and allow you to pick it up after the third failed attempt? I thought it was sent directly back to the mint with no allowance for you to schedule a pickup. I have had to burn days off to pick the over $300 orders up, so any information you can provide would be a big help.

  161. Durf says

    Feel free to slam me on this one, but it sure would be entertaining if the Mint minted a few million HOF half dollars for actual circulation. With the unusual popularity of this release it could serve to promote this commemorative minting in particular and increase awareness of the Mint’s products (and numismatics) in general.

    Plus it’d be fun to spend these. I’ve been tipping with Sacagewas since they came out and it gets me noticed (“wow!”).

  162. VABEACHBUM says

    C.O. – The current UPS business model is to hold the package in their distribution facility for 5 business days after the 3rd attempt has been made. During that time, UPS also should mail you a post card reminder that the package is being held and is available for you to pick up. Because of my irratic travel schedule, this 5-day hold has kept me from forfeiting several deliveries that, otherwise, would have been returned. I even had two instances of calling them on the 5th day to explain my availability, and they continued to hold it for another 2-3 days.

  163. GoldGuru says

    Clark……I bought a PCGS green label 1875 MS60 G$20 a few years ago that had a couple of red spots on the reverse. I sent it to NCS to be “preserved” & crossed over to a NGC slab. I got the coin back with the same grade and the red spots were gone. To this day, no red spots. It’s amazing to me that they can clean a coin & give it a grade with no “Details” on the label, but if you send in a coin that has been cleaned, it comes back “Details” “Improperly cleaned”, with no grade. So bottom line is that they can do it but you can’t! Go figure! !!

  164. Mike says

    I received my silver HOFB coins and one has a perfect little circle indention in between a couple of the stitching on ball side . Looks like something was on die, it’s not a scuff or scratch and matches the finish of coin. Should I send it back or keep it.

  165. Clark says

    Some grading double standards live on, I guess.

    You did just help me: I have a beautiful gold 2008 1 oz buffalo in OGP with a big red spot on his, shall we say, large private area. I think I’ll send it in for “preservation” AND grading when I send all my new HoFs.


  166. Pittsburgh P says

    I actually did most of it by hand using a coping saw. I did use my sawzall for the plunge cut in the middle of the bat to get it started. Yet that is what caused the damage to the part I was going to try to use of the lid. the coping saw works great for the straight lines and he’s a smooth face but it was hard going. I haven’t decided what kind of stain I will use yet what you give me some great ideas do you think about.

  167. Pittsburgh P says

    the bore drill bits and felt are a really good idea… I haven’t decided on how I would cut the holes yet

  168. thePhelps says

    Ironically – my order placed at 3:43pm on 3/27 has been sitting in the on hold status since very early on. I also cancelled the bag right after the order showed up in my history. (which was on 3/28).

    This order has never gone to “in process”

    So it would seem there is no real rhyme or reason at this point.

  169. GoldGuru says

    IMO…….if you send it back NOW you’ll get a replacement according to mint cs’ s. If it’s the only one with that blemish, send it back. If you noticed it, so will whoever you try to sell it to, if you plan on selling it. Why keep it? You’ll be reimbursed for your return s/ h.

  170. Clark says

    No rhyme or reason indeed. I didn’t cancel the stupid bag, but that’s the only real difference btwn our orders.

    I now have 7 empty boxes w.signature required heading my way because I didn’t cancel the bags.

  171. VABEACHBUM says

    That will have to be your decision, with the understanding that, given the wait list / sold out status for the $1 coins, the Mint probably will not provide you with a replacement. Knowing that, is the coin still acceptable to you, or at least tolerable??

  172. JBK says

    Not sue of the rules/restrictions or if they still offer the service, but in the past I was able to redirect a package to my work address.

  173. JBK says

    You mean it is not a 70 grade? Send it back! All coins should grade at least MS or PR 70.

  174. VABEACHBUM says

    If Guru has talked to a CSR today, and they have indicated the possibility, then get that box in the mail by 5 PM. Still, assuming you’re not the only one in this situation, always the chance it might not get replaced – or that coin # 399995 might not be any better than the one you have now.

  175. GoldGuru says

    I have spoken with a mint supervisor and was told to send back undesirable coins ASAP& they will be replaced. I’m sure that if you call you will get the same reply. I called on behalf of Frankie & his damaged coin, per his post. Frankie sent it back & will post the status when he knows. I say send it back now. JMO

  176. VABEACHBUM says

    JBK – Just like the airlines, UPS is charging an extra fee for that under most circumstances. Although I haven’t checked, I think the Mint might also restrict enroute changes to the delivery address for high value items.

  177. thePhelps says

    “This Baltimore show & First Pitch nonsense…”

    This one is being hugely defended by some. Many are convinced it is a “legitimate” label – because you couldn’t get the coins anywhere else. I’ve also heard it defended as providence of FS strike ER because these coins are definitely first off the press coins… seriously how does anyone know where the coins came from in the process. We have no idea yet how many coins the mint even had available on the 1st day – there could have been 15,000 coins minted on day one and they could have pulled the Baltimore coins from the beginning of the process or the end of the process… but again… this idea the coins are different than any of the other 50,000 is kind of a pipe dream.

  178. GoldGuru says

    I did call. You will get a replacement, according to the supervisor. Regardless of the Sell – out status.

  179. thePhelps says

    Send it back – just because they sold out of these coins doesn’t mean you are supposed to accept a bad coin. They’ll send you another – especially since this in only week 1 of shipping them.

  180. GoldGuru says

    To Michael @ Mint News Blog : Please try to find out where the Mint plans on debuting the Kennedy gold. When & @ what upcoming show. I’ll get on a bird and go there to get the ” Special” label. If there are people wanting all these labels, and willing to pay Crazy Stupid $$, might as well jump on the bandwagon! Not trying to be greedy, but business is business! Thanks! !!

  181. GoldGuru says

    Just send back the damaged coin, not all of them!!!! You said “them”, hope that’s a typo on your behalf! !!!

  182. AkBob says

    Just like last year with the Reverse Proof Buffalo but his time it will be the Kennedy Release!!

  183. GoldGuru says

    Thx guys, I hope to be there!!!!! Plenty of time to make arrangements. Thx for not bashing me for my thoughts! !!

  184. Wes says

    When I first ordered I had a backordered date of 7/7/2014 yesterday that had changed to4/24/2014. Today it is back to 7/7/2014 again. Some kinda glitch yesterday. I don’t expect to see my order until July at the earliest.

