2014 Shenandoah National Park Quarter Bags and Rolls

Today, March 31, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint began accepting orders for bags and rolls of Shenandoah National Park Quarters. This is the second release of the year and the twenty-second release overall within the America the Beautiful Quarters Program.

Shenandoah National Park Quarter

The reverse design of the coin features a depiction of a day hiker at the Little Stony Man summit. This design by Phebe Hemphill had been recommended by both the Commission of Fine Arts and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. The obverse of the coin carries the restored 1932 portrait of George Washington by John Flanagan, which has been used in common throughout the series.

The US Mint is offering six different product options including circulating quality examples of the Shenandoah National Park Quarter. These coins are struck at the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mint facilities, bearing the “P”, “D”, and “S” mint marks, respectively. The circulating quality coins bearing the “S” mint mark are not released for general circulation or included in annual sets, but only available within numismatic bag and roll offerings.

Product options include 100-coin bags containing coins with either of the three mint marks, priced at $34.95 each. There are 40-coin rolls containing coins with the “S” mint mark priced at $18.95 each. Set options include a two-roll set of “P” and “D” mint marked coins priced at $32.95, or a three-roll set of “P”, “D”, and “S” mint marked coins priced at $46.95 each.

All products come in special US Mint branded numismatic packaging that incorporates the name of the park, the state abbreviation, the mint mark, and face value of the contents.

There are no household ordering or product limits imposed. The US Mint indicates that the products will remain available for one year from the initial on-sale date or until inventory is depleted, whichever occurs first.

Later this week on April 4, the United States Mint and National Park Service will host the official launch ceremony for the Shenandoah National Park Quarter. The ceremony is held at Skyline High School in Front Royal, Virginia at 10:00 AM ET. As customary, following the ceremony attendees will be able to exchange currency for rolls of the new quarters at face value. A coin forum will be hosted by US Mint Deputy Direct Dick Peterson the evening prior to the ceremony.

Baseball Hall of Fame Gold Coin Sell Out Official

baseball-goldThe United States Mint has stopped accepting orders for the uncirculated and proof 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Gold Coins, making the sell out at the 50,000 maximum mintage official.

After a frenzied start of sales at 12:00 Noon ET on March 27, the US Mint had put a waiting list notification on the product pages for the gold coins the same day around 6:30 PM ET.

According to the notice, the US Mint had received orders to account for the entire authorized maximum mintage for the offering. Orders would still be accepted for placement on a waiting list, which would be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis in the event any coins should become available due to a cancellation. Orders continued to be accepted for the waiting list throughout the weekend.

The waiting list notice was removed and the coins were officially marked as sold out around 12:00 Noon ET today.

Updated sales figures should be available for the silver dollars and clad half dollars in the regular weekly reporting due tomorrow.

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  1. Sith says

    The strange thing is I just placed an order for another HoF silver dollar and it shows up in my track order but my wait list coin from the 27th is still in limbo

  2. Terry says

    There should be a 5 household maximum on these coins so HSN and other dealers/flippers can’t take from collectors

  3. DCDave says

    I think the Silver proof BHOF will sell out in less than 2 weeks (at least to wait list status), what do others think?
    The proof looks a lot nicer than the unc, but should I buy some more of them (just ordered one so far total) for the lower mintage?

  4. Ray says

    It will be very interesting to see how much the saleof the silver commems picked up after the gold ones wait to wait list last week. I hope they put those #s out today.

    In the news section of th eus mint, it has the 5 ounce AtB, with a stated max mintage of 25000. I’m thinking we might see one of these coins hit the max mintage, especially with the coins being sold at a discount of $139.

  5. VA Rich says

    2013-P Mt. Rushmore opened at 14,012; anyone else of the opinion that we’ll be 20k+ on the GSM within 48 hours?

  6. Sith says

    VA Rich – They can not even produce the maximum mintage of 25K and this news IMHO means that the trend will continue. I think we will sellout of the GSM within a week or two at a lower mintage than 20K. That is unless the mint allocates production from Shenandoah in the hopes that they can get more blanks later on down the line, but considering the allocation level in the ASE program I doubt they will be able to keep up with demand for the ATBs

  7. says

    I’m really looking forward to seeing how the Great Smoky Mountains AtB five ounce does. I suspect the news might get drowned out in all the baseball coin excitement, but I would not surprised to see these sell very quickly. Great design, low price, subscription discount, predecessors sold well, and a relatively limited mintage. The only ingredient missing is I don’t think the Great Smoky Mountains are quite as well known as some of the “bigger” national park coins that went on sale like Rushmore and Ft. McHenry.

    As to the baseball coins, it will be interesting to see whether the silver managed to pass 200K and whether the halves have picked up any steam or are still selling slowly. I’m surprised it took so long for the gold coin sellout to be officially declared.

  8. Samuel says

    in my sub, i originally subuscribed X of the ATB, since i can’t see it in my sub, i cancelled it, then i subuscribed again for X, somehow, right now, i have 2X subs in my sub section. seems i did not cancel it right? i will keep it to see what happens.

  9. Sith says

    FYI for all you label collectors – NGC has a special label, featuring the National Baseball Hall of Fame logo, that will enhance the presentation of these commemorative coins. NGC is the only grading company authorized to use the Hall of Fame logo, making this label even more desirable. They only had to donate a portion of the grading fee to benefit the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, NY to get the rights.

  10. charles says

    It cost extra to get the special NGC label. You have to submit your coin via a higher grading tier…..$30 per coin
    Of course, it cost $34 to get the PCGS First Strike label.

  11. J JONAH JAMESON says

    3/30 sales numbers are in

    B31 2014 BASEBALL HOF PROOF $5 GOLD 37,831
    B32 2014 BASEBALL HOF UNC $5 GOLD 21,380
    B36 2014 BASEBALL HOF CLAD UNC 44,144

  12. says

    zeeman, probably not since you can subscribe. I’d do it and get yourself a nice discount.


    Thanks for the updated numbers. Like I suspected we’ve crossed the 200K mark for the silver coin (in fact, we’re starting to close in on 250K). There’s a total number of 59,211 gold coins sold, so that extra 9.2K must be people on the waiting list.

    Halves still seem relatively sluggish though. I’m not sure we’ll see a surge hit them, unless silver sells out fast and people are still desperate to get some kind of baseball coin through the mint.

  13. J JONAH JAMESON says

    When you download the excel file, the numbers are sometimes different vs the “Cumulative Numismatic Sales Figures” that display on the website. The mint will adjust it at times. It happened with the SF set in 2012 and WP in 2013.

  14. Hidalgo says

    @J JONAH JAMESON – the “numbers to date” on the Excel spreadsheet are estimates and are subject to change.

    Based on the estimates, it seems like the US Mint included orders on the waiting list, assuming that the Mint stands firm on its 50,000 limit for BHOF gold coins across all options.

    It also seems that the silver and clad BHOF coins have a way to go before they sell out.

    We should have better numbers Tuesday or Wednesday.

  15. Sith says

    Hopeful they will be well packed this time I had a rattler on my 25th anniversary set, and I just had to grin a bear it…with 10K additional people waiting in line, I don’t think it will matter if a lot of people cancel because of a long wait, obviously unlike the mint to demand the mint is not taking any chances of eating a single coin.

  16. J JONAH JAMESON says

    order status: on hold
    item status: backorderd

    the item ship dates have been flipping to the next days date every day.

    backordered. Expected to ship on 05/30/2014.

    backordered. Expected to ship on 04/01/2014.

    backordered. Expected to ship on 04/14/2014.

    backordered. Expected to ship on 04/14/2014.

    backordered. Expected to ship on 04/01/2014.

    backordered. Expected to ship on 04/01/2014.

  17. VA Rich says

    While we all get that the numbers will change.., in the event that the ratio holds in the ballpark, that’s a 65/35 split…, and if that’s true, that will have some big implications! To refresh our memories, no one threw that possibility out, 75/25 was the closest spread of any posting. Wow, hope it holds!

  18. Sith says

    Based on the raw number the proof vs UNC will be about a 60\40 split with about 18K to 20K UNC depending on how the cookie crumbles…

  19. says


    Some people have had cancel boxes disappear on them, but no one has shipped yet to the best of my knowledge. My order is still on hold.

    I am not expecting any shipments until next Monday at the absolute earliest and probably not for at least two weeks. Someone in the other thread spoke to a mint representative who warned him they would need at least a week to sort and process the orders. Hot demand items seem to inevitably run into administrative hangups.

  20. Tom says

    Sure I’ll say it again, the Mint should never have allowed people
    to by 50 at a time. (Really… per family???) I mean most people never
    had a fair chance. I’m sure many had barely gotten back from work
    only to find out they were ALL Sold Out,…
    \ Oh and heres a waiting list???

    It’s NOT fair.
    I think had the limit been at 5 or less they might still be for sale.

    I found it had to place my single order for one. It really wasn’t till
    after 5 o’clock (after the mint offices were closing) that the website
    freed up and I was finally able to get in.

  21. says

    It’s worth noting that in the time between the initial “feeding frenzy” and the most recent numbers, we’ve seen about 72K additional sales of the silver coins. It will be interesting to see if they can keep moving at the current pace. We could see a sellout relatively quickly in this case.

  22. mr.arp says

    I got my order in at 12:35 and got an email this morning saying all my proof silver and unc gold are shipping 4/1. I guess we will see

  23. fm says

    So, the waiting list for the gold HOF coins went into effect about 6:30 pm, EST. When the HSN coin guy does his presentation of the gold HOF coins on his show he will lead his viewers to believe that they sold out in 10 minutes.

    J Jonah Jameson,

    Keep on posting comments, you have a cool sounding name.

  24. Hidalgo says

    @Captain Overkill – where are you getting 72K additional sales? Based on the order numbers? As I’ve mentioned many times before, you can’t estimate numbers sold based on order numbers. If there is say, a difference of 1,000 in order numbers, and each person ordered 100 gold BHOF coins, then the maximum limit has been reached.

    On the other hand, if the difference is 1,000 in order numbers, and each person ordered 1 or 0 BHOF gold coins, then there would still be plenty of gold coins available for purchase.

    I can tell you that one of my orders had 0 gold BHOF coins — I ordered two silver BHOF coins in one order.

  25. Sith says


    I’m in your court, all I know is I had trouble logging into the website earlier today after the gold’s sell out, but even if the pace slows it will still sell out next week

  26. Sith says

    Hidalgo – CO is using the reported sales number 156,675 as reported sold on Friday and 228,525 reported as sold today 228,525 – 156,675 = 71,850

  27. VA Rich says

    Sith – LMAO.., & I thought you said earlier you were ‘quicker’ – lol! That was funny.

    To back into 50k, I subtracted ~15.5% and it just happened to work out to be ~31.9k PRF & 18.1k UNC (just an FYI to the blog) and it’s all notional at this stage, and we understand it as such.

  28. says

    The thing that I find interesting in the weekly excel spreadsheet is the effect the HOF coins had on the sales of the CR coins. The CR coins had total sales for the week of 1,734. That is almost a 100% increase over average weekly sales for the past 5 weeks. So the HOF coins being on same order page as the CR coins probably had some type of halo effect on the CR coins.

  29. says


    I’m comparing the first day sales numbers as posted by Michael last week, to the estimates posted by JJJ earlier in the comments section, and was referring primarily to the silver coins. The silvers obviously haven’t sold out yet but this is a pretty fast pace they’re going at and if it can keep momentum, they could be gone in a month or less.

  30. says

    CO- With regards to the silver HOF coins I think once those 9,211 gold coin orders have been cancelled that some of that money will be diverted to the silver and clads. Looks like the clads need all the help they can get. Maybe if you get a sell out of the silver, when no other option is available, the clads will get some Love…

  31. oldfolkie says

    Love the Shenandoah coin. What can I say, I heard John Denver’s “Country Roads” as a Senior in 1971, got my 1967 Austin Healey Sprite runnin’ good and took off to see that “Mountain Momma” for myself and nothing was ever the same. In 1980 proposed to my wife, that I met in Yellowstone, in Shenandoah. In 1998 named my daughter Shenandoah, and in 2011 got a family picture taken at the very spot on this coin. We were on the rock though. I’m gonna have to buy quite a few of these and the big silver ones as well. Just a final thought–they need a car on next years parkway coin to really capture what that roadway is all about.

