2014 Grace Coolidge First Spouse Gold Coin

Today, July 17, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint began accepting orders for the 2014 Grace Coolidge First Spouse Gold Coin. This represents the second release of the year for the series and comes just one week after the prior release.

Grace Coolidge First Spouse Gold Coin

The obverse design of the coin features a portrait of the First Lady designed by Joel Iskowitz and engraved by Phebe Hemphill. The inscriptions include “Grace Coolidge”, “In God We Trust”, “2014 W”, “30th” indicating the order of the Presidency, and “1923-1929” indicating the dates of the term. This obverse portrait had been recommended by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, while the Commission of Fine Arts had preferred an alternate.

The reverse of the coin carries a design to represent Mrs. Coolidge’s work on behalf of the deaf. Three hands are shown finger spelling the letters USA in American Sign Language against the backdrop of the White House. Inscriptions include “United States of America”, “E Pluribus Unum”, “$10”, and “1/2 oz. .9999 Fine Gold”. This final design carries a modification from the original candidate, which had the letters USA placed on the wrists of the hands. Both the CCAC and CFA had supported the design with the recommendation that the letters should be removed from the wrists.  The reverse was designed by Frank Morris and engraved by Jim Licaretz.

Initial pricing for the Grace Coolidge First Spouse Gold Coins will be $865 for the proof version and $845 for the uncirculated version. These prices are based on an average weekly gold price within the $1,300 to $1,349.99 range and will remain subject to potential weekly change.

A maximum mintage of 10,000 pieces has been established across both versions of the coins. Customer demand will determine the ratio of proof to uncirculated coins produced within the maximum mintage.

The prior release of the series featuring Florence Harding had opened with relatively subdued sales of 907 proof and 574 uncirculated coins, for a total of 1,481 across both options. This was down by a significant amount from the next prior release featuring Edith Wilson, which had opened at combined sales of 1,970. It’s too early to tell whether this may be another retrenchment in demand levels for the series or the impact of other factors. The close release of two coin in the series may result in collectors waiting until today’s release to purchase both coins. Additionally, the price of gold has been volatile in recent days, which may be leading some collectors to put off purchases for potentially lower pricing.

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  1. Brad says

    Yeah, I’m still going to hold off buying the 2014 FS coins for now. The spot price is low enough at the time of this writing that we may luck into a price drop next week. It wouldn’t take much of a drop to pull the average down.

    This Grace Coolidge coin is definitely the best design for 2014 in my opinion, both obverse and reverse.

  2. Leo S. says


    When do you think that the Mint will end the 2013 FS sales for each spouse? Currently they are all still for sale even though the 2014 FS are being issued.

  3. says

    Too bad Jackie Kennedy’s not coming out this year. It’d make the perfect “complementary” piece to the various Kennedy anniversary pieces coming out. That is the only First Spouse I can see potentially doing well.

    I wonder how low the sales figures on these will ultimately go.

  4. Brad says


    I’d venture a guess that all five of the 2013 designs will have sales ended on December 31. The Mint won’t use the old practice of ending the prior year coin when the corresponding current year coin goes on sale, since they all went on sale so late last year. They’ll give them all the “approximately one year” sales period. However, now that it appears that the Mint is trying to get back to the old spaced out release schedule, the first two 2014’s may be pulled at the time that the second 2015 coin goes on sale. Time will tell if that holds true or not.

    I still predict that the 2013’s were produced in equal quantities of 3,000 proofs and 2,000 uncs. So, final sales for each coin type should end at 2,9XX and 1,9XX or less, as unsellable returns always undercut the actual mintage level. It looks like we might get our first glimpse of whether this is true or not from the Ida McKinley uncirculated coin. It appears to have a chance to reach the 2,000 mark before year-end. If it does achieve an actual sellout of 1,9XX, then the other uncirculateds might follow suit in a more rapid fashion. At present, it appears highly unlikely that any of the proofs will flirt with the 3,000 level, but I could be wrong.

  5. fmtransmitter says

    What happened to that first hand on the reverse? The fingers look enlongated??

