2014 Florence Harding First Spouse Gold Coin

Today, July 10, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2014 Florence Harding First Spouse Gold Coin. This represents the first release of the year for the 24 karat gold coin series honoring the spouses of the Presidents.

Florence Harding First Spouse Gold Coin

The obverse design of the coin features a left facing profile portrait of the First Lady, designed by Thomas Cleveland and engraved by Joseph Menna. The inscriptions include “Florence Harding”, “In God We Trust”, “Liberty”, “2014”, “29th” and “1921-1923”. This obverse design had been supported by the Commission of Fine Arts, although the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee had preferred an alternate.

The reverse of the coin, which was designed by Thomas Cleveland and engraved by Don Everhart, contains an amalgam of items and symbols related to the accomplishments and notable aspects of the First Lady. The initials WWV at the top of a lit torch signify her role in championing the cause of World War I veterans. The torch is transformed to a pen at the base to represent her extensive correspondence with veterans, spouses, and widows. A camera is present at lower right to represent her orchestration of photo opportunities supporting her husband’s campaign. A ballot box at lower left represents her distinction as the first First Lady to cast a vote for a presidential candidate, her husband. Inscriptions on the reverse include “United States of America”, “E Pluribus Unum”, “$10”, and “1/2 oz .9999 Fine Gold”. This uncharacteristic design had won the strong support of the CCAC, while the CFA preferred a more traditional design.

Initial pricing for the Florence Harding First Spouse Gold Coins will be $845 for the uncirculated version and $865 for the proof version. These prices are based on an average weekly price of gold in the $1,300 to $1,349.99 range and will remain subject to potential weekly adjustment.

The United States Mint has established a maximum mintage of 10,000 pieces across both proof and uncirculated versions, matching the level established for last year’s releases. Customer demand will determine the ratio of proof to uncirculated coins produced within the total maximum mintage.

Since its launch, the First Spouse Gold Coin Program has seen its initial popularity recede to a small but dedicated base of collectors. At the initial peak, the first three releases of the series in 2007 achieved sell outs at the 40,000 maximum mintage level, with a roughly even split between proof and uncirculated versions. At the current low for the series, the uncirculated version of the 2011 Lucretia Garfield First Spouse Gold Coin had a final audited mintage of 2,168 pieces. The 2013-dated issues of the series, which were not released until late last year, still remain available for sale on the US Mint’s website.

The US Mint has scheduled the next release of the series honoring Grace Coolidge for next week on July 17, 2014. The remaining two releases for the year honoring Lou Hoover and Eleanor Roosevelt have not yet been scheduled.

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  1. KEITHSTER says

    Still don’t know how to get the 2013’s hope they keep them up as long as possible? May have to end the struggle but hope not! Man the Arches numbers or out and it looks like they have gone the way of the state quarters and thats to bad we know were they are at.465,600,00 no wonder it took so long to get the #’s out maybe they are ramping them up to get them out before the change over to steel ? whish they would atleast go with stainless steel but then that would ?Oh well Good Luck With These :>:>:>

  2. says

    This must be a portrait of her after she burned all the secret papers. Too bad she couldn’t do the same for all the love letters!

  3. Boz says

    Order went thru no delay or hassles at ten seconds past noon. They are killing me with nothing for six months then two issues within a week. Hooked on them due to low mintages and no competition from duplicated bullion offerings such as ATB pucks and silver eagles.

    Not only the first presidential spouse to vote but one of the only divorced ladies to become First Lady. How scandelous, and PETA today would be incensed if dead birds and animals were used to deck out a gal today like back in the flapper era. Very politically incorrect!

  4. KEITHSTER says

    As long as we are commenting on the looks of this one it reminds me of the wicked witch of the west right before releasing the flying monkeys! This reverse is ok but most of the rest of this years are a sad statement for a US gold coin 🙁 Nuf said except Good Luck All:>:>:>

  5. smiledon says

    We all wish we could see into the future. Nevertheless, no one here can tell if the Kennedy gold half will be a winner or not with the unlimited mintage that the US Mint states that they will do. Low mintage coins have been known to be “sleeper” in value. For all we know, the CRA coin may be worth its weight in platinum in several years. (Gag me!)
    Therefore, as has been said in the past here, get what you want, and skip the rest.

