2015-2016 Presidential Dollar Design Candidates; Ronald Reagan Not Present

The United States Mint has recently released the design candidates for the $1 coins to be issued honoring the 33rd to 38th Presidents, Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Gerald Ford. These six coins would be issued in 2015 and 2016, perhaps concluding the series.

From four to six design candidates were provided for each of the six coins. These were reviewed by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee last week and will be reviewed by the Commission of Fine Arts later this week. Coverage of the meetings and the recommendations provided by the two groups will follow on Coin Update News.

For now, here is a look at the design candidates for 2015-2016 Presidential Dollars.

2015 Harry S. Truman

HT-01 HT-02 HT-03 HT-04 HT-05

2015 Dwight D. Eisenhower

DE-01 DE-02 DE-03 DE-04

2015 John F. Kennedy

JFK-01 JFK-02 JFK-03 JFK-04 JFK-05

2015 Lyndon B. Johnson

LBJ-01 LBJ-02 LBJ-03 LBJ-04 LBJ-05 LBJ-06

2016 Richard M. Nixon

RN-01 RN-02 RN-03 RN-04

2016 Gerald Ford

GF-01 GF-02 GF-03 GF-04

The End?

Will the Presidential $1 Coin Program conclude after the issue honoring Gerald Ford?

The next President of the United States Jimmy Carter is currently not eligible to appear on a coin within the series since he is still living at the age of 89. The following President Ronald Reagan died in 2004. All subsequent Presents are still living.

The authorizing legislation for the program Public Law 109-145 is very clear that living former Presidents and the current President are not eligible to appear within the series.

No coin issued under this subsection may bear the image of a living former or current President, or of any deceased former President during the 2-year period following the date of the death of that President.

This would rule out the appearance of Presidents Carter, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama within the series. President Regan would seem to qualify for a coin, however an interpretation of another aspect of the legislation may be preventing it.

At this point, it seems that the US Mint is interpreting the law to indicate that the coins of the series must be issued in sequential order of the Presidencies without any gaps.  Once there is a gap, the series ends. Thus, even though Reagan is eligible under the criteria of being a deceased former President, he is excluded since the previous President Jimmy Carter is still alive, which terminates the series.

I do not think the authorizing legislation is abundantly clear on how this situation should be handled. The relevant section on the termination of the program is as follows:

TERMINATION OF PROGRAM.—The issuance of coins under this subsection shall terminate when each President has been so honored, subject to paragraph (2)(E), and may not be resumed except by an Act of Congress.

Paragraph (2)(E) refers to the limitation to deceased Presidents quoted previously. The instruction on the termination of the program does not seem to preclude issuing a coin for Reagan. Since he is not excluded under (2)(E), he should need to be honored with a coin.

His elimination seems to stem for the requirement on the order of issuance, which is as follows:

‘‘(A) ORDER OF ISSUANCE.—The coins issued under this subsection commemorating Presidents of the United States shall be issued in the order of the period of service of each President, beginning with President George Washington.

Does the phrase “in the order of the period of service” imply that the coins must be issued in sequential order without any gaps? Personally, I would think that the ordering requirement simply means from earliest to latest without any further implication.

Or perhaps there is another requirement of the law that I am not seeing.

Some sources on the internet include Ronald Reagan as one of the former Presidents who will be honored within the series. However, the schedule of release on the US Mint’s website has never included Reagan. Even going back to the Mint’s initial announcement of the series in November 2006, Reagan is not mentioned. The schedule on the old press release ends with Nixon, so Ford was added at a later date.

When I saw that the design sets for the 2016 Presidential Dollars did not include Reagan, I reached out to the US Mint for confirmation on whether he would appear within the series and an explanation with regards to the law. I will share the Mint’s response as soon as I receive it.

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  1. smiledon says

    All I can say is hog wash to this!
    In my smiple mind, I see politics at play here.
    Skipping Reagan when being placed on a coin is in order is, well, cheap!
    The good news here is that Carter, Clinton and the current will not be placed on a coin.

  2. S. Knight says

    I wonder if this year the 2013 golden spouses will cross the imaginary line and dump below the 2,000 sales in UNC aka Mint State coins so as to BUST the ranks and head toward the $50 Panama Pacific ranks in 1915?