  185. GoldGuru says

    Didn’t want to be Bashed for wanting the label & the profit associated with it. Remember the bashing I got about AMY & the bags? Thx

  186. Sith says

    Actually if they were going to do something like that they should release the Kennedy’s

  187. Sith says


    Rather than wait for the third fairld delivery just call the mint and request a hold.

  188. GoldGuru says

    Sith…..come to think of it, you were the first to bash. LOL!! But I do understand it was April Fools Day, & didn’t make sense. But no harm, drinks are on me.

  189. Clark says

    Good for a chuckle is ModernCoinMart’s statement on BHoF coin prices. It seems they have no idea what to charge until after coins are graded. Really? They are, however, accepting pre-orders for mystery prices.

    “All products will be certified by NGC.. . We will not know pricing for these items until they are ready for sale. When we have more information we will notify you via email.”

    I wonder what they’re waiting for? A sell out of silver HoFs on the Mint’s webpage?

  190. simon says

    Guru : No bashing from your truly for the labels etc. Just want to make a small voice heard that the shrimp and the clam are always meatier and tastier than the shell. That said I’m looking forward to the Au Kennedy release and particularly the set. The OGP should be stunning.

  191. AkBob says

    The pricing depends on how many 70’s vs 69’s and coins that may grade even lower. They have to do a cost average to get their figures and they then average the costs out according to grade so yes it does make sense but usually after they grade “X” amount of coins they can get an average. Sure would like to know the prices still though. As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  192. Joseph says

    anybody had its silver BHOF order cancelled after the waiting list was put at mint website?
    mine was cancelled this morning. bad luck today.

  193. GoldGuru says

    Keep in mind that if the coins they submit don’t grade at least 69, they get returned ungraded. That’s the deal they have with them. Then u will see them offered by MCM in OGP, meaning you’ll get TPG rejects if you order OGP. It’s like that with all bulk submissions. Same goes for SilverTowne, & all the other AP’s.

  194. thePhelps says

    Adding to the lack of rhyme or reason… this order has now gone to in process… and my shipping date is now 6/21

    I am going to stop trying to figure it out.

  195. AkBob says

    I received 3 cancellations but I think it was because I had ordered more than the maximum limit allowed. I lost track of how many I ordered. I am just assuming that though, I could be wrong but it makes sense as I had ordered a lot of these.

  196. AkBob says

    Sorry, all of the cancellations were for the Silver Dollar, I think it was for all proofs.

  197. GoldGuru says

    It has to be on a NCS submission form. Seperate from your HOF’s. NCS is in the same building as NGC, as a matter of fact, across the hall! After conservation it is automatically sent across the hall to be graded. Hope that helps you.

  198. Dave says

    My clads are accumulating at UPS along with the bags while I await the golds to arrive. Does anyone know if UPS will allow pick-up of attempted delivery before the third try? I have 3 packages held for a week, one with one try, and 2 on the way. Sure would like to make only one trip to the UPS warehouse. Why you can’t have them held before 3 tries is a mystery to me……what a waste of gasoline and worker productivity!

  199. SilverFan says

    Yes, call the US Mint CSR and ask them to change the delivery status. I just did yesterday and went to UPS today to get packages.

  200. Brice says

    Just a question. If I receive a damaged coin((s)and it sounds like some are) and percentage wise not a lot but for figure sake say 10000 total. Does the mint have extra blanks to press so every bad/imperfect coin will be replace even if my last shipment doesn’t arrive until July? Thanks for the reply!!

  201. GoldGuru says

    NO!! As i posted earlier, No extra coins will be made to compensate for replacements. They are sticking to the amount originally stated. It will lower the available good coins in the market place, & effects the final Audited Mintage #. Call & ask for yourself. I have been assured by multiple Supervisors. They did say send them back ASAP! It will effect the wait list however.

  202. JBK says

    Absolutely not! Whether or not they have any overage to use for replacements is a matter of speculation, but in no way will they mint extras to cover all or even most returns. It is my personal opinion that no one will get replacements, regardless of what a customer service rep says on the phone. We went through the same thing with the 2011 Silver Eagle sets, and if you sent them back you just got a refund.

    Also, some of what is being reported as “damage” is just normal minor marking or blemishing. The mint does not guarantee MS70 or PR70 coins – if you want those then order from the dealers who have coins graded. I believe that most people (not all) who return coins do so simply because they want a higher grade, which is another consequence of the TPGs and the hype they create.

  203. GoldGuru says

    Actually. ….NO!!! I’m retired. Just waiting to do the next show I have scheduled. Just trying to help! ! Thx for the inquiry! !

  204. Clark says

    They are waiting to average their margins, not costs. They already know their fixed unit costs to the penny, i.e., mint costs, grading costs, shipping costs are all known. Even rejects will be sold above mint costs.

    You can bet they are not waiting for prices to go down or supplies to increase. I believe they are waiting for something else or they could easily pre-sell with reasonable prices. I don’t fault them for maximizing profit, but their spin is humorous.

  205. dan says


    What is a normal minor mark or blemish?? I have returned many a coin, especially gold coins that have visible defects with the naked eye. I will be honest, I have a hard time seeing the difference between many a 69 and 70 graded coin but an obvious visual defect is not acceptable. When I buy something new, I expect it to be in new condition. When I buy a new car, I would not accept one with a dinged fender. In almost every case of my returning a coin to the mint, it has been the result of a quality control problem on a coin that should have never been sent out.

    However I tend to agree with you in regard to returning one of these and think it is a crap shoot at best on getting a replacement.

  206. Ray says

    my coins better be 70s, or you know i’m returning them. you csant order 1 coin and expect that. order 2x what you really want, because in my experience, ive been sending back about 50% of what the mint sends me. i expect that # to be higher for the HoF issues.

  207. JBK says

    That is the key question – what is reasonable to expect? Each person needs to decide that for themselves.

    i have on occassion returned coins where I considered the blemish to be too obvious, but many more times I have kept coins that were not “perfect” (not MS/PR70).

    In my mind, the allowable “defects” correspond to the manufacturing process. For example, it should be expected that an unc. coin that is produced to “business strike” standards will have bag marks, etc., just as any normal unc. coin from the bank would have. A proof coin or unc coin that is not bulk handled would not be expected to have bag marks, but it is also not reasonable to expect perfection.

    I am not questioning any one person’s practices, but I am 100% sure that there are many people who use the mint as a coins-on-approval service and cherry pick the best coins and send the rest back. I personally see this as an abuse of the system, and it will catch up to all of us eventually.

  208. AkBob says

    Sending back 50% of the coins is an ABUSE! That’s outrageous and any other business would flat out stop doing business with you.

  209. SmallPotatos says

    My UNC $5 now went from 4/24 to 7/17 and the UNC $1 went from 6/21 to 4/16. Very Weird. but I suppose they mixed up the dates earlier. dang, I was hoping!!

