2014 Warren G. Harding Presidential $1 Coin Cover

Tomorrow, February 27, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2014 Warren G. Harding $1 Coin Cover. This will be the 29th release within the American Presidency $1 Coin Cover series.


Each cover contains two 2014 Warren Harding Presidential Dollars sourced from the first day of production at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities, which occurred on January 8, 2014 and January 6, 2014, respectively. The coins are mounted on a display card and placed within an envelope illustrated with a picture of the President. The envelope also contains a USPS A Flag for All Seasons stamp, which is post marked Galion, OH, February 27, 2014. The city of Galion, OH includes neighborhood of Blooming Gorve, where Warren G. Harding was born.

The covers are priced at $19.95 each or are available through the US Mint’s online subscription program at the reduced price of $17.95 each.

There is a product limit of 20,000 units, which is the same limit used for last year’s covers. There are no household ordering limits imposed.

The product page states that the covers will be available for one year from the initial on-sale date or until inventory is depleted prior to the one-year time frame. The US Mint has unevenly applied the “one-year time” frame criteria. Some of last year’s products including this language still remain available for sale after the one year mark.

baseball-hof-coin2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins

The United States Mint has recently posted the on-sale date for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins. The proof and uncirculated $5 gold coins, silver dollars, and clad half dollars will go on sale March 27, 2014. Pricing is still to be determined.

All three coins share a common obverse design depicting a glove and a common reverse design depicting a baseball. The coins are curved, with a concave obverse and convex reverse. The subject matter of the coins and the unusual shape have made the program one of the most anticipated in recent years.

The public will get their first look at the coins during the ANA National Money Fair held in Atlanta from February 27 – March 1, 2014. In a press release, the US Mint announced that their booth would include a display containing the upcoming 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins.

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  1. fmtransmitter says

    Something is coming from the Mint…I have a tracking number and it says it left Plainfield. I hope I am not waiting on a bag…Where is my order for coins??

  2. fmtransmitter says

    I am sure there will be sales and on site grading. They took a bunch of the 5 Star commems to the last show and sold them. I bet they will be selling them at the show and have “special” labels for the on site grading too.

  3. Jake says

    Does the Baseball Hall of Fame really need the surcharge of coins? Baseball is a multi billion dollar industry. They should not stick it to the little guy with surcharges on coins.

  4. stephen m says

    It looks like gold will increase for us on the BHOF gold commemorative instead of decreasing like I had hoped for. After the gold Kennedy half the forecast is for decreasing gold prices according to the finance page. I’ll plan on doing the best I can with the available funds I have. I would chose gold BHoF over a gold Kennedy half.

  5. VA Bob says

    Personally, I believe it was a mistake to make all 3 coins look the same. They had plenty of design options.

  6. Eddie says

    I hope the Mint will have a set of silver proofs and a set of class. Instead of buying them individually.

  7. Jerry Diekmann says

    Interesting that none of the comments (so far) concerns the subject of Warren Harding. If ever there was a president undeserving of commemoration on anything other than a roll of toilet paper, it would be this loser. There have been a few other undeserving louts before him and a few to come after him (depending on how long they live), but for the epitome of incompetence, this guy has to take the cake. They’re not even sure how the guy died – his sudden death on a tour of Alaska and the western states was ruled a “heart attack”, but more than a few people think he may have been poisoned, either by his domineering wife for his philandering, or Republican Party operatives, who knew of the many scandals that would soon be pasted on to this guy’s administration – and after only 2 1/2 years. Good riddance! A little history is good for the soul sometimes.

  8. ClevelandRocks says

    Those M@%$@R F#@%#&S at the Mint just charged my credit card $4.95 for “Reusable Bag” what pr$@ks! Mad as hell! Don’t want the “free” ad that I collect coins! “Free” should mean “Free”
    I agreed to pay shipping for the coins NOT the bag!!!!!

  9. Dustyroads says

    stephen m, Gold and silver may have just bounced and now on the decline. Don’t be surprised if we end up back below 1,300. before the BHOF coins hit the market. I’ve been watching and wondering if the price of gold had the chance of going beyond 1,350., but I’m having my doubts now.

  10. says

    Duh Clevelandrocks…you have really been on a negative roll lately…cool your jets…your coins will ship for free….you said you agreed to pay for shipping, and that’s all you’ll pay…$4.95 for your bag and coins.

