2014-P Great Smoky Mountains Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

Today, April 7, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2014 Great Smoky Mountains National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin. This will represent the first numismatic release of the year for the large sized silver bullion coin series and the twenty first release within the series overall.


The reverse design of the Great Smoky Mountains Silver Coin features a depiction of a historic log cabin found within the park. The image also incorporates a view of the lush green forest and mountains beyond with a hawk circling in the air. The reverse was designed by Chris Costello and engraved by Renata Howard. The obverse of the coin contains the 1932 portrait of George Washington designed by John Flanagan. The original details of the portrait were restored for the series.

Each coin is struck in 99.9% silver with a weight of 5.000 troy ounces and diameter of 3.000 inches. The edge of the coin includes incused edge lettering indicating the precious metal weight and fineness. The obverse contains the unusual denomination for the large silver piece of “Quarter Dollar”.

This numismatic release includes the “P” mint mark on the obverse to signify production at the Philadelphia Mint. The coins carry an uncirculated finish created through a vapor blasting technique.

The US Mint previously released the bullion version of the coin, which does not contain a mint mark and has a brilliant finish. Sales had opened on March 17, 2014 through bullion distribution channels. Sales for this bullion version have reached 15,000 units to date.

The 2014-P Great Smoky Mountains Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins are priced at $154.95. Customers who have their orders fulfilled under the US Mint’s Online Subscription Program are charged the discounted price of $139.45 per coin. A maximum mintage of 25,000 pieces is indicated for this release, unchanged from the level used for the prior year releases.

Last year, the US Mint did not produce the five designs to the full extent of the indicated maximum mintage. Rather, each of the coins sold out within the year of issue after availability periods ranging from about one month to six months. The last reported sales for the designs ranged from a low of 17,707 for Perry’s Victory to a high of 23,540 for Mount Rushmore.

See this previous post for a summary of all bullion and numismatic 2010-2013 ATB 5 oz Silver Coin sales and mintages.

Demand for the series may see a boost this year. The subscription discount takes the price level to the lowest on record for the series. With the discount, the numismatic version is priced around $20 to $25 more than the bullion version, representing a lower than typical numismatic premium. The series has also experienced some recent quick sell outs and higher secondary market prices for some issues, which may have reawakened some collector interest.

Baseball Hall of Fame Coin Sales Update

silver-dollarThe United States Mint has provided updated sales figures for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins, reflecting sales through this morning, April 7, 2014 at 9:30 AM ET. The figures show the silver dollar quickly approaching a sell out.

The silver dollar has recorded sales of 238,636 proofs and 127,704 uncirculated coins for a total of 366,340 across both options. This represents 91.59% of the maximum authorized mintage of 400,000 pieces and leaves only 33,660 coins remaining available for purchase.

Sales for the half dollar have reached 100,118 proofs and 63,883 uncirculated coins for a total of 164,001 across both options. The half dollars still remain a far way off from the 750,000 maximum mintage.

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  1. VA Rich says

    This one will be gone in a week!

    All orders from over the weekend now show on the Track Order page – $1’s back-ordered still

  2. Zaz says

    My ATB sub order now shows “in stock and reserved” but is on hold otherwise. No ping on the cc yet, probably within the next 24 hrs.

  3. thePhelps says

    I don’t know about gone in a week…but these could sell out quickly. I know many people who used to wait and buy these in sets of 2 or 3 at a time to save on shipping etc… and they subscribed to get the discount. I think the mint might have set themselves up to be able to mint these all in 1 round this time. Fill the subscriptions and mint 2500 to 5000 more and move on to the next… when they are gone they are gone.

  4. thePhelps says

    Mine also shows in stock and reserved… when I checked over the weekend it showed backordered to the 19th.

  5. SilverFan says

    Michael: Did you get verbal confirmation of the 25K max mintage or get it from the 3/31 US Mint press release? I have spoken to 2 Mint CSRs and both said that mintage is now 65K due to overwhelming response of subscription program. Not that it really matters, as mintage of these are going to be higher than in past years for sure due to the price reduction from subscriptions.

  6. Sith says

    I don’t think they have a choice, the fact that they are back ordered for about 2 weeks indicates IMHO that the mint did not pre-produce the coins in quantity, and the blanks are not sitting around. I seriously doubt they will come back and produce more once they start gearing up for Shenandoah later on this month.

  7. Sith says

    Per another poster the CSRs think its a typo, if you check the product page it says 25K. Also they never were able to make 25K coins for items that would have sold out, and sold out rather quickly. Do you really think they will go from producing less than the total maximum mintage to more than doubling it?

  8. thePhelps says

    Sith – that was my take as well… 65k is a lot of 5 ounce silvers when the last few didn’t sell over 25k. Most subscribers are also long time buyers…

  9. SilverFan says

    Most items on subscription (ASEs, proof sets, etc.) are minted to demand so it would not be unusual for them to raise the limits if they already had more than 25K subscription orders and wanted to keep the item on the site for the entire year. I agree that it is highly unlikely that demand would have increased that much for these. Either way, 2014 will not be a low mintage year for the P ATB’s

  10. Sith says

    Off topic, Believe it or not I talked with Amy (she is a really great CSR) as I was curious about my second ship date and why my coins were shipped in two packages. Amy stated that the mint will ship its gold items separate from “normal” items. As I usually don’t buy gold I did not know that, and I thought I would pass it along.

  11. Samuel says

    i said that before. but i only mixed gold and silver once, and received them separately.

  12. Zaz says

    No waiting room? I guess the Mint doesn’t anticipate a big rush @ noon, probably from all the subs…

  13. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Just a new webpage note for Michael. The Favicon association for this page is intermittently changing to a white “G” with solid black background vs the usual “M” icon. Just noticed that happening with this new website change and it does not happen at the new/updated World Mint website that you manage. I’m using Firefox (latest version 28.0 in case that is of interest).

  14. gatortreke says

    Really like the design of this quarter/ATB, captures the essence of the GSMNP very well and should look great on a 5 oz coin.

    Michael, the new look of the website is great, it’s much easier to follow the various comment threads, especially when the comments grow into the hundreds. Thanks for providing this for us!

  15. Sith says

    That would depend on the availability of blanks during a ATB run, and if they don’t raise the price of the subscriptions.

  16. Ray says

    Just checked my orders and sins and I got charged for my 5 ounce atb. I’m very excited about this coin. Great design and should look amazing

    Also, my Friday order for a gold HoF proof now has its checkbox gone. I guess theure mailing the bag. Ihave a shipping charge only and a 7/7 ship date for the coin. So far so good.

  17. VA Rich says

    .xls is up –

    2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER UNC 120,155
    2014 BASEBALL HOF CLAD UNC 63,252

  18. says

    If they really did bump the mintage to 65K at the last minute, that would indicate a pretty amazing revival in the program. It’s nice to see the AtBs getting some love.

  19. says

    Mine’s in stock and reserved, and is listed as being “in process.” It will be interesting to see what the first shipment times are in comparison with the Hall of Fame coins.

  20. joe says

    Wow! I just checked eBay’s prices for the HoF coins and appear ridiculously high. Even the coins that are still in stock are sky high. If I had mine in hand, I would sell’em and and wait a year to pick’em up again for half the price.

  21. VA Rich says

    Sir Yes – 80,000 PRF $1 sold since the last report.., and PRF represents 66% of total sold and 59% of total mintage from Sunday eve.

  22. says

    The silver option will probably be waitlisted in another day or two at most with 91% of the maximum mintage gone.

    The fact that so many have sold already will likely trigger another mini-stampede, with people thinking, “I need to get mine/get that extra ASAP before a sellout!”

  23. Sith says

    For those that are math impaired like myself that is 355,396 of a mintage of 400K. That is up 126,871 since April 2, (or about 5 days). Based on those sales (25K+ per day) their are two days left before the wait list will appear

  24. Sith says

    Not only that but I changed from stacking the bullion to the “P” version IE I’m buying multiple “P”‘s

  25. Boz says

    Don’t think the planchets exist to raise production unless later releases are postponed. Eventually the shortages of silver will result in a market increase. Can’t stay at 20 much longer no matter how bad the manipulators want it to.

  26. Sith says

    It can stay at $20 for a long time. Notice they delays in shipping and the fact that the ASEs have been rationed for over a year. Nobody is calling anyone out on the price as long as they get their silver within a reasonable time period. Of course the longer they hold it down the higher it will eventually fly. I for one don’t care as long as it allows me to stack, had the gold price not collapsed I would not have bought a gold BHOF coin.

  27. Jeff says

    Joe that’s a problem these coins are not going down anytime soon. Not in one year not in two years you know what they say about waiting.

