2014 Kennedy Half Dollar Bags and Rolls

Today, February 13, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of circulating quality 2014 Kennedy Half Dollars packaged in bags and rolls. The product release may see some increased attention due to the 50th anniversary of the series and various special products the US Mint will offer later this year.

2014 Kennedy Half Dollar

The Kennedy Half Dollar was introduced in 1964, shortly following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The series had been authorized by an Act of Congress and cut short the statutory 25-year length of the previous Franklin Half Dollar series. The obverse design for the new coin was created by Gilroy Roberts based on Kennedy’s inaugural medal. The reverse design was created by Frank Gasparro after the Presidential Seal. A large portion of the initial mintage was hoarded by the public, who were eager to obtain a memento of the fallen President. The decline of usage for the half dollar denomination in circulation has been attributed to the public’s continued hoarding of the coins as a special keepsake.

Since 2002, the half dollar has not been produced for distribution to circulation, however production of the coins has continued each year in limited numbers. The coins have been distributed solely within numismatic bags, rolls, and other United States Mint products to satisfy demand from collectors.

The products released today include circulating quality 2014 Kennedy Half Dollar struck at the Philadelphia or Denver Mints. A two roll set includes one 20-coin roll from each mint and is priced at $32.95 per set. A 200-coin bag includes 100 coins from each mint and is priced at $139.95 per bag. These prices are unchanged from the levels of the prior year.

The mint wrappers or the canvas bags include the “P” and/or “D” mint mark, the date, and the face value of the contents.

There are no stated mintage or product limits. The US Mint indicates that the products will be available for one year from the initial on-sale date or until inventory is depleted prior to the one-year timeframe.

Circulating coin production figures for January 2014 indicate that the Philadelphia Mint has struck 2.5 million half dollars and the Denver Mint has struck 2.1 million half dollars. It is always possible that additional production may take place during the course of the year, particularly if demand is strong for the numismatic bags and rolls.

Other Kennedy Half Dollar News

Last year, the initial production for circulating quality 2013 Kennedy Half Dollars had been 1.8 million coins each at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities. This was roughly in line with the prior year production and close to the typical demand for the coins as issued within numismatic bags and rolls.

In November 2013, the US Mint had unexpectedly struck another 3.2 million and 2.8 million half dollars at the Philadelphia and Denver facilities, respectively. Shortly after the mysterious production, a representative for the Mint said that they could offer no explanation as to why the additional coins were struck. Recently, Dave Harper uncovered the answer.

Apparently, the Mint had struck the additional half dollars after receiving an order for the denomination from the Federal Reserve. This would have been the first order for the half dollar in more than a decade. However, soon after the order was placed, it was cancelled. Presumably, the US Mint still has the 6 million additional 2013-dated half dollars. At this point, it is uncertain what will happen to them.


This week the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee had a chance to discuss the US Mint’s potential 2014 24 karat Gold Kennedy Half Dollar, which may be offered as a special product to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the series. Full coverage of the discussion can be found on Coin Update News.

Some topics included in the discussion were whether the coin should carry the single “2014” date or a dual date of “1964-2014” and whether the weight should be raised to one troy ounce. One member brought up the possibility of someone potentially gold plating half dollars to simulate the US Mint’s 24 karat gold product. Others suggested moving the mint mark location from the front to the original position on the reverse, or including the precious metal fineness on the reverse or edge of the coin.

At this point, no final decisions have been made about the product. The US Mint will be looking at the results of a survey distributed to customers.

Plans do seem to have coalesced for lower priced numismatic products to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Half Dollar. There will reportedly be a four coin set with coins from the Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, and West Point Mints with each coin carrying a different finish. A clad version would be available priced at approximately $15 and a silver set would be available priced at approximately $100.

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  1. Brian says

    The W mint mark in the normal place is all that is necessary to distinguish the gold coin from a plated one.

  2. Eddie says

    Brian I agree with you.Just put the mint mark on the reverse side of the gold one …..problem solved.I don’t understand all of these people wanting to get rid of the Kennedy half. The Kennedy half is one of the nicer looking coins we have today. If they do end the series then like someone else said I think that will be the end of the half dollars. Everyone wants change and when they do get it they mostly say what were they thinking.

