2014 Proof American Gold Eagles

Today, April 3, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2014 American Gold Eagle Proof Coins. The product options will include individual one ounce, one-half ounce, one-quarter ounce, and one-tenth ounce coins, as well as a four coin set.

2014 Proof Gold Eagle

The obverse of the American Gold Eagle features Augustus Saint Gaudens’ classic full length depiction of Lady Liberty wearing a flowing gown, holding a lit torch and olive branch, and striding confidently forward. The rays of the rising sun fill the fields, with the U.S. Capitol building visible in the background. Fifty stars are placed around the image representing the states.


The reverse design of the coin was created by Miley Busiek specifically for the series and has been used for each year of issue since 1986. A male bald eagle is depicted carrying an olive branch to nest containing a female eagle and her eaglets.

The coins are struck in 22 karat gold, consisting of 91.67% gold, 3% silver, and the balance copper. Each coin contains its stated weight in pure gold. Across all four sizes, the proof coins are struck at the West Point Mint and carry the “W” mint mark on the obverse.

The US Mint has established product limits for each ordering option, which also serve to establish mintage limits for each of the four coins. For the past two years, sales of the Proof Gold Eagles have not met their respective product limits. This led the Mint to reduce the product and mintage limits last year, with another slight reduction again this year. The product limit for the four coin set has been reduced from 20,000 to 15,000.

Product Limit Mintage Limit Initial Price
1 oz 20,000 35,000 $1,610.00
1/2 oz 10,000 25,000 $820.00
1/4 oz 10,000 25,000 $422.50
1/10 oz 20,000 35,000 $180.00
4 Coin Set 15,000 30,000 $2,982.50

The initial prices for each 2014 Proof Gold Eagle product options are indicated above. The prices are based on an average weekly gold price within the $1,250 to $1,299.99 range. The prices are $200 per ounce lower compared to the initial pricing from the prior year, due to the lower price of gold. As with the US Mint’s other numismatic gold products, the price will remain subject to potential weekly adjustment based on changes in the market price of gold.

Over the past two years, sales levels for the Proof American Gold Eagles have fallen to historic lows. When the 2013-dated issues sold out, the one-half ounce and one-quarter ounce coins ended up with the lowest mintages of the series for their respective denominations in proof format. Likewise, the 2012-dated one ounce and one-tenth ounce coins hold the lowest mintages of the series for their respective denominations in proof format. Thus far, the historically low mintage levels haven’t generated much of a response on the secondary market.

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  1. SilverFan says

    Give the popularity of the gold HOF coins and the possible gold Kennedy half later this year, these proof AGEs may end up with a very low mintage this year.

  2. Hawkster says

    I called the Philly Mint Gift Shop. They will not be selling the gold HOF coins, so apparently they did not place an order for them. They will be selling the silver ones.

    I also checked the Mint Product Schedule on the website. There is no mention of the Kennedy commemoratives as of now. I’m thinking that it might be toward the tail end of the calendar year.

  3. fmtransmitter says

    Hawkster, try the Denver Gift Shop for giggles, see what they say. Are they both run by Aramark?

  4. MarkInFlorida says

    I knew I saw this! These will probably be on sale for many months, so no need to pay for them in the same month as HoF, but if the gold price starts moving up, might be a good idea to lock them in.

  5. says

    I think both the proof gold eagles and buffaloes, as well as the uncirculated gold eagle, could have very low mintage numbers this year. Most of my cash is going to the baseball coins and the upcoming gold Kennedy and I’m sure a lot of other gold buyers with similarly tight budgets are thinking the same thing.


    I’ve heard some talk the gold Kennedy could be coming in August. http://www.coinweek.com/commemoratives/httpwww-coinweek-comcommemorativescoin-analyst-baseball-hall-of-fame-commemorative-coin-launch/ (the ANA event mentioned in the article takes place in August).

  6. Dan in Fla says

    I will wait and watch the price of gold. Maybe it will go down in the next few weeks.

