2014 Civil Rights Act of 1964 Silver Dollars

Today, January 2, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2014 Civil Rights Act of 1964 Silver Dollars. This represents the first numismatic product release of the year for the US Mint.

Civil Rights Act Silver Dollar

The obverse design of the coin features a depiction of three people holding hands at a civil rights march, with one of them holding a sign which reads “We Shall Overcome”. The image is intended to be symbolic of all marches that helped galvanize the civil rights movement. Inscriptions read “Liberty”, “2014”, and “In God We Trust”. The obverse was designed by Justin Kunz and engraved by Phebe Hemphill.

2014 Civil Rights Act of 1964 Silver Dollar

The reverse features three flames intertwined to symbolize freedom of education, freedom to vote, and freedom to control one’s destiny. The design was inspired a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr: “They get the fire hose. They fail to realize that water can only put out physical fire. But water can never drown the fire of freedom.”

Inscriptions read “Civil Rights Act of 1964”, “Signed into Law July 2, 1964”, “E Pluribus Unum”, “One Dollar”, and “United States of America”. The reverse was designed by Donna Weaver and engraved by Jim Licaretz.

The 2014 Civil Rights Act of 1964 Silver Dollars are struck in 90% silver and 10% copper with a weight of 26.73 grams and diameter of 1.500 inches. The silver content of each coin is 0.7736 troy ounces. Both proof and uncirculated versions are struck at the Philadelphia Mint and carry the “P” mint mark.

Pricing for the coins is $49.95 for the proof version and $44.95 for the uncirculated version during an introductory period. After February 3, 2014 at 3:00 PM ET, regular pricing of $54.95 for the proof and $49.95 for the uncirculated coin will go into effect.

The US Mint has indicated that a special Civil Rights Act of 1964 Tell Your Story Set will be released later in the year. The set include a space for someone to share a personal story about their participation in the events leading up to, or how they have been impacted by, the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Across all product options, there is a maximum mintage of 350,000 pieces. The ratio of proof to uncirculated coins produced will be based on customer demand.

Gold and Platinum Numismatic Product Price Increase

Based on the available data, there should be a price increase for the United States Mint’s numismatic gold and platinum products this morning.

Due to the holidays, there are fewer than typical London Fix pricing points for the calculation of the weekly averages. However, the available numbers place the gold price within the $1,200 to $1,249.99 range and the platinum price within the $1,350 to $1,399.99 range. These are both one tier higher than the ranges used to establish current prices.

Typically, pricing changes occur on Wednesday, however this could not occur due to the holiday. As a result, prices should be adjusted this morning. Gold and platinum product prices should be increased by the equivalent of $50 per ounce of precious metal content.

Today on Coin Update

US Mint Sales Report: Sales Conclude for Multiple 2012 & 2013 Products

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  1. IPS_STUFF says


    are you asking what it is ? or if one thinks we are experiencing it?

    – if anything drops from high enough, even a DEAD CAT will bounce

    but I don’t call one day plus $20 on gold and 60 cents on silver much of a bounce. I think we are still in a long down trend IMHO

  2. Samuel says

    probably will buy these coins end of this yr, just like i bought some 5*s last week and early this week.

  3. thePhelps says

    @Samuel – I agree not going to waste my time with these right now. I am not overly excited about this offering since they picked this particular Obverse anyway.

    I don’t think gold and silver is doing anything special… it has been bouncing up and down around here for some time now

  4. Eddie says

    The only reason I am going to buy this is because of the reverse. It really looks nice giving the Mint used the Enhancing possess. The obverse sucks the Liberty Bell would have been outstanding on this coin and if they used the Enhancing on it the Mint would have had a winner. I thought the object was to see how many they could sell and not how few.

  5. James says

    Comments by @ eddie & @ phelps come off as very insensitive.
    This coin program marks a legal end to a long, abusive period in our history.
    To many Americans it is very important to put faces of real people for the Act.
    How personal is an obverse featuring the Liberty Bell?

  6. Hidalgo says

    @Michael – Thanks for posting the latest weekly sales report. And thanks for all you do for keeping this blog up-to-date. I had my own collectibles website at one time and I know how much time it takes to write, research, etc. articles and maintain a blog/website.

    General comments – I have noticed a significant increase in secondary market values for the 5 star generals (Macarthur) uncirculated gold coins. The last time I checked ebay, I have’t seen too many of the uncertified proof gold coins that have sold on eBay, so it’s hard to say if they are selling at a premium. The sell out of the uncirculated coin caught dealers and flippers off guard. Not so with the proof coin, which was on backorder status before selling out.

