2015-2016 American Platinum Eagle Reverse Design Candidates

Completing the presentation of the design candidate images recently released by the United States Mint are the potential reverse designs for the 2015-2016 American Platinum Eagles.

The typical format for the series has been to feature the static design of the portrait of the Statue of Liberty on the obverse and soaring bald eagle on the reverse for the bullion versions of the coins. After the first year of issue, the numismatic versions of the coin have featured the Statue of Liberty obverse design paired with an annually rotating reverse design. On many occasions, the reverse designs have followed a multi-year theme, such as the recent six year series presenting the core concepts of American Democracy as found in the Preamble to the Constitution.

For the next two years, a specific multi-year theme has not been established. Rather the 31 design candidate images released cover a variety of themes and concepts, although some designs are presented with a companion and in some cases one or more designs follows a common theme.

Images of all design candidates follow, along with descriptions of the themes and elements included.

AEP_R_01 AEP_R_02

Design 1 represents the “Freedom to Achieve” with a depiction of a young girl reading. She has the freedom of self-determination and the freedom to achieve all to which she aspires. Design 2 is presented as a companion design “Liberty Nurtures Freedom” with a depiction of Liberty kneeling to inspect the branch of an olive tree while extending her hand to a dove. A quiver of arrows appears at her feet to symbolize that while Liberty encourages and fosters peace, she remains ready to fight to preserve it.

AEP_R_03 AEP_R_04 AEP_R_05 AEP_R_06

The next three designs carry depictions of Liberty and an American bald eagle representing freedom with the image of a globe incorporated. Liberty is encouraging the eagle to take flight as an ambassador of democracy. Design 6 is presented as a companion to the previous three designs as an image of Liberty continuing to nurture and sustain freedom.

AEP_R_07 AEP_R_08 AEP_R_09

Designs 7 and 8 depict Liberty with flowing hair and robe waving in the winds of freedom. She holds a torch of enlightenment and an olive branch to represent peace. There are thirteen olives on the branch to represent the original 13 colonies. Design 9 is presented as a companion to the prior two designs with the depiction of a bald eagle grasping the olive branch in its talons to symbolize peace.

AEP_R_10 AEP_R_11

Designs 10 and 11 are presented as companions which celebrate the patriotic spirit of young people through the opening and closing words of the song America. The first design “My Country Tis of Thee” shows three children singing with the musical notes corresponding to the words shown below. The second design “Let Freedom Ring” shows the Liberty Bell with the corresponding musical notes.


Design 12 “Liberty and the American Dream” depicts an allegorical female falconer releasing an eagle into the sky to represent Liberty and the American dream of opportunity. The female figure wears of a wreath of olive leaves and carries a quiver of arrows.


Design 13 “American Opportunity” shows an outstretched hand reaching for the stars to represent the United States as the land of opportunity. The three stars pictured represent life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Design 14 shows the Liberty Bell depicted in a tilt as it is in the process of ringing with the words “Land of the Free” incused.

AEP_R_15 AEP_R_16

Design 15 “Liberty as America’s Strength” carries a depiction of Liberty cradling fasces to represent unity while waving a flag and boldly moving forward. Design 16 is presented as a companion and shows Liberty shining a torch over symbols of what makes America great. The symbols include the fasces for unity, the olive branch for our love of peace, and classical architectural elements for our tradition.


Design 17 features a male figure holding a sword in defense of our liberties while offering an olive branch of peace to the world. The inscription within the background reads “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

AEP_R_18 AEP_R_19

Design 18 “Foundation of Our Country” depicts Liberty sitting on a classical capitol while protecting the fruits of our labor. The companion Design 19 “America’s Future” depicts Liberty protecting a child who holds the Declaration of Independence.

AEP_R_20 AEP_R_21

Design 20 “Land of Opportunity” carries the images of a city, house, and farm to represent the different parts of the American landscape and different people’s idea of the American dream. A soaring bald eagle and the American flag appear above. Design 21 is presented as the companion with an apple tree branch bearing fruit as a symbol of opportunity.


