2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set

Yesterday, December 22, 2014, the United States Mint began accepting orders for the 2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set. The product incorporates coins, medals, and stamps honoring the 32nd President of the United States of America.

The product will make for a nice follow up to last year’s Coin and Chronicles Set issued for Theodore Roosevelt, which had contained a coin and two medals. As mentioned in a recent post, the US Mint seems to have planned to continue the product type with the issuance of separate sets next year for the 33rd to 36th Presidents, Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson.


The present set includes the following items:

  • 2014-S Proof Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Dollar
  • Copper nickel clad 2014-S Proof Roosevelt Dime
  • .999 Fine Silver Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Medal
  • Bronze Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Medal
  • The 1-cent Roosevelt stamp “Hyde Park” depicting Roosevelt’s New York home
  • The 2-cent Roosevelt stamp “Little White House” paying tribute to the president’s frequent retreat located in Warm Springs, Georgia
  • The 3-cent Roosevelt stamp “White House” featuring an image of the White House
  • The 5-cent Roosevelt stamp “Four Freedoms” showing a globe inscribed with his famous four freedoms: “Freedom of Speech, and Religion, from Want and Fear”

The two coins included in the sets can be found in other products and are minted in relatively high numbers. The two medals included in the set may actually represent the most compelling items.

The silver medal is struck on an American Silver Eagle coin blank with a weight of 1 troy ounce and .999 purity. This seems to represent the first time the FDR Presidential Medal has been struck in silver. Even the bronze medal may prove to carry a unique aspect. The image of the medal included on the product page and shown above presents a decidedly different appearance than the bronze Presidential Medal previously issued, particularly in the fields and level of detail in the design. An image of the previously issued bronze medal can be found here. Once I have a set in hand, I will provide a side by side comparison to confirm any differences.


Along with the four stamps, the set is completed with a companion booklet including images from Franklin D. Roosevelt’s life and legacy. All of the items are housed in a rich green folder covered in a soft-touch material with a textured look.

The set is priced at $57.95 and carries a product limit of 20,000 units. There are no household ordering limits imposed.

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  1. AzDan says

    I ordered 2 sets yesterday & just got an email that it’s shipped. Went smoothly. Also I received the Discovery set today even though when I ordered it it stated it would not be in-stock until the 15th of January. Looks like the rugrats will have an extra present. I will add a few items to the Discovery set to make it more appealing. Nice box with book and great way for the next generation to learn about coin collecting.

  2. thePhelps says

    My FDR set ordered yesterday also shipped. It does look like there is a subtle change in the bronze image. Nothing overtly different but perhaps a slight shift of location and maybe a little more right shoulder?

    I actually like the line up for the C&C next year some interesting political characters in that group of presidents.

  3. Boz says

    I plan to make a fortune flipping the stamps along with the dollar bills from the coin and currency set. Make it a CC/CC set.

  4. wonker says

    What makes (the stamps along with the dollar bills from the coin and currency set) so desireable? That you’ll make a fortune?

  5. VA Bob says

    I’m going to refer to this as the “R & R Set” (Roosevelt and Rumsfeld). I can’t help it. Every time I see that “FDR” dollar coin I can’t help but wonder what the design selection people were thinking. This is perhaps the worst depiction of a president in this series.

  6. VA Bob says

    Boz – Pity FDR didn’t play baseball. A nice baseball card would have really rounded this set out. Not to mention go well with your stamp sales.

  7. Dustyroads says

    fmtransmitter, Still thinking about the 1922 Peace dollar…I don’t know why Rick paid so much for it when the appraiser quoted a somewhat lower value…and it’s only a 61..and in an NGC holder at that. He could have offered the guy $50,000. and wouldn’t have been cheating him, but he went straight to the top. He usually works a fair deal for the store….it seems to me that an NGC 61 needs a little more consideration..unless of course he knows I don’t know.

    BTW, there’s nothing wrong with the coin collecting hobby…nor is there a shortage of people using dollars and coins for buying. Most of us probably use credit on a regular basis, but that’s us.

  8. CasualCollector says

    People who are receiving Sac C&C Sets now — if you are opening them what are we up to for Dollar Serial Numbers? I am wondering if the Mint actually had a run of 50,000 Dollar Bills (sequential Serials).

