2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Dollar Rolls, Bags, and Boxes

Today, August 28, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for circulating quality 2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Dollars in rolls, bags, and boxes. This represents the fourth and final release of the year and the 32nd overall release within the Presidential $1 Coin Program.

2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Dollar

The obverse features a portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt designed and engraved by Joseph Menna. Inscriptions include the President’s name, the motto “In God We Trust”, the order of the Presidency, and the dates served “1933-1945”. The reverse design features the rendition of the Statue of Liberty designed by Don Everhart which has been used in common throughout the series. Inscriptions include “United States of America” and the denomination of “$1”.

Incused edge inscriptions contain the date of issue “2014” along with the mint mark and motto “E Pluribus Unum”.

The obverse design matches the recommendation of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, who felt that the design successfully captured the President’s personality. The Commission of Fine Arts had recommended an alternate candidate, which they felt carried the most recognizable image. Of the four designs selected for the series this year, this was the only instance when the CCAC and CFA had offered different recommendations.

Products available from the United States Mint include 25-coin rolls priced at $32.95 each, 100-coin bags priced at $111.95 each, and 250-coin boxes priced at $275.95 each. There are options available for circulating quality coins from either the Philadelphia or Denver Mint facility, with the coins carrying the “P” or “D” mint mark respectively. The paper wrappers or tags attached to the canvas bags contain the President’s name, the face value of the contents, and the mint mark.

There are no mintage or product limits established for these products. The Mint indicates that the products will be available for one year from the initial on-sale date or until inventory is depleted prior to the one-year time frame.

The Mint has indicated preliminary product totals for the 2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Dollars at 3,920,000 coins at the Denver Mint and 4,760,000 coins at the Philadelphia Mint. Since 2012, Presidential Dollars have not been released for general circulation, but have only been available within numismatic products.

Other Coin Appearances

Franklin D. Roosevelt has appeared on other legal tender coins issued by the United States Mint.

Roosevelt Dime

The Roosevelt Dime was introduced in 1946, shortly following FDR’s death in 1945. The selection of the denomination was partly due to his efforts in founding the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis later known as the March of Dimes. Production of the coins was rushed in early 1946 in order coincide with the organization’s annual fund raising event.

Designs were created by John R. Sinnock and feature a profile portrait of the President on the obverse and a lit torch flanked by an olive and oak branch on the reverse. The same designs have continued in use without significant modifications through the present day.

1997 Franklin D. Roosevelt Gold Coin

The 1997 Franklin D. Roosevelt $5 Gold Coin was issued to commemorate the public opening of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, D.C. and honor President Roosevelt’s leadership and legacy.

The obverse design by T. James Ferrell features a depiction of the upper torso and head of the President, which was based on a photograph of him reviewing the U.S. Navy fleet in San Francisco Bay. The reverse features the Presidential Seal which was displayed at FDR’s 1933 inauguration. The reverse was designed by James Peed and modeled by Thomas D. Rogers, Sr.

From a maximum authorized mintage of 100,000 pieces, final sales reached 11,894 uncirculated coins and 29,474 proof coins.

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  1. ClevelandRocks says

    Michael, any update on the ’13 UNC “sold out, not sold out, sold out, ‘gotcha again’ NOT sold out”?

  2. says

    I think the design on the $1 dollar coin is just terrible. I didn’t like it when it was first announced, and I don’t think it looks any better now. If you want a decent Roosevelt coin, get a proof dime or the 1997 $5 gold coin Michael helpfully highlighted

  3. Ikaika says

    @ VaBeachSteve

    Can you please post the link? I checked their website and nada. As with the previous releases, they tell us nothing. After the word gets out, they keep calling us every week .

  4. Tinto says

    “I think the design on the $1 dollar coin is just terrible. I didn’t like it when it was first announced, and I don’t think it looks any better now.”

