2014 United States Mint Proof Set

Tomorrow, March 25, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2014 Proof Set. This represents one of the Mint’s top numismatic products by sales volume and is a staple of many collections.

2014 Proof Set

Each set contains the following 14 proof quality coins struck in their standard composition at the San Francisco Mint:

  • 2014-S Proof Lincoln Cent
  • 2014-S Proof Jefferson Nickel
  • 2014-S Proof Roosevelt Dime
  • 2014-S Proof Great Smoky Mountains National Park Quarter
  • 2014-S Proof Shenandoah National Park Quarter
  • 2014-S Proof Arches National Park Quarter
  • 2014-S Proof Great Sand Dunes National Park Quarter
  • 2014-S Proof Everglades National Park Quarter
  • 2014-S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar
  • 2014-S Proof Native American Dollar
  • 2014-S Proof Warren G. Harding Presidential Dollar
  • 2014-S Proof Calvin Coolidge Presidential Dollar
  • 2014-S Proof Herbert Hoover Presidential Dollar
  • 2014-S Proof Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Dollar

Although this will be the first time these 14 proof coins are offered together, the US Mint has previously released 13 of the proof coins in other numismatic products. The proof cent, nickel, dime, and half dollar were included in the 2014 Birth Set and 2014 Happy Birthday Coin Set. The five proof quarters were included in the 2014 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set with the first and last quarter also included in the two occasion-themed gift sets. The four proof Presidential Dollars were included in the 2014 Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set. Only the proof 2014 Native American Dollar is yet to be released in any product.

The coins of the 2014 Proof Set are packaged in three protective lenses placed within an illustrated outer box. The box contains an image of the Washington Monument at sunset on the front, and images of the five national parks and four Presidents featured on this year’s coins on the back. A certificate of authenticity is also included.

Each set is priced at $31.95. Orders placed through the US Mint’s Online Subscription Program are eligible to receive the sets at the discounted price of $28.75 per set. The standard price level is the same as the prior year. This is the first time that the discounted price has been offered for subscriptions.

The US Mint has not established a maximum mintage for the product offering and there are no household ordering limits in place. The Mint indicates that the product will remain available until sold out or December 2015, whichever comes first.

In a post from last year, I had discussed the broad trend of declining sales for the annual proof set. At peak popularity, sales for the offering had exceeded four million units. Sales recently hit a 50-year low when the 2012 Proof Set sold out with last reported sales of 794,002 units. The unexpected nature of the sell out and the historic low sales have generated excitement among collectors with secondary market prices rising to about triple the original price.

Last year’s 2013 Proof Set still remains available for sale at the US Mint with the most recent sales report showing 789,595 units sold to date. The sets are indicated as available until sold out or December 2014, whichever comes first.

Waiting Room for National Baseball Hall of Fame Coins

ballLater this week on Thursday, March 27, the US Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins. This program has received a great deal of coverage from both numismatic and mainstream media sources which, combined with the popular theme and innovate shape of the coins, should make for a frenzied launch.

For past launches of highly popular products, the US Mint’s website had routinely encountered problems with shutdowns and crashes preventing collectors from placing their orders. In order to address these problems, the US Mint developed a “waiting room” for times when the website is experiencing high traffic.

The US Mint will be using the waiting room for the Baseball Hall of Fame coins launch. Customers will be able to enter the waiting room to “get in line” to enter the website and make their purchase. The customer will be informed how long they will have to wait before entering the catalog website.

The US Mint has used the waiting room for some other recent product launches, but this will be the highest profile and highest traffic launch to date under the new system.

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  1. Blair J Tobler says

    I’ll be “in line” for the dollars and halves – can’t afford the gold

  2. zeeman says

    I guess i better bring my own Tea and crackers to waiting room, too bad they donot have chat option in the waiting room to kill the time. I am going for gold only, silver ones will be there for a while.

  3. MarkInFlorida says

    Today I got a mailing for the baseball coins from the Mint. They can’t be expecting too many orders if they want people to mail in their orders.

  4. Dan in Fla says

    I can’t see buying the clad proof sets so I will wait until the silver proof sets come out. Also I will be in line for gold and silver baseball coins.

  5. Ikaika says

    OT: Those who wanted to buy the gold Wedge Tailed Eagle, GM has them for sale in 69 grade. Price: arm and a leg (4K).