  6. fmtransmitter says

    I got mine last night cagcrisp, I also apologized in previous thread…That was NOT meant to be what you preceived it as…Have a great day all…

  7. says

    The remaining 3% of the Gold BHOF coins are SUPPOSED to be shipped by the end of this week (per the Mint). That is a problem with these computer generated emails for backorders. As of Monday there are still Oversold 10,511 Golds. Some have received emails This week on Golds to be sent out in August. It is bad enough that 10,511 orders will go unfilled, but add to that, they are still getting emails to give them false hope.
    That is $4.4 million of sales that will not be made. Using a search of “2014 baseball hall gold” and I come up with 1,845 SOLD listings. Let’s just say that 10% of the 10,511 that did not get a coin now Start looking at the bay to purchase one. Just a Potential of 10% of the cancellations could be over 50% of the entire number of bay sales since this thing started.
    Fixed supply and Increase demand……hmmmmm…..

  8. thePhelps says

    cag – I don’t get the “It is bad enough that 10,511 orders will go unfilled” problem. Those 10,000 + people had to have an inkling they were never going to get the coin.

    I am no fan of the mint until you can’t find anyone to buy the coin syndrome. These coins had a set limit and were minted to that limit – which is preferable to most collectors (IMO), especially if the mint insists on tagging these coins with a substantial markup. I can see paying the markup on a limited production coin, but I don’t see it as being justified when the buyer is subjected to any value added being produced out of it – with mint to demand.

  9. VA Rich says

    FM – I’m not sure I like the reverse either, the last time I walked by the White House, only one finger was elongated. ;7

    Thanks cag

  10. VA Rich says

    cag – 5pm posting – very good points, thanks for sharing.

    There’s more to this story, so I thought I’d share for BHoF fans…

    1,854 sold on the bay seemed awful low to me, so I started doing my own search. Sure enough, 1,854-1,900 is a good approximation to those sold on fleabay. This is really interesting, in that-

    1) the vast majority are MCM/NGC coins – seriously, take a look.
    2) and 1,854 represents 3.8% (1,854/48,500 shipped) coins – 4% of 48,500 shipped, what does that say?

    Think it was Clark that said something about some time ago regarding in the influence of the collector on supply.., I don’t want to jump the gun though Clark, I think you may have called this one. It’s the retailer down south that’s pumping these things out that’s deflated price and the collector/family unit is buy and hold on the golds for the most part. Will get interesting again when the spout dries up.., probably in a matter of weeks.

  11. fmtransmitter says

    With 50k Gold HOF’s, is has been no doubt a matter of time for increase to begin. Let’s make more 50k mintages. They seem to appreciate right away ie LESPS, Gold HOF…100k on the most popular series…The Mint can keep lower mintages and still make money by offering more VARIETIES with all this new technology coming out. Pearls, diamonds, rubys as eyes, colrs, prisms, glow in the dark, square, puzzle piece shape, eifel tower shape, on and on and on she goes…On the other hand, that is what I like about our Mint, we HAVEN’T gone that route….YET!! Saty tuned sports fans….

  12. Bob R says

    Ok FM, maybe they will come up with the scratch and sniff Marylin Monroe coin to coinside with the JFK 50th anniv.

  13. Jerry Diekmann says

    FM – Hasn’t that been what the Royal Canadian Mint been doing for over ten years now? Talk about ruining a hobby!

  14. White Lightning says

    Off subject to get and early badge at the ANA show do you have to be an ANA member?. Can you purchase badge day of show? Las t year web sight says $150.?

  15. ips_stuff says


    How do you know “The remaining 3% of the Gold BHOF coins are SUPPOSED to be shipped by the end of this week (per the Mint). ” …….

    Do you have a reliable source, as when I call the mint and get a customer service rep, they give you no information that is of any value.

    Thank you

  16. says

    Tom Jurkowsky, director of the U.S. Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications, said the Mint has been receiving weekly shipments of packaging from its vendor and shipping schedules have been adjusted based on receipt of that packaging.
    According to Jurkowsky:
    ➤ Gold – “Ninety-seven percent of all orders have physically shipped. The remaining 3 percent of all orders will be shipped this week.”

  17. says

    Perhaps somebody should pose the question to Mr. Jurkowsky as to what measures are being utilized to protect the already minted silver HOF coins that the Mint has on hand while awaiting the vendor to supply the capsules. Air and dust have adverse effects on pure silver, especially tarnishing.

  18. fmtransmitter says

    Air and dust have adverse effects on pure silver
    I think they 90% and I think they have plenty of capsules, just not boxes and COA’s…Pure speculation though…I wouldn’t go so far as to say they have COA’s and just waiting on boxes from China…

    Scratch and sniff Marilyn sounds nice, Jackie O, not so much…

  19. says


    O.K., if you want to be precise, 90 per cent silver. BUT, even silver plate tarnishes when exposed to the elements. I know that you are speculating, but don’t so sure that the Mint has already encapsulated the remaining silver HOF silver inventory. We would have to get an answer from a Mint official.

