2014-P Everglades National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

Today, November 6, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint began accepting orders for the Everglades National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins. This represents the twenty-fifth overall release within the numismatic series of large sized silver coins.

Everglades ATB Silver Coin

The reverse of the coin, which was designed by Joel Iskowitz and engraved by Joseph Menna, features a scene of an anhinga with outstretched wings on a willow tree with a roseate spoonbill visible in the mid-ground. The inscriptions read “Everglades”, “Florida”, “2014”, and “E Pluribus Unum”.

As with all previous releases within the series, the obverse features the 1932 portrait of George Washington designed by John Flanagan with inscriptions “United States of America”, “Liberty”, “In God We Trust”, and “Quarter Dollar”. The coin carries the “P” mint mark to represent the West Point Mint.

Each coin is struck in 99.9% silver with a weight of 5.000 troy ounces. The precious metal purity and weight are included as incused edge lettering. The diameter of each coin is 3.000 inches and the thickness is 0.165 inch. These numismatic coins carry uncirculated finish created through a vapor blasting technique.

The United States Mint has established a mintage limit of 30,000 for this release. The same limit has been used for the prior three releases of the series. However, a lower limit of 25,000 had been established for the first release of the year featuring Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Pricing for the coin is $154.95 plus applicable shipping and handling. This is the same price level used for the previous releases of the series for this year. However, the prior four coins had been eligible for a discounted price of $139.45 if ordered through the US Mint’s online subscription program. Following the launch of the Mint’s new website, the subscription discounts are no longer offered.

Silver Numismatic Product Price Decrease Possible?

Over the past three months, the market price of silver has declined from above $20 per ounce to its current level around $15.40 per ounce. The extent of the decline raises the possibility that the US Mint may decrease the prices for silver numismatic products.

The US Mint is able to adjust the prices for gold and platinum products as frequently as weekly under a flexible pricing system. The prices for silver numismatic products may only be adjusted through publication within the Federal Register and such changes have only occurred following substantial price changes in the underlying metal.

The last pricing adjustment for silver numismatic products had occurred in July 2013. At the time, the market price of silver had dipped below the $20 per ounce level and product prices were decreased by $5 for each ounce of silver content.

Based on this and previous price changes for silver products, the US Mint seems to be responsive to silver market price changes of around $5 per ounce. This suggests that $15 per ounce may be a key level in determining any potential silver product price changes. Collectors contemplating purchases of silver products should keep in mind the possibility that prices may be lowered if silver recedes further.

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  1. KEITHSTER says

    Sorry but I tried 3 or 4 times but the site would not let me check out so I gave up!!Thats crazy can’t sell many like that wondering if making my sub inactive is blocking it?Or maybe a sign that they will lower the price down the road and should just wait it out ? Anyone else not able to checkout at the start of this show? What a mess for a while on this computer the freeze ups every couple of seconds but they fixed that but no checkout nice work boys better call in the boss maybe he can? o never mind Beter Luck All Somewhere Down The Road:>:>:>

  2. VABEACHBUM says

    While I’m disappointed that the Mint (and their new e-commerce KTR) could not find the slightest modicum of decency to accommodate the subscription discount for this final 2014 ATB release, I didn’t bother to cancel my “enrollment” because I like the aspect of Mint Fresh provenance, as well as the ability to return to the issuer for exchange should I discover quality problems. My Everglades had been sold and assigned a shipping label as of 0600 today.

    I have no doubt that some of those volume purchase retailers will continue to receive their bulk discounts from the Mint, then cherry pick and offer the remnants to the bargain hunters. Silver has dropped at least $3 / oz in the past 10 months. Seriously?? That covers the $15 price difference right there. Could it have been that hard to support the subscription discount for one more coin??

    I do have to wonder how this pricing failure will affect opening sales, though, as many people will surely cancel their subscription while pursuing better bargains on the secondary markets. I’m predicting 16K for the 1st 3 days, vice the 19-20 K units seen with the first four releases.

  3. Dante says

    I have to agree with VABeachBum, it is disappointing that the Mint will not offer the subscription discount for the Everglades 5 ounce coin.

    I’m still getting one, though.

  4. KEITHSTER says

    Surf the mint site keep going till you get the survey I just did and then tell it like it is. Ouch that had to hurt but could not help it 🙂 After not being not able to pay thru the nose for what should have been the last sript discount ? So go sock it to um ;.;.;.,;.; And Good Luck:>:>:>

  5. vkind says

    VABeachBum – I doubt they will be able to reach 16k for this week. About $77.50 silver content (At the time of this writing) vs. $155 mint price. 100% markup. Have to wait and see how long mint is going to hold this. It will be interesting to see the sales figure for this ATB when they release next week.

  6. VABEACHBUM says

    @ vkind – don’t disagree at all. I think many of the current subscribers will be caught off guard by the change in policy. But, once they receive the coin and see the actual price, some of those folks might return for the refund, leading to a real possibility of stagnant – or even negative – sales during that first full week of 10 to 16 November. Lots of interesting dynamics to affect this release.

  7. says

    The Everglades is one of this year’s best designs, enough that a person I know who collects that doesn’t normally shell out the bucks for the “hockey pucks” joined me on my order of this piece. It’s no surprise that the design was done by Joel Iskowitz. Much of the mint’s best work (excepting the terrible infantry commemorative design) seems to come from him.


    With what is effectively a price hike (the loss of the subscription discount), in the face of rising silver prices, I am expecting very weak sales of this piece, even though it’s very attractive. I expect only the people who are faithfully buying every AtB release will pick it up at this price. I’m buying because of what happened with Hawaii. While I didn’t miss it, I know someone who did and gave up on collecting the whole AtB series in disgust. Better to pay a little extra to be “safe.”

  8. VA Rich says

    I’m really surprised that you all jumped on this one on day 1. And didn’t see how this plays out.

    Brad – previous thread – I was thinking along similar lines, hey, we now how many the mint produces up front. The fact that the initial 22,000 were spoken for by AP’s on day 1 SPEAKS VOLUMES! I dare say they see this one as MR has year, though I’ve commented on that previously.

    This could really work out in the collectors favor, if Ag were to dip below $15 and stay for a bit, at $129.95 for a P puck????? – what a steal! I’d be on that like a gator on a anhinga!!!

  9. Larry says

    Way back in 2010 the first ones sold for $279.95, and look where we are now. It is just too tempting not to wait a while and see if the mint lowers the price. These should be on sale a few months at least, so there is no big hurry.

  10. Zaz says

    Sorry not pick this one up on Day 1. Picked up four bullion pucks earlier this week for $97 instead, and I have all of the bullion AND uncirculated releases. Re: Hawaii, it opened with over 9K sold and took 3 1/2 months to sell out so there’s going to be time to add this to the upcoming Marshals and MOD commemoratives in late January. It’s not going to sell out anytime some soon with a $154.95 price tag. I doubt it’ll sell more than 10K by Monday. The loss of the sub discount is really going to show on this release.

