2014 United States Mint Limited Edition Silver Proof Set

Today, March 17, 2015, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2014 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set. The release of this set had been delayed due to the extra time needed for the Mint to work on packaging improvements. The Mint has stated that the coins included in the set were all struck in 2014, but the sets could not be assembled until this month.

The Limited Edition Silver Proof Set is a relatively new product offering, which was introduced in 2012 and brings together some of the Mint’s most popular annually issued silver coins. Each set contains the year’s 90% silver dime, quarters, and half dollar, along with the 99.9% silver Proof American Silver Eagle. A relatively low production limit of 50,000 units has been established for each year of release.

2014 LESPS

The 2014 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set contains a total of eight different silver coins struck to proof quality. The 2014-dated Roosevelt Dime, Kennedy Half Dollar, and five America the Beautiful Quarters are struck in 90% silver at the San Francisco Mint and carry the “S” mint mark. For this year, the reverse designs for the quarters feature Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Shenandoah National Park, Arches National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park, and Everglades National Park. The set is completed with the 2014 Proof American Silver Eagle, which is struck in 1 troy ounce of 99.9% silver at the West Point Mint and carries the “W” mint mark.

The coins are displayed within a protective lens and box. A product limit of 50,000 sets has been established, with no household ordering limits imposed. The price of the set is $139.95, unchanged from the prior year.

All of the coins included in the set still remain available for sale at the United States Mint within other products. The cost of acquiring these coins through the other products is significantly lower compared to the cost of the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set.

The 2014 Silver Proof Set contains the 90% silver dime, quarters, and half dollar (along with the proof cent, nickel, and five $1 coins) and is priced at $53.95. The 2014 Proof American Silver Eagle is available individually priced at $48.95. This makes for a total cost of $102.90, which is $37.05 lower than the cost of the 2014 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set.

In previous year of offering, there have been similar disparities between the cost of the coins in other products and the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set, but sell outs have occurred nonetheless. The 2012 LESPS sold out in about five months, and the 2013 LESPS sold out in about five and a half months.

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  1. Boz says

    I am waiting for the 2007 set once they crank up the presses to start sales. How far back can we go?

  2. says

    Sith, I agree with your prevois post regarding D. Rittenhouse….he is very uninformed on US Territories. First, Mr Rittenhouse….how many State quarters were made….56….50 States and 6 US Territories
    Their will also be 56 National Parks quarters. The 6 US Territories included in the State Quarters program are Puerto Rico, Guam, Nothern Mariana, Virgin Islands, American Samoa and Washinton DC

    I recently saw a show on the History channell, and it said that Puerto Rico has more US citizens than 21 US States…yet they can’t vote.

    Guam’s land surface is 27% US military bases….and 1 of 8 (12.5%) are US Veterans….yet they can’t vote.

    These territories are very much American, and for you (Rittenhouse) these are just a few examples of how most Americans view our territories….with very little knowledge.

    Sith, I didn’t realize your grew up in Puerto Rica….do you still live there?

  3. says

    LESP set…nothing but a rip-off….the coins included are worth less than $100. Proof Eagle coin can be had for $49.. State quarters,$33…that $82 thus far. A proof Half Dollar….worth about $13 (the proof quarters are about $6.50 each (6.5 x5 =$32.50), so the half dollar is worth about $13…and the dime is worth about $3….so that adds up to $98 in coins…..so why would you pay $140 for the same coins…nothing unique except for packaging….and if you look at recent sales…I saw a 2013 LEPS sell gor $119.

    So value wise, I think these are a loser…however, I do respect anyone that wants to buy this set for their collection as they are an attactive set. Nothing wrong with buying what appeals to you!

    Please post when someone receives these…the mint keeps talking about improving the packaging and that’s what took so long. Also, although these have a mintage limit of 50,000….they may sell only half of that at most.

  4. Mark says

    My ER unc has shipped, only bought one…. And my boat load of 2014 bronze spouse sets are processing.

  5. Teach says

    Think I’m going to pass after the way they looked last year. Don’t see the upside on this set. Maybe after taking an extra year to get these out they will do better this year?There are probably better coins to spend my money on.

  6. thePhelps says

    I purchased the 1st 2 of these sets. The 1st year had the coins wedged into the circular openings on a cardboard display and the coins fell out – last years set had a poor plastic covering which distorted the coins images – I am holding off on buying this set – since they felt the need to keep it overpriced. Imagine… the initial announcement for the 2014 production had these listed for a May release… I guess we should have asked then which May?

    Packaging is not a valid reason for delays of nearly a year. If it takes that long to find a Chinese packager to produce – the mint needs to give up. I think most would even accept the higher prices if they used US production companies and eliminated these “packaging delays” that have become prevelant.

