2014-W Uncirculated American Gold Eagle

Today May 22, 2014, the United States Mint has started accepting orders for the 2014-W Uncirculated $50 American Gold Eagle. This represents a collectible uncirculated version has typically seen a low final mintage compared to the more popular bullion and proof issues.

2014-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle

The obverse design of the coin features the classic full figure depiction of Liberty by sculptor Augustus Saint Gaudens. The reverse features a depiction of a family of eagles designed by Miley Busiek. Both designs have been used across all bullion and collector coins of the series since 1986.

The 2014-W Uncirculated Gold Eagles are struck on specially burnished blanks with a finish similar to the bullion counterparts. The coins are more clearly differentiated by the placement of the “W” mint mark on the obverse below the date. Each coin is struck in 22 karat gold and contains 1 troy ounce of gold content.

As in prior years, the United States Mint has offered the coins without a stated mintage limit and without a household ordering limit. Initial pricing is $1,575.00 per coin based on a weekly average gold price within the $1,250 to $1,299.99 range. Pricing may be adjusted weekly based on changes in the average market price of gold.

As mentioned, the collectible uncirculated Gold Eagles have typically seen low final mintage levels. The mintage levels for the bullion versions are driven in large part by precious metals investment demand. The proof versions, which have been offered since 1986, have a larger collector base which drives higher sales and mintage levels. The collectible uncirculated version was introduced in 2006 for the 20th anniversary of the series and has seen relatively slow sales in recent years.

The 2012-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle currently holds the lowest mintage for any coin of the series at just 5,829 pieces. (See all Gold Eagle mintages here.) Last year, the 2013-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle sold out with last reported sales of 7,293 pieces.

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  1. Zaz says

    Who is buying one? Each of the last three years is over $2,500 each on the secondary market? Aside from the low mintage, what happened? Does anyone think this will another sleeper in the series. For $1,575.00 it’s downright cheap compared to the ’11W-’13W burnished AGE. Seemed to fly under the radar of alot of gold collectors.

  2. gary says

    This coin is long-in-the-tooth. It’s time for a redesign of the reverse, at least. With a 24K gold Buffalo, the alloy of this coin is somewhat anachronistic now. It should also be made in 24K gold. But I realize there is a small loyal following for this coin so it’ll no doubt be around for a while.

  3. Zaz says

    I never admired the family of eagles reverse. The coin would’ve gotten more attention if the Saint Gaudens’ magnificent flying eagle reverse was also reused for the reverse. The new ASE reverse the CCAC picked would be more appropriate for this coin design.

  4. says

    Zaz…I haven’t checked 2011, but the 2013 Burnished Gold Eagles don’t sell for anything near $2500. If you look at listings “sold” you can see a MS69 sold for as little as $1530.

    And here is a 2013-W NGC MS70 Early Releases that sold for $1775.


    Unless the mintage for the 2014 is below that of the 2012 (5829…which would surprise me) then I doubt they will command much of a premium in the future.

  5. says

    The 2011 Burnished Gold are similat (a little better) than the 2013….but they aren’t selling for $2500. However peolple are ASKING well amounts well over $2500….but they aren’t selling. You can see MS69’s sold for $1599.

    Here is a 2011-W PCGS MS70 that sold for $1761.86.


    To be fair, yes, there are a couple of “buy it now” auctions that sold for $2200, but true auctions(like the one abouve) where people actually bid are usually a better indicator of a coins true value…imo.

    I do like these coins though…but I doubt I will buy one as I’m saving for the gold Kennedy later this year… also want a proof Buffalo..but as with most offering, I’ll keep an eye on the mintage level.

  6. Pittsburgh P says

    Zaz I’m not… I am saving funds for the Kennedy if a few months. As everyone before me stated these are not appreciating as quickly as you may think. Even with lower mintage they are fairly easy to obtain at prices close to what the mint offered. So if I want one down the road I pick one up but for now I’ll stick with the proof versions for my collection and save my funds for upcoming offerings…

  7. joe says

    Actually, I like this particular coin. There’s something nice about coins with a burnished finish; especially gold coins. What would be interesting is if the Mint made the AGE proof a bit different such as going with 24K or perhaps a different design (as mentioned above). In short mixing up the AGE unc and proof a little different from each other more than just the finish. Of course I won’t be holding my breath since the weight and basic image are mandated by law.

    Another interesting fact is that the proceeds from the AGEs are (also by law) to be used to reduce the national debt. Anyone really think our government is obeying that little caveat in the law?

  8. gary says

    If you factor in what the gold AGE COST at time of issue (when gold was much higher) today’s SELLING prices (not asking prices) must be break even at best or more likely at a loss on Ebay after you pay Ebay and Paypal jingle. Of course to many of the collectors who buy & hold it would present no worries.

  9. gary says

    @ZAZ… I agree with you. When it first came out in 1986 I was very disappointed with the sculpting of “The Family of Eagles”. I very much liked the theme and still do but the flying eagle looks awkward and oddly distorted. The scale of the wings looks way to large and unnatural to me and too many details have been oversimplified.

  10. HIdalgo says

    @Steve – I agree with your analysis. When it comes to American Gold Eagles, we really won’t know how they will perform on the secondary market until the US Mint marks them as “Sold Out.” If there is an unexpected sell out, then there will be a premium on the coin and values will be high. However, if there is a prolonged buying permit with fairly high sales numbers, then the coin will likely sell above bullion prices.

  11. gary says

    @PittP… I’m saving up for the Kennedy gold also. I hope I don’t croak when I find out the Mint’s sale price though. Would be nice if the Mint could offer advanced subscriptions for it (with a built in discount of some sort (but not a new Mint bag! LOL)

  12. Scott says

    These W coins are nice, but I’m not convinced they’re worth that much of a premium. For the same money or less I’d rather have a pre-1933 MS-63 $20 gold or even a Gold Eagle Proof. This would be a much more interesting series if the Proofs and Burnished Uncs had a different reverse design than the bullion coins, similar to the Platinum Eagles.

