2014-P Arches National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

Today, June 12, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the Arches National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins. This will mark the twenty third release within the ongoing series of large sized silver numismatic coins.

Arches National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

The reverse of the coin, which was designed by Donna Weaver and engraved by Charles L. Vickers, features a depiction of Delicate Arch. This 65-foot freestanding natural arch is the most famous feature of Arches National Park and is a widely recognized landmark of Utah. The background of the image contains the La Sal Mountains. The inscriptions read “Arches”, “Utah”, “2014”, and “E Pluribus Unum”.

The obverse of each coin features the 1932 portrait of George Washington designed by John Flanagan with inscriptions “United States of America”, “Liberty”, “In God We Trust”, and “Quarter Dollar”. The coin carries the “P” mint mark to indicate mintage at the Philadelphia Mint.

Each coin is struck in 99.9% silver with a weight of 5.000 troy ounces. The precious metal weight and purity are indicated on incuse edge lettering. The diameter of each coin is 3.000 inches and the thickness is 0.165 inch.

This numismatic version of the coin has an uncirculated finish created through a vapor blasting technique and carries a maximum mintage of 30,000 pieces. Pricing is $154.95 per coin, wither orders fulfilled through the US Mint’s online subscription program eligible for the discounted price of $139.45 per coin. There are no household ordering limits in place.

The numismatic releases of the series for this year have been strong sellers. As of the latest sales report, the previous release featuring Shenandoah National Park has recorded sales of 22,878 units from the 30,000 maximum mintage since its release about a month ago. The first release of the year featuring Great Smoky Mountains National Park had sold out of its 25,000 maximum mintage, with last reported sales indicated as 24,725 units.

Earlier this week, the US Mint began accepting orders for the bullion version of the Arches National Park Five Ounce Silver Coin. These bullion piece have a brilliant finish and do not contain a mint mark. The coins are distributed through the US Mint’s authorized purchaser network and initially sold based on the market value of the silver plus a mark up. Orders for the bullion version have reached 13,500 pieces. The prior bullion releases have reached sales of 28,000 for Great Smoky and 19,600 for Shenandoah National Park.

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  1. Louis says

    @Clark. NGC has been really on the ball with these coins. How did you do in terms of grades?

  2. GoldFishin says

    Way off topic – Does anyone here have a PO Box where you have your packages shipped on a regular basis? If so, how does it work when the US Mint ships via Fed-Ex or UPS? If I put an PO Box as my shipping address on file with the US Mint and then a package gets shipped from the Mint via something other than the Postal Service, how does it work, since only the post office will deliver to a PO BOX.? I would really appreciate any help anyone can give me. I would like to get away from shipping and receiving packages at my home address for security purposes. Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

  3. SilverFan says

    From the UPS website:

    UPS will only accept shipments to a valid street address. We do not deliver to P.O. Boxes. If a shipper should use a P.O. Box address, the recipient´s telephone number must be included on the label. Your package that is addressed to a P.O. Box may be delayed, will not be covered by any UPS Service Guarantee, and will require an address correction charge. Additionally, Army Post Office (APO) and Fleet Post Office (FPO) addresses are not accepted.

  4. Zaz says

    @GoldFishin: ALL my orders with the Mint has gone to USPS PO Box since 2008. It’s a good safety measure particularly for e-Bay transactions and for the occasional coin I sell there. With the Mint they use FedEx Smart Post under/over 1LB shipping if the order is under $300, USPS Priority Mail if gold or over $300. They never use UPS as far as I can remember. I have noticed it takes 1 or 2 additional processing days in the queue unlike orders going to a regular physical street address. Your post office might also offer street address delivery for your PO box, in which case UPS will deliver to it. In seven years with Mint boxes, I’ve never missed a shipment, had it misplaced or shipped back because I didn’t pick it up in time. It does take a little bit longer to receive items, but for security and peace of mind against loss and theft, it’s a godsend. I have had my current PO Box since 2001.

  5. GoldFishin says

    Zaz – thank you so much for understanding my question! The post employee gave me a physical address that I could use for deliveries with UPS and FedEX. However, I was unsure how it would work with the US Mint, since they use all three services. So, did you just put your PO Box on file with the US Mint and they convert the address depending on which service they use, or do you have to be aware of the value of the package and change the address that you use depending on which service will be used. Thank you if you could explain how you put your PO Box on file with the US Mint and also Ebay if you use them. Thank YOU!!!

