2014-P Great Sand Dunes National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

Today, September 15, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the Great Sand Dunes National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins. This will represent the twenty-fourth overall release within the numismatic series.

Sand Dunes Silver Coin

The reverse design carries the image of a father and son playing in the sand within the park next to a creek bed. The background includes the distinctive mountains and sand dunes of the site. Inscriptions around the outer circumference read “Great Sand Dunes”, “Colorado”, “2014”, and “E Pluribus Unum”. The reverse was both designed and engraved by Don Everhart.

On the obverse of the coin is the 1932 portrait of George Washington designed by John Flanagan. The inscriptions read “United States of America”, “Liberty”, “In God We Trust”, and “Quarter Dollar”. The “P” mint mark appears to represent the Philadelphia Mint.

Incused edge inscriptions indicate the precious metal weight and purity as “.999 Fine Silver 5.0 Ounce”.

This coin represents a numismatic release which carries a limited mintage and is sold directly by the United States Mint to the public. The numismatic version is differentiated with an uncirculated finish created through a vapor blasting technique and the “P” mint mark  on the obverse.

A maximum mintage of 30,000 has been indicated. Pricing is $154.95 per coin, with orders fulfilled through the US Mint’s online subscription program receiving the discounted price o $139.45 per coin. There are no household ordering limits imposed.

The first numismatic release of the series for this year featuring Great Smoky Mountains National Park had sold out at last reported sales of 24,725 compared to the maximum mintage of 25,000 pieces. The subsequent two releases have reached sales of 26,375 for Shenandoah and 26,252 for Arches from maximum mintages of 30,000 pieces each.

Bullion versions of this year’s coins have seen sales to date of 30,000 for Great Smoky Mountains, 21,000 for Shenandoah, and 21,200 for Arches. The Great Sand Dunes bullion version, which was made available to order from August 25 has reached sales of 10,000 pieces.

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  1. cagcrisp says


    Mint Kennedy excel spreadsheet update for 09/14/14 (change from 09/07/14 spreadsheet):

    2014 KENNEDY ANNIVERSARY GOLD COIN (K15) 63,384 (down 543)
    2014 KENNEDY ANNIVERSARY UNC CLAD SET (K14) 129,986 (up 2,236)

  2. cagcrisp says

    Mint BHOF excel spreadsheet update for 09/14/14 (change from 09/07/14 spreadsheet):

    Gold proof BHOF 32,838 (down 2)
    Gold unc. 18,441 (down 2)
    Silver proof 268,009 (down 51)
    Silver unc. 131,949 (down 112)
    Clad proof 212,668 (up 1,194)
    Clad unc. 131,929 (up 85)
    Young Collector 21,075 (up 521)

    Gold BHOF 51,279 oversold 1,279
    Silver BHOF 399,958 under 42

  3. thePhelps says

    Actually – the mint issued the order for mine on the 11th with a backordered ship date of the 13th. I think they are trying tog et these processed early to ship before the lock down.

  4. VA Rich says

    K15 –
    8/10/2014 – 62,341
    8/17/2014 – 63,521 (+1180)
    8/25/2014 – 63,388 (-133); price increase to $1,277
    8/31/2014 – 64,305 (+917); price decrease to $1,240
    9/07/2014 – 63,927 (-378)
    9/14/2014 – 63,384 (-542)

    For those in the guesstimate competition-

    1,043 units sold over 5 weeks

    Forecasted Sales from Sold Average:
    8/25 – 498 x 19 weeks + 63,388 = 72.8k
    8/31 – 654 x 18 weeks + 64,305 = 76k
    9/07 – 396 x 17 weeks + 63,927 = 70.6k
    9/14 – 208 (weekly avg) x 16 wks remaining +63,384 = 66.7k

  5. VA Bob says

    Well the subscriptions should have been a no-brainer for them, but did they think no one would order the first day of availability? I shouldn’t be surprised, this occurs commonly.

  6. Pittsburgh P says

    VaRich & cag maybe if we keep getting negative sales numbers through December 31 the mintage will be under 50k 😉

  7. cagcrisp says

    Gold Kennedy Guesstimates (resorted from low to high)

    • GoldFishin 66,532 – 73,185 07/31
    • Jeff 70k 07/10
    • TimTom 70k 07/31
    • Longarm 70k 08/01
    • VA Rich 50k +/- 8k 07/10 ; 71,293 07/31
    • Louis 50k 07/10; +/- 75k 08/01
    • zeeman 75,000 08/03
    • bg35765 75,920 08/01
    • Dustyroads 86,500 07/31
    • Pittsburg P between 88,000 and 110,000 07/31
    • gary 92,586 07/31
    • SilverFan over/under 100k 07/11
    • VA Bob 100k +/- 5k 07/31
    • A Bob 100,000 07/31
    • VABEACHBUM 07/16 do not think it will either garner the interest or come anywhere close to 109k
    • Sith 60k 07/11; 100k to 120k 07/31
    • thePhelps between 75 and 100k the first week and a total of 125k 07/31
    • Stephen m. 150k+ 07/11
    • Clark exceed 200k 07/26

  8. TomP. in Va says

    Ordered the Dunes by phone a few minutes after noon and received status of back ordered with a shipping date of 09/16 . Immediately after, did a separate order of a proof ASE as a birth gift to be shipped elsewhere and received a status of in stock and reserved with no stated shipping date. I guess these ATB-P’s are being treated differently.

