2014-P Shenandoah National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

Tomorrow, May 15, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2014 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin featuring Shenandoah National Park. This will represent the twenty second release within the series of large sized silver numismatic coins.


The reverse design by Phebe Hemphill features a depiction of a day hiker taking in the view from Little Stony Man summit. The inscriptions read “Shenandoah”, “Virginia”, “2014”, and “E Pluribus Unum”. The obverse contains the 1932 portrait of George Washington by John Flanagan with the inscriptions “United States of America”, “Liberty”, “In God We Trust”, and “Quarter Dollar”.

Each coin is struck in 99.9% silver with a weight of 5.000 troy ounces. The diameter is 3.000 inches, while the thickness is 0.165 inch. This represents the numismatic version of the coin, which carries the “P” mint mark for Philadelphia on the obverse and carries an uncirculated finish created through a vapor blasting technique.

Pricing is $154.95 per coin, unchanged from the prior release. Orders fulfilled through the US Mint’s online subscription program are eligible for the discounted price of $139.45 per coin.

The US Mint has set the maximum mintage at 30,000 units, representing an increase of 5,000 units from the prior release. There are no household ordering limits in place.

The previous coin in the series featuring Great Smoky Mountains National Park had gone on sale April 7. Opening sales were extremely strong at 21,415 units from the 25,000 maximum. The strong opening was likely driven by an increased number of subscription orders motivated by the 10% discount on price. In turn, the strong opening may have been a primary factor in the US Mint’s decision to increase the maximum mintage for the current release.

Despite sales for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Coin reaching 85.7% of the maximum in the opening days, more than a month later the coin has still not reached a sell out. As of the latest sales reported posted yesterday, cumulative sales have reached 24,043 units, with 447 added during the previous week.

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  1. Jon in CT says

    My subscription order for a single 5 oz silver AtB coin shows the following status at this moment:

    Order Date: 05/14/2014

    Order Status: Your order request is in process.

    Item Status: 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 05/29/2014.

    It’s disappointing that it’ll take two weeks to ship this product. 🙁

  2. MarkInFlorida says

    My subscription is 5/29 too. Why do they set a release date when nothing is available to ship on the release date? If the first ones will ship 5/29, then 5/29 should be the release date. That place is really run by a bunch of clowns! And it is not getting better, it’s getting worse.

  3. gary says

    My single 5 oz. P-Mint Shenandoah subscription was posted today. Exp. ship date 5/19

  4. KEITHSTER says

    Just checked my order page and here’s a new one an extra order for a subscription for the 5oz. shenandoah that I never ordered?And the one I did also shows but is on hold because of the funds I would think? Can take care of that though. Am sure it’s just a glitch but if I have it others must also so check your script order from today and see if you have an extra you did not order? Anyone have any movement such as pings to the card for the GMS 5ozers don’t think they’ll make it out on the 15th ? Thanks all for the support on the quiting it’s going to be he double toothpicks but sofar sogood!And VA I like your idea of buying something with the savings but don’t think it will be a graded carrying that around I might just get hooked and that would just be another expensive habit:) Have been putting the extra money into savings were I get the ATB roll’s so when the next one’s come out will keep a roll of those on me to remind me! Even pretend its a big stoggie hit it and flick the ashes and all that. And your right FM no vapor blaster for me they remind me of a one hitter on steroids. Well here’s to the Shenandoah’s hope all goes well and Good Luck To All :>:>:>

  5. Zaz says

    Notice that whenever the subs are processed the Mint puts a rolling forward date 15 days in advance. They will all say backordered expected to ship 5/29/14. Typically if they are in stock on the first day of ordering, the status will change to in stock and reserved within 1 or 2 days.

  6. says

    I got 2 ATB subs…one for 1 coin, one for 2 coins. One is “in procerss, one is “on hold”….both have 5/29 as the expected ship date.
    Now that they’ve raised the mintage limit to 30,000….it will probably max out around 22-23K. The GSM will probably end up as the highest mintage this year….

  7. SilverFan says

    Looking forward to seeing next Tuesday’s initial sales report numbers on these. We can get an idea of just how many subscriptions were canceled due to the relatively higher mintages.

