2014 Presidential Dollars

The United States Mint has announced the design selections for the 2014 Presidential Dollars. The four coins to be issued for the following year will honor the former Presidents Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Initially, the US Mint had prepared from five to eight different design candidates for each coin. These were provided to the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) for review and comment. Both groups had offered the same recommendation for three out of four coins. There was a difference of opinion on which design should be used for the coin honoring Theodore Roosevelt.

Complete coverage of the CFA and CCAC meetings, which includes images of all design candidates, can be found here and here.

The final design selections announced by the US Mint are shown below.

Warren G. Harding Presidential Dollar

2014 Warren G. Harding Presidential Dollar
Designer and Engraver: Michael Gaudioso

Both the CFA and CCAC recommended the design shown above, which was also the final selection. The CFA did recommend some modification to the curved edge of the shoulder, which does seem to have been adjusted from the initial image.

Calvin Coolidge Presidential Dollar

2014 Calvin Coolidge Presidential Dollar
Designer and Engraver: Phebe Hemphill

Once again, the final design selection followed the recommendation of both the CFA and CCAC. The CFA called this alternative the superior design and best likeness of the President. The CCAC said that the design captured the character of President Coolidge.

Herbert Hoover Presidential Dollar

2014 Herbert Hoover Presidential Dollar
Designer and Engraver: Phebe Hemphill

For the third time, the final design selection matched the recommendation of the CFA and CCAC. Reflecting on the stern facial expressions on all of the candidates, the CFA said this was the best portrait with the least unhappy appearance.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Dollar

2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Dollar
Designer and Engraver: Joseph Menna

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Dollar was the only coin where the recommendations of the CFA and CCAC differed. The final design selection matched the recommendation of the CCAC, which said the design successfully captured the President’s personality. The CFA had recommended the alternate design shown below as the most recognizable image.


As was the case for the prior two years of the series, the 2014 Presidential Dollars are expected to be released only within numismatic products offered by the United States Mint and not issued for general circulation. If the schedule of the previous year is followed, the first coin featuring Warren G. Harding should be available in numismatic bags, rolls, and boxes in February 2014.

United States Mint Black Friday & Cyber Week Savings

In an email sent to customers sent this morning, the US Mint revealed their Black Friday and Cyber Week promotion. Earlier in the week, teaser banners had been placed at the top of the online product catalog.

The promotion will be free shipping on domestic web orders from Friday, November 29 to Friday, December 6.

Collectors may want to delay making any non-urgent purchases until this Friday to take advantage of the savings. The standard shipping charge for orders is usually $4.95.

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  1. Samuel says

    just received two 5oz P SP70 from the paradise, both of them have dings on the coin, one on the obverse, one on reverse. how can these kind of coins be graded 70? or it is just normal?

  2. fmtransmitter says

    @Samuel, this has been discussed before, rim dings are part of the milling process, the BLANK comes to the Mint to be struck and the STRIKE is what is graded. The Mint has no control over rim dings in the blank stamping process, therefore should not count towards a grade. Now, when you get into CIRCULATION coinage this changes. Hope this helps.

  3. MarkInFlorida says

    FDR just doesn’t look like him. Maybe it matches his personality, but it doesn’t match his FACE! Idiots.

  4. high low silver says

    Remember, the coins will look nothing like these pictures, a lot worse.Have fun with free shipping… what a Black Friday perk…..NOT !!

  5. Zaz says

    OT, really loving the $1,590 on the AM Buffalo proof, was considering getting the unc 5-Star Generals half eagle for $400, now I’ll spring for the full oz. instead, since the Mint’s Black Friday “sale” is a generous whopping $4.95 off shipping (Whoopie! Much ado about nothing.) The proof would go well with the RP Buffalo I already have. All I would need to complete the 100th annie set (3 original 1913 ms nickels, 2 2001 silver dollars and 3 2013 gold 1oz coins) is the ms 1oz bullion and those should be available at normal premiums into ’14…

  6. Ray says

    @Samuel, I submitted 2 AtBs to NGC and was surprised to receive them back both graded SP70. The both had water stains and one ding on the edge. Apparently all of the coins have this ding and its part of the process. Dont know if I fully believe that. The water stains are also part of the process. I paid NGC around $13/coin to have them run it through their “conservation” process to remove the water stains. I was more than happy with the results. I think if I had submitted my WM which has a knick on GW’s face, that would have graded at a 69 or less. I also submitted some ASE’s and received grades of 69 on all of them. I wasn’t expecting a high grade like that. These coins were sitting on a shelf exposed to the elements and had toning. They were all 2012’s and 2013’s. It changed my outlook on grading and the value of it. I would not have been happy if I had bought these from Ebay or a dealer. I feel like the true grade of what I have is 1-2 grades below what is on the label. It’s making me second guess the TPG’s, and also the hobby as a whole..