  9. VA Rich says

    Pitt – Ha! I’m thinking I should have stayed at my initial predictions of 50k! So how does the saying go, “Bow, wow, ???) ;7 I never did see that iceberg coming…

    Interesting that by next week, there will have been coins sold on eBay than from the mint. – that’s rather profound in my opinion.

    So where does it go from here? The negative sales are soon to be over to the 7 day return policy. Just lingers along until the end, or there’s a price drop?

  10. says

    VA Bob,

    I’m a subscriber and mine’s listed on the 9/13 backorder too. I’m expecting it’ll go out in the next day or two to avoid the “lockdown” like thePhelps suggested. That or else some kind of exception will be made for the subscribers/first hour AtB orders.

  11. cagcrisp says

    @VA Rich, “Interesting that by next week, there will have been coins sold on eBay than from the mint. – that’s rather profound in my opinion.”

    ??????????? You don’t want the Blog Police looking for you…I only show 1005 Gold Kennedy’s sold doing a search ‘2014 gold Kennedy’

  12. Pittsburgh P says

    Me too Cag, Me too!

    VaRich I was actually suprised it was that large a # to the negative… Like you said there is only a 7 day return window so for negative numbers two weeks in a row is odd to me. I may just be missing somthing though…

  13. Hawkster says


    As these negative sales reports keep coming in, I can picture your jumps for joy getting higher and higher. You’re a one man rooting section so I guess doing the wave is out.

  14. VA Rich says

    cag – my bad, over the past 5 weeks – 1043 sold via mint, 1005 on the bay.

    Pitt – the large surge of 917 the last week of August, by the numbers, was all given back, geez

  15. cagcrisp says

    Cancellations are one thing, Returns Could be treated completely different. Returns may be counted when Check is cut. Either way the negative numbers should be coming to an end and since most of the cancellations/returns are out of the way, we may get a clean number. With a price cut looming, the positive number can’t be very large…

  16. VA Rich says

    Hey guys, maybe we should start a new poll, starting from 10 Aug, who will sell more coins, the mint or fleabay?

  17. ike says

    I just wanted to let collectors know I just received a p,d&s set of the ATB quarter set ( GT SND ). I opened it & to my surprise there were 2 p rolls & 1 d roll & 0 s rolls. I’m not sure how common this is, but if you collect the rolls you might want to open & check them. I called customer service & could have sent it back & received the s mint, but instead just ordered the s mint.

  18. Hawkster says

    When it comes down to the collecting the 5 oz. ATB’s, there appears appears to be a number of strategies:
    1. There are some collectors who will strive for every ATB, uncirculated (P) and bullion.
    2. Only bullion.
    3. Only uncirculated (P)
    4. Only National Parks
    5. Only National Parks/Monuments that the collector has actually visited.
    6. Only the ATB’s with a design that appeals to the individual collector.
    7. Etc., etc.

    The point here is that there is no one correct way to collect these. Each of these ATB’s can look good standing alone or look good in a grouping. Because a 5 oz. version had never been done in a coin offering before, it took a little time to get used to these. They seem to be getting more and more favorable reactions from collectors, and this is reflected in their increasing popularity.

  19. Don says

    It might be a bit early, but Kennedy gold looks to be re-priced this Wednesday at Noon to 1203. I think sales will continue to be negatively impacted in short term; and I think Mint is giving serious consideration to closing sales. This might mean a slightly firmer price late in year, assuming no further significant erosion of gold price occurs.

  20. VA Bob says

    I don’t believe the mint will stop selling with the price lowered on tier. They haven’t suspended gold sales since moving to the new system, plus big lows that what was is currently in effect have happened during other coins runs, of course nobody was checking the weekly Mint numbers then either. If it did happen, it would be fun to see the flippers racing to buy what’s out their to try and make another run at it.

    The Mint can receive 50K returns on the gold JFK, and not sell another one, as far as I’m concerned it will only help the coin. But, I don’t believe that’s going to happen, not on the scale some, myself included, would hope for. The flippers will still be angry they didn’t get their share, blaming mint to demand. Well MTD isn’t hurting me one bit, and every person canceling an order or retuning it, just makes this coin more and more attractive for the long term.

  21. fmtransmitter says

    $18.63 spot, rather buy 5 rounds at this point price than this puck…As a matter of fact, I did! 🙂

  22. Ikaika says

    @ FM

    For those interested in the bullion value, the rounds may seem a better choice at this time. But for those collecting the ATB series there is no choice 🙂

  23. vaughnster says

    I’m still in for both P and bullion issues of the 5 oz. ATB coins. I’m nearly halfway home so why stop now? I’ve got any combination covered this way 🙂 I even have some graded, too.

  24. Clark says

    Earlier, a Mint spokesperson stated that it has 75.000 gold blanks ready to be pressed into JFKs. I can’t help but think, in the wake of a wildly successful gold BHoF sell out and an equally impressive first day of gold JFK sales, that they probably gave the go-ahead to mint all 75K gold Kennedys early on. If they did, then it’s unlikely they will stop sales anytime soon. I;ve noticed that when the Mint has inventory on its shelves, it rarely stops selling products. See, for example, those bronze medals & gold spouses that hang around year after year. I don’t have a dog in this fight; I bought one gold JFK for my collection and am happy with it, but the US Mint is a creature of habit and its past practices should foretell future actions.