  6. VABEACHBUM says

    I’ve been picking up one each of the PR, AgPR and UNC Mint sets for many years now. I usually wait until the last of the 3 is released, then purchase all three with combined shipping. As the Mint has proven several times recently, if you think the product will remain available forever, you are likely to be unpleasantly surprised!!!

    @ MarkinFLA – I won’t see my mail until later this evening, but I am curious as to if the Mint even makes these gold coins available by mail order. Usually, they add the fine print about “Metals Volatility” and gold coins only being ordered via phone or internet. I’m still putting the over/under for the gold HOF coins at 4 hours of availability.

    @ Ikaika – SLUGO Numismatics is charging an arm and a leg for that Au WTE; Ooohh Nooooo!!! (Showing my age)

    WRT the Waiting Room – Over the past 5 months, I’ve been involved in several, first moment purchases from the Mint’s “revised” e-commerce site, to include 5-10 minute early log-ons, but I cannot say that I have seen any indication of an implementaion of the Waiting Room.

    Thursday will be interesting. Like many, I’ll focus on one, each, of a gold PR and UNC during that time, then worry about the Ag and Clad versions sometime before the initial pricing ends.

  7. Samuel says

    u never know where the buttom is. i only buy for stacking purpose when it is around $18-$19.

  8. VA Rich says

    Sam – I’ve been so busy paying my fair share, I’d be lucky to find my own bottom. But if you know somewhere I can find $18-$19 silver bullion sometime without an uptick in the over spot mark up… PLEASE let me know! I’ll be your new best friend…

  9. VA Rich says

    Thanks A&L – I think one that plans to attend for the HoF coins should plan on paying the $75 early bird fee to get in at 1000, rather than 1200 during the free public admission. Suspect the line will have already formed up and frenzy commenced!

  10. Samuel says

    VA Rich, i meant, $18-$19 SPOT, not plus the premium. we just had it at about end of January, right?

  11. VA Rich says

    “Customer demand will determine the ratio of proof to uncirculated coins minted within the authorized mintage limits.” – very, very interesting…

  12. A&L Futures says

    I’m just an hour north of the Expo, but given the date/time of this event…it’s dead-smack in the middle of my duty day.

    I think I feel a cold coming on (cough-cough) (lol)

  13. Sith says

    VA – It just means they don’t have all the blanks available or they are sitting pretty waiting for the orders. In either case it is fairly normal unless sales lag then they sell what ever they have in inventory until its gone.

  14. VA Rich says

    Well Sith, I could only hope that they haven’t minted a single Unc gold coin and by the end of the 27th, there has been 47,500 order placed for the Prf gold. lol Mint… keep on sitting pretty!

  15. thePhelps says

    VABB…the flyer does say to visit the web or call for gold prices before purchasing.

    I plan on buying my 1st pair of gold coins this week as well as both silver. That way I am covered if either gold coin takes off after the sales window closes. I am quite interested in seeing the finish on the proof.

  16. Dustyroads says

    I can’t help it, I have to take a look at AU prices every once in a while, you know, just for the sake of the hobby.
    I’m really getting a sense that the gold 1/4 oz. could end up costing a lot more money than we are anticipating.
    It may simply be a lot of speculating, but apart from the realm of something disastrous occurring there’s talk of AU falling in price far below what I have been hoping is the floor and supporting prices here on out.
    Anyway, I like it so I’ll pay the price, even it it does end up costing say, 30% more. Who knows, it may even end up with lower than expected mintage.

  17. Eddie says

    How many of you are going to be buying the proof and how many are going to be getting the UNC gold HOH gold coins?

  18. AkBob says

    Eddie – Multiples of both the proof and unc. for me!

    How about you Eddie, what are you getting for yourself?

  19. stephen m says

    There seems to be a lot of interest in the gold BHOF coins. If it’s a quick sellout I think it’ll be close to a 50/50 split with a little lean towards the proofs. Quick sellout meaning 24 hours or less.

  20. says

    Eddie…I’m going with a couple of proof gold. The lettering and seams in proof condition really makes this coin “pop” visually.
    Yes, sometimes, like the 5* general coin, the low mintage unc. has more secondary value. But I agree with others of a 35,000/15,000 split. With 15,000 uncs, I don’t think that is low enough to make it worth more than the proof down the road.
    I wish the gold HoF coins came in a better OGP than it does…I really don’t like the clamshell felt holder. I wish there coins came in something like the proof buffalo gold coins

  21. Dave says

    3 Unc + 1 Pf of the gold for me
    2 each of silver
    1 each of clad
    I’ll be munchkin’ Dunkin Donuts while I wait 🙂

    Q for the crowd. Anyone know what happens is you miss UPS delivery and the order gets sent back? Do you get a full refund including shipping, refund minus shipping, or is it re- shipped? They really make it tough on us working stiffs.

