2015 American Eagle Silver Bullion Projected Sales Total (Updated)

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Production on 2015 American Eagle Silver bullion coins wrapped up last week, and this week’s allocation of 1,130,000 coins will be the final batch released by the Mint to authorized buyers this year. 769,000 of that total was sold today, leaving 361,000 ounces available for the remainder of 2015.

At the time of this writing, 2015 Silver Eagle bullion coins have sold 46,639,000 pieces, 2.6 million more than last year’s record-high of 44,006,000. Assuming the remaining inventory will be purchased in the coming days, this year’s final total will be 47,000,000 ASE bullion coins sold.

The U.S. Mint will begin selling 2016 issues of the coin to authorized purchasers on January 11.

American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin Sales By Year
2010 34,662,500
2011 39,868,500
2012 33,742,500
2013 42,675,000
2014 44,006,000
2015 46,639,000*
*all-time high as of 12/14/15; 47,000,000 projected.

The American Eagle $1 silver bullion coin was introduced in 1986, with 1996 seeing the lowest mintage so far with only 3,603,386 coins sold. The West Point Mint assumed sole production of ASE’s in 2001; since then, the lowest yearly total has been 2003’s tally of 8,495,008 ounces. The Mint sells its bullion issues to a network of authorized buyers, who then make the coins available to the public.

In related news, recent legislation has led the Mint to announce that 2015 American Eagle Proof and Uncirculated coins will not be sold after noon on December 30. The Proof issue is currently on Back Order at the Mint’s Web site.

You can learn more about the U.S. Mint’s American Eagle bullion program here.

Update (12/16/15): The Mint sold the rest of its weekly allocation yesterday, December 15, bringing the final total for 2015 ASE bullion coins to 47,000,000.  

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  1. gary says

    @Cagcrisp…your last post…”That HAS to tell you something…”

    It’s Christmas Time!!! What else???

  2. Hidalgo says

    Wow. Silver prices tanked downward today by more than 20 cents per ounce. That’s significant, considering that prices were around $14 last week.

    As I said in previous posts, folks have been buying bullion coins in huge quantities because prices have been dropping. The uncertain thing is we don’t know where prices will fall in the near future. Prices can (and in my opinion, likely will) fall in the months ahead. Prices can stay where they are. So the end result is that folks will have plenty of bullion coins that are just sitting without any significant appreciation in value.

  3. boz says

    So what else is there that will appreciate in value? savings accounts, bonds, stocks, timeshares in Belize? Oil wells? Land has decreased by 20% since summer thanks to crop prices tanking. Go out and buy anything today and it will be worth 1/3 of its purchase price before you get it home.

    Too many middle men, too much taxation, too much inefficiency and waste.

  4. Sith says

    47 million and they still can’t meet demand. I would say the current real demand is about 60 million. I remember when the record was just over 20 million and that was called unsustainable\unprecedented .

  5. Hidalgo says

    @Sith – think about it. Folks are accumulating more precious metals as prices keep dropping. There will be a point in time when folks will start selling their purchases. If so, and if everyone does so at one time, there will be a glut on the precious metals market. Prices may fall even further if demand wane and as supplies increase.

    I have been collecting world silver bullion coins – 1 or 2 per design. For example, I have a complete collection of China panda coins, Australia Kookaburra, Australia koala, Rwanda African wildlife, etc. coins. I also have a complete collection, to date, of American Silver Eagles (by year), ATB 5 ounce silver P coins, etc. I really enjoy my collections, but it’s starting to take up much space – and I eventually will want to make room.

  6. samuel says

    your panda collection will make you a lot of money!
    i started late, some of the old pandas are very expensive.

  7. gary says

    I am already looking forward to next year and the 2016 ATB “P” 5 oz. designs.

    My absolute favorite will be the Kentucky Cumberland Gap design.
    I have to admit that I am very partial to this design as it directly relates to my ancestry. My great great great grandfather is Samuel Boone, older brother of the more well known Daniel Boone. It was D. Boone who moved many settlers on the Wilderness Road.
    The profit I made selling my 2015 Platinum Proof Eagle will pay for ALL 5 of my ATB “P” 5 oz. for 2016 and with a wee bit left over. (as long as they stay at the exorbitant price of $149.95 for all of 2016).

  8. gary says

    @Hidalgo… I am also a big fan of China Pandas. Took me MANY years to assemble my China 1 oz. Platinum Pandas. I have a complete set of the four 1 oz. platinum coins (1987 to 1990).

  9. Dave SW FL says

    Wow! Tanking commodities everywhere . And they’re gonna RAISE interest rates???
    This could get real interesting. If we do get to $9 silver, I’ll be backing up the truck – and not US Mint priced coinage. I’ll buy the old “junk” that nobody wants at the capitulation party.