  7. Samuel says

    FX, i understand the rim ding thing, learned that from my own WP set 70. but the ding is on washington’s cheek. isnt that too much?

  8. Buzz Killington says

    Michael — Blame the editor within me, but shouldn’t this sentence say “Franklin D.” not Theodore? PS Thanks for everything you do.

    There was a difference of opinion on which design should be used for the coin honoring Theodore Roosevelt.

  9. KEITHSTER says

    Huwee looks like we have a new sub-set Hoodlum &Gangster wanabee’s althougt some may even be according to some except for Franklin his looks more like a school teacher or something ? They should of went with the CFA’s then he would have fit right in that sub-set! See you all were right free shipping oh well works for some? Got both orders of pucks yesterday ordered a day apart first checked the FM. it was sweet the second one though what’s this the top course of stone on the second bldg. from the right shinny no frosting on the whole course then along the archway on the next bldg.So what and how any one else have or had one of these? Maybe some QC guy checking the frosting or just a rolling stone gone mad in the blasting process?Then on to the MR yikes on George’s face on the mount. whats that on his nose a silver bump looks like a pimple is that on all of them you do need a loupe to see it also seems to be a lot of residue on the coin must be left over from the blasting process in the nooks and crannys. A kind of yellow substance the start of the milk spots? Bet a lot have it cant see it straight up have to use your loupe at the right angle and yuk looks like a black light test on something nasty? See a lot of trouble on these down the road none of the others had this! Then on to the Perry’s both excellant not a shinning anywhere my problem was with the packers shlpped them both in the same box with a box of NA’s must be trying to save enough for all the free shipping or they a few left over rocket fuel fillers left over and found them a job? Good luck all on the black magic friday cyber stuff :>

  10. Sith says

    @fmtransmitter (from the last thread) What polished coins are you talking about? The ATBs are not polished.

    DMPL = Deep Mirror Proof-Like, so named because they resemble Proof coins fairly closely.

    Whizzing is a special form of cleaning in which a brush made of wire or a similar substance is applied to the coin to enhance luster. Whizzing achieves this by stripping off the natural surface of the coin to expose the lustrous, untoned metal beneath. Most whizzed coins are detectable without a loupe, especially to a trained eye, and the abrasion marks are readily visible by properly rotating the coin under a good light source. Because it is one of the most abrasive processes used on coins and can majorly detract from a coin’s value, whizzing should absolutely be avoided

  11. fmtransmitter says

    @KEITHSTER: good to read your results. I assume in the stamping process, some tiny piece of metal may have broken off and stayed in the dye. I know it is important to use a wire brush after each and every strike to clean off any metal as not to influence the strike on the next coin. Looks like a run may have those tiny nics. My 69 sure does but my OGP does not. Same exact spot as well.

  12. fmtransmitter says

    @Sith: How are the bullion ATB’s shine brought out then? I thought they are polished/buffed after striking? usually done to remove any burr’s and shine it up?

  13. thePhelps says

    Hehe…the Hoover coin looks like he should have a huge cigar, and a sub-machine gun slung over a shoulder. It is a classic gangster from the 1920’s movies picture.. I actually like the Roosevelt – altho as others mentioned previously.. he should have had the cigarette in the holder held high in his hand. That captured his personality…

  14. Louis says

    For the folks who had some ATB’s graded, can you say about how much your grading cost was per coin? Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving.

    @Ray- Perhaps you should try PCGS ATB’s.

  15. Ray says

    I’m curious about trying PCGS. I’m not going to renew my membership with NGC next year, and thats when I’ll proabbly sign up for PCGS. Not really in a hurry, and i have just been buying from the mint and keeping everything in OGP lately.

    There was a $20 special at NGC. I submitted with additional coins, but here is what I paid for the AtBs:
    $20 each which included the over-sized holder
    $13 (for conservation services on each AtB coin (because of water spots)
    shipping to them (approx $20?, i really dont know/remember)
    return shipping (you can find a 2 coin rate from them, i think its around $20 for 2 coins. i wasnt charged more for a heavy 5 oz coin)

    So I’d guestimate that it would cost me around $80 total shipped/returned for 2 AtBs with the special (which they ran several times a year in 2013)

    without the special, it would have been around $120.

  16. JEFF in TX. says

    These look fine to me . Wonder what the mintage will be, if they pass the bill removing the one dollar note.

  17. MarkInFlorida says

    fmt, those are the swipe marks on some, but not all of mine. I wonder how some get made without them, or with the mirrored look.

  18. Louis says

    Thanks, Ray. Seems cheaper to buy graded at least with NGC. But these things are already bulky enough without those huge holders. Except for the first year when I had some graded, I have only been buying OGP and raw apart from a great deal I got on Denali 69 DMPL, tied for lowest mintage.