  11. says

    If the price of these pucks were to drop to $129.95, then I think this puck would sell out in 4 to 5 weeks and the other three still for sell in a week or two…..maybe less.

  12. GoldFishin says

    @2 cents , Keithster, CC — Ok, secret to the rattle was, my D coin is not tight in the capsule and when I moved the box from side to side the coin is hitting the inside of capsule and I think spinning a little bit. The coin is pointing at about 10 o’clock. That action along with the paper that tells how to display the set moving across the box made it sound like a hard object rolling across the inside of the box. I haven’t figured out how to remove these coins without possible damaging the capsule or case and I have nice obverses on all of them, so I may try later to remove them and check out the reverses. So far out of my 2 sets, after very close inspection I have 1 RP 70 2 PF 70 1 EH 70 and O Unc 70. My enhanced coins look more PL than anything else. I almost can’t tell them apart, just not quite as PL as the actual proof coin. I don’t have any of that Zebra stuff going on. ALL coins were very well centered except for one D coin which was quite off center.

    My take from what I have seen so far: Obverse only
    The RP’s are excellent, but if there is ANYTHING on the obverse Kennedy profile it will show up.
    The PF’s should have high rate of 70’s
    The Enhanced coins issues will be contact marks on the Kennedy profile. One of mine had a couple, not bad, but maybe enough to keep from being 70.
    Both of my D’s had tick marks in the fields, differing locations, and one was very poorly centered.

    Any tips on removing these capsules would be appreciated. I thought about taping a paint can opener and using it to pry them out. But, I am not returning these sets so it really doesn’t matter. I may just leave them alone.

  13. fmtransmitter says

    Buy what you like, I buy…Other pucks, I pass…As a World coin collector, these are a bargain! Try to buy a 5 ounce Panda or Libertad Proof!

  14. GoldFishin says

    @VA RICH- When I was examining my coins I saw what I thought was some kind of rim doubling. It looked like the the rim was crisscrossing with another rim that was creating a sort of depression. It even moved slightly into the Lettering as you were talking about. HOWEVER, As I continued to rotate the coin and move it side to side it disappeared. It is just an illusion that is coming from the capsules edge creating a sort of mirror effect which is transposing part of the coin to another part of the coin. Maybe this is what you are seeing in the photos? I don’t know if the photos you saw were of the coin in the capsule or removed.

  15. fmtransmitter says

    Over on WMB I found this for you gold bugs with lower gold pricing:
    John Mercanti’s Wedge Tailed Eagle design makes another appearance on a 2 oz high relief gold proof coin. This issue is limited to a mintage of 1,000 pieces. As with previous coins featuring the design, distribution to customers in the USA is exclusive to GovMint.

    As explored in this previous post, the Wedge Tailed Eagle design has been authorized to appear in additional formats for this year as well as 2015.

  16. thePhelps says

    I dropped my subscriptions to this set as well. I only had the subscription because of the discount, and after what the mint did last year with the Silver Proof set – filled the subscriptions and then a week later dropped the price… basically screwing subscribers – I figured it would happen again with these pucks.

    I’ll pick a couple of these up in a few weeks – but want to see where the price breaks and hold out for the drop. I’ve said all along if the price of silver drops below $15 we will finally see the pucks price drop again.

    $15.33 and falling… I can wait.

  17. says

    @GoldFishin, Thanks for the feedback. Interesting the cause of your rattle. I also had a spun D coin and when I got it out of the slot I found the capsule wasn’t all the way closed and there was a bunch of black fuzz between the top and bottom sections. Denver sure seems to have issues with show coins IMO. Maybe Jon in CT can go work there, he seems to know everything.

    As far as getting your coins out. I used a teaspoon. not the kind you measure with but one you stir your tea with. Wrap a napkin over the tip of the spoon and it fits nicely into the finger slot of the coin holder. No damage to mine and it is worth it to look at the obverses, especially the RP.

  18. GoldFishin says

    Thanks 2 Cents…makes perfect sense with the spoon, that way you get a nice rounded lever action. I will check out the reverses this weekend. I am taking few days and going to the beach. I will have plenty of time to check them out, but very spotty internet to post any results. Thanks again>>

  19. Jon in CT says

    In case anyone’s curious, the product ID for the 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set is TA9. But still no details about the contents.

  20. GoldFishin says

    @VA RICH- there was only one seller of GSM 69 dmpl coins early this year, Aydin had a nice run of them on Ebay, they weren’t Mercanti however. I picked one up for $160, The seller Steve mentioned, who I think you have already done business with, has had the Mercanti’s for about 3 weeks or so. They have sold in a range of $150-$170.

    If you were talking about the SP70’s, there were only two sellers that had them early. MCM also had some and sold them all auction style after the sell out, most of his were sold for over $300. His timing was perfect, the other 2 sellers didn’t get that much. I bought one from Coinfinders with the OGP and it is now worth twice what I paid for it. He is a really good seller.

  21. Jon in CT says

    And if anyone actually looks closely at the link for this blog entry, they’ll see that Mint News Blog absolutely butchered the word national. 🙂

  22. VA Rich says

    Steve/GF – thanks, in my hast to get out of the door this morning, I goofed and meant to say FS SP 70 – think that ship has long sailed…

    Samuel – you have too much money, is there anything you don’t buy?

  23. GoldFishin says

    @Jon iN Ct- anyone could see that isn’t national at all….but “NATO IN LA”. However, I didn’t think NATO was in L.A. Oh well….I had a friend from Guatemala whose name was Nato, but I seriously doubt they were talking about him. 🙂

    No attack response please….I will ignore it.

  24. Gary says

    Thanks Jon…TA9 is due out in 14 days..you would think we could get some news on what it is? Another Proof Silver Eagle and a $5 bill?

  25. Jon in CT says

    KEITHSTER and fmtransmitter,
    I can’t help but imagine that your collective inability to successfully navigate the Mint’s online ordering system might, somehow, be related to the feature movie starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels which opens next week. 🙂

  26. Jerry Diekmann says

    I don’t collect any of the 5 oz. silver pucks, but I can sure sympathize with collectors who are not being given the discount that was afforded to collectors for the first four pucks. I think this is another case of the Mint exhibiting very poor customer service. I suspect some Mint employees read this blog and know that the Everglades is considered a very attractive design, and therefore they intend to make as much money off the collectors as they can.by keeping the price artificially high, especially with the decline in silver prices this year. Another shameful action from our federal government, IMO.

  27. Jon in CT says

    Gary wrote on November 6, 2014 at 8:31 PM:

    Thanks Jon…TA9 is due out in 14 days..you would think we could get some news on what it is? Another Proof Silver Eagle and a $5 bill?

    I’d be all over the TA9 if it really included an ASE and 5$ bill, given that its price has already been announced as $13.95 here.

  28. sharks2th says

    @GF – I use the chrome flaps on binder clips to pop out coins stuck in the packaging. The rounded edges prevent damage to the capsules and they are long enough to give you the leverage to pop them out.

  29. Jon in CT says

    sharks2th wrote on November 6, 2014 at 9:05 PM:

    @GF – I use the chrome flaps on binder clips to pop out coins stuck in the packaging. The rounded edges prevent damage to the capsules and they are long enough to give you the leverage to pop them out.