  25. thePhelps says

    fm…I generally buy both these and rounds. You are right the price for rounds is good at this price compared to days gone by, but these pucks have grown on me as they get deeper into the series. Granted this isn’t my favorite for the year but I got both my P and bullion covered anyway.

    So when does the next zombuck come out?

  26. Pittsburgh P says

    Yeah FMT, I’m interested in where you got those rounds at for 18.63$ too. I just picked up 2 rolls of Merc dimes for 135$ since my LCS was sellin em for melt but am always looking for rounds at spot 🙂

  27. Pittsburgh P says

    Clark thats true but they also said they’d mint 6000 a week not all at once checking on demand. I cannot see whoever makes that decision to keep producing 6000 each week after they aren’t even selling 1…

  28. Hawkster says

    I don ‘t think any collector, especially one who has shelled out over a thousand dollars for a gold product, wants to see a costly coin they have bought languishing on the Mint’s website.. Obviously the Mint is trying to make the best of an unsuccessful undertaking by squeezing out as many Kennedy sales as possible. After a while, a point of diminishing returns is reached, both for the Mint and for the collector. The Mint was its own worst public relations enemy with the way it unwittingly partnered with the sleaze ball dealers when this coin was rolled out at the ANAshow.

  29. says

    The gold Kennedy’s should be around at least into December, but it’s eeasy to imagine them sitting on the shelves selling 25 a week. I never did get around to getting myself one after letting my three sail back after watching my fiances bounce up and down more than the Texas Tornado roller coaster. I’ve been on such a tight budget lately that it’s sucking the air out of my lungs, so I wait. I did however leave my subscription for the 5 oz. P’s alone, I’m “in stock and reserved.” These are cheap enough to be enjoyable to collect. So far since deciding to buy these in 2012, I have taken the “one of each variety” approach, hopefully I’ll get the “go” this week and continue.
    We live in some interesting times, good to be alive.
    Hope I didn’t yap this time..thanks Jon, owe it all to ya.

  30. Hawkster says

    Hey fm,

    There’s been a small public appeal made in an attempt to have you reveal where you got those rounds for $18.63 (an ounce). Thus far, to the dismay of a few of the commenters, you have yet to transmit your “fishing spot”. What’s up?

  31. VA Bob says

    Hawkster – I’m curious as to why you would suggest the JFK gold is an “unsuccessful undertaking”. If 60K is as you say, then this years gold buffalos, and the BHOF are also “unsuccessful undertakings” as well. If fact that would include many annual gold products and almost all gold commemorative products. What exactly constitutes a successful undertaking by the Mint? Not tying to put you on the spot, just trying to figure out why people think this coin is a failure.

  32. VA Bob says

    Dusty – If they are going to do a gold Walking Liberty, any unused 3/4 gold plachets from the gold JFK will probably go toward that IMO.

  33. MarkH says

    I ordered my -P puck today from the mint. That part of the collection is up to date. But the bullion part, not so much. I think I’ll stick with slabbed MS69s for that and right now that means waiting a bit and saving up some money. But boy do the -P pucks and the bullion versions look nice side by side!


  34. Jon in CT says

    A significant feature will be added to the new catalog website if you buy in bulk from the Mint. According to the FAQ about the upcoming catalog sales website at http://www.usmint.gov/WebsiteInfo/improvements/NewShoppingSite/?action=FAQ:

    What kind of upgrades and improvements can bulk customers expect from the Mint’s new shopping site?

    The new shopping site will allow bulk customers to order products online and by phone. Additional features include:
    • A unique log-in that will show bulk products online
    • The ability for bulk customers to request wire transfer payment online, in addition to paying by credit card
    • Products for bulk customers will be updated and purchased in real-time, eliminating the need to receive forms and replies by fax to the United States Mint

  35. Pittsburgh P says

    So no more 10% discount for subscriptions after October 1 with the new system… Is this new news or have people known about it and I just missed it?

  36. Pittsburgh P says

    Dusty its on the mints website

    – Eligible subscription products shipped before September 27, 2014 will receive the discount; eligible subscription products shipped subsequent to the launch of the new website will be charged at regular price.

    -Effective October 1, 2014, the 10% discount applied to the current Subscription Program will no longer be offered.

    Important note: With the new system, the Subscription Program will be referred to as the Enrollment Program, which can be accessed under the Enrollment section on the new website.


  37. Hidalgo says

    I’m not sure if anyone posted this yet, so here goes. If this information was posted, you can ignore this post.

    I just received a US Mint Survey. The survey contained news about a possible new product. Here is what is written:

    The United States Mint is considering producing a new 24 Karat Ultra High Relief Gold Coin in 2015. This coin would have a more modernized rendition of Walking Liberty on the obverse face with a completely redesigned Eagle on the back (reverse).

    The coin will be offered as a set with a 24 Karat Ultra High Relief Gold Coin and a SIlver Medal.

    The coins will be 24 karat gold in a $20 dollar denomination with an Ultra High Relief Finish. The Ultra High Relief design is double the thickness of other coins. The coins would be minted at West Point and feature a W-Mint mark.

    If developed, a 2015 24 karat Gold Ultra High Relief Coin would be comparable to the 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin, in that it would be one troy ounce.

    The Silver Medal would feature the same design as the Gold coin and would be 1 5/16″ in .999 silver.

    The price for the coin and medal set will be approximately $1,775.

    Note: Pricing for gold coin products is tied to the market price for one ounce of gold and can vary dependent upon changes in the market value.