  22. says

    @Dave…just curious…why do you prefer the unc to the proof?
    Anyone else that also prefers the unc. please explain why. In some ways, I understand it as it retains that look of old circulating gold coins. In fact I bought the unc Medal of Honor gold coin…and while I liked it, I wish I had bought the proof…just because it is visually more appealing to me.
    But whichever your preference, the good thing is, the Mint makes both versions…can’t ask for more than that.

  23. Samuel says

    i think there is no reason the unc will be more valuable than the proof even it is 15k vs. 35k. when we talk about unc new lows, it is “historical” low, not comparing with its proof counterpart.

  24. Dustyroads says

    Steve, The proof version is a nicer looking coin, but since I have only been collecting the gold 1/4 oz. commemoratives since 2011, I have bought only lower mintage unc.
    I really only want to buy the one which will have the most possibility of increasing in value. I have to say that I am really stumped on which one of these will be a winner, if not both.

  25. Eddie says

    I am thinking about getting one gold proof. One each of the silver and one each of the clad.
    You would think the silver proof would look like the gold proof. I can’t wait to actually see what they really do look like.
    I too wished they came in something better looking to display them

  26. Dave says

    Regarding the Unc over proof
    I have had soooo much trouble with proof coins from the mint- usually scratch marks. The WPASE Sets a were the only exception. They were ALL great and I kept them all. Now that you got me thinking more about it, I will order 2 proofs (hoping to be able to keep at least one.)

  27. AkBob says

    I am a little surprised that the Mint didn’t create some sets for this issue of coins. There is an endless amount of variations one could do but the Mint should have made some combination sets, IMO. I too am disappointed in the packaging as well but think about this, we shouldn’t have to wait for our coins due to them waiting for OGP coming from China, lol! I’m starting to smell the “hotdogs” already!!!

  28. says

    Dustyroads…congrats, as you have done well buying the unc. But I really think that if this unc has 15,000 in sells, then the proof coin will ultimately be the winner. I just think that “demand” plays a big role in secondary market value. If the proof sells 35,0000 out of 50,000, then the demand shows more people want it. But sometimes logic goes out the window when people see a lower mintage coin. Who knows really which of these will do best.

  29. says

    When I talked to customer service the other night I said “I sure hope we don’t have to wait several months before these ship”…and she said they expect them to ship within two weeks….but as we’ve seen before, a few hours difference in ordering time can mean several weeks difference in shipping time.

  30. VA Rich says

    VABB – I’m in your ballpark for the big game sell out. By 1100Z, one of them will be gone (imo).., and mark my words, when one goes (& I’m anxious to see which one).., they’ll be a stampede to the other wrapping up the day’s fun.., quite the compliment for circus coinage, wouldn’t ya say?

    If the following is remotely true for the gold coin – “Customer demand will determine the ratio of proof to uncirculated coins minted within the authorized mintage limits.” – then the mint has to have a ‘stop limit’ in mind, my money’s on 80/20. Gonna be exciting!

  31. VA Rich says

    Thanks Zeeman – you just confirmed what I’ve suspected for some time.., the RP Buffalo sold 12,630 in the first thirty minutes as reported by Coin Update and wrapped up sales at 21.9 for the day. I think we’ll be 25-30k sold in 30 minutes…, anyone else?

  32. Sith says

    I’m sure the UNC will have more value, but the proof will be quicker to unload IE more popular. I will be getting the proof version. As far as packaging I’m sure QVC will come up with something nice, if not just have it graded.

  33. says

    If you look at ebay sales thus far, the proof sells for more in all three designs.
    I see no reason why that will change.

  34. Jerry Diekmann says

    I’ll save my money to buy the gold JFK half dollars that will be minted later this year.

  35. ClevelandRocks says

    Circus coinage (baseball coin, 1000 varieties of ASEs, 1000 varieties of packaging for the same stuff, gold spouses) and just too much “stuff” in general, keeps traditional annual set sales down. Makes truly “special” coins like the UHR a little less special.