    Perhaps your concept of a binder clip is different than mine. I can’t see how the chrome anything on a binder clip would help pop out the Kennedys. Here’s my concept of a binder clip:

  30. says

    Received my K13’s today. One set was nice, the other I decided to send back for a refund which was fine with me because I felt after seeing them that one was enough.
    That D Kennedy was a difficult one to remove. I like the spoon idea, I have tools for electronic device repair which split halves. I broke two plastic tools before resorting to the steel pry tool.
    I turned my two lower coins around in the set so the reverse would side up, I think it makes the set look better.
    BTW, am I the only one who doesn’t like all the scratches on the enhanced. That was one reason I sent one set back, the other was because of a water spot on the proof.
    Have fun!

  31. sharks2th says

    Yes Jon, the silver part of the pic you linked is what works where the finger slot is on the packaging. You just slide it down and under the coin to pop it out and these are stronger than a paper clip or other thin items one might consider for prying a capsule out of the packaging; and there are no sharp edges to scratch the capsule.

  32. Flave says

    Michael…thank you for explaining how the Mint sets silver prices. If we have to wait for the magic number “15” , we may not see a price cut. I mean, it looks like silver/gold is set to bounce to the upside.

  33. VA Bob says

    Gold and silver climbing now. I held off the Everglades 5 oz. too in order to see what happens. Also canceled the subscription, but I doubt the Mint will get the hint, or even care. It’s not like they can go out of business or anything.

  34. Jon in CT says

    According to the Mint’s homepage, the Coin Discovery Set – An Introduction to Coin Collecting product will become available on December 16, 2014. The only hard information about it released so far is the price: $24.95.

  35. markecycology says

    Try the handle of a swing handle toenail clipper to pry put the Kennedy halves. Worked for me!

  36. VA Rich says

    cag – I receive Kitco alerts and watch the live charts a lot. The $14.98 alert was delayed this morning and should have been sent after mid-night.

    Regarding the Silver Market – does anyone have any thoughts on why Ag usually dips between 0200 – 0500 EST around the Hong Kong? It seems to do that a lot

    I find that time in the early morning to a good opportunity to buy Ag on the dip.

  37. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Dusty – I finally took delivery of my Kennedy’s after visiting the UPS distro center last night. Upon inspection, the first thing that caught my attention was that “striated” pattern across the heavier finish on the Kennedy profile. Within all 3 of the sets I received, those lines appear to move at a 45 from top left to bottom right (10 o’clock to 4 o’clock). Definitely associated with the laser finishing process, but I haven’t observed these kinds of noticeable line patterns since the first two years of the Mint’s transitioning to the laser frosting process, when it was most prevalent on the Silver PR Quarters. 2009, maybe, but I’m not absolutely sure.

  38. Dave SW FL says

    I sent all my SPS back this year because all 10 sets had these striations . It is a problem they are not addressing ( surprised?)

  39. VA Bob says

    VABB – Those striations sounds like their laser needs calibration. I went back and examined my sets. I did notice it under a 10X loupe, was very fine in my case with both sets, and not noticeable without magnification. Seems to be more prevalent from die to die used. Some of the photos posted on MNB were really noticeable.

  40. says


    Haha, good catch. I meant “declining” silver prices and am not sure why I typed “rising.”


    It seems like with the Coin & Currency Set and now the Coin Discovery Set, the mint is looking to add some new products to the schedule given that it was rather flat between the releases of the Everglades until 2015. December 16 seems a little late to offer a product, though, given how close it is to Christmas Day.

  41. GoldFishin says

    My enhanced Kennedy’s didn’t have the zebra striations at all, even under 10x. However, there was very little difference between it and the proof coin. To me, it was a slight disappointment. I see no big deal with the coin. At least with the stripes it looks different, even if it is a little goofy looking. Like a printer that is running out of ink.
    I was a little late ordering and I ordered 2 sets, instead of 1 or 5. My package shipped 2 days after everyone else, maybe why I missed the striation coins?

  42. says

    VABEACHBUM, Yeah, I noticed them on mine too. They look just like my 2014 Silver Proof Set. Many of the coins in that set had the same lines. It has me wondering if the dies will loose the lines as they ware.

    It would be great if someone could chime in who does not have this problem either in the K13 set or the Silver Proof Set produced this year.

  43. cagcrisp says

    @VA Rich, I use Kitco for all my daily Gold and Silver prices. I have Daily usage since November 2006. I have a massive excel spreadsheet that keeps up with All my financial data so I can go back on any day and see where i was at on any given day.

    I workout daily and I have another spreadsheet that show a daily workout analysis. That spreadsheet goes back to 11/26/94.

    You can see where the accountant in me comes out…

  44. says

    GoldFishin, Gotcha, I should have read your post earlier. Sounds like it’s a problem for the very first coins, and maybe even only a few dyes. It could also be that the Mint pulled them early too.
    I’ve been hoping for story about the striations since the Silver Proof Set’s hit the market.
    Hopefully some info will be available someday.

  45. says

    Wow, I’m in the presence of some smart people…oh wait, I’m alone at my desk thinking about coffee and stress relief techniques. Have fun!

  46. Samuel says

    all my 5 sets have the striations. i did not say it several days ago. if i remember correctly, i saw a enhanced coin video, the laser beam cut the die like a printer – line by line. thats where it come from.

  47. cagcrisp says

    As the price of Gold has dropped the prices Paid for Graded Saint Gauden’s as a Percentage of Graded Certification has gone UP.

    As the price of Gold has dropped the prices Paid for ungraded Saint Gauden’s as a Percentage of spot has gone UP.

    I have tracked the bay sales of 404 Saint Gaudens since 10/01/14. Graded, ungraded, PCGS and NGC. It appears as the price of Gold has dropped more people have entered the market (maybe thinking this is a good time to buy) and they have bid up prices or paid for Long listed Buy It Nows…

    In other words…..I am Not finding any bargains currently in Saint Gaudens.

  48. Brad says

    With the current move up in prices, it looks like the chances of the $25 price drop on this coin are getting slimmer.

    The Mint really needs to put the silver coins on a pricing grid, with $1 price increments. At least that way, the ATB 5 oz. coins could be priced lower sooner in a declining price environment. If the price level of $154.95 for an ATB P corresponds to a silver spot price of $20-$20.99, then the coins should be priced at $129.95 for a silver price of $15-$15.99 like it is currently. This “All or nothing” mentality is getting old, especially when we’re being hammered for the high end price when the spot price is at the low-end.

    Of course, if that happened we would lose the benefit of paying the low-end price when spot prices have moved up towards the high-end. Still, at least we would be able to know for certain when a price change is coming.

  49. GoldFishin says

    @Cagcrisp- that is a phenomenon that is peculiar to Ebay. Prices have being bid up ever since silver fell below $16.50. I had about a dozen items for sale on the Bay with buy it now prices that had been sitting for weeks and sold them all in the last 10 days, never changed the price, just buyers coming in. This action will usually settle down and buyers spend their budgeted/expendable cash and there will be good deals again, but maybe not too many until after the holiday buying season. Watch for some good deals again the last couple weeks of December and going into the New Year as major Mints offerings begin again.

