2014 Baseball Silver Dollars Back on Sale

baseballIn a surprise move, the United States Mint has resumed accepting orders for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Silver Dollars. These coins have been unavailable to order since April when a sell out was declared.

The additional coins now available for sale are the result of orders placed by customers prior to the sell out but cancelled due to payment issues. The combined maximum mintage for the silver dollars remains at the same level of 400,000 pieces across the proof and uncirculated versions.

The Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins went on sale March 27, 2014. The US Mint had received orders meeting the maximum mintage of 400,000 units on April 9. Orders continued to be accepted for placement on a waiting list until April 21 when a sell out was declared.

According to a statement released by the Mint, “The Mint cancelled all orders that could not be fulfilled due to payment issues, after  giving those customers every opportunity to provide updated credit card information for possible fulfillment.    These credit card cancellations made additional Baseball Hall of Fame silver dollar proof and uncirculated inventory available.”

The proof silver dollars are priced at $56.95 and the uncirculated silver dollars are priced at $52.95. There is an ordering limit of 100 units per household. The coins will remain available for sale until the mintage limit of 400,000 is reached or until December 31, 2014 12:00 Noon ET, whichever comes first.

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  1. fmtransmitter says

    AND he wrote it on the phone…I hope he TALKED into it instead of typed it and gets something to get some sleep. Tylenol PM?

  2. Sith says

    So they coins were ordered in April, and the mint made the determination that they were not wanted 8 months later…

  3. fmtransmitter says

    Saw my first Hilary 16 bumper sticker today…Here we go…ho hum…She doesn’t even drive due to seizures and she wants to run the free World?

  4. Sith says

    Not sure what some of you are complaining about. If a sold out item is put back on the market because it was determined that although we claimed it had reached its mintage limit, in reality it had not reached it who cares, IE the mint declared a sellout in April at 400K, now they are back on sale because they sold less than 400K, and want to sell the full mintage. Its not like they are making new coins, and it not like they are doing a head fake by declaring a sellout before the full mintage was reached, then going oops my bad we are going to produce some more.

  5. Brad says


    That’s EXACTLY why I NEVER pay for those shipping upgrades. I usually get upgraded anyway, even when I pay for “budget.” The upgrade charges are just another way for the Mint to make extra money from unsuspecting collectors.

  6. Joseph says

    Don’t buy these coins. I think they are returns.

    For my own experience, mint sent me 30 BHOF silver dollar in 2 packages, each of them full of returned coins. so I returned both to mint. Last month, they charged to my credit card again and now I am still asking them to refund the coins I didn’t receive. what they will do is they will send me the 30 coins again and issue no refund. definitely will return to mint again. I DON’T WANT THOSE REJECTED COINS. PERIOD!

  7. MN says

    Please post coin conditions of newly ordered BHoF Silver Dollars! I would like one more unflawed Unc but have a hard time believing the ones being offered coins are never before shipped out coins. I don’t think the rejects were melted down and struck new of for this offering and having to pay return postage may not be worth the risk of getting “70” coins.

    Yesterday I received the Visa bank card credit due me since October for the US Mint K15 Gold Kennedy coin that UPS returned to sender/Mint signed for on 10/10/14 (the new shipping service sent the PO Box addressed packages via UPS). After 6 weeks of dealing with CS, I requested a non-receipt form but had to wait another 4 weeks before the credit was given. By law, credit card “charge backs” are not possible when bank debit cards are used (like paying cash) so I had to wait and only hope my Visa would be credited $1,202.50. The credit amount given is $49.75 short so I emailed CS, giving the order’s information and a reply states it was forwarded to their credit department/a 2-5 day response wait. It appears the cost of five K14 coins on the order was subtracted from the K15 refund due; the Mint had refunded my Visa that amount after UPS left that part of the order at our street address and I shipped the package back myself).

  8. JBK says

    Many if not most if not all of the returned coins are probably well within normal tolerances. The Mint does not guarantee MS70/PR70 coins yet some people will accept nothing less. Those who used the Mint’s previously generous return policy as a chance to cherry pick dozens or hundreds of coins at the Mint’s expense are the problem (no offense intended to those here who participated in that.)

    One idea would be for the Mint to tighten it’s quality control a bit and then prohibit any returns. Then people would be guaranteed a coin that was within tolerances and it woud be the luck of the draw to get something higher.

