2014-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle

Yesterday, April 10, 2014, the United States Mint began accepting orders for the 2014-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle. The coins were launched during a busy week, which also saw three other numismatic releases, the sell out of the Baseball Hall of Fame Silver Dollars, and the CCAC’s discussion of a potential redesign for the Silver Eagle.

2014-W American Silver Eagle

The numismatic offerings for the American Silver Eagle have become some of the US Mint’s most popular products. In recent years, the individual proof offering has become the Mint’s top seller in terms of unit sales, exceeding the sales level of the traditionally popular annual proof set. For the three prior years, special anniversary sets containing Silver Eagles with special finishes have created considerable excitement for collectors. Somewhat out of the spotlight, the US Mint has also been offering an annual collectible uncirculated version of the coin.

The collectible uncirculated or “burnished” American Silver Eagle had been introduced in 2006 as part of the 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set. The coins were described as having been struck on specially burnished blanks and carrying the “W” mint mark. For the inaugural year, the coins were offered as part of two different anniversary sets as well as individually, reaching combined total of 466,573 coins.

In the following two years, the collectible uncirculated Silver Eagles were offered individually and within a newly introduced Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set. Sales were relatively robust, reaching 621,333 coins in 2007 and 533,757 coins in 2008 across the product options. In 2009 and 2010, the offering was canceled due to high demand for bullion coins and the requirements of the law in place at the time.

The offering would be resumed in 2011, reaching individual sales of 309,927 plus an additional 100,000 included in the 25th Anniversary Set for a total of 409,927. In 2012, the coins were offered individually and within the relaunched Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set, reaching sales of 230,872 across both options.

The prior year 2013-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle reached sales of 178,941 when it sold out in December 2013, however the coin still remains available within the 2013 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set which has sales of 37,343. Across both options, this makes for a total of 216,284 coins and counting.

This year’s 2014-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle features the standard design of Adolph A. Weinman’s depiction of Walking Liberty on the obverse paired with John Mercanti’s heraldic eagle design on the reverse. The coins are struck on specially burnished blanks and carry the “W” mint mark on the reverse. Each coin is struck in .999 fine silver with a weight of 1.0000 troy ounces and diameter of 40.60 mm.

The US Mint has offered the coins without a stated maximum mintage or household ordering limit.

Initial pricing for the coins is $43.95. Orders fulfilled through the US Mint’s Online Subscription Program are charged the discounted price of $39.55. Last year, the offering had initially been priced at $48.95 per coin, but was reduced to $43.95 following a decline in the market price of silver.

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  1. says

    I think initial sales for this piece will be slow given the HoF coins overshadowing them. I’d honestly forgotten about it going on sale until Michael mentioned it in his post yesterday. The situation also won’t be helped by the US Mint’s online catalog going down for maintenance Friday night/Saturday morning, presumably to work on some of the problems caused by the baseball coin stampede.

    I do think we might see an uptick in sales if the silver eagle design change process is a success and is completed this year. If 2014 is the last year for silver eagles, you might see a bunch of “nostalgia” buyers and “get ’em while they’re still around” buyers move in. I would expect the 2014 LESPS to also sell well if that turns out to be the case.

  2. bg35765 says

    I just used my mint bag for groceries at Aldi. (Seriously, I did.)

    You worrywarts will be happy to hear that nobody followed me home and killed me. At least not yet.

  3. Zaz says

    I always order a few of the burnished ASEs to give as gifts, ordered more this year thanks to the subs. Like CO says, could be an interesting year if the Mercanti reverse is retired this year, might sell better than the ’13’s.

  4. says


    Once something is “In Stock and Reserved,” I usually treat that as a notice that shipping is imminent. I find in general that most items ship within 24-48 hours of changing to the In Stock and Reserved status, and most of the time, for me, it’s 24 hours.

    Obviously this isn’t the case for “stampede” releases like the HoF. if you ordered an uncirculated silver eagle you should receive it very quickly.


    When I brought my HoF coins into work to show to the other people who buy coins with me and skipped the HoFs, I brought them in the free bag. Most of them thought the bag was great and were really impressed with it. My family reacted the same way too. Go figure!

  5. VABEACHBUM says

    My subscription order is In Stock and Reserved. Has not pinged the CC yet, so probably another 3-5 business days before it ships.

    Of special interest is the 2008 / Rev of 2007. Opinions vary as to whether it is a variety or a Mint error. Best estimates account for approximately 42K stikes. MS 70 examples continue to draw $700 and higher on secondary markets. I was lucky enough to receive one in OGP as part of a regular Mint order. Very long term, I expect values for this coin to continue increasing, as it is the second rarest ASE coin (PR or UNC) behind the 95-W Proof.

  6. DCDave says

    Thanks you Michael for the new old format!
    Got my subscription to the UNC ASE, hope no bag…

  7. VABEACHBUM says

    Too Funny, C.O.!!

    BTW – just noticed that the thread format has reverted. While I liked the idea of capturing conversations, they got very difficult to follow as more come comments were added and the overall thread got longer.