  8. Jon in CT says

    And I can’t ignore the unintentionally funny article about the BBHoF signatures and coins at http://www.coinweek.com/commemoratives/coin-analyst-baseball-hall-of-fame-coins-signature-labels/ which includes this:

    [Lee Crane, owner of L&C Coins,] expects the number of players to eventually reach over 20, including possibly legends like Hank Aaron and Sandy Colfax and new members like Frank Thomas and Tony La Russa. … If I were a die-hard baseball fan and were interested in these coins, I would first do some research on how much any item with a particular player’s signature is worth, especially if investing large sums on hand-signed labels.

    Well, DUH! Ignoring the issue of whether there should be a space within Tony LaRussa’s last name, I can tell you without doing ANY research that if you buy a Sandy Colfax autograph thinking he was some famous baseball guy, then you’ve been had.

  9. Dave says

    Watch Jon’s Goose Gossage video and you will see why the clads are so bad in quality. Coins on top of coins! Really? Check out the conveyor belt. Now that’s what I call careful handling ( sarcasm intended.)

  10. fmtransmitter says

    The GSM will probably end up as the highest mintage this year…

    I predict Everglades, hands down…Hope they change the limit back to 25k!!

  11. fmtransmitter says

    That video is hilarious for a press release, coins all on top of each other..On a BETTER note, the Goose still has a killer mustache!

  12. fmtransmitter says

    @Mmm says
    MAY 14, 2014 AT 10:06 PM

    I wished I owned those toilet bowls. What a price… Who’s laughing now?

    that is cheap! they been being bought by registry chasers…

  13. CoachMike says

    Spot on Jon in CT, as a baseball collector too, I don’t think I can take anymore Sandy Coulfax.
    People it is Sandy Koufax.

  14. ClevelandRocks says

    It really is outrageous that a “release date” means “future backorder date”.
    Someone needs to seriously look into this.

  15. ridgerunner says

    I got my Great Smoky Mountain within a few days of it going on sale. I decided to skip the Shenandoah, just thought that the hiker looked out of place. Now that they (MINT) increased the mintage, glad I did. Still waiting for HOF March 27 order ship date now 6/9 and 6/19. Mint told me they only made 50K first run.

  16. VA Rich says

    Hey Dave – regarding “Just checked the Bay and in OGP there are only 4 silver dollar items closing today and only 4 tomorrow ( at this time.). Looks like OGP will hold it’s premium if the supply remains that low!” – you bring up an interesting point, I wanted to share an observation that ties back to your comment & I wonder who else might be seeing the same.

    In selling some of the dollars in OGP, I write a polite note to the buyer that the coin has shipped and the expected delivery date, and I’ll receive responses back, when I do, it’s fathers or grandpas buying these for the kids and they comment how excited they’ll be to receive them, I’ve also observed the OGP coins I’ve sent are going out to small little towns across America that I’ve had to look up as I’ve never heard of them, surprisingly, a 1/3 of buyers are female which is awesome (probably buying as gifts), & lastly most are just buyers with 8-60 transactions complete.

    At this stage, nothing can convince me otherwise that the word is spreading quickly and many, many will be given a gifts and held within families. I just don’t see many resurfaces on fleabay to be sold again.., at least not in OGP. My two cents –

    Oh, and one other thought, I have a stack of dollars that I won’t pass on due to quality issues that will be returned for replacement when the mint does start shipping again, I suspect that may also limit the OGP availability to a degree – Happy Hunting!

  17. says

    @ridgrerunner, 50 K of what? just Silver? or a mixture or Gold, Silver and Clads? And was is a Mint CR that told you or was it a supervisor?

  18. says

    @VA Rich, Good post. What you have related is just what I would have expected. The people that I have shown the coins to have really not been interested in any coins that I have shown them in the past. They have never purchased anything from the Mint from what I have shown them and yet as of this date I know that 60 clads have been purchased from the Mint and ALL of those are supposed to be given to young baseball, T-ball and softball players. They thought an uncirculated coin was the way to go because they had never heard of such a thing as a proof.