  11. ClevelandRocks says

    If the Mint “loves their customers” then why don’t they care what we think?
    Don’t remember a survey about a free “I have a coin collection at my house” bag.

  12. ClevelandRocks says

    AND they did charge my credit card for something I did NOT agree to pay for. May have to call my credit card company to dispute the charge.

    In case you don’t get it, the Mint figured out a way to make it harder for you to cancel an order months later when you realize the supply/ demand ratio is not to your liking, when they aleady charge your card, mailed you the bag and then wait months to ship you your coins. Clever, but illegal.

  13. says

    Is anyone here going to the ANA show in Atlanta 2/27-3/1 ?

    As has been mentioned, will the Mint be selling the Baseball HoF coins and TPG grade them with a special label like last years Chicago ANA coins?

    I don’t live that far away, and may go…I’d like to see some of that Saddle Ridge gold hoard.

  14. mark says

    Just check the (bag) cancel box if you dont want the bag, I just did. Now that I see what the mint is up to.

  15. Ikaika says

    OT: Just giving a heads up for those that also collect currency. The new $100 notes just went on sale at the BEP website. You can buy uncut sheets of 4, 8 and 16. Cheers!

  16. fmtransmitter says

    Those are Dimmick’s stolen coins that were NEVER FOUND. It is exactly as described. About $30,000 in double eagles. He used a few grand to have fun before being caught and sent to jail. That is what I believe anyhow. It all makes sense, they were in pristine “mint fresh” BU condition, so thy hadn’t gone from the Mint to even a Bank yet. Those are the Dimmick coins and the Government is going to try to take them, watch. I am going to bid face value on one on Amazon in May..

  17. fmtransmitter says

    The price goes UP for more bills rather than down…Wow…$480 for $400 in un cut paper. I will be passing…$1600 is $1776..Ha Ha, funny money…

  18. fmtransmitter says

    Thanks Jerry Diekmann, always enjoy reading your posts.
    CR, chill out, they will ship your coins for the remainder cost of the coins ONLY, no extra shipping will be charged. They have ALWAYS shipped what is in stock FIRST on ANY order and charge the $5 S&H, then when the other items become IN STOCK, they ship those for the price of the items, NO MORE S&H…

  19. DCDave says

    I think the Limited Edition Silver Set will end up with a decent premium so I wouldn’t sweat the $5. I think once the sales are above 45,000 they will sell out fast. This may happen by the end of May.

  20. says

    uncut $100 sheets….fm, the price goes DOWN for more bills, not UP.

    4 bills @ $480 is $120/bill
    16 bills @ $1776 is $111/bill

  21. says


    I suspect the reason no one is talking about the Harding coins is exactly for the reasons you described! 🙂


    My memory is not always the most reliable, but I believe they often announce special sets after the initial releases of the commemorative coins, probably as a way to try to juice flagging sales. We may see something for the baseball coins later in the way.

    VA Bob,

    Agreed, they should have used different designs for each of the coins. They had a ton of candidates from the contest submissions. I’m not sure what was behind the decision to make them all look the same. Won’t stop me from buying all six though!


    I agree, I think we will finally get to see how the “waiting room” works. I am expecting heavy web traffic on the first day of sales for these.

  22. Brian says

    I don’t really want a “special set” for the baseball coins with any sort of extra literature or trinkets.

    But I do like the big commemorative coin sets of years past, so I would like a 6 coin set so that I can have all six coins while minimizing packaging.

  23. Ikaika says

    I purchased the $400 sheet. But it does come with free shipping 😉 if that is a consolation for anyone. The question is whether these notes will have anything special (e.g. low serial number, star note etc…). Since they will be uncut, I am sure they will have consecutive numbers. And yes, $80 above face is not ideal, but……. you will always have $400 in your pocket.

  24. Ikaika says

    @ Blair J Tobler and Samuel

    The darn bag just keeping coming back! It’s like a bad dream that never goes away 🙂

  25. CW says

    I think I’d take Harding over FDR any day. History is written by the victors. Does anyone have a link to the Gold coin images?

  26. Louis says

    At the Atlanta show I am pretty sure they will only have display coins as they can’t sell them before the official release date of 3/27. But there is another major show that happens to start that day in Baltimore. I am trying to find out if they will sell them then, which would make a lot of sense.

    I have a couple pending order from the Mint and have not been charged for any bags or anything related to them. It seems very odd that people would be getting charges for shipping without the item. I would call the Mint if that happened to me as it seems like an error.