  7. says

    In reply to a ‘hold’ status, this come directly from one bullet point on the Mint’s website:
    What are the United States Mint’s standard processing and fulfillment procedures?
    “if an order has outstanding issues-such as credit card holds, household order limit violations, or address verification conflicts, the next orders in line can be fulfilled before the one with outstanding issues. While the issues for an order are being worked out, the status of an order may display “hold” during this time. Once the outstanding issues are resolved, the order is reinserted next in line. Accordingly, such reinserted orders will not be processed for shipment in the same sequence as their order numbers.”
    So it is POSSIBLE that all orders could be filled while your order is on hold.

  8. fmtransmitter says

    Wow, thought you had time to make corrections without potential of lost order.

  9. SilverFan says

    I may go for the half ounce. Traditionally lowest mintage. Just out of the comfort zone for many and some just want the one ounce. I am thinking of changing my handle to GoldFan…lol

  10. Hawkster says

    The excitement still seems to be with the HOF coins judging by the slow trickle of comments on this new Proof American Eagle Posting. The previous posting, dealing with the HOF coins, is still getting a good amount of comments–and no end is in sight. It seems fairly unusual that an older posting would trump a new posting.

  11. Sith says

    fmtransmitter – You lose your place in the queue but not the coin, unless you don’t correct the problem

  12. thePhelps says

    I might spring for one of these this year… just no rush and I now have plenty to pay for when they ship with the HOF coins. I like the idea of the gold Kennedy as well – and I don’t have a lot of gold (read none), so this might be the year I populate some gold in my safe…

  13. Erik H says

    Is anybody having problems logging into their account at the mint? The catalog pages seem fine but track order and account log in don’t seem to be working.

  14. bg35765 says

    Gold was between $1600 and $1650 when the 2012 set came out, so the initial price was about $3550. The most recent eBay sales have been for $3450 – $3900.

    So there is a numismatic premium for that set, but it has been mostly offset by a drop in the value of the gold.

  15. ClevelandRocks says

    Ordered a 1/2 and 1/4 oz AGE. Classic, iconic, beautiful, and very low mintage.
    Can’t believe those darn Chinese “I have a coin collection in my house” bags are still there after all of your billion orders for the baseball circus coin.
    Stop the madness, end the bag! (how about good ‘ol free shipping).

  16. says

    Yes CR, I also like these iconic classics…as well as the circus coins…lol

    Just to stir things up, I’d love for the mint to make the Silver Eagle with the Saint Gaudens design and the Gold Eagle with the Walking Liberty design.

    That would be awesome.

  17. GoldGuru says

    @ ClevelanRocks, I ordered the same 2 they always go 1st. Plenty of time for 1+1/10th. They could easily be new mintage lows, like last year.

  18. simon says

    Steve : I also like these iconic classics

    I picked up a Morgan with some awesome rainbow toning over the obverse. It has a second feature I discovered on close examination – die clash imprint . What is awesome is that the die clash imprint appears as a full outline of the head of Liberty on the reverse of the coin. Very appealing !!! what a gem !!!

  19. GoldGuru says

    @Steve…..your name is highlighted, so I clicked on it and got Xfinity site. How’d u pull that off? Just curious.

  20. GoldGuru says

    @simon……..Do u have W.Breen’s book? If not, post the date & I’ll look it up 4 u.

  21. simon says

    Guru : it is 1882-CC – The clash features are on both the obverse and reverse but the outline of Lady Liberty on the reverse is remarkable . I don’t have Breen’s tome. I did try to look it up on the NGC listing but they do not have pics. THANKS !

  22. GoldGuru says

    @simon. ….Breen’s book says there is a ” Doubled rev. die. Presently rare. Not in VAM. Doubling plainest on legend. At least 15 minor vars., many with traces of repunching on date. Often with partly or completely filled 2 (not an overdate). Knob of 2 touches or barely free of middle stroke; we are not convinced these are different logotypes. Business strikes are from 58 obvs., 60revs; proofs from 2 pairs of dies.” That’s all he has to say. I wrote it just as it appears in the book. Does that help?

