2014 Presidential Dollars Design Candidates

With a lull in the United States Mint’s numismatic product release schedule, I wanted to take a few posts to share images of some of the design candidates for upcoming coins. The first post will take a look at the leading designs for the 2013 Presidential Dollars, which will feature 29th to 32nd Presidents of the United States.

Within the design selection process, the US Mint provides the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) multiple design candidates for each coin. The two groups review the candidates and provide an official recommendation. Then, it is up to the Secretary of the Treasury to make the final decision after weighing the input provided by the US Mint and the recommendations of the CFA and CCAC.

Design candidates for the 2014 Presidential Dollars were provided to the CFA and CCAC in April of this year. The coins will honor Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. There were five to eight candidates provided for each coin. The recommendations of the two groups were mostly in agreement, with the exception of the final coin honoring Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Previous Coin Update News coverage of the reviews can be found here and here. The first article includes images of the full slate of candidate designs for each coin.

Warren G. Harding Presidential Dollar

Both groups recommended candidate WH-07 for the Warren G. Harding Presidential Dollar. The CFA called it “the most compelling portrait” but did request that the curved edge of his should should be adjusted to be concentric with the coin edge. Voting at the CCAC was somewhat close between this candidate and an alternate. During discussion, one member commented that the curved edge of the shoulder was the artist’s intention to pull the image away from the text and should be kept that way.

Calvin Coolidge Presidential Dollar

Both groups were also in agreement for the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Dollar, recommending candidate CC-05. The CFA called it the superior design and best likeness of the President. Members of the CCAC provided similar comments although a members showed a preference for an alternate design.

Herbert Hoover Presidential Dollar

Both the CFA and CCAC recommended design candidate HH-05 for the Herbert Hoover Presidential Dollar. The CFA called it the best portrait the the least unhappy appearance. Voting was somewhat close by the CCAC, with some members preferring an alternate design.

CFA Roosevelt ccac-roosevelt

The two groups differed for the Presidential Dollar depicting Franklin D. Roosevelt, who also currently appears on the dime. The CFA made a recommendation for candidate FDR-02 as the most recognizable image. The CFA recommended candidate FDR-01, which depicts the President with glasses and near the end of his Presidency.

The US Mint has typically announced the official design selections for each year’s Presidential Dollars in December of the preceding year.

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  1. jayarejr says

    FDR02 definitely superior to FDR01, in my opinion. The other designs for the other presidents all look sharp.

  2. Zaz says

    I don’t see FDR-01 as an obvious choice since it is so unrecognizable as FDR. He had four terms in office, aren’t there better likenesses of him from earlier on in his presidency? FDR-02 replicates the dime with a fuller bust portrait. The other three presidents are appropriately “presidential.” Maybe that the is problem with the FDR designs. I recall a 15c stamp from 1980 that showed FDR relaxed and smiling, I suppose such a pose is inappropriate for this coin series.

  3. george glazener says

    I vote FDR-02 as well. But they could have found a nicer image of hi, I agree.

    The other three designs are very nice. 2014 will have lots of nice stuff to collect

  4. Brad says

    Of the two, I prefer FDR-01 more. FDR-02 looks too much like the portrait on the dime. We’ve had that since 1946. I would like a forward-facing portrait this time for the dollar coin so we can have something different.

  5. Rich says

    You guys need to buy up some more of those girl scout cook…., ahh coins.

    The mint just sent me an email for the 2013 GS Comm and they never send out emails on offering that have already been introduced and sitting out there…, well except for the MAH set that is still.., just…, sitting….

  6. Brian says

    I thought the Girl Scout e-mail was weird too. I assumed it was for the Young Collector’s Set that is supposed to come out at some point. But it wasn’t.

  7. says

    I agree with most everyone here, the design 01 for FDR just isn’t that hot. FDR-02 should definitely be the portrait.

    Definitely looking forwarding to seeing what they do for JFK in 2015. I would bet we might see a small sales surge for the Jackie Kennedy first spouse. I also picked up the JFK coin that the Central Bank of Ireland is offering.

  8. Tim says

    I would say the picture off FDR in the hat and glasses with a cigarette is the most easily recognizable…..