  32. Sith says

    cagcrisp – That tends to happens as people want to save on shipping. The same thing happened during other commemorative offerings

  33. ClevelandRocks says

    Off topic, just sent my only ’13 LEPS for a refund.
    “You can easily wipe of the mess with a cloth”? Seriously Mint?

  34. joe says

    On the subject of NP products, I just received my Great Smoky Mountains 5 ounce ATB bullion coin from MCM. I have ordered the 5 ounce ATBs from various providers including Provident Metals and MCM, and have only been disappointed with the quality of Provident’s 5 ouncers once…I have been disappointed with MCM and all other reseller ATB coins every single time. Never again…grrrr!

    In all cases, Provident ships their 5 oz. bullions in an Air-tite capsule; MCM likes to use the cheap sleeves. The 5 ounce coin I received today from MCM was typical of the quality I always seem to receive from them…a film and smudges on it. I have a hunch that the coins everyone else is shipping (the non-Provident Metal companies) have been search for grading with the dregs going out in a sleeve as raw. While I realize that MCM (and others) have to get rid of their dregs, it does their company a disservice because I will never purchase any raw coins from them again. My assumption will now always be that any raw coin they sell has been searched and I will receive a low grade coin.

    I am reminded of my early collecting days when I learned the hard way not to purchase raw coins on eBay. Now that philosophy is going to be extended to all resellers. I will only buy raw from the Mint and PM. My new personal adage is: If a company grades, then evade.

    I think because Provident doesn’t focus on TPG coins, their coins are a much higher quality IMO. The problem with Provident though is that they seem to get their coins later than the others resellers. But overall, Provident provides a slightly less expensive coin that is unsearched and in an Airtite.

    Now I just have to wait for Provident to finally start selling the 2014 ATBs 5 ouncers…..tick, tock, tick, tock.

  35. Sith says


    At the current rate they could be gone this week, but IMHO I would say they will be gone next week for no other reason that the HSN (and the bullion dealers) will be calling their cousin’s sister’s brother’s roommate to buy their allotment so they can make a quick $50 – $100 (or just keep one of two coins for themselves)

  36. Sith says

    @Joe – I find its hit or miss with each seller, but I have had good luck with APMEX when I buy the 5 oz ATBs, but that was not always the case.

  37. joe says

    @Sith – Once again I am kicking myself for ordering a raw coin from a company beholden to the TPGs. In my case, it’s “fooled me once…shame on you; fooled me twice…shame on me; fooled me thrice…shame on me again; rinse and repeat.”

  38. Louis says

    I just got a GSM 5 ozer from MCM that looks very good to me and is definitely a PL or DMPL- very reflective, very few marks. For a large surface bullion coin quite acceptable.
    From my experience the best quality on a consistent basis has been APMEX and they ship in capsules too. But I wanted to get the free shipping at MCM.

  39. charles says

    Louis, you can get free shipping from APMEX on ebay $131…about $1.80 more that what MCM is selling those for on ebay, but with APMEX you get the capsule.

  40. Sith says

    @joe – Don’t kick yourself they are all beholden to the TPGs…some more than others.

  41. thePhelps says

    I am waiting for my 5oz from APMEX – should be there today or tomorrow.

    I also find it is hit or miss – and I’ve had marginal luck with MCM – buying coins after the early rush. Provident has yet to ship me a clean coin – and APMEX has been good on most of them.

  42. Dan in Fla says

    I just received my ATB 5 ounce coins from Apmex with air-tite intact. These coins look very nice.

  43. joe says

    Yeah Louis…the free shipping always gets me too. I have tried APMEX as well…I just seem to get better coins from PM. The worst I have purchased from was the 2010 ATB 5 Ounce set from Jack Hunt. They all looked like they had been dragged behind a car down a gravel road.

  44. joe says

    Ahhhhhh….I’m being pulled into trying APMEX again! But at least they provide an Airtite.

  45. Louis says

    If you can combine with some other items and have spent enough over time to get $10 shipping on all orders, APMEX is the way to go plus you are saving $2 on the capsules. I used to go with Provident but their quality went down last year and they seem to be last to get them now.
    APMEX has some new 1/2 oz shark bullion coins (another exclusive) that some make like. Too scary for me!

  46. Al darois says

    On the waiting list for HOF, pissed I missed the first day. but I had to have one, so went to Ebay and got a “buy it now for $629” which was about $100 cheeper then the bidding wars. I just love this stuff and couldnt resist. Cant wait to get it and add to my collection. My opinion is that the 50 coins per house hold really hurt the people like us, it was a hugh mistake by the mint.

  47. Louis says

    May also be worth trying JM Bullion, which has free shipping on all orders. I have not gotten ATB’s from them but am considering it for next issue. Also nut sure on the capsules or quality, but I got some nice falcons from them in a free tube (and bought less than half a roll so tube would normally not be included with other sellers).

  48. thePhelps says

    I just got home and my ATB from APMEX is here. Very nice coin – very mirror like fields.

  49. GoldGuru says

    Good d theay all !! After all this “on hold”, “back ordered”, date changes, etc. I had to call the Mint & get the facts. I ordered on the first day gold & silver HOF coins.I got email confirmations right away. I did 2 seperate orders. by phone! Yep, by phone! I entered the waiting room@12:20, & said wait time was 2hrs.41min., so I grabbed the phone. First call, busy, redial-busy,3rd try…got a rep! Placed the 2 orders. Done! Went to Track Order later in the day, only the gold showed up. Still wasn’t there today, so I called & asked for a supervisor. I was told the computers were still processing orders & it might not show up for a few more days. He recommended I place another order for the silver $1, because it will show up right away under my History if a sales rep processed it. I did, & sure enough it appeared on my page right away! He said they would ship on 6/19, same as my original order says. He dsid there are still plenty of both PF & UNC. He also said the complaints are by the thousands!! They’re catching a lot of slack. Also he said since the Gold proofs are being released this Thursday, ATB 5oz. A few days later, it’s gonna be a clusterbust @ the mint. Also gold will be lowered Wed., because the London fix is under $1300 for the average. The mint will not be taking orders Wed. until after 12 noon, while the site updates the new pricing tier. Asked about all the date changes, he said what we already know, they’ll keep changing as the computers process orders. Also some people have already cancelled orders & that is slowing down the processing. He said “back ordered” status is fine, you’ll get your order. If your cancel box doesn’t appear, it will soon. Computer hasn’t caught up. Lots of bugs due to high volume. No coins have shipped to anybody! He said probably next Monday. Hope this info helps answer some questions. Talked to NGC today, I will post what they said in a post after I eat…Hungry! Go Gators!! BTW a football coin is on the table…when will the madness end! LOL!!

  50. fm says

    Do you mean to say that my man Jameson is now the editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle? How did that go undetected on my part? My bad.

  51. fm says

    Cleveland Rocks,
    O.K, so you’ve bashed the heck out of the HOF commemoratives, repeatedly using the term “circus coins”. The only question I have for you is: How many did you actually order?

  52. fmtransmitter says

    @Allan says:
    March 31, 2014 at 9:55 am
    With regard to limits on coin purchases, note that the law that authorizes the HOF coins (Public Law 112-152) includes this specific provision: “The Secretary [of the Treasury] shall make bulk sales of the coins issued under this Act at a reasonable discount.” I believe that this is a standard provision that is included in each piece of legislation that authorizes a commemorative coin.

    The law says that the mintage of gold HOF coins shall be 50,000, but there is nothing to prohibit the law from being amended to allow increased production. The original legislation passed with overwhelming support in Congress so I wouldn’t think there would be much objection to a revision.

    The procedure would be for the Baseball Hall of Fame to contact the office of Senator Gillibrand (NY), who introduced the original legislation, and ask the Senator to introduce a bill increasing the HOF gold coin mintage to 100,000 (or whatever number).
    Now that is the best thing I read in a cpl days. Genius! Piss a lot of people off, make a lot of people happy, make money for everyone, beginning, during, and at the end. Brilliant if they make more!

  53. Sith says

    FM – It did not ring a bell until you mentioned how cool the name was, then it hit me.

  54. fmtransmitter says

    BTW, anyone can kick my arse, I am having back surgery, a flea could slap me and I couldn’t do a darn thing about it…

  55. fmtransmitter says

    Thanks all for the comments and sorry for the rant. It was my first experience with ordering limits placed at last second and was just trying to stand up for those that may have to pay an arm and a leg for a coin they have been wanting and looking forward too, especially for say a child…

  56. fmtransmitter says

    I am happy I may get a gold, and in the first shipment, I am sad others won’t through no fault of their own except maybe at work etc. I am sad that TV sellers take advantage of the uneducated. I am happy people are going to make money and/or get a nice collectible to add to their collections. Maybe the power’s that be will read some of this and take appropriate action. I understand this isn’t new Sith, it is new to myself and other possible new collectors coming here for information about what happened.

  57. GoldGuru says

    I saw the prices on eBay, sad but true! They’re buying a label, not the coin! If they wait a couple of days, HSN/”Price Hike Mike”, will match the price in an ANACS holder & throw in a RARE blue lacquer box from the mint. He said he’s got 50K of them. Get out the shovels!!

  58. says

    Cancel boxes have been removed from my 1st order and cc pinged for bag…but coins do not yet say “in stock & reserved”…still backordered. I agree that I wouldn’t expect shipping until next week at earliest.

    I also agree the silver coins will sell out, but not for at least a week or two.

    I ordered 5 more silver proofs today and it’s like it was on the first day…doesn’t show up on order history…nor does my order last night for the gold proof…no big deal on it…but at least I’ll get 5 more silver proofs and will probable order a few more. What about you?

  59. Zeeman says

    Fm@ All the bashing you did of HSN and MR Meezak , he wonot mind giving you a slap 🙂

  60. Sith says

    @fmtransmitter – NP your just preaching to choir, and I was just trying to telling you to let it go, this was an improvement over other times like the 25 anniversary set. In that case the dealers were advertising on their websites (before it was even made available) how much they would pay on top of your costs if you sent them unopened mint boxes so they could send them in for grading as a set. The issue is not the HSN its the mint who left the household limit too large, but in their defense this is unprecedented, and could you imagine the fuss if they did not impose a house hold limit. IE if they did not care about the collector they would have never put a limit in period

  61. GoldGuru says

    For those of you submitting HOF’s to NGC, they said they are not counting the Baltimore release date as the beginning of the ER 30 day window. Only when the Mint sends out the 1st round of coins. Also, they said u can send Gold & Silver on same form. All the coins however will be Early Bird tier =$30 each + s/h, to & fro.

  62. thePhelps says

    fm… the fact that there is a limited number – is also why many collectors are excited. The legislation made this coin a limited item – which also drives up collectors value. The big pocket resellers – are always going to get in and get theirs – regardless of your like or dislike of the system. Most of us recognize that with 50k coins on the line – the 50 and 100 per limit actually hit them and slowed them down – so the rest of us had a chance to order and get coins. While HSN guy might have got his 2500 coins – he didn’t get them all at once and he didn’t get them instead of us – he had to work the system to get them and I am sure he paid more than you or I did per coin anyway.

    What I don’t want is to go to the system they used last year for the WP ASE set… the doors open for 30 days – order as many as you want. That killed the value for everyone – especially when the big pockets guys ordered 10,000 and then had truck loads of them delivered as the rest of us sat and waited and watched the value depreciate with the flood on the market.

  63. Zeeman says

    ok back to coins, my order was placed 12:03, says in process, still have the cancel box, except the bag, every thing ok?

  64. says

    GoldGuru..the ealy bird, $30 is only if you want the HoF logo label. If you just want the Early/First release label…$17…if you prefer the regualr brown label,

  65. says

    I’m afraid the Mint will do the 30 day sales for the Kennedy Gold…that would put a damper on it imo. I would much rather see it with as set mintage…but a lower hh limit.

  66. Zeeman says

    Ok i can breathe now, went back and check again, cancel box gone, mint is going to give me a heart attack.

  67. GoldGuru says

    Zeeman, seems like yours will be sent out on Monday. The supervisor@ the mint said “in process” means your are for certain getting the coins soon. “On Hold” means you are getting the coins too, but the computers are playing catch up.