  7. Sith says

    @Steve – Thank you for your kind words, but no I don’t live there anymore in fact none of my immediate family lives on the island. I’m currently a North Carolinian, which makes it really shameful how they blotched the state’s ATB this year. I guess they tried their best with what they had, but IMHO they really should have picked Cape Hatteras National Seashore

    P.S. You are correct, people in the U.S. territories don’t vote, but we also don’t play federal taxes, and still get federal aid. But don’t think that it is a real benefit outside of Peter Schiff, and his fat cat cronies who negotiated special tax deals with Puerto Rico’s governor, Puerto Rican taxes even without federal taxes are worst than even Taxachusetts

  8. Samuel says

    my 2014 FS medal sets also “processing”, card charged. by the way, how many set were sold this time? no number in the sales report?

  9. says

    Packaging delays on these sets? Maybe it is more a matter of scrounging up all the reject quality (returned) coins to make up these sets.

  10. Dante says

    Finally! I have been waiting for the LESPS. It is a crying shame it takes the Mint so long to get this set out to those of us who want it.

    No special coins, though. I was hoping they would throw in a Kennedy half or two. The Mint missed a great opportunity to hit a home run, IMHO.

    Maybe next year, they will include the RP dime.

  11. gary says

    This 2015 LESP is way overpriced (yet again!) All you get is a different package for them as noted in this MNB article. For the perceived convenience of having them all in one holder the Mint taps the collector for MORE THAN A ONE THIRD MARKUP!
    As if to add further insult, the price of ALL U.S. Mint silver products should have been LOWERED for 2015 (even earlier than that) to reflect the low price doldrum that spot silver has been in. At $16 an ounce the set has a premium of more than 400% over the raw silver value. The ATB P Mint 5-ounce is a “better buy” than the 2015 LESP. For $139.95 you at least get a big 5-ounce coin with $80 bullion value.

  12. gary says

    @ThePhelps…Good point! I don’t know if the Mint utilizes a foreign producer for all or part of their packaging programs but you are right, if the set packaging is done domestically for some of the packaged items the Mint should PROUDLY state that in their marketing. It certainly would add a lot of upside potential to increase sales and it could help the collector to better stomach the rationale to may so much extra for packaging.

  13. fmtransmitter says

    thePhelps says
    MARCH 17, 2015 AT 12:15 PM

    I purchased the 1st 2 of these sets. The 1st year had the coins wedged into the circular openings on a cardboard display and the coins fell out – last years set had a poor plastic covering which distorted the coins images – I am holding off on buying this set – since they felt the need to keep it overpriced. Imagine… the initial announcement for the 2014 production had these listed for a May release… I guess we should have asked then which May?

    Packaging is not a valid reason for delays of nearly a year. If it takes that long to find a Chinese packager to produce – the mint needs to give up. I think most would even accept the higher prices if they used US production companies and eliminated these “packaging delays” that have become prevelant.


  14. jeff says

    I want to say on the U.S. Mint behalf and Gomer Pile thank you, thank you , thank you aw shucks I mean suckers.

  15. says

    I Agree with you on the uncirculated P 5 oz ATB’s. Also, these have a growing collector base and an active secondary market. I think most U.S. citizens have been to some of the National Parks and sites that have or will have comprised this coin series.
    As an added bonus, the “pucks” are very displayable because of their impressive size.

  16. Ends in Error says

    The Mint is charging $37.05 to hold back the cent, nickel and 5 – $1 coins. Now that is a good thing.

    Sign me up for a couple hundred of these 2014 LESP sets. I think I can flip them to the elitist collectors for big money.

  17. gary says

    @EndsinError… good luck in your flipping! Better do ALL of that flipping within a week or two before those elitists catch a reality flu! lol
    Remember, the big boys have all the advantages of their size of economies and can make good money on less margin than you might be able to. Even if the big boys make a bad play they have the advantage of writing off losses against their big profit take on slabbed 70 coins.

  18. CasualCollector says

    OT: Just noticed the 2014 Kennedy Clad Set (K14) is finally listed as “SOLD OUT” on the US Mint site.

    Strange thing is the spreadsheet is still about 2,392 short of the 200,000 Product Limit?

  19. cagcrisp says

    New Numbers are Out….And Guess What?……Some Ain’t the same as Yesterday’s Numbers….

    ALL 2013 and 2014 FS Gold Sales have Increased EXCEPT the Unc Roosevelt today is listed as 1,911 whereas yesterday it was 1,924…

    SO…there is 13 walking around looking for a new home…

  20. VaBeachEd says

    “jeff says
    MARCH 17, 2015 AT 3:38 PM

    I want to say on the U.S. Mint behalf and Gomer Pile thank you, thank you , thank you aw shucks I mean suckers.”

    How can you tell anyone they are a sucker when you can not know the difference in a name? Gomer’s last name is spelled “Pyle” with a “Y”.