  13. Pittsburgh P says

    The w AGE unc. will always sell higher than the bullion version imo… Only depends on how much more.

    @Gary I hear ya… Might find out I should’ve started saving last year after we find out how they package and what they charge for the Kennedy coins! 🙂 IMO there is ZERO. chance of any type of advanced subscription or discount of any sort… Would be nice though.

  14. says

    The Kennedy Gold coin should be priced around $1230 based on today’s gold price. That’s 3/4 of the $1640 price for a proof Buffalo. Last year the Mint did not add an extra premium for the Reverse Proof Buffalo, so if they treat the Kennedy the same way, it should be under $1300
    Or you could take the First Spouse Proof coin currently @ $840…..and a 3/4 oz coin would be $1260.

    Anyone else care to guess?

  15. Louis says

    I agree with Steve on everything!! Was that you over in my neck of the woods recently? I thought I recognized your “voice.”

  16. Louis says

    No tracking # for my pucks yet, but that’s okay, as I have other toys to play with.

    @VAB- I got 2 of those RCM bald eagles today, the silver with multiple finishes and the gilded, and both are really nice. I passed on the colored. Gatewest had the best prices by far.

  17. Louis says

    Finally (as they say in Italian there isn’t a 2 without a 3!) I see Talisman has those scorpions for a fair price, but it’s not my cup of tea. I like a more elegant design.

    Did Ikaika or anyone else who bough the Tiffany Dresden 2 oz coin from Downies receive it yet?

  18. Zaz says

    Thanks for the opinions everyone. Like most collectors I am deciding between the proof Buffalo, burnished and the special Kennedy coin. Since the burnished returned in 2011, I have tried to save up for one but always find a decent slabbed Saint in 63 or 64 to buy instead like Scott pointed out. They would probably sell better if there was some differential other than MM and finish from the bullion and proof versions. Looks like its going to be a toss up between the Kennedy and the Buffalo.

  19. Pittsburgh P says

    @Steve those prices for the Kennedy gold seem right on if gold prices stay the same. I just didn’t know if the mint may decide to make a set and sell the silver and possibly clad together with the gold.

  20. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    I have not received any information on the shipping of the Tiffany Dresden 2 oz coin from Downies. After you mentioned it I went back to check my emails just to make sure I had the order confirmation, which I do. Hopefully it will be shipped soon. BTW, they sold the 1 kg version that was almost 10K! Someone out there has plenty to play with 🙂

  21. fmtransmitter says

    @plenty to play with, soon to be worthless paper like the confederate money was…

  22. Louis says

    Thanks, Ikaika, That must be what is holding up my order for the jumbo wedge tail as I combined them to save on shipping.

  23. MAT says

    Question, I noticed on all the legislation bills for commemorative coins that I have read it says “1) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary shall accept prepaid orders for the coins minted under this Act before the issuance of such coins.” Under SEC. SALE OF COINS . Why do they include this or better yet for who?

  24. Bob R says

    I have a question and story for anyone and everyone who wishes to read.

    My first start with collecting was running to the bank buying rolls of dimes, pennies and nickles. At this time the only ones I wanted was Mercury dimes, Indian pennies and Buffalo nickles, which of course was most plentiful in every roll. This was of course back in 1960.

    My favorite of all at the time was the Walking Liberty halves. Between 1960 and 1975 I managed to collect all full sets, mercury dimes, washington quarters, and walking liberty halves. I never was interested in the Morgan dollars at the time.

    My grandfather died in 1959, he was Chief Teller of the 1st National Bank of Wichita from 1919 to 1959. He controlled all banking transactions between the tellers and customers in those days. He never collected a single coin! To think of all the coins he had in his grasp and access, that is mind boggling.

    In the early 1990’s my wife at the time decided the coin collection was not worth much. She sold it to a coin dealer here for appx $4 an ounce. He told her that is all silver was worth. Well she sold it and the price was near $700, There is nothing I can say.

    I went ahead and jumped all over the Baseball Gold and Silver from the mint, ordered the max silver and some gold, maybe the price will be ok to sell in the future, after all they are for my kids.

    After all this ranting my question is this. First Strike-Early Release-Last Strike-Last Release,, collectors will look back at the fad today and laugh.


  25. VARich says

    A & L ~ can you share what area to look at regarding the pop report, you’ve picqued my interest & I’d like to check it out.

  26. gary says

    maddogdday… checked it out. WOW! Bid up to $370 when I saw it. No telling what a fool will pay for a defective coin! LOL

  27. GoldFishin says

    OT- My subscription Shenandoah 5 oz coins shipped yesterday, about one week after CC was pinged. I hope I get some good examples.

  28. VA Rich says

    Michael – nice touch to have the links to the 3 sites at the header positition, makes it easier on mobile devices

  29. fmtransmitter says

    piece of grease or felt…wow, people are strange and then your a stranger…

  30. gary says

    When my BHOF gold arrives I hope it has the measles! I’ll add a premium of $100 per pimple and hopefully the same buyer who got the silver BHOF with grease spot will SPOT it on Ebay!!! lol

  31. simon says

    Bob R : It’s a surprise that you parted with your sizeable stash of silver at bullion value. There must have been some nice dates in there, particularly 1921. Most collectors are in for the long haul over multiple tens of years and are trained to wait patiently over several years to search and find coins they desire at the lowest possible cost. A lot of these labels such as “First” “Early” “Signature” etc are designed IMHO to appeal to the emotions of purchasing something “unique” at high premium as if they will be snatched away in heart thumping moments by some other gullible customer. In short they are not selling / buying the coin.

  32. MAT says

    I sent a silver BHOF back to the mint for replacement because it had a spot similar to that one, about half the size and in a different place . I wouldn’t feel right doing that to someone, what people won’t do for a buck or two.

