2014 Calvin Coolidge Presidential $1 Coin Cover

Tomorrow, May 1, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2014 Calvin Coolidge Presidential $1 Coin Cover. This will represent the 30th release within the ongoing American Presidency $1 Coin Cover series.


Each cover includes two Calvin Coolidge Presidential Dollars sourced from the first day of production at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. This occurred on January 21, 2014 at Philadelphia and on February 19, 2014 at Denver. The coins are mounted on a display card within an illustrated envelope carrying a USPS A Flag For All Seasons stamp, which is postmarked May 1, 2014, Plymouth, VT. The date represents the first day of availability for the product and the location is the site of the Coolidge Homestead, the childhood home of the thirtieth President.

Each cover is priced at $19.95 plus applicable shipping and handling. Orders fulfilled through the US Mint’s Online Subscription Program are eligible for the discounted price of $17.95 each. There is a product limit of 20,000 units imposed.

The previous Presidential $1 Coin cover featuring Warren G. Harding has reached sales of 10,402 since its release on February 27. The previously released covers for all Presidents from William Henry Harrison onwards (with the exception of Abraham Lincoln) remain available for sale on the US Mint’s website.

Higher Mintage Limit for Next ATB 5 oz Silver Coin

shenandoahThe United States Mint has set a higher mintage limit for the next America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin. The release featuring Shenandoah National Park scheduled to go on sale May 15, 2014, will have a mintage limit of 30,000 units compared to 25,000 units for the prior release.

The increase in mintage is likely motivated by the strong sales for the prior Great Smoky Mountains National Park release. As of the latest sales report posted today, orders have already been received for 23,495 units from the 25,000 mintage after three weeks of sales.

There have been several adjustments to the maximum mintage levels for the ATB Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins as the Mint reacted to fluctuations in collector interest.

The initial 2010-dated releases carried a maximum mintage of 27,000 per design with an ordering limit of only one per household. Each of these issues would reach a sell out amidst strong collector demand.

The 2011-dated designs carried the higher mintage of 35,000 pieces each. Some of the initial enthusiasm for the series had dissipated and sales were much slower. Most of the issues remained available until the end of 2012 when sales concluded at levels well below the maximum.

For the 2012 and 2013-dated issues, the maximum was reduced to 25,000 pieces each, however the US Mint did not produce the coins to the full extent of the maximum mintage. Each of the coins sold out, sometimes quickly, at levels below the maximum.

The final sales figures for each prior release can be found in this previous post.

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  1. Pittsburgh P says

    @gary I can see that but that would be all imo since they’re not that attractive & it’s 17.99 for the cardboard and a stamp. Again imo only…

  2. MarkInFlorida says

    I’m waiting for the set of 8 uncirculated dollar coins next week. Since the banks don’t have them any more this is the cheapest way to get them for my kids’ sets. And adding it to the proof buffalo two days later will save on shipping.
    Interesting that the 2013 unc dollar set is sold out, but not the 2012 or 2011. Probably because in 2011 and 2012 you could get them in banks. Or was that only 2011?

  3. Dustyroads says

    Ok, that answers my question about the mintage.

    The US Mint is clearly pushing hard for sales this year and they certainly are getting results.
    I really don’t think an increase to 30,000 is anything to start making changes in buying plans over, but I’m sure some buyers will.
    We probably will now see some cancellations of subscriptions.

  4. Sith says

    From earlier thread –

    @thePhelps – ‘ I don’t look to buy from the mint this week and worry about turning a profit next week, next month or next year… that doesn’t make me rich – so I must be a dumbass.”
    – No it just makes you a hypocrite, my projection was long term, based on the new ATB mintage.

    “I figure 4 or 5 years from now there will be plenty of people looking to fill gaps – because they weren’t among the 25 to 30k of the initial buyers.”
    – Its obvious you you don’t buy ATBs because how do these coins fill gaps.? The lowest ATB mintages are slightly less than 15K. How is 30K less than 15K? What gaps are you talking about?

    “I bought most of mine when it was less than $5 an ounce.”
    – Is that why you find it amusing that anyone would stack at $19? If i mentioned that I thought the spot price was going down and posted here that I reduced the amount of silver I was buying would you still state that I was “posing as a coin collector,” because you thought I was trying to sell my silver “for an instant profit?”

  5. Dustyroads says

    Yes, I was serious.

    And Jon, since when does the US Mint have to ask you when they can conduct their business?

    BTW, I was thinking the same thing.

  6. VA Rich says


    2013 United States Mint Limited Edition Silver Proof Set™ (LS2)

    Happy Hump Day Everyone! Oh, it’s time for cold one!