  28. Sith says

    If you sell yours forget about buying it back, even if your right and you can get it for half the price, lets do the math, you spend $400 to buy the coin and then lets say you sell it for $900 (high right now as the high end sales are for about $800,) then a year later you buy it again at $400, you have just made $100 but that is before e-bay and PayPal take their 13%…which comes out to $117. You just lost $17. The only winner in this case is e-bay. Then add that is a best case scenario imagine if it goes up in price. You could sell to a local dealer to avoid the fees but they have to resell it…

  29. Pittsburgh P says

    For that you have to pay for grading and pray for a 70… not getting near that for raw!

  30. Sith says

    You have not been checking E-bay, those thousand dollar sales are for the ” First Strike First Pitch, with the Baltimore Show pedigree” labels or other such nonsense.. IMHO it is silly to pay that much for a label, but it is not my money but more importantly as Joe does not even have the coin in hand its is imposable for him to have that label or any label. As such the current E-bay price for his coin is about $800. He could get his coin graded and labeled and if it comes out a 70 he could sell it for more money but…

  31. Steve says

    I’m all in on the silvers! No way these don’t carry at least double premium if not triple in the future.

  32. GoldGuru says

    Coin News update : as of 9:30 am…….silver HOF’S 366,340 sold. I posted all the info on video blog. Check it out.

  33. Sith says

    Thank you GG, I picked up another silver as a gift

    FYI the buy it now price for the gold coin is $700, and the $1,500 coin listed as in hand has not sold, if they start to sell at $1,500 then you could think about selling your and buying it back…if they sell at that price, but so far I have not seen any “raw” coins sell at that price.

  34. CasualCollector says

    @Sith — the part about “losing $17” is a little flawed. You forget he actually has the coin in hand which, in your example, cost him $17 (after figuring total money spent and total money taken in).

  35. gatortreke says

    This can’t be right. In your scenario, you’ve sold the coin for $900 which means you recovered the cost of the coin ($400) AND made $500 profit. When you buy the coin back in the future, you are using profit to purchase it so you may only end up with $100 of that profit in cash but you have the coin at no cost. In reality, assuming 15% e-bay and paypal fee equal to $135, you have the coin at $35 expense…not bad. Maybe I’m missing something.

  36. GoldGuru says

    UPS just brought my bags in 3 boxes. I’m taking them shopping with me……..NOT!

  37. Sith says

    Cost of two coins $800 (2x$400)
    Estimated sale of coin $900

    We agree that $900-$800 = $100 profit, and you keep one coin

    Then take into account your fees\shipping

    $100-$135 in fees\shipping = Negative $65 (-$65)

    Even if what you said is true, would you go through that hassle for $35, and that represents a best case scenario, if you had to buy it back at $500 or $600 you are once again in the red.

  38. says

    I don’t think anyone has posted the excel spreadsheet numbers for the GOLD’s . Proof 39,269 and Unc. 22,015. So that is 11,284 over the 50K production limit. There are going to be 11,284 cancellations…one way or the other…

  39. Pittsburgh P says

    I just went to check on my orders and saw that I had a new order that I didn’t make for a Silver Eagle set? I called the mint and they told me it was for the Silver Eagle proof subscription… I didnt order and already had? So I had them check on my Silver Eagle uncirculated coming out on the 10th and was told it was cancelled! She tried to put it back in but I was told it would not go through because last Friday was the cutoff date for subscriptions… She told me anything done online was going haywire right now. There’s nothing she could do for me. On another note she said the silvers that are back ordered 4/3/2014 may have shipped out today with my one clad going out today and I will not know until they charged my card. Crazy! At least I got my bag today… I did order some bullion AtB’s last Thursday from AMPEX and got them this morning First Class Mail…

  40. Johann says

    Where’s the 2nd coin , 2coins 800 cost, sell 1 for 900 ,you have 1coin free +100 for fees

  41. says

    The Unc Silver seems to be in big demand since the excel numbers came out. According to the Coin Update as of 9:30 EDT there were 10,944 Silvers purchased AFTER the excel numbers. OF that total 7,549 ( 68.98%) were Silver Unc. OVERALL the Proof leads the UNC. 65.14% to 34.86%

  42. Sith says

    Now you buy two coins $800 (2x$400)

    Estimated sale of one of your coins $900

    You sell one of your coins but don’t ask for it back, now that coin has coin paid for both of your coins and gave you $100 to boot. My math maybe wrong but the key is you don’t replace the coin…

  43. Sith says

    Maybe but explain it to me, your post is of little help. FYI read the above comment…your not buying two coins and selling one…your selling one then buying another. Your making $500 plus the cost of the coin, then you spend $400 of those profit dollars to replace it. Can you please explain were my math needs help?

  44. CW says

    Am I the only one who has a tough time reading this new font/layout? Did the Provident Metals guys redo this website too?

  45. Johann says

    You buy 1coin for 400 and sell it for 900 , you just made 500. If you buy it back for 400 ( out of the profit of selling the coin) it will cost you just the fees . If the fees are more than the100 (left in your profit, thats all the coin would cost you. As in your example $17. Remember you made $500 not $100. Off the sale.

  46. Ray says

    They won’t mint more gold or silver. There’s no way. The baseball HoF could request it, but it will get shot down by the mint, just like the 2001 silver buff.

    Had to order more silver after reading Todays #s. These could perform better than the gold ones, %-wise

  47. VA Rich says

    Hey Jeff – just FYI for comparison sake – 2001 Buffalo had mintage of 272,869 Proof, 227,131 Uncirculated or 55/45 split – Good luck – I’m standing by for all hell to break loose! 🙂

  48. high low silver says

    Yea ,I tried to order a couple silver HOF coins online after I herd about the 91% being sold so far, and kept getting kicked off, so I called and placed the order.

  49. says

    Yeah..I agree with you.. I keep my own weekly excel spreadsheet of the items that I follow and the Mint’s .xls spreadsheet really does a poor job with numbers especially on items that have been listed as sold out. If they are not a sold out item they do a good job but like last year when we were trying to get a good number on the Gold Buffalo’s and the .xls spreadsheet was not accurate.

  50. A&L Futures says

    I placed six (6) seperate orders for the following:

    1. 10 ea (UNC) HoF Silver coins – 4309XXXX @ 3:13 PM EDT
    2. 10 ea (UNC) HoF Silver coins –
    3. 10 ea (UNC) HoF Silver coins –
    4. 10 ea (Proof) HoF Silver coins –
    5. 10 ea (Proof) HoF Silver coins –
    6. 10 ea (Proof) HoF Silver coins – 4309XXXX @ 3:20 PM EDT

    Between these six orders, (over a 7-minute span) a total of 95 online orders were placed (for various products) at the U.S. Mint.

  51. Pittsburgh P says

    Smart… Yeah i ordered a few more while we were talking… She said that was the best way to guarantee your order.

  52. GoldGuru says

    I’d call the mint. If your time is right & u r referring to gold, something is up. My gold orders placed @ 12:28 have shipped. Can’t hurt to call.

  53. Zaz says

    Uh oh…unc ASE just hit my order history an hour ago. Orders placed today are taking at least an hour to show up there. #43089xxx. April is proving to be one expensive month! LOL

  54. GoldGuru says

    I just ordered more unc silvers again @ 3:41, ordered more of both earlier @1:30, there was a difference of 4,000 orders between them, going by order #’s. Going Fast…..the word on the street of an imminent sell out is evidently the reason.

  55. Steve says

    Tracking indicated that I Just missed my mint bag delivery, because a signature is required.

  56. vaughnster says

    I just tracked down the UPS driver to sign for my package from the Mint thinking it was my gold HoF coins. It was the friggin’ bag I had to sign for!! Unbelievable….

  57. GoldGuru says

    Me too, but I was told that was going to happen when I placed another order for HOF silvers @1:30. Also told they would ship approximately 10 days from the release date of Thursday. I ordered 6 as udual, & it shows 2 orders 5+1. But was also told they’ll ship together, that it always says 5+1 because of the way the system is set up.

  58. Jeff says

    VA I keep looking back comparing 2001 Buffalo’s and the BHOF coin. It appears to me even thought the unc. have lower mintage’s the premium will be with the proofs I know that does not make sense routinely the lower mintage have more value but not in this case. I will state again this is the coin of the decade the Kennedy come end of year will not compare I’m still buying proofs…

  59. vaughnster says

    @Samuel– I try to read this blog everyday. I received two packages last week each with one Mint bag in them and didn’t have to sign for them that’s why I thought this package would have the coins..

  60. GoldGuru says

    The first gold didn’t ship until today. Earth to Vaughnster. Just making a funny. LOL

  61. says

    Sith…you buy a coin for $400…sell it for $900. (my ebay fees/paypal fees are 9%)….so after fees & shipping I net $800. So now I have $800 in my pocket…I buy another gold coin for $400. I now have a gold coin plus $400 still in my pocket…i,e…. profit.
    Or I could of taken the $800 ($400 original plus $400 profit) and bought 2 gold coins…so, in effect I turned one gold coin into 2 gold coins by selling the first one for $900.