  3. Zaz says

    Not a question of the “possibility” of IF gold plating the silver or clad anniversary halves happening, but WILL especially if there is a 22K or 24K equivalent. Completists who cannot afford the solid gold example might be content with a plated filler for their albums. But it’s a guarantee some third party firm is already planning to offer privately plated gold plated halves for this golden anniversary.

  4. says

    In the case of the over-produced 2013 Kennedy halves, I think the mint should do a direct ship style program and just unload them on the public en masse. I can’t see any other workable solution as they probably cannot be circulated and melting them back down seems like a waste.

    On the 2014 clad halves, is anyone here who does not typically collect Kennedy halves planning to pick up some bags and rolls of these coins from the mint?

  5. JBK says

    A 4 coin clad set with each coin in a diffeent finish for $15 ?? That woudk have to be unc., proof, rev. proof, and enhanced unc.

    That is a very decent price for such a set.

  6. Larry says

    Would be cool if the the Kennedy set contained a D proof and a W reverse proof, as these mints have never done a proof Kennedy (at least that I can remember).

  7. samuel says

    several JFK sets, several baseball sets, what else?
    i bet this year will be another new low yr for buffalo and gold eagle.

  8. fmtransmitter says

    Take ALL the the ones from 2013 and make 2014 DOUBLE DIES out of them and sell them to us collectors!! We would love to buy those! A 4 stamped over a 3…Awesome!

  9. Curt Gehm says

    I like fmtransmitter’s Idea of double dies!!! The bureau of engraving and printing has recreated error stamps for collectors. They should do the same with all those extra 2013 Kennedys they minted.

  10. fmtransmitter says

    So I don’t see the option for the S Mint rolls? Have they been making S Mint halves? Sorry, I can’t remember as I keep thinking about the ATB rolls, P,D,S..

  11. Dustyroads says

    Brian, Agree, placing the W on the reverse would be the best thing for the gold half if the Mint decides to produce it.

  12. larry says

    Of topic but was looking into buying 12′ proof gold buff. Surprised at premiums, but more than that they are more expensive than 13′? Anyone have a guess on how they get there…

  13. VA Rich says

    CO – yes. This is apparently the year of the half dollar, and there’s no telling what will show in the low-end or high-end sets, therefore I’ll grab some rolls along with the special sets, so when the dust settles, I’ll know I have a complete set, of ’14 anyway.

    Speaking of low and high.., where’s high low?

  14. Eddie says

    If you have a Kennedy Set going you pretty much need to buy the ’14 Kennedy clad sets regular and anniversary. I really do hope Dansco Albums will include the anniversary set clad and proof and the gold one to be in their albums and don’t do like they did with the 1998S Matte Kennedy half . I understandstand why they didn’t include it because if you look at your Kennedy half album you will see that you have proofs in one line and the silver proofs in a line next to it which is preety cool how that worked out.

  15. VA Rich says

    Eddie – & you’ll be buying the LESPS or silver proof. If they really mix it up.., technically, you could end up with 8 to 10 different half dollar configurations for 2014.

    Simon – you’re smarter than I – given what we know, up to 8 to possible different configurations if the low end contains 2 coins and include the gold?

  16. JBK says

    VA Rich; of course you are right. I forgot the chance for a matte. I am sure that will be one of them. As for the other 3? I assume a straight proof and maybe a reverse proof. Not sure what the last one would be.

  17. Don says

    Do you really want to put a gold Kennedy into a Dansco album? I think you might want to leave it in the original government presentation case. Or, if so inclined, get it encapsulated by a grading service.

  18. Ray says

    VA Rich, it could be more than that. If they did each variation for each mint, we’d have some really high numbers.

    I dont have the survey in front of me off hand, but I thought it said they weren’t remaking the reg clad/unc or reg proof in the 4 coin sets. maybe i’m mixing my info up. that ring a bell for anyone?

  19. VA Rich says

    Hey Ray, yeah this is bugging me…, and it beats shoveling any more snow.., so you all pipe in here if something is missed…

    Special clad set – 4 coins of new variations +4
    P & D clads +2 = 6
    Gold coin +1 = 7
    S Proof set +1 = 8
    S Silver set +1 = 9, right so far?

    And that leaves the high-end $100 set, assume 2 coins of silver, 1 S Silver coin, & 1 silver variant +1 = 10

    So yeah, we could be talking 10 variants of the half-dollar for ’14.

