Possible Price Increase for Gold Numismatic Products

Gold BuffaloPrices for the United States Mint’s numismatic gold products may be increased tomorrow. This would reverse the price decrease which took place last week.

Prices for the US Mint’s numismatic gold and platinum products are determined based on the average weekly prices of the metals. The average is calculated based on the London Fix prices from the prior Thursday AM to the current Wednesday AM. If the calculated average moves into a higher or lower tier established at $50 intervals, then a pricing change may take place. A secondary criteria requires that the Wednesday PM Fix price must agree directionally with any change.

The available data for the latest weekly period puts the average price of gold within the $1,250 to $1,299.99 range. This is one tier higher than the range used to establish current prices.

Pricing action will likely be dependent on the Wednesday PM fix price. If the price is $1,250 or higher, then a price increase would take place. If the prices is below $1,250, then prices would remain unchanged.

As mentioned, a price increase would reverse the price increase which took place last week. This would bring the prices for the 2014-dated gold products up from the lowest levels of the year.

Impacted products include the 2014-W Proof Gold Eagles, 2014-W Proof Gold Buffalo, and 2014-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle, as well as the 2013-dated First Spouse Gold Coins. Prices would be increased proportionally by $50 per ounce of gold content.

Price changes for numismatic gold products have typically been made effective mid-morning Wednesday.

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  1. VA Rich says

    Haha cag – you know with these tanking & will be worth spot in a week or two.. (I say feciously), that’s a good cash price given fleabay fees! You might want to retain that dollar, we’ll need that extra dollar for all this JFK stuff.., 13 coins makes a lot of set combinations!

  2. Pittsburgh P says

    VARich you still headin to Chicago for the JFK release? You may have said somthin earlier but I havn’t read the past days posts…

  3. VA Rich says

    -That’s the plan Bro; undecided as to whether to drive up a school bus full of cub scouts or hooter girls for head of line privileges! Goona be crazy!

  4. Jersey Eagle says

    My $5 Unc HOF order from 3:52 PM Thursday March 27 changed to “In Stock and Reserved”. Check box gone.

  5. simon says

    Hidalgo : I am unclear what the difference is for the half dollars in the Uncirculated Coin Set and the business strike coins

    The “high relief” format is utilized on the 2 coin special set

  6. fmtransmitter says

    Sumthin fishy is right about 10 hof proofs on bay. seller was Denver, said ships from NYC. Dealer sold them for someone. They made money, not a lot, moved on…

  7. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Hidalgo – WRT the difference between the UNC coins and the Business Strikes, not much that I can tell. I’ve been asking that same question about the Presidential Dollar Sets ever since the Mint moved away from the “satin” finish in 2010. The one thing I have noticed is that the UNC Strikes appear to be handled alot better throughout the manufacturing process. Their surfaces are so much cleaner and void of lines, scratches and other handling marks found on the business strike coins in a typical roll.

    Based on the CoinWorld article that cagcrisp referenced in the first page of comments, all of these special issue coins, 4 silver, 2 clad and 1 gold, will use the “higher relief” obverse design:

    “The obverses of these seven 2014 coins will bear the original higher relief portrait sculpt of Kennedy that U.S. Mint Chief Engraver Gilroy Roberts executed in 1963 originally for a Kennedy medal and that was subsequently adapted for the half dollar in 1964.”

    So that 2-coin UNC Set w/ P & D mint marks will be distinctly different from the respective business strikes and Mint Set coins.

  8. VABEACHBUM says

    My apologies, Hidalgo. Simon was asking the question. Serious focus issues today.

  9. Ray says

    I count 12 unique Kennedys foor 2014:
    2 unc p/d
    2 proof p/d
    1 silver proof s
    4 coin silver set p/w/s/d
    2 clad p/d
    1 gold proof

    What am I missing?

  10. says

    Anybody see next years forward facing JFK image for the golden dollar? I’m thinking he looks like Flip Wilson, these should go well alongside our 2014 commems.

  11. simon says

    Yearly Offerings :
    2 bus P/D
    2 std Uncirc set P/D
    1 clad Pr S
    1 Ag clad Pr S

    Anniv. Offerings
    4 Sp Ag Set HR P/D/S/W
    2 Sp Clad Set HR P/D
    1 Au HR 0.75 Oz

  12. simon says

    Caveat : There may be 14 (YES FOURTEEN) types of KHs ” IF ” the USMint decides to proceed with the .9999 LESPS set format. Keep eyes peeled / ears pricked and senses alert for this one !

  13. Ray says

    Thanks guys. I didnt know they considered the halfs in the Unc sets as different from the ones in rolls and bags.

    @Simon, how is the LESPS Kennedy half different from the one in the Silver Proof set?

  14. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Simon – The coins in the LESPS are nothing more than the seven, 0.90 Silver Coins from the Mint’s Silver Proof Annual Set and the “W” PR ASE – recombined into some fancy packaging, then renamed and marketed as an even better, must-have collectible set. For labeling (and revenue) purposes, the TPGs are happy to reclassify the coin. For the Mint and most collectors, though, it’s still the same 0.90 Ag PR Kennedy Half.

  15. Ray says

    Yeah, theres no difference. They were considering making the silver halfs in the 4 coin set .9999, but they dropped the ball on that. We need to quit living like we’re in the 1700-1800s. I was hoping they would cut the nostalgia act and make these truly modern, like other countries have, by making them .999 or better.

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