  6. Blair J Tobler says

    I understand the complaints of those who don’t like the mint to demand idea, but speaking as one who collects without regard to future value, I just want the coin! For me, if the choice is mint to demand and I know I’m getting one, or limited mintage and have to hope I can get one, I’ll take mint on demand. I know I’m in the minority, but that how I have to look at it.

  7. fmtransmitter says

    Great article Louis except I believe there are accomodations for those disabled that are able to be mobile i.e wheelchair which should be mentioned. Those that are unable to leave their homes or hospitals I see where you are coming from…Keep up the great analysis…

  8. VA Rich says

    Pitt – yeah, good call! Here’s the magic number!!!

    From FB –
    United States Mint Order limits at retail sites and other venues may be limited to two units. The household order limit (via website and phone orders) is five units. Will look into your question. I bet you guys are looking forward to attending the conference and seeing some great coins.
    1 · 2 hours ago

  9. Louis says

    Thanks, FM. I know there are accommodations at shows as far as ramps and things, but for some people standing in line for hours is just not feasible such as if you need to use a cane or walker. As far as I know, they do not provide folding chairs! Those folks can order online, but my point was just that it puts such folks at a disadvantage in terms of playing the show label grading game. But that is just the way it crumbles cookie-wise, as Jack Lemmon said.

    Also, if it really worked out as intended, minted to demand would be okay in some cases. But so far each time they have used that approach, it created or exacerbated other problems. If the idea of mint to demand is to truly level the playing field as much as possible, then why have show and retail counter sales that give those buyers an advantage?

  10. Blair J Tobler says

    Just read Louis’ article and I think he hit the nail on the head with point number 3. A really low household limit might just be the middle ground to make us all happy.

  11. Louis says

    Thanks, Blair. How about one per buyer everywhere for the first week or two? People will still get around it, but it would help.

  12. Tinto says

    @VA Rich

    Thanks for the link.

    The Mint seems to use this tactic to (in their mind) smooth the ruffled feathers of collectors, many of whom probably got squeezed out by the insane household limits of the BHOF esp the gold. Who were they thinking of when they set the limits? Are they using their own income to determine that?

    IMO the mint to demand is a joke, it shows the geniuses at the Mint can’t even come up with a reasonable mintage (and to justify it), though they are probably (well) paid in part for their “ability ” as experts/managers to do just that. All JMO.

  13. Blair J Tobler says

    Louis – sounds OK to me – I’d have no problem with it being lifted after a week. But I would also hope that the mintage limit wouldn’t be too low. I can’t afford the gold offerings so I won’t discuss that, but the 350,000 on the silver BHOF’s seemed alright. They still sold out pretty quickly, and I got my order in! I wouldn’t like to see silver offerings go much lower than 250,000 or it might get difficult for Joe Collector to get in.

  14. VA Rich says

    It’ll be interesting to see what the ANA INAUGURAL RELEASES label brings. Mr RPBuff with the ANA label fetched ~$4,500 last year or a factor of 2.8. So applying that factor to the $1,277 JFK would yield about $3,575.

    However, you have to have a pool of buyers with that sort of discretionary to maintain demand… provided supply doesn’t overly exceed that limited gaggle of buyers with the really deep pockets. I’m not convinced the label will be able to sustain itself on this go around.., we’ll know four weeks!

  15. Ray says

    Those 2013 RP Buffs with the ANA lavel certainly havent held anything close to those values. AT some point, these high price point buyers will realize theyre making emotional decisions and not business decisions. Or, maybe nothing will change at all. I’ fully expecting to Gold PF70s ANA labels going for $3500+ initially. $2-300/ms70 .

    Whats the skinny on the silver Kennedy halfs? Kind of odd that the US Mint has not given any info on release date. At least give us the month. If I’m not in Chicago for ANA, I will certainly be at the Denver gift shop. Still waiting for all but one of BHoF orders. Its coming up on 4 months. If the mint wants to mint to demand, then have a reasonable delivery system. Anything longer than 45 days in unacceptable.

  16. ABC says

    Anyone here think that the quality control at the mint has gone down recently? I ordered two ATB 5 oz coins and neither one looks like they would grade better than ms69. The Shenandoah had what looks like texture imperfections around the words “United States of America” and I returned it for an exchange. Have any of you ever received 5 oz coins like this? The Arches 5 oz has a nick on Washington’s cheek, but I think I will keep it since I might get one that’s worse.

