US Mint Product Release Dates January – March 2014

silver-eagleThe United States Mint recently updated their product schedule to include exact release dates for numismatic products listed from January to March 2014.

Looking down the schedule, I noticed two changes in release dates from the prior year. First, the three gift themed sets (2014 Birth Set, 2014 Happy Birthday Coin Set, and 2014 Congratulations Set) will all be released on the same date January 14, 2014. Last year, the Birth Set had been released in January followed by the release of the other two sets in late April. It makes sense to move the release dates for all three sets to the earlier date so they can be purchased for gift giving occasions throughout the year.

Second, the 2014 Kennedy Half Dollar numismatic bags and rolls have been shifted to the earlier release date of February 13, 2014 compared to a release in mid-June last year. With the 50th anniversary of the series occurring this year and a special set planned, demand for the bags and rolls may be higher this year, making the earlier release preferable.

The US Mint release schedule for January to March 2014 is produced below. The US Mint indicates that dates and prices may be subject to change.

1/7/2014 2014 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set $14.95
1/14/2014 2014 Birth Set $19.95
1/14/2014 2014 Happy Birthday Coin Set $19.95
1/14/2014 2014 Congratulations Set $54.95
1/21/2014 2014 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set $31.95
1/23/2014 2014 American Eagle One Ounce Silver Proof Coin $52.95
1/27/2014 2014 Great Smoky Mountains National Park Quarter Three-Roll Set $46.95
1/27/2014 2014 Great Smoky Mountains National Park Quarter Two-Roll Set $32.95
1/27/2014 2014 Great Smoky Mountains National Park Quarter S Roll $18.95
1/27/2014 2014 Great Smoky Mountains National Park Quarter 100-Coin Bags $34.95
2/6/2014 Warren Harding Presidential $1 Coin Rolls $32.95
2/6/2014 Warren Harding Presidential $1 Coin 100-Coin Bags $111.95
2/6/2014 Warren Harding Presidential $1 Coin 250-Coin Boxes $275.95
2/11/2014 2014 Great Smoky Mountains National Park Quarter Three-Coin Set $9.95
2/13/2014 2014 Kennedy Half-Dollar Two-Roll Set $32.95
2/13/2014 2014 Kennedy Half-Dollar 200-Coin Bag $139.95
2/18/2014 2014 Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set $18.95
2/27/2014 2014 Warren Harding $1 Coin Cover $19.95
3/20/2014 2014 Native American $1 Coin Rolls $32.95
3/20/2014 2014 Native American $1 Coin 100-Coin Bags $111.95
3/20/2014 2014 Native American $1 Coin 250-Coin Boxes $275.95
3/25/2014 2014 United States Mint Proof Set $31.95
3/31/2014 2014 Shenandoah National Park Quarter Three-Roll Set $46.95
3/31/2014 2014 Shenandoah National Park Quarter Two-Roll Set $32.95
3/31/2014 2014 Shenandoah National Park Quarter S Roll $18.95
3/31/2014 2014 Shenandoah National Park Quarter 100-Coin Bags $34.95

Other News

one-ounceIn other news, the individual one ounce 2013-W Proof Gold Eagle has sold out. This follows the previous sell out of the Four Coin Proof Set, which contained the coin, earlier this week.

The individual one ounce coin had a product limit of 20,000. The most recent sales report indicates sales of 16,556, so unless there was an enormous influx of orders in the last few days, it seems likely that the US Mint did not produce the coins to the full extent of the limit.

The sold out Four Coin Proof Set had last reported sales of 7,876. Across the two product options, this indicates total sales of 24,432 for the one ounce 2013-W Proof Gold Eagle. This amount may change with next week’s report, but it is already above the total sales of 23,805 for the one ounce 2012-W Proof Gold Eagle.

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  1. Ralph says

    I am still curious about all the Kennedy Halves minted in Oct. At the time it was thought they might be getting an early start to the 2014 coins due to the high demand expected. Then, I read in Coin World how the 2013 Kennedy’s have already sold over 9 million this year, way more than the last several years. Any idea’s Michael?

