2014 United States Mint Silver Proof Set

Tomorrow, April 29, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2014 Silver Proof Set. This 14-coin set includes seven coins struck in a composition of 90% silver.

The US Mint began offering the annual Silver Proof Set in 1992. The original 5-coin sets included proof versions of the dime, quarter, and half dollar struck with their pre-1965 composition of 90% silver along with the cent and nickel struck in their current compositions. In the ensuing years of the offering, the exact make-up of the sets would change due to the launch of multi-design programs for the cent, nickel, quarter, and the new $1 coins.

The highest sales for the product was reached for the 2004 Silver Proof Set at 1,175,934 units. The sales low occurred with the recent 2012 Silver Proof Set at 395,443 units.

2014 Silver Proof Set

The 2014 Silver Proof Set will include the following 14 coins:

  • 2014-S Proof Lincoln Cent
  • 2014-S Proof Jefferson Nickel
  • 2014-S Silver Proof Roosevelt Dime
  • 2014-S Silver Proof America the Beautiful Quarters – featuring Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Shenandoah National Park, Arches National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park, and Everglades National Park
  • 2014-S Silver Proof Kennedy Half Dollar
  • 2014-S Proof Presidential Dollars – featuring Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, and Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • 2014-S Proof Native American Dollar – featuring a design commemorating the native hospitality ensuring the success of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

The dime, five quarters, and half dollars are struck in 90% silver or “coin silver”. The remaining coins are struck in their current standard compositions. Collectively, the set includes net silver content of 1.33823 troy ounces along with $5.06 additional face value for the non-silver coins.

All coins are struck at the San Francisco Mint and carry the “S” mint mark.

The 2014 Silver Proof Set is priced at $53.95 per set with no stated mintage or household ordering limits. For orders fulfilled through the US Mint’s Online Subscription Program, a discounted price of $48.55 will apply.

The prior year set had been launched with a price of $67.95 per set, which was reduced to $60.95 less than a month later, and eventually reduced $53.95 which remained in effect until the sell out in February 2014.

For the past two years, the annual Silver Proof Set has sold out at historically low mintage levels, bolstering secondary market prices. As mentioned, the 2012 Silver Proof Set had sold out with last reported sales of 395,443 units, more than 30% below the prior year level and establishing a new low for the product offering. Recent prices auction realized for the sets are around $190-$200.

The 2013 Silver Proof Set sold out with last reported sales of 419,721, up modestly from the prior year. Recent auction prices realized range from around $70 to $80 per set compared to the pricing of $53.95 at the time of sell out.

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  1. HIdalgo says

    I have already signed up for a subscription to the 2014 silver proof set. I have every silver proof set since 1999 when the state quarters were introduced. I look forward to adding the 2014 edition to my collection.

    I am thinking that initial sales for these sets will be higher than in previous years because of the subscription discount. We’ll know for sure in the days to come!

  2. Ralph says

    This year’s set is $19.40 less through sub than last years release price. Very nice!
    Nothing harder to swallow than having the Mint reduce the price after you buy it for more. That happened to me with the 2013 Silver Eagle Proof’s.

  3. VABEACHBUM says

    I went back and forth with the Set Subscription idea, then finally decided to wait until the 3rd Annual Set is released, then purchase all 3 (PR, Ag PR and UNC) at the same time. Subscription discounts vs combined shipping for 3 sets is nearly a wash. All 3 should be available for at least the next 5-6 months. But, given past history for Mint products, I will not take any chances on becoming of those customers who waits until it’s too late, then complains about how the Mint does such a poor job of managing its products. We know who they are, because they have cried here previously!!

  4. says

    Looking forward to this, as I do every year. As always, the winners will be the AtB quarters, especially this year given the quality of the 2014 designs.

  5. fmtransmitter says

    Samuel, let us know if they ship because when I signed up this close they said it was for next years sub.

  6. Ralph says

    Samuel, you may have signed up for the sub., but you won’t get the 2014 set’s. You will have to order them after release. You will get the 2015’s as your 1st set.

  7. Ralph says

    On the HOF coins, most order’s now have rolling date which is 5/13 today. But, I have one odered on 3/27 that still says 4/16. Any ideas what is up with that?

  8. HIdalgo says

    @Ralph – you’re likely experiencing a computer glitch.