    PS that was when America had around 100 million population : or one-third of today’s population. Also the coin cost $100 then for the $50 face value or equal to a months salary of the low paid folks. Most today are on very limited salary due to many reasons and things seem like a similar status and situation.


  3. vaughnster says

    All I know is that the portrait of Harry Truman HT-3 is a dead wringer for George Will. Gerald Ford smiling in GF-02 is also off-putting. I’d love to see Reagan in this series but it doesn’t make sense if a President is skipped.

  4. hank meyer says

    these are some of the worst sketches ever. Only Eisenhower #3 is any good I think I can draw better than this from photos who are these artists?

  5. SilverFan says

    Some of these are comical. Here are my favs:

    Truman: #1
    Ike: #3
    JFK: #4
    LBJ: #3
    Nixon: #2

  6. Ikaika says

    @ SilverFan

    Some of the different designs for the same president doesn’t even resemble the same person. This is how serious the president and first spouse program are taken.

  7. VABEACHBUM says

    @ SilverFan – I’ll go one step further. Some of these renderings look down right cartoonish!! Apparently, some of the artists are as anxious to get to the end of this series as we are. I hope this isn’t a precursor for the ’15 and ’16 First Spouse artwork.

    Too bad we can’t obtain the rights to the “Ireland Visit Kennedy Portrait.” Now that was some quality artwork.

  8. high low silver says

    I seen it , and IMO it is
    awsome !! The US Mint has its work cut out for them.

  9. says

    I think Reagan absolutely ought to be included. Really, if the legislation didn’t specify otherwise, I think every president excepting Obama (and only Obama because he is presently serving) ought to be included. There doesn’t seem to be a good reason at this point to exclude Reagan.

    I also want to chime in with the others who are saying these 2015-2016 portraits are almost uniformly terrible… because they are indeed pretty terrible. I am especially disappointed with the Kennedy coins. #01 is just barely adequate, all the others are godawful. #2 makes him look fat and #3 doesn’t even really resemble him.

  10. Numismatic neophyte says

    @smiledon – they’re not skipping Reagan, they’re just not getting to him on account of the fact they would have to skip Carter (assuming he doesn’t die within the next 2 years). It makes perfect sense

  11. Numismatic neophyte says

    @CaptainOverkill – and by the time they got to Obama he wouldn’t be president anyway, since his term ends in 2016

  12. gary says

    I never liked Ronald Reagan as President and have nothing good to say about him as such. However, the average citizen would naturally think that if this Presidential series has any merit to honor all Presidents, EVERY ONE OF THE PRESIDENTS should be included, up to and including PRESIDENT OBAMA. What is this BS about having to be dead all about anyhow??? Living persons have appeared on U.S. coins before, so what’s the big hairy deal?

    PERIOD. Regardless of anyone’s politics, this was conceived as a successive and sequential series and set.


  13. Face 1004 says

    Here is my opinion. These portraits for the most part look almost cartoon like. I didn’t think it was going to go from bad to worse. Truman at best is 01,I’ll go 03 with Ike. JFK stick with the Half dollar obverse because the rest above are crap.Maybe 01or 03 for Johnson, 02 looks more like Spiro Agnew. For Nixon maybe 01 but why the front on look with the rest. O2 he looks like the old Cleveland Brown elf. I have go with 04 with Ford hopefully 02 won’t get picked I think that could be the scariest dollar coin of the series if picked. I also agree that Reagan should be included but by the looks of these maybe he is better off not.

  14. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Gary – There have been five instances of living persons appearing on U.S. Mint Commemorative coinage, but a living person has yet to appear on any circulating U.S. coinage. Michael had provided this very informative article on CoinUpdate a couple of weeks ago:


    However, I also believe that history does not have to determine our future. There is no good reason that any of the currently surviving, former Presidents cannot appear upon these Dollar Coins. If they want to get technical about it, they are not “circulating” coins anymore. Just another US Mint numismatic product with intolerable premiums!!

  15. high low silver says

    I like Reagan !!( I used to buy war nickles during his term)….And they PAID OFF.

  16. onecenter says

    The series will extend to Ronald Reagan if President Carter passes away earlier and his passing meets the two-year rule for inclusion in the ongoing series. Mr. Carter will be age 90 on October 1, 2014. I wish the former President many more years.