  6. GoldFishin says

    Zaz – I just successfully changed my Ebay shipping address. I did it like this..

    Joe Sixpack
    P O Box 7766
    222 Dip Stick Rd. #7766 (Physical address of Post Office)
    Your City, AK 99999-7766

    Is that how you do it on the US Mint as well? Their site has been down all day, so I can’t test it there.

  7. VA Bob says

    My experience is if you us a PO Box address for the Mint, they will always use USPS to deliver, even if it’s gold or over $300, they won’t ship via UPS or FedEx (unless it’s smart post).

  8. GoldFishin says

    Thank you guys! I am going to wait until after my Arches ship and test the PO BOX with my next order. I will call the Mint early next week and ask them about it. Thanks again!

  9. S. Knight says

    I sure miss the ANIMAL(S) /HUMAN(S) in the coin.

    It rather helps contribute dimension to the coin.

    Saving the various animals always made the previous coins more meaningful.

  10. McLovin says

    UPS actually ships to my PO BOX. Maybe it depends where you leave, but the truck goes to my PO everyday.

  11. AkBob says

    UPS delivers to my Post Office too. We only have PO Boxes where I live as there is NO residential delivery and the Mint ships UPS to me and it goes to my PO Box. I don’t know what the rules are but I just know they deliver to me.

  12. says

    @GoldFishin, I have everything from the Mint going to a PO Box. Never had any problems except the tracking numbers that originally show on the Mint’s website and in emails never work. The original tracking numbers always end up with Alpha letters UPS and that should not be a part of any tracking number. They also leave off a numeric number so you can just drop the UPS and use 0-9 until you get the correct number. The Mint is aware of the problem but with all the changes going on at the Mint I guess it will be addressed this fall when they change over to the new system…

  13. Ralph says

    This is very interesting. I never thought of a PO box. I used to have them delivered to my home, but when the Mint switched to 2nd day instead of overnight on orders over $300, packages don’t arrive early. I was getting them by 10:30. I’d just go into work after (packages need to be signed for) . Now, with 2nd day, they don’t come until the end of the day.
    I switched them to be delivered where I work, but I’m finding I’m not all that comfortable with that. Too many nosy co-workers. Plus, I don’t sign for it. That is done by the shipper. If for any reason a package get’s signed for and isn’t there would be a nightmare.
    I’m going to open a PO box next week. Thanks everyone!

  14. says

    GoldFishin, The US Mint has been problem free delivering to my P.O. The package is sent by Fed Ex then dropped off at a larger towns post office 5 miles up the road. When it’s out for delivery it gets dropped off at the post office in my town. The Mint has no more than my P.O. on file and I have never had a problem with shipping from them. Amazon on the other hand needs to have both my P.O. and my physical to insure that the packaged is not shipped back to them. Just to be on the safe side, call your post office and ask.

  15. GoldFishin says

    @Thank you everybody…I feel so much better about my decision!

    @Ralph – it only cost me $40 for six months. I think is a small price to pay for more secure delivery, plus I can avoid everyone and their brother from knowing my home address when I sell or buy on Ebay. I am thankful to you all for the discussion and information.

  16. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    This will be a fast seller. Got higher priorities, have to pass. It’s funny how humans are like animals.
    Let the fish go for the bait.

  17. Hidalgo says

    I decided to check prices for “sold” Baseball Hall of Fame gold coins on eBay. I was quite surprised at how dramatically secondary market prices have fallen for certified and uncertified coins. On the other hand, I am not surprised, as I had been predicting the crash after the US Mint shipped out its second shipment. Where secondary market prices will stabilize in the long-term remains to be seen.

    The silver coins seem to be faring a bit better at this time. However, I can see prices plunging when the US Mint ships its second batch of silver coins to buyers. As I previously mentioned, 400,000 coins is a lot of coins…. Increased supplies with lower demand will lead to lower secondary market prices.

