2014 Baseball HOF Silver Dollars Officially Sold Out

BHOF Silver DollarThe proof and uncirculated 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Silver Dollars have officially been marked as “sold out” on the United States Mint’s website. For nearly two weeks, the Mint had been accepting orders for the coins for placement on a waiting list.

On April 9, the US Mint had posted a “waiting list” notice on the product pages for the coins. The notice indicated that orders had been received to meet the entire maximum mintage for the product offering. Collectors could still place orders for placement on a waiting list, which would be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis in the event of an order cancellation.

With the silver dollars now officially sold out and orders no longer accepted in any format, only the clad composition half dollars remain available. The $5 gold coins had sold out in rapid fashion and continue to command a sharp premium on the secondary market.

The most recent sales statistics (as of April 20, 2014) indicate total sales for the $5 gold coins at 32,026 proof and 17,974 uncirculated coins, accounting for the entire 50,000 maximum mintage. The figures represent a split of 64.1% proof and 35.9% uncirculated coins.

The figures for the silver dollars indicate total sales of 262,091 proof and 137,909 uncirculated coins, accounting for the entire 400,000 maximum mintage. The figures represent a split of 65.5% proof and 35.5% uncirculated coins.

For the clad half dollars, sales have reached 119,869 proof and 74,203 uncirculated coins, for a total of 194,072 across both versions. Sales to date represent a split of 61.8% proof and 38.2% uncirculated coins. The maximum mintage for the half dollars is 750,000 pieces. A special young collectors set incorporating the uncirculated version of the half dollar will be released later this year.

As an update to a previous post containing a reader report of a Baseball Hall of Fame Gold Coin missing the “W” mint mark, upon evaluation the coin was found to have the proper mint mark. The coin was not missing the mint mark.

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  1. Ray says

    @Steve and @Matt, thx for posting the results of your submissions to NGC. Anyone else who has submitted, please share with us your results as you receive them.

    For the people who are currently receiving or receiving shipping notifications for their gold proof BHoF coins, what time did you place your orders? I’m curious to see where they are on shipping.

  2. says


    Sales report is now out, and 22.8K of the GSM AtB have been sold. I’m going to tentatively guess the mint produced the maximum mintage this time given the apparent enthusiasm for the subscription discount and the results of the Mt. Rushmore sale last year. I’m betting we get a sellout at 25K in one and a half to three weeks unless sales really fall off a cliff.

    Also of interest is sales of the BHoF half dollar are nearing 200K. Seems like the sellout of the silvers have given a modest boost to this one. I still don’t think they will sell out, but the halves should do respectably, certainly better than any other clad commemorative half in years.

  3. Jon in CT says

    cagcrisp wrote on APRIL 22, 2014 at 1:36 PM:
    @Jon in CT, Sales numbers are derived when sales are made not when they are shipped.

    You shouldn’t confuse sales with orders. Sales are recognized when payment is received, which usually occurs as part of the actual shipping process.

  4. fmtransmitter says

    It pays to use that EXPRESS route…And it doesn’t pay when you use the 5 free submissions…Just an FYI. You pay you get, you don’t pay you don’t get…lol
    Question? I have a silver acid test kit. The bottle contains acid but says it is for silver. I have other acid for gold. Either way, if I used the silver acid for gold and the gold evaporates is it a good sign it isn’t gold or do I need to buy GOLD acid test?

  5. fmtransmitter says

    * correction, I don’t have other acid for gold but they sell it. My acid says for silver only…

  6. says

    @Jon in CT, ONCE again you are wrong. There are 50k Gold HOF coins sold and we are NOT even close to shipping all those Gold coins out. There are 400k of Silver HOF coins SOLD and we are NOT even close to shipping all those Silver coins out.

  7. Louis says

    Just got my grades from NGC. They were very fast as they only got my order a week ago. Got 5 70’s out of 8 coins. All my dollars were 70’s, the proof clad half, and the proof gold. Unc gold and half were 69’s. Not bad and enough to justify the expense. I can buy a graded 70 half and then I would have a matched set of 70’s except for the unc gold. Have another coming later so maybe quality will be better and I will have a full set. I will send more dollars in later after they ship my orders as quality seems to be best with those.