Design 22 features a depiction of an American bald eagle as a symbol of strength and freedom. The eagle is shown in heraldic tradition with its talons grasping an olive branch and bundle of arrows.


Design 23 depicts Libertas, the Goddess of Freedom, holding the American flag. The American bald eagle is seen in the background landing on a wild olive branch.


Design 24 depicts Freedom holding in one hand a sword for defense and in the other a shield representing the Constitution of the United States along with a victor’s wreath.


Design 25 “Wisdom Seeks Justice” depicts Wisdom on the seat of Justice holding a book of knowledge and balanced scales representing equality. The sword of justice lies across her lap and her foot rests on a sphere representing the globe.

AEP_R_26 AEP_R_27

Design 26 carries a depiction of Liberty reading to children in order to represent American values regarding education, family, and freedom of speech and suggest the importance of teaching the rising generation about our founding principles, including life, liberty, justice, and the rule of law. The companion Design 27 depicts Liberty as a child reading, also underscoring the importance of education.


Design 28 carries an image of Victory holding an eagle aloft, which appeared as a figurehead on the breastwork of the flagship USS Olympia in 1898 after the Spanish American War.


Design 29 features a rose, which has been America’s national floral emblem since 1986. The repeating border features 13 eagles and 13 stars as symbols of the original 13 colonies.


Design 30 features Liberty stepping forward with the rising sun emitting 13 rays in the background. She carries a sword to signify vigilance against oppression and holds a torch as a beacon of hope and freedom.


Design 31 depicts three figures holding a torch in unity to represent a diverse American society moving confidently into the future with its path lit by the torch of liberty.

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  1. GoldFishin says

    R1- Freedom to be a couch potato, really does express our current state of affairs.
    R2- “Dance like an Egyptian” comes to mind.
    R3-R6- That woman is even less attractive than most of the FS coins.
    R7-R8- I know VA BOB will like these, but just a little too revealing is Miss Liberty.
    R9- A hawk or an eagle?
    R10-11 – No and No!
    R12 – Is she going to shoot the eagle after releasing it?
    R13- “My Miss Liberty what beautifully large hands you have…)
    R14 – Might as well crack the other side…
    R15- Is that a flag or a Fema shelter?
    R16 – the best so far.
    R17- “I am Spartacus” with very poor handwriting skills!
    R18 – Its a bad hair day on the plains…
    R19 – “Hey Link…where is Zelda?”
    R20-21 – no comment
    R22 – feel your pain, I also hate it when I step in chewing gum. Not very imaginative.
    R23- I apologize to R18, now THAT is a bad hair day!
    R24- Get rid of the hair bow thing, center the image and enlarge slightly and not bad.
    R25- Justice is scary ugly.
    R26- Nice family photo. The message is nice. Not for a platinum coin.
    R27- That is one chunky thigh…maybe less reading and more exercising.
    R28- And they thought the eagle on the Morgan dollars was ugly. Whew!
    R29- I wouldn’t buy it.
    R30- starting to run out of options, maybe?
    R31 – One more PC coin and I am going to just give up. Maybe for an olympic coin.

    I guess I am glad I don’t collect platinum coins. I really would like to see some more options.

  2. gary says

    Some very nice concepts among these drawings.
    Some very confusing concepts among these drawings.

    It would be a good idea for the Mint to figure out if a multiyear theme is planned and for how many years as well. Otherwise, each year could just be a single year theme until and unless something brilliant is conceived.

  3. GoldFishin says

    @VA RICH- when you placed your practice order, when you got to the screen that showed your shipping and/or billing address…was the entire address showing? When I placed a practice order only one line of my shipping address was showing…no city, state, zip code, name, just my address line which is a P.O. Box. Don’t think I would get it if the label printed and shipped that way, do you? 😉

    I have Firefox and have not experienced the scripting problems people are mentioning, I do have the latest version, maybe check and see if you have the latest version. I warn you though, it is a little different and it took some getting used to.