  33. Pittsburgh P says

    Fmtrans I got my FIFA domed coin a few fays ago and I do like it… Not as much as the BHoF Silver but it is nice and solid quality. Not sure if it’s worth the price & 30$ in shipping but I wanted one to compare… I wish the1/4 oz gold versions was curved too. I didn’t realize only the 1 oz was curved until after I ordered!

  34. Alex says

    It looks like BHOF coins are unique in every way….it appears that First Strike coins are really genuine First Strikes because no more coins were left waiting to be sent in US Mint warehouse back in April. How many more are to be minted?- that is the million-dollar question.

  35. Dustyroads says

    I like the unc. age’s. I wasn’t able to get my hands on the 2013, but if I’m able I’ll get one at the $1,750. price in ms70 they look like they can be found at and complete the little collection I have going of them I started in 2011. I’m not really sure what’s not to like about them, except that they really don’t hold a candle to the 24k Proof Buff, and that’s understandable. As long as these have the lower mintage going for them, I do believe they will be solid future collectables. Maybe not immediate flips which seems to be the most favored topics going on the thread lately, or at least to a large extent. but future collectables, which is what I’m interested in.

  36. says

    Now that an OGP Silver BHOF coin has sold for $370.00 do I post “The market has never been stronger for the Silver OGP?” OR do I wait until one sells for $150.00 and post “Sale prices for OGP Silver BHOF coins have dropped 60% from their highs?”

  37. GoldFishin says

    @cag….just keep it interesting and post that you are now the proud owner of a $370 BHOF Silver Unit.Ed coin!

  38. VA Rich says

    Cag – you have an uncanny sense of humor – touche’

    Perhaps we should place bets on whether the FS series will ship this year or next, my late day
    3/27 $5 is sitting in September now.

  39. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis – Thanks for the feedback on the latest RCM Eagle Coins. I recently noticed that Gatewest and Talisman were making them available as single product offerings, but have yet to decide if I’m going to pull the trigger on any of them. Just too many irons in the numismatic fire!!!

  40. Mark Rex says

    Got 4 of my 5 quarters today. I have 5 seperate subscriptions and again like the GSM subs each came in a serperate box. Was charged $145 for the first and $140 for the others. Also to note I was very surprised at the strong sales numbers for SNP as there was a 3000 order number serperation between my first GSM sub order and the last one. The actual order number with the quarter shipping that is. With SNP the difference was only around 2000. So maybe new subs canceled out the canceled ones. I hope that the SNP with the increased mintage doesn’t hang around for sale for months.

    Still have my 6-coin BHoF coins that I ordered 3/27 12:07p sealed!

  41. VA Rich says

    Mark Rex – just for clarification, you received a box of all 6 BHoF coins with a 12:07 order? Thanks

    Regarding P puck sales, I suspect many folks doubled down on the GSM in anticipation of loosing the 10% discount, & then throttled back on the SNP, I know I did.

  42. Mark Rex says

    @VA R- No, three serperate orders; $5 PR (12:07p), $5 UNC (12:09p); $1, 50c PR and UNC (12:12p). Each order shipped separately ($1 and 50c PR and UNC together) except the bags came serperate.

  43. fmtransmitter says

    Pittsburgh P says
    MAY 23, 2014 AT 10:40 AM

    Fmtrans I got my FIFA domed coin a few fays ago and I do like it… Not as much as the BHoF Silver but it is nice and solid quality. Not sure if it’s worth the price & 30$ in shipping but I wanted one to compare… I wish the1/4 oz gold versions was curved too. I didn’t realize only the 1 oz was curved until after I ordered!

    We covered the differences on WMB during that posting…Take a gander over there sometime…Happy dot collecting!

  44. Pittsburgh P says

    Fmt thx don’t really follow WMB since I rarely purchase from foreign mints but probably shoulda done more research… I wouldn’t have paid that much for the 1oz version regardless but might not have gotten the quarter oz. if Id known. It’s still a nice coin and I’m happy to have it & with all the football/soccer fans out there if I needed to get rid of it I could easily…

  45. VARich says

    You all have a great Memorial Day weekend! And a special thanks to our veterans for returning home from foreign lands and making this country as great as it is!

    ~ 70 days till JKF

  46. A&L Futures says

    @ VARich

    You may recall that on, or about 04/25/14 I attempted to post a series of PCGS Population figures for the recently released Baseball HoF coins. Of interest to many was the number of MS/PR 70s PCGS had certified.

    On 05/14-14, I ran the numbers again. I also did a recent pull on 05/22/14. They say it takes three points to make a plot, draw a straight line, or in this case….tell a story. The story here is what I wanted to share with the owner of this blog.

    For example, lets take a look at the PCGS Population figures for the coveted “Baltimore (First Pitch / First Strike) label for our $0.50 clad (mint-state) offering.

    On 04/25/14 the numbers for the MS-series were:
    526703 – First Pitch (Baltimore)…..MS69 at 219; MS70 at 206

    On 05/14/14, the numbers changed to:
    526703 – First Pitch (Baltimore)…..MS69 at 203; MS70 at 222

    Finally, on 05/22/14, the number now reflect:
    526703 – First Pitch (Baltimore)…..MS69 at 202; MS70 at 223


    Next we’ll examine the PCGS Population figures for the coveted “Baltimore (First Pitch / First Strike) label for our $0.50 clad (proof) offering.

    On 04/25/14 the numbers for the PR-series were:
    526717 – First Pitch (Baltimore)…..PR69 at 242; PR70 at 165

    On 05/14/14, the numbers changed to:
    526717 – First Pitch (Baltimore)…..PR69 at 223; PR70 at 185

    Finally, on 05/22/14, the number now reflect:
    526717 – First Pitch (Baltimore)…..PR69 at 221; PR70 at 187


    Next we’ll examine the PCGS Population figures for the coveted “Baltimore (First Pitch / First Strike) label for our $1 silver (mint-state) offering.