    The following message can be found on the “Shop” page of USMint.gov

    About Changing Shipping Dates: We are experiencing technical difficulties with the part of our system that displays the expected ship date for your order, causing the dates to move incorrectly. Please be assured that orders are being fulfilled according to our standard policy. This issue will have no impact on the actual shipping dates. Thank you for your patience as we work toward a solution

  9. Ralph says

    I hate computer glitch’s! 🙂
    I know there’s nothing to do but wait and they will finally ship.
    Thanks for the info Hldalgo!

  10. fmtransmitter says

    Like I said, you can subscribe but let us know if the 2014 set ships at the discount rate. It didn’t work for me.

  11. Ralph says

    I just made $800 today. The price increased $4 on the 200 (100 each) Half Dollars I ordered, most of which haven’t arrived. I’ll take that as a good day!
    One more time Samuel, go to the subscriptions, click on the one for the silver proof set’s. Yes, the title says the 2014 price is $48.55. But, read just under that. And, there it is! You will receive the 2015 set with today’s order. Sorry, man!

  12. HIdalgo says

    @Samuel – as I’ve said before, “If you snooze, you lose.”

    Better check out the other subscriptions NOW and place orders for the your other 2014 coins.

  13. Brad says


    I’m afraid you haven’t made anything until you sell, and when it comes to overpriced clad half dollars, making something on them could prove pretty difficult. Their mintage will be WAY too high, and those with big bucks to spend will probably go for the much more appealing gold and silver versions.

    I hope it works out for you, though.

  14. ClevelandRocks says

    Ahhhh, real coins! You know the ones that you theoretically use to pay for things! Silver just makes them a little more special. Great value with my subscriptions. Makes up for getting burned by the Mint with subscriptions in the past that had me pay more for items that later were discounted when silver fell.

  15. Ralph says

    Brad, these aren’t your father’s Commemoratives! The HOF clad 1/2’s are the first curved clad coin in the world. The Mint will stop selling these before they reach 750,000. I’m not expecting them to skyrocket, but I do believe there will always be an interest for them. I’ve seen them go for as much as $50 now.
    But, you may be right. One never knows.

  16. Dustyroads says

    I’ve been buying these since the AtB program began, being that they’re a staple of the US Mint it only makes sense to me that these would make a good addition to any collection, plus being produced in silver will make an easy sell if or when that day should come. I had a few silver Mint Sets for the State Quarters program but liquidated them a year ago, I really should have held on to the 1999 set, oh well.
    Didn’t snooze by the way, I have the sub for these, the 5 oz. P’s, and the S circulation quality quarters. If the UNC. ASE’s begin to look like they may have lower populations, I’ll buy some graded examples later.

  17. Dustyroads says

    Ralph, The clad HoF’s are neat coins, but being that they lack the curvature of the gold and silver additions I’ve stayed on the fence. I would however jump on a MS 70 clad half if I thought I could get one at a good price!

  18. VA Bob says

    Everyone get their Mint survey with comments regarding the bags? I let them know about them shipping separate and crime wary collector wouldn’t be using them in public. I suggested a special coin or medal to show appreciation, something collectors will want to keep. Oh, and to send it with the actual coin order.

  19. VA Bob says

    About subscriptions. It’s a nice deal, but I don’t believe they will offer the discounts forever. Probably just this year. Then what? It’s pretty much back to what it was… and I’m sure plenty of cancelations. If they had a way to combine orders, IMO they would have something there.

  20. Dustyroads says

    VA Bob, Due to losses over the past few years the US Mint has been very diligent trying to bring in more business. I don’t expect the discounts to be around next year either, but I really like the 10% off the 5 oz. I’ll stick with it as long as they have the discount in place.
    As for the survey, I haven’t taken one lately, but I would tell them the same thing you did.
    BTW, is it true you only purchased two of each denomination of the HoF’s? I thought you were going all in.

  21. Peter says

    It would be fantastic if they did make another high relief coin, and the Kennedy coin would be a pretty good fit. Not to sound selfish, but right now I (and many others) just hope they can break the logjam on the BHOF gold coins. My 1:30 A.M. 03/28 order has been on/off/on/off in my mind, and has not changed on the tracking for the last several weeks. Why can’t they make a little progress and give people an update? You’d think after a full month that someone would know.