  4. cagcrisp says

    The Mint just posted this on FB:
    Attention customers: With yesterday’s transition to the new e-commerce site, existing customers should please note important information for the first time you log on. To log into the new website for the first time, visit the Account Log-in Page. From there:
    1. Use your existing U.S. Mint Login information
    2. Enter your existing password
    3. You will be prompted to answer your security question
    4. You will then be prompted to reset your password. Follow the prompts, including the email message to verify the new password.
    If you have completed the above steps and are still having issues please contact Customer Service.

    7 days a week, 8am to midnight, ET
    1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468)
    TTY: 1-888-321-MINT (6468)

  5. VA Rich says

    GF – ROFL – LMAO! Except in keeping with “our current state of affairs” you forgot R-07 & R-08.., as those puppies are so fake, the defy gravity! Perhaps we found the perfect design for the 2019 Apollo landing Ms Liberty!

    On the address, yes, my entire address did show. However, I use Firefox and have had so many script errors in trying to navigate the pages that I may have been imagining it from crossed eyes. But yes, the address was there and correct.

  6. Zaz says

    Let’s try something as simple as executing a search, ok? Key word = “Shenandoah.” Should come up with about 15 or so hits. Oh that’s too few, try 91 individual product offerings with the top hit being…ta da, the Yellowstone 3-coin set. At least it is an ATB product… Did they even beta test this web portal before they unleashed it on an unsuspecting public? I expected some problems but not to the order of bringing back the issues back at the birth of e-commerce! Granted, I’m using a mobile with Safari, not the greatest combo so really blame must be placed on my equipment or lack of thereof… Perhaps I should make an appointment with my ophthalmologist too, as I’m obviously seeing things that shouldn’t be there. Seriously, this is just sad/painful and NOT what loyal customers deserve. Chalk up another black eye for the US Mint. Right up there with the A25 disaster three years ago. Good job!

  7. Sith says

    Louis – Michael confirmed in Coin Update that “During the month, the US Mint sold out of the Arches National Park design at 22,000 units.” Provident is out of them, and APMEX has 63 left in stock.

    FYI The Mint sold another 500K of ASEs today

  8. GoldFishin says

    @VA RICH- I reset my password a second time and got logged in. My address is now showing all the elements, but my Phone number is line number 2 and my Email Address is line number 3. I wonder if it will print and ship that way? Maybe I could just give them my SSN also and any thief would have everything they need. Good grief!

    They are perfectly shaped headlights aren’t they? LOL

  9. Zaz says

    But wait! There’s more! The 2nd top hit is the Denali 3-coin set! What’s this? The accompanying illustration is of… The 2014 Uncirculated Mint set. Wow! Awesome! 🙂

  10. MarkInFlorida says

    Some of these designs are awesome. Some are downright horrible. Wonder which ones we’ll get!

  11. Tinto says



    Your R-02 “Dance Like an Egyptian” caption made me remember Steve Martin’s performance on SNL …

    I thought R-17 was something quite different from what we have been seeing …. perhaps if they cleaned up his handwriting …

  12. TimTom says

    Design 6 is my first choice. Design 8 is the only other one that looks fine. Design 17 is a nice throwback but I’d prefer Lady Liberty there.

    Some of these are utterly horrendous considering this is the platinum $100 coin. Shouldn’t this be a flagship image? If they put some clip-art rendering on our $100 piece, wow, just wow. How these people being compensated for some of these “attempts” is beyond me.

  13. VA Bob says

    GoldFishin – I looked through all the designs and sure enough I DO like designs 7 and 8 best! Then…. I got down to you comments and bust out laughing at what you wrote. Let me defend my picks. Are the designs a bit revealing? Sure (that’s why they will be passed over, Alice Paul anyone?), but IMO there is nothing more beautiful that the Mint could put on a coin than the female form. That’s not a sexist remark as I find women are a huge part in what brings out the best in this country. There’s a reason why there isn’t a “Mr. Liberty” (design 17?), but maybe the way things seem to be moving that will happen sooner than expected.

