2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Curved Coins

Tomorrow, March 27, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins. The $5 gold coins, silver dollars, and clad half dollars feature the common design of a baseball and glove minted on convex and concave surfaces.

The program, which was authorized under Public Law 112-152, has received a great deal of attention from the mainstream and numismatic media leading up to the release. Not only does the coin feature the broadly appealing baseball theme, but the authorizing legislation also required a public design competition and a suggested a unique curved shape which made for compelling articles leading up to the release.

The public competition to design the common obverse of the coin would receive a total of 178 design submissions. From the finalist designs selected by a panel of National Baseball Hall of Fame members, both the Commission of Fine Arts and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee would offer strong support for a design carrying a depiction of a 1960’s style baseball glove. The design, which was created by Cassie McFarland of San Luis Obispo, California, would also be the one selected by the Secretary of the Treasury

It was included in the authorizing legislation as the sense of Congress that the $5 gold coins and silver dollars should be produced in a fashion similar to the 2009 International Year of Astronomy Coins issued by the Monnaie de Paris with a convex reverse and concave obverse. The United States Mint would exceed the expectations set forth by Congress, producing all three coins of the program with the curved shape and also using more pronounced relief than the French coin.

2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Gold Coin

The $5 gold coins of the program are struck in 90% gold and 10% alloy with a diameter of 0.85 inches and weight of 8.359 grams. The net gold content of each piece is 7.5231 grams or 0.2419 troy ounces. Across proof and uncirculated versions, the coins are limited to a maximum mintage of 50,000 pieces.

For the start of sales, the coins will be priced at $419.75 for the uncirculated version and $424.75 for the proof version. These prices are based on an average weekly market price of gold in the $1,300 to $1349.99 range and reflect a $5 discount during the introductory period. Pricing may be subject to potential change on a weekly basis and the introductory period will end April 28, 2014 at 5:00 PM ET.

2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Silver Dollar

The 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Silver Dollars are struck in 90% silver and 10% copper with a diameter of 1.500 inches and weight of 26.73 grams. The net silver content for each coin is 24.057 grams or 0.7735 troy ounces. Across proof and uncirculated versions, the coins are subject to a maximum mintage of 400,000 pieces.

During the introductory period, the uncirculated version is priced at $47.95 and the proof version is priced at $52.95. After April 28, 2014 at 5:00 PM ET, the regular pricing will be $51.95 and $56.95.

2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Half Dollar

The clad half dollar included in the program is struck in a composition of 91.67% copper and 8.33% nickel. The coins have a diameter of 30.61 mm and weight of 11.34 grams. While all three coins of the program share the spotlight as the first domed coins produced by the United States Mint, the half dollar actually represents the first clad domed coin produced anywhere in the world.

During the introductory period, the uncirculated version of the half dollar will be priced at $18.95 and the proof version will be priced at $19.95. After the end of the period, regular pricing will be $22.95 and $23.95. At a later date, the US Mint will release a Young Collectors Set which includes the uncirculated half dollar. The release date and pricing for the product has not yet been indicated.

The prices for the commemorative coins include a surcharge of $35 per gold coin, $10 per silver dollar, and $5 per half dollar, which will be distributable to the National Baseball Hall of Fame to help finance its operations.

Household Limits and Special Events

After initially announcing the commemorative coin program without any ordering limits imposed, this morning the US Mint added household ordering limits. The proof and uncirculated $5 gold coins will be limited to 50 coins each, the proof and uncirculated silver dollars will be limited to 100 coins each, and the proof and uncirculated half dollars will be limited to 100 coins each.

As mentioned earlier this week, the US Mint intends to use their online “waiting room” to handle the expect influx of traffic surrounding the initial release of the coin. Online customers will be able to enter the waiting room to “get in line” to enter the website and make a purchase. This system will serve to prevent an outright shutdown or crash of the Mint’s website.

Tomorrow, March 27, 2014 at 11:00 AM ET at the Main Hearing Room of the Senate Agricultural Committee, 328A, Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C., the United States Mint will officially launch the commemorative coin program at a press conference. Attendees will include Treasurer Rosie Rios, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Rep. Richard Hanna, Chairman and President of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum,  and Baseball Hall of Fame members Joe Morgan and Brooks Robinson.

From March 27-30, 2014, the United States Mint will have a limited supply of the new commemorative coins available for purchase at their booth at the Whitman Coin and Collectible Spring Expo held at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore Maryland. On March 27 from 3:00 to 4:00 PM ET, Brooks Robinson will be on hand to support the release.

Sell Outs?

A question on many collectors minds is which 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Coins may sell out and how quickly this may occur. Given the build up and continuing excitement surrounding the program, a sell out of the gold coin at 50,000 pieces and silver dollar at 400,000 pieces seems all but assured. The half dollar should experience strong sales, but it may be a high hurdle to reach 750,000 pieces for a full sell out, although historically it is not out of the realm of possibility.

The last United States Mint commemorative silver dollar to sell out was the 2010 Boy Scouts Silver Dollar. After opening week sales accounted for more than 60% of the 350,000 maximum mintage, the full sell out would occur in a little more than one month’s time. Prior to this, the 2009 Abraham Lincoln Silver Dollar sold out of the 450,000 pieces available for individual sale after about a month and a half. The final 50,000 pieces of the maximum mintage were allocated to the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set which was released later in the year and sold out after 30 hours.

One of the most rapid sell outs for a commemorative silver dollar occurred before the start of this blog, with the 2001 American Buffalo Silver Dollar reaching a sell out of 500,000 pieces in about two weeks.

I believe that the only US Mint modern commemorative gold coin to sell out of the full maximum mintage was the 1986 Statue of Liberty $5 Gold Coin, which managed to reach combined sales of 1,000,000 pieces. In the ensuing years, sales of commemorative gold coins have declined with the maximum mintage levels also seeing reductions.

Looking at some recent statistics, last year’s 5-Star Generals $5 Gold Coins had sold 21,501 pieces across all options from a maximum mintage of 100,000 pieces. Sales for the 2011 and 2012 programs were somewhat better around 25,000 to 26,000 pieces. In 2008, the Bald Eagle $5 Gold Coins reached overall sales of 74,278 pieces.

In recent years, commemorative half dollars have tended to experience sales far below the established maximum mintage levels. The most recent 5-Star Generals Half Dollars saw sales of 74,278 across all product options from the 750,000 maximum mintage. The last commemorative half dollar to sell more than 750,000 pieces was the 1994 World Cup Half Dollar with overall sales of 779,662 from the maximum mintage of 5,000,000. The all time best selling commemorative half dollar was the 1986 Statue of Liberty Half with sales of more than 7.8 million from a massive maximum mintage of 25 million.

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  1. DCDave says

    Too bad the gold will be too small to appreciate the detail and the OGP does not look so exciting.

  2. Jeff says

    @DCDave That’s what I said just over 3/4 of an inch 7.5 grams break out the bifocals.
    IMO the silver and clad much larger coins will be able to see details these will be the true winners..

  3. says

    Can’t wait for these.

    I’m gradually coming around to the idea that the gold coins may sell out. I will be very interested to see how tomorrow goes and to see how the waiting room works out.

  4. Zaz says

    Hmm. Doesn’t look like the $5 discount got applied to either of the gold coins, plus AU is hovering around the $1,300 mark today so while the gold is a possible eventual sell out, some flippers might wait a week to see if the pricing drops a tier or not.

  5. Dave says

    If the gold is only a quarter ounce, wouldn’t a $50 per oz decrease only make a $12.50 price drop? Not worth missing out, because IF there is a rapid sellout, I doubt any pricing would be going down!

  6. VA Rich says

    They’re not going to commit to a availability # – don’t really blame them.

    United States Mint – 2 hours ago
    “While supplies last and in limited quantity, the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins will be available for purchase at the Whitman Spring Expo!”

  7. VA Rich says

    As FM stated on the previous thread, that’s a real nice curve ball the mint threw the retailers in the 9th inning! At least now the playing field may be a little more level and the game for the gold will persist longer for those interested in picking one up.

  8. Ray says

    SO whose going to be the first to try to order more than the household limit? I’m interested to see how they would handle that.

  9. posterhunter says

    These will probably be selling for close to melt in a couple years if it comes close to the maximum.

  10. VABEACHBUM says

    Agreed VARich & others – Glad to see the Mint reconsidered the need for the limits. Hooray for the Collectors!!

    Personally, I’d like to see the limit lower still; say 10 gold pieces and 50 silver pieces during the first day of sales. Even at 50, I have no doubt the major retailers will have their 10-20 best procurement specialists / on-line gamers waiting in the que with the rest of us.

  11. Jeff says

    posthunter that maybe true but once the sellouts occur prices will double if not triple that’s not including graded coins these will be through the roof in the early sellouts…

  12. MarkInFlorida says

    Limits are good but they should have been 5 or 2 of the gold. Big dealers are going to have every employee buy 100.

  13. thePhelps says

    posterhunter…there is nothing – no single gold coin the mint has produced that is selling at melt. Not even the FS coins are selling at melt and not many are enthralled with them.

    I expect the gold to sellout quickly – maybe not tomorrow – but quickly. A little over $400 is a price most collectors can obtain. I am not sure on the silver – it might actually sell out once the gold is sold off… The clads are the ones that will be interesting to see what they do. With a $.50 being sold for almost $20 and containing no precious metals – will it draw buyers for the uniqueness of it or will the price – be a block for the average baseball fan.

  14. AkBob says

    I’m in for 50 of these Gold babies. Trying to decide how many to get of each now, what a problem to have, lol. I think the “household limits” is too high. I’m with one of the other bloggers here, it should have been 5 or maybe 10 at the most for the first week or something along those lines but as some have stated earlier, the Big Boyz have their ways of getting around the household limits. I’m just glad to hear there are limits so that we can get ours. I know 50 is a lot, more than anyone should be able to order the first day but the mint is allowing it so I’m going to take advantage of their policy. This will be my largest purchase at one time ever. It’s very exciting and I can’t wait to get my order in. See you all in the waiting room! Good Luck to ALL!

  15. Zeeman says

    I thought about 20 but i might shoot for 25, i think i will go 15 proof and 10 uncirculated,
    AkBob@ just a suggestion, i will do a 60,40 split, 60% proof and 40% uncirculated, Good luck.

  16. J. Allen says

    I just received 2 Roosevelt Coin & Chronicles Sets and found that on the silver coin, in both sets, the reverse side of the coin is off-center, they both tilt approximately an eighth inch to the left. In other words, if I am holding the portrait side of the coin perfectly straight, and flip the coin over, the top of the capital dome, and everything else, is tilted 1/8″ to the left in comparison to the front of the coin. Has anyone else noticed this? I am wondering if they are all like this, or if my coins were mis-struck and should be replaced? Please let me know what you think.
    Thanks, JA

  17. simon says

    J A : Yes I have. My unit is significantly more. I’m estimating a 20-degree die misalignment so the arc rotation is much larger than yours – more than 1/2 inch.

    I actually like this die rotation “effect” precisely because it “adds” vintage-strike motif to the medal. I’m planning on keeping this unit. I also like the antiquated burnished finish which makes it appear like a 19th century strike.

    I should tell the mint that I am disappointed that they did not explicitly specify the silver content of the medal in the text of the COA.

  18. simon says

    J. A. : FYI : I decided to print the full brochure of the set from the Mint’s website – it has all the content info tabulated with the descriptions.

  19. Berneck says

    The “household” limits are too high. All this does is give an edge to dealers with deep pockets. I feel every commemorative, no matter how popular, should start with a very low limit. I think 5 for gold, and 25 for silver would be fair. While this is a government entity trying to make money, they still have an obligation to level the playing field for all collectors. But, they never play fair with these things anyway. I even have a problem with the bullion dealer system, but that’s another rant for another day…..

  20. AkBob says

    Berneck – I couldn’t agree with you more and I have a feeling many others here feel the same. I think 5 and 50 is or may even be to high initially. Every person should have an opportunity to order these the same as any big dealer does. Our cash is just as green as theirs. I think this is going to be a “test” on several different fronts. Let’s all hope that everything goes relatively well for us tomorrow. As always, Good Luck to ALL!

  21. Brian says

    I am glad the mint did the right thing. Reading between the lines though, I don’t believe the decision was made with the collector in mind.

    Given the timing I think what happened was the big dealers placed order requests for more than 50,000 gold through their sales reps. The Mint would have had to choose one dealer’s order over another’s and deal with the fallout from collectors and small dealers who would have been shut out at 12:00:01.

    Otherwise, why would they have made this decision less than 24 hours before the sale date?

    I hope this decision is the Mint’s model for the future though, regardless of how they got there.

  22. Samuel says

    the gold and silver coins are shipped from different warehouses, right? if you order gold and silver in the same order, you will receive 2 boxes, right?

  23. fmtransmitter says

    Why can’t the LESPS with 50,000 sell out, but 4 hour sell out for an over priced gold coin? Because it is curved? My HR’s are curved…Hmmm…I would rather have 1 of the 10,000 5 star generals sets…Just my HO…

  24. thePhelps says

    @Brian – you might be close to being right. I don’t know if anyone placed an order for 50,000 – but I’d guess the mint might have had a large number of feelers and decided they had to at least give the general public a chance to order these.

    While the large resellers may end up with a bunch of these – I think the idea of making them have to get creative in the process benefits most here who will be trying to purchase coins tomorrow. I suspect I will get my order in just fine.

  25. Micro says


    All of my mint purchases have been shipped by PBGS out of Indiana. I think that whatever branch mint produces them, they ship them to PBGS by the truckload for final distribution.

  26. Zeeman says

    Fm@ you are some what right, the Gold coin has few things going for it, first curved coin, low mintage, but i think the biggest factor is the market sentiment, atleast in the short term.

  27. AkBob says

    Steve – I was planning on 20 – 30 initially but I decided to go for the maximum of 50. I think I’m going to do either 30/20 or 35/15 (Proof/Unc). Trying to decide which way to go. It may not matter this time around though. About the time you think you have things figured out, you end up with a surprise!

    Brian – I think the reason for the mint doing the “household limits” in the bottom of the 9th inning was due to the feedback the mint was receiving lately. I was getting requests to do feedback from the mint almost every time I was on their website this past week and a half so in answer to your question that’s what I got from the email sent from the mint. Hope that clarifies things for you. I am ordering the maximum the mint allows but I don’t agree with their “rules” or ordering limits. Should be a lot less that you can order.

  28. Louis says

    Remember the statement says the limits can be adjusted, so if demand is crazy tomorrow, they may lower the limits. At least it’s a start as they normally don’t do this.

  29. AkBob says

    Brian & the Phelps – I think that you both are right about to many of the Big Boyz ordering too many and the rest of us not being able to get our orders in. If the mint changes their household limits then so be it. I think they should even though I’m planning on going “ALL IN” on this offering. Fair is Fair, PERIOD!!! If I can’t get all that I want ordered then too bad for me. If they let us order up to 50 then I’ll be ordering 50! As always, Good Luck to ALL!

  30. AkBob says

    Louis – GREAT Point and the Mint may just have to do that. Wonder what happens to the folks that order 50 and they change the limit to say 25. Do they just adjust your order to e25 or do they allow the orders already in to go through? Guess we’ll find out possibly tomorrow. AS always, Good Luck to ALL!

  31. Jon in CT says

    The motivation behind the legislation authorizing the BHoF coins was to generate revenue for the BHoF, not to please collectors. The Mint has made a serious mistake with this arbitrary ad hoc last minute imposition of purchase limits for these commemorative coins. When was the last time any purchase limitations (other than time) were imposed on commemorative coins? The likely outcome from these purchase limitations is that the BHoF will receive less revenue than if the Mint had adhered to its original plans.

  32. Jake says

    I will order five of the gold uncirculated and five of the gold proof. If the coins do not sellout within two days, I will hit the cancel button.

  33. Zeeman says

    Jon in CT@ you got a point, if it was a dead coin and mint had household limits, boy we all be making fun of mint.

  34. Louis says

    Sorry, Jon, but I disagree. from the point of view of the recipient organization of course the surcharges matter most, but the coins are not only issued for that purpose. Don’t forget they generate more revenue for the Mint than for the organiz. Anyway, as a collector I don’t give a darn how much money the BHOF gets, or even the Mint for that matter, I am just glad to have a slightly better chance of getting what I want.

  35. Larry says

    I still can’t get into this coin too much. I mean a baseball and baseball glove on a coin are not exactly iconic images, even on a curved coin. The UHR, the silver eagles, the buffalo’s are all iconic images. The Kennedy half in gold will surely be an iconic coin. I think after the initial interest dies down, this coin will fade into obscurity. No matter how you look at it, it’s still a baseball glove. Not exactly a work of art. That being said, I will still get a sliver one, just for sport. No sense buying a clad coin with 2 cents of intrinsic value when you can get a silver one that will always be worth something. I bet when the Kennedy gold coin comes out there will be interest like we have never seen.

  36. Brian says

    thePhelps – I did not write that sentence well. What I meant was that all the large dealers combined wanted more than 50,000. Not a single dealer.

    After observing the deliveries of last year’s West Point set I am certain they have contacts at the Mint who put their orders in for them in advance and outside the normal channels.

  37. Jon in CT says

    Larry wrote on March 26, 2014 at 9:00 pm:
    No sense buying a clad coin with 2 cents of intrinsic value when you can get a silver one that will always be worth something.