  18. Pittsburgh P says

    @hildago are you surprised or are you not surprised & claiming you forsaw the future 🙂 jk
    I have not been watchin the ebay sales of the BHoF coins like you but I think everyone predicted the prices to drop and then stabalize… I think they have began the second wave of silver shipments already too. Agreed that 400,000 is quite a few but I still beleive even the silver once stable in a year or so will demand a healthy premium…

  19. Hidalgo says

    @Pittsburgh – I am surprised at how quickly prices have fallen in such a short period of time. What I’m seeing is that the market has “popped” for the gold BHOF coins. Prices plummeted precipitously in a short period of time. (Note: it seems that prices are still holding up relatively well for the PCGS graded coins. However, the NGC graded coins have not fared so well).

    Also, not everyone predicted prices to drop and stabilize a few weeks ago. Check out some of my earlier posts when several bloggers commented on my forecasts. I posted my analyses to help others deal with market fluctuations in the precious metals and collectibles market. I certainly hope that it helped a few….

  20. thePhelps says

    Short term forecasting isn’t exactly that difficult. If you look at nearly all major releases over the last few years this cycle is pretty much the same. The price jumps at the end of the release and as the buyers dry up the price drops.

    Nothing scientific about it – or even that hard to predict.

    What is going to be hard to find is where the value holds once the market has all the coins released. I don’t really follow the peaks and valleys of a release over the months right after the coins are sold. (I’m not a flipper so those prices mean little to me). I’ll be more interested in what the coins are selling for 10 years from now – if someone can accurately predict that – I am all ears!

  21. GMS says

    Exactly thePhelps! Even die hard income redistribution advocates still understand supply and demand. If you want to impress me tell me the price of silver next year. Happy Fathers Day to all us Dad’s. Now off to the coin show to see what’s moving.

  22. fmtransmitter says

    cagcrisp says
    JUNE 14, 2014 AT 5:51 PM

    Someone want to explain to me what happened here? Did 2 people just get into a bidding war in the last few minutes and just not want to get beat? Did someone just misread the offering?

    I wouldn’t give any credence to bidders with 1 or 2 feedbacks cag…

  23. says

    Hey everyone. I’m surprised at everyone’s surprise at how the prices for the BHOF gold and silver are falling. That happens all in the time with anything new that is limited when it hits the market…….cars, toys, clothes, etc. Once you hear something is gone or in short supply everyone panics and is willing to pay almost anything. But then more appear and prices drop and stabilize. I’m not a flipper but when I see that something that I bought has comfortably doubled in value and stays there…….I’m very happy! There are not too many investments around that literally double in a few weeks and stay there! Happy Fathers Day to all where appropriate.

  24. Ray says

    We are definitely in the “bell” portion of the curve for BHoF. It should “saddle” after an unspecified time period.

  25. Ray says

    OT, anyone have an idea as to what the clad sets will cost? I got the survey for this a while ago and remember them asking if I would pay around $100 for a 4 coin silver set, which is a no brainer. And gold should be around 1200 as others have posted. But I’ve no idea what the clad set will cost. 39.95 is my best guess, but i really dont know. Anyone have an educated guess? I’m still green when it comes to coin collecting. I’ve been in it for about 1.5 years. But I haven’t bought many clad offerings. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thx

  26. Pittsburgh P says

    @Hildago just saw your reply… You said it yourself that since the mint decided to ship more BHoF coins that demand therefore price will drop. I may not have read all your earlier posts in the replies to them but I don’t believe many people would be surprised by this. If they were they’re either misinformed, naive, or extremely optimistic… Also, to your point about the TPGs I found that PCGC seems to bring higher value than NGC most of the time not just for the BHoFs. Not sure why but I’m not at TPG expert by any means & rarely use either of them. Another reason why prices may be dropping is because many buyers may wait to see if they can get a better deal so less demand. This may backfire because if this is the bottom or close to it they just might have to pay more in a year or so after all the coins are finally on the secondary market or in collections. Personally I am bullish on these for the future. I will hold the ones I still have & the ones I’ll be gettin from the Mint. There is no empirical data that can be used to even try to make an educated guess on the long term performance of these so I can only go with my gut…
    I must agree with about everything thePhelps posted in reply also.

