2014 Native American Dollar Rolls, Bags, and Boxes

Today, March 20, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of circulating quality 2014 Native American Dollars struck at the Philadelphia and Denver facilities. These will be available in either rolls, bags, or boxes, priced at a premium to face value.

2014 Native American Dollar

The theme for the 2014 Native American Dollar is native hospitality which ensured the success of the Lewis and Clark expedition. The reverse design by Chris Costello carries a depiction of a Native American man offering his pipe, while his wife offers provisions of fish, corn, roots, and gourds. The background contains a stylized image of the face of William Clark’s compass highlighting “NW” signifying the Corps of Discovery’s journey through the Northwest.

The reverse design was selected from a field of seven original candidates prepared by the US Mint. The various groups tasked with reviewing the candidates had offered recommendations for five of the designs, not doing much to narrow the field. In an unofficial poll, Mint News Blog readers had preferred an alternate design representing the relationship between the  Nez Perce and Lewis and Clark through the offer of horses. Ultimately, the design shown above was selected under the authority of the Secretary of the Treasury.

The obverse of the coin will feature the Glenna Goodacre portrait of Sacagawea and child which has been used in common throughout the series as well as for the preceding Sacagawea Dollar series.

The circulating quality 2014 Native American Dollars will be offered across six different product options. This includes 25-coin rolls from either the Philadelphia or Denver Mint priced at $32.95 each, 100-coin bags from either mint priced at $111.95 each, and 250-coin boxes from either mint priced at $275.95 each. The price levels for the products remain unchanged from the prior year. A previously available 500-coin box option has been discontinued.

All products come in US Mint branded packaging with wrappers or tags which indicate the date, face value, and mint mark of the contents.

The latest coin production statistics for the 2014 Native American Dollars indicate that the US Mint has struck 5.6 million pieces at the Denver Mint and 3.08 million pieces at the Philadelphia Mint. Interestingly, these figures are higher than the final production levels for the 2013 Native American Dollars, which saw 1.82 million pieces struck at each mint.

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  1. Dustyroads says

    This one was my personal favorite because of the symmetry of the compass and the pipe.
    It’s time to get dollar coins circulating.

  2. VABEACHBUM says

    I took a moment to read the previous thread discussing all of the designs that had been considered before the Secretary made the final selection. Turns out, the group with the vested interest in the program, NCAI, had little impact on the decision. NCAI showed a preference for designs 01 & 02, yet none of the other groups nor the Secretary could find a way to make either one of those work. The same thing has happened with the 2015 designs, as detailed in Michael’s most recent MNB and CoinUpdate articles. Seriously. Who is honoring whom??

    WRT to the initial 2014 mintages, I am very surprised. 3 times more coins than the 2013 release (which is nowhere near a sellout) and one less option for bulk sales and distribution. Must have been the same drone who ordered the extra 2013 Kennedy halves!! Just how much room is left in that GSA Warehouse??

  3. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Dusty – yeah, saw Dave’s post this AM via the link in Michael’s newest CoinUpdate News. If the Mint were so concerned about these coins being in the hands of the public, they should have done a much better job of controlling and collecting the test strikes back in 1974. Similarly, the Mint needs to be consistent in the application of this unauthorized coinage criteria and the recovery of any resultant coins.

    If they intend to go after this 1974 Aluminum penny, then they need to find them all. Next on the list would be the 5 known examples of the 1913 Liberty V Nickels that never were authorized but, rather, were struck by a rogue Mint employee then removed from the Mint by the same.

  4. VA Rich says

    2013 LESPS – there is an inner layer of film on the backside of the case that is distorting the view of the coins.

    The distortion is painfully obvious when you hold the case up to light looking that the front.., then look through the case in the opening space between the coin lens and cardboard…, you will see the same distortion.

    The only thing unique (and detective) about the ’13 LESPS is that some clown in the design process applied this film which serves absolutely no purpose other than to distort the proof mirror like appearance on the backside… nice!