    At the moment, spot silver is $19.735 per troy ounce, which implies a melt/intrinsic value for the BHoF silver dollars of $15.264. So, which is the better deal?
    – Pay $51.95 – $15.264 = $36.686 premium over intrinsic for the proof silver
    – Pay $18.95 – $0.02 = $18.93 premium over intrinsic for the clad half dollar

  38. ClevelandRocks says

    @FMT: Aydin Coins are a class act. Fair pricing, quick ships. Bought most of my graded ATB bullion from them.

  39. ClevelandRocks says

    Sad you guys approve this circus coinage…
    Baseball coin really is junk.
    A collector item, maybe, but not for a real numismatist.
    The coin was made to not really be a coin, and you guys are so excited about it.
    Pathetic and sends a terrible message to the Mint.

  40. ClevelandRocks says

    Maybe next they will make a limited edition coin yo-yo that glows in the dark!
    It can have a hologram and mirrors with a mini-strobe on it. You guys in?

  41. simon says

    After reading several comments my 2c : @ 50k with a sell out => rarity premium is wishful thinking at best. TPGs will play falsehoods and hype with populations but collectors don’t buy in and will not play these games.
    Everyone who wants a coin will get one. The USMint always manages its product distribution extremely well.

  42. Dustyroads says

    Simon, You say the Mint didn’t list the silver content in the Coin and Chronicles Set? That reminds me of a medal the US Mint sold back in 1976 that also didn’t come with a silver content. It wasn’t until after I had done a lengthy search on-line before I found an old thread containing a discussion about the coin being .925 Sterling.

  43. simon says

    Dusty : The info is not on the printed material, and considering how unique this product is, I’m surprised at the omission. I did make a 2-page document with the info from the offering page, and will keep this in the box with the original mint issued receipt. I like the medal so much that I will get a second unit which is rare move for your truly.

  44. Dustyroads says

    Cleveland, Regardless of what it looks like, it is legal tender. I could call the new 1 Pound coin strange, but it’s going into production.

  45. Dustyroads says

    I’ll never understand why something as important as a detailed description can be secondary to the Mint. I assume they have their reasons.

  46. fmtransmitter says

    I love Medals! Code Talkers, Queen first visit to USA, Philly Mint commem. I got that philly mint commem medal the other day and man, what a cool coin! It has mini versions of many historic coins that Mint made on ONE coin, in silver, and the workers were the ones who got to design it! Here’s a link…Love it! I am always looking for Frank Gasparro stuff so let me know bloggers!


  47. says

    @Cleveland…you have said time and time again you think this is a circus coin…and that’s fine with me…to each ther own.
    But you are in the minority. Most folks are excited about these.
    You say “sad all you guys approve”…..like we are fools in your opinion..it is sad to throw your views on the rest of us.
    And it really gets old when you time and time again you say the same thing..We’ve known your view on these coins for a long time..yet you can’t keep from repeating the same thing (circus coins) over and over again.
    At least we won’t be having to compete with you in the waiting room.

    Sorry about expressing my views, but enough is enough Cleveland.

  48. fmtransmitter says

    @Cleveland, did you read the robbery story? Straight out of Breaking Bad! Un real, they came in with respirators and haz mat suit!

  49. says

    Oh well…sorry about that Cleveland.

    Anyway, good luck to everyone that will be fighting to get in the waiting room…for whatever reason the Mint decided on some household limits, it will delyt an eventual sellout of the gold coins…but by how long is the question.

    Again, good luck..it will be interesting to see everyone’s post on their experience with the new waiting room.

  50. Jerry Diekmann says

    The “household” limits (read big dealers and each of their employees and friends as a “household”) is too high and I bet they come away with AT LEAST 40,000 of the gold coins. That’s $21,000 for every household maximum – not very many collectors could afford to paert with that much money at one time.

  51. Dustyroads says

    And what’s with those holes in the Franc and East Africa coins….they’re circus too.

  52. Larry says

    @ Jon in Con – what I meant is that if someday you need to sell the coins for melt value, if worst come to worse the intrinsic value of the silver will be more than the clad.

  53. Louis says

    One person’s circus coins are another’s work of art. Buying coins is a very personal decision, and no one can tell another person what they should or should not buy. To each his or her own.

  54. AkBob says

    Hear ye, Hear Ye. Great Point! Couldn’t have said it any better. There is no “right” way or “wrong” way to collect. Just collect what YOU like. It’s very simple.

  55. Louis says

    Thanks, Bob. Sounds like you are betting the farm on these coins. I hope it works out for you. I enjoyed our previous conversations.

  56. high low silver says

    Huh ??… I got a 3 D Kennedy coin @ a coin show from 67, So I guess its a circus too $$¿?? It means a lot to me so its not for sale at any price!!!! Thank you all and Good Luck tomorrow !!!!

  57. J. Allen says

    Simon: Thanks for the info, the coins & medals in my sets are perfect except for the misalignment on the silver medal; apparently the Mint isn’t too concerned about it. I too was surprised there was no COA except for the $!.00 presidential coin listed on the back of the box. Your advice on printing off the TCC brochure from the Mint’s website is a good idea; I will do the same.

  58. Hidalgo says

    Check out Dave Harper’s article on order limits for the baseball coins:


    At the 11th hour the Mint has decided to place order limits on tomorrow’s debut of the National Baseball Hall of Fame commemoratives.

    Telephone response levels to a mailed brochure prompted this.

    The sale and marketing department expected to receive 2,100 calls about the coins on Monday as collectors around the nation received their brochures in the mail.

    Instead, the Mint received 5,400 calls.

    The limits will be 50 each for proof and uncirculated $5 gold pieces, 100 each for proof and uncirculated silver dollars and 100 each for the proof and uncirculated clad half dollars.

    Order taking will begin tomorrow at noon Eastern Daylight time on the Mint’s website and by telephone.

    Are they necessary?

    Let’s see what tomorow brings. Then we can decide.

    – See more at: http://www.numismaticnews.net/buzz/order-limits-on-baseball-coins#sthash.Yi5kruDH.dpuf

  59. VA Rich says

    To the blog – for those making multiple orders, I have a favor to ask –

    Subtract your second order # from your first order # and report the difference between the two and the time difference.

    If we get a sampling of order # differences and the time interval, we can deduct at least the orders being placed per minute. Couple that data with when this sells out & mintage, and we may be able to deduct some good info from it.., and may shed light on what we can expect come the JFK offering.., good luck all!

  60. Matt says

    I’ve been thinking about this all night. I collet the proof gold buffalo, which is a lot of money for my family and I have to pop for a new one in May. I’ve been trying to buy the ATB 5 ozer that I like. For 2014 that would be all of them except for Colorado’s. I love baseball and until this morning I thought I’d be in the waiting room too. But now sadly I’ve decided I’m out. Metals are going down. The line is too long and the price to pay the hall-of-fame is too steep.

    Good luck all!

  61. GMS says

    I want to know how long the period of time will be until they start shipping and charging accounts, if it’s weeks or months down the road look for a lot of people to buy more than they planned hoping for a quick sellout and a quick flip with OPM (other people’s money).

  62. Hidalgo says

    The way I am reading Michael’s and Dave Harpers’ information on ordering limits is that the public can buy a total of:

    * 100 $5 gold coins (50 each for proof and uncirculated versions)
    * 200 uncirculated silver dollar (100 each for proof and uncirculated versions)
    * 200 uncirculated clad half dollars (100 each for the proof and uncirculated versions).

    It doesn’t matter to me though — I plan to buy one, maybe two, of each coin.

  63. fmtransmitter says

    2 hours to go, 1;45 until waiting room time, bring a magazine and some tea and crumpets…

  64. VA Rich says

    Louis / A&L, et al., for the expo, I would anticipate a one coin buy limit for each of the gold; 3-coin limit for each of the silver and clad. Not gospel.., more later.. ;7

  65. Dustyroads says

    Hidalgo, I looked at that on the Mints website and I think you are right. The wording the Mint uses refers to both unc. and proof combined. Then states the limit being for “each” of the coins, not the combining of the two. So it’s 50 pr. and 50 unc. 1/4 oz.

  66. vaughnster says

    The Mint’s website will close at 11:45 a.m. today to prepare for a new launch!! Buckle up!

  67. A&L Futures says

    I may stop by the Expo on my way back down to VA. It all depends on when I get released for the day (1/2 day). I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for you. I have yet to turn down a free beer.

  68. Louis says

    Harper suggests today that the limits announced yesterday apply to the expo in-person sales too, which is all the more reason why I am home today and will check out the expo tomorrow. Dealers and others with thick wallets can get in early to the show for an extra $75 then scout out some people to stand in line for them and volia! Those who get in line when the public enters at noon will be out of luck at least for the gold.

  69. Louis says

    Now there is a banner saying the site will close at 11:45 to prepare for the launch!! So it looks like we can’t even log on before noon. Talk about leaving things to the last minute.

  70. Brian says

    I saw on a message board the limit for those in line is one of each gold and five of each silver and clad.

  71. fmtransmitter says

    Hey bloggers, I think there is only 25,000 each of the gold. US Mint website:
    Mintage Limit: 50,000 across all gold product options

  72. fmtransmitter says

    Why are they closing the site? I thought we could log in and go to the waiting room? Seriously Mint?

  73. Louis says

    FM- It’s never 1 to 1 with the gold commems. Demand determines the split and more people always buy the proof. This was discussed earlier

  74. ABC says

    So, the mint lowered the limit from 50 to 1 for the gold coins? The mint’s website still says 50 for gold.

  75. thePhelps says

    @fm…this has been the practice for quite some time now. The mint has previously closed the site prior to product launches.

  76. VA Rich says

    I must be getting old.., haven’t felt this giddy since I was a teenage…, & she invited me over to ‘her house’ LOL

    Brian – the message board – is that at the Expo? Thanks

  77. VA Rich says

    …I’m a slow learner….

    Hey, you guys stop screwing around on your computers and get back to work!

  78. says

    Waiting here on pins and needles myself. Honestly, this anticipating almost feels equivalent to the 25th anniversary silver eagle set. Wonder if we’ll get a 500 comments thread. 🙂

  79. Dustyroads says

    You want the “Commemoratives” page bookmarked prior to entry.
    Make sure you’re already signed in
    Don’t shop around.
    Your data should already be on file.

  80. Louis says

    Waiting room in effect. I’ve got 2 machines going just in case. Might have to go to the tablet too like in 2011!

  81. Dave says

    Signed on at 11:35. At 11:45 no change. Signed out and then signed back in at 11:46. NO WAITING ROOM!
    Another mint blunder?

  82. Samuel says

    at this moment, does each one of us has a sequence number? or, when reopen, we all rush in at the same moment?

  83. Louis says

    Both my machine are at 11 min. As usual CO managed to beat all of us! Wish I had a supercomputer too!

  84. thePhelps says

    Dave when I went to sin in at 11:45 it asked me if I wanted to go to the waiting room – and I am sitting with the clock telling me how long until the site reopens… and a queue tag at the bottom of the screen.

  85. thePhelps says

    Welcome to the United States Mint Online Product Catalog
    Our site is not accepting customers at this time while we prepare to release a product at noon ET today. Our site will re-open at the time indicated below.

    When we re-open, you will be placed in a waiting room to get in line to enter our Catalog website. Estimated wait times will be provided. Thank you for your patience as we work to give all customers a smooth shopping experience.

    What is this?
    The site will re-open in: 12:00 PM
    09 Minutes 45 Seconds

  86. VA Rich says

    I’m reminded of the scene of Jake and Elroy.., standing in the elevator going up patiently listening to the elevator music and awaiting for the doors to OPEN UP…

  87. AkBob says

    OT – Did anyone hear that the ASE is going to be changed. I did and I don’t know if it’s a rumor or not. I believe I heard that not only the reverse but the obverse may be done as well. Has anyone heard this also? Probably not a good time to think about something else right now, lol.
    I kept waking up all night long and the only thing that I thought about immediately was this darn Gold HOF Coin!!!! I couldn’t believe it. That rarely happens to me. Sure feels good to feel young again, LOL.
    FM- Yup, off to PCGS =, maybe 20, 10 each, don’t know yet for sure, depends on how this goes and if the wife gives me permission to spend another $1,000 to get 20 graded at PCGS!!! As always, Good Luck to ALL!

  88. says


    My assumption is that the website will admit “X” number of people upon the product going on sale. Everyone else will remain in the waiting room. When someone stops browsing or whatever or completes a sale, the next person “in line” in the waiting room will be admitted.

    Personally, I prefer Perth’s “checkout line” as opposed to a queue to enter the website. I’m a little uncertain as to how this will work and am worried about things like website errors that might force me back into the queue.

  89. Steve says

    “When we re-open, you will be placed in a waiting room …”
    So we are not in waiting room, yet, right?

  90. Dave says

    No invitation at my sign in. So I went to my shopping cart and accessed from there!

  91. AkBob says

    I just tried to sign in and it took me to a window and asked if I wanted to go to the waiting room. I haven’t even been able to sign in yet. We’ll see, this will help a lot when the mint releases the Kennedy sets. If you think this release is big, just wait till the Kennedy Sets come out!!!!! Look out Charlie, lol

  92. says

    Samuel, this is what I currently see:

    Welcome to the United States Mint Online Product Catalog

    Our site is not accepting customers at this time while we prepare to release a product at noon ET today. Our site will re-open at the time indicated below.

    When we re-open, you will be placed in a waiting room to get in line to enter our Catalog website. Estimated wait times will be provided. Thank you for your patience as we work to give all customers a smooth shopping experience.

    The site will re-open in:
    03 Minutes 26 Seconds


  93. Dave says

    There is a queue ID at the bottom of the screen
    Mine is
    Does that help identify anything?

  94. says

    Dave, I assume that’s a tag auto generated by the Mint to give you a place in line.

    Also, I’m now in the waiting room itself. This is what I’m seeing:

    Welcome to Our Waiting Room

    You are now in line to shop. Please do not close this window. Your estimated wait time updates automatically (once a minute).

    Your Estimated Wait Time Is: 19 minutes

    Status last updated: 12:00:26 PM

    Leave the waiting room (You will lose your place)

  95. Doug says

    Now that’s just wrong having a “waiting line” for a “waiting room”. At 12:00:01 I have a 19 minute estimated wait time.

    Crazy crazy mint. I’m sure the big boys were told what time to stand in the waiting line for the waiting room.

  96. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    My estimated wait time for the “waiting room” was 27 mins the moment the site went back live.

  97. says

    G, seems like you might be first in line, so please let us know how things go when you’re admitted to the site. I am more than a little anxious about all this. I have a 19 minute wait ahead of me sadly.

  98. Rod says

    The tab I signed into at 11:46 has a 15 min wait time, the 11:47 tab has a 33 min wait time–so it depends when you got in line.

  99. Doug says

    Just went from 18 minutes to 29 minute estimate. Gives me more time to decide on proof versus uncirculated I guess. Any last minute thoughts of which is best? I can’t afford both right now.

  100. Samuel says

    Steve, u r fast!

    lesson is, have to go inline even for the waiting rm.

    my time is backward to 13min?!

  101. thePhelps says

    Doug to collect – I think the proof will be the best presentation. The uncirculated may hold more resell value – based on past issues – and lower mintages – but it is really your call.

  102. says

    I was already lodded into my account around 11:30…I kept moving around and at 11:45 went straight into that 15 minute wait.
    At noon, my time in the waiting room said 1 minute. I was ordering by 12:01

  103. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    My wait just went from 27mins to 45 mins. First time I’ve used this new system. Will be interesting to see what actually happens. Hoping it doesn’t burp and knock me off.

  104. Samuel says

    Steve, r u still in the website? how abt if u try to place another order?
    will u be kicked out after the reorder completed?

  105. Ken says

    How typical of the waiting room to bounce me from 35 min to 55 min. I feel like I’m re-living a s new from the movie Airplane… Now arriving at gate 51, no gate 52, no gate 53…

  106. Doug says

    Thanks Phelps….I haven’t sold anything yet so I will take your advice and go Proof. I’m thankful for this forum and all the advice because my heart was pounding a bit faster trying to make the decision.

  107. fmtransmitter says

    I was logged in, then said I was next then logged me out and made me log back in. That was weird. But I got an order in. I’m gonna check it out, may flip, then use the funds for the Kennedy, what I REALLY want…I got my order in though.

  108. says

    Placed a second order for 3 more gold at 12:07. Also received email confirmation.

    order #42919xxx

    554 orders between my first and second order.

  109. Rod says

    The further back in the queue you are, the more it lengthens.

    Tab 1: was 15 min, now 13
    Tab 2: was 33 min, now 44

  110. fmtransmitter says

    I think it kicked all you 50 order limit buyers back some and let us little guys get our 1 or 2…TY Mint! Finally!

  111. Jacob says

    The wait room does seem to be very consistent. I got into it around 12:50 and was told that I would have a 2 minute wait once the site opened back up. Actually let me in a little earlier and then I was able to get my four coins and get out. Confirmation email came through at 12:04

    Seems crazy that some of these times are jumping by such a great amount.