    Up is down and down is up at this point. Smoke & mirrors prevail.

    I’ll take REAL money.

    That said, I probably won’t be able to restrain myself on the Au Merc & Standing Lib.

  10. KCSO says

    Louis says
    DECEMBER 14, 2015 AT 5:23 PM

    @Samuel- They announcement says he will be signing “exclusively” for NGC and same for Moy, so I no more PCGS Mercanti labels. let’s hope he did the Saratogas before ending as that would mess up the 2015 set, though that won’t help for 2016 and beyond. NGC must have offered more money. I also wonder about the wedge tailed eagles as lots of people have been collecting them in Mercanti labels.

    I think our Eagles are about to go up more than they already have, Louis 😃🎉

  11. KCSO says

    Hildago, do me this favor ~

    When silver prices implode, and they probably will tank, & continue to fall in the coming months ahead..,, and you Sir find yourself surrounded by bullion just sitting around without any significant appreciation in value AND you want to make room.., do please let me know first!

    I will gladly drive my truck over to Alexandria, drop that tailgate, give you $2 over spot for the whole lot, dawn a Hillary for President shirt (just for you).., & take all that trouble off your hands, you won’t have to lift a finger and you can tell me all about the landslide victory to come, cool?

    I would do this all in style and with class.., But you have to offer to me first 😃

  12. Hidalgo says

    @KCSO – you clearly are a dealer. When silver prices implode, I will gladly sell you all of my silver bullion coins at $2 over spot at the time I purchased them. I will gladly give you my contact information, Sir.

  13. Hidalgo says

    @KCSO – by the way, it is dealers like you what try to convince others that there is value in investing in precious metals when the market is going downhill. I hope the folks in Kansas City know about your operations.

  14. KCSO says

    Hmmmm..??? …you lost me…

    Though if I keep stacking, I may be a dealer someday! Might just become my defacto retirement gig in 20 years.., that would be fun.

    Though I would like to have that Panda collection. 😃

    Clark, my sheet of Pandas from JMB arrived today, they look sharp! I like this year’s trays over last year’s sheets

  15. cagcrisp says

    Kansas City is not that far from me. Do I need to go to Kansas City for Something?

    I pretty much followed this discussion until we went to Kansas City.

    And….Are we talking Kansas City Missouri or Kansas City Kansas. I don’t want to go to the wrong one…

  16. Sith says

    “To refer to a personal taste of mine, I’m going to buy hamburgers the rest of my life. When hamburgers go down in price, we sing the ‘Hallelujah Chorus’ in the Buffett household. When hamburgers go up in price, we weep. For most people, it’s the same with everything in life they will be buying — except stocks. When stocks go down and you can get more for your money, people don’t like them anymore.” – Warren Buffet

    Dare I say the same about PMs

    @Hidalgo – You’re the pot calling the kettle black. You openly discourage people from acquiring PMs while you are clearly still buying…KCSO is simply calling you on the carpet. for this contradiction.

  17. cagcrisp says

    This to me is just Amazing. There currently has been 292 OGP 2015 platinum proofs Sold on the bay. That is out of 3,904 Sold by the Mint. That’s 7.48%

    There has been 296 high relief Liberty’s Sold on the bay out of 47,902 Sold by the Mint. That’s 0.62%

    One has been flipped and One has not…

  18. KCSO says

    Cag, I have a truck loaded down with BHoFs you could take out to Kansas City and unload for me…
    Slap some silly “everybody gets a trophy” label on it so the Royals fans feel good about it, that would be great. I’m going to St. Louis next week.., though no KC in my future…Does Kansas City even have a Hooter’s?

  19. cagcrisp says

    Truman has been out the Longest and is the Least flipped. Truman OGP 821/16,812 or 4.88%
    Eisenhower OGP 2,219/16,759 or 13.24%
    Johnson OGP 1,272/23,905 or 5.32%

    The thing that is Amazing is the platinum proof has been out 11 days and the high relief Liberty has been out 140 days…

  20. gary says

    Cagcrisp… The platinum proof in 10 days went from $1,200 purchase price to approx. $2,200. THAT is some rapid 80% appreciation trajectory!!! I feel that it could go up a bit more in the next week or two weeks before Christmas and then level off. Apparently the bargain basement price of platinum bullion did not put off buyers with the premium to bullion value. I’d expect that all of the Platinum eagles have been shipped & delivered so weak hands will bail if prices should level off & start to drift downward.Should be interesting if today’s going price will stick. The 2014 (which had a mintage of only several hundred more) sold hot for a short while last year because it sold out fairly fast but they can be picked up for $1,800 to $1,900 today. I think the Mint price was $1,600. It’s just above water. The high relief Liberty is being minted to the max it seems and the Mint keeps bringing it out in irregular batches. It’s been out 140 days and might be for many more weeks & months as they continue to do with the First Spouse series.