  68. Sith says

    Zeeman – I have two orders one has the cancel box the later one still has it, they are 2 minutes apart. Both got e-mails saying they will ship tomorrow

  69. fmtransmitter says

    Agreed thePhelps about SE sets, except for the fact I had PLANNED to buy graded 70’s and WAS able to obtain them BECAUSE of that. We can’t win! lol Also, if anyone does say anything please remember to mention 100 ONE HUNDRED ordering limit, not 50. I keep reading 50, it was 100, 50 of each finish.

  70. VA Rich says

    My Dollar PRF orders from this morning all show under Tracking now –

    12:02 pm $5 order cancel box gone.

    6:58 pm $5 order back-ordered (for now)

  71. fmtransmitter says

    I suspect the cancel box is gone due to cookies, delete cookies and I bet cancel box is there…

  72. fmtransmitter says

    @Steve: I want the Kennedy in a retro black NGC holder if available so I am actually glad about that, again, makes these graded examples more affordable. These current graded examples on flebay are unprecedented I believe..Correct me if I am wrong please..

  73. fmtransmitter says

    Great news Rich, I am 2 minutes behind you but no change in status. Those are two loooong minutes!!

  74. Sith says

    FYI I confirmed when the U.S. Mint sold out of the 500,000 coins for its U.S. Marine Corps silver commemorative dollars, the Secretary exercised his authority (for the first time) to increase the legislated maximum mintage (500,000) to 600,000.to meet demand

  75. fmtransmitter says

    not sure what is up with that Zeeman. Try deleting them, then sign in again and see if the box is there…

  76. GoldGuru says

    Zeeman, that’s what the supervisor said, but he also said, the 2014 Gold proofs, on sale Thursday, could change the ship date, because they are all in stock, ready to ship. Their timing is really something. ATB, 5oz. first of next week also. BTW the Coin Vault is owned by SilverTowne, Leon Hendrickson & family. They are also one of the 12 AP’s. FYI

  77. high low silver says

    VA Rich: I can’t wait till I go to the coin show this wknd !!!!! Then, I don’t have to read this stuff. bla bla bla, blablabla….circus coin? LOL !!! GO REDSKINS !!!

  78. Samuel says

    12:17 order, bag is in stock and reserved, gold coins still 4/1. the bag makes things complicated.

  79. GoldGuru says

    Now, on the Coin Vault, they’re showing the HOF coins. Watch it for a good laugh. They’ve got the Baltimore label coins. Fixing to show the prices! What a Hoot!!!

  80. fmtransmitter says

    ANYONE wants my proof for 4k, sold! just ask Michael for my email. Free shipping!

  81. GoldGuru says

    Now on Coin Vault : HOF Opening Day Label
    $5 Gold MS70 = $3,999.00
    $5 Gold PF70 = $3,999.00
    Isn’t that about $16,000 for an oz of Gold? WOW!

  82. fmtransmitter says

    GoldGuru, that is making me physically ill…That or the flea that just slapped me!

  83. GoldGuru says

    May the Coin Vault Buyers “RIP”. Wait till your family goes to sell the coin after you’re gone. Surprise! !

  84. GoldGuru says

    Now…Coin Vault Silver prices :
    $1 Silver PF70 = $499.00
    $1 Silver MS70 = $499.00
    However, FLEX PAY is available. Competition for HSN “Price Hike Mike” !! Oh, almost forgot, $9.95 S/H too !!

  85. GoldGuru says

    Coin Vault Correction Alert !! The UNC $1 Silver is $599.00 !! $100 more than the PF, must be higher because it’s going to be the lower minted of the 2 !! fmtransmitter, slap me, I must be dreaming !!

  86. VA Rich says

    Thanks guys for the GSM puck reminder and product history. Just got my order in on the dip in silver this evening. Looking forward to seeing it!

    hls – they need to make a Zombuck for the ‘Redskins’ as that name IS the walking dead now. Synder is going to have to cave with all the pressure that seems to be escalating…, I personally think we have more pressing issues than team names.., like rogue states that could turn us all into zombies. Oh well…

  87. Louis says

    FYI for people who track e-Bay selling prices. There is always a lag of about 24 hrs from the time an auction ends til it appears in the completed sales info. So unless you are following a part. auction and see what it sells for right then, it won’t appear in the completed date until the next day. I saw a proof gold pre-release go for $735 tonight, for ex., but it won’t be in the searchable data until tomorrow.

  88. high low silver says

    Thanks VA Rich…I’m gonna try to haggle my HOF comm for a 1936 gettysburg comem

  89. GoldGuru says

    VA Rich, order the ATB by subscription, save $10, u can always cacel future subscriptions after u get the GSM puck.

  90. VA Rich says

    hls – very ironic you mention that.., was thinking along similar lines though I want a high quality Stone Mountain, Oregon Trail, and -08 Reverse ’07

    Sage advice GG!

  91. Clark says

    I’ve decided not to trade ANY of my six gold HOFs. I am going to be very protective of both proof & unc types, especially the latter if final numbers for the uncirculated HOFs are below 20,000. My children and grandchildren will be glad I held on to them.

    My personal theory is that long term $$ value of HOFs will develop because: 1) they sold out the first day; 2) even non-collectors remark about the coins’ unique eye appeal; and 3) baseball fans are a reliable market for everything baseball. It is unlikely that these HOF coins will become less interesting, less attractive or less appealing over time.

    Finally, I want to thank all who commented on this blog before, during after last week’s HOF sales frenzie. Without you, I would have placed a simple single order for one of each HOF variety. Because of your intensity and passion for these wonderful coins, I was able to get in before they sold out. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  92. high low silver says

    Lol !!! Ill settle for an Au gettysburg and an Oregon Trail, if the hype is still in effect !!! Wish me luck tho……

  93. GoldGuru says

    eBay update : I had to go watch auctions ending. Just saw $1 Silver PF70 end @ $498.93 ! Also 2 ended on the .50 clad for $305 each. Amazing !

  94. Louis says

    I agree with Clark and that’s why I got 3 unc and 2 proof gold.

    I just can’t understand why someone would pay $699 for a clad half PF70 opening day. Some people just have money to burn. I could be wrong, but no way that will hold its value esp. once we have a better idea if the # of 70’s. Never buy 70’s early on, wait til things cool off, or send in your own.

  95. GoldGuru says

    The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything. But they make the best of everything they do have.

  96. Louis says

    There you go. Words to live by.

    Better to love what you have than lust over what you can’t have, which will drive you nuts.

  97. GoldGuru says

    “Honey, I just bought almost a full 1/4oz of gold for $4,000 ! It’ll be yours or the kids one day!”

  98. high low silver says

    I still want to TRADE my gold. Pre order for a 1936 gettsbrg SILVER comm….good luck.

  99. says

    I know some like the uncs because of a lower mintage…but following the uncs on these coins will not be a good choice. The gold, silver, and clad proof is far and away so much better looking…imo. With this series, the proof coins will always be the most popular and have the highest secondary market value. This isn’t like the 5 Star General unc gold..which had a low mintage and sells for much more than the proof.
    But the hof unc gold does not have anything going for it…too high a mintage and it just doesn’t have the eye appeal of the proof coin But it will also do good down the road, just not as well as the proof.

    I’m still deciding between sending half of my coins to either NGC or PCGS..I’ll keep half in OGP.

    Looking at the different holders & labels we’ve seen thus fas, what are your preferences?

  100. GoldGuru says

    Steve : I’m sending some to NGC. The exclusive HOF label is a nice selling point. Both are going for the same on the secondary market. But, I agree, u have to have OGP too. I don’t play the label game, but I think it will appeal to more baseball fans.

  101. says

    GoldGuru…if NGC was holdering their coins in the “edgeview” holder…which they are not. I would use them hands down…the only reason I am considering PCGS is because of their edgeview holders.
    What do you other guys think about this?

  102. GoldGuru says

    Good Point Steve. But the NGC holder makes the coin look 3D. More depth. Send a couple to each Service. Thank God u aren’t considering ANACS!

  103. Sith says

    LOL – Then people went off on me on the last thread…

    @Steve My viewpoint is to take the money and run. I can’t compete with the big boys on labels, now if I had the opening day label things might be different, but I have to assume I have a PF69, as I won’t get a bulk discount nor will the TPGs give my coin priority (or preferential grading,) I’m selling mine on a level playing field in OGP. It gives a label collector a legitimate shot at a PF-70 without the massive 3K markup if they bought it graded, and if it fails well they still have the label. In you’re case you have multiple coins so the odds of a PF70 are high and worth the risk.

  104. GoldGuru says

    I’ll call NGC tomorrow & see if edgeview could be an option. I’ll ask Max Spiegel, nice guy, dealt with many times.

  105. fm says

    Are any of the grading companies considering using a magnified holder to make the tiny 1/4 oz. gold coin appear larger? If so, I’m in.

    Seriously, I do think that the silver proof HOF version will do the most justice to the coin. At least you’ll be able to see the coin’s details without having to put on a strong pair of glasses.

  106. VA Rich says

    DCDave.., while I am a fan (when they’re not playing things that fly), another reason they should make a walking-dead Zombuck fashioned after the Redskins is…., well, if you saw any one of the last four games…, yeah…and I’ll just leave it at that…

    Clark – if I may add a 4th – if it works out to be a 65/35 split.. the proof will be an even bigger winner than it already is. You’ll have two big winners on your hand. Those that are letting them go at current price points are jumping the gun (considerably), imo.

    FM – wish you the best of luck on your back surgery, I sincerely mean that. That’s tricky stuff! Though do chime in here Bro when you start with the pain meds, so we can prepare accordingly… -just kidding, best!

  107. Louis says

    Steve- You may be right or maybe not. It’s far too early to say. Everyone always thinks the proofs look better, which is why there are always more of them.

  108. GoldGuru says

    Both PF & MS look good. But u know how people like whatever the lowest mintage is. The Big Boys are gonna key on that lower mintage. Wait till u see them in you hand side by dide. The UNC looks more like a real baseball. Most people are gonna have to have one of each.

  109. Larry says

    This is beginning to sound like tulip mania. Get it while you can, these things usually have a bad ending.

  110. GoldGuru says

    Larry, I know what u mean! I ended up planting my tulips. In Holland !! Wait till the Basketball HOF coins come out, two of the baseball dies put together with a hollow center. Just trying to make light of the situation. We’re all burnt out over this! Wait till the Kennedy’s come out….it starts all over!!

  111. Larry says

    Coin Vault makes HSN look like a bargain. For 4 grand you can buy a nice proof Barber quarter, or a reasonably good 1909 S VDB or maybe a 1955 double die. If I had 4 grand to waste on a coin I would buy a 2006 reverse proof gold eagle and have a bunch left over. So many better ways to spend that much money. I just don’t get it.

  112. Dustyroads says

    Steve, Man, TPG’s is such a hot topic, but here goes…
    Maybe they didn’t have any ready for the Baltimore show.
    I think you shouldn’t give up hope, after all, NGC did advertise the edge-view holders on their site specifically for the coins. But, there’s nothing wrong with PCGS. They have an excellent reputation for stringent grading, plus they seem to be favored by a large number of collectors.
    Personally, I lean mostly to PCGS because they seem to be the most favored.

  113. GoldGuru says

    Larry, you’re right. You can get a nice 1909S/VDB in MS65RB for under $4K. Better investment. Or a handfull of Gold Kennedys or other really nice coins. I don’t get it either. Buying HOF @4K, you’re paying over 10 X melt, with 0 numismatic value. You’ll never recoup your $$ ! “Oh well, Play Ball”

  114. Louis says

    Someone paid $400 for a pre-sale set of dollars that you can still buy from the mint for $100. I don’t get it.

  115. gary says

    Cancelled my order for the HOF silver & clad coins. I kept my orders for HOF gold unc & proof though even given that delivery will not be until June and July for each of them. Hopefully they will still have some flip value by then.

  116. VA Rich says

    This is quite interesting – my Dollar orders (with a ship date of 4/12, 4/15 & 6/20) and clad order ALL have there Cancel Boxes removed. All gone!

    Looks like the mint is locking in orders though they coins won’t ship for some time. Gary, looks like you just squeaked by on that before the box went away.