    In either instance, thanks to Michael for the awesome Blogs and the time he dedicates to giving us a place to exchange info and ideas, vent and harrass!!

  8. Ray says

    This is my favorite eagle. My sub says in stock and reserved but i’m pretty sure i havent been charged for it yet. i should have ordered a few more in my sub. i wish i did.

    fyi, no mint bags come with subscriptions.

    fyi2, bg35765, reconn has begun.

  9. Steven says

    I was thinking I would have to cancel this subscription to save money for HoFs nearing a sellout. This April is really expensive. HOFs, ATBs, mint set, mint silver sets, and limited edition mint bags.

  10. thePhelps says

    Michael – thanks for the return to the older format. While I liked the reply button – it did get tough to follow a thread.

    I have been collecting this coin since the 2006 release… but no 2008 on 2007…

    It seems there are very few who understand the difference between the bullion and this and many confuse bullion coins for this.

  11. says


    You’re right about the confusion. I often have to explain to people the uncirculated coin is not a bullion coin. A lot of my friends are weirdly skeptical of it since it looks so much like the bullion excepting the mintmark.

  12. VABEACHBUM says

    I have to say, given how good the bullion strikes been over the past 3-4 years, I would be hard pressed to tell the difference between BU and UNC if were not for the “W.” I can’t recall that I’ve ever seen a clear explanation as to what the “burnishing” process is supposed to impart upon the coin’s finish. Anyone??

  13. thePhelps says

    @VABEACH – according to Modern Coin Mart…

    “Burnishing is a process resulting in a smooth matte-like finish. “

  14. thePhelps says

    @CO the confusion seems to be they are both called uncirculated when people are selling them. Since technically they are both uncirculated… It is tough even explaining to a collector – and added tough when people see graded uncirculated coins with (W) .

    I’ve never understood grading a coin that has 40,000,000 in circulation…seems like a waste of money to me.

  15. bg35765 says

    I believe the burnishing is a technicality. The Mint is only allowed to sell these directly to collectors if they have a special finish. So they roll the planchets through some ball bearings to meet the letter of the law, but they know it looks exactly the same.

  16. VABEACHBUM says

    @ ThePhelps – yes, I have seen that definition several times. Yet, after reading it AND understanding what it is supposed to mean, I still cannot discern that any significant changes are imparted onto the surface of the UNC “W” coin as compared to the BU Bullion Coin. Comparing BU Obverse to UNC Obverse, where the devices of the respective coins are identical and indistinguishable, I cannot see anything within either coin’s appearance that separates the UNC “W” coin from the BU coin.

    Maybe it’s just me. If other readers are seeing something that allows them to correctly identify each ASE coin 100% of the time, e.g., sheen, reflectivity, or other, I’d really like to know what it is.

  17. HIdalgo says

    @VABeach – compare the bullion version of the ASE with the Unc “W” (burnished) version. You’ll see that there is a difference in the finishes.

    I do not have both coins in front of me, but from what I recall, the bullion version has a “brilliant” or “shiny” finish. The burnished version has a “hazy” finish. The difference is apparent when you place the coins side by side.

  18. HIdalgo says

    @VABeach – I need to retract my statement above. I was thinking of the 5 ounce ATB coin. The bullion and Unc (W) version of the American Silver Eagle are similar. The major difference is the presence of a mint mark on the US Mint’s ASE.

  19. Dustyroads says

    VABEACHBUM, I’ve liked the `08 on `07 UNC. ASE since finding out about them, what a lucky dog you are! They’re on my list of great moderns to have in a collection!!

  20. MarkInFlorida says

    Never have been interested in these. Bullion looks the same at a much better price.

  21. matt says

    Just got this from provident metals:

    Dear Matt,

    Thank you for your inquiry and interest in Provident Metals. We appreciate every opportunity to serve you.

    Due to the issues that were seen on some of the previous releases we were only going to be offering the 2014 Great Smoky Mountains National Park 5 oz Silver ATB coins in mint sealed monster boxes. To ensure our customers received quality products at great prices, we were not going to offer these individually, because they carry no guarantee of quality from the mint. However due to the overwhelming number of requests we received we have decided to offer these to our customers. We stand by our concerns with previously experienced quality issues, but we want to give our customers what they ask for. You should see this product become available soon.

    I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me with other questions or concerns.

    Kindest Regards,
    Chris Hogan
    Phone: 800-313-3315 ext. 7113
    Fax: 469-212-8977
    Web: http://www.providentmetals.com

  22. Dustyroads says

    I like them, and if the mintage #’s continue to decline again this year, I’ll be happy to buy several MS 70’s for $65. each.

  23. Dave says

    I picked up 3 2006 W Burnished ASE at an auction at the local coin dealer for bullion + 10% a few years ago. No one else even bid on them. Apparently even the staff did not recognize the difference, EVEN WITH THE OGP&B!
    I educated them AFTER the auction ended 🙂 They DID thank me.

  24. Dustyroads says

    matt, They must be getting “a lot” of returns! This is pretty good proof that the Mint is responsible for the quality issues.