  19. Dave says

    I agree – a vast majority of my buyers have low, low ebay transaction numbers , several being first purchasers !
    My split is about 50-50 between big city / small town. A majority have been west coasters. That may have to do with my proclivity to end sales at midnight.

  20. Dave says

    Oh, and the prices continue to rise! I think I started selling about a week too early. Not complaining – just the facts, mam. ( you have to be in your 60’s or more to get that one! )

  21. Axel says

    I ordered my GSM ATB on opening day 4/7 and just got another email from the mint this morning stating the shipping date has now moved (for the 4th or 5th time) from today to 5/30. Guess I just don’t understand…

  22. Brad says


    Is that from a TV show or something? Dragnet, maybe? Mannix? I’m almost 42, but I’ve caught reruns in syndication! 🙂

  23. Brad says

    I figured, that’s why it was my first guess! 🙂

    By the way, I agree it was a mistake to raise the maximum mintage on the Shenandoah coin to 30,000. If too many subscriptions are cancelled because of that, the coins will hang around for quite a while. Maybe not long enough to have to be given a “mercy killing” like in years past, but too long to allow the coins to be worth any kind of premium. But, if the Mint figures they can sell 30,000 of them, then it’s in their best interest to do so.

  24. says


    You might want to re-check your ship dates today. I was out of action yesterday, but I looked in on my Shenandoah order this morning and it’s already listed as “In Stock and Reserved.” It’s possible the two week ship date was some kind of error, or maybe I just got exceptionally lucky.

    On the Gossage video, I thought it was a good way by the mint to promote the remaining half dollar coins, though I think the best thing would be to try to set up some kind of deal with MLB and sell the coins at stadiums/games.

  25. says

    Speaking of mintage limits, I wonder what the bullion limits are? Last year it was 35,000 for White Mountain and Mount Rushmore, and 30,000 for Perry, Great Basin & Fort McHenry.

    So far this year: GSM 26,500 Shenandoah 17,200

  26. says

    My CC has been pinged for one of my ATB subs. It’s strange, the ATB sub I ordered in late Dec., 2013 is always processed/shipped about a week later than the ATB sub I ordered in mid-March.

  27. Sith says

    Mine is in stock and reserved. FYI just because the mint increased the mintage it does not mean they will actually produce that amount of coins. Anyway it looks like a lot of other readers agreed with me and lowered their subscriptions based on the new mintage, but if the GSM is any indication I may go back and increase my subscription, then again the bullion ATBs are calling me…

  28. GoldFishin says

    “In stock and reserved” on the Shenandoah. These are the first coins I will receive under the subscription. I was a couple days late for the GSM subscription and still haven’t received them yet from the Mint.

  29. VA Rich says

    It’s not you CO – I placed an AtB subscription yesterday after cancelling all my previous ones and a ship date of 5/30 showed 2 hours ago – now it’s ‘In stock & Reserved’

  30. Brad says

    Yeah, I’ve been around long enough to know that mintage limits seldom equal the actual mintage. However, based on sales figures it appears that the Great Smoky Mountains coin saw the full 25,000 production, and it’s very likely the Mint will go ahead and produce the full 30,000 limit on Shenandoah on faith.

    I’ve considered ordering the Arches coin on subscription, since it’s my favorite design this year. I figure I should at least order it at the lower price. However, when I cancel the subscription right after fulfillment, is there any danger of the Mint screwing it up and leaving it active? I don’t want an accidental fulfillment of the next design.

  31. Jon in CT says

    My 2014 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – SHDOAH subscription order now has an item status of: In stock and reserved,/b>. Earlier today, when I checked at around 8 AM EDT, its item status was: 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 05/30/2014.

    I am HAPPY! :mrgreen:

  32. VA Rich says

    Jon – STOP – do not read any further.

    To my Moranic BHoF Friends from the Circus (MBFCs) – hey, to tie off regarding previous input you guys provided me, which I very much appreciate, this time of day is a great time to end an auction as some of you may have eluded to, also, this may be of interest, don’t scrap a 69 and reinsert into OGP on the premise that OGP is worth more or more desirable than a 69, this one appears to be different.