  117. VA Rich says

    Nice one Mark! Though my comment about the Cancel Boxes being gone isn’t an April Fools.., thought those charges wouldn’t hit until June, well, not so more! lol

  118. thePhelps says

    My clad are all getting ready to ship as well…there is that at least. The UNC had an expected ship date of 5/30 and the PRF were sitting with a 4/9 date. Kind of surprises me…

  119. says

  120. Samuel says

    i believe it is difficult to design the “edgeview” insert, because of the depth of the coin.

  121. fm says

    While the debate goes on as to which HOF coins are more appealing, proof or uncirculated, another debate continues to rage: do you keep the coins in OGP (original gloved packaging) or use NGC (non gloved capsulization).

  122. stephen m says

    so the ship date has moved up to 4-2 now from 4-1, with gold order on “hold”, silver order “in process” and both say “in stock and reserved”. Gold order has cancel box and the silver doesn’t The mint is so slow and in the meantime what does this mean, if anything? The sad part is when the mint is outsourced to save money and to improve things it will cost more and still be messed up because most of management will retain a position to monitor the contractor and still call the shots. Most of the workers leave on Friday working for the government and some come back the following Monday working for the contractor. Whew! I got carried away a little………….so now my order will ship maybe tomorrow?

  123. Dustyroads says

    In the NGC pic’s the coins are showing parts of their edge on both sides. These pic’s are Photoshopped and should only show the reverse edge.
    A little deceptive practice there!

  124. Dustyroads says

    Steve, The edge-view are far superior looking, they really should get them working if at all possible!

  125. fm says

    stephen m,

    It appears that you are awaiting your orders with baited breath. I can picture the guppies dripping out of your mouth now.

  126. Dustyroads says

    I want to give some credence to ClevelandRocks~Subject material on US coinage other than images expressing a sense of freedom do not have a place on major US currency. Even though numismatics are not considered “major” by most, it would be a mistake to get carried away, IMHO.

  127. Dustyroads says

    PV-S AtB circulation quality quarters were released today in 2013, so they should be removed from the Mint site by tonight.
    Their mintage is not that high, only slightly over 1.4 mil.
    Arguably not the most favored, but a bright spot for low mintage hunters.

  128. says

    I asked a CS person at the Mint about the Big Boy circumventing the limits. He said they hire call centers to do the ordering over the phone. Maybe 200 call center people calling at the same time.

  129. says

    As of this post no SOLD’s are posted on the bay for 03/31. The following are either auction OR Buy It Now prices for the Gold coins SOLD on 03/30. I did not include gold sold with silver and I did not include “Best Offer”:
    Unc $601
    Unc $605
    Unc $605
    Proof $599
    Proof $609
    Unc $600
    Proof $604
    Unc $599
    Unc $599
    Unc $591
    Proof $609
    Unc $599
    Proof $599

  130. says

    If anything I saw prices for SOLD increase yesterday. I saw one auction last night that sold a proof for $735 and there currently is an auction going now that has 1 hour 37 minutes left and there has been 30 bids and current price is $626 for the Gold Proof.

  131. Clark says

    No HOF bulk sales discount….thankfully.

    The HOF enabling statute (Public Law 112-152, Sec. 6(b)) requires the Treasury Dept. to offer bulk sales of HOF commems at a “reasonable discount.”

    Has anyone seen or heard signs of HOF bulk sales or discounts? If the mint did overlook this requirement, I for one am glad. The 50/100 household purchase limits nixed “bulk” purchases from the get-go considering that authorized dealers buy by the 1000s or more.

    Can you imagine how much more we individual collectors would pay if bulk purchasers first zapped all the coins and resold them at typical high marked up prices, if at all?

    The same law also requires discounts for pre-paid orders taken BEFORE the issuance of the HOF coins, but I don’t see any evidence of that happening either if “issuance” started on March 27th. Sometimes, less government is more.

    You can read Public Law 112-152 at http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/PLAW-112publ152/pdf/PLAW-112publ152.pdf

  132. mmm says

    I didn’t see that… That is weird?????? You wonder if sellers are doing fake auctions to raise all the other auctions.

  133. Ray says

    WOW, someone paid the $4999 for the graded 70 HoF Gold coin. I havent sold/flipped a single coin since I started this, but after seeing that, and some of the prices for the dollar and half graded this past weekend, I’m starting to think I should travel to these events,. Seems like an opportunists dream. Even if I could only buy 3 of each, meaning 18 coins total, one could potentially realize a 5 figure profit in a matter of a weekend. Ive seen huge returns like this from people going to art shows and comiccon where they buy something for $30-50, and instantly turn around and sell it for $500-1000.

    Capitalism. You either love it, or your a victim of it. Eat or be eaten. Or move to Cuba or China. Does pure communism even still exists these days?

  134. fmtransmitter says

    The whole cancel box phenomenon is cookies, if your card isn’t pinged you don’t have an order getting ready to ship PERIOD!!

  135. fmtransmitter says

    VA Rich, thank you for your kind thoughts on surgery. Picking ol Mom up from airport today to help out around here, thank God for Mom…

  136. fmtransmitter says

    I finally ordered from Provident yesterday. Not going to mention what I bought, but it is going to look way cool. Will share a photo with my friends on here when I get it set up.

  137. A&L Futures says

    Hooray for me

    My Day-1 order (12:22 PM) has moved from “On-hold” to “In process.”

  138. gary says

    With such enormous profits to be had with “70” coins, I am really suspect as to the integrity of the auctions where bids are in for Thousands of $$$ for a graded coin that cannot exist…YET. Coins have not been shipped yet to my knowledge.

    Makes me VERY suspicious of the TPGraders submission system and their coziness with the big boy dealers. What’s to say they don’t swap out some poor sap collector’s single submission that got a 70 grade with one from the big boy accounts that has a 69 (or less) grade. With the pump rimed so-to-speak, with a fake shill auction, they’d have a ready source of 70’s to ship out and make their usual tremendous profits. The big boys can well afford paying the Ebay & Paypal fees to set up a false record high price.This same type of crap occurred when the 2010 bullion ATBs hit the market in late 2010.

  139. VA Rich says

    A&L – good deal! You reside in VA too? NOVA, or the beautiful, down to-earth Virginia?

    Hey does anyone have a $5 order on 3/30 that still shows back-ordered? Or even 3/31? Thanks

  140. Louis says

    Gary- The coins were sold in person last week at the Baltimore show and at the Mint and in Baltimore they did on-site grading. No conspiracy, just a lot of people with money to burn.

  141. Brice says

    VA Rich, My order 42988xxx on the 29th shows:

    Order Status: Your order request is on hold
    Talked with mint yesterday and they told me stand
    by status started about 8pm on the first day of sales.
    She also tol meI was approx. in the middle of all the on hold
    orders. So, might or might not get a gold coin

  142. Brad says


    I don’t think the Perry’s Victory quarter rolls and bags are going anywhere. Whoever at the Mint that is supposed to pull the plug on those products that have been for sale for one year must be asleep at the switch! The White Mountain 3-Coin Set and the William McKinley Dollar products should have been pulled weeks ago!

    If they don’t intend to honor their own stated policy, they should at least go in and alter the clause on those product pages that state one-year availability and change it to read “until sold out.” By leaving those products for sale longer than one year, they are basically engaging in a form of false advertising. It reeks of a very deceptive practice. Maybe some of those products could end up being worth something if those low mintages are locked in. We all know how leaving stuff for sale year after year ends up. A bunch of worthless products. They could at least TRY to help the stuff we’re buying from them be worth something by removing them after a year like they said they would!

  143. Hidalgo says

    Can anyone recommend a good coin dealer that will sell PF70 and MS70 Baseball Hall of Fame coins (gold, silver, and clad) at a fair price? The dealers I have checked have not yet posted their prices.

    Note: I am not interested in any BHOF coins sold in Baltimore, MD with the special PCGS and NGC labels .

    Thanks much!

  144. Sith says

    @fmtransmitter – Your incorrect the whole cancel box thing is a status thing. The cancel box is removed once the order moves from “Hold” to “in process.” You are correct though they will not ship until your credit card is pinged, which is the last step.

    FYI my order from Friday the 28th (wait list?) finally showed up, it has ship date of 07/06/2014. If the current price hold I might run the gauntlet and sell both of my confirmed coins, and hope I get this one.

  145. AkBob says

    The Gold HOF coins are selling like hotcakes. I sold 4 in the last 12 hours for $650 each. I sold them within a few hours of listing them. I am going to just list one of each at a time, doing pre-sales and they’ll all sell before I even have the mint shipped to me. Thanks US Mint for allowing me to use your money, lol. I won’t mention any names but one of our other bloggers here sold 49 Gold HOFs last Friday!!!!! If you want to sell them for a fair and reasonable price, these beauties will sell easily. You guys laugh at those “special” labels from the Baltimore Show. Think back last year with the Chicago ANA Show and the RP Buffalo. Those labels at first were $500 over other labels then they were $1000 more than other labels then it went to $1250 and now they are $1500 to $2000 more than a regular label. The people that bought them when they were “only” $1000 over the other labels or less are still way ahead in value. These Baltimore labels are the same. You can make more off these special labels than on a GOLD HOF Coin!!!. Makes no sense but it is what it is. As always, Happy collecting to ALL!!

  146. GMS says

    Mines is in process and I still have the cancel box. It will remain there until my payment is cleared. That’s the way it always works.

  147. Sith says

    I’m still confused about this wait list a poster said it started at about 8:00 PM on Friday, the mint web site posted it at about 6:30 PM, but based on their sales which the mint stated was from midnight they had about 20% of the mintage remaining at those times. Something does not add up…

  148. fmtransmitter says

    AK, you will make about 10 grand when all said and done, no grading and assuming you keep one. I know you will keep 10 or 20 though! lol

  149. Howard says

    Gary, I thought about that too. What protects the customer from
    a switch of their coin??

  150. Louis says

    GMS- Me too, but at least it’s movement or maybe the illusion of movement.

    @Hidalgo- I would suggest Modern Coin Mart. You can sign up to be notified when they get their coins on their web site and they offer free shipping on all orders. They are located a block from NGC so they get NGC coins before anyone else.

  151. fmtransmitter says

    I agree, there may be a slight delay where the box is gone and cc isn’t pinged but in my experience that is a short period, maybe longer for this offering.

  152. fmtransmitter says

    Not ANYONE Louis, Direct is right down the block too but they seem to get leftover 69’s a lot and some exclusive distribution rights..There are a cpl others right down the street and there is CCTV in St. Pete using HSN studios that claim they drive their stuff to NGC for grading…

  153. Louis says

    FM- The issue that matters to me and why I recommended them is not because of proximity to NGC. It is because they are the largest dealer n moderns and have the means to offer good prices and they have an excellent staff.

  154. Ray says

    @fmtransmitter, i hear what youre saying, and that was true in the past, but now with the “free us mint bag”, that has changed imo. i placed an order for a set of silver dollars around 4pm EST on release day, and I was charged $4.95 within hours, and my checkboxes are gone. it has a ship date of 4/14.

    my order for a gold proof, which was made on the morning after the first day of sales, still has the checkboxes, and i havent been charged for shipping, aka the us mints sale guarantee. i freakin hate those bags and how it has changed the possibility of canceling orders/items at will. i can t wait til they run out of those darn bags. boooo free bags!!!

  155. fmtransmitter says

    Yep, you are right, I forgot about the BAG! I canceled that dumb bag, that is why I still have the box. Thanks!

  156. fmtransmitter says

    Agree Louis, they are a HUGE dealer for moderns and most often offer the best price in graded examples. I am in FL so I HAVE to avoid them if I don’t to add sales tax to my order, boo..

  157. AkBob says

    The prices for the Gold HOF’s are starting to go up even more. A proof just sold at auction for $695.02!! I predict that by this weekend you won’t be able to buy one for less than $700 and I may be being too conservative. The “Special” first day label releases from Baltimore are going for extremely high premiums. People are making a lot more money selling the graded half dollars and silver dollars than the raw $5 Gold coin. I just can’t quite figure that out but one thing is for sure, this is Capitalism at it’s finest! As always, Happy collecting to All!

  158. fmtransmitter says

    I am always doing the math when I made up my mind to buy a modern and see who has the best price minus the sales tax for FL dealers, which there seems to be a zillion…They don’t charge me tax for foreign coins. I forget the policy but it is on their site.