  36. VABEACHBUM says

    @ VARich – Agreed. I’m still calling for an complete sell-out of Au product options at +/- 4 hours, but mostly because the US Mint refuses to implement any controls, thus allowing the Retail Giants, TPGers, and their minions to jump in for large quantity purchases of each. We’ll see high priced OGP and graded coins on the secondary market for quite some time.

    BTW VARich – What did you decide about the Baltimore Expo??

    @ Mark Rex – If you’re still reading these MNB threads, do you call the Mint about your TR C&C?? If so, I’m curious to know what you learned about your order?

  37. Brian says

    In the long run the uncirculated with the lower mintage almost always wins. In the short run the proof may have the higher value for a while. So if this is a quick flip, the proof may work out for the best.

    For those who think the silver versions are going to end up like the 2001 Buffalo commemoratives, I don’t think that is going to happen. One factor that is going to keep resale value of the silver down is the clad half dollars.

    If “Joe Baseball Fan” who has never bought a coin before wants one of these and gets sticker shock at the cost of a silver coin there will be a nearly identical looking, lower-cost option.

  38. stephen m says

    with a limit it would seem all the gold coins can’t be struck and ready for shipping as the mint doesn’t know which version will sell the most or the quickest although some of each might be already struck and may not be. I still prefer the look of the proofs over the unc for the long run. Maybe some uncirculated PL will show up?

  39. Jeff says

    When I think of a quarter oz of gold in a coin I think small are all of these coins the same size in diameter I know the silver coin has nearly 1 oz of silver

  40. Brad says

    Think how awesome the Baseball HOF coins OGP would have been if they had come in wooden boxes similar to the First Spouses, only with a layer that looks and feels like a real baseball (complete with stitching) with the U.S. Mint logo on the “sweet spot”? Too bad.

  41. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Brad – I like your idea. The Mint already has used that faux-type leather on the Buffalo packaging.

    I had envisioned a 3-coin set enclosed within a white Ashe wooden case manufactured to resemble a baseball bat. Silver Dollar at the large diameter end, clad in the center and gold at the small diameter end. 10K sets would have disappeared in an instant!! Let’s face it. The Mint certainly has done worse things with packaging over the past several years.

  42. Dustyroads says

    stephen, The Mint has a realistic number of coins already made, but will produce the rest as orders come in. It’s really easy for them to set a press and create a few thousand then resume pressing other coinage. I think it’s doubtful that PL unc. will show up because of technology, but it’s possible that an unknown number of other errors could escape the Mints watchful eyes. I wouldn’t put it past them.

  43. Dustyroads says

    I was thinking the same thing as I looked at the Mint pictures and the generic boxes the coins were presented in.
    But I guess the Mint can save the better presentation boxes for bigger productions.

  44. Jeff says

    Ok, so I’ll answer my own question. I received the mints flyer the gold coin 90% gold 10% alloy 0.85 in. 8.359 grams size small you will need a magnified glass to see the details. Silver 90% silver 10% cooper 1.5 in. 26.73 grams stunning coin best value even the clad in my opinion is superior in diameter and weight as opposed to the very small gold coin enjoy let the hype begin oh I’m in for only silver and clad don’t care about packaging it could come wrapped in toilet paper for all I’m concerned.This coin will be a winner many levels of interest

  45. Brad says

    Thanks Dusty. I’ve always been around. I guess I was just exercising my “right to remain silent!” 🙂

  46. Art says

    Dave: if your order gets returned by UPS, it gets treated $$-wise like you returned it yourself. You’ll get a refund minus the shipping fee. Since there are no return instructions that you would typically enclose with a return, you should call the Mint about re-shipping. Also, remember…you have about a week to pick up packages in person at UPS before they send it back. Hope this helps.

  47. Dave says

    Thanks, Art. It’s “only” a 45 minute drive each way to the UPS facility. Really too bad they cannot have it. Held at the UPS Store a block from my house. Wit h the cost of gas and the number of coins the mint puts out, a PO Box at the UPS Store may become viable – gas just hit $3.79 / gal. here!

  48. Art says

    Dave: yeah that distance is a problem. UPS has told me that I could have shipments sent in c/o UPS (with their address) and they could hold it for me. I didn’t do it because sometimes there really is someone home. Maybe you can check with the UPS store although it may be different than UPS itself. Good luck.