    Some of us might just like the LESP Set, even if we feel that it is over priced.

  21. whatajoke says

    IMHO–Just the fact that you can still get real silver from the mint with these soon to be worthless paper dollars is enough reason for me to buy the LESP set.

  22. Gary not Dave says

    Don’t take things people say here personally? Its just like a buddy knocking your football team. You still like your team no matter what he says!! And opinions are like assholes, everybody has one! Right Jeff?

    I am in for 1 LESP! Whether Jeff likes it or not! LMAHO!

  23. stephen m says

    the Phelps, I agree with that mint packaging. A law was passed recently, I think, that all military services will only use flags now that are made in the USA, cloth, dye and every aspect of making the American flag shall be made in America. The same should be done for mint packaging. It’s a disgrace if indeed the mint’s packaging is foreign made.

  24. Ends in Error says

    I think it would only be fair to issue a LEGO (Limited Edition Gold Only) set.

  25. Erik H says

    Sith, I posted this on the previous thread, don’t forget PR has been part of America longer than some states. Did you see this recent video on voting rights in the territories? http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CesHr99ezWE . America Samoa’s citizens have it worse!

  26. Dustyroads says

    Just in case a few of us are still unsure if the US Mint does in deed use off shore sources to produce the packaging for our coins, here’s a quote and an article from which the quote was taken:

    “The coins for the sets have been struck. However, the packaging for this product is manufactured overseas and takes several weeks to be made and shipped to the United States”.


  27. KEITHSTER says

    Still think these look good but with all the coins still for sale at the mint don’t feel the need unlike the 12’s which turned out sweet! Also glad to see the double clad Kennedy set is done as I may have bought too many but don’t think so time will tell? I’ll bet the missing sets are heading for the waffle machine as I remember calling them the Johnny crack coins when I first looked at them with the 10x Man stress cracks all over those coins not die cracks like on My Homesteads but all over the coins in many locations not the same all the time. looks like the copper-nickel could not handle the pressure check them out with your loupe? Don’t know about the silver one’s as they are still Jacks in the boxes but bet they don’t because of the softer metal. Anyone finding any cracks on those? Bet the clad 15’s will be full of them also because of keeping the design the same hope anyway! Yep my FS bronze 14’s should be on there way anyday don’t know why they are on the main page not OOS but are when you hit them hope they are just playing and didn’t do something stupid ?Oh well what will be will be :>:>:> Good Night Good Luck All:>:>}:>}:>}

  28. whatajoke says

    Well, that leaves nothing more till the Kisatchie for me. I think I’ll take cagcrisp’s idea and buy a roll of bullion turkeys.

  29. Ends in Error says

    It’s still rather cold here in Michigan . Think I could use a jar of Turkey bullion.

  30. Jerry Diekmann says

    Really don’t understand why this set was created, or why anybody would want to buy it. All the coins are available in other sets, and as Michael has remarked, at a considerably lower cost than the set being offered here.

  31. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Oh, no. I forgot about this one! My savings is going to now be totally depleted.
    Ohh hhoo hhoo. Looookk just kill me now, I got bags under my eyes, dude.
    my wife wants to leave me, have no money 4 food, I’m going to buy 10 sets.
    Look just bury me so I don’t buy any more sets, except I will dredge up out of the grave just to see what’s next…

  32. D Rittenhouse says

    OMG! The LS3 product limit is only 50K but there’s no household order limit!! The Big Boys will snap these up in a flash and the Little Guy will be left out in the cold again!!!

  33. says

    Mr. Rittenhouse,
    Now, don’t start imparting a sense of urgency with these LS3 sets, comprised basically of leftover inventory. Some of the MNB readers might actually take you seriously and buy bulk quantities of this overpriced Mint offering.

  34. whatajoke says

    I guess all the parasites that normally make a circus out of every new offering from the mint decided that this one wasn’t worth their effort.

  35. says

    The 2014 Spouse Medal Sets for $16.95 are available again online. Just happened in the last ten minutes. I noticed that they were no longer listed as “out of stock” last night so I have been checking them. I can’t believe that people were paying $200 for these sets a month ago.

  36. Brad says

    It was probably a case of some sets ordered last month that were cancelled for whatever reason, now that they’re being processed. It released a few sets for sale again.

    How many were you able to snag, Mark? What constitutes a “boat load”? 🙂

  37. Leo S. says

    ATTENTION !!!!!!

    Somebody is buying up 2013 and 2014 First Spouse Gold Coins like there is no tomorrow. Take a look at the Mint Sales in the last two Coinweek articles 3/15/15 and 3/8/15. For the week of the 8th, only about 60 to 70 coins were purchased for BOTH years combined. However, for the 15th the Mint sold about 800 to 900 for both years. What is going on. Does somebody know something. Why has the interest in theses coins exploded?