  20. Ray says

    2015 Ultra High Relief 24k gold coin and silver medals? very very interesting, skip the medal though and make them coins gd

  21. fmtransmitter says

    Did anyone get the Kennedy pamphlet in the mail today? The Mint is surely Marketing these big time…

  22. fmtransmitter says

    Yea, Hawkster, I got my 2 oz silver bullets sitting out. Those are .999 pure. I want to see what happens with them exposed to the air. Don’t do that with my coins though…I think the bullets will look cool tarnished…

  23. fmtransmitter says

    Somehow I think it is the “other” metal in silver that makes it tarnish so curious what will happen to .999 pure. Doing a little experiment…

  24. TomP. in Va says


    FM, I also received a Kennedy post card from the Mint today. The interesting point was the picture of a special wooden presentation case for the gold coin similar to that of the FS and Buffalo. Slow boat from China again? A special case and mint to demand remind me of the special 2-coin ASE offerings with delayed waves of delivery.

  25. IPS_STUFF says

    @cagcrisp – mint director must have had his calendar flipped to September or October when he indicated “this” week all the gold BHOF would shipped…
    or at least my 3/28 orders did not ship “this” week, but did not expect them to ship

  26. Jon in CT says

    fmtransmitter wrote on JULY 18, 2014 Aat 6:20 PM:

    Did anyone get the Kennedy pamphlet in the mail today? The Mint is surely Marketing these big time…

    fmtransmitter wrote on JULY 18, 2014 at 6:22 PM:

    Yea, Hawkster, I got my 2 oz silver bullets sitting out. Those are .999 pure. I want to see what happens with them exposed to the air. Don’t do that with my coins though…I think the bullets will look cool tarnished…

    fmtransmitter wrote on JULY 18, 2014 at 6:23 PM:

    Somehow I think it is the “other” metal in silver that makes it tarnish so curious what will happen to .999 pure. Doing a little experiment…

    Gee. Maybe if you actually considered for just a few minutes what you wanted to say before hitting “POST COMMMENT” you could’ve relayed whatever nonsense you thought we should know with just a single comment, instead of three comments in as many minutes. 🙄

  27. VA Rich says

    Jon – FM isn’t going to respond to you, actually he’s on hot date, and yeah, I seen the pics & yes, she’s quite lovely. Actually there’s several of us laughing back channel at what you wrote…, & NO, nobody cares what you have to say.

    The difference being a few us being hundred of miles apart were able to form a network to help each other out has resulted in something quite powerful…Unlike your caustic nature…

    Creditably & consistency? Ring a bell? Of course not…

  28. Clark says

    @VaRich-Agree still too early, but I continue to see very gradual price increases for $5 gold BHoFs and expect the pace to accelerate soon after the mint cancels 10,000+ pending orders, which will likely be all at once. For consistency’s sake, I’m staying with the view that long term (3-5 years) FMVs for gold BHoF coins will be in the high triple digits and in the high double digits for silver BHoF $1s. Others may disagree, and I respect their views.

  29. Tinto says


    I got the Kennedy pamphlet in the mail today too.

    The presentation box for the gold does look similar to the FS.

    I might go for the silver coins only .. don’t have enough $$ left for both a 2014 Platinum proof $100 (to complete the current series) and a gold Kennedy this year ….

  30. VA Rich says

    I misread Tom Jurkowsky’s comments regarding the BHoFs, he’s talking orders, not % of coins shipped – my bad
    ➤ Gold – “Ninety-seven percent of all orders have physically shipped. The remaining 3 percent of all orders will be shipped this week.”

    ➤ Silver – “Six percent of all orders have physically shipped.

    So we really don’t know how many are left to ship, not sure why everything has to be so cryptic. Oh well, guess we’ll know “this week”

  31. VA Rich says

    Clark – the way Sarasota is pumping out these Signature MS70’s, they’ll be more buying opportunity this weekend. Saw late last night that a few went in the $630 range. 😉

  32. Clark says

    VaRich-Yes sir, I’m all over it while the getting is still good. Once the mint sends Dear John letters to gold BHoF wait list customers, we’ll never see these prices again. Good luck!