  62. Samuel says

    can u guys see the order in the order history?
    this happens again:
    -sold out in the my acct box,
    -no order in history.

    i know they did this on 3/27.
    they usually dont do that.

  63. vaughnster says

    I’m definitely appreciative of being able to get the coins, it’s the stupidity of having to sign for the Mint bag. It’s a huge waste of time, resources and money.

  64. vaughnster says

    Yes. But as stated earlier, two others were from gold HoF orders and no signature required.

  65. Sith says

    So in other words what you’re saying is that someone will give you a gold coin and you just have to pay for expenses? Please let me know were I can find this deal, out side of the National Collector’s Mint’s tribute copy of the $50 gold Buffalo, clad in 14 mg of pure gold.

    FYI – The coin will cost you $400 you made $500 profit (using your own words) off the sale that leaves $100 profit before expenses…what ever just go ahead and sell your coin but please come back and tell me how you bought an item for $1.00, sold it for a 100% profit at $2, then bought it back for $1, then celebrate the dollar in your pocket as profit, and forget about the initial dollar that you expended to get the ball rolling

  66. Samuel says

    the mint’s website is not very good.
    we know when the order>$400, it needs signature, at the same time, they ship items separately if something is on backorder. so, when they ship the not-backordered items they should check the $ total again to see if this item is >$400. they just missed this step in their website coding.

  67. Samuel says

    just double checked my bag received a couple of hours ago, the label states “signature required”. if it is required, and the ups did not do that, it is bad.

  68. dan says

    I am having a hard time with the secondary values on these coins being so high so quickly while they were still available. Yes I know they are about to sell out, but is the demand primarily due to people with hopes of flipping or truly individuals just looking for a coin. Futhermore watching so many of you going back for extra coins scares me a bit becuase I think when all 400,000 are out there, the price and demand may tank. I certainly hope not but to me this has tulips written all over it. I hope all make out well in their investment.

  69. Steve says

    It doesn’t hurt to place extra orders and see what the prices are in a couple of months. If they go down you can always cancel.

  70. Johann says

    Look at it this way . I buy one coin for 400 and keep it, I’ll have a coin that cost me 400. But if I sell it for 900 and buy it back for 517 , I have a coin that only cost me $17. I saved $383.

  71. Samuel says

    i think people use 2001 buffalo as reference, it is not quite right. but u never know. and it is cheap, so not hurt to buy more.

  72. says

    It’s simple math. Look at it this way…if you sold your coin for $900, then someone paid you for what 2 coins cost..$800 plus $100 in expenses.

  73. Sith says

    Steve – See the post above, but once again yes you will have a gross profit $800 in your pocket but unless the original coin was free you had an expense of $400 to make that 100% profit …leaving you a net profit of $400. But again as I told Johann, go for it, and please tell how you did it…if the cost were 1,500 I could see your scenario working but not at under 1K.

  74. Clark says

    UPS just rang the bell wanting a signature for a bag I’m throwing away. I was too busy to answer…figured I’d sign for it when the gold HoFs arrive later this week.

  75. Steve says

    I got my bag today via USPS through FedEx Smart Post. Didn’t have to sign for it.

  76. Matt says

    Big surprise…. I had two boxes at the post office this afternoon here in New Mexico. My silver 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative silver coins showed up in one box, one proof and one uncirculated. Order #: 43053xxx – Order Date: 03/27/2014 at 12:05 PM. The other box had my mint graded 70 bag. My other order at that time being one Gold Proof was a no show. I didn’t expect them at all. Great day……..

  77. joe says

    Everyone is gunning for the fast buck (which I have no problem with), but this offering feels particularly emotional. My point is that if you’re going to flip, it’s best to flip the coin while the emotions (and prices) are high. They are a good investment if you purchased them from the Mint; they just won’t be selling at today’s insane prices down the road due to the relatively high mintages compared to say…the Jackie Robinson gold coins.

    I am guessing the resellers snatched a lot of these up and haven’t started dumping them on the market yet. Once the mint actually starts shipping the coins in earnest and the resellers have theirs graded to dump on the market, the prices will inevitably fall. That’s just my thinking at this point…

    I mean…$300+ for a clad coin that’s still for sale and will be for the foreseeable future?

  78. CasualCollector says

    Let’s try this again.

    1) you start with a wallet that has $400
    2) you bought a coin for $400 (wallet is empty and you have 1 Gold Coin)
    3) you sold that coin for $900 (wallet has $900 and you have NO Gold coin)
    4) you bought the coin back at $400 (Wallet has $500 plus you have 1 Gold Coin)
    5) Now there are fees involved, so let’s reduce your wallet by $100. Now your wallet has $400 plus you have a gold coin)

    Compare what you have in #1 to what you have in #5

  79. joe says

    They can’t unless the congress and president amend the law (which they won’t).

    Per Public Law 112-152:


    (a) Denominations.–In recognition and celebration of the National
    Baseball Hall of Fame, the Secretary of the Treasury (hereafter in this
    Act referred to as the “Secretary”) shall mint and issue the following
    (1) $5 gold coins.–Not more than 50,000 $5 coins, which
    (A) weigh 8.359 grams;
    (B) have diameter of 0.850 inches; and
    (C) contain 90 percent gold and 10 percent alloy.

    Blah, blah, blah….

  80. says

    Sith…if you like doing your math incorrectly…well…have it. I don’t think anyone is going to change your mind. Johann & CasualCollector have it right too. Read their post.

  81. Steve says

    With nearly 50 million baseball fans in the country, I doubt demand will ever be an issue. Prices should keep up accordingly.

  82. VA Rich says

    Dan – check Sold on ebay – $450+ for a PR 70; raw ones still fetch $150-$180.

  83. Steve says

    Did anyone just notice the backorder date on the silver uncs just changed from 6/21 to 7/7 on the mint web site?

  84. Zaz says

    Didn’t take long for the GSM-P pucks to go from in stock to backordered to 4-22… Heh heh. Must have gotten at least 10K subs? And then sold out the 2,500 remaining coins today. I remember from last year they like to make an initial batch of 12,500 as to not get stuck with the unsold remainders as in 2011…

  85. VA Rich says

    Dan – if you’re new to this, you may want to seriously consider the 2001 U.S. Mint American Buffalo Coin and Currency Set – extremely well done and quite an impressive collection within a C&C set. Probably in the top 3 of all ever made, in my opinion.

  86. says


    I think something broke in the website during the tsunami of orders they had on the baseball coins. I am just speculating, but I think they probably haven’t had time to fix it with the huge stream of orders for silver coins and processing all those day one orders. I imagine it will get fixed – eventually – but we may get weird status messages for awhile.

  87. dan says

    VA Rich
    No doubt about the numbers now and the 70’s will always command a premium just not so sure on the raw coins holding the present level. Even the 70’s will be influenced by the % of when all is said and done. Personally I hope the numbers hold, my grandkids will be thrilled.

  88. ClevelandRocks says

    Michael please help!
    Blog not working for Droid systems.
    Old posts appear on top of new posts.
    Everything squished to the left.

    UNC ASE subscription order processed.
    Please don’t send me another bag!

  89. Jon in CT says

    The “Reply” button tends to encourage the type of inane “discussion” seen above. How, exactly, does this improve the Mint News Blog?

  90. Sith says

    Thank you Johann and Steve
    I get it now…you get the coin for free. Basically what I did when I bought two coins and sold one…without having to come back into the market for the second coin at a later date.

  91. Sith says

    Thank you CasualCollector…I picked it up earlier believe it or not I pulled the same scenario before you posted but thank you. Got too rapped up in the buying and selling, and as indicated I should have realized its no different than selling two coins and keeping one.

  92. Sith says

    You can choose to ignore it and move on. IE If these post are inane, why are you reading them? You can now move to another sub thread.

  93. thePhelps says

    Steve… to me the proofs have a leg up – just based on the looks. That and the uncirculated seem to be selling at close to the proofs – with a minor split in numbers. It isn’t the usual disparity anyways…

  94. vaughnster says

    Just checked the two boxes delivered with Mint bags last week not requiring a signature and they were from USPS. Why wouldn’t they wait to throw a bag in with the coins when they are shipped. They’re free (and ugly) and I don’t think anyone would complain waiting a while for them to come with the entire order.

  95. JBK says

    No one here has a crystal ball. Often times the Unc is overlooked and has a much lower mintage, especially if the cost is close to the proof. In the case of the HOF $, the order ratio is about 2:1. Not sure if the Unc is “rare” enought to earn a premium.

    If you are tryign to decide which one to buy then maybe you are only buying one, and it is for yourself? In that case, buy the one you like the best.

    Whatever you are going to do, do it now, since a sell-out is imminent, in which case you will be on the wrong side of finding out which will appreciate the most if you have to buy on the secondary market.