  9. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, Have you Compared the Hard numbers to the Excel spreadsheet? Dang…

    24 numbers are Different between the Two.

    No Idea which are Correct. The hard copy of the Silver BHOF coins are the Same w/o/w…

  10. Boz says

    Baseball card great idea. I am selling my CC/CC/BB sets with the stamps and I expect to set record sales on ebay. What was it PT Barnum said? I guess the US Mint believes it.

    I could not find any significance in the CC dollar bill serial numbers. Did anybody else?

  11. CasualCollector says

    BHoF Young Collector’s Set is OOS. Must be due to the packaging and getting close to end of year. Not sure if they will make these available again before the deadline.

    I happened to order 5 of them yesterday because I thought earlier in the year the coins in this set looked better than the standalone Uncirculated Clad version. But I’m not sure that will hold true with this last batch. They will probably just print “x” amount to fill orders of both Young Collectors and Regular Uncirculated (B36) and then destroy the dies. (I would love to own one of the dies used for any of these BHoF Coins).

  12. Jerry Diekmann says

    VA Bob – Agree with your assessment of the FDR dollar. Doesn’t look like him at all. FDR didn’t have a Jay Leno chin like on this coin. It is really a terrible mistake and a disservice to FDR to not portray him as he was. There are probably more photographs of FDR (he was President 12 years) than any other president. Alkso, the dollar coin bears no resemlance to the dime or the medals.Shame on the Mint for approving this design – it’s a disgrace.

  13. CasualCollector says

    @JJ – Thanks for the Serial Number. I guess an indicator of “Not Consecutive” will be a serial number that is more than 50,000 than the lowest serial I have seen posted (I wrote down 05696397 as the low number from an earlier post).

  14. SmallPotatos says

    The article mentions that the Theodore Roosevelt Dollar is included. Did you mean Franklin Roosevelt dollar? Thanks for the post!!

  15. Tinto says

    @VA Bob, @Jerry Diekmann

    Agree the FDR “portrait” on the dollar coin doesn’t look like him at all …. I answered the Mint’s survey and though I did mention the blandness of the designs and how on earth they chose designs, I totally forgot to bring up the Rumsfeld dollar as an example drat … well I’ll be sure to mention that the next time a survey gets sent my way …. that dollar coin will the only drawback to the design of this set … IMO …

  16. Bob R says

    The C&C sets. I bought many sets early, flipped them in unopened boxes in large quantity to double my money fast, worried it may be a flash in the pants and did not want to be holding like I was with the BHOF golds. Looks like that was a mistake selling, just my luck. This buying and selling modern mint products is more than investing, it is gambling.

  17. Brad says


    I’m reasonably certain that the serial numbers of the 2014 Coin & Currency Sets run from J05696001A through J05746000A. I have not seen a serial number lower than J05696035A offered for sale. Also, the initially reported sales figure was around 14,000 sets and the sets from that first wave seemed to be J05709XXXA or less.

    I still wonder if anyone who received the “radar” notes of J05699650A, J05700750A, J05711750A, J05722750A, J05733750A and J05744750A realize what they have? Only those 6 sets out of 50,000 were radars. There were also 5 “repeater” sets that would have been sent out too. I’ve yet to see any of them offered for sale though. I would have liked to score one of those!

  18. The Reai "Cool" Dave says

    Anyway — these serial numbers (above), found in some of my sets seem unique to me; I will need to research further; however, please feel free to comment and let me know what you think. I am more of a coin person.

    I also have some $1 bills that appear to be off center (fronts) with narrow borders, yet centered on the back side.

    Finally, it appears that I received a batch where most of the Sacs are in pristine condition; I will take a closer look later; nevertheless, please advise me, if you would, a to the condition or not of your Sacs.

    I am just curious what you are all seeing on the early December orders that FINALLY shipped.


  19. The Reai "Cool" Dave says

    P.S. I believe some of the $1 bills that I have received are considered possibly, radar/repeaters — no?