  49. AkBob says

    REMINDER – Just a reminder for all my fellow collectors to insure ALL of your account information is current including your credit card and make sure it doesn’t expire in the next couple weeks as well with the US Mint. I just did mine as I didn’t want to take any chances on any glitches and wind up not receiving what I ordered from the mint and/or just avoiding any problems that may occur due to the wrong or expired information. Good luck to all.

  50. high low silver says

    I like spot where its at now……..I guess I need to do some dealing with 40% silver.

  51. VA Rich says

    Hey VABB – I’ve decided to shoot over to the expo on Friday. I felt that there was too much risk in going on Thursday and possibly walking away empty handed AND missing out on the big show at high noon.

    I phoned and FB’ed the mint to ascertain how many they may offer and what the buy limit may be, and received no response. Louis was kind enough to ask as well on FB and they haven’t responded to him either, so who knows what to expect or if there’s a plan on the mint’s part, that also factored into my decision to go on Fri. I did see where NGC will be on-site grading in their HoF label, I’d like to take advantage of that. This will be my first expo so if I walk away with nothing more than the experience (and orders placed on Thurs), it’ll all be good.

    If any of you Virginia boys make it up, let me know, lunch or at least a beer is on me when we’re standing around looking at our circus coinage. Cheers!

  52. Dustyroads says

    I’m so bummed that I have to live half way across the nation from Maryland, Mostly flea-markets and gun shows around here. I’d buy you a beer.

  53. Louis says

    Hi VA Rich- I think you are right and I am now thinking I should also go on Friday. Even is we miss out on the NGC labels since the Mint will surely sell out on Thursday at the show, at least we can secure some coins online. Better to get something than to be greedy, right?

  54. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    The baseball coins throw a real curve ball. Could use them as a type of spoon in the lab. Probably can’t use the clad 50c in vending machines.

  55. A&L Futures says

    @ VARich,

    I may be in ACUs when I arrive, but I’ll be sure to hit you up for that beer the next go-round.

  56. VA Rich says

    I hear ya Dusty, I feel the same about Chicago, thinking that will be the big event.

    Seriously, I have really enjoyed and appreciated everyone’s sage advice/thoughts over the past two years, if you see some goofball hanging around the mint booth with a big nose and a Navy ‘blue aquaflage’ back sling with a lock on it, do say hi, would be great to meet you guys and have a toast with a gold glove in one hand and gold cold one in the other!

  57. Rus Erger says

    Will the gold, silver dollar, and half dollar be issued together as a single proof set?

  58. ClevelandRocks says

    Bah Humbug!
    For over 200 years the Mint never produced a coin that clearly was not meant for circulation and now this!

  59. Larry says

    I am having a hard time deciding on the gold HOF coin. I just have this feeling it’s not going to have that “wow” factor, like the UHR, reverse proof buff, and the 2011 ASE set. It’s too bad there isn’t a way the mint can display coins locally so we can see what they look like before we buy. Maybe they could display some coins across the nation at local banks. Many times the pictures just do not do justice to the coin. I think if people could see the coins, the mint would have many more sales.

  60. gary says

    Junk. Saving my money for the 2014-P ATBs for this year. If I did buy these baseball coins it would just be to flip them but with the high mintage expected, probably would be difficult to break even. If I like the coins I might buy therm in the aftermarket.

  61. VABEACHBUM says

    @ VARich & Louis – You’re definitely making the right call. Too many unknowns for Thursday: Early Access Customers, actual numbers and types of coins available, number of people in line, buying limits, etc. Better odds buying on-line, and at least you can multi-task while you’re lounging in the waiting room!! (Rich – great visual BTW!!)

    @ Rus Erger – The Mint had previously indicated that they would not be issuing a 3-coin set. Still, given the limited number of gold-option coins for this release as compared to previous, I have to wonder if they might be holding back on something. We always can remain hopeful.

  62. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Gary – Excited about the 2014 ATBs as well. Received ship confirmation for my BU 5oz Smoky Mountains coin last night. Should have in hand by Friday. Also cannot wait for that “P” version to ship out sometime after April 7th. We definitely need to enjoy 2014, as those 2015 designs simply are not that impressive.

  63. zeeman says

    Louis@ Good question, will like to know what the right time to log in, never used the waitig room, can someone explain,how it works, once i log in to my account, would i be automatically in waiting room?

