2015 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set

Today, February 3, 2015, the United States Mint will begin sales for the 2015 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set. The set brings together this year’s five different quarter design in proof format.

2015 America the Beautiful Quarter Set

The five 2015 America the Beautiful Quarters feature the following national parks and sites:

  • Homestead National Monument of America in Nebraska
  • Kitsatchie National Forest in Louisiana
  • Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina
  • Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware
  • Saratoga National Historical Park in New York

Additional details and images of the designs selected for each location can be found in this post.

Each coin included in the set is produced in proof quality at the San Francisco Mint and carries the “S” mint mark. These coins are struck in the standard copper-nickel clad composition.

The 2015 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set is priced at $14.95, unchanged from the price level of the prior year set. There are no product or household ordering limits established.

The Proof Homestead and Saratoga Quarters included in this set have previously been released within the 2015 Birth and Happy Birthday Sets, respectively. The Proof Kitsatchie, Blue Ridge, and Bombay Hook Quarters make their first appearance within the new product offering.

All five clad proof quarters will also be included within the full annual 2015 Proof Set, priced at $32.95 and scheduled for release on March 24, 2015.

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  1. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    2015 MARSHALS GOLD PROOF 4,066
    2015 MARSHALS GOLD UNC 3,957
    2015 MARSHALS SILVER UNC 14,789
    2015 MARSHALS CLAD PROOF 22,462
    2015 MARSHALS CLAD UNC 11,846
    2015 MARSHALS 3-COIN SET 9,676

    Surprise they didn’t anticipate more demand for the $5’s
    UNC Clad is OOS now.

  2. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    The trailing 3-week trend to 75,000 on the gold JFK – perhaps the time to end it graciously is near?

    2014 KENNEDY ANNIVERSARY GOLD COIN 70,518 1/18/2015
    2014 KENNEDY ANNIVERSARY GOLD COIN 70,438 1/25/2015
    2014 KENNEDY ANNIVERSARY GOLD COIN 70,320 2/1/2015

  3. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, Thanks for the heads up on the Numbers. Looks like as was the case for the past two weeks, Gold numbers are not correct. In 4 hours we should get some more numbers.

    The plug on the Gold Kennedy should have been pulled at year end…

  4. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    I was curious to see what impact the OOS status may have had on sales, I think the variance between the 1st day sales that the mint shared at the conclusion of the 29th and the Cumulative sales through Sunday tells the story, here’s the difference:

    2015 MARSHALS GOLD PROOF 4,066 -2698 =1,368
    2015 MARSHALS GOLD UNC 3,957 -2323 =1,634
    2015 MARSHALS SILVER PROOF 33,599 -24057 =9,542
    2015 MARSHALS SILVER UNC 14,789 -10200 = 4,589
    2015 MARSHALS CLAD PROOF 22,462 -14212 = 8,250
    2015 MARSHALS CLAD UNC 11,846 -7649 =4,197
    2015 MARSHALS 3-COIN SET 9,676 -9421 =255

    Clearly, there has been a missed opportunity to capitalize off of the 1st weekend momentum WRT your money makers

  5. says

    I am definitely going to be avoiding picking up this set. I am not too happy with most of the designs they picked for this year, especially Blue Ridge and Saratoga. I’m a little worried at how the five ounce AtBs are going to do this year – the designs are weak enough I’m expecting some sales impact. Only Kitsatchie and Bombay Hook seem any good.

  6. thePhelps says

    KCSO…looking at those numbers… it makes you wonder what the heck the mint has been doing for the last 30 days? They have a new release with a fair amount of interest and they roll it out with minimal coins available? Like I said the other day – the 2 coin sets of commemoratives sale out nearly everytime they are sold, and they had fewer than 10,000 of those available. It looks like a perfect way to not succeed in selling… add in the webpage not showing anything other than OOS – can’t order if you wanted too and you get a face plant by the mint.

    US Mint… you can sell product you aren’t ready to ship – you have done it historically for years. Stop with the OOS BS and put the backorder button up and let them order.

  7. thePhelps says

    CO… I am also on the fence with this years ATB sets… the 1st and last are trying to symbolize the parks, the middle 3 aren’t bad – but Bombay looks like a retread… and we have a Turkey! that might actually not be a turkey for this years ATB… and finally the mysterious tunnel dwelling Dogwood as KCSO called it…

    I am either going to buy 1 of each… or 2 of each – but if I buy 2 it will be because the sales are so dismal – I might have trade bait later.