    On 04/25/14 the numbers for the MS-series were:
    526719 – First Pitch (Baltimore)…..MS69 at 162; MS70 at 248

    On 05/14/14, the numbers changed to:
    526719 – First Pitch (Baltimore)…..MS69 at 150; MS70 at 260

    Finally, on 05/22/14, the number now reflect:
    526719 – First Pitch (Baltimore)…..MS69 at 146; MS70 at 264


    Next we’ll examine the PCGS Population figures for the coveted “Baltimore (First Pitch / First Strike) label for our $1 silver (Proof) offering.

    On 04/25/14 the numbers for the PR-series were:
    526718 – First Pitch (Baltimore)…..PR69 at 284; PR70 at 373

    On 05/14/14, the numbers changed to:
    526718 – First Pitch (Baltimore)…..PR69 at 256; PR70 at 401

    Finally, on 05/22/14, the number now reflect:
    526718 – First Pitch (Baltimore)…..PR69 at 249; PR70 at 408


    Everyone will be pleased to hear that the numbers of “Baltimore (First Pitch / First Strike) $5 gold coins (Mint-state / Proof) remained relatively stable.

    Why is this important, you ask? Well, for starters it raises a number of questions? Although I don’t buy labels, I know a lot of folks out there do.

    This is what I wanted to share with the owner of this blog. I had hoped that someone could “poke” PCGS for answers.

  47. A&L Futures says

    @ PCGS

    I’m going to continue this tracker for the next couple of months. Get you s**t straight!

  48. Pittsburgh P says

    @a&l futures I am really not that interested in these #s but many are & I am glad someone is trying to hold PCGS accountable… Thx

    @va rich… 70 days! 🙂

    Have a great Memorial Day Weekend ALL!

  49. VARich says

    This may be of interest to some, & the results are quite discerning.

    I took the same shipment of coins which was a mix of $5s, $1s and halves, prescreened them, & broke them into 3 shipments over 2 days. Yes, I paid the extra shipping as I wanted to see if the results differed across the PCGS orders.

    Dig this, 2 of 2 $1 Unc came back 70 in one order & 1 of 3 in the other. PRF $1s came back 20% & 60% across 2 shipments of a total of 19 coins ~ Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! Same similar trend on the $5s. If you send some in, recommend breaking the shipments up in hopes of getting different graders, or just leave in opg!

  50. gary says

    @VARich, interesting & curious results! Since a 69 and 70 grade (in my opinion) is just an indistinguishable “hairsplit” difference, I am not all that surprised with the results you got. I’m not able to afford buying multiple examples from the Mint but what I do get I leave in OGP. (They can always be sent in any time for a simple grade opinion).
    @A&L Futures… I took some time to parse the pop reports you posted. What I don’t get is why the 69 grade pop DECREASES with time as they were already graded. Only conclusion is that the difference is created by resubmitted 69 coins that then got regraded to 70’s??? Or, is the pop report just a bunch of hooey??? This is exactly the reason that I just keep my Mint purchases in OGP and save all the expense of shipping them and paying for plastic & a label.

  51. KEITHSTER says

    Yesterday the last of my Shenandoah’s shipped but more interesting the last of my Great Smokies went in stock and reserved:) So they must have pressed the rest of them? So I would say that if yours went in stock your ok but if not your not going to get them? Let me know. Have a safe Holiday and thank a Vet living or not always!!! Best Of Luck Always:>:>:>

  52. fmtransmitter says

    triple deuce arrived, wish i was few orders later, got 881, wanted 888..did a bang up job on the folders, big 2104 is gold leaf on the cover. nice set, rare, no trouble ever selling for a tidy profit…

  53. Ray says

    Still waiting for a ping on my last minute GSM order. I might not have made the cutoff, and I kind of expected never to get it.

    A&L, those #s are interesting. I guess any of those first pitch owners could have had them reholdered, w/ PCGS for instance, but I strain to find a reasonable explanation for one to want that, well other than to hedge against. When reholders happen, would PCGS send NGC a report that would be used to update their weekly #s? jw

  54. says

    Ray….all these changes in #’s are PCGS graded coins re-subitted to PCGS. You can tell because the total graded for each demonination and finish type stayed the same. The only exception is the 5/14 .50 proof total went up by one…but then back down by one on 5/22…so the 5/14 figures may have a typo.

    Otherwise, in each new report, the number of 70’s went up by the SAME number that the 69’s went down.

  55. Pittsburgh P says

    Steve my only question is are people sending 69s in for re evaluation or are people cracking the 69s and sending them back in hoping for 70s. If the latter is the case(which is what is happening imo) how do they know the 69s are decreasing?

  56. says

    Pittsburgh…I think they are sending them back in the 69 graded holder….otherwise, they may not have the documentation to get the “first pitch” designation if they crack it open. Also, there is no need to crack open a coin to re-submit….once it gets to the graders(and each coin is graded by 3 graders usually) all the grader knows is he has a raw coin to grade. Also, if they did crack them open, the 69 grades wouldn’t change by the exact same number as the 70 grades. So, imo, they are sent them back to be regraded in the original “first pitch” holder. Again, that’s just what I see happening.

  57. says

    There has been one purchaser that has been VERY active on the Gold BHOF. This particular buyer has purchased MOSTLY OGP Golds. I first saw this person purchase something on 04/29. Since then actual purchases have increased as the prices have increased. In the last week this person has purchased over 10 Golds that I have seen. Currently he is the HIGH bidder on at least 10 ongoing auctions. Anyone have any idea who this buyer is OR who he represents?

  58. SilverFan says

    Hypothetical: You sold a gold HOF coin on eBay for $1225, which represents an $800 profit before fees. How would you ship it? Would you only ship registered mail? or Would you ship priority with signature confirmation? Or some other methods?

  59. Pittsburgh P says

    Steve that makes sense… I wasn’t taking into consideration the first pitch designation.

    Silverfan hypothetically I’d personally probably just send it priority mail with signature confirmation and chance it since it could only be insured for 425$ I believe and not purchase price.