  8. VABEACHBUM says

    @ C.O. – we’ve come to the same conclusion about the SMN ATB. If the Mint saw an overwhelming interest through the subscription program, I have no doubt that they struck the entire authorized mintage of 25K coins. And, given that they have two new releases for BU and UNC version over the next two months, I can’t see them going back in late June or July to re-tool for 2000 more SMN coins.

    I also noticed the swing in the BHOF Clad. Those of us who following the sales had agreed in previous posts that this would be the trend. I think sales will taper after the cost increase at the end of the month, but I still can see them squeezing 400 – 450K before the end of the year. As some have mentioned, I would love to see MLB swoop in for several thousand for sales at the ball parks. If people are willing to pay $8 for a Dog and $10 for a beer, then what’s $25 or more for a commemorative half dollar!!

  9. VABEACHBUM says

    Congrats, Louis. Sounds like a great return on your investment. Did you happen to see the close on that recent Ebay listing for the PCGS 6-coin “Opening Day” Set in PR / MS 70?? $7,900.00!!! I really hope the winner likes those coins, ’cause I don’t see a return on that investment in his future.

  10. says

    @VABEACHBUM, I don’t think the price increase for the clads will bother MLB much. They already now IF they can market the product or not. They will just pass the cost on IF that is what they decide to do. I think it is a Win Win Win Win for everyone if MLB steps in. The HOF gets $5/coin, the ballparks get additional foot traffic, fans get to purchase a HOF coin, and the Mint sells coins. Win Win Win Win

  11. Jon in CT says

    cagcrisp wrote on APRIL 22, 2014 at 2:05 PM:
    @Jon in CT, ONCE again you are wrong. There are 50k Gold HOF coins sold and we are NOT even close to shipping all those Gold coins out. There are 400k of Silver HOF coins SOLD and we are NOT even close to shipping all those Silver coins out.

    Unlike cagrisp, I do not have access to detailed U.S. Mint shipment numbers. However, I do have access the the U.S. Mint’s FY2013 Annual Report at https://www.usmint.gov/downloads/about/annual_report/2013AnnualReport.pdf. The following definition is found on page 34:

    Numismatic Sales: Revenue from numismatic sales to the public is recognized when products are
    shipped to customers.

  12. Louis says

    Thanks, VAB. I would be a slightly happier camper if I had a 70 unc gold esp. as that is the series key, but as I mentioned I have another shot at it later even if it is too late for ER. Either way they will look nice in a six-coin case. For the clad half I will just wait a bit and the price should be under $100, or send the next one coming in, but it’s very tough to get a clad half that nice, so probably better to buy graded.

    Have you received any coins yet? Any plans to send any in?

  13. Jim_D says

    The mint does not get REVENUE until they ship the coin, which is when they ding your credit card.

  14. says

    @Jon in CT, You are talking two COMPLETELY different things between SALES numbers and REVENUE dollars. OF COURSE revenue can not be recorded until the $$ are received. That is and has not been the question that started this. Sales for the Theodore Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set started on December 17th 2013 and yet shipments did not start until just recently. Weekly SALES numbers have been shown since December and yet REVENUE was not recorded until $$ were received. SALES numbers for the Gold HOF coins are listed on the Mints website and yet the $$ have NOT been received. SALES numbers and REVENUE dollars are COMPLETELY different things…

  15. fmtransmitter says

    Well I got a gold acid kit coming. Thanks anyways. I have a 1808 British coin that looks to be gold glued to the top of an old copper box. If that coin is gold its coming off someway somehow!!

  16. coolbowser says

    I submitted 13 coins to NGC. 4 proof dollar, 1 unc dollar, and 8 $5 gold unc. I was able to score 12 out 13 70’s. Of course I looked at my coins under magnification before I sent them in. The only 69 I received was for one of the proof dollars. I got my order in at 12:04 on day one so I believe I had some of the early strikes. Awesome! I’m still looking to trade someone for a proof $5 gold in early release PF70 for one of my early release MS70 gold’s. Anyone interested in a trade?

