2014 US Mint Uncirculated Coin Set

Today, May 13, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2014 Uncirculated Coin Set, a product also referred to as the Mint Set. Together with the previously released 2014 Proof Set and 2014 Silver Proof Set, this completes the US Mint’s trio of core annual sets for the current year.

2014 Mint Set

The 2014 Mint Set includes two folders containing 14 uncirculated coins each from the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities. The 28 coins which form the complete set have a collective face value of $13.82.

Specifically, the following coins are included in each set:

  • 2014 P & D Lincoln Cents
  • 2014 P & D Jefferson Nickels
  • 2014 P & D Roosevelt Dimes
  • 2014 P & D Great Smoky Mountains National Park Quarters
  • 2014 P & D Shenandoah National Park Quarters
  • 2014 P & D Arches National Park Quarters
  • 2014 P & D Great Sand Dunes National Park Quarters
  • 2014 P & D Everglades National Park Quarters
  • 2014 P & D Kennedy Half Dollars
  • 2014 P & D Warren G. Harding Presidential Dollars
  • 2014 P &D Calvin Coolidge Presidential Dollars
  • 2014 P & D Herbert Hoover Presidential Dollars
  • 2014 P & D Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Dollars
  • 2014 P & D Native American Dollars

The 14 coins from each facility are sealed in blisters and displayed in a folder. The folders are illustrated with an image of the American flag accented in blue for Philadelphia and in red for Denver. The interior of the folder contains a certificate of authenticity and coin specification information.

The uncirculated quality coins included in the set are struck on special presses using greater force than circulating coins. This results in sharp and intricately detailed images.

Pricing for the 2014 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set is $27.95, unchanged from the prior year. Orders fulfilled through the US Mint’s Online Subscription Program are eligible for the discounted price of $25.15. There are no stated product limits or household ordering limits in place.

As seen for the US Mint’s other core annual coin sets, sales levels and the corresponding mintages for the Mint Set have continually drifted lower in recent years. The 2012 Mint Set generated some attention and strong secondary market premiums when it sold out in late January 2013 at last reported sales of 395,443 units, representing the lowest sales for the product type since 1963.

The 2013 Mint Set went on sale on June 4, 2013 and still remains available on the US Mint’s website. Total sales for the product to date have reached only 359,185 units, which leaves open the possibility for another fresh low upon the eventual sell out.

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  1. Ray says

    Off topic, but coin related. The mentioned the Baseball HoF coins this morning on NPR. Goose Gossage will be in Denver today promoting the HoF coins. He’ll be touring the Denver mint. I’m thinking of walking over to the mint to see whats up.

  2. joe says

    As predicted early, the silver BHOF coins are starting to slide. I would expect them to be at $175 for a graded PF70/MS70 ER/FR sometime before the end of the year. I also expect the gold BHOF coins to start peaking at some point in the next month or two.

    But no matter how you cut it, they were/are a great investment for those who got in at the ground floor.

  3. Steve says

    @Joe- what about the graded FS PCGS 70 clads? I see them maintains a nice premium do to low population.

  4. Dustyroads says

    On topic, @Ray lol, These sets are the cheapest, best way to get an example of US Mint products, and are a staple for the hard core coin lover. It’s just to bad that they will never appreciate after the initial point of sale.

  5. James says

    Another off topic but mint related. Started buying coins from the mint just a few years ago. One 2011 SAE Proof, another MS. No problems. Then the 2012 2 coin set. Had to send 2 sets back due to scratches on the Reverse Proof. Spoke to a supervisor, asked him to look at what they were sending me, still had a couple of minor marks on the Rev Proof. Kept them anyway. Then the 2 coin set with the enhanced MS SAE. Rev Proof had a little blemish by the heel. Kept it anyway not to go through that ordeal of sending them back again. Now the BHOF coins. Got through 5 minutes after they went on sale and already received my one Proof Silver dollar. Looks perfect. A week later, before they were sold out, I decided to get a MS BHOF Silver dollar to make it a set. I was given a delivery date of 6/21. Weeks later it changed to 5/10. Within a few days, every day it went back another day until it reached 5/21. Then it changed to 7/17. I called cust service and was told on their web site there was a notice about the incorrect dates. What I don’t get is, they came out with a coin they know is going to be popular, I got through within 5 minutes and still had to wait about a month to receive the coin? A week later ordered another coin and have to wait 3 to 4 months? How long does it take to bang out these coins? This isn’t the first time I’ve gone through the constantly changing dates and I just started a few years ago. Why aren’t half made already when they go on sale? Haven’t they had enough practice doing this? Has everybody been going through this for years? Wouldn’t they get good at this after a while? I kinda want to start collecting shot glasses.