  64. David says

    I’m gonna have to pass on this. The sets are too big in my opinion. The $31.95 price tag is a bit steep. I have no interest in those monstrosities we call dollar coins. I feel there shouldn’t be so many commemoratives out at one time. I wish the Mint would have kept the eagle design going for those who don’t want all those other quarters. I miss the old 1998 proof sets and earlier. They were small and simple.

  65. VABEACHBUM says

    For All – Went back to Michael’s initial thread about the waiting room and, from there, found the link below:


    Interesting read. If I follow it correctly, anyone logged into their account prior to 1145 EDT will get summarily disconnected at 1145. At 1145 +, anyone logging into the Mint site will be directed to the waiting room, at which point you will see your time remaining in the que. So, assuming the site accepts your log-on immediately at that time, you would have at least 15+ minutes before Noon and your first opportunity to access the site. Again, depending upon your place in line, could be longer.

    Gonna be a fun day!!! I’ll be eating lunch at my desk.

  66. fmtransmitter says

    I have a feeling some collectors would pay two grand for that coin if that was the price! lol

  67. Louis says

    Thanks, VAB. I had a vague recollection it was something along those lines then someone told me they were going to log on at 11:30. Appreciate you digging that up.

  68. VABEACHBUM says

    @ FMTX – Since we did not see a threshold change this week, HOF gold will be approx $425 PR and $420 UNC. After the dust settles and the product percentages are established, I do not think anyone would be willing to pay 4 figures for either version in OGP. Conversely, if I should happen to acquire 1 of 35K in PR and 1 of 15K in UNC for the initial offering prices, I would count myself fortunate.

    Still, I have no doubt that we will see TPG FS / ER 70, Special Baltimore Label versions selling for a 4 figure price. Those types of buyers are out there. The Chicago lable, 2013 RP Buffalo proved it.

  69. A&L Futures says

    United States Mint New feedback that indicates extremely strong demand for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins. In order to satisfy all customers, we will impose new household ordering limits. The coins go on sale at noon Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) March 27.

    The household order limits are:
    • Proof and Uncirculated $5 Gold Coins – 50 coins each
    • Proof and Uncirculated Silver Dollars – 100 coins each
    • Proof and Uncirculated Clad Half-Dollars – 100 coins each

    42 minutes ago

  70. fmtransmitter says

    Too expensive! Good luck! Will get a PR 70 silver after dust settles. I like watching the big boys try to underbid each other!

  71. fmtransmitter says

    Just got same email. Ordering limits. What is a “household”? There are ways around this, we have seen that before!

  72. Eddie says

    I know these are only a 1/4 oz of gold but we have had people paying almost $2000.00 for an oz of gold. Why anyone thinks these won’t sell out I just don’t understand. This is a Brand New type of coin and people that could not afford an oz coin of gold will be able to afford these even though it is only a 1/4 of an oz. These are new and different type of coin.
    The gold proof is the only proof that is what I would call a full proof. The silver proof coin the seams aren’t even proof.

  73. stephen m says

    VABEACHBUM, thanks for the waiting room info. I’ll try to get in early, 11:46, and see what happens. Going to be a fun day indeed. Good luck.

  74. DCDave says

    What happens if you get in the waiting room at 11:46 and then you come out at 11:56? Seems you may not be able to purchase?

  75. Louis says

    I have not seen the e-mail yet. Why not post the info. on their site? Guess it makes too much sense.

  76. Louis says

    Thanks, Brian. I am glad they are doing this and hope it applies at the show too, even if it is not perfect.

  77. zeeman says

    50 coin each, hmm now it might take more then 4 hours to sell out, Proof will go first.

  78. G says

    It’s good there are at least some restrictions to keep the big companies from buying 1000 each

  79. zeeman says

    Mint has thrown the last minute curve ball by imposing household limit, but big dealers have ways to get around those limits, my view is that big dealers will end up with 50% to 60% of total mintage, Home run for them.

  80. fmtransmitter says

    It was a sacrifice for the Mint to issue a limit in the 9th inning with bases loaded and Bib Poppy on deck in the 7th game of the World Series on Curved ball coin collecting and last minute signal to bunt the amount of gold from.999 to .90 and and make the the profits FLY OUT the door for the flippers.

    @zeeman, I THOUGHT I just said that earlier??

  81. fmtransmitter says

    Ordering limits. What is a “household”? There are ways around this, we have seen that before!

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