  210. GoldGuru says

    JBK……There you go what? When was the last time you called the mint & asked about a replacement? Or is your comment just a guess? Just curious! Why not call & ask? That’s what they are there for. Everyone ordering coins are the reason they get a paycheck. Ask for a supervisor, they don’t bite, to my knowledge. I think. WHY second guessing people who have taken the time to call & get some answers. Replacements will be made if requested early enough. Just call already!! IMHO of course.

  211. Pittsburgh P says

    My unc. 1$ did the same but my 5$ proof stayed 4/16… Idk, it might all change on the 16th for the worst or ship before then. Just a waiting game if you havnt received them yet.

  212. Pittsburgh P says

    Calm down GG… He is talking about him sending 50% of ALL his orders back! Not calling for some info… Not bashing here:-D

  213. GoldGuru says

    I also agree, don’t take advantage of the system. But if a couple of coins are bad, why keep them. Soon enough you will see posts from people who got replacements. Some people don’t care about a little blemish, some do. They shouldn’t be faulted for wanting the best for their hard earned money. Makes sense to me. Once again, my opinion.

  214. AkBob says

    He’s talking about returning LOTS of coins by people that are too picky. If you have to get your 20x loupe out to find flaws then you are being too picky. Some people are too picky about things. He’s not talking about a legitimate problem with a coin. The mint doesn’t mint 70’s. 69 is the standard not 70. 70 is a grade well above the standards. Actually a 69 is a perfect coin to the eye in almost every case. So get your panties out of their wad!!! Geez, seems like if you have an opinion here you get slammed! It’s just an opinion. Can’t a person disagree without being attacked by someone?

  215. GoldGuru says

    Not trying to bash…..seriously! Trying to make a point. Replacements are going to be available. It’s simple. Sorry to offend anyone. Just call and confirm. No big deal.

  216. Pittsburgh P says

    I was saying i wasnt bashing you… This post had nothing to do with replacements being available it was a guy saying he only accepts 70s and always send at least half his coins back… You seem to be getting agrivated over somthin that wasnt said or at least not in this post and reply.

  217. GoldGuru says

    To clarify. …..he said he didn’t think anybody would get a replacement. IMO he’s mistaken. And opinions make the blog go round.

  218. Pittsburgh P says

    GG… I was tired of going through that comment to see what was being said. I must have missed him saying that about no replacements. I do remember someone saying that earlier but that’s not what we were talking about. Just a misunderstanding, you know I always value your opinion…

  219. GoldGuru says

    PittP. …I was referring to comments made by Dan & JBK saying it was their opinion replacements would be a crap shoot or wouldn’t happen at all. I’ll sit back and just read the posts. I was giving my opinion. I know there will be some replacements. For what it’s worth.

  220. GoldGuru says

    Thx…..it’s really no big deal. Let’s just wait & see. Time to move on. NUFF said. How’s the family?

  221. JBK says

    Who’s on first???

    What a farce…..

    PP and AkB understood my point. GG is reacting (overreacting) based on another thread, and just kept digging deeper and deeper.

    “There you go…” was a in responce to a post that validated my previous point that some people abuse the returns system. It had nothing to do with whether or not replacements will be available.

    As for replacements? When I did comment on it – on ANOTHER post – I gave my opinion. Why does GG feel a need to argue over that? I HOPE anyone who sends back sold out coins can get a replacement, but IN MY OPINION I doubt that will happen, especially with some people returning anything less than PR/MS70. As I said before, as nice as the customer svc people may be, I doubt they necessarily have the full story on how returns will be handled. In fact, the “full story” may not even be known yet. After all, how often does a sell-out occur?

    If anyone is not happy with their PR69 coins, go ahead and return them. Maybe they will send you a PR71 instead. It seems to me that large scale cherry picking can not go on forever, and someday the mint may refuse all exchanges and just refund money, in which case people who have valid issues will lose out.

  222. stephen m says

    I would be surprised if anyone gets a replacement for a gold BBHOF coin. Refund, maybe. I would hope that a damaged coin would be replaced though.

  223. AkBob says

    I agree with GG that there will be replacements. I would have to hear it from the horse’s mouth that they don’t make extra’s for replacements though. This is “only” my opinion that’s why I would want to hear it from someone other than a CS Rep or even a supervisor. There’s no way for them to know all the technical information about such things. They do their best with what they are told and thru their own experience’s working at the US Mint. Remember, we are talking about a gov’t institution so maybe they don’t make extra’s for replacement but any other business’s would, only makes common sense. As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

    Why they wouldn’t is beyond me., especially with such a popular coins and the sell out being so fast.

  224. Pittsburgh P says

    That was a joke…Dont want anyone cutting my head of telling me they dont exist…

  225. Sky says

    I received my HOF proof gold, it has a dot on the ball’s side. Very noticeable (I saw it as soon as I opened the case). I would definitely send it back but I am almost sure I won’t get a replacement and I want to have one, doubt the Mint has enough to replace the bad ones. I doubt anyone will buy this coin from me for more then the gold value. I understand why people are paying for MS70…. Ohh, it has been a disappointing experience for me. So far I had to replace 30% of all ATB coins because of the scratches and flaws and some mils looking spots, but one that I could not get replacement for since they were all sold out the day I received it. And now the coin I really wanted and have been excited about for the whole week, the HOF gold proof, came in with a major flaw…. Hope no one else gets to experience any of this….

  226. GoldGuru says

    Disagree. LOL…..my opinion, golds will be replaced. Frankie sent one back the day he got it. Let’s wait to hear from him. K?

  227. Samuel says

    there is somebody’s initials at the right side of the ball. u may want to make sure that’s really a dot.

  228. GoldGuru says

    I have posted in response to replacement questions, to send them back ASAP or Soon. That’s what I was told, & posted it…

  229. Samuel says

    off topic, today there was a 3% drop in stock market. i am wondering how many baseball gold coins this costs you?

  230. GoldGuru says

    JBK……I was indeed referring to your post@4:44 saying your opinion was no replacements.
    dan………I was referring to your 5:41 post about a crap shoot @ best.
    I was merely passing on what I went to great lengths to confirm. NUFF said. Ok?

  231. GoldGuru says

    The gold uncs seem to have stronger strike than the proofs, when looking at the initials & mintmark.

  232. Sky says

    Thanks but I just checked again, the dot is about half way between the letter E and the left edge of the coin. I don’t have a lens to examine closer but I used my second pair of glasses to magnify a little and I saw what you meant by the initials, I got those too, very good catch, what are those? The actual dent I have seems to be from the actual press, it is almost a dent that penetrates through the mate part of the coin’s gold and revealing the shiny underneath. Maybe dust got onto the blank right before it got struck. More experience collectors, would you keep it (I will have the whole set if I keep what I ordered) or return it?