  159. says

    My order that included all HOF options has now been placed “in process”. My order was placed at 1:15PM 3/27/14. All cancel boxes have been removed. 2 hours ago it was still “held”. Progress is being made…

  160. fmtransmitter says

    I agree Ak, it also shows me where REAL VALUE is, not in paper fiat but in collectibles! Yea collectors!

  161. Larry says

    I just don’t get this label stuff. What do I care if the coin came from the Baltimore show or the mint? I don’t collect labels, I collect coins. Someday folks are going to wake up, and a lot of people are going to get caught holding the bag. At least I hope so.

  162. AkBob says

    Larry – Why would you wish bad luck to someone? That’s just wrong. Why are you worrying about what others like, buy, and have. Are you JEALOUS. I’m so sick and tired of you buttheads that always want to cut down the other guys/gals for what they like and collect. Why don’t you and others just take a “CHILL” pill!!! As always, Happy collecting to ALL!


  163. GoldGuru says

    Ping, Ping, Ping !! 3 charges today on my card for $4.95 each. Called the mint. They said they are shipping the bags first, then the gold HOF on 4/15 !! Silver on 6/20. My orders say ” in process” cancel boxes still there. Gold PF ship date says 4/15, UNC says 4/2. Supervisor said the warehouse won’t ship any until 4/15.

  164. mark says

    My 12:07 ET order for (1) proof gold and (20) proof silvers show in process and cancel boxes are all gone. My 1:04 ET order still on hold

  165. Ibex says

    I’m with Ak and Larry on the label thing. People are fascinated with collecting labels. Only in this country does this go in, the rest of the world must think Americans are weird.

  166. Samuel says

    cancel boxes r gone for bag and coins, because of the bag, but all coins are still back ordered, not in stock and reserved.

  167. GoldGuru says

    Just spoke to NGC, edgeview holder not an option. They said the coin won’t fit, and original photo on website was photo shopped.

  168. Gary says

    I believe there are people who aren’t aware you can buy coins from the US Mint and that is why shows like the Coin Vault are still around. Also I think that is why you see such inflated prices on ebay.

  169. GoldGuru says

    If u got pinged for $4.95 today, your free bag will ship this week. Just called the mint & confirmed the facts. Gold HOF won’t ship until 4/15. Hopefully the bags will have a Baltimore label !!!

  170. Ibex says

    GoldGuru, so the Mint says they are going to ship the lousy bag by itself. And then they are going to ship silver/clads seperate from the golds. Three shipping events, that doesn’t sound very cost efficient unless they are getting free postage. Am I reading your post right?

  171. GoldGuru says

    Yep! I spoke to a supervisor, he confirmed that they are shipping the bags first, by themselves, & the warehouse will not ship any HOF coins until 4/15, which will be the gold. Silver on 6/20. Call, ask for a supervisor, I speak the truth. I also questioned the waste of $ on s/h, he agreed, it isn’t cost effective.

  172. VA Rich says

    Posted –

    2014 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin™ – Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee (NR1)

    This product will be available for sale
    on April 7, 2014, at noon (ET).
    Mintage Limit: 25,000
    Product Limit: None
    Household Order Limit: None
    Available by Subscription: Yes

  173. Ibex says

    GoldGuru when was your order placed exactly? That makes no sense as I know they have a first mintage already completed for gold and silver. In particular they are just going to sit on the silver until June 20th? – I’m not buying it.

  174. GoldGuru says

    New lower pricing tier @ the mint goes into effect tomorrow after 12 noon sometime, for gold coins only. Silver prices will stay the same. All 4 Gold Eagle proofs on sale Thursday, now in stock@ the warehouse, ready to ship.

  175. VA Rich says

    Thanks Brice – much appreciated! Yeah, think we’re in the holding pattern now..

  176. GoldGuru says

    Ibex, call the mint, ask for a supervisor. I placed my orders 3/27 @12:28. 4 seperate orders, 2 gold orders, 2 Silver orders. Take it to the bank!

  177. GoldGuru says

    He also said all the gold HOF will be shipped & done before any Silver PF & UNCS go out!!!

  178. Ibex says

    GG well that sucks if true. Whats the point of putting ship dates at the point of sale if they have zero intention of honoring them. Talk about lousy business practices.

  179. GoldGuru says

    Ibex, put your mind at ease, call the mint & talk to a supervisor yourself. I know u don’t want to buy it, but it is what it is.

  180. DCDave says

    I find the whole bag thing annoying. When will the bags run out? I hope they are made in the USA, because if I find out they were made in China I will not be happy.

  181. Joseph says

    Question for AkBob

    How did you sell the gold $5 and even don’t have them?
    what if you get the coins late? I think ebay has a policy of 30 days after the sales you have to deliver to the buyers.

  182. Sith says

    You do realize what day it is today…their is no way they are going to send out the bags by themselves.

  183. GoldGuru says

    Ibex, does anything the mint dose surprise u? It’s typical! Free bags are coming first, then the coins!

  184. Jeff says

    I would be worried with those later ship dates my experience is these are the reject and returns, damaged goods..

  185. GoldGuru says

    If u got pinged for $4.95, your free bag will be sent soon. Doesn’t make sense, but call and ask for yourself.

  186. Ibex says

    Bags are made in China – I have one from the Mint store. Shocking news I know. I line item cancelled my bag as a conscientious tax payer so they don’t have to waste my tax payer dollars on $4.95 shipping for a cheap bag. This is beyond idiocy if all this is true.

  187. Sith says

    @GoldGuru – No thank you I will let someone else confirm (or disapprove) your prank

  188. Ibex says

    GG its April 1st I think the Mint is playing a joke on you or you are playing a joke on us.

  189. GoldGuru says

    No prank my friend! I Don’t play the April Fools game. Just trying to keep everyone informed.

  190. GoldGuru says

    Please Somebody call the Mint! They are not fooling! Sounds stupid, but it’s true!

  191. Frankie says

    The first thing I did was cancel that stupid bag. I don’t want to run the risk of having to fork out $4.95 for something I do not need nor want in case the mint decides to cancel my order at a later date.

  192. GoldGuru says

    The mint told me if you got pinged for the $4.95 today, you WILL get your coins….after u get your bag.

  193. Sith says

    GoldGuru – You assume that I did not add additional items to my order…if your telling the truth then you were pranked…the mint is having one hell of laugh at your expense.

  194. Louis says

    GG- No one doubts they told you those things, but in the past many things people at the Mint’s phone facility have said turned out to be untrue, even supervisors. For ex., someone on another forum has posted a message saying his card got pinged for coins, not just the bag I doubt they would do that if they are not shipping for 2 weeks. Anyway, we will all see soon.

  195. GoldGuru says

    My orders were done by phone & start with 4929XXXX. I got 3 seperate pings for $4.95 today, placed 4 orders, one hasn’t been pinged yet.

  196. AkBob says

    Jeff – REJECTS! Who’s going to return these gold coins???? Will they get an exchange for their reject? I doubt there will be many of these returned even if they looked like they had been drug down the road with a truck, lol. They are worth more than the release price most likely!!!

  197. Joseph says


    so the mint will start shipping silver and clad on 6/20?
    are you sure that is the earliest we can get?

  198. GoldGuru says

    Sith, Louis, I spoke with a supervisor, twice. No Prank! Have you been pinged yet? Call & let’s see what they tell you.

  199. GoldGuru says

    Joseph, don’t know about the clads, I didn’t order those, but thats what they said about the $1Silver PF/UNCS.

  200. GoldGuru says

    OK, Sith, I’m calling the mint AGAIN for a 3rd time, I’ll get another supervisor on the line, & will return to this blog shortly. I didn’t get pranked by mint supervisors. B back soon.

  201. smiledon says

    Does anyone reading this feel that if the Mint makes a gold, silver, and clad coin for the NFL, will we see the same feeding frenzy?
    I am not on that bandwagon, so I am just asking all of you.

  202. A&L Futures says

    All the cancel boxes have disappeared on my 3/27 12:22 order and my CC has been pinged.

  203. GoldGuru says

    Ok, Sith !! Just called the mint AGAIN, the bags are Shipping Now, because they are in stock& reserved. Call YOURSELF & ask for AMY! I guess the jokes on you, I wasn’t pranked at all! Bags are on their way !!!! Gold Coins will ship 4/15.

  204. Ibex says

    GG I just got pinged and I cancelled the bags. What will they be sending me a box of air?

  205. Sith says

    @GoldGuru – Please stop your nonsense, I actually called the mint to see why one order still had the cancel box…per the mint the one without the cancel box has shipped or will ship today. The other will ship tomorrow.

  206. GoldGuru says

    Ibex, why don’t you call the mint? I’m telling you what 3 supervisors have told me.

  207. GoldGuru says

    The only thing shipping now is the bag. If I’m right, will u apologize for doubting? No coins are shipping yet.

  208. GoldGuru says

    Ibex u are wrong! Ask anybody @ the mint. I’ve spoken to Amy many times! All CS will tell u the same thing! No BS from me!! Bags are on their way….by themselves! !

  209. zeeman says

    Mint is busy, i guess you guys are all calling, waited for 7 minutes, i give up 🙁

  210. fmtransmitter says

    Bags are made in China – I have one from the Mint store. Shocking news I know. I line item cancelled my bag as a conscientious tax payer so they don’t have to waste my tax payer dollars on $4.95 shipping for a cheap bag. This is beyond idiocy if all this is true.

    Mint operates on it’s own with no use of tax payer dollars.

  211. GoldGuru says

    Nope, I had to wait too!! Why all the GG bashing? Hard to believe, but it’s true….bags on the way.

  212. Louis says

    FM- Numismatic coins are self-sustaining and not funded with a dime of taxpayer money, though I agree it’s wasteful.

  213. Jack says

    I placed three orders pretty early on. My card has been charged for shipping on all three. First two charges came in the first 24 hours, the third showed up on Monday. The cancel boxes were never available for the second two orders (silver; the first order was gold). I called the mint to ask about cancelling the free bags and I was told they are free gifts and cannot be cancelled. When I checked again yesterday the cancel boxes were available on all of my orders by now they are gone again. Not sure if this helps sort anything out but this is what I’m seeing.

  214. Sith says

    I did not think about that they had me on hold for 10 minutes, and GG not only talks to “Amy” on a regular bases he gets three supervisors, who I have to assume are named Larry, Moe & Curly

  215. thePhelps says

    I’m not sure I understand the problem with the bags shipping. Many on this blog have already stated on past offerings they got charged for the shipping – and all they got was the bag – the rest of their order was still backordered.

    Guys keep in mind the $4.95 fee is for the entire purchase – shipped. They are just shipping the bag because it is in stock… man is it a full moon?

  216. Berneck says

    @GoldGuru… I believe you. However, I really think none of these people at the Mint know what they are talking about. I’ve called three different times and got three different answers! The last person told me that all gold coins will ship at the same time since they sold in one day. She said all coins will go out on 7/2. Sounded absurd to me, but she was adamant about it.

    Until somebody gets a “your order has shipped” email, we won’t know anything for sure.

  217. GoldGuru says

    Sith, that’s a good one! Problem is the fourth stooge is named “Sith”. Touche’

  218. fmtransmitter says

    The bags have been shipping first since they came out with them and folks have been charged the $4.95, they will NOT be charged when their coins ship. Been like this for months now. Dumb, I agree but the policy is if ANYTHING is IN STOCK when the order is placed, it will ship first. Why I canceled the bag, it is a waste of time and money.

  219. fmtransmitter says

    Louis I copied and pasted another blogger comment, then placed MY OWN comment under it to clarify same thing you just said. That p[ost was from earlier. I was just reading through them all since I got home.

  220. Sith says

    One thing for sure I started a presale on my HOF gold proof this morning, and it is going strong. I can vouch that I’m not using any shills. Thank you AkBob

  221. GoldGuru says

    Sith, I’ll let you know when my bags arrive! ! Without coins. Go ahead, u can have the last word. I can take it.