  27. JEFF in TX. says

    This is a very dumb coin offering . Baseball shaped coins. This will no doubt be a set of coins that the public will snatch up.

  28. DigMan says

    Are these “gold finders” relatives of Walter Dimmick? Did he live in that area or
    knew the property owners……………………….?????????????????????

  29. ybsane says

    Got my bag today!!!!
    It might be the best packaged box I ever got from the mint.
    It’s a beautiful bag and came with perfect folds and was held together with a strong black rubber band.
    I don’t think it will grade a perfect 70 but I still have high hopes for the next one that is on the way. Anyone know the cutoff date for First Sewn eligibility?

  30. Government Drone says

    Ikaika — re uncut notes’ serial numbers: It’s my understanding that uncut sheets are selected from specific serial number ranges (I don’t know if they’re high, low, or simply arbitrarily determined), so that it’s easier to tell if someone used an uncut sheet to manufacture “cutting errors” to pass off as error notes at profit. A paper money expert can confirm this.

  31. fmtransmitter says

    @Nick: BOAT-Break Out Another Thousand, because that will be the bid increments on one of those coins…

  32. AkBob says

    Nick – I believe they are going on sale next month on Amazon. I am going to try and get one. With this story, mystery and found recently, etc. why wouldn’t you want one unless the price is to high. I just hope I can afford on of those. They look gorgeous from the pictures.

  33. AkBob says

    Nick – Correction: In May they go on sale on Amazon. They will have some on display at the ANA show I believe as well. If it’s not the ANA show then it’s another big show, soon. Want to go in on halves on that million dollar one Nick, lol. They can cut that slab in half very accurately!!!

  34. AkBob says

    Any guess as to how much the lowest price will be for the gold cons from the Saddle Mtn Treasure find? Anyone think any will be less than $1000. After thinking about it, I doubt it.

  35. says

    @AkBob….from what I understand, about 99% of these are $20 Double Eagles….so if they average MS63 or higher, you are looking at at least $2500 for a $20 gold coin…and those are for the later years. I really think you are probably looking at a minimum of $3000….many of these will go for much more.

    It has been said the 1427 coins are worth around $10 million…so if you divide 10m by 1427 you get an average price of over $7000/coin. Yes, a couple may me worth a million each, which would effect the average price…I think these coins will sell for a premium (because of the plublicity) above what other coins in the same grade would sell for.

    If you really want one of the these coins, it will cost a lot.

  36. Ray says

    Theres a ton of speculation going on, but no hard evidence, right? Did the clerk have a family? Where did he live, and where did he live after prison (if anywhere)?Who would be tasked to investigate this officially, the secret service? what a weird and wild story. the current owners and all involved had to know about this theft. or had to have learned at some point. Its all very interesting. Its hard to see the govt just looking away. And if anyone in the govt wants to make a name for themselves, they’ll make a case out of this, one way or another. Theres nothing more crooked than a lawyer. And our govt have been the best thieves in the history of humanity. In the end I think I’m pulling for the treasure “finders”. Have they said what they intend to do with the proceeds? Just wondering.

  37. VARich says

    Ray – first thing they’ll do with the procceds is pay the 47% finders tax, still a nice cut afterwards for an evening stroll!

  38. VARich says

    Louis, I’m quite anxious to hear what you’re able to ascertain regarding the HOF in Baltimore. Just seems to coicidental that of any Thursday release, it’s the one on the first day of an expo, right up the road from mint HQ. Guess I may want to pencil in a vacation day just in case.

  39. Nick says

    No I did not get a gold wedge tail. They’re pretty though. Australia is my second largest collection.

  40. VARich says

    April is going to be a very expensive month for credit card purchasers. All the ’13 back order items are likely to hit, HOF, & you know the P puck is likely to pop up soon in addition to the AtB bullion…, thanks mint! It’s like a repeat from last fall

  41. VA Bob says

    VA Rich – I’d gladly give the gov $5 million if I found $10 million. It is money found. Of course I wish they would spend it wisely, but that would be asking too much.

  42. Jerry Diekmann says

    CW – are you saying that Harding was a loser? Well, he certainly was, in just about every way possible. People can read about him if they want to – he’s generally close to the bottom of the worst presidents as historians look at him and his presidency. If he had been president instead of FDR this country wouldn’t even exist anymore, IMO.

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