  22. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Michael wrote, “the 2013 Silver Proof Set sold out with last reported sales of 419,721, up modestly from the prior year. Recent auction prices realized range from around $70 to $80 per set compared to the pricing of $53.95 at the time of sell out.

    This is probabably because now, all the coins in the silver proof set are still available in other products including the 2013 Limited Edition Silver Pf Set, proof silver quarters 5 coin set, and 2013 clad pf set. If the Ltd. Ed Pf Set sells out at 50,000, the 2013 silver dime and Kennedy half will be low mintage about 470,000 , but not as low as the 2012 silver dime and Kennedy half at about 444,000.

  23. posterhunter says

    Instead of sending cheap mint bags they should have struck some special tokens or coins to go to customers.

  24. Steven says

    I decided to jump on the bandwagon and send express mail online to NGC. I have two questions and would appreciate any help.
    1 where to submit? The invoice says SEND SUBMISSION TO: P.O. Box 4776 Sarasota, FL 34230. But it need first name and last name for USPS online submission. What to do? Not a good idea to tell everybody coins inside, right?
    2. The price quote I got is always way more than $30 with discount around $5. Posts before me can get at around $28. Where did I go wrong? Thanks.

  25. vk says


    I used – Collectors Society for the first and last name every time I shipped.

    I did not follow your previous post – why express mail?

  26. Steven says

    Thanks vk
    As discussed before here, insurance is much cheaper for express mail. When you compare priority and express, express is much faster and not much expensive, like $28 vs $26.
    BTW The USPS medium box is too big. Does anybody use mint’s box?

  27. gary says

    @Dustyroads… The pic is of the sculptor, Gilroy Roberts, with the plaster model (in coin relief, not high relief) just prior to it’s reduction to half dollar size on the Janvier reducing lathe. I understand that the Mint will be using (on the gold coin) this original portrait originally on the 1964 Kennedy half dollars. Roberts’ original portrait was modified in later years to improve working die life. This resulted in a flattening of details and a reduction in the size of the bust.

  28. VA Rich says

    Steven – the benefit (and only plus) of the mint sending out all those Bag-in-a-Box is the nice stack of good quality boxes at are under 12″ in length which is great for double boxing or if you want a step larger than the USPS Priority small box. At 11″x7″x6″ the mint box gets charged lower mail rates and comes preassembled – shwwiiinnggg! So, Yes.

  29. fmtransmitter says

    Maybe there was a theft case and the postal inspector along with mint was setting a sting operation and sending bags to foil the thief and catch the perp.

  30. bg35765 says

    Do not send coins insured through Express Mail!

    There is a reason the grading companies tell you to use Registered Mail with Insurance. That reason is in the fine print.

    When you start reading the fine print you will find this:

    g. For stamps and coins of philatelic or numismatic value; the fair market value is determined by a recognized stamp or coin dealer or current coin and stamp collectors’ newsletters and trade papers. The date of the fair market value determination must be current and prior to the mailing date.

    So you think you’re good, but you are wrong!

    But keep reading and you will come across this:

    o. Except for Registered Mail, the maximum indemnity for negotiable items (defined as instruments that can be converted to cash without resort to forgery), currency, or bullion, is $15.00.

    I read a message board post where a guy sold a proof gold buffalo and insured it while sending it Express Mail. It disappeared and after he filed a claim he received a check for $20.25 (The max of $15.00 + his shipping cost of $5.25.)

  31. hw says


    I guess the moral of the story is that if you insist on using Express Mail to send numismatics, don’t bother paying for insurance. That brings up another point. What about sending coins via insured Priority Mail . . . any comments there?

  32. bg35765 says

    Priority Mail would have the same rules as Express, at least as far as coins go. Registred is a pain in the butt because you have to go to the post office, but it is the only way to do it.

    On this topic, one of the biggest scams is buying insurance through the USPS through ebay. Ebay changes some of the terms and plainly states that coins cannot be insured.

    In some ways that is an improvement over the USPS “negotiable items” gotcha in that it isn’t buried in fine print. But I have a problem with ebay too. They know the category that you sold the item in is coins, but they still allow you to buy worthless insurance. How many hundreds of millions of dollars do you think they have made off of that one?