  6. Steve says

    @Joe- I’m not seeing the price slides on silver. I am still selling NGC PF70 ER $1 for $250 on Ebay and just sold another today.

  7. CasualCollector says

    Regarding your question about the “D” Mint mark on BHOF Uncirculated Clads. I have also noticed that on a couple of coins. At some angles it even looks like a double mint mark.

  8. ABC says

    This is off topic.
    What happens to your UPS package after they made 3 attempts to deliver it to you? Do they hold it at the local UPS location for you to pick up? If so, how long do you have to pick it up before they ship it back to the mint?

  9. Steve says

    @ABC- UPS will leave the package at your local hub and hold it ( usually for 5 days). They will mail you a postcard with the pickup due date before the package is returned to sender.

  10. Hawkster says

    This comment is on topic:
    If for no other reason, it might be worthwhile to pick up a set or two of the 2014 uncirculated mint sets to get gem uncirculated specimens of the 50th anniversary Kennedy halves. The circulating quality Kennedys found in the two roll P&D sets, although in uncirculated condition, are not nearly as nice as those in the MInt sets.

  11. Dustyroads says

    Thanks CC, The examples in pictures I could find look like they don’t have the DD’s. It’s not off by much, but I can see it.

  12. says

    @Hawkster, Do you know if the mint is still giving the unc sets a satin finish? I think they started doing that in 2005??

  13. VABEACHBUM says

    Jon in CT says

    May 13, 2014 at 12:12 pm

    For those who were unable to attend last month’s launch of the Shenandoah (VA) AtB quarter:

    Nice find, but one Shenandoah Quarter does not an UNC Set make. I couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t post your information on this thread:


    where it would be much more relevant to the actual topic. Seems like only one thread ago, someone found this very same behavior to be unacceptable, unprofessional, intollerable, poor form… something like that. Still, thanks for the contribution, just the same.

  14. CasualCollector says

    @Dustyroads – I would post pictures of the two examples I have (2 different coins). I have about 20 of these coins and these 2 show it the most. Almost all of them do exhibit sort of like a D on top of another D — but that could just be the font they used…

  15. CasualCollector says

    Forgot to mention I would post them, but there’s no “FILES” section for this blog. So not sure how to post the pictures…

  16. Dustyroads says

    That’s ok CC, I think it’s highly unlikely that a double strike happened, but it does look curious.

  17. Dustyroads says

    2cents, A satin finish would absolutely be in the description here. What would be fun is to have an extremely low mintage satin finish set come from the Mint. I forget the year, I think it was `97, that the Mint sold something like 35k sets with a satin finish nickel, great coin!

  18. Hawkster says


    I’m not sure when the MInt discontinued the satin coins in the uncirculated set.

    Another thing to ponder with the uncirculated MInt sets: Although many collectors look unfavorably on the clad coins that these sets contain, the composition of a clad coin is about 90 percent copper. Copper sells for over $3.00 an ounce on the commodities market–so it does have some value.

  19. VABEACHBUM says

    @ 2cents – I think the “Satin Finish” ended after 2008, but I need to check some files I have at home. I know the 2007 and 2008 UNC $1 Presidential Coin Sets, and those years’ respective Mint sets contained Satin finish $1 coins, but I cannot recall with certainty if that same strike / Satin finish was used on the 2009 UNC $1 Presidential coins. If anyone has access to a Redbook or similar guide, they should be able to find that demarcation pretty quickly.

  20. Hawkster says

    Correction: I meant to say that copper is about $3.00 per pound, not ounce.

  21. VABEACHBUM says

    @ 2cents – just found some information that shows the Satin Finish was used on the UNC $1 Presidential Sets (the Red/Blue bi-folds) through 2010. I also seem to recall that the 2009 Lincoln Anny Pennies struck on the 98% copper planchets had very serious (reactive) problems with the satin finish, leading to production and delivery delays.

  22. VABEACHBUM says

    Thanks for the link, MN!! That’s the article I have filed as a PDF on my home computer.

  23. Dave says

    Super point on the quality Anniversary Kennedy halves. I bought a couple of 2013 sets thinking of the 50th anniversary of his death. Then the focus shifted to the 50th anniversary of the COIN. Well, that’s ok with me because I suspect that 2013 may end up being the low Unc mint set of the last 1/2 century. I think this year will be higher BECAUSE of your point!
    A 2014 complete set should include this coin.
    Let’s see – gold, Limited Edition silver proof, proof silver, proof clad, Unc set P&D, Circulating P&D . ONLY 8 unique Kennedy coins ( so far! ) for this year. Then we can look forward to the Jack & Jackie gold & silver set. Maybe they’ll do a RP and a platinum (?)

