2014 Presidential Dollars Proof Set

Tomorrow, February 18, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2014 Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set. This will represent the first availability for three of the included designs, and the first availability in proof format for all four designs.

2014 Presidential Dollar Proof Set

Each set includes proof versions of the 2014 Presidential Dollars featuring Presidents Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. The coins are struck at the San Francisco Mint and carry the “S” mint mark on the edge of the coin.

The four coins are packaged together within a single plastic lens and placed in an illustrated outer box with a certificate of authenticity. Each set is priced at $18.95 plus applicable shipping and handling.

The product is available at the discounted price of $17.05 for orders fulfilled through the US Mint’s Online Subscription Program.

There are no stated product limits or household ordering limits in place. The US Mint indicates that the 2014 Presidential Dollar Proof Set will be available until December 2015 or until sold out at an earlier date.

The four coins included within the set will also be issued within other annual sets to be released later this year. The 2014 Proof Set, which will include 14 coins in their standard compositions, carries a price of $31.95 and is scheduled for release on March 25, 2014. The 2014 Silver Proof Set will include this year’s quarters, dime, and half dollar in a composition of 90% silver, along with the remaining coins in their standard composition. This product is tentatively priced at $53.95 and scheduled for release in May 2014.

Special Promotion on February 20

The United States Mint’s home page is currently running the banner shown below, which promises a special promotion coming February 20. The nature of the promotion has not yet been revealed.


The last time, the US Mint ran a teaser banner ahead of their Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings, I was able to figure out that the upcoming promotion would have something to do with “free shipping.” The promotion turned out to be free shipping on all domestic web orders.

This time, the banner image is named “2014-BagTeaser-left.jpg” (visible by viewing page source or image info). The word “Bag” might be a clue.

Will the US Mint unveil a special grab bag of coins at a lower price? Or perhaps low premium bulk bags to disperse the extra 6 million 2013 Kennedy Half Dollars discussed in the previous post?

Any other guesses?

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  1. thePhelps says

    My guess was the bag of Kennedy’s halves. Perhaps they run a 10% discount on all bag orders and free shipping. That could actually be a good deal on some bags.

  2. Jeff says

    If it’s that then the mint is desperate. Hey U.S. Mint SURPRISE US

  3. Jeff says

    Could it be a bag of silver coins NOT Could it be a bag of gold coins NOT Could it be a bag of clad coins that have not been in circulation for a decade probably more junk.

  4. Jeff says

    Look the mint has to rid itself of billions of billions of coins they’ll let you buy a bag of coins that are, nicked, scratched, dinged, dented and they will charge you nearly double the face value for imperfect coins what a deal U.S. mint . Who’s the sucker

  5. KEITHSTER says

    Yup bag sale maybe 10% on the gift idea page, free shipping & looks like free gift wrap also from the banner? will see soon if so wish I wasn’t scared of bag marks oh well Good luck with all that::>

  6. ABC says

    My guess would be gold Kennedy Halves minted as heart-shaped coins in ultra high relief and reverse proof.

  7. ABC says

    Ok… jewel-encrusted with special glow-in-the-dark radioactive radium paint (a first in the hobby) applied to the rims to make it really extra special. And you guys thought the NGC and PCGS labels were getting ridiculous? Wait till these coins get released to the public.

  8. smiledon says

    @ Samuel,
    The new design for the Nebraska state quarter, I can only shake my head.
    I am a cornhusker through and through, but this has to be the personification of a clique.

  9. Ray says

    These $1 and $0.50 coin bags should have always been $1/coin. Thats already a huge markup. Ive refused to buy them. I see no value in it. Just my opinion. I like the NA $1 coins so I bought one roll in 2 years.

    Has the mint ever had a “Bag Sale” before?

  10. VA Rich says

    Hey FM – you need to read the CACC ’15 AtB comments in the link Samuel posted – one said, “suggest[ed] that depicting birds in flight doesn’t work well” – maybe they could use an education on the Mercanti Wedge Tail, ya think?

    Seriously guys, you all need to read some of the quotes and comments, you’ll understand why we get the designs that we do.., a few are quite disheartening given how out of touch with reality they are. Some really nice and promising designs though that I hope make it through.

  11. Mongo says

    I would guess a special on the Civil Rights Act coins with BAG being a a Black American Guide or other word beginning with a g. It is Black American history month.

  12. Eddie says

    The designs for the 2015 quarters I think are the worst one yet. There is nothing whatsoever interesting about them at all. It will be hard buying something you really don’t like So that will make buying the 5ozer’s very unsettling.