  5. VA Rich says

    For those that bought more on the speculation that you’d have something unique and special.., sorry. I would cancel now.

  6. fmtransmitter says

    lol@VA Rich…still a nice set but yea i don’t see a reason for than one except flippers…

  7. Ray says

    Thinking of the LESPS coin thing that went on here lately, well, you guys really embarrassed yourselves. Kind of sad honestly.

  8. thePhelps says

    Ray – sorry for your embarrassment. Sometimes it is through these investigations into the possible – that errors and flaws are discovered.

    I’ll say early on I was intrigued and looked closely at my set. I found what others are now saying to be true – the plastic added a textured orange peal type mask to the coins. I also postured that the 2012 set was visually nothing other than a silver proof set and it made no sense the 2013 set would have an unannounced change to the finished surface. That said – there is always the chance that something had happened unannounced – in this case it just didn’t happen.

  9. Howard says

    I was exchited about the possibility of a massive error by the Mint or a screw up or the Mint did something very cool.

  10. Sith says

    @ Ray – I don’t see how anyone embarrassed themselves, they would have only embarrassed themselves if they sent it off for grading. One of the purposes of this blog is to sound out ideas or findings before you spend your money. IE is the HOF commemorative going to be a winner, and are these coins special, or is their something wrong with my packaging

  11. Samuel says

    i totally agree with theP/H/Sith, i feel a little bit embarrassed and thats it. i look at this thing this way, we should feel lucky to have a group of guys here sharing their findings in a timely manner. u may or may not make money out of the tip.
    thats part of the game.
    (unfortunately, in this case, Michael in Bama opened the case but did not find out the “film”!)

    for the extra sets, i just leave them at the corner of closet.
    i really like the packaging of this yr’s set, last yr is really lousy.

  12. Samuel says

    Steve, i noticed that too. i think since this coin is curved, the rim will be at the front of the insert, so it is difficult to make the 4 small things hold the rim only.

  13. Don says

    I’m sure the HOF, in giving the logo rights to NGC, grabbed some good money on the deal. Between that and the surcharges for the coins, the HOF is going to have a fabulous money-making year. This, without any effort on their part. Not bad!

  14. says

    NGC…when I first got an email from them, the $5 gold coin was pictured in a “edgeview”” holder. When I called and asked this lady that I’ve known for several years, she told me they made a miskake and would change it…which they did. The original email I got..which is no longer valid, show the baseball coins like this:


    This was an early release photo to NGC members and was corrected before they posted the images on their web site.

    The most recent pics do show that none of these coins will be in an “edgeview” holder.


  15. says

    Well, sorry about that….NGC changed the original pic they sent me with the $5 Gold coin in the “edgeview holder” to the one they will use.

  16. says

    Regarding having these coins graded….with this curved baseball coin…I much prefer a graded coin…not because of it’s grade, but because it is so much easier to flip back and forth and see the obverse and reverse sides…which is more of a pain if the have it in the OGP and have to take it out and turn it over.

    In general, I prefer coins in the OGP…but usually you only care about seeing one side…with these coins, both sides will want to be seen.

    Just my thoughts…what do you think?

  17. VA Rich says

    Yup…, see you in line. I’ll call to see if grading will be an option, though prefer my Southern Sky in natural state, so may have to grab two.

  18. high low silver says

    Brook is gonna be there @ 3pm, but I don’t think it will be anything like the RP offering last year in Chigo. I’m not sure I’m going Thurs, I have a couple local shows I always attend starting Apr 5, and I usually trade @ these gatherings.I would assume they will start @ noon Thurs. Good luck and keep us informed. 🙂

  19. VA Rich says

    VABB/VABob – you all need to make the 95 run.., with hammer down, you could make it in 3 1/2 hours from the Air Station

  20. VABEACHBUM says

    @ zeeman – the Whitman / Baltimore Spring Expo, 27-30 March. There had been some speculation that the US Mint would be offering the HOF coins at the Expo, as that also is the actual first day of sale. I do not know that on-site sales have been confirmed. This will be quite unlike the 2013 Rev PF Buffalos that were offered in Chicago 5-7 days before their scheduled first day of sale. BTW – Anyone still tracking the pricing on those special “Chicago Label” slabs??