  112. dave says

    yea i just went from 45 to 90 mins and now its over 100 mins i dont get it at all im gonna wait till later i guess, i hope its still available in a few hrs ??? and if not then its not a good sign for things to come for the kennedy set – the one i really want

  113. dave says

    capt youre absolutely right the ordering limits were outrageous 5 per coin should have been for the intro then adjust it later on etc

  114. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    This reminds of a scene I saw from a movie where a guy was needing to get into the single stall in a men’s room and as he jiggled the door, a voice came out saying “dude, I’m gonna be in here all day”! 🙂

  115. G says

    It’s running very smooth. Once you’re in, you can make separate additional orders and it doesn’t make you wait in line again.

  116. thePhelps says

    I just tried logging in from another computer…I guess my 44 minute wait isn’t bad – that computer is going to wait 2 hours and 18 minutes to log in.

  117. Eddie says

    I think I lost my mind I was thinking 12:00 central time and forgot it’s 11:00 central time and didn’t log on to the site until 11:11 and have a 2 hour wait damn.

  118. says

    Wow…I logged off the site. I just logged back on, entered my id & pw and went straight to catalog…NO WAITING ROOM…so if you have a wait time, try opening another window and log in again. Iwas surprised I went straight back in. Anyone else try this?

  119. Darek says

    #4292xxxx at 12:15
    Started from 9 minutes, went down to 6 and I was back to 10 and than started to go down every minute.

  120. Blair J Tobler says

    Steve – I tried 3 other windows – all gave similar waiting time. I agree with thePhelps

  121. BFN says

    I am currently in the waiting room, I started before noon. The wait time since joining has increased from 1 hr 7 minutes to 1 hr 28 minutes. When first joining I only noticed a blank screen. After 4 minutes, I highlighted the IRL and entered return at which time, the waiting room indication popped up. I just checked back and the time increased in the last 5 minutes from 1 hr 717 min to 1 hr 18 min. I’d say this SW is not living up to even obamacare expectations. As usual the government is AFU.

  122. says

    CO…yes, I just placed aa third order for gold at 12:22…received confirmation email at 12:23.

    Third order # 42921015

    2565 orders beween my first and third order.

  123. Ray says

    Spaced this sale somehow and just went to the site and joined the waiting room. It says I have a 2 hour 23 minute wait. wowzas!!

  124. thePhelps says

    Well – after 26 minutes my wait time is now back to what it was when I first got in…32 minutes.

  125. says

    Thanks Steve.


    Yes, I am not surprised a sellout is imminent. As I mentioned above, an ordering limit of 50 was way too high. My wait time is 5 minutes, but 5 minutes is an eternity.

  126. Darek says

    Steve after you entered catalog you can place your orders every minute. Just close the browser and you see that you have to wait for over 2h to get another one.

  127. Rich D says

    Lesson learned Sign in before shutdown and keep reloading site just before shut down, Then screen shows up with the count down when this shows up, your in and after the 15 min shutdown i was on waiting list 2 min.

  128. says

    I had a three minute wait and it went so fast, and no troubles I was amazed! 42918xxx. I ordered 2 of almost everything, no uncirculated gold just 2 proof gold coins! Glad that is over and I got what I wanted all in one order!

  129. Blair J Tobler says

    And as long as Steve stays in the catalog, he’s preventing someone else from getting in

  130. Brad says

    I still prefer the old “free for all” and lag method, instead of sitting helplessly in a “waiting room” watching your estimated wait time increase instead of decrease! I always said to be careful of what you wish for, because you just might get it. I never got shut out of any prior popular release under the old way, but this new way I just might.

  131. VA Bob says

    42919XXX done at 12:14. I attempted to log on 10 min. before 12. The clock counted down to 12 then said it would be 7 min. wait. It bounced up and down, gradually lowing in time. Got in at 10 min. after. After you order logout and leave the web page. Give someone else a chance.

  132. Jim says

    The Mint might adjust the limits downward, so don’t fail to order if you want these. I don’t think they want a repeat of the 2011 set criticism.

  133. Pathor says

    This stinks. I dutifully waited until noon (EDT) before going to the Mint’s website. I got on the queue at 12:00:09. My wait is 42 minutes (on top of the 34 minutes I have been waiting). Why did they let people into the queue before the selling time? Now I’m stuck waiting and waiting. I guess I learned my lesson.

  134. stephen m says

    I got on at 11:46. At12:00 noon I went to the waiting room and was directed to the site to shop at 12:17, signed in, ordered and was complete for 2 gold proofs at 12:24. The waiting room did great for me.

  135. Eddie says

    I would rather have a gold Kennedy but it is out of my price range. I think the HOF gold coin will be worth more because of all the pluses it has going for it. If I don’t get one of these gold coins I will save like mad to try to get one.

  136. VA Bob says

    People lingering after placing their orders are slowing it down for the rest. Help your fellow collectors, leave the site after you order.

  137. says

    And done. My order number is #42922XXX. Everything’s listed as backordered, not just the gold coins, so a sellout of the golds may not be as imminent as I feared.

  138. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Makes you wonder how the Mint could have been so asleep to what would happen with a limit of 50 on the Gold. What use is a “waiting room” if a few large buyers can wipe out the supply before the average collector can move up in line?

  139. Louis says

    I finally got my order in a couple min. ago and got the e-mail confirm. each step was very slow, that’s why you folks have to wait so long. After I tried going in to the catalog again and no WR. It has to be by IP address. Good luck to all.
    Backorder dates don’t mean much. Nothing will ship tomorrow. Only point of signif. is gold backorder date is 4/10 while others say 3/28 so proof gold may be running low.

  140. VA Bob says

    Eddie, these won’t be rare, but they might be expensive. You can bet with a 50 order limit. The dealers are buying them.

  141. Galley says

    I’m not a collector, but am a baseball fan. I got in at 12:08. I purchased one half dollar proof.

  142. Zaz says

    Another black eye for the Mint, LOL. The website is essentially frozen, i.e. down. Just like back on 10-27-11 for the 25th Annie set. Has the Mint learned anything in the last 2 1/2 years? Apparently not.

  143. says

    Louis, my uncirculated silver dollar is also listed as 4/10 in addition to the proof gold.

    Interestingly, uncirculated gold is still listed at 3/28. I would have expected uncirc golds to be in much tighter supply.

  144. Blair J Tobler says

    Steve – The site’s kind of funky. It says if you close the window you’ll lose your place in line, but I accidentally closed the window (heart stopped for a couple of seconds!), but when I went back to the site I still had my place in line (thankfully) so I don’t know what’s going on anymore! Meanwhile, 10 more minutes for me!

  145. Doug says

    Your not kidding. Once in the site it is taking about 2 minutes for every page load including sign in and ordering each product….ughh I’m still stuck on blank screen and trying to check out now.

    Stop going back in Steve if you done ordering 🙂

  146. Louis says

    It does not matter whether you are logged in. They are tracking your IP address. I logged out and can still access the site no problem. Does not matter if you close the window, log out, etc. Once in you are in for good. Seems like an odd system. Perth queue is much better.

  147. VA Bob says

    Blair – the site gave you a cookie. Had you had cookies disabled on your PC, you would have been screwed.

  148. Louis says

    I think it helped to have a couple machine going and see which was first in line. Don’t worry I closed the others once I got in.

  149. thePhelps says

    Well my initial 32 minute wait at noon is now 11 minutes @ 12:44… going somewhere I guess.

  150. Doug says

    Anyone else stuck on a blank screen now? I have three orders in my cart but white screened when I went to check out. I guess I keep holding at this point as I’m afraid any other action may screw it up.

  151. VA Bob says

    I hope they have tech’s on site to load balance their servers. This is really the first big test.

  152. G says

    Well that was crazy. It keep freezing up when I was trying to check out. Good luck all- got my orders in. But the site was frozen for me- could be because I was using “Safari” or it could be the server.

  153. Jerry says

    I have been trying to place my order for one each of these coins for the last 55 minutes. So far, after a long wait in the “waiting room,” I have been able to place the items in my “shopping cart,” but I cannot complete check out and pay for the items. Every time I try to do that, the web page crashes or freezes. I tried calling the mint but only got a busy signal. What a disaster.

  154. says

    … I just noticed that the free bag popped up in my order tracking!


    I had some weird freezes too. Eventually things worked out okay though.


    Good luck! Hope you get the gold coins.

  155. VA Bob says

    The Mint needs to place a series of coins like this on one page. You enter the number of each coin you want (leave blank for none), click one button and wham, it’s all in your cart at once, instead of going to each individual coins page.

  156. ATS says

    I seem to be stuck between the waiting room and web site. Just blank screen and in a refreshing mode. I’ve been waiting for 51 minutes… any uncirculated $5 left???

  157. Rod says

    Here’s what I got:

    2014 BASEBALL HOF PROOF $5 GOLD 7 units backordered. Expected to ship on 04/10/2014.
    2014 BASEBALL HOF UNC $5 GOLD 7 units backordered. Expected to ship on 04/10/2014.
    2014 BASEBALL HOF PROOF SILVER DOLLAR 2 units backordered. Expected to ship on 03/28/2014.
    2014 BASEBALL HOF UNC SILVER DOLLAR 2 units backordered. Expected to ship on 04/10/2014.
    2014 BASEBALL HOF PROOF CLAD HALF-DOLLAR 2 units backordered. Expected to ship on 03/28/2014.
    2014 BASEBALL HOF CLAD UNC 2 units backordered. Expected to ship on 03/28/2014.

  158. Pathor says

    I have tried calling several times and I get the busy signal after it says, “Your call may be monitored for quality purposes.”

  159. Zaz says

    Ugh. That was torture to order one of each. Took 26 minutes to get all six in the cart.

    #42924xxx for $988.25.

  160. Broooster says

    Wow, surprised at all the comments. I logged into the mint about 20 till 12 and still ended up on the waiting list for about 18 minutes. This is my first time ordering and being placed in the waiting room. I can tell you this, I am not a fan of it. Anyways, good luck to the guys still waiting.

  161. Doug says

    No refresh button when it hangs on a whitescreen. So I tried a back button. Seemed to work as it went back to the page and allowed me to press the “view cart” with everything in the cart. Shows that I’m not logged in though so not sure what it is doing. I pressed quick checkout (about two minutes ago) and it hangs again. Hopefully I’m really still logged in and check out is processing. This definitely is not smooth! Moral of the story be ready at 11:45.

  162. Zeeman says

    I guess i won the battle of the waiting room,my first order was done at 12.03, anyone got it quicker then that?

  163. G says

    I eventually got to checkout from the freezes but had to click on product schedule and back my browser way up. It didn’t kick me out of the room, though. All in all, I’d say it had less kinks than I expected but let’s see what the shipping dates end up being.

  164. bobby says

    Steve gets sent straight through the ‘waiting room’ ….. the mint could design it to let anyone in or out that they wanted – not a good sign

  165. fmtransmitter says

    Your going to just love that bag, it is so in fashion, carry all your PM’s in it to show off..

  166. Samuel says

    still did not get email for an order about 30 min ago, is it right? or i missed something?

  167. In the Middle says

    Order 42924XXX

    This waiting room crap blows. I like the old free for all where I knew how to exploit holes in the web site to get in and get out quickly. This new stuff sucks. Anyway I got my 2 proof coins.

  168. Louis says

    Good news my bag is in stock and ready to ship!
    I find the site is much smoother now, and everyone should be able to get in.
    I think what happened is everyone wanted to order at noon since we were worried about getting locked out and as usual it overloaded the system. Still much better than 2011 at least for most.

  169. rpk says

    It appears that the waiting room has cleared out. At 11:58 I got on without any wait and was able to order immediately.

  170. stephen m says

    I forgot to sign out, went back and ordered 2 silver proofs and signed out. The signing out is important, i think, to allow the next person a turn to shop. All in all I would think the waiting room was a successful test.

  171. Steve says

    This is lot of fun. Now for tomorrow, here is an old news

    UK Mint accused of making a mint from overpriced souvenir coins

    The Royal Mint is being accused of exploiting the general public with overpriced commemorative coins that have minimal investment value.

    After 38 years as a Royal Mint agent, a leading numismatic dealer with 57 years in the business, is now refusing to trade in any more of its coins because he believes the market has been devalued by the vast numbers of issues and exorbitant prices.
    Richard Lobel – the UK’s biggest dealer in the secondary market for Royal Mint coins – condemns what he sees as the exploitation of people who pay up to four-figure sums for what they assume are valuable keepsakes.
    He said that coins celebrating the 2012 Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee are among issues that are worth far less than the prices paid. The resale value of most non-gold coins is under 50 per cent of the original price.
    Mr Lobel, managing director of Coincraft, said: “I’m tired of how many people’s hearts we’ve had to break.”
    Until a few years ago, the Royal Mint issued commemorative coins for exceptional events. Now, there are dozens of issues – 68 for the Olympics alone. They include a gold £5 coin now selling on the Royal Mint website for £2,880, for which the owner might get £1,400 at most. A dealer would resell it for £1,500 to £1,600, Mr Lobel said.
    Other experts echoed his criticisms. Seth Freeman of Baldwin’s, numismatic dealers since 1872, said: “Once somebody’s bought a set from the Royal Mint, it’s worth about a quarter to a third of what you paid for it … and I’ve never known anyone to get their money back, even in these days of high gold prices.”
    Experts believe that the Royal Mint issues too many coins, in too many different metals, while repeatedly raising prices. Mr Lobel said: “In the last four or five months, they’ve started charging almost £100 for a silver-proof crown. We saw it go to £49.50 and we were shocked. Then it went to £55 and we were stunned. I don’t know what word we used for £99.50.”
    There is no real investment in older issues, he said, citing coins marking the wedding of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981, sold then for around £39: “Today, we’d sell them for the same price.” Those done for a Diana and Prince Charles overseas tour fared even worse, he added: “We melt those.”
    Peter Jackson, another numismatist dealer, said: “With the economic situation, people are tending to look upon coins as an investment. A lot of people don’t really know what they’re buying … I think there’ll be a lot of tears shed in a few years’ time when people realise. The Royal Mint … is trading on their name to such an extent that they’re pumping out all sorts of things.”
    Ivan Macquisten, editor of the Antiques Trade Gazette, said: “I think … the public would have serious cause for complaint if they discovered that they were paying the Royal Mint four times the price… they would pay elsewhere. Not everyone collects … with an eye to resale …, but to be so out of pocket the moment you buy something … just isn’t right.”
    But Shane Bissett, the Royal Mint’s director of Commemorative Coin, argues that with sales of £150m last year, demand is strong and prices reflect the craftsmanship involved.
    On being asked about the disappointment of owners about resale values, he said: “Commemorative coins are not sold as investments. They’re sold to celebrate commemorative events.”
    Less bang for your buck: What buyers stand to lose
    Olympics gold proof £5 coin
    Royal Mint price: £2,880
    Likely value if sold on to dealer: £1,400
    The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee UK Gold Proof Coin
    Royal Mint Price: £2,400
    Likely value if sold on to dealer: £1,300
    2011 UK Mary Rose £2 Gold Proof Coin
    Royal Mint price: £995
    Likely value if sold on to dealer: £550

  172. VARich says

    12:02, driving like a banshee to DC sales counter…, burning gas & leaving a trail of bodies..lol

  173. thePhelps says

    Man…the site is painfully slow. All I want to do is click another add to cart and check out already.

  174. Brian says

    Steve means his order status says “Sold Out”. All baseball coins are still available although the backorder date is moving out.

    Mine does too for my most recent order which had the 4 non-gold baseball coins and some bags of quarters.

  175. ATS says

    Finally got in and was able to add 2 – $5 Uncirculated to my shopping cart. Now I’ve been waiting for the check-out process. PAINFUL!

  176. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Took me 45 minutes to get in from the waiting room and then another 28 mins to order and get out. Waiting for screens to paint and then having to do the same thing 4-5 times to get to the correct next screen is what took so long. It took me (4) times to get from the “cart” screen to the “checkout” screen. It kept taking me back to the main Shopping page every time I tried to check-out

    But finally got it done and it was a bit bit like ” product rushes of the past”…our modern-day form of the Oklahoma land-rush. 🙂

  177. J JONAH JAMESON says

    2014 BASEBALL HOF UNC $5 GOLD backordered. Expected to ship on 06/15/2014.

    2014 BASEBALL HOF PROOF SILVER DOLLAR backordered. Expected to ship on 04/10/2014.

    2014 BASEBALL HOF UNC SILVER DOLLAR backordered. Expected to ship on 04/10/2014.

    2014 BASEBALL HOF PROOF $5 GOLD backordered. Expected to ship on 05/26/2014.

    2014 BASEBALL HOF PROOF CLAD HALF-DOLLAR backordered. Expected to ship on 03/28/2014.

    2014 BASEBALL HOF CLAD UNC backordered. Expected to ship on 04/10/2014.

    UNITED STATES MINT REUSABLE BAG 1 $0.00 $0.00 In stock and reserved

    Papa’s got a brand new bag!

  178. Blair J Tobler says

    Only took 30 minutes to get both dollars and both halfs into cart and checked out! Man, I hope the upcoming new system works better than this! But at least I got them.

  179. Two Cents says

    To those people who have already ordered and are still in the US Mint’s website, please sign off and don’t go back in until later. Then other people can get in and complete their orders.

    Thank you.