  50. VABEACHBUM says

    @ NC_Stacker – I would consider this to be a manufacturing defect, QA / QC problem, and a sad reflection on the Mint’s process management. Surely, a handful of these marked coins have been identified during the visual inspections, yet they still are making their way to the loading dock.

    What I’ll be very interested in watching is just how many of these noticeably striated coins end up with an SP70 grade from either NGC or PCGS, but especially those submitted en mass by the Big Boys.

  51. KEITHSTER says

    Can see it now the Kennedy Zebra Varity shucks might have to open them boxes now? But will wait to see if there is more with or without? Sounds like more with so for but thats the early returns and many more have been sold. Mine were ordered soon as possible so I think they should be on there? But please keep sending them back:) Stiil cant order on this computer could use the phone but thats not the point jon:)Oh well Hang In There And Good Luck All:>:>:>:>:>

  52. Jon in CT says

    Yesterday, the Mint uploaded this YouTube video of the Great Sand Dunes AtB quarter launch ceremony. But it’s not really a video — it’s just a series of photographs from the event.

  53. Hawkster says

    It appears that the Mint’s Fulfillment Facility in TN has used the Kennedy silver set as an isolated example of how quickly it can ship out orders.
    I’ve come to realize, through my early order (yesterday, 12:12 EST) of the Glades 5 oz., that the aforementioned Kennedy set was an anomaly shipping wise; my Glades order remains in the usual “processing” status. Evidently, there will be no quick shipping for this Mint product (unless one has a subscription for said item).

  54. says

    @VABEACHBUM, I too am interested in knowing how many ” noticeably striated coins end up with an SP70 grade from either NGC or PCGS, but especially those submitted en mass by the Big Boys” show up, but how will we ever know? NGC doesn’t label them as striated or anything out of the ordinary. According to them they are your regular run of the mill PERFECT coins…

    Has anyone here seen a TPG label from any grader that notes this oddity?

  55. NC_Stacker says

    Start looking on the bay after this Monday as the the big boys will be shipping these to the customers. Then they might be placing them up that night and we will be able to see what and how the graded coins look like.

  56. VABEACHBUM says

    @ 2cents – I have yet to see these patterns identified as defects, or otherwise called out on a TPG label.

    My thoughts were more along the lines of: How much more likely will it be that those TPG favored, major retailers have their bulk submissions return with SP70 and no rejects, as compared to us typical collectors who might submit 1 or 2 sets that, for whatever reason, are subjected to additional scrutiny during the grading process. Yeah, I know; conspiracy theorist.

  57. VA Rich says

    My 5 Enhanced were shipped the first evening, no signs of Zebra stripes – they’re just dull, just a plan matte dull with satin-like areas.., like an old navy ship at sea.., “haze grey and underway.” I’d rather have one that’s Proof-like or even one that’s a Zebra hybrid!

    Have faith Brad, it’s come this far, perhaps we can squeeze out a price reduction more towards New Years

    cag – very nice! Guess I’m just a wanna-be accountant with my little spread whereby I can enter PM prices and a “numismatic factor’ and it calculates my collection portfolio value…, I try not to look at it now days, it hurts 😉

    I’m with Zaz or Zeeman – if ‘Glades pops 10K come Monday morning, well guess my speculation will be wrong again…

  58. VA Rich says

    Brad, et al.,

    Has a sell out of ASEs ever influenced the mintage of AtBs? That we’re aware of?

  59. thePhelps says

    GF…that coin has way more going on than mine do. I can see on them the stripes if I tilt them side to side – but they aren’t nearly that pronounced. I guess mine must only be 68’s…

    Ok the speculation is these are caused by the enhanced lazer?

    If so how do we justify the same effect on the Silver Proof set… do we extend that speculation to say they used the enhanced process on those? I think there has to be another explanation for how/why the mint is letting these pass out the door.

  60. Brad says

    VA Rich,

    I really don’t know. I wouldn’t think so, though. The Mint doesn’t seem to care about demand being greater than the quantity of 5 oz. ATB’s they seem willing to produce. Demand seems to be there for more Arches coins, but instead they just called it quits.

    Honestly, it feels like the Mint sort of resents this “oddball” program that was forced upon them. The secretary likes to deem the level of 5 oz. coins needed to satisfy demand as pretty small. That’s better for us, though. These coins are way better than the Eagles, which at their ridiculously high production numbers will only be worth whatever bullion is worth. The 5 oz. quarters have pretty much proven that they are much better at holding value in a declining price environment. How I wish I had bought some full tubes of Acadia and Volcanoes in 2012, instead of buying Eagles! Because I bought Eagles, all I have is a bunch of overpriced bullion that I’m sitting on. I could have had something with some real value that I could unload anytime and nearly double my money instead, despite silver’s massive takedown since then.

    What really would have been sweet for this year is if they had just declared the Everglades coin as sold out at 22,000. APMEX is already sort of treating it as such, raising their premium per oz. by $1 during the course of this week. I can’t remember, what was the pre-determined mintage limit for 2014 bullion 5 oz. coins? Was it 35,000 or 40,000?

  61. cagcrisp says

    From Low to High, 4% upward movement in Gold today.

    From Low to High, 5% upward movement in Silver today.

  62. VA Bob says

    One thing for sure, it indicates the laziness of the Mint during the die polishing phase. Surely, it should have been noticed then. I’m not convinced it would be considered an error or even a variation (as all dies were produced the same way), since by neglect it was “intended”. What people should look out for, IMO, is a case of where some of the die polish might have caught up in one of the striations on the die, and gave the appearance of a “bullet hole”. I’m not suggesting this has occurred, but with the lack of QA detail, it is most certainly within the realm of possibility.

  63. KEITHSTER says

    Maybe more of a first srike indentcation then the label if it does go away after striking so many? If that is the case them most of the true 7O’s should have the zebra effect! And maybe the plan janes will be the rarer ones. Hope mine are the zebras though will love to see how those will tone out as got to be cool maybe red silver&blue stripes how would that be.So if that is the case the should be hit and miss threw the whole batch Good Luck With Yours:>:>:>:>:>

  64. VA Rich says

    One thought regarding Zebra variant – at the Baltimore show last Friday, the mint had two silver sets on display – one obverse side and they other set displaying the reverse.

    The obverse Enhanced didn’t have stripes, and there was more distinction between the device and field. More distinction on the reverse as well. So that set on display doesn’t resemble your zebra, nor did it resemble the one I had in hand that day.

    I think what we’re really looking at here are several variant polishes (who knows, their might be another in GFs proof-like?). I say this, as I would suspect the display coins were the way they were supposed to look.

    Brad – thanks for the thoughts – appreciate it!

  65. VA Rich says

    Keithster – you crack me up! Good Yuk Mint! LMAO!