  2. Ralph says

    Also, I wish they would release the 2014 Native American Dollar’s right around the same time as the Kennedy’s. It’s nice to have both coin’s available at the same time.

  3. high low silver says

    Ralph: these KENNEDYS used to have a determined mintage ie 2007,08,09…I didn’t see the mintage for 2013 comming, and now a Feb release ?? Maybe the mint is going to have a 2002-2014 special clad KENNEDY Set offered later this year.

  4. Zaz says

    The ATBs 5oz not showing up early in the year is not surprising, in both 2012 and 2013 the first coin didn’t show up until May.

  5. Don says

    O.K., let’s break down the 2013 Kennedy circulating coin figures. As of Dec. 29, the Mint reported that 31,019 P&D 2 roll sets have been sold. This represents a total of 1,240,760 coins. The Mint also reports that 9,982 200- coin bags of P&D sets have been sold. This represents an additional total of 1,996,400 coins.
    Therefore, the grand total of 2013 Kennedy halves sold through Dec. 29 is 3.237,160.
    The Mint reports in its “circulating coins production figures” that 9.6 million 2013 P&D Kennedy halves have been made. So, at last report, we have slightly over 3.2 million Kennedys sold. What is the Mint going to do with the remaining 6.4 million Kennedys that it supposedly produced?
    I still think the production figures are a mistake, unless anyone can determine otherwise. The trend for the past several years has been around 3.6 million Kennedy halves minted and sold. Why is 2013 any different?

  6. high low silver says

    Don, Maybe the mint is hoarding them ? Take a look @ 2002 to 2011 mintage …..2012 and 13 seem to generate intrest unless you are correct about the 13 figures. Like I said there was a pre determined mintage back then and I waited till the last minute to buy them.

  7. Samuel says

    whats the right way to do the sub?
    1. Select a product below.
    2. Enter the quantity into the “Quantity Box.” This is the number of units you will receive.
    3. Select the “Subscribe” button.

    i followed these 3 steps, they are in the cart, but not in the sub section.
    do i need to check out?

  8. Zeeman says

    SameuL@ yes i need to ckeck out, thats how i did it, u get e-mail right after that, i subs for the 5 oz and they show up in mu subs.

  9. Samuel says

    Zeeman, thx for the clarification, i subscribe quarter set and 5oz, chekced out, got email, the quarter set shows up in the sub section, but not the 5oz, why?

  10. Samuel says

    since only the quarter sets shows up, so i cancel the sub, got email, but only the quarter cancellation in the email. they did not pick up the 5oz at all?

  11. says

    Samual….I subscribed to only to the 5 oz ATB. I checked out etc, got a confirmatiom email with order # and it shows up when I look at tracking. However, it still does not show up under “my account-my subscriptions”. While I’m sure I have a subscription, if it doesn’t show up under your subscriptions, you can not edit/cancel your subcription without calling customer service.
    I know others have called about this (and had multiple subs) and were told that it could only show so much data…which is bs as I only have one sub.

    Anyway, I thought I’d wait a week or two until I call. Also, does anyone know if you can have more than one subscription for the same item? If so, I might prefer getting 2 ATB’s sent separately instead of together….I’d pay the extra $4.95.

  12. Samuel says

    so, i sub the 5oz AGAIN, got email, but still not in the my sub section. what should i do?

  13. says

    Samual…just a clarification…when I say I can not cancel the ATB sub. it’s because it’s been awhile and shows as shipped.

  14. says

    I don’t know…but again…if you get the confirmation email, I’m sure we have a sub even if we can only see it in order history or track order.

  15. Zeeman says

    what i did was i placed my subs. checked out got e-mail, didnot show up in subs for few days, and i check again and now its in my subs, i think place the order and give it few days. hopefully that helps.