    I am not too seeing too many uncertified 5 star generals clad half dollars that have been sold on eBay. I can say that the cerfied MS69s are selling now at around the price paid for mine months ago – around $28 – $32. I don’t see much movement with the proof halves either at this time. There really were no “surprises” with these low numbers — folks were stocking up on them (increasing their supplies) in anticipation of great profits.

    If these observerations hold up, it will just go to show that mintages alone do not determine secondary market values. Available supplies and collector demand are important considerations as well. (Collector demand being the harder one to predict).

  7. Eddie says

    I really don’t understand why so many people want the Kennedy half to end. I just wished they would improve the the coin if they did end it I would like to have Reagan put on the half but i truly hope the continue with the Kennedy half. Any thoughts about?

  8. Taribor says

    FYI the “sold out” Rushmore 5oz was charged to my card and shipped on 12/31. I had returned one (marks on the face) and requested replacement just before the posted sell out and the mint refunded my card. That was late Nov/Early Dec and I assumed I was out of luck. Out of nowhere last week, I saw the $154 charge and got the shipping notification two days later.

  9. Wes says

    LOL replace Kennedy with Reagan. I would rather see him replaced with LBJ. Even better put Nixon on the coin.

  10. smiledon says

    What happened to the days that reflected on our coins of the greatness of this nation? I get the idea of reflecting on the Civil Rights Act of 1964; nevertheless, I do not agree with these genera. But why do we, as a nation, wish to commemorate any act of legislation? I would rather see a bus on the coin because a bus is more symbolic of getting this act passed. Why not put the face of Rosa Parks, or that of James Earl Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Henry Schwerner? I have a problem paying $50.00 for a coin that seems to undermine the spirit of the act. Well, “to each their own.”

  11. Taribor says

    To me, none of the modern commems look like much. I look at the old half dollar silver commems and I love the artwork, themes, etc. Ditto with the old coin designs. Somewhere along the way, the mint just stopped making nice looking coins (overall, there are obviously some winners). The best selling coins are recreations of old designs (i.e. silver buffalo), someone at the mint should look at that and have a light bulb go on. I would love to see a silver commem series that recreates all of the old coinage throughout our history.

  12. Hidalgo says

    @James – you have to realize that there are many bloggers here who were born after Kennedy died and after the Civil Rights movement peaked. So this historical coin does not have as much significance or meaning to them.

    In fact, if you look at many of the themes on U. S. coins, a number of poor sellers have vague themes or have somewhat limited appeal to the American public.

    Compare the First Spouse gold coins to popular themes such as Lincoln, the Boy Scouts, and the America the Beautiful quarters. I am almost certain that the 2014 baseball coins will also sell very well because of its mass appeal to the general public.

  13. smiledon says

    @ Eddie,
    The more I look at the reverse of this coin, the more I may hold my nose, and get one. I did the same for the 9/11 medal and the GSA coin. The back is really nice, and the way I display my coins, you will never see the side I do not like.

  14. Ray says

    @Eddie, it was not just the liberty bell on the coin, but also the entire mall full of people. It was a much better representation of what the coin stands for. The mint missed a great opportunity imo. I’m also passing.

  15. VA Rich says

    Samuel – 5* Prf & Unc clad are both (from an unaudited stand point) – and will likely hold the title until the end of 2015 anyway….

  16. thePhelps says

    @James… insensitive… really? So name the “people” on this coin… but then again that isn’t what the law creating this coin was for when it was established.

    This coin was to celebrate the LAW not the oppression which led to the law. I see protestors on the coin – which leads to the law – but the Liberty Design would have been the design celebrating the end of the oppression and the law which ended it.

    IMO they got this exactly backwards which is why I don’t like the design. Call it insensitive – I honestly don’t care.

  17. VA Rich says

    Samuel – the baseball HOF clad will be through the roof…, as well as the $1 coin and most likely the $5 coin.

    I recant my 2015 comment, one of the Commemorative programs proposed for ’15 (excluding the 225th Anniversary of the United States Marshals Service which is approved) is the Panama-Pacific Exposition International Exposition, this one I would think, has the potential to do well.

  18. Nick says

    Reagan or Nixon would be awesome on the half dollar. I’m not starting a political debate, these are what I would enjoy seeing

  19. Hidalgo says

    @Samuel – not sure where you’re coming up with close to $300. If you’re checking EBAY, you need to look at sold prices. Sold prices show what buyers are willing to pay for a given product. I can list or sell the same set for $2,000. Is it worth that much? Nope. Not unless someone is willing to pay that much for it.