  38. sharks2th says

    The Kennedy clad sets must be having production problems. My order from 8/12 has had the proposed shipping date move from 9/3 to 9/12 and now to 9/26.

    @PP – It looks like they are changing what they call the subscriptions (will be Enrollment). I didn’t see anything saying the discount was going away for this calendar year.

    @Hawkster – You can add the P plus the MS69DMPL bullion option to the ATB Puck options.

    My ATB subscription is showing in stock and reserved.

  39. GoldFishin says

    @Dusty- The US Mint at the start of sales had 40,000 JFK’s ready to go with the on hand materials to produce 75,000 coins. Obviously, after the first day of sales they knew they had to crank up the presses to produce at least 18,000 coins which would take 3 weeks since they can produce 6,000 per week. After another couple weeks it became evident that they had to produce 6,000 more, so then by 9-5-14 the US Mint would have been at 64,000 coins produced. Since we have been above that level as of 8-31-2014 they obviously had to continue production. I personally feel like they probably do production runs in one week increments but that is just an assumption. If so, they would have produced another 6,000 which would take us up to 70,000 coins produced overall. At this point I think the Mint should be thinking that is all the production they need based on the negative sales growth and it should carry them through the end of the year. They strongly suggested that they would carry sales through 12-31 and I expect they will, especially if they do have 70,000 coins produced at this time. As things sit now, I believe they are no longer producing new coins and the only unknown is when did they cut production? If by chance they only ran say 3000 extra coins and now sit at 67,000 produced we have a chance to at least get sold out by year’s end. If they ran 70,000, at current sales pace these things might be available into next year which wouldn’t be good for anybody. Oh, except the Mint of course.

    FROM MNB Dated 8-7-2014
    Deputy Director Dick Peterson said, “The Mint is very proud to have produced over 40,000 of these beautiful coins. We will continue to produce 6,000 of the coins per week for the next several weeks and continue to assess demand. We are committed to _____________maximizing_____________ access to these products.”

  40. VA Bob says

    Hildalgo – I got the same survey. Just filled it out. I’m not crazy about the Mint mixing silver and gold products. They are basically forcing one to buy the silver medal if they want the UHR.

  41. sharks2th says

    I’m wondering if the mint will do another drop in the ATB puck price since they will be doing away with the subscription discount…

  42. GoldFishin says

    @Pitt P. – wow, no subscription 10% discount would mean the Everglades ATB will be charged at the regular $154.95 rate which could significantly reduce sales of the year’s most anticipated ATB coin. It will be interesting to see how many “Enrollments” are de-rolled! 😉 I have already ended mine, so it won’t affect me.

    The de-rolled was all for you jOn In cT!

  43. VA Bob says

    GoldFishin – I will un-enroll for sure. I only signed up for the discount and anyway, I like to be in control of when something will be shipped (combine orders) or charged to the CC.

  44. Pittsburgh P says

    Shark 2th yeah the names changing & right under that info it said this – I posted it earlier but you may have missed it –

    -Effective October 1, 2014, the 10% discount applied to the current Subscription Program will no longer be offered.

    GF I De-rolled also 🙂 & it’s only a few bucks for my silver quarters & ASE proof & unc subs but I still liked it… It covered shipping or close to it.

  45. VA Rich says

    Dusty – I hope things turn around for ya down in South Texas, besides… I’ve come to trust, if Dusty’s buying then I need to be on it! 🙂

    Pitt – perhaps the 10% will carry over to the Enrollment Program and that is just poorly worded by the mint that we’ve seen so many times before. Michael is probably on it and we’ll see clarification on this new roll out in a week or two. If it does end the 10% discount, well that really frreak’n blows! I had planned to go big on Everglades.

  46. Pittsburgh P says

    VaRich that’s always a possibility but since it said that orders shipped prior to Sept 27 will receive tge discount & ones after will be charged full price then goes on to say it will no longer be offered I doubt it. I’ll ask CS-If that’ll be any help – cause I am calling anyway about the JFK replacement capsule they sent me – it was half a capsule shipped ups 2 day air signature required of course…

  47. sharks2th says

    Yes PP, I was typing when you posted so my post hit after yours and I hadn’t seen it yet. I guess there is a hope they could carry over the discount for those already in the program. If they don’t do something like that, I’m with the rest of you in dropping the subscriptions/enrollments I have. Maybe the mint thinks the everglades will be a big seller and wants to up the profits. I’m still hoping they will drop the silver prices if silver continues down. It is still currently going down in Asia trading to 18.70 (-0.05).

  48. GoldFishin says

    @Pitt P.
    From US MINT about new features-
    “Online management of enrollment (subscription) products by the customer to change quantity or inactivate an enrollment. Also, the customer can easily update shipping and billing information for all of their enrollments.”

    Pitt P- This feature if I am interpreting it correctly was sorely needed. I had multiple subscriptions(about a dozen) and whenever I wanted to cancel one or change quantity there was no way of doing it or telling which subscription(of same product) was which. The only hint I had was which credit card was used for a particular subscription. But now with the 10% discount, if indeed it is now a dinosaur, it won’t matter, but I like the enhancement.

  49. VA Rich says

    And while we’re on the topic, they can goose the mintage throttle back to ‘flight idle’ for the 2015 pucks if no discount will be offered. Still want my canons for Saratoga and no morphed tunnel dwelling dogwood trees.., can’t recall the last time I saw one of those cruising the parkway.