  17. GoldFishin says

    Just received my silver HOF proofs order time 1:01 pm EST 3-27. Funny thing, they shipped it FED-EX smartpost with no DATE on the package and no signature required, just like they shipped my free bags. USPS was the last delivery leg as they deliver some packages for FED- EX and UPS now. Forget leaving this one sealed for posterity or FS later.

  18. VABEACHBUM says

    @ coolbowser – out of curiosity, what was the total number of coins you pre-screened in order to identify the 13 that were submitted? Of the coins you did not submit, was their quality so very obviously different from the 13 that made the cut?

  19. coolbowser says

    Sorry for some reason my post didn’t post all the way. I was saying that out of those 42, 20 maybe would of been 70’s based on my observations. But I narrowed it down to the 8 golds that I submitted that I had pretty much a 99% confidence they would be 70’s. Of the remaining ones, there was an obvious flaw on the reverse of the gold above the glove that you could really only see with magnification in the exact same spot on each coin. I submitted 4 silver dollar proof and 3 out 4 were 70’s and those were the only silver proof’s I received in this shipment. I had 2 silver unc and one had an obvious flaw and the other didn’t.

  20. Pittsburgh P says

    @goldfishin… I am assuming that your 1:01 pm on 3/27 order was under $300 and did not include gold. If I’m correct then that is the mints normal shipping procedures. They always use FedEx SmartPost and you never have to sign unless you spring for expedited shipping…

  21. Leo S says

    Delivery Date Confusion – I reported earlier that I called the Mint last week regarding the orders with a delivery date of 4/16/14 and was told that they would ship this week. I called again and now have been told that the 4/16/14 dated orders will ship on 6/21/14, two months from now. If you try to get a clarification regarding this conflicting information you are told that there is no one at the fulfillment center can give you that information. You are also told that there is no phone number that they can give you to find out when your order will be shipped and they don’t know when more coins will be shipped from the Mint to the center to ship. You are also told that they cannot give you the phone number because if they had one they would be inundated with calls and they can’t answer that many. I like the Mint products but their customer information policy is extremely frustrating. Maybe if we all call the Mint they will get their act together.

    Just a thought.

  22. Mark Rex says

    Can those FrdEx SmartPost packages be kept sealed and sent in later for FS to PCGS? As they don’t have a date on the label but do have a ship date on the invoice inside?

  23. Louis says

    Gotta give NGC credit for quick turnaround even while they are inundated with orders. My coins just shipped.

  24. Don says

    With all that inventory you now have on hand, I guess you’ll be opening up a coin shop if you don’t have one already. Good luck in your endeavor.

  25. Don says

    The quick turnaround from NGC can probably be attributed to the very little time that they devote to examining each coin. As they say, it’s like a factory–they pump out product.

  26. Don says


    Did the majority come up heads or tails when you flipped them? ( I couldn’t resist slipping in that one).

  27. Pittsburgh P says

    @Mark rex… I am pretty sure the date must be on a sealed package with no sign of tampering. Somebody could send in any box with an old invoice.I am not sure about PCGS though since I mainly deal with NGC so you may want to call them for a more definite answer.

  28. fmtransmitter says

    I can see it now, lots of 70’s on those HOF people, we are raking in the new collectors and word will spread!…

  29. Pittsburgh P says

    Leo S says

    April 22, 2014 at 5:18 pm
    You are also told that there is no phone number that they can give you to find out when your order will be shipped and they don’t know when more coins will be shipped from the Mint to the center to ship. You are also told that they cannot give you the phone number because if they had one they would be inundated with calls and they can’t answer that many. I like the Mint products but their customer information policy is extremely frustrating. Maybe if we all call the Mint they will get their act together.

    Just a thought.

    Give US Mint Media Relations a call Leo S…

  30. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis – I placed my initial orders at 1534 on 03/27. To date, I have taken delivery of my PR & UNC Clad halves. Both coins were the very highest quality, commemorative haves I have received from the mint in quite some time. My PR S$1 is scheduled to arrive on Friday, while my UNC S$1 remains back-ordered to 04/16. Yes, and no changes in over weeks. My PR and UNC $5 still are back-ordered to 06/21. That date has remained unchanged since 04/04. As for grading – just no desire. I’m quite content to have these coins in my collection in OGP.