  24. joe says

    @Steve – I am basing my comments on the fact that several NGC PF70 ER BHOF coins are now available for $210 with their OGP. Currently, only seven of ten have sold (including five to one person) and it’s been available for a couple days. If they were going up these would be gone by now. This feels a bit like the Lincoln Silver coins from a few years ago…they went high fast and then the bottom dropped out. There were more of the Lincoln coins produced, but I’m getting the same feeling.

    There are a lot less BHOF gold coins available, but they will likely sag at some point as well. I think they will fall back to roughly $1K each (MS and PF) before they begin to have a more realistic rate of appreciation.

    As a collector, I really like these coins and believe they were an obvious great investment directly from the Mint. That said, I wouldn’t dream of buying a graded version for what they are going for now. Additionally, I think that any future “curved coins” could have an impact on the valuation of these; especially if they have a lower mintage than the BHOF coins.

  25. fmtransmitter says

    Appreciate the help with the Morgan “squiggly lines” near the edge. Pushing dies to the limit seems right at that period.

  26. gary says

    @Joe… hopefully the BHOF will be the only curved coin the Mint makes. The problem is, success breeds imitation and I would not be surprised to see legislation introduced to put certain subjects on a curved coin. An organization could look to the rabid success of the BHOF and insist that any introduced legislation specify a curved coin. I’m not sure what the status of the football commem is, but if it still has life, it might be one that would get amended.

  27. KEITHSTER says

    The last of the satin finish coins are still available from the mint although a bit pricey! Still in stock is the 10 coin uncirculated quarter set of 2010 at $21.95! There under the all button on the product schedule page.Sounded earlier like a few of you are trying to quit smoking like me gave it up on mothers day as a present for Mom with all the biccuring and what not soo either take the chill pill (nicotine lozenges) or have a smoke and get over it as were here to live and learn . Oh Also Good Luck To Us All:>:>:>

  28. says

    Thanks to all for the info on unc satin finish. The mint says they now use special dies to make the unc sets today giving the coins an “intricately detailed image”.

    I have to wonder though why our TPG’s don’t have a designation for satin and “intricately detailed image” grading? Coin values are based on volume then quality. Kind of like last years W ASE “enhanced uncirculated” didn’t get EU on the labels but instead a standard MS. in 2008 the mint made a couple billion regular circulating cents but only a few million satin finish cents, you know what I mean?

  29. Hawkster says


    I don’t think it was as much the curved coin as it was the universal, crossover appeal of the game of baseball and the Hall of Fame’s 75th anniversary that made this commemorative the success it has become. An appealing design on a conventional coin would have also worked. With that said, the curved coin worked darn well.

  30. Jon in CT says

    2cents wrote on May 13, 2014 at 4:17 PM:

    The mint says they now use special dies to make the unc sets today giving the coins an “intricately detailed image”.

    Where did you hear the Mint say that it now uses special dies? According to the long-standing definition from the Mint’s Glossary at http://www.usmint.gov/collectorsClub/index.cfm?action=glossary:
    Uncirculated coins are manufactured using the same process as circulating coins, but with quality enhancements such as slightly higher coining force, early strikes from dies, special cleaning after stamping, and special packaging. Uncirculated coins may vary to some degree because of blemishes, toning, or slight imperfections.

  31. says

    Jon in CT, I looked on the US Mints website for the add to buy the 2014 unc set. “intricately detailed image” and “special dies” is in the description of the set.

  32. fmtransmitter says

    uncircs in the SE are called burnished, why i don’t know but it just stuck. same minting process as bullion with a mint mark. as for clad, don’t know, don’t care too much…

  33. says

    fmtransmitter, thanks for the info. By the way what does “SP” stand for? If you know that is… And I think NGC uses SP for the W ASE satin finish coin too.

  34. Hidalgo says

    I received my two 2014 silver proof sets today. The coins are simply beautiful. I inspected the silver Washington quarters to see if they had the “streaking” that some bloggers mentioned in a previous post. Fortunately, I saw no such streaks on my sets.

    So if you’re concerned about your silver Washington coins having streaks, you can be assured that some of the quarters that are being shipped are of great quality.

  35. says

    Simon, thanks. Specimen quality, that sounds weird.