    Where are the class action lawyers?

  33. Joseph says

    @bg35765. thanks for your post on USPS JUNK insurance. Next time I will NOT buy it. what do you think about shipcover insurance,another shipping insurance ebay provides? is it better than USPS?

    Thanks in advance

  34. Frankie says

    Shipcover is the same BS:

    Coins, bullion, loose diamonds or stones, stocks, bonds, currency, deeds, evidences of debt, travelers checks, money orders, gift certificates, calling cards, lottery tickets, admission tickets, or any other negotiable documents.

    I don’t know why eBay offers it in the coins section if it clearly states that coins are excluded! That is a scam to me – offer insurance which does not pay in case the items gets lost.

  35. bg35765 says

    @Joseph – I looked at Shipcover too. Here is the relevant fine print:


    Coins, bullion, loose diamonds or stones, stocks, bonds, currency, deeds, evidences of debt, travelers checks, money orders, gift certificates, calling cards, lottery tickets, admission tickets, or any other negotiable documents.


  36. Samuel says

    so u guys are saying if i use priority and insure my stuff for $2000, with about $30 fee, i can not the $2000 back if something happens?

  37. Pittsburgh P says

    Way way ot… Has anyone used coin supply store out of Florida to buy supplies from? They received an F rating from the BBB and I didnt see this until after I ordered from them. It was only 30$ in stuff but still… Thx in advance.

  38. Pittsburgh P says

    Speaking on the topic of shipping I’m pretty sure if you pay extra for the insurance through Priority Mail it covers coins.I believe that the fine print everyone is bringing up is for the free $100 insurance that comes with priority mail shipping. Imo only since I have nothing to back it up but I asked this exact question to APMEX since they use USPS two day priority shipping for all their shipments and that’s what I was told. They’ve sent me thousands of dollars in coins and bullion and probably millions to others and I doubt they’d risk loosing a dime…

  39. fmtransmitter says

    When I insured with USPS for 35K all he said was I can prove that if lost and I said yep! He said ok…I took over 70 photos during the packing process. Take photos!!

  40. fmtransmitter says

    Also ALWAYS use BRIGHT PINK signature confirmation. It puts USPS employees on alert and knows that “someone” is responsible for signing for package!

  41. VABEACHBUM says

    O.T. for Louis, C.O., Samuel, VARich and others who shop the RCM. New releases available to Master’s Club members tomorrow (4/30) at Noon. Available to the public on 05/06. Additional details on the current WMNB thread.

  42. Joseph says


    Thank you guys for the info. I don’t think I will use either of insurances ebay provided. but my question is what insurance shall I purchase if I have to insure the package? you have any recommendation?

  43. VA Bob says

    Dustyroads – I believe that was AK Bob that was all in for the BHOF coins. My pockets aren’t that deep.

  44. Dustyroads says

    Joseph, As mentioned above in an earlier comment, I believe Registered mail with signature confirmation is the way to go when shipping coins. Also, there’s really no need to use USPS Priority Mail when shipping, just measure and weigh your box and insure accordingly. If the package is lost, you shouldn’t have any trouble receiving your money.
    One other thing, if you’re selling on Ebay and you are asked to ship to a non-confirmed shipping address, NEVER EVER do it. One of the biggest scams going on Ebay is to do credit card charge backs. The credit card co. always rules in favor of the card holder and if you have shipped to an address other than a confirmed one, you will not be covered by Paypals seller policy and your Palpal account will be deducted the entire amount and there is nothing you can do about it.

  45. Dustyroads says

    Ok VA Bob, You have cattle don’t you, but they’re a good distance from your home and are difficult to maintain?

  46. VA Bob says

    Pitts P – I haven’t used the coin supply store in Fl,, but I can recommend Wizard Supply in VA. They ship quick and have great customer service. The only negative is they charge state tax for VA residents.

  47. Dave says

    I always found it interesting that the mint uses UPS to ship to us, but UPS will not accept returns of coins to the mint. They will tell you that they will NOT insure your coins.
    The mint must have GREAT faith in all the delivery methods as they obviously are self insuring all their deliveries. I wonder what percentage of their shipments never make it to the destination. Appreciate anyone who knows the answer posting it.