  233. GoldGuru says

    I thought the same thing when I 1st opened the box. But by using a Loupe you can see that they are “W” & “DE. If you are considering submitting any, ONLY send the stronger struck coins, because that is part of the criteria for getting a 70 grade.

  234. VABEACHBUM says

    Actually, the new contractor has been in place for nearly 2 months; the multi-year contract award had been discussed in a couple of different threads, but never really received the attention I thought it should. When you receive your most recent orders, you’ll notice that the vendor name on the shipping label has changed from PBGS to Novitex. Other folks also have noted that the new Mint server traffic for this UK contractor has been routing through Ireland for some time now. This Fall is supposed to represent the final implementation of the network back-bone, e-commerce system and revamped website interfaces.

  235. SilverFan says

    Any blemish that bothers you now will only get worse over time. I usually advise people to return items they are not happy with to the mint. However, keep in mind that there are no guarantees that you will get a replacement or even if you do you might get something worse.

  236. Samuel says

    anyone got gold and silver in the same box?
    i order a 6-coin set, the mint just sent me 2 tracking numbers in the same email. dont know which coin in which box.

  237. AkBob says

    I’m sorry US Mint but if you were any other civilian business you would be out of business! The absurdity that in this day in age that you can’t fill orders when you release an item is inexcusable. I would rather they just wait and release the coin when it’s available including the packaging! If you want to stick up for a marginal gov’t agency go right ahead cause it won’t change my mind about how messed up the mint is. Yes, they create an absolutely beautiful product but what good is it if you can’t get it? We want the coins in the shipping container that we ordered together when it comes to these types of releases. The regular annual sets, annual ASE’s, etc., yes, ship those separately if you have to but on special releases, Anniversary sets, etc., come on US Mint ship it all together. Get your act together. Is anyone in charge there? HELLO!!! As always, Happy collecting to ALL! It’s just very frustrating and the mint just seems to get worse and act as if they really don’t care!

  238. Samuel says

    just got another shipping email, a bag AND a gold coin IN THE SAME BOX! will keep it sealed.

  239. Brice says

    AkBob, how would the mint know to mint 18000 uncs and 32000 proofs before they sold out. Was it not 50000 total across all options? So they very well couldn’t mint 22000 uns when the demand wasn’t there. My Guess, they probably minted 8 or 10 grand of each now finishing the orders. That’s why such late ship dates. JMO

  240. BearMetal says

    JBK… I feel that the Mint should track the number of returns by a customer and establish a published returned level, if exceeded, no exchange will be made and the customer will receive a monetary refund. The key here is that it must be a published policy. Abuse is abuse, regardless of how well it is camouflaged.

  241. Natatack says

    A day after the silver sell out was announced the prices have gone from $70 to north of $100. Maybe might match the prices of the 2001 buffalo or surpass it by the time the World Series rolls around.

  242. AkBob says

    I think by now the mint has a pretty good idea as to how many will be needed for each (proof and unc.) close enough that they could mint 3/4 of them and then once they sell out, they know very quickly what they need and then they could produce the remaining right away. By now they should have them minted but are they? What about when there isn’t a difference in mintages like the Reverse Proof Buffalo for example, what’s their excuse for that? I got mine right away but a lot of collector’s got their’s a long time afterwards they shipped out to the first ones ordered. I know it can’t be perfect and I don’t expect that but you compare the way the mint runs that business to another business you have to admit, the mint would be out of business if they didn’t have a monopoly. I get your point and it’s a valid one up to a certain point. I just expect the mint to be a great deal better than they are, maybe I’m expecting too much but I don’t feel I am. Thanks for your post and opinion.

  243. VA Bob says

    Better be careful Samuel. The chemicals in the synthetic material bag might leach and discolor the coin. BTW I got my gold today. The label was on the opposite side of the box that taped the flaps closed. About two years ago the topic arose on this blog if a sealed box could be opened and resealed. I did a test an was able to completely remove the tape (and label intact) without damaging the box. It wasn’t that difficult to do and the box I got yesterday would have been even easier. Personally I’d never buy or sell a sealed box, after that experiment. Too many dishonest people out there, you might get a rock when you eventually open it. Then what is your recourse?

  244. GoldGuru says

    Wow! For a guy who was complaining earlier that he has lost track of the fact that his “mega order” was cancelled because he probably went over his max allowed( pure greed), you sure are critical of the mint & USA in general! What a ranting cry baby! Smart remark intended! And then have the balls to sign off “happy collecting to all” ! You’re a fraud pal! Your remarks on ALL your posts are total BS…….IMO your collection consists of garbage! You couldn’t run a business near as good as the mint. U don’t fool me! Go shovel some more floors, it’s getting deep in here! Or do whatever you do best…..Cry Baby Bob! Get a Life!!! Michael, kick me out if you like, but enough of his BS REMARKS! He’s the most ungrateful, uninformed person on this blog. No contribution at all !

  245. Dan says

    A proof clad sold on ebay tonight for $75, but with free shipping… some deal. I’m surprised ebay hasn’t been flooded yet with more coins.

  246. GoldGuru says

    You’re absolutely right, I could, & have!! If you hate the mint & the USA so much, why don’t you move to Russia? If this was the 1950’s, you would be labeled a COMMIE!!!

  247. Clark says

    @Sky–Chin up about your gold HoF with a spot. Maybe it’s not a 70, but this blog is populated with people who highly value beautiful coins in original gov’t packaging, myself included.

    There are huge numbers of people who missed the opp to buy a gold HoF and would love to have your coin, spot included. I hope you keep it because it is highly sought after, but if you choose to sell it, I guarantee you will get more than spot and more than what you paid the mint. I would gladly buy a gold HoF with the spot you described for $500-$600 and I was lucky enough to buy and receive many HoF gold coins yesterday.

    Don’t let the perfectionists make you feel down about your awesome coin, especially if you never planned to sell it.

  248. GoldGuru says

    Clark. …..if you have so many gold HOF’S, why not offer one of your perfect coins for Sky’s blemished one. It obviously doesn’t matter to you if it looks bad, as long as you can say u have the gold coins. Some people like to admire nicely struck coins. I think you’re leading him down the wrong path. Curious. …..are you collecting OGP boxes or coins? I’ll keep you in mind if my next order has a blemished coin in it. $600 sounds fair. IMO! IMO! IMO!