    The in formation below, Published by keystonepuzzles , hurts my head & now I have sensory over load!! 😉

    Combinations of two or more of the above categories can also make your bank note even more collectible! Some examples below:

    • Ladder/Repeater combination (Example: 12341234)
    • Radar/Binary/Bookend combination (Example: 447777 44)
    • Near Solid/Radar combination (Example: 33388333)
    • Bookend/Ladder combination (Example: 12345 123)
    • Low Serial Number/Ladder combination (Example: 0000 1234)
    • Repeater/Doubles combination (Example: 33 6633 66)
    • Ladder/Doubles combination (Example: 11223344)
    • Birthday/Repeater combination (Example: 19701970)

    Good Night!

  20. jeff says

    TRCD check em very close all possible angles and under reflective light. If your thinking about grades I beleive these are poor proofs, but what do we expect from the United State Mint perfection not going to happen. I think these are better to remain in OGP. Gotta love it only 50K, I know their not silver or gold but I’m expecting to double or even triple my money not bad for clad.

  21. The Reai "Cool" Dave says

    @jeff says – December 24, 2014 at 3:23 am
    ” . . . I think these are better to remain in OGP. Gotta love it only 50K . . . ”

    Yes, I definitely agree. Just doing a little sleep blogging — LOL!

  22. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    A bit of contrast, eh? You know Cag, in the short-term I’m not sure you are going to figure out what’s correct.

    With this role out, the mint has put in place a very capable order processing system, though it appears the user-friendly side and inventory management system interface was either not properly beta-tested, or an after thought. One only has to look at recent activity such as the NA C&C set, BHoF Clads, & JFK clads (basically the hot items selling) which have done this.., In stock, BO, OOS, BO, IN, BO, OOS, IN, OOS you get the picture, that’s reactionary and bring into question if anyone really has a clear picture…, oh, & where have those silver BhoFs been? Maybe we’ll have better luck next year.., & if not, I say we put in a unsolicited bid for about 480 hrs each to come in help lead them to a fix and be done with it! 🙂

    Hey OT – you watch Cramer/Mad $? If so, was wondering what your take was?

  23. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    You guys waiting on your 4 Dec C&C order aren’t alone, I just check my order history and saw that I have a 10 Dec order that is still on back order – totally forgot about it, I’d like to see J 05654321 A.

    Prices for sets are solidly back in the $30’s with auctions ending in the low range now for sequential order sets.

  24. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    cag – from your past observations, have you had any confidence in the hard copy’s Availability (Y/N) column as an indicator of an offering being SO?

  25. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    I couldn’t be more impressed with the US Marshall Service planning for the Commemorative role out, from coin design to surcharge use, they’ve ran with the football and it shows.

    Check this out, more past benefactors of Comm Surcharges stipulate the funds go to “Operating Expenses” – yeah right! Here’s the USM’s surcharge allocation –

    (b) Distribution – Subject to section 5134(f) of title 31, United States Code, the Secretary shall promptly distribute all surcharges received from the sale of coins issued under this Act as follows:

    (1) The first $5,000,000 available for distribution under this section, to the U.S. Marshals Museum, Inc., also known as the United States Marshals Museum, for the preservation, maintenance, and display of artifacts and documents.

    (2) Of amounts available for distribution after the payment under paragraph (1) —

    (A) One third shall be distributed to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, to be used for finding missing children and combating child sexual exploitation.

    (B) One third shall be distributed to the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Foundation, to be used —

    (i) to provide financial assistance for —

    (I) surviving family members of Federal law enforcement members killed in the line of duty;

    (II) Federal law enforcement members who have become disabled; and

    (III) Federal law enforcement employees and their families in select instances, such as severe trauma or financial loss, where no other source of assistance is available;

    (ii) to provide scholarships to students pursuing a career in the law enforcement field; and

    (iii) to provide selective grants to charitable organizations.

    (C) One third shall be distributed to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, to support the construction of the National Law Enforcement Museum and the preservation and display of its artifacts.

  26. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Now that’s a Comm I can get behind and feel good that my surcharge may make a difference!