    Hey, a fellow poster out here put me on to a retailer out of Canada – Silvergoldbull – just received some pony privy maples, quite please with the whole order process from placement to delivery – just fyi

  66. VA Rich says

    cag – if you’re still tracking the gold JFKs, I think when the mint pulls it, you’ll see a glut hit the market from those (to include myself) launching them out there to recoup the investment to put the money to better use. I’ll hold on to 1, possibly a second.

  67. cagcrisp says

    @VA Rich, I still track Every Gold Kennedy sold between the price range of $500-$1,700, Currently 1,056 are in that range. You Will be a Seller and I Continue to be a Buyer. That’s what makes a market…

  68. cagcrisp says

    Currently I have tracked every individual OGP price of all the Gold BHOF Sold (in my search criteria) 1,387 with Avg price of $699.76

    I have tracked individually 4,920 OGP Silver BHOF coins with Avg price of $80.83

  69. cagcrisp says

    @VA Bob, Since Day 1 there has been a total of 6 OGP Gold BHOF coins that have sold for Under $500. That’s 6 out of 1,387

  70. jeff says

    I guess many now like the idea of getting there over priced low quality coins graded. Im glad to see our u s mint ship substandard and inferior products,why because you all will buy this crap. I was once super bullish on mint products no more there’s no one there that gives a rats azz. Buy what you like lol

  71. Tinto says

    Got my 3 Kennedy silver sets today and yup, all the enhanced coins have zebra stripes across the portrait and perhaps even into the field ….. did not even need any magnification just tilted it under a regular lamp … I haven’t look at their reverses as yet I might return one set but will keep the other two since I am more interested in maintaining my reverse proof collection and the RP’s look great!

    Nice job on the RP but the enhanced is something else … looks like the Mint’s SF branch needs better QC.

  72. Small time collector says

    Today, I looked closely at both sides of 2 sets of Kennedys (rec’d wednesday).
    The s mint coin had defects in both sets. The polished surface of one did not have a flat surface, rather the planchet appears to have wire brush marks polished over. The rim of the other at about 3 o’clock on the obverse has 4 small nick marks. One of the uncirculated has a single nick about 1 o.clock.
    I suppose I will be returning both for replacements.
    I second the above the s mint (my experiences) lacks qc. Why in the world does the mint feel they can send out sub-standard?

  73. VA Bob says

    Cag – I realize the BHOF gold’s go for under $500, but you mentioned you “track Every Gold Kennedy sold between the price range of $500-$1,700”, so I was curious how many of those you have came across @ or near $500.

    Jeff -Then I guess we won’t be seeing you around so much since this is the Mint News Blog, and topics concern their products. Dang, what a bummer.

  74. cagcrisp says

    @VA Bob, Sorry. I misread your previous post. The lowest for a Gold Kennedy was $651.00. It was offered for $700.00 and Sold as Best Offer for $651.00. The Seller only has 2 sales so you have to wonder about the sale. There has Only been 7 Gold Kennedy’s sold for Under $1,000.00.

    Even though I only track $500-$1700 which currently shows 1,063, there have been 351 sold between $1700 and $5000.00. A very few on the upper end have been multiple coin sales, the Vast majority have been single coins.

    SO……..All those predictions of the Gold Kennedy selling for spot, just has Not happened.

  75. VA Rich says

    Brad – I can’t seem to find the total mintage limit for the 5 oz Silver Bullion Coin – it appears to be rather nebulous, I did find this from earlier this year –

    Mintages –

    Mintages have not been announced for either the collector or bullion versions. For the latter, the Mint only notes that it anticipates having sufficient inventories to meet demand.

    So perhaps there is no defined limit(?)

    These past articles more pertinent than ever (IMO)-


  76. VA Rich says

    Brad – I can’t seem to find the total mintage limit for the 5 oz Silver Bullion Coin – it appears to be rather nebulous, I did find this from earlier this year –

    Mintages –

    Mintages have not been announced for either the collector or bullion versions. For the latter, the Mint only notes that it anticipates having sufficient inventories to meet demand.

    So perhaps there is no defined limit(?)

    These past articles more pertinent than ever (IMO)-

  77. Sith says

    The 2014 5 oz Silver Bullion Coin are minted to demand…whatever that means in this market.

    “The US Mint has indicated that they anticipate having sufficient inventories to meet demand. Information was not provided on any specific production quantity.”

  78. cagcrisp says

    Need some help here. Yesterday I posted that there was Not any bargains in Saint Gaudens and Lo and Behold someone did a Buy It Now for $875.00. This has to be a shame sale, but I don’t know enough about how the bay works to know how someone games the system? You drill down on the Buyer and it has an expired offer for $1,600.00. It doesn’t show where anyone actually bought it at $875.00 but it is still listed as being “Sold”. Any help here?


  79. GoldFishin says

    @cagcrisp- a couple of things could have happened here. The seller made a mistake when listing the buy it now price and the listing sold for what price he entered. The seller made a mistake and accidentally accepted a low ball buy it now offer. If you get in a hurry and hit the wrong button when a buyer places a best offer you can mistakenly accept the offer. However, in either case you can get out of the sale, either by Ebay’s software that allows you to reverse the sale or by contacting Ebay directly. As you can see, the seller has relisted the item again.
    There are bot programs that scan new listings on ebay looking for listing mistakes or low prices. You would never have a chance to beat these programs for a listing mistake like this. Once upon a time it was possible to pick up bargains by using a certain search criteria and refreshing constantly for low priced listings, in other words, sellers that didn’t really know what an item was worth and priced them below retail value. That ship has longed since sailed with the advent of these bot programs.

  80. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin, Thanks for the help. I did see that he had another Gauden in his story. Just didn’t realize that it was the Same Gauden.

  81. Sith says

    My 2 cents on ATB Bullion mintages, and ASE sales. Its basic supply and demand with the mint running out of ASE, it is going to pull all available silver to that program. So the reality is how much silver do the suppliers already have in the pipe to produce more ATB blanks? IE the mint just ran out of silver ASE’s and we know they will cut sales in December to increase inventory for the 2015 ASEs, and running out of ATBs does not make the news.

    GSM Mintage = 35K
    Shenandoah = 25K-35K (lets call it 30K)
    Arches = 22K (sold out)
    GSD = 19K-22K (lets call it 22K)
    Everglades = 25K? (temporarily sold out at 22k)

    This is partially based on the hypothesis of another poster (you can dig it up and give him credit)
    The mint produced 35K of GSM and is still sitting on about 2K of them . All demand for the GSM coins went to the “P” version which sold out at about 25K. 35K is still a lot less than 39+ million , so I’m not sure why they still have not sold out. Anyway Shenandoah should have been produced in quantity but as the “P” version again absorbed most of the mintage. The mint then cut back on Arches to 22K based on the “P” version subscription sales. I have no clue how many GSD were made but based on the sellout of Arches and the temporary sellout of Everglades at 22K I would say no more that 22K of GSD were made, Now with the mint throwing all production into ASEs, and with the demand for Everglades I don’t think they will produce any more GSDs, and their is a chance less than 22K were made. If that production is 20K or less we have a winner, less than 22k it will do well, 22K (or more) it will do more than hold its own but not much more as its an ugly design. Again my 2 cents.