  249. GoldGuru says

    Sky……..send it back for a replacement. Call the mint first, they’ll tell you it will be replaced if sent back now. If u wait, maybe not. A blemished coin will always be a blemished coin.

  250. GoldGuru says

    And don’t let the non-perfectionists make you feel good about owning a brand new blemished coin. You’re the one that has to look at it all the time. Your heirs will be surprised to see how little they get for it down the road! Use your head. Don’t listen these wannabe “Collectors”

  251. GoldGuru says

    Sky – Go to a coin show and try to sell it. No dealer I know would give you $600 like Clark has offered. 1st thing they do is pull out a Loupe, & they’ll say. …no thanks, all I’ll give u is melt value! Guaranteed!

  252. GoldGuru says

    It really is a shame some of the ignorant advice I have been reading on this blog. No wonder collectors are falling to the wayside. Sad!!!

  253. Sky says

    Thanks for everyone’s opinion. If someone offered me a coin for sale with a blemish, I would not buy it to be honest. I mean it is a collectible coin, not a bullion, I don;t want “bad goods”, if I want a gold coin I can buy a nugget, don;t care what it looks like. Collectible is a different story, I would rather pay $800 for a perfect one, that is the whole point of collecting. However, this is a very special case here, I ordered two full sets so I can display the back and the front of each coin in a special display, the back (the glove side) of the blemished coin is actually very good…. But, I will make a call to the Customer Service tomorrow and see what they say… I wish there was a way to come to the mint’s facility in DC or Philly and exchange the coin (btw Philly’s shop is very strange, they don;t have popular coins, like ATBs or HOFs, they said they were separate from the Mint???, hugh???)

  254. Sith says

    Wow I see your passionate about this and other topics tonight. I agree with you that nobody should have to settle and keep a defective coin (unless its a VAM) especially a new coin. The way I look at it if you went to a show and bought a coin then discovered it had a blemished would you say who cares the coin is rare so let me just shut up and keep it, or would you take it back to the dealer knowing he had other coins available?

  255. Sith says

    Yes they are run under contract by Aramark. FYI another poster is sending his back for a replacement so I’m sure you can too. Good luck with that,

  256. IndenturedServant says

    you said: ” I just expect the mint to be a great deal better than they are, maybe I’m expecting too much but I don’t feel I am.”

    They are a govt agency…….what do you want? What other part of the govt lives up to your expectations? It’s a pretty short list I’ll bet. Why expect more of the mint?

    Govt is $16 TRILLION in hard debt plus $200TRILLION in unfunded liabilities. We involve ourselves in every war of choice that comes down the pipe. The govt steals our liberty, crams unjust laws down our throats constantly and ruins 99.9% of what it touches.

    Personally I think the mint does a pretty good job considering the train wreck the rest of the govt represents.

  257. IndenturedServant says

    I use a 20x loupe to examine every coin I get from the mint. It’s my money and I’ll be the judge of what is acceptable or not. Call it picky if you want but I call it prudent. I also buy more than I need to ensure that I get a keeper. If it’s a popular issue I’ll keep the excess and flip them to finance a collection I might not otherwise be able to afford. When I flip coins I do it locally and sell for cheaper than you could buy them on the internet. If the coins are not particularly popular I return them to the mint.

    Can you point to some documentation that says the mint standard is 69? I’d truly be interested to see the exact wording of the mint quality control standard if you can point it out. I’d also like to know what the mint does with returned and unsold coins.

  258. IndenturedServant says

    At a coin shop I can examine each coin to my hearts content before purchasing. Why is it abuse if I do the same with mint purchases?

    I also buy diamonds and return more than I keep. The sellers are happy to to have me as a customer.

  259. thePhelps says

    All you have to do is look at the GSA coins and see how unpredictable the market actually is. Yes they “could” have minted the full set of coins and been ready – and then ate the cost of melting what didn’t sell.

    The market is far to unpredictable for the mint to try and be ahead of the game and then eat the costs on every item that doesn’t pan out.

    Sorry – but I do think you are being a bit unfair in expecting them to have fully produced these coins – and then to have the logistics in place to ship them instantly because you wanted them yesterday. I am not looking to flip my coins – so I can wait it out just fine.

  260. Pittsburgh P says

    @phelps…. I agree with all you saidbut do beleive the should have enough ready for orders placed in the first hour of availability… I am only collecting these also but having to wait til june for one peice of the collection is a bit much. I dont want them yesterday but maybe less than 5 weeks after I ordered within an hour of release isnt asking for too much. Imo… I am not upset with the Mint at all just feel they could have been a tad bit more prepared.

  261. thePhelps says

    @Pitt – we actually don’t know yet how prepared the mint is or was. It could very well be they have/had the 1st hour covered. I see many people with order times in the 1st hour stating they have gotten their coins this week.

    The thing that also probably didn’t help was when you read that several people created multiple orders for the same coins. I’m sure they had reasons – but when they ordered they completed an order and then went back and created 4 and 5 more orders. That adds to the logistics – packaging and backlog – and congestion in the system.

    It is far easier to blame the mint than to accept even an iota of responsibility for having added to the problem.

  262. joe says

    I do agree with some of your comments, but not all of them. I would never send a coin in to PCGS as I have several examples of their graded gold coins that have turned orange and sometimes spotty orange. I honestly can’t believe they’re still in business based on their questionable grading techniques.

    I agree that the labels are gimmicks and that collecting should be about the coin; not a TPG label. The TPG registries are biased towards labels, which ultimately mean nothing in most cases. An exception might be a WTC coin or shipwreck coin…something that objectively adds history to the coin. But if a first-strike is so valuable, then why not the last strike. All pretty lame marketing ploys to hook people who naively chase value based on unrelated affects.

    I also agree that coins do look much better in the OGP…no doubt. In fact, when I do purchase graded coins I get the OGP for the respective coins as well. I believe the OGP adds value to a coin!

    What I do disagree with is that there is no use for TPGs. There are not many opportunities for coin shows in the area where I live. And at those that do occur, the prices are high or the quality is low. So I tend to take my business to eBay; however, in every instance when I’ve purchased a coin on eBay in OGP the coin usually has some undisclosed flaw. I’ve had coins arrive with deep and obvious scratches across the front of the coin that the seller chose to omit. So if I want a coin at a reasonable price with some guaranty in its quality, I now purchase only TPG on eBay. More specifically, I purchase NGC coins on eBay because PCGS coins have a tendency to be low quality as well.

  263. GoldGuru says

    More BS from AK Bob…….a 69 is NOT the standard! Prove it Mr. Know it All. Dend me a link to back it up! You’re an insult to this blog! IMO!IMO! IMO! IMO!