  9. Dan in Fla says

    OT Has anyone seen the Provident ordered Perrys’ Victory ATB bullion coin yet? Just wondering we must have backed them up on their orders because I ordered 2 of them on 6/1/13 and still no shipment.
    By the way Goldmart still has those NGC sets but they don’t ship until mid-July.

  10. high low silver says

    Dan in Fl : I saw that, and I guess I will get my order when I get it…… Sept 14 is FT. Mchenry celebration.

  11. Dustyroads says

    I have complained about APMEX, so to be fair I decided to give them another chance and order one of their 5 oz. bullion coins. I am happy to report that they were fast, the coin which is a WM looks great, and there are no issues.

  12. Micro says

    I think I actually prefer the FDR-01. 02 as others mentioned is almost identical to the dime. 01 is at least different than the other coins with his image.

    I would probably use Provident for my AtB 5 oz bullion coins but since I live in Texas the 8% sales tax is a deal killer. I usually buy from APMEX and I’ve never been disappointed. For the WM I decided to give MCM on eBay a try. The coin was great, but the vinyl flip instead of an air-tite was a bit of a letdown. That pretty much kills the shipping price advantage, so I’ll probably go back to APMEX.

  13. Eddie says

    All of the drawings of FDR don’t even look like him except maybe 3 of them the two pictured and FDR-06 but I’m really not sure about any of them for next year.

  14. thePhelps says

    I like the 1st 3 Pres coins – I prefer the image to a profile. Which leads to the FDR coin… I don’t like the choices. The 1st as mentioned looks like a recycle of the dime – my how original. The other doesn’t look like him from the historic pictures I’ve seen. I prefer it to the 1st one only because it doesn’t look like a recycle and would look better on a coin – but can we get something that looks like FDR? He was President for 3 full terms and there has to be a good likeness of him in there somewhere. If these are the only options… then I’d go with the 1st … and feel cheated.

    On the 5 oz… I ordered a Perry from Provident and I am still waiting.

  15. Zaz says

    @ Dan/Fla: Provident has been much slower these last few weeks, must be inventory control issues and waiting for shipments from the Mint. Ordered WM presale bullion from PM and APMEX, the latter cashed my check, shipped and delivered in six days which is pretty fast for APMEX. Provident took a little over two week after cashing to ship. The Perry’s I ordered from APMEX as well, they will be here in hand tomorrow.

  16. William says

    Both FDR coin images…bad. The artist needs to show a little more shirt collar, it looks a little uncomfortable to see a President with his suit jacket overlapping his shirt on his neck.

    I know his wife would have made him change his clothes before taking that photo… They had a lot more class than most Presidential couples.

  17. Dustyroads says

    Photobucket has a lot of garbage uploaded on it so I’m just going to warn you if you want to browse through their other pictures, go Spurs!

  18. Jerry Diekmann says

    FDR 01 doesn’t even look like FDR!!! The other three – who cares? “Modern” versions of such losers as Fillmore, Pierce, and Buchanan, who followed one another in the 1850s, and historically predecessors of the worst time in U.S. history – the Civil War, and followed by a great president from a different party. Same thing happened in the 1920s – three predecessors to the second-worst time in American history – the Great Depression, and like 70 years before, followed by a great president of a different party. I wouldn’t collect a dollar coin of any of these six disastrous leaders..

  19. fmtransmitter says

    Off topic here but on topic in other post.
    Can any member post a link to an actual photo of WP 2013 AE Proof sets when they find one? Appreciate it.
    Jesse James Rare Coins cashed my deposit check for my graded set. Waiting for July 1-10 to get paypal invoice for remainder and they will be in mail to me. I will post pics with a link for members when they arrive if anyone would like to take a gander.
    Keep up great comments, love all the opinions on these images of the Presidential choice for 2014.

  20. george glazener says

    William; very good observation regarding the jacket + shirt. You’re right, he would never go out in public that shabbily, so the coin shouldn’t either.

    The MINT should scrap these, and try harder. After all, FDR is the fourth issue of 2014, not the first. They should have time to get it right.

  21. dan@att.net says

    FDR 2 looks the best of the two. FDR 1 IMO looks nothing like him. There has to be better pictures available to go off considering the amount of press that covered him throughtout his carreer. I hope that the mint is reading and takes note that they should do a little more research to capture his image properly. Like him or not, he deserves better than these.