  14. VA Bob says

    VA Rich – be kind to 07 and 08, she wearing a sports tunic. A well endowed woman needs some support.

  15. Two Cents says

    Coin World had a front-page article in its Oct. 13 issue about this.

    At their Sept. 24 meeting, the CCAC recommended two designs, with some modifications.

    For 2015, R-06 was chosen. It was suggested that the patera (or shallow bowl) be removed from Miss Liberty’s hand, and at the artist’s discretion, the eagle have eye contact with Liberty. The inner border should be eliminated, and the globe should be rotated to show all of North America. Also, the number of rays should be reduced, and be wider.

    For 2016, R-07 was selected. It was recommended that the branch in Liberty’s talons be eliminated. (Apparently it is an oak – not olive – branch.)

    Additionally, one design (R-17) received high praise from the CCAC members, but after consulting with Mint production officials, the director of US Mint’s Office of Design Management pulled that design from consideration. It should be noted that the lettering on the coin is incused.

    After the meeting, the Philadelphia Mint’s branch manager of Digital Development, Research & Development, and the US Mint’s senior sculptor-engraver both said that this design’s incuse lettering would present significant production obstacles with metal flow due to platinum being an extremely hard metal. The Philadelphia Mint’s branch manager did say that he would like to try such a design if given significant research and development time.

  16. gary says

    @VA Bob… maybe the Mint will follow a strict PC protocol and use the figure of Hermaphrodite instead so as to not risk offense to anyone.

  17. GoldFishin says

    @Tinto – LOL..yea Steve Martin in his prime…I was thinking more the cute little gal in the “Bangles”. There are some good design elements in quite a few of these coins but no one coin really nailed it for me. I like R 6 the best, the side view of liberty was actually quite nice, but I didn’t understand why Central America was centered on the globe instead of the United States. I have my ideas why, but that is another discussion.

  18. GoldFishin says

    @VA BOB- too funny….this is why I enjoy this site…we can throw in a little humor every now and then and enjoy life! I actually like R7 somewhat, I think they just need to cover her up a little bit and give her a little more mass and less separation, if you know what I mean. I think that would fix the problem VA RICH mentioned of those puppies looking fake. Otherwise it is a nice design and fills the voids in the field areas nicely. 😉

  19. A different Jeff says

    Zaz –
    It looks like the items are tagged, and the search feature is using these tags. So when you search for ‘Shenandoah’, it picks up anything with the tag ‘AtB’.
    Perhaps an additional tag, such as the year, might help. Or would you prefer to see only ‘Shenandoah ‘ items?
    This is what the mint needs to help them make this site as useful as possible. Remember, this IS a retail site, and they are going to ‘suggest sell’ similar items to what you are looking for. Offer positive comments to the mint and this will be the way to make the site better.

    And Denali does come up 2nd, but the illustration has been fixed. They are working on things.
    Also noted this years’ upcoming AtB releases show up with Out of Stock labels, except for the Everglades 3 coin set.

  20. ABC says

    I also like R17. If they say that it would be difficult to reproduce the design on platinum due to the incused lettering, then why not make the lettering raised and keep the rest of the design the same?

  21. Louis says

    Finally got the nerve to go into my USM acct. Really did not have any issues apart from adding CC. History went back to 2008, which is better than most companies would do, and no major issues at least so far. But I have not tried to order anything as they don’t have anything I want right now.

  22. Sith says

    Another Jeff-

    I can understand the ATBs coming up as they are related but you would think that it would key on the word that is being used. .search on Arches it seems to be working, and it will show you what we would be looking for.