  17. MarkInFlorida says

    Maybe they are skipping Reagan because they are planning a Reagan half dollar. If not it’s pure politics.

    And most of these pictures are terrible and don’t even look like the presidents. Looks like child’s work. Where do they get their artists, some kind of equal opportunity affirmative action program for artists with zero talent?

  18. Dustyroads says

    Wow, These are NOT good looking designs. “Cartoonish” is correct with far too many of these, and the margin for NICE looking renditions is slim. However, I would be willing to bet that all of these have been taken from actual photographs. I have to say that Nixon’s grimacing stare is my pick!

  19. S. Knight says

    Truman #1

    Eisenhower # 3

    Kennedy # 1

    LBJ # 3

    Nixon # 3

    Ford # 2

    Reagan should follow with the gal for spouses the following year

  20. SilverFan says

    Truman #3: Bill Nye the Science Guy

    Ike #1: Angry Mr. Clean

    JFK #1: Nap time?

    LBJ #5: McGruff the Crime Dog

    Nixon #3: Alfred E. Neuman

  21. VA Bob says

    At least from the sketches, IMO all the JFK examples look terrible (perhaps better when coined). My picks: 1, 3, 0, 4, 3, 4. I’d like to see Reagan on a coin too, but I have no beef with the way the program was set up. I’m not a big fan of having presidents on circulating coinage to begin with, regardless of political affiliation.

  22. gary says

    @VABEACHBUM I agree completely with you.

    These days there is more emphasis placed on following rule (Ostensibly just to get things done fast & on to the next & then again on to the next whatever) instead of responsible THINKING individuals who can speak out and make things occur to achieve a fair & right result.

    I am compelled to reinterate… the Presidential series was a bad idea to begin with on a coin no politician will support to have it functionally circulate. For all intents and purposes, they are transit tokens when they are used. It’s the same tired solution, retire paper $1s,and force them to circulate. Just one more example of grand inertia in government. All existing Presidents should be expressed on this series or it can go out as the half-fast concept it was from it’s inception.

  23. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    This is an awesome series about the history of our country and educational for our children. The designs above are all excellent.
    Here is detailed discussion why I think the series is unpopular…

    I have to say some of the most notable presidential designs were botched up and do not appear like their president at all mainly…

    1st Washington: looks like he has a bad cold, no artistic value
    3rd Jefferson: made with fat face and beady eyes, not the handsome man he
    really was in paintings

    Daniel Carr did a much better job with Washington through Madison, check out the patters, mintage 10,000 go for $30 on e-bay.

    26th Teddy Roosevelt: Should have been front view
    28th Wilson: Should have been front view
    32nd FDR: made with fat face and beady eyes, similar to Jefferson’s

    just my 2 cents

  24. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Harry S. Truman will be a very small mintage, so not to be exchanged in Japan.

  25. Government Drone says

    My own 2¢ (or dollar, depending on inflation):
    #1, #2 or 3, #2, #3, #2, #4.

    Some of these picks were hard, because of the surprisingly shoddy drawings here. Kennedy, Johnson & Nixon were all particularly badly done. The others at least had some tolerable choices.

    I think it’s probably best to end with Ford; I’m certainly not wanting Carter to kick the bucket now just to make the date for 2016, & I can see not doing Reagan till they can do Carter. Nancy Reagan has said at least once that she’s not particularly interested in putting Ronald’s face on a coin.

    I wonder if doing Ford will “officially” terminate this program? All the cited paragraph says is that the program is terminated when all the eligible Presidents (i.e., dead for 2+ years) have been honored in turn. I don’t believe that Ford was eligible when this program began (died in Dec. 2006, & the legislation was passed nearly a whole year prior), but he became so later on. Perhaps 2 years after Carter passes away, the Mint can use this law as justification to issue a Carter & then a Reagan dollar. It would certainly net them a few million in sales.

    What would the termination (or suspension) of the Presidential Dollars to to the Native American Dollar program? According to Wikipedia, it’s slated to end on 2016 as well, but I can’t seem to get a definitive answer on this. We might end up with the old Sacagawea design of 2000 again, with or without the changes of edge lettering introduced in 2007.

  26. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    JFK looks sleepy. JFK should be made with more hope in his eyes for space and the future.

  27. Louis says

    Remember the recommendations have already been made for each coin by the CCAC at their meeting last week.