  60. GoldFishin says

    @cag I believe I know who the buyer is. He is an ebay coin dealer that sells a variety of coins. I bid on a couple auctions he had last week. Seems he was maybe liquidating some longer held positions last week, there was a few good buys.

  61. MarkInFlorida says

    You can sometimes figure out who a buyer is if you look at his feedback quantity and compare to sellers you think it is.
    Sometimes the extra you pay for express mail is made up for by the lower cost of insurance.

  62. fmtransmitter says

    why cagcrisp? he is a speculator. why not email them DIRECTLY via ebay messaging service. That does not seem to have anything to do with this forum. Besides, you didn’t even say the username so how in the world could anyone answer those ridiculous questions and why would they? please explain?

  63. says

    @fmtransmitter, I was told by someone that works in the front office of a MLB team that some Gold BHOF coins were being bought up by an American coin dealer and sent to Nippon Professional Baseball in Japan. I notice that some sellers do not ship to non US addresses and I was wondering if this individual was indeed a coin dealer and was the person buying up coins to be sent to Japan. SOMEONE is sending Gold coins to Japan and since this buyer seems to be VERY active I just wondered if it was him.

  64. Dustyroads says

    cagcrisp, There is likely no relation here, but I had an experience a year ago with a Japanese buyer on Ebay. The guy went by the name of Kiyoharu J Ogasawara, his Ebay username was owarra101. He bought a 1/4 oz. gold eagle from me and paid $410.00. with paypal, then later asked his credit card co. reverse the charges, which they did. I had no recourse because I shipped the coin to Japan as he requested, that was my mistake. It turns out that he was also buying gold from other sellers around the same time he made the purchase from me. I contacted the other sellers he made purchases from and they were kind enough to write back. They explained that the buyer had also made the same request of them, some lost money, some refused to send to the unverified address. The interesting thing about this ordeal to me is that Kiyohara J Ogasawara is the owner of “Ogasawara School of Yabusame Horseback Archery” in Japan whose skilled riders participate in a large festival around the end of August each year, and all his purchases took place at this time. Sure, it could have been a hak, but he sent me a massage from his personal cellphone once, that to me says it was Mr. Ogasawara (owarra101). BTW, I sent the coin to: Haru San…Nishio, Aichi…Japan

  65. joe says

    As I recall, there was also significant foreign investment in the 2009 UHR gold eagles as well. Both the 2009 UHR and the BHOF coins are very unique and appear to have attracted global attention.

  66. GoldFishin says

    @cag -It turned outs it is not who I thought it was. The feedback changed of the buyer you are following today, the buyer I thought it was who had identical feedback rating did not change. They also had the same letters of the alphabet in their hidden user name. Crazy coincidence. Whoever it is, they obviously have a buyer lined up for higher prices than $1300 which seems to be how high this person will bid.

    OT- GSM secondary prices have received a nice boost after the announced sell out.

    @Dusty- thanks for the info, one more reason I never sell outside of the U.S. and from now on, to no unverified addresses.

  67. HIdalgo says

    @Dusty – I found some really great deals buying from international sellers on eBay. If you sdo your homework, you can add some great coins to your collection by buying from them.

  68. Pittsburgh P says

    @Hildago you have to watch a lot of the international sellers on ebay. Some are very shady & most of the time shipping costs outweigh the savings on the coins imo… I’m happy you havn’t encountered any issues though.
    I won’t buy or ship(on the rare occasions I sell) internationally.

  69. HIdalgo says

    @Pittsburgh P – I bought a 2000 China silver panda coin from an eBay seller in China. He had excellent feedback. I paid only $61 for it. If you check out eBay prices from US sellers, you’ll see that the coin is selling in the $200 – $300 range.

    I agree that not all international sellers are honest. However, not all US sellers are honest as well. I mentioned that I previously bought some older coins (for my type set, from US sellers). They advertised them as “uncirculated.” When I had them graded, I found out that they were cleaned.

    A friend of mine told me to be wary when buying coins from online sellers unless the seller has an excellent reputation. Generally speaking, I question why a seller will not accept returns if the buyer is not pleased with it. An excellent seller, in my opinion, will stand behind his or her product.

    Again, that’s my personal position on coin sellers.

  70. Pittsburgh P says

    @Hildago I agree there are unscrupulous sellers everywhere but imo it’s much harder for legal recourse when the seller in international. Your freind is correct, I always check feedback and rarely purchase off off sellers without a 100% rating. If they have 1,000+ feedbacks anything over 99% is usually ok since some buyers are just clueless or have buyers remorse even with a high quality coin.

    Good buy on the chinese panda!

  71. HIdalgo says

    @Pittsbugh P – When I deal with ANY seller, US or international, I always pay by credit card. That way, when I receive a coin that is not as advertised, is lost, etc., I call my credit card company and tell them to hold or stop payment. I have had to do that with several US sellers on eBay.

    Most sellers are good, honest people. However, there are a handful that give others a bad name. Considering some of the posts I have seen on this blog, I will continue to pay for coins on eBay with my credit card.

    Just sayin’ 🙂 It’s better to be safe than sorry.

  72. Jim says


    You questioned why an eBay seller would not accept returns if the buyer is not pleased. As an occasional seller I do not accept returns. It is because buyers can also be dishonest. There is no protection for a seller if a buyer wants to return an item and then substitutes another coin. I ensure that what I sell is described accurately, so the only reason a buyer would need to do a return is remorse. Since selling is not a business for me, I don’t have time to deal with returns just because a buyer changed their mind. If the seller is a business, then I agree that they should accommodate buyers with a return option.

  73. MarkInFlorida says

    HIdalgo, how can you be sure that panda from China is not counterfeit? Have you had it graded? I’d be afraid of any bargain priced item from China. Their counterfeiting is excellent.

  74. gary says

    I bought a 1989 palladium Panda in NGC holder from a very well established & reputable dealer in China on Ebay. Absolutely no problem, perfect coin and surprisingly fast service as well.

  75. Pittsburgh P says

    @Jim agreed 100% but imo Hildago was only giving his opinion.