  22. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    george glazener
    excellent photo! i love it! definitely would buy a few rolls
    but they would never depict a cigarette on a coin these days. They are afraid it would cause someone to start smoking, and they couldn’t deal with that guilt, or lawyers or whatever.
    BTW, just quit smoking 10 days ago.

  23. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    but during the Great Depression and WWII that was the least on peoples’ minds

  24. stephen m says

    merryxmasmrscrooge, BTW, i quite smoking 10 days ago, Congratulations! I quite numerous times and finally kicked the habit 6+years ago after 27+ years of smoking. Toughest habit to break i ever had and i’ve had some bad ones. Hang in there. That is a good picture though.

  25. Eddie says

    All they have to do is find a great picture or FDR and scan it into a machine. With all of the tech. we have today it should be pretty easy right?
    It’s as tho the mint gave the artist a picture and said what variations can you come up with and apparently not very good ones at all.

  26. Eddie says

    I know this is way off subject but I still haven’t gotten a answer yet. I want to get a MS70 & PR70 and would like to know if any think the price will come down for the set or should I buy a set now?
    BTW I do have some sets ordered from the Mint that are suppose to be shipped out in the first round of shipping.

  27. IPS_STUFF says


    Regarding the 2013 SET – most of us do not have a crystal ball.

    I can tell you that I see 2012 sets selling for more than you can buy the 70’s of the 2013 currently. You have 2 factors that I see different.
    1) 2013 will appear to have a larger quantity produced
    2) coins ARE SUPPOSE to only be available in this set, unlike one of the coins in the 2012 set (I have not hear much comments about this fact, only about more being produced of this set)

  28. Rich says

    @ Eddie – how are you defining “come down” in price?

    70’s are going for $289 ER/FS and $254 Not ER/FS (Goldmart is at $274FS).., what price point are you hoping to see? $30 bucks off of the $289…, I’d like to see it but I’m not planning on it. Reason I ask is that I’m in a similar position with an impulse buy I bought with 30 minutes to go and now I’m questioning what to do with those or redirect the $$$.

    IPS has good points above; I’m waiting to see the sales report next Tuesday as it will capture the first adjustment and then by the following sales report we’ll have a better idea where cancellations will sit. With this laser, I think we’ll see a high percentage 70’s. If there is a retail dip I think it will be the result of 1) a high mintage, and 2) a lot of coins of 70 on the market. I’ll just be happy to see this beauty sitting on my bar. May want to give it two weeks to see where things shake out if you’re looking to bargain hunt…, good luck in the decision.

  29. says


    Michael reported that yesterday on CoinUpdate: http://news.coinupdate.com/re-introduced-coins-act-seeks-to-replcae-dollar-bills-with-coins-2023/. While I personally like $1 coins and think a changeover would be a good idea, I think it’s going to be unlikely to happen given Crane and Co’s lobbying muscle with the US government. Still, the fact that we’re now seeing a bill like this every year is a good sign.

    My hope is that perhaps the US Congress might, sometime soon, pass a general currency overhaul act that eliminates the penny and nickel and also ceases use of the $1 bill and replaces it with the $1 coin.

  30. Dustyroads says

    Eddie, I have two orders coming, and don’t plan on having them graded at this time, nor do I have plans to buy any more on the grey market. If I did however I would go ahead and do it now. I like Liberty coins, and as has been mentioned here before, Jesse James seems to have competitive pricing.

  31. Micro says

    Funny that there are comments about FDR’s jacket collar being over his shirt collar, and yet the two photo links that were posted show exactly that.

    I think the shabby-looking suit was the style. It was the Great Depression/WWII era after all.

  32. Dustyroads says

    Ann, that’s an extremely good analysis, thank you! The White House tried to hide that fact as much as possible. Being in a wheelchair would do that to his coat which would make rendering historically correct, bravo!

  33. Eddie says

    I’m like you I don’t have mine graded either (waste of money).
    Didn’t the 2012 sets come down in price after all of the hype from the flippers? They have made more of these so it would kinda stand to reason these might come down price wise say $249.00 or similar. I would like to have a MS70 & PR70 because I have a 2012 70’s set.