  20. Samuel says

    Hidalgo, i bought a lot of coins on ebay, and know all the tricks. if i search “2012 limited edition silver proof”, “completed listings”, many sold at $289.

  21. Samuel says

    probably because the 2013 limited edition is coming out and many people realized they missed last yr’s boat, so…

  22. Kevinx says

    LESP has a great presentation, but maybe the Kennedy half is the driving force on
    39k quick sales.

  23. Hidalgo says

    @Samuel – there is a difference between COMPLETED listing and SOLD listings. To get a better idea of secondary market value, you need to see what buyers are willing to pay, and not what dealers are willing to sell the item for. That is Business Economics 101.

  24. Samuel says

    4,407 unc sets sold last week, if i remember correctly, it showed back ordered since last Thursday, so the mint just keeps accepting orders?

  25. ClevelandRocks says

    So the ’13 LE set is selling like hotcakes and may be a great item to flip, but basically it’s the packaging. Nothing at all unique to the set. I may even spend the extra $5 (free shipping over) just to see what the hype is all about…
    Not sure why a ’13 product is on backorder from the get-go…
    Maybe that slow boat from China again???

  26. samuel says

    received survey email from the mint, this time i m going to propose to put a seal or label or sticker or whatever on the side of the capsule to show whether the capsule has been opened or not.

  27. ClevelandRocks says

    So I predict the Edith Wilson proof and unc will be the low minage of the entire series. Unattractive design and the last of 5 coins on quick release, likely available for not longer that the other ’13s (at latest “last chance Xmas ’14).
    Any other thoughts?

  28. fmtransmitter says

    The draw for the LE set IMO is the yearly buyers of just the silver proofs now have a nice way to buy their coins in a nice package AND call it limited not knowing that limited means nothing to the coins. If the Mint stays with these and keeps the low pop it will also be a nice way to stack what you may want.
    I was just looking through the 100 greatest modern on NGC site. Anyone know about the $5 1999 Washington gold coin? Looked like a stunner.

  29. fmtransmitter says

    samuel, I said before this is going to have to happen soon along with edge numbering. I agree 100% I am afraid any stickers will get counterfeited also.

  30. Jerry Diekmann says

    The obverse of this CRA coin design could have been, and more importantly, should have been, created with a much better design. The liberty bell deign was far superior than this trite design – three bland figures – like a redux of the terrible Boy Scout and Girl Scout coins. Does anyone in DC care one iota about commemorative coins? From these three monstosities, I think not. A real shame.

  31. Jerry Diekmann says

    Reagan replace JFK on the half dollar? OMG!!! The man was suffering dementia during his second term in office, and he probably had symptoms even before that. Does anyone remember Iran-Contra? That was certainly more of an impeachable offense than anything Clinton ever did. LBJ and Nixon need to be consigned to the “thank God they’re gone” chapter of American history.

  32. Jerry Diekmann says

    @frmtransmitter – the 1999 Washington $5.00 gold coin was indeed a stunner. I bought three of them because they were so beautiful and meaningful. The coin was a very late tribute to Laura Gardin Fraser who designed the coin in competition with other artists for the Washington birth bicentennial quarter in 1932. The coin was clearly superior to the bland design by John Flanagan that we are still stuck with (at least the obverse). Ironically, the 1999 coin was issued for the Washington death bicentennial.

  33. Wes says

    I don’t know Jerry, Nixon might be very popular with the Chinese. Anyway I was joking when I suggested Nixon or LBJ. Leave Kennedy or get rid of the penny and put Lincoln on the half. I also could see them putting the liberty from the mercury dime on it.

  34. VA Rich says

    FM – regarding the LESPS, just give it a another week or two, then we’ll start to see – RARE, RARE, RARE, PCGS PR 70 FIRST STRIKE LIMITED EDITION SOLD OUT at the Mint SILVER Set (Very Rare, Limited Edition!!!) on the bay with an asking price of $1,200.

    I do like the black packaging but not for 31 bucks, though still cannot wrap my head around what’s driving those sales. I thought the Teddie set would have drawn a little more interest to-date.

    Could it be re-sale opportunity to the uniformed? I don’t know…

  35. VA Rich says

    In addition to Kevinx’s point above, maybe it’s in anticipation of silver rising again over the next couple of years and the mint likely to discontinue the product due to what would be an unattractive higher or unaffordable cost (relative to other mint offerings).