    @markinfla I was thinkin the same thing just didnt want to say it….

    @gary your coin was already graded by a reputable tpg. If it was a well est. & reputable dealer then I may have felt a little better dealing with them… What were you charged for shipping?

  76. HIdalgo says

    There is always a chance that the uncertified 2000 China silver Panda, 10 Yuan coin I bought is fake. I do not have a weight scale to verify that it is real.

    Until I weigh the coin, I believe the coin likely is real than fake. I compared images of my purchased coin with images of authentic 2000 silver pandas. My coin passed the test. I bought the coin from a seller with 1,000s of positive feedback ratings. And the coin, which is in an air-tite holder and sealed in a vinyl flip, came in a case with a Certificate of Authenticity.

    My next step, when I get to it, is to actually weigh it. That should confirm its authenticity.

    By the way, just because the coin is from China does not mean it is fake. I have seen fake coins from the United States as well…. JMHO.

  77. Eddie says

    Does anyone have any idea what a full set of the BHoF coins in OGP might go for? All I cares about is what your idea might be guesstimates.

  78. joe says

    Question: When shipping to a TPG, what shipping company do you use? In the past I’ve shipped USPS registered mail, but I’ve had some disappear into the USPS system only to surface a couple weeks later. Is USPS express a viable option? Are there other good options? Just curious as I usually have an intense couple of weeks waiting for USPS to deliver.

  79. gary says

    @PittP: The shipping was free (It was a Buy-It-Now, Best Offer) Lucked out. Very unusual not to get nicked something for shipping from China. If it were a dealer who had no real world and long standing reputation I would not have made the purchase. Nearly all of pandas I have came from US dealers or US auction houses.

  80. joe says

    @HIdalgo – I guess someone in China can fake a Chinese coin, but I believe they are more apt to fake a non-Chinese coin. If your coin turns out to be fake and you were able to contact the Chinese authorities, the guy would likely be put in front of a firing squad. Conversely, they don’t really care as much about counterfeit USA coins…and in fact probably encourage it.

  81. HIdalgo says

    @Joe – there are three major shipping organizations that I can think of right now. US Postal Service, United Parcel Service, and FedEx.

    I’m sure you’ll receive comments about the pros and cons of each. I can say that from my personal experiences, all three shippers have lost packages that were to be delivered to me.

    With that being said, if you have a package with valuables in it, I would insure the package for the full amount. Further, if you send your package through the US Postal Service, you may want to send it by registered mail. I’m uncertain if there’s a need to pay for signature confirmation by doing so…. you may want to check into that.

  82. fmtransmitter says

    Eddie says
    MAY 26, 2014 AT 6:29 PM

    Does anyone have any idea what a full set of the BHoF coins in OGP might go for? All I cares about is what your idea might be guesstimates.

    That is a tough question. Only worth what someone is willing to pay…Sorry for vague but is what it is…

  83. HIdalgo says

    @Joe – my 2000 silver panda coin from China, from what I can see, looks authentic. After I weigh it, I can confirm its authenticity.

    I have had more problems with dishonest sellers from the United States. I remember one time I bought what the seller said was a 1955/55 double die Lincoln penny. The photos were a blurry, but the seller sounded honest so I purchased it. When I received it, I immediately saw that the coin was a 1955 “poor man’s double die.” I tried to return the coin, but the seller would not allow me to do so or even allow me to receive a refund.

    I contacted PayPal and eBay for assistance. Both were of little help. I called my credit card company, and they immediately put a hold on the transaction. Thank goodness for credit card companies — they really are interested in stopping fraud. 🙂 I left the seller with negative feedback and a comment that would warn others of the seller.

  84. fmtransmitter says

    Anyone see that half eagle C mint mark on Pawn Stars…Cha ching…Cannot believe someone would walk into a Pawn shop on national TV and sell it for half it value. Any coin shop would of been a better option not to mention just getting it graded and certified. Guy said he needed home improvements but didn’t look hard up for cash. Was his Grandfathers…That was hard to watch him give that coin away…

  85. fmtransmitter says

    Same here with a V.D.B., picture showed it clear as day, I couldn’t see it with a 20X loupe when it got here. No recourse.

  86. HIdalgo says

    @fmtransmitter – I’ve learned that when you buy anything via the internet, to pay for the items with your credit card. Credit card companies do an outstanding job in preventing fraud and deception. If you have a legitimate concern, pick up your phone and call them. They’ll stop payment quickly. 🙂

    Don’t rely on PayPal or eBay to help you out.

  87. says

    fm…yeah, I saw the 1861-C on Pawn Stars….they gave him $8000 I think. I agree, he should of had it graded as that could/would make a big difference in its value. Well, at least they were honest with him and told him it was real.

  88. Pittsburgh P says

    Hildago you said you’ve had a lot more problems with us sellers. What is your split in dealing with us/international? Is it 50/50 or more like 90/10? Only wondering…

  89. Pittsburgh P says

    Fmt I saw that on Pawn Stars too… Guy sellin it was clueless! He woulda took a grand if thats what they told him it was worth. It isn’t hard to do some research these days with the internet then go to a coin shop or two and get max value…

  90. fmtransmitter says

    Well, at least they were honest with him and told him it was real.
    That is when i would have thanked them for their time and walked out. Rick said he was taking the risk of it coming back cleaned. That was worth 7 grand? lol

  91. says

    @ Eddie, There was a Gold, Silver, Clad Proof auctioned on 05/13 for $1449.00. Previous to that there was a Buy It Now on 05/09 for $1399.00 for a Proof set. Prices are stronger now for the Golds in hand than either one of the previous sale dates

  92. Pittsburgh P says

    @eddie a 6 coin set was sold for around 2 grand about a month ago but I am sure it would be more now.