  180. VA Dave says

    Complete crap. Waited for 50 minutes, finally got in and the pages would either not load, require refresh, partially load with red “x” where graphics should be. THe site is completely overwelmed (AGAIN). The waiting room solved nothing. Why can’t these guys build a proper e-commerce system. FRUSTRATED!

  181. Dave says

    With all the freezes and then getting booted off and having to re-sign in, it ONLY took 32 minutes to place my order. Every time I tried to add more Unc, I got white screened, so I gave up and just hit the quick checkout button and shazam, they took my money fast enough!
    First and last experience with the waiting room. Very frustrating that their servers cannot handle the load. Imagine trying to buy gvt. healthcare. Then imagine trying to use it.
    It’s enough to get a person to go TPG!

  182. Blair J Tobler says

    You gotta love this – mine are all backordered to April – except for the stupid bag! THAT I’ll get right away. “O, the Joy!”

    Qty 1 @ $51.95 – Backordered 04/10/14.

    Qty 1 @ $47.95 – Backordered 04/10/14.

    Qty 1 @ $19.95 – Backordered 04/04/14.

    4. 2014 BASEBALL HOF CLAD UNC (B36)
    Qty 1 @ $18.95 – Backordered 04/10/14.

    Qty 1 @ $.00 – In stock.

  183. says


    It’s unfortunate about the backorders, but keep in mind this seems like it’s much more ready to go than the West Point set with the enhanced silver eagle was. I followed the Coin World articles on the development of the baseball coins and I’ve had the impression the Mint “has it together” for the production of this release.

    I am really surprised people are getting the free bags. I figured the bags would have been long gone by now.


    I’ll be looking forward to it!

  184. Dave says

    Gold coins went from 4/10 to 6/15 ship date pretty quick. Guess we get 2nd strike. Oins

  185. James says

    Got two of the $5 gold, one proof, one unc. Backordered to 6/15/14. Not happy, because I’m moving June 1st to a different state. Now what do I do? Wait till closer to my move date to see if the coins come sooner or call the Mint? Thanks.

  186. fmtransmitter says

    zeeman, I went back in and ordered proof silver and paid the extra $5 but my order # is far from the gold…Good luck!

  187. Tom says

    This is rediculous been waiting for 1hr 20min After the waiting room!
    The mint should limit coins to 1 or two per customer, Not 50???

  188. thePhelps says

    Well..that lacked fun. I also waited 50 plus minutes – got in had several items in my cart and the site locked my computer up tight. I waited for 10 minutes and ended up having to reboot…

  189. Zeeman says

    FM@ Thanks, i just ordered the gold, current wait time is 2 hrs for waiting room, i will pass the silver i guess,if they sell out, my luck, i am happy with the gold ones, b/w 2 orders i got about 30 gold coins, good enough.

  190. fmtransmitter says

    I won’t go back in for days, sends me straight to waiting room with 2 hour wait! Good luck all..

  191. Blair J Tobler says

    CO – yeah, I don’t really mind much – I’ll be better off financially in April than I am now! (lol)

  192. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Looks like the main body of the initial rush has passed and all BBHOF coins are still showing as being able to be added to a Cart.

  193. thePhelps says

    CO… once I rebooted – I went back to the mints site and still have an hour and 30 minute wait.

  194. Ray says

    1 hour and 20 minutes later and my wait time is down to 29 minutes. I wasnt sure what I was going to order. Now I know I’m ordering a set and few extras of the silver dollars. My last purchase form the mint was in Dec. I got the fever!! Let me in the store!!!

  195. Blair J Tobler says

    From the time I entered the waiting room for the waiting room till I got my order confirmation was a staggering 1 hour 32 minutes! Sure glad my boss didn’t realize what I was doing – and he sits right behind me!

  196. fmtransmitter says

    lol@Tobbler..worry about co workers…Glad you got er done. You flipped like me and got a gold too! lol We all got springtime baseball/gold fever!

  197. Blair J Tobler says

    If I recall from checking earlier:
    Unc half – D
    Pf half – S
    Both dollars – P
    both gold – W

  198. fmtransmitter says

    Since there are only 50,000 gold, maybe the HOF can send us all a ticket to a ball game who ordered ONE for free for a meet and greet food etc…Pay us back for the $35..?? I am a marketing genius! lol

  199. fmtransmitter says

    Hope D is doing the Proof dollar…P has old equipment and doesn’t come out as nice in Proof. Has anyone tried the Gift Shops while they were waiting in the waiting room?

  200. Sith says

    I was in within 3 minutes (12:03) but even so their was a noticeable lag. Anyway anyone want to still argue against my initial estimate of a sellout within 48 hours?

  201. Blair J Tobler says

    Just checked mint site – specifications show

    Unc half – D
    Pf half – S
    Both dollars – P
    both gold – W

  202. Louis says

    Blair- you are right. I was basing the clad info. on what the Mint says on their FB page, which is wrong! But the mint’s catalog page has the right info.

  203. fmtransmitter says

    I am sure they got their 50 in so keep that in mind if you have trouble finding..I am out, was fun and good luck all. AkBob, I hope you get all 70’s!!

  204. Ray says

    Thx everyone. I mihgt try to go down to the denver gift shop and see if they have anything in person. i have 1 minute left on my timer. but after I order it will be months before i see anything in person.

    ah, open….

  205. IndenturedServant says

    Started calling at exactly noon. Using constant redial I got answered at 12:16pm. Lady said I was her 25th order. Ordered multiples of each coin. All items back-ordered to 3/28. Order# 42920xxx.

    I also hit the website and got into the waiting room at 12:05pm. Initially increasing numbers then decreasing. At 1:34pm the waiting room window said “It is your turn. There are currently extended service times. You will be redirected to the website as soon as possible.” Status update time froze at 1:34pm and has been that way since then. Opening another tab to access the mint site just remains blank despite being refreshed numerous times.

    I wonder how many months it will be before items are shipped? Oh well. It’s the usual govt mint BS. I’ve never missed out on a mint offering since 2006 and I use the phone each time. The website always tanks or I get through on the phone first. This time has been no different. Now I can get to work on my Louisville Slugger presentation boxes.

  206. says

    Wow. Got into the wait room at 5 ’til noon, 40 minutes turned into 75 minutes, then it took literally a full hour before I finally could get all the coins in and checkout. The website was so slow, sometimes got into endless reload loops every half-second, and wouldn’t let me login for awhile. Order was FINALLY placed at 1:58PM, order #42932XXX . And my tote bag is the only thing in stock, as per everyone else. 🙂

  207. Dan says

    Called Denver yesterday to see if they had them and was advised they would not have any for about 2 weeks so unless they lied, call first before you go.

  208. thePhelps says

    Well.. finally we have an order. I was lucky I launched a mint session on another computer a few minutes after I got queued up in the waiting room. The mint site totally locked this computer up and I had to reboot before I could hit checkout… I looked at the other computer at the time and it said 1 hour and 20 minutes… so I left it run – once in my cart was still full so all I had to do was hit checkout.

  209. ChrisS says

    I placed 2 different orders about 1 hour apart from one another. The first order was for the following:

    – (3) Gold Proofs – backordered 5/26
    – (3) Silver Proofs – backordered 4/10
    – (3) Clad Proofs – backordered 3/28

    The second order was for the following:

    – (3) Gold UNC – backordered 6/15
    – (3) Silver UNC – backordered 4/10
    – (3) Clad UNC – backordered 4/10

    I never bought coins before but am a huge baseball fan. I stumbled upon this site looking for more info about these coins. From the little info that I read, it seems that it is hit or miss on whether the Proofs or UNC coins have a higher collector value. This is why I went back and ordered the uncirculated coins as well.

    I plan to keep a set for myself and sell off the rest. Hopefully I make enough back to pay for the set that I am keeping.

  210. says

    I wonder how many the big boys get to order and if they will be all over HSN and the others before I even get to order.

  211. says

    the first order that i see published on this blog was 42918xxx and latest posted was 42932xxx. That is 14,000 orders in 126 minutes. That’s 111 orders/min. Someone posted earlier that they were processing at 154 orders/min and then it went down to 128 orders/min and now 111 orders/min.

  212. joe says

    It’s kind of interesting that the IP address for the US Mint waiting room indicates the server is located in Ireland…not the USA.

  213. Sith says

    Nice catch Joe, I use Flagfox and did not see that..

    @fmtransmitter – I’m bring nice, at least nicer than those that argued with me 🙂

  214. AkBob says

    Well, I never could order thru the website. It kept giving me the white screen. It wouldn’t even let me sign in. I was in the waiting room for over an hour and a half and all the while I was calling too. After a little over 2 hours I finally got thru and ordered my 50. 35 Proofs and 15 Unc’s. I usually order some in bulk and then I order singles but they wouldn’t let me this time as they said they were too busy to take more than one order and I was trying to make 13. I know, 13 isn’t lucky and it turned out UNLUCKY too. I had to cancel three orders and then redo my order. I just ended up ordering all 50 at once in one order. Just glad I finally got thru. It was NOT any fun for me!!!! This really sucked the way it didn’t work out for me. It sounds like it worked out very well for some. Glad to hear some had better luck than myself. As always, Happy collecting to ALL!!

  215. Brad says

    After the first 2+ hour wait in the waiting room, it finally let me in the catalog site. However, none of the pages would load and the session ultimately locked up and kicked me out. When opening a new session, it put me in the waiting room again, this time with an estimated wait time of just over one hour.

    So, at least for me, so much for being let into the catalog immediately next time after you’ve waited your initial turn in the waiting room.

    It appears the waiting room actually fixed nothing. It just adds a new dimension to the frustration, making it much worse. At least the old way, you had a chance if you were in there fighting. Now you’re forced to wait for quite a while before you can even deal with the lagging catalog. Sigh.

  216. Salacious Crumb says

    I entered the site at 11:45 and got the message that I would be directed to the waiting room at Noon. I was automatically transferred to the waiting room where I had a 7 minute wait time. I was then automatically transferred to the site where it took about 4 minutes to place my order for 2 gold UNC versions. Got my order e-mailed to me.

    Order #: 42919XXX

  217. Sith says

    @fmtransmitter – it would not have mattered as the price is based on the average for the week…if the coin is available next week and the fix stays below $1300 then you can complain

  218. Frankie says

    In case you assume that an order receipt means you will get your coins – be careful. I received an order with est. ship dates 06/15. However, when I log into my account I see the note SOLD OUT under my order in the main screen (order number 429331xx.

  219. Jerry says

    Tried again, multiple times, to get in to retrieve/place my order. Each time, I got to the “Waiting Room” but could get no further. On one try, I got placed on “Less than a Minue” for 5 minutes, and gave up.

  220. thePhelps says

    @AkBob – well – we won’t really know how lucky or unlucky we are until we see the coins. My 32 minute wait to get into the site grew to nearly 55 and then when I got in – I had most of my items in the cart and the site locked my computer up. My return after a rebot left me on the outside looking in again… but I had another computer launched with a waiting room session going and finally got in and ordered there.

    I agree – not a fan of the waiting room so far. Either they let too many in – or just didn’t realize people would switch from browsing to instantly ordering and the system wasn’t ready for it. If I get my coins – I am happy – well except for the expected June 15th delivery date.

  221. Sith says

    The wait is starting to go down…if you get in line now it is only about an hour wait…

  222. Joseph says

    I placed 5 orders and only one showed up in my order history, and got the message.

    We are unable to display all of your orders. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468) and we will be happy to assist you. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    what is going on?anyone has the same thing here?
    Called the 800 number but the line always busy. hmm…

  223. Dan in Fla says

    My orders 42919** and 42921** were placed without a problem. Everything is still showing ship date 3/28/14.

  224. Tom says

    Its frustrating to be on high speed internet from MD
    and still be waiting in the white almost 3hrs later.
    a collector??????????????????????????????
    this is BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  225. Sith says

    I got the same message on my second order, in my case I got my two confirmation e-mails, so you should be find

  226. Sith says

    @Joseph – I got the same message on my second order, in my case I got my two confirmation e-mails, so you should be find. I figure that they will not be updating the website on multiples while they are swamped with orders.

  227. Louis says

    For a while earlier I could not get into my acct., but I checked later and my one order is there all with 3/28 dates except one 4/10 though remember the actual ship dates will change many times.

  228. Louis says

    For a while earlier I could not get into my acct., but I checked later and my one order is there all with 3/28 dates except one 4/10 though remember the actual ship dates will change many times. And nothing is sold out.

  229. Hidalgo says

    @ Dan in Fla – the US Mint website shows that the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame gold and silver coins are available for shipping tomorrow, 3/28/2014. However, if you look at your US MInt Order email acknowledgement, you’ll see that the coins are backordered.

    The gold coin on my order is backordered to 06/15/2014. The silver coin on my order is backordered to 04/10/2014.

  230. Louis says

    It’s the usual. Those who got through in the first half hr. (not to brag- it is what it is) will see their coins earlier than others, but I think eventually everyone will get what they want except maybe the god.

  231. Sith says

    @Hidalgo – My e-mails show they will ship tomorrow…it looks like my coins if they ship will have more value as they can get the first strike designation. You’re coin if that date hold true will not have a shot at it.

  232. Ray says

    Got all my orders. Looks like mid June stated ship dates for the gold coins. But we all know those dates are petty much useless and will change in the future. I skipped the clad coins. Why pay $19-20 for something worth $0.50 when I can pay $45-50 for somethign at least worth around 20. I’ll never understand what clad collectors are chasing. If the design was different, or if it was a pure copper coin, i probably would have bought it.

    So between my 2 orders there is 46 minutes and 4773 orders, which is 103 orders/min. Thats horrible performance. They should be able to handle that many orders per second.

    I think we’ll start seeing sellouts in a week or two for both the gold and silver. These wont be selling out today, not with the slow processing and ordering limits.

  233. Eddie says

    I none of you think to open up 2 windows. So when you placed your order for the gold coins you could then use the 2nd window to order the silver coins. That is what I did and had no problem at all.

  234. Bob says

    The waiting room worked, it took me from 11:50 AM to 12:27 PM to enter. Then the page just froze, it moved on, it forze, it moved on and froze again. I finalyy gave up after 20 minutes for trying to add the product to my cart. I just tried again and now it’s over a 2-hour wait. They knew it was going to be a mad rush and they still don’t have the server capacity to handle the traffic; sad.

  235. Sith says

    @Hidalgo – neither do I but if a lot of the flippers are in the same boat, it will increase the value of my coin as I would like to flip mine ASAP.

    @Ray- Glad to see someone sticking to their guns, you are right about the silver but the gold..we shall see

  236. Jesus323 says

    Order #429308xx at 10:46 pc time…
    1 of each… Gold coins backordered to 6/15
    Silver coins to 4/10

  237. Louis says

    Lots of people want the clad to have a full set. If you want intrinsic value, buy bullion.

  238. Ikaika says

    New Record at the Waiting Room: 3hr 24 min 54 sec (Ikaika). Yes, my Bag is in “stock and reserved”.

    Waiting Room Report card = F

  239. VA Rich says

    Gold proof is back-ordered to July 1st now.

    So, within the first 30 minutes, over 3,500 orders were placed, and within the first 3 hours 22,100 orders were placed. That doesn’t say much but I’ll do some analysis as we know more over the weekend and through it out here as an FYI

  240. Buzz Killington says

    I concur with the others that the “waiting room” is worse than pointless.

    I waited 3 hours to be given access to the site that was as slow or slower than it was on other busy days.

    If only coins made enough of a comeback to where this was a more regular appearance. It is not 1986-87, that is for sure.

  241. Tom says

    Still in the white after 31/2 hrs…
    When will the collectors get theirs…
    Probably only after they pay a premium
    to the F’ N middle man who bought 100.
    How are They always able to assuredly
    get right in an scarf everything up.

    I want a Congressional investigation!
    And No 50-100 coins per ‘Family’!!!

  242. VA Dave says

    42938xxx at 3:02pm via US Mint customer service phone. Web site was in its usual prime form for popular items. 1 Gold proof….just a collector…seems like a good one for the collection.

  243. wacpac83 says

    Hello all, my first posting here, glad to join you all. All in all, the waiting room worked out great. Took just over an hour, real slow and lagging, but I got my hoard. Very pleased,

  244. AkBob says

    Cagcrisp – Mine is 42934xxx and the time is 1:18 which was 10:18 my time as I’m 3 hours behind the mint being in Alaska. Now we can just hope that our orders are filled. Anyone have any idea how many gold’s have been ordered. The gall at the mint told me that she thought it would sell out today and she also said the Silver Coin are going FAST too. Order fast and order lots!!! As always Happy collecting to ALL!

  245. Jesus323 says

    At 12 pm i used my iphone and my wating time was only 29 min… I log in at the same time in my lap top and the waiting time was 1:24.. I guess cell phone are faster

  246. VABEACHBUM says

    Lot of excitement for sure. Here’s how my day went… sitting at the desk at 1140, Mt Dew and Andy Capps Hot Fries at the ready. Cleared my browser, cache and all unnecessary tabs. Just me, US MINT, and MNB. At 1143, one of our staffers grabs me, and says you need to participate in this planning / strategy mtg that just started. WTF!! Seriously?? Previously unannounced – and TODAY, of all days.

    Needless to say, I was bitter and fuming for the 2+ hours of bickering I had to endure.