    Totally agree, they all stink. IMO the US Mint have hired people who can’t draw a human face and/or properly produce them into coins. Thank goodness the series is about to end …

  5. says

    I don’t think the other coins were to bad so far, I can see the similarity from pictures and paintings in them. This FDR on the other hand looks nothing like what I have seen and I have seen hundreds of pictures and many paintings and film and this coin matches none from memory. I would be interested in seeing what was used to copy by? I’m still kinda new here but doesn’t “Michael” that runs this blog kinda work for that department?

  6. Pittsburgh P says

    Ikaika there is no link to the 2oz gold WTE that govmint sells for 9000$. I believe thats for the PF69 version & dint know if they have 70s left. It one of their products thatvare unadvertised and they call people on with there constant calls. If you want one just call them and ask about it.

  7. says

    @Sith, No I didn’t mean he was an alias or anything like that. I know about his tour and he has a coin auction book on Amazon. But I thought he worked with the CCAC also, I’m probably wrong, nothing new…

  8. Small time collector says

    re: the FDR likeness. I think it lacks his resemblance in so many ways. It’s not composed of a familiar pose, not enough “jowl”, too large crown of head,…
    this appears to me to be a swing, and,…, a miss.

  9. says

    @cagcrisp, I didn’t know who Chris Berman was but I looked him up and you’re right! Maybe there was some kind of mix up in the drawing room for this coin.

  10. Ikaika says


    I was interested in reading some information on the 2 oz from the GM’s website. But at this bargain price of $9000 each, I might just have to buy a hand full of them 😉

  11. cagcrisp says

    “We love having the U.S. Mint at all of our shows, and we certainly enjoy seeing the Mint bring exciting new products to the marketplace that will increase public interest in the hobby,” Kiick said. “However, the problems we experienced this year far outweigh the benefits. There will be no onsite sales in the future unless we can come up a new sales process to avoid the problems encountered at the various U.S. Mint sales locations.”

    Something ($$$$) tells me….something ($$$$)…..Will be worked out….$$$$…..


  12. Pittsburgh P says

    Ikaika I hear ya… Load up on that bargain… Lol
    It’s another thing(one of many) I don’t like about GM… How they hold back alot of issues for their “premier” customers then if there are any left they’ll put em on the website. I missed the PF70 ’14 Britannia 5ozer because I stopped answering their calls. It was a few hundred more than ogp from the RM but I have one of those & wanted a 70 to go with my 5 coin set…

    Sorry all for bein so far off topic-I guys & gals – I’m done & yeah FDR does look like Berman imo 🙂 2cents not a sports fan I’m guessin…

  13. Ikaika says

    @ PP

    Wait until GM starts selling the 1 kilo gold WTE coin. I will need to sell the house, the car, the wife and the dogs to pay for that sucker.

  14. Zeeman says

    All i know about the 2oz gold WTE is that only about 300 coins graded 70 and there are not too many 2oz gold coins in the market, hope this info help somone.

  15. Erik H says

    2cents, I think you are confusing Dr. Michael Bugeja (who has articles on coinupdate.com) with Michael Z (this blog & coinupdate.com)

  16. Louis says

    @CC- Thanks for the heads up on the ANA statement. Maybe I am just less cynical than you are, but I really don’t think “working something out” boils down to money. This sordid affair made the ANA look bad, and one prominent collector who works with the ANA on technology and has run for governor, Scott Barman, has issued a call to kick out the main responsible dealers for violating the ANA ethics code.

    @Ikaika et al.- I made the mistake of picking up the phone yesterday when GM called. After telling them to stop calling me, the guy mentioned the WTE’s and I did not even want to hear the price as I know I can’t afford it, and now I am even more sure of that!

  17. Pittsburgh P says

    Ikaika 🙂

    Zeeman there wern’t that many 70s – that’s the number produced so far & idk what the pop #s are yet.

    Now I’m done

  18. Erik H says

    2cent, I just realized that coinupdate.com has another author named Michael Alexander, now I’m getting mixed up…

  19. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    They also called me yesterday. When you see the 800-630 incoming call, run……………………………..?