  8. cagcrisp says

    I’m Glad to See that I’m not the Only one Fired up about this roll out… The last 3 major roll outs – BHOF coins (3 months to get Gold ordered Day 1), the Kennedy Gold (Chicago-Sales halted before someone got majorly hurt) and the Marshal coins. We don’t know how this will pan out, but it Sure isn’t starting out well…

    Congressional Aide thinking $1 million Day 1 “is a good thing”. I doubt if the museum gets Another $1million for the rest of the year… Other than the 3 coin set, sales will trickly in the remainder of the year…

  9. thePhelps says

    cag… they have a perfect chance to steal some sales if they have product available for purchase. There are limited other products for 2015 even rolling out the door at the other mints around the globe. The mint doesn’t even have much competing with the Marshals right now… and they don’t even have them up to order? In a few weeks people will be on to the next thing they want to purchase and these will be in the rearview mirror…

  10. cagcrisp says

    For those keeping score, I Sold all my oil stocks this morning and Yes I left $$ on the table…

  11. Tinto says


    The Mint has demonstrated once again its contempt for collectors …. IMO…. action speaks louder than words and the Mint’s actions belie whatever sweet nothings they have been saying or writing to/about collectors ….

    Not only will the Mint lose customers some of whom might have been buying for the first time because of the subject matter (USM) and now after seeing this OOS crap and not even being able to place an order (as BO) and hoping they will get it later in the year, now these folks will either give up trying to buy or if they really wanted it, turn to the dealers and flippers on Ebay … Thank goodness I was able to place and receive my order for the 2014 Platinum proof before it seemingly went permanently OOS since early December. And doubly thank goodness that it is the end of the Preamble series and my purchases of platinum.

    Crap like this happens because the US Mint’s people are not being held accountable, they are all hiding behind the Mint’s façade, they hold a job and collect their full pay, but sadly they are killing off the collector base through their non-performance (but they might think they are doing wonderfully ..) …. all IMO …

  12. Ralph says

    Could someone enlighten me as to what palladium is and what it is used for?
    Thanks in advance!


  13. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    It’s an industry metal often used as a substitute for platinum; and has had very strong growth in the jewelry industry as a cheaper substitute for platinum wedding bands.

  14. cagcrisp says

    @Tinto, the Congressional aide I spoke with didn’t have a Clue. Thought $1million Day 1 was great. Does not realize that when you want to buy a car, you better sell them a car or they will go somewhere else and buy a car.

    I really don’t have a dog in the hunt on this. I bought what I wanted Day 1 and Eventually I Hope I will get what I ordered. What I really have a problem with is that a museum that Hoped they were going to get $5 million is not going to get anywhere near what they hoped. Now I don’t have a crystal ball that tells me how many people were turned off by the OOS listing on the website but there are Clearly thousands of lost museum dollars that will never come back. Sales lost…

  15. says


    On sales of the Marshal coins, I think the mint ran out of stock because sales of the commems have been so poor recently. With the exception of the baseball coins, the trend has been downward for some time, as I understand it. I don’t think they anticipated collector interest in the Marshal coins, and given all the chatter over the last four threads about them, I definitely think it’s above average for a standard commemorative release. I do agree, though, that the mint should be allowing more backorders. I am not surprised to hear there’s even decent premiums for the three coin sets on eBay, though who knows how long that will last.

    I personally think the stricter stance on backorders is likely them trying to reduce order cancellations.

    Also, I agree Bombay Hook is basically an Everglades retread, though at least it’s prettier looking than Saratoga!


    In addition to the other responses you’ve gotten on your question, Palladium is also used in the catalytic converters of cars. The spot price performance is tied somewhat to the auto industry.

  16. cagcrisp says

    The Much Loved Remind Me Button is back on the Marshal Golds (Not that the Button has Ever Worked)…

  17. thePhelps says

    CO…while I agree sales of commemoratives have been pretty dismal… but look at what they are comparing them too. The Generals set was pretty bland – very little imagination. The CRA coin failed miserably because of the design choice. The GSA coin also was poorly designed…

    So now you have a set that actually is interesting after several years of poor product and you can’t even produce the base amount needed to keep your website stocked?