  38. KEITHSTER says

    Nice how many in this boat was it 40 or 60 that may have gotten cancelled? Hope the mother ship has sailed as to keep this one hot and not the stupid move of keeping it around for years but good catch my 10 should be here soon that’s all I need. Sorry DRitten if you can’t read my code it is a mess but it is what it is the jimmy cracks corn ref .to the johnny crack coins is that I don’t care that the 2 coin clad set is full of stress cracks. And the chip & die breaks are on my homestead D mint quarters up to 23 rolls that’s enough for me Good Luck All:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>

  39. Ends in Error says

    Leo S

    I think someone has figured out the 2014’s were cut short by the Mint.

    I need to see some numbers. Anyone post any numbers yet?

  40. Ends in Error says

    I saw some number somewhere that the S Mint Homestead Quarter roll shot up by about 3,000 rolls. I’m wondering what’s up there ? Someone finally decide they like ATB / S- Mint Quarters ?

  41. Brad says


    I’m not so sure that those reported FS numbers are correct, with the exception of the Eleanor Roosevelt uncirculated. At least 96 of those were sold on Saturday, so it’s probably pretty accurate. Most of the others I have my doubts about, especially the Edith Roosevelt proof. It shows 50 were sold last week, but there have been less than 20 left available on the website for the past couple weeks or so. At the time of this writing it shows that 13 of them remain.

    There was some sort of error involving the First Spouse numbers from the excel sheet to the website a few weeks ago that was finally corrected, but now it appears that it has happened again.

  42. Goat says

    WOW ! I will not honor the mint on this one !!!! Still upset with 2010 to 2014 coins on sale, my FS coins decrease in value everyday with more mintage and PM’s value of going down. My question is ; the mint premade these sets, do we let them hold on to them as they have held the dollar coins? I spent last year acquiring 2014 coins now it’s time for 2015 and frankly the puck was not worth keeping, spots all over the obverse, that’s another reason why I will not purchase these 2 sets I had scheduled . May change my mind in 2017 when they are still on sale. Good luck to all that have bought but I will not honor.

  43. cagcrisp says

    More Dovish sentiment from the Fed has a Strait line either Up or Down depending on what your are trading. Gold and Silver was an Up line…

  44. mark says

    Inflation expectations….inflation expectations. …PLEASE ….stop saying that.. Yelen.

  45. SilverFan says

    I saw some number somewhere that the S Mint Homestead Quarter roll shot up by about 3,000 rolls. I’m wondering what’s up there ? Someone finally decide they like ATB / S- Mint Quarters ?

    There was a rumor going around of an error or variety on the S coins. I believe that rumor was incorrect though.

  46. Rick says

    Seven ER uncirculated gold coins arrive today. None is MS 70 under 10Xloupe. Three MS 69 and the rest have defects visible to naked eyes. I will return them to the mint noting defects. Hopefully, the Mint won’t resell my four retuned coins to someone else.

  47. mark says

    Wow..having to put over $5000 worth of gold in the mail..good luck….hope you return it registered mail.

  48. Rick says

    Mark: I will only return four coins with visible defects. Will keep the three MS 69. So the mail insurance will be around 3000

  49. fmtransmitter says

    ha ha, everyone is blowing up the DNR asking for permits to mine because of the show….Too funny…

  50. Ends in Error says


    I knew of someone that returned a few platinum and gold eagles once and they somehow dropped them while handling them out of the capsules. I hear the plats especially feel really heavy for their size – sort of like a lead fishing sinker.
    Anyway the guy checked off ” damaged” on the form. No reissues in that instance.

  51. Dustyroads says

    fm, On my way to Nome with my 6 in. 18 hp dredge. See ya back here in the winter.

  52. Darek says

    Rick call Mint CS and ask them to email you prepaid shipping label for your return. I did that few times after I received damaged coins.

  53. Eddie says

    I received my set today and I did not see any improvements in the packaging at all. If anyone knows what improvements were made please let us know.

  54. MN Ray says

    So I ordered one of these 2014 sets and I already sent it back. Whatever packaging issues the Mint had obviously rushed to get these out the door. My set came with a Geat Smokey Mountains coin with a black staple like mark AND a little brown spot both on the same quarter. I’ll gladly share a photo if someone can tell me how on this blog. What a joke… first the Mint puts a high premium on this set, then is greatly delayed due to packaging issues; so I wait forever to finally order one and it comes with a crappy quarter. Gah!

  55. Mike says

    Just received the 2014 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set. The ASE was badly damaged. I can’t see how anyone could have missed it. I ‘ll return it for a refund. Disappointed but not terribly surprised.

  56. says

    I’m suprised NO ONE has noticed the different finish on the back sides of the 2013 and 2014 limited edition silver proof sets instead of complaining about them being rejects and culls

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