  50. sharks2th says

    If the Mint doesn’t offer a discount with the Enrollment program, I’m going back to my normal 3-5 orders a year. I’m with you VA Bob. I like to have a general idea of when to expect orders, especially if I will not be home to accept the orders. Call me old fashioned (or cheap -haha), but I still remember the free shipping from the Mint years ago and have never been happy with the shipping charge on every order.

  51. sharks2th says

    The Mint will be offering 4 shipping options so maybe the free shipping option will return. They are calling the options budget, standard, expedited and priority.

  52. says

    The way I’m reading it, the 10% discount will not be available for the “current” program.
    The Mint of course will reserve the right to cancel the program, but they haven’t said that.
    They have however referred to the discount program as the “2014 discount program,” leaving room for the next program to resume. I have wondered from the beginning if this would be for a year or longer. Do we know for sure?

  53. Hidalgo says

    @VABob – the gold coin seems to be a version of the American Silver Eagle coin (which has the Walking Liberty design on the obverse) and the new “flying eagle” reverse.

  54. Pittsburgh P says

    Shark2th that’s what I figured… I’m with you and hope for a price reduction AND free shipping to make a come back but I won’t hold my breathe 🙂

    GF yeah it was a needed improvement but will it be utilized(as much)now without the discount?

    Dusty from what CS just told me it’s a goner… No more discount verified. Then again we all know how much we can count on the info given out by the Mints CSR 😉

  55. jeff says

    WOW I to hope they cancel the Kennedy gold issue because its on fire and when they close it out the herd of buyers will come rushing in there just wait for it to close lol so they can be lambasted for 2% over cost, once a turd always a turd.

  56. says

    VA Rich says

    September 15, 2014 at 8:42 pm

    Dusty – I hope things turn around for ya down in South Texas, besides… I’ve come to trust, if Dusty’s buying then I need to be on it! 🙂

    VA Rich, Am I sensing some sarcasm?

    BTW, I wouldn’t say things are bad, commodity markets and the weather have always been risky business, I’m used to it…for the most part.

  57. sharks2th says

    I guess since they are moving the fulfillment center back to Memphis, FedEx will be back to the top of the shippers list. I’m sure they’ll use the smart post options for the lower tier shipping services and FedEx for the next day and Priority services. It looks like they will be “promising” to send orders out the same day for the top tier shipping service.

  58. jeff says

    Those that are canceling their subscription you need to call the mint and cancel the product. This just happened to me where I cancel 2014 Annual uncirculated dollar set only to find out they mailed my order of coins my order form shows cancelled subscription only order went through. These will be returned

    USM ANNUAL UNC $ COIN SET – SUBSCRIPTION 4 $0.01 $0.04 Line was cancelled.
    2014 ANNUAL $1 UNC SET 4 $44.95 $179.80 4 units shipped on 09/11/2014

  59. Hawkster says


    I get your point that with an assumed mintage of about 62K, the Kennedy gold hardly seems like an unsuccessful offering. From the Mint’s standpoint, however, this has to be a highly disappointing figure. I am sure they were anticipating a figure closer to 100K and were caught off guard when the sales quickly fizzled. It seems that they simply overestimated the collector demand for this offering.

  60. Louis says

    The way I read it anything shipped after Oct. 1 under the enrollment/subscription program will not be discounted. Since you pay a separate shipping fee, that negates the value of the program. So once my GSD pucks ship, its time to cancel those subs and go back to ordering items together like before.

    @Hidalgo- the proposed 2015 UHR gold and silver set has been discussed at length when it was proposed by the CCAC a couple months ago. I was there. The reverse would be the flying eagle design the Mint rejected for a new ASE reverse, the obverse has not been created yet and will be a modern version of liberty.

  61. VA Bob says

    Hawkster – Fair enough response, but if they procured 75K planchets, that was probably close to the numbers they were expecting IMO. Thanks.

  62. Sith says

    Canceled all my subscriptions. I was never comfortable having my items automatically shipped and because you can not combine shipping I see no point in keeping them.

  63. Dave says

    Dustyroads says: September 15, 2014 at 5:14 PM:
    “I never did get around to getting myself one after letting my three sail back . . .”

    Yeah, I hear you on the finance issue. Well, I ordered Kennedy Gold’s from the Mint and was also able to get a 69 & 70 on Fleecebay, for just a small mount (Graded) over Mint price. I had ordered several from the mint and kept 2 that I believe would grade about 70; now my problem is I have more than I need, or want to afford at this point — was not really expecting to win the others at those prices!

    Thus, if you still decide you would like one later, we might be able to work something out. However, if Gold were to rise, we might have to haggle bit, but I would give you “Mint News Blog,” family price.


  64. Dave says

    OR, I could always give them (Gold Kennedy’s) to the Grandkids — oh, that’s right, I don’t have any Grandkids (yet). So, I guess that makes me a hoarder — at least according to one poster that I read on last weeks blog. I thought it so damn amusing that the poster felt other posters needed to justify themselves to him . . .


  65. jhawk92 says

    Well that just plain stinks about the subscription discount ending. Like others, I will be canceling the three subscriptions I had this year. I had hoped we could get through this full year of the pucks but I guess it is not to be. Guess I will organize my Mint purchases around release dates to maximize what is in an order for shipping. I am bummed.