    So how many Specimen quality ASE’s were minted in 2013? I guess I’m thinking that our TPG’S might want to be a little more specific on grading codes.

  36. simon says

    2c : my 2c – the “specimen” grade is utilized for the entire mint offering in the particular category of “special.”. So all the nickels in the 1994 Jefferson set and the 1997 Botanic garden set are in the TPG category of “SP” Same is true for the burnished + matte finish Kennedy Half issued in 1998. Other SP sets are the satin finish subset of the years 05-10, and it seems the 2013 enhanced ASE. It may well be that SP could be considered a (precise) sublabel of MS. You’d have to check with them. IMHO it all means the same – or – not!. Probably best to buy the coin and ignore the slab.

  37. simon says

    Steve : the finish on the 5 Oz P ATBs is “special” and according to TPGs warrants an SP grade. I believe the Goodacre and Millenium Sacagawea Dollars are in the same grade category. Perhaps the best option is to call them directly and find out the parameters.

  38. says

    Simon, Thanks for your 2 cents. I guess it would be too cumbersome for the TPG’s to be so precise on grading codes. But you have to wonder how they can at the same time have early releases, first release, first day of release and first strike all meaning the same thing but satin finish and enhanced uncirculated do not mean the same thing, (SP)…

  39. joe says

    @gary – On the flip side (pardon the pun), the 2009 UHR gold coin was extremely popular and more than twice as expensive; however, legislation to date hasn’t mandated another like it. Since it appears that the Mint is having difficulties producing curved coins (at least if my unfulfilled outstanding order is any indication), my personal opinion is that they won’t jump into the “curved coin” business again anything soon.

  40. Howard says

    Folks have talked about values going down eventually on BHOF coins but what coins
    have bucked hat trend? Somebody mentioned the 2001 Buf and 2009 UHR, but what
    about the other examples?

  41. charles says

    Howard…2008 gold buffalo…especially the fractional. Also some platinum mint state coins have held up well.

  42. Mk says

    @Howard I’m not sure about other US coins, but I believe the popularity of the bbhof coins have driven up the price on the curved 2012 Australia Crux coins. The EBay prices have doubled on them from Jan 2014 $200+ range to now $400+. Granted the coin has a substantially lower mintage but it’s been interesting to watch the crazy price increases.

  43. MN says

    I received my two 2014 Silver Proof Set Subscriptions today; all the quarter obverses have a wide band of streak/ridge lines angling downward across the Washington faces. One Kennedy half has a visible silver drop/bump on it and at least two plastic cases have long/deep scratches across them. I quickly packaged them for return/refund. It seems product quality is a hit and miss lately being a poster received a couple of good Silver Proof sets today! I may buy a couple of 70 graded 2014 Silver Kennedy halves with the 50th Anniversary label when available on eBay then wait to see what other 2014 Kennedy products the Mint offers.

  44. stephen m says

    There will be successful modern coins that command a healthy premium in the future but who knows when or which ones they will be? Congratulations on the quitting smoking Kiethster. Hang in there.

  45. Jeff says

    Hitting home runs all over the place on the bay BHOF silvers commanding premiums . Who has any in OGP not many on the Bay no more than 30 I see. I’m a seller it maybe another month before the mint ships anymore maybe two months. It crazy what people will spend. Bought a proof 70 clad ngc for 111.00 today ..

  46. GoldFishin says

    @Mk OT- check previous First Spouse topic. I tried to be blogitically correct by responding to your post on the topic post that you posted on. 🙂

  47. says

    Thanks to everyone for your comments and help in my quest to understand TPG’s policies or lack there of.

    One more question though, if I send my 2014 unc set to a TPG I should expect to have them graded with a designation of SP? I don’t think I’ve seen this before. Since the mint says they are a special strike, “intricately detailed image”. I’ve only been a coin collector for about 30 years and never sold 1 coin.

  48. thePhelps says

    Jeff – I plan on listing a couple of mine in the next few days. I am a terrible salesman and we’ll see how they go. I listed a $1 uncirculated the other day and it sold in a couple of hours with a BIN. If I can sell a few more in the $125 to $135 range I am ok with it.

  49. Jon in CT says

    stephen m wrote on May 13, 2014 at 7:21 PM:

    There will be successful modern coins that command a healthy premium in the future but who knows when or which ones they will be?

    I suspect the modern coins on the list at http://www.pcgs.com/top100/details.aspx will “command a healthy premium in the future.”

  50. VA Rich says

    Congrats on quitting smoking Kiethster, seriously! Look at it this way – that’s at least $6/pack you save. So, 2-3 packs a week over a month is $48 to $72 – so you’re incentive is that you have that much more to blow on Silver Eagles now and not cigs! So go treat yourself with your first graded coin put it somewhere as a daily reminder – good Partner!