  20. says

    @Sith and Erik, Thanks for clearing that up for me. Guess Mr.Z. is not the one to ask where that caricature came from. The world may never know!

  21. VA Rich says

    Ikaika / Pitt.., perhaps you guys should settle on one 2 oz gold for now at that bargain basement price, so you can jump on the real high end Wedgies of 5 oz gold and 1 oz platinum coming soon, to a govmint near you!

  22. Jon in CT says

    And I agree with others that this FDR coin should have been based on a more-familiar image of him — perhaps one depicting him wearing his trademark Pince-nez eyeglasses, like this one. 🙂

  23. Pittsburgh P says

    VaRich on em all 😉
    They nixed a few of em though including the platinum for this year. Guess 50 types was to many 🙂

  24. VA Rich says

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – Albert Einstein

    With Albert’s insight aside, can someone please explain to me the madness of those continuing to dump gold JFKs (OGP & Slabbed alike) on fleabay…, it’s non-stop! The guy yesterday dump a dozen or more of black core NGC JFKs and if he made more than $40 a pop each, I’d be surprise.

    It’s like they get these things in and just dump them every hour, until they’re out…, I believe the count is up to 550+ of these coins. Is it naivety?, desperation?, utter cluelessness?, – I just can’t wrap my head around why these flippers continue to dump into a head wind when the water is already well chummed…, I just recall fleabay prices going for under discounted retail prices by $100-$200 before…, oh well, makes for opportunity.

  25. VA Rich says

    Pitt – how did you find out that they nix’ed them? Man, my radar must need calibration!

  26. Pittsburgh P says


    Govmint salespusher forwarded me an email from the mint when I told him I was good on everything he had to offer cause I was waiting for the platinum… Told him I didn’t believe him and he forwarded the email. I’m still good.

  27. GoldFishin says

    @VA RICH- it really is only one seller that I know of that will dump a dozen or more coins in one evening at auction prices. I saw what he did the last couple of days and once last week and got myself ready to get a 70. The graded coins have actually been met with a fairly nice demand, but nobody wants to go out on a limb and pay too much for them. New listings for graded 70’s auction style have already dropped off drastically last 2 days like Cagcrisp was predicting.
    The OGP debacle continues as hapless folks just try to get out at any price. I saw a auction close that had a Proof Kennedy gold and included a Proof HOF gold and it concluded around $1600. Just unbelievable, but somebody got a great deal and will be happy down the road.

  28. Buzz Killington says

    Prices on those old 1997 gold coins are really down. The UNC used to carry a decent premium. Not anymore! 11K is no longer a low mintage modern commemorative.

    It makes one concerned about whether the things we are buying today are going to hold their value!

  29. says

    I think a big part of the reasons folks are dumping gold is the information that blog dad and I were discussing the other evening. Remember when he showed us his research that says it costs$175 to make one JFK coin? Well some people don’t agree with that and they are calling it old fashioned greed and are tired of it. That’s just IMHO.

  30. VA Bob says

    Wow I didn’t know that Donald Rumsfeld got a dollar coin. Well if Alice Paul can get a First Spouse coin, anything is possible.

  31. cagcrisp says

    John D. Rockefeller “The way to make money is to buy when blood is running in the streets”.
    On the various blogs (excluding MNB) that I read I would say it’s 85% Negative about the Gold Kennedy. The tide has turned drastically since August 5.

    For Me: This is not a Selling opportunity. This is a Buying opportunity. (I’m Good)

    In the Long Run you will be Rewarded…

  32. Jon in CT says

    cagcrisp wrote on August 28, 2014 at 9:40 PM :

    John D. Rockefeller “The way to make money is to buy when blood is running in the streets”.

    For Me: This is not a Selling opportunity. This is a Buying opportunity. (I’m Good)

    In the Long Run you will be Rewarded…

    Some counter-quotes from John Maynard Keynes:

    In the long run we are all dead.

    Markets can remain irrational a lot longer than you and I can remain solvent.