    But on a good note, thanks to those who recommended the DMPL bullion pucks. I found a source and got the 2011 and 2013 complete sets in MS69 DMPL as well as the first two 2014 designs and they are amazing to look at. I need to pull out a P puck and compare side by side, but so far I am impressed. So I guess count me in on those that are collecting both. It will be expensive to track down the 2010 and 2012 but I have my feelers out. I guess I hope silver stays low for a few more years so I can stack pucks. If I can make it through the full series I think it will be quite a collection to have both sets.


  66. VA Rich says

    Dusty – nope, no sarcasm here. I’m still anticipating a glut of JFKs to hit the bay, at some point, flippers just want out. If a couple of 69’s can be snagged for $1,088 during an early evening.., there’s always the possibility of it going lower with this offering.

    jhawk92 – glad its working out, I got hooked this year and trying to playing catch up. I need the ’10 & ’12 series as well, if you come across a good source, let me know please and I’ll do the same. In the past, there’s been a lot of discussion out here about the pucks eventually floundering or loosing interest, I’m finding just the opposite is true, at least from more recent comments of new collectors attempting to pull the series to together. ’12 will be a challenge though. & I think a couple of this years will do well, though time is tell.

    Looking ahead at the future NP site to be represented on the AtB, I’m fearful of many of the same or similar scenic/animal designs.., would really like to see some creativity in the designs going forward for 2016. Why Mammoth wasn’t selected for a KY instead of Cumberland Gap is beyond me, would loved to have seen a cave puck!

    Pulling that 10% discount is rather ill timed by the mint, with Ag still further depressed now.

  67. MarkH says

    Jhawk-they really are something to look at side by side, aren’t they? (P pucks and the bullion ATB 5 Oz-ers, that is). I have all the Ps and 2010 bullion in MS69 plus a few extras…I sure would like to get the rest but I’ve already spent a ton of money on various coins this year.


  68. thePhelps says

    Sounds like many of us are in the same boat on the ATB’s… we got in late and are playing catch up on the early issues. I’ve been buying 2 of each issue for the last couple of years – and hope to sell or trade them in the future to back fill my missing pucks. I expect it will take me a few years to fill the blanks – but such is the life of a coin collector.

  69. Jon in CT says

    VA Rich wrote on September 16, 2014 at 6:18 AM:

    Looking ahead at the future NP site to be represented on the AtB, I’m fearful of many of the same or similar scenic/animal designs.., would really like to see some creativity in the designs going forward for 2016. Why Mammoth wasn’t selected for a KY instead of Cumberland Gap is beyond me, would loved to have seen a cave puck!

    According to the Mint, Timmy Geithner selected all of the sites to be honored in this series of the AtB quarters.

  70. gary says

    I haven’t been able to even get in to my U.S. Mint account for over a week. The temporary passwords each time would fail. I called U.S. Mint customer service and found out that it has been an ongoing recurring problem with customers. Anyhow, the customer rep explained that my single Great Sand Dunes will ship in a couple of days or so. Disappointed to see the 10% discount go after this issue but it was great while it lasted! I think that any SERIOUS collectors of this series are not going to be put off with the lack of a discount unless silver bullion prices rise again so much to make them prohibitively expensive. The Everglades design is beautiful & worth every bit of the regular price.

  71. Sith says

    Jon in CT

    They let Timmy “Turbo Tax” Geithner make the picks, I did not know that, thank you for the information, no wonder with so many beautiful national parks in the state of North Carolina (Cape Lookout comes to mind) they choose a road.

  72. Sith says

    And for the record I like the Blue Ridge parkway, but as demonstrated in the coin it hard to do it justice, and a coin with the Cape Lookout Lighthouse, or if they went with the famous Cape Hatteras lighthouse (Cape Hatteras National Seashore) they would have increased the public appeal of the coin…but what can one expect from Turbo Tax Timmy.

  73. Samuel says

    just checked the website:

    “Eligible subscription products shipped before September 27, 2014 will receive the discount; eligible subscription products shipped subsequent to the launch of the new website will be charged at regular price.

    Effective October 1, 2014, the 10% discount applied to the current Subscription Program will no longer be offered.”

  74. Ikaika says

    “Effective October 1, 2014, the 10% discount applied to the current Subscription Program will no longer be offered.
    Important note: With the new system, the Subscription Program will be referred to as the Enrollment Program, which can be accessed under the Enrollment section on the new website. ”

    I am not sure if the US Mint will still offer the 10% discount under the Enrollment Program (in this case just a change in the program name) or the 10% discount will be terminated for good. I am still enrolled on the Subscription Program for the ATB and already received notice for the GSD. My CC was charged and reflects the 10% discount.

  75. jhawk92 says

    VA Rich – I have all the P pucks, so at least I don’t have to go back on those. But yes, the ’11 and ’13 seemed to be the “easy” years to grab. The slabs I got are PCGS MS69 DMPL and look really sharp. They are First Strike, which I’m not a fan of, but will take it as part of the DMPL. Assembling those along with OGP P pucks should make a pretty nice, and heavy display. Will do on any good deals. I think it probably makes sense to chase a full year set, just from a shipping perspective, and maybe get a bit of a discount by buying several at ones. But I guess if there is a good deal on a single, I wouldn’t be opposed to it. I guess that’s how I may be buying all the future ones.