  96. Dan in Fla says

    Cleveland rocks You can cancel the bags if you desire.Whats with this new system? I cannot follow very well.

  97. mark says

    Hes already been notified…now have to use my desktop. Android phone useless for now.

  98. Sith says

    No doubt they both will but unless the general public can’t tell or does not know the difference between the UNC and proof coins, they will shoot for the proof, as mintages mean nothing to them. While the more serious collectors will shoot for UNC. Right now I feel its too early to predict what that public demand will be but if it turns out to be substantial it will leave the UNC in the dust, with the public buying UNC only because the proof coins are too expensive…IE all things equal and given a choice between a UNC and proof coin Joe public will shoot for the proof, forcing the UNC to lag in price to attract buyers.

  99. Samuel says

    i suspect their system/database etc crushed. so they need time to recover. this morning’s orders should not be that much, because it is only for the silver ones, and only 40K left. this happened on 3/27 as well, until late that night, the orders showed up.

  100. Sith says

    That is speculation just as JBK says below I don’t have a crystal ball, but if you flipping and not out to make a killing go with the more popular item, which is proof. If its for your self read JBKs post

  101. GoldGuru says

    Got 2 emails earlier for the ASE Unc, by subscription. I ordered 6, & got 2 different rmails. One said 5 ASE, the other said 1 ASE unc. Also the emails said the order was for the silver unc set. Well I didn’t order that set, so I called the mint& swear to all, I got AMY as my cs rep. She explained it was an error& that indeed it is for the silver Uncs. She said others are asking the same. So if u get that email, disregard the fact it says set, it’s not. Also AMY said she’s been reading this blog, & knew it was me who introduced her to ya’ll. She said most of the cs read this blog, & she said as far as she knows, the mint does not sponsor this blog. She said the phones are going crazy @ the mint, mostly for the silver HOF’S. That’s why I♡AMY!

  102. GoldGuru says

    She also said thanks to all who have spoken with her & posted nice comments. Thanks guys, she tries.

  103. Pittsburgh P says

    My android platform smart phone works fine… actually better than before. might just be your particular phone.

  104. Sith says

    She is a good CSR…I also got Amy today. Amy if you’re reading this thank you for your patience…I was pretty sure the mint does not sponsor the blog… Michael does not like some other “copycat” websites, and the mint is always asking about Blogs in it’s surveys, if they were running this one I’m sure they would not be asking about it.

  105. Louis says

    CW- I agree. It seems to be the extra white space that makes things look fainter. The text does not stand out as much as it would if the background were darker like before.

  106. joe says

    Sounds like the Silver HoF might be gone within the next couple days. Just the fact that it’s at 90% will start the rush to finish it off. Then we can look forward to hearing people complain that they didn’t have an opportunity to order it. 😉

  107. Zaz says

    When all is said is done, the silvers are going be the winners percentage-wise. The gold is going to do well, but probably the multiples of initial sale price aren’t going to hold up in the long term. The golds are really for connoisseurs, the clads for the kids or those collectors on a really tight budget, so the silvers are for everyone else, and 400,000 is less than the 500,000 buffalo dollars. There are still people today who would willingly pay. $150-$175 for raw buffo dollar in either format. Augers well for the silver BBHOF dollars.

  108. Jon in CT says

    When late summer rolls along, Amy will no longer be a Customer Service/Sales Representative for the U.S. Mint. That’s unless she quits her job at PBGS (whose U.S. Mint product fulfillment contract is ending) and gets hired by PFSweb (which won the new contract to completely overhaul the U.S. Mint’s numismatics sales systems).

  109. Sith says

    It looks like I will put my second HOF order on the market, and I sold my first order too soon. That coin in hand for $1,500.00…it sold

  110. GoldGuru says

    I don’t see how the guy actually has it in hand. They just started shipping today. But good for him.

  111. Zeeman says

    I call the mint to check on one of my order, still on hold, its been 15 minutes, are they that busy?

  112. Jon in CT says

    Maybe he bought his at the U.S. Mint’s HQ in Washington D.C. or maybe he lives in Plainfield, IN, where the warehouses for U.S. Mint numismatic products are currently located.

  113. Jafmidtx says

    It appears that some silver HOF were shipped on Friday. I have a tracking number for a shipment leaving on 4-4 weighing 3.6 lbs with expected delivery on Tuesday another on 4-4 weighing .5 lb (my long awaited Mint bag) also expected on Tuesday. Another shipment weighing 1.4 lbs picked up today (must be gold HOF).

  114. thePhelps says

    I wouldn’t count on it yet. My cancel box was gone for nearly a week – and today it is back and my bag has shipped.

  115. Sith says

    It is to my understanding that the cancel box disappears while they are shipping anything…IE if they are shipping the bag it will disappear then after they ship it it will reappear

  116. Sith says

    He could have also gone to the show and decided not have it graded…if so it was a big mistake on his part.

  117. Sith says

    The key is the credit card ping for shipping, and “in stock and reserved” for the order.

  118. Jafmidtx says

    That explains why my order on 3-28 at about 8 pm for two gold HOF has no cancel boxes. At least I get the back for a modest $4.95.

  119. Sith says

    A raw Just sold for $1,500, not sure how he got it stock but he claimed it was…if he got it at the show he missed out on 4K for not grading it. In either case its a $1,500 is a far cry from $4K

  120. Sith says

    I can’t log on to the mint and check my account information…anyone else seeing this?

  121. says

    My ATB sub for one coin ordered in mid-March…my cc has been pinged & will ship soon.
    My ATB sub for two coins ordered in late December, is on hold (but in stock/reserved)…what’s up with that??

    It would be great to see Amy, Trish, or any other CS reps that read this blog, also post sometimes.
    Ya’ll ALL do a great job and we appreciate all you do for us. Perhaps you are not permitted to answer
    questions on this blog, but sometimes a comment or two may answer a question and you keep getting over and over again on phone calls. Or better yet…instead of idenitifying yourselfs, it would be great to see posts from
    blogger US Mint.

  122. Pittsburgh P says

    I almost bought an unc gold HoF on fleabay! I had to kick myself and tell myself im getting sucked in by the hype! I have 1 coming and Im just disapointed I didnt get more with or instead of 1 of the proofs…

  123. GoldGuru says

    Maybe a conflict of interest type of deal. At least they’re reading the posts, & maybe asking their supervisor questions posted here so they can give us answers when we call. I would think the supervisor is also reading the posts. HI SUPERVISORS !!

  124. Dustyroads says

    Just ordered pf silver HoF again. Also, noticed the unc. gold order went to ship, along with first pf silver order.
    I was beginning to think the Mint was only shipping the pf gold now!

  125. Dustyroads says

    GoldGuru, Don’t be taken in by Hi Lo’s seemingly ruff comments, he’s been talking like that for the past couple years that I have been reading the threads. He just likes pushing peoples buttons.

  126. VA Bob says

    Michael, I like the new format, but can you do an old guy a favor and use a bit bolder font? Pretty hard to read the hundreds of posts that are appearing lately.

    Back on topic. CC was hit for ATB 5 oz. not shipped though. Does the Mint have any coins on hand when the order date arrives ? Surely they know there will be some demand for these and the recent BHOF. My order for that was at 1213. The ATB was a subscription.

  127. Sith says

    Thank you thank you …I will give you an encore in a few minutes . I feel a lot better now that I know someone is actually reading them. You must have a lot of time on your hands as you take the time to critique other people’s posts without contributing to the blog

  128. Dan says

    Thanks VA Rich, dan, looking into the Buffalo coin/set.

    PR 70, how are they determined? Is it worth it? My brother received his silvers today, are the first deliveries any better then the rest?

  129. Sith says

    FYI your comments are the reason for the new format, as nobody else has to be subjected to your asinine posts.

  130. Sith says

    I’m sure they would not want to do so while they are working, and can you imagine dealing with us and coins all day then coming home and dealing with the same thing at night.

  131. Jon in CT says

    I agree with the above poster that the new font sucks and is barely legible. But the most severe drawback of the new MintNewsBlog format is that it has become impossible to follow the comments on your blog entries.

    Please. Anyone! How is one expected to keep aware of each new comment? It is no longer possible to find them all chronologically ordered at the end of the comments section.

    What is the secret? How does one keep track of new comments which are now physically interspersed throughout the existing comments?

  132. Sith says

    That is cheap, I saw a “raw” coin sell for $1,500. I can’t vouch for its validity but I can vouch that the coin was actually sold

  133. mark says

    Someone on ebay selling a sealed mint shipping box with 2 gold bhf. Box shows shipping date o4/02/2014. I think the buyer will get nothing but a stupid bag.