  20. thePhelps says

    @VA Bob…Looks like the JFK 2013 rolls and bags will be on sale to 2016 or so.

    Except the mint issued these coins with the caveat – they will be on sale for 1 year from date of issue. June 20th 2013 to June 20th 2014…

    On-Sale Date: To ensure that all members of the public have fair and equal access to United States Mint products, any order placed prior to the official on-sale date and time of June 20, 2013, at 12 noon (ET) shall not be deemed accepted by the United States Mint and will not be honored. This product will be available for one year from the initial on-sale date or until inventory is depleted prior to the one-year timeframe.

  21. thePhelps says

    VA Rich…and Ray..

    My recollection was a 3 coin set for the clad and a 4 coin set for the silver. I thought I read that the silver coins would be minted with different finishes – and actually issued from each mint with a finish not previously released from that mint. So perhaps on those…

    Denver Proof
    Philly reverse proof
    San Fran a Enhanced uncirculated
    an the W… the Matte finish

    Plus the traditional Silver proof for the silver sets and a gold coin.. for 9 coins?

  22. AkBob says

    I think the US Mint better check with Eddie before they make any decisions on what exactly they are going to produce, lol. They will be in big trouble if they don’t get this one right.

  23. Ikaika says

    Anyone still remember the Roosevelt coin and Chronicles set that many of us ordered last year? I totally forgot about it until I went to my US mint account today and saw the order in process. Not sure what the mint is up to?

  24. VA Bob says

    Don – LOL

    thePhelps – You are correct sir. I do however recall that they brought the 2001 JFK out a few years later for sale. I say that because I forgot I hapurchaseded them in 2001, and bought more at the re-sale. I didn’t discover it until much later, doh! I wouldn’t be surprised if they rolled these out again in a future house cleaning event. Unless unprecedented intrest arises for half’s due to the current years offering, which I see as unlikely, these are going to sit on the Mints shelves. Maybe the Feds will take them off the Mints hands and do them a favor.

  25. Dustyroads says

    VABob, Just a thought- To have all those 2013 Kennedy’s setting around on the shelves slowly being sold was probably the Mints plan all along, they just needed to blame the over production on someone else!

  26. VA Bob says

    Ikaika – Yes, we’ll be getting those shortly before ording the JFK sets that we’ll recieve in 2015. 😉

  27. VA Bob says

    Dusty – I know they’d rather we (the collectors) buy them, so they get the premium. As thePhelps mentioned, they do have the one year disclaimer up on the Mint web site, but who’s to say what they might do down the line. Remember the “special” 2012 San Fran ASE showing up in another product later in the year? They can do whatever they like, when they like.

  28. Ray says

    I think you are all underestimating what the mint is going for with these 2014 Kennedy coins. I think the unique count will be much higher. Heres how:

    Reg Issues (4)
    S-Silver Proof

    Gold issue (1)

    Silver set (4)
    Clad Set (4)

    I’m at 13, which is a very special number for our country and it’s founders. There will be 13 unique 2014 Kennedy half dollars.

  29. says

    Whatever kind of clad & silver sets the mint comes up with, they will be for the true collector….as they will likely be sooo common, you will be able to pick them up on the secondary market for less than mint issue price (except for the $15 clad set).

    I’m all in for the silver set….but on the fence for the gold as there is too much uncertainty as to what it may be…if at all. And again, how the mint sells this coin will go a long way in determining if I want to buy one.

    I long for the day of a low set mintage, 1 per household limit coin.

  30. Erik H says


    Recently, I picked up some $2 bills from the bank and ended up with 7 star notes all crisp unc & all in order. I usually don’t check serial numbers so I was pretty stoked.

    And since we’re talking halves, I found a nice 2011 half in a roll search in 2012. I wonder who broke a mint set or roll open to let that one go. Last week I found 5 – 40% silver halves in a search.

  31. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    As for the 2014-W gold Kennedy half… I think the Mint should make the diameter the exact same as the regular halves but the thickness should be thinner. That way, it would look consistent with the other metals and counterfeits would be hard to make.
    The density of gold is much higher than clad alloy or silver.

    might take some out from savings and purchase it

  32. Matt says

    If gold and silver keep going up I won’t be able to buy any of the new mint products. Those 5 oz ATB coin are my favorite right now and I was hoping to reach out a buy the baseball and Kennedy gold coins; but now I’m not sure if it will happen.