  16. Zeeman says

    for first time, i feel lucky, it was easy for me to do the subs and i never done it before, wish other things in life were that easy, hahaha.

  17. VA Bob says

    I thought the Kennedy halfs were always released around Feb-Mar time frame and that last years release date was an anomaly.

  18. Jeff says


  19. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    February 7, 1964 Beatles Arrive at JFK! 50th Ann.
    Someone should mint a coin to commemorate this.

  20. Hidalgo says

    Does the law prohibit depicting foreigners, like the Beatles, from appearing on US coins? I know that foreigners can appear on medals and several already have.

  21. Mark Rex says

    What problems are they having with the 5 oz ATB’s? I thought they may be having some but havent been able to find anything about it.

  22. stephen m says

    my 5 ounce sub shows up only in the order history and not subscriptions. I also don’t have a cancel box there. Everyone here is right. Give it some time. Calling is the same as giving it some time. With a January release for the proof ase and it’s popularity surely it will reach the 1 million mark by years end. $20.00 an ounce silver for $52.95. Even with a 10% discount the price seems too high. I’m thinking about getting out of the ase game altogether. I figure if I gave up smoking cigarettes I can give up ase’s. My, my the proof silver eagle is a stunning beauty.

  23. Jon in CT says

    Alexander Hamilton was born on the island of Nevis and emigrated to the US from the West Indies as a teenager. His portrait is on the $10 Federal Reserve Note.

  24. Hidalgo says

    @Brian – thanks. I forgot about Braille. I can see foreigners appearing on commemorative coins. I can’t see them appearing on circulating coins. Of course, someone will try to find an exception, like Lady Liberty not being a real person, American Indians not being U.S. citizens before 1924, etc.

  25. simon says

    I believe Christopher Columbus, Queen Isabella, Crispus Attucks, were all “non-citizens.” It may be that Crispus was the “earliest” non Native American to be portrayed on any US coin.

  26. fmtransmitter says

    Historians disagree on whether Crispus Attucks was a free man or an escaped slave; but agree that he was of Wampanoag and African descent.

  27. Jerry Diekmann says

    I fear that the US Mint, with their proliferation of products and packages, is becoming more and more like the Royal Canadian Mint. The RCM now serves only speculators and investors, not collectors, and I hope that the USM does not also make the same mistake.

  28. Jerry Diekmann says

    Hidalgo – Louis Braille was featured prominently on a 2009 commemorative dollar. Certainly deserving of honor, but unfortunately probably PC for the blind and disabled community. No commemorative in 2008 for Teddy Roosevelt on the 150th anniversary of his birth, very unfortunate since there was only ONE commemorative program that year, for the bald eagle. No commemorative ever for MLK Jr.- again, politics rears its ugly head in DC. No commemorative for Alexander Hamilton, first Treasury Secretary, who founded the US Mint and the nation’s decimal coinage. Just military and sports themes, ad nasuem, ad infinitum …

  29. Gary says

    Wasn’t George Washington born in Virginia? Maybe my History is a little shakey? But I am pretty sure he wasn’t a “Brit”

  30. Micro says

    The very first US Commemorative coin for the 1892 Columbian Expo has Columbus on it.

    I have read from various sources that the image of MLK is copyrighted by the King family, and they want a royalty for its use — not likely to happen.

  31. says

    There are 3 items (currently known) that I really look forward to in 2014…the Kennedy set, the 5 oz ATB’s and the Baseball coins.

    I guess the three unknowns are what will be the Kennedy set/or sets, what combinations for the Basaball sets(i.e. maybe a six coin set?) and lastly, the mintage limits of the 2014-P ATB’s.

    Of course, other offering may happen(I hope) during the year.

  32. high low silver says

    I’m thinking someone with some smarts with some history of coin collecting has input…

  33. Mark Rex says

    The US Mint has confirmed to me that the max mintage for the ATB “P”s will be 25k. If they mint that many however…

  34. Nick says

    Wow, they’re very pretty. I want one now. Does Perth mint make these type of coins often? I’m unfamiliar with them. Not crazy about the queen on the reverse for a high relief though

  35. fmtransmitter says

    This is a first, you can see the information pamphlet about Mercanti’s help in the design.