  134. says

    Oh well, 2 more UNC HOF Dollars for me too, just now from the mint site. Real fast, done. I can’t get enough of these and have no intentions to flip.
    That’s a total of 19 different HOF coins now across all options, including 7 gold. I’m setting up one hell of a legacy for future grandchildren. Love this!

  135. says

    Dan, I think the 70 grades are determined by who sends them in for grading. If you’re a big boy dealer it’s 70, if you’re a little collector it is 68 or 69…

  136. Sith says

    Use your find and search on you name. If your trying to key off a sub thread where you have not posted, you will have to scroll, and look to the lines on the left to find the main comment threads or you could put the posters name or key word in the “find” box.

    Is that your problem and why you’re so hostile your trying to follow every comment? The point of the new layout is to avoid having to read comments you have no interest in…instead of reading them and leaving a asinine comment to show your displeasure with the subject matter.

  137. jim says

    Its all about the grandkids! I have a total of 37 HOF but only 2 gold. These will all go to my kids and grandkids. A few will go out for Christamas, but no flip here.

  138. mark says

    I think he has his gold coins coming Wednesday. And he is just trying to get a jump on everyone elses auction, buy showing his bag in a box pi

  139. Sith says

    A 70 is flawless coin as viewed under X8 times magnification . A 69 has two or more flaws, a 68 has 4 flaws. Not sure about one flaw I imagine if your a dealer it falls as 70 if it’s you or me it will be a graded a 69.

  140. says

    2cents…you obviously have not sent any coins in for grading. I’ve done quit well as a little quy…you are wrong to assume that.

  141. ClevelandRocks says

    Michael, some of us (using Droid) are seeing old comments ontop of the new ones making it very difficult to read.

  142. Sith says

    First deliveries are better for label collectors. The logic behind first deliveries being special is that the first coins are minted using new dies so they are specially sharp, eventually the dies will be replaced but the first run is the only time it is known to be new dies. However given the quality control of modern coins, the limited mintages , and the simple fact that the coins are not always shipped in the same order that they were produced makes first delivery coins worth the same as any other coin minted later. If you want to have the coin graded so it can have the special label then it has more value then the rest as the rest can only be graded and placed in a regular label

  143. says

    Well, these are happy times for US Mint purchasers…often times we have a slow period yet now we are constantly looking at our order status, cc pings, shipping info, etc for BBFOF and ATB coins. It’s probably a good thing that the Kennedy gold coin will not be offered until at least August…and then who knows when they may ship. One of the most exiting years that I’ve ever experienced.

  144. Samuel says

    12;17, 12:24 PM gold orders still not shipped. i did not call, because i know the CS can do nothing. ordered more silver coins this afternoon, still sold out in the box, no order history.

  145. Sith says

    That is assuming the gold price does not go back up, if it does I for one will not be ordering anything

  146. Sith says

    If you call the automated system it will tell we’re they are its not as nice as the CSRs but better than nothing

  147. says

    I’ve had grading done 3 times, of course I thought they looked like 70’s and the best I got was 69. On the other hand I bought a PCGS MS 70 from a big time dealer that clearly has flaws. How do you suppose it is graded 70?

  148. Erik H says

    To me your math seems off. If you buy for $400, sell at $800 – $104 (for fees) which is 13% of $800 you’re left with $696. So as long as you can buy the coin back for under $696 you will make a profit.

  149. DCDave says

    Great point.
    This new format BLOWS!!!!
    I can’t even see the thread I am commenting on now as I write the comment.

    Michael, pleaaaaaaaaaaase go back to the old format.
    I would like to see new comments at the bottom only.

    Thanks for reading

  150. GoldGuru says

    Sith Speak with Forked Tongue !!! I bet you’ll order regardless of price. You pay more u sell it for more. You’re in !! LOL

  151. GoldGuru says

    Give a call, you might be surprised, & get a better idea of wuz up!! My gold orders were @ 12:28, they have shipped!

  152. GoldGuru says

    Sounds like they don’t like you. Something ain’t right! I placed 3 more separate orders for more silvers starting@1:30 this afternoon & last order@ 3:41, yet to see Sold out on history. You really should call, IMO ! I Would !!

  153. Sith says

    If it was up to me yes, but I was only allowed to order the HOF gold because I correctly predicted that I could flip a coin to defer my costs. Basically to get the Kennedy at a higher price I would have to sell something or stop ordering the ATBs or do an end around on my wife, and no coin is worth trying an end around.

  154. IndenturedServant says

    Tracking info was updated for my BHoF order. I received three tracking numbers from the mint. One tracking # is for one box and the other tracking numbers are for two boxes each so it appears my order for multiples of each coin option are being sent in five different boxes. I also added a few of the Roosevelt C&C sets to my order so I’m guessing C&C’s in one box and separate boxes for the clad, Ag & Au coins and another box for the bag.

    Monday I received a letter from my credit union giving me no interest on purchases over $500 for six months as long as the purchase is made before 6-30-14. I always pay my balance in full each month but now I don’t need to pay until October or November! I love financing my hobby with other peoples money! I think I’ll go order a couple hundred silver BHoF coins just for flipping now.

    Still no card activity on my end. I would guess the charge will hit on Friday which is cool because purchase cut off date for the billing cycles are the eighth of each month.

    It will be interesting over the next few years to see if the nuts on eBay that buy unopened mint boxes send them off for grading only to find a mint bag in them instead of a coin. That ought to put a damper on the unopened mint box sales after that!

  155. Sith says

    The mint will offer this coin under a 30 day ordering window, with unlimited mintage. That type of an offering takes at least a year for collector demand to show up, but you’re right if they declare a mintage and open the lines I could be right in the thick of things…but hopefully this conversation is moot as the price of gold will stay the same

  156. IndenturedServant says

    Order for 50 each of the silver BHoF just made. Expected ship date 7-7-14. I’ll sell them at our local minor league ball park parking lot this summer or return them to the Mint if prices tank.

  157. Sith says

    Right click on the reply link and select open a new tab, you original location will remain the same in the first tab. Its more of a pain but it works.

  158. GoldGuru says

    Did anyone who has been notified that both their gold PF & UNC have shipped, get 2 different tracking#’s on the same order? I have a different tracking # for PF & one for UNC, but both will arrive by end of day Wednesday. Doesn’t matter, just curious!

  159. Louis says

    You can tell by the weight of the box if only a bag is in it. A box with even one coin weighs more.

  160. Dustyroads says

    Reason being is most likely for the sake of efficiency for the Mint. Down side is that you pay extra shipping . I think they probably only do this sort of thing when they have to get the job do quickly.

  161. Mark Rex says

    My first order (3/27 12:05p) for 1 PR $5 shipped Monday and will be here today (Tuesday) based on UPS tracking info.

    However my second order (3/27 12:07p) for 1 UNC $5 finally went from ‘on hold’ to ‘in process’ today. US Mint site shows the bag and coin ‘in stock and reserved’. I find this odd has posters here have indicated they ordered the UNC $5 after me and theirs went out today.

    My third order (3/27 12:12p) for the silver and clad PR and UNCs shipped out Friday and should be here today (Tuesday).

    I had 5 different subs for the ATBs. Based on CC pings it seems the Mint has combined these all into one package which I didn’t want at all. I wanted to open one and preserve the FS/ER status of the rest. I wonder if there is anything I can do about this. Cancel boxes are gone but no tracking info – there are ‘in stock and reserved’. Has anyone’s ATBs shipped yet?

  162. GoldGuru says

    My order @12:28 was for all gold, 4PF, 4Unc,- I got 3 bags today in 3 boxes & my gold coins ALL shipped today. I got 2 different emails 1 for the PF, 1 for the Uncs with different tracking # ‘ s but from same order. Arrival is end of day Wednesday for both. So evidently there are PF’ s in one & Uncs. in the other. The 3rd bag must be for my 1st silver order placed a few minutes after the golds. Silver says “in process”, no cancel boxes, they didn’t ship today. Very confusing to say the least. I live in FL is probably why Wednesday arrival. My ATB subscription says”in process” no ping yet for them.

  163. Sith says

    Nope my golds arrive Wednesday and the silver tomorrow…per Amy my second order which just got pinged will ship no later than next week…it took 4 day between the ship day and the credit card ping based on that my second order will ship Friday.

    My ATBs are on hold

  164. GoldGuru says

    Did u get 2 different tracking # ‘ s for your golds? Were they on the same order? PF +UNC.

  165. Sith says

    You do not need a unopened box for FS/ER status. Per NGC:

    To qualify for Early Releases, all coins must generally be received by NGC or an NGC-approved depository within 30 days* of their release. Coins being sent directly to NGC do not need to be accompanied by original packaging or shipped in sealed Mint boxes, but must arrive within the time period described above.

  166. GoldGuru says

    U can send to NGC after the 30 days if unopened. I did it with the 2012 SF sets months past the cutoff. Graded ER. Requested return of OGP. No problems.