  13. Mongo says

    Second attempt;

    I guess that the special is going to be about the Civi Rights Act commemorative. BAG may stand for something like Black American History guide. It is Black History month.

  14. Tim says

    Why not have a vintage car at least on the NC BRP? All stink! Probably be a low mintage year in ’15, instead of great designs everyone would want…..

  15. thePhelps says

    I hate to say it but I was a little surprised by the poor picks. Several of the coins I just flat out will not like – the homestead will not be popular and the birds are retreads or variations of coins already made. Even the Saratoga seems like it will be the least liked but probably will sell the best of them (to me). The Parkway might be ok – but it is a classic roadway and the roadsides will look like boulders and not much else.

  16. Brian says

    I agree, but not a vintage car, a modern car. Someday this will be an old coin and it would be strange to see a car that isn’t from the period the coin was struck.

  17. VA Rich says

    Regarding the 2015 AtB designs, there’s only so much you can do with a marsh, a swamp and a battlefield where everything there is trying to kill something else to survive. And the landscapes are so very similar to others we have seen.

    I think the problem here goes back the National Park selection process. And that some grand opportunities were missed.

    We have a Kentucky Cumberland Gap NPS coin coming up.., yeah, it’s pretty through the region but pales in comparison to similar geography we’ve seen in the ’10 & ’11 coins. I spent a lot of my high school days spelunking the mammoth cave system, and for the life of me, why wasn’t that park with all it’s uniqueness and diversity chosen? Would have made one unique puck with stalactites, quartz, and throw in a bat, dino bone, or something.

    Again, back to the selection process and missed opportunities.., a lot of the parks selected in coming years may have landscape hard to distinguish from prior ones, imo.

  18. Nick says

    @va rich… I have to agree. Mammoth cave is awesome. Every time I go to Kentucky I make it a point to stop there and go through a section I the cave. It would have made an awesome atb coin

  19. Don says

    This bag offer will probably be an attempt on the Mint’s part to unload surplus inventories of Susan B. Anthony dollars and Kennedy halves. Sending them to customers in bags will ensure that they get jostled around, adding to additional bag marks.
    Will they be priced at face value? Hardly.

  20. Samuel says

    i would think they are going to off load the several million halves that the fed ordered and then cancelled.

  21. oldfolike says

    The Homestead ATB design favored is as pathetic as some of the comments from the “selecting committee”. The Homestead coin could be as nice as the Oregon Trail commemorative. And why do so many of the designs of the Parkway show the exact same section of road. Surely there are more beautiful sites than this one view worthy of consideration. The road should have a car, just like the trails should have hikers when it would be appropriate to add scale or add to the design. Some of these Parks represent history and should convey that, others should convey their enjoyment and use by people. I have a hard time with these “art” committees pushing simple designs and symbolism. If you were to rate the State quarters and ATBs up to this point I don’t think simplistic design and symbolism would win a lot of high grades. I do like their preference for movement though.

  22. Wes says

    They could show their appreciation to me by limiting orders to one item per household for the first week of a new release.

  23. Don says

    If that’s the case–that they are dumping some of the additional 6 million 2013 Kennedys through a wonderful bag offer, I wonder how the Mint will placate the customers who already paid a premium for the 2013 200- coin P&D bags.

  24. says

    The CCAC picks may not be the final design, so I won’t worry about them yet.

    I’m more concerned about the price of the 2014 ATB’s and the Baseball HoF gold coins.

    As I post this, silver is up 11.47% from the last 2013 London fix ($21.72 current / 12/31 london fix of $19.50)

    The 12/31 London fix for gold was $1201.50…it is currently $1323.40…so it is up 10.1 %

    If silver stays where it is at now, the 2014-P ATB’s will be the best value you can ever expect from the US Mint.

  25. Jerry Diekmann says

    ABC – Oh, don’t forget – it has to have a special label – maybe a rare white buffalo hologram with a built-in amplifier so you can hear it snort (a first!), plus it has to be signed by a VIP at the Mint – sure to become a collector’s item – NOT. This is the same kind of crap that happened in the 1930s “commemoratives” and what has been going on at the RCM – overload of nonsensical junk that will finally result in every new “coin” becoming the one with the lowest mintage because most everyone will get tired of shelling out good money for overpriced junk that stands for NOTHING.