  17. says


    I am also waiting for my silver HOF coins to ship, having seen my expected shipping dates bounce around in a ridiculous manner. It is both amusing and frustrating to currently see an 6/12 shipping date. Basically, the Mint tells us to disregard the shipping dates because they have screwed up.
    I’m not sure if the fault for the broken fulfillment process lies with the Mint, the Fulfillment Center, or both. Obviously, if the Fulfillment Center is not sent the numismatic products from the various Mints, they cannot fulfill customer orders. On the other hand, mistakes are made at the Center. My neighbor, for example, was supposed to have received 4 HOF silver proofs in the shipment he received last week. Instead, he received one. This necessitated him having to call customer service and wait at least a couple weeks before he receives the remaining three.
    But, can the Fulfillment Center be blamed for flawed or damaged coins and packaging? These would be quality control issues that should be handled before products leave the Mints.

  18. Louis says

    I think it’s both the Mint and the company that currently has the contract for shipping, which as Jon in CT reminded us recently, is going to revert soon back to the co that used to have it. I remember how back around 2006-2008 ordering and getting your coin was pretty fast and smooth. Hopefully we will get back to that.

  19. VA Rich says

    Cag – I’m thinking 60-70k for the gold JFK due to the mint touting it like no tomorrow on their FB page. And of the opinion that you’re analysis from the previous thread is spot on.

    Don commented – “The Mint states that it will sell the Kennedy gold coin “based on consumer demand”. I think that statement effectively fizzled the demand, as well as dampening the enthusiasm for many collectors.” – well said Don. It’s the dead of summer and I have more enthusiasm for spending $1,300 on a Toro snow blower like yours than on another mint-to-demand product that being pumped up on FB.

  20. says

    I really like all the FS coins, at least for the 24k content. But does the mint really need to charge $200 a piece to make them? A bit too pricey for me, especially since I already bought the gold that is in them once, and if I want to hold one I have to buy it again and pay a $200 premium!?

  21. Louis says

    To get back on topic I think this is a decent design. She does look stern but perhaps that is the way she was!
    The reverse is very nice.

  22. gary says

    Well, I am definitely not interested in the Kennedy gold. The unlimited mintage did it for me. Don’t need any circus coin that will only ever be worth spot gold over time. Success breeds imitation. The Mint did so well for themselves with the Reverse Proof Buffalo last year so I’m not at all surprised to see the Kennedy gold offered the same way.

  23. Boz says

    Bank in Portugal having issues? Brazil lost in the semi’s. Hold on to you gold hats! The secondary flippers and TPG “early release” labels have already ruined it for true collectors. But we have our bullion value to hold onto.

    There is still a lot of fun in collecting old coins, thankfully. Nobody has an early release out yet on an 1895 Morgan.

    My opinion…mint to demand is OK, but shipping system is broke. Simple solution just announce the ship date at some fixed point in time, like 90 days from the end of ordering. Then pop them all out into the shipping stream on the same day. If you wanna pay extra for overnight delivery to get a leg up, OK.

    Myself I have hired 100 homeless to crash Chicago and stand in line for me.

  24. says

    If the Mint had also offered a bullion version of the Kennedy gold I would have considered purchasing one. Even a coin collector, who is getting the Kennedy gold because he or she like it, will become disheartened if the coin loses value. Collector or not, a $1,300 outlay for a coin is an investment.

  25. GoldFishin says

    @ABC – I have purchased multiple 5 oz coins of both the Shenandoah and the Arches. I had to return a couple of the Shenandoah but received excellent examples back as replacements. However, I had to send back over 50% of the Arches I ordered. Some had incomplete rims at the obverse bottom that carried through to the reverse. I had some that had horrible black ink-like spots on the Obverse right in the middle of Washington’s face. Still others had bad marks on them that looked like somebody dragged the capsule halfway across the coin when encapsulating it. I was very disappointed to say the least and didn’t even ask for replacements, just my money back. I think all of these problems should have easily been detected and the coins should never have left the facility IMO. Maybe I was unlucky, I don’t know. I am glad the US Mint has an excellent return policy. The return shipping expense sort of destroys the 10% discount however if you only purchase a couple of coins and have to pay for return shipping for refund or replacement.

  26. MarkInFlorida says

    I would have bought all these spouses if I had been able to buy the first four from the Mint…

    Went to the Florida F.U.N. show in Orlando today. Seemed smaller than I remember previous years and not too active. One dealer had HoF gold for $625. Didn’t see others on tables. One dealer told me he has a customer with 100 HoF proof gold, and he offered the guy $1200 each at the top of the market, but the guy wanted to hold out for a higher price, and he’s still got them! He should have sold at least enough to get his $42,000 cost back, then the rest would be all profit.