  167. Sith says

    Not sure if this was what your referring to but PCGS has the following criteria to qualify

    1. The package mailed to PCGS has a postmark date prior to the PCGS cutoff date for that particular coin/issue. Only the coins need to be mailed to PCGS and received within the first 30 days of issue.

    2. Submit the coins in the original unopened shipping box from the U.S. Mint with a postmark date prior to the specified PCGS cutoff date.

    This cutoff date is June 30th but if you want the designation while opening the box you have the option to simply send them in now within the first 30 day window.

  168. Jeffrey says

    The HOF SILVER UNC says “1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 04/03/2014.”
    It has been showing this date since last week.

    Called CS yesterday and they said it might get shipped on April 14.
    Strange that the site is not getting updated.

  169. Mark Rex says

    June 30th is the FS cutoff date? 30 days from first shipment should be May 7th. Did the FS get extended for this coin?

  170. Pittsburgh P says

    April 14th was the date on your conf. email right? They are looking at the wrong screen and whoever you talked to didnt know. Same thing happened to me and when I asked for a supervisor she found the updated screen with the same date that passed already and said it should ship anyday now… We will see.

  171. GoldGuru says

    Just checked cc…….Slammed for my Gold Order!!! Not pending……..but Purchased!!!!! As Martha Stewart would say……”that’s a good thing”. Yay!!!

  172. Falk25 says

    Hmmm…my credit card just got pinged $4.95 for this order. I’m guessing if I receive a tracking number for the bag later today I should be good to receive the gold proof down the line. I will keep this bag sealed in the box just in case the Mint cancels the gold. Then I’ll call CS and complain that in no universe would I pay $4.95 for a 99 cent bag and demand a refund for it. We shall see….

    Order number: 4295XXXX

    Order Date: 03/27/2014 at 07:03 PM

    Order Status: Your order request is in process.

    Tracking Number(s):
    Tracking number and carrier link
    not available for this shipment.

    Product Name Quantity Price
    (each) Total Item Status Cancel

    2014 BASEBALL HOF GOLD PROOF 1 $424.75 $424.75 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 06/21/2014.
    UNITED STATES MINT REUSABLE BAG 1 $0.00 $0.00 In stock and reserved

  173. GoldGuru says

    ATB subscription says “on hold” “in stock / reserved. No ship date. ASE UNC says “in process” ships 4/23.

  174. Sith says

    I guess it’s the exclusive labels that runs out at that time, but you can get “normal” first strikes anytime?

  175. GoldGuru says

    My 1st Silver order still says “in process”. PF-now says 6/21, Unc 4/16. However I have 6 seperate orders. Modt recent says PF-7/7, UNC-6/21. Dates have changed since yesterday. Gonna call cs shortly to see wuz up with that.

  176. Sith says

    Just a FYI I took a look at “raw” coin that sold for $1,500…I think it was pulled not sold, no other sales collaborate a $1,500 sale. eBay is good about distinguishing a pulled item from a sold item but…

  177. Sith says

    I just found out that you can get these type of labels anytime as long as the coins are in the original mint packaging. This IMHO makes the label useless

  178. GoldGuru says

    He probably got a new ship date, while auction was on going & pulled it. Maybe he jumped the gun by listing before in hand.

  179. VA Rich says

    GG – Yes – 1 PRF & 1 UNC $5’s = 1 Tracking number; arriving today or tomorrow

  180. GoldGuru says

    I use NGC, because I live north of Sarasota. You can always get ER, with unopened, date stamped box. You can wait a year if you want. Just place entire box in outer box. Matter of fact, on Barry Chappel show recently, they said they found an unopened monster box of 2010 ASE, & got them back with ER pedigree. I know fellow dealers have done the same, me included.

  181. GoldGuru says

    PittP, 1st silver order was @12:34. I cancelled it, & placed a larger order @12:45. Gonna call cs after i get back from dropping grandkids @ school. B back soon.

  182. VA Rich says

    I wish some of you all would stop screwing around and start buying some of these baseball silver dollars.., so we can get these puppies sold off! ;7

  183. GoldGuru says

    Sith…….I stand corrected. Only PCGS will accept an unopened, date stamped box past the cutoff date! NGC no longer allows it. Just the 30 day window for ER. I just called NGC, they stopped accepting sealed boxes, due to fraud. And now thinking about it, Barry Chappel show had PCGS/FS. I learned something today too!! U were right, I man up, my unforced error. I guess I have HOF syndrome!!

  184. says


    I’m having the exact same problem as you. I ordered one of all six coins (except for the half dollar proof, for which I ordered two for a friend). On Monday everything shipped except the silver uncirculated, which has a cancel box next to it again and is locked on the backorder date of 4/3.

    To be safe, I went and placed an order for another uncirculated silver last night with the sellout approaching.

  185. GoldGuru says

    NGC also just said NO HOF’S have arrived yet, & 30 day window hasn’t started.

  186. VABEACHBUM says

    VA Rich – I did my part last night, picking up 2 PR and 2 UNC $1 coins to add to the one each that I picked up on opening day.

    BTW – I survived 7 days of the Sonny-Do List; definitely got worked, though!!!

  187. GoldGuru says

    CS @ NGC also said 30 day window only starts when THEY receive 1st submissions, not when the mint starts shipping. So if they start getting some today, 5/8 will be cutoff. But, PCGS will still accept unopened box for FS pedigree @ any time in the future.

  188. Dan says

    Still upset I missed out on gold… ebay or not… trying not, but tempting.

    silvers should be good enough for the kids.. though still kicking myself, I could of ordered the gold.

  189. Hawkster says

    I also did my part, popping for two more HOF silver proofs last night. Don’t worry VA Rich, they will sell out shortly. Pretty soon the only place they will be available will be at the Aramark gift shops at the Philly and Denver Mints. And I’m sure that they will get gobbled up fast at those venues.

  190. Hawkster says

    Because they are significantly larger than the golds, the silver HOF coins will display much better. I see that some jewelers are placing the gold HOF coins in bezels and making up earings out of them. They probably do make beautiful earings because of their flashiness and small size.

  191. Jeffrey says

    Pittsburgh P I checked my conf. email.
    I thought I saw that all were backordered 03/28/14.
    But only the UNC Silver showed backordered 04/10/14 all others were 3/28.

    Then another email (after bag was shipped) showed all but the UNC Silver with a 4/1 ship backorder date. The UNC Silver was missing from the email.

    All but the UNC Silver were shipped yesterday.
    Today the US Mint site still says 4/3 for the UNC Silver.

  192. Jeffrey says

    Yes the cancel box also is showing on the web site.
    I also order another Prof and UNC HOF.

  193. Pittsburgh P says

    Seems like everything is screwy! I just want to make sure I get my coins, if its not this week its not but I don’t want to be told sorry your order was cancelled… On one order all my Silvers are backordered4/3… so I did order more just in case but we’ll see. Hopefully all will work out for everyone

  194. VA Rich says

    Good Deal! Always better to build memories than credit card bills anyway! In retrospect, I should have had my butt planted in Baltimore on opening day, talk about a turkey shoot, live and learn. Yeah, I’m over extended on baseballs now.., need to go find a local baseball card club now …to go stalk! lol

  195. VA Rich says

    Dan – FYI – they’ll be a tidal wave of ‘in-hand’ $5’s hitting the bay starting today through the week as UPS will be making the first of the deliveries today. Wouldn’t be surprised if you could pick up an auction coin on the cheap (relatively) to current trend, a few opportunities may present themselves, just a thought.

  196. Sith says

    No need to man up after my math fiasco earlier. I don’t have a leg to stand on….FYI this is why they have a comments section in the blog

  197. HIdalgo says

    It is going to be very interesting to see how the secondary market reacts when the in hand gold BHOF coins are put up for sale. With the increased supply, I wouldn’t be surprised if you see values fall. How far remains to be seen. However, if demand for the gold BHOF coins remain strong, then prices can rise again as supplies dwindle on the secondary market.

    It’s a chance that flippers and re-sellers have to take — sell now or sell later.

  198. Eddie says

    The way the Mint is doing my order I think all of my order is going to ship on the same day. I have gold silver and clad in my order.

    Please go back to the way the site was. I was my phone a lot to see what is going on and it just does not work very well at all. I understand what you are trying to do but the other way is so much better.

  199. JBK says

    My order for silver dollars from late yesterday afternoon still shows as “Status: Sold Out” on the summary account page and does not appeare in my recent orders on the detai page.

    I wonder if we are in the fuzzy area between wait list/sold out, even though nothing is posted on the site yet, Maybe they had a deluge of orders they are still sortign through.

    By the way, all the non-HOF stuff I orfdered on 3/27 with the HOF coins are finally shipping today….

  200. bg35765 says

    For those of you on phones, have you tried holding them horizontally?

    I received both of my first day orders this morning.

