2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Young Collectors Set

Today, July 28, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint began sales of the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Young Collectors Set. This special product contains information geared towards younger collectors and includes an uncirculated example of the clad half dollar from the commemorative coin program.

Baseball Half Dollar

The National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins originally went on sale March 27, 2014. The program included $5 gold coins, silver dollars, and clad half dollars featuring a distinctive curved shape which served to accentuate the design common to all three coins. The concave obverse design features a baseball glove while the convex reverse depicts a baseball similar to those used by Major League Baseball. The obverse was designed by Cassie McFarland who won a design competition, and the reverse was designed by Don Everhart, who also engraved both the obverse and reverse.

A sell out had occurred for the $5 gold coins at the 50,000 maximum mintage within 24 hours. This was followed by a sell out for the silver dollars at the 400,000 maximum mintage after 13 days. The clad half dollars have remained available for sale, carrying a maximum mintage of 750,000 pieces. As of the most recent sales report, individual sales have reached 199,555 proof and 127,954 uncirculated coins for a combined total of 327,509 units. Weekly sales did see a recent spike about two weeks ago, following the removal of a long imposed ordering limit of 100 coins per version per household.

Baseball Young Collectors Set

The 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Young Collectors Set includes the uncirculated half dollar from the program housed in a special rotating capsule within an illustrated informational folder. The folder shows the “United States Mint Kids” characters in various scenes as they learn about the history of baseball while visiting the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

The sets are priced at $24.95 each. This compares to a price of $22.95 for the uncirculated half dollar in standard individual packaging. There is a product limit of 50,000 units for the Young Collectors Set from the overall maximum mintage of 750,000 pieces.

Similarly themed Young Collectors Sets have been released for previous commemorative coin programs. The most recent release was for the 2013 Girl Scouts Centennial Silver Dollar, when the Young Collectors Set had reached sales of just 5,747 units. The next prior release was for the 2008 Bald Eagle Young Collectors Set which contained the uncirculated half dollar and reached sales of 22,439 units.

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  1. says

    I have said before that I think the Young Collector’s set will ship very quickly. The Mint has too many people that have children and grandchildren. When you sell a set to Young People you Need to get the product out the door…
    Week ending 07/13 when we had that Pop of 17,070 Uncirculated Clads, Maybe those went off to get this special packaging ready…

    I would not be surprised if the Mint did not prepare 15,000 of these sets and once that allotment is gone (IF they sell that many) then that is All….

  2. Dave says

    Got 3 HOF YC Sets – one for each grandson and one for me. Curious about quality of the coins in them – will report later

    OT Cancelled my 5 Kennedy sets and reordered with above YC sets to save on shipping. Ship date on the Kennedy sets only moved 2 weeks. Hope that holds. One set will go into my Kennedy collection book, one will stay with me in OGP, and the other three will be gifted. How can you go wrong with these as a gift. The annual “Charlie Brown” Christmas party (or its equivalent office party, etc.) requires an under $10 gift. The Kennedy set is PERFECT! People will be falling all over each other to “steal” this gift (as they do with gift cards) while those who get stuck with the Re-gifted-from-last-year’s-party “gifts” will go home jaded & jealous.
    Those who take the Kennedy Set home will be the talk of the water cooler the next day.

  3. fmtransmitter says

    HiCal says

    July 28, 2014 at 2:53 pm

    I bought one of the BHOF Young Collector set just to see the “special rotating capsule”.

    “This set contains a National Baseball Hall of Fame Uncirculated Clad Half-Dollar enclosed in a special rotating capsule!”

    Me too, worth $3 to see it rotate…hee hee

  4. fmtransmitter says

    Dave: Let us know how that turns out with the shipping date. From what I have read, seems any initial production has been sold.

  5. VABEACHBUM says

    I finally got around to buying two YC sets at 3:30. Following onto CAGCRISP’s comment, my two sets already show In Stock and Reserved, with cancellation box removed. I’m excited to see the sets. The rotating capsule concept is not new to US MInt products, although this will be the first time a capsule this unique and this thick is be incorporated into a US Mint display folder.

    The four Kennedy 2-coins sets I ordered at 12:30 on the 24th have changed over to IS-R today as well.

    Last but not least, the two UNC $1 Silver BHoF coins I ordered on 07 APR (90% sell-out) went IS-R yesterday. Meanwhile, the two PR $1 Silver BHoF coins I had on that same order are back-ordered to 31 AUG 2014.

  6. says

    These “Young Collectors Sets” consist of an uncirculated clad HOF half dollar in child friendly packaging for $24.95. For $1.00 less, a proof clad HOF half dollar can be purchased from the Mint in conventional packaging. While these collectors sets may seem attractive as a gift for your youngster, I believe that when that child grows up he would rather have had the proof clad in the Mint box.

  7. VA Bob says

    So how many people here are going to send in their BHoF Young Collectors set to a TPG for slabbing and grading? lol

  8. Bob R says

    I ordered a number of sets early on, then 2 hours later decided to cancel, too late the cancel box was removed and order in process….go figure.

  9. Zaz says

    $24.95 is a tad too high a price point for a product geared towards children. The Mint painted themselves in a corner by offering a $10-$12 unc half dollar for $18.95 and raising it by $4.00 a month later. That youngster might appreciate the novelty of a curved coin, for not too much more money, a yearly proof or unc might be more gratifying after the novelty factor wears off.

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