    You all had to bring it up, and now have me thinking about it. Heck, now I’ll probably have one in the cart by the end of day.., thanks guys! ;7

  36. Sith says

    It’s good marketing by the mint just add limited edition and it sells. If you think the rise in prices is caused by a short sqeeze then maybe they wil discontinue this product but why? It sells I suspect they would rather pull the silver proof set they are already did that in 2012, why not do the same for 2014?

  37. zeeman says

    So is 2013 LEPS a good buy,looking at e-bay prices for 2012, i miss the boat on that one thinking it was too expensive.

  38. Hidalgo says

    @VARich – a large number of purchases are made by major coin dealers who buy and certify their coins in bulk and sell them for a quick and often considerable profit. Check out APMEX, MCM, dealers on TV, etc. Remember that the he US Mint and third-party graders offer discounts for bulk requests.

    I suspect that the Teddy set sold poorly because the centerpiece of the set is a medal, not a coin. And history so far has shown that medals do not sell or retain their values as well as coins (certified or not).

  39. Brian says

    I read on a message board that one dealer had his order for 1000 uncirculated 5 star general halfs cancelled. Another had an order for 300 cancelled.

    My guess is that those cancellations were deducted from the preliminary numbers on the mint’s website (XLS) and are already taken into account in the sales report numbers on coinupdate. But it could be possible that the audited numbers will be reduced further.

    For now there are some are still available on ebay for a low price if any of you missed out.

  40. Samuel says

    thats what i thought, yesterday i tried to figure out how you and theP did the calculation at previous post. then i found out the number was down from about 28715 to 27252. so the spreadsheet is/has been/will be misleading.
    i really doubt the clad unc will do any better like the army half right after the sold out. look at the army half now…

    i think people can play this last chance game, order a large number, increase the sales, scare people away, and then cancel/return, then, u get a new low.

  41. ClevelandRocks says

    So any thoughts on my prediction on the Edith Wilson proof and UNC being the low mintage for the series as the last of a “rapid fire” release with an undesirable design? Guessing all ’13 FS will be available until “last chance” Xmass ’14.

  42. Brian says

    Samuel – just to clarify, they did not cancel their orders. The mint cancelled the orders because they did not have enough product.

    I also saw some messages that the mint has cancelled people’s orders for the 5 star gold proof.

  43. VA Rich says

    zeeman- relative to the WP ASE set, it’s a good buy on a per troy ounce basis – 46.25 grams of 90% and 31.103 of 100%, and snugged away in it’s own unique packaging to boot…, which is en-route on the slow boat…, sometime this year.

  44. Sith says

    @Hidalgo – I can’t speak for anyone else but I will order Teddy later on. Their simply is no hurry to place an order so I might as well combine shipping with something else.

    @Zeeman – That would depend if you like and don’t mind paying extra for fancy packaging or if your going to flip it to someone else who will pay a premium for the fancy packaging.

    @VA – The best bang for the buck is the ATB Quarters Silver Proof Set, .9 troy oz of silver and now if you purchase it with a subscription just $10 above melt at current prices. The LEPS is not a bad deal but as already noted you can save quite a bit of money by purchasing the items separately, IE its cheaper to buy the full silver proof set and the proof ASE, and that was before the mint introduced the subscription discount.

  45. Brad says


    I honestly believe that some of the 2013 FS coins will sell out before the 2014 “Last Chance” sale. I’ll bet that the Mint only struck at most 3,000 proofs and 2,000 uncs of each design, based on slow 2012 sales and the fact that there are five designs for 2013. After having to melt down around 2,400+ of leftover 2012’s, the Mint shouldn’t have had as much faith when striking the 2013’s. The only kink in that plan is if the Mint were to take the present lower prices into account and strike more coins based on that.

    Still, I’ll stick to my prediction. I’m thinking there will be several sellouts by September 30th. If mintages are not the same across the board for all designs, then yes it is possible that the Edith Wilsons may see the lowest mintages, since they will have the shortest sales period. However, it’s not by much. Mintages will probably be similar across all five designs.

    Gold is back on the rise at the time of this writing, so that may spur some heavier sales in the short-term. I was hoping I’d be able to pick up my 2014’s on the cheap like the 2013’s, but who knows. If the Mint waits until the end of the year again, we could see even lower prices or a rebound by then. I sure wish foresight was 20/20!