    In the days before third party grading returns were few and far between. People who collect labels instead of coins created a whole new dynamic.

  9. maddogdday says

    Reposting this request for 2014 Fallen Heroes 3″ medals. Need one Pennsylvania and one Pentagon medal. Willing to pay a small markup over your cost and for shipping. Please post contact information and will send immediate payment. Thank you.

  10. VA Bob says

    FM – That FDR Bronze looks like someone kept it in their boats bilge for a few years. IMO way too much for a medal without a nice patina, that appears improperly stored.

    JBK – I couldn’t agree more. It’s pretty well know that many large Mint orders are/were cherry picked and the less desirable examples retuned. That said their should be no reason for someone to get a less than 69/70 from the Mint, for a coin that is supposed to get special handling and exact a large premium from the buyer. Scratches, foreign objects, and rinse spots should never leave the Mint to the buyer. Unfortunately that is the case. The abuses need to stop on both ends.

    I also agree that, with a few exceptions, TPG’s are hurting the hobby in the sense that it is creating enthusiasts that can read a label, but can’t determine what’s in the slab. It’s not making a large group of collectors any smarter about their coins as they cede that knowledge to the TPG. It is good for flippers though.

  11. VA Bob says

    Cag – best of luck on the BHoF coins. I hope my feeling about them is wrong. let us know what they look like when you get them.

  12. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    Dec 4th TA9 shipped! Now we do the slow boat dance. B33 shipped from Dec 15th, signature dance.
    – “Dances with Coins ” – starring Kevin “Costsalot” (of anxiety)
    coming (maybe) to a mailbox near you.

  13. Boz says

    Government should start its own slabbing program. Slabs and premiums seem to be what everybody wants. What ever happened to those who just liked coin collecting?

    Charge 10x for 70s and heavily discount the culls. First second strike goes to the Smithsonian, rest of the first minute to auction, the first day production gets special label, etc. Error coins on ebay with the income going to fix potholes on the interstate highway system.

    Seems like Canada did that with their old gold. Much higher premiums for higher grade with the profits going back to the taxpayer that brought them to the dance in the first place.

  14. VA Bob says

    Maddogdday – Collectors Universe (PCGS forum) has a BST (Buy, Sell, Trade) area (other coin forums might as well). I believe you’ll have better luck at places like that. MNB is really not set up for BST. Besides, lots of the same folks here are there as well. Good luck with your search.

  15. VA Bob says

    Boz – LOL…. Don’t give them any ideas. I can see them saying the funds are a little low this year, let’s pump out a few extra errors.

  16. Boz says

    Coins should be sold with numbered signed COA’s autographed by Rosie Rios. Why wait till you retire to go on TV, Do it now.

    Carson City silver dollars in 2015 anyone?

  17. Boz says

    Mobile mint with on site pressings for the 235th anniversary of the Detroit waterworks, with enhanced frosting and a Detroit mint mark? Just an idea but the Detroit silver dollars could help fix up the crumbling infrastructure. The opportunities are endless.

  18. VA Bob says

    As for that Coin Discovery Set the Mint is selling (got my email notification for that) I can help but think they would to better to put some coins other than the highly sold (some may say overly sold) JFK coins offered in this set. Maybe there are plenty of them, as they can’t ship them off to the Fed like the circulating coins.

  19. VA Bob says

    Boz – The mobile Mint would need to be bullet proof for stops in places like Detroit. They might find a new collectors base for those CR coins, though, so win win.

  20. Gary Not Dave says

    I thought the same thing a few years ago….The Mint should just sell slabbed coins 70 or 69s but that would probably put some people out of business?

  21. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, I’ve been trading Before, During and After the Fed statement and Yellen’s press conference. I can tell you there has been Wild Swings both ways. At one time the Dow was up +300 and then when she said a “couple” means “two” and it was as low as +148. Wow..I need more Dramamine…

    As for as Ag. I think All the action is focused on Au. Whether Russia has to sell Gold or Whether the currency of All the EM countries are Buying Gold because of Their currencies collapse IF Oil continues Down.

  22. Mikez says

    All, I called the mint today and talked to them about these coins being re-issues or returns being resold. I was told that all returned coins are destroyed by the mint. Which makes sense given that they cannot be sure that some chucklehead didn’t adulterate the coin and send it back. I was also told that the mint originally minted only 200,000 of these coins and that they sold out of them in April and re- minted in October of this year up to e mintage limit of 400,000. so now they have more for sale. Any thoughts on that?