  25. thePhelps says

    OT…got my new Zombucks. I am not overly impressed with the “Barber” on this one. It seems rather mundane and I hope they are a bit more creative on the next 1. That said the quality for a bullion coin is actually a bit higher this time.

  26. Samuel says

    we all saw NGC’s holder, my question is: when the staff pushes the coin into the hole, will he leave a finger print on the face of the coin? the old insert probably is better.

  27. Dustyroads says

    I have assumed that they (the graders) clean their fingers on a regular basis, but it’s conceivable that with all the coins that have passed through their hands that some have left the building with fingerprints on them. I doubt the TPG’s would be in business today if it were not for the need to put a more accurate value on a coin, so they have a purpose. Of course, it all changes when you can hold a coin in your hand and decide for yourself what you are willing to pay.

  28. says

  29. says


    Thanks for posting that. It’s a very interesting letter. Looks like there are major issues with the AtB bullion like I’ve always sort of suspected.

  30. UK JIM says


  31. r says

    @VABEACHBUM It’s kinda like an “early release” or “early strike” having nothing to do with when the coins were actually struck / or how they differ in appearance other than a TPG saying so. However I do believe Business strikes differ from burnished strikes> as I recall it’s the planchets that receive the special processing not the dies, which could cause similar looking product based on the planchets. Then of course mint mark is everything.

  32. Boz says

    Smokey P pucks arrived today. I am sending my first day tote bag out for grading and encapsulating. Yes it does seem the last few days have been expensive. Too many released packed right together in a short time frame.

  33. r says

    I stand corrected as in the beginning of the Mints “experiments” the planchet was” treated”, now I do believe the dies are actually treated/ polished/blasted to impart an altered “matte” type finish.

  34. Mr President says

    I noticed several post about the 2008 reverse of 2007 ASE. I believe in years to come that this too will become one of the most sought after ASE’s after the 1995w. Then the 25th anniversary set signed by Mercanti.

  35. GoldGuru says

    If anyone is reading this plz reply. Michael might have x’d me because my last post does not appear. Thx

  36. simon says

    RE : burnished vs bullion minor obs

    There are very subtle differences in the finish and the texture. The burnished planchets have a finer texture and have a different reflective profile than the
    standard finish. One can see this under reasonable high mag. of ~ 100X
    They are also encapsulated after the striking process, and consequently have
    little or no tarnish. The bullion are handled as bullion – regular coins.
    If the two varieties of coins are held side-to-side under a
    broad spectrum lamp, the bullion coin reflects a broader spectrum while the
    burnished coin reflects more in the blue spectrum.

  37. GoldGuru says

    Thx sith……they also said that they will be accepting the Baltimore coins to be re-holdered for a fee.

  38. Sith says

    But of course…I find it dubious of them to charge someone for their own mess up, of course what is $30 when you can charge $4K for the coin in that holder. I suspect PCGS is in trouble as this and the HOF logo will drive their grading through the roof.

  39. Zeeman says

    I got my 25 HOF gold coins and my CC is ping for the ATB, no more coins for me untill the Kennedy comes out, have to save funds for Chicago.Thanks for all your help GG.

  40. GoldGuru says

    Thx….didn’t know the spam. You’re probably right about PCGS in trouble. That’s probably also one of the reasons NGC gave in. They’ll get a lot more submissions now. It’s a better looking product.

  41. GoldGuru says

    FYI. ….anyone looking for back dates of the ASE Burnished in OGP, they are available@ Apmex.
    2006W = $79.99
    2007W = $30.00
    2008W = $54.99
    2008/07W = $549.00
    2011W = $46.01
    2012W = $55.01
    2013 W = $55.01

  42. GoldGuru says

    FYI…….I bought 6 of the 2007W a couple of weeks ago because they’re actually chearper than the Bullion versions right now, & IMO, a no brainer. Ive been building sets, not including the ’08/07. Will soon add the 2014 making it a 7 coin set. BTW, every one of the ’07’s I received from Apmex look great, no blemishes.

  43. GoldGuru says

    Also, if interested, APMEX has the ’08/ 07 W, graded :
    NGC MS69 = $509 (which is less than their OGP)
    PCGS MS69 = $595.00
    NGC MS70 =$895.00
    PCGS MS70 =out of stock

  44. jhawk92 says

    I like the burnished coins; I have two of each, including the 08/07, all in OGP, and will keep the string going as a way to pass down to the kids. I do hope I can chase down one of the ’95W coins someday. But I think I’ll need to win the lottery so I can justify spending that kind of coin for a coin. The ’14s will be on their way soon.

    I do hope they don’t mess up the Eagle reverse too much. Why not invite Mercanti to do a new reverse? I did get one of the wedge tailed Eagles…very nice. While some of the designs in the other posts are nice, I think the ASE needs to be a strong design to reflect America. Guess we’ll see.

  45. GoldGuru says

    Zeeman, Forgot to say congrats on the golds. Good call ordering 25. They Should help finance the rest of your orders for this year, including plenty of Kennedys.