  36. Ray says

    THis is a very interesting release by the Perth mint. I can tfind any info on their website though. DOes anyone have a link? I hope to see a post by MIchael on the worldmintnewsblog. I’d like to order both.

  37. AkBob says

    Wow, I really like the Australian Silver Eagle. The reverse reminds me of the reverse on the Walking Liberty kinda. I just ordered a proof and it was only $99 plus shipping. Can’t wait to see it. It’s a proof as well. Thanks FM for the heads up!!!!

  38. Samuel says

    the coins r in the new release list. but most likely, not available to US buyers, especially the gold one. not many people like the Australian high relief coins, all the HR prices r very low now.

  39. VA Bob says

    I could never get into these boutique coins (I usually pick up a Koala, a Kookaburra, a Panda, a Maple Leaf, and a Libertad in silver each year for specimen pieces to my collection). The mintages are low, but the prices are so high, one could go broke with the frequency new pieces are issued. And to boot nobody really knows how well these will do if they should ever have to sell, or if there is even a market, long after dozens of the next big thing comes out. I get the impression most of this stuff is for the US market anyway, as it doesn’t seem the mintages would satisfy the collector base in their home countries. They are pretty, and I can see the appeal, but I can say the same for pieces from the Franklin Mint that mostly sell for bullion years later. Of course collect what gives you pleasure.

  40. fmtransmitter says

    wait, AkBob, where did you order from? They don’t go on sale direct from Mint for another 12 hours or so?

  41. fmtransmitter says

    Hey, I put a link I found to the currency act for this years releases on the World site. It has some good information. Check it out if you like! Cheers!

  42. Ray says

    @fm you can buy them from their site says the silver is limited to a mintage of 10,000, and ive also ready the gold are limited to 1000. i am making an exception to my normal collecting routine by purchasing these coins. $99 is still a lot for one ounce of silver. I usually buy the bullion koala, kookooburra, chinese panda, and mexican libertad (1, 2, and 5 ounce unc), but i really like the Mercanti design. I wonder if the AUstralian Eagle will be an annual thing, or a one time thing.

  43. AkBob says

    @FM – I got it from where Ray is talking about. There are a couple on Ebay, PR70 for $365 and a uncertified w/OGP for $269. This dealer says he got the majority of the mintages from the Mint. He buys a lot from the Perth. His markup is ridiculous though. I told him I got mine for $99 and he was very surprised but I didn’t tell him where I got it. I hate paying that much for an oz of silver as well but sometimes a coin/design is worth it to you. Like VA Bob says, collect what is “your” pleasure. When I receive it I will let you know how it looks. I have been looking at and buying a lot of world coins. I accidently came across the “antique finish” coins on the bay and OMG, there are some really nice silver coins, especially with animals with series which is nice to collect for me. Sorry about being OT.

  44. says

    Personally, I’ve had my fill of these “world coins” with low mintages, but high prices.
    These are coins that fall into the “buy it if you like it” catagory…as they are really for you enjoyment and not coins you will make money from.

    While I do like and hold on to a few of these type coins (a lot of Perth mint)
    I recently sold a lot of them too (some of the Perth Opal series & high relief coins to name a few)

    But when I took a hard hard look at my inventory, I realized I had way to many $100+ 1 oz silver coins that were going nowhere….

    As other have mentioned, it’s hard to find a better value than on the US Mint’s 5 oz ATB series. To me it’s a no brainer. You get a 5 oz silver coin with a relatively low mintage and one time offering coin for what most of these “world” mint coins cost for 1 oz.

    While I will always look at and sometimes buy some of these world coins…I think I’ll focus most of my future purchases on the 5 oz ATB’s and a few other Mint offerings.

