2014 Presidential Dollars Uncirculated Set

Tomorrow, May 6, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2014 Presidential $1 Coin Uncirculated Set.

2014 Presidential Dollars

The product includes uncirculated quality coins featuring the 29th to 32nd Presidents of the United States of America, Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. There are eight coins included in each set, with coins from both the Philadelphia and Denver Mints containing the “P” and “D” mint mark for each President.

The obverse of each coin includes a portrait of the President, along with inscriptions of the President’s name, the motto “In God We Trust”, the order of the Presidency, and the dates served. On the reverse of each coin is an image of the Statue of Liberty with inscriptions “United States of America” and “$1”. The edge of each coin contains incuse lettering with the date, mint mark, and motto “E Pluribus Unum”.

packagingAll eight coins are packaged within a display folder with biographical sketches and portraits of each President. The packaging allows the obverse, reverse, and edge of each coin to be viewed within a protective, rotatable, blister.

Pricing is $16.95 per set plus applicable shipping and handling. Orders fulfilled through the US Mint’s Online Subscription Program are eligible for a discounted price of $15.25. There are no product limits or household ordering limits imposed.

The new product will represent the first appearance of all four 2014 Presidential Dollars in “uncirculated” quality. Next week on May 13, the uncirculated coins will be released within the full 2014 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set. In recent years, the US Mint has used a higher quality brilliant uncirculated finish for coins included in the various uncirculated coin sets.

The US Mint has previously released “circulating quality” examples of $1 coins featuring Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge within numismatic bags, rolls, and boxes as well as the First Day Coin Covers. Proof versions of all four of the coins have been released within the 2014 Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set, 2014 Proof Set, and 2014 Silver Proof Set.

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  1. joe says

    Glad to see gold drop today…hopefully the London average fix for the past week will be below $1300 so there isn’t a Mint price increase prior to the launch of the proof AGB.

  2. Dave says

    Spoke to a Mint CS lady this morning. Asked what’s up with the HOF coins. Answer : they are more difficult to produce and we have other coins scheduled which must be produced. Obviously they don’t really care when Commemorative coins go to collectors. Witness the FS production schedule last year.
    From their perspective, the primary focus of the business is to produce coinage for commerce…….even at a loss. Who really cares about the customer? We ARE the government! Here to serve you ??? Uh, yea, when it’s convenient for us. Just relax folks – we’d NEVER lie to you.

  3. Pittsburgh P says

    @jim I agree that the label fad will end but when is the question… I may not see it in my lifetime. Your comparison to baseball cards is a bad one IMO though… Since labels can only be made for coins that already have a limited(or not so limited) mintage and need to be at a certain quality… Baseball cards found their demise do too the companies making way too many different types and amounts in the millions of cards. Look at card pre 1960’s and even many pre 80’s. They maintain value and even rise as time passes. Rookie cards being like the Baltimore label is not a good comparison either… For some of the same reasons stated before and at least the coins and the grade have value a stars rookie card from the 90s, in most cases, are barely worth the paper its printed on… Again, I feel the label phenomenon will end also and probably badly for a lot of people who dropped money into it but it may not be for awhile, maybe a long while… IMHO only

  4. MN says

    U.S. Mint – Numismatic Products: Cumulative Sales information…the 2014 Silver Proof Set – SW1 sold 183,520 units from 4/29-5/4 (5 1/2 days). What determines how many sets are or can be made (silver allotment etc.)? “This product will be available until December 2015 or until sold out, whichever is first.”

  5. Sith says

    @Samuel – It will never happen as per the mints SOP all gold gets shipped separately.

  6. KEITHSTER says

    The Mint knows how to play the game they want winners- we need winners makes them look good ya know:) And then we buy more so limit the supply and watch them fight for the scraps? Don’t you think they could have had most ready to go or made them in a day or two they make billions of coins all the time. But to dump them all at once athough fair no wow factor there! And who told you life was fair anyway cause it’s not! So let the Mint play their little games their getting better all the time so us little cats have to just hang on to the tails of the big dogs and see what trickels down?But be carefull as you might not like it? But Good Luck To Us All:>:>:>

  7. Sith says

    @Pittsburgh P – I humbly disagree

    “Since labels can only be made for coins that already have a limited(or not so limited) mintage and need to be at a certain quality” – You already address the mintages but as far as quality how rare is a PF70? Also nobody is attacking the coin just the premium paid for the packaging

    ‘ the companies making way too many different types” – Sounds like labels, first pitch, first strike, signatures, Baltimore,…

    “at least the coins and the grade have value a stars rookie card from the 90s, in most cases, are barely worth the paper its printed on. – Nobody would also complain about paying the mint’s issue price, or even secondary market prices if warranted, then add a encapsulated PF70 should have premium over OGP, but why pay a premium on top of that for a Baltimore label. A PF-70 is a PF-70. Again nobody is attacking the coin just the premium paid for the label.