  27. VA Rich says

    I would like to revise my estimate to 50,000 +/- 8k sold for the gold JFK, which will be a grossly oversold number. I say “oversold” for the following reasons:

    – the retailers didn’t forecast the demand for the BHoFs, they must makes sales, they will be on JFK like Marylin on John for revenue as there’s not much else coming for the year.

    – seeing how the BHoF have tanked somewhat, it’s apparent that nothing can compare with Frasier’s 1913 design (WRT to buffalo derivative since), JFK will sale well but not maintain momentum, and hence oversold.

    – I think many collectors bought multiple examples of the RPBuff which end around 43+k and are holding on to them. I don’t think that will be the case with this one, hence more sales will be from dealers purchasing them and thus, more supply to unload.

    – If the RP Buff had ended around 30-35k, it would probably be performing quite well. The Proof $5 BHoF at 32,000 seems to be over demand at the present time among collectors, RP Buff has more demand than the $5 given it’s greater price point and sales. So what is the TRUE demand for a 3/4 oz gold JFK? 25-30k? Anything over that number and it becomes over sold.

    – long lines at ANA and mint kiosks by the masses to mostly likely retain one and flip the others = oversold

    Anyway, thinking out loud here, regardless of where it ends up, it’ll likely be quite oversold.

  28. fmtransmitter says

    Agree MarkinFlorida, sell to get your cost back then do whatever you want…

  29. says

    @Kevin, I don’t see a problem here. If the coin dealer is honest he/she has nothing to worry about. On the other side I am all for clearing out the riff-raff. I trust Darrell Issa.

  30. Dave says

    You do not have to bear the expense of return shipping damaged coins to the mint’s fulfillment center. Treasury will reimburse the postage + insurance in FULL!

    Send a request letter along with a copy of your USPS return postage receipt and your original invoice to the same address you shipped the coins to. Include your order number.

    I always include the statement ” As instructed by the US Mint Customer Service department, please find enclosed the ……..(stuff in above paragraph ) …….for reimbursement of my return shipping expenses. Please send my reimbursement check to my shipping address on the shipping invoice.”

    I also buy the stamp for the request letter ( it MUST be sent separate from the return coin box!) on the same receipt as the return shipment. I have been FULLY reimbursed for every return. Please note this DOES NOT WORK for buyers remorse!! It is only for erroneous shipments and unsatisfactory quality coins ( such as the terrible 2014 SPS which nearly all had poor quality Washington bust quarters.)

    These costs are part if the huge mark up in mint prices for the coins you buy from them. Do not accept or pay ANY part of the expense if the coins are less that top. Notch quality. I sent two orders of 5 sets of SPS and finally gave up on them when ALL were bad 🙁

  31. MarkInFlorida says

    Kevin I heard the same thing at the coin show. Banks are being told to shut accounts of coin sealers who use too much cash. Of course coin dealers use a lot of cash because they don’t want to take checks or credit cards for gold. Checks bounce and credit cards cost fees.
    2cents, if you read the article they are not clearing the riffraff, they are shutting all coin dealers who use cash. The government want no one to use cash. They want to track every dollar we spend just like they record every phone call and email. America as we knew it is about over.

  32. Boz says

    Government outta control. Banking system and IRS used as a mechanism to discriminate against people for whatever alleged unconstitutional reason. Too many spies. Next thing you know we will be spying on Germans.

  33. VA Bob says

    VA Rich – what are you talking about? Fizzled demand is great for the collector/speculator. Fizzled demand is what made the Jackie Robinson what it is today. It created the 68k special finish half as the key coin in that series. Half the fun of collecting is buying a coin you like and years later finding out it has appreciated nicely. If not, you still have a coin you enjoy.

    Too many want to buy a coin on day one and sell it the next day for 4 times the price. Doesn’t sound much like collecting to me. Nothing against flippers, but also no sympathy when it doesn’t go their way either. I kind of feel bad about the person that buys high only to loose money on price drops a few weeks later, but seems likes there is no shortage of people willing to pay the initial inflated prices, so not too much sympathy there either. The Mint is going to be the best price the overwhelming majority of the time.