  23. GoldGuru says

    He also says….”Treasury released the 1st bags in 1938; GSA held over 605,000 (1975), mostly UNC. Large CC henceforth. In all, 15 pairs of dies.” End of quote.

  24. GoldGuru says

    BTW, NGC does not recognize all of Breen’s findings. There is a VAM website however. I’ll see if I still have it bookmarked.

  25. Dustyroads says

    simon, Clashed dies were common enough with the 1882-CC’s, but the multiple clashings, where the clashed image became transferred to the original die, is an extremely rare phenomenon—-Carson City Morgan Dollars 3rd Edition.
    Sounds like a really nice coin!

  26. Dustyroads says

    I have a couple 1882 CC’s in nice GSA holders. Neither of them are graded, but one is DMPL, that one I may want to have authenticated so I can put a firm value on.

  27. Erik H says

    Thanks Mark & thePhelps,
    I ended up answering my own question. BTW: cookies were clear (first thing I did before posting on the blog). It must have been an issue with IE on one of my machines. Thanks again guys.

  28. VA Rich says

    Blair – Had to chuckle when I saw your post, I increased my cc limit late last week to account for my HoF orders and some home improvement stuff which will tap that out.., and would you believe, now the 10 AtBs will likely hit on Monday or early next week along with some Zombucks.., guess I’m about to get a first class education in how the mint deals with cc issues on a subscription.., can’t win for loosing sometimes! lol

  29. Blair J Tobler says

    VARich – they seem to be pretty good about resolving issues like that. One time they tried to ping my debit card and I didin’t have enough in my account. I got an email from them, saying the order would be held for 10 days before getting canceled, so there was time to call them and resolve the situation.

  30. VA Rich says

    Good to know, thanks! In which case, I should have backed up a bigger truck for more of these HoFs for where they’re headed now…

  31. simon says

    Guru :

    I did multiple checks over the coin. There are no doubled die features
    anywhere that I can see even under 100X. The toning is magnificent
    and original. The center of the obverse is native and it progresses
    radially outwards into a rainbow patina (red – green – blue). There are
    some color breaks distributed like a rainfall across the blue areas
    and it is visually quite stunning in sunlight.

    Dusty : The die clash from the obverse to the reverse is visible to the
    naked eye. I can easily see the outlines of the nose, lips and headpiece
    nestled very neatly within the wreath on the reverse. There are also wreath
    indentations on the obverse around Liberty. Yes I do have a 1885 Morgan
    with die clash but certainly not as pronounced as the 1882.

    It IS a very nice coin !

  32. Darek says

    My subscriptions for 5oz is in process. Mint CS told me that my HOF coins will be in transit this weekend. My card was charged on 4/2.

  33. ay says

    My 5oz atb sub has shown up in my order history too. has a 4/19 ship date:
    “ATB 5 OZ UNC COIN SUBSCRIPTION 1 $0.01 $0.01 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 04/19/2014. “

  34. thePhelps says

    @cagcrisp – they pinged my credit card for $.02 and show it in process for my ATB’s as well. Might want to check your card?

  35. VA Rich says

    That’s cool.., they’re .01 cent each.., finally we’re getting a break! (but no bag 🙁

    They’ll be sold out before they ship.

  36. MarkInFlorida says

    If my bag comes in a separate box, I won’t even open it. Mint products still in the original unopened boxes are real popular on Ebay.

  37. GoldGuru says

    Since ya’ll were talking about the ATB’s, I just checked my order history, same thing, 2 coins, .01, total .02, in process, ships 4/19, no bag listed.

  38. Dave says

    That would be a great one – somebody put up an unopened box with “mint state, never opened” mint bag. Starts the bidding at $24 .95 and see what happens. Only added benefit would be if they were all gone and could be listed as “sold out”

    Don’t try to list as first day of issue, though.

  39. thePhelps says

    @Dave…you forgot a couple of items on your bag listing… unchecked and possible errors…

  40. Dustyroads says

    I can’t remember who suggested it earlier, but using the US Mint logo may look good on a mat in a frame. Other than that, it will never see the light of day here in my house.