  7. HIdalgo says

    @VARich – anyone who wanted one of the 2013 Limited Edition Silver Proof Sets had plenty of advance notice to get one. It’s interesting, but sold sets on eBay are not selling significantly higher than the US Mint’s retail price.

    I wonder how well these sets will perform in the long run. I guess time will tell!

  8. Sith says

    @Dustyroads – I agree in principle, but if the uncirculated ATBs are produced above 27K it would represent the current series mintage high. If the bullion ATB mintage’s come in at or below 35K then they may still have value above their bullion content. Then add that silver price collapsed again which makes the bullion that more attractive.

  9. Sith says

    @Jon in CT – Going back to my original thread my question remains. How can the mint increase the mintage of the collector’s version while the bullion version (which they are mandated to produce) is suspended because they don’t have enough blanks\planchets?

  10. Sith says

    @HIdalgo – Only time will tell about the Limited Edition Silver Proof Sets, but one thing for sure since this set has come out the silver proof mintage’s have gone down, and those have been doing real well in the secondary market. And going back to my previous comment about the ATBs. Based on the secondary market how can the mint produce a new product that is obviously cannibalizing the mintages of a tried and true product.

  11. ips_stuff says

    Well someone commented on the 2013 special edition selling out soon

    Soon has happened

    Just went to see about buying a couple more after reading here… and they are gone

  12. fmtransmitter says

    I agree with NGC NOT giving these the pedigree but that could easily change. This is one fluid hobby! Sheesh amen to the cold one VARich!

  13. fmtransmitter says

    Old timers, post comments about how you feel about this hobby today compared to when you started and TPG’s please…

  14. fmtransmitter says

    samuel says
    APRIL 30, 2014 AT 5:13 PM

    the 2012 limited set sold for around $350! can u believe that?!
    yes, and thousands for PCGS samuel…

  15. VA Rich says

    Sith – the mint doesn’t care about mintages or cannibalization, they care about offering their products so that a range of collectors may afford them…, poor, rich or dumbass, alike. I have two of those categories covered, though have figured that out. Actually, on the previous thread, I think phelps was addressing me, not you, imho. 🙂

    Where’s KEITHSTER? Need one of your funny and insightful posts to contemplate later. So true FM, it’s Miller Time!

  16. Steve says

    I wonder how much the BHOF coins and flippers have to do with the NGC price hikes? They must see how flippers are capitalizing on their graded coins in the resale market and they are holding out their hand for more. Will this effect how much you do business with them? PCGS to follow?

  17. GoldFishin says

    @Pitt P, Long time Steve, MK

    As you guys know I sent some of my HOF coins to NGC last Thursday Express Mail. They received them Friday afternoon and actually shipped them back to me today. WOW, what a turnaround, fastest ever for me. 8 of the coins were from Denver and 3 were from the US Mint. I did prescreen the coins I sent and I was very conservative in my estimates for what I would receive back. Results are:

    LineItem Year Mint Mark Variety/Pedigree Denom. Grade Comments Comments

  18. DCDave says

    The 2013 LESPS had terrible white junk all over the rims of the coin holders. This could not be removed.
    You know it was a problem when it comes with a note saying that the marks are OK and can easily be cleaned. Well I tried and couldn’t and exchanged mine twice. All had the same problem and I returned them all. The 2012s did not have this problem.

  19. samuel says

    just checked my credit card account, the NGC charged me several dollars less than the number on the form and did not round up to the dollar. why?

  20. ClevelandRocks says

    @DC, the LESPS is an example of circus packaging. I had the same experience and returned mine as well. The regular annual sets never have these problems.

  21. Pittsburgh P says

    @goldfishin I’d be pretty happy with those results… Only 3 69s.
    The gold was a 70 & that makes up for it. To bad no unc gold, imo there won’t be as many FS/ER of them circulating… Congrats

  22. hw says

    GoldFishin. You noted that three of the eleven coins graded by NGC were from the US Mint. Do you know the grades given to these three US Mint coins versus the Denver coins? Thanks.

  23. Howard says

    The 2013 LESPS were really a mess this year,
    I wonder what happens if a collector sends a set
    back now if it will be replace, has the mint made
    enough for more returns??

  24. GoldFishin says

    @hw I believe they graded the silvers in opposite order of how I put them. I made notes on each coin so I could compare later to what I believed the coin would grade. All 3 US MINT coins graded 70 including the proof gold. But, I was happy with the Denver results as well. I knew I was sending at least 2-3 69’s, but thought I could have a 69 set as well as 70 set. Very happy, thanks Pitt for the Denver info. I had the number for them in my cellphone from days gone by and got in on that last rush before they sold out.