  26. Dustyroads says

    After looking at the designs for a while they have grown on me some, I hope I’m not the only one who also likes the geese. I think Heidi Wastweet didn’t take into consideration that these men who walked behind a plow would be doing it for hours at a time, and therefor walk in the most relaxed way possible. I think these designs will begin to look better in time when the others are removed. BTW, There may be canons all the place somewhere, but not here so I’m ok with them. These coins are definitely going to test some peoples knowledge of history.

  27. Warren says

    2013 Kennedy halves at face value? If they throw in free shipping on them as well, then I’m on board, no problem. The federal reserve orders 6 million halves, the Mint produces them, and then the fed cancels the order? It would only be fitting that the Mint helps get those halves to the Fed whether they want them or not. I’d be more than glad to help. It will be like when they would offer the boxes of presidential dollars at face value just to get them into circulation… before everyone abused the system, just to get points on their credit cards, and simply returned the dollars to bank in unopened rolls.

  28. Kraw says


    I agree, the park selection seems to be really hit and miss, and far too often a miss. And for no apparent reason. Those quarters for 2015 are terrible. And my states of OH and the upcoming MA ones are horrible. Why didn’t OH pick Cuyahoga Valley NP or MA could have picked the harbor islands…Mammoth would’ve been the coolest coin ever, NM could’ve done Carlsbad instead of the toilets…

    Who is making these decisions?!?!

  29. GMS says

    Probably be a First Strike or Early Release label for whatever is in the bag no matter how old it is or when it was originally released.

  30. fmtransmitter says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Kisatchie 2015 ATB coin! Thanks Michael, was a treat to see that this morning! I am getting them all!…

  31. fmtransmitter says

    I am sorry, #7, the one on the headline of coinupdate newsletter. Haven’t looked at the rest, will wait for a final approval post here.

  32. fmtransmitter says

    Ok, #2 on Homestead, #7 , #7, #1, #10, mainly I was looking for a mirror like background and detail in feathers. Some of those need to be sent back for another batch…IMO

  33. says

    I have to agree the most likely candidate for this “surprise” is probably face value 2013 halves, in which case I will certainly buy a few (or perhaps more than a few given my fondness for the half dollar).

    The 2015 AtB picks were a huge disappointment to me, especially after the great choices they made for this year. All the Homestead designs were especially terrible and it should have been sent back to the drawing board. Of the Blue Ridge designs, I felt BRP-07 was the best, but they really should have put a classic American car of some kind on the road, and I’d have sent all these back to the drawing board too. Bombay Hook was a recycling of the Everglades coins as others have pointed out.

    Saratoga in particular annoyed me. I thought designs 09-10 with the cannons were vastly superior to the rest – the one they picked was very uninspiring.

    I would like to see a Mint News Blog poll on these designs just to see what people here would pick. I bet we could come up with a better consensus.

  34. Zaz says

    The ATB site selection committee picked the OLDEST unit in each jurisdiction. That was the criteria in order to be fair and avoid the appearance of partiality for one site over another within jurisdictions. ’15 was going to be the first of obscure, little-known sites lacking in recognizable iconic graphics. DE and LA are the only good designs with the birds. NC is not bad, but it’s missing a motor vehicle from the 50’s during the heyday of car touring.

  35. says


    It depends on how many they sell per bag and what the price is. If it’s face value, I might buy a couple hundred dollars worth and try to circulate some and hang onto one bag as a keepsake. I have a friend who regularly searched for silver halves and spent his clad halves, and there were a fair number of storekeepers who always got excited to see to them, thinking they were rare coins.

    If the theoretical 2013 Kennedy bags have a premium, though, I’ll probably just grab one.

  36. Nick says

    2015 has some good potential. The homestead ox is a good choice. Also are: the kisatchie fishing, the parkway coin needs a car absolutely. The Bombay Hook design with the two ducks in flight is amazing. And last but not least any of the Saratoga designs with the cannons would be nice.

  37. Ikaika says

    Seems like the surprise gig will be a free reusable bag with the mint logo for every $75 purchase. The mint loves their customers!

  38. VARich says

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! Just got the email! We’re a bunch suckers! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.., keep dreaming boys!

  39. VARich says

    Yeah.., Trader Joe’s has nice insulted bags they let go for $3.95, or Wegman’s for $1.99 with any purchase, or free with a bottle of wine. Sorry.., I just can’t stop laughing…, I’m laughing so hard it’s beginning to hurt!