  46. HarryB says

    GG: Thanks for the current APMEX prices for the Burnished ASEs. I have been building a set in OGP and NGC 70 since 06. Jumped at the first 08/07 MCM listed on Ebay, won for $240….one of the few times I went with a gut feeling and came out ahead. Do you have a prediction on where the gold HOF proof values is headed?

  47. GoldGuru says

    @HarryB………..glad you read it. The ’07/OGP for $30, was too hard to pass up, cheap inventory. As far as trying to predict the value of the golds, just going to have to monitor auctions & websites once more people get them in hand for sale. IMO they should carry a good premium for a good while. I’m in no hurry to sell mine. Thx

  48. bg35765 says


    Yes, I am still alive. My cat knocked one of my wife’s make up things into the bathroom sink at 4:00 in the morning, which woke me up. For a few seconds I thought there was a burglar in the house, and I had the thought that they followed the bag!

  49. HIdalgo says

    Need your advice…. I am planning to join either the PCGS Collector’s Club (or) the NGC Collector’s Society. Membership prices are similar. (PCGS Gold membership – $129. NGC Premium membership – $125).

    Which club/society should I choose? I’d like to know your recommendation, considering the complete membership package — not just grading services.

    Thanks much.

  50. Pittsburgh P says

    Imo I think its better to find a dealer close to you that doesn’t charge a fee to send them to PCGS or NGC, whichever you prefer. Thats what I do and have saved a decent amount on the membership fees… I feel there is a better chance of getting a 70 also since the dealer usual send more quantity in. The guy I use also tells me beforehand if he feels the coins I want to send are even worth sending for a 70 or at the least a 69. Thats only my opinion though and what has worked for me. You may have a ton of coins to be graded and/or want a membership… In that case NGC seems to be cheaper if that matters.

  51. Sith says

    I can’t say anything about PCGC, but I joined NGC . They were nice, and I had no real issues. My logic was that NGC would encapsulate as long as the coin was real, no body bags. I also had some “ancients” to grade. At the time they were the only one with the edge view holders. I have also used ANACS, but I only used them to encapsulate a few coins over the years IE note enough coins to make a membership worth my while. I hope this helps.

  52. Pittsburgh P says

    Sith… What are your thoughts about ANACS? Good, bad, ok… They are coming to a show close to me and I was thinking of having some coins graded on site. Both modern and older(before 1930’s).

  53. Larry says

    So my silver BHOF shipping date started out in July, the went to April, back to June, now back to April!. The inmates are running the asylum! Could any other business do that and stay in business?

  54. ClevelandRocks says

    This is still not working well on Droid platforms.
    Still old comment on top of new comments and things still are too spread out vertically with a cartoon-like appearance of the blog.
    Please consider going back to the old format.

  55. Sith says

    Pittsburgh P –

    The short and sweet, if you like their holders, and don’t intend to sell your coin, then the price savings is worth it. They are a good TPG,. The long view is below

    I like ANACS and their Clearview holders, which are compatible with NGC holders (IE they will fit in their storage boxes) In other words in my case I just wanted a coin encapsulated, proven to be genuine and then added to my collection. I also buy coins on E-bay that have been encapsulated from ANACS for the same reason.

    Now saying that, right or wrong ANACS is considered a second tier grader I would not pay full price for a ANACS graded coin when compared to a NGC or a PCGS graded coin, I respect ANACS enough to say that their grade is most likely correct but if the owner had confidence in the coin he would have used a top tier TPG. Marketing hype maybe, but that is how the market thinks. On the same token the coins I sent to ANACS for the reasons already mentioned, will not be as marketable, but as this is my collection I have no intention of selling them, and I collect coins not labels\holders their holders do a fine job for displaying,and protecting my coins, and I respect their grading even though the market has it doubts about it.

  56. ClevelandRocks says

    Zeeman shows modern collecting is for the rich.
    25 gold HOF on his credit card? That’s more than my limit.
    I use my credit card for silly things like food, gas, clothes, etc.

    Michael: old format was more comact/ efficient….please go back!

  57. Pittsburgh P says

    Sith… Thank you for the thoughts. Ill prob get a few slabed by them for the ones I will keep and never intend to get rid of. Thx again

  58. HIdalgo says

    There is a third party grader, Independent Coin Graders (ICG). eBay allows auctions of ICG-graded coins to be posted. Anyone have any feedback on ICG? Does it have a good reputation?


  59. Clark says

    Michael–Thank you for removing the reply feature. I have been away and am just now seeing the change, but I can already see that comments, for the most part, have resumed a more civil tone.

    This week’s discussions of baseball HoF commems became unnecessarily rude and personal. The reply feature seemed to motivate a few to harass the many if differing opinions were expressed. One particular individual, a self-anointed precious metals expert, even used the reply feature to reply to himself and post consecutive comment after consecutive comment to vent his rage about innocuous points.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions and different views make this blog’s discussion educational and often entertaining. Unfortunately, some people forget that coin collecting is a hobby open to different styles of collecting.

  60. Pittsburgh P says

    Can anyone out there give me the diameter of the silver and gold BHoF coins in the capsule? I know it’s 1.5 and .85 inches respectively but need to know how much the capsule adds… Thanks in advance.