  82. VA Rich says

    Thanks Sith for the clarification and analysis!

    Does anyone have thoughts on why Ag dips in the Hong Kong market around midnight to 0600 am EST. It seems to happen quite frequently.., makes for a good buying opp, just curious.

  83. NC_Stacker says

    VA Rich

    IMHO I think the reason why there are dips from midnight to 06:00 is because the minipulators are lowering the spot to help China to make large orders of PM’s to offset the US bonds they are buying. Then after the orders are placed the spot will increase closing the window.

    China isn’t making money on the US bonds but they are making up on the back end in the PM’s for what they really want in the first place.

  84. Pool Shark says

    VA Rich:

    Just in case you’re interested, here are the latest Mintage Figures for the entire AtB Program (as of November 5th):

    Hot Springs National Park 33,000 27,000
    Yellowstone National Park 33,000 27,000
    Yosemite National Park 33,000 27,000
    Grand Canyon National Park 33,000 26,019
    Mount Hood National Forest 33,000 26,928
    Gettysburg National Military Park 126,700 24,625
    Glacier National Park 126,700 20,856
    Olympic National Park 104,900 18,398
    Vicksburg National Military Park 58,100 18,594
    Chickasaw National Recreation Area 48,700 16,827
    El Yunque National Forest 24,000 17,314
    Chaco Culture National Historical Park 24,400 17,146
    Acadia National Park 25,400 14,978
    Hawaii Volcanoes National Park 20,000 14,863
    Denali National Park 20,000 15,225
    White Mountain National Forest 35,000 20,530
    Perry’s Victory & Int’l. Peace Memorial 30,000 17,707
    Great Basin National Park 30,000 17,792
    Fort McHenry National Monument 30,000 19,802
    Mount Rushmore National Memorial 35,000 23,547
    Great Smoky Mountains National Park 33,000 24,722
    Shenandoah National Park 22,800 27,280
    Arches National Park 22,000 27,294
    Great Sand Dunes National Park 16,800 22,089
    Everglades National Park 22,000

    The figures in the first column are mintages for Bullion, while the second column figures are for the UNC-P series.

    Interestingly, 2014 may just be the first time in the AtB Series when a Bullion issue has a lower mintage than the corresponding UNC issue; specifically the Shenandoah, Arches and Great Sand Dunes issues. I guess it depends on how many 5-ounce blanks the Mint has left and how many they can mint in the next 1-1/2 months. But it was interesting to see Arches (and for a while, Sand Dunes) being listed as “Sold out at the Mint” by APMEX and Provident last week

  85. cagcrisp says

    @NC_Stacker, Do Really believe what you just posted? Really? Who exactly are the “manipulators”? So the “manipulators” are Lowering the price of Silver so the Chinese can Buy and then when they are told the Chinese are finished Buying then the same “manipulators” are then raising the price of Silver? Is that correct? So what you are describing is a Zero Sum Game, so Who or What is the offsetting Losing party is said scheme? And why if you have figured it out, Why haven’t the losers figured it out? Why Exactly are they doing it Early in the morning? Do you think they are doing it while the United States is asleep? Like the Baltimore Colts sneaking out in the night? Why are they doing it day after day like VA Rich says? Why not do it all at once? And you do know that the PM market is not a drop in the bucket to the overall Bonds that the Chinese hold? Why do you think the Chinese are not making any money on the US bonds they are holding? and what do the Chinese “really want in the first place”?

    Inquiring Minds would like to know about your incredible IMHO posting…

  86. VA Rich says

    Thanks guys – appreciate it!

    GSM didn’t release this year until 04/07/2014, so if the mint follows the same course, it’ll be some time before the next release.., though it’s Nebraska…

  87. VA Rich says

    Even should the mint lower the price on the P pucks, with the exception of the turkey, there may be some news lows among the 2015…, in comparison to this years and 2016 designs, next year may not give us much to be excited about puckwise. I will pick up a tube of Kisatchie.

  88. cagcrisp says

    @VA Rich, I am not a Buyer of ATB coins, however, I will buy at least two tubes of the Kisatchie ATB’s. I have a Lot of turkey hunting friends. I showed them the turkey design and they are all in. None of them have Ever bought a Mint coin before…

    And………… IF they go with the 10 point buck design in 2016 for Kentucky, guess what……….

    Mr. Moran called out design 6, stating that “every Kentuckian needs to have a 10-point buck in his pocket”.

  89. Hidalgo says

    I read the posts on this blog periodically. So it’s possible I may have missed word that the US Mint has listed a 2014 Coin and Chronicles Set – Franklin D. Roosevelt set for December 2014.

    I am not the least bit surprised that such a set will be available. Historians consider FDR as one of the greatest US Presidents of all time. It should be interesting to see what will be included in the set. Perhaps the FDR dollar coin and perhaps a Roosevelt dime. Hmmmmm, what else?

  90. Hidalgo says

    @Bob R – the Ivory Billed Woodpeck, aka the “God Bird” would be better than the Pileated Woodpecker for Kisatchie National Forest. I still hope that one day – someday – someone will find a live Ivory Billed Woodpecker somewhere in the USA…..

  91. Pool Shark says

    This is a test to see if the table comes out better with formatting:

    Hot Springs National Park 33,000 27,000
    Yellowstone National Park 33,000 27,000
    Yosemite National Park 33,000 27,000
    Grand Canyon National Park 33,000 26,019
    Mount Hood National Forest 33,000 26,928
    Gettysburg National Military Park 126,700 24,625
    Glacier National Park 126,700 20,856
    Olympic National Park 104,900 18,398
    Vicksburg National Military Park 58,100 18,594
    Chickasaw National Recreation Area 48,700 16,827
    El Yunque National Forest 24,000 17,314
    Chaco Culture National Historical Park 24,400 17,146
    Acadia National Park 25,400 14,978
    Hawaii Volcanoes National Park 20,000 14,863
    Denali National Park 20,000 15,225
    White Mountain National Forest 35,000 20,530
    Perry’s Victory & Int’l. Peace Memorial 30,000 17,707
    Great Basin National Park 30,000 17,792
    Fort McHenry National Monument 30,000 19,802
    Mount Rushmore National Memorial 35,000 23,547
    Great Smoky Mountains National Park 33,000 24,722
    Shenandoah National Park 22,800 27,280
    Arches National Park 22,000 27,294
    Great Sand Dunes National Park 16,800 22,089
    Everglades National Park 22,000

  92. Boz says

    Thanks for the recap on the puck program sales. Having watched the silver charts for a while myself, you do have to notice peaks and valleys at or about the same times most days. Seems to be much more automated or computer orogrammed than gold charts, and knee jerked like oil and other commodities. Silver apparently is like corn, no intrinsic value, and only worth what you are willing to pay if you need it to squeeze into ethanol, computer chips, or whatever.