  46. VA Rich says

    Oh, I’m going to have to take closer look at that Qtr set now – thanks

    The unique situation with these back-ordered items is the you can buy an Unc $1 set, a LESPS, and a TR set and only pay $4.95 though they will all ship separately, and you can keep it in it’s original unopened mailer for a gift or something if that’s desired – a thought.

  47. Brad says

    You know, I don’t think the 2013 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set is going to sell out right now after all. It’s been “backorded” too long and has sold too many units since then to be sold out. Rather, the Mint must have decided to allocate their remaining 2013-W Uncirculated ASE’s to the sets, and are now waiting on packaging. I noticed that the set is one of those that is supposed to be available for a year after release, and the Mint must have made too few of them initially. Hence, they had to declare the individual option “sold out” and use those for sets.

  48. TMMSR says

    @ Cleveland

    I think there may be a few surprises in store for the ’13 FS. I believe that the mint got stung by producing many more of the ’12 FS than it could sell, and as a result the mint may produce fewer ’13’s. If this is the case, and if gold prices stay in status quo, we may see several early and unexpected sell outs of the 13’s. So buy the ’13 FS early and buy them often. 🙂

  49. Sith says

    VA – At silver current prices the melt value for the silver quarter proof set is $18.21 and the full silver proof set is 26.95 (difference of $8.74) but the full proof sets sells for $19.80 more than the quarter set which makes the quarter set a slightly better bang for the buck, but this is true only if you don’t count the clad coins. If you add the 5 $1 dollar coins that comes in the full Silver proof set at face value with the melt value of the silver coins the full silver proof set has a superior value.

    The LESPS is more expensive than the full silver proof set and Proof ASE combined by about $40 (with the subscription discount) and it lacks the clad coins that come with the Silver proof set, so unless you like the fancy packaging or can flip it you may want to pass on it.

  50. smiledon says

    Does any one here know what this means?
    Would it make this coin worth $1000.00?
    2013 P $5 Gold 5 Star General MacArthur MS70 PCGS Flag Label (799-07)

  51. fmtransmitter says

    Who has the most ebay bucks to spend today? I picked up an NGC SP 70 Peace Memorial with mine. Has the lowest pop in that grade and was only puck I was missing from 2013. I see these increasing in mintage levels and price so unless one strikes me amazing my puck life is retired. lol

  52. Sith says

    @smiledon – A uncirculated coin that PCGS graded as perfect, and it is encapsulated in one of their “flag label” slabs. IMHO it is not worth $1K but I don’t know the population of MS70, but imagine as a modern commemorative it will be high, and I could careless what picture they put on on the slab. Other may disagree.

  53. samuel says

    the 5* MS70 price is still very low, considering it is the 2nd lowest mintage comm. the 1st one J.R. MS70 is >$2500.

  54. Louis says

    there is no requirement to make the dollar sets available for a year. in fact, last year’s set sold out in much less than a year. the requirement is that the coins have to be struck in 2013 and can be sold until sold out. we just don’t know how many they made before 12/31.

  55. Brad says


    This clause is included under the “Purchasing and Shipping” tab on the 2013 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set product page:

    “This product will be available for one year from the initial on-sale date or until inventory is depleted prior to the one-year timeframe.”

    So, the Mint allows themselves an escape clause in that statement, but I figure they didn’t want the set to sell out after only 6 weeks when they indicated an effort to have it available for a year. Hence, redirection of 2013-W ASE inventory from the single-coin product to Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Sets.

  56. thePhelps says

    Brad that is the standard disclaimer on mint products. I doubt they made more than 35 or 40k of the sets based on last years sales figures. The sets sales numbers have been dropping since it was initially sold.

  57. says

    fm…Perry has the lowest population because if has far fewer graded than the other 4. On a percentage basis, White Mountain has the lowest % that graded as SP70.

  58. says

    fm…Perry has the lowest population because if has far fewer graded than the other 4. On a percentage basis, White Mountain has the lowest % that graded as SP70.

    If you look at the 2012 SP70 population, you will see that Hawaii has the highest number of SP70’s (it also had more graded) yet it is the most expensive, so these “popuation” numbers don’t always tell the whole story.

    Anyway, you got a great coin for FREE…can’t beat that. I would think you probably had the most ebays bucks…so congrats.

  59. thePhelps says

    I agree…I might be able to buy a graded Silver Perry quarter… but I am thinking power tools myself!

  60. Eddie says

    What gets me is the”graders”act like the coins they grade are the only ones that have been made. When in reality there were 2 to 3 hundred thousand that were minted. That is one of the things that put me off about the graders. It’s like the only coins out there are the ones that they graded. I just don’t get it.

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