  222. MarkInFlorida says

    My order status just changed from “hold” to “in process” with cancel box gone for a 3/27 12:57 order, with proof silver to ship on 4/2 (tomorrow) and the others, 4/15 but unc gold on 5/31

  223. fmtransmitter says

    We have some newbies in here obviously that haven’t been this road. You old timers know what’s it, I gotta go do something productive…

  224. GoldGuru says

    Come on Sith, you’re the 5th Beatle, 4 are spoken for. Math must not have been your best subject. LOL

  225. zeeman says

    FM@Productive, work on your back bro, i wana see you and Sith in body buliding match 🙂

  226. GoldGuru says

    fmtransmitter, been there done that, but these guys were doubting my post about the bags shipping 1st. Thanks for explaining that to them. I’m Vindicated.

  227. Howard says

    I like my black bag that is on its way all by its self
    and made in Vietnam lead free! Seriously.

  228. zeeman says

    With all the orders i have, i think i will end up with 4 or 5 bags, thinking about giving to the kids in neighborhood , so there dads will know, what uncle Zee is upto, sounds like a plan.

  229. Sith says

    GG – LOL no it was not my best subject, but then I never really counted Ringo 🙂

    fmtransmitter – That maybe true but I did not order my HOF coins alone…and for this to be going on for months the mint must have had a lot coins back ordered…as far as I can tell everything else is in stock. Not to say that things could not have been in back order status after Feb 20th…just saying I have not seen it.

  230. GoldGuru says

    Uncle Zee, do you really want the neighborhood knowing you order coins, & probably keep them in your home?

  231. ibex66 says

    So its safe to put my bags up for presale then. Whew.

    GG I’m not doubting the bags are shipping by themselves, sounds about right for a gubermint operation. But I’m seriously doubting the veracity of your claims that silver coins ship June 20th. Amy is full of it.

  232. GoldGuru says

    Ibex66, even my History page says Silver $1 expected ship date 6/20, what does yours say.

  233. GoldGuru says

    Of course the date could change to an earlier date, but that is the current date.

  234. GoldGuru says

    Don’t forget the 2014 Gold Proofs go on sale Thursday& they are in stock, so those will be shipping soon as will the ATB pucks, next week, they also are in stock. Mint computers are still processing HOF orders, not caught up yet…lots of orders within seconds of each other. Shipping dept. will be slammed.

  235. Blair J Tobler says

    My silver also says 4/15, but it seems to be doing the “add-a-day” crawl

  236. GoldGuru says

    Mine still says 6/20, just checked. Order #49299XXX. Maybe mine will change. Still has cancel boxes on all orders, even the 3 that have been pinged $4.95.

  237. GoldGuru says

    Ibex, who knows? My Silver $1’s said 5/15, then 5/27, 6/16, 6/19, now 6/20. So who knows? My golds said PF=4/11, UNCS=3/29, then then 4/12 & 3/30, then 4/13 & 3/31, now 4/15 & 4/02. Go figure.

  238. SilverFan says

    Off topic: Does anyone know the mintage limits for the ATB 5 ounce P silver collector version and the ATB 5 ounce silver bullion version for 2014?

  239. Louis says

    Figs should be posted at 5pm but may not be adjusted yet for orders that can’t be filled. That will take some time I think.

    GG- Don’t let it go to your head, but the guy on other site said he checked again and charge was not for coins. I still think some orders will ship sooner than 4/15 though as cancel boxes do not go away two weeks before shipment.

  240. GoldGuru says

    Lois, no problem, I was just trying to clarify things for all. Never thought it would get out of hand. Thanks.

  241. Louis says

    No prob. Thanks for your efforts. Funny how it became a pissing match with a couple of you guys. Must be the warm weather or something. A free bag to the first person who gets their order! Hah! Hah!

  242. GoldGuru says

    I’m selling my bags to HSN “Price Hike Mike”, so he can give them with his coins. LOL

  243. Brad says

    New stats are posted. It appears the Mint determined the breakdown to be 32,000 proofs and 18,000 uncs for the gold Baseball HOF coins.

  244. Terry says

    Brad, I see the same numbers. It is interesting that the numbers are so precise. Oh well, I am sure they will be adjusted in future MR’s.

  245. MarkInFlorida says

    Mint’s web site says 15000 bullion pucks made so far, but I think that is up a couple thousand in the last couple days so maybe they are in the middle of making them. Maybe that’s why provident has none yet.

  246. GoldGuru says

    Not that many sets can be put together because of all the singles already sold.

  247. IndenturedServant says

    For those who keep track of such things: My order phoned in on opening day at 12:16pm with email confirmation at 12:25pm for multiple coins of each type went from hold to in process sometime this morning. Cancel boxes are gone. All items still say back ordered with a ship date of 4-2-14.

    I’m not holding my breath but things seem to be progressing. Coins should be here before the final game of the world series. For coins that arrive that late the TPG’ers should do a special world series label! I can see it now……..everyone will be cracking open their slabs and paying still more money for yet another piece of pretty paper.

    I read on another coin forum that some big chief at the mint was quoted as saying no BHoF gold coins would ship until 7-2-14. Based on my experience and past performance, that sounds about right.

  248. IndenturedServant says

    Oh yeah, called my credit union and confirmed there has been no activity on my credit card at all in the last week. No pings, test charges or inquiries.

  249. AkBob says

    Joseph – Watch out, you might just end up selling it!!!! I think these will hit that level, IMO. Why wouldn’t they?? There aren’t too many things bigger than baseball. The only thing I can think of would be the Kennedy Release and I think it will end up making the BHOF coins look like cupcakes, LOL The Kennedy Release I think could set every record that can be made and I doubt that those records could ever be broken. This is obviously just my opinion but I have a feeling that a lot of others here are on board with that prediction. I’m not a big Kennedy coin collector, I really like them but I’ve focused on other coins is all and I believe that there is quite the following for the Kennedy half dollars. Maybe one of the largest followings. Anyways, as always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  250. Jeff says

    Those who sold their coins pre-sale are going to left holding the bag when customers want there 1K – 2K coins if not shipped they will request refunds so don’t deposit those funds yet expect refund request when no delivery OUCH

  251. ClevelandRocks says

    I’m going to send my Chinese “I have a coin collection at my house” bag to PCGS for grading. Anyone know the date for FS cut-off?

  252. Doug says

    For all those people who are waiting for Provident ATB’s I called them today and they told me they are no longer going to offer individual coins but will continue to sell monster boxes. He said it was due to “quality control issues”. I can’t say if this is really true or what one guy on the phone thought as I know in the past they would offer individual coins several weeks after APMEX or others. This time it was kind of strange when they put up the Monster Boxes without the individuals. Someone may want to call to confirm. I was hoping to add an order with the Zombucks. BTW today is the only one day you can get the Zombuff along with the Barber. Each release seems to overlap on one day only. Get em if you want them. They amuse me and life is good when we can be amused occasionally since the governments action seem to drain the life out of me.

  253. Hidalgo says

    Thanks Michael for posting the weekly sales report.

    The report shows a 64%/36% split between gold proof and uncirculated BHOF coins.

    As I expected, there are still plenty of silver BHOF coins as of this writing. However, the coins may sell out in the weeks ahead.

    There’s a long way to go before the clad BHOF coins reach the maximum mintage limit — assuming the US Mint produces the maximum quantity.

  254. KEITHSTER says

    Thanks for the heads up Dusty took your advise and picked up a couple of bags. Didn’t really need them as I prefer the rolls but now that the Perry’s are gone maybe a bag or two ain’t that bad just love to see that sold out sign:) So thanks again and Good Luck All:>:>:>

  255. AkBob says

    That bidding war is still happening on Ebay. 8 minutes left and a proof gold is at $860!!!! There’s some stubborn folks on Ebay, kind of like here on this blog, LOL. As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  256. Hidalgo says

    @AkBob – personally, I don’t understand why the bid on this particular auction is so high, especially when there are Buy it Now auctions at lower prices on eBay.

    It’s got to be the excitement of competition — to be the winner (highest bidder) in a bidding war.

  257. Dustyroads says

    Hey KEITHSTER, I love the lower mintage, it’s rivals the mintages of the 2012’s.

  258. Jef says

    Just checked my order, it shows “your order is on hold”, does it mean I will have this gold BHOF coin? Thanks.

  259. AkBob says

    Hidalgo – That’s just what it is. Two or three individuals that aren’t going to let someone out bid them. They probably got the email saying “you’ve been out bid” and so they bid on it again and then the other person gets that same email and so on and so forth. Next thing you know it’s a back and forth thing, lol. The winner is the one that gets the best price, I thought, LOL. It was fun to watch. I watched this happen about a month ago on a 2011 P RP70, it went for something like $900 or maybe I exaggerating a little (not much tho) but it was weird. I even emailed the seller to see if there was something special and he said NO, but was very happy at the HIGH bid!! As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  260. SilverFan says

    Michael: Thanks for posting the sales report. Is it possible that the 32,000/18,000 mintage for HOF gold proof/uncirculated was planned, and that the uncirculated version sold out earlier than the proof? I got my uncirculated order in early, but did not order the proof until after the wait list notice was posted.

  261. says

    SilverFan…I don’t think that was planned at all. If you look at the first reported sales of 26,798 pr and 14,999 unc, 41,797 total, that works out to the
    same 64/36 split.

  262. Hidalgo says

    @SilverFan – I’m not so sure if it will make a difference that the uncirculated gold BHOF have a lower mintage than the proof version.

    I checked sold listings on eBay for both versions. They are both selling for about $580 – $610 as of this writing. Of course, those values can easily change with time, especially when “in hand” coins are posted on eBay in the days/weeks ahead.

    When sellers post the initial shipments of coins, expect increased supplies and lower prices (at the time they coins are posted). If demand continues to be high after shipments ebb, secondary market supplies will decrease and prices will rise as buyers pay more for fewer available coins.

    Time will tell…

  263. says

    Hidalgo…todays sells (which do show show up yet …(you had to have it in your watch list) have consistantly been in the $650-$700 range.

  264. Dustyroads says

    AKBob, Well, if you’re bidding on something you don’t want to loose, you have to place a high bid, it’s the only way to know for certain you’re going to win, been there! All this hysterical bidding for the HoF coins is making me wonder if we may see something similar for the gold Kennedy half later this year. Hmm

  265. AkBob says

    Dustyroads – Absolutely, as I’ve placed very high bids when there was something I wanted or I wasn’t going to be able to bid when it comes up to the end of the auction I’ll place a high bid to insure I win. So yes, you’re right, I’ve been there too! I don’t like to do that as sometimes even with the high bid you still lose, so the ole saying, “ya win some and ya lose some”, is so, so true, LOL. As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  266. HIdalgo says

    @Dusty – bidding on the secondary market will depend on how the US Mint sells the gold Kennedy halves. If there is an open window period, where buyers can purchase as many of the coins as they want at retail prices, then there should be no need to pay higher secondary market prices for comparable uncertified coins. Check out prices on eBay for the reverse Proof gold Buffalo coin and the West Point American Silver Eagle sets.

    I am not surprised at all that the gold BHOF coins are selling at a premium. The coins sold out quickly. Everyone did not have a chance to buy the coins at retail prices, so they are buying them at higher prices on the secondary market. Prices will remain high provided that demand for the gold coins remain high.

  267. fmtransmitter says

    @sith: you said: fmtransmitter – That maybe true but I did not order my HOF coins alone…and for this to be going on for months the mint must have had a lot coins back ordered…as far as I can tell everything else is in stock. Not to say that things could not have been in back order status after Feb 20th…just saying I have not seen it.
    The US Mint says this about the bags…

  268. HIdalgo says

    @Dusty – examples of quick sellouts include the 2011 American Silver Eagle set and the 2009 Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set. Both sets are selling for significantly more than their original retail prices.

  269. VA Rich says

    GoldGuru – back to your 5:27/29 pm postings, I’d like your thoughts on this. Let’s say you really wanted a set and you knew a combined set of two single golds in OGP already opened would cost you $1,000. Under the circumstances you commented above, how much of a premium would you expect to pay for a sealed box of both coins? Or hey, perhaps no premium at all.., appreciate your two cents on this..

  270. GoldGuru says

    VaRich, just a thought because of the limited amount of sets possible, either OGP or graded. I guess some people will want them both, some graded sets some not. By the time we get them, no telling what the premium is u will get. With fewer uncs than ptoofs, that cuts down on possible sets. Your guess is as good as mine, maybe better! Just checked my Order page, & all the cancel boxes are gone on 3 of 4 of my orders, since earlier this afternoon when my card got pinged 3 X for $4.95! 3 different orders, 2 gold orders, 1 silver order. Still says gold ships PF-4/15, UNC-4/02. Silver order says PF-6/20, UNC-5/31. Earlier it said 6/20 on both Silvers. Dates keep changing as the computers get caught up.