  41. GoldGuru says

    @Dustyroads……just saw a guy wearing a t-shirt, it said, “I ordered bags from the mint & all I got was this lousy t-shirt”

  42. VA Rich says

    high low – how is the bag working out holding the knitting supplies? I’ll be using mine as an Easter basket.., see how many eggs full of chocolate gold coins that sucker will hold!

    Seriously, the show in Lancaster, is it good size, fair turn out? Would like likely have more Civil War coinage than say one in a city or out west?

  43. Sith says

    Is anything shipping from the mint besides the bags? Besides my initial bag and my quarter roll nothing has shipped. Some idiot on a earlier thread was complaining that our calls to customer service was delaying the mints shipping, but I wonder how many man hours are dedicated to shipping bags. Is this why no coins have shipped as the bags have priority, are they going to ship tens of thousands of bags before they ship a single HOFcoin? Or did the TPGs bribe the mint to delay shipping?

  44. Dustyroads says

    “I ordered bags from the mint & all I got was this lousy t-shirt”
    That is hilarious!

    VA Rich, I’m sure that bag will work out just fine for hi low’s wife’s knitting materials while she waits for him at the coin shows, but don’t you dare take that bag to an Easter egg hunt unless you want to become known as the on who won’t pop for a BIGGER Easter egg prize!

  45. Blair J Tobler says

    Sith – I agree it’s ridiculous. The CS reps don’t pack and ship the product so talking to them wouldn’t hold up any orders.

  46. VA Rich says

    Oh but Dusty, you’re mistaken! Come Easter, I’m gonna have so many bags, that I’ll be able to rope them all around my belt.., I’ll have 20 of those suckers wrapped me and I’ll be one mean egg collecting machine…, I can hear it now.. “Kids, I didn’t get all my HoFs.., so you ain’t getting all your chocolate gold coins!”

  47. simon says

    Guru – Dusty : It appears to be a VAM-3.

    There is doubling in the 882 / lips / ear. It also has the spiked wing

    Cheers & Thanks for all your input !!

  48. Sith says


    I’m in your boat the only reason I order directly from the mint rather than buy my coins from HSN is because of that bag. I’m just happy that at least my bag shipped with my clad coins, who cares about the HOF coins everyone has one but only a token few have a real mint bag. Hell I might even send my wife’s sewing bag for grading so it can be designated “First Stitch,” and maybe even signed by Martha Pullen or Nancy Zieman.

  49. VA Rich says

    Anyone make it the Shenandoah Coin Launch in Front Royal, Virgina today? If I could have found my way out of bag this morning, I would have went. Some how missed that it was near my ‘hood.

  50. VA Rich says

    Nevermind, glad I missed it. Tim Kaine was there and I would have had to wear a bag over my head.., good advertising for the mint thought! 🙂

  51. says

    I expect by this time next week the Mint will have announced that the Silver $1 HOF coins are sold out. Demand must still be strong for the silver and clads because they have not increased the HH limits

  52. GoldGuru says

    @VaRich……..do like sith said, send it today to NGC so you can get “1st Stitch” pedigree!

  53. VA Rich says

    cagcrisp – you think the demand will remain strong.., strong enough for them to perform like the ’01 Buff?

    Jeff – going back to last week when I sided with you on the dollars, you of the same opinion. Liking what you’re seeing in terms of sales? Thanks

  54. VA Rich says

    GG – that’s a lost opportunity! After happy hour this evening, I’m posting the box on ebay.. “Sealed, in Mint State” – just need to figure out how to overcome the negative feedback when it sales for $24.95 between now and then…

  55. Pittsburgh P says

    2nd bag shipped!!! Since I am getting two I may part with one to cover the whole order! I was going to call the mint to ask a question but I didn’t want to take the chance of someone not getting their coins because I called.