  33. fmtransmitter says

    Very rare now a days Sith. They used to. You can find the coin collector mechanisms for them all the time but most have been re fitted to accept credit/debit cards and nickel-dime-quarter…Hope this helps!

  34. Brad says


    You won’t get any better dates or mint marks, and despite the MS-63 grade the coins may not have great eye appeal. I saw that deal, and decided to pass. I don’t want to buy my Morgans sight unseen with random dates.

  35. Don says

    According to VA Rich, “this is apparently the year of the half dollar”. I agree with him and am going against my vow of no longer buying more P & D rolls of Mint products by popping for a Kennedy two roll set. Rolls of coins become unwieldy and take up space in the collection, but I’m making an exception for the ’14 Kennedys.

  36. Don says


    In answer to your question: “What’s set silver afire?” Probably a furnace heated to about 900 degrees. Oh, you didn’t exactly mean that?

    Seriously, silver and gold have picked up within the last couple days.

  37. Dan in Fla says

    Nick check the moneyfactorystore.gov for all currency. They are coming out with $100 dollar bill in uncut sheets for the first time ever.

  38. Ray says

    The US Mint would make a killing if they would sell rolls and bags of unc silver halfs. I hope someday they sell rolls/bags of silver quarters/halfs. how sweet would that be?

  39. David says

    As much as I like the half dollar, I feel it is time to retire this coin. Seems a waste of sorts to continue to mint coins that aren’t distributed for circulation.

  40. Jake says

    I received another US Mint survey. The main questions was whether I would buy this:

    The United States Mint now has authority to produce the small presidential medal designs, previously in bronze only, in .999 fine silver (same blank as an American Eagle). The price will be approximately $50 per medal and they are considering a subscription program. It will start with George Washington and you would receive a new medal for every Presidential term at regular intervals. Your credit card will be charged each time a medal is shipped to you. You can choose to stop purchasing at any time. After you have purchased 5-10 medals, you will receive a free display box for your medals that will be shipped separately.

  41. MarkInFlorida says

    Hey, Dan thanks for the heads up on the $100 uncut sheets. I’ve been wondering if the’d ever do those ever since they sent out a survey asking if anyone was interested in them many years ago.

    The only bad thing about it is having the signature of a known tax cheat signing as Secretary of the Treasury on them.

  42. simon says

    Here’s a stunning numismatic “love of USMint coins” Valentine’s Day event to report. I’m visiting my folks and mom decides to do laundry – she knows I am involved in numismatics so she hands me her collection of quarters and small change to scan and take if I am interested. I kid you folks not about this – the first unit I pick up is a recent business strike quarter struck in error in SILVER ! It is has a mint mark and it is not ‘S’ !!!

    Looking further, I find a cent with a proof style business strike reverse !
    Now I am definitely not a fan of TPGs and DO NOT plan to market these but keep these coins as family heirlooms and pass them on.

    SO ! Lets all love the USMint because you never know when the Mint will surprise you and in the best possible way. I also highly recommend you all scan your pocket change from time to time to see if there are any choice coins or surprises awaiting you and your collection.

  43. Dave says

    Coin change machine at Walgreens spit out a brilliant red 1956 cent about Christmas time last year. I am tempted to have it graded as it is spotless, printless, and no nicks or scratches.
    Same machine gave up a silver dime earlier in the year!

  44. Dustyroads says

    I kid you folks not about this – the first unit I pick up is a recent business strike quarter struck in error in SILVER ! It is has a mint mark and it is not ‘S’ !!!

    simon – That’s crazy interesting!

  45. Jake says

    The US Mint’s website has a new banner that says to look for a special promotion on February 20th.

    Anybody know what this is about?

  46. AkBob says

    JagNut – I’m with you on that. These woud be a really nice collcetion in silver as well. They look great in the bronze, just think in silver what that would look like. Wow

  47. simon says


    This is true and I’m trying to get over this utterly unique find. I may get it appraised to see if it is a one-of-a-kind. However I do not want to go through the TPGs. I’ll post when I get an opinion from reputable dealer. I may contact the mint just for info and possibility.

    Dave I would put it in an airtite till you decide the procedures. It’s been in open air long enough!

  48. VA Rich says

    Jake – banner prop’s says a ‘2014 bag teaser’ – so maybe a discount on all bags? Probably a fire sale on all those 2013 Kennedy’s.., one way to unload 6 million!