  61. Clark says

    Pitts P–My caliper says 1.28 in on a gold BHoF in the capsule. 1.93 in for silver in capsule.

  62. Pittsburgh P says

    Clark, THANK YOU! That helps me a lot and seems right on with my estimates but I didn’t want to make cuts on estimates…. Thanks again

  63. fmtransmitter says

    S P HOF in hand and Gold PF HOF in hand and am pleased with the US Mint on these. Hit it out of the park. Great job. Clad and Uncircs backordered…

  64. simon says

    Hidalgo : I do own a set of silver quarters in ICG all graded 67. The grades are as accurate as PCGS/NGC for which the 67 price point is prohibitive. If you collect I see no problem with ICG purchases. As mentioned earlier PCGS-NGC hype has relegated both ANACS and ICG to also ran status. My own take is that if you peel the embellishments from a slabbed coin, its actual value is very accurately represented by the ANACS/ICG grade.

  65. Clark says

    @Hidalgo–My most significant experience with ICG was back in ’99 when I was stoked to get an ICG PR70 Delaware-S quarter. I sent it to NGC for crossover and it came back PF68. It could have been inter-TPG competitiveness, but I do recall that NGC called me before cracking open the ICG slab to ask if I still wanted the service. At the time, NGC PF70 Delaware silver proofs were selling for over $5000. I think I paid $75 for the ICG PR70 so I took the gamble and lost. Go figure.

  66. Sith says

    Clark – The hostility will happen regardless of the format. I have seen flame wars on this blog so bad that Michael has shut down the comments section. I have seen post about inoculate points in this format that just about drowns out everything else. When asked to stop the flame war the commentators get hostile, and refuse. I was not hoping that the new format would stop that, but it did make it easier to ignore. However I agree this format is better, that is until the next flame war about the next hot topic (or an old sore point) is brought up.

    In a nutshell you have to take the good with the bad, the format has nothing to do with it. If you look at the 3rd post before your post you will notice an incendiary post directed against another reader of this blog that justifies his view point that only people with money can “truly”enjoy coin collecting, This is because he feels its his entitlement to buy all the mints PM offerings but can’t based on his economical situation. It is also his opinion that no true collector would purchase the BHOF coin as it is a “circus coin.” You will now also notice I responded back to him in this post, in the old format you and the rest of the blog could have ignored it.

    In the post the blog has asked him to stop posting his biased opinion not because it is against the majority opinion but because he has to bash people in an attempt to make his point stick, IE rather than post I hate this coin, and I will no be buying it for XYZ reasons, he posts you all are dumb for buying it for look at XYZ reasons. Based on the post mentioned above you can see the results for yourself the results of our efforts.

  67. Clark says

    Thanks, Sith, and please know that my post was not directed at you. When you and I have disagreed, I actually learn from you. Your point is well taken that format does not drive hostility. I too have been following this blog since it began and have seen a lot of childish and petty attacks over a hobby that’s supposed to be fun and enjoyable, and not a clan war. My observation was just that the new reply feature enabled one particular commenter to concentrate string after string of irrational rants and attacks on one or two people.

  68. GoldGuru says

    Clark. …….I assume you are referring to me, & that’s understandable. I was provoked, maybe intentionally & went into defense mode. I should have let it go. But they got under my skin. I have since apologized & moved on. As far as being a PM expert, I’m not, but have been doing this a long time, and have information that can be helpful, & that’s what I post. I’ve yet to be asked to stop the ranting, but if asked I certainly would. I stopped on my own realizing my errors.

  69. GoldGuru says

    Hidalgo…….I’ve known Randy Campbell/ ICG, for many years. He’s @ a lot of the shows I do. He is IMO very knowledgeable and well respected by most dealers. He will be able to tell you if your coin is real, and knows what it will grade. That said, coins in NGC/PCGS holders will always demand a premium over Anacs/ICG. The fact that Mega Hoards & Numismatic Estates of the elite are submitted to them, makes them more respected, & collectors seek them. I agree with Sith, if you’re going to keep the coins, it doesn’t matter, youll @ least know they are genuine & protected from the elements.

  70. GoldGuru says

    BTW, the Smithsonian has chosen NGC to encapsulate their collection of some of the rarest coins in the USA. That & the fact they are official grader for the ANA, makes collectors want them even more. Also if u join the ANA u can submit your coins to NGC, without becoming a member, you just your ANA member # on the form.

  71. GoldGuru says

    PittP. ……..I definitely recommend using NGC/PCGS for Pre 1933 coins. The vast majority of my collection consists of them. Love the older coins, they have been bought & held by many collectors for many years. IMO.