    That and the failed OOS instead of backorder is what is really striking me as dumb. You know your selling these for another 11 months and you keep posting OOS and not offering the customer the option to backorder the product.

    Like cag…I have what I wanted – but find it frustrating that the mint doesn’t even know it’s consumers.

  18. says

    I just received my u.s. marshals three coin set they look great but I did not receive a certificate of authenticity so I called the mint at 1-800-872-6468 to let them know I did not get one in the case so they told me they could not send me one that I would have to send the whole works back to the mint . then I would receive a refund but then I would have to order again . but that would mean I would never get one back for this one so I think I will just keep this one for now don”t know what to do I think some of you are right the mint need to be revamped or stop screwing there customers thank you jah

  19. says


    I can’t disagree with a lot of your points!

    Hopefully the mint will stock more to meet demand soon. I have to imagine the next time the remaining three coin sets go up, they will sell out very quickly. The “out of stock” notices themselves seem to have raised more interest in this release.

  20. Tinto says


    I too got what I wanted, 2 ea of the USM prf/unc (hopefully ..since it has been shipped FedEx PO box w/a tracking no.) but I had dialed back my enthusiasm for the gold otherwise I too could be in the OOS line.

  21. jeff says

    Well if was going to buy anything for $400 it would not be this set. It would be 2014-D SAC what a winner this coin will be in 3-4 years you’ll still be able to buy the Marshal’s for spot.

  22. cagcrisp says

    Here are the New Numbers for the Marshals:

    SR1 2015 MARSHALS GOLD PROOF 4,759
    SR2 2015 MARSHALS GOLD UNC 4,556
    SR4 2015 MARSHALS SILVER UNC 18,835
    SR5 2015 MARSHALS CLAD PROOF 22,953
    SR6 2015 MARSHALS CLAD UNC 13,323
    SR7 2015 MARSHALS 3-COIN SET 9,901

  23. cagcrisp says

    New number for the Gold Kennedy:

    Precious Metal Products K15 2014 KENNEDY ANNIVERSARY GOLD COIN 70,616 178

  24. cagcrisp says

    Here is the $$ contributed to the Marshal museum (less production costs)

    2015 MARSHALS GOLD PROOF 4,759 $35.00 $166,565.00
    2015 MARSHALS GOLD UNC 4,556 $35.00 $159,460.00
    2015 MARSHALS SILVER PROOF 37,530 $10.00 $375,300.00
    2015 MARSHALS SILVER UNC 18,835 $10.00 $188,350.00
    2015 MARSHALS CLAD PROOF 22,953 $3.00 $68,859.00
    2015 MARSHALS CLAD UNC 13,323 $3.00 $39,969.00
    2015 MARSHALS 3-COIN SET 9,901 $48.00 $475,248.00

  25. Louis says

    Got my Marshals today. terrific coins and great quality and you can even take them out of the holders with ease. One week from order to receipt.

  26. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    Any inside information on whats going on with the US mint ordering system? OOS, BO, SO, Remind me (which really means forget about me). Its not very consistent. I have a feeling the mint employees that assign these order status are clueless.

  27. Dan in Fla says

    Who was it that said? $1coin and currency sets were on sale again? My order was shipped today for five of the C and C sets. I had given up on that backorder. Thanks.

  28. Louis says

    @Ikaika- I tried to find out that very question today, but the answer did not really clarify things for me

    @CC- yes, it was 8 days exactly from the time I ordered til they were in my hands.

  29. POP says

    @ James H. in re: C of A

    Twice in the past I have received coins without the Certificate of Authenticity being included in the shipment.

    The first time (like you) the customer service person told me I had to return the entire order. I objected – gave the order number and said, “Look up my order and you can see that I purchased the coin. Just send me a C of A”‘ as whoever packed this order didn’t include one.

    No. I had to return the whole thing.

    The second time -(a First Spouse coin) – was received without the C of A. This time the mint customer service person told me I didn’t have to return the item they will send me a C of A. Around six months later and after several phone calls to the mint the C of A arrived in the mail. Packed in a box. Six months!

    Well, it’s the only mint we have.

  30. Louis says

    CC- No one can order before then apart from the error orders and the employee coins. But actually it has only been 5 days. I miscounted. Lots of people got theirs today or will get them in the next day or two. I ordered about 12:05 on the 29th. I know Capt. O’s are coming tomorrow for ex. if I remember right.