  49. VA Rich says

    Simon – great find, good for you! So if it’s a recent business strike quarter struck silver.., it’s an AtB silver quarter with a P or D?

  50. simon says


    The short answer is yes but I would like to get the full story
    before I let the cat completely out of the bag.

  51. MarkInFlorida says

    If the Mint does a gold 2014 Kennedy half it needs to be a lot different from a normal half. Just a different mint mark won’t do. I can see real gold Kennedy halves going for the normal price of gold, and then some crooks plating clad or silver halves and hoping some buyers don’t notice these aren’t the pure gold halves.

  52. fmtransmitter says

    Ok simon, what story? The story is out, it is a P or D ATB quarter in silver. Why so secretive? You think were gonna come rob you or something? lol

  53. fmtransmitter says

    Could be a fake, lots around these days. If not, IMO I would for sure have it at least authenticated if not graded as well to protect it.

  54. fmtransmitter says

    China is silver plating on ton of stuff these days. I bought what I thought was a .925 silver chain on fleebay and of course it was plated when I tested it. I got my money back but they sold thousands and fleebay wasn’t about to ban them for misleading due to the seller fees. Sad.

  55. VA Rich says

    FM – boy, wouldn’t that be something if a bag of silver planchets found their way to P or D.., talk about all of us making a mad dash to check the piggy bank.., & then to hit up every coin changer in coin! hehe…, think I’ll go check the car and sofa now!

  56. VA Rich says

    With the recent uptick in silver, the retail price for some the ’13 AtB bullion pucks are approaching or have notched above the subscribers price for the P puck.., this is the first time this inversion has ever occurred and I’m sure never, ever anticipated.

    Out of curiosity, of the first time subscribers of the AtBs, how many of you have added another subscription of the AtB or added to the quantity of your existing order?

  57. Ikaika says

    @ FM

    China is notorious for counterfeiting goods. Even their food is tainted with chemicals and other hazardous materials. I avoid buying anything from China, specially those on the bay. There is a very high chance you are getting fake stuff.

  58. Buzz Killington says

    I think the chance is higher of Mr. Simon being mistaken about getting a business strike struck on a silver planchet that the chance it is legitimate.

    I am not very interested in error coins, but out of all the years that the Mint has been striking on silver blanks, I have never heard of an error like that. Not to say it hasn’t occurred though.

    Although Mr. Simon doesn’t seem interested in taking questions, I would like to know why he says it is silver — weight, or looking at the reeded edge? There are a bunch of these garbage “platinum plated” quarters floating around with are only worth face value, and it is the most likely scenario one of these made it into circulation.

  59. simon says

    FM : I’m looking forward to its authentication but will definitely not submit it for grading. It appears to be a 64.

    Buxx – yes it is silver.

    This will take me a while but I’ll post the results.

  60. Government Drone says

    simon & Buzz — a simple weighing test should let you know if it’s plated. A silver quarter would be 6.25g.

    sith & fmtransmitter — If you go to the store to the automated cash registers, try using halves there. For a long time they never worked for me (they do take small dollars, & $2 notes), but a couple weeks ago at a Walmart I tried a half in the coin intake, & it took it as 50¢! I’ll have to try some other places to see if they’ll take them as well.

  61. fmtransmitter says

    Agreed Drone! It just depends on who and what kind are used. I would imagine the huge retailers will invest in the kind that accepts ANY coinage and PAPER currency. Those type are expensive. The Bosses Brother in Law, who he gave the vending machines to in the office to make a living, maybe not those kind! lol

  62. fmtransmitter says

    Oh man the ATB quarters in PF70 NGC ER showed today! I am so stunned and surprised! That Dunes coins looks great with the mirror field of water flowing, a 3D effect! Everglades, well what can I say but bravo! Wonderful design. All are great this year and I suspect will look great in the pucks…Back in the number 1 gang in my registry set for the ATB quarters in silver. Seems I missed a ribbon for my set by 2 days last December! Bah, humbug US Mail! lol