    CC – previous thread – I didn’t have any withholds on that one or an associated order. This may sound hokie, but the quality of the $5 from around the 12:20 – 12:30 order time frame is better than the 12:01. I can’t explain it, it just is, and that is putting them all under my microscope (30x loupe with LED & halogen). There was a noticeable difference.

    The quality of the $1 PRFs is purely luck of the draw. You may receive 4 out 5 that rock, or 4 out of 5 that tank.., & I’ve seen some bad ones. Even NGC or PCGS can’t decide what is a 70.., results are all over the place.

    Anyhoo.., Happy Hunting my Moranic BHOF friends of the Circus! 🙂

  51. Mk says

    @Gf- thank you for your kind words. I was happily surprised by the results. Also, my apologies, I’m afraid I displayed poor judgement by posting my results in the first spouse article… Must be my double digit IQ showing itself again. 😉

  52. VA Bob says

    Joe the 2009 UHR was not legislated into existence. The mint has some flexibility to do special products. That one happened to be a winner with collectors. The flippers were angry over the delays then too, but it still did well for those that held on.

  53. fmtransmitter says

    @2cents: Do you know what + and SMS means on a label? I am challenging you..lol or CAC?

  54. fmtransmitter says

    SP is “special” strike..Meaning say a one off like the enhanced. RP was a know brainer, they reversed the proof on it so RP…and on and on and on it goes…One of first 500 struck etc etc etc…

  55. fmtransmitter says

    Keithster, congrats! Don’t go to the vape thing. That is what I did and it has worked but still “vaping”…lol

  56. VA Rich says

    thePhelps – as a friendly courtesy, please add $25 so you can get an extra Zombuck or something. A $1 with a PRF clad thrown in aren’t sitting for long at $185. Hope this helps.

  57. says

    Fmtransmitter, No, I don’t know what + or SMS on a label means, I have seen and understand a star on a label but I’ll need you to explain the other 2 and CAC. The unc mint set is a “special strike”, or, as the mint calls it, “intricately detailed image”. RP for the Reverse Proof makes 100% sense, SP for a number of different finishes does not. By the way, what is the challenge? Did I fail?

  58. fmtransmitter says

    Wow, triple deuce sold out already! Glad I got my order in! Only 3.000! That was fast and I set my alarm for the wrong day so it didn’t go off! Woke up after 9 and I got an order in. They gone with the wind! Happy Hunting! :)~

  59. fmtransmitter says

    @2cents: Not yet, surf the web and see if you can find out what they mean on a slab is all…

  60. fmtransmitter says

    There is a limit of five sets per household during the pre-release period. After the pre-release period expires, household purchase restrictions will be waived.

    The “2014 $2 Triple Deuce Set” is $54.95. Bulk pricing is available, after the pre-release period expires, at $49.95 for quantities of 25 or more sets.

    Note: This product will ship beginning May 20, 2014.

    they are all gone!

  61. says

    Fmtransmitter, surfed the web, can’t find em, I guess those secrets are safe with you.

    Too bad about the triple deuce I was going to get one of those, Although it says out of stock and other items say sold out…?

  62. Louis says

    Some folks here are chomping at the bit for the BHOF coins to go down in price either because they want to get a deal, or to prove a point. But I sold an ungraded proof dollar for $150 over the weekend. Not bragging just saying. From what I have seen 70 dollars have softened a little as more dealers get stock, but gold coins have not come down at all. These things take time to sort out. Those who paid issue prices will do just fine. There will be ebbs and there will be flows and anyone who thinks these are the usual fare that drops in a straight line is not paying attention. The BHOF are sui generis, which is internet thug for unique.

  63. HarryB says

    @Louis: you are spot on with your observation. I have followed the BBHOF coin comments since sales opened on this blog with great interest. You and the other “pros” who post here have called the BBHOF coin fever exactly. The gold coins will have staying power no doubt, much like the 09 HR or the 01 Silver Buff comms. You, GG and the other pros bring real value to the time spent here. Thanks.

  64. GoldFishin says

    @Louis…nice article on the melding of coin and signature collecting. I also appreciate your comments on the topic of political overtones in this forum. Personally, I have always enjoyed reading this blog site, in part, because of its absence of politics. I come here to get away from stock trading and politics, a couple of things that I have more than just a passing interest in, but IMHO they have no place here whatsoever. I don’t want to be spammed with stock tips or proselytized by party politics. Thanks for doing the diligent research that your articles provide. I have been reading your stuff for a long time now, but never new it was you who was the author. You just seem like a regular guy and that is a compliment.