    @ VARich & VA Bob – Up until two weeks ago, I actually had been considering making the trip, as this is a great time of year to be in the Inner Harbor at Baltimore. Now, I’ll be heading in the opposite direction for week or so, taking care of that “Sonny-do List” that just never seems to get any shorter. Have fun, though. I hope you come back with something nice!!

  21. Blair J Tobler says

    Steve, what I usually do with my OGP’s is I keep the proof coin with the obverse showing and the unc coin with the reverse showing. It’s not perfect, but it works for me. And when I occasionally want to see the other side, I will pop the capsule out

  22. high low silver says

    VARich: I’m more into dealing with old school dealers at these shows, never stood in line for a new offering from the Mint.

  23. VARich says

    VABB – good luck with the list, I can relate! Confirmed thru mint’s FB site and the retailers are still charging $4-5k for those labels.., such silliness!

    hls – yeah, I’m going more for the experience and take in how this all unfolds (and bring back some ‘gloves of gold’). As VABB mentions above, this may not be to the magnitude of Chicago…, though I think by the weekend, it may be crazy.

  24. Dave says

    OMG ! Go to the Bay and check out the prices people are paying for the HOF half dollar ( use the advanced and then use sold listings) . I am just amazed. They are selling off of line artwork – no picture, grade, guarantee of quality, etc. then select highest price first and see what they are paying for complete sets. Easy money, but definitely no conscience on the seller’s part. Wonder what happens if they get closed out on the golds???

  25. VARich says

    NGC has yet to make the determination that they will be grading HoF on Thurs at this time; PCGS the same. Got a feeling that they were just caught off guard with the inquiry and weren’t aware.

  26. Louis says

    The Mint has not indicated they will be selling the coins next week at the expo and probably would have announced it by now if they were going to. They may not even have enough struck yet. So how could the coins be graded at the show?

  27. VARich says

    Louis – the mint confirmed that they will be selling the coins earlier in the week. See their FB page under events. Question now is, what’s the buy limit?

  28. VARich says

    You going? I’d like to have your autograph on a COA…, provided it doesn’t cost me the price of the silver dollar!

  29. thePhelps says

    @Dave… I don’t get why people go to ebay to buy these coins or any coin being sold by the mint actually. It is rather bizzare to see people willing to pay more for the coins on ebay and often paying shipping fees that are higher than the mints as well.

    I see the gold coins are selling for well over $100 more than they’ll cost when buying them direct from the mint. Man are people really that gullible?

  30. Sith says

    Thank you Dave, I’m definitely buying the gold coin, maybe two, its being sold actual sales for at least $200 above the mints issue price (with the current spot price)…are these sale to shills or are suckers are born every minute. FYI E-bay stopped this behavior on the 25th Anniversary set

    @Louis – If they are made available the TPG always have professional graders on site, but if they are not there then obviously they can’t grade them.

  31. high low silver says

    You guys need to use caution if attending the show….remember there are couple thousand dealers attending.(ITS HUGE) no guarantee coins will be there for everyone.

  32. VARich says

    Good point high low – would you recommend just paying the early bird fee and getting in at 10am?

  33. high low silver says

    I can’t recommend anything, only in the past I felt like a grain of sand getting tossed in high tide. lol Vabb has the right idea about Inner Harbor tho its a lot of fun.

  34. VARich says

    This guy that’s selling the gold HoF Bu for $555 may have sold them at a bargain come the 28th of March when they’re sold out and the value really escalates. He may have a ‘Oops’ moment when he receives his coins only to have to ship them at that sale price and the then MV is considerably higher…, risky game to play.

  35. VARich says

    50,000 gold HoF coins between Proof and Bullion…, 60/40 split?, 80/20?, 90/10?…, thoughts anyone? Thanks I’m leaning 80/20 (40k, 10k)

  36. high low silver says

    That’s when it pays to have a lucky 7 note from BEP VARich!! Ill say 70/30.