  63. fmtransmitter says

    Interesting enough NGC has a 50th Anniversary label for the 2013 Kennedy half, clearly calling 2013 as the 50th year! That coin showed up in PF70 today as well, should look great AND go well with the 2014 offerings to match the 1964 date. Now the Dealers are getting their graded PF70 Civil Rights coins in and I must say, I may add one too! There will always be disagreements about slabbed and uin slabbed, I get that, but a beautiful coin IMHO gets enhanced visually in a nice secure clear holder and IMHO adds VALUE to the coin…

  64. fmtransmitter says

    The Mint is drooling at the their profit sheets last year for the gold offerings, esp. the RP Buff and are saying we need more Gold coins! They make a killing on them so I get the point about it not being a good idea. I don’t collect gold and I know the majority doesn’t either. The younger crowd doesn’t mostly and 50,000 is a huge number in numismatics. I get the Harper article and agree with it 100%.

  65. Dustyroads says

    Should I state every convenience in your car that you don’t need, but you buy anyway. Doesn’t that make you feel bad that someone in South Texas can’t afford it?!? The US Mint has every right to offer coins for sell, and we have every right to not buy them! What about Gasoline, I wish it was still $.75, but I’m not crying, I’m making choices!!

  66. fmtransmitter says

    I agree! I want one of those electric cars next!
    Hey, the smoky mountain quarter, anyone else notice there is no mirror like fields around the cabin and trees to create a separation from the view of the mountains and sky? ONLY coin in the ATB quarter for 2014 I felt did not strike as well as the rendition described. I bet the bullion 5 oz ATB, with all their shiny glory, will really bring that design out.

  67. MarkInFlorida says

    Some girl sold 5 rolls of 1950 nickels for gas money? You should check the local crime reports for a burglary of a local coin collector.

  68. Dustyroads says

    I have a quote for you who thinks the US Mint should not have the right to mint a gold Kennedy half by virtue of the possibly that it may price some out, incidental I may be one.
    The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope.”
    ― Karl Marx

  69. Ray says

    @fmtransmitter, offt topic here but thought youd appreciate it. u ever see Who Killed the Electric Car? its a very interesting documentary. US car makers were making them a decade ago but were forced to stop making them and ended up seizing and crushing all of them. It a very interesting story. The oil industry basically choked them out of making/selling them. check it out.

    I read Dave Harpers article. I’m on the fence on buying one if they make them. I ended up passing on the RP buff and just bought a graded one for a great price. Collectors shouldnt, and honestly dont, feel the need to buy every special product. Who cares if they sell 50k of them. If they do, I’ll be passing, and finding opportunity in other products that people would have otherwise spent their $$ on. I wonder what his take was on all the fractionals in 2008. That really caused all kinds of lows for gold coins. idk. buy what you like, pass on what you dont like. if this is the last year for the Kennedy, I really feel that they should honor this coin in gold for all.

  70. Buzz Killington says

    I just read the item about not minting a gold JFK half because it is too expensive.

    I am probably the most politically liberal regular reader of this blog, and the idea that the Mint shouldn’t make it unless everyone can afford it is a bridge too far for me as well. We are capitalists after all. Not to mention, if you can’t enjoy your collection of half dollars since it is “incomplete” by missing the gold coin, you probably are not mentally well in the first place.

    I also skimmed the other article, with the top 10 tips for novice collectors, and I had to laugh. It says, don’t buy moderns, because you will never get your money back, but if you do buy them, get 70s. I don’t know what the grading computers can see that I can’t, but I have yet to be able to see a 69 that I could see where the point is missing, and have seen some 70s that were definitely not perfect.

    Here are some tips for the novice collector (1) don’t take tips from someone trying to sell your something, including the NGC Collector’s Club! (2) Buy what you like — life is short. (3) And if coins or metals are your main investment strategy, you are in big trouble! It should be less than 10%!

  71. Jerry Diekmann says

    Buzz – I have to agree with you on your comments, although the ten tips did include a lot of good information for beginning and intermediate collectors. I have never bought a TPG 69 or 70 coin and never will, and that may be because I am a collector and not an investor. There’s room for both of us in this hobby. Itoo, like you have seen some badly overgraded coins by NGC and PCGS in slabs, and as you know, the grading is becoming less demanding as time goes on. Old graded coins are truer to the real grade than how they are graded now. The grading standards are becoming more relaxed as more and more people go for the investment potential with higher grades instead of the enjoyment of owning the coins for their beauty and the history they represent.