  23. Ends in Error says

    I think the Mint should consider running irregular scraps of metal through the Coining Presses and offering special numbered limited autographed sets ( with COA ) of these Coin Scraps.

    Might generate big profit. “Green” coinage could be the new collecting craze.

  24. Ralph says

    Mikez@ did you just talk to the person who answered or were you transferred to a supervisor. Yesterday, I called and asked them the same question about the new batch of BHOF Silver Coins. This woman had no clue at all. All she could tell me was they were on sale and what the Mint mark was?? I asked about them being returned rejects, once again clueless! You did a lot better than I my friend! lol

  25. VA Bob says

    Mikez – I appreciate your comment, but I don’t believe for a minute that CSR gave a knowledgeable answer. I know for a fact that a person, I know, got a coin that some kind person wrote “returned” on a small sticker an placed on the capsule, on the underside. Unless things have changed very recently, I believe that unless noticeably damaged the coins go back out, and then the Mints idea of damage or subpar quality seems to vary. The Mint could avoid this by inspecting before hand, especially Au and Ag coins where we pay a large premium in order to get nice, high quality pieces. One wouldn’t buy a painting with a smug on it for full price. These collectable coins are supposed to be small works of art after all.

  26. fmtransmitter says

    FM – That FDR Bronze looks like someone kept it in their boats bilge for a few years. IMO way too much for a medal without a nice patina, that appears improperly stored.
    Maybe it was buried and found with medal detector. I know some collectors like that patina. Each to his own, thanks for commenting…

  27. Mikez says

    Hi All, in reply to Ralph, no I didn’t talk with a supervisor, just customer service rep. I have no idea who knows what there and I have always found this site to be highly informative and certainly the gentleman that runs the blog here has better contacts than I at the mint, just putting out some data there, whether or not it is legitimate I have no idea. So, not to bother anyone or put them out, there you have it. Have a good one, -Mike

  28. gary says

    The silver BHOFs should eventually crash & burn to sell at less than Mint issue price sometime in 2015

  29. Mike says

    Has the mint stop selling the 2014 Platinum American Eagle? Mintage? After 2 months of being on the market.

  30. VA Bob says

    FM – You’re right many people do like all kinds of patina, that’s why there is a big market in altering medals to have those colors. Big difference on something that goes for around $20 -$30 attempting to fetch $85. Also just because it has 1945 on it, the Mint was still selling these about 15 years ago, it may not be that old (or vintage). You can still get Washington and Lincoln inauguration medals at the Mint.

    Sure it could have been a medal detector find, but the different surface between the obverse and reverse suggest otherwise. I metal detect and most bronze coins I find are chocolate brown, never found a red, or red brown buried for any length of time, but I guess anything is possible.

    The round spots on the obverse in both the left field at 9 o clock and right near FDR’s mouth concern me. The finish seems etched, not something that would happen in a sock drawer. Naw, there is a reason this isn’t in a slab (they aren’t rare, and this wouldn’t grade). Whether one likes the look of this medal or not, I’d be cautious.

    If I were into these I’d probably buy this one, it’s closer to a realist price:


  31. AzDan says

    My 3 C&C sets arrived today. I placed the order on 12/10.

    Earlier I purchased a set on eBay from a seller for $29.97. I looked up what he was selling and it turns out he sold 100 sets for a fixed price and 34 one at a time. Having knowledge is helpful if you want to make a quick buck, but the US Mint should have let orders be taken all along in-lieu of changing the status so that items could not ordered again until “Add to bag” was visible or “Back Ordered”. Out of stock is not the same as Sold out.

    I wish I knew the set contained an enhanced version before hand and that household limits were in place at least for a couple of weeks.

  32. jhawk92 says

    @BobR-Well, $12 Eagles wouldn’t be all bad. If you figure $2.69 or more in premium over spot, then we’d be seeing silver well under $10/oz. I guess that would be a very dramatic time to buy. I am still watching, hoping we see it at least back in the $14s.

  33. Gary says

    Does anyone know if you can buy an NGC case that will fit the baseball coins. I have the complete set in ngc cases and can’t fit the baseball in it. Maybe I’m neurotic but I like stuff neat
    Thanks Gary. garyc183@comcast.net

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