  8. CasualCollector says

    @Roy – Authentic Autographs of HOF Players — now that to me adds value. Sort of like price of the coin + price of player’s autograph + premium because it’s a unique piece. In other words I would pay extra for a coin with an Authentic Autograph encapsulated by PCGS. The fact that it is encapsulated by a legit company has a hidden benefit (it’s a real autograph).

  9. fmtransmitter says

    Everyday another post to push CR coins on Mint Social Media sights. Those things are collecting dust on the shelves. Glad a message is being sent about what we like and likely will buy. Again imo the reverse was dead on but the obverse stunk. Bring on Marshall’s..

  10. Sith says

    @CasualCollector – Agree to a certain extent but it could also limits the coins resale value because you would need someone who likes the player in question and is willing to buy the coin and the signature. It would make a priceless heirloom.

  11. Sith says

    @fmtransmitter – They should have learned that lesson from the Girl Scout coin…

  12. Pittsburgh P says

    @Sith you don’t seem to disagree with me you are just framing it in a different way… Or maybe you are. Not sure. My only disagreement with Jim was comparing baseball cards to the labels being produced for coins. I wasn’t just talking about the BHoF coin labels but all labels being produced by TPGs in general. So a 70 modern coin may not be rare but a 70 or 69 coin from say 1900 would be. I know there was no attack on the coin itself but the label e.g. the Balitimore label and I am totally 100% behind it being a rip off and ridiculous… As I have stated many times I am not a label collector although they do have legitimate purposes for older, cleaned coins, and fakes. Baseball card companies made as many cards as they could that they felt they could sell and then some… I was saying TPGs can’t do that, even with all different types of labels they must stay within the amount available and the amount submitted…

  13. CasualCollector says

    @Sith — true about finding a fan that wants the coin with the autograph (I just don’t think that would be a problem). If a coin collector wants the “Baseball” coin, then I don’t think they are going to mind an authentic Baseball HOF Player’s autograph is included (they just might not pay as much a premium for the autograph as others would). If PCGS limits the number of autographs per player that would be extremely unique (imho). Like Tom Seaver at 311 wins. If PCGS puts aside a series of serial numbers for these authentic autographs — say xxxxxx-001 – xxxxxx-311 — that would would be a nice collectible. And I agree it would make for a priceless heirloom…

  14. says

    @Roy, et al, RE: L&C link, I am so sick of these phony TPG’s! Should not PCGS know that is NOT an MS but a PR????????? They really make us look like a bunch of idiots!

  15. says

    @2Cents- It’s a sample picture provided by PCGS, not an actual graded coin. I’m guessing someone in their marketing department threw it together too quickly.

  16. Clark says

    While we’re sitting around waiting for our BHOF coins to arrive, it is entertaining to speculate about what is behind the as yet unexplained manufacturing & shipping delays across all varieties. Eventually we will know what the actual reasons were, but in the meantime, here are my grossly uninformed guesses for your amusement . Feel free to join in.

    1. Expert European & Australian advisors who assisted with the US Mint’s first production round have gone home and won’t be back for a while. Going at it alone is causing various problems. The quality of BHOF coins minted after the first round may be inferior.

    2. Domed dies used to press our curved BHOF coins are complicated and must be serviced and/or replaced more often.

    3. As a government agency, the US Mint is following the same standard procedure it has always used for commemorative coin production. Early sell-outs of BHOF coins created no sense of urgency to deviate from normal commemorative coin production. You will get your coins when you get them, not when you want them or when the Mint’s website says they will be shipped.

  17. says

    @Roger, How does a “sample picture” switch from a proof to an unc? This is much like the Coin Vault selling a gold HOF labeled from NGC as being minted in Philadelphia for $4k. That wasn’t an example.

  18. Bernie in PA says

    Hi All,

    I’ve been following this blog since before the start of the BHOF frenzy… I’ve learned a TON from all of you and I’ve gained great perspective on coin collecting. I’m one of those guys who was “sucked in” by a US Mint first (curved coin) and a subject I enjoy (baseball). I got in on day 1 @ 1:12PM. I purchased a full set for myself (Gold, Silver, Clad… PR and UNC) and an additional amount of gold coins PR and UNC. I pre-sold 6 gold coins (3/3 PR/UNC) – wish I hadn’t!!!

    Just wanted to put a word of thanks to Michael and all the folks who post on this blog for your insight and for keeping me sane as I await my gold coins (I did receive the two clads and two silvers back in April). I’m expanding my horizons and looking at collecting coins for years to come!

  19. A&L Futures says

    Updated PCGS POP report w/ std. 30-day “First Strike” labels (69s / 70s only)

    $5 Proof – 167 x PR69; 368 x PR70
    $5 Unc – 137 x MS69; 210 x MS70

    $1 Proof – 543 x PR69; 1059 x PR70
    $1 Unc – 532 x MS69; 492 x MS70

    $0.50 Proof – 751 x PR69; 392 x PR70
    $0.50 Unc – 489 x MS69; 349 x MS70

  20. says

    @2Cents- I assume they simply photoshopped the label onto an existing graded coin and weren’t paying close attention to the grade they put on it.