  48. Erik H says

    bg35765, where can you get Express mail shipped for $5.25???
    Something doesn’t sound right on that one. I had an insured coin package that was lost and had no problems with USPS

  49. Erik H says

    Also on the topic of insurance, Hugh Wood Inc. insures collectibles above what most home owners insurance covers.

  50. VA Rich says

    Ray – with respect to the $1 HoF.., I’m beginning to see your frustration, see the tail end of the comments of the last article.

  51. says

    Yesterday was the strongest day yet for the BHOF Golds in OGP. The last 3 sales were $900 or above. Currently the next 2 auctions to end are over $900.

  52. bg35765 says

    Sorry, I was away from the computer last night. (“Tech free Tuesday” as we call it at my house.)

    @Samuel – Yes, I am saying your $2000 in insurance may be worthless. If it is a bullion coin, even a proof bullion coin, the USPS will not pay. They would pay $15 on a proof gold buffalo I’m pretty sure on a proof 1995-W Silver Eagle they will pay one dollar!

    I’m not sure how they would interpret a commemorative gold coin. It isn’t bullion, but it does have a face value. So they could argue it is a negotiable item with a value of $5.00.

    @Erik H – You are right. I think it was a flat rate Priority box for $5.25, not Express. It is tough for me to keep those straight.

    As to what APMEX, ModernCoinMart, etc. use I would guess that due to the volume they sell they are able to self-insure. In other words they save the $20 in insurance for each gold coin that they sell. When one does disappear they could just take the $2,000 out of the money they saved and they will probably come out ahead.

  53. VA Rich says

    On June 21, 2001, the U.S. Mint announced a sellout of the 2001 Buffalo Commemorative coins.

    The pre-issue price for the Single Proof Buffalo was $33.

    Anyone recall what the Proof Buff sold for in August 2001, and in January 2002? Thank ya.

  54. Frankie says

    I stopped using insurance, even for high priced items. I only use signature confirmation now. Of course, you run a risk of loosing an item, but if you do the math you’ll find out that not paying for insurance is cheaper than paying for it assuming 0.1% (1 out of 1000) of your deliveries go missing.
    That’s just my opinion, of course, and everyone is entitled to do what they prefer.

  55. john says

    well my coins are lost its been 16 days,from IN no coins and tracking said notting I call the mint and was told they are looking into it. I was also told coins would not be replace. 3-gold coins 15 silver and 5 half all baseball coins.I call my c.c company told me not worried they will change back if I do not get the coins but it will take about 3 months.

  56. Larry says

    I used to buy the silver proof sets, but something just doesn’t feel right when half the coins in the set are NOT silver. I don’t want the presidential dollars or native American coin or Jefferson nickel. So starting a few years ago I just bought silver quarters set. I wanted the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set, but it just seemed not worth the price. I think I am changing my thoughts, though, and maybe the LESP might be a better way to go. It does look nice in the pictures. But the 2013 is still available, so it doesn’t appear to be popular. But maybe that’s a good thing? Opinions?

  57. VA Rich says

    Larry – I think we’re all out of money chasing baseballs and trying to scrounge up enough for the next big hitter come August.., think they call him John.

    Don’t know about you all, but I’ll be passing on a lot of the normal offerings this year, at last count, where were we on the POSSIBLE total variations of the halves for this year – 9 to 12 (between clad, silver, and gold)?

  58. Dustyroads says

    VA Rich, I don’t know the answer to that , but during that time no one was very successful at making much money using the internet. Mark Cuban made his money in the tech bubble and pulled out, saving his fortune before the crash of 2000. He was one of the first to make a big purchase on line, a private jet, showing that it was possible to sell and buy on line. I say this because I am inclined to think that because of on line retailers, prices move at a much faster pace today than back in 2000. I don’t know if you’re able to get a good idea about these prices using those old early days of the internet Buff price trends.

  59. VABEACHBUM says

    Michael has published the Mint Sales Report at CoinUpdate!

    @ Larry – based on this latest report, you better make a decision on the 2013 LESPS soon. Approximately 1,150 units of the maximum mintage remain. And, with current sales trends, probably see a sellout in two weeks.

    Anyone still thinking about their first – or additional – SMN ATB-P coin(s) better move quickly, too. Looks like two weeks of inventory left for that one as well, while the Shenandoah hits the street in mid-May.