    Back at the desk at 1420 and into the waiting room w/ one hour & 15 minutes on the clock. Clock stayed steady; seemed to shave a couple minutes here and there. Onto the Mint site at 1523. Completed my order for one, each, Au PR and UNC, at 1528. (#42941xxx) No indications or sold out, or otherwise unavailable. Tried to check the status of my order back through my order history, but couldn’t get to it. Logged out and feed up some bandwidth at 1535.

    Good Luck to those still trying!!

  247. Sith says

    @Tom – The issue is on your end. it took me 48 minutes to get in (I got in line at 3:01 PM EST, and I just got on 3:49, it nearly kicked me out but I got on…I logged out real fast)

  248. VA Rich says

    So wow, what a day! I’m exhausted!

    VABB – good call on the fury of sales, think we’ll know by tomorrow where we stand on the gold coins. And thanks Dusty for the 11:43 call to sign in, I totally forgot to do that first!

    I still don’t get the waiting room pecking order. I had to close my browser due to the site locking up and then joined at 11:47, somehow I only had a 1 minute wait at 12:01 and had my order placed in 30 seconds at 12:02. I feel sorry for the guys that had to wait an hour and half to order.

    I scooted across town to check out the HQ line and by 1:00 the gold was all sold out. So mission half-complete.., they are a unique and a good looking coin. (Limit was 1 Au each, 3 Ag each.) And then I see a familiar face…, Mr Peterson ventures over to see how things are going. I introduce myself, shake his hand, and have a brief chat. Really appreciate him making a presence which was good to see. So a few take-aways from the chat and I had a million questions I wanted to ask though threw out the first ones that came to mind – not all of the Au HoFs have been minted yet, (can’t speak to the relationship of sales orders to mintage or if it’s sold out yet), the JFK offering is expected to much bigger than this and sensed there may be more surprises to come, and JFK coin has been directed to be released in Chicago.

    This will be interesting to watch over the next few days, good luck all!

  249. Buzz Killington says

    I wouldn’t assume the 50 limit will stand if the golds get sold out.

    There was a disclaimer that household limits are subject to being adjusted to assure maximum distribution… I forget what exactly it said.

    $20K is a lot to tie up in gold commems, and I’m not sure that “employees” are going to be willing to put that much on their personal credit card for an employer, assuming they had such a credit limit.

    Anyway, I’m not as convinced as everyone else there will be such a quick sell out, but if there is, I think there may be some rationing going on by cutting back bigger orders.

  250. ABC says

    For the people here who are complaining about the waiting room, I believe
    it was put in place to prevent the website from crashing because of the heavy traffic. It doesn’t say anything about processing orders more quickly.

  251. Hidalgo says

    I am reading that some of you have long wait times. I found that when I logged in to the US Mint’s ordering website via Chrome and Firefox, my wait time in the waiting room was significantly lower with Chrome. I question if the type of browser used makes a difference, but I do find the observation most interesting.

    Incidentally, the US Mint’s home page states that the baseball coins are backordered, but can still be ordered. And from what I see, the gold, silver, and clad versions of this coin are still available (in other words, they still have not sold out).

  252. VA Rich says

    VABB – sorry to hear it didn’t work out for ya. I had to laugh though, I did the EXACT same prep work and cleared it all out with just the same two tabs, though I had diet dew and peanut m&m’s – too funny!

  253. whitelightning says

    I think the trick here was to sign in early singned in at 11:50 .
    Time counter went zero to go on line I only had a 7 min waiting room time

  254. says

    I am going to defend the waiting room a bit. I think the issue is that it wasn’t implemented correctly. Early on most orders were going through with minimal lag as noted by Steve (and I only had moderate lag), but as more and more “access tokens” were given out, and people hung around, the site began filling up and experiencing the lag issues we all know and love.

    In the future, what’s going to have to happen to make the waiting room work right is a time-limited revocation of those “access tokens.” Giving people access for just 10-20 minutes ought to be more than enough time for them to find what they want, order, and get out. Quick checkout especially makes automating the process really easy.

    I thought it was interesting the server was in Ireland. I assume this is because of the UK company that is in charge of the Mint’s site design.


    You were definitely right, this is a worthy stampede. The amount of comments just on this thread is amazing.

  255. Louis says

    VA Rich- Glad you got through and thanks for the info. Are you still going to B-town tomorrow?

  256. Sith says

    @Buzz – Dream on about the rationing…I don’t see it happening, you snooze you lose. What you said is the heart of the issue you don’t expect a sellout but if their is one you want to take the coins from those that ordered them early to give them to people who waited because they did not think it would sellout. Then add that the mint has already defined big orders at 51 coins

  257. says


    I was wondering when you were going to check in. I did all the same things you did, though I was out sick today and did not have to worry about work, luckily. I’d have blown my top if I’d been kidnapped for a meeting.

    I’m glad you managed to get an order in for these coins, though.


    Thanks for the information about your trip, interesting info about the Kennedies.

  258. gary says

    @4:10 PM My Order went thru for the Unc Gold with ship date of 4/11. Yeah, Sure! Ah, I’ll just flip it anyhow!

  259. Buzz Killington says

    Sith — I think the only chance rationing would come into play is an inordinate number of 50 gold orders. If you had 500 of those, half the mintage is gone.

    Here is the exact wording:

    The United States Mint will evaluate these ordering limits on a regular basis and adjust or remove the limits accordingly. We appreciate your patience as we work hard to provide you all of your coin collecting needs.

  260. dave says

    all done everything is still available just some slow loads but i guess waiting till later worked out this time good luck to all

  261. Sith says

    The wait time from the back of the queue is still around 17 minutes. Its hard to tell because as CO indicated the wait room leaves a cookie or token that keeps you’re place in line including the fact that you can go directly to the mint to order without going back to the wait room even after you close your browser. In other words the limitation is based on time they have no clue how many people are actually on the website. They are simply giving x amount of tokens per minute probably based on web traffic volume

  262. gary says

    With the limits (VERY HIGH “Household” “limits”) the gold will be bought up quick. Some “household”…. it costs $21,000 to buy 50 Unc. Gold HOF coins. These “households” are LLC’s LOL!

  263. mark says

    This is how i got in so fast. Logged in US Mint web sit at 11:35 ET. Just kept browsing around the site wasting time. At 11:45 banner popped up asking if i wanted to enter the waiting room. Clicked on enter tab, and it showed a fifteen minute wait time (12:00) before web site would begin accepting orders. At 12:00 ET it put me in the waiting room, with a three minute wait. Never did have to relog back in after the first log in at 11:35 ET.

  264. Sith says

    @Buzz – Your assuming they are talking about adjusting downward. The only time I have seen adjustments was upwards.

  265. says

    Buzz, also, they are talking about future orders, not past orders (if they make an adjustment to household limits)

  266. Zeeman says

    Just went to check on my order, the gold proof says 03/28 but the uncirculated change to 06/15, order was placed at 12.03.
    2014 BASEBALL HOF PROOF $5 GOLD 14 $424.75 $5,946.50 14 units backordered. Expected to ship on 03/28/2014.
    2014 BASEBALL HOF UNC $5 GOLD 6 $419.75 $2,518.50 6 units backordered. Expected to ship on 06/15/2014.
    UNITED STATES MINT REUSABLE BAG 1 $0.00 $0.00 In stock and reserved

  267. gary says

    @Samuel…. Yes and April 11th, no less! That’s what my orders “says”. I’ll probably get bumped to August. Did you order 50 gold coins Samuel???

  268. fmtransmitter says

    I learned two things today, ONE, a whole lot more people read what is said in here than actually chime in, that is left to a smaller bunch and TWO, I gained much more respect for the Mint for issuing the limit, be it as high as it was, to make any Big Boy scramble at the last second to load pre paid cc’s with 20k and find the people to get in line to place the orders. Now I will watch the TPG show, which NGC has already started by emailing to everyone they have the exclusive rights to put the HOF sign on the label. Also the PCGS FIRST STRIKE is always at a premium due to the folks who get these graded FIRST and even you waited even 1 hour today, may miss that window. Good luck all.

  269. Sith says

    Showing a ship date of 04/10/2014 on one order…the other one still has not shown up under my account

  270. says

    Thanks for the tip, Zeeman. I checked too after seeing your post. Before, the orders were scheduled to ship 3/28 excepting the gold proof and silver uncirc, both listed for 4/10. The new list is:

    gold proof: 6/15
    gold uncirc: 4/11
    silver proof: 4/11
    silver uncirc: 4/11
    proof clad: 4/4
    uncirc dlad: 5/26

    What is with these backorder dates? I find it especially weird Zeeman, who ordered 3 minutes in, is going to have to wait until mid-June for his uncirculated gold. How does the Mint decide who gets what first? Shouldn’t it be first come, first served?

  271. fmtransmitter says

    I just checked the pop report at NGC, seems they added 100 MS 70 Aussie Maps. They have added several 2014 coins actually. I don’t see any of the Mercanti Wedge Tail HR in PF 70 other than my only one. Hoping that will turn into one special coin one day.

  272. fmtransmitter says

    We have been through this several times with high profile coins. The shipping estimates are all messed up until they (MINT) has time to gather the data, check it with what is in stock (ON THE SHELVES IN INDIANA READY TO GO), then fulfill orders IN ORDER as were placed MINUS CC declines, issues with addresses, cancellations. We will see this shipping date change several times over the next 2 weeks. The hint was the one blogger who called the gift shop and was told 2 weeks. There ya go. If you got in early, you can most likely expect it in 2 to 3 weeks time, IMO…

  273. says

    Crazy. Two of my ship dates have changed in from original email from US Mint. Ship dates on the gold proof is unchanged. Still 06/15/14. Ship date for gold unc. has now gone from 06/15/14 to 04/11/14 and silver proof has gone from 04/10/14 to 05/26/14. So the gold unc. ship date has been shortened by 2 months and the silver proof ship date has been increase 5 weeks. Just Crazy.

  274. Louis says

    Well, as I expected after seeing the messages above my dates have also all been pushed back, I have some in April, some in May, and one in June. Looks like those who went in person and waited in line at the show or at Mint HQ before they sold out will have the only ER/FR eligible coins, if they are into that sort of thing. And my order was about the same time as CO. C’est la vie….(That’s life)

  275. Louis says

    FM is right. Better not to sweat it. Plus my budget can use the break of some delays, just maybe not June!!!

  276. JBK says

    I spent a couple hours or so navigating around and checking out – very slow, errors, etc., but shopping cart kept my order. I was also picking up some other stuff (don’t ask me why I did this on one of the biggest ordering days of the year).

    For the baseball saucers, I ordered one gold unc., one proof dollar, and two unc dollars. I am not sure I will be able to keep the gold but I figured that the unc might have a lower mintage than the proof. Same for the dollar. Besides, I think the unc version in the matte finish looks better than the proof, but of course this is just based on the mint’s images.

    I will want the half dollars as well but figured I would come back later for those – I don’t expect a sell-out for those any time soon. I do expect the gold will sell out today (or already). I also wonder if the mint will scrutinize and adjust orders as it did for the 2011 SE set.

    I even got my free reusable Mint bag. woo hoo.

  277. Hidalgo says

    @Zeeman – look at the bright side. Even though your coins might be backordered, you may still receive your free US Mint shopping bag before you receive your coins!

    By the way – the gold, silver, and clad versions of the baseball coins are still available for purchase. And from what I can see, if one signs into US Mint.gov, the time spent in the waiting room is less than one minute. That’s great news for those who could not place orders because of work commitments.

  278. says

    What are peoples’ order statœ saying? Mine is “Your order request is on hold.” I used a relatively new credit card (I spend $2k in the first 2 months and I get bonus miles), so I’m trying to figure out if that’s standard status these days or if I need to call the credit card.

  279. Tom says

    Finally got 1…on back order…
    (After five hours on ‘High speed internet’).
    Do you really need a $3000
    computor to get in quicker???

  280. Louis says

    Stuart- They always put orders on hold at first. In a few days or so it should change to in process or something similar.

  281. AkBob says

    I am still trying to order the Silver Commemorative and I can’t even sign in. I get to the checkout and when I click on Checkout I lose the mint connection completely. I have to open another window and go back into the mints site and then the same thing happens again, time after time. I can’t even get into the waiting room. This is pathetic, IMO. By now, there shouldn’t be ANY glitches when ordering from the mint. There are many business that put to shame the mint when it comes to orders. The mint might get 50,000 orders today and it’s messed up and those other business take in literally millions of orders every day and there are never any problems. By now, this should be a smooth, seamless task to order coins from our mint. Very sad indeed.

  282. Louis says

    I got in pretty fast on one laptop (older but better one) and was stuck in waiting room hell in the other one for about an hour. I think Hidalgo is on to something about browsers as the one that was fast was in Chrome. IE was not surprisingly slower. MS sucks unless you bought their stock a long time ago and made millions.

  283. says


    The quality of your machine only matters in its ability to handle basic webpage loading. Of far more importance is the quality of your connection and how ‘fast on the draw” you are. You should not need a $3K machine to order, especially since some people apparently were ordering via smartphone.

  284. Louis says

    But I was using the same not that fast DSL connection on both machines and the results were vastly different and I went in the WR on each at almost the exact same time. Either it was the browser type that helped or the whole darn thing is a random crapshoot.

  285. JBK says

    Site is normal now – and all coins are still avaialble. I can \not believe that the gold has not sold out, though…

    My gold unc shows April, and silver is June,

    Will wish I bought (or tried to buy) more. I think these will be big sellers including in the non-coin collector market.

  286. Louis says

    Placed another order just now that I may cancel later and it went right through though e-mail took a few min. Sorry AkBob- Maybe you are too many miles from the Mint?

  287. says


    I suspect the gold is close given the stampede.


    I think it’s a crapshoot. A lot of commenters on this blog all went into the waiting room around the same time and got vastly different tickets.

    Browser possibly helps, because big clunky browsers that are weighted down with unnecessary features might slow down the loading process, especially IE. Firefox and Chrome are both lighter weight.

  288. Sith says


    IMHO It can’t be far off..I’m sticking to my prediction…less than 42 hours to go based on it.

  289. Louis says

    I agree with CO and Sith.

    Only 23 more posts to break 500 guys and gals! You can do it.

    Maybe there are more people here than at USM!

  290. sharks2th says

    Got in waiting room at 11:45 on computer
    Initial posted waiting time was 26 mins.
    Got into site at 12:50 on computer
    Completed order at 4:16 on phone browser
    Took 2 hours to get items into the cart and kept getting the white screen when trying to check out
    Got in line at 2:30 on cell phone
    Got into site and immediately kicked off and had to get in line again
    Got in line on phone again using two different phone browsers
    Finally got the order through at 4:16
    Order #42946xxx
    My experience with waiting room = MASSIVE FAIL
    Total time to order 4.5 hours:(

  291. fmtransmitter says

    The later orders being placed will get the dreaded sold out email. These things are gone by now. They let you keep orderings just in case some orders don’t go through. IMO, the gold’s are gone with the wind by now…

  292. Don says

    Order 42954XXX. 45 seconds in wait room. 4 minutes to process a relatively small order. Back ordered; date to follow in email. Rather easy when you aren’t being paranoid about APMEX buying up everything. Personally, I feel sorry for people who ordered 10 or 20 or 50 gold coins. I think demand will not be that great; and if gold is in the 1250-99 bracket next week, can cancel and re-order at different price, which I am sure many a flipper will do. More interested in the Kennedy special, which may be a better investment and this year’s Buffalo Proof, which I think will be close to another record low mintage. Saved my coin for the 2013 Proof buffalo, and actually paid less for the RP buffalo in the aftermarket when no more orders were being taken (when I see everyone going in one direction about a coin, I generally go elsewhere).

  293. SilverFan says

    Does not matter if gold goes down now. The gold coins will be sold out by next week anyway if not already.

  294. Hidalgo says

    Gold and silver prices are tanking. Big drops. Gold is under $1300 per ounce. Silver is under $20 per ounce. I wonder how far values for both precious metals will drop….

  295. Zeeman says

    Ok this one is over, here i come Chicago, i score pretty good on last year RP buffalo, got about 15 at show, got them graded at the show, flip all of them except

  296. AkBob says

    Louis – OT – I mentioned earlier about a rumor that I heard from an individual that has some VERY good connections and he said that the ASE is going to be changed for sure! I almost think I heard him say they are going to change both the obverse and the reverse. Have you heard anything at all in regards to this? I was thinking for some reason that there was supposed to be a meeting in early April to either have discussions or actually decide whether or not to change the reverse. Then I heard from this person that it’s going to be both sides. What you hearing if anything at all? As always, Happy collecting to all!

  297. says


    I think I agree the gold might already be gone. I’ll be much more surprised if the silvers sell out.

    This is definitely one of the most impressive stampedes we’ve had in awhile. West Point was not really this bad, I don’t think.

  298. Zeeman says

    FM@i agree, i think gold are all gone, will be surprised if you place an order now and still get it.

  299. saucexx says

    I’m getting a sold out message on both the proof and unc gold. The mint won’t even put it in BO status.

  300. Sith says

    The mint is very good announcing a sellout\backorder. If you can order the coin it is because it is still available

  301. paddy says

    Just finished on the Mint Site everything backordered but hey I will have
    everything I need. It only took me 5 Minutes at the most.

  302. Larry says

    Just ordered one silver coin. Gold was still there as far as I can tell. Waiting in the waiting room one whole minute. Guess everyone who wanted the gold coin got it. Or maybe not if saucexx is correct.