  37. Brian says

    VA Rich – I looked at the 2009 Abe Lincoln and 2010 Boy Scouts to get an idea since they both sold out. (They were silver, not gold. But I think they should still be a good guide.)

    2009 Abe was 35% uncirculated
    2010 Boy Scouts was 30% uncirculated

    So my guess is 15,000 uncirculated gold and 35,000 proofs for the baseball coins.

  38. Brian says

    That guy selling the gold coins on ebay for $555 is still going to do well. It’s possible he wouldn’t have the money to buy them without getting the money from the ebay buyers first.

    His big risk is that the website will be so bogged down that he won’t get any.

    But I don’t think that will happen. I think the gold coins will be available for at least a couple of weeks.

  39. zeeman says

    High Low silver@ only problem is RP was like $1600 dollar coin, this is only $400 to $450 Dollar coin, i be surprised if it lasts more then a week, but you never know.

  40. high low silver says

    zeeman: China is real big on L.L. baseball (World Championship is played in Williamsport Pa.) !! As you say ,you never know.

  41. Sith says

    As I noted before the RP Buffalos had an unlimited mintage, with a limited sales date. This is a known mintage.

  42. Jeff says

    Does anyone here believe these coins will be ready to ship immediately or will they ship in August

  43. stephen m says

    15,000 uncs and 35,000 proofs mean the proof is more desirable and the uncs would be more rare being less of them. Still, by the pictures, the proof looks better to me. Both will do very well in value in a hundred years from now.

  44. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    Glad to see so many of the same commenters sticking so closely to the original posting topic at hand as ususal. Ever heard of “text messaging” or email for off topic material?

  45. VA Rich says

    Steve / Dusty – in going back in reading other past articles to catch up, I see where I lit into you guys.. ‘Oops’ – not sure where that came from, regardless, my apologies – won’t happen again. Do recall a bad poker night with the boys.

  46. VA Rich says

    Thanks Brian – I certainly can see a 70/30 split. With a mintage of only 50k.., I bet the mint really struggled with the mintage decision.

    With a 15,000 Unc mintage, that really puts a lot of pressure on 35k of the PRF which will be the more desired coin aesthetically. For argument sake and though not realistic, what if the Unc mintage was 5,000 or 20,000.., that really changes thing up.

    As Hildago has commented previously, demand is a key factor. I could see demand playing a bigger role than mintage, especially on the PRF with only 35-40k to go around…, & if the Japanese get wind of an American baseball curved coin…, kiss this sucker good bye in the first day.

  47. VA Rich says

    Sam – I’m beginning to think psychology plays a big role in what’s hot and what’s not.., I don’t pretend to have a have a crystal ball, though after all we went through last year, I’m burnt out on the buffalo and AGE’s. So yeah, I could see it.

    Here’s another Q to ask of the blog, is any one seeing a renewed interest from friends or family in buying coins from the mint, esp the HoF baseball? There’s people that haven’t bought a numismatic coin from the mint in 3-4 years but are now in for 2 of the gold coins and a silver PRF.., I can’t be alone in seeing this. Anyone else?

  48. ClevelandRocks says

    15k Unc, 35K Proof –
    Circus coinage
    Will follow spot with small premium forever.

    Problem is Mint will make more and more varieties of circus coinage since you folks apparently enjoy the circus!

  49. Don says

    high low silver,
    I think Al Numismatic might be able to provide the answer to you above question. If not, check with Al Cohol.

  50. high low silver says

    Thanks Don! I’m just being myself on this blog. Sometimes I win, sometimes I loose.

  51. Don says

    Yeah, high low, we’ve got to have fun once in awhile to lighten up the seriousness of the comments here on the Blog.