  45. Louis says

    I received advance info. from Perth and sales to the USA will be excluded for the wedge-tailed coins.

  46. simon says

    Steve : good well thought out decision !

    The 5 Oz ATBs are an American classic in the making – the envy of generations of coin collectors to come ! Just imagine a full set in OGP laid out on the dinner table hours before the Thanksgiving meal. I’ve often written, that world mints’ over priced metal stampings => rush to buy (and possibly resell). USMint’s numismatic works of art => rush to criticize. It’s enigmatic paradox in action !

  47. AkBob says

    Steve – I also focus on the 5 oz AtB’s as well, however, I purchase the bullion version by the rolls. It is one of if not the best way to stack silver, enjoy history and have lower mintages along with a price that most of us can afford, for now anyway. It fits most categories for collector’s. I also enjoy some of the world coins that happen to have lower mintages. I do not look at mintages for these as I purchase them because I really just like the coin. There are way too many low mintages for world coins. When I spoke earlier on this blog about wishing the US Mint would have lower mintages I probably should have said only low mintages on very few coins that the mint would know would be desireable. Maybe one coin a year or every other year. The RCM only produces low mintages and it has really got out of control. Who could keep up with their coins? At least they make enough different coins to make everyone happy. LOL Louis are you talking about the silver eagle mint state or proof versions? Thanks in advance

  48. Louis says

    The Perth coins (the new wedge-tailed eagles) are only being issued in high relief proof, no BU. Remember the coin is GovMint’s creation, and so Perth wants us to buy from them, or you can get it on e-Bay and maybe other dealers.
    I agree about being extra selective on world offerings. Some are worth getting but not too many. I plan to stick to US Mint stuff mostly as well but there are some world issues like the bullion coins that are worthwhile (kooks, pandas, etc.)
    I saw RCM’s line-up for Jan., and nothing interested me at all.

  49. Ray says

    I have yet to buy a coin from RCM and probably never will. They sell too many products and one could get lost keeping track what they sell. Its a complete nightmare imo, and I’ll stick to my US Mint coins with the very few exceptions of a bullion panda, kookaburra, koala, and libertad each year.

    I totally agree that the best bang for the buck are the 5oz AtBs. Its what got me back into coin collecting, and they are the centerpiece and pride of my collection.

  50. fmtransmitter says

    Well I just picked one up. I like it and I buy what I like. I sold some bullion for a profit and like the fact that the reverse is a Mercanti first outside US Mint. Thank YOU all for the site to pick it up. I am sure we will see these over on the bay increasingly but not for cheap for sure. Either way, thanks again.

  51. fmtransmitter says

    I also noticed they were not offering the gold version. If anyone finds out what the real retail is on that one let us know please.

  52. fmtransmitter says

    Duh, the pamphlet says it right on there where to get it. Anyway I assume the gold are spoken for by the deep pocket dealers and rich collectors. Now, how about that 5 ounce mentioned? Where is that??

  53. AkBob says

    FM – Where’d you see anything about a 5 ouncer? What type of coin are you talking about?

  54. fmtransmitter says

    The pamphlet on the photos of the gold coin for sale on ebay. The link I put up. Read the entire pamphlet. That is where your Mint was located also who is selling these.

  55. Eddie says

    This is off topic but I need some input about it.
    I am wanting to put together a Kennedy album I pretty much have all of the proof sets and unc sets to do it. I want to know would you go though the trouble of breaking them open to put it together or would you just buy a little here and a little there to put it together? If I were to break open the proof sets what is the best way of doing it?
    Thank you guys for the help.

  56. IPS_STUFF says

    I will answer based upon my own experience

    If you can visually inspect the single coins you buy them – do a little here and there.

    The advantage of buying sets, is that you are pretty sure they have not been touched, no finger prints or foreign matter. The disadvantage is that you may pay more as you are buying other coins you may not want. If you are cracking open previously graded coins you may also pay more and they are harder to open then us mint issued sets.