  93. says

    fm…they estimated the coin MAY be worth 15k…but it wasn’t graded and the guy was walking around with it in his pockect. Do you have any references as to what the value may of been?
    All I have is a 2009 Redbook….gold was at $900 then.
    The value for a 1861-C ranges from $2650 in VF-20, $5000 in EF40, $8750 in AU50, $13,500 in AU55 and $28,000 in MS60.
    I think his coin was between EF40 and AU50 at best…it was hard to tell. What do you think it would grade at and how much do you think his coin was actually worth?

  94. VA Rich says

    Eddie – don’t target the crap on eBay presented as a complete set. Buy a good loupe, go to a few coins shows, & target a good PR $1 & half, & MS $5.

    At this stage, with the BHoFs, I wouldn’t buy anything from the retailers or bay site unseen, seriously, I wouldn’t. BTW- I put down my fly rod for browns

  95. VA Rich says

    Eddie, that should make sense thou post sent prematurely, good luck, back to fishing.

  96. fmtransmitter says

    Well, a MS 63 is 100k! An 1861 D Would have been the killer, only 1597 made. 6879 C’s. 3750 VF-20, 6K for EF-40, 11k for AU-50, 16k for AU-55, 30k for MS-60…They made money and he knows it…

  97. HIdalgo says

    @Pittsburgh P – I would say that my transactions with coin dealers/sellers are about 70%/30% US to international.

    I have purchased coins from established organizations and independent sellers from North America (Canada),Europe (UK, Poland, and Germany), Asia (China and Japan), and Australia.

    Believe it or not, I can’t recall ever having a bad transaction from an international seller. I can recall a number of bad transactions from US sellers. That’s why I will always, always pay for my purchases with credit cards. That way, if I receive an item that is not as described, is lost, or the seller is dishonest, I will tell my credit card company to hold payment until the matter is resolved.

    It’s clear to me that some of the posts on this blog are from sellers and coin dealers. And from what I’ve seen from some of them,, I will continue to purchase my coins with a credit card 🙂 .

  98. natatack says

    I got 2 orders from China that sold me counterfeit pandas. I happened to have the real ones from Pandaamerica and they were easy to tell. If I didnt have the real ones to compare by, it may have slipped by.they have websites devoted to gold/ silver bars and coins, U.S., China, Canadian etc. I will not buy anything from China again too risky and time consuming to ship back and pay for shipping.

  99. fmtransmitter says

    I was scanning trade dollars on ebay and found no less than 5 knock offs just from the photos and educating myself what to look for.

  100. halfpint says

    HIdalgo,you are one lucky person buying across the pond ,there are articles in coin world all the time ,telling people not to buy,not my money so do what you like

  101. VARich says

    SNP puck hasn’t gone to a back ordered status once since release unlike GSM, they must have minted the whole shabang early on.

  102. Eddie says

    I have all of them but am waiting for the 2 gold ones from the mint. Then I will have a complete set of the BHoF coins.
    I am back and forth about getting the gold ones. As you all know money is kinda tight at the moment. So I hope I will be able to get the gold ones when the mint sends them out.
    Thank you for all of the advice you have giving so far. So that is the reason I am asking about the price for a GOP set I was just wanting to know if yall thought it would in my best interest to keep the gold ones and not cancel them.

  103. Eddie says

    As you know there will be only 18,000 sets if that. I figure that will they will be worth more for that reason alone. Am I on the right track about thinking that way.
    If I do get the whole set my problem is finding a case to keep them all together. To me the set will look great displayed in one case all together.

  104. says

    The Mints xls. file is out

    Gold BHOF Proof 38,972 down 21
    Gold Unc 21,921 down 8
    Silver Proof 286,518 down 175
    Silver Unc 149,954 down 11
    Clad Proof 172,530 up 6,963
    Clad Unc 98,052 up 2,348

  105. Pittsburgh P says

    Eddie if you can afford it I definetly would not cancel the golds… Imo they will def be worth it. I don’t beleive that there will actually be half 18,000 complete sets… As for display cases there will be some made for this set for sure. I just made my own out of a bat for one set and am using a 3D frame for the other one… The frame actually looks better since the coins look as they are floating and it can be flipped over to see both sides….

    Start saving a little each couple weeks or month and by the time they are actually shipped(in 2015) it might be more feasable 🙂

  106. Pittsburgh P says

    Cag thx, Looks as if most are not canceling even 2 months after sellout and no shipments…

  107. Eddie says

    cagcrisp -You have 21,921 for the gold unc I thought there were only 18,000 minted.

    @ Pittsburgh P the frame you described sound awesome. Would love to see a couple of pitures of it. I really like the fact you can turn it over to see the back of the coins. I really would love to see it.

  108. Pittsburgh P says

    Eddie thats how many were sold on including the wait list… Some will not receive their order.

    I will try to upload some pics but I can’t on this blog… I will get you a link to the frame itself so you can see it at least…

  109. bg35765 says

    Eddie – you would be crazy not to take delivery of the gold coins. If money is tight, post them for sale on one of the coin message boards. (I’m not sure if that would be allowed here.)

    You should be able to double your money for less than an hour’s work of packaging them and going to the post office to send them via registered mail.

  110. says

    The HARD copy of the Mint’s production numbers are out and the Great Smokey Mountain (NR1) has dropped to 24,742 from last weeks number of 25,421

  111. says

    This has probably been mentioned…..but I just noticed that the 2014 LESPS has been moved to “date to be determined” on the product schedule. While I haven’t purchased any LESPS’s I was thinking about picking up this years for the great quarter designs and the Kennedy Half…as most Kennedy products this year may do well down the rode.