  60. VABEACHBUM says

    Meanwhile, the very sad 2014 CRA Commemorative continues to languish in the shadow of the success of the BHOF series.

  61. Jon in CT says

    Note: that link, above, for the uncirculated Shenandoah 5 oz silver AtB coin indicates that it is [b]NOT[/b] available via subscription.

  62. Dustyroads says

    Yeah Larry, I have an suggestion, The cheapest way to buy the coins you like is by buying them separately
    You’re definitely on the right track by only getting the five silver quarters, now all you need is the proof ASE. Personally, I like having all the examples that come in the silver proof set. I don’t buy them as an investment, but are an extremely easy to sell set if one needs to sell.

  63. VA Rich says

    WHAT????????? SNP IS NOT AVAILABLE by Subscription?

    Sure enough, that’s what it says – that 10% didn’t last long!!!!!!!!!

  64. VA Rich says

    Ahhh.., we have a disconnect here – the Sub page sez –

    Register today for this subscription program and you will receive the 2014 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin – Shenandoah National Park as your first coin.

    Silly mint

  65. Pittsburgh P says

    @larry I was of the same thinking of you but I bought the silver proof set instead of just the quarters this year. Last year I got just the quarters but wanted the half dollar and dime so I got them on the secondary market and paid 6$ for the dime and 30$ for the half(I know pricey!). 2013 was a low mintage for both of these coins in comparison to other years and 2013 was my sons birth year so I didn’t mind paying it. Point being I thought it’d be cheaper this way but costed me 69$ instead. I got the silver proof set for 50$ this year and can just sell or spend the dollar coins and it makes it not even 13$ more than just the silver quarters! So it all depends if you care about the dime and half but imo its a much better deal.

  66. Dustyroads says

    Jon in CT, The AtB 5 oz. P with their lower mintage and attractive look won me over. Most people overwhelmingly still only consider one oz. ASE’s as purchase options. I guess it’s partly due to their smaller, easier to buy status.

  67. VA Rich says

    Thanks Dusty – excellent points! That year(s) was a blur and I couldn’t recall what the heck was going on.

  68. Sith says

    @Dustyroads – That maybe true but if the new mintages hold the 2014 uncirculated coins will have the highest mintages of all the “P” version ATBs, , then add that their will be 5 bullion coins with a lower mintage, and 3 ATBs bullion with the exact same mintage level. So IMHO unless the mint does not actually reach the new mintage levels they will not be worth much more than the current price or the spot price if it ever goes up.

    The only thing that has me curious is how can the mint raises mintages when it is running out of blanks. IMHO the bullion mintages should always be higher than the “P” versions but something has got to give, and so unless the mint gets more blanks we may actually see a bullion version with a smaller mintage than the uncirculated “P” version. My logic is they are minted to demand but with the current schedule I don’t see the mint rolling back to older bullion coins, and if a combination of lower demand, and no blanks mixes in the proper manner…

  69. VA Rich says

    Ag has started its double black diamond mogul run.., good buying opportunity (if it holds).

  70. thePhelps says

    This place cracks me up… people buy coins from the mint and complain about them not going up in value so they can sell them for a profit next week. I guess I missed the part of collecting coins, that said you buy them to sell for an instant profit.

    Then add in the massive mintage numbers 25,000 or 30,000 coins… man that will really hurt the market.

    I don’t know when you guys (and girls), started collecting coins – but buying new coins to sell for an instant profit never was part of the hobby when I started. It apparently is now a part of the internet scheme of money making – posing as a coin collector.

  71. Dustyroads says

    Oop’s, Shenandoah!

    Sith, I think you forgot about the 2010’s with their 26 & 27,000 coin mintage levels. BTW, there is a limit of 25 on the present coins if I’m not mistaken.

  72. Dustyroads says

    Phelps, You are witnessing a natural phenomenon. It’s the power of precious metals!

  73. Dustyroads says

    thePhelps, Of course it’s only my opinion, but I believe an increase of precious metals advertising drew in a new wave of people beginning around 2008. It’s not that these people haven’t learned to appreciate the hobby in general, it’s just that they are still in the process of adjusting. It’s all fluid.

  74. Jon in CT says

    Dustyroads wrote on April 30, 2014 at 1:44 PM:

    BTW, there is a limit of 25 on the present coins if I’m not mistaken.