    As a fellow poster says I’m just gonna relax and enjoy the ride 🙂
    I’ll add in August we will be arguing over the JFK commemerative sets & gold anyway!

    To all fathers- HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!

  27. Pittsburgh P says

    JFK clad 2 coin set will be around 20$ imo maybe a little more depending how they’re offered.

  28. Clark says

    Hi Louis–I did very well. Of five golds, two MS70, two PF70 & one PF69. These were the very same ones I was lamenting on this board ~ two weeks ago when I first received and examined them with a 10x loupe. I guess it’s true that graders use only 5x because I saw several flaws on three. Thanks for asking. You’re absolutely right about NGC being on the ball. I was promised 12 business day “Early Bird” service and received FOUR calendar day turnaround from receipt by NGC to the date on which it shipped them back to me. Wow!

  29. Clark says

    Also, I’m keeping all five and those from the April batch that all came back MS/PF70. I add this point because I’m one of the chorus here who predicted a price drop, then stabilization in a year or so. However, if my desire to keep all these precious, unique gold BHoFs is shared by most collectors, the expected sharp increase in supply may not be as high as predicted, which would result in continued relative scarcity and/or a faster increase after the drop. JMO.

  30. Bernie in Florida says

    Hy guys, Does “ANYONE” know where one can find storage Boxes for the ATB’s 5 oz Coins that have been certified By PCGS or NGC Slabbed? I have searched High and Low. But cannot find a storage box, case, or any plastic containers that either come from PCGS, NGC or after Market that one can store the Slabbed Versions of these ATB’s 5 oz Over Sized Slabbed Coins. Help !!!

  31. GoldFishin says

    @Pitt , @ Phelps – Nice posts! @Clark – Congrats!

    As far as HOF gold prices, it is very important to distinguish between 3 different main categories when discussing pricing.
    1- Coins graded 70 either PCGS/FS or NGC/ER
    2-Coins graded 70 either PCGS or NGC non-first strike or non- early release
    3- OGP coins

    *Note- 69 graded coins seem to fall in between the category of non-ER/FS and OGP.

    1-There are currently only 43 listings available total for PCGS or NGC FS/ER graded 70. This number continues to fall every week. Only 11 of those are auction style. As Hildago mentioned, the PCGS coins in this category are still selling for around $1500 give or take and have not seen much drop at all. The NGC ER 70 coins have fallen on average about $250-300, but seem to have a solid floor around $1200. I believe this category will always have a premium over any other. (except the opening day – first pitch releases).

    2- The coins graded 70 by either NGC or PCGS, but are not FS/ER, have seen a huge influx of supply over the past couple weeks and I believe this will continue for a couple more weeks as more purchasers send their coins in for grading. This is a relatively new category and has seen prices fall from slightly over $1000 to as low as $800, but have seemed to have very good demand and prices have begun to stabilize and even rise a little with many auctions currently closing in the $850-$900 range. Most of the coins in this category are coming from the huge retail sellers and they seemed to have chosen to go with NGC graded coins, maybe because of the lower fees and fake signature labels.

    3- OGP prices have taken the biggest hit with prices recently closing in the $700 -$725 range. In my opinion if a person was never able to purchase the gold coins from the Mint, this is your chance to Buy Now. I think the US Mint has now fulfilled the majority of the $5 gold coins or are in the process of shipping them. So, as this biggest category of supply begins to get sold off prices should begin to steady and I think will eventually trade in the $800-$900 range again this year.

    To Clark’s point I have been somewhat surprised that not more supply has found its way on to Ebay. There seems to be plenty of OGP supply from flipper’s, but graded supply has remained relatively subdued outside of a few huge retailers. It seems a lot of folks have sold what they want and are now holding what they have remaining for the long haul.

    As Pitt P. and others have said “enjoy the ride”. Happy Father’s Day!

  32. says

    Bernie, I read your post yesterday and looked at a few sites. Unfortunately, all I could find where some nice storage boxes that Wizard had for sell for the ANACS slabs only, no NGC or PCGS. This may be a good opportunity to contact a good costume wood worker and have one made.