    @ Coolbowser- Thanks for your response to my question. I was interested in the success of your sample as compared to your total population. More than anything else, looks like you have a pretty good eye for selecting submission candidates.

  31. Louis says

    Thanks, VAB. My orders for extra $1 coins almost all seem to be slated to ship in June (though one still says 4/16?). I think there is a good window now for those who want to sell as inventories will remain small until all those coins ship later. When MCM got some coins, they went very fast.

  32. Ray says

    Got both of my hof silver dollars today. Nice coin. Gonna look at them under good light a loup

  33. MK says

    For NGC submissions, just the capsules, or should they be sent in with all their OGP? Yes, I’ve read the submission instructions, I’m just trying to figure out what’s the best or preferred method.

  34. GoldFishin says

    @Pitt P- Yes my Silver HOF coins that came today were under $300. I ordered them a couple minutes after I ordered my Gold at 12:58 EST 3-27. I received my gold proof early but still waiting on the unc.
    Side Note: After all the wonderful reports of 70’s from NGC I broke the seals of my two packages, one from the Denver Mint and the other from US Mint. I examined these coins upside and down first by sight under good jewelers light, then 5x and finally 10x loupe. I am a very discriminating with my evaluation. Out of 14 silver coins, 7 Pf and 7 Unc. I found two certain 70’s, Four I would think may grade 70, but probably more likely 2 of those 4. One had a touch of embedded die grease or something like that, otherwise perfect. I had two that were very strong 69’s with only 1 minor tick(silver flake) on each of them. The other four were very weak 69’s. I kicked them out immediately only by sight. There were bad rub marks on the Obverse stitches on those. I haven’t broke open my Proof Gold Yet, hoping to get my Unc. and send everything at once.
    In Summary out of 10 coins that I will send to NGC. I expect 3 to 4 70’s and maybe 6 or 7 69’s. If it turns out better than that, I will be pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t really happy with what I found, but I am very picky and have been told by a PCGS grader once that there is no such thing as a perfect coin, just a coin that will grade 70, if that makes sense.
    I have 4 more silver sets, I ordered much later, that I will keep in OGP whenever they get here in Dec. or whatever. 🙂

  35. GoldFishin says

    @MK – just the capsules, remember the extra weight may cost you extra shipping costs depending on how you ship.

  36. MK says

    Thanks Gf..and thanks for sharing what you opened. I would be a little disappointed as well but, maybe it will turn out better than you think. My first silvers from Denver and other US mint order are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. The only coin I received so far was a half clad proof that looked like it had been chewed on by my dog. Rather than send it back, I decided I would regift it to a family member with poor eyesight.

  37. Pittsburgh P says

    @Goldfishin… That’s not terrible and thx for the info. Would you say that you got more 70s(or better quality overall I guess) from the US mint or their gift shop in Denver? IDK If its possible that the ones at the gift shop may be a little better since usually people can see them right at the point of purchase(unless they are shipped like we had done)… Just wondering if you saw any difference. Also, when is your est. ship by date for the unc. gold(not that it really matters right?) cause your order time is similar to mine. Thanks again…

  38. GoldFishin says

    Pitt P- the four worst ones and the two best ones were from the Denver Mint. The ones from the US Mint were very strong 69’s, borderline 70. I am confident that these were not returns though from the Denver Mint. I practically had to pry the capsules out of the packaging with a crowbar. I think I may have just been unlucky with the four bad ones, they all had serious rub marks right in the center of the obverse stitches. The reverses on them were perfect. Like MK, I will gift them to my near sighted relatives. LOL

  39. GoldFishin says

    Pitt P…on the unc. gold my ship date moved from 4-3 to 6-1 about two weeks ago and has been dead in the water since.

  40. Louis says

    @GF- The grader is right. There is no such thing as a perfect coin. With enough magnification every coin has flaws. But a 70 is a coin that does not have any at the level of magnification used by the graders.

  41. Jeff says

    When shipping the HOF in the capsules, their instructions says to label each coin with invoice number and line number.

    Is this necessary if you have 4 different HOF coins on one invoice?