    I have never had a coin graded before, but am thinking about joining NGC and having the gold graded. The PCGS First Strike charge is hard to swallow when I know their big customers arent’ paying that.

    (They can’t be or else they would lose money selling clad commemorative halfs for $30 as they have done in the past.)

  201. says

    JBK, Don’t worry. Both of my last two orders has shown the SOLD out status. It takes a day or two for them to move it to the HELD status..

  202. Sith says

    The TPGs are all the same when it comes to preferential treatment for the big boys, they have to be. IMHO don’t use that as criteria to avoid a TPG, andjust pick the label or slab that you like…and apparently a lot of people on this blog like the PCGS slabs for this one but some had a preference for the NGC label as it contains the Hall of Fame logo…

  203. Sith says

    No wait list yet….I would call the mint and verify the order or create a new order then cancel that one

  204. Eddie says

    If and when I do get all of my HoF coins I am wanting to put them into a set. I hope someone comes out with a box or whatever to keep them in.

  205. Abnerdday says

    My 12:16 order on 3/27 forProof and unc gold, as well as proof silver shipped this morning.

  206. Grampa Dave says

    Ordered proof and uncirc BHOF silver dollars. April 8 8am PST Backordered till July!!! hope I still made it in time!!!!!

  207. stephen m says

    The gold is and will be a winner. Just my opinion but the gold hasn’t anywhere to go but up. This is a very unique and desirable coin(s) series. With so many that will go instantly on the market a temporary dip may be in order. The little man or dealer needs their investment money back quick.

  208. VA Rich says

    There’s a hand full of Silver Dollars remaining, neither option has sold out yet but very close –

    GG – go in and finish’em off Sir –

  209. fmtransmitter says

    Rich, I am having surgery Wed. And both my coins shipped out gold and silver HOF and I won’t be there to sign until second or third attempt. Will be a nice treat to look forward to after surgery. No changing delivery options as I called already. Thanks for kind words during this time. Take and hopefully will be back better than ever soon. Good luck all.

  210. Dustyroads says

    I had a very unusual occurrence happen with my unc. gold tracking number. The number was a usps number rather than the usual fedex number, but it said ups at the end of the number. After a quick call to the Mint and talking to Trish 😉 she said she had never seen that before, but assured me that it would be delivered directly to my PO box. BTW, I was hoping to get to talk to Amy…but Trish was sweet.

  211. thePhelps says

    Keep watching HSN… I am sure he’ll be selling a pretty Cherry box made just for these.

  212. GoldGuru says

    Likewise, good luck !! I broke my back, in 1976, took a while, but recovered . Hang in there.

  213. GoldGuru says

    If u r an ANA member u can send to NGC without joining. I’ll send mine there for the label. Don’t like PCGS 1st Pitch label. NGC looks more official. That said, PCGS uses the edgeview for these, NGC doesn’t, I called NGC to see if that was an option, was told they won’t fit in their edgeview.

  214. GoldGuru says

    Coin supply companies have nice wooden boxes that hold1,2,3,4,5, or 6 slabbed coins. They look good. I ordered some 2 slab holders last year for PF/RPF Buffaloes & ASE 2 Coin sets. They really set them off. Just a thought if u get some graded.

  215. Jeffrey says

    Ordered more Silver Proof and UNC HOF confirmation email shows backordered with a date of 7/7.
    It also says this for the bag
    UNITED STATES MINT REUSABLE BAG (NWTBAG1) Qty 1 @ $.00 – Product not available.

  216. Joseph says

    The bikini girl is more attractive than the bag. I will take her for 1G if mr. egghead agrees. LOL

  217. GoldGuru says

    Trust me, I have 6 seperate orders for them!! Yesterday after the#’s came out, I Backed up the truck! I’ve got a few shows coming up, Even if I only make a modest profit on them, will be making many people happy. The Boy Scouts are coming to the Jax FL show, sure some are little leaguers.

  218. Pittsburgh P says

    Id like to get some opinions from the crowd…

    While looking on ebay I found a dealer close to me that has the unc. BHoF gold coins confirmed and says he’ll have them in June… Might trade 1 for 3 1/10 oz bullion eagles bu, 8 1 oz bullion silver dollars bu and 150$… Ask price as the market is now thats 750$ total… I really want the coin and can alway get more bullion but am I stupid for cosidering this?

  219. GoldGuru says

    Having some gold graded is a no brainer. But $30 + s/h both ways puts u in the silvers for about $85 each. I’ll send some, but will keep most in OGP. BTW if you submit 100+ coins u get the bulk rate discount. That’s what the Mega Dealers do. And they can request them to be graded at least 69 or have them returned ungraded. Those returned ungraded are the ones u get from SilverTowne, APMEX, etc.

  220. Sith says

    Wait! Not because its a bad deal but because why should you wait until June you can get coins in June off of E-bay for $650. I sold mine on E-bay for $750, and the buyer will get it early next week at the latest. The price could go up in the meantime but I think it has stabilized.

  221. Zaz says

    It’s not a UPS number, it’s a priority mail tracking number. Take off the UPS at end, and add a digit, try all ten one after another and one of them should pull up your tracking. The packing list is correct, the website is not.

  222. Pittsburgh P says

    Sith… I don’t mind the wait since its only 15 mins from my house and I dont have to deal with shipping etc. I would rather have it in hand and agree prices should level out… I might be left in the cold if prices jump on these or gold prices rise a ton before june! Prob wont happen though. These have such a low mintage of 18,000 in comparison to the proofs and I need this coin to complete my second set… Idk just thinkin outloud. Thx for the feedback

  223. GoldGuru says

    There won’t be a lot of sets available. Gold is key! Hurry before he finds somebody else.

  224. GoldGuru says

    Bullion is just that. …Bullion! Can easily be replaced. Gold HOF a winner! ! A Rare bird!!

  225. GoldGuru says

    Gold prices up or down doesn’t matter on this one. Bullion only has intrinsic value, keep that in mind when deciding. IMO

  226. Sith says

    I think you can wait but you have a plan you will not forgive yourself if the price goes up…and the price will not drop much., my only objection was the wait time and as you don’t mind the wait…

  227. Sith says

    Oh and make sure he is reliable because if the price does go up and he reneges on the deal…E-bay is a pain but it does have buyer protection.

  228. GoldGuru says

    To be honest. …if he has a June ship date for his gold, I don’t think he’s going to get it! Email confirmation or not! My reason. ….I ordered an extra Mt . Rushmore 2 weeks before a sell out was announced. I got a confirmation email! After the Sold out was announced, a few days later got an email from the mint saying we regret to inform you but this item is sold out& your order has been canceled! ! I was pissed, called a supervisor, raised holy hell, told him I ordered 2 weeks before sell out, got email confirmation, & he said sorry he couldn’t help& the mint reserves the right to cancel order@ any time for any reason! So……think about that too.

  229. Frankie says

    Just received my 5 proof and unc gold coins and have to return 2 proof coins because of some dark areas around ‘e pluribus’… Arrgggh! It took me 1 second to see these blemishes – does the mint employ blind people in QC??? I called the mint and was told that I will definitely receive replacement coins – I guess that makes the final mintage 50k – 2…

  230. says

    Zaz is right. I have everything shipped to a PO Box and I USED to have no problem. Lately every time i get a tracking number it ends in UPS. I just have to take off the UPS and add another digit to get the proper tracking number. I was told by a CS person that they would not look into the problem because they were changing over to a new system…

  231. GoldGuru says

    A good reason not to buy a sealed box, never know what the contents look like! Thx

  232. thePhelps says

    GG… I orderred my Gold coins at 2pm on the 27th. I have June ship dates for both of them. I am fairly certain I will be getting the coins.

  233. GoldGuru says

    I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it is possible. I would think the golds have all been minted already. 50K can be minted in a very short time.

  234. GoldGuru says

    I really do hope you get them. Always pray for the best, but be prepared for the worst. Frankie has 2 he’s sending back, they said they would replace them. How many others will they to replace? It cuts into the 50K. I DO hope you get them after all we’ve been put through. Good luck! Seriously! !

  235. Clark says


    With all 50,000 gold HoFs spoken for, I wonder how they can guarantee replacement coins. There is risk of returning gold HoFs only to get an apology and a credit instead of replacements. Please let us know how it goes.

  236. Pittsburgh P says

    Thx sith and GG… I decided to lock it in. Dealer was real nice and I got it for 3 1/10 oz gold and 6 1 oz silver + 100$. he just wanted it locked in now cuz he had four more to go… I’m extremely happy with that

  237. GoldGuru says

    I think you’re good 2 Go! I just don’t understand why the mint is waiting till June. All gold should be shipping soon. Hopefully your ship date will advance. The system is still playing catch up.

  238. Pittsburgh P says

    we just did it in person not through eBay… I don’t know if that’s allowed or not I’ve never used eBay before.