  271. GoldGuru says

    I’m not so sure the flippers on eBay will get all they are selling. They must be confident. Now is, as usual the time to get the highest premium on the coins as pre-sales, I would think. All the frenzy, people making sure they get in on the action ASAP & don’t miss out.

  272. GoldGuru says

    I wouldn’t take a chance on bad feedback due to not being able to fill pre-sale orders.

  273. mark says

    Apmex now selling BHOF gold and silver pcgs first strike…$$$$.(not giving them away)

  274. says

    Hidalgo…I agree on the Kennedy…if the Mint sells them in a 30 day open window, then secondary values will be similar to the reverse proof.
    But if they put a 50,000 mintage limit on them…then I think another quick sellout wold occu and thus higher secondary prices.

    It will be interesting to see what graded HoF coins (not the Baltimore) will sell for once shipping occurs…as compared to what the OGP are selling for now.

  275. says

    VARich…I don’t mean to speak for GG..but I think a sealed box of one proof and one unc would easily sell for $1400…as of today…who knows what it may be when people have them in hand..

  276. GoldGuru says

    $600-$700 Each, as it stands. But the reason to buy a sealed box would be because u want to submit them for FS/ER, and hope to get 70’s before the seller opens them and sees some marks on the coins, knowing the grade wouldn’t be 70’s. Make sense?

  277. Louis says

    APMEX prices are just as insane or more so than e-Bay and they only have 1 of each coin from Baltimore.

  278. GoldGuru says

    Remember, if you sell them in OGP, you save $50 per coin in grading fees. So all u have in them is your original cost. Selling them for $6-700 is a nice profit, $175-$275 profit per unit.

  279. Louis says

    Did anyone catch how they will split the silver dollars and clad halves? By demand like the gold or 50/50?

  280. GoldGuru says

    By demand. There will be more of one than the other, 400K total on Silvers, 750K clads.

  281. Louis says

    GG: You still have 15% to e-Bay and 3% to paypal. A little less if you have a store but still. And with grading if you get a 70 the sale price will be much higher, which wipes out your grading fee. It also depends on which service you pick, It’s more like $30 for most coins, in this case a little more by the time you get the special labels and pay the rest but less than $50 if you do a bunch at once.

  282. says

    I’m curious to see when those that bought under the Wait List Notice will start getting notice that they will not get their coin. There should be a little over 9200 orders canceled.

  283. GoldGuru says

    Louis, Agreed. $30 tier @ NGC + $20 @ least s/h each way. But yes, the more u send the more you save. But if u get 69″s, then what can u expect? Not much more than OGP unopened. Maybe, who knows. I think the Kennedy’s have way more potential than HOF’s.

  284. Clark says

    If you don’t think unc gold HOF coins will sell at a higher premium than proof gold HOFs, look no further than the 1997 Jackie Robinson commems (note the baseball linkage). I own both the prf and unc Robinsons and the silver commems and over the years I’ve tracked price movements. Ungraded, the proof gold sells for around $450-$500 and the unc for $2750-$3250. A PCGS MS70 has sold for as high as $5000, but now usually goes for $4000-$4500. Silver Robinson commems are relatively inexpensive.

    Only 5174 gold unc Robinsons were minted, compared with 18000 unc gold HOFs. but they lack two key elements that HOFs have: unique curvature and great eye appeal. The gold Robinson coins have a so-so baseball on the reverse and a not-so-flattering, first spouse quality image of him on the obverse. Unlike the HOF program, there was no media hype over the Robinsons in ’97 and little awareness of them even today.

    Someone commented earlier that mintage figures for unc gold HOFs means that there are now only 18000 complete HOF sets possible, thereby making the uncirculated gold HOF the key member of the set. Time will tell, but my money is on the unc HOF, although I also bought 6 proof versions.


  285. GoldGuru says

    Clark, I agree on the gold uncs. I was the one who posted the max 18K possible sets. Of course there can’t possibly be more than a few thousand sets, becsuse of all the singles of each already sold. Even the Coin Vault was selling the uncs for more than the proofs last night.

  286. Louis says

    Anyone else catch the April fool’s joke from Numismaster? They posted a fake item about a Mint employee making his own penny with Lincoln giving a thumbs up, and said they obtained 200 of the 5000 coins he secretly made and said they were giving them away to the 1st 200 people who placed an order. But of course there is no way they would have that many or just give them away, so the joke was on anyone who clicked on the link. Just a sales pitch.

  287. GoldGuru says

    Now we know there are nearly twice as many proofs as there are uncs. So the uncs should be more sought after. I believe once people get the proofs in hand, they’re gonna want the unc too. Problem is far fewer uncs to be had. Coin Vault, etc realize that, so of course they charge more for unc gold.

  288. white lightning says

    Have two confirmed emails back from us mint.signed in and was taken on waiting list was in seven min. Still back ordered but. My date has never changed from day one. Un ship 4/2 proof 4/15. Hope to wake up to in stock ready to ship. Anyone else have 4/2 as a ship date

  289. Clark says

    GoldGuru–You make a great point. In addition to the singles you mentioned, some unc HOFs will be lost, misplaced, etc.

    Taking the complete set notion another step, no matter what you think about third-party grading services, just imagine how amazing it would be to have in your collection a complete six coin set encapsulated in a multi-coin slab. I have a few NGC multi-coin slabs with the first presidential dollars. I don’t know for certain if PCGS issues multi-slab holders, but I believe they do. Now, if all six coins were graded PF/MS 70, your guess about their monetary value is as good as mine, but I guess they would easily be in the $5000 range and up.

  290. GoldGuru says

    Clark, once again I agree 100% ! You can always order a nice wooden box that holds 6 slabs. Amos Advantage, apmex, wizard, etc sells them. Would be a nice set for sure. The key coin will be the gold unc. No set is complete without it. Lowest mintage of all 6 coins!!

  291. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    sorry 4 taking up space here, but these curved baseball coins are a real hit!

    They strike me as being the most popular coin.

  292. GoldGuru says

    xmas scrooge, I get the play on words, not bad ! They do seem to b a home run, for now! Wait till the Kennedys are released! They’ll b the coins of the year!

  293. AkBob says

    Those half dollars graded by PCGS with the “Special” Baltimore labels are going for $1200 to $1500 each!!!!!! There isn’t even any precious metals in them! The are only half dollars!!! They are only 2014’s!!!! They are only 5 days old!!!! They are only the most valuable coin in the set if you look at what it initially cost vs what it’s value is now. It is beating the Gold $5 coin hands down. Wow, you can purchase 2 raw gold $5 coins for the cost of one (1) PR70 or (1) MS70 half dollar with the PCGS Baltimore First Pitch Label!!!! When they first started selling them on Ebay last Friday, they were going for $250 and I thought that was incredibly high and who would pay that much for them? Well, I guess there’s a lot of them that are as it’s now gone thru the roof. There must not be too many of them, people were focused on the $5 Gold and the $1 Silver Dollar I suspect. Anyways, As always, Happy collecting ALL!

  294. CoachMike says

    I feel the baseball HofF will do BETTER than the Kennedys. Only about a THIRD the population was alive and experienced Kennedy and his event fifty years ago, while All the people alive have been touched by baseball. And we don’t know which way the mint will market them (All you can order 30 day or limited mintage).

  295. Mat668866 says

    Order HOF silver proofs first day a 12:30pm got email to day BAG has shipped with tracking #, no coins. coin says will ship 4-3-14. Friend of mine ordered 2 hof gold proofs at 12:37pm his card was pinged for the 4.95 but still says on hold coins ships 4-16-14. So the post about bags going out first looks to be correct.

  296. Hidalgo says

    Prices for certified coins at APMEX for the gold and silver BHOF are ridiculous.

    PR70: $4,495
    PR69: $2,495
    MS70: $3,995
    MS69: $1,995

    I would not recommend anyone buying these coins from APMEX at this time. Wait until the frenzy (and buyer demand) declines. With lower demand, secondary market prices will fall.

  297. Hidalgo says

    Note: the above APMEX prices are for PCGS-certified gold coins. Unless you have money to burn, I would avoid buying from this company. eBay auctions usually will allow you to buy coins at the best prices – provided that you are willing to engage in auction-style bidding to obtain an item.

  298. Hidalgo says

    @Louis – I saw the Numismaster April Fool’s joke. And I fell for it! LOL 🙂

    @whitelightning – I placed a test order on March 27th for at 6:34 PM (shortly after the waiting list notice appeared) for a BHOF unc gold coin. The expected shipping date changed from 4/2 (?)/2014 to 6/21/2014. I am uncertain of the significance of the change, but it doesn’t matter to me. I placed an order earlier in the day for the same coin, and I’ll be happy to receive it.

    @Clark – looking at the APMEX prices for certified gold coins, the proof version is priced higher than the uncirculated version, even though the proof population is higher.

  299. VA Rich says

    GG/Steve – thanks for the input. Appears we may have a tiger by the tail for some time to come… what an exciting hobby!

    My orders from 12:02 thru 3/30 slipped another day, everything is in a day-for-day slip.

  300. VA Rich says

    The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) will hold a public meeting at 2:00 p.m. (ET) on Tuesday, April 8, 2014, via teleconference – Agenda: Discussion of American Eagle Silver Coin reverse design.

    Looks like this is moving forward

  301. Ikaika says

    I still wonder how many of the HOF gold coins were purchased by the flippers and dealers. How many here are willing to pay the extra thousands for that Baltimore label? Curious to see who is buying those.

  302. Mat668866 says

    You people that keep calling the mint every five minutes and placing test orders ever think you might be making things worse. I am sure they have better things to do like work on my order just saying.

  303. charles says

    GG, sorry, but the unc gold will not sell for more than the proof

    And, the Kennedy, if sold in a 30 day window, will not do as well as the HoF gold.

  304. bigboy says

    Hidalgo,you are so right I have been in this coin business for over 50 years and on thing I have seen is hot coins when they first come out .If you look at what the mintage is going to be on all these baseball coin in the end ,will be way way to many compared to other commemoratives.if a person would just wait a while ,the prices will come way down on these coins,and soon as the next hot coin comes out then everyone will focus on that coin,i will wait and pick up my coins around the last of the year ,or first of next year,i will not pay $5000.00 for 1/4 oz of gold.You can buy a whole set of 2103 proof pcgs 70 for less than that and set of that has a lot more gold,but to each there own that is what makes the world tick,but I do not have that type of money to burn

  305. IndenturedServant says

    Sometime in the last few hours my BHoF order for multiples of every coin option went to “in stock and reserved”. Order was placed opening day @ 12:16PM ET.

  306. Larry says

    Silver BHOF shipping moved out to 6/21. UGH. I can’t ever remember any coin(s) with this kind of initial price frenzy. The only thing I can remember even close was when the 5 OZ ATB’s came out. The prices for those dropped to reasonable values pretty quickly. These will most likely do the same when product starts shipping.

  307. says

    Clark, you really can’t make a good comparison with the unc HoF and the
    unc Jackie Robinson. The JR sold 24,072 proofs and only 5,174 unc…..almost a 5 to 1 ratio. It’s THE lowest mintage unc…that’s why it sells for such a premium. The 18,000 unc HoF gold is way to high to make it worth more than the proof. Secondary market value is not always determined by mintage, but by demand.

    One of the biggest diifference between and proof and unc comm…was the 1986 Statue of Liberty half dollar:

    .1986-D Statue of Liberty Half Dollar 928,008
    1986-S Statue of Liberty Half Dollar 6,925,627

    Here is a link to mintages of modern day commens…1982-2012


  308. VA Rich says

    BELAY MY LAST! THEY’RE COMING NOW! Credit Card was just nailed with coin orders!

  309. says

    GG, you’ve mentioned that much less than 18,000 complete sets of the
    gold because of all the singles being sold….isn’t it possible that the same person is buying both a proof and unc single to make a set?

    Louis, if you have a store on ebay, the ebay fees are only 6%…so add that to the 3% paypal, and that’s only 9% in fees.