  264. GoldGuru says

    If you don’t use a Loupe, you’re an idiot! ! Any intelligent collector owns one! Once again you have proved your ignorance! IMO! IMO! IMO!

  265. Pittsburgh P says

    GG… I’m replying to your last post. I couldnt get it in by your original cause there was no reply button. it seems like you are getting really upset over this. Since I am new to this game you definitely have much more experience and knowledge on these subjects but isn’t a 69 almost perfect? Isn’t it 1 or 2 marks uninteligible by the naked eye? personally I would not send that back. Yet maybe you or a more ecperienced collector would. Pls correct me if I am wrong thx…

  266. Sky says

    Well, I just spoke with the US Mint Rep on the phone. If I return my blemished coin I won’t get a replacement, just the refund. Therefore, I won’t be returning it since I am hoping other coins will come in a better condition. I am planning on having two of each to display front and back of in a special display. So, there, I guess I value the blemished coin more then its melt value…. If anyone gets blemished coin please post what you are planning to do with it.

  267. Pittsburgh P says

    Sorry Sky, tough break… At least you will be displaying the side that is cherry & at least you didnt send it back yesterday to be out a coin.

  268. GoldGuru says

    Indentured Servant. …..returned coins are 1st inspected by quality control, & if in fact they are blemished, they are MELTED! However if they believe the return was made for some other reason & in their PROFESSIONAL opinion nothing is wrong with them, they will fill another order. This is a fact, not an opinion.

  269. GoldGuru says

    That’s funny. After reading your post, I just called the mint & was told for the 4th time, replacements are available! Ask for a supervisor! !!!!!!

  270. Pittsburgh P says

    Why are you getting so upset over this GG? I don’t think Sky made it up, he wanted a replacement fairly bad imo from his other posts… I asked you a question a little bit ago too. Idk if you didn’t see it but it’s right before Sky’s post.

  271. GoldGuru says

    OK….Here’s the fact!!! Just called for the 5th time. Spoke to Rachel. I told her that a blogger called & was told no gold would be replaced. I asked her if replacements were available, she said YES! ! I then asked her to plz ask a Supervisor to verify, she said she didn’t need to, & I said plz ask anyhow. She did & said her Supervisor confirmed…YES! Coins from the 50K minted ARE in reserve for replacements. So……..call back Sky, they WILL be replaced! ! Don’t fall for all the BS these idiots are posting!! Ask for a Supervisor or Rachel, she said she would set it straight! !! Now, u do what you want.

  272. GoldGuru says

    I didn’t see it because not only am I seeing Red, but I’ve been calling the mint. Ill look for your post now. And I’m upset due to some of these idiotic posts!! I’ll get back to you.

  273. Pittsburgh P says

    Try to breathe GG. These are peoples opinions or some people just tryin to get a rise out of you… and its seemed to work. Yesterday silver high low made fun of a kid in Pittsburgh that just stabbed 23 kids and insulted me, my 1 year old and wife. I just ignored him cause we all know he is a lonely pathetic person imo. Coin collecting is supposed to be relaxing especially if you are retired as you are. thx for trying to get info that helps people make educated decisions too. I am sure it’s helped people.

  274. GoldGuru says

    You are correct. A 69 is NEAR perfect. And to the NAKED EYE you can’t tell the difference. Even if u put a graded 69 next to a 70 you still can’t tell. However a coin must meet several criteria points to achieve a 70. The TPG’s know what to look for, the average person doesn’t. A Strong Strike is one of the criteria points, an important one at that. Other criteria is kept under wrap. Reason being a 70 carries a larger premium., and they are really picky about that. If you aren’t going to submit the coin it doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy with your purchase. I submit in hopes of a 70 grade because they are more sought after by advanced collectors. However the most popular grade collected is a 69 due to the ask price difference. It is close enough to perfect for most people.

  275. Pittsburgh P says

    Thx GG… that’s what I thought. Since I’m never going to submit my BHoF coins if It’s perfect to my eyes I am good. Id only ship it back if there was some sort of major defect that I saw immediately and it was really bothersome. I guess if I was in the business of selling it’d be different, thx again.

  276. GoldGuru says

    I did see what High BlowSilver posted about that kid. He is a SICK puppy. I started to reply to his comments& decided he wasn’t worthy of a comment from me. I would have ripped him a new a-hole. U can’t argue with an idiot. He’s as ignorant as AssKissBob, the COMMIE!

  277. GoldGuru says

    Sky, I’m trying hard to figure out if u r full of BS or just a lost soul. I’ll give you the benefit of doubt. However, if you keep the coin you paid over $400 for, you’re obviously not a collector. Call the mint again. Put your mind @ ease or stop whining! !

  278. Sith says

    What happened to Amy :-). This is the second time I have seen you more concerned than the owner over his problem coin(s). If Sky does not want to exchange his coins or does not want to confirm your posts then let him be. All I can say is nothing you have posted (to my embarrassment ) has been false. So Sky if GG says you can exchange your coins, you can exchange your coins.

  279. Sith says

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. As a reminder these are not your coins.

  280. Pittsburgh P says

    Yeah, I saw it. thx… He is that for sure and it took all of my willpower not to but that is what he wants. I guarantee he would not insult me or my family to my face without repercussions… Just don’t believe my willpower would’ve held up then.

  281. Sith says

    The real irony is I have attempted to get him to stop his flame wars on several occasions and he simply told me “no” that he will not stop. Then the board goes off on me when me and FMTrans go at it.

    HighLow is knowledgeable but If you notice on my post in the other thread he comes back with “are you talking to me.” That is becuase he almost single handldly on at least two occastions has caused the comment section to be shut down. I don’t like the new format but what I do like is I will not have to read all the flame wars about how someone else thinks I should spend my money.

  282. IndenturedServant says

    Thanks GG. I’ve always heard that they remelt them but I’ve never seen any documentation about that or what the mint quality standard is.

    I would imagine that they must waffle the rejects and then send them to a contractor for the actual remelt. Even that may be questionable since I think that many if not all precious metal coins are directed by law to be minted from “newly mined domestic metal”.

  283. Sith says

    Again the irony you have someone who insulted a man’s family and other poster(s) apparently giving bum information and telling another person to just suck it up and be grateful they got a coin. But instead of going after those people it looks like a member of the blog is tell the people who got insulted and who are trying to correct the bum information (IMHO too enthusiastically) to chill out.

    Not trying to single you out Howard, but it goes toward an early post that is now buried in the blog, where basically this blog is like the NFL and personal fouls, the first person to do it is usually not caught, or called out on it, but the player that retaliates is usually called for the penalty.