  31. thePhelps says

    I have to say – someone mentioned the reverse on the Proof Marshal half dollar as being better than expected… I agree and am actually quite impressed! The quality of all the coins I have received has been excellent!

  32. Erik H says

    cagcrisp saysFEBRUARY 3, 2015 AT 2:51 PMOrder #1 placed at 12:01 still has Not left Memphis. Shipping label was created 01/30…

    I’m in the same boat. I just got off the phone with the mint and was told that my item had shipped. I was then told to call USPS if I needed any other info. I try to explain that printing a shipping label is not the the same thing as actually shipping the item. So either the mint is sitting on our coins and doesn’t want to tell the truth or USPS never scanned the boxes when they supposedly pick them up. Either way, somebody isn’t doing their job but what else is new????

  33. thePhelps says

    I wonder what the chances are we get a Raylan Givens signature set of Marshals this year? Or would they have to do a Timothy Olyphant to be accurate… oh wait – they do dead people signatures…so why not a TV characters?

  34. thePhelps says

    hw…I am still holding out hope my 12/14 or of the C & C will qualify as the last strike candidate…

  35. KEITHSTER says

    Sorry but I kinda like this OOS thing beats the heck out of the backorder game! Not knowing when they will hit your card gives them to much play room? Or even if your in the game or it’s over and it did work for us on the C&C’s The backorder works in favor of the reruns yep will ship them when get um back should be soon right although they sound like there comming in nice so it may take the pickers & griners a little longer to send them back? Mom’s 5 C&C’s should be here soon anyone seen anything on the$bill that should have been with the error coin or did they forget to snatch that also? Sure the Mint checked the new ones they just sent out not that there ever was any unless they heard me and made the rest the other day and just left off the date and stuff? Oh ya the only Marshal’s I’ve ordered so far is the unc halves so I’m glad to see they finaly made thier OOS showing Good Luck All Have Fun And lighten Up :>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>

  36. cagcrisp says

    @Erik H, I called about an hour ago. Said USPS was the problem. I have the Al Bundy creed . I feel better about myself after talking to the Congressman’s rep and the Mints rep…

  37. Ends in Error says

    I have to believe the mint has become an extension of DeBeers. Makes perfect sense to me. Both sell non rare items. Both want to create a sense of scarcity and value.

    The marketing department seems to have grown a brain.

  38. Ends in Error says


    I’m hoping my C&C Native $1’s have a different enhanced area than the early examples.

    A true ” ends in error” type situation would be so good for the Mint and for me also.

  39. cagcrisp says

    I noticed the Mint has taken down the Commemorative Page from a prominent position on the website.

    When you only have 1 item out of 7 to Order and Receive within a weeks time, hide said embarrassment.

    Score +1 for the Mint…

  40. mark says

    Is it true that ngc and pcgs will offer a 3 piece proof set label. Ngc must receive sealed shipping box but pcgs does not require box to be sealed?

  41. Erik H says

    Back on topic, I will pick up the ATB quarters as part of the silver proof set. Since the designs are weak IMO, (plus a repeat of the Everglades) this will be the first year I don’t but a single 5 oz. version. The smaller “canvas” is good enough for me this year.

  42. Darek says

    James herdt call Mint DC HQ. About 2 months ago I received gold First Spouse without the COA and they told me to return the coin, but the coin was perfect in my eyes, and I decided to keep it. Next day I called DC HQ and 2 weeks after the phone call I had my missing COA. Good luck.

  43. says

    Hey James H. and POP,

    The answer to the sloppiness of the mint not including the COA is quite simple. Just order new sets. Then when those arrive take out the COA and send back the “worst” coins of what you see. Take advantage and cherry pick a bit. You deserve to for your troubles. It’s their fault, not yours.

  44. Jerry Diekmann says

    I can certainly appreciate all the frustration most of you have been receiving from the Mint. The way it runs you truly know it is a government institution, like the IRS and other government agencies. They work from a playbook with no room for any deviation from anything – even missing certificates of authorization. Might is right, with no accountability; effiency and effectiveness are unheard of and wouldn’t be considered even if they knew what the words even meant. Frustrating customers is OK if you are the only game in town. And giving special favors to the big dealers iswn’t fair either.

  45. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @jeff says/February 3, 2015 at 5:01 pm

    “Well if was going to buy anything for $400 it would not be this set. It would be 2014-D SAC what a winner this coin will be in 3-4 years you’ll still be able to buy the Marshal’s for spot.”