  27. A Different Jeff says

    Got some clarity from the Mint on 12/23 regarding the silver BHoF and why they ‘mysteriously’ became available. Seems during the transition, there were orders that the previous contractor had in stock but were cancelled for one reason or another before being shipped. These were set aside and forgotten about; when the handover happened they were shipped with the rest of the inventory. Since they were supposedly sold out, nobody with the new contractor was looking for them and so they remained ‘lost’. Eventually as boxes were opened and inventory accounted for, they were found, and since they were salable, they were offered for sale.
    Seems as reasonable of an explanation as any; certainly is plausible.

  28. CasualCollector says

    @everyone with C&C Serial Number info — Thank You! Especially for the different names for the “patterns”

    I don’t actually collect notes with specific Serial Numbers. Although I think it’s cool to have certain patterns and I am looking for a note that ends with 8888 (anyone out there wanna sell one?)

    I only had 2 orders filled for these sets (5 each). I opened the first order, and have not opened the second order. The coins from the box I opened looked good but — they all had one little “blemish” here or there that I think would keep them out of a 70 grade (but should be solid 69’s all around). Unless it’s true that the TPG’s don’t take into account the rim (I read one comment that the TPG’s don’t look at the rim when grading). 2 of my coins had a little tiny (almost unnoticeable) little blemish on the rim.

    I did get one interesting Serial number:
    J05698765 — not sure if there’s a name for that pattern?


  29. stephen m says

    C.C. 56789 backwards. I dunno. Maybe in the bow that’s unopened. My sets, ordered on 12-4, should go out in todays mail. Maybe these packages should be handed off to Santa. He knows what to do with them. They have been in transit from Atlanta, Ga since last Friday which is about 100 miles away. Fed Ex smart post I think they call it. @ the serial #’s. Thanks for that info since I’m not a note collector I learned something.

  30. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, Nope….

    I’ve Seen N’s that were subsequently Y’s. I think it is more of a Weekly Y/N vs. a Going Forward Y/N.

    I don’t know Specifically which Cramer/Mad show you are referring too, however, Overall I am a big fan of Jim. Maybe not on a Specific bottom up approach but from a top down approach. I’m a top down investor and he has been Spot on for years whereas many Talking Heads have been Dead Wrong since 2008 (and they continue to be dead wrong)…

    They have been some Talking Heads mentioned Positively on this blog that I hit the Mute button as soon as I see them talk. Eventually they will either be right or mercifully they will be taken off the air or no longer interviewed…

  31. CasualCollector says

    Speaking of C&C on eBay. I lnoticed several sellers offering consecutive Serial numbers for 2 sets. I think that’s smart because not only do they save on shipping costs, it offers the buyer something interesting (say gifts for 2 members of their family). But unfortunately, I don’t see much of a premium being paid for the “Consecutive” Sets of 2. Seem to be going low $60’s for 2 sets. Although there’s one pair now at around $80…

  32. Brad says

    The Real “Cool” Dave,

    Yeah, you have some decent serial numbers there. However, the “repeaters” I was referring to are the “true” repeaters of J05700570A, J05710571A, J05720572A, J05730573A and J05740574A. Only those 5 sets qualify for true “repeater” status.

    I barely missed one of the radar notes. I received J05722801A, only 51 sets above a radar.

    CasualCollector, I think someone had a C & C set on eBay the other day with a note that ended in 8888. Check the completed items and see if you can find it. I don’t know how much it went for. Maybe you could get the seller to give you the e-mail address of the person who bought it. If they only wanted a set for themselves and the number was not important to them, you could offer to trade them one of your sets to get the one you want.

  33. Brad says

    Today has an unusual scenario. There’s never a London pm price fix on Christmas Eve. So, do you think the Mint will drop the prices on gold coins this week since the average dictates it, or because there’s no pm price fix to “agree directionally with the change” do you think they’ll leave prices unchanged?

  34. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Thanks for the validation – I’ve started catching him on MSNBC at 6 pm and many of the OT discussions here have been in line with his comments as of late. Quite interesting, & the open flow of information now days makes it far easier on those of us slaving a way than years ago when the free insight consisted of reading Value Line at the local library and Louis Rukeyser on PBS on Friday nights.

    You, or anyone else, picking up any last B34 or B35s?
    I’m contemplating it…

  35. gary says

    @Brad… it’s Christmas Eve so probably nobody minding the Mint today. Prices probably to remain the same.