  239. Pittsburgh P says

    probably shouldn’t have said that… he seems really reliable, great reviews on eBay and his coin shop is extremely nice

  240. thePhelps says

    I don’t know … I actually haven’t read many comments from anyone returning a coin – that was told they had to get a refund instead of coins. The mint is probably doing what most businesses would do – over run the total by 5 or 10% for replacements and damage.

    Also – it is speculation to assume a returned coin is returned to stock and shipped out. I for one assume the mint has quality control in place on returns as well and wouldn’t ship a defective coin twice. I could be wrong, but that just seems to be good business sense.

  241. GoldGuru says

    I’m sure you did the right thing. Congrats! A bird in the hand! A Rare one at that! IMO

  242. JBK says

    Regardless of what the phone rep says, I would not necessarily expect a replacement on a sold out item. I think the replacement assurance is just a standard response. In the old days I think they did have some overage for returns but with these hot items with a specific mintage, I am not so sure.

  243. Frankie says

    I’ll let you know what happens. As I live in Indy and the coins are being shipped from a small town close by, my returned coins should be there tomorrow with my replacement order being processed imminently. I doubt though they minted more than 50k – my two returned coins will most likely mean someone else is going to lose out…

  244. GoldGuru says

    FYI. ……Just spoke to NGC, no submissions have been received as of 3:15 today. They expect the 30 day window to start tomorrow for ER pedigree. It will be posted on the website when the first submissions arrive.

  245. Joseph says

    I thought the mint will put the replacement after the waiting list,right? maybe I was wrong. let us know how it works out, frankie

  246. GoldGuru says

    FYI. …….After reading posts by Frankie, I just called the mint. I spoke with Karla, very helpful cs!! I asked her about returning the gold HOF’S. …she spoke with a supervisor, said if u get blemished coins & send them back SOON then you will get replacements. Also said that no more than 50K will be minted, and all 50K have not been minted yet, therefore the June & July ship dates. She also said that returns will not be sent out to others, and would indeed lower the amount of good coins to be had, meaning when it is all said and done, there would be less than 50K in customers hands!! So expect the final Audited # to be under 50K. Hope this helps you! !!!!! The gold coins are going to be rarer than once thought !! THANKS KARLA !!!! BTW, she said she does read this blog! ! U Go Girl!!

  247. GoldGuru says

    Bottom line. ………hold onto your gold until Final Audited # ‘ s are posted. Don’t be in a hurry to sell your gold HOF’S. You may be selling them too cheap! !!! IMO !!! You couldn’t pry these out of my hands right now, regardless of your offer. Under 50K total !!!!!

  248. GoldGuru says

    Frankie, you will get replacements, due to your early returns. I have confirmed that!

  249. VA Bob says

    Sith – I like to read all the comments, when I can, otherwise how would one know what they wish to respond to or not? I’m more interested in what others have to say, not so much reading my own posts unless I’m expecting a response. I’ve no need to use the blog as an IM. Jon in CT could probably have said it with a little more tact, but I believe he has a point too. I’m sure Michael appreciates the feedback. Perhaps numbering the initial posts, would aid folks like Jon find comments. Or maybe a check box.

    BTW thanks, my BHOF’s shipped today. I do wish the Mint had the product ready to ship. Not much reason orders couldn’t start going out the day after release.

  250. VA Bob says

    DCDave, I believe a heavier font would be helpful, but I don’t think Michael should throw the baby out with the bath water. I made a few suggestions above. Here’s another, perhaps a mouse click on the box changes the font slightly, just enough so you know you read it.

    It probably won’t be as bad when the level of excitement recent releases have generated. Normally <100.

  251. VA Bob says

    Actually, the dies are changed periodically throughout the run. You can get the first strike off a new die months after the first coin was struck (if the run is that long). I’d be more concerned, if I were a label chaser, on how they stacked the boxes. The Mint folks aren’t going to dig to the bottom to get them out in order. That’s why the ‘First Strike/First Release’ gimmick is so ridiculous. The TPG’s can’t say your getting the first coin struck or the 10,000th. IMO it’s very deceptive, but who am I to tell people what to throw their money at?

  252. VA Bob says

    Speaking of PM prices. Weren’t ATB’s cheaper the last time silver was sub $20? I’m beginning to believe the 10% discount really isn’t much of a discount at all. I feel sorry for those that are buying without a subscription.

  253. VA Bob says

    Not to mention he had to alter the invoice so it doesn’t show numbers, address, ect. Whose to say he didn’t alter the shipping info.

  254. IndenturedServant says

    Ordered 50 each of the dollars last night 4-7-14 at 11:19pm. Status went from hold to in process and coins are backordered to 7-7-14. Never saw anything that said sold out.

  255. IndenturedServant says

    Make your own. Louisville slugger split lengthwise with hideaway hinges. White leather interior with red baseball style stitching and a recess for each of the six capsules. Magnetic closure and if the COA’s are small enough a slot can be milled to store each of those. Make a box out of white ash with a glass lid to hold the bat. Some dingleberry with $$$ to burn will step right up to buy ’em.

  256. GoldGuru says

    Don’t get me wrong, I Still♡AMY, but Karla knows her stuff too!!! Please guys don’t drop a dime on me!! Can u say Polygamy? I’m Mormon!!………….NOT!!!

  257. John says

    Quick question….if my order has changed to “in process” but i still have a cancel box, what exactly does that mean? Is that essentially a waitlist, or have i been confirmed to get one, but its not in stock yet so it can still be canceled?

    I have one order that is in process, no cancel box, and expected ship 4/16.

    The order im talking about says in process, a cancel box, and backordered until 6/21.

    Hoping my status means im confirmed to be in on the gold 50k, but can still cancel it because it hasnt been made yet.

  258. MikeD says

    Same here. Moved to ”in process” 1 gold proof order March 28 around 9pm EST. Cancel box still there. Still backordered.

  259. longarm says

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the possibility the Smokey Mountain 5 oz ATB having sold out? I got my first order in at 12:02 and decided to get a couple more ( at 12:05) and as soon as I checked on the order page the first order was already backordered and the second wasn’t even there so I checked My Account and it said sold out. Now my first order says in stock and reserved, but the second is now on backorder. What’s up?

  260. thePhelps says

    longarm – I subscribed to these – and looked at my order and it was back ordered before these went to general sale. We don’t even know yet how many subscriptions there were or what the 1st days/week sales totals are. I don’t think they’ll sale out in a few days – we’ll have to wait and see.

    If you are ordering 3 – you should have subscribed and saved $40!!

  261. thePhelps says

    John – it depends on what is happening with your order.

    Most moved to in process – and then the mint shipped the bags. Some of the very early orders also have had coins shipped.

    Mine went to in process – my bag shipped – the cancel option was gone until the shipping notice was sent – then it returned.

    Until they go to ship my coins again it will probably stay as it is.

    For those with orders on Friday – we probably won’t know what is going to happen until we get to the end of the shipping process for the 1st day. No one has said when the mint truly reached 50,000 coins. Some have speculated over night Thursday and I’ve seen some that say by noon on Friday. We also don’t know who has cancelled orders on their own freeing up stock – or any other numbers that would help. So far all we have heard is 11,000 more coins were ordered than the mint is going to produce, and that means there will be a lot of cancellations done by the mint.

    MikeD – your order is one that would not have me sitting comfortably assuming I have a coin in the process.

  262. longarm says

    I ordered 10 the first time and two the second. I should have had a subscription but I didn’t, I do now.

  263. Durk says

    Parsing the few clues provided on the terse Order Confirmation page: My order 4296#### for $5 HOFs (2 each PR & UNC) submitted around 12:02am Friday (yep, just after midnight) went from “on hold” to “in process” yesterday. Today my bag shipped (woohoo…) and the shipping date for UNC moved up from 7/17 to 4/24, though this seems to be a moving target.

    The only check box that has disappeared was next to the bag; best guess is this indicates all $5 will be shipped once minted, but I can still cancel/adjust this order. It’ll be Xmas in July!

    With yesterday’s report of the $1 already over 90% (as of Sunday), I put in an order for these as well this afternoon. Seeing 4/24 shipping date on all of these. Any experience on the reality of these dates?

  264. thePhelps says

    Durk… the put the dates in a blender and see what they look like after a few days. The dates have been a farce and don’t really tell you much. The only way they help is when comparing yours to others who are getting shipments – and seeing where you are in the queue.

    In one of the other threads there is a discussion right now – because all the dates that people had -just got shifted again.

  265. Brandon says

    I got mine in today, and I can’t believe the big whopping knicks to the left of George Washington’s face. It is so noticeable. Uhggg!!!

  266. longarm says

    The mint released the mintage today at 21,415 which could very well be full production for the Smoky. My order of 10 comes tomorrow but my order of 2 is still on backorder(but they shipped the bag), I bet I won’t get them though…..

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