  34. VA Rich says

    Kevin – Mark is right, & its an extentsion of the Patriot Act as I read it, taken to the extreme…

    It’s not that numismatics wears a bulleyes, its about monitoring large dollar transactions by Big Brother, America needs to wake up, we now have the IRS enforcing Obamacare, what’s next? Maybe this country’s citizens will wake up when the healthcare bill arrives in 24 months, though probably not. Can’t believe how much I pay in Virginia taxes goes to education & the crap I have to deal with on a daily basis…

  35. jeff says

    Let’s start the Kennedy coin counter, needs to be a daily count not this weekly crap. My guess is 70 k gold 100 k clad 200 k silver sets.

  36. joe says

    VA Rich – I think America will only wake up when they realize Obamacare is no better than the VA healthcare, which is letting Vets die on the waiting list. Only when people feel personally threatened and have nothing left to lose will they wake up. Until that time, it’s someone else’s problem.

  37. Jerry Diekmann says

    @ VARich – I agree with the author’s comment ” that Instead of “minting to demand,” have a low household limit such as one or two coins for such products, limit mintages to a level that reflects likely demand based on surveys, and ship the coins out expeditiously.” I’m a collector, and I am not a flipper and I don’t think dealers should get all the opportunities to monopolize the market, and then move on to the next gold or special offering by the Mint. They take their money and run – they really don’t care about coins, or collecting, just making a fast buck as a middleman, along with their TPG friends. None of these labels are going to stand the test of time. Who cares about a first strike 2014 coin five years later? I believe the dealers and TPG firms have really taken the fun out of collecting, and that is a shame. Young people can’t fford to even get near this hobby anymore. Actually, it’s not really a hobby anymore, just big business.

  38. VA Rich says

    Joe – I really don’t what to say than I agree. I have a very close friend that is part of a brain injury study at Walter Reed that has said the numbers coming in has dropped off considerably which is very positive. I sincerely hope it continues to decrease dramatically across all injuries.

    I personally have lost to 3 close classmates (SOF) and 2 Navy Squadronmates (doing an Army job due to Rumsfelds cut (F’n jackass)). It’s amazing how blessed a society can be and how quickly they can forget the lessons of 9-11 and assume their status based on the car they drive.., I seen oh so often in the past 6 years.

    I’m optimistic with the change up in leadership- that our Vets will benefit. I hope so otherwise this administration really hasn’t accomplished anything with respect to bringing closure to two wars and keeping the peace…, & it’s amazing how quickly the American society forgets now days the sacrifice of so few for so many…, but we know & that makes us a special part of the America experiment.

  39. says

    Jerry D, In regards to big business, the Mint clearly wishes to show respect to the memory of our fallen President by establishing tight household limits and I applaud them for that. They know it’s all about business, we all do, but this release is a little bit different.

  40. Bob R says

    I really like the design of her, the best of the FS but it does not look like her IMO.

  41. maddogdday says

    Received my first BHOF clad proof yesterday and noticed what appears to be a dark, almost circular spot maybe 1-2 mm in size within the letter “O” of DOLLAR. Appears to me to be either a grease spot of some kind or even a delamination. Has anyone else seen anything like this on their clads?

  42. fmtransmitter says

    silver HOF uncirc shipped…got tracking number 3/30 order…boy that was long season!

  43. Steve says

    I’m not touching the Kennedy gold with a ten foot pole. Flippers are going to lose their arse on this one.

  44. zeeman says

    Steve@ you are right but so is Louis about intial upside on the ANA Coin Show Label.

  45. Longarm says

    These are really nice gold coins, too bad I can’t afford one. I will be getting a Kennedy though, maybe two.

  46. stephen m says

    I can’t see the low mintage some here are predicting for the gold Kennedy. 150k+.

  47. SilverFan says

    The over/under on the Kennedy gold coin is 100,000. As they will be minted to demand, these will stay on the US Mint website for a while. When they are suddenly and unexpectedly removed, aftermarket prices will rise. If you want one, get it while available. I am going to avoid special labels at all cost.

  48. Jon in CT says

    I see that the Mint will impose a household ordering limit of 5 per household for the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Gold Proof Coin. This makes zero sense if the Mint has also decided to create as many of these coins as will be necessary to completely satisfy demand. Pick one or the other, but not both. The people running the Mint are clearly brain damaged and ought to be lined up against a wall and shot. But they would be perfectly safe thanks to the circular nature of any firing squad organized by the Mint’s marketing staff.