  36. CasualCollector says

    Dang it! You are right there was one that ended with 8888. And it only sold for $34.55! I wish I had seen that one. I will have to pay more attention to the bay…

  37. A Different Jeff says

    @Brad –
    I pointed this out in the ‘US Mint 2015 Product Schedule Contains Some Surprises’ on 12/22

    ‘Talked to CS about two things today –
    #1 Since the gold prices are set by the LBMA average and movement determined by the Wed PM fix, this year there will be no Wed PM fix on 12/24 or 12/31. Since the prices can’t be adjusted without the Wed PM fix, there apparently will be no adjustment of prices this week or next. Called to HQ but nobody home, so left message. We’ll see what develops.’

    What developed was I got a call from the Mint yesterday about noon PST. Seems this hadn’t been taken into account, but this individual did say that the prices should be adjusted. Without disclosing too much, he has been associated with the bullion program for many, many years. This will also occur next week, as well, but with significantly fewer fixing points (none on Thursday or Friday -Christmas Day and Boxing Day) as well as New Year’s Eve PM fix. Based on the average fixes, the price should come down to $1165.

  38. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, I’ve got a Boatload of B35’s and several B34’s. Didn’t need to pick up any additional this time. I did pick up some additional B33’s this Go Round…

  39. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    cag – That’s good. I keep coming back and looking at 35’s sales, very high indeed, though there’s other factors to consider. It’s a matter of minutes before someone out here calls me nuts for saying this, though I see some potential as a come back kid for this one. When you factor that this IS it for the baseball offering, the low relative price point, lower sales to big brother, likely-hood of more absorption within the non-collecting base, and so on for all the other reasons past discussed. I realize yours are for gifts and team awards, though the current price has been damped by these clowns running auctions that don’t know what they’re doing, discount that, and there’s been some good sales, you may see some more. Maybe I am nuts, I just picked some up, we’ll see where they are 6-12 months out.

  40. thePhelps says

    Keep Calm and call me a skeptic… with the numbers sold for the set – I doubt they’ll ever really be overly in demand. That said – I have several to give as gifts over the next few years. People really do marvel at the coin as well as the design – ball and glove – so it is a good conversation piece if nothing else. A good circus is always good for conversations…

  41. CasualCollector says

    (B37) BHoF Young Collector’s Set available again. Getting close to last call… I am hoping these last clads are nice like earlier sets I got a while back.

  42. Teach says

    Mint Hostage Crisis Day 20

    Well my 12/4 order for the C&C sets have moved from BACKORDER to PROCESSING. Could this be the Christmas miracle I have been praying for? 😉

    Merry Christmas to all of you commentors and to our most gracious host Michael!

  43. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    GF – those 4 Sacabucks that I sent in, 2 of which I strongly felt would come back 70’s – 2 69’s, & 2 68’s. Ouch! I p______ away that beer money, I should have written on the form, “I took your grading class, therefore there must be 2 70’s in the lot.” Oh well, I’ll do my best to recoup my upfront across 3 of them for a breakeven…, otherwise I’m really good at this modern thing, when it doesn’t involve TPG’s 😉

  44. fmtransmitter says

    @Dustyroads: I think Rick was just awe struck and wanted it no matter what for his own collection OR he had a buyer in mind already for 90 or 100k. Either way I believe he over paid as well and that dude was happy as heck with that cash!
    Now On Topic, FDR said to the Country Only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Then he said everyone turn in your physical gold to the Govt. Imagine if something like that happened today? Well, wait, it never will because all they have to do is fire up the printing presses and keep them filled with ink. Hmmm…

  45. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    FM – OR now that he has that drop dead gorgeous wife that’s half his age, he wanted it as a hood ornament for her Maserati…? Rick’s probably happy either way, it you get my drift

  46. Tinto says

    The Mint has reduced the prices of its gold and platinum offerings.

    Platinum proof $ 1,550 (still OOS)
    JFK gold – $1,165

  47. jeff says

    KCSO I’m big on graded coins always upside maybe not immediate. The NA CC Set however are so difficult to grade, there will be better upside potential in ungraded examples imho.

  48. Raphael says

    C&C= Highest numbers are J 05717094 A thru 096A. Got 10 sets and they seem to jump in pairs of three’s(3). With the Odd ball being J 05717055 A.