  21. Scott says

    @ Sith, the lower weight Pandas, for the same price as the full troy ounce Pandas are not on my buy list. I was once a big Panda fan, but they’ve really screwed this series up lately. I’ll stick with the older dates, when I can find them at a reasonable price.

  22. Louis says

    It’s 1 gram difference!! That is 1/31th of $14. Don’t spend it all in one place
    Some of your folks confuse buying metals with buying coins. If metals are what you want buy bars, which you can get very close to spot. People paying $2500 for the APE don’t give rat’s behind what the price of platinum is. And those underweight Pandas are selling like hot cakes. .

  23. cagcrisp says

    @gary, The high relief Liberty has a maximum mintage of 50k. So … Only a couple of thousand more can be minted…

  24. ips_stuff says


    Here is why I see a difference in flip numbers for HR versus the Platinum coin, others alluded to it, with the Platinum you did not have to hold on long to make money and HR has no flip premium in it….yet. If you are buying to flip, you don’t do it to lose money.

    Not much different than your stock purchases.

    I will also say the HR would be a coin I would keep over the Platinum coin as I like the look better, but both are nice.

  25. says

    KCSO–Thanks. My ’16 Pandas are on the way from Bulliion Exchanges and I’m eager to see them.

    Sith–I think the Chinese reduced the weight of ’16 silver 10 Yaun Pandas from 1 tr oz to 30 g to distinguish them from coins of their colonial masters and, more important, to increase margins. Perhaps other Asian mints will follow suit in the future, but it doesn’t really bother me one way or another because silver Panda collectors will continue to buy them at 30 g.

    As I’ve posted here many times before, silver 10Y Pandas offer some of the best appreciation values of any modern silver bullion coin in existence. Generally good artwork and the rise of the Chinese middle class with disposable income has long driven high demand and huge premiums for silver Pandas. Hidalgo’s complete collection of silver Pandas is probably worth many many times more than he paid to build it. I would love to get my hands as many complete collections as I can.

  26. says

    Caveat: Beware of very convincing counterfeit silver 10 Yaun Panda coins from China that are scary good.

    A friend recently sent me a specimen that required my Neodymium rare earth magnet and digital scale to debunk. Buy only from trusted sources.

  27. So Krates says

    The Panda line is plagued with inconsistency and I don’t like it.

    — Some years under an ounce in 90%
    — One year in .925
    — this year no purity or weight stamp
    — now short over one troy ounce per sheet.

    In addition lots of people (mostly newbies) avoid them because of perceived counterfeiting.

  28. So Krates says

    @ Clark – While it is a noble thought that the Panda weight adjustment was a gesture to colonial powers, the Chinese had many colonizers including other Asians, especially the Japanese who don’t use the troy oz. See an example here: https://youtu.be/ri4eEHc4iwg

    With all due respect, I wouldn’t be too scared of a fake that can be detected with a magnet and a scale. It’s the non-ferrous, right on weight ones that scare me.

  29. says

    @SoKrates–No argument with you here. Counterfeit quality continues to improve with disturbing results and has moved the Royal Canadian Mint to use radial security lines and other micro-stamping features on its flagship bullion coins.

    My reference to China’s former colonial powers is an expression of my personal bias from living and working in Hong Kong under British rule for a couple of years: Hence the symbolism of replacing English weight with metric weight. If only I would have had the presence of mind to buy a few sheets of silver 10 Yaun Pandas every pay period back in the ’90s while I was there and silver was a few bucks an ounce….if only.

  30. Erik H says

    I have no problem with the metric system on panda’s or the change in metal composition over the years. Buy what you like!

    If you’re stuck in your ways and don’t like change just sell of your current collection and find something in life that doesn’t change. Unless you live in China, I don’t know why you would want to “stack” pandas. Like Louis said, buy bars & generic rounds.

  31. Erik H says

    I like pandas and kooks because of the annual changes, the lower mintage and the “proof like” finishes the coins provide.

  32. stephen m says

    Where on earth are 47 million 2015 bullion silver eagles going to be at the end of the year? I mean where did they go?

  33. Barry says

    My LCS has run into some fake Pandas even some in NGC holders. They suggested caution in buying them.

  34. KCSO says

    Sith says
    DECEMBER 14, 2015 AT 9:54 PM

    To all the Panda collectors how does the new lower weight affect you?