  23. Tinto says


    I was thinking the same thing .. haven’t they even rearranged/added lettering in the past? If the central figure is do-able ….. why not also resize/reposition the letters if needed ??? I didn’t read anything about the artist resisting that line of thought. How long would it have taken to redraw this ?? This little issue (IMO) shows you how much the Mint can think on its feet ….. (which is …… )

  24. sharks2th says

    They need to stick with designs which don’t try to be PC. They should go back to the incused lettering. It was used back on the early platinum proofs so they are full of it if they say they can’t do incused lettering on this metal.

    Acceptable designs: 2, 6, 9, 16, 22 & 24. 19 looks like a Jesus or angel image with a sword the way they did the stars around Liberty’s head.

  25. J. Allen says

    Maybe it’s the gloomy weather, whatever it is, I like R-17, as it may remind ALL Americans, of our country’s aspirations, in it’s infancy, through it’s powerful and moving Declaration of Independence, with it’s determination to become independent of our royal and corporate masters. Instead of the man with the sword and olive branch, I picture Sisyphus, endlessly and tediously pushing a boulder up the side of a mountain, only to have it roll back down, and having to start the same task all over again. Perhaps this would serve to remind us how much “ground we’ve lost” in our hoped for “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.” The opposite side should, of course, be reserved for the logos of our Corporate Owners/ Sponsors; it wouldn’t be truly American without a Corporate logo slapped on it.

    Two Cents mentioned that the Mint commented it would have difficulty with the “incused” lettering; I don’t buy this argument, I think there is somewhat similar printing on one of the Teddy Roosevelt medals. But, if this is indeed a problem, why not try another form of printing that would be compatible with Pt; it seems to me that the Mint is not shy about asking artists to make changes to their original renderings. Perhaps the powers that be, within the Halls of Government, are afraid that it’s citizens, such as myself, may be reminded of our country’s original purpose.

  26. Tinto says

    I just checked out the Mint’s website …. they don’t have a spot for Platinum eagles … only gold and silver … I guess they will make space for it come Oct 20th …. hopefully platinum bullion price stays down when I place the order for this final one of the series .. no more after this. .. takes up too much of my budget .. but happy to have done it…

  27. Tinto says

    And if R-17 was really not suitable for minting wouldn’t the Mint have reviewed ALL designs for suitability and commented before forwarding to the CCAC?? Didn’t they claim a few years ago that they were having problems minting some FS because of metal (or whatever) flow problems due to their design …? Wouldn’t one learn from that and institute a process to determine suitability from the onset?? Unless maybe that earlier one was a fib … for whatever reason …..

    Is the entire Mint getting pulled around by the nose by a department because the people in that department by virtue of their trade/expertise sort of have a veto on designs or production ??

  28. Dave says

    I know exactly where the problem started, based on what we are seeing/not seeing now. Not enough room on this blog to get into detail.

  29. Jerry Diekmann says

    Actually, I like most all of these designs. Now, maybe if the US MInt would strike them in 1/4 oz. or 1/2 oz., I might actually be able to buy one or two. Or, how about palladium in the smaller sizes – they would then be even more affordable. If it is the desire of Congress and the Mint to promote the ideals that America stands for, then why not issue these coins in a less expensive metal than platinum? Why not even consider silver?

  30. Jerry Diekmann says

    VA Bob – Regarding your comments about then female form, I think sometimes we must be related, although you are in VA and I’m 3,000 milwes away in CA. In almost every instance I agree with what you are saying 100%.

  31. Jerry Diekmann says

    OK – I take it back – when I spent more time looking at the designs, I decided I actually liked only about 10 of the designs; I probably got stuck on R07 and R08, and those are the two I liked the best. I’m with you on these two designs, VA Bob!

  32. VA Bob says

    Jerry – Maybe I’m just “spoiled” with all the beauties on the Mint has provided with the FS series, lol.

  33. VA Rich says

    GF/VA Bob – I think you guys are being way too critical and totally unappreciative of the influence of the 80’s.., we have an All-Star cast line up here in 17, 18,19 & 23… with Princess Leia, Luke Sky Walker, Medusa, and Caligula!