  49. thePhelps says

    I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! No coal in your stockings and only 70’s in your coin gifts!

  50. A Different Jeff says

    @cagcrisp –
    No different than what the mint did in advance of the Kennedy gold. It was announced as opening at $1277.50, but as the opening day approached, the gold fixes mandated a reduction to $1240. This was the price set by the pricing grid. The indicated price is what the 2014 grid would make a $5 gold proof without the introductory discount, While the prices are lower than 2014 for silver, they are about the same as 2013, so looking at the introductory prices, they would be (if released today):
    Half dollar uncirc -> $13.95
    Half dollar proof -> $14.95
    Dollar uncirc -> $43.95
    Dollar proof -> $46.95
    Gold uncirc -> $383.30
    Gold proof -> $388.30
    3 coin proof set -> $449.30

    Buying the proofs together with discount is $450.20; the uncircs together with discount is $441.20

  51. GoldFishin says

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all…I sincerely wish all of you the best holiday season with your loved ones! I have enjoyed my time here on MNB with you this year!

    I have Christmas brunch with the in-laws tomorrow….it will probably go something like this…..


  52. says

    ditto…Merry Chrirstmas to all you guys/gals.

    I hope 2014 was good to everyone, and may 2015 and beyond be better!!

    Best wishes,

  53. Bob R says

    For everyone here, forgive me for every post I may have done that upset’s anyone, just the nature of someone getting old. My 5 & 7 year old daughters are now watching and waiting for Santa. The fireplace is open and clear for Santa, the girls will be up all night to see Santa.
    Most important everyone, we have a good life, let’s have fun next year..God bless and Merry Christmas.

  54. cagcrisp says

    Merry Christmas to All. I have a 4 year old grandson and a 15 month year old granddaughter that are visiting for Christmas. I started Young. That doesn’t mean I had Children Young, just that I started Young…

    Those that I have Upset in 2014 I’m S-O-R-R-Y (as my grandson says). Those that I haven’t, there is always Next year…

  55. mark says

    Just remembering Xmas 2010, opening up my box of 5 ounce ATBs from apmex. Which came with a $500 refund. And then the ordering of many more from all the other distributors with the filling out of all the he paper work. Still have three free sets from the flipping profits. …Happy Holidays

  56. says

    The Coin Discovery set was delivered at 5 PM on Christmas Eve. I added a red book guide to US coins and a bag of about 20 coins including some indian head pennies, buffalo nickels, and a Morgan silver dollar. I wrapped it up and gave it to my 12 year old niece visiting from St. Louis and she was thrilled. And I remember that it was my older brother, cousin and an uncle that all got me excited about coins at an early age. Happy Holidays.

  57. Dustyroads says

    As reported by Michael Yon:

    Santa Claus takes fire from North Korean Air Defense

    Santa Claus reported several missile attacks and ground fire while delivering toys to NORK children. He said the children are confused by the toys and do not know what they are.

    Santa reports that during one attack the sleigh experienced a small fire, which was extinguished by the auto-suppression system. One reindeer lightly wounded but enthusiastic to continue mission.

    Santa Claus reported through secure link that reports of being shot down by the Russians are overstated, though there were some near misses. “Shot at is not shot down, hohoho.” Santa laughed. “There was a brief period when our comms did not work due to damage to the sleigh, but we got the fire out. The blackout was misinterpreted as being shot down. Hohoho! Charlie Mike!” (Continue Mission.)

    Asked whether Santa will abort mission, Santa laughed and said “Negative abort! Charlie Mike! But next year we will need a Stealth Sleigh! We came under attack several dozen times. Luck is not a plan, ho ho ho! Some children may receive toys with small burns or the smell of smoke, but all is fine, hohoho! Merry Christmas! Hohoho!”

  58. Louis says

    Merry Christmas to all. I know you don’t see me here much these days. The reason is I have so much coin-related writing to do and there just is not enough time.

    Thought you all would get a kick out of this. Because I have no immediate family left I celebrate the holidays with my elderly aunt and a friend of her’s, who is a descendant of Frederick Olmsted, who designed many of the nation’s national parks. So I gave her a bag of Everglades quarters I got at the Mint recently along with an article I wrote about the silver puck version of that quarter. She seemed to get a kick out of it.