  72. Pittsburgh P says

    Thx for the input GG… The ones I am getting encapsulated were passed down to me from my father whose had them since he was a child growing up in the great depression and I will be passing them down as well… I love them in raw form but feel they will be better maintained for many years to come in slabs. That being said I may use ANACS only because I won’t have to send them off since they will be grading onsite at a show I will be at. I know nothing will occur 99.9% of the time but the sentimental value along with the monetary value keeps me from mailing them and chancing it. Thanks again

  73. Pittsburgh P says

    By the way I taped an HSN coin collector show last week to see what everyone was laughing about… After watching it today I now understand! He is a nut but very likely an extremely rich one. I don’t see how he gets away with the lies… he claimed the clad BHoF coins were “probably” sold out, then it was “more than likely”, then I think he slipped up and actually said they were. By my calculations there are over 500,000 left… I know that it’s not ethical but couldn’t that be considered false advertising? IDK after watching 20 minutes or so I couldn’t do it anymore! It was amusing at the least though… just not for those who has bought from him I guess.

  74. Jeff in TX . says

    I still think that if the Mint released a silver eagle with the new look , plus from each mint(P,D,S,W) it would sell. 2 set old and new. New set each month, proof then burndish. 8 sets in all for 2015.

  75. fmtransmitter says

    How about the new reverse of SE with the Gold Kennedy set later this year??? Hmmm…Could get interesting AND expensive!

  76. Dave says

    Got my Unc & PF clad HOF half dollars today. Unfortunately, both will be returned to the Mint. I am very disappointed to pay almost 30 X face to receive coins in worse shape than most the cashier at Target hands to me (except for the occasional finger print!)
    I thought about listing them on the Bay (for about ten seconds) and then my conscience told me how truly unethical it would be to try to profit on these poorly minted (handled?) coins.
    I would have trouble selling them at list price!
    Unc – baseball side – looks like scratches or bag marks in the shape of a Z or 2 to the right of “unum” about 3 stitches of the baseball wide. Very visible to the naked eye.
    PF – baseball side – below “U” in United, 4 visible scratch/bag marks, two of which are serious and long.

    The leather grain of the glove is just awesome. Nice job on that aspect!

    Sadly, both will be returned to the Mint. Undecided about replacements as I have additional clads coming to complete the other sets. I may just have one cladless set.

    Both coins and the MS70 bag were shipped separately requiring 5 UPS ATTEMPTS and then 2 trips to the UPS facility, $10 gas, 3.5 hrs I of my time. After much frustration regarding waste of time and petroleum , a call to the mint CS rep now has all shipments being held at the UPS facility for a week so I only need to go once a week . This is due to the UPS CS lady telling me that they were instructed to NOT HOLD for pick up after 3 attempts. Her supervisor overrode the ship back last night so I could come in today to get above clads – only because I was there with all attempted delivery forms to get the bag. The preceding policy was confirmed by the mint CS this morning ( NO, it was not Amy). They were even going to return the stupid bag!

    GRRRRRRRR. It’s not easy being a working stiff.

  77. Dustyroads says

    ClevelandRocks, Credit cards with $30,000.00 limits are pretty common, even promotional offers for cash @ 2-4%. A person really doesn’t have to be rich to be able to access $50,000.00 or $75,000.00 cash with promotional offers as long as they have no credit issues.

  78. Larry says

    @Dave – I hear your frustration. Why the mint changed their UPS policy is beyond comprehension. Used to be you could call UPS and they would hold it at a local UPS for pick up. Now you can’t. What do these people that make these rules think? Us folks that work for a living just can’t always be home when UPS delivers. To get my RP Buff I was forced to take a day off, there seemed to be no other way. I shouldn’t have to call the mint and hope I can get them to call UPS and allow me to pick it up there. It just makes no sense. And it’s a shame, because I really love the mints products. Every time I buy something that costs more than $300, I cringe. Why can’t the mint let US choose how we want things shipped? Why can’t there be a little check box that says I give the OK to let me pick up something at UPS? Sounds good to me!

  79. SilverFan says

    Dave: Before you return them be sure that what you are seeing are not the mint marks, engravers initials or other stitching that is part of the design.

  80. high low silver says

    I just lubed my mint bag with some fake saddle soap !!!!!! MS 99 Id say.Thanks for the old school site !!! Sorry PP.

  81. Dave says

    If your order gas not shipped, you can call the mint and tell them to instruct UPS to hold them at their facility upon receiving. Only downside is YOU will have to closely monitor progress as there will not be a note stuck on your door when they arrive! Mint CS arranged that for me this morning for my gold and silver HOFs. I suggested your check box idea on the order site (great minds think alike? I doubt it will go anywhere, but next time I get a survey request you can bet it will be one of my suggestions.

    Those engraver initials ARE pretty small, but that is not the problem. I believe the coins were simply mishandled along the packaging process. On the half, if you think the mint mark is damage, better see an optometrist quick….it looked pretty clear to my 67 year old eyes!

    I will let ya all know how the UPS hold works out.

  82. Dave says

    If your order gas not shipped, you can call the mint and tell them to instruct UPS to hold them at their facility upon receiving. Only downside is YOU will have to closely monitor progress as there will not be a note stuck on your door when they arrive! Mint CS arranged that for me this morning for my gold and silver HOFs. I suggested your check box idea on the order site (great minds think alike? I doubt it will go anywhere, but next time I get a survey request you can bet it will be one of my suggestions.