  33. Jerry Diekmann says

    Ikiaika – This seller has a rating of 98.9% obn EBay which is very low(!) and a red flag that a buyer may have problems with a seller. The %’s are rigged by EBay so high that I would be wary of any seller with a 99.7% rating or lower. Sellers will often blackball buyers who give them anything but 5 stars in every category. I don’t buy much from Ebay any more but I learned long ago the buyer is a lot better off NOT to leave a rating. I know some people will say that is not right, that we should alert other potential buyers of problem sellers, but I would say this whole EBay business is a “caveat emptor – let the buyer beware” business, and buyers need to know their sellers, and they should be very wary of EBay itself, which has often screwed both buyers AND sellers. Yes, there are crooked buyers out there and crooked sellers out there, and EBay’s prime purpose is to close the sale, make a hefty commission anmd Paypal fees on the seller, and move on. They really don’t care all; that much about either the buyer or the seller. Yet, they serve a purpose in bringing buyers and sellers together who would never otherwise know what the other person might have for sale – like a national or even international flea market. I knoe some EBay sellers out there with 100% ratings that I wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole. I say all of this based on my experience and what I have learned from some EBay sellers.

  34. Jon in CT says

    It’s mildly surprising Jerry D has expressed no opinion yet about the coin honoring America’s one-and-only President-for-Life (“because the country needs me”), FDR.

  35. GoldFishin says

    @Jon in cT- Let us hope it is the last president for life(“because the country needs me”) that we have. Liked your pic of FDR wearing his trademark glasses…that was funny! Where is your evil twin tonight?

  36. Jerry Diekmann says

    Captain Overkill – Like you, I didn’t care all that much for the portrait of FDR – somehow it just doesn’t look like the pictures I have seen of him – this figure looks like some other man. nevertheless, he is one of my favorite presidents, so I sprang for P and D rolls. I don’t collect the Presidents series, just the greatest presidents, so my “set” will probably only contain half of the presidents, which is OK. Since I only collect coins in AU and above condition, I have found that this philosophy works out fine for me, as it saves me lots of $$$ in not having to have complete sets – I don’t have to have a 1916D dime, for example, or a 1926S nickel, or a 1914D cent. And for modern coins, I sure in heck don’t have to have a 1995W ASE.. It works for me, but I know other people have to complete sets – I just can’t afford to pay the high prices to have a complete set.

  37. Small time collector says

    this series and especially this coin is exactly why the committee that is choosing designs as well as the process that coin subjects needs to be revamped to include more public input.
    Realistically, how many of our lawmakers collect, keep coins (anything?).
    to revive interest and draw in new and younger collectors something more than a one-off unique coin should be considered.
    smaller denomination silver proofs of interesting subject matter, along with larger denomination silver and gold proofs of the same series might attract to multiple segments. It needs to be limited to 3 or 4 products in a single series to be successful inho.

  38. Jerry Diekmann says

    Louis and Pittsburgh – Never, ever forget what Deep Throat told Bob Woodward during the Watergate investigation – “follow the $$$”. This catch phrase is also true for the coin business, the ANA, the TPG, the big dealers, and also for anything related to politics, government, or religion, regardless of political party it is or whatever religion you might espouse, if you do subscribe to a religion.. And I’m doing my darndest not to be cynical, honest I am!

  39. Jerry Diekmann says

    Hi, Jon in CT – I expressed the opinion that I thought FDR was one of our greatest presidents – there have been about a dozen or so I would fit in this category of the 44 we have had, with the first five presidents falling into that category, which has never happened since and probably explains why the USA got off to a good start as a democracy that has lasted as long as it has. Also, I realize that FDR is a lot like Obama – people either seem to adore him or hate him. I try to judge a president not by his party but by what I call the acid test – “was the country better off when he left office than when he entered office?” In FDR’s case, I think there is absolutely no doubt that the USA was a lot better off in April 1945 than it was in March 1933. Was FDR perfect? No. Did he always do the right thing? No. Was he a saint? No. As far as I know, none of our presidents have ever been portrayed with a halo over their head, and I think that sometimes being tough is more important in a president than being “good”. When you are dealing in national and international politics, “good” is often looked upon by others, including your enemies, as “weak”. I think FDR was tough when he needed to be, and that was good. At least, that’s how I look at it. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to express my opinion on FDR.