    I just received my 2013 UNC. sets and they don’t have a ding on any of the coins. All of them are great looking and some of the best sets I have ever received from the Mint in UNC. coin sets.

    This has been one of the better years for being a coin collector. About the only thing I would change is the back log of the 5 ozers. If they had of come out when they were suppose to it might have been easier on the ole banking account.

  34. Dustyroads says

    Eddie, don’t really think it’s a waste of money, my `11 25th anniversary set is MS70 Mercanti signed. The only reason why I’m not rushing to have this years sets in 70 is due to the higher mintage, I may do it later.

  35. fmtransmitter says

    Similar to all collectibles ie baseball cards etc, signed authenticated items bring higher premiums for re sellers. I am sure you could find the reason WHY Mercanti decided to sign some graded coins. It would only make sense the graders asked him to AND offered him money to.Just like the baseball players at signing events. It is a common practice and seems to be transmitting over to numismatics now. It IS an iconic image and one of the best ever IMO. Bottom line, money and profit above melt value. Any penny they can get above what you can sell it for is PROFIT..

  36. JBK says

    People don’t need a law to eliminate the nickel and cent, or to use the dollar coin. Just round up all your transactions to the next dime and refuse the small change. As for the dollar coin, get some from the bank and start using them.

    If people truly wanted to eliminate the nickel and/or cent, and if they wanted to replace paper dollars with dollar coins, then they would do it themselves.

  37. Dursch says

    Not trying to hijack the thread, but I can’t find an answer anywhere online.

    Question: I have ordered from the mint many, many times and have always been able to have the coins delivered to an address where someone is always there (ie. a business). However, I no longer have that luxury. For my recent and future orders it is pretty much guaranteed that no one will be home when UPS shows up. I would like UPS to just hold my coins at their facility for me to pick them up in person, but was told by them that they would first have to make three attempts as directed by the seller’s instructions. After three attempts they would then hold the package for 5 days. Is this the normal? Is there any circumventing the 3 attempts part?

  38. fmtransmitter says

    If I could only have gotten Gabriel de Campos y Pineda, Capt. of the El Cazador to sign my latest acquisition. Yes that is right, I am the proud owner of the “coin that changed the world”, or the USA for sure. After months of searching and losing auction after auction, patience has paid off and I paid a “reasonable” amount for a “decent” certified NGC Authentic Shipwreck coin. 8 Reales, lost in the Gulf of Mexico and found by the simple fishing vessel named “mistake”. I cannot wait to get it. Here is link I found if anyone has a chance to check it out.


  39. thePhelps says

    Dursch – they don’t have to make 3 attempts – they will make 3 attempts. I always call after I get a notice that they attempted to deliver – and have them hold whatever it is they are shipping. There is nothing that says the are required to try and deliver 3 times before they can hold it.

    That aside – I never get a mint package from UPS…

  40. high low silver says

    Dursch: You need to go on UPS website and request a hold on your packages. I think you must sign for them also. Fmtransmitter: Did you get a display case with it ? I just purchased a 1772 in higher grade genuine NGC last month……Nice conversation coin.

  41. Samuel says

    Dursch, i think u can open an UPS account, and make some changes to the delivery. i never used that function, i think u can.

  42. Wdg5 says

    Did anyone notice that the mint has not yet disabled the 2013 WP ASE set yet and that one can still add this product to the cart? 🙂

  43. fmtransmitter says

    @high low silver:

    I do not think so. It is just a certified coin. The price was VERY fair and that may be why. I do not display my coins at this point anyhow. One day I will though. Maybe I can find a nice display for it.I have brand new in the box a turntable display for my 50 state silver quarters that I have yet to assemble.

  44. Zaz says

    @Dursch: in my area UPS can return to sender after three delivery attempts. They have no space to hold all packages for five days, only those that have been called in after the first or second notice (on the third they schedule a return to sender.) I use a PO Box for all of my coin purchases, they never get sent to the house for obvious reasons. I think many others here do as well if they don’t use their work address. It takes a few days longer because the Mint has to utilize the postal service, my post office will hold box mail & parcels for two weeks, with notice up to thirty days.