    Those engraver initials ARE pretty small, but that is not the problem. I believe the coins were simply mishandled along the packaging process. On the half, if you think the mint mark is damage, better see an optometrist quick….it looked pretty clear to my 67 year old eyes!

    I will let ya all know how the UPS hold works out.

    Thanks for everyone’s help on this blog. It is a blessing for collectors!

  83. ips_stuff says

    Looking for some insight/help

    When ordering from the mint and having products shipped to my house, the tracking numbers work great and give valid information. When shipping to my PO box they never work. I now have a shipping that I believe is missing. The tracking number is suffixed with UPS and I know it does not ship ups, since on the same order I have already received “the bag” and silver hof coins and the box was marked usps priority mail. I also received a gold shipment of HOF today for a different order that indicated it was shipping on 4/10. I can’t even use the number below the ZIP USPS signature confirmation on the box I received to find what is or is not a useful close for my missing item. The mint can only tell me they will send me a form for missing shipment that indicates it shipped 4/7, they can’t track it either.

    any help or insight would be appreciated.

  84. Sith says

    …for the most part I hate expedited shipping. I understand why its is done but not how it is implemented

  85. Dustyroads says

    ips, I had my gold shipped to me with a USPS tracking number and a UPS at the end. Although I couldn’t track it, the US Mint customer service rep was able to track it. If I were you, I would call the Mint again and try another rep. Or, your post master should be able to track it.

  86. IndenturedServant says

    regarding the 5 oz ATB pucks and quality issues mentioned by Provident. Initially I started collecting these both the bullion and collectible version. What a fiasco that first issue was! Anyway I seem to recall that getting very high grade bullion coins was very difficult because the devices on the coins stand just a tidy bit proud of the rim so when the put them into the tubes they rub against each other and cause damage. Since Provident has stopped selling individual coins and switched to monster boxes only leads me to believe this is still the case.

    How many coins come in a 5oz ATB monster box anyway? Surely not 500 I hope!

  87. MarkInFlorida says

    ips same thing happened to me I called the Mint and they tracked it and I asked the tracking number and it was the same as the one online, but without the UPS at the end, and with an extra zero. Then I tried taking the UPS off my other shipment number and added zero, nothing, added 1, etc. until I added 4 and it worked!

    So take the number, delete the UPS and try it with 0, then with 1, then with 2, etc. and eventually you should get your real tracking number. By the way,my gold arrived safely at my PO box with that number.

  88. Dustyroads says

    The only problems I personally have encountered with the AtB bullion coins is the rub marks which seem to be prevalent on many of the coins and do appear to originate at the Mint. Provident must believe that they will do ok selling only in high quantities, which will probably be the case. I really can’t blame Provident for not wanting to deal with all the nit picking from conscientious bullion collectors, they can just order theirs from APMEX, as I will!

  89. Ray says

    @Dustyroads, how do you have UPS 2nd day air delivered to your po box? jw. I also liked having a po box, but ups and fedex wouldnt deliver to it. Maybe its an old policy.

  90. IPS_STUFF says


    Thanks for the tip – so added #7 and found my tracking. It indicates it was delivered on 4/9
    I have received other packages on the 9th and three today (11th), so either they local post office has lost it
    or someone took it. I will take the tracking information to the local post office on Monday and try to be polite about it.

  91. HIdalgo says

    Off Topic – I noticed this message on USMint.gov this morning. I’m not sure what its impact will mean to those who ordered the maximum (or near-maximum) numbers of BHOF coins.

    2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Coin Program: Due to the extremely strong demand for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins, household order limits apply to all products. The United States Mint will continue to evaluate these ordering limits on a regular basis and adjust or remove the limits accordingly. We appreciate your patience as we work hard to provide you all of your coin collecting needs.

  92. thePhelps says

    @Hidalgo – that message means almost nothing. That is/was posted when the HOF coins were released and the mint set the HH limits. The mint could have adjusted the limits again higher or lower – but they typically don’t do it discreetly. If they were going to change the limits they would have announced it again. They aren’t just changing them quietly – they set them and haven’t changed them to something else after the orders were taken.

    There aren’t any – you ordered 50 we are shipping you 40 notices going out.

  93. HIdalgo says

    @thePhelps – your assumption is the same as mine. However, as you know, one should never assume….

    I do find it interesting that the US Mint would post such a notice on its home page. I don’t have to worry since I did not place any orders at or even close the maximum amounts for the gold, silver, or clad BHOF coins.

  94. Doug says

    Curious when someone finally gets an order for ATB from Provident. Did you guys check out the picture they posted for the single GSM ATB. Poor George looks like they took a rake to his head with deep grooves going across the coin. So may be they opened there first monster box and found all the coins had these scrapes? Wouldn’t you just take a picture of one of the 2013 ATB’s for the image of George if this was the case? I guess kudos to them for being honest about quality control and telling everyone there are issues with the coins and actually posting the image of the real coins even with the damage. I hope when buyers get their bullion with this damage they won’t just send them back since you were warned to begin with. Since they told me they wouldn’t issue individual coins I already purchased elsewhere but I really prefer to use Provident again.