  28. Louis says

    @VAB- Sounds like you are happy with those ATB albums available from JP’s. I could not find any slipcases for them, so I gather there are none. Also, I usually buy my coins from dealers who ship them in capsules. I wonder if they will fit. I think I will try getting just the albums first and see if they fit and then if necc. get new capsules.

  29. Don says

    I bought the presidential dollar rolls when they were available at banks for face value. I have also bought the presidential P&D uncirculated sets through 2013. As this series drifts further into the 20th century presidents, my interest and enthusiasm has dropped significantly. The image candidates for the 2015 and 16 presidents do nothing to make me want to acquire the remainder of the series. I agree with many of the above commenters–these images, for the most part, look amateurish and cartoonish.

  30. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis – After looking at the album info that Jagfan had provided, I went back to look at the air-tites product. Turns out, they appear to be sourcing from JP and re-selling. I do like them as an option, but have not necessarily made a choice.

    WRT the dealer capsules, as far as I can tell, air-tites seems to be the only after-market manufacturer of these sized capsules, and the dealers who include a capsule with their BU ATB pucks are using those Z5 capsules. Not sure where the Mint is getting their capsules for the UNC versions, but their outside diameter is sized differently from the Z5 capsules.

  31. silverhawk357 says

    Did the artists just close their eyes and sketch from memory? The mint must be counting on selling to collectors because I for one would be too embarrassed to spend any of these coins. Yuck.

  32. joe says

    Ironically, the Reagan is one of the few I would be interested in. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the current regime tries to slip the current president in.

    Laws? We don’t need no stinking laws!

  33. Louis says

    Thanks for the quick reply, VAB. I was thinking the same thing. There can’t be that many different commercial air tites out there so it should work out. Yes, the P capsules are bigger. I am afraid to switch mine for fear of damaging the coin, but it would be nice to have a way to display them and save space too.

    By the way, when you folks see the Marshall commem designs you are going to flip out (in a good way) and will all be singing the praise of the artists. Mark my words. They are truly exceptional and will blow your socks off. In fact, one of them may grace the ASE reverse.

  34. fmtransmitter says

    Grading, grading, grading. It is a cash cow, it is growing, it is the subject of controversy, it is subjective. For the new collectors I would like to share some reading material. It took me hundreds of hours of reading on this subject alone to try to come to grips with this process. I wanted to know why a silver quarter sold for $5 and for $55, same quarter! May I suggest starting here and then go on and on and on from there…This brochure simply covers the subject of NOT getting a grade…Good luck in this can of worms…


  35. fmtransmitter says

    All I have to say is those Eagles are sick! Sick as in BAd Azz!! I hope they make it on a coin, all of them…That is what will make us stand out in this World of numismatics and blow the World Mint’s away! Love it! Great stuff…

  36. Hidalgo says

    It’s a pity that Ronald Reagan and the living Presidents cannot appear on these dollar coins. I would love to see Ronnie, Bill Clinton, and Obama. And in 2 years, Hillary Clinton.

  37. thePhelps says

    I think people have lost sight of why they don’t put living people on circulating US coins. The fact is there are a lot of people who will not accept and not circulate some of those coins. Lets face it – there are many who are against a Reagan coin and would probably do everything they could to avoid them – if they circulated.

    Looking at the politically correct path the mint is on – it doesn’t surprise me in the least they chose not to create a Reagan coin.

    As to this display of the final Presidents – there isn’t a lot good that can be said for them. I don’t see it worth the time to try and find one in the batch that would make a good coin.

    @fm – thanks for the Marshals link – now there are some interesting coins and again some PC coins just for good measure.

  38. vaughnster says

    Saw a couple of posts about airtites for the 5 oz. ATB pucks and here are my two cents. Seems there are/were two types of Z5 capsules. Both have the same outer diameter but one has a much lower profile, similar to the Mint’s. They both fit in the ATB albums sold by JP’s. I have both the bullion and Mint issues in these albums and they look terrific! I used a label maker to label each album spine with the issue year for easy identification. Saves a ton of space as well as being able to EASILY show an entire year’s issue in one album. If you’re careful and take your time you can transfer them to a Z5 without ever touching the coin. Of course I’m saving the OGP if for some reason I’d ever put them back. You won’t believe how much room is now in my safe for other stuff!

