2014 First Spouse Bronze Medal Set

Today, October 23, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint started accepting orders for the 2014 First Spouse Bronze Medal Set. This set includes the bronze medals issued for Florence Harding, Grace Coolidge, Lou Hoover, and Eleanor Roosevelt.


Each of the medals features the design from the corresponding First Spouse Gold Coin, with the omission of certain inscriptions. The medals are struck in 90% copper and 10% zinc at the Philadelphia Mint and have a diameter of 1 and 5/16 inch.

2014 First Spouse Bronze Medals

The four medals come packaged in Mylar, inserted into a folded card containing issuance information, and placed within a custom designed outer envelope. The cost of each set is $16.95.

Each of the medals included in the set has previously been offered within a Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set priced at $9.95. The four medal set is a lower cost option for collectors simply seeking one example of each medal.

The First Spouse Bronze Medal Sets from 2010, 2011, and 2012 still remain available for sale at the US Mint priced at $16.95 each. The set from 2013 has sold out.

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  1. AkBob says

    I’m not sure why I collect these:) Maybe cause they are so cheap. Anyways, I at least got to try out the new mint’s website as this was my first purchase since the new rollout. One of the other posters recommended trying it out before the big day next week which made sense to me so this was an opportunity to try the new website out and also get this years FS Medals. The website seemed to work just fine although there is no time date stamp as to when you made your purchase/order which has been nice to have for tracking purposes here on this blog. VA Rich had made a note of this on a previous thread. I’m in for 5 sets of the next JFK release and one graded set I will get from some where else. The five sets will remain in their sealed/unopened container/box from the mint. I will make 5 separate orders for these so I have individual sets in their own shipping container. I will just put them away and forget about them like all the others I have in there original sealed/unopened shipping boxes from the US Mint. I must have at least 50 of these now and storing them are starting to be an issue but that’s the kind of problem I like having:))) OT: The first release of the new 12 Laborers of Hercules Nemean Lion mintage total for the 30 days it was available came out to only 6,756 which is a very low mintage. These were only available from 9/12 thru 10/12 (30 days). The second round in the series is now available (30 days only). Provident Metals sells these and the Zombucks. I think this will be another very nice design/series for collectors and stackers alike. Enjoy and collect what you like:))

  2. AkBob says

    FM – I checked out couple more of your YT videos:) I really enjoy watching those unboxing’s. Thanks for sharing and keep it up.

  3. Brad says

    Regarding the website (and someone’s probably already mentioned this, but I don’t remember seeing it), there no longer appears to be a way to cancel an order online. I finally went ahead and ordered the Hoover & Roosevelt First Spouse coins this week, and there are no cancel boxes to check. If nothing else, they were always a handy way to see how your order was progressing and how close it might be to shipment. Now there’s no easy way to tell.

    I also threw in an extra Ellen Wilson Uncirculated coin with that order, since now it’s hard to guess which Wilson will end up with the low-mintage crown. I had already bought an extra Edith Wilson last June. Now, if everyone orders both Wilsons heavy towards the end trying to make sure they have the right one, will Helen Taft sneak in and steal the crown at the final bell? This game is getting expensive!

  4. VA Rich says

    Brad – three weeks ago I needed to cancel an AtB Puck order, had to call CS and he told me that they have to cancel it manually which takes a few minutes while you wait on the phone, he also stated that they’re working on automating the cancel order process.., obviously they haven’t gotten to that bug quite yet.

  5. Stevie G says

    First spouse medal sets have a history of going up dramatically after they sell out. The 2013 FS medal set sold out a few months ago and now fetches $70 on eBay. 2008 sets go for about $40, 2007 are about $25 and 2009 are about $30. Each of these sets originally cost about $15 or so from the U.S. Mint. These will get even more popular when you add Kennedy and Reagan and
    Others. I’m all in for 25 sets!!

  6. Pittsburgh P says

    Sorry fellas, I was unplugged for the day…

    Ikaika no problem, yeah they are definitely marketing those as curved! I was upset to say the least when I received the two Cook Island “domed” coins only to see them in hand…
    If you carefully read the description a one point it say “concave face” not domed or curved.

    VaRich it would be too rough to scan ALL the world mints for upcoming releases & if I had the time too I’d probably miss so much lol… I still do it though when I can.
    I knew about the meteor coin as soon as it was released because anything curved I have an interest in since the BHoF coins. I know few foreign dealers that email me when somethin new of interest is released.
    I’ve found the best source for world releases though is AgAu News and suprisingly the world dealers on tge bay can be a good source of info – alot of times they offer pre sales on coins that haven’t been released yet.
    Also, MCM has a coin forum that has a few members very knowlegeable on world coins – I’ve pick up a few coins I would’ve missed cause of it.

    About the “limited” label… Maybe the Mints limited mental capacity 😉

    Cag & Hawk you guys think your JFK Silver set first day est. were high… Damn then what’s mine in – outer space?!!?

  7. cagcrisp says

    Regarding the Silver JFK’s, per the Mints email “Initially, orders will be limited to five sets per household. The United States Mint will monitor sales and will adjust and/or remove the limit as necessary over the period the product is offered for sale.”