  95. Dustyroads says

    Ray, I didn’t have the Mint ship in any reticular way, I just have a P.O. on file with them. This most recent shipping of the gold HoF order is the first time the Mint has shipped to me using USPS, and the UPS on the end of the tracking number is a mystery to everyone, even the Mint rep. Typically the Mint ships to me using Fedex, and they deliver to a post office 5 miles north of my town, then that post office delivers to my post office. I’ve never had a problem with it.

  96. HIdalgo says

    By the way, the announcement about ordering limits for the BHOF coins appears on USMint.gov’s “Shop” home page (versus the main home page).

    The “Shop” home page also clarifies the USMint’s policy on its free bag giveaway. It states:

    About the Shipment of Free Bags: Customers whose products are on backorder received their free reusable bags in a separate shipment as part of our “We Love Our Customers” promotion. Customers will not be charged an additional $4.95 for their upcoming order.

  97. stephen m says

    The first year, 2006w uncirculated ase, that I purchased in NGC black label 20th anniversary 70 sets has appreciated to the point that the asking price for the uncirculated coin in the set has an asking price of what I paid for the three coin set. I don’t know why but the same coin in ms70 without the black label sells for considerably less.

  98. mark says

    The 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle in the Blue Label comes from the gold and silver set not the silver set. The one from the silver set will have a Black Label, . Hope this helps.

  99. Ikaika says

    @ Stephen m

    The black label coin was part of the three coin anniversary set. The TPG companies only assigned this label if they were sent in the sealed mint box. Besides this, there is really no difference in the coins. In fact, the regular 2006 w burnished might have come from the same batch as those placed in the anniversary set.

  100. S. Knight says

    These “W” uncirculated American Silver Eagles from 2006 have been dropping in mintages.

    I believe – don’t know if this is the Mint Audit number(s) – this is the score:

    2006 W = 466,573
    2007 W = 533,757
    2008 W = 533,757
    2011 W = 409,927
    2012 W = 226,120
    2013 W = 216,000 ish still in a UNC dollar set being sold now
    2014 W = unknown but issued

    I bought right they would make a NICE sub-set – kinda like in a way –
    like the CC Morgans of yesteryear. So would the sub-set ASE REVERSE PROOFS as,
    Of course, the 2011 S = 99,882 to match.

    Best wishes out there.

  101. stephen m says

    Ikaika, That’s right but the black label w70 commands a premium. Only difference is the label or pedigree. Thanks. @mark the blue label, in ms70, you speak of commands an even higher price than the black label. As Ikaika said all three could have came from the same batch. The difference is the label signifying where it was supposedly to have come from.

  102. Ikaika says

    @ Stephen m

    Yes, the label in these cases is the difference. If the coins were removed from the holders, nobody could tell which came from where. Similar things happening with these releases by the mint at the coin shows (e.g. ANA RP buffalo and the BHOF coins). I personally do not care about these, but there is always someone willing to pay more for the label. IMHO, in the long term these labels will be meaningless.

  103. Dustyroads says

    I picked up my Shenandoah circulation quality AtB-S roll yesterday at the post office, these are very “proof like,” they even appear more so to me than all the other examples of this type of quarter. Anyone else think so?

  104. Mark Rex says

    @Dusty; didn’t know the post office sold new atb coins; is that all or just select post offices?

    Does anyone know the populations of ms70/pr70 for the gold bhof in ngc and pcgs? Can’t seem to find it anywhere, I want to find out the odds of getting a 70 for my coins.

  105. thePhelps says

    @Mark Rex – I think Dusty meant he picked them up at his PO Box at the post office.

    I think it is too soon to get a good reading on the 70 numbers. I couldn’t find the numbers either – but I’ve seen them posted somewhere. If they are anywhere near last years WP ASE it would be a definite huge win for the mint, but I suspect they will be much less than that.

  106. Blair J Tobler says

    Now we have to click on “Older Comments” to see the beginning? Definitely not a fan of the new format…..

  107. says

    PCGS population report for gold. 75% unc & 80% proof have graded 70. About 125 of each graded thus far.

    Silver…63% unc and 64% proof have graded 70. (out of 380 uncs and 545 proofs graded)

    The pop reports are only upgraded once a week.

  108. Dave says

    So the true premium is not really on the 70, but what’s printed on the pretty slip of paper at the top of the slab? Sorry, that’s not for me – think I’ll stay with gvt. Box & cert!

  109. thePhelps says

    Dave – I think many of us believe the label craze will eventually fade. (I really hope people figure out they can buy a printer and make labels).

    The grading aspect is what TPG is suppose to provide – not some “retro-cool-classic-holder and label”. It does appear far too many new collectors are into labels, and far too many profiteers are all about making the labels an aspect of collecting.

    Since I started collecting coins years ago – and first started seeing graded coins regularly – the mantra has always been buy the coin not the grade – and has evolved to buy the coin not the label. Early on grading by different companies left a lot to be desired and you were always told to use your own eyes – I don’t see this as having changed that aspect to me. My eyes tell me a graded 70 coin – that I agree with the grade – is worth no more in a retro – cool holder than any other equally 70 graded coin.

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