    Well then — I do have your 2014-D Sac and I will also include a couple bonus items, just let me know when you would like to send a check.


  46. cagcrisp says

    0 out of 7 Available for Purchase and “what the Mint calls current shipment”.

    4 items OOS with Remind Me button
    2 items can be ordered and “supposedly” in-stock on 02/10
    1 item OOS No Remind Me button

  47. cagcrisp says

    For All those that Ordered Early Thursday and still Only have a “Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS from 01/30 ” and no movement, My Guess after talking to Mint Customer Rep is that there is a “misplaced” pallet of shippable coins somewhere in Memphis. I was told that the “Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS from 01/30” and that USPS has Not picked up the shipment. I assume with all the confusion on Thursday that there is a pallet setting around Waiting. Another Guess, when One of us gets a tracking number movement on those 01/30 “Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS” We all will get a tracking number movement…

    Another Guess, you will Not get either the Mint or USPS to admit that they screwed up…

    Maybe with the Mint reading this blog, we will get someone looking into this situation and we will get movement today…

  48. thePhelps says

    cag… time to move on. The mint hasn’t got any apparent inclination to change the offering and it is now time to move on to the next product. Oh wait…there really isn’t anything interesting until the 20th with the silver proof quarters.

  49. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    cag – thanks for the update, all quite plausible. I’ve been shipping delay alerts from Amazon and UPS on a couple of other non-mint related items due to inclement weather, though that was last week, no? After what I experienced from UPS this past fall, I do know they are not nearly as efficient and well managed as Fedex, and I have found UPS to be quite unpredictable. Even the investment talking heads I follow don’t seem to take them serious. My 12:01 3-coin set has now shipped, arrival time sometime by Friday (I hope) since it’s to my PO Box, which would mean a Monday availability.

    WRT “The mint hasn’t got any apparent inclination to change the offering” – I’m taken back by this as well. Maybe they don’t read this blog. Why would you not want to capitalize off the initial momentum that is quickly fleeting? I have no dog in this hunt either, though I think the museum as a good thing, hope to visit it someday, though at an utter loss as to the inconsistently in which BO, OOS, and SO is applied on the website. I said in back in Oct/Nov, the website has some strong processing power, though the rest of it still appears to be sick, and slowing evolving (not sure maturing would be the correct term to apply).

  50. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    To all the experienced ebay’ers out there, question for ya –

    Is it a slow period at the moment for coin sales?

    Reason I ask is, I need the cash out of some some silver mint products that have a fair amount of demand and are listed as BIN at mint cost + 9% + a couple of bucks to cover the free shipping (I just want to break even). There’s a range of a half dozen items that date ’12-’14.., & I’m not getting any bites. I’m not desperate (yet) so wanted to avoid an auction.

    Didn’t know if we’re in a slow period or I should expect to wait patiently several weeks for what I feel to be reasonable, fair priced items to sale. Thanks in advance!

  51. stephen m says

    No slow period for this coin on Great collections auction site. Enhanced Sacajawea with missing edge lettering is up to 6450.00. Only 4 days left.

  52. Ralph says

    Keep Calm & Stack On: Silvers on the rise.
    Don’t think it’s slow on ebay IMO. Take a look at jeffcoins selling the Marshal Proof for almost $90. Selling plenty of them.
    Most buyers are looking for a deal. That’s why I am not a big fan of auctions unless you have a very hot item. Even then you can get burned. On the occasion, you will see a couple new buyers try to outbid each other bringing the price much higher than it should have been.

  53. Ralph says

    I checked some of my C&C Set’s. All had the edge lettering. Am going to check the other set’s also.
    Very curious where the buyer got the set that the edge-less coin came from. Did they buy it from someone on ebay? Did they get it from the Mint?

  54. cagcrisp says

    Only 5,099 Marshal 3 coin sets remain to be SOLD. That’s all. No more will be available Directly from the Mint in the 3 coin box set…

  55. stephen m says

    Ralf, I haven’t heard any spill on where the coin came from only that anacs did the grading. I take it for granted the coin is authenticated by them.