    So, if Arches may be sold out at 22,000, and SNP hasn’t move from 21,500 in weeks, is it getting close to assume that SNP is sold out as well? Or has it and I just missed it?

  34. VA Rich says

    Glad to see ’14 Buff hasn’t gone back order as of yet, for every week it’s available.., that’s another week of sales it pulls further and further from ’13.

  35. GoldFishin says

    @VA RICH- I was thinking the same thing about SNP with the lower mintage and no movement in sales. Let me know if you find out anything. Thanks.

  36. gary says

    The old Mint website did have a link to their pricing structure for gold and platinum coins. Have not been able to locate this chart anywhere on the new website.

  37. Sith says

    The “P” version are on back order so no movement is no movement but is SNP is not already sold out it is close to it

  38. jy says

    off topic – any thoughts on getting the 1995 10th anniversary gold/silver eagle set? 7 grand seems so high, but is it worth it? will it keep going up in value? wish i would have pulled the trigger and bought it years ago…

  39. Blair J Tobler says

    gary – go to the American Eagle Coins page and at the end of the brief description it says “Read More”. Click on that and in the paragraph, there is a link to the pricing grid.

  40. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    All excellent designs. In fact, these designs are all better than the past designs.

  41. jeff says


  42. stephen m says

    @jy, I’m in that same boat. We bite the bullet and buy now or wait….and wait. I personally think it will come down in price but don’t know when. I only want the ASE but a proof 69 retails for $4500.00 and a 70 grade at about 18k. It’s out of my reach.

  43. VA Rich says

    Provident has ’14 Pandas back in, & there’s a dip in silver at the moment taking Zombucks under $20.

  44. VA Rich says

    Can any of you Florida guys recommend any good coin dealers to check out between Tallahassee and P’cola, along the coast or I-10? Need to be down there soon for biz, thanks!

  45. jy says

    @ stephen m, i know right! it can be frustrating – i remember back in the early 2000’s i could have picked up the whole 5-coin set for around $3500 i think. i thought it was too pricey then…haha. just hard to justify. i think i’ll wait as well, didn’t it sell for $995 originally? wow, what a deal that was.

  46. says

    Two Cents,

    Thanks for the update. The CCAC’s thinking was almost exactly in line with my own. I thought 06 to 09 were all very impressive, as was R 17. I also rather liked R24.

    I may consider purchasing one of these depending on how the final product looks… well, that and the state of my finances.

  47. Ikaika says

    @ VA Rich

    Best price for the Zombucks to date. I may get a roll of the evil Feast Zombie if silver drops more 😉

  48. Sith says

    Ikaika – You’re assuming they will drop the premium, Provident sells the ASE cheaper than the Zombucks, which is why I only got one of them.

  49. stephen m says

    jy, $995.00 is correct. Although I’m a senior citizen now I haven’t been into the moderns very long, maybe since around the year 2000. Yes the price for the set was a deal for those 30 thousand or so that got them from the mint. Gold down $22.00 an ounce this morning. Maybe there is some hope for us. @Ikaika, I can see $9.00 silver and $800.00 gold if the US economy keeps inching along to the upside for our future.

  50. Ikaika says

    I think people that have cash in hands right now will have some good opportunities to get PM, specially silver.

  51. ABC says

    Have any of you tried to return a product back to the mint since their transition to Memphis and is still waiting for the returned item to be processed? The reason I ask is because I shipped one item out on September 18th and it’s been sitting at the post office in Memphis since September 25th waiting for someone to pick it up. There hasn’t been any activity for the package since then. I’ve contacted the mint and the post office about it. The post office stated that it will try to redeliver the package (that was two days ago and the tracking system still says it’s at the Memphis P.O. as of this writing and there is no notice of a redelivery attempt). The mint has not been able to answer my question as to why no one has gone to the post office to pick up the package.