  40. Jerry Diekmann says

    VA Rich – that is an iconic photo of FDR, but it probably wouldn’t have got past the censors because he was – aghast!!! – smoking! But what would “Casablanca” been like if Humphrey Bogart hadn’t been smoking? That was how it was back in those times. And that is when they lived, and that was the popular culture then, and they didn’t know about the dangers of tobacco then. At least the public didn’t know. The tobacco companies probably knew of the dangers from the time FDR was a baby, or before. Check on the demise of U.S. Grant for more details. Based on one of my brother’s health problems (he has smoked all his life since he was in his early teens) FDR’s cerebral hemorrage at age 63 could very well have been caused by smoking – it’s not always lung canceror other cancers.

  41. Small time collector says

    good point on the cigarette in the image. we should not neglect history by erasing what is not liked today.
    he smoked. there were buffalo hunters, indian wars, rough riders, etc. all real things that happened and can or will be forgotten if not memorialized.
    I can’t think of many better ways to insure history lives than than to be stamped into something humans cherish.

  42. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    The FDR design looks like Ray Manzerek of the Doors in his later years. The gold $5 a poor rendition of FDR. I think the Mint should have used the rendition of FDR smoking, smiling with his cigarette pointed up. This would have been an awesome design. But wait a minute… think about the controversy.
    You know we live in a society run by lawyers. This might influence 100,000 people to smoke and 100,000 angry people will be suing the Mint. We have to be such a clean society, no drinking, no smoking, no swearing… The US is one of the only countries that people sue each other at such frequency.

    And we can have guns on our coins, but cigarettes are prohibited. Think about it…

  43. Sith says

    @Jerry Diekmann – I guess we can call FDR a great President if you don’t mind stoming on the Constitution. Just ask any Japanese American about how great FDR was, and while you’re at it look up Executive Order 6102. To save you a bit of time it was an executive order that outlawed the ownership of gold. Yes in the land of the free it was illegal to own gold, all for your own good of course.

    As far as if the nation was better of worst when he left the office, would you say that war is really good for the nation? We were at peace when he took office and we were in WW2 when he left. If you want to talk about the economy we had price controls and rationing to tame inflation, but at least we had full employment as 10 million men were drafted. Not saying WW2 was FDR’s fault but moving the Pacific fleet from San Diego to expose them in Hawaii has got to be one of the most “interesting” military moves in history.

  44. Larry says

    Just curious. Anyone here buying a roll, bag, or box of this coin? Why would anyone buy one? I could see maybe a roll, but a box or bag?

  45. Small time collector says

    didn’t he give us the second bill or rights?
    you know the rights that ‘equalize’ all us common folk.
    to elevate some, others are eroded.
    I was not alive then, and have no idea if the result is what was intended?

  46. Sith says

    It never passed. The Second Bill of Rights was a list of rights proposed by Franklin D. Roosevelt during his State of the Union Address on January 11, 1944. which would guarantee eight specific rights:

    Employment, with a living wage (passed under the New Deal)
    Food, clothing and leisure
    Farmers’ rights to a fair income
    Freedom from unfair competition and monopolies (good luck with this one)
    Medical care (a form was passed under the New Deal, but Obama has actually implemented it)
    Social security (Passed under the New Deal)

    If you want all of these rights all you have to do is move to France, and find a job (good luck with that) and if you do find a job pay its 66% tax rate.

  47. Sith says

    By the way Sears is not selling coins, the coins are being sold by Liberty Coin, which has a “store front” with Sears.