  59. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Told Santa, there were some F-22’s in the area, but no active SAM scans/sweeps, only old-inaccurate shoulder fired projectiles, like big bottle rockets. So, his six was protected!

  60. says

    Louis, you are probably the most respected person on this blog! We all “love ya man!”

    I learn a lot from your articles on Coinweek and hope you continue to do the great job you do!

    I bet your Aunt & friend really enjoyed those coins…I know I would.

    Louis, while you may not have many living relatives (I don’t either), you wll always have this
    community of guys to talk to.

    Best regards,

  61. Dustyroads says

    Louis, Any time in the past when I have not seen much of you here I have noticed your article appear not long after, I have you bookmarked so I can jump right over and catch you there. I know it needs not be said, but I depend greatly on the writings of you and others with sincere hope that you continue in the outstanding work you do. Thank you.

    Monty Python- Always look on the bright side of life~


  62. Louis says

    Wow! You guys are going to give me a big head! Thanks so much for all the kind words and support.
    You folks are probably the best informed and most passionate coin bloggers out there. May you continue to enjoy this great hobby to the fullest. And by the way, I learn from you guys too.

  63. NC_Stacker says

    I know this will not be pulled back as I have a UPS tracking number. Hope it’s not an empty box.

  64. jhawk92 says

    @Bernie- that article is a key question. Not sure I have a good answer. I have been collecting mint and proof sets for a while and had planned on keeping them in OGP. Some that I have purchased from the 50s and 60s still look good. Tough call.

  65. Clark says

    On receiving my FDR Coin & Chronicles set this afternoon, I made these observations:

    –The Mint appropriately spent more on coins and four visually appealing stamps than it did on packaging. Previous Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt C&C sets contained fewer numismatic (and no philatelic) items, but featured handsome, sturdy binders, photos and copies of historic documents. Hats off to the Mint for its tribute to that all-but-forgotten stamp collecting hobby I enjoyed as a boy: it’s a nice and unexpected touch.

    –This FDR C&C set contains the same level of relevant biographical and historical facts as previous presidential C&C sets, without much window dressing. FDR packaging length is slightly longer and about half as thick as the Teddy Roosevelt C&C set’s spine. Materials from which the FDR set is made are significantly thinner than Lincoln and TR sets, but not quite thin enough to be considered “flimsy”–but close.

    –The two FDR medals are a nice contrast and identical except in two important respects: One is 99.9% silver and the other is bronze. The silver medal’s larger diameter is 1 5/15 inches, and the bronze is only 1.598 inches.

    –The patina contrast of the two medals in my FDR set is remarkable in that the 95% Copper/5% Zinc bronze medal has a deep rich matte brown reminiscent of the way copper pennies once used to be, yet the silver medal is brilliant and shiny.

    –FDR & Theodore Roosevelt silver medals appear to be the same diameter, however, FDR’s bronze medal is much smaller his cousin’s bronze. The TR bronze medal is the same brilliant, shiny finish I’ve seen on most U.S. Mint bronze medals, such as the First Spouse and Code Talker issues.

    –With the recent news of several more presidential coin & chronicles set slated for 2015, I can’t help but think that the FDR packaging design had these future issues in mind as they seem easier and less expensive to manufacture.

    On balance, I am quite pleased with the overall value of the FDR set and the lower quality packaging does not bother me as much as it did at first as long as it withstands the test of time. I am extremely pleased with the added touch of FDR stamps, but would have liked the ability to view the reverse sides, which are obscured in one-sided plastic windows. It makes a nice addition to any collection of modern US coins and is a must-have addition to coin & chronicle set collections.

  66. I started collecting yesterday says

    I received my FDR set today and I really like it. I never really cared about Mint packaging and often think it is “over the top” and too much of it. I thought the TR set is too fragile. However, I think the FDR set is different. I like the packaging as it seems sturdy and fits perfectly on my bookshelf. I nominate this highest quality product of 2014.

  67. Clark says

    @themadhouseseven–Your second question, “are the stamps … real,” demonstrates why being able to view the reverse is important to stamp collectors.

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