    Manipulation in the markets, naw. And there is no inflation, no Area 51, and most assuredly the flying saucer you saw was just a NOAA weather balloon.

  93. VA Rich says

    Thanks again guys for all the silver and AtB input over the past week or so. For those wanting to pick up a tube or rounds at discount, may be worth wild loading up your cart, setting an alert, and if your phone goes off, & just placing the order on those silver dips real-time. So much volatility you may save yourself some good $$$.

  94. VA Rich says

    cag- I think you’ve done more this year to advertise the clad BHoF and upcoming AtBs then the mint has in the years I’ve been collecting – good for you! I love the turkey design as I’ve screwed up so many turkey hunts that that flight path was that last fleeting memory of that day.., without question that design will resonate with many outside of the collecting community, anticipate a very quick sell out – very quick.

    Oh, and Mr. Moran knows a thing or two about Kentuckians, if the 10 pointer is bagged – we have a winner! The mint will up the mintage on that one, like they did with Jackie of the FS Series. I showed the design to family and friends back home and they’ll be buying their first pucks, and a lot of quarters.

  95. VA Rich says

    Bob R – you’re right, turkeys are everywhere, though when I was a teenager and hunting in the 80’s, few states east of the Mississippi had turkeys. The explosive growth of turkeys over the past 30 years is attributable to very concerted conversation efforts to bring back our natural heritage. I personally would much rather see free ranging turkey, bison and elk in their nature territory than the idiots from 3rd world nations that I have to commute along side of in any given day that populate at will (& you’re subsiding), though with that line crossing.

    Yes, without question, the Wookpecker design is awesome.

    I just wish we didn’t have 2 great design for 1 coin and instead had many great designs for 5 coins!

  96. fmtransmitter says

    HSN was in full for at $479 plus ship[ping for ANACS 70 sets of Kennedy’s…He sounded like a kid in a candy store..Too funny…Then he started talking about the Disney set and said you could cancel your sub if you didn’t want, like Pluto, and female host said, “Oh, the Dog!” and looked at him and then apologized…Pure entertainment!

  97. fmtransmitter says

    So until the bugs are worked out, there is no reason to have a website or subscriptions if you plan to pick up single items as well to save on shipping. You need to call or WAIT for the item to be live on the site to add to your bag. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ADD BEFORE THEY ARE RELEASED or you will be paying for extra shipping costs!

  98. GoldFishin says

    @VA RICH- looks like our JFK Silver prediction of another flipper’s nightmare is playing out right on schedule, even without any significant supply yet, prices are already weak with the enhanced and proof coins closing around $85 and this D coin closed at $56. The Reverse is fairing a little better so far. I think we should be able to pick coins up separately and get the entire set for around $240, maybe less. I am no hurry at all.


  99. Bob R says

    VA Rich – Yeah as a teenager here in KS during the 60’s we hunted Greater Prairie Chicken, Pheasant, and Quail, there were very few Turkeys at the time. Now here in the city which is over run by Canada Geese, now the Turkey free ranges too. They are not a problem as the Geese are yet, but let’s see in 20 years.

  100. Hidalgo says

    If one really wants to add a certified set of 4 silver Kennedy half dollars to their collection, I would recommend waiting about 6-9 months after sales end. By that time, buyers will be moving on to the next hottest item that the US Mint has for sale, demand will drop, and prices will fall from current levels.

  101. Bob R says

    I hope when they do the KS Flint Hills ATB they use the Tall Grasses and Greater Prairie Chicken, enough Buffalo theme coins have been done.

  102. cagcrisp says

    @NC_Stacker & TheCoinKeeper, Thanks for the Video and Audio you two provided, That’s what makes a Market..

    For everyone Buying there is Someone Selling. Differences in Opinions…

  103. Bob R says

    There is no odd trading hours. There are basically 3ea trading cycles in a day. Europe, USA, and Asia. If you follow all the trading very often what the USA market trends Asia will follow, generally. If the USA makes a small drop or gain sometimes Asia will follow but may be larger margins, at times. If I am in Hong Kong and see that gld dropped say $5 ounce it is logical that that market may follow too, until the next cycle when it may have a up tick in London, or back to the USA baring major economic news at the time. Just my opnion.

  104. fmtransmitter says

    I watched that video and I can say when I wanted to sell, I simply was unable to log into my trading account. They turn it off and don’t answer the phones! It’s a scam. They wanted real weath, property, and that is what they got. Real estate is now real wealth which equals a stronger dollar…

  105. VA Rich says

    GF – Wow – so soon, who would have thunk it?! If this holds true they’re is already a huge variance between some of today’s auctions and what the retailers are asking. Thanks for posting, all day yesterday I was getting these emails from retailers advertising their sets in the $380-$479 range which is ridiculous and I have not had time to check the bay. It’s very welcome news as I’m running over budget on the remodeling project, so it’s tile instead of silver for now! Yeah, so I’ll kick this purchase down the road as well.

  106. VA Rich says

    Coin Keeping – outstanding reference, thanks for posting. I’ll have to go back and take it in a few times , very interesting.

    Bob R – hear ya on the repeat of characters that continue to find themselves on the AtBs like rocks, big birds, distant valleys, etc. The mint should advise the NPS advisor of the site being recognized to mix it up a bit and encourage them to stay away from past design.

    I really feel Cumberland Gap adviser/selection committee missed a BIG OPPORTUNITY to have a truly unique and rare coin design instead of the same ole theme (unless the 10-pointer is selected). I am still of the opinion that a Cumberland Gap design with a cave view with stalagmites, stalactites and a bat or spelunker would have been a big, big hit. Or even a copper pot of moon-shining still would have been better than some off distant valley view again.

    So with that said, yes, the AtB designs need to be more creative and unique going forward ~

  107. Sith says

    As their was talk about the silver price manipulation

    “Moments ago the FT reported that alongside admissions of rigging every other market, UBS – always the proverbial first rat in the coalmine, to mix and match metaphors- is about to “settle” allegations of gold and silver rigging. In other words: it admits it had rigged the gold and silver markets, without of course “admitting or denying” it did so.”

  108. NC_Stacker says

    Bringing things back on subject:

    With the Mint running out of planchets for the Silver Eagles, could it be possible that they lower the mintage of the ATB’s and send the 5oz planchets to be melted into 1oz planchets for the Eagles?

  109. thePhelps says

    NC..I think it is more likely the mint will just wait for more planchets. It makes little sense to limit the production of both products.

    That guy that wrote the “Conspiracy” story needs writing class… he scatters his thoughts and the story all over the place.

  110. Sith says

    NC_Stacker – No they will not, even when they are stuck with a ton of them and had to discount them in 2011 they did not melt them. It is not cost effective to melt them. Their is no need to lower the mintage as they don’t need to produce the entire mintage,and as mentioned earlier their is no mintage to lower as the mint claimed they had enough product to meet demand, but as they can’t meet ASE demand I would take that comment with a grain of salt.