  42. Pittsburgh P says

    Goldfishin… Thanks. Yeah, I’m hoping to get lucky through the Denver Mint. And same with my unc. but it went to 6/21 and like you I was lucky to get my first order of proofs but on my second one its still at 4/16… Oh well and thanks again!

  43. Mmm says

    My UNC gold was moved back to July 17th. I’m still hoping I’ll get it against all odds.

    Order number: 429696xxx

    Order Date: 03/28/2014 at 08:21 AM

    2014 BASEBALL HOF GOLD UNC 1 $419.75 $419.75 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 07/17/2014.

  44. GoldFishin says

    @Steve or anyone else- Is the Edgeview Holder the default holder under the Early Bird Tier for the HOF coins at NGC or do you have to pay the $5 Scratch Resistant holder fee per coin to get the Edgeview holder? Thanks

  45. Howard says

    The LESPS were negative probably due to very poor coin & packaging condition.
    At least that was my experience with 2013’s.

  46. fmtransmitter says

    GoldFishin says
    APRIL 22, 2014 AT 10:45 PM

    @Steve or anyone else- Is the Edgeview Holder the default holder under the Early Bird Tier for the HOF coins at NGC or do you have to pay the $5 Scratch Resistant holder fee per coin to get the Edgeview holder? Thanks

    pay the $5 and write edgeview on form to make sure its worth it

  47. GoldFishin says

    Thanks FMT! How is the back holding up? Like a curved baseball coin? Just to stay on topic. Hope you are doing well!

  48. charles says

    The edgeview holders are being used for ALL HoF coins. You could pay $14 for regular modern (with the brown label) and still get the edgeview.

  49. GoldFishin says

    Thank you Charles! I haven’t submitted coins to NGC in about two years. I couldn’t find it on the website anywhere. Also on the Opening Day Release coins, they are not in edgeview holders and I don’t like the look at all! I wanted to make sure I didn’t get those holders. Once upon a time you paid extra for the Edgeview, now I guess you pay the $5 extra for the Scratch Resistant Edgeview. Thanks.

  50. Eddie says

    I am suppose to get all of my silver coins today amd I am hoping for the best. I got my UNC halves the proof half was great but I can’t say that about the UNC half. If sent to be graded it wouldn’t get a 70 or 69 I don’t even know what grade they would give it. There are no marks or scratches it’s lust the finish of it.So I guess I will order another one and hope.
    When I get the gold ones I am for some very good good coins.

    @ NGC should have did the rest of your order for free. Since they really blow it.

  51. fmtransmitter says

    @GoldFishin : NGC changed to the edgeview after everyone complained for the HOF coins…

  52. JagFan says

    Quick Update – for those of you interested in the First Strike / Early Release 70’s High Relief Bald Eagle, Silvertowne just got a few more in from the last of their OGPs that they submitted…

    These were previously sold out… This will probably be your last chance if you want one..

    It is a beautiful coin with a (Mint News Blog Favorite) low Pop.

    Get’em while you can.

    Also, I saw last night on Silver Towne’s tv show (The Coin Vault) they were selling the 2013 LESPS for $199 in OGP and they blew thru their alotment. I don’t know who is crazier, those that buy from the TV shows or those who give their money away to Govmint! LOL

    Have a great day and hopefully somebody on this blog will end up with a Baseball HOF Coin that ends up being a rarity! Good Luck All!

    Happy Collecting… or Flipping!

  53. Natatack says

    I may go for the cheaper NGC brown labels for $14 as a lot of my coins will be missing the ER deadline.

  54. Dave says

    Just sold on the Bay
    PF70 UC NGC ER $1. $105
    Still bidding. OGP PF $1. $89

    Don’t think the non- Baltimore graded are going to be worth the fee in the short or long run.
    Just too many 70s around in the dollar
    On the other hand, the 70 half in ER seems to be getting a strong bid.

  55. Dave says

    Correction to 12:07 post regarding HOF NGC PF70 UC. Final price was $122.50.
    The last second bid did not show at auction end, but a review of bidding indicated the higher sale price.
    It does not alter my belief that grading at 70 will garner sufficient premium over OGP. Besides , 70 is surely not guaranteed!