  303. Stedali says

    Just got the proof silver in, order #42957XXX. About 3K orders in 15 minutes. Didn’t take too long to place order and I had to change my address.

  304. saucexx says


    The site takes the order but when you go and check the your account page the last order summary states sold out. The order doesn’t show in the order history either. There’s a message that states “We are unable to display all of your orders. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468) and we will be happy to assist you. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

  305. Gary says

    This was included in the prudct description on both gold coins….

    Waiting List Notice: The number of orders we have taken meets the maximum limit for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Uncirculated $5 Gold Coin. You may still place an order for this product, which will go on a waiting list. If a product becomes available because of an order cancellation, we will fulfill orders from the waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. We cannot provide information about your position on the waiting list.

    When we place your order on the waiting list, we will send you an order receipt. This is not a guarantee that you will receive your order. If we are unable to fulfill part or all of your order, you will receive a cancellation or sold-out notification. If you paid by check, you will receive a refund.

  306. paddy says

    I saw the same message when ordering the Silver Proof but the order took as I received at e mail showing backordered and will ship.

  307. says


    Appreciate the detail, thank you. If the silver really is sold out, that will be incredible. I was not expecting that at all. They must be high-fiving each other at the mint right now.

    Wonder how the half dollar is doing.

  308. Eddie says

    On the My Account Page in the little square where it lists what you ordered at the bottom of that where it has static it has SOLD OUT. So what does that mean what is sold out? Does it mean the gold proofs are or the UNCs are or that both gold coins are sold out?

  309. Hidalgo says

    @Sith – not sure if it’s over. I checked out the US Mint ordering page. I placed the gold, silver, and clad proof and uncirculated coins in my basket. My basket shows that all 6 version of the coins are backordered.

  310. Jack says

    I placed three orders today with only one showing up in order tracking. First order was for one each of the $5 coins. The other two orders were for silver and clad. I’m a little surprised to see the uncirculated backordered to June 15. Order confirmation was in my inbox at 12:04 for order #429186xx. I expect that the date will get bumped up once the dust settles, as someone mentioned above.

  311. Sith says

    I guess their will be no arguments about the sellout…those that predicted 4 hours congrats, those that said a few weeks I hope you got your order in

  312. saucexx says

    I received email confirmations that they were backordered, but the web states sold out like Eddie mentioned. I placed a separate order for each gold and one for the silvers.

  313. vaughnster says

    Silver still available. Just went on a few minutes ago and ordered two proof silver dollars and two uncirculated. Took two minutes to check out.

  314. Sith says

    @Hidalgo – You will only get a coin if someone cancels or credit card is declined, assuming you are one of the first in the wait list.

  315. saucexx says

    As info, I’ve never seen the little box say sold out and then receive the coins. Backordered yes, sold out no.

    This is the message under My Account:

    Last Order:
    Subtotal: $200.00
    Status: Sold Out

  316. Zeeman says

    I should be the next Guru of you guys, i said 4 hr and that was for no limits, still pretty good.

  317. says


    I was one of the ones dubious about a potential sellout until near the very end. In particular, I was 100% sure the silver would not sell out. I figured there would be high demand, but not like this. This has been equivalent to the 25 anniversary set rush.

  318. thePhelps says

    Captain…West Point didn’t have a limit on the number of coins being sold. That is what caused the stampede… 50,000 gold coins to the first buyers. I hope my order stands..guess we will see over the next few days – weeks.

  319. fmtransmitter says

    I feel bad for all the people who are not online and received the mailer and couldn’t get an order in due to either not having internet or a phone, just a juicy pamphlet in the mail with an order form to send in a payment if they want one. Guess it will work if they want silver or clad…

  320. Hidalgo says

    I went to check out the order pages for the 6 versions of the baseball coins (gold, silver, clad proof and uncirculated versions). The gold coins (proof and uncirculated versions) have a “waiting list” message:

    Waiting List Notice: The number of orders we have taken meets the maximum limit for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Proof $5 Gold Coin. You may still place an order for this product, which will go on a waiting list. If a product becomes available because of an order cancellation, we will fulfill orders from the waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. We cannot provide information about your position on the waiting list.

    When we place your order on the waiting list, we will send you an order receipt. This is not a guarantee that you will receive your order. If we are unable to fulfill part or all of your order, you will receive a cancellation or sold-out notification. If you paid by check, you will receive a refund.

    If paying by credit card, please be sure your credit card information remains current to avoid any delays in processing your order. If your credit card has expired by the time of shipment, your order will be cancelled. To update credit card information after an order has been placed, you must call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

    Baseball has been an integral part of American culture almost since the game began. Connecting generations and unifying the spirit of our Nation, baseball has mirrored our history since the Civil War and is known as our national pastime.

    Join the United States Mint and National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum as we celebrate its “diamond” anniversary with the National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin Program! The 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Proof $5 Gold Coin, along with the other coins in this program, are the first curved coins ever produced by the United States Mint.

    Chosen after a nationwide competition, the obverse (heads) glove design was inspired by a well-loved and well-used family glove. Inscriptions on the obverse are LIBERTY, IN GOD WE TRUST, and 2014.

    The reverse (tails) design depicts a baseball similar to those used by Major League Baseball® Inscriptions are UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, E PLURIBUS UNUM, and ONE DOLLAR.

    Together, the glove and baseball designs represent the most basic elements of the game, whether played in the backyard, local ballpark, or professional leagues. The natural curves of the glove and baseball are captured in this unique dome-shaped coin.

    Introductory price: Introductory pricing will be in effect from 12 noon ET, on March 27, 2014, through 5 p.m. ET on April 28, 2014, after which the regular price will be in effect.

  321. Eddie says

    The box has last order and it shows what you ordered the subtotal and then it has STATUS : Sold Out
    First order went though ok I guess but the second order I’m not sure of.

  322. saucexx says

    400K is a lot of coins in four hours. I’m not surprised at a gold sellout since it’s only 50K, but the silver would be. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the silver is not actually sold out but the site is just overloaded.

  323. fmtransmitter says

    Now I have two bags, the first one still has the smell of that fugly black rubber band on it..ho hum…

  324. saucexx says

    Eddie, I show the same thing. The first order shows backordered, the rest showed sold out and not in my order history.

  325. Sith says

    @thePhelps – If you have an order it will stand, if you’re back ordered this early you have a good shot at getting it filled


    I suspected a sellout…in 48 hours, all the signs were their, but even I’m shocked even with the stampede though it would sell it in another 4 hours

  326. Hidalgo says

    @saucexx – I did not see a “waiting list” notice for any of the silver or clad baseball coins (proof or uncirculated). I saw the waiting list message only for the gold versions (proof and uncirculated).

  327. thePhelps says

    Waiting List Notice: The number of orders we have taken meets the maximum limit for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Uncirculated $5 Gold Coin. You may still place an order for this product, which will go on a waiting list. If a product becomes available because of an order cancellation, we will fulfill orders from the waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. We cannot provide information about your position on the waiting list

  328. JBK says

    Half dollar up next – the vultures (me included) will circle those in the coming days once the gold and silver sell-out is reported. I bet the clads sell out, too. Just a question of how long.

  329. saucexx says


    I received the same sold out message for both the Gold and Silver, altogh I received a backordered email for all of them.

    This is the message under My Account:

    Last Order:
    Subtotal: $200.00
    Status: Sold Out

  330. says

    JBK, I agree. If the silver is truly gone, I think people will start scooping up the halves too, particularly those who are desperate to get a baseball coin and didn’t come “armed for battle” today.

  331. thePhelps says

    Well I got my first order in after a lot of false starts with the waiting room, and then a couple of hours later decided to order an additional uncirculated gold coin… I got order confirmations on both orders so I think I am set.

  332. JBK says

    By the way…the Civil Rights coins are still avaialble….get them now before they are gone.

  333. fmtransmitter says

    Wow, I just checked my status.
    Order Date: 03/27/2014 at 12:04 PM

    Order Status: Your order request is on hold.
    There was over 5100 orders placed when I placed the second order for the silver proof. Holy shmokies…Mint hit a home run with this, well I guess that was the plan…

  334. VA Rich says

    Yes Sir.., bright and early!

    12:02 Order – PRF – Expected to ship on 03/28/2014.
    UNC – Expected to ship on 06/15/2014.

    3:00 Order does not show

  335. JBK says

    I have the same backorder dates. I did not buy under an account so I can only see the one order status page.

    No matter what happens, I just hope I get the free reusable mint bag. If THAT sells out I may have to give up coin collecing,.

  336. Eddie says

    Saucexx just had silver on his order and it says Sold Out. So does that mean silver coins are sold out also?

  337. SilverFan says

    Looks like silver coins are gone now. Can place an order but account history says sold out.

  338. Hidalgo says

    @Eddie – if you go to the order page for the silver and clad baseball coins (proof and uncirculated), you will NOT see a “waiting list” message. However, if you go to the gold versions of the coins, you WILL see the “waiting list” message.

  339. thePhelps says

    My backorder dates mean nothing…knowing the mint. But my uncirc gold shows a 4/11 date… just maybe…not a chance.

  340. fmtransmitter says

    Ok, I will come back when Michael posts a new thread about Credit Cards being charged, keep it real ya’ll…Peace, I’m out…

  341. saucexx says

    The silvers show back ordered if placed in your cart. Unfortunately I received the sold out message after placing the order, even though the mint sent me a confirmation order showing back ordered to 6-15.

  342. Sith says

    The silver is still available…no wait list, but with the current frenzy it will not last long. It should not last 48 hours 🙂

  343. VA Rich says

    Haha!!! Check this out – I placed another order just now for giggles.., read my above post, then this….

    1. 2014 BASEBALL HOF PROOF $5 GOLD (B31)
    Qty 1 @ $424.75 – Backordered 04/11/14.

    2. 2014 BASEBALL HOF UNC $5 GOLD (B32)
    Qty 1 @ $419.75 – Backordered 04/11/14

    Ship dates mean nothing now!

  344. Eddie says

    My 1st order says it is on hold and says gold proof silver proof and UNC clad will ship 6/15
    proof clad 5/26
    UNC silver 4/10

  345. saucexx says


    See my comment above.

    Although by all means everyone who want to order SHOULD. If there’s a glitch in the web site, don’t let our posts stop you from placing an order. You never know……

  346. Zeeman says

    I just finished my order for the silver coins, got the conf e-mail and it does not say sold out.i guess i am safe now, got all i wanted, no more, wife is going to kill me, hahah

  347. AkBob says

    FYI – I just ordered a bunch of the Halves and dollars (silver) and it went thru just fine and it said 6/15 for a shipping date and it was backordered too. I finally was able to log into my mint account and makes some orders!!!! Glad you all are done so I can order some, lol. As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  348. Zaz says

    Both gold coins are wait listed now with this message:

    Waiting List Notice: The number of orders we have taken meets the maximum limit for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Proof $5 Gold Coin. You may still place an order for this product, which will go on a waiting list. If a product becomes available because of an order cancellation, we will fulfill orders from the waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. We cannot provide information about your position on the waiting list.

    When we place your order on the waiting list, we will send you an order receipt. This is not a guarantee that you will receive your order. If we are unable to fulfill part or all of your order, you will receive a cancellation or sold-out notification. If you paid by check, you will receive a refund.

  349. Sith says

    The back order in the cart just means that they are not in stock…it has nothing to do with being sold out

  350. vaughnster says

    Is anyone going to complain about gold prices possibly going down next week with this quick sellout? I doubt it 🙂

  351. Frank says

    Base on the backorderred dates for my order PRF is definitely much more popular then UNC. But UNC could be a long-term winner due to its rarity.

    1. 2014 BASEBALL HOF PROOF $5 GOLD (B31)
    Qty 1 @ $424.75 – Backordered 07/01/14.

    2. 2014 BASEBALL HOF UNC $5 GOLD (B32)
    Qty 1 @ $419.75 – Backordered 04/11/14.

  352. AkBob says

    My wife “thinks” I only got 10 of these. She was even helping me call the mint on her phone, lol. If she only knew. Another collector made a statement to me a week or so ago and it hit home, it went something like this,”Lord, don’t let my wife sell my collection for what I told her I paid for it”. Well, all I can say is, “AMEN”!!! As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  353. Dustyroads says

    I have confirmation e-mails for both my orders, including the silver dollars. My Mint account however says the dollars were sold out at the time I made the purchase at around 12:30 and the order doesn’t show up in the ‘tracking orders” section of my account.
    I don’t think their sold, probably just a web site problem.

  354. says

    My first order @ 12:02 …still has gold proof shipping 3/28, like VaRich…my proof silver 4/10.

    I can’t view my other orders in order history…but all my orders were placed by 12:35 (4 orders total) and I have confirmation emails on all 4…so I’m sure they are good…just the website track order history is not up to date.

    No wat silver is very close to a sellout…imo.

    Browser…I’ve read several comments and here’s mine.
    I’m using an older version of IE..version 8. My pc is almost 6 years old, but has 6GB ram and a intel quad core processor. I also have a high-end graphics card (but don’t think that matters.)
    I have Comcast high speed internet…one of their highest.

    Bottom line…I got in at 12:01 and I think none of the above mattered very much. I think it’s very random and I just got lucky…but who knows?

  355. vaughnster says

    Several of my orders made around 1 p.m. don’t show up on my account even though I got confirmation e-mails. System still not up to snuff….

  356. says


    I think it appeared sometime between 6:15-6:30. Shortly after sauce posted notice that he was getting “sold out” messages, people began noticing the waiting list notice was up on the gold coins.

  357. Louis says

    The gold coins will be officially sold out soon. Remember with the 2011 annie set waiting list (not backordered which is normal) is what comes at the end just before the sell out sign is hung. Glad I ordered another gold an hour before the notice went up that should be okay. Kudos to those of you who bought a bunch. You are going to do well.
    Silver is not wait listed but maybe in the next day or two.
    Imagine $21.5 million in gold coins if my math is right in 7 hrs. That must be a record for the mint, maybe anywhere.

  358. VA Rich says

    Congratulations to the Hall of Fame organization.., they just netted $1,750,000 in 6 hours on 2 of 6 coin offerings…, that free ticket is in the mail.. Ha!

  359. Hidalgo says

    I placed my order for the gold and silver uncirculated baseball HOF coins around 1 PM today. When I tracked my order on USMint.gov, both coins show that they are backordered with a shipping date of April 10, 2014. My email receipt shows a backorder date of 6/15/2014. So clearly, there is a hiccup somewhere….

  360. fmtransmitter says

    I just calculated my order in at 12:04. IF 111 orders went through per minute for 4 minutes at the maximum of 50 coins per order I would be around 29, XXX so I think I am good…Wow this was a learning experience…

  361. says

    What i am trying to find out is if my order has actually been placed. All my orders that I did I just put it in my shopping cart and I never drilled down so I don’t know whether my order went through OR if my orders were placed after the “Waiting List Notice” went into effect. I have a confirmation but the way I ordered I don’t know whether the “Waiting List Notice” was in effect or not. The order time of my purchase was 1:15 ET. Any help would be appreciated..

  362. SilverFan says

    Try ordering silver now. It takes the order but says sold out in your account history. Could they have sold all 400,000 silver coins?

  363. says

    Hidaldo…I agree..there is a disconnect between the emails and website. ALL my emails say backordered 3/28…which we known won’t happen.

    I’m going more with what customer service rep told me last night…she said expect the first orders to be in approx two weeks.

  364. Louis says

    If it was 1:15 pm EST you are fine. I don’t think the notice went up until around 6:30pm EST. Check above messages for some clues.

  365. Gary says

    I placed a second order for an additonal proof and unc, but it did not show up on my Order Summary list, but did get an email confirmation. When I called the mint and entered my order number, an automated voice said my order was ‘Suspedned’. I am on hold with the mint now to see what happened.

  366. says

    @ Louis, Thanks. I thought that I was OK, but…..this thing has been wild ALL day long…I don’t like a roller coaster and that is what this thing has been today..

  367. Dustyroads says

    Steve, I have been wondering how you got in so quick.
    Did you inter the Mint website at 11:45 when the construction began?
    I entered at about 11:50. and waited 30 min.

  368. sharks2th says

    I first saw the gold wait list notice at 6:24pm on the mint website, but my post was at 6:29. I wanted to verify they indicated a wait list for the proof and unc before posting.

  369. Louis says

    Thanks a lot, sharks2th- My other order was an hr before so probably okay. I panicked when I heard the silver was gone too and got another of each. We are so predictable.

  370. john says

    I will bet one gold coin that guy at hsn mike got over 1000 each.in the gold coin.one guy on ebay asking 650.00 for ms 69.

  371. Dustyroads says

    BTW, When I made my second order about two min. after the first, which was at around 12:30, there were 302 orders between the two.

  372. MarkInFlorida says

    I don’t normally buy commemoratives, and I don’t like circus coins, and I haven’t been interested in baseball since I was 12, but these are so neat, and there are so many more baseball fans than coin collectors, I bet they’ll be a good investment. I can imagine after the sellout those promoters selling them for 2 and 3 times issue price.