  56. IPS_STUFF says

    CAG – I too have an order from 1/29 stuck in Memphis and the tracking number is for UPS not USPS.
    In additional I have a C&C order of 5 sets from 12/12 that has been in process for days. They charged my Credit card, like the 1/29 order but the C&C order does not even have a tracking number

    I have long since giving up on calling and asking questions from customer service at the us mint. I am sure they use a magic 8 ball for their answers to my questions.

  57. Brad says


    With my luck, whoever got that set with no edge lettering probably bought it from me on eBay, since I TOTALLY did not think to check the coins in the sets I sold for missing edge lettering! 🙂

  58. Ralph says

    Brad: I was thinking I probably sold the set. I still have some I haven’t checked. Fingers are crossed.
    Coin was somewhere around $6000 last I heard. Yikes!!


  59. CasualCollector says

    Has anyone heard what the Serial Number of the Bill was with that SAC Coin? That might give us a “range” of bills and perhaps shed some light on where/when it made it into the owners hands…

  60. Dustyroads says

    KCSO~ I was just wondering the same thing. I’m going to be listing some precious metals coins soon. I just got off of Ebay where I was checking prices, I think it’s a go. About your BIN listings, I don’t like selling that way, the items sit for a long time. I think the listing should at least include an opportunity for the buyer to make an offer. You should have more success with that. As for myself, I’ll be selling auction style on most with a “make an offer” on one of my higher priced items. As always, I don’t like selling anything in general, but my stress levels are an indicator. BTW,I did secure one of the 7 coin Libertad proof sets through Choice Bullion. Thank you to the commenter who who mentioned the availability of them, I hope I can repay the favor to you someday.

  61. MK says

    @Mark- I haven’t seen anything in regards to NGC offering a special three coin label for the Marshals set. I do know that they completely turned me off from their grading when they set unreasonable criteria for the their “first day of issue” designation. If one were lucky enough to be near a mint that actually sold the three coin set on launch day, you had to overnight the coins to arrive the next day along with your proof of purchase for that first day designation label. I could care less about the first day designation, I just really liked the star label as opposed to their boring “early release label”. So my coins will remain in OGP. Easy decision.

  62. Brad says


    The serial number on the bill with the missing edge lettering coin would be great information to have, because I do have a record of every serial number of every set I sold. Of course, knowing for certain that I let that gem slip through my fingers would be worse than the uncertainty! 🙂

  63. Bernie in FL says

    Head up for those of you sending in your 3 Coin Marshal Set to PCGS to have them graded!!!!

    I called and found out from Stephanie at Customer Service that they will be providing 3 different labels for the Marshal Coins.

    BUT they will NOT designate any Coins from the 3 Coin Marshal Set with the distinction of the Word “SET” on the Label. They will in other words NOT designate coins from the 3 Coin Marshal Set as being unique and will not place on the Label it was from the 3 Coin Marshal “SET”.

    So for those of you going to send in your 3 Coin Marshal Set and expecting to get them Graded with the label having the word “Set” on the label designating it was from the 3 Coin Marshal Set. Forget it. They will not do it!!!

  64. CasualCollector says

    Thanks for that link with more details about the SAC. I know that ALOT of the ANACS Certified Coins you get from that HSN Guy actually ships to you from First Commemorative Mint. I wonder what that relationship is (The HSN Guy and FCM).

    The HSN Guy has said multiple times he had to buy the Sac C&C on the secondary market at higher prices. I guess it is possible these were sets he got on the secondary market and had FCM submit them o ANACS…

    Then again, maybe there’s no connection at all (between the HSN Guy and FCM).

  65. Bernie in FL says

    The Only Way to Prove your PCGS Graded Coins are from the Set, is to make Sure you Keep the OGP and COA. This will be the Only way those Coins canprove they are from the Original Set you Ordered.

    Does anyone Know what NGC is doing?

  66. Mark says

    Expected in stock date for three coin set is Feb 2 2015..which was a Monday. But March 2 2015 is also a Monday. So i think it will be March 2 2015.

  67. CasualCollector says

    @Bernie in FL
    Keeping the OGP can help you claim the graded coins are from the 3-coin set. But I bet in a few weeks you will be able to buy the complete OGP (no coins) on eBay. So just having the OGP doesn’t necessarily mean the coins came together in that 3-coin set. A nice option would be to have sequential certification numbers from PCGS or NGC or ANACS — then you have a better chance of claiming they were submitted as a 3-coin set.