  33. Bernie in Florida says

    Dustyroads, Wow! I searched high and low and this is the First I have ever seen that even comes close. I only wish it were more like the Multi-Slab large boxes that NGC puts out that holds ten at a time like the Normal Plastic Slab holders for ASE or the Normal size Slabs from PCGS or NGC that hold 20 at a time. But, at least if I cannot come up with simpler container. At least you gave me a possibility. I may just go to the FUN Coin Show in July here in Orlando and go over to PCGS and NGC and ask then how do they ship 10 of these Large Slabs at once to customers. Seemed So simple, but Dustyroads I want to thank you again,,,,,,,,,,,,,” Anyone find a smaller more economical was of storage like 10 Slabs at a time, much like the PCGS or NGC regular Slab holder that holds 20 at a time, PLEASE let me know”………………..

  34. Clark says

    Thanks, Louis & GF.

    I really appreciate GF’s insights & fresh stats on BHoF sales price trends. If it’s true that most gold BHoF purchasers are collectors, then it’s interesting to review the program in the context of collectors of U.S. modern coins (gold BHoF only):

    – Because gold $5s sold out in just seven hours, it’s highly likely that most went to collectors who were following the program, endured the mint’s online system waits, etc., and probably ordered several coins once the long wait made it obvious that this was a very popular series.

    – Modern coin collectors are accustomed to paying almost $2000 in recent years for gold buffaloes, gold eagles, etc. so at only $420/$425 per gold BHoF coin, it isn’t unusual for collectors to pick up 4-5 in one or several different orders and to keep all or most of them.

    – Collecting gold coins is an expensive hobby. Most collectors I know don’t buy them to flip because they need the money, they have enough liquid income to buy gold, build collections, and keep them together.

    – Purchase limits of 50 per household, although high, helped slow warehouse resellers with resources to buy out most of the inventory from doing so and probably placed more orders in the hands of patient collectors. Warehouse resellers are probably selling mostly to collectors who missed the short window on 3/27… those collectors will probably keep what they buy because of high premiums and because they are collectors.

    – 80,000 units sold in less than seven hours to people buying several at a time and who are predisposed to keep them makes it likely that far less than 80,000 will enter the secondary markets after all orders are fulfilled.

    – The unusual twist of third-party grading services dividing the secondary market of gold BHoFs into many different designer and athlete signature products furthers the collector focus of the series and suggests more buy and hold collector behavior.

    Draw your own conclusions, but if gold BHoF coins really are in the hands of collectors, secondary market supply may be a lot thinner than even we BHoF groupies may realize. Don’t say we didn’t tell you!

  35. Don says


    Eventually the silver HOF coins will also dead end in the hands of collectors who don’t already have them, after being snapped up on the secondary market.
    It is the coin’s uniqueness and cross appeal with not only coin collectors but also baseball fans that will eventually make them hard to come by on the secondary market. People will want to keep these for the long term.

  36. Brice says

    Anybody have their back ordered gold HOF coins cancelled by the mint yet and been notified out of stock? Just curious as mine still showing back ordered and a ship date of 06/30. Thanks in advance!!

  37. ips_stuff says

    >> Brice – I have approximately 4 orders with gold proof or unc from early 3/28 to 3/31 and all still show 6/30 as the date. I would tend to agree with another poster, that the gold have been shipped and most likely I will not receive any more gold bhof. I did receive all that I ordered on 3/27 during the 1st round of shipping.

  38. Peter says

    Hope this helps. A dealer at Long Beach who deals in many modern coins from the mint told me that the BHOF gold did NOT sell out for at least 24 hours from the noon 03/27 release. This was good news for me (03/28 @ 1:00 A.M.). He felt that orders slightly beyond the 24 hour mark would likely receive their orders too.

  39. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Ordered $1 silver baseball coin back in April I think it was. At the time it was not sold out. Still haven’t rec’d it yet, but the Mint did not charge me. This is very poor service by the Mint. Screw the Mint.
    Also, screw eBay. They have the worst service since they’ve been hacked. I do NOT trust eBay any more!

  40. Pittsburgh P says

    mcscrooge tell us how you really feel… None of this sugar coating!
    Screw the government and all makers of processed food! Don’t trust em… Screw everyone!!!