  39. gary says

    My “votes” for designs:
    Truman 01
    Ike 03
    LBJ 01 (and very excellent expression)

    JFK,RMN, GRF? Back to the drawing board!!! And stay there until we see white smoke from the chimney.

    Some of these renderings are awfully amateurish and some of the facial expressions are absolutely abominable. Give the task to artists who can at least maintain a neutral attitude to the subject! I see enough people glowering daily than to see my coins look back at me that way! LOL

  40. jy says

    of course reagan will get his coin eventually…just like clinton, the bush’s, and nobama will. all it takes is an act of congress. do you think they would honor some of the presidents and not all? this series will never “die” as long as we continue to elect a president. with that being said, with the way our country is going we might not always have the chance to elect a president, but alas, i digress.

  41. Don says

    As for the presidential dollar series going forward: Fr. Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Kennedy have been or currently are on coins. Doesn’t this kind of diminish the completion (whatever that may be) of this series? I guess I am asking: is there anyone who feels as strongly about this series now as opposed to earlier, especially when the “founding fathers” of the Country were on the coins? Again, my interest has dropped big time.

  42. Blair J Tobler says

    I would be more enthusiastic if these coins were actually circulated. But that will never happen if they keep printing paper dollars. Also, I’ve never been fond of the “golden” coating and its outstanding ability to discolor just by breathing on it too much!

  43. VABEACHBUM says

    @ BJT – you are not kidding about the “failed golden coating.” I’ve been collecting rolls of the Sacco & N.A. $1 coins since 2000, and many of them have arrived, direct ship from the Mint, with evidence of stains and tarnish on the exposed coins at the ends of the rolls. Regardless of how good any of the designs might have been (the changing N.A. Coins, anyway), the eye appeal is lost once the tarnishing takes hold and doesn’t let go.

  44. smiledon says

    I once saw Bill C. on a $3.00 bill a few years ago.
    He was not inhaling if you want to know.
    History is history. No one should try to rewrite that.
    Not giving Ron his coin is, to me at least, trying to re-write history.
    I have learned agreat deal about the men on the $1.00 Presidential coins. Some good, some, not so good.
    But hey, they are people to.

  45. GMS says

    The TR Chronicles are going in stock and reserved so last chance to cancel if you ordered early and changed your mind.

  46. Howard says

    OT, Has anybody received their LESPS and looked at the reverse side &
    seen the almost ATB P’s 5 oz finish texture?

  47. Nick says

    If the 13′ lesps coating difference was on the other side is be interested, or both sides. Unc silver quarters atb…. I’d be all over it. Just washingtons head? Nah I’ll pass

  48. KEITHSTER says

    I see the TR. coin and medal’s are in stock and reserved with cancel button still present last chance to dump them before they ship? Mine where free shiping so let them ride glad that didn’t take too long:( Sure looks like they’re getting ready to play so hang on and get the cards loaded if you don’t want to lose a script on the new 5ozer a month club or are going to play ball or the JFK thing! So get ready and good luck to us all :>:>:>

  49. simon says

    Howard : posted earlier – it is the texture of the plastic tray holding the coins. The coins are Proofs per USMint specifications. No surprises / nothing special.

  50. Howard says

    Nick, if you look at the coins you see the Proof mirror finish but until
    you look closer you see what I am talking about.

  51. Blair J Tobler says

    Re: TR Chronicles – only took 3 months (to the day) – is that a new Mint Speed Record? (lol)

  52. Dave says

    LESPS update – numismatist opinion

    Under the glaring lights in the jewelry store it IS difficult to see the “orange peel” effect. In indirect sunlight it is pretty obvious on my sets, especially when you tilt the coin a bit.

    That said, the guy at my LCS ( and jewelry store) thinks it is probably the end of a run before they re polished the dies. As I do not know how the mirror background finish is obtained, I cannot speak to how one side of a SET of coins has a mirrored appearance and the other side does not. My 2012 LESPS is in the exact same packaging and both sides are mirrored.
    I could understand the ” end of the run before re- polishing” if it were on only one denomination, but for ALL denominations to have that same look just does not make sense. Would ALL of the dies have worn out at exactly the same time?