  284. whitelightning says

    Awsome received 2 proof and. 2 unc gold from the mint wed this week all in the same box and the dumb bag on mon. Had 7 min wait time the first. Day.

  285. Sith says

    @IndenturedServant – Fort Knox is a US Mint facility, as such they can get gold out of it for coinage.

  286. IndenturedServant says

    Sith I know that but some of the Congressional Law regarding the minting of coins specifically says they must be made from “newly mined, domestic sources”. I’m not sure if this applies to all precious metal coinage or only certain issues.

  287. GoldGuru says

    In response to using newly mined precious metals. ….All Gold & Silver coins only must me minted from US mines. It does not have to be newly mined, but must come from the US. The gov has a Stockpile to use. It’s the law. Clad composition coins can be used from any source. Hope that helps you. BTW – I noticed the reply option is gone. If I’m the cause, I apologize to ya’ll & Michael. I’m just one who tries to set the record straight, in hopes of helping others!

  288. Durf says

    On the “must you sign?” topic – you may find this amusing:
    My bag (woo hoo ) from my $5 HOFs order is schuduled to be delivered by UPS sometime today (it shows “out for delivery”); the coins are backordered for a staggered July shipment. So there won’t be any gold in the box (unless someone at the mint, a la Monopoly, made a huge error in my favor) – BUT a “signature is required”!!

    How curious it would be to sign for the bag, which according to eBay is currently worth $299.01 less than $300. Maybe I should send it in to PCGS for FS designation…

  289. Zaz says

    I’m told that bags are shipped according to order type (under/over $300), even if all coins are backordered. It’s the way the orders are entered into the processing queue, the system is not smart enough to have programmed multiple shipments with different shipping speeds, although you would think its a no brainer… That’s why it’s been sent priority with sig conf., because you have backordered gold in your order.

  290. Durf says

    Yeah, I figured; posted to provide add’l info to an earlier poster Steve who was asking when one had to sign for shipments. Blog’s consensus was “only for gold”, but the thought was that he might be in my situation, so would have to sign for just a bag (woo…… hoo……. ).

    You & I would agree that if the original order had any gold in it, then all parts shipped require siggys. Incidentally, there is solid reasoning behind the Mint’s shipping protocol: it’s actually cheaper to manage orders this way because it cuts way down on the front-end customer-service load. E.g., they fulfill my order in parts so it’s checked off the list even if it does result in a minor additional shipping expenses. Frees up those CS folks to chat w/ GG.

  291. MK says

    Those that have gotten coins, how long on average did it take for the mint to ship your bhof coins once they went from a backorder to an in stock and reserved status? And please don’t bite my head off… I appreciate all that I’ve learned from this blog…

  292. IndenturedServant says

    GG, A quick search turned up this in reference to bullion silver eagles:
    “By law, the United States Mint’s American Eagle silver bullion coins must meet exacting specifications and must be composed of” newly mined” silver acquired from domestic sources. The United States Mint will continue to make every effort to increase its acquisition of silver bullion blanks that meet these specifications and requirements to address continuing high demand in the silver bullion coin market.”

    And this in reference to the 1985 gold bullion act:
    “One requirement is that all gold used in minting the coins would be from “newly mined domestic sources”.”

    I’m quite certain I have read the same thing in reference to gold buffalo and first spouse coins and quite possibly others.

    Again, I’m not sure if this applies to all pm coins in the US but I’m sure it does as this is an act of political/capitalistic cronyism.

  293. IndenturedServant says

    I wonder how this affects prices when the cost of mining exceeds the market price of bullion? I would imagine that is the point where cronyism bites the miners and collectors in the ass!

  294. Pittsburgh P says

    MK… from the ones I have received it usually was sent the day after it went to “In stock and reserved”. So if it happened today like one of my silver orders just did probably on Monday… I am still hoping it goes out tonight but I am not holding my breathe. Hope that helps.

  295. mark says

    My second 1:04 ET order… gold proof shipped today with a bag . Both have seperate tracking numbers. That order also had one silver proof dollar. Which still shows a 04/24/2014 expected ship date.

  296. Sky says

    GoldGuru, I got your message, thanks for checking with the mint, of course I am about to make a call to the Mint, seems they are telling different things to different people…

  297. Jeffrey says

    My original order of 3/27/14 @12:40 that had a Silver UNC BHOF is till on backorder. All other coins and bag on that order have been received.

    Expected ship date show 4/16.
    Not sure if it will go out then.

  298. Pittsburgh P says

    Jeffery my 2nd order was place after yours @ 1:37 and now shows all my silver as in stock and reserved. You may want to check back now to see if it has changed.

  299. Sky says

    So, I called, talked to Tiffany, she said if I send it back ASAP, I should be able to get it replaced. No guarantees but there is a good chance, so I am off the the UPS counter. GG, you are right, they do have a limited inventory for replacements, I wasn’t told any of this this morning, pays off to read this blog. Hopefully I will get a new one. BTW. my clad just came in, a scratch on it as well, larger scratch but not as noticeable since it is a silver coin …. Going back as well….

  300. Zaz says

    Got 4 of the 6 coins from my 3-27 12:52 order today. Still awaiting the unc gold/unc silver. The gold proof is exquisite, the glove design is perfect for so small a coin, and the proof stitching really makes the ball reverse zing. This a clear “bases loaded home run” commem program for the MInt and the BBHOF after 4 years of indifferent sales since the BSA coins. It will really catch the imaginative fire of the non-collecting public, unlike the specialty ASE sets of the last two years, which saturated the market, there’s not enough to go around of the gold and silver, so hang on to whatever extra coins you bought. Interestingly of the unc half, it has a semi-glossy finish unlike any of the unc coins in the past. Now I understand the B roll video were unc silver dollars and not a hybrid!

  301. Jeffrey says

    Pittsburgh P,

    Thanks for the heads up.
    I just checked the site and shows “In stock and reserved” also.

    No ping on cc yet.

  302. Sith says

    @GoldGuru – You were not the cause too many people were complaining about the new format. Check the newer thread Michael highlights one of the complaints.

  303. Sith says

    @IndenturedServant – The only time I have seen “newly mined, domestic sources” was the proposed palladium coin, but it could still be out there.

  304. Sith says

    @Durf – For the record the gold coin is worth more than $300, the only time an order that is under $300 dollars will require a signature is if it is the gold 1/10 oz coin, but you are correct anything else shipped with that coin even though the order is under $300 will also require a signature. If the price of gold drops enough that that the 1/4 oz (or if the mint makes a gold coin for less than $300) gold coin sells below $300 it would fall into the same boat.