  41. fmtransmitter says

    Thanks bloggers. Only clad proof in stock. Silver uncirc and clad uncirc still waiting. 3/30 order. HOF

  42. Sith says

    @fmtransmitter – My clad and all the other are still showing back order. Two months and counting, after getting the initial coins ordered I have yet to receive a single coin (clad, silver,gold)

  43. says

    I’ve probably been as bullish on the OGP Gold BHOF coins as anyone. There is nothing that I have seen on the bay that has changed my mind. I do a ‘specific’ search since day 1 on the Golds. Exactly the same search every day and I list prices on an excel spreadsheet. My Day 1 order for Golds was 1:15PM. Best guesses were that the first Proofs quit shipments around 1:05PM so my order was one of the first sent out when the 2nd wave went out. According to my spreadsheet 227 Gold OGP’s were sold on the bay in the first 70 days. In the last 8 days there has been 197 Golds sold in OGP.

  44. says

    The Mint’s excel spreadsheet is out and here is the results of the BHOF coins:

    Gold Proof 38,839 -63
    Gold Unc. 21,879 -11
    Silver Proof 285,651 -249
    Silver Unc. 149,422 -131
    Clad Proof 184,565 +3,222
    Clad Unc. 105,434 +2,613

  45. A&L Futures says

    @ cagcrisp,

    That’s 60,718 gold coins sold with a maximum mintage of 50,000? I don’t get it.

  46. says

    @A&L Futures, The Mint sells more that the 50k because there will be cancellations, credit card problems or exceeding household limits. There will be 10k+ of someone not getting their orders filled

  47. Clark says

    Don–If my logic for gold $5s applies to silver $1s, then the long term secondary market supply of silver BHoFs would be five times larger of whatever the supply of available gold BHoF coins will be. (80,000 gold:400,000 silver = 1:5). However, it will be logistically harder for collectors to hold & store the more plentiful and larger sized (slabbed & OGP) silver BHoFs.

    Another reason my view of long term supply silver BHoFs differs from my view on future availability of gold BHoFs, is that the quick sell out of gold BHoFs drove warehouse resellers, flippers and others to order many more silver BHoFs than they originally intended to buy in anticipation of high demand for the series. I wouldn’t be surprised if some folks placed orders just to hasten a sellout of silver BHoFs. They are closely watching what happens as the mint distributes all 400K silver $1s: If secondary mkt prices drop low enough to make resale unattractive, many will cancel pending orders for silver BHoFs. Large scale cancellations of silver BHoF orders would introduce another significant difference between gold and silver BHoF supplies. Again, just my lonely opinion and only time will tell, but it is fascinating to watch.

  48. Mike says

    @Clark – Not sure where you are getting the 80,000 number for gold BHoFs. The mintage limit is 50,000 for gold.

  49. Clark says

    Whoops, Cag, I meant to refer to the 50,000 mintage limit on gold BHoF coins. Sorry about that, but the reasoning still applies…just change my gold:silver ratio from 1:5 to 1:8. Thanks for catching that.

  50. VA Rich says

    This is FREAK’N CRAZY – check this out – so this brown box from Novitex just shows up – I don’t know what it is, I’m not expecting anything as my BHoFs are IS&R and nothing has shipped.., THOUGH a $1 UNC should have shipped last week though did not.

    Well.., I open it wondering if may be a SNP Puck but the weight is off…, low and behold.., it’s a B33! A $1 PRF just shows up out of the blue! Looks good too! Crazy!

  51. VA Rich says

    Oh, & if I may add, this $1 that just showed up, perhaps one of the best I’ve seen.., real solid strike and the ‘P’ & ‘DE’ are crisper than from the previous lots.

  52. VA Rich says

    I went back and double checked the status of the $1 PRF that arrived this afternoon – it’s a 7 pm order on 3/27 – still shows IS&R, with no tracking number on the mint website and no shipping email received.

    GF, Clark, Cag, Don, etc. – love the analysis, great stuff, keep it coming! The fact that we’re not even 90 days into this yet and the door is wide open for the BHoF in category 1-3 to head off in any direction.., well, that speaks volumes! I know it’s easy to get attached to the little buggers and end up holding on to more than you ever planned.., selling one $5 offsets retaining a lot of $1s!