    Has anyone else noticing this effect broken the coins out of the holder and confirmed this look on the raw coins? So far only one person has been brave enough to do that, and he said the ” orange peel ” look WAS still there.

    It will be interesting to see if Coin World’s editor replies to my email with 9 attached pictures comparing 2013 SPS, 2012 & 2913 LESPS.

    IF this is still up in the air by the time my additional order of 2013 LESPS arrives and they have BOTH sides with a mirrored field, I will crack a case open to confirm and send for PCGS grading. Or should I let PCGS crack it for me? Do I hurt the integrity of the set by cracking it open? Need help from one of the TPG user/ experts on that.

  53. Jim says

    I am offended that Ronald Reagan, one of our nation’s greatest Presidents, may be omitted from this series. It smacks of being politically motivated to me!

  54. GMS says

    Not for sure but I don’t think PCGS (or any TPG) will consider them LESPS if they are cracked out of the original cases. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

  55. Samuel says

    Dave, i agree with you. there is no way to have 8 “end of the run” from two mints in the same set.

    Howard is the latest person who sees this.

    under the glaring lights in the jewelry store, there will be no shadow, so can’t see the up and downs.

  56. Howard says

    LESPS, Really looks like the orange peel effect to me using a magnifying lens &
    holding to a bright light.

  57. Western Sage says

    Seems to me that the series should never end. Two years after Jimmy Carter’s death he, Reagan and whichever other former president(s) are eligible under the law at that time should be honored with coins, etc. ad infinitum. But I do think issuing them in sequence is important. I do not think delaying a Reagan coin or delaying any other former president’s coin in any way diminishes their service as President.

  58. Jon in CT says

    Rather than bemoaning a missing Reagan dollar coin which would never circulate, we should be agitating to get Reagan’s mug on the circulating dime, instead of FDR’s.

  59. Michael in Bama says

    I’m telling y’all, THERE ARE 2 DIFFERENT FINISHES ON MY 2 SETS, proof polished on one side and polished “orange peel” on the other, ALL coins in both sets are the same. I can’t wait for all the wining when the news comes out.
    It is NOT the plastic as I opened mine, take a sharp long knife blade and separate at the seam on the holder it just snaps together. Be careful not to damage the holder!

  60. says

    LESPS….if you do have coins with a different finish, I would submit them to NGC or PCGS….or at least contact them first to see if they are already aware of this.

  61. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    I think it’s better to stop with Ford. If you put together a set, then Carter will be missing. Two possible alternatives:

    1) Change the law so Cater is added, and end with Reagan. Carter has lived a long time and deserves to be on a coin. He has done a lot of excellent work helping people in his post-presidency and also won a Nobel Prize.

    2) End with Ford. Produce a commemorative silver Carter coin for his philanthropic work. Produce a Reagan-Gorbechev Commemorative for he was instrumental is ending the Cold war.

    end of story

  62. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Start making less $1 bills so the billions of presidential coins go into circulation and are not wasted.

  63. Howard says

    LESPS are not Orange Peel textured!!!! I just cracked the case and there is
    a plastic sleeve that distorts the obverse side of the coin. Bummer!

  64. Wes says

    1,3,5 None look like Kennedy but in 5 the drawing isn’t very good but I think it may transfer better than the other images to the coin. ,3,1,3.

  65. Ethan says

    JFK= 3




    Lyndon= 3


    All presidents should be on there. I love these all my members in my family collect them. If you got rid of the program it would kill us.

  66. Troy says

    The mint has a taboo against putting living people on coins. This makes another problem for the Reagan coin, there is always a first lady medallion and coin to correspond with the presidential coin. Nancy Reagan is still very much alive so they don’t have to deal with that issue.
    I’ve collected the presidential dollars and would like seeing the living presidents on them too. As an alternative they could make the coins into no-value “medals”

  67. George A Dehmer says

    JFK #1 is the worst coin minted in the whole series, The judges must have disliked President Kennedy to pick that one, they should do a do over. My pick is @ 4.

  68. Brian says

    So; am I to understand that I have started this collection in 2007 with George Washington; only to find out it will end in Reagan; but no Carter? And; no other President thereafter…kind of a lame collection and a BIG let down…I have four boys and started a collection for each of them thinking it was a good piece of history…shame on me. Why am I not surprised…this country consists of a melting pot of failure after continued failure…extremely disappointed.

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