  45. vaughnster says

    @Dursch– Even if you sign up for a UPS My Choice account you cannot change the authorized signature requirement if the package is over $300. I’ve called the Mint about this and they said only after 3 attempts at delivery the package SHOULD be held for pick-up for 5 days before being sent back. My UPS driver gladly gave me his cell phone number so when I knew a delivery from the Mint requiring a signature was being delivered that day, I would contact him to meet him somewhere on his route to get the package. As mentioned above, the only sure fire way to receive these deliveries is to have a PO Box. I think it’s a good policy by the Mint trying to make sure your expensive coin orders get to you and only you.

  46. thePhelps says

    Yeah… thanks Dusty for reminding us all that we probably know Dufus personally…

  47. Eddie says

    I received my Perry’s Victory today and it looks great.
    The finishes on them this year looks a whole lot better than the 2012 5 ozers.

  48. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    stephen m
    Congratulations! quit smoking 6 yrs ago, that’s great. i will hang in there!

  49. thePhelps says

    xmas – I did the same about 1 1/2 years ago. I’m here to tell ya – it is a tough battle. The first 30 days are killer… good luck!

  50. Dan in Fla says

    Eddie-You must have shopped APMEX as Provident has not started to ship at least not ship my Perrys Victory coins. Congratulations dude.I hope mine ships next week.

  51. Eddie says

    @Dan in Fla

    I ordered it from the Mint. They’re not as sand blasted looking like 2012’s P. 2013P’s have a very nice look to them this year. It would be great if they used the”Enhancer” on them that would really make the 5 ozers POP.

  52. Samuel says

    received my Perry’s Victory yesterday, there is a tiny ding beside the person’s shoulder. am i bad luck or what? the 2 WM are still in return process. the 2 chaco ordered not long ago, also bad.

  53. Dan in Fla says

    Hopefully I will have my Perry from the Mint in tomorrow but I thought you were talking about the bullion strike for some reason. Provident will start shipping soon they have to since my order went in on 6/1/13 and nothing.

  54. jayarejr says

    Dustyroads…read your story which is a great reminder…I have dealt with Heritage many times and had no problems, but note that they now have a $5,000 minimum value for auction material, same as Stack’s…I believe this means we will only see more horror stories like the one you posted as the little guy gets screwed by the local dealer.

  55. Dustyroads says

    I have already told my wife that if something should happen to me that she will have to do a lot of research for everything in the collection, but I’m not too worried about her because she is a good dealer. What I’m going to have to do in the near future is write down the details for everything in the collection, then she can handle everything independently, or at least then know it’s story.

  56. Dustyroads says

    jayarejr, Thanks for mentioning the auction companies, I’ll keep it for future reference.

  57. im just a bill says

    i think they should have the classic pic of FDR as well, but with a caption that says, ” gimme your gold, peasants.”

  58. george glazener says

    LOL, I forgot about that. At least he “asked”, rather than confiscated.

  59. fmtransmitter says


    Go to the NGC site and sign up for their free service.It let’s you add coins and photos of your collection. Great way to document everything. Doesn’t have to be graded by them either.You can add RAW, PCGS, NGC, ANACS, etc…For the NGC graded it gives an approximate REPLACEMENT value of some of the more common ones. Of course you can always make a excel spreadsheet or both!

  60. Dan in Fla says

    Well I just checked my e-mails and it seems like the WP sets are backordered until 7/7/13.

  61. IPS_STUFF says

    Tracking on my order still says 6/17/13

    – Dan & Steve – When did you get your emails ?


  62. Dan in Fla says

    Came at 430 am this morning from the U S Mint. They sent e-mails for the first two orders I placed right away through the computer. But the order I placed later in the day, five minutes later, have no acknowledgment.

  63. Drew says

    This program would be phenominal if they made these in silver and looked like they do in the photos.

  64. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    …and what I had for breakfast was… a delicious bowl… of grilled millionaire…

  65. billrod says

    I just spoke to a supervisor at the Fullfillment Center named Emmy and she said that the W sets have not been received yet from the Mint. She hopes to receive them within a week and start shipping them out right away. The story is that since orders could be placed until June 6 that everything was delayed until that date. That’s hard for me to understand since over 150,000 sets had already been placed during the first few days and it was obvious that the demand would be high. So why the big delay ? My Order Tracking on the website still has 6/17 as the expected shipment date.

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