  33. CasualCollector says

    @VA Rich – do you mean 69’s of ALL variations of BHOF, or just certain ones (like the GOLD or just the Silver, etc…). Is that based on what you are seeing on eBay (i.e. that 69’s are selling higher than OGP for “fill in the blank”)

  34. SilverFan says

    No way the Mint will produce 30K of the Shenandoah pucks right away. My guess is that they will strike 15K or maybe 20K to start. Last year maximum mintage was 25K and most had final mintages well below that. I know subscriptions have increased demand this year, but we will have to check the initial sales report next week to see if people have canceled their subscriptions.

  35. Mammoth says

    Here is a question for you folks who regularly buy from the US Mint:
    Given we are near (past?) the sale qty. limit for the Great Smoky Mts. ATB, what does ‘backordered’ mean?
    – I will get it?
    – I won’t get it?
    – Maybe?

    I am buying both the bullion & collector’s versions of these ATB’s just because in years past, I hiked there quite a bit. Beautiful places!
    Waited until this morning to order the Great Smoky Mts. ATB, since I was planning on ordering the Shenandoah ATB today. The status for the Great Smoky Mts. ATB is “1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 05/15/2014.” and the status for the Shenandoah ATB is “In stock and reserved.”

    Thank you,

  36. Jon in CT says

    The WSJ is reporting today that the London Silver Fix on Aug 14 will be the last one. That’s gonna cause headaches. For example, the prices charged by the U.S. Mint for bullion Silver Eagles and AtBs sold to Authorized Purchasers are based on the London Silver Fix.

  37. simon says

    Mammoth : You will get the unit. They are “not available” for certain after a “SOLD OUT” notice is listed on the website.

  38. fmtransmitter says

    ClevelandRocks says
    MAY 15, 2014 AT 6:33 AM

    It really is outrageous that a “release date” means “future backorder date”.
    Someone needs to seriously look into this.

    Go for it CR. We all been complaining for years about it, no change…

  39. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Mammoth – you should be ok for Smoky. As of the most recent sales report, over 900 strikes remained for the authorized mintage. After the big opening supported by subscriptions, the sales have really tapered off.

    @ Silverfan – agreed. I’m thinking an initial run of 22-23K, then any more would be based on trending.

    @ Jon in CT – I have not seen the WSJ article, but have been watching this develop over the past couple of weeks on Kitco. Some of their analysts had offered varied speculation as to whether or not the gold market might see a similar process change, then went on to indicate that the purported collusion and related investigations surrounding the LBMA Gold fixing might drive the change sooner rather than later.

  40. says


    You beat me to the punch!


    I don’t think the end of the silver fix is going to cause a price surge (or decline) though. I cannot imagine that governments won’t act in some way to defend their currencies, and gold and silver have traded in tandem for a long time. Also, if you believe the people who believe in precious metal price manipulation (which is a lot more plausible these days given the corruption investigations going on that VABB referenced), the main problem is short selling on the COMEX rather than the price fix.

  41. Dave says

    Right on Capt. O. !
    As long as there is the ability to naked short, the silver streakers are screwed. On the other hand, it’s a stacker’s paradise. The longer it goes on, the more dramatic the unwind will be.

  42. Jon in CT says

    SilverFan wrote on May 14, 2014 at 7:51 PM:

    Looking forward to seeing next Tuesday’s initial sales report numbers on these. We can get an idea of just how many subscriptions were canceled due to the relatively higher mintages.

    How do you figure that? The first Mint sales report which included the Great Smoky Mountains 5 oz AtB covered a period where it had been on sale for six and a half days. Its sales during that period totaled 21,415. Exactly how many of those sales were from subscriptions? Who knows? The first Mint sales report which will include the Shenandoah 5 oz AtB will cover a period where it will have been on sale for only three and a half days. If the sales number is less than 21,415, then why couldn’t the three fewer sales days account for the difference? Why would any change be necessarily due to a change is subscription volume?