  19. fmtransmitter says

    @MarkInFlorida: It depends on who made the blanks and the process that was used to mill them. The Mint uses several vendors I believe I read. I mean raw silver is dull. It has to be polished at some point in the process, whether by machine, dipping, etc.

  20. VARich says

    I’ll be so glad when this Presidential series is over (like yesterday)..,

    again, I’ll ask the question, why does the marketing manager at the mint continue to embarrass the Department of the Treasury with this “Black Friday” hoopla and the best that they can offer is “free shipping at $4.95.” Really?

    Take that misdirected banner down. With Ag back down in the mid range of $19.., I’ll be taking my bongos to Provident which is already offering free shipping, besides Texas seems get it!

  21. KEITHSTER says

    No wire stamped on my Fort Mchenry but it is all one line. It starts on a corner stone at shield level on the 1st. bldg.on the right then goes along the whole top course of stone on the second and only on that course not the one below or the roof. Then on to the arch of the door on the next bldg. and follows the arch around it all one piece with no frosting? Any one have this one and send it back or have another just like it? This was done during or after the frosting process. Also no more lip nicks looks like they almost polished the poor lips off that boy if you turn them at the right angle they almost disappear even on my volcano the lip nick was half filled in already:) But they all seemed to have heavy vapor blasting to make sure they get covered I’m sure and cut back on the returns. So please check your Mc henrey’s to see if you have anything like it? It can be seen with the naked eye if you wiggle it but please use your cheaters or a loupe.If it’s just a scratch it’s the longest and weirdest I’ve seen one a new coin? Good luck and Happy Holidays All:):>

  22. Ray says

    I was just reading a little bit about the artists at the mint. I was totally surprised to read that most coins are done top to bottom by one artist, meaning, they design it, they model it, the engrave it. Seems much more practical to have engravers dedicated to engraving, specialists if you will. I just came to the realization that the US mint is dramatically understaffed in the artist dept, and the collector’s, the American people, and every other country that uses our coinage, are getting lesser quality art and coins than we really need to accept. I like that the mint just started looking for new artists. Hell, I’d love to see Shepard Fairey or Banksy or Faile make us coinage. Faile has made tokens before. It would be out of this world to have globally recognized, relavent artists designing coinage, and great engravers like Phoebe and the Chief engraver finalizing the work.

  23. Lloyd says

    It is nice to see the Mint honoring beloved character actor Edward Herrmann on the dollar coin.

    They should also release a limited-edition set that includes the Andrew Johnson and new Warren G. Harding dollars, plus a Spiro Agnew bronze medal. That would be fantastic.

  24. Hidalgo says

    Anyone who expected prices for many US Mnt products to drop because of the Black Friday deal needs to understand how the Mint determines prices. Typically, proposed prices are announced in the Federal Register where the public has a chance to comment. After having done so, the prices are then confirmed. Proposed prices could theoretically go up or down after the public notice — but rarely do.

    The public cannot nor should not expect prices to change on a whim without a set process in place (e.g, a grid or table of established prices for gold coins) or without public notification.

  25. thePhelps says

    @Hidalgo… agreed they can’t change the prices outside the register. There is nothing that says they can’t offer a bulk discount on products in your cart at checkout for a limited time.

    Then again the free shipping option has been used by the mint this year and probably required very limited website programming. The idea they could add additional functionality to the website is probably a major leap of faith, and next to impossible…since the programer is probably tied up trying to add a billing option to the Obamacare website.

  26. stephen m says

    Gold went down $50 and free shipping is something to be thankful for those purchasing gold products from the mint.The turkey is in the oven and this home will be full of family in a short period of time. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  27. Hidalgo says

    I checked secondary market prices on eBay of sold US Mint Perry 5 ounce P silver coins. Bottom line: after the coin was officially sold out, relatively few are selling. And those that have sold are no more than $40 – $60 above the US Mint’s current retail price.

    When you consider eBay and Paypal fees, any type of profits you might expect will be relatively small.

  28. thePhelps says

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

    @Hidalgo…I think that the Perry is never going to sell much. It has very little going for it – beyond being 5 ounces of silver and part of this series. It just isn’t an interesting coin.

    @stephen…I am looking at gold…albeit the 1/10 ounce quantities and $5 savings!

  29. simon says

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you collectors, to all veterans, and to all the hardworking staff at all US Mint facilities who give us their very best.

  30. says

    A bit disappointing to hear that the Black Friday promo is just free shipping. I was hoping for some minor/targeted discounts on less popular items. Even a $5 dollar reduction would have been nice.

    Ah, well.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! We have a lot to be thankful for. 🙂

  31. thePhelps says

    CO… I think it is still possible to see some other stuff added. It does say Black Friday and Cyber Week… perhaps they’ll throw some bones during the coming week.