  33. Clark says

    Both sides of the Grace Coolidge FS coin are a marked improvement to most first spouse designs. Grace C has no “wow” factor, but she at least looks human, unlike so many FS coins in my collection. Good examples begin with Martha Washington herself: the uncirculated gold and bronze medal versions make Martha’s eyes seem alien to the human species IMO http://www.gainesvillecoins.com/products/163911/2007-w-$10-martha-washington-first-spouse-gold-coin.aspx

  34. Boz says

    Grace or Florence are candidates to repace the lady on the silver eagle? Seriously, Jackie Kennedy?

  35. says

    @VA Rich, I know the article said 6% pertaining to the Silvers but if you read the entirety of it, you have to think he said 60% or he just made an error in speech. I just received my Silver Uncirculated from order date 04/03 so that has to be way farther down the line than 6%. There was 73,002 Uncirculated sold the 1st report and that accounts for 49% (73,002 of 147,657) that had to ship before my Thursday 04/03 order. My guess he meant 60% of total 400,000 have shipped and 15% are ISAR. That would tie in real close to being correct considering my Silver orders.

    ➤ Silver – “Six percent of all orders have physically shipped. However, since this is an on-going, daily process, if you include orders in process for the inventory we have received, this number increases to 75 percent. Said differently, this pertains to the inventory that has been reserved to a specific order and is in the process of being picked, packed and prepared for shipping but hasn’t physically shipped yet.”

  36. Pittsburgh P says

    I’d have to agree with Cag that it was probably a misprint or somthing if the sort… Either way lets just get em shipped!

    Clark I’d have to agree with you for the most part but we’ll just have to wait & see…

    HMMM, Do I have anything else to say before I hit POST COMMMMMENT???

    Mmmmaybe I’ll just sit here in mmmy mmmmother’s dark basemmment & wait to commmment on others posts ignorantly…

    Sry all had to do it 😉

  37. Tinto says

    @Clark would agree with the FS coins wonder if these advisory committees ever comment on the need for a more humanlike appearance … maybe those people in the Mint have a hard time with human figures, esp faces ? I thought a lot of the modern commemoratives also fail the human look test … IMO of course

  38. Clark says

    Tinto-I think the advisory cmtee sees beautifully drafted artwork and storyboards of first spouse coin designs and bases its recommendations on them. Those designs just don’t transfer to metal canvasses very well. The Mint seems to have solved this problem for most other coins, but struggles with the FS series, with the notable exception of the Liberty subset of Jefferson, Jackson, Van Buren, & Buchanan, which are the series standouts IMO. (It’s also had some issues with portraits on Presidential $1s.)

    Some people believe that the Mint staff itself is unenthusiastic about the FS series and treat it accordingly. I’ve returned so many FS gold coins for poor quality over seven years that I have to agree with that view.

  39. says

    I know this article isn’t new any more, but I just can’t help expressing my agreement with it.
    I believe it’s where the focus should be when laying down the sums of money that I once thought of as large amounts. I still don’t buy the FS coins, but I really am happy for those that have. My few BHOF’s are a joy to own, in other words, no flipping here.
    Key words: Always think rare!


  40. tinto says


    Agree with the designs of those 4 FS … dunno with all the technology and advancements one would have thought they would be able to solve such problems …. would be nice if the advisory committee were able to at least give feedback after the actual coin is issued … or perhaps they do it already …

    BTW I didn’t know the Mint might issue 2015 gold and silver UHR ? If so, that will put a crimp in my plan to buy both PF and UNC US Marshals …. gold, silver and clad Sorry if the link has already been posted …


  41. natatack says

    May still have a chance for a 100 year coin/medal commemorating the 1915 Pan Pacific coins. Even if they don’t mint a coin how neat would it be to have a 2oz octagonal or round silver 2 oz medal made in the likeness of the $50 gold coins.

  42. VA Bob says

    I don’t know Natatack, they (the Mint) teased us with the palladium Winged Liberty (Mercury) one ounce for a little over a year before scraping it. It could have been a one year issue. Even if they did it in silver, it would have been a winner. I won’t hold my breath on the Pan Am coins, but it would be nice. Classic designs are a guaranteed seller. Of course they need to work hard to create new “classics” too. Not the current clip art, PC stuff, or president’s portraits.