    MarkH – Yes, the money going out this year has been on the higher side. I wouldn’t mind getting the 2012 set before the end of the year, but I have a feeling the 2010s will be more difficult. I’m not sure whether to chase one of the Gold Kennedy’s…possible price drop makes it tempting, as do some of the flipper sales on the Bay.

    thePhelps – That’s not a bad idea on buying extra pucks to trade. Are you going for both sets or just one side? And yes, the thrill of the hunt makes things fun. I just recently found the last 1/10oz proof AGE to complete my set. I’d really love to have the funds to get larger gold, but the 1/10oz are still nice. Besides, money going to silver seems to be the priority right now.

  76. gary says

    I’m sure that (and I would hope) that a Treasury Secretary has far many more important matters to deal with than the selection of sites and final designs for coins. What the heck, after the 1st series of America the Beautiful coins are done there are enough remaining sites of natural beauty and historical importance to start it up all over again!

  77. Pittsburgh P says

    Ikaika we disussed this at length last night… Discount is done after Oct 1 2014. Not just the name change unfortunately.

  78. gary says

    @Ikaika… when I spoke with customer service it was very clearly explained to me that the “enrollment program” will be exactly and only that. No 10% discount on “subscriptions”. Etymologically, a “subscription” often would contain a discount or premium of some sort. “Enrollment” offers only the convenience of not having to take the time, however little time that may be, to place an order that you would fundamentally normally want to continue to collect.

  79. Clark says

    It’s disappointing that the Mint is using the positive PR surrounding its introduction of the much needed and long-awaited website to slide in at least two changes that will cost collectors more money: elimination of the 10% subscription discounts, and a new price schedule for shipping, that I’m guessing won’t be as good a deal as two-day shipping for $4.95.

    The new platform should give the Mint more flexibility to price and sell in more efficient and creative ways, but wouldn’t it be nice if at least some of those new capabilities would inure to the customer’s financial benefit?

  80. Ikaika says

    @ PP and Gary

    Thanks for the enlightment. Should one cancel the subscription or the Mint will automatically do it for us?

  81. Clark says

    I am enjoying discussions between collectors determined to assemble complete sets of various N.P. 5 oz quarters. The thrill of the chase to fill gaps and find older coins, I think, is a big part of what fuels the hobby.

    I started strong in 2010 collecting 13 sets of the 5 oz coins in all varieties from raw to PCGS DMPL 69/NGC PL69. They were so outrageously expensive to buy back in 2010 that I lost a lot of interest after the values plunged. It’s a good lesson in how waiting to begin collecting a hot new series can sometimes pay off…a costly lesson for me. I still buy them, but only the designs I like. Now I truly regret not sticking with the full series because they will be a very appealing set to complete and own. IMO. I guess I’ll hold on to all the 2010s I bought in hope of someday recovering what I paid, but it may be a long long time.

  82. Pittsburgh P says

    Ikaika no problem… You’ll have to cancel it yourself if you want to. It’ll just be transfered to the enrollment program.

  83. gary says

    @Clark… As you are a devoted collector of the First Spouse series I suppose the 10% discount may affect the FS collectors the most (if it applied to FS, I don’t know for sure)
    The $4.95 shipping is a really nominal charge and yes it is a good perk for the expedited shipping of PM items. I think the Mint might do some free shipping perks again for limited times but the 10% discount may not return except on selected non precious metal coins.
    Could even be that after assessing all of their expenses associated stemming from what may be the a growing habit of certain abusive speculators who continuously order, prescreen OGP for the fabled 70 grade, pull them out and repackage to return the (deemed) 69s in & repeat the process.

  84. Boz says

    My Sand Dunes subscription order was automatically “placed” on September 11. Status today the 16th is “in stock and reserved” at the $139.45 price. It would be a bummer if just because the mint delays shipping it would cause the price to go back up. In such case I suspect I would return the entire order for refund and switch over to cheaper bullion coins for the rest of the series.

    The Everglades subscription on my account is also still showing at the $139.45 price, even though it obviously will not be given the change in the program. I think there is something deceptive about that, even though it may not have been intentional. I would also expect the price to be lowered further for the Everglades given the value of silver continues to plummet.

    Lately the actual shipping on “subscriptions” has been taking place about 5-10 days after the initial availability date. One must assume that that is the quickest the fulfillment people can box and ship, which is a little odd since they could have had the Sand Dunes order ready to go out the door the first day. After all, the order was ” placed” and the credit card dinged last week.

    I like the “enrollments” because the order gets placed and I don’t forget about a coin, leaving a hole in my collection, which has happened in the past. I especially like the discounted price. There also is the distinct possibility with something like the ATB puck or the First Spouse, with such relatively small mintages, that the entire production could sell out via “enrollment,” if one company placed an order for the entire mintage (in situations where there are no ordering limits).

    I dislike “enrollments” because if there is a price increase, such as happened with the silver eagles a few years ago, you can get a nasty surprise in between when you planned your purchase and when they were delivered.

    I never “enrolled” any gold because of the possibility of price fluctuations. I only “enrolled” some silver because the discount was offered. Now it appears the same thing will happen to silver, and there will be no point in “enrolling” anything except some common clads so as not to forget about them.

  85. Louis says

    Anyone think we should wait until our Sand Dunes pucks ship before cancelling the sub? Mine says in stock and reserved so I think cancelling the sub would only impact the next coin.

  86. Sith says

    @gary – They may do another round of ATBs but considering the lack public awareness I doubt it. I for one I’m getting burned out on the changing quarter designs, I will most likely pass on another 11 year program.