  25. KEITHSTER says

    Sith man it’s simple economics why sell a product for less when a blast and a mintmark will get you a bundle more duh? Was thinking about geting a couple more Smokies as they’ll be next but it’s hard after getting themwith the script price but now they might turn out to be the low dogs this year? But it does look like the mint is up to so old tricks with all baseballers coming out right before the big Shenadoah’s! My thinking is they are trying to get out of the discount on the pucks and if they have to cancell your script your called out right? So keep the money right as mine is a debit card I’m always calling the bank and checking the mint site for the on hold:>:>:>Man with all this base ball fever going on I ‘m thinking I should dump my $5 unc but then I rember the only 5 coins I ever sold the first AGE A $100 Canada Oylimpic’s two three leggers and a 22 plain so I ‘m thinking not and man whis I had those back 🙁 So it’s live and learn and Good Luck All Even Tiny Tim :>:>:>

  26. HIdalgo says

    Based on the latest sales figures, if anyone wants a Great Smoky Mountain 5 ounce silver P coin, you should buy one now. The coin will likely sell out within 2 weeks.

    There’s no sense in waiting until the last minute, finding out you’re too late, and regretting your lack of action later.

  27. GoldFishin says

    @ Hildago I ordered my Great Smoky morning of the 2nd day and it has been just as dead in the water as my HOF unc. gold ordered first hour. I hope I get a good specimen. I signed up for the subscription for 2 coins the same day, so my first in the subscription will be the Shenandoah.

  28. Sith says

    @VA Rich – phelps responded to my second post so I think he was responding to my post about reducing my ATB purchases based on the new mintage. If he had called me a dumb ass for responding for someone else I would have simply admitted my mistake, and I would not be posting this.

    @KEITHSTER – Nothing is simple when it come to the mint, but I agree and that is why I’m reducing the amount of “P” version I purchase. I also think it will have a detrimental affect on the bullion version, but I will need to keep an eye on that, before I purchase more of those. IMHO with the current spot price on silver down again, purchasing extra “P” version coins that could wind up being the series high does not make sense…but as I explained on the other thread I collect the bullion, and its much too late to switch now.

  29. Sith says

    FYI when the spot price gets closer to $23 than $18 I will order more “P” versions via subscriptions (if its still available) until then one is enough.

  30. SilverFan says

    The 10% off subscription rate for the 5 oz silver ATB is the best deal the mint has going on. Even if these sell out at 25 K or now 30 K , these mintages are still pretty low compared to many other mint products. The mint did a nice job of increasing demand with the subscription program. There is also plenty of time left in this program for interest to increase even further.

  31. Jon in CT says

    SilverFan wrote on April 30, 2014 at 8:51 PM:

    The 10% off subscription rate for the 5 oz silver ATB is the best deal the mint has going on. Even if these sell out at 25 K or now 30 K , these mintages are still pretty low compared to many other mint products.

    I can’t think of any recent Mint product, other than the First Spouse gold coins, which has a lower stated maximum mintage limit. And I can’t think of any recent Mint silver product which carries a lower premium percentage over melt.

  32. Mark Rex says

    I think that the page for the upcoming SNP ATB P quarter is in error or a typo as this has happened a couple times recently then soon fixed. The “No” on the subscription is obviously an error so it wouldn’t be a stretch that “30k” is a typo and should read “25k”. I think that the SNP could very well be this years series low. There was great demand for the SMNP with the new subscription discount, the park recognizing and the outstanding design. A lot of collectors have gone over budget with the release of so many products like the ASE, BHoF, AGE and proof sets. This ATB release will be in the middle of three released in a span of three months and the Mint is all ready playing caught up with the bullion version. There will be a dramatic drop off rate of subscription orders for SNP compared to SMNP then some will be relucted to pay normal pricing after having the chance to save $15 per coin. If the Mint should pull the 10% off for new subscriptions this will also have an effect. The bullions will prove to be a good buy but the ‘P’s will be better. I’ll be keeping an eye on mintages of both versions. Keeping all 5 of my ATB subs active.

  33. Dustyroads says

    SilverFan, Jon in CT, and Sith, When I first started buying these, I was buying both the bullion and P’s, but the P price is close enough to the bullion price, in my opinion to just stop buying the bullion and replace the purchases with the P’s. Simply looking at the two coins side by side makes the decision an easy one for me to make. Plus, they have all the curb appeal that’s lacking in the bullion, IMHO.