  56. Pittsburgh P says

    I just received my grades from NGC for my first order. I basically just shipped them the whole order minus a clad half dollar proof because I wasn’t sure if it would grade 70 and I assumed I’d have my 2nd order already since I like to have these in OGP to look at… I guess you know what they say about assuming! I only ordered 2 complete sets and a few extra of each silver and clad. At first I only order a few BHoF coins including one gold proof but my plan turned into having one set in OGP and one set in NGC ER 70 and have the extra graded and possibly sell them… Since I waited my first mistake was only ordering one unc. gold in time. I am on the wait list but am 99.9% sure I will not receive them so I had to trade for one with a flipper in my area. Am not to happy about it but oh well… Also, the unc. gold I will get is in my 2nd order instead of the one I’ve gotten to split costs so who knows when I’ll see it. Sorry about the life story, I’ll move on to the info…

    I did get the rest of my coins(except the unc. gold) from the mint today also and I must say they look stellar as well. IDK if I’m just getting lucky but I have not had to even think about sending any back. Here are the results from NGC:


    Sorry about the spacing and text… It’s how my phone copied and pasted.

    Again, I did not cherry pick these. This was my entire order minus one half dollar proof. I feel very fortunate but honestly felt they were all worthy of 70s. I was close I guess.

  57. Clark says

    My NGC grade results. I ordered 5 (first of many orders) and immediately sent them to NGC without any prescreening. I am pleased. Good luck to all of you too!


  58. ABC says

    This is off-topic,
    Any of you know whether we as collectors can make suggestions to the mint regarding which commemoratives should be made in the future? Or is this ability limited to the congress?

  59. Eddie says

    Just got both of the Silver HoF.coins. They both look great. The only coin I got was the unc.clad half. There are no scratches but has a kinda ruff surface.

  60. Pittsburgh P says

    To each his own Wes. I agree, Your coins belong where you feel they’re best served.

    Thanks for the input, enjoy the coins and Happy Collecting

  61. Pittsburgh P says

    @abc congress doesn’t make the suggestions only votes on/approves them and set/approves the numbers I beleive. I’m not sure if a citizen can make a suggestion to the mint but you can always try I guess. You could email them and I m sure they’d at the least reply.

  62. MK says

    @Wes I felt as you do however, I have since changed my mind to some degree and I have decided to send in a few for grading for the fun of it. I’ll compare my mediocre grading skills against NGC. Lol. Pitt & Clark terrific grades especially on the $5 proofs, congrats…

  63. MK says

    Pitt how did your Denver order come in? FedEx itself or Fedex via the post office? I didn’t get a tracking number, and I really don’t want to bother the poor lady at the Denver mint unless I have to. She was quite frazzled on the day I placed my order.

  64. MK says

    My proof $5 just went from 06/21, where it’s held steady for weeks now, to 07/07…thanks US Mint..

  65. GoldFishin says

    my unc. gold just changed again from 6-1 to 6-21. order time 12:58 EST 3-27…thanks US Mint!

  66. fmtransmitter says

    Subjective as it may be, I truly feel the US Mint went above and beyond to produce a stellar product. They were helped by other World Mints on this offering who were brought to “help”. Great job.

  67. fmtransmitter says

    Is is interesting to watch that video shot in 2001 called Secrets of the US Mint. At the end it shows Salzburg sitting around a table with a few other guys passing around a classic gold with bare hands and debating on either a 64 or 65 grade. My my how times have changed. They showed their old building in NJ. Have you seen the new state of the art building in Sarasota? I wish they would go public so I could buy some stock!

  68. GoldFishin says

    Just cracked open my sealed HOF $5 gold proof package. Tired of waiting on the Unc. gold. I am going to send this proof with my 10 silvers to NGC. Great news is that it is absolutely perfect! I expect nothing less than a 70 for it. I am hoping for similar results as others have had, but I am remaining cautiously optimistic. Great news Pitt and Clark!!

  69. Pittsburgh P says

    @MK it came FedEx Express saver. So it comes directly from FedEx. Yea, she definitely did seem frustrated from all the orders. She was nice enough to call me with the tracking number upon my request. she was still sending orders out from last Tuesday this week… If you haven’t received yours yet I’m guessing you’ll get it tomorrow or Friday.