  52. cagcrisp says

    Sold for $971.03…

    Wow…Show coin…Stand in Line…Pay $1,240.00…Pay to get it Graded…Sell it for $971.03…Pay the bay Fees…


  53. Sith says

    @Ikaika – Thank you. I’m glad they lowered the premium. I could not wait as I needed to get the ATB.

  54. cagcrisp says

    @Ikaika, I have Not changed my opinion at all. Doing a simple search on the bay for “2014 gold Kennedy” above $500 (Excluding the pen) and you get 1 ,189. Using the Current Price of Spot Gold +$10 and you have a total of 3 sales in that range. 3 out of 1,189. That’s 2.5 coins/1,000 have been Sold in the range of Spot +$10.
    Here is the breakdown of all the bay sales:


  55. Ikaika says

    @ cagcrisp

    I hope you are correct. I was one of those that paid $1240 for the JFK when it was released. I do not regret buying the coin, but regret paying that much. What amazes me is the number of different sellers on that auction site selling the JFKs. Many!

  56. VA Bob says

    VA Rich – The 2014 Buffs should get a bump from end of the year IRA deposits (even the proofs). I don’t believe we will have to worry about the 2013 being a higher mintage. I’m wondering if the JFK gold will be IRA eligible. If so, and if the others available sellout early, that could change things a lot. I’m hoping they aren’t, and that scenario does not come to pass.

  57. gary says

    If gold should pass through the one year low of $1,187 it could go into a free fall lower.
    We may see $1,100 gold before the end of this year.

  58. cagcrisp says

    @Ikaika, At the time the Gold Kennedy went on sale I posted here that I thought FMV for gold was $1,200.00. So I knew at purchase time that I was probably paying one increment too much. The pricing grid is Not under $1,200.00 yet but if it does it does. It would not be the First time I have been wrong and it will Not be the Last unless I die shortly after posting this…

    As far as those Selling on the bay….The Vast Majority are Graded coins. There has Only been 181 in a search “2014 gold Kennedy -(68,69,70)” between $500-$1700. That leaves bay Sales of 1,008 Graded coins and multiple coins.

  59. cagcrisp says

    @VA Bob, The 2014 Gold Buffalo sales are 18,863 whereas the 2013 Gold Buffalo sold 18,594. I would think 2014 Gold Buffalo sales will start with a “2” when sales conclude…

  60. says


    I have begun fantasizing about the possibility of owning a 10kg silver Perth coin or a monster box of silver eagles should prices get REALLY low (sub $10). Right now it’s still too expensive but at $10? Or even $5?

  61. Ikaika says

    @ cagcrisp

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    @ Captain

    Becareful what you wish for. You might get it! Hold on to your cash right now.

  62. Bob R says

    @ Ikaika

    That’s a little Yap, I want the 2 ton one, would look nice in the yard, and I wouldn’t need to make change with my Palau neighbors.

  63. Ikaika says

    @ Bob R

    For the 2 ton Yap, you need a dump truck or semi, crane and tons of money. I do not have any of these 🙁

  64. jhawk92 says

    +1 for VA Bob on the female form!

    GF – That cutie from the Bangles is Susanna Hoffs. Good taste! She also had a small solo career outside of the Bangles.

    Jerry – If you are on the West coast, and VA Bob on the East, then I fit right in the middle in Colorado and your similar thoughts. 🙂

    jy/stephen m – I agree with you on the 1995 set. I am certainly tempted to get that one for the silver eagle. All my proof ASEs are in OGP, and so I would generally prefer the last remaining Eagle to be in the same, even though it comes with the four “extra” gold coins. Wouldn’t it be nice if the price were to come down a bit with the PM prices dipping? If I win the Powerball, that set will be on my list of “go get” coins.

  65. Ends in Error says

    For the most part these designs blo. It would seem that there would be better Artists out there. But maybe not. Oh well, if the Coins don’t sell, at least they’ll be low mintage. Ugly low mintage. Unwanted low mintage. My money will be happy to go elsewhere. Screw the US Mint.

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