    KEITHSTER, Glad you chimed in, demographics have changed here some after the HoF party. I think the 10% was a big gift for the customers, but I’m inclined to believe it’s only for this year. I can just imagine the board sitting around at their monthly meeting and someone had the nerve to suggest that they offer the 5 oz. P’s in the sub list…and the did it!

  34. VA Bob says

    GoldFishin – You did NGC’s work for them, and they knew it because of quantity of coins you sent them, without a obvious bad coin in the bunch. They most likely spent <1 min. (and probably half that) on each coin, hence the quick turn around. Congrats on your numbers.

  35. Bob R says

    on May 15, 2014, at noon (ET).
    Mintage Limit: 30,000
    Product Limit: None
    Household Order Limit: None
    Available by Subscription: No

    The only thing correct about this is line 1, 3, and 4. The mint makes typo errors many times, this is a perfect example.

  36. GoldFishin says

    Thank you VA Bob! I am happy about it. I still have 4 silver proofs and 2 silver unc. and 1 gold unc. coming from US Mint whenever. I am keeping them OGP except for the gold. I have to get it graded now to match my proof. (won’t be early release though) OGP gold proofs on ebay tonight closing over $950.

  37. VA Bob says

    I have only the first year of the 5oz. ATB’s in bullion, the rest are ‘P’ mint mark. These coins might transcend the numismatic/bullion divide due the numbers made, but I figured I’d just stick to the P’s. There was some speculation after that rough second year if even the P’s would go for bullion, but the series rebounded and marked its numismatic demand.

    I am tickled a bit when I see the TV coin shows selling recent year bullion ASE’s, all decked out in their pretty slabs, selling for a premium of course. I often wonder if the buyers know they are getting one of tens of millions? Well at least they are getting the some of the first ones made. The label said so. Good thing the authorized resellers get millions of these the first few days and weeks or they might not be so rare.

  38. VA Bob says

    GoldFishin, I’m not a big fan of the TPG’s (for moderns) but I do like to see one of our community here hit pay dirt with them. Guys like yourself prove that one can grade their coins just as well as the TPG’s if they make the effort. Too many throw anything at the TPG’s for what ever reason, and are often disappointed, and the TPG’s get paid all the same. I’m sure it made your week, deservingly so. Whatever your beverage of choice is, it’s going to taste particularly good today.

  39. VA Bob says

    Looks like the Mint surprised themselves on the number of folks taking advantage of the 10% on the 5oz. ATB’s! Party might be over for any potential late subscribers. The minute they stop the discount, my subscription is history. I combine my orders as best I can to minimize multiple shipping charges and patterns in delivery a clever thief might notice over time.

  40. GoldFishin says

    I started collecting the 5 oz. bullion is 2010, got my set from Amark already placed in PCGS slabs. I bought the first couple of 2010 SP in OGP…hot springs and yellowstone, still have them in sealed package. Then ran out of money. With this subscription and the 10% discount the 5 oz. pucks are one of the best deals going in silver. A $5 move up in silver and you are practically owning them for spot. I really liked the Smoky Mountain design and my sister lives in Knoxville, TN She will enjoy seeing the silver frisbee I am sure.

  41. Sith says

    Yes the uncirculated ATBs are currently the best deal going (but that was not always the case). Yes they are nicer than the bullion, and yes the mintage is still low. All good reasons why I’m still subscribed to them. All I said is as I’m still buying the bullion versions (it would look funny to mix the two types on display) in my case it does not make sense to buy extra “P”s with the increase in the mintage. I also agree with VA Bob , if they lose the 10% discount I will end the subscription and just go back to picking and choosing “P” ATBs and combining them with other orders.

  42. Sith says

    @VA Rich – I disagree the mint cares very much about mintages, the fact they they refused to release the proof and uncirculated ASE in 2009. The fact that they have been allocating the bullion ASEs for over a year also indicates that they care about mintages

  43. Jerry Diekmann says

    Fmtransmitter – you asked old-timers to weigh in with our thoughts on coin collecting and how it has changed since I started collecting, which in my case would go back to the early 1960s, when silver coins were still being minted and were, of course, circulating. That’s a long time ago, and I will soon turn 70. During that time there have been many changes in coin collecting and the Mint and the entrance of TPGs into the market. Some of the changes have been good, IMO, but a lot of changes have not been good. The good – again, this is just my opinion – you may feel different, and that’s fine with me – it’s a big world:

    1) Commemorative coins re-established beginning in 1982, including silver, which had disappeared in dimes and quarters beginning in 1965.
    2) TPGs created to authenticate coins and to assess grades that would at least be considered professional and impartial.
    3) Gold commemorative coins introduced in 1984, after being absent from coinage for 51 years.
    4) Creation of state quarters – a great idea, but unfortunately not always executed very well. Some designs were very good and some were very bad, or the idea was badly executed. by the Mint. We all know the good ones from the bad ones.
    5) Creation of the ATB quarters – same comments as for the state quarters. I’m not sre if there was any rhyme or reason in choosing ceratin places to recognize over other older, better known, and more beautiful sites.. At least this problem didn’t occur with the State quarters as there were 50 different states.