  52. Dustyroads says

    I can’t decide which one of the HOF gold commemorative coins would hold a greater premium after these coins are sold. Assuming the uncirculated 1/4 oz. surpasses the 10,000 mark, it won’t be all that rare once that happens.
    Just for fun, I’m going to share two coins on my wish list, they are none other than the…..1885 CC Morgan in GSA holder MS64….and the 1921 HR Peace silver dollar MS64. I could try for higher grades, but that’s a lot of money!!

  53. thePhelps says

    Well if past history is indicative of future performance… the uncirculated coins will end up the winner. The proof will demand more sales – lowering the sales of the uncirculated coins and making them harder to find.

  54. says

    Had a GREAT day today! Ordered product from the Mint—was sent to me second day air (as of Wednesday) also was sent the US Mint reusable bag! Product to come in one box, bag in the other. Well, I got one box and had to sign for it. The UPS Driver told me he only had one box for me and I had to sign for it! Signed for the reusable bag and the other box with product did not show up! After 8 o’clock now and tomorrow is Saturday! A day wasted waiting to sign for a reusable bag! I would like to know where the expensive product is! I also have an e-mail from the MInt telling me there are TWO boxes to be delivered today! Getting tired of the sloppiness of the way the mailing is handled! Thanks for letting me vent! This blog is for that and I am greatful for the blog! Thanks again!

  55. Dustyroads says

    What a mess these bags are turning out to be, I can only imagine the feedback the US Mint is getting.
    FedEx delivers to my small town, but because I listed my P.O. Box with the Mint, the delivery truck leaves my shipments there safe inside the post office.
    the Phelps, unc’s have been below 10,000 since 2011, and honestly, I don’t want to say that I believe this is going to be popular enough to cause a sellout, but I feel they may come in over 10. Of course, price is the determining factor, and $400.+ still is a heck of a lot of money. Not to mention concerns of your own with the program and conceptions of these being in the line of “circus coinage” which I don’t mean to disagree with. Ultimately, all this is going to be educational, so I guess it’s all about the enjoyment with this one.

  56. Dustyroads says

    Samuel, I was surprised the 2013-W UNC. AGE came in at #2. I have the `11&`12 slabbed MS70’s and wish I had the `13 to have a consecutive set of them. I saw an ebay auction about two months ago where a slabbed MS70 sold for $1750. If I didn’t care so much about my budget, I would have bid on it. I personally think their about as killer as coins can be, therefor I’m going to continue viewing them as legendary US Mint coins.
    One thing I see going on with the US Mint is that they seem to be getting very serious about revenue losses. It’s my guess the Mint will be doing much more in the future to raise revenue as much as they can. The best thing to do Samuel, and you may already being doing it, is to keep your hand on the pulse of sales and metals prices and what the short and long trend is. There are a lot of new people in the hobby right now, but there are also a lot of people who firmly believe that gold prices will be back down below $800. some day, those people are not going to pay today’s prices for an oz. of numismatic gold. So as long as prices are as high as they are, I would have to say that mintage levels will continue to be on the lesser side.

  57. VA Rich says

    If that ugly-as-sin $5 Unc MacArthur Comm is selling for $990 to $1200 (even giving consideration to its 2nd lowest mintage posture).., the $5 Unc HoF with double the mintage of say, 10-12k.., should surpass that market value just on popularity and demand easily by summer, I would think. If you agree or disagree, would like to hear your thoughts…

  58. Art says

    Is it me or is there really not one word about the composition of the Roosevelt silver medal (or the Bronze Bald eagle) included in the Coin and Chronicles packaging?

  59. Samuel says

    art, the quality of the silver medal is very bad, many scratches on his face. I will send them back.

  60. Larry says

    I got an advertisement from the mint in the mail today for the HOF coins. It had an order form so you could mail in an order. But it can’t be mailed before 3/27. So chances are if folks mail in an order for the gold coin, by the time the mint gets it they will be gone. Surely there is someone at the mint smart enough to know this is a very real outcome with only 50K available.

  61. says

    ot…one of my two ATB 5 oz subscriptions now actually shows up under my account/subcriptions…you may want to check yours.