    Breaking open the sets is much easier on newer sets (1999 on or so) as it seems easier to find where the two halves of the plastic container comes together, often with your finger nail or a thin flat blade screw driver, older sets require a little more force.

    again just my experience

  57. Jag-Nut says

    For those of you who are looking to purchase the Wedge Tailed Australian Silver Eagle, they are available at ungraded for $99 each. I had issues with the checkout process however i was able to complete the order by calling them directly.

    It is a little on the high side however it is a beautiful coin and the fact that it was designed by mercanti it will be a nice addition to my collection.

  58. Sith says

    @IPS_STUFF – It has also been my experience that opening the proof sets is fairly easy when you use a jeweler’s screw driver.

    I only break extra sets as I prefer to have my sets in OGP but its a pain in the behind to show off a collection still in OGP. If you don’t have extras I would not do it but that is me. I don’t have a problem with and have bought loose single coins from a reputable source (not sure if your proofs are silver), but with the drop in silver prices it was very cost effective for me to buy unopened lens that dealers broke from full silver proof sets, and yes I noticed the difference in quality. I image the same would be true for clads. Now saying all that I don’t know how far back your going, if your going ball the way back to 1968 (including the 1964) it could add up real quick.

  59. Jon in CT says

    Samuel wrote on January 6, 2014 at 11:26 am:
    just got a 2013 silver proof eagle 70 from a dealer, too many white spots.

    Good thing you bought one with a perfect grade. Just imagine how a coin ordered directly from the US Mint would look. 🙂

  60. fmtransmitter says

    Samuel, I stopped counting how many white spots you get when you make a purchase. Sorry to read this ALOT. Have you actually had a vision test recently. I know when I cough hard I see white spots.

    Check out was fast and simple for that wedge tail on my end. It may go in for grading along several others I plan one day. May not. Depends on when I get it. I am still lokking for more information regarding the 5oz version.

  61. AkBob says

    My checkout for the wedge tailed eagle was quick and easy as well. I am planning on sending mine in for grading as well. The main reason is I’m in Alaska and live in a rain forest and we have cold temperatures and the air here is very hard to control so I worry about tonning a lot. I much prefer to hold a coin in my hand that’s in OGP. You can almost feel the coin in the capsule whereas the graded cons you don’t get that same feel unfortunately. I’m surprised a flipper isn’t buying a bunch of these up and having them graded and re-sell them. On the bay the cheapest in Gem BU Proof only is $269. A PR70 is $369. Even at $99 plus grading you could still make some pretty good money and probably enough to pay for some coins for yourself. Just a thought. I would but the wife has me on a strict budget cause I’m an addict. LOL

  62. AkBob says

    Eddie – I haven’t heard if San Fran is producing ASE’s this year or not. It is probably a little early still to know for sure. Also, in regards to your Kennedy collecction, have you consider just buying a Dansco album with ALL the coins in them. On the bay you can buy a BU set and a proof set and put them together in one album for a fairly reasonable price. Don’t buy from a TV show as their prices are very high. Then you wouldn’t have to break open your sets. The Dansco is a great way to display the Kennedy set. Wish I had one

  63. Eddie says

    @all those who gave me advice & of course answers.
    Thank you.

    @AkBob I have thought about that a lot I really don’t want to break open my sets and I do have extra ones. I would have to also buy Dansco albums to put the ones I’m really not after at the moment.
    I really did not know the Proof Sets were that easy to get into. With the prices the Mint charges you would think they could do a better job of putting them together.
    Really makes you wonder about how they grade coins! To me a70 should not have spots or anything I have heard graded coins have wrong with them.

  64. Wes says

    Having bought a couple 1964 proof and mint sets a few weeks ago seeing many sellouts. Thinking the upcoming 2014 Kennedy set may be spurring a greater demand for the 64 Kennedy’s.

  65. Eddie says

    I have noticed that about Kennedy halves. It would appear most everyone has jacked the price up for them.
    That should mean some pretty good ones will be out there but at a price.

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