    The bad – unfortunately there are a lot more “bads” than “goods”:
    1) Loss of the half dollar as a circulatring coin – due to hoarding of JFK coins, even those that were clad and produced in the millions; before 1964 half dollars circulated right along with quarters and you were more likely to get a half dollar in change than two quarters. Now the half dollar as a circulating coin is essentially extinct, and that’s a shame – in the 19th century it was used more than the quarter was, and a lot more than the dollar ever was.
    2) Preponderance of military and sports themes on modern commemorative coins. A coin collector in the future would think that the USA was some sort of a re-invented Sparta, given our obsession with these two themes – they are fine themes, but they bare way, way, overdone IMO.
    3) unnecessary rarities created by the Mint – for example, the 1995W silver eagle started this nnecessary and unfortunate move by the Mint into hyping its products and has resulted in a transformatio n from true collecting and appreciating the coins as works of arts to flipping the coins. It was bad for the real estate market years ago and it is bad for the coin market today. Much of the discusssion that goes on in this blog concerns how much money a seller can make by flipping coins they have just bought.,
    4) TPGs and their grading standards and labels: This is just nothing but greed and whether some coin is a “first strike” or has this or that label and is in a fancy slab with a hologram means almost next to nothing, like the prestige and premier sets and specially packaged proof sets the Mint used to sell in the 1980s and 1990s. They have no extra value today. I myself don’t pay much attention to TPG coins – I prefer raw coins, but since many of the better coins are now in holders, I will buy a slabbed coin if that is the only way I can obtain the coin. However, I have seen some really bad coins – nicked, scratched, spotted, and badly toned in MS63, MS64, and MS65 holders. At least you know that if you buy a MNS60, MS61, or MS62 coin you are going to get a coin with somemproblems.
    5) – Price gouging by the Mint and TPG graders. Everone knows this so I don’t need to go into any more detail – it will probably always be with us., the same as politics will also enter the scene since Congress has to enact legislation for new coins, commemoratives, or changes in alloys.
    6) Pice escalation – when i was starting out you could but nice collectible coins for reasonable prices. I seem to remember that a 1916D Winged Liberty Head dime (they are not “Mercury” dimes – Liberty is an allegorical emale figure and Mercury was a Roman god with wings on his feet, not his head) – going for around $50 or so. Of course $50 back then was worth a lot more then than it is now, but it doesn’t compare anywhere near with the price people pay now for a very worn coin. For me a nice MS63 or MS64 1916P dime fits my needs – besides you have to turn the coin over to see the mintmark. And after 1964 mintmarks mean next to nothing anyway.
    7) All of our circulating coins have the image of a dead president on them. Some of these coins have been around over 100 years, in the case of the cent, 82 years for the quarter, 76 years for the nickel, 68 years for the dime, and 50 years for the half dollar. There are other worthy men and women that could be honored on these coins, or switch back to allegorical representations of liberty, as existed during the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s.. It’s way past time to replace these dead presidents. The beautiful winged Liberty Head dime was replaced after 30 years, and the even more beautiful Walking Liberty half dollar saw its end after 32 years. The current coins are way past due for changing. When the ATB quarters were instituted, why wasn’t Theodore Roosevelt, yes, a dead prsident, placed on these coins, as he did so much more than any other president in setting aside national forests and creating national monuments and national parks. This nation could and should do a lot better in designing its coins to represent the ideals this country was created for and supposedly stands for.

    For what it’s worth, that’s my take on 50+ years of collecting coins. There are probably other topics I could add – good and bad, but this thread is already getting dangerously long as it is. The market is vastly different now than it was when I was younger. Like jst about everything in life, some things are better now, and some things are worse. I do try and read the blog, and once in awhile I’ll contribute my thoughts on varios sbjects. I wish all of yo good luck and fortune in your coin collecting, even if you’re a flipper. You can’t sell unless someone is willing to buy, and that defines the coin market just like it defines the stock market.

  44. Hidalgo says

    Jerry, thank you for sharing your comments. I agree with most of your sentiments.