  72. Dave says

    Been checking Ebay for 2013 silver proof set sales in OGP. The completed sales feature reveals prices are up to $75-95 . I may sell half of my dozen sets if they hit the century mark. Kinda crazy, eh?

  73. fmtransmitter says

    It is a Proof Howard. The TPG’s just label it as SP or Enhanced to differentiate the fact that several fields were used to set it apart from a Reg. Proof OR Rev. Proof..

  74. fmtransmitter says

    Glad to read all the different viewpoints that people post here. Thank you for your opinions!

  75. fmtransmitter says

    Nickels weren’t stolen, they sold all their good stuff ie silver and that is what they had left. Desperate time call for desperate measures…

  76. Howard says

    Looking at the Enhance S.E. sure looks proof like, great looking coin.
    The Chinese used some strong laquer though, can still smell.

  77. CW says

    If the Simon quarter is 90% silver it will weigh 6.25 grams. This is definitive as clad quarters do not weigh that. Pretty simple test for any 90% quarter with zero wear.

  78. simon says

    CW : I am working on it. All appearances are screaming Ag. Thanks – I am working to purchase identical units in proof format, and will make the comparison.

  79. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    What if they made the set with examples of :
    gold (W)
    silver (S)
    platinum (W)
    palladium (W)
    clads (P and D)
    pure copper (P)
    bronze (D)

    That would b a kul set!

    palladium would b the kulest bec it would b a 1st time metal

  80. MarkInFlorida says

    Sounds like Dave Harper is more of a socialist that a coin collector. Should they stop selling gold proofs since not everyone can afford them?
    And not issuing the 50,000 gold Kennedys would not mean that $65 million would go into propping up other areas of the hobby, it could just mean it would go into other US Mint products or foreign mint products, or bullion. It’s not going to go into old Lincoln pennies or Barber halves.

  81. VA Bob says

    Howard – I let my enhanced ASE’s boxes out and open for a few weeks until the lacquer smell was gone. No telling what effect that might have over the coins long term storage.

  82. VA Bob says

    Buzz K – I too agree with your comment above. I got a kick out of when the guy sad “look at the populations” and kind of shook my head.

    For beginners,”Population” is a TPG term for how many THEY grade, that someone sent in to them. It has no bearing in reality of how many coins were struck, or the number of coins that exist in any particular condition. Yet, some will chase these ‘figures’ like it was the end all, be all. It’s a marketing tool, and people paying premium for it are perpetuating the gimmick at their own expense.

    If one is buying a newly minted coin from the Mint, do you really need a third party to tell you your coin is perfect? If so send me a check and I’ll tell you. If it has a mark that can be seen with a 10X loupe, it is not a 70. If you can see the flaw, or it’s noticeable, with your naked eye you’re looking at a 68 or less and should probably be returning it to the Mint (unless the time to get a replacement has passed, and/or you really like the coin). Older, circulated coins are much more subjective…. but there are some excellent guides available to those so inclined.

    Is there an expiration date on grades? Do they spoil over time? Will that shiny PF70 turn into a less valuable PF69 if you don’t get it to a TCP ASAP? The hype would have you believe so. Coins can change over time depending on how they are stored, Metals can and do oxidize. But the same will happen in that expensive TPG slab too, despite what that fancy label says. Keep your coins in a cool, dry environment. If you need to sell (or buy) sight unseen, to or from an unknown person, TPGs are great. Buying and selling to a known honest person or outfit is better.

    If you’re looking to make the most money, there probably isn’t a better way to do it than sell someone a label with a coin included. The supply of buyers seem to be large. If your holding your coins, taking care of them, what’s the point?

  83. Howard says

    VA BOB good idea about opening to air it out a bit, and
    the label;ing thing like first 30 day strike or something is
    a gimmick to sell. I have found that coins that are the last
    out to be in better condition most of the time. Many times
    I have received a marked up coin from the Mint and asked
    for a replacement and received the coin much later and the
    condition is very good.

  84. Hidalgo says

    A blogger had asked about buying the original packaging for the 5 star generals uncirculated commemorative gold coin. For that blogger – eBay has several of them on sale right now.

  85. Arizona Billy says

    When the first Kennedy half dollar was being recommended… One hears that Mrs. Kennedy was asked her opinion. While looking at the “artwork” she said that John always parts his hair on the other side.

    The mint changed the artwork to reflect her observation.

    Thank you Jackie O.

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