  53. Mark Rex says

    Can someone please post the excel number for the Arches Puck? I don’t have access to a PC for a few and can’t download it. It will be interesting to see the number with the site being down for 2 days so 2-3 days of sales. Noticed between my first sub order number and last for the Arches compared to SNP went down by 500.

  54. Johann says

    I guess the mint is sending without notification. UPS left a notice from shipper Novitex. I check my mint account and nothing shipped, but it’s 1/2 lb. so I guess it’s another gold BHoF. And yes I received all my bags long ago.

  55. KEITHSTER says

    Picked up some 2014-D Arches rolls at the bank today as I don’t often open the rolls one of them had a mind of it’s own and once out of the bank jumped from my hand and cracked it’s self open on the sidewalk with 7 trying to escape! Nice try but they didn’t get to far but looking at them they seem to have a hologram effect on the background mountains by turning them in to the sunlight they come and go lazer polishing maybe? The GB- S #s seemed to have ended up at 1,316,580 mine have been instock & reserved since they went out card was pending and still no movment somethings up there but they should ship soon? My proof clad 50 center BHOF is set for the 18th yeah whats the chance ? Well Good Luck All :>:>:>

  56. says

    KEITHSTER, When I got my GB-S roll last year I wasn’t able to see the reverse since both ends were obverses. I really liked the SNP-S quarters, they appear more proof like than other quarters. I’ve been buying all these since they were introduced by the Mint back in 2012, and like putting them US Mint presentation boxes, I call it fun for just a little money.

  57. KEITHSTER says

    Yes does seem to fit these coins when held in hand and moved around the reflective light makes the background mountains disappear and reappear so acting as if the coin had a mind of its own. 5 rolls seemed to be the limit today at the bank so I didn’t push the issue and do not usually walk out of the bank with rolls in hand but did today and it sure seemed that roll made a group effort to get away and open it self up and it worked? But that’s ok I’ll get more and get to enjoy the naughty ones that tried to escape:) So enjoy them and Good Luck All:>:>:>

  58. KEITHSTER says

    I here you Dustyroads where else can you get semi-keys by the roll on the cheap they go for a $ each now so when all the ATB clad collections get put together by the newbies because they can’t afford anything else guess what’s missing ? After the proof’s these and the silvers are it! But I still have the most fun getting them for even money from my spot:>:>:>:>:>Like I’ve said before but needs repeating when I got my GB’s from the bank and pulled a roll from my pocket and checked it out outside in the sun when the sunlight hit it just right that tree lit up like a Christmas tree vivid green and red and blue all over the tree like Christmas lights:) So if you have an unc .GB-D try it it’s crazy hope it works with the S’s but have not tried it should even with the heavier strike will let you know when they ship them? If someone has an unc P roll please take them for a walk on a sunny day and let us know if them P trees light up also?? Good Luck To You All :>:>:>

  59. jimb says

    I have a order in for 1 of the P Arches. I only buy the ones that I like or if I have visited that NP. I have to say the mints constant ship date changing is a bit goofy. I ordered on the 1st day of release and the expected ship date has changed about 4 times. I know of no other business that sells in this manor. Very goofy

  60. Ralph says

    Seems we are almost at the half way mark on the halves, 290,000. I’m guessing these coins will do better than expected. Lowest ebay fixed price is twice the cost.
    Here we go again: One of my HOF orders is moving in the wrong direction. On 6/13, it went to a 6/12 ship date. Yesterday, it went to 6/6. I called to see what’s up, and right away you get a recording saying the ship dates are all screwed up again. Good thing they shut down for a day and a half to work on things!

  61. CW says

    I find it doubtful that anyone beyond coin collectors wants the HOF coins. Flippers can keep dreaming that the demand is high, but the slump is showing that is not the case.

  62. ridgerunner says

    I finally got 1 proof HOF silver ordered on 3/27 the 2 uncirculated were shipped last Tues. The other order 10 days later have been pushed to the end of July, on a different note, I can see the JFK coins being worse than this. My take is the gold JFK being 3/4 ounce 24k will be at least $1250 to $1350 if gold stays between $1250 & $1300 per ounce, I am basing that on the 1/2 ounce president wives.

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