    I am also a long-time collector. I started collecting coins when my father bought a Standing Liberty quarter coin album. We searched through our change and tried to fill the holes. (At the time, even though the Washington quarter had been in circulation for years, one could easily find Standing Liberty quarters and Walking Liberty halves in change.)

    I remember the fun in the hunt — searching pocket change to fill the holes in my album. Of course, I was never able to fill ALL of the holes. Still, it was a great pasttime.

    Now, it seems that folks are more interested in coin purchasing, selling, and flipping. And too, like you said, there are now third party coin grading companies, which seems to feed off from offerings by the US Mint. Can you imagine what their profit margins would be if the US Mint stopped introducing non-circulating coins?

    Despite the changes in coin collecting in the past 30 years or so, I still look forward to the hobby. The designs have improved and there is more variety. And the possibilities for new, exciting, and desirable coins remains without bounds.

  45. VA Rich says

    KEITHSTER – good to see you still out here and playing in the HoF game!

    Jerry – as always, enjoyed the perspective and history lesson – Happy Birthday!

  46. VA Rich says

    SilverFan says – The 10% off subscription rate for the 5 oz silver ATB is the best deal the mint has going on.

    I couldn’t agree more – I think it was Dusty who summed it up best about a year and a half ago in speaking in terms of buying silver as nothing more than “currency conversion.” Whether it’s the P AtBs or bullion at these price points, when you start to think of it as simply converting currency, it is so easy (and more fun) to cut out frivolous purchases or reduce costs around the house and keep pulling the AtB buy trigger. Deal of the decade they are!

  47. VA Rich says

    GoldFishin – next time you visit your sister, tell her you brought her a “coaster set,” and then throw one of those on the table for her tea – makes one hell of a coaster (and an impression)! haha

  48. stephen m says

    “Unnecessary rarities created by the mint”. The 1995W silver eagle started them. Well that’s exactly what I and a lot of you like. I have yet to get that elusive, expensive and desirable 1995W. Some of the moderns will be tomorrows gems. Very good post Jerry Diekmann.

  49. Hidalgo says

    @VARich – while I agree with you that the 5 ounce silver ATB P coins, with the subscription discount, are a good bargain, they may not be profitable in the long-term. At $135 per coin (with the discount and without shipping), the value of the silver content is $27 per ounce.

    Silver (and gold) prices, at this time, are on a downward trend. The last price I saw was below $19 per ounce. Of course, if there is a war, international conflict, recession, stock market crash, etc., prices could spike back up for a while.

    You might be holding on to your 5 ounce silver ATB P coins for awhile before you realize any significant gains — based on the bullion content alone. (Of course, collector demand could increase values significantly higher than economic forces in the bullion market).

    In terms of investing money, you’re better off putting your hard earned cash in stocks, mutual funds, IRAs, etc. of precious metals. I did, and I have realized gains that precious metals did not attain in the same amount of time.

  50. gary says

    I really enjoyed reading your comments Jerry! I too am an old timer (turn 62 later this May). I remember the 1st coin I collected… a 1916 Mercury dime (I thought I had the rare one! Ha!) It turned out to be a well worn Philadelphia mint specimen. I still have this very coin! I remember stopping in at a local bank very close to my elementary school to get silver Morgan and Peace dollars, just to check the dates & mmarks! Still have that group of keepers as well. I used to hound my Dad every day to “let me see your pocket change”. My Dad used to drive me around to local banks to buy rolls of dimes, quarters & halves to pull out the silver ones. Kept the better dates & mmarks and sold the common stuff for 15% over face. Did so much of that, it actually paid for all the coins I kept! What fun that all was!!!

  51. gary says

    Forgot to comment on today’s U.S. Mint offerings. By far and away, the U.S. Mint has hit a home run with the beautiful America the Beautiful 5 oz P Mint silver coins!!! Yes some are more interesting than others, but the sculptors of the U.S. Mint have done a superlative job in creating wonderful landscapes on the canvas of this big silver coin. I also collect the silver quarter ATB proof sets to go with them. All, of course, in OGP only. What is the point of getting TPG on a coin that is already authenticated by the Mint in OGP? I like coins, not plastic & meaningless labels. Never got a bad one yet directly from the Mint!

  52. thePhelps says

    stephen – I think the rarity part of that… was the way it was sold by the mint. The only way to get the coin was to buy the set. Kind of like the matte Kennedy half or the matte nickel. While the latter aren’t hard to come by, the ASE Jerry referenced is a bit harder to find and even harder to afford as you have found. The low mintage number for that set was foreseeable by the mint and it should not have included the ASE.