  21. VA Rich says

    227% apprection in 6 weeks for a $1 UNC…, not too shabby for circus coinage…

  22. CasualCollector says

    @A&L Futures – Thanks for the PCGS Population numbers. Percentages of 70’s for those clads are really bad. And also the Silver uncirculated.

  23. Mk says

    I’ve also decided to stop looking at my “projected” US mint ship dates for awhile. I have 04/09 order for silver uncs now showing est. ship of 09/04… Anyone have a later date?? Anyone? Lol

  24. fmtransmitter says

    A lot of new collectors who bought into the US Mint HOF coin getting an age old lesson here…Rather amusing. You get em when you get em and you can cancel at anytime as long as cancel box is present.

  25. Pittsburgh P says

    @fmtransmitter it may be a lot of the newer collectors complaining here but IMO many of the collectors who have dealt with the mint for are also… I have vented myself and I know in some of your post you have too. This is by far the worst of all the mints shipping problems, unless you can think of worse? The ASE collectors sets were bad and so on but not this bad. I personally do not find it amusing as you do. It’s not good for new numismatists just beginning with this coin or people dealing with the mint for the first time. It will be driving the new and possibly younger collectors away while it needs to be attracting them! Great advice telling them to cancel also, so then maybe they will regret it or never purchase another coin again. Or maybe they should just go to ebay and buy their coins… IMO they may be learning a lesson, one that they shouldn’t have to learn – no need for you to laugh at them.

  26. Clark says

    @fm–I like #1 too.

    I read on another chat board a theory that operatives of the Girl Scouts of America, still smarting from the rebuke of their GSA commemorative silvers, infiltrated the mint and sabotaged our BHOF orders.

    More likely, there’s probably only one or two people who know how to troubleshoot the new curved coin equipment and they have to shuttle between West Point, Philly, Denver and San Francisco. Something is definitely wrong, they just won’t tell us.

  27. Pittsburgh P says

    @fmtrans after rereading my response it seems like I was attacking you while expressing my opinion. I apologize for my harsh response and in no way was it personal. OT- how’s the back and rehab coming along?

  28. Mk says

    @Pitt- I know many aren’t amused by the mints ineptitude, however I’m a relatively new collector of moderns. Prior to that only old, old coinage, and bullion stacking. The delays are frustrating to me, but I will say the baseball coins have sparked my interest in other moderns. I’ve recently purchased quite a few aside from the bbhof coins. Heck, I even bought one of those Mickey Mouse coins.. Lol Point is, I’m still interested and I think other newer collectors are too. IMO- the mint should be postponing some of their other releases such as the FIRST SPOUSES and focus their attention on getting the bb coins out the door.

  29. Mk says

    @Clark- girls scouts…lol. I probably would have bought their coin had they fashioned it into a thin mint cookie…

  30. Pittsburgh P says

    @mk glad to hear it. Agreed thats what the mint should be doing but I’m sure they will go about business as usual. This is why monopolies are illegal…

    Mickey Mouse eh… and can’t say I’d get a Girl Scout thin mint coin cause I’d break a few teeth one late night 🙂

  31. Howard says

    I understand the frustration of the bizarre shipping confusion especially because
    one might not receive the coin at all. However we are dealing with the government
    and should expect this behavior.

  32. Clark says

    @MK–Don’t worry, the mint will put off first spouse production and sales until the end of the year, as they have for the past two years. I am one of the few remaining collectors of MS and PF spouses and am in it too far to stop!

  33. VaBeachSteve says

    I bet I will get my Mickey Mouse coins before my HOF. No one mentioned the mouse coins were a sellout in less than a month

  34. Pittsburgh P says

    @VaBeachSteve no one mentioned it because it was a mintage of 10,000… The gold mickey’s did sell out in a day or so but it was only 1000…

  35. Matt says

    New reader, and collector. My grading results just posted on NGC’s website for my BHOF order.

    1 – Clad 50C Unc – MS70 ER
    1 – Clad 50C Proof – PF69 UC ER
    1 – Silver $1 Unc – MS70 ER
    4 – Silver $1 Proof – PF69 UC ER
    7 – Silver $1 Proof – PF70 UC ER

    How’d I do?

  36. ridgerunner says

    Speaking if the BHOF coins, I ordered on the first day 3/27 after I got home from work . My delivery date has been pushed back so many times that I called the mint and they said they didn’t know when they would ship. The day I called the date had been pushed to May 17th, the next day after talking to them it was pushed to June 5th and June 12th so who knows when I will get them. I also ordered more later and they have a date of sometime in August, this for the silver coins, but the clad halves still have June ship date. I guess if I had of ordered 100 of each I would have them by now.

  37. TheGoldenGoose says

    Too bad the FDR doesn’t look like FDR. It looks like Jay Carney with a hangover.

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