  373. Frank says

    My predictions of future events:
    1. Sold out notices will be posted for both gold PRF and gold UNC tomorrow
    2. Mint will get complaints from angry customers who missed the opportunity and/or who had bumpy waiting room experiences
    3. One-month order window with unlimited mintage will be setup for Kennedy Gold
    4. Flipping on HOF gold: A++ ; flipping on Kennedy gold: F

  374. says

    Dustyroads…I entered about 11:30 and logged into my account then. At 11:45 I tried to move around and got the 15 minute warning…I think that was key…if I just sat there, even though I was logged in, it wouldn’t of automatically sent me to the pre-waiting room. Then at noon, my waiting room time showed 1 minute…and I really thought most of you guys were also in until I started reading some posts. It’s still rather sad that 2 or 3 minutes can make such a difference.

  375. says

    @DCDave, there is a difference between “no waiting room” and no wait list. Both gold coins show “Waiting List Notice”

  376. DCDave says

    MarkInFl, only coin collectors will buy the gold. Baseball fans who don’t collect coins (who live in the real world) will not spend $400+ dollars on a little gold coin, especially since it is so generic (not historical at all). Silver, on the other hand, should entice many.

  377. sharks2th says

    The wait list was no better for me than the random access for the 25th silver set. It took me 4.5 hours today and a little over 5 hours the day the silver set came out. Hope you get yours Louis. I think getting out of the waiting room is a lottery if you get on the site early at 11:45 like I did.

  378. says

    DCDave…wait list for both gold is still there…click on one and you’ll see. Once a wait list shows…as Louis said…a sellout is just around the corner…

  379. Hidalgo says

    @DCDave – I just went to the order page for the gold baseball HOF coins (proof and uncirculated). The waiting list message is still there. And I expect it to be there for quite some time. There is no waiting list message for the silver or clad coins….

  380. Hidalgo says

    Congratulations Michael! This particular blog has 600 comments on it so far. Will we break a Mint News Blog record for a single blog article?

  381. says

    Frank…I agree. I think the Mint had already indicated the Kennedy gold coin MAY? be sold with the 30 day ordering period..no mintage limit. If that’s true…secondary market value will be similar to the RP Buffalo. But the first day will be as active as today…probably even more.

  382. Louis says

    Someone on another blog who ordered after the notice went up said he got his e-mail, but I told him not to have high hopes esp. given past cases when I ordered something long before the end like the 2012 LESPS and weeks later got a sorry, Charlie notice. Yet I bought a book yesterday pm on amazon where I have free 2-day service as a prime member and it was in my hands in less than 24 hrs. maybe a drone brought it!

  383. AkBob says

    I just ordered another Gold Proof and Unc and it went through like there were lots of them. My email from the mint said it will ship 4/11. That’s can’t be right. I ordered 50 earlier but I think you can order 50 of each not 50 total. Anyways, I made another order and we’ll see. I doubt I will get this as they have to be SOLD OUT! As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  384. Jake says

    Does anyone think the Mint will retroactively lower the mintage limits to 10 gold coins (or somewhere around there) to give average collectors a chance to get the gold coins from the Mint?

  385. thePhelps says

    Well if they do the 30 day window for the Kennedy – I will just wait and buy one on the after market – if I buy a gold one at all. I think today was my gold buying day for 2014. 1 proof and 2 uncirculated and my bank account is again reflecting it’s normal status…near empty.

  386. Government Drone says

    I got on the Mint’s catalog at about 6:51pm Chicago time & was promptly put into the Waiting Room, where I waited a little less than a minute. Then I was able to log on & make my order: the $5 in unc, the $1 in Unc & Proof, & the 50¢ in Unc & Proof. I tossed in a Presidential Medal, as I’m slowly working my way through what they have. Confirmation E-mail came in another minute, with these ETAs:

    1. 2014 BASEBALL HOF UNC $5 GOLD (B32)
    Qty 1 @ $419.75 – Backordered 04/11/14.

    Qty 1 @ $51.95 – Backordered 06/15/14.

    Qty 1 @ $47.95 – Backordered 06/15/14.

    Qty 1 @ $19.95 – Backordered 06/15/14.

    5. 2014 BASEBALL HOF CLAD UNC (B36)
    Qty 1 @ $18.95 – Backordered 06/15/14.

    6. WILLIAM J. CLINTON 1 5/16″ MED (844)
    Qty 1 @ $6.95 – In stock.

    Qty 1 @ $.00 – In stock.

    So, if we go by the backorder dates, the dollars & halves are more likely to be sold out than the half eagle…. Odd… At any rate, they still seem to have a few of the gold pieces, if anyone still wants to have a go at it.

  387. Frank says

    Anyone have seen the coins in package? From the image on the USMint website, it seems the coins are not fully covered by the capsules. If that is true, the coins will be subject to the environment much more quickly when kept in the OGP.

  388. Sith says

    @Jake – Re the older post that was already discussed, but to summarize IMHO no they will not go back and lower the limits

  389. Hidalgo says

    With so much interest in the gold Baseball HOF coins and the gold Kennedy half dollars, I am wondering how the interest will impact mintages/sales of the gold Buffaloes and American gold eagles. Perhaps we’ll see all-time low mintages/sales for the 2014 versions of both gold coins? Time will tell….

  390. VABEACHBUM says

    What a day!!! When I had put the gold coin over / under at 4 hours last week, I had my concerns. All I can say is thank you Mint for implementing those control limits. Had it not been for those limits, I think this thread would have be presenting a lot less happy posts. Congrats to all for the rewards of your hard work.

    I just took a look at my confirmation email as issued by the Mint at 1533 today. Ag PR back-ordered to 07/01; Ag UNC to 06/15. As Louis had indicated early on, those are going to change MANY TIMES between now and actual ship. I don’t mind the minor delay, as that CC needs some time to breathe!!

  391. mark says

    After i was done placing my first order at 12:04 ET and logging out. I was still able to log in and place a second order at 1:06 ET without going through the waiting room? US Mint web site must have remembered my internet IP address. But shows tracking not available on that second order. So i think if you placed a second order without going through the waiting room< your order is not valid.

  392. fmtransmitter says

    @Frank: Good point, that may have been the compromise the Mint had with the TPG’s, put it in a bad holder and motivate us to get them slabbed to avoid environmental damage. Makes sense..There had to be something because Mint has been catering to the TPG’s for some time now. I may have to record Sat. coin night on HSN for laughs…

  393. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Hidalgo – Get out of my head, Dude!! I had that very same conversation with a collector bud no more than 2 hours ago. Lots of opportunities and a limited budget. I have to assume the Mint has struck 15K Buffaloes based on historic sales. You’re right, though; time will tell.

  394. fmtransmitter says

    There’s not a lot of interest, there’s 50,000 of them, THAT is the interest! lol

  395. Larry says

    @Steve – that coin must be from the Whitman Baltimore Coin Show, where the mint sold a limited amount of coins.

  396. saucexx says

    I placed another order for the silvers, from a different computer, on a different network. Still shows sold out in “My Account”. I don’t think the waiting room or ip address has anything to do with whether the order goes thru or not.

  397. fmtransmitter says

    I want to check the cancel box next to the reusable bag but I am scared it will mess my order up. lol

  398. ClevelandRocks says

    Sounds like the Circus Coins have created a circus for TPGs to stick it to the little guy!
    $20,000+ limit for the gold Circus Coins…..Ha!
    I predict many cancellations.

  399. Warren says

    I’ve been trying to get onto the mint’s website for the last ten minutes or so. It keeps coming up with an “502 proxy error”. I think we killed it guys…

  400. says

    I’m on hold with the Mint…my other orders that don’t show in history…I called in inquire…when I put in the first orger number…the auto system said the order was “SUSPENDED”…anyone know what that means?

    The rep said my “suspended orders” may or mat not be filled…but she was very uncertain. She thinks their computer is still trying to “catch up” with all the orders. Even though I have confirmation emails, she said they may not go through…wait and check back tomorrrow or see if you get an email saying your order was cancelled….I said…say what? The Mint still has problems and I have no idea if if orders other than my first one will be processed.
    I know several of you also placed more that one order that does not show up in your order history…I doubt what I passed on helped, as it didn’t help me.

  401. Brad says


    I cancelled the bag on my first order, and it didn’t mess anything up. I mostly did it because in case I changed my mind about buying the gold coins, I didn’t want to be stuck with a “free” bag that actually cost me $4.95! 🙂

    My first order was for one each of the proof and unc gold coins, then a little bit later I decided to order 3 more proofs. However, I still can’t access that order online yet, so I may not be able to cancel the bag on that one before it goes to “in process” and the cancel box vanishes.

    I decided to order a few more proofs because it occurred to me that the split between the two types might end up being 60/40 or thereabouts, so the proof could ultimately end up being the more desirable coin. 20,000+ uncs is a pretty high mintage for a gold commemorative, by recent historical standards. But 30,000 or less proofs of such a popular subject could do pretty well, especially since it turns out the predictions of an early sellout were on the mark. I only ordered because some of the comments I read here made me really stop and consider the popularity of the program. I never would have guessed that a commemorative would have sold out so quickly, given the dogs we’ve been treated to the past few years! So, I owe some of you guys a big “thank you” for the tips. I’m glad I listened!

    So, despite having to spend a total over two different sessions of 3.5 hours in the waiting room, my orders were placed well before the “waiting list” notice appeared. I should be fine.

  402. says

    One last thought on “suspended status”…maybe the system is trying to ascertain that your combined orders did not exceed the household limit.

  403. Louis says

    Steve- Your first order will surely be fine, but for anything else it is obviously harder to say. For most of the pm the order history page was all messed up. On some machines I can not even get to it, on others I get in and see a red message saying order status is not working. Don’t know if that helps.

    Yeah, now you can’t even get to the site- proxy error. We busted it!

  404. says

    Brad…that’s what I said to the rep…since all my orders were placed by 12:38 and I received emails…I should be fine. But she threw a wrench into it and said that since multiple orders were placed from the same computer…well, they don’t know if multiply orders will go through….and if you call the mint tonight…the status will be :suspended”.
    Hopefully, everthing will work out…as I said to the rep…if I placed all my orders in the first 45 minutes, they should all go through…if not, their computer system is outta whack.

  405. don says


    it happened to me last buff but it will clear SUSPENDED later on….I tinhk about


  406. sck says

    This is my first time being involved in a coin release. We’re expecting our first kid in July so at the beginning of the year I decided to pick up ’14 coins that are cool, like the silver eagles and that Australian eagle and now these, as a collection to put away. I like baseball a lot so I bought 2 proof gold and 2 proof silver.

    I’ve looked at some of the posts regarding the gold buffalo proofs and see what they are going for on sold listings of ebay. Looks like you can make money on some of these things, knowing there are differences like the buffalo was a full 1 oz and these are not.

    So now on to my question. I’m thinking of selling one of the gold and one of the silver and putting the proceeds in a college fund. I put my order in at 12;12 EST today. Should I get them graded? Is it better to send them in, or I live in Southern Wisconsin so can I go to that show in Chicago and have them graded if I get them by then? Should I sell them right away during frenzy or hold them?

    Seems like the best return are for the 70 graded coins.

    Any thoughts would be fun to hear. I know this is like trying to time the stock market, but I thought this would be fun to try.

  407. Louis says

    Thanks HLS! They don’t want to piss me off or I will write a nasty article, right?

    No, joking aside, I think you are right, but there are a lot of rumors flying around now. The dust will settle soon and all (or most anyway) will be revealed. Until then good luck to all. There are some lessons here for sure. As I told CO- I think this mess will generate enough material that I can pay for some of my coins by writing a lot about it.

  408. fmtransmitter says

    Thank you very much Brad, just cancelled the bag. Don’t need another. I get it now, the HOLD is to check to see if you ordered over the limit since I place more than one order. I feel sorry for the person who has to go through these line item by line item to verify that nobody exceeded the ordering limit. I also suspect those with ONE order and everything correct with a first 5 minute order time will be getting there coins VERY soon! Cheers!

  409. VABEACHBUM says

    You tell ’em, Louis. The Pen is mightier than the Mint!! I cannot wait to read through your next several offerings. You’ve seen / been a part of some great material opportunities today!

  410. high low silver says

    After all the bickering I did, I got an order for 1 proof gold ahead of your 2nd order…lol

  411. Louis says

    Plus expired cc’s, addresses that don’t match acct, etc. There are always some people trying to pull a fast one or just not on the ball. The wait listed coin buyers will be the beneficiaries of that.

  412. says

    I will definitely be looking forward to the retrospectives on all this once the dust settles. I think this might be the longest MNB thread ever, I think even the 25th anniversary threads only hit 500-ish posts.

  413. Samuel says

    the “suspended” thing happens the first several minutes after u placed the order, several minutes later, it will be “on hold” or something? then, finally “in process”. in Steve’s case, i wont worry, since he placed the order so early. and the mint ordering system did not show all the order history yet. i would say, give it a couple of days. .

  414. fmtransmitter says

    Hey we can always ask AkBob if he wants to get rid of 1 of his 100 gold’s! He reminds me of a raccoon I video taped. I put a bag of corn dust out by a tree and put a night vision camera on the tree and set the VCR, yes VCR, to record on slow all night. This was back in the day. We woke up and fast fwd the tape and were looking for deer and low and behold, this big huge raccoon came down from the tree and smelled the pile a bit and then basically did a spread eagle, all four legs outstretched as far as it could on the pile like it was his, ALL his…lol

  415. fmtransmitter says

    It’s baseball season. It’s all about marketing and timing…Broad subject, first curved…No brainer IMO…Bravo Mint, now just ship them out asap please.

  416. Louis says

    By the way, Ak Bob- I will have something soon on the silver eagle design issue, but it’s only the reverse, only the bullion and not a done deal. Stay tuned.

    For those of you (on another off topic topic) who like the freedom girl medals that Provident and others have sold, the artist has a new freedom woman medal that is really cool. I knew her (the artist) and am trying to find out where to get them.

  417. VA Rich says

    If you cancel an order that has not shipped though you have received your bag – you will receive a $4.95 refund.., and a free .25 cent bag.

    The ‘Suspend’ notice happened to me back on the RP Buff, a mint rep explained to me at the time that it is a processing delay between their system and the credit card bank.., kinda like an electronic hand shake that the order is valid and the bank accepts it. Think it happens on big orders. Mine seemed to clear within 24 hours.

  418. VA Rich says

    Wow! We broke the phone system too.., or all the reps quite this evening. The phone just goes into busy mode and then hangs up after about 10 secs.., what else can we break today? Healthcare anyone?

  419. Dave says

    suggestion for the Mint –
    Instead of spending millions, why not just put everything on Amazon? I bet their servers can handle the order volume and they can ship lots faster,too.

    Bloggers – do you suppose the Mint pressed a fraction for immediate release (the big boys & early birds) and then will press the remainder once sold out status gives solid demand numbers?

  420. high low silver says

    Is the gold offering sold out yet ?? Or do I need to cancel my order for 1 coin ??

  421. Allan says

    I am a very casual coin collector who lives in the DC area. I happened to be downtown today for other reasons and decided to stop by the sales counter at Mint headquarters to pick a few proof sets and 3 HOF commemoratives (clad proofs) for gifts. I didn’t anticipate any problems and was completely unaware of the previous indications that demand for the HOF coin would be high.

    I walked in to the sales counter about 1:20 PM – there was one person ahead of me, and I waited about 2 minutes. I asked for 3 clad proof HOF coins, and the sales person showed me two uncirculated clad HOF coins and told me they were the last HOF coins they had. So I bought them – I guess I lucked out. A few minutes later, while I was checking out, a person came in to buy the HOF coins and was told that they were all completely sold out at the sales counter..So I can confirm that the DC sales counter completely sold out of all the HOF coins at 1:26 PM. It was unclear when or if they would be getting any more.

    One of the clerks at the sales counter was spending full time answering nonstop phone calls about the HOF coins; he was getting quite frazzled. He later said that he had never seen anything like the demand for the HOF coin. I was told that when they started selling the HOF coins at noon, there was a huge line out the door of the Mint building and down the block. There were 3 sales clerks behind the sales counter, more than I had ever seen before. There was also a security guard posted right next to the sales counter, which I had also never seen before.

    Interestingly, the sales counter was also out of the 2014 proof sets. But one of the clerks went “upstairs” and a few minutes later brought down a carton of 2014 proof sets without any problem. Clearly, no such luck as far as any more HOF coins “upstairs”.

    Next time I am downtown I may pop in again at the Mint sales counter to see if they had been restocked with the clad proofs, which is what I originally wanted. I am hoping that even if the gold and silver coins sell out, perhaps the demand will be less for the higher mintage clad coins.

  422. fmtransmitter says

    I am reading a lot of griping from Dealers/Flippers…Also reading a lot of regular people were at work etc at the ring of the bell and missed out. The Mint can’t win for nothing…Threw down a bunt and thrown out at first…

  423. fmtransmitter says

    @Louis, just figured out which Louis this is. I am a little slow…Nice to know you from a fellow IA…

  424. VA Rich says

    Dave – see the 3:57 posting above – not all of the gold and certainly not the Ag have been minted due to declining Comms sales.., the GS, 5-Star, and CR were cited.., hard to argue against that.