  40. Ikaika says

    @ Captain

    The mint will give you the privilege to buy the Kennedy halves for a 10% markup from face value, but you need to pay shipping 🙂

  41. Don says

    How many Kennedys are in the U.S. Mint bags that are sent to the Federal Reserve? Maybe you can be a proud owner, at face value, of one (1) of these 2013 dated bags that were once destined to go into a Federal Reserve Vault. But wait: if you act within the first hour of the offer, a second bag will be thrown in. Just pay the additional shipping.

  42. Ikaika says

    @ VARich

    Makes me wonder who is the person from the US Mint that came up with the brilliant idea of these reusable bags. I actually feel offended by this offer.

  43. Sith says


    I’m with you but what annoyed me about Saratoga was it is the only coin so far in the series that does not show anything about the actual park or something you would see in the park (outside of a reenactment)

  44. Don says

    VARich and Jake,
    It was the commenter “Ikaika”, who posted at 1:32, who made the comment about reusable bags with the Mint logo. I’m not sure where he got his information or, more likely, it was his attempt at humor that you guys are taking too seriously.

  45. says


    The Mint sent out a marketing email today (I think about the presidential dollars proof set) that included information about the reusable bag. I have the mail too and looked at it myself, a picture of the bag is included.


    That’s a good point about Saratoga not actually being depicted. I hadn’t even considered that.

  46. VARich says

    Ikaika – I’m right there with ya partner. The majority of posters out here, if I were to guess, spent at least $1,640 with the mint last year…, but hey, you can have this free bag for just $75…, geez.

  47. VARich says

    CO – I wonder if that teaser was supposed to be on the email? After all, the big ‘Surprise’ is still veiled on the website.

  48. Ikaika says

    @ Don

    The reusable bag offer was on the email the US Mint sent for the 2014 United States Mint Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set today.

  49. Ikaika says

    @ VARich

    But you can only have one reusable bag. The offer is limited to one bag per customer per order and while supplies last!!!!

  50. VARich says

    Safe to assume that the 79% sold thus far of the LESPS won’t be shipping on the 21st.., no CC activity and the cancel box is sill present.

  51. VARich says

    Ikaika – here’s one for ya…, you should get a free CR coin with the purchase OF A bag! I’m looking at the numbers for last week and that thing has lost all steam!

  52. Ikaika says

    @ VARich

    Agree with you. A much better idea would be get a 2013 P&D Kennedy half with every order. Collectors would be happy, mint would get rid of their stock pile. But a reusable bag? Why?

  53. Dave says

    Regarding circulating Kennedy halves – I have made it a habit for the past two years to circulate leftover Kennedy cladsfrom my roll searches. The most interesting experience I have encountered is that nearly 1/4 of the clerks have rung them up as dollars! They are amazed when corrected. About half of the remaining clerks needed to read the coin to establish its value! It really has been educational. I told the customer service manager at Publix that they need to put a display of legal tender coins in the break room.

  54. fmtransmitter says

    Still geting my two rolls of quarters every pay period looking for silver. Keep going, you WILL find one eventually!

  55. Don says

    Thanks, Ikaika. I guess this re-usable bag distribution is the Mint’s way to promote the “Go Green” philosophy. To make this bag thing more entertaining, the Mint should randomly slip in prizes of silver and gold coins into some of the bags. Perhaps the 2013 P&D Kennedys could be the consolation prize.

  56. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    I can’t believe the Mint is using this bag of tricks to lure more customers. They haven’t let the cat out of the bag yet. might just be a mixed bag ‘a nothing. or a grab bag of plastic pennies. or just just a bag of wind. well, bag it, will ya? oh it’s probably just a bag of bones. whats your bag? oh, thinking about this, I’m getting bags under my eyes…

  57. KCF says

    Anyone know where these coins are being minted. I couldn’t find any info on which mints are making what coins for the hall of fame

  58. Mart Martinson says

    Just received 3 sets of the Proof Presidential coins and upon examining them, found that two of the sets contain DOUBLE COOLIDGE coins and NO HARDING coin. The third set contains all 4 correct coins. Has anyone else seen this? Are these RARITIES as ERRORS on US Mints part?
    BTW, Harding and Coolidge do look a bit alike!!!

  59. Mike Marz says

    I received a 2013 Presidential Proof set from the mint (I only ordered one) with T WO Coolidge coins and NO Hoover Coin. I ordered a second set and got the correct four coins. I don’t know if the set with two Coolidge coins has any extra value, but it is “COOL” (Ha Ha). We probably need to find a Coolidge fan to make some money! BTW I think the Hoover coin looks more like the Coolidge coin than the Harding coin.

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