  305. Sith says

    Checked my reply, and I was not clear the only time you would currently sign for an order under $300 is if it contained the 1/10 oz gold coin. The gold coin would be shipped separately, any secondary package would require a signature. Sorry for not being clear the first time.

  306. Zaz says

    @MK: Generally, on orders you place directly through the web or phone that goes to “in stock and reserved” will be shipped with 2 business days if All the items are in stock. It also means that your method of payment, debit or cc, will be pinged for the full amount within 10 minutes of placing the order. On backorders, any item in stock takes about 3 business days to get out the door, as there is a an additional step to charge a fractional amount of the original order. On subs, however, it seems to be as long as 5 business days once the order goes to in stock. Any times in excess of these, you should customer service to see what the hold up is, as the CSR can see notes on the order and why it’s been stalled. Usually it’s a declined card or the expiration date has passed on a sub.

  307. matt says

    Just got this from provident metals:

    Dear Matt,

    Thank you for your inquiry and interest in Provident Metals. We appreciate every opportunity to serve you.

    Due to the issues that were seen on some of the previous releases we were only going to be offering the 2014 Great Smoky Mountains National Park 5 oz Silver ATB coins in mint sealed monster boxes. To ensure our customers received quality products at great prices, we were not going to offer these individually, because they carry no guarantee of quality from the mint. However due to the overwhelming number of requests we received we have decided to offer these to our customers. We stand by our concerns with previously experienced quality issues, but we want to give our customers what they ask for. You should see this product become available soon.

    I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me with other questions or concerns.

    Kindest Regards,
    Chris Hogan
    Phone: 800-313-3315 ext. 7113
    Fax: 469-212-8977
    Web: http://www.providentmetals.com

  308. Durf says

    Hey, Sith, thanks for the precise clarification.
    Just as I was departing for an afternoon bike ride, saw the UPS truck down the block. Signed for a package containing… my bag (no coins) wrapped in a Genuine US Mint Rubber Band! Like Jack (in Sideways) “I kinda like it…” It’ll be A Useful Thing for putting other Useful Things in, like culls.

  309. hank meyer says

    wow got my UNC BHOF half dollars today and could not wait to bust one out and put it in my hand naked. what an amazing tactile feel this coin has. You can feel the laces you can feel the thumb and fingers in the glove. Everybody that touches it comments on the feel of this coin, it excites people. These are people that yesterday didn’t give a rats ass about the proof version in it’s OGP. This may be the first coin in a long time that could get people who dont even use coins any more to think about collecting coins as a hobby or for profit. Can hardly wait for the silver dollar that is coming out of its OGP when I get it to show to friends and family.

  310. GoldGuru says

    Indentured Servant. ……thx for the research. I’ve always assumed it didn’t matter if it was newly mined. What is the time frame they consider newly, I wonder. That’s a broad time frame, could mean within the last 50-100 years or maybe it must be gold never used before “new” instead of recycled gold. They would have to be buying nearly all the gold mined today in the US to keep up. 40 million ASE’s last year + all the other coins, ATB’s etc. They’ve left it open for interpretation. They do have a “Strategic Stockpiles” @SF & other locations. IMO. Thx.

  311. IndenturedServant says

    GG, Yeah it would be interesting to know what the criteria are for “newly mined”. This requirement is mostly a sweetheart deal pushed by congresscritters from Idaho, Nevada and other PM mining states that basically guarantees business for the mining industries in those states. I would assume the time frame for “newly mined” is about a year or two at most to give them time to recover, process and purify the ore and finished product.

    Where does one find the written law for each coin series? I’m nearly positive that ALL bullion issues must meet the newly mined, domestic criteria. For numismatic and commemorative coins and medals it could vary. I’m sure I saw such verbiage in the laws that created the collectible Buffalo, First Spouse and Eagles. I’m sure that the congresscritters/lobbyists from PM heavy states stay acutely aware of legislation involving precious metals and they slip that little clause into every such bill. Otherwise they would not be good little criminals……..I mean upstanding citizens.

  312. IndenturedServant says

    I’d really be curious to know if we shipped newly mined, domestic gold to Australia to have blanks made for the UHR and then shipped the blanks all the way back to West Point to strike the coins. It was hard to believe that a US firm could not be found to make those blanks.

  313. Natatack says

    Just saw the PCGS quarterly special that someone mentioned earlier that extends the deadline for first strike label till June 30th. A good 7 weeks longer than NGC’s deadline which means if you get late shipments on your HOF coins you won’t be out of luck. It’s a brilliant move on PCGS in that it will bring in a lot more business .

  314. thePhelps says

    “NGC slabs should bring more money because of the 30 day window”

    Oh boy – too bad TPG have such limited scope and vision. They could have done 3 – 30 day windows and had a 1st strike – then 30 days and a 2nd strike and 30 more days and done a 3rd strike.

    I so love these labels…

  315. Natatack says

    In general I think the early/first release, first strike labels are gimmicky at best. NGC doesn’t publish statistics on these early labels so you don’t know how many are out there. I doubt most people will remember that PCGS extended their deadline 10 years down the road, except maybe Michael, he’s a statistical numismatic god send ( Thank you Michael!). There is no reference on Gray Sheet prices on early/first strike/ special first day releases, it will be interesting to see how prices hold up in the future. Ten years down the road, will that opening day label bring 3x-4x the price that it does now?

  316. Eddie says

    You think the TPGers have a think tank to come up with next year’s labels and figure out just how much can be made off of them?

  317. jim says

    These HOF coins are a home run. I got 8 yesterday and I like that they come from all four Mint. P,W,S, & D what a set, price will only go up over time.

  318. Natatack says

    No doubt, it has become a billion dollar industry. I have not seen what the NGC signed (copies) of Hall of famers labels are going to go for, and who can forget the signed Mercanti labels from PCGS. I hear of ones coming out from the artist also. No telling what other labels will be coming from PCGS. I have noticed that some of the prices have weakened since the opening of the gold AE and silver unc AE and 5 oz pucks .

  319. Wes says

    It’s craziness. I won’t pay for a designer label. Grades are another thing that says something about the coin.

  320. says

    Looked my two over and the “W” shows nice and clear! Wish I had also ordered the uncirculated one! Good luck to the person that thinks his mint mark is missing!

  321. natatack says

    Anyone ever track the price trends of the 2001 silver buffalo dollar from after the sell out till now. Don’t know if the HOF silver will follow that one for the next 13 years or be forgotten about like some of the other silver commemoratives from the recent past. Some people are betting that the prices will bottom out later when all the raw and graded coins get dumped onto the market and buy at lower prices.

  322. Natatack says

    I stand corrected the PCGS cut off date for first strike is May 8th not the end of June.

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