  43. VaBeachSteve says

    Just picked up a $5 BHOF NGC MS70 for $621 …. Will make a nice addition to the collection

  44. fmtransmitter says

    If ya’ll see a high grade 1883 Hawaii dollar, holla at the blog with a link please…Itching for a rare classic these days…

  45. Sith says

    @FMT – Good luck with that, ncfcoins.com use to have good ones but they are currently empty. I have one but not high end

  46. stephen m says

    VaBeachSteve, Not a bad buy guy. What unique coins! Will the $5 unc. or proofs BBHOF coins get lower on price you think? I’m really surprised they are @ $621 and not higher. Of course that’s a $200.00 profit, less grading fee, for somebody. I like the proof silver and gold although the uncs. do have a lower mintage. There are plenty of all the BBHOF coins to go around for those that want them. It may be a wise choice to buy now if anyone is on the fence.

  47. Pittsburgh P says

    For those who are interested my BHoF Silver Proofs from an April 4th 7:11 PM order went from an est. ship date of 8/15 to in stock and reserved today.

  48. says

    Just like Pittsburgh P, my Silver proofs from 04/03 and 04/04 both went from delivery date estimate of 08/15 to ISAR…


  49. Sith says

    @Pittsburgh P – Thank you for the information, my coin on that date also went in stock and reserved, but the cancel box is still their.

  50. says

    Per the Mint : You are going to have to show that you are 18 years of age or older to buy the Gold Kennedy @ the ANA show or @ the Mint sales points…

  51. A&L Futures says

    How will the 2015 UHR affect the current price of 2009 UHRs? IMO, those holding “high-end” 09 UHRs (e.g., PCGS/NGC MS70PLs) should unload them at the first sign of a 2015 release.

  52. Jon in CT says

    A&L Futures wrote on July 21, 2014 Aat 12:30 PM:

    How will the 2015 UHR affect the current price of 2009 UHRs?

    If the possible 2015 UHR gold coin has nothing to do with the existing Buffalo bullion coins, then I would expect its effect on the 2009 Buffalo UHR to be near zero. For instance, what if the possible 2015 UHR gold coin is meant to memorialize the 70th year of the FDR dime production?

  53. Sith says

    Jon in CT – “Gee. Maybe if you actually considered for just a few minutes what you wanted to say before hitting “POST COMMMENT” you could’ve relayed whatever nonsense you thought we should know with just a single comment, instead of three comments in as many minutes.”

  54. says

    Where is the information coming from about the possibility of a 2015 UHR gold coin? Or, is it a combination of speculative and wishful thinking on the part of some Blog commenters?

  55. Jon in CT says

    If you need to post two links, as I did, then it’s necessary here to use two separate comments. Otherwise, the comment is usually tossed into the bitbucket by this blog’s software.

  56. says

    Mint BHOF excel spreadsheet update for 07/20/14:

    Gold proof BHOF 38,590 down 132
    Gold unc. 21,738 down 51
    Silver proof 282,542 down 817
    Silver unc. 146,836 down 821
    Clad proof 199,555 up 3,177
    Clad unc. 127,954 down 345

    Gold BHOF oversold 10,328
    Silver BHOF oversold 29,378

    Whatever happened last week with the Uncirculated Clads did Not follow through this week. A net loss for the week so the 17,070 sales fron last week seems to be a one off…

  57. Blair J Tobler says

    I think I’ll pass on the Hall of Fame’s set – I pretty much only purchase products the mint has produced (as opposed to Mints’ coin in a third party set). I will, however, be getting the Young Collector’s Set

  58. Sith says

    Jon in CT – I only see you posted one link 🙂 but as you included that one…“Gee. Maybe if you actually considered for just a few minutes what you wanted to say before hitting “POST COMMMENT” you could’ve relayed whatever nonsense you thought we should know with just a single comment, instead of FOUR comments in as many minutes.”

  59. Sith says

    Jon in CT – FYI I was only originally counting the three comments you posted in the same minute, but as you included the fourth comment as your lame excuse. I modified my original post…you love to dish it out , but I see you can’t take it. Now I’m sure you can hit back on me for posting two comments in the same minute, but as I’m not anal retentive…

    Hawkster – I would not worry about this as these committees make recommendations all the time, such as using the bell design for the Civil Rights Act coin…and this is not even a recommendation, it a “maybe you should think about it.”

  60. VA Bob says

    Cagcrisp – sometimes I believe with some of the comments here (not yours btw), folks will need their mother to go to the ANA coin show to buy the JFK coins. The drama is a bit much.

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