    – Much lighter in the pocket book!

    tP – no wonder I never took a liking to the place; & here I just thought Turbo Tax sucked it out of my account, sent it some where, then the USG sent it to China as foreign aide.

    ErickH – to sell back to the little communists to get my aide money back!

    IPS (or anyone for that matter) serious question, as I know you know your stuff out here, if the mint were to release the silver HR early this year, think that would change the dynamics of the gold any?

  35. cagcrisp says

    There has been 9 PR70 platinum proofs Sold on the bay. The average price is $3,188.89. There has been 297 OGP Sold with an average price of $1,851.51. Pop reports do not support the discrepancy between 70’s and OGP. Either the 70s are Overpriced or the OGP are being Underpriced…

  36. ips_stuff says

    No on commented on the 2015 Proof Buffalo’s being available again this morning. Wonder if mint is playing a game with us and that they will actually have more than 2013 to sell in total?

    I was able to put 99 in cart for about 15 minutes this morning. I certainly did not complete the transaction.

  37. MarkInFlorida says

    Maybe the equal flips between Pt and Lib are from an equal number of flippers, not any aspect of the coins?

    And I assumed he said Kansas City, because of the KC in KCSO.

    Lastly, it’s a shame with Pt so low, no one is selling anywhere near melt except a private bar (see https://compareplatinumprices.com/). For those of us afraid of a financial system meltdown, Pt is an alternative in case of gold confiscation like 1933.

  38. So Krates says

    Erik H says, “…find something in life that doesn’t change.”

    Impossible. The only thing that is constant is change. 2500 years ago Heraclitus told us that “No man ever steps in the same river twice”

    Annual design changes are one thing. Do you actually like the fact that 2015 Pandas have no indication of weight or purity?

    I can only imagine the discontent if the silver Eagle program had three different silver compositions, three different weights, missing weight and purity this year, etc.

  39. Sith says

    @stephen m – Because gold ownership was outlaw for so long in the USA, Americans prefer silver over gold. In addition major players seem to prefer silver over gold, Warren Buffet. JP Morgan (alleged), the Hunt brothers (although they had no choice as gold ownership was still illegal), then add Robert Kiyosaki (among other more legitimate investment advisers) who tells his Amway flunkies that silver is a great investment. Then add overseas demand from China and to an extent maybe India, and poof it’s gone.

  40. FLKeith says

    ips_stuff says—“No on commented on the 2015 Proof Buffalo’s being available again this morning. Wonder if mint is playing a game with us and that they will actually have more than 2013 to sell in total?

    I was able to put 99 in cart for about 15 minutes this morning. I certainly did not complete the transaction.”

    Interesting. I don’t like putting all my eggs in one basket since my basket isn’t that big. But I gambled on a 2015W GB proof. I can’t say I won’t disappointed if they are really were holding them back and have had 100 or more the last couple mornings…and mainly if it keeps happening.

  41. KCSO says

    Cag, they got her back on the ranch,

    American Eagle 2015 One Ounce Silver Proof Coin West Point (W)
    The expected in-stock date is Fri Dec 18 2015.

  42. cagcrisp says

    From the Mint’s FB page:

    “Changes in 2016: to create a more consistent and efficient shopping experience, we will no longer include mail order forms in our product catalogs and brochures. Mail order forms still in circulation for current products will be accepted through September 30. We look forward to serving you by phone (800) USA-MINT, our website “

  43. samuel says

    talking about the silver panda, i noticed an interesting thing this year. a while ago, i was looking to buy a couple of sheets of panda. almost all dealers say they will ship 15 coins in sheet in their product description, then, about 2 or 3 weeks ago, all of them deleted the “sheet”. all in capsule now. the dealers i am looking are A, P, G.

  44. Erik H says

    So Krates, I was being sarcastic about change, you made my point for those that didn’t get it. As for the 2015 pandas not having weight & purity, it’s not a big deal. Before the ASE & AGE the only U.S. coins that had a weight & purity on them were Trade Dollars 420 grains .900 fine, some how the world kept turning. Trade Dollars with chop marks are pretty cool to add to your collection.

  45. Erik H says

    Unfortunately counterfeit pandas are an issue but the lack of wt. & purity doesn’t matter. Bad minded people try to make a quick buck even with it on the coin. BTW in 2013 Britannia change from .925 sterling to .999 fine and I don’t recall any uproar.

  46. So Krates says

    Sorry, I should’ve recognized the sarcasm. BTW the Brittannia were .9528 pure until the change to .999.

  47. So Krates says

    @ Eddie – If you are referring t the weight of the silver Britannia, they actually got lighter by over a gram! It always had 1 troy oz of pure silver. If the amount of pure silver is the same, and the purity is increased, then the weight must go down.

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