    I called the Mint and verified that I do have 2 separate subs of the 5 oz pucks…as I did receive confirmation emails for both. I told her that others had said that if they had multiple subs. for the 5 oz ATB’s, that they had received emails from the mint saying one order was cancelled, and then commbined with their other order. She said mine would be shipped separately…which is what I wanted. If you are wondering why, well one order is for multiple pucks, and the other is for one puck…as I like to keep one set in the mint shipping box.
    Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know that your ATB subscription might actually show up now…(but what’s funny…I can’t tell which one of my two is showing.) The bottom line is if you receive a confirmatiom email when you placed your order, then you have a subscription. If you want to cancel it or changr an info, like cc#, then just call the mint.

  62. says

    Oh…also, I asked what the majority of calls she was receiving were about…and she said the Baseball HoF coins…people were calling and expected to order right then. I told her this will be the first true test of this new “waiting room ” and she agreed. My one quetion is once you leave the waiting room and can order, will you be able to easily move from one product to another without delay…say you want a couple of proof gold, a couple of unc gold, some each of silver and clad…in the past, each step had the potential to knock you out and you had to start all over again I hope that problem has been resolved…as she really didn’t know.

  63. thePhelps says

    Steve – I think the intent of the waiting room is to block access to the mint site – once out of the waiting room you are onto the mints site and can freely move around the site and place your orders. I don’t think you will go back to the waiting room unless your session times out.

  64. Dave says

    Is it possible to go to the Mint site, log on before 11:45 am, and then wait to be put in the waiting room? Or do you have to wait for the site to be blocked before being allowed to enter the room? Also, are you put in line by the time that you try to access the site, or is it just randomly assigned at 12 noon when orders begin to be taken? Anyone knowlegable on these questions? I would appreciate knowing.

  65. stephen m says

    I wonder if you have to start a timed session just to be in the waiting room? or if the timed session begins after your out of the waiting room and sign in to do the shopping. This should be a good test for the WR.

  66. Don says

    Some of the commenters have described the curved HOF coins as “circus coinage”. I beg to differ, as you’re actually doing circuses a disservice. I would, rather, put the coins in the category of “carnival coinage”, as they remind me of the type of novelty prize you might get for popping a balloon with a dull-pointed dart.
    As for myself, the only modern gold coins I am interested in are the gold eagles and the gold buffaloes. In other words, gold coins with the classic designs.

  67. Don says

    Some commenters are wondering how the Grading Companies will grade the HOF coins. Don’t worry, the grading will be done on a curve.

  68. Sith says

    @Dave = Based on the tests they will shut down the website before they start sales, so you will not be able to sit and wait for 12:00 PM

  69. Sith says

    @Larry – Their are more than just the HoF gold coins, they have silver and clad versions.

  70. Eddie says

    Has anyone noticed the gold proof is the only coin to have proof threads? All of the others have dull threads. Is the gold proof the only proof to have proof threads?

  71. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Don – AWESOME!! Needed that today. Thanks!! The TPG services already have some experience with the RAM Domed Coins, although only in 0.999 Silver. No worries, though. The TPGs already have the dimensional data for all the HOF coins. The plastic coffins are prepped and ready; just waiting for the bodies. As always, I’m content with the OGP.

    @ Samuel – I returned home last night to find my TR C&C waiting for me. Upon inspection, the Ag Inaugural Medal is exactly what I had expected. Mine has a very clean strike; no marks, scratches or other concerns. As for the finish, it is a silver replica of the original bronze medal. It is not PR, it is not UNC, nor some combination similar to the 9/11 Anny Medal. It is an exact re-issue of the original, but using silver as the material.

    As a whole, I am pleased with the set when considering the entirety of the contents, the quality of construction and the full presentation – all for $58 and the free shipping available at the time. I’m glad I added one to my collection.

  72. Don says


    That makes two of us–I’m also content with OGP (original gloved placement). It still makes me laugh that modern Mint-originated packaging is busted up by bare-handed graders and placed in their own plastic tombstones. Or, in the case of the HOF coins, plastic coffins as you say.