  65. joe says

    @VA Bob – Yep…no legislation for the 2009 gold UHR. But even though it was a very popular coin, H.R. 5614 to produce a palladium version UHR coin still didn’t make it through the senate. So the popularity of a coin shape doesn’t necessarily mean the Mint is going to do all 31 Baskin-Robbins flavors of curved coins. In fact, it’s doubtful they’ll do anymore for a long time based on their inability to ship the orders they have in hand.

  66. joe says

    I agree with everything in Louis’ post, except perhaps that I’m chomping at the bit to get a deal or make a point. Well…maybe I’m trying to make a point (without any intentional chomping), but isn’t that what this blog is about?

    I have my coins at issue price, don’t plan to sell them, and would be happy for them to increase in value forever. But in fairness I also don’t take the Polyanna view of collecting and investing. I remember a few coins over the past 4-5 years that seemed to have just as much “positive energy” as the BHOF coins. All went up, went back down to some degree, and then had a solid base for valid appreciation. Perhaps this one series (BHOF) is the exception to how all other modern coins that I’m familiar with have behaved, but I doubt it.

    The silver BHOFs are starting to waver and I expect they will be more reasonable within the next few months. I even think the gold BHOFs will slide from their current valuations a bit at some point this year. Frankly, I am wondering if the big companies such as MCM, etc. are getting smart and holding on to their gold BHOFs to trickle them out to keep the values up. If that is the case, the gold BHOFs shouldn’t experience too significant of a price sag. Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking.

    Just keepin’ it real without chomping. 😉

  67. Louis says

    Thanks to Harry, GF, and anyone I may have overlooked. Always enjoy the discussion, and you know I put my pants on one leg at a time too!

    @Joe- I think you make some very good observations. The chomping was simply my way of suggesting that there seems to be a kind of impatience among some people to see values decline, whereas I’d rather wait and see what happens. I suspect that when the supply increases we will see some leveling but there are also lots of people who have yet to hold a BHOF coin in hand, so it’s just hard to say at this point. And I have never seen a similar reaction among non-collectors to any other coins. I know people who are not even baseball fans who are really taken with them. This all makes it rather unpredictable.

    By the way, anyone who wants a Shenandoah 5 oz bullion APMEX has free shipping through the 16th I believe.

  68. fmtransmitter says

    @2cents: that did’t take you very long to search my friend. Where is the ol collge try. It is no secret and I can say without a doubt many here know exactly what those designations mean on a slab. Keep searching friend, it is part of the fun of this hobby imo…

  69. says

    Fmtransmitter, quality not quantity. I do own a couple SMS special mint sets and CAC appears to be just another way of spending or wasting money on grading for a CAC sticker? I still have a pending question though, should the unc mint set have a SP designation? If not why not if yes then why haven’t they been doing it?

  70. MarkInFlorida says

    I collected mint sets and bought a few them every year for family members until 2004 when they suddenly stopped selling them well before the usual cutoff date. It was the year my first son was born and I really wanted at least one. Haven’t bought any since then except for getting one 2004 set for my son on ebay recently at a really low price. WHen the Mint screws up they lose customers of some products forever.

  71. fmtransmitter says

    @2cents: My other comment went into never never land…sorry. Cool that you found out what that stuff is. Keep digging…

  72. fmtransmitter says

    I agree with you about the wording in this set. It is suspect, as so many things are with the Mint. I worked in a stamping facility. IMO “United States Mint uncirculated coins are struck on special presses using greater force than circulating coins” this means the press guy turned the pressure up a notch, used same blanks as circulating coinage, and nothing more. Hope that helps. The ONLY thing I see where one can distinguish this set from a simple circulated coin is the packaging it comes in.

  73. fmtransmitter says

    As for the the triple deuce, I tried to do what others here do and buy extra to cover my cost so look to fleebay for a set, I am sure there are sellers selling them now on pre-sale.