  70. Pittsburgh P says

    @MK & anyone interested… I’ve found if you download UPS and FedEx apps on your phone and sign in with your information you no longer need to get tracking numbers from people and companies prior. Everytime a package is sent to my name or address it automatically pops up on my app and lets me know the tracking info. It’s free too, you can upgrade to a paid service but I don’t. Its been pretty helpful especially lately.

  71. MK says

    Pitt-Thanks for the info..I just downloaded the app to give it a try. Gf-you broke down and opened! I’m surprised you held out as long as you did.. lol At least you got a good looking coin even if your unc is backordered ’till Christmas..

  72. VA Rich says

    PP – that’s great to know, thanks for sharing! Will make arrangements for deliveries much easier now..

  73. Jon in CT says

    PCGS grading:
    2014-W $5 Baseball Hall of Fame MS69 MS70
    • 525857 First Strike 84 128
    • 525862 First Strike - Cassie McFarland 10 0
    • 526710 First Pitch (Baltimore) 20 66
    • 527080 First Pitch (Baltimore) Cassie McFarland 2 12

    2014-W $5 Baseball Hall of Fame PR69 PR70
    • 525860 First Strike 67 199
    • 525865 First Strike - Cassie McFarland 3 7
    • 526716 First Pitch (Baltimore) 15 69
    • 527084 First Pitch (Baltimore) Cassie McFarland 4 9

    2014-P $1 Baseball Hall of Fame MS69 MS70
    • 525649 First Strike 191 177
    • 525651 First Strike - Cassie McFarland 123 175
    • 526719 First Pitch (Baltimore) 162 248
    • 527083 First Pitch (Baltimore) Cassie McFarland 27 32

    2014-P $1 Baseball Hall of Fame PR69 PR70
    • 525650 First Strike 197 293
    • 525652 First Strike - Cassie McFarland 177 314
    • 526718 First Pitch (Baltimore) 284 373
    • 527081 First Pitch (Baltimore) Cassie McFarland 24 48

    2014-D 50C Baseball Hall of Fame MS69 MS70
    • 525645 First Strike 247 184
    • 526703 First Pitch (Baltimore) 219 206
    • 527078 First Pitch (Baltimore) Cassie McFarland 32 42

    2014-S 50C Baseball Hall of Fame PR69 PR70
    • 525646 First Strike 250 113
    • 526717 First Pitch (Baltimore) 242 165
    • 527078 First Pitch (Baltimore) Cassie McFarland 27 48

  74. Lee says

    I ordered several Silver HOF 1 Dollar Coins 70 minutes (I signed online at noon and was put on the waiting page for an hour) after they went on sale according to my email receipt. I am told I will be receiving them this week, too late for the NGC Early Release label. Why is this? Is 70 minutes not considered early enough? You would think they could make an exception at NGC with proof of a receipt that the May 8th deadline can be extended until all first day orders are received or something along those lines. It’s not our fault the brilliant success of the mint with this coin being delivered as fast as they could handle them that we cannot get them to NGC in time. I have a collector friend that ordered on Day 1 later in the day and is not getting his until June mid month. I wanted to sell a couple of these off graded Early. I have already called NGC and was told May 8th is the deadline, no exceptions. They are going to have quite a few extra Early Release labels. Any suggestions before I submit to PCGS instead?

  75. Bob A says

    Not sure if anyone here can answer this question, but I received my allotment of 25 HOF silver dollars. Several had obvious imperfections, seen with the naked eye. Which lead me to question the ethics of the mint. First off, I’ll never buy anything from them again, no matter how amazing or unique. This has been a nightmare experience. Now i have this uneasy feeling that the dealers who weren’t able to grade 69/70 (from in-house grading staff), sent back the ‘imperfect ones’ and now they are getting shuffled off to unsuspecting folks like me. Is this possible, or are coins really fresh off the mint to my house? What will they do with the 5 that I send back for an replacement (had the proof, don’t like them, getting the UNC instead)? Thanks for any input you can share.

  76. Larry K. says

    I just received an email confirming shipment of two HOF Unc Silver Dollars. My order was placed about the time of the sold out announcement. Has anyone else received shipment confirmations for these?

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