  43. VABEACHBUM says

    @ C.O. – Recognizing that this Fix matter has been developing for sometime, I’m really surprised that Pat Heller hasn’t published his thoughts on the change and how it will impact investors and collectors, as well as the US & World Markets. I have no doubt he’ll have something on the wire real soon.

  44. says


    I am surprised too and hoping he’ll weigh in on these events. I tend to read him quite a lot, I would figure he’s feeling pretty vindicated right now!

  45. charles says

    Seems like the London fix for gold, platinum and palladium would be effected too if the same process is used.

  46. SilverFan says

    @Jon in CT: The initial sales number should include all active subscriptions plus the few people crazy enough to pay the non-subscription price. I realize that the total number of days on sale will not be exactly the same between the two offerings, but if this initial number for Shenandoah falls well below the 21,415 for GSM it could reflect some cancelled subscriptions. We will have a much better gauge the following week though.

  47. Dustyroads says

    I doubt all fixing will end, it’s just a changing of the guards,” meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

  48. Jon in CT says

    SilverFan wrote on May 15, 2014 at 3:44 PM:

    The initial sales number should include all active subscriptions plus the few people crazy enough to pay the non-subscription price. I realize that the total number of days on sale will not be exactly the same between the two offerings, but if this initial number for Shenandoah falls well below the 21,415 for GSM it could reflect some cancelled subscriptions. We will have a much better gauge the following week though.

    Many people swore off subscriptions when they got pissed that the Mint would drop the prices of silver products after the initial on-sale date. Many people don’t both to follow coin enthusiast websites and, instead have signed up to the MInt’s E-mail Updates system to get a notice the afternoon that a new product goes on sale. The Mint sold over 2600 Great Smoky Mountains 5 oz coins during the period AFTER the first week — none of those could be subscription sales. Many people buy coins from the Mint based on the coin’s beauty and perhaps many folks think the Shenandoah’s reverse is very weak in that department. When the sales numbers are revealed next week, we will have no new evidence about whether AtB 5 oz subscriptions have changed up or down.

  49. clayton says

    My cc has been charged for my atb 5oz subscription for the shenandoah coin. Shows in stock and reserved at the mint.

  50. GoldFishin says

    @half pint….IF I was going to purchase a label or a signature for a HOF gold proof 70 I would choose the signature over a First Pitch or Opening Day Release label. My theory is: which one of these would be worth more than the other 10 years from now? My guess would be the Cal Ripken, Jr(man, I hoped I spelled that right…sweat) signature. Personally, I wouldn’t purchase either for the inflated price, but who is to say what these coins will be valued at in the future. Thanks for the discussion.

  51. thePhelps says

    I’m not an autograph seeker… never saw the intrigue. If I was – I’d hold out for the official Pete Rose set of HOF autographed coins.

    If I could have my coins autographed – I’d like it to be this years inductees. All the others are doing nothing but cashing in for a buck. (kind of like Pete will do).

  52. Hawkster says

    I did’t realize that so many coin collectors are also avid autograph seekers, as the previous comments in regard to the graded HOF seem to indicate.

  53. Hawkster says

    Or, on the other hand, are the autograph seekers diehard baseball fans who stumbled upon HOF coins?

  54. Sliverlover says

    the mint increase the Mintage for 3 reasons:

    1 – Subscription – $15.5 discount , !
    2- Compare 5oz silver coins to other major issued countries, such as UK, Canada, China etc.. Our coin is cheapest!
    3- Mints will attend to Long Beach Expo (June 5-9) , this show is 1st time have Dealers, coin collectors, investors ,
    and travelers from CHINA , if they compare our 5oz to their 5OZ Silver Panda, what will they think ! ? Also, they know this coin made by US government , Guarantee 100% SILVER from USA,

  55. gary says

    @Jon, I agree with you regarding the ATB subscriptions. There is no real means to truly extrapolate the rise and fall of subscriptions. Too many factors in the mix: Silver spot levels, increase level of interest in the ATB series, etc. Besides even if you could reliably figure the subscription popularity, so what? Sales are sales, whether they be by subscription, ordered at full pricing, or over-the-counter. Besides, subscriptions can be cancelled at any time for any reason and if desired you could resubscribe at any time.

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