  87. Ikaika says

    @ Clark

    More often than not prices have a tendency to decrease overtime. It may take a few years, but they do. In 2010, people were paying 3-6 K for the ATB sets. I even remember Louis predicting that the ungraded sets would not be available for under 2K after 2 years (2012). We all know how much they are worth today ($10 over spot if you sell to a major dealer, that is if they are buying). From many years of coin collecting, I learned that if I cannot buy directly from the US Mint, it is worth waiting until the whole freenzy cools down. You might not win every single time (there are exceptions), but you sure have less risk of losing money. Big money that is 🙂

  88. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    I will cancel after my GSD is shipped. The US Mint works in strange ways and we never know what could happen 😉

  89. halfpint says

    hey jon in ct ,no one said you had to look at that site ,but if you can read someone was looking for silver rounds,which might help them,but you are only worry about yourself I can see

  90. Clark says

    Gary–Fortunately, suspension of discounts won’t affect First Spouses as they were not available by subscriptions. As I suggested, it would be nice if the Mint used its new platform flexibility to benefit loyal customers with loyalty programs, pricing, etc. Someone here even suggested giving loyal customers pre-ordering privileges and the like. There’s a lot that the new system could do to build goodwill…let’s see if they seize the opportunity or just allow it to become another public relations blemish associated with higher prices.

  91. eddie says

    I would wait about cancelling my subscription for the ATB’s until the Everglades 5oer is listed on the Mints website before you cancel. Better safe than sorry.

  92. Clark says

    Ikaika–I remember that all too well and share your observations, with the exception that we did not have the option of buying 2010 bullion pucks directly from the Mint; we had to purchase from the Mint’s “Authorized Dealers.” Suspected price gouging and discriminatory sales by some of these authorized dealers cast a now familiar shadow on how the Mint went about introducing a hot new product. That controversy and mintage limits of 33,000 on BULLION coins, fueled the initial buying frenzy and artificially drove up prices. In fairness, silver prices flirted with all time highs, which also contributed to the overall devaluation of 2010 bullion pucks.

  93. Sith says

    It does not hurt to wait but if your going to wait why ask? The mint is clear once the order goes through you are canceling the next coin. As “You may cancel your order at any time prior to processing.”

  94. gary says

    @Sith… LOL, I wasn’t recommending another 11 year round of ATB, but the subject material is there to do it. I agree, one go round is enough already. Lack of public awareness is and always has been a problem for the ATB 5 ounce coins. Much of it has to do with the extremely compressed timeline in which the Mint had to figure out how to uniformly strike such a big coin and still get something out (the bullion versions) in time for a calendar 2010 release in the last month of the year. Speculators hopped on these “meager” 33,000 sets like a bum on a baloney sandwich. Third Party graders had absolutely no idea as to how to set grading standards on these but the hype centered around DMPL and MS69 as the holy grail grade and enormous four figure money was paid for them! When that bubble burst it did so big time. In early April 2011 I picked up a set from APMEX for 970.00 that I thought was a really good deal. When PMs tanked and I was lucky to sell it on Ebay just to get a break even. Yet I like the coins in P-mint finish and used the money towards buying back dates getting them at way less than Mint issue prices on Ebay, except for the Hawaii & Maine. In short, the product launch was a screw up, and you only have one opportunity to make a positive impression with a product launch.

  95. eddie says

    For some reason I thought the Mint said before the NP series was started they were going to do 2 rounds of the NP Quarters.

  96. Sith says

    @gary – The Mint already has Congressional authorization to go another round, and thought you were chomping at the bit for it. My bad.

  97. Sith says

    @ Eddie – See above basically they can go another round but only .—If the Secretary makes a determination under clause (i), the program under this subsection shall continue until a second site in each State has been
    so honored

  98. gary says

    I for one am leaving my ATB enrollment alone for this year anyway. If perchance silver went lower and the price dropped on my one coin it’s no big hairy deal for me. If silver skyrocketed up (which I seriously doubt), well that could only better all the ones I already have. Clark… I agree, the Mint should do some special things for loyal collectors with established histories of making purchases. The problem is defining what loyal is and means to the U.S. Mint… Individual collectors or individual mass marketing resellers who order many more coins in excess of what the end user (collector) base can support?

  99. Sith says


    .—The Secretary may make a determination before the end of the 9-year period beginning when the first quarter dollar is issued under this subsection to continue the period of issuance until
    a second national site in each State, the District of Columbia, and each territory referred to in this sub-
    section has been honored with a design on a quarter dollar

  100. Sith says

    I’m more upset that the mint lowers the price on the product after subscriptions have been filled. You don’t have to help them but maybe a guarantee that you will get a credit if you subscribe and they drop the price would be nice, even a partial credit would be nice.

  101. jhawk92 says

    Clark – Wow, that is starting strong…13 sets of all varieties. Yes, they were expensive back then, and that was what kept me in a single version, the P pucks. While those early versions are really under water in terms of value, I see the last couple of years as a way to dollar cost average down, so that as silver prices rebound, I will come out ahead. And since the prices are low, and I have the ability, I am pressing ahead with the MS69 DMPL slabbed pucks and hopefully can finish out both sets.

    I will be holding onto my subscription/enrollment until I get my GSD puck in hand, then see where things stand. I, too, wish the Mint would reward long term customers somehow. They could look back at our order history and maybe work up some sort of incentive on what we have ordered in the past. I’ve been ordering the mint and proof sets for over 20 years, so keeping a 10% discount would be nice. Not rewarding the bulk buys.

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