  68. CasualCollector says

    I meant Sequential Certification numbers PLUS the OGP. But since there’s no difference in the coins, it’s hard to prove they werepurchased as individual coins or coins from a 3-coin set.

  69. J JONAH JAMESON says

    Years ago I asked Alan Herbert about his thoughts on the Prestige Proof Sets of the ’80s being much higher in value as a set, than as individual coins. He responded, “buy the coins, not the set”. Sure enough over several years the value of the sets came down to the vaule of the individual coins. Short term any “set” may be worth more as people think they are “scarce”, but in the long term it will all even out. Please don’t get caught up in if a “set” is rare, look at the individual coins. In the end the Mint’s packaging of coins in a “set” is no different from a TPG label.

  70. Bernie in FL says


    Good Point! After more 3 Coin Marshal empty boxes appear on the bay. Individuals will just put in secondary coins and call it the Original Set of 15,000. Sad, but there will be individuals doing and sell them as Originals……

    PCGS had a good way to put the Word “Set” on the label to make sure other graded coins do not show up with secondary boxes and be considered from the Set. They would give me NO reason for not doing it. Just “We are not going to put the word set on the label”.

    One good thing, that may come of this is that the OGP and COA become more valuable for the need to sum what prove its from the set. Might not be so many empty Box’s and COA’s on the bay because of this now.

    But I agree, a sealed Mint Box with the coins in them is the Only way to prove the Coins are from the Set Release….

  71. Bernie in FL says


    Good Point. But then I cannot understand why the 2012 W $1 Silver Eagle PCGS PR70DCAM LIMITED EDITION PROOF SET Coin sell for 4k and the 2013 Limited Silver Eagle sells for 3k. When the 2012-w or 2013-W not in the Limited Proof set are selling for only a few hundreds? They are the excat same coin….

    You point kinda makes since then somewhat not. Just my thought!

  72. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Bernie – do those LESPS ASE’s actually SELL at $3-$4k? I ask because while I see them listed at that price, I haven’t seen many move at that price.

    IF a LESPS ASE sales for more than a couple hundred dollars, that’s fine, that type of individual that spends that amount of money on a coin 1), has more discretionary money to piss away than I could ever relate too, 2) is unfortunate in that they do not have more meaningful or charitable causes to direct those funds towards, 3) is label collector being confused as a coin collector.

    My 2 cents…, I tell ya man, this hobby has become far more enjoyable and relaxing since I back out of the grading/slab thing.., I’m not 100% out, but close to it, and it has made a noticeable impact on how I approach this hobby for the better.., guess I’m maturing.., (or just getting older – haha!)

  73. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    HA! 🙂

    Man that funny, I was in tears the other night laughing so hard

    I’d like to ask a few others about their handle, I find interesting and it completes a story often

  74. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    I really appreciate the intent of the next thread and honoring those that sacrificed so much, though 70 years after the fact, you have to ask, what’s the point. There’s modern scientific/humanity accomplishments that we should be recognizing…, & golf isn’t one of them. Oh well, see you all on the next, to next thread.

  75. Jerry Diekmann says

    I think that everyone who bought into the limited edition or first strike or so-and-so signature on labels on commem coins and ASE will eventually rue the day they ever bought them, assuming that they still have them after a couple of years and haven’t unloaded them. I think these designations in the future will add ZERO value to these coins. Next step from the TPG companies – a 70+ coin or 70 through 75 designation, and eventually we will have the most perfect designation – a 100! (complete with explanation point for an extra fee), until someone comes up with a 100+ or higher and a green or purple or polka dot sticker. The golden goose is about to be roasted in the oven.

  76. Eagle One says

    KC & SO

    Such a capitalistic insult to the JFK family. They should of cut off all K13, K14, and K15s last month. It just makes me sick to see this series carry on. To go the extra 9 yards to capitalize on the founder of the space program and the civil rights movement. And then to drive this program into a profit sinking deliberation. This series should have been made respectable and ended by December 31st 2014. These coins should have been minted to be rare and highly cherished. Yet, now they are just common trinkets. Just like all Kennedy halves that represent a man that gave his entire life for this country. Well, that may be the theme of things these days. Give your life and be capitalized upon and then insulted.

    Bernie in FL

    In time the waves of nonsense will wash down the walls of hype and then reality will set in. The fact of the matter is – the 2012 W Burnished Silver Eagle is and will always be a coin to hold. Just as long as it does not have spots.

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