  310. Frankie says

    My 12:10pm first day order now shows as ‘in stock and reserved’ and I see a pending charge on my card. Coming home…!

  311. Frankie says

    @Steve, if you are a top-rated seller you get 20% discount on final value fees which makes it effectively 4.8% (0.8×6%).

  312. says

    Good catch VA Rich…my first order coins have been pinged as well…they should ship by friday. My other 3 orders are now all “in stock & reserved” but still have a “on hold” status.

  313. VA Rich says

    Ok guys – my orders thru 12:30 on 03/27/2014 have cc charges against them so we know they’ll be shipping within the next 72 hours –

    12:45 appears to be the slip time for $5 Unc orders of a day to 4/03

    Hope this helps –

  314. VA Rich says

    Geez…, the way these things will be shipping out with different ships dates, it’ll be boxes galore around the house. Those with kids, you’ll be able to build a building block fort from all the boxes.., and top it off with mint bags.. haha

  315. VA Rich says

    In comparing notes with a couple friends, somewhere between the 2 – 3pm orders is where the $5 ship dates for both PRF & UNC slips to June, can anyone help narrow this down please?

  316. Frankie says

    My 2:07pm order is ‘backordered…Jun21’, my 12:10pm order is now in stock & reserved. It seems the cut-off was 2pm.

  317. VA Rich says

    Thanks Frankie!

    Anyone else with an order between 1:30 to 2:00 pm with an expected ship date of June? Thx!

  318. Clark says

    Hidalgo–Point well taken, but consider the 2000 Library of Congress bimetallic (1/2 Pt 1/2 Au) coins: Final mintages were 6,683 uncirculated, and 27,652 proof, a roughly 4:1 ratio. A few years back, I paid ~$1200 for an NGC PF69 and am still looking for a reasonably priced MS69. Ungraded unc LoCs are going for $2900 and MS70s are at $3000-$3300 or more. Like the Jackie Robinson commems, the Library of Congress commems lacked the media hype and a unique shape, but do have eye appeal.

    As I posted last night, anyone’s guess about HoF monetary value is as good as mine, but numismatic history guides us. On one thing we all agree: these HoF commems will forever be the first uniquely shaped series issued by the US Mint. That in and of itself is worth collecting.

  319. says

    Want to add my voice to the chorus. At some point between lunch and 6 pm yesterday, my cancel boxes all disappeared. My order request status is “in process” the status of all items (except, oddly enough, the uncirculated silver dollar which is backordered to April 03) has changed to “In Stock and Reserved.” The US Mint has pinged my credit card and the charge is pending.

    My order was at 12:35. If they ship anything this week I will be extremely impressed, that will be a huge improvement over the last “big” release.

  320. Clark says

    Rats! I was just informed by NGC that it no longer offers multi-coin holders. That is really unfortunate. I was looking forward to taking all the HoFs that come back graded 70, and having them reholdered in a multi-coin slab.

    Following is the email note I received from NGC:

    Dear Mr. Clark,

    Thank you for your email. NGC no longer offers the multi-holder. All coins are graded and encapsulated individually.

    Please feel free to email or call us should you have any further questions.

    Thank you,
    Lisa Berzins
    Customer Service | Numismatic Guaranty Corporation
    p. 800-642-2646 or 941-360-3990 x134 | f. 941-360-2553

  321. Dave says

    My 1:25 PM order was pinged for the Pf half dollar , bag + shipping. Gold still dated 6/1 for Pf and 6/10 for Unc.

    Clad half 4/3. (Why not wIt a day and ship both halves in one box??? Your tax dollars at work again!!!)

    Both silver products scheduled for 4/16

    Hope that narrows it down a bit.

  322. stephen m says

    orders of $300.00 or more and orders with gold with standard shipping shall receive complementary upgrade. Those orders should be received in 2-3 days. It used to be overnight if I remember correctly. Looks like it won’t be long now for the early bird orders.

  323. fm says

    As this blog continues to evolve it is very reminiscent of the one whose subject was the 2011 Silver Eagle Anniversary Set. Most posters are giving their personal experiences as to when their items are expected to ship, when the CC pinged, how many coins they ordered, their conversations with customer service, etc., etc.
    I assume that the commenters are trying to give the rest of us some insight as to the Mint’s ordering and shipping practices, but enough is enough. We can all track our own orders and find out the information as it pertains to each of us individually.

  324. VA Rich says

    Much appreciated Gentlemen! So it appears that around 1:35 +/- 5 is the line of demarcation between now and June for the $5’s (for now, which we all know is subject to (and will) change). Ah, by the end of the day, hopefully they’ll all be shipping!

  325. VA Rich says

    FM – negative ghost rider, though collaboration and helping each other out, we just narrowed down a big answer that is on most posters mind, or will be when shipping confirmations begin to show in the next 72 hours. We just narrowed it down before the questions start flying…

  326. Samuel says

    with the previous shipping company, when the CC is charged, the package is already out. the new company, CC is charged first, then several days later, the package will be out. my experience for the past several months.

  327. says

    @VA Rich, the demarcation line for ME is 1:15. My proof clads are ‘in stock and reserved’ but my gold and silver have not changed from backorder status. These play by plays are helpful and appreciated by me…

  328. Blair J Tobler says

    My wonderful bag shipped yesterday.
    Proof half shows in stock and reserved.
    Unc half and both silvers still doing “add-a-day” crawl.
    At least progress is being made.

    Can’t wait to see the Vietnamese Mint….er, I mean, US Mint bag!

  329. stephen m says

    Hey FM, Are you serious? There was a lot of excitement with the 25th anniversary set coins and there is a lot of excitement and anticipation with the BHOF coins. Now what kind of fun is it to sit back and relax? This is one of the greatest coin blogs there is and the best in my opinion. I don’t get you.

  330. Zaz says

    Woo-hoo, progress! Like the rest of you north of 1:30pm, my 12:52 order got pinged for the proof gold, proof silver and both clads to the tune of 515.60…and placed in queue as in stock and reserved. Unc gold is backordered to 4-3! Unc silver to 4-16. I expect these to ship on Monday or Tuesday at the latest, like everyone predicted. Thanks, everyone for all the updates, it’s really, really helpful!

  331. Blair J Tobler says

    fm – we’re enjoying the updates. If you are not enjoying them you are free to stop reading them

  332. high low silver says

    fm: a lot of posters want to change their e-bay account to “IN HAND” lol

  333. thePhelps says

    I’m guessing fm had an order later in the day and isn’t expecting coins until June… Thats where my order is – but I am enjoying the show!

  334. Mark Rex says

    Looking for some advice on what exactly I should here.

    My first order was accepted on 3/27 12:05 pm for 1x PR $5 gold. This order is in process and my card got charged $425 today. Looks good.

    My second order was accepted on 3/27 12:07 pm for 1x UNC $5 gold. This order is on hold. No pings on my card. Site says back ordered 4/2. This is the same card as my first order. Worried that I am going to lose my place in line. This is the order that has me worried.

    My third order was accepted on 3/27 12:12 pm for 1x of PR $1 and 50c, UNC $1 and 50c. This order is in process and my card has been charged $138 today. I used a different card for this order than the first two. Looks good.

    So my issue is with my second order. I don’t want to lose my spot in line and lose my early gold coin. There should be no issues with the card as I even called them yesterday to confirm. With this order being on hold and no activity yet what would you do? Have any readers who placed an order for the UNC $5 placed before 12:15 pm have this issue? With this happening could I lose my spot? Any advice is much appreciated.

  335. fm says

    But I still have to wade through them.. I will just say to all of you who feel the necessity of giving constant, personal updates: relax, take a walk through the park, and occasionally check your email to ascertain when your items have shipped.
    Maybe you’ll even be the first in your neighborhood to receive your sacred HOF coins.

  336. Zaz says

    @Mark Rex: relax, you’ll get your unc gold. The dates on that coin have shifted wildly over the last five days. My 12:52 order started out with 5/26 then shifted to 4/15 on Monday and finally to 4/3 this morning. Your 12:07 order should be near the top of the queue.

  337. fm says

    high low silver,

    Is that a gloved or non-gloved “IN HAND” ? Hey, I’m not a fan of EBay pre-sales. If the sellers don’t get their coins in the time frame they promised their buyers, too bad.

  338. ibex66 says

    I guess FM didn’t get any coins – why is he even on this thread?

    BTW my very sizeable order, not AKBob big, but big says in stock and reserved BUT still has cancel boxes and says On Hold. CC pinged for the 4.95. Order placed early at 12:09. Seems weird.

  339. fm says

    YES I DID! And with a shipping date of 4/16. There, I’ve joined the rest of you. Any further questions?

  340. Eddie says

    Does anyone know or think if there will be a 6 coin holder for a set of the BHoF coins so we can make our own BHoF coin set?

  341. Brad says

    My two orders seem to be stuck in an eternal “on hold” status. Due to being stuck in the waiting room for over 3 hours, my gold coin orders have time stamps of 3:46 pm and 3:56 pm. Coins are backordered until mid to late June in both orders. Since they were placed long before the “waiting list” notice, I’m condident they’ll be filled. However, it’s a real drag to have to wait that long to get them. I hope it turns out to be much sooner.

  342. Eddie says

    Didn’t the Mint say that there will be a Young Person set of just the clad dollars and an adult set? or am I thinking of a different set altogether?

  343. Brad says

    Oh and by the way, I cancelled the free bag on both orders too. That silly thing isn’t even worth the effort to try to sell it on eBay. After fees and shipping, I’d barely get a dollar or two out of it!

  344. Larry says

    Will there be any excitement for the Great Smokey Mountain 5 OZ P ATB? Are we all excited out? These dang 5 OZers are growing on me.

  345. KEITHSTER says

    My on holds all had to do with my debit card not enough funds you know so if thats what your using fill ur up and call the 800#! Don’t use a credit card but think some have a daily limit check with the card company the call the mint they will hold your instock &reserved for about a week and try to ping it again.But if the moneys there best to call asap. Should be alot of this going on when the ATB’s come out next week &month & the month after ect.their little way of playing might help bring some of the sript #’s down? So as they use to say keep the powder dry and Good Luck All:>:>:>

  346. thePhelps says

    @Mark Rex… don’t worry about it. If this is a typical mint offering … they probably had far more proofs already in hand than unc. I ordered at 2:06 and have no worries about getting the coins – yours is going to ship far sooner than mine.

  347. charles says

    Eddie, you are correct on the Young Person set..but I’m not aware of any other set.

  348. SilverFan says

    I am guessing that the excitement for the 5 ounce ATBs will be dampened a bit due to the subscription program. I may just get into the waiting room on the mint site next week and sit there and read a few magazines knowing that my subscriptions are already processed…lol

  349. Hawkster says

    This comment is directed to those of you who continue to denigrate the free Mint bag, even going so far as to delete the item from your order.

    You are just not being creative enough. In one word: REPURPOSE. One suggestion would be to cut the bag neatly where the gold coin image and gold Mint logo is into a neat rectangle. Then use this as the lining of a glass-covered shadowbox to showcase your valuable gold coins to relatives, friends, and anyone walking by your house.

  350. GoldGuru says

    CC pinged for full amt. on my 2 gold orders, both #42923XXX @12:28. In stock, reserved, boxes gone. Someone yesterday said my # was too high & didn’t think I would get my gold, looks like I will…whew!! My 2 silver orders, placed a few minutes later, now has 1 in process, boxes gone, but dates are 6/20 & 6/01. Plop, plop, fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is !!

  351. GoldGuru says

    @ Steve, In response to your question about the 18K possible gold sets…I’m sure a lot of guys are bouncing back & forth on eBay trying to get one of each gold, so they have the set. But, a lot of guys just want one or the other& r going to put them away. That leaves fewer possible sets. Also, we don’t know how many of each were sold @ Baltimore& @ the mint store, where there were lines too. Most people can only afford to buy one gold, and they’re happy. So, that will leave fewer possible sets. I’ve got 4 sets coming, keeping 2 in OGP, & sending 2 to NGC. Going to try and sell them to guys looking for sets. Just my thoughts. Can’t see more than a few thousand sets available. I’ll be set up @ the Jax., FL. show @ the end of may. I’ll see what happens.

  352. Samuel says

    I have a sealed 6 coin set in stock and reserved with cancel box, plan to keep it sealed.

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