  74. fmtransmitter says

    @MarkinFlorida: WHen the Mint screws up they lose customers of some products forever. I don’t think they care! lol

  75. GoldFishin says

    Speaking of HOF coins, I just have to give kudos to the US Mint! Yes, they have screwed up on the fulfillment of the HOF as well as other recent releases, however, the more I look at these baseball coins the more I believe they are really a true work of American art and ingenuity. I was just examining my NGC graded examples(love the holders) under a simple 5X loupe under the recessed lighting in my man cave. When you look at the glove and rotate it around a bit, it really looks like a glove that has seen some action. The pocket of the glove is so detailed and how they got the thing to look so asymmetrically concave on the glove side and yet perfectly symmetrical and convex on the baseball side just defies description. The luster just grabs you from all angles. I understand that they weren’t the first to do a curved coin, but they are the first to perfect it. Congrats US Mint! Now, send me the rest of my coins, please? Also, one and done….I don’t wish to see curved football, soccer, basketball, or International House of Pancake coins.

  76. hw says

    Just a brief note on the “SP” designation. It appears that there may be more than one definition. In the US, the “SP” designation means “specimen”. Both PCGS and NGC use this term to describe coins that are not quite proof coins. On the other hand, the Perth Mint uses the term to actually describe a proof condition coin. So there you have it . . . ?

  77. hw says


    Here is a general clarification: NGC defines “SP” (Specimen Strike) as “. . . .coins displaying proof characteristics indicative of special handling that are not true proofs are described with the grade prefix PL, prooflike, or SP, specimen.” The 5 oz ATB coins are fine examples. NGC grades them only as “MS” or “SP”. There is no “PR” versions. PCGS grades the coins as variations of “MS”, e.g., MS, MSPL, etc. or “SP”. There is no “PR” designation similar to NGC.

  78. fmtransmitter says

    So in the case of the SE EU, it technically can be considered a PR but contains multiple finishes so therefore cannot be called a proof OR a MS so they chose to go with SP? How about MF for multiple finish. Seems more appropriate, no?

  79. David says

    I was under the impression that there would be something special done for the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy half. I have seen nothing so far. Perhaps the rumours from that year were just that….

  80. CasualCollector says

    When I look at the “D” Mint Mark on some of the BHOF Uncirculated Clad Half-Dollars, it sometimes appears to be either outlined or laying on top of another “D” (almost like it is one “D” pressed into another “D”). At some angles, it almost appears to be a Double Mint Mark. I have looked at a few of these coins, and at least half (of about 30) have some sort of “outline” — especially the top right corner (the loop of the “D”). The pictures at the following link illustrate what I am talking about.


  81. CasualCollector says

    I should have added that the pictures are of the only coin I have that looks like that. All other coins I have looked at are either crisp D’s or only have a slight “edging” to varying degrees…

  82. stephen m says

    Jon in CT, Thanks for the listing. Wouldn’t it be nice to run up on a 1975 no S proof dime. Ranked#2 on the list. I read or heard somewhere that these were made illegally and smuggled out of the mint in an oil pan on a fork lift. Anyone else ever hear or read this?

  83. charles says

    David, the Kennedy clad and silver sets, as well as a gold coin will without a doubt be issued later this year.

  84. joe says

    I really do like the silver BHOF coins; even more than the gold or clad. the larger curved coins are really impressive. While I am a bit bearish on the silver BHOF coins over the short haul, I expect them to do well over the long haul.

    While they would have been much more expensive, it would have been sweet to have a 1 ounce gold BHOF coin with a mintage of 10K and a household limit of 1 or 2. A coin like that would definitely be over $5K by now. The curved look of a larger gold coin would be impressive.

  85. fmtransmitter says

    I have been trying to figure out a way to post a link of my own photo’s for various questions I have. Would you mind sharing how to do it casual? Also, I see what you mean and although wishful thinking, that IMo does NOT appear to be any sort of double die. Here you can clearly see what a true double looks like in this classic coin.
    See the “doubleing” effect?

  86. fmtransmitter says

    charles says
    MAY 14, 2014 AT 8:25 AM

    ANACS used EU70, EU69, etc for the enhanced silver eagles
    THAT makes more sense to me. Thanks charles! They are the Oldest grading company in the USA…

  87. fmtransmitter says

    @joe: IMo @ 5k many people would be priced out and the Mint is in the business to MOVE product and on to the next one ie produce coins that many can afford plus they already have the ultra low mintage gold spouse coins and 1 ounce Eagle’s so for a commem they stayed true to their history with the HOF gold as far as size, weight, and purity..You can ALWAYS have one made for yourself? Medalic Art Company would be happy to make one for you…Be prepared to pay but it could be done..

  88. Dustyroads says

    CC, wow, excellent shots, and nice link too! That is exactly what I was referring to. If you ask me, it looks like a double strike.

    fmt, The more exaggeration of the double die, the more attention the coins get. The 1955 DD is a huge classic,but there are many other minor DD’s which are lesser known, but are DD’s none the less. A lot is not know about these .50 clads at the moment, but I am hoping that it does turn out to be assigned a designation. Now wouldn’t that be cool!