    For the ASE collector that created a natural gap in the collection many will never be able to fill. While it is good for a seller these days – as a collector it was not a good deal. There appear to be roughly 150,000 to 200,000 people all needing that single coin for a complete collection.

    Think of it like this – the mint announces HR Kennedy coin this year – and then also says the only way you can get the HR coin is to buy the 2014 gold coin set in which that half will be included. Imagine how many Kennedy half collectors will now be priced out of buying that coin – and never have a completed collection.

  53. stephen m says

    the Phelps, While I’m one of the older guys here I didn’t collect in the early days but was hooked by the proof ASE’s beauty at the end of the 1990″s by watching the late Robert Chambers on a TV show called coin vault that I think aired on Saturday mornings. I missed the $995.00 mint offering of the 10th anniversary set. The mistake I made was waiting for the price to go down on the 1995W. As you know it has only gone up due to the reasons you explained. I did manage to put together a proof 70 set of ASE’s, got the mint offering for the 20th and 25th anniversary sets still in sealed boxes, a 2006 reverse proof AGE on the secondary market early on and now the BBHOF commemorative proof silver and gold in OGP. These, and I’m sure there are others, are what I called modern gems of tomorrow. If I ever do get the 1995W I’m sure it will be a 69 or OGP. Speaking of the gold Kennedy, I don’t know as I’m tapped out for this year but……………………. .

  54. Pittsburgh P says

    @thePhelps I agree with most of your previous statement but most collectors are able to find single coins on the secondary market to complete sets. Your example of the upcoming Kennedy release being sold in a set with the gold if it happens that way imo many of those sets will be broken up and sold as singles. Yes the coins will definitely demand a premium but will be much more affordable to most than buying the set. Again imo it will be a treasured addition to their collection…

  55. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    I think the Birth sets will sell out at 50,000. If the 2012 sells out soon, that will make the 2012-S proof clad Kennedy the key clad at only 850,000 pieces.

  56. Sith says

    @Jerry – I loved your post the only critique I can say is that the Kennedy stopped circulating because i they contained 40% silver and Grisham’s law took over

  57. Sith says

    And one of the first coins I collected was a 1964 quarter I knew it was different but I was too young to know why but I added it to my Coin Stock Book with a bicentennial quarter, a few buffalo nickels and some wheat cents. The oldest thing I have seen in actual circulation was a Mercury dime.

  58. thePhelps says

    Pitts… the problem is going to be in the future . The mint would sell a limited number of the sets. The fact is there are going to be far more collectors than coins available because of the artificial shortage caused by the limited number people who could have purchased them. (granted the new trend is for the resellers to stock up on these sets to make huge profit off them).

  59. Ray says

    Ive been looking at a lot of Kennedy halfs lately, and I’m going to buy the matte finish at next weekends coin show. Ive also been looking at the 2008 silver eagle with the 2007 reverse. I see the book values, but I was wondering if anyone here knew of any place that had historical coin values? I’d like to see how some coins have grown in value over the years. This seems like it would be very valuable info. Anyone know of any place that has this info?

  60. Pittsburgh P says

    @ThePhelps agreed if you start collecting a certain type of coin 10 to 20 years + from release it will be very hard to find some of these coins… But imo if one could get every coin they were looking for easily what fun would that be? Half the pleasure I get is out of the hunt!(and getting a good deal

  61. Joseph says

    Anyone got any BHOF coin from mint this week? it looks like they are out of stock. my orders in the first hour on March 27th are still having “expected ship date” pushing back almost everyday. while the bids on ebay for those BHOF are on the rise.

  62. Pittsburgh P says

    @ joesph they’ve been out of stock for weeks! If you ordered in the first hour you should have received all your BHof coins… With possible exception of the gold unc.

  63. KEITHSTER says

    Ya still in the hall of fame game looks like them balls are rolling again good thing though cause it looked like the 15th was cash crash day! Must be another get um out the door day with the last of the smokie’s and the shenadoah’s suppose to ship and they had the balls going out that day too now moved to the 16th. Whoa pony still think they might be trying to bump a few of the script players out? Did get my HOF unc set in two boxes- three if you count the bag inthe frist inning but havn’t seen any sealed boxes on the bay what do they go for? Someone said they had a boxed bag—boy on the bay?Still have two orders for the $HOF’s 4 unc’s in one and 1 proof and 2 unc’s in the other set now for the 16th. and `1 proof1/2 on for 6-1 so ya still in the ball game! Have been picking up a lot of the unc quarter rolls lately the tellers have been more willing to part with them on the last one don’t know if the demand is down or because the #’s are up or that I’m just getting better at it? Did manage to snag 15 rolls of the Shenadoah’s but don’t know why must have some racoon in me as I seem to be attracted to the shinny things? So let the games begin and Good Luck All-ways

  64. VA Rich says

    Joseph – Pitt is dead on the money, we’re in a day-for-day slip, and you should have received your coins.