  56. says

    @ VA Rich, the HOF coins have surprised me. I way underestimated this offering. Say what you will but I was not really excited about this offering outside the golds. I really did not have a strong opinion until I got in the Waiting Room on Thursday. At that time I only ordered some golds for myself and some silver and clads for others. I am NOT a clad buyer. Since Thursday I have gone back and made 3 orders for silver and clads for myself. The secondary prices and demand for this offering have exceeded what I had expected. Originally I NEVER thought the silver would sell out 400,000 coins and NOW not only do I think the silver will sell out but i think the clads have a chance of a sellout. 90+% of the public don’t even know these coins exist. Once a clad gets in the hand of a Tball player, a softball player or a little league player I think the clads will preform well. Once coins get in hand of the major league baseball teams i see this things taking off. So I have moved from a skeptic to a fan of the HOF coins. With so much anticipation for the gold Kennedy I just don’t see it performing as well as the HOF coins…

  57. GoldGuru says

    As of 2:10 today, gold spot is @$1302.00, up $15. If it stays over $1300 for a few more days, new price tier will be higher next Wed. for gold coins by $50/oz. Order soon!

  58. VA Rich says

    Thanks cagcrisp – I am of the same opinion and had the same focus… really paid no mind to the dollars. The 64/34 split really caught me off guard, I just never saw that scenario playing out. Using that model, then we’re 60% there already for the Prf $1 and 52% of the Unc with numbers through Sunday evening.

    There was some media hype early on though not the extent I would have expected. Think you’re right about this really catching on, comments on the FB page indicate more awareness from those that had no clue and want the mint to come to their home town for a coin show so they can buy it. Who knows, this time next week we may be having the same conversation re: the halves.

  59. says

    @VA Rich, I read on another blog that Deputy US Mint Director Peterson gave a speech Thursday and said that the $1 silver had sold 316,000 coins. That breaks down as such:

    3/27 to midnight 03/30 228,525
    3/30 to midnight 04/02 87,475

    So that only leaves approx 84,000 until a sellout is announced

  60. VA Rich says

    Whoaahh! Good to know –

    Can anyone say with certainty when the $1 Prf went to a ship date of 6/21 to 7/07?

  61. VA Rich says

    Or, if the $1P maintains 68% of $1 sales, and on the assumption of a 64/34 split.., with 316k sold, then there may only be 25k left of the $1P (less if the split of more balanced, or more if it’s towards 70/30 range).

  62. Jeff says

    VA Rich These BHOF coins will be the coins of the decade. I know that’s stepping out on a limb Easily top ten coin produced in quite so time by the mint and as many have alluded to once they sell out all hell will break lose and people will complain they did not know or did not have a chance to buy. My suggestion buy more before they are gone…

  63. ay says

    Yeah these HoF silver dollars will be gone in days. Ive also gone back and placed 2 more orders for the silver coins. I agree with most of what youve said, and I also wasnt super excited about this release, well in the sense that I thought these would carry premiums long term, but just like you, my view has changed. Personally, I think these silver commems will be gone by the end of the weeknd.

  64. GoldGuru says

    Just placed ANOTHER order for more Silver HOF’s! Read my post on HOF blog I just posted. Lots of FYI…..I called the mint….did NOT talk to AMY, but Erica was very knowledgeable. Lots of calls she said for the Silver HOF’s !! Headed for a sooner than expected sellout!

  65. GoldGuru says

    @sith………Hey, to add a URL to my post, do I use the website box @ Leave a Comment?

  66. stephen m says

    The AGE is 22k gold. How much gold is in each of the 4 AGE offerings? Which coin gives the most gold for the bucks?

  67. GoldGuru says

    @stephen m. …..4 coins =1.85oz total. Gold content wise wise, the 1oz is best deal. Mintage wise, the 1/4 + 1 / 2 are best.

  68. GoldGuru says

    @stephen m. ………if you are considering buying any AGE proofs, buy them by Tuesday evening. Gold will rally some more Monday & Tuesday, & the pricing tier will go back up Wednesday around noon. Go to newer post. That’s where all the new posts are.

  69. GoldGuru says

    As of 12:25, the AGE proofs price tier remains the same. It was close to being raised according to the London PM fix weekly average. Within just a couple of $$. Maybe higher next week if King Putin starts more shi# !

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