  112. KEITHSTER says

    My first order Shenandoah was delivered today the rest are set to show up tomorrow. Don’t get the GMS#”s early today the xls shown 25,427 or an increase of 6 over the former 25,421 but now the true number seems to be 24,742 sure it may change by a few but not by many I’ll bet? So that leaves 685 that were ordered that won’t be filled while it is a pleasant surprise to me sure will be a let down to those orders:( But small compared to the BHOF let down yet to come! So what could it have been there has been the lack of blanks that’s my guess they used what they had left over from the Shenandoah’s and came up short? My hope was a boo-boo on the last of them maybe one to costly to fix? Oh well time may tell or not? Good Luck Anyway:>:>:>

  113. HarryB says

    I want to thank all for the discussion on eBay selling and buying. I only purchase Graded and encapsulated on eBay and always pay with a credit card for the reasons stated by others. I have never sold anything on eBay, also for the reasons stated. I do not sell many coins, and I sell at gun shows, preferring face to face, selling Modern silver comms in OGP. I will have some BBHOF coins to sell, as my yield of NGC 70s was very poor. My decision now is if I should crack out, as I had my capsules sent back.. On topic, the burnished gold is one of my interests, have them all in OGP. A question, why the PM spot price decline today.

  114. Jim says


    In regards to the PM drop today, the dollar rose to an 8 week high due to improving US economic data, which also led to equity investors becoming less risk averse. When that occurs PM’s feel the pain.

  115. says

    Harry B,

    You state that you only pay for ebay items with a credit card. Just to clarify: Does this mean that when you use the ebay checkout, you select to submit your credit card information (which is managed by PayPal)? By doing it this way you don’t have to actually join PayPal, which I’m not a big fan of because of previous hacking problems experienced by this company.

  116. Dustyroads says

    Harry B, Good question, but I don’t think anybody can definitively answer that. It could be the Ukrainian Presidential elections, but then again, I doubt he will be able to fix their problems. It may just be that something had to give, no one has been making much money in gold lately with the gold market so sideways with only smalls gains. I personally am surprised it didn’t happen earlier, I have been watching the $1273.00 mark closely, and it was finally broken, looks like the trend will continue even though the floor test was a good one.

  117. HarryB says

    Hawkster: yes I try that method first, and if that will not work, I use a CC thru Paypal. Back in 2009 eBay stopped me from any purchases other than Paypal, after I used CCs to pay for $20K in purchases not thru Paypal. I quit purchasing for a while, then eBay backed off and allowed me to pay any way I wished. I do not like eBay, but it was the most economical method to complete my Modern Gold Comm collection in NGC 70, and I use it occasionally now when my FS gold comes back from NGC in 69. Some day I am going to have to find a way to sell all my duplicates and excess where I upgrade my collection.

  118. says

    The History Chanell TV show had an interesting show about the possible collaspse of the US dollar…which this has been brought up before…..and how paper money would be worthless. The TV show had a company that sells silver, gold, platinum and paladium bars that are about the size of a crdit card card. For example, they sell a 50 gram gold card that can be broken into 50 individual 1 gram pieces. Same for silver, etc
    I just thought it was interesting that a company is already providing options in precious metals that may be needed in the future.


  119. GoldFishin says

    @Keithster- How was the quality of your Shenandoah’s? I had some very good ones and some that looked like baby bat teeth marks on the rim in a couple places, not too bad, just bad enough. The fields were great and I really like this issue having seen it now in hand!

    Does anyone know what the normal turnaround time is for replacements from the US Mint? I want to send a couple back for replacements I think.

  120. says


    Thanks for your reply. Up until recently, I have, with prior approval from ebay sellers, paid for my items with a postal money order. Ebay, with it’s revamped checkout process, no longer makes it possible to complete the transaction unless you use paypal or submit your cc information.

  121. joe says

    Just received my Shenandoah’s from the Mint…both appear to be in great condition. So far, this year’s 5 ouncers are 100% in the plus column.

  122. simon says

    hw : Off Topic. Saddle Ridge Hoard sale is in progress at Amazon.com . . . @ stunning markups. Ideal for folks with money to waste on ultra hype !

  123. john says

    I went to a baseball card and toy show over the weekend,I took 2-proof and 2 unc. baseball hall of fame dollars with to trade.One guy paid me 900.00 for all four.if I had more I would have sold them all.That the frist time a made so good money on a new mint coin.

  124. fmtransmitter says

    @Steve: I have had the valcombi bars for over a year now and the TBD for 14 LESPS has been there for months now…

  125. fmtransmitter says

    The fact that Kagen did NOT include a photo of the coin in the slab showing the Saddle Ridge Hoard Pedigree and fancy gold foil says two things to me. One, if you are not a serious collector he would rather not sell one to somebody who buys labels and hasn’t done their homework, Big props. Minus is, these are going to sit around much longer because of that! lol

  126. fmtransmitter says

    IMO I wanted to see that coin in it coffin, in its final resting place, if the holders have scratches, the gold foil marketing theme, the “SADDLE RIDGE HOARD” pedigree on the label…

  127. fmtransmitter says

    If I am going to drop thousands on $1300 worth of gold that in not THAT rare, I want to see it all. I want to see what COA’s will look like, I want to take in the coin as a whole like an exquisite painting in it’s frame, I want read more details about that particular year and what was happening at the Mint, etc etc etc…

  128. ClevelandRocks says

    I think PMs are now significantly undervalued, and I expect an upward “correction” soon.
    Old format please Michael.

  129. Jafmidtx says

    Mystery of the Mint? I have an order for 2 gold HOF on 3-28 at 7:58 pm. Date moved from 7-14 to 6-30. Any chance that I may get those???? or maybe 6-30 is the date of cancellation !!

  130. Natatack says

    Saddle Ridge Hoard, curious why Kagin’s didn’t go with ebay or their own auction . They might just be peddling some at retail first and auctioning off the rest later. It would be interesting to see if this plan works out for them or goes bust and they have to auction off the majority due to high asking prices.

  131. Gerard Depardue says

    I wish someone would tell the people that not representing products at the correct gram or troy once weight of any coin that is not 24kt gold and the spot divided by 31.1, if a full troy ounce, does not represent products correctly and the US Mint should take this issue up, first in line. I’m sick of seeing 22, 14 and 10kt gold valued this way.

  132. Mint News Blog says

    The coin covered in this article is struck in 22 karat purity, but has a weight of 33.930 grams, yielding one troy ounce in pure gold.

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