    Think we have a new inventory management system that hasn’t been tested (recall the RP Buff came before the upgrade) that is trying to find its way (and sort through and prioritize) all these orders. And weed out those ‘households’ over 50

  425. says

    HUMM, Order summery ship dates changed big time……

    2014 BASEBALL HOF PROOF $5 GOLD 1 $424.75 $424.75 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 07/01/2014.
    2014 BASEBALL HOF PROOF SILVER DOLLAR 1 $51.95 $51.95 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 06/15/2014.
    2014 BASEBALL HOF PROOF CLAD HALF-DOLLAR 1 $19.95 $19.95 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 05/26/2014.
    UNITED STATES MINT REUSABLE BAG 1 $0.00 $0.00 In stock and reserved

    AND the order I just put in an hour ago which included one gold and one silver says this

    We are unable to display all of your orders. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468) and we will be happy to assist you. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  426. MarkInFlorida says

    sck, in my limited experience, if the price shoots way up when they are released take the money and run. But you never know. When the 5 oz silver bullion came out I sold for 3 times cost and now they are down to half that. But the metal price also affects it.

  427. IndenturedServant says

    Louis said:
    “Plus expired cc’s, addresses that don’t match acct, etc. There are always some people trying to pull a fast one or just not on the ball.”

    Don’t believe it. I’ve been ordering gold coins from the mint since 2006 and every time, without fail, the gold coins show up and it still takes up to a week for a charge to appear on my credit card. I have verified this with my card issuer twice. According to my issuer there has never been a test charge from the mint on PM orders either. Doesn’t seem to matter if I order one coin or $20k worth, the coins are in hand before the card is charged.

    I’ve notified the mint about this several times but it continues to happen. The govt is just not as diligent or on top of things as many here seem to think. Just try to create a list of govt programs/agencies or govt anything that works correctly or as advertised to see what I mean.

  428. Louis says

    There are always adjustments. That’s why the Mint only releases audited sales data a year or more after coins are sold out.
    Just cause your coins ship before your card is charged, which others have said too, does not mean orders are not cancelled by the Mint for various issues. It happens all the time esp. with the 2011 anniv. sets where people tried to order more than the limit. They go through and see if different people are ordering from the same address and cancel orders under the other names. And by the way, I get pending charges all the time, got one today in fact because some of the items in my order were in stock now.
    There is always a danger in generalizing from your own experience. Better have all the facts before you attack dude.

  429. john says

    on ebay coins in hand gold and silver and gald,how did this happen.asking 150.00 for silver dollar

  430. VA Rich says

    If anyone is able to connect with the mint’s CS department, and speak to a real person regarding the status of these ‘unknown (or lost) orders’ that followed the first order that does show in Track History – would you post it please.

    An ‘unknown order’ is one in that doesn’t show in Track History, and was placed subsequent (say by 4 pm EST) to a first order & received a legitimate order # and ship date – Thanks much!

  431. fmtransmitter says

    The dude who pre sold his gold just made $160 before fees and shipping. Good sign. Like Bruce Almighty, is goooood!
    Agree Louis, still need to sort through all the data and orders to make sure they COMPLY! You comply like Ahnal Shwaznegger says…

  432. fmtransmitter says

    If you got an email, you got an order. Don’t trust the dumb website, you can trust the emails…The website is whack jack, that’s a fact!

  433. Rudy says

    I got my first order (silver/clad) in just before 12:30. I logged in just before 11:45, and put a couple of things in my cart, by the time my visit in the waiting room ended, they had logged me out and dumped the cart. I decided to join the gold frenzy around 6:00. Got confirmations on both with the missing/sold out status on the gold in My Account. The difference in order numbers is almost exactly 35,000! I am sure customer service went from “May I help you? to “What the heck do you want!?” during the course of the day.

  434. fmtransmitter says

    Man, I can’t help but think, if I had the cash and bought 50 of each and flipped them and made just $100 off each, that’s $15 G’s…I need to call my CC company and ask for an increase! Sheesh!

  435. ibex says

    Wow almost 700 posts, this blog is blowing up. Gold BHOF is sold out, silver probably close. Finally a hot coin out of the US mint – good stuff.

  436. G says

    Well, I got emails, but under track orders, it says “unable to display all of your orders. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468) and we will be happy to assist you. We apologize for the inconvenience.” It only has my first order, so I assume we broke the internet.

  437. ClevelandRocks says

    So when are they going to run out of the “I HAVE A COIN COLLECTION AT MY HOUSE” free bag?

  438. Louis says

    Just to be clear compliance and adjustments are never 100%. Of course dealers get around the limits, etc. We all know that. Just noting that they do make an effort and it is not unusual for people who did nothing wrong to have orders cancelled. Good luck to all with their orders, and sorry if I got a little worked up IS. Got to turn it off and try to sleep so I can make the show tomorrow.

  439. Louis says

    I am planning on using the bag on public transportation and then for good measure will stick a “Kick me” note on my back! Yeah, the bags were an odd move for sure. NN says it’s not your grandpa’s Mint anymore. That’s one way to put it.

  440. IndenturedServant says

    Louis, no attacking going on here. My experience with ordering PM and high interest coins goes back to 2006 and it’s always the same old clusterbungle each time. Go back and read the blogs for every high interest release they’ve had since then and you’ll see what I mean.

    Quality control at the mint is so bad that I always order at least double the number of coins I want just to have a good chance at getting some real keepers. And yes, I will employ friends and family to help with order limits. I send the rest back for a refund. If they could just get a handle on quality control I’d only order what I truly want.

    My point is that the mint is part of the govt and the govt is not diligent, rational, caring or able to fix problems. THEY created the problems in the first place and expecting them to fix it is like expecting the fox to guard the henhouse. Not. Gonna. Happen.

    The best you can hope for is to understand the quirks, work within the system provided when you have to and avoid it at all other times.

  441. ike says

    I put in 3 separate orders & my spouse put in one order. We both had a lot of problems but received e-mails for all of them. The e-mails we received were not in the order we placed our orders @ the mint. The E-mails of 2 that had order #’s much lower were received after orders with higher order #s. ex—order # 4292xxxx @ 5:45 pm pt & order# 4294xxxx & the shipping dates for some of the coins were also later for the earlier orders. One order I placed also says sold out but I still received an e-mail & 2 of my order don’t show @ all. Oh well, maybe tomorrow all will be OK.

  442. ike says

    Hi forgot the second order time—–ex—order # 4292xxxx @ 5:45 pm pt & order# 4294xxxx @ 1:41 pm pt

  443. Louis says

    Not to burst anyone’s dreams but read the waiting list notice carefully and it says you can get an order receipt but not the coins. If 2011 is any guide, the defining factor will be how close you were to the 6:25 maginot line. I heard some crazy stuff about how much dealers were paying today in Baltimore. Those who went in big on the gold will be glad they did.

  444. IndenturedServant says

    Like others reported, backorder dates on our order summary’s went all screwy yesterday afternoon. Tonight, or this early a.m. my backorder dates all went to 3-29 but order status is still on hold. I’d bet that no one at the mint has any idea how the system actually works or what the changing of dates really means.

    My phone order was in at 12:16pm and email confirmation was at 12:25pm. Somehow I doubt these things will ship on Saturday but who knows.

  445. Rudy says

    A couple of things, first, to ClevelandRocks, they should have put some kind of catchy phrase on the bag like “I ordered something from the mint, and all I got was this lousy tote bag”. It worked for tee shirts. I suppose I can just keep it in the house and use it for my son’s Legos.

    Second, Louis, I think the Maginot line was closer to 6. That is when I got my order in and the website changed right after I ordered. I went back to check my status and it showed the “sold out” on the My Account page. My “confirmation” email arrived at 6:12.

  446. thePhelps says

    So as this thread winds down here is where it stands…

    It appears the waiting room was really good to you if you were logged in to the mints site – prior to the supposed shut down and re-launch. You transitioned straight into the front of the queue.

    If you logged in at 11:45 your wait time was actually unknown and the site proceeded to get slower as the time passed.

    Many of us got booted or simply locked up – many got eternal white screens – or caught in a loop from screen to screen. Even with all the errors it appears many patiently waited them out and successfully ordered their coins.

    If you have multiple orders – you have no idea what the status is currently – other than a confirmation email.

    There appears to be a demarcation of about 6pm EDT – for the gold coins. On the north side you are on a wait list – but no one knows what time they truly sold out.

    The silver coins may or may not be sold out.

    Contrary to what some have said – the coins appear to be completely encapsulated – check the ebay listings and you can see this.

    Speaking of ebay … man are there some crazy prices…

  447. says

    VARich…I did talk to a rep regarding multiply orders. Look back at my post at
    8:51pm and 9:08pm. These orders are “suspended” right now and may or may not go through.

    Anyone else have any info on this situatio? Thanks

  448. thePhelps says

    Steve… I hate to ask but since you inadvertently posted your order number – are you sure someone didn’t look it up and cancel it. There are those type of people in the world…

  449. zeeman says

    This thought just came to my mind like a night mare, what if mint decides to limit 1 coin per customer in Chicago show for the kennedy gold half dollar, hmmm i might need a platoon or brigade to take with me,hmm better start checking prices on RENT_A_BUS.

  450. says


    Good summary.

    Incidentally, my ship dates all changed again and they’ve now dropped back to 3/29, excepting the gold proof which dropped back to 4/11.

  451. thePhelps says

    CO…I never even mentioned the shipping dates… since they will be beaten to death over the next 2 or 3 months. 🙂

  452. Hidalgo says

    I thought the “waiting room” concept worked fine. It was not perfect, but still, it gave buyers an idea of when they could make their purchases. Certainly, it is better than trying to order coins by phone.

  453. Mickey says

    Whats the deal with clads being backorderd? Looks like they’re selling just as much or even more then the others. Any input? Thxs!

  454. thePhelps says

    Hildalgo – I agree the concept worked – but the implementation lacked a lot. It appeared that once people were put into the mint site and left – it didn’t drop the session. It also appeared that they let more into the site than it could handle – and should have lowered the number allowed in – which would have sped the ordering process up and cleared the site much faster. I think had they done just a few more things it would have gone a lot better. I wasn’t happy with getting locked up with my cart full and having to come back and wait again – but that stuff happens.

  455. VARich says

    Good summary thePhelps, thanks Steve. Everything post 1st order is still suspended, in B’town for another go, should be quite the adventure!

  456. says

    thePhelps…naw, not too worried about that. The mint implemented changes a while back…you have to know someon’s password to cancel an order. I have four orders in all…the 2nd and 3rd had estimated ship dats, the fourth didn’t…placed at 12:40.
    Anyone going to call the mint today? Last night she said it may take a day or two for things to shake out..ie….she doesn’t have a clue as to what is really going on.

  457. Larry says

    This is what I have learned from this and the 2011 25th Anniversary Set – if you wait until around 5:30 to 6:00 Eastern time, you will get in with little wait and order your coins. After that you will be out of luck. I bet the real big boys had people standing in line at the Baltimore show to pick these up. Watch HSN tomorrow night, I bet he has some. Should be interesting to see the price!

  458. high low silver says

    I got in the site around 5 last night but had trouble getting into my account , so I ordered as a guest from my phone.

  459. vaughnster says

    I just got off the phone with a US Mint rep. I placed four different orders before 1 p.m. and only one order shows up on my order history. It is going through the normal process. I got e-mail confirmations for all my orders placed. The three others are listed as “suspended.” There was nothing wrong with any credit card info or any other red flags. Her best guess was to wait 24 hours for it to show up. She even checked with a supervisor. Kind of nerve wracking with the “suspended” status but can’t do anything except wait. Hope this helps as she said this is certainly common with yesterday’s crazy ordering.

  460. Blair J Tobler says

    Yesterday my silver coins said “expected to ship 4/10/14” now they say 4/11/14. I guess we’re going to get the “add-a-day” crawl with shipping dates. Clad halfs say 3/29/14, however, which is an improvement since yesterday

  461. VABEACHBUM says

    Several had commented yesterday that the Mint I.P. indicated a routing back through Ireland.

    I just finished looking at the Mint’s updated product page, and those items with pricing are showing the prices in British Pounds.

  462. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Zeeman – yeah, but it’s a forgone conclusion. As quickly as the waitlist notice went up, and the fact that folks still continued to place order…. The gold coins are done.

    I’m now curious as to the current status of the Silver Options. I cannot wait to see Michael’s newest sales report next Tuesday or Wednesday.

  463. zeeman says

    Vabea@ I know what you are saying, but it creates problems, people still ordering thinking they will get the Gold coins, i guess the mint donot want to learn from past.

  464. dave says

    I wished the mints website would give a better explanation of what back orders means? I placed an order at 5PM Central time yesterday for the silver version.

  465. Samuel says

    i dont understand why the order history has not been updated after so many hours. does the mint really have an IT dept?
    and, the atb sub does not show up either.
    if they are not able to run a shopping website, better outsource it to either amazon or ireland or romania or india or philippines……they just focus on designing the coins!

  466. Blair J Tobler says

    Dave – it means they don’t have enough in stock to cover your order. The backorder date is when they expect to have enough on hand to fill it.

  467. Louis says

    I got stats from the Mint which I won’t post here- Michael will have same info- but I can tell you the silver coins are nowhere near selling out.

    Also, latest twist for me is since last night I have not been able to log on to my acct. Keeps saying page can’t be displayed. I tried clearing my SSL state and that did not help. Anyone else get this?

  468. thePhelps says

    Louis…my home computer is doing the same thing. I had to remote into a different PC to log on this morning and clearing cache and the usual tricks didn’t resolve it for me either.

  469. Dave says

    Suggestions the Mint should implement (IMHO):

    1) have a separate order form to choose for release date coins only
    2) have blank quantity boxes which can all be filled before adding to cart – one button at the bottom adds all at once
    3) implement a 30 second timer on the confirmation page which automatically logs you off of the site
    4) at 11:45 and forward until the system is caught up, have the entire screen covered with a huge choice box. The choices are ” YES, I want to enter the waiting room ” or ” NO, LOG ME OFF OF THE SITE”
    5) direct all other orders to the phone lines ( dedicated to only non-release items) but allow the operator to combine these orders with already made release orders for a single shipping charge.

    Yes, the waiting room worked fine once you got in. But getting in was not an equal opportunity operation. And once in, it seemed like every time I added an item or tried to change quantities, I got white screened or an error message. People NOT ordering should not be allowed to tie up the system.
    Or they could implement a special site for Release Date coins only
    Or they could let Amazon handle the whole deal if they cannot learn from experience!

    As a collector, I would like to see every release date limited to ONE COIN OF EACH TYPE with the ability to add to the order beginning the day after IF there is not a sellout. Follow that with the 50 coin limit for a week, and then go unlimited. I appreciate the attempt to limit at the last minute, but the working stiff on the road gang who does not get home from work until 6 PM does not stand a chance.

  470. Darek says

    I just spoke with CS about suspended orders and she told me that they going to change status of those orders within 4 hours. My first order was placed at 12:13 and she told me it is backordered to 3/29. After I heard that I went to check my credit card and the Mint is working on my order. Second order for gold coins from 1:12 is backordered to 5/27 for proof and 6/17 for Unc. Silver coins are still available.

  471. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis – logged in from home at 0630 and again from work at 0900. No problems getting into my account either time.

    Like others have stated, though, one of my two orders still has not been updated into my history. I do have the confirmation email, as well as printed copies of the transaction.

  472. Joseph says

    @Samuel, the mint’s IT director is an indian guy. I don’t know who design and build mint’s website, but it is a crapy site I can tell. I remember we had a project with some offshore indian guys and their works were really ‘amazed’ us. we had couple of meetings and had them to design and build an application. weeks later my manager called them and thought it was almost done. unfortunately, he got a long list of questions and they hadn’t even started coding. I could see the feeling of my manager from his ‘pretty’ face. so I don’t think outsource is a solution. you know those indian are smart and canny, a couple of line of code, they can make to couple of pages (hundreds of lines). this is well known in IT industry. you think they are cheap ? hell no. LOL

  473. Louis says

    Thanks, VAB. I managed to get in on a diff machine and only with IE oddly but all orders are safe and sound. Oddly the last one for one each of the dollars is already in process but earlier ones are on hold. My ship dates on the first order have moved way up again just like CO but I know they will not ship on 3/29.

  474. Jack says

    My order history is updated and accurate. One each of the gold, two each of the others. All items show an expected ship date of 3/29 and I do not have the option to cancel. Looks like it’s at least moving forward.

  475. Jerry says

    I had my office PC on in the waiting room at noon with a 15 min wait and my IPad at the same time , same server, with a 1 min wait time. Got in , went to New product tab and put one of each in cart and checked out at 12:09
    Was a smooth process for me especially since I am a collector and just buy one pc for my own enjoyment

  476. Hidalgo says

    My orders are now showing up in the tracking section on USMint.gov. The coins I purchased are all on backorder. I

    I placed a “test” order late in the day – at 6:34 PM (EDT) — after the “waiting list” notice was posted for the gold coins. The gold coin is showing up as backordered with a shipping date of 4/11/2014 — earlier than my original order for the same coin. I realize that the later order may be cancelled, so it will be interesting to see what happens in the weeks ahead.

    Just wondering — does anyone’s order — even those who purchased their coins before 12:30 PM (EDT) — show that your coins are ready to ship? Or are they on backorder as well?

  477. bigboy says

    hey, there is a pcgs ms 70 first strike on ebay from Baltimore for only $5000.00
    dollars ,what a bargin ,PEOPLE ARE COMPLETEY CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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