  111. jeff says

    Wes the mint thanks you for buying their poor quality coins. There’s a pattern most here don’t recognize the mint is no were near their mintage limits, they have missed everyone since the bhof. Many have just given up however many here say the low mintage will cause a premium. There are many coins with low mintage and no appreciation the Kennedy’s falls in this catogory. The sleepers P/D clads you can have them for under $10 so pay $100 pay $1250 buy what you want even if it’s poor quality no customer service no thinking out of the box just generic releases day in day out no imagination . Just one posters opinion. 1.2 oz. Of silver $100 .75 oz. Of gold $1250 oh there is a sliding scale when the mint is remind by the posters here for golds not the silvers they will never change the silver there stuck bought a shit load years ago when they tried to hegde there bet it back fired.

  112. Dave SW FL says

    Well, I finally got to take a look at my clad Kennedy sets tonight. They got shipped to my Northern address by mistake and I just got back up North…….don’t even ask why.

    I am STUNNED!!!!!!! I have only opened one set, and they appear to the naked eye to be PERFECT and proof like. Hope the other 4 sets are as nice. These will be highly appreciated Christmas presents. I may even cherry pick the best of them to grade as a Christmas present to myself!

    Plus I got a nice reminder of how well the previous shipper packaged the product.

    Only $10 . Wow

  113. jeff says

    Silver going to $12 strengthening dollar. The reason the mint has announced they ran out of silver planchets is because they were allocated to the 2016 ASE expect sudden sell outs in silver products just don’t know which ones my guess first will be the burnished. They do this almost every year run out of supply thank god there is 8 weeks of nothing coming from the mint. Maybe time to revamp quality issues, hire educated employees that have an idea of quality control maybe a packer or two use gloves, sterile envirnment, have pride in what their doing not just throw the planchets around. Innovate innovate innovate innovate innovate suggestion fractional silver products, silver dollar notes, serial numbers coins, retired war ships, different shaped coinage, I’m sure ours have there ideas just anything instead of the same old same this is the 21st century let’s change it up .

  114. Hidalgo says

    There is a really good deal for anyone who wants a set of NGC certified 2014 50th Anniversary Silver Kennedy half dollars, FIRST Releases SP70 PF70. Just $318.74 for all 4 coins.


    I still thinks it’s pricey, but heck, some folks want to be the first to own a set, so here’s a great opportunity to do so.

  115. RSF says

    Jeff – Interesting continuous stream of thought. It would be so much more effective with punctuation! (and easier on my brain)

  116. vkind says

    Hidalgo….I don’t see that price any more…Case of wrong discount that seller realized and removed.

  117. Jon in CT says

    RSF wrote on November 9, 2014 at 8:26 PM:

    Jeff – Interesting continuous stream of thought. It would be so much more effective with punctuation! (and easier on my brain)

    I would call that “stream of consciousness.” I’m pretty sure it was unencumbered by the thought process (as Car Talk’s Tom Magliozzi used to say – RIP).

  118. jeff says

    RSF get with the program it’s the world of short hand, no punctuation or capitalization, commas, use of nouns or verbs do you not text or tweet rotflmao

  119. NC_Stacker says

    A one online website that we all know of sold out of both 4 coin sets, Black core and White core NGC 70’s that’s about 400+ sets sold @ 399 each. Seeing the TV show today the S didn’t have the zebra stripes.

  120. Larry says

    I think in the long run the silver four piece Kennedy set will do well because you will need it if you collect reverse proofs, and also if you collect enhanced uncirculateds.

  121. Wes says

    Jeff, I am glad they appreciate it because they put out a high quality beautiful set. The main complaint I keep seeing is that silver is down and the mint didn’t give a price break. Too bad.

  122. Dave says

    cagcrisp November 8, 2014 at 12:42 pm
    @NC_Stacker, Do Really believe what you just posted

    cagcrisp — actually NC_Stacker is not far off the mark; I am not sure the manipulation is working, “exactly this way; however, Market manipulation in precious metals has been taking place for some time now. So –yes, to do really believe what Stacker is stating.

    Not enough time or room to discus now — do a little research of your own and report back. Thx.

  123. fmtransmitter says

    Larry says
    NOVEMBER 10, 2014 AT 8:28 AM

    I think in the long run the silver four piece Kennedy set will do well because you will need it if you collect reverse proofs, and also if you collect enhanced uncirculateds.
    Not to mention there will only be 75k of each design…They DID throw us a bone. The P is the only Proof to be made at Philly since 1964!

  124. fmtransmitter says

    Wes says
    NOVEMBER 10, 2014 AT 9:43 AM

    Jeff, I am glad they appreciate it because they put out a high quality beautiful set. The main complaint I keep seeing is that silver is down and the mint didn’t give a price break. Too bad.
    Not bullion! Numismatic product…:)

  125. cagcrisp says

    @Dave, Like I have said before there are opinions on here that I respect, and there are those that I don’t. The more someone posts it helps me separate those that I do from those that I don’t. You have your ideas and I have mine. That’s what makes a market. I wish you well…

  126. cagcrisp says

    To get a Gold price Decrease you will need the remaining 4 Gold fixes to average $1,144.23 and a PM close on Wednesday under $1,150.00.

  127. Larry says

    I polled out my 2013 West Point set to compare the enhanced unc ASE to the enhanced unc Kennedy. The ASE wins hands down, but that is because the obverse really stands out on the ASE. It just has so many more details that stand out with the different finishes. The Kennedy only has a big head. But I am looking forward to any new enhanced uncs, the ASE is just such a beautiful coin. When you look back, the mint has sure turned out some exciting coins in the past few years. This is an exciting time to be a collector of moderns!

  128. Sith says

    Presale ship date for Everglades is changing from 11/12 to 11/20. Either they the sold out of the initial purchases, or the mint is delaying shipping. I will find out in few day as my coins initially stated they would ship by 11/12. It looks like Everglades is going to be a winner.

  129. Boz says

    For what it is worth, the remaining Everglades subscription or enrollment or whatever it was from last week has shipped and been delivered already. Doubt there were too many who bought on the first day but those who did already have them .

  130. Eddie says

    With silver falling and the mint staying with $160.00 for the 5 ozer it should be be interesting just how many the mint does sale. As far as the Everglades being the best one of the lot I personally don’t see it.
    I have had my silver Kennedy’s set and they really do look great. I just hope as far as the Kennedy’s I hope they don’t try to pull another rabbit out of there hat.

  131. Dave says

    @cagcrisp, November 10, 2014 at 10:59 am
    “@Dave, Like I have said before there are opinions on here that I respect, and there are those that I don’t. The more someone posts it helps me separate those that I do from those that I don’t. You have your ideas and I have mine. That’s what makes a market. I wish you well…”

    Congratulations, however, you don’t need to justify yourself to me — believe whatever you will. Really? Everyone has ideas and opinions — since when?

    Some people are less secure in those idea’s and opinions than others and the more they show those insecurities, the less important it is either way, especially when justifying themselves by stating the obvious, but then again — hey, those are just ideas.

  132. jimb says

    I opened my 5 oz Everglades today. It will be sent back for a replacement as there is a small brown spot on the spoon bills wing. I like the design and really hope the replacement piece will be better.

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