    You are mistaken.

  75. Sith says

    @thePhelps – I started down this path collecting the bullion version ATBs, and I stack silver. My “P” versions are for stacking…enough said

  76. Sith says

    @Dustyroads – Jon in CT has pointed out an increase in the mintage of the “P” versions to 30K

  77. Sith says

    @thePhelps – I’m “posing as a coin collector”….. IMHO as you don’t take monetary consideration when you purchase coins I imagine you’re either rich or a dumb ass.

  78. thePhelps says

    Sith – I collect coins because I like them. I have purchased some with the intent of selling them at some point in time. Some of those are even ATB’s because I figure 4 or 5 years from now there will be plenty of people looking to fill gaps – because they weren’t among the 25 to 30k of the initial buyers.

    Monetary implications for coins I bought in the last few weeks… that is absurd – if I was worried about the monetary implications – I wouldn’t have bought the coins to start with.

    I collect coins – it is a hobby. I even stack some silver – but – it is a lot easier to look at $20 silver and know I bought most of mine when it was less than $5 an ounce. I don’t look to buy from the mint this week and worry about turning a profit next week, next month or next year… that doesn’t make me rich – so I must be a dumbass.

  79. Dustyroads says

    Would you mind pointing out where the news of the 5 oz. P mintage increase came from.

  80. Sith says

    @thePhelps – ‘ I don’t look to buy from the mint this week and worry about turning a profit next week, next month or next year… that doesn’t make me rich – so I must be a dumbass.”
    – No it just makes you a hypocrite, my projection was long term, based on mintages.

    “I figure 4 or 5 years from now there will be plenty of people looking to fill gaps – because they weren’t among the 25 to 30k of the initial buyers.”
    – Its obvious you you don’t buy ATBs because how d these coins fill gaps. The lowest mintage ATBs are slightly less than 15K. How is 30K less than 15K? What gaps are you talking about?

    “I bought most of mine when it was less than $5 an ounce.”
    – Is that why you find it amusing that anyone would stack at $19? If i mentioned that I thought the spot price was going down and posted here that I reduced the amount of silver I was buying would you still state that I was “posing as a coin collector,” because you thought I could not sell my silver “for an instant profit.”

  81. VA Rich says

    @thePhelps – well you’re not alone, I’m Rich and still a dumbass! 🙂

    I tell you all what, I wish I had bought more of those Zombuck Walkers.., crazy for what those are going for now. Who would have thought.., bullion trading like a limited edition.., now that’s crazy! Don’t see that continuing, but I’ll probably be wrong about that too..

  82. thePhelps says

    Sith … one last time because you must have a learning disorder.

    Your focused on the mintage of the ATB and projecting the value won’t go up, and base it on the mintage totals thinking it will stagnate. First off, 25,000 or even 30,000 – 5 ounce coins isn’t a large total. You claim your long term view is these will be no more valuable than the bullion coins.

    There are 11 years of coins – 5 coins a year – 55 coins total. By the end of this run there will be plenty of people who either got into this series late – who stopped early and then restarted and even when it is done – there will be new people discovering this series. Each one of those people will need coins to fill GAPS in their collections. Sure they could hope to find them at a reseller for bullion prices… more power to them if they do in fact do it. Sure there are other ATB’s that will be worth more because they had lower mintages – that doesn’t mean these won’t have a demand and a market.

    With a grand total of 30,000 possible coins to get a filler coin from. In the grand scheme of coin collecting – that makes it tough – 5 years from now to find a 2014 Shenandoah National Park “P” 5 ounce coin.

    10 years from now it will be even harder – and 20 years from now good luck. So your narrow view of the value of 30k coins doesn’t match mine… get over it.

  83. JagFan says

    *VA Rich – Agree with you on the Zombucks Walker! Even the copper are selling well – individually over $4 per ounze and shipping isn’t included! The second design is starting to move up in price as well…

    They definately hit a home run with that program!

    I can’t wait to see the next 6 designs! What will they be? Eisenhower, Kennedy, Franklin, Peace, Lincoln, SBA? Can’t wait to see what the Lincoln will look like? I don’t know if they will do a Kennedy or not since it is a current design…

    Nice program, I hope they come out with sometype of display for the series…

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