  49. Larry says

    @ Jon in CT – they did the same for the UHR, but if my memory serves me you could only get 1 initially, then they opened the gates to however many you want. I don’t see the gold Kennedy at more than 100K, maybe less. This is not a popular coin. I still want to see it in real life before I buy one. Usually pictures just do not do justice to coins. The RP buffalo in real life is a stunning coin, you just do see how good it is in pictures.
    This coin could have been so much more. Maybe a reverse proof, maybe a different reverse, maybe a higher relief, just something to make it even more special.

  50. fmtransmitter says

    If you WANT the coin for your COLLECTION wate for a PF70 some months from now and you will get it at same or a touch above Mint cost imo….In for the silvers though, too temping to see that beautiful set…

  51. says

    To stay on topic, there’s something about the Florence Harding gold coin that seems to set it apart from the rest to me. I’m not really sure what it is, and I don’t buy these, but I like this one.

    I’m still bullish on the gold Kennedy half for one reason- the coin is being untouched for the most part, left in tacked with very little done to alter or violate the appearance of the Kennedy design except for one aspect which is breaking the molds of all the half dollars before it, gold composition!

    It’s not a commemorative coin program, this one is still a half dollar, and a first.

  52. Sith says

    @Jon in CT – The house hold limit makes perfect sense as people have been waiting for 3 months to get a BHOF coin while the “dealers” have been getting tons of them As Larry already posted they slowly increased the household limit on the UHR..basically the US Mint imposes and retains a limit in order to ensure the broadest possible distribution to the public….then they open the floodgates if anything is left. In the case of the UHR it started out as 1 per household then 10, then 25, then finally unlimited. Then they if memory servers they melted 60K of unsold coins.

  53. Sith says

    Of course as another poster already said the mint underestimated demand for the BHOF coin (initial household limit of 50) while IMHO overestimating the demand for Kennedy’s. IMHO based on the UHR’s limit of of 1 then 10 per household we can expect easily expect a mintage of less than 100K., but its not a clean comparison because the limit was raised 6 months after the initial release, but based on the reverse buffalo sales I would say a 60K is in the works. Now saying that the initial sales of the UHR was just over 40K the first week, assuming the same demand with everyone maxing out the household limit we are looking at 200K, and think that is what the int is looking at…but what do I know.

  54. Louis says

    @Larry- the JFK coins, all of the them, not just the gold, are going to be in higher relief than regular JFK coins and with accent hair. NGC is evening labeling them as high relief coins, which is a bit confusing since they are not like Perth or other HR coins. This has been discussed in many past threads, and was in a note at the end of my article.

  55. Larry says

    Louis – hard to know exactly what they mean by “high relief”. My understanding is it is like the original 1964 coin. That doesn’t look to high relief to me. But like I said before, I will see it at the ANA show, and if it has the “wow” factor, I will probably buy one. Or maybe something else, there are so many coins at the show I want.

  56. Louis says

    Larry- It’s not like the 1964 coin. The new coins are based on a design never used on the coin but made for the presidential inaugural medal for JFK, which is in higher relief, but like I said not probably not like modern world high relief coins like the wedge tail. CoinWorld and other sources have run detailed stories on how the Mint dug up some old designs and molds from the medal.

  57. says

    Louis, Larry, and all,

    The high relief designation has been used by graders for a very long time to describe the 1921 peace dollar.
    We all know it can in no way be compared to the “high relief” we are more familiar with, but still falls in the category. Whether it’s a high relief or not, TPG’s are sure to capitalize on it!

  58. Clark says

    I too like the design of this Florence Harding coin. The reverse has an art deco flare that sets it apart from other FS coins. Lines of the obverse portrait seems to flow and complement the back. Well done. I wish other spouse designs were as nice.

  59. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Kennedy and gold do not mix. JFK was a man of ideals worth much more than pure gold.

  60. VA Bob says

    “JFK was a man of ideals worth much more than pure gold.”

    Would Marilyn agree? Come on let’s keep it a little real. Pity his ideals about country and self are completely backwards today, though.

  61. Harry Baskins says

    I hope the Mint produces a gold coin featuring Richard Nixon. The reverse could feature the Watergate building.

  62. Jerry Diekmann says

    Harry – the last thing any collector needs to see is a Richard Nixon dollar. What next – a Spiro Agnew half dollar? Two dishonorable crooks who deserve only to remembered as being in power during a particularly difficlt period in our nation’s history. I myself can’t see why anyone would ever collect president dollars – some of the great ones, yes, but at least half of them were mediocre or worse.

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