  89. says

    Anyone notice the strong sells of the 2014 proof Buffalo in the first week? From Coinupdate:

    “Through the reporting date of May 12, sales have reached 7,899 pieces. This is much stronger than the opening sales figures for the product over the past two years. The 2013-dated offering had opened with sales of 4,863 pieces and the 2012-dated offering had opened at 4,110 units.”

  90. CasualCollector says

    @fm – for posting the pics I happened to know someone who was building out a new site and I was able to use their hosting for the pics. I understand it’s not a ’55 DD. It’s just a strange Mint Mark. I have seen the “D” mint mark be :
    1) Solid/crisp
    2) exhibit some sort of “edge” like an outline font of some sort (the degree of “edge” varies
    3) extreme outline almost like the “D” on top is pressed into the “D” on the bottom

    @Dustyroads – thanks! I have been meeaning to post the pics or ask the group — but I did not see a “FILES” section for this blog. Is the coin(s) you are looking at the same level of “outline”? maybe more / maybe less?

  91. joe says

    @fmtransmitter – I wouldn’t expect the Mint’s sales price to be much more than that of a typical 1 ounce gold coin, so I’m confident the Mint would be able to easily move them. Just look at how the gold 2013 RP AGBs moved off the shelves last year. I was referring to the secondary market price when I stated that such a coin would be at $5K by now.

  92. Dustyroads says

    It’s my personal suspicion that a great number of numismatists have come to believe that $1300. is a good time to buy, even though the price is historically high. I’ve been wondering lately as I watch the AU price refuse to dip below $1273. if we are not looking at an excepted new floor for the medal. Either that, or the US Mint is much more savy than we are giving them credit for! I have also suspected for some time now that these increased sales are due to an evolving demographic of numismatic purchasers who were at one time only bullion purchasers.

  93. Dustyroads says

    CC, Mine has the same outline, but I would have to say that yours is quite prominent, possibly more.

  94. bg35765 says

    The proof gold buffalo’s initial price last year was $1790 compared to $1640 this year. That probably explains part of the higher sales.

    The other factor is dealers getting caught short on inventory with the early sell out last year.

  95. VA Rich says

    Dusty – you able to lock down a 5 oz WTE at a good price to your liking yet?

  96. Dustyroads says

    No, but GovMint called yesterday pushing the 5 oz. koalas. I did however ask them to let me know when they had another batch of the WTE’s arrive, but the rep sounded like the Perth Mint may be done with them, nothing certain. Still don’t want to pay $6 now.

    Steve, I think that’s right where you should be.

  97. Dustyroads says

    My wait for the Silver Proof Set is finally over, now for the critique: Yes, all the Washington obverses are showing lines.
    All Presidential dollar reverse sides have lines on Liberty.
    The Native American dollar has lines on both sides, being more obvious on the reverse. Mostly across young Indian girls face.
    The Kennedy half reverse has lines streaking down the eagle.
    And the Roosevelt dime has lines on the obverse streaking down Roosevelt’s face, this time in the opposite direction.
    I have no intentions of sending them back, but would deem them a US Mint fail.

  98. Dave says

    Send them back! The Treasury department will reimburse your postage and insurance, and here’s a new one for ‘ya all, they also pay the postage to send the request for reimbursement to Novitex. Just buy the stamp on the same receipt as the product return. Don’t forget to make copies of EVERYTHING and remember to send the receipt from the PO with your request.

    If we keep accepting garbage at premium prices, they will continue to send it. At face + 10-20% then ok. But you are paying many multiples of face value. You should get quality for that premium.

  99. Dave says

    I sent all 5 of my sets back. I’ve gotten better quality in circulation at Costco and Target! Ok, not proofs, but some of the cent coins sure looked like it.

  100. Dave says

    Wow! Just checked the Bay and in OGP there are only 4 silver dollar items closing today and only 4 tomorrow ( at this time.).
    Looks like OGP will hold it’s premium if the supply remains that low!

  101. NATATACK says

    A few years back a collector was requesting the redbook company to include mintages/pricing for the satin finish coins but request was rejected. Not sure if the individual coins or sets of those years will ever catch on from the unique finish or ever get recognized.

  102. Scott says

    Dave and others,
    I confirmed with the mint today, there will be a gold and silver Kennedy half this year. Mintage is not known, but most likely will be the deal where they offer it for 1 month and then close it out. I was also told the coin will say 1964-2014. They are unsure if they’ll be an anniversary “set”.

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