  48. MN says

    I received my K15 replacement coin yesterday; this was for the one I sent back with a larger nick on the shiny obverse under Kennedy’s chin. The replacement I received has an over 1″ squiggly white/gray fiber or hair on the reverse, from the 5/6 position upwards. I did not open the capsule to try to “blow it off”…I am sending the coin back today for another replacement which is time consuming and frustrating. I think the other poster had an encapsulated “black hair” in their K15 but hasn’t posted if it was returned or not.

  49. Ikaika says

    Sent my JFK clad set for replacement. No way to replace the cracked capsule without removing it from the album. Sale price $9.95 + $4.95 shipping = $14.90. Return shipping $2.50. Total = $17.40. I just hope the mint refunds some of my shipping cost. This lttle game was an expensive one.

    I am having second thoughts of buying the JFK gold coin at this time. I have a feeling we might get another price cut in the near future.

  50. KEITHSTER says

    Oh man the 2012 Kennedy rolls are gone and I was just gona! oh well ! Just kiddin Mint but thanks for offing the Mc H’s in a timely manner ! Now if you can just prove tha your instock & reserved logo is for true all will be good? Good Will And Luck To All:>:>:>

  51. Sith says

    Last post on the subject, at least for now. I stated “Freedom from unfair competition and monopolies (good luck with this one), I should have clarified to save us from “unfair competition and monopolies,” This is what happened.

    “FDR’s National Recovery Administration (NRA -a.k.a. Nuts Running America), was a total assault on free enterprise. Industry was to be straight jacketed into government-mandated cartels given the authority to set prices, determine production levels, and regulate the workplace. As Merle Thorpe put it “We have given legislative status, either in whole or in part, to eight of the ten points of the Communist Manifesto of 1848; and, as some point out, done (sic) a better job of implementation than Russia.” In 1935 Supreme Court unanimously ruled the NRA unconstitutional.”

    Why they called it Nuts running America well among other the Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA) (a sister program) plowed crops under to support prices, while people went hungry, or starved.

  52. Hidalgo says

    @Ikaika – the US Mint will refund your return postage if your item was shipped in error, is damaged, etc. The US Mint will not refund return postage if you changed your mind or you simply don’t want the coin. Be sure to provide a receipt for the cost of your postage.

  53. VA Bob says

    MN – well at least it appears the Mint is employing senior personnel, if it’s a grey hair in the capsule. 😉

  54. cagcrisp says

    Simple search on the bay “2014 gold Kennedy -(68,69,70)”. “Sold Listings”
    I only used Auctions for Single coins and I eliminated the Sale on 08/20/14 that had $149.95 shipping (something tells me the 2 bids didn’t look at that very close) and I eliminated the Sale on 08/26/14 for a Gold Kennedy and a Gold BHOF coin.

    In total there have been 47 Sales. I broke it down between the Earliest 23 and the Latest 24.

    08/02-08/14/14 23 coins Sold- Average Sale Price $1,437.38
    08/14-08/27/14 24 coins Sold- Average Sale Price $1,311.49

  55. Small time collector says

    Sith- thank you for the commentary. I am in no way a historian and too young to have known what FDR did. I can recall my mother talking rather un-flattery about the him. at the same time talking about the lobbying many young men (my dad included) endured in metro areas around the us leading up to WWII.
    history lives only as long as it remains available

  56. John Q. Coinage says

    Thi sis the least lifelike Pres. $1 of all time, looks alot more like D Begley Jr., or Stephem Cobert than FDR, heck FDR’s dog looked more like him then this coin……our gov’t @ work….

  57. CW says

    At least they made him look like the stooge he was. Sorry, but this guy was an enemy of private property. No matter his accomplishments in WWII, he stole from the public with gold and silver confiscation. And that is his shady legacy. Thievery.

  58. John Q. Coinage says

    CW, on the gold issue maybe you’re right, we have a lot less common US gold about, but there was never any silver confiscation whatsoever, silver certificates were good or silver $ or coin silver @ US MINT branches till the late 1960’s when lBJ signed a bill terminated any ca$h in & that bastion of humanity who will grace a $ soon, Tricky Dick Nixon took us off the gold standard & finalized the real ‘death’; of gold certificates……

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