  73. Don says

    Sorry for substituting a “B” instead of a “V” in my above post. I guess I was having thoughts of the local beach babes this summer.

  74. Mark Rex says

    For those of you that have gotten your TR C&C Sets; what was your order number? Mine was 423867xx and I placed my order within an minute (or 2 at the most) of them being on sale and still haven’t gotten the shipping confirmation email yet – site says “in stocked/reserved” with option to cancel – been like this for a while now. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  75. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Mark – I did not place my order on the first day; #423923xx.

    Given the difference in our order numbers, I would encourage you to call the Mint and/or check the status of the CC you used at the time you placed the order. The cancel box “should” disappear w/in 48 hours of In Stock & Reserved. If your current order status has remain unchanged for 3+ days, you have a problem somewhere. Good Luck!!

  76. Blair J Tobler says

    Mark – I ordered mine second day, and will receive it either today or tomorrow latest. I agree with VABB – perhaps you should contact the mint

  77. merryxmasmrscroofe says

    ” Interestingly, these figures are higher than the final production levels for the 2013 Native American Dollars, which saw 1.82 million pieces struck at each mint.”

    This is because although the 2013 design is fairly good, that of the 2014 is superb but not topping Trade Routes of 2012. It appears prices of proof rolls are directly proportional to design.

    eBay pf rolls
    2011 $150
    2012 $300
    2013 $100
    2014 $200

  78. Larry says

    The more I think about it, the less I want the gold HOF. I think I will just buy the silver dollar HOF. I don’t think the curve will be a big deal in the smaller gold coin, but should be interesting in the dollar size coin. I think I will save the money for the gold Kennedy, that should be a beautiful coin.

  79. Louis says

    I agree with VAB on the TR set. Nicely done and worth the price all things considered. I don’t expect it to be a money maker, which is fine too. It’s just a nice tribute done with class.

  80. Louis says

    By the way I just got my Master’s Club new release booklet from the RCM. I won’t spoil the surprise, but there are some very nice coins coming that many of you will like. Don’t spend all your money on baseball coins as next week you will want some Canadian stuff. It’s the strongest line-up in a while, at least a year probably. One hint: if you admire Native American cultures you will be very pleased.

  81. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis – Thanks for the RCM update. I’ll definitely be checking the website and my mail box. I’m anticipating the next Bison coin, which should be the “Battling Bulls,” as well as the next 100/100 release, which should be the “Big Horn Sheep.” The artwork for both appears to be outstanding!!

    Come to find out that I qualified for the Master’s Club back in January, but was surprised / disappointed that I didn’t receive some sort of a Congrats / Thanks For Your Business notice from the RCM. I only learned of the status after logging into my account and seeing the additional annotation at the top of the main page. Strange.

  82. thePhelps says

    VABB – yeah I was also underwhelmed by the Master’s Club welcoming. I’ll have to go check and see what Louis is seeing – I haven’t been on the site in a couple of weeks.

  83. VABEACHBUM says

    @ thePhelps – Checked the site immediately after my previous post. I couldn’t find anything new referenced anywhere on the RCM site. I think Louis was talking about an actual catalogue that arrived in the mail. I have not seen one yet.

  84. thePhelps says

    VABB – I got the ctalog last night – but didn’t have a chance to check it out. Did you check under the Masters link on the site as well? Ok, I need to get my laziness and go look…

  85. Louis says

    I received a catalog in the mail. So far nothing on the site. It may not be until later today. They are not real consistent about when the coins are posted, but if you are a club member, you should get an e-mail when they go live. You could also call, which I may do if I have time.

  86. VABEACHBUM says

    Thanks, Louis. You are the best!! If the USPS comes through, I should have my catalogue later today.

  87. Louis says

    My pleasure, VAB. I would be interested to know what your reaction is to the catalog or the web site listings tomorrow. It’s a bummer that so much stuff is coming all at once esp. at tax time.

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