  8. cagcrisp says

    My guess is that the Clad and Gold JFK will go Limit Free shortly after the release of the Silvers. They both should be limit free at this time but for Some reason the Mint doesn’t see it that way…

  9. says

    I didn’t collect the bronze medal First Spouse sets until I looked at one of the bronze ladies and realized that the bronze medal showed details you might never notice in the smaller, gold coin. I try to collect fully struck coins for all my sets, including the gold First Spouse set, and the bronze versions are a big help identifying early from later strikes. For many of the gold FS coins, a “first strike ” or “early release” label is inadequate and often misleading.

  10. MN says

    I saw earlier today there is no household limit on the K15 anymore, and it’s still showing that. I am curious to know what “Limited” means on products too; it’s on a lot of items including Birth Sets. The Mint reviews postage reimbursement requests and grants them…they will be refunding me due to their new shipping service/web site mix-up (UPS to a PO Box).

  11. Hawkster says

    Although I haven’t recently reviewed cag’s contest entries for the Kennedy silver sets, I did recall that there was another person with an astronomically high estimate besides cag and myself. Thanks for reminding us that it was you. Would you like to cut your estimate in half?

  12. Pittsburgh P says

    It’s been awhile since I had reviewed THE CAGCRISP JFK SILVER SET GUESSATHON also…
    So upon further review you are correct that cag is at the Tip top of the mountain with you not far behind. I actually don’t feel to bad with my guess now ;-)Not even top 3…

    This was from 2 weeks or so ago:

    Opening Day Only Sales Silver Kennedy (Sorted lowest/highest)

    • Dustyroads 64,000 – (08/09)
    • CaptainOverkill 75,000 (08/08)
    • thePhelps 85,500 – (08/08)
    • bg35765 87,281 – (08/25)
    • GoldFishin 88,844 – (08/09)
    • HiCal – 93,564 – (08/08)
    • Sith 100k – (08/09)
    • VA Bob 105k – (08/08)
    • Louis 115k – (08/09)
    • VA Rich 100k – 08/08/14 ; 137k (08/09)
    • Pittsburgh P – 148,888 (08/08)
    • Bob R 169,000 – (08/08)
    • Hawkster – 184,546 (08/08)
    • cagcrisp – 212,125 (08/08)

  13. cagcrisp says

    As of Yesterday:

    Item Number: K15
    Mintage Limit: None
    Product Limit: None
    Household Order Limit: NONE

    Item Number: K14
    Mintage Limit: None
    Product Limit: None
    Household Order Limit: 5

  14. KEITHSTER says

    Limit 200,000 on the clads like was said they are having issue’s with that one maybe we could call them the Jonny crack coins but I don’t care? The limit stays on ? Yes better sign up MoM!! Good Luck Ya All:>:>:>

  15. MN says

    I received a US Mint package today, shipped from the new shipping service to our PO Box via USPS Priority 3-Day so the “expedited” package was sent using a correct transit service this time, although probably not the fastest choice and the K15 was only insured for $100 . The typical sized US Mint shipping box had no tape on the top center seam so I tried a knife under an end seam to see how easy it would for someone to tamper with it but that did not work; I had to really pry to get the box open. The box top got bent up opening it since there was a full length strong adhesive under the flap I got open…that side of the box dropped open and I was able to pull out the contents.

    I emailed the Mint directly, asking what “LIMITED” means on various products on their site.

  16. CasualCollector says

    Interesting with the 200,000 Product Limit. That doesn’t necessarily mean that is the MINTAGE limit. So perhaps they plan to offer the High Relief Clads in another Product?

    Also, I noticed your comment earlier about the “marks” not being identical across the 7 different graded coins shown in that picture. The “marks” look the same to me — is there something that that indicates they are not the same “mark”?

  17. VA Rich says

    SO, I guess we have two (2) Coin & Currency Sets for 2014 –

    11/20/2014 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set –
    12/2014 Coin Discovery Set – An Introduction to Coin Collecting $24.95
    12/2014 2014 Coin and Chronicles Set – Franklin D. Roosevelt –

  18. VA Rich says

    With respect to ‘Limited’ – should anyone hear back from the mint, please post it here –

    Interesting that the BHoFs are ‘Limited’ though the CRs are not, and 2013 Bday set is also Limited – I’ll go out on a limb and speculate that ‘Limited’ means, “We’ve made all we’re going to make and when that supply is gone, it’s gone!”

    Why wouldn’t the same be said the CR coins? – IMO, it’s needs to make money for the charity and they’ll meet sales up until the end to avoid a PR/Treasury criticism of another failed commemorative program.

  19. VA Rich says

    Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set 2014 – went Limited in the last 24hours I believe, ahhh.., who in the hell knows what it means now

  20. VA Rich says

    I called CS to ask what Limited means – it means this – they’re is a limited quantity in stock.

    I asked does that imply the mint would not mint more, they really don’t know. I asked what inventory % mint set off a Limited flag – the don’t know.

    CS was really helpful and pleasant, though I think they’re in the dark as we are on many of things with the new dysfunctional role out…

    So with that, I interpret Limited to mean we have a product in stock that is close to going to a back order status. As for the silver JFK – who knows???? I give up trying to figure out that site

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