    Orders between 2:30-3:00 from 3/27 are waiting to be filled for all gold and silvers (I can’t speak to clad).

  65. says

    I’ve got a 1:15PM order from 03/27 for Golds that has yet to be filled. The latest that I saw that a Gold proof was filled was 1:05PM. Silver and Clads for the 1:15PM have been filled.

  66. fmtransmitter says

    @Jerry Diekmann: And with that I will say thank you sir and comment on just reading the booklet that came with the TR set. Boy those were the days. I am proud to own this set and grateful for what TR did during his reign. BTW, the silver medal is a stunner in OGP, where it will stay! Happy hunting all!

  67. VA Rich says

    cagcrisp- Your kidding, right?! Well, that throws in a monkey wrench in trying to understand the mint’s fulfillment system.., there is no understanding. I know that there have been golds that were ordered around 1:30 that have shipped.

    Something similar happened with the GSM AtB pucks, frisbees, and coasters…, I placed my order on 12/24.., my ‘ol man put his subscription order in in March.., his shipped two days before mine and he kindly sent me a pic to show me that he had VIP status with the mint. Oh well, better late than never. That $1090 sale, was it this morning? thx

  68. fmtransmitter says

    I still have my Proof HOF gold sealed in the box with the date circled for First Strike in future…I am willing to wait years to see where this will go…

  69. Pittsburgh P says

    @VA Rich I haven’t seen any gold shipped after 1:05. Joesph said first hour so he should have all his coins. I received all mine placed in the first hour. My 1:14 order had only unc. gold and the immediate estimated ship date put on it was 6/21/14. My 1:27 order had silver, clad, and proof gold. I received everything except the proof gold. Original estimate shipped by date was 4/16 then a week after that it moved to 6/21. I know that their computer is screwy but it only seems to affect BHoF coins. As Cag said the latest gold shipped at all was 1:05… From what I have seen

  70. Joseph says

    Sorry, Guys. I should say the first 2 hours on March 27th. the only one ordered in 1st hour(12:58) I haven’t received is Silver UNC. all other orders placed after 1:00 have an “expected ship date” moving forward daily.

  71. says

    I know there is no way of knowing. Anyone want to speculate how many Gold BHOF coins were initially minted and shipped? My guess is that they did 60% of total allotment and split it 20,000 proof and 10,000 uncirculated.

    @ Va Rich, the $1090.00 Gold, yes it was this morning.

  72. VA Bob says

    Jon in CT I can’t think of a better person than Maxine Waters that would make me want to buy a coin more. /sarc

  73. Jerry Diekmann says

    Sith – in answer to your comment about Greham’s law of “bad” money (clad coins) driving out “good” money (silver coins), you are correct. The 1964 coin was 90% silver and the 1965 through 1970 coins were 40% silver, and so, yes, they were driven out of circulation (hoarded by collectors and non-collectors alike). However, in 1971 the Mint tried to re-introduce the half dollar back into circulation as a clad coin and they minted millions of them through the 1970s and fairly large numbers each year through 2001. Despite minting all these coins, they still did not circulate. This time it wasn’t due to Gresham’s law or people even saving clad coins because they had JFK’s image on it, it was because people had gotten use to not using half dollars from 1964 through 1970 and two quarters began taking the place of the half dollar and the public seemed to be OK with it. No one ever clamored for more half dollars, and they joined the ranks of the SBA dollar as an unneeded and unwanted coin. So, what happened to explain the demise of the half was a combination of circumstances – JFK’s death, his image being placed on the half dollar, silver rising in price shortly thereafter, and two quarters taking over for a half dollar – that ended the reign of the half dollar as a circulating coin in this country. The quarter has now become the workhorse coin of commerce. Whether the half dollar ever makes a comeback, or a dollar coin ever becomes accepted, I don’t really know. Dollar coins have never been popular in the United States from the very beginning of this country, but half dollars were very much used by the public, even more than quarters in the 19th century, and there were commonly given out in change up to the mid 1960s.

  74. VA Bob says

    Jerry, it’s going to take the removal of the paper dollar, for the coin dollar to come into daily use. If it ever happens the half may see at least a small resurgence too.

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