    The eternal optimist… I know.

  32. Eddie says

    Can anyone tell me if “Dansco” makes albums to hold “America the Beautiful Quarters Three-Coin Set™’. Mine are just in a box and you can;t even see them. I am wanting something the whole pack will fit into. I was thinking 2 per page.
    I know this is very off topic so forgive me about it.I just want to have something to display them in.
    And can someone please tell me what the heck “Bump” means that is in the 2nd comment. I have seen it other times but just let it go’
    One more thing I have been thinking about making a Kennedy Set and was wondering if it would be a good idea breaking open some of my proof and mint sets to do it. If so what is the best way to break them open or should I take them to a coin dealer to have them to open them? I would appreciate any and all comments about this. Thank you for all of your help.
    Thank you,

  33. Sith says

    @fmtransmitter – They get to be DMPL probably when they use new dies…the term DMPL was initially used for Morgan dollars…I don’t know if they polish the blanks for bullion. I do know that the blanks for the proof coins are “special” or polished, in any case you try to polish after the fact and you just ruined your coin

  34. GMS says

    @ Hidalgo (and others) If you sell your 5oz for $60.00 over issue that is $215.00 or $220.00 if you count the 4.95 mint shipping. Your ebay fees are 12.90 and paypal fees are $6.45 on a sale of $215.00, that’s 195.65 remaining for a profit of $35.75. Thats a profit margin of better than 20%. Not bad for something you only have your money tied up in for less that 30 days. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and I too hope the mint has more to offer than free shipping tomorrow.

    Oh and Eddie, I don’t know of any albums, Dansco or others that hold all three coins, I guess your referring to the 2012 and 2013 “S” mint. I personally like displaying mine in 2X2 cardboard flips and placed in BCW pages.

  35. Hidalgo says

    @GMS – It’s nice to dream, speculate, and think about what if’s…. However, based on what I saw on eBay for the Perry 5 ounce P silver coins, you’ll be very lucky if you can sell the coin for $215 or $220. There will always be exceptions, but the general sales range has been around $180 – $200 at this time.

  36. Ray says

    Glad I cancelled that PV last minute. Ill never own the whole set. Ill be happy with the good looking coins.

    I don’t know if an across the board discount would fly. Has the mint ever discounted individual products, or offer blanket discounts? Just wondering. I’m also not 100% sure, but I think they could discount supplies and products that do not include coins. I’d like to think anything’s possible, but they seem restricted.

  37. GMS says

    @ Hidalgo, I was just going by what you said: “checked secondary market prices on eBay of sold US Mint Perry 5 ounce P silver coins. Bottom line: after the coin was officially sold out, relatively few are selling. And those that have sold are no more than $40 – $60 above the US Mint’s current retail price”.

    And I’m getting $225 – $250 for the White Mountain and Great Basin.

    No dreaming or speculating, them dang numbers just don’t lie.

  38. fmtransmitter says

    @VARich: I just picked up a MS70 last week in retro for the match to the rest of my 13’s. Like that mintage number but they could be on sale for another year!

  39. VARich says

    FM – Nice! I hadn’t seen that combination offered yet. It’s move to 12/14 now.., suspect it will be gone soon. It’s not like they’ll make another run, so it’s either packaging or getting down to final stock.

  40. Sith says

    FYI The Microsoft Stores website is so bad I’m getting flashbacks… and this is a private corporation

  41. Hidalgo says

    @VARich – the 2013 uncirculated AGE at this point has a higher sales figure than its 2012 cousin. So it has already lost the battle of being the rarest coin in the series.

  42. Ray says

    Are the GB and WM you’re selling ogp or graded? I see 70s going for 225-250. Which negates any profit margin. Even still, a 20% margin is horrible on a $160 investment. Ill stick with buying $7 items and selling them for $80. Coin collecting has the worst margins, and it just seems like people are chasing ghosts w this hobby

  43. GMS says

    I would like to do that too Ray, but as Hildago put it “It’s nice to dream, speculate, and think about what if’s…” In the mean time I’ll make $30.00 where I can. Do that 30 or 40 times a month and its not bad money to put back into my collection. Also, 20% profit margin on a 30 day investment times 12 months is a lot better than any mutual fund or savings account.

  44. Dustyroads says

    Ray~Lately you’ve been singing the blues over numismatics, I hear what you are saying, but most of us who buy these things are slowly putting them away so they can add up over time, I like to call mine a rainy day fund. I doubt everyone expects their purchases to appreciate much in one short year, but if you are one of those who do, maybe you’re better off buying Bitcoins.

  45. high low silver says

    Dusty: Almost all of this modern stuff looses $$